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Everything is bullying edition

>discuss and bitch about facebook groups or other online comms
>censor names

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I'm starting to wonder if wondercunt ever shuts the fuck up.
Every time I join a group even remotely related to jfashion/lolita, she's there bitching about how models don't have dark skin, how stock images don't cater to her enough, and how there's "no racial diversity" in jfash.
She even bitched about a Chinese dress up game not having dark skintones, and that now that they have dark skins, the skins are "too ghetto" for her liking.

I'm sick of seeing her whining everywhere and even if you block someone on Facebook, you can still see their comments in groups so that's a moot point.

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her massive ego is hilarious. let's be real, a lot of asian countries are extremely xenophobic and don't cater to poc's every little whine like the usa does. you can't please her ever, she's always going to find something to complain about.

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Ughhh I'm guessing the game was Love Nikki. I'm so tired of hearing people whine about the skin tones. It's a game from China, wtf do people expect? And now they're added it's not good enough.

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There's so many e-fame thirsty cunts in my comm it's ridiculous. What do they think they're even going to get out of e-fame? Half the time their pictures look like they were taken by a microwave but getting 30 Instagram likes inflates their egos lol

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There are a lot of... not so cute girls in my comm whose main goal in life is to become professional Jfashion models in Glorious Nippon. They’re harmless and most of them are quite nice to talk to, but I can’t help but cringe whenever I get a new invitation to like someone’s fanpage/photo/status/comment/etc. on FB. I’m sure at least a few of them have paid for exposure on various social media sites. I’m sorry, but the reason only a handful of family members and IRL friends are liking their heavily meitu’d selfies isn’t because they’re lacking reach, it’s because they’re just not that cute. I’m especially kinda worried about the really fat girl who is super into Gackt and vkei and studying Japanese purely to move to Japan and become a vkei model (is that even a thing?) because girl, it’s just not going to happen. Most of them are in their 20’s so I wonder when they’ll snap out of it and what they’re going to do about those student loans when that happens. Being the only one at the table with a more coherent life goal than “move to Japan and be kawaii for a living” is awkward enough as it is, so I’m not looking forward to the moment when they start hitting the real snags.

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>e-fame thirsty cunts
what i don't get is the girls who are actually half decent looking who post a million selfies a day. it just makes them look desperate, coincided, and makes me tired of their face. i realized a lot of the e-famous girls in general i like post a selfie once a week or so. it makes me appreciate it a lot more desu.

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I'm sorry if this question gets asked a lot, but I was thinking of starting a lolita-related youtube channel and I was wondering if there are things you're sick of seeing or things you want to see more of. I don't want to do a channel that's just repeats of everyone else's content, so any advice would be appreciated.

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>vkei model
Only bandomen get that privilege. MIA from Mejibray has modeled for a few clothing companies, I'm sure there's many others but he's pretty notable (as much as I dislike him) and Meto designed and modeled(?) a dress for AP (pic related). Companies who design vkei type clothing only want hot bandomen to model for them, not weeby girls. Or even companies looking for "vkei models".

Also, why are all online lolita communities so full of ita bitches?

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>make my channel for me backause I'm too lazy to think up original content!
No. Thank. You.

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>too lazy to think up original content
Since you so kindly asked, I wanted to incorporate some of my non-lolita interests into the channel, for example, I'm into makeup, art, and baking, so I was considering doing lolita-related baking tutorials, simple art/DIY projects, and non-OTT makeup tutorials. In addition, I noticed that most "how to coordinate" videos are aimed at total beginners, but I think there's still a market for more intermediate-level tutorials.

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The easiest answer for this is to create content YOU would want to watch. Asking what your viewers want is kind of bullshit especially if you're just starting out; don't start out trying to please people right off the bat, just make content that you think is good and interesting and see where that takes you.

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That sounds cute. I would watch that.

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Oh my god you're that girl from the discord. Wallpaper chan? Lol, nope. Don't do it. You're fucking mental and not good enough for intermediate level shit.

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I swear someone asks this every month and yet I never see anything come out of it.

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Who's wallpaper chan? Not from discord, but this sounds hilarious.

Thanks for the reality check, I really appreciate that.

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There's a girl like that who shows up when I search my usual hashtags on instagram. The hashtags she uses are her own posts are fuckin' wild. #trendsetter #contentcreator #styleblogger and they're all shitty coords with ebay wigs. I actually ended up blocking her so i could browse the AP hashtag in peace.

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NAYRT but there's some in the Love Nikki thread.


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She seems like the xenophobic one to me with her whole thing about how light skinned poc (like Asians) aren't "real" poc and how they have it easy. Her thing about hating white people too.
It's pretty ironic that she bitches about light skinned poc when she's not even that dark herself. Kek.

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can we discuss amino

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amino is dead tho. nothing interesting ever happens on there because basically everyone abandoned it. good riddance

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I pissed her off and I'm ghosted, haha, jokes on her, this is so much better than pretending to care what she thinks

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I fucking hate wonderfinch

She had some weird thing with me where whenever I submitted to any discussion she had to attempt to tell me I was wrong and she was right, like for years that was her only interaction with me, to try and make it seem like she knew more than me or anyone bc she's been a lolita for "17 years" or whatever. She's so full of herself and up her own ass and I get so sick of her constant bitching about how everything in jfashion is racist, it drives me up the fucking wall

side note mica baker is very similar. they're both cunty peas in a pod

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Mica's such an insufferable cunt.

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good thing she's going to law school to become an affirmative action lawyer

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That shithead is in law school? Fucksakes.

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A lot of samefagging in this thread.
Vkei doesnt pay. The only vkei models I know are unpaid and live in english speaking countries. Go to japan and some guy will have them footing the bills.
Cause the first ugly e-famers said "you have to post a lot to keep people interested". Thays only true if no one cares about you.
And I dont think its the same person each time. Crazy.
Lumping the black people together.
If amino dead its because of too many nerds.

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>A lot of samefagging in this thread.
28 posts (29 now) and 20 posters anon.

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Is she at McGeorge? Because that school will take anyone as long as they have a bachelor's. A degree from there isn't much good anyways.

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I had the displeasure of meeting/working with her in IRL and there is something seriously off with her. She is a shitty person and unnecessarily judgemental, mean, and guilts people over nothing.

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Surely you can smile by now, since you’ve been a Lolita since birth.

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Really paid off to play detective, didn't it?

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wallpaper-chan stop being such a fucking aspie

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Can we have a dump of dumb WRMP posts?

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I hope that's sarcasm

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I forgot if this was already posted but guess who it's by?
>was literally told by a mod to stop posting "me" posts

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Fuck me lol

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She edited it after people called her out on being this retarded.

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Bonus comment

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Sorry you don't have any reading comprehension?

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Okay but relatable

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Bitch this isn't even brand. It's Taobao, your argument is not valid.

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At least pick an example from am actual name brand.

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> someone said I didn’t have enough poof

>> No.9747130

> icky fabrics

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And don't forget the occasional shill posting.

