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For dumb jfashion questions
Previous thread: >>9716450

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What are the active /cgl/ discords? Are there any lolita specific ones?

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Use google idiot. I need to stop coming here it's not good for my health. People asking stupid questions hurts my head.

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>how dare people ask stupid questions in the stupid question thread

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>getting mad at a stupid question in the stupid question thread
>thinking google has /cgl/ discords ready to go

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There's the vetting discord, the non-vetting discord, the /fa/ x /cgl/ discord, and a reddit lolita discord. I don't know how active they are.

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What's the point in this thread anyways when you can just google most of the questions?

discord.gg/cgl discord.gg/lolita discord.gg/seagull

wow much hard

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And they’re all full of average to ita. The amount of praise taobao gets on those servers is atrocious. If you’re remotely a brandwhore you’re better off sticking to your comm’s other brandwhores.

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don't take the bait, looks like they're trying to shit up multiple threads.

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Sometimes you get questions like >>9745030 and you get to tell them the news that that brand closed down years ago

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Not that anon, but what do you have to provide to get into the vetting discord?

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dude pls stop your memes

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You don't seriously think everyone gets the same google results as you? in the same language?

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well it is if you search "sexy dynamite london"

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Stupid question: Is Soup a sissy?

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ask your mom XD

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Not denying anything but being a brandwhore and being an ita/not an ita aren't mutually exclusive

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Best non taobao/aliexpress places for wigs?

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Could anyone kindly provide invites to the discord(s)? I'm sick of being stuck in chats with cosplay guys complaining about lolitas.

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Oh, it's absolutely not, I wasn't meaning to imply that. Itas comes in all stripes, brand or not. The addition of taobao trash on top of it just doesn't help.

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is it too late to try to buy something from excentrique now? and what's a good shopping service for it?

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What are good photo editing apps, specifically to add stickers and collage photos together?

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I use LINE camera, has a collage option, filters, text, stickers (though the realllly cute ones cost some cash)

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it's too late

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I bought something listed as "off white" from LM that looks unmistakably ivory. Is there any point to contacting the seller or should I leave neutral feedback or something?

I know I'm overthinking this, so help me gulls.

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contact them before leaving neutral I'd say

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I'm looking to invest in a non-entry level petticoat. Who makes the best ones? Are adjustable pettis actually decent or should i have both an A-line and a bell shape?

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Oh true, that is more courteous. I guess I'll be careful with my phrasing so it doesn't sound like I'm trying to extort her...

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Maxicimam or And Romeo for cupcake petticoats

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Most of our shitposters aren't courteous to name fag. At least I can block this faggot because of his name.

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Arda and Wig is Fashion are two quite popular wig places

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Does anyone know what the conditions are to be able to buy circle lenses for U.S. buyers (like from uniqso)? I know they are requiring some kind of prescription, but I don't wear glasses and I really don't want to have to go through the trouble of seeing a doctor

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Im not really sure where this belongs but basically I will be traveling to France and London alone and I am wondering if it would be a stupid idea to wear Lolita during it.

In particular I am dying to get some beautiful photos in a gothic coord with the Notre Dame and at the Palace of Versailles, but im scared of making myself a target too.

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>go through the trouble of seeing a doctor
I would highly suggest going to an optometrist before getting contacts, especially circle lenses. You'll need to make sure your eyes are even suitable for contacts. Poorly fitted contacts can cause serious damage.

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This. Please, please go to a doctor. Even if you think your vision is perfect.

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Don’t be so scared just do it

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I'm a French lolita and there are tons of us. I haven't been to America so I cannot compare, but I've never been harassed or anything here, but of course people will stare.

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>a target
Of what

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When is closet child updating these days? It seems really erratic and I'm checking it way too much.

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As far as I've noticed, there's no set time anymore and half the time the updates are just them shuffling around previously posted items from later pages. Coupling all that with how shit some of the photography is now and it's become a mild nightmare keeping track of it.