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Anyone else go to like others pictures out of spite?

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What does wrmp mean? Yes I'm a newfag.

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Kate Goin, stop posting.

>> No.9747139

What Ruffles My Petti

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>Lumping the black people together
Adding that crazy SWJ MadLolita to this, if the shoe fits
Wonderfinch and her are supposedly friends
I cannot see how that's possible since they both have the same shtick and they both hate competition.
I guess it's because they crawl up each other's asses but I don't know man.

I wish the Bay areas rejects would just get fuck out of lolita entirely.

>> No.9747151

Are you mad bella?

>> No.9747158

This girl is insane. She always goes off track from conversations and gets upset that people "don't understand her" when they point out that her comments no longer have anything to do with lolita.

>Bay Area rejects
Don't insult the Bay like this.

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Is this in relation to "sweet summer child"? How is that "cgl slang"? It's a Game of Thrones reference and a meme that isn't exclusive to cgl or even 4chan by any means.

>> No.9747163

The argument would've worked if they posted a dress that was actually lolita as an example; that piece of trash looks like a dress for ren faires.

>> No.9747174

But the Bay has all the nutters anon, it's not my fault liberalism is a disease there.

>> No.9747175

Based on the 'reacts?'

>> No.9747207

Fuck this reminds me of whenever anyone would use :^) gulls thought they were voldie. Like, we get it, you only use the Internet for lolita, but please don’t embarrass yourself by talking about things you don’t understand.

Also holy shit I’m sick of certain people having to comment on every.fucking.thing in every lolita group I’m in and being hecka preachy (let’s see if anyone knows who I’m talking about here lol). Pls just go back to whatever hole you crawled out of.

>> No.9747218

It has a special meaning on 4chan because of the summerfag phenomenon but yeah it’s not exclusive to cgl at all.

I can think of several people you may be talking about. I know one of them IRL and she’s just as annoying in person. She sometimes makes me wish there was a mute function for people sitting across from you.

>> No.9747222

>who knows
Is it N, queen of itas, that recently did a 'medieval' coord?

>> No.9747225

Lol, that's some Black Mirror shit I wish were real.

>> No.9747230

Oh man is that the one who was trying to make folk lolita or whatever she called it a thing?
She posts a lot but isn’t one of the obnoxious ones I was thinking of.

>> No.9747240

Yes, that's who I guessed.
Second guess ftw
Is it B---- McT------?

>> No.9747243

Seconding BMT

>> No.9747244

Her and D A H are the main two that piss me off.

>> No.9747261

Are either of them even Lolitas? >>9747244
> what cgl? Is like btb?

>> No.9747295

Fuckin same man... what are they even doing?

I feel like maybe the newer generation of lolitas doesn’t know about egl/LJ, cgl type places and is only familiar with fb/tumblr/amino type places

>> No.9747301

Winner winner chicken dinner

>> No.9747304

Plenty of new generations know about cgl, because they're actually active in the communities. They would probably have heard cgl referenced in Lor and Deerstalker videos.

These two just comment crap,they don't actually contribute.

>> No.9747320 [DELETED] 

what is WRMP?

>> No.9747331

Yeah the newbies in my comm all know about cgl even if they don’t post here. I don’t trust the ones who make a show of being ~so innocent and naive~ that they have never even heard of cgl or btb because in my experience those are the worst snakes. Last year someone made a secret about people from my comm and a few days later one girl, who was one of like 10 people with access to the original photo that was used, posted it to FB like omg look what I just found on this mean website I only just discovered!! Yeah sure honey, you just came across it by accident and aren’t just reposting it because it didn’t get enough attention the first time. If you’re going to stir the pot, either own it or at least try to be less transparent.

>> No.9747356

It's been 6 years and I still think of the bay as a place I've moved, but not where I live.

>> No.9747379

This, exactly. BMT tries pulling the innocent and ignorant card but she was talking about how she got posted to btb. Like, you know she was already looking at these pages and couldn't not try to garner sympathy. She didn't just happen to discover what they were when she got posted. Simple bitch.

>> No.9747405

>being surprised that somewhere that has always been liberal is liberal
Did you not know that about San Francisco? I moved here around the same time you did and no secret that the area has been liberal since the 70's.

>> No.9747515

I did, but you never really /know/ till you're living in it. I'm not complaining that loudly, but every now and again I'm reminded why all my family back east thought I was crazy to come here.

>> No.9747645

What the hell does WRMP mean?

>> No.9747649

You can't assume who is posting without looking delusional. We're anonymous. You don't know who is posting.

>inb4 ur new we always guess who is posting

>> No.9747650

see >>9747139

>> No.9747656

Lurk more
>>9747135 asked and >>9747139 replied.

>> No.9747658

It's trivially easy to figure out who is posting though. So you're delusional.

>> No.9747661

Post some proof then. Otherwise we're at a deadlock. You can make all sorts of claims.

>> No.9747700

Taking pot shot guesses are fun though. Also has the backlash of sowing more drammu

>> No.9747727

no 1 curr so stop

>> No.9747845

In glad that all I have to hear of WF is now online. She was insufferable when she was in my community. And compared to how bad she is now, she was pretty “reasonable” if you want to call her ever being that. The whole PoC debate wasn’t a thing then so she wasn’t talking about it much. But now that it’s a buzz topic she’s probably hell of a lot worse then she was back then. I’m sorry for the community she is in now. But we defiantly don’t want her back. We have another bat shit crazy in our comm that’s plenty of cringe entertainment for us.

>> No.9747863

Going through similar, anon. I’ve been watching other popular channels and taking notes of the types of content they produce. Obv advice videos and shit like that are overdone and dead, so it’s a good idea to deviate from that sort of thing. You don’t even have to have videos related to lolita fashion, just dress up in lolita and do whatever you like, such as unboxing cute stuff (doesn’t have to be lolita exclusive unboxing) or something similar.

Hope this helps!

>> No.9747866

Lots of people have this issue. Sales/savings are often written in red font that grab the attention of the viewer. It’s an easy mistake, it doesn’t make people stupid.

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File: 239 KB, 1242x715, A4D82C51-6189-47C4-A20D-74CCD875B1AD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Amino may be dead, but it provides some entertainment. I mean I love getting a steady flow of “ I was a Lolita when I was a kid, my mother dressed me in it” weebs.

>> No.9747877

So glad i blocked her years ago.

>> No.9747881

She's also half white. Her poor parents must be so dissapointed. Actually if i recal she hates them all too so...

>> No.9747883
File: 712 KB, 716x1313, Screenshot_20180110-040400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Both the sale price and savings are written in red. It's just a matter of taking the time to read what's written, which they aparently can't do.

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File: 20 KB, 373x446, 1452402052852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait, so that person was complaining because they thought the "save" price is what they'd be paying? Do they not teach reading comprehension at school anymore?

>> No.9747901

ill bite but im not sure if you can help.

Lolita hairstyles for LONG hair. Misako has a video and there are a few here and there but most of the time i feel like my hair is too long or thick to do most of the basic ones, especially updos.
Make up tutorials. Sure there are tons of them but sometimes its nice to have new ones especially when other videos use outdated products or the exact colors that are hard to find. Plus many are weeby too sweet or too goth. Maybe some basic neutral classic makeup styles to direct people to.

>> No.9747902

Tbf she hates everything. Can’t have something to rant about unless you hate the air you breathe becuase it’s the same air white racists breathe.

>> No.9747930

>Also, why are all online lolita communities so full of ita bitches?
because it's easier to sound tough and like you know what you're talking about when the people you're bitching at aren't silently cracking up at how badly you're dressed
t. my coords are average and kinda boring, but I'm extremely active on here

>> No.9747941

What group is this?

>> No.9747947

Literally read the thread

>> No.9748706

I’m tagging into this but hair styles for people without bangs and look weird when they do wear them. There isn’t enough tuturoials for people without some type of bang and it annoys me since I can’t have one like that without an annoying clip in. Then you have to go and find a way to hide the part where the clip hides drives me crazy.

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File: 457 KB, 692x1027, so-pretty-very-rotten-page-173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9748863

Its a sales tactic done on purpose though. Your eye is drawn to the bottom price and they purposely lined up the words
So that you could easily misread the words.

But you're right. You should always read thoroughly before making a purchase but sales tactics aren't built on those of us who look into stuff.

>> No.9748878

I think the word you meant was "Conceited"

>> No.9748952

I have waist-length hair (with bangs, though, because that's what flatters my face), but I don't do super elaborate things with it. Mostly I tie it back one way or another and curl the ends. However, I'd like to think pretty good at neutral, office-appropriate makeup, as well as more "glam" (but not instagram-tier) makeup. I used to be super into the beauty guru side of youtube, so I'd like to think I know what I'm doing. My makeup isn't super elaborate either. Although I can do them, I'm not that into cut creases, glitter highlights, etc.

My style can be pretty understated at times, and I hope there's a market for that. I've noticed that a lot of youtubers tend to be pretty hyperactive, which is fine in small doses, but after that it stresses me out. Since my job is demanding, I'd like to try to make relaxing, yet still entertaining content because that's what I end up watching when I get home.
Anyone have recs for calm/more mature lolita youtubers?

>> No.9748965

One outfit, three ways to wear it. They exist but mainly just for sweet and there isn’t much of that. Most youtubers just talk about tea parties, unboxings and what they just ordered from what ever shop and “look at my outfit and praise me”. I’d like to know what thought process went into it how you came up with it and how you can change it up and get different looks with the same print.

>> No.9749112

ah see I want to buy and wear an I Do Declare dress but like It is lolita right? Not just ren stuff but is it classed as that, ug confusing

>> No.9749130

That's not what she was wearing, for one, do you think a teal crochet scarf is either A Lolita or B Medieval?
To answer you though, I Do Declare has some boss stuff. If I could have afforded it at the time I would have been all over that Saint/Knight dress she made a while back.

>> No.9749154

I do declare is how you mix the fantasy/ medieval correctly. Although I don’t like the way the girl in the pictures looks when she shows off the dresses. Something about her teeth and mouth and lip color bothers me, but what N does isn’t even remotely close to the style. It’s tacky and not rounded out at all. It’s “ I put a circlet on and wore nature colors”

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>local comm mod makes post about January wardrobe posts
>someone asks if they can post their cosplay "wardrobe"

>> No.9749295

I am so done with cosplayers in Lolita. I don’t have peoblems with doing both. But these cosplayers who want to become a Lolita, but can’t afford anything because all their money goes to cosplay/anime and therefore want to contribute by using cosplays, annoy me.

>> No.9749296


They always ask so many irrelevant/stupid questions, some of which have been asked 10+ times and post them at the wrong places.

>> No.9749365

Wtf. Nothing against people who both cosplay and wear lolita but how can you in 2018 still not realize that they’re two separate things? I wonder if goths have to deal with this shit.
>hey guys I see you’re sharing pics of your outfits so here’s a pic of my Hallloween costume this year
>I was Woody from Toy Story!

Same here. This last year my comm has had an influx of cosplayers who know enough about our community to SAY that lolita isn’t cosplay, but they treat it like another flavor of cosplay anyway and are always asking stupid questions and getting offended at everything. There have been several girls who were super politely pointed towards our comm’s FAQ/guide but still acted like we were so mean to them. How dare we point them towards a helpful up-to-date resource written in our own native language?! So rude!! I knew lolitas were elitist but omg!!!

At this point I try to avoid interacting with them and use a ton of smileys and hearts when I do, because they seem to interpret any comment not laced with XD <3 UwU as bullying.

>> No.9749371

How easy is it to buy from her? I have literally only ever seen her friends wearing her stuff which makes me wonder if she gives them priority.

Wouldn't surprise me given her history as a scammer.

>> No.9750388

All these member purges and we still have people who can't distinguish between cosplay and lolita...

>> No.9750453
File: 1.35 MB, 1058x1118, Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 12.28.59.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw this just joined your comm Facebook

>> No.9750464

Please tell me this fetishist was immediately banned from your comm. What the fuck.

>> No.9750481

I don't understand the pantyhose obsession these people have.

>> No.9750508

Nope, one of the mods liked their introductory post. Can't be transphobic after all.

>> No.9750539

I just saw it as well. I don't think any of the photos that are public are of her. I really hoped we got rid of these.

>> No.9750579

Jfc. How hard would it be to start an online comm that was exclusive and for real women only? (As in no trans fetishists.)

>> No.9750587

this women looks shooped together. I feel disgusted that no one from your comm finds this inappropriate enough to delete this post and tell he thats not ok. It looks like a shitty RP post/

>> No.9750593

Hope you like death threats, anon. Excluding twans women from anything = literally advocating for their genocide.

>> No.9750618

Whatever this is >>9750453 it's not a trans person though, even if it might claim that it is.

>> No.9750731

Lolita trend videos. Like you try a new hairdo or makeup style; and realisticly how how difficult or how long it takes. better if you suck at both, lol. Almost like corrine vs. Pin; but all lolita related.

>> No.9750735


>> No.9750738

Frances is stealthier then this

>> No.9750781

How do you know? Are you their doctor?

>> No.9750831

It's pretty common for men who are sissies to pretend to be trans in order to be accepted in a lolita community. This looks like a guy with a fetish. Would a transwoman really say she used to be Brian before nanobots turned her into a sex object? If this genuinely a transwoman they are fetishizing their own transition as well as discounting it by saying that it was done by nanobots. That's pretty fucking weird. Also this a picture from someone else and not even their own picture if >>9750539 is correct. If you are going to fetishize your transition why not do it with your own transition?

>> No.9750846

Please be baiting, I refuse to believe someone is genuinely this daft.

>> No.9751154

Have you not been paying attention to the recent convos about sissies fetishizing lolita? Jesus, go read up on the farm since cgl loves to protect them.