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Is there a way to know when bodyline restocks shoes? I want a pair of those damn boots they've had for years, but they're out in the color and size I want. I know they've been especially wacky with their site lately so I'm sure that's affecting restocks. Probably, I don't know. I just want those damn boots.

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I don't know if this actually dumb but what do people do at a tea party? I know about having a raffle but should there be party games or anything like that? I've seen tea parties with fashion shows mingled into the middle but I don't know where to start.

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I just purchased a secondhand wig where the previous owner didn't wash the wig properly, and it is in very dirty (hairspray residue) and tangled condition. How do I clean and detangle this?

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It depends, is it just a small comm tea-party or are there brand guests?

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shampoo it? I know there are tutorials for detangling, should be easy to find

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People are probably less likely to give you shit at crowded, touristy places because of all the people there. Be careful of pickpockets, though. Also idk if you can wear lolita to Versailles because they've been known to kick out people who they think are wearing costumes. It might be better to dress down. Also if you're having pictures taken of yourself in attention-grabbing clothes in a touristy area, prepare to have your picture taken by a shitload of random strangers who think you're fair game since you're posing anyway or even part of the attraction. When I was at the Eiffel Tower with my bf I asked him to take a picture of me with it in the background and suddenly a huge group of Indian people crowded around us to take my picture, too. I wasn't even wearing lolita, just a casual JM OP.

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Good luck anon, they probably won’t restock ever. Your best option is to find something similar on Taobao/AliExpress

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Whenever I visit London, I wear lolita or otome and it's always pretty chill. People won't ask you for photos if you're by yourself, I think. There's probably going to be a few people who stare and take photos, but I've been in ott sweet before and the most people do is stare on the street and try and ignore you on the metro. Just make sure you don't wear a rucksack because you might get pickpocketed if you're obviously a tourist. Unless it's like one of the bunny bags with the zips on the inside.

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I wear lolita daily in America and have honestly had no problems and wasnt scared of wearing it around Europe either until a lot of my friends kept bringing up how ill be a solo female traveler

But I think itll be ok

Hey thanks I didnt even think about Versailles not letting people in!

Ive got one of this little anti-theft backpacks since im going to be running around with a laptop so I may look touristy but at least its safe from pickpockets!

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They just restocked recently

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How do fatties fit themselves into brand? I seriously have been wondering that for so long.

>> No.9745879

Some people let out seams, get stuff altered, or just really push the shirring to the limit.

>> No.9745909

Full or partial shirring, but I know some people just don't zip up a dress fully and cover it with a coat.

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Probably really stupid but how can I buy from shibuya109

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1) Fly to Tokyo and go to 109
2) Hire an in-person SS based in Tokyo
3) Buy from the online store of the brand whatever item you want is from.

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I read that as 3 steps necessary to buy from there and not 3 options and was so confused.

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This feels really dumb to ask, but at the same time...

Is it okay to post otome coords in CoF? I know it's not lolita in skirt styling, but the group allows ouji/aristo which are sibling fashions to lolita, so of course otome is allowed right? But then there's all the BS that happened to Fanny so I'm unsure. I also do lolita, but sometimes I put together an otome outfit I absolutely love and like to think would be well recieved.

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Fanny Rosie stopped tagging her coords as lolita after she was nitpicked by stupid fucks who think lolita has to be a very specific thing, that has nothing to do with otome and everything to do with loudmouthed idiots who think their (uneducated) opinion is law.
If your coord has an aesthetic that borderlines as either otome or lolita I think it's fine to post to COF, otherwise it'd probably be better to share on another platform.

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I'm a London lolita, and I don't live in a particularly nice area. The "worst" reactions I've had are heckling and catcalling near pubs, one guy followed me and a friend for a few minutes asking if we were from New York, and a smoking teen asked me if I was cosplaying Dorothy while I was wearing red. Most of the interactions I have are nice, like the time the guy at the local kebab place offered me my burger for free if he could take a pic of my skirt to show his wife.