>> No.9751379

You all freaking out about this seem to forget that time the community discovered these secrets posted elsewhere on the internet where some weirdo took Lolita images and wrote some creeping ass sissy fanfics revolving them. That’s what this is and you all are stupid for taking this bait.

>> No.9751387

Are you implying the anon that posted it here is baiting, or the person who joined anon's comm?

>> No.9751389

I’m just saying that because I’ve met “legit” transwomen who’d undergone SRS, HRT, facial feminisation, government-issued name and gender change etc who were still fetishistic as fuck. Much of the text on that image could’ve come from their mouth. So were these people also not really real trans despite everything? I think cgl has a No True Scotsman thing going on with transwomen. They’re all non-creepy and wonderful and if they’re not well then they can’t really be trans and are just faking because transwomen are all non-creepy and wonderful! It’s a self-sustaining fallacy.

>>9750831 makes some good points, though. They don’t usually bring up their old name.

>> No.9751394

Even if we assume the person that posted this is legitimately trans, that post is legitimately disgusting and fetishistic.

>> No.9751395

I agree. If I were a mod in that comm I’d ban them, trans or not.

>> No.9751403

They might not be real transpeople. It wouldn't surpise me if some fetishists went that far, not even the close to the worst I've heard. I don't think real transpeople would describe their transition like it was sexual fun. A friend was harassed by a guy who got really off of being mistaken for a woman, to the point where he got fake boobs. He still thought of himself as male, he liked the thought of tricking unwilling guys. You also have those guys with a feminization(?) fetish where they are ''unwillingly'' turned into a woman, they like sissies also still identify as male, but combine it with a humiliation fetish. Trans people can have fetishes and be overly sexual, but there is a clear difference between how they identify themselves and these guys.

>> No.9751404

>her history as a scammer.
When selling her own designs?

>> No.9751438

She took orders for dino print skirts and then never delivered. I’ve heard from friends that order from her that she takes way longer than stated, sometimes sizing is off, and lies about shipping (ie the “I shipped it to you last week but for some reason it got returned to me/I’ll ship it tomorrow/etc” runaround)

>> No.9751445

Lockshop did that shipping bullshit a lot, too.
>selectively ignores messages for weeks, blames postal system
>call her out on FB where she can’t delete messages
>two days later: “oh gosh what a coincidence the tracking finally updated!”
>tracking shows it was shipped after the callout post

>> No.9751744
File: 14 KB, 499x189, 454.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was excited when I saw this thread as I have chronic health conditions myself and was eager to see how the fashion helps others to deal with their problems but it's mainly full of people just listing their health conditions and ignoring the rest of the prompt.

>> No.9751752

Lolita's with illnesses really love to show off about it and one up each other.

>> No.9751771

This shit always happens when the subject is brought up.
I keep my health problems to myself because it's 1. personal and no one else's business, and 2. off topic to lolita communities; not to mention that these types of people tend to hyper-focus on illness, and once they find out I'm ill they tend to define me by my health (or lack thereof). It's depressing and dehumanizing.

Most people who do this shit aren't actually lolitas though. This is an opportunity for them to participate in a discussion in a community that they desperately want to belong to without actually wearing the clothes.

>> No.9751773

What in the fuck is "WRMP"? I do social media for a job and I can hardly keep up with these new terms being invented daily.

>> No.9751776

What Ruffles My Petticoats

>> No.9751780

Ah, sorry, if I read two posts below I would've been informed. Sage for being actually retarded.

Thank you kind anon.

>> No.9751830

The fat weeb who claims to have 5 of her organs removed. This topic is just getting ridiculous

>> No.9751848
File: 1.21 MB, 728x4415, Kyoukai no Nai Sekai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's a sick fetishist, should be removed from the comm asap.
>sci-fi fantasy of being turned into a perfect woman
That's just silly.
>wearing pantyhose
Sure, it's nice, but not to brag about it like that.
>bouncing breasts
That's just disgusting to think and write about in such a way.

Things mundane to most, are quite novel for people who change their gender. Guys don't get to wear body-close legwear, and it indeed feels pretty nice.
Same with skirts and dresses, it's not something a man wears, but for girls these can range from being just a daily thing, to something they don't really like, but have to wear occasionally.
For transgirls all these things are reassuring their identity, and bring smile on their faces. Such happy little things.

For fetishists though… They just awfully fetishize it.

>Much of the text on that image could’ve come from their mouth.
Disappointingly, this indeed can be the case for some. Such behaviour should be despised and shunned.

Saying someone is trans can be interpreted as transitioning into the opposite gender, which can be quite broad and done with many (including ulterior) motives. It's very distinct from having gender dysphoria and using transition as a way to alleviate it.

>> No.9751889

No secrets this week?

>> No.9751908
File: 166 KB, 736x953, A886B391-0DF2-4157-A058-9224C002470C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9751917
File: 120 KB, 735x722, FE74EE83-7EAA-42FA-8917-8C8872492192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are you lurking? I thought you hated drama

>> No.9751933

> buys an item from a seller.
> seller sends invoice and I send money, says she will ship that day
> discovers PayPal won't release her money for another 21 days
> tells me that she won't send it until her money is released

Do I have a right to be angry about this? Because I am and I want to know if I'm justified.

>> No.9751937

Did you send it as an echeque? You can refund and send the money normally

>> No.9751944


jfc man it’s a massively successful tv show now not just a book, how do you not know a Game of Thrones reference when you hear one???

>> No.9751958

Wtf no lmao. Pantyhose is literal torture to me unless I’ve shaved within 30 mins of putting them on. And even then it traps heat and sweat under this gross unhygienic synthetic layer... I could maybe imagine wearing them if I lived in Norway or something but fuuuuuck them here. They’re a goddamn curse and sissies just show how little they know and how much of their fetish RP is 100% in their heads when they claim it feels good.

>> No.9751963

Idk anon I would do what she did too. It’s rare that someone’s payment gets held by PayPal before releasing, and it’s usually a red flag when it does. If you can refund and send it faster do it, but not letting the item out of your sight until the money is in hand is online selling 101.

>> No.9751968


I have that problem all the time.

>> No.9751997

She has a website you parochial walnut. She has an Etsy store too and sells some things through Lolita Collective. Just because it's hard to get her pieces doesn't mean she's a scammer.

>> No.9752009

No you don't. I've accidentally sent it as an echeque before, and I waited because I respect that a seller wants to be sure before she ships it out. It's common sense - you could just turn round and cancel the cheque once she sends it.

>> No.9752071
File: 81 KB, 600x800, 1369352116259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>literal torture to me unless I’ve shaved within 30 mins of putting them on
Have you tried waxing, epilating or something more permanent?
>it traps heat and sweat
Are you perchance fat?
>gross unhygienic synthetic layer
That's what you get for buying non-breathing synthetics.
>I could maybe imagine wearing them if I lived in Norway or something
The thicker ones are great for colder days. But yeah, if you live in a hot place, it might not be for you.