I've worn lolita almost every time I've gone out for the past 6 months. I get more weird looks, but I get catcalled more in normie clothes. Honestly, I don't know why there's such a meme about London being horribly unsafe, I feel more comfortable here than I do in American cities.

>TL;DR - Just wear your frills anon. London is OK.

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otome is worse than kodona desu

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What are some of the Japanese second hand and auction sites? I forgot their names

>> No.9746224

fril, mercari, mbok, yahoo auctions


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I noticed she stopped posting to CoF too. It's really sad because really otherwise it's just a bunch of mediocre coords and cookie cutter sets.

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does anyone know the same of this JSK? the seller said it's Innocent World but I haven't had luck finding it

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***name, my bad

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It's from a lucky pack from 2010 and as far as I know it doesn't have a name. I used to own it and can confirm that it's Innocent World. For reference, Voldie also has that JSK in a different colourway

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Hi fanny

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Bless this stupid question thread

I asked on the Taobao thread about this type of chain + beads and seems easy to make but, I'm a total doorknob, how is that type of golden hook called? after browsing a lot of TaoBao DIY I cannot seem to found it? Thanks in advance.

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>third time a buzz phrase has been used on me today and I'm not _____, other boards, or samefag

I should start a bingo honestly.

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I believe it's called a clasp, hope I could help Anon

>> No.9746448

You should. I hate those comments

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A lot of the people criticizing her were itas.

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Seconding what the other anons said, but also: your glasses prescription isn't quite the same as a contact prescription. The numbers are mostly the same but contacts also require a base curve.

>> No.9746476

Baby shampoo for cleaning, and fabric softener/wig detangling spray for detangling.

>> No.9746478

Lobster clasp

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Hi fanny

Sure fanny

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Not sure if you're just fucking with people or are retarded. Probably both.

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That's not nice fanny

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Thanks a lot!

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Yeah I own the same in brown, and it kills me that I can't find a name, despite hours and hours of searching. I believe it's from a 2013 (could be wrong abt the year) IW happy pack. It's a rlly nice dress though, would recommend.

>> No.9746516

oops sorry, anon I replied to is right, it's 2010

>> No.9746597

I'm aware. That just makes it sadder.

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Hi fanny

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God forbid people actually like her style

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My girlfriend wants me to cosplay with her.
She is going to be sasuke.

I never cosplayed so this is really wierd to me. Should I cosplay Naruto or Kakashi?

I'd prefer kakashi since you can only see half of my face.

>> No.9746742

Is there any way to make your eyes look asian with make up?
inb4 the video of the girl using glue on her eyelids.

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So I'm making a long dress (should reach my ankles, I'm 5'3") with big, medieval sleeves that should drop down about 6 inches from my wrist. This is my first time sewing a dress. How much fabric should I expect to use? By eyeballing it, I'm guessing ~4 yards is a safe number but idk.

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If you wanna be Kakashi, be Kakashi

>> No.9746751

no, maybe 5 or 6 yards

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If I want to ask ChibiTenshi to buy something from Fril, should I use the Auction Request Form or the Internet Shopping Request Form? In the ToS apps and auctions are lumped together, but on the Internet Shopping request form there's an option to select "App". I'm confused.

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Has anyone here ever made anything out of lurex? I was able to get a lot of it for super cheap recently but I'm not sure what to do with it. Is it comfortable? Does anyone have any pics of costumes made with it?

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>> No.9746804


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How many metres of fabric do I need for a lolita dress? I'm going to make a rectangle skirt rather than a circle.

>> No.9746826

It depends on the width of the fabric, fabric print and the type of dress you want to make. I've been able to squeeze a simple princess seamed JSK with 3x waist rectangle skirt (no waist ties) out of 2 meters of 1.40m wide solid colour fabric, but in general you'd want more than that.