>> No.9752362

I didn't send it as an echeque, it's because she's reached her PayPal limit by receiving too much money at once. So no it's nothing on my end. That's why I'm mad. If she sends my item, it says that PayPal will release her money more promptly, however she said she's not going to do that.

>> No.9752370

Kek, what even is this post.
>if you live in a hot place, it might not be for you
Living in a hot place is what their whole post implied anon. Fat people aren’t the only ones who sweat in hot enviornments, shocking, I know.

>> No.9752373

Most of Europe is pretty chill, especially from Fall to early Spring. One would have to live in southern States, Central America, or Africa, to not be able to wear them comfortably ever.
I understand sweating, but on legs? Never happened to me.

>> No.9752412

That's not a thing unless her account was flagged a suspicious by Paypal. She should be able to just call and clear it up if her account is actually in good standing. I'd just get a refund if I were you.

>> No.9752413

No, but >>9751438 makes her shady at best.

>> No.9752416

Goths have the 'I cosplayed as as The Crow/Maleficent/Raven from Teen Titans, do can I join in with your Goth thing because my character's dark and spoopy' cosplayers to deal with. When 'The Crow' first came out, people turning up to Goth clubs dressed as The Crow became such a common thing it was an in-joke.

>> No.9752421

Mediterranean Europe is pretty hot - especially summer - Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc.

>> No.9752427

This manga feels more autogynephillic than trans. I’m critical of SRS in its current form because I’ve seen the flawed, painful and irreversible reality of it, and it’s always the obvious fetishists who try to turn my concern into “You hate us! You don’t want us to exist! You want us to die!” when that’s not what I mean at all. I’m even more opposed to lobotomy but that doesn’t mean I hate people who’ve had it done to them. That doesn’t make any sense. Is it part of the victimization/humiliation fetish thing that they need to feel like everyone on the planet is always against them?

>> No.9752467
File: 16 KB, 300x100, 158.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I’m critical of SRS in its current form because I’ve seen the flawed, painful and irreversible reality of it
Yeah, I'm concerned by that, too. But for some people it's enough. It's like compromising on Bodyline, because brand is out of your reach, for whatever reason.
>it’s always the obvious fetishists who try to turn my concern into “You hate us! You don’t want us to exist! You want us to die!” when that’s not what I mean at all
I completely understand you here. Some people are just insecure simpletons, that take such thing as a personal attack and are very defensive.
Still, the questionable quality of such procedures is not a reason to be against them. Without them, there would be no progress, and some people could seriously harm themselves out of genital dysphoria. Making people aware of flaws in such procedures is good, but stopping people from undergoing them, not so much.
>Is it part of the victimization/humiliation fetish thing that they need to feel like everyone on the planet is always against them?
That's the difference between dysphoric people and fetishists.
The hateful people are there, whether we like it or not.
For dysphoric people, they fear being recognized as trans and facing such people.
Fetishists want to be seen as trans and humiliated because of it, as that turns them on.

It's not much different from being closeted gay in community that is hostile towards such people, or being part of certain religion, in areas where it being discovered could even end in death.
Even being bullied in school, for not being like others.
Being hated for the way you are is not nice.

>> No.9752470

Why do you keep posting fetish images while arguing against fetishists?

>> No.9752488

You forgot people who cosplay death from the sandman series.

>> No.9752528
File: 606 KB, 440x237, if it makes you happy, do it.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because being happy as myself, while wearing the clothes that make me happy is my fetish.
t. poster in tights and BtSSB skirt

>> No.9752629

I live in the southern US and I wear tights every day bc I fucking love to suffer.

>> No.9752650

>Most of Europe is pretty chill
Not everyone lives in Europe? There are many lolitas in the southern States and Central America you do realize?
>Never happened to me
Anon... you do realize people are different than you? The world doesn't all revolve around you, and your sweating habits, and your country.

>> No.9752653

I live in southern Canada and I only ever wear panty hose/tights in the summer because I want to wear ankle socks but I have really bad eczema scars on my calves, and it is not a fun time.

>> No.9752688

Can we stop talking about sweaty pantyhose? You know dudes are getting off on this.

>> No.9752819
File: 152 KB, 624x261, 3245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh dear, B_M_T is at it again

>> No.9752822

When will she just go away?

>> No.9752964

this girl pisses me off so much
especially when she started complaining about people saying not to bring replicas to a brand tea party. Like, how stupid can you be

>> No.9753144

She should fucking read at least one recommended resources on lolita before making another dumbass thread.

>> No.9753146

>started complaining about people saying not to bring replicas to a brand tea party
holy shit do you have caps?

>> No.9753154

But guys!! She's just so autistic she can't help herself. Stop being meany bullies! /s

>> No.9753187

Yes, I would be angry. When paypal holds the money, it's literally been recieved and is *in her account* but she cant use it, there's no waiting to be sure like >>9751963 and >>9752009 say. The payment is completed on the buyers end, but locked on "pending" in your account.

t. happened to me once when i was the seller

I would be pretty suspicious, there's no reason for her to need to wait unless she doesn't have the money to ship it or something?

>> No.9753365 [DELETED] 

My comms most important meet of the year was hosted at an airbnb home in a sketchy part of the city.

>> No.9753723

“Lolita since birth” is pushing lame drama in RC: UNC

>> No.9753756

>named by your government
What fucking country do you live in?

>> No.9754210

Caps please?

I think anon means legal name, as in a person's official and legal name change.

>> No.9756394
File: 60 KB, 499x607, canyoufuckingnot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

JFC, it's called Lolita, can we stop this please?

>> No.9756400

Call it CGL. Then when a normie asks just say the L is stands for Lady.

>> No.9756405

Outside of 4chan, cgl stands for caregiver/little. It's a ddlg term.

>> No.9756406

oh crap I meant EGL, sorry.

>> No.9756408

Oh good!
I prefer egl too, but my style is not remotely gothic so I feel a bit silly calling myself an elegant gothic lolita/lady. I used the term twice and both times people called me out.
>am walking grandma couch
>"but I thought gothic was like scary and black and shit"

>> No.9756420 [DELETED] 

God, it's like a trap for POC. I mean, I'm all for inclusive models too, but you can be a tyrant and display yourself as a total monster to the community like she is. She's really just a bully pretending to be a victim with how she harasses and accuses people.

>> No.9756426

She's really just a bully pretending to be a victim.
I'd like deets on which school she's attending if anyone knows. She's really very racist so I can't wait until she learns that discriminating against whites is a thing.

>> No.9756451

I just call it a Japanese Street fashion, or I don't even talk to people. I just wish these newfags would fucking stop with this name change shit. Ruffle-kei is lame as fuck. Soon everything with be "something-kei"

>> No.9756466
File: 1.05 MB, 480x270, C1C816FE-E6C4-4A4F-B093-BC4CE8060190.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9756581
File: 175 KB, 469x761, firefox_2018-01-18_18-06-54.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who the fuck hurt this mentor? am I in the twilight zone? how in the fuck is that shirt suitable under a jsk?
OP was asking about some normie slightly frilly blouse and whether it's loliable

>> No.9756592
File: 91 KB, 479x500, call it what it is you coward.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ruffle kei
Back in my day we called this shit roriita or we just sucked it up and dealt with the name as it was, which is my method still. All these newbies terrified of using a damn name only make things worse.
>t. salty oldfag
OT but I still admire the Canadian lolitas for naming their annual celebration Sainte-Dolorès. This is the level of subversiveness I wish the international comm achieves one day.