All of these can add to how much fabric you need:
>waist ties
>princess/bell sleeves

Also if your fabric has a pattern or print you might not be able to arrange your pattern pieces as efficiently which means you need extra fabric.

TL;DR somewhere between 2.5m-4m depending on the dress

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Never make anything Lolita out of a circle skirt, it's not the right shape.

I'm 88cm bust, 70cm waist and I usually buy 3m of fabric and that's usually fine.

>> No.9746885

is there a dream v store in tokyo? like there's a to alice in harajuku

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>Never make anything Lolita out of a circle skirt, it's not the right shape.
Yeah, sure.

You're clearly don't know what you're talking about.

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what happened to milkyfawn?

>> No.9746923


>> No.9746928

if I remember correctly they only have a physical store in Osaka

>> No.9746932

All the fame she never wanted from lolita caught up with her and it stopped being fun for her so she left. It's a shame, her coords were so nice.

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Lurker here with some questions to satisfy my curiosity:

How much do you think your wardrobe has cost you?

What do you do for a living? How much do you earn?

How does your fashion fit into real life? Like, do you wear this stuff to the grocery store, to work, to the doctor, etc? Or do you have "normal" clothes for that sort of stuff?

How much

>> No.9746947


How much time does your wardrobe take from your day/week? How much maintenance does it require between repairs, cleaning, steaming/ironing, etc?

Do you consider this a hobby or a lifestyle?

Will there ever come a time that you disconnect from this hobby/lifestyle?

>> No.9746952

Why are bad lolita coords called ita?

>> No.9746960

Ita means ouch in Japan and is the last half of the word Lolita.

>> No.9747148

>How much do you think your wardrobe has cost you?
Oh god, I'm afraid to consider this. I'm not quite sure because I've been into it for so long, but it's easily more than 30k USD.
>What do you do for a living? How much do you earn?
I'm an independent translator and can easily make about $100 per client.
>How does your fashion fit into real life? Like, do you wear this stuff to the grocery store, to work, to the doctor, etc? Or do you have "normal" clothes for that sort of stuff?
I wear it daily, everywhere, indoors too. I only wear "normal" clothes to exercise and sleep.
>How much time does your wardrobe take from your day/week? How much maintenance does it require between repairs, cleaning, steaming/ironing, etc.?
Repairs are rare as is ironing, I take good care of my clothes. I'd estimate that I dedicate about 10+ hours per week to hand washing.
>Do you consider this a hobby or a lifestyle?
It's definitely a lifestyle for me.
>Will there ever come a time that you disconnect from this lifestyle?
Maybe one day, I can't know what future me will decide to do. I've been into it for 10 years and still going strong, I'll probably drop it when and if it doesn't make me happy anymore. As I am right now though, I love it so much that I want to be buried in my favorite coord, and possibly pull a Pharaoh burial and take my entire wardrobe six feet under with me.

>> No.9747220

Thank you. I find this interesting. This seems a demanding lifestyle and/or hobby, particularly from a financial standpoint.

>> No.9747257

Are there any patterns for making lace? preferably with the option for hearts

>> No.9747266

What technique are you looking for? Tatting, crochet, knitting, bobbins? Also have you checked Pinterest?

>> No.9747294

crochet preferably.

>> No.9747332

Paris had BTSSB and has AP so its probably not super strange. However i would beware of wearing heels as a lot of places in europe have cobblestone/brick roads and sidewalks which can be a bitch even in normie shoes, assuming you're not use to it.

Cant speak for france but coming from Germany and basically living in the turkish area of my big city, the most ive gotten were stares and most were directed at my bodyline heels. Im sure they've also made comments but they werent in german or english so i didnt notice. Most meet ups here are in public places and tourist attractions.

Unlike what others said, if youre wearing a sweet coord i think you're less likely to be pick pocketed unless youre bag doesnt zip and your phone/wallet is in view because more eyes will probably be on you vs old people who keep their wallet in their back pocket.

>> No.9747334

social media or a wardrobe photo with your username in it. They delete it after you share it in a waiting room so that way its not public to everyone. They just want prove you are indeed a lolita and you're not an annoying person from the old server

>> No.9747343

>never make anything out of a circle skirt with no gathering at the waist


>> No.9747346

Go for 2.5 to 3x your waist measurement for the skirt alone.

>> No.9747368

Be Asian.

>> No.9747369

I know this is the stupid questions thread but if you have any interest in lolita you should at least read the most basic posts of [email protected] and fyeahlolita

>> No.9747383

Make-up eye tape, or something like that. I'm pretty sure there was a thread about it a while ago, it seems to be off the board now.
Here it is, facetape >>9730819

>> No.9747393

It is quite demanding, especially if one chooses to commit to it to this extent; you have to love it, basically.

>> No.9747406

>What do you do for a living? How much do you earn?
I'm a student and I work part-time at a factory
>How does your fashion fit into real life? Like, do you wear this stuff to the grocery store, to work, to the doctor, etc? Or do you have "normal" clothes for that sort of stuff?
I only wear it saturday and sunday, but I wear it everywhere I normally go to
>How much time does your wardrobe take from your day/week? How much maintenance does it require between repairs, cleaning, steaming/ironing, etc?
I've never had to repair something and I don't hand wash it, so I only have to put it in the washing machine and hang it up to dry
>Do you consider this a hobby or a lifestyle?
Neither, I consider it a clothing style

>> No.9747483

find a similar sewing pattern (online or in person) and check the back of the packet: it'll list how much fabric and lining you need for any given size

>> No.9747486

>still calling it kodona

>> No.9747647

Is there a good website out there for organizing and looking at your wardrobe through images? I don't know how to phrase this well. I know I could whip up a collage in Photoshop, but there has to be a website out there for this function.

I remember in a dream dress thread or two ago a girl had some website she took a screenshot of to demonstrate her dresses she'd obtained but she never said what it was. Doesn't have to be that site, I'm just looking for anything.

>> No.9747652

I always use Internet Shopping and check both app and online since the website can be used or the app can be used. It's not an auction site. Auction I think of y!a and mbok. Maybe I'm the wrong one here though.

>> No.9747654

Pinterest, you can't rearrange pictures though

>> No.9747694

Because everything in GosuRori was perfectly Lolita and not ita at all, right? Very few brand pieces use circles skirts in construction. Circle skirts drape differently and tend to look more rockabilly/retro.
I will concede that they can be PASSABLE with gathering if it's a solid. Prints look fucking retarded on circle cuts though because the nature of the cut means that the pattern will be upside down, sideways or angled funny on 90% of the skirt.

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File: 62 KB, 493x740, 08bec47c1ddadb5f1dfea9912c5d4ce7--lolita-goth-lolita-style.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know where this picture is from or who it is? I've looked but I can't find any sources

>> No.9747913

What makes you guys look so cute and tiny? My gf can't pull it off

>> No.9747922


>> No.9747925

>How much do you think your wardrobe has cost you?
I still have a small wardrobe and not a lot of pieces, but in the 400-500 euro range
>What do you do for a living? How much do you earn?
I'm a student and earn fuck all (living on benefits, student loan and odd jobs), I finance purchases from savings+gifted money (grandparents are still alive and are supportive of the fashion)
>How does your fashion fit into real life? Like, do you wear this stuff to the grocery store, to work, to the doctor, etc? Or do you have "normal" clothes for that sort of stuff?
worn it to uni previously but I'm too lazy to go all daily. I do have a sizeable normie wardrobe, but there's more weeby, j-fashy shit creeping in every year
>How much time does your wardrobe take from your day/week? How much maintenance does it require between repairs, cleaning, steaming/ironing, etc?
barely any. most dresses don't need frequent washing as I live in a cold country, and most things are machine washable as long as it's careful. I've only really had a few buttons break on a blouse which I've yet to bother dealing with - it was fine for a while since my dress just covered the missing one, but now another one broke (and I do mean broke, not came off), so I need to deal with that soon.
>Do you consider this a hobby or a lifestyle?
a bit of both I guess? I do definitely identify with this more than I do with a number of my hobbies, but at the same time I haven't fully drank the kool aid, so to speak. I was never hugely into cute clothes and dressing nicely until I found this, so I suppose it's also a form of self-expression.
>Will there ever come a time that you disconnect from this hobby/lifestyle?
I really have no idea, but I kind of hope not? I've learned a lot about myself, my style, my likes and dislikes with lolita, and I'd be kinda sad to lose that.