>> No.9756598

this was hilarious though, seeing all the itas and the 0-coord people come out of the woodwork to *claim* their *privilege* because they're totally autistic and depressed and have anxiety and rejection syndrome and PTSD from bullying was worth it
I tried to actually contribute to the topic a little bit in the replies, but you know it's bad when that many itas are gathering in one place and it's not because they're blaming someone for being -ist or -phobic of some kind

>> No.9756602
File: 157 KB, 454x408, 738489230.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using casual lolita as an excuse to dress like shit
>encouraging newbies to also dress like shit if they're not at a meetup
Genuinely embarrassing that this is what poorly dressed "mentors" are teaching new girls. Classic case of the blind leading the blind.

>> No.9756624

Every single annoying person in my comm was posting in that thread. All of them. I can't say I'm surprised.

>> No.9756636

I think people are misreading this... She's saying to put a cardigan over it- sounds like shes just adding more layers. I don't think this would look bad.

>> No.9756643
File: 80 KB, 480x640, btssb023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A cutsew with a collar would be very comfortable to wear and look infinitely better than some random grubby top from uniqlo, layered or not.

>> No.9756653

I wear thermal shirts under my blouses in the winter. It’s cold AF in Sweden when I visit family. And thermal undershirts save your ass.

>> No.9756699
File: 496 KB, 530x492, christmas.png.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did people shit on Milkyfawn for doing it?

>> No.9756714

Iirc she's worn the same top with an ETC jsk and it looked okay. In this coord it just looks like she had nothing else to wear.

>> No.9756719
File: 22 KB, 510x206, firefox_2018-01-18_20-11-45.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would personally shit all over that, it looks badly out of place

what in the actual fuck? I swear, it's like it's april fools or some shit with everyone posting asinine shit in the online comms

>> No.9756724
File: 52 KB, 444x287, 74238948295234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that post
lmao wat

>> No.9756729

Oh look, another “vetted” Lolita showing how ita she is.

>> No.9756731

This person is trolling right?

>> No.9756732


>> No.9756739

Obviously. Rufflechat is just too easy to troll, they're eating the bait up.

>> No.9756744

Good job either being salty you didn't get in the discord or taking the bait. Your choice.

>> No.9756749

okay but can someone actually share info on how to get in that discord? everyone is all talk about how it's the best thing since sliced bread and then no one provides links or the way to get into the *vetting process*

>> No.9756753

RC is usually shit but the last day or so especially has just been
>“Hello lovlies! Let’s all discuss what special snowflakes we are ITT!”
>mentions lolita once or twice to pretend it’s relevant to the group

>> No.9756759

Also "please delete if not allowed", "hope this is okay to post", etc. Like JFC just read the rules.

>> No.9756761

I think she usually posts a link once a month that is only usable for a day. I never manage to catch it.

>> No.9756771

Our favorite "I've been a lolita since birth!!" Snowflake is now claiming to be an intersex man. No. You. Are. Not. How are there this many mentally ill people in this hobby. Being trans is one thing but I will never understand these genderfuck weirdos. No one cares that you feel more masculine or feminine in certain situations, because oh goodness here's a word they hate, it's NORMAL. Like everyone has masculine and feminine qualities. Jfc

>> No.9756783

Kids make up all sorts of shit for attention. It's annoying but this is how they "find" themselves; hopefully she grows out of it eventually.
...She is underage, isn't she?

>> No.9756802

anon she's like 25

>> No.9756806
File: 193 KB, 663x619, 1513731554018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay I take back what I said

>> No.9756810

I’m in it (how else would I know) and I didn’t post. I’m just not into acting dumb for the lulz. Please grow up a bit it’s embarrassing.

>> No.9756842


>> No.9756856

Intersex means you are born with both male and female genitals... It's not an identity. How fucking stupid is this person?

>> No.9756868
File: 189 KB, 1293x927, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its because she is not an established buyer, she needs to have $250 in sales for it to be immediately released, this happened to me but took 12 days instead. It's for the buyer to receive the item then PayPal gives the money to the buyer when it goes to deliver (for buyer protection). So lol tell her to send it. >>9751963

>> No.9756871

what about long sleeve cutsues? I wear them often for causal coords

>> No.9756905
File: 299 KB, 1920x1079, 18-01-18-14-27-47-518_deco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And the award for dumbest question ever posted in Rufflechat goes to..

>> No.9756914

Already been posted. Keep up

>> No.9756916

This is why we read threads before looking like an idiot.

>> No.9756969

She was deliberately trolling. Don't be as dumb as the rest of the people who took the bait.

>> No.9756970

Pretending to be a retard usually just results in people thinking you're retarded.

>> No.9756972
File: 79 KB, 772x600, IMG_5927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just when I thought age play boi had left us

>> No.9756977

If its completely covered by the cardigan and dress, why does it matter?

>> No.9756984

If it's used as an undergarment for warmth like >>9756653 mentioned then obviously it's fine, it doesn't matter if it's kinda ugly because it keeps you warm and isn't visible anyway. But advising newbies who know diddly squat about the fashion to wear plain uniqlo tops under JSKs is a bad idea.

>> No.9756992
File: 235 KB, 857x1136, 18-01-18-17-08-54-160_deco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're disgusting is what you are.

>> No.9756993

> happy wiggles

Pls just end my suffering

>> No.9756996

God I saw this thread. Genderkuks are just the new "I'm not like other girls~"

I fucking hate them. Just because you like something that isint makeup and Barbie dosent make you a speschial boii.

>> No.9757013

Right? It's a medical condition not something you decide you are for special attention points! Then again there are all these loonies who self diagnose as autistic, OCD, pain disorders etc. /eyeroll

>> No.9757111

Oh god I thought she left for the bjd and menhera community. Someone take this thing outback and end it’s misery.

>> No.9757115

Who is she?

>> No.9757155

yeah I've been in this fashion longer than I can bear imagine, and we'd call it Loli, rori (ironically) etc. newbs just don't get it

>> No.9757171
File: 1.05 MB, 2896x2896, 8F689F8D-67A4-4130-8DA7-31FFD89C1BB5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is a cap that can see a bit into her life. This is just the tip of the iceberg for her. She’s a whole level of fake boi cringe.

>> No.9757179

I somehow lost the AP's but there were multiple images of this creature with a pacifier that somebody scooped off their tumblr or insta iirc, they're a myriad of cringe

>> No.9757181

*caps ffs

>> No.9757183

Oh god, it's the artisan lolita. It's funny how ita can also be a personality type.

>> No.9757187
File: 131 KB, 640x776, 3E36693C-599E-4ACE-A068-D82FAC92BB85.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I gotchu anon. I got a lot of caps from them from past threads.