sorry for OT, but that just looks like my old edgy Sims

>> No.9747929

>that just looks like my old edgy Sims
hahaha, i get that. i feel like a dumbass because after posting i found its apparently a [male] cosplayer called est.

what do you mean cute and tiny? i think the key to looking most tiny is 1. being skinny and 2. wearing clothes that actually fit you (aka not being skin tight, and you're not stuffed into them)
Having big and cute hair, whether its natural or not can also make your body look smaller, and makeup that enlarges your eyes makes your head look smaller.

>> No.9747933

You didn't get it

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So I was looking at Souffle Song's website, but I'm not sure if it's just an indie brand or if it's taobao or something. Also, are they any good? I don't want to buy absolute garbage but I know you get what you pay for so I'm not expecting a brand-tier miracle. Thanks for the help!

>> No.9748082

SouffleSong is a Chinese indie brand that's also on Taobao. I have a few pieces by them and they're okay for the price, kind of on par with Bodyline. Most main pieces of theirs that I've seen IRL looked pretty bad and obviously Taobao.

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File: 38 KB, 450x529, chibiusawig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know where to get a good wig like pic related? All Chibiusa wigs I've seen have been utter shit tier. Saw this posted in photoshop thread and can't find anything that looks like it.

>> No.9748332

>How much do you think your wardrobe has cost you?
About $3k for the dresses, I don't have that many
>What do you do for a living? How much do you earn?
I sew in a costume rental house
>How does your fashion fit into real life? Like, do you wear this stuff to the grocery store, to work, to the doctor, etc? Or do you have "normal" clothes for that sort of stuff?
I wear it when I go out for dinner, but don't wear it to work because I get covered in threads and don't really interact with anyone anyway. I wear it on dates and to my weekly class though.
>How much time does your wardrobe take from your day/week? How much maintenance does it require between repairs, cleaning, steaming/ironing, etc?
I usually just throw my stuff in the washing machine lol. The dresses that don't go in the washing machine usually don't get much casual wear, so I hand wash those after I wear them.
>Do you consider this a hobby or a lifestyle?
it's just clothes. I hard side eye people who act like it's anything more than that.
>Will there ever come a time that you disconnect from this hobby/lifestyle?

It's really not desu.

>> No.9748333

You don't really have any room to talk about this

>> No.9748335

How so? I've been in the fashion for 4 years, I just don't take it that seriously because it's clothes

>> No.9748340

>been in the fashion for four years
>only spent $3k
>throws shit in the washing machine which in the long run will tear them up vs taking time to hand wash

You aren't all that invested in it and don't take it seriously, therefore you don't have room to talk. I mean who got the trips here?

>> No.9748341

lmfao stop taking clothes so seriously ya nut

>> No.9748347
File: 232 KB, 499x625, IMG_1380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stop being passionate about your hobby just because it's fashion

Why are you even on /cgl/? I'm the same way about my high end pieces too, I take care of my shit and put a lot of time and effort into it to the point I consider it a lifestyle. Having some filthy casual side eye me because she thinks I'm not allowed to be enthusiastic about it is beyond retarded.

>> No.9748376

Never said you can't be enthusiastic, but don't act as though your passion validates you any more than someone who treats clothes like clothes.

>> No.9748379

Voldie is that you?

>> No.9748382

It actually does though. I put more time and effort into this hobby, I have more experience, therefore my word is above yours.

>> No.9748383

If it is she should probably be working out vs shitposting, she's still fat.

>> No.9748385

Yeah, I said rectangle haha. I've seen brands that have made circle skirts before but I'm not going to.

Thank you!

>> No.9748387

>How much do you think your wardrobe has cost you?
I'm fairly new, so I'd say... Probably around 2k usd.
>What do you do for a living? How much do you earn?
I'm a student and I work at Walmart in the jewelry department. I live at home with my parents for now, so no bills (school is completely covered and my car is also paid off) means I have all my money for myself.
>How does your fashion fit into real life? Like, do you wear this stuff to the grocery store, to work, to the doctor, etc? Or do you have "normal" clothes for that sort of stuff?
It's a mix - I have casual lolita coords I wear to go grocery shopping or out in town. I have fancier coords for hanging with friends, going to some place nice, or to class. But I am starting to get into larme kei for some nice normie clothing to wear on lazy days.
>How much time does your wardrobe take from your day/week? How much maintenance does it require between repairs, cleaning, steaming/ironing, etc?
None. I keep my clothing clean and I haven't worn it enough lately to warrant any washing, but if I did need to do so, I'd take it to a cleaners instead.
>Do you consider this a hobby or a lifestyle?
Eh, it's a bit of both. I don't do it all the time, so I wouldn't consider it a lifestyle, but I still invest enough time, money, and love into it for it to be bigger than just a simple hobby.
>Will there ever come a time that you disconnect from this hobby/lifestyle?
Nah. I'll buy stuff even as an old lady, just for the purposes of hoarding and admiring.

>> No.9748422

>only spent $3k
The question is how much your wardrobe has cost you. A lot of people sell a dress before they buy a new one, so they don't really use much extra money. I also machine wash all of my lolita clothes, guess what? My washing machine isn't from the 20s and has options for delicates and wool.

>> No.9748426

Um if you wear your clothing at all you should wash it

>> No.9748436

>how much has your wardrobe cost you

Do you want the numbers for lolita, or including my other Jfash and high end items?

Lolita alone is probably around $75k.

>> No.9748493

>How much do you think your wardrobe has cost you?
estimate of 16-17k, but since most of my wardrobe is from my family i've personally spent around 3k
>What do you do for a living? How much do you earn?
i'm basically a waitress and make $10-11/hr
>How does your fashion fit into real life?
i wear it every day that i'm not at work. i wear it to uni, to run errands, whatever. i wouldn't wear it to go to the doctor or anything like that.
>How much time does your wardrobe take from your day/week> How much maintenance does it require between repairs, cleaning, steaming/ironing, etc?
a few hours a week maybe, for laundry and steaming. the extent of repairs i've had to do is buttons falling off, which is fixed quickly.
>Do you consider this a hobby or a lifestyle?
both for me personally
>Will there ever come a time that you disconnect from this hobby/lifestyle?
i can't see into the future, but if it helps, i'm not the kind of person who would let my age stop me from what i want to do

>> No.9748570

Thank you. I find all of this interesting. There's a lot I've wondered about living with J-Fashion and I appreciate this slice of an idea of how it goes.

Stop being a dickhead. You lead me to a new question:
>Why is /cgl/ so fucking mean?
JFC calm down.

>> No.9748575

Lurk more and you'll find out newfag. theres like a whole thread dedicated to this

>> No.9748752

Will the price of the items received at Tenso affect the overall price in shipment? I know it's a stupid question but I'm really curious.

>> No.9748758

I want to order room goods, what SS would be the best for that?

>> No.9748766

Do you mean international shipment? You can declare a different value than what it's actually worth, which in turn affects the cost of insurance (if you choose to insure it).