>> No.9757189

Where did she say she was trolling?

>> No.9757190
File: 482 KB, 500x281, IMG_5935.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bless you anonchan

>> No.9757191


>> No.9757192

It was planned out briefly in one of the discord servers

>> No.9757206
File: 1.39 MB, 1278x1504, 04C19E72-C580-4AEB-BD7C-170A6902A45A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can you post these and not the safe place for trans lolitas that hated on people who where straight or identified as their birth gender anon? How inconsiderate of you.

>> No.9757219

Is this serious? I know a lot of these trans kids on Tumblr are ridiculous and need to grow past this, but why the fuck would people who think they might be trans, ever want to associate themselves with the clusterfuck that is otherkin?

>> No.9757226
File: 33 KB, 467x130, nocisallowed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this shit went down on ruffle chat. Self entitled minority trying to be exclusive, even though people are showing them support

>> No.9757228

Doesn't want cis people to show their support or comment, yet doesn't want to have their own non-cis group.

>> No.9757240

This is pretty much silencing support for people not in the same box as them. That’s like treating them the way these -insert special snowflake ism here- rants and raves about the cis people don’t voice their support. What is wrong with this current generation of idiots?

>> No.9757246

Let's just call it what it is: normal

>> No.9757259

What pisses me off a bit is this one trans girl in my comm is always saying "cishets"... like rude af. I doubt shed like it if people were constant saying trantrash.

>> No.9757263

tide pod eating tumblr fags?

>> No.9757266

Typical double standard, if you're in a designated "victim" group you get a free pass to shit on everyone else.

>> No.9757268

I wish they'd eat some tide pods.

>> No.9757272

How can you be non-binary AND trans?

>> No.9757276

this kind of dipshit gives their community a bad name. She's probably just on the bandwagon and not even non-binary, but loves being a victim

>> No.9757279

because they can make up whatever "gender" (which lets be honest, its not gender, it's sexuality) they want.

>> No.9757310

I don’t think she’s in a community. Helps her play the victim complex.

>> No.9757311

Transtrenders. I love it. Gonna use that.

>> No.9757314

I mean the LBQT+ community

>> No.9757333

I don’t think the lgbt community wants her either. She’s everything they are agaisnt.

>> No.9757341

>Anti self diagnosis
Well that's a new one! Of course they want to self diagnose because an actual physician or therapist would tell them how crazy they sound.

>> No.9757364

That other girl who went on a tirade agreeing with this girl was dense as fuck too, I feel sorry for the mod arguing with her. It was like watching someone try to calmly talk to a brick wall.

>> No.9757381

I don’t understands how a group that’s so “anti-gendering, be free and colourful uwu” are so quick to gender clothing and styles.
> some days I wear shirts, others I wear Lolita.
You can wear whatever the hell you want, no ones going to stop seeing certain looks as masculine of feminine until you stop.

>> No.9757382

There are a few in my comm and they’re fucking insufferable and pretty insulting. They bring up a bunch of sexist stereotypes of women, go “but I don’t identify with those~ so I’m nonbinary UwU” and act like that makes them better and more deep than those of us who do consider ourselves women. NOBODY identifies with those twodimensional stereotypes you fuckwits, it’s called being an individual with a personality. You can’t identify out of misogyny but hey thanks for throwing the rest of us under the bus in your attempt.

>> No.9757531

>You can't identify out of misogyny

This sums up my feelings so well and I want that on a giant banner

>> No.9757534

some of the genderfluid literally identify as male or female by the day based on the masc/fem stereotypes of their clothing. any degree of them being beyond gender stereotypes is completely superficial. many of them seem to truly believe that masculine equals MAN and feminine equals WOMAN. wow, how progressive!

i don't understand they can so majorly miss the point. they all clamor around a good point- people shouldn't be limited and forced to follow gender stereotypes, but then they take it a step further. in order to NOT follow stereotypes, you have to create hundreds of mini-stereotypes which don't exclude based on sex! why can't it just be acceptable for a man or a woman to dress/act however they please while retaining the reality that their personality and traits aren't at all tied to biological sex?

>> No.9757923

At least it's really funny when they finally realize they are just embarrassing themselves and they pretend this phase never happened. The girl in my comm is still listed as male on Facebook even though she stopped asking people to call her by her snowflake male name and she doesn't roleplay as a guy anymore.

>> No.9757997

It's serious. I've seen a lot of them say they need otherkin to "cope". You know, with the time they were grounded in third grade or whatever.

>> No.9758000

Aw, yay, welcome to the internet, grandma!

>> No.9758031

That's cis het like, cis heterosexual, they're not calling you trash

>> No.9758074

These are the kind of idiot girls I hate

>> No.9758085

Anon, saying cishet is not said in a positive way. It’s a derogatory term transtrenders have been using to bash straight people for a while now. So yes, it is like calling someone trash for identifying as their chromosome gender and choosing to be in a straight relationship.

>> No.9758097

You are retarded

>> No.9758107
File: 80 KB, 1300x860, 47BBA484-A72D-4852-A141-968DA5F40830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found the snowflake gender. Bye Felicia.

>> No.9758111

Did you get beat up by a group of people wearing shirts that said "down with cis"? Why are you so triggered?

>> No.9758115


An observation about a word in context does not mean you had to be brutally traumatised by said word.

>> No.9758127

Only these Tumblr shit genders are triggered by words. They have nothing else to do with their lives but be #triggered because the wrong pronouns where used.

>> No.9758288

What's the details on the 40+ year old man who posted in RC and complained he got kicked out of his local comm?

>> No.9758320

I am the mod from said comm. The man harassed a new comm member online and showed up to a comm meet I organized without RSVP. The newer girl was frightened so another member asked him to leave, which he did. A few days later he complained of being rejected *because of being male* on our Facebook page and now, on Rufflechat. We kicked him out because he was creeping the girl out, not because he was a man in a dress or anything (we are ok with all kinds of gender expression and we had another male dressed in feminine clothes with us that day.) Afterwards he tried to make himself look like a victim on our comm page, trying to manipulate those who weren’t there and aware of the situation into backing him up and then we kicked him out of the comm page because he’s not even from our town and he’s a whole lot of trouble we don’t need to deal with.

>> No.9758335

Creeping out one girl isn’t much of a basis to remove him. Multiple girls sure. But one girl AND a new one at that seems a little odd. How he behaved is poor but I don’t think banning him without warning him was the best choice because of one event.

>> No.9758353

Is he the large bearded man in the profile picture? Had he actually attended anything in lolita before?

If hrs autistic he might have misread the situation...as he didn't seem to be following the conversation he started when others were making points to him

>> No.9758379

It was a repeated behaviour we witnessed in another event (not comm hosted but the comm was there) so he already has his first chance. More people than the new-ish girl were uncomfortable, especially if because he made passive aggressive comments about people from the comm, took pictures without people’s permission, asked comm members who didn’t know him to meetup with him alone to help him make a coord, and posted that kind of threads we had in rufflechat on the comm page, attacking women for wanting to protect themselves. Bunch of red flags in my opinion and the other mod’s.

>> No.9758395

Dang. Fuck that guy. You did the right thing.

>> No.9758446

He seems kind of scary. Also the whole "male lolita" and "female lolita" thing was weird. I assume he meant Ouji? That and talking about his dead wife. Lolita is probably some weird kink for him.

>> No.9758448

I side eye any man who wants lolitas, or women in general, to dress them. That's a common theme in sissy fetishes.

>> No.9758453

I would have stated this clearly when you commented >>9758320 becuase that’s some creepy shit. Context of the guy would have really helped those of us not in your comm know what he’s like in a private eye

>> No.9758480

Mod of the online comm he harassed her on, this is not the first time he has done this. Not only did this creep do it to your comm member, but when some members blocked him he went into my DMs and DEMANDED that the girls unblock him so that he could talk to him. He did this with 2 other girls, and in public chats he would even try to incorporate My little pony into his “coords”. Banned him for good when he went from stalking that poor girl online to literally crossing the US/Canada boarder to confront her in person?? He’s such a sick fuck and It’s amazing that he pulled the autist card afterwards.

>> No.9758514

Did you see >>9756358? Someone thought it was Bad Ouji but it sounds more like your guy.

Please stop using autism as an excuse when someone is being a dick. I’m autistic and I know many other people with autism and if this guy is high functioning enough to live and attend lolita meetups by himself, he’s high functioning enough to learn what other people’s boundaries are and to respect them. We’re perfectly capable of understanding the word “no”. If he continues after someone asks him to stop, he’s just an asshole, autistic or not.

>not taking no for an answer
>demanding interaction from women who want nothing to do with him
>wanting one-on-one meetups so someone can dress him up
Yeah those are huge red flags and banning him was the right decision. It reminds me of a guy my own comm had to deal with who did all these things, then started inviting the underage members to his house for “sleepovers”. Nope nope nope
Next he’ll either cry misandry and say you’re all hysterical man-haters or claim to be trans and say you’re transphobic. It’s like they’re all working from the same script.

>> No.9758555

*muh feeeeeemails*

>> No.9759143

Long live Ruffle-Kei

>> No.9759175

My comm had an old guy that wanted underage girls to give him make overs at his home or at their's but only if their parents weren't home. The girls asked the comm if people wanted to join and the adult members quickly took action and banned him. It amazed me how gullible those girls were. There was also a crazy guy who wasn't even in our comm but girls would have him friend on Facebook and he talked to them and said really creepy shit. I had to explain to multiple girls that they didn't have to be polite and that they owed him nothing.

>> No.9759223

It only works if the guy is cute, I'm not gonna lie if a guy I thought was cute wanted to I wouldn't blink but it's always fat neckbeard assholes who want to dress up.

>> No.9759309

>Please stop using autism as an excuse
I didn't mean for it to come across that way, I'm autistic myself and wouldn't use it it as a 'get out of being a dick' card but I noticed it was the reasoning he used as to part of the misunderstanding, making me wonder how well he actually functions as he didn't seem to be following the conversation at all. Sorry for wording it so badly.

>> No.9759441

Girl, please don't done this to yourself. I know you want to be a popular content creator but this makes you look really pathetic. If you want to see the dirty opinions so you can improve just lurk and take notes.

>> No.9759469

Omfg how hard is it for people to find proper fabric???? You can even find some decent stuff at JF if you have any basic fiber knowledge at all. On top of that if you put any fucking effort into looking, you can find a decent brand skirt for that same price.

>> No.9759565

I don't care if a guy is cute. It creeps me out either way, but you do you anon.

>> No.9759757

This sounds familiar, but I don't think we're in the same comm. There's just something about teenage girls in niche/weeb hobbies like lolita that makes them super susceptible to predatory assholes who are adept at playing the misunderstood victim. The worst sissy in our comm honed in on the 14-16 year olds immediately and started whining about how us older members were mean to him even before any of us had really interacted with him. They ate it right up, so when the mods caught on to his predatory behavior and wanted to do something about it, they circled the wagons to protect him. Young teenage girls rallying to protect a 30-something adult man. Speaking to them individually later, all but one of them actually felt quite uncomfortable with him but none of them wanted to admit to it because doing so would be bullying or idk transphobic (he wasn't even trans) or whatever tumblr doxxes people over. I hate how easy it is to manipulate young girls and I hate the scumbags who take advantage of this even more.

Attractive men can be fetishistic creeps and rapists, too. Don't fall for it, anon.

>> No.9759806

Who, unless they wear an ott/plastic oversized ankh pendant and screw up their makeup more than the average babybat, at least fit in visually, because Death's appearance was based off an actual Goth lady called Cinamon Hadley who sadly recently passed away. Turning up as Dream (robed) would be more cringe, even with the big backcombed hair. Especially if the person isn't tall, trim, and somewhat lanky.

>> No.9759811

>Attractive men can be fetishistic creeps and rapists, too. Don't fall for it, anon.

im sorry, but what does it have to do with that anon wanting to share that dress-up fetish/activity, w/e you call it, with pretty guys only? or do you warn her about guys generally, like those are a dangerous species

>> No.9759820

If he makes it clear that it's a fetish thing and she consents, that's fine. But the kind of guys we're talking about are never really upfront about it being a fetish and instead act like they're just clueless about the fashion and need help from a platonic friend. It's shady and misleading no matter what they look like, but people are more likely to fall for it if the guy is conventionally attractive since it’s human nature to feel like attractive people are more trustworthy. Again if both parties go into it knowing that it's going to be sexual, that's fine.

>> No.9759873

my comm had a weird couple, 40 year old sweet lolita and her weird husband. He used to just hang around the comms and he never did anything but everyone was wary of him.

>> No.9760012

>posts a link once a month

>> No.9760016

if he didn't do anything, how was he weird?

>> No.9760022 [DELETED] 

It was posted up thread, but it's expired now.

>> No.9760024 [DELETED] 

Misfire. Meant for >>9760012

>> No.9760027

It was posted upthread, but expired.

>> No.9760028

he turned up at every meet and just stared at us. They seemed to be in some kind of cgl relationship. He was came to every meet, she'd never go alone.

>> No.9760033

idk at first I loved the name the most out of any suggestions but seeing it trying to be used in context feels sort of... off. I do think it's the best alternative, but it doesn't feel the same.

(Also it sucks that in order to not get shit for the name we have to change it. It feels like lolitas have to censor themselves.)

>> No.9760041

How is it the best alternative? "Ruffle" would sound very awkward when pronounced by a Japanese person, rendering the "kei" redundant. "Ruffle system"? Please.
If anything "oujo-kei" is the best alternative, but imo an alternative isn't needed, there's nothing wrong with the name lolita.

>> No.9760753

>Large bearded man in profile picture
Fuck, I think that's my comm too, I'm dreading him showing up to anything. Two posts and I smell sissy.

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