>> No.9748778

what room goods? big, small, less than 3000 yen? there is a thread for shopping services btw

>> No.9748785

How much do you think your wardrobe has cost you?
>Not sure, but I recently worked out that I've paid around £4000 for my main pieces, and they would have been around twice that if I bought it all new.

What do you do for a living? How much do you earn?
>Skipping this one.

How does your fashion fit into real life? >It's my everyday clothes. Anytime I go out, I'm in lolita.

How much time does your wardrobe take from your day/week? How much maintenance does it require between repairs, cleaning, steaming/ironing, etc?
>No more than my old normie wardrobe used to, except I occasionally have to iron or dry clean things.

Do you consider this a hobby or a lifestyle?
>It's just my clothes, and they make me feel pretty. I guess I'm closer to lifestyle than hobby.

Will there ever come a time that you disconnect from this hobby/lifestyle?
>When I hit menopause and get too fat to wear it

>> No.9748786
File: 97 KB, 1200x1200, tiny-packages-in-hand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm in the US and haven't shipped anything larger than a bubble mailer overseas in a few years, but it looks like it's still brutally expensive to get any sort of tracking. Do you guys just ship things First Class and hope for the best or are overseas buyers willing to shell out $45+ for Priority or Express?

>> No.9748790

Wishlistr is ok

>> No.9748802

It depends on the item and how much I want to sell it. If it's small and under $100, I'll let them just pay for first class since I haven't had bad luck with it yet. I don't mind being out the money were something to happen. If it's >$100, then sorry, gotta pay up. It's going to be expensive, especially to Brazil or Italy.

>> No.9748808

Add spain to that list

>> No.9748815

Thanks for the recommendations - honestly I was so disatisfied with those that I tried googling a bunch of different phrases and came across a normie website called Closet Space that's honestly working amazing. I highly recommend it if anyone else is wanting a website to organize your wardrobe visually and also it lets you put together outfits and save them. Also catagorizes them by what type of item they are. A bit annoying in how many details it requires, you can't just pop down images, but I'm really happy with it.

>> No.9748888

Aww that's a bummer. Thanks a bunch for letting me know!

>> No.9748904

Nayrt, I think she means she hasn’t worn her lolita clothes so they don’t need washing? And if she does wear it she takes it to a cleaner, but doesn’t wash it herself

>> No.9749208

You're a moron if you can't see that it's a subculture.

>> No.9749212 [DELETED] 

I wouldn't say lolita is not a subculture at all, but to some people it isn't. I used to experience it as a subculture but it has changed so much I can't identify with any other lolita I know anymore and don't participate in anything besides buying clothes.

>> No.9749219

Nayrt but saying
>it's just clothes. I hard side eye people who act like it's anything more than that
makes it seem like you think that there's no subculture aspect to it at all and anyone who thinks there is is in the wrong. It's okay if you personally don't identify with other lolitas, but there's no need to "hard side eye" people who do. Live and let live.

>> No.9749221

I wouldn't say lolita is not a subculture at all, but to some people it isn't. I used to experience it as a subculture but it has changed so much I can't identify with any other lolita I know anymore and don't participate in anything lolita-related besides buying and wearing clothes.

>> No.9749223

I changed my comment a bit because I didn't want to sound like I just collect it and don't wear it. Anyway I'm not the original anon you were talking to, it was just my 2 cents. I used to know a couple of lolitas who thought the subculture aspect was really weird and only weirdoes go to meets and stuff.

>> No.9749259

I ordered the astronomical clock underbust jsk once from them and I found it pretty poor even for the price I paid- I used a shopping service to buy from the taobao store so I paid close to the most basic price.
The lining of the dress could be seen as it was uneven and longer than the actual skirt in places. The buttons felt loose and the lace wasn't the best quality. The fabric was kinda smooth and strange feeling, I hadn't felt anything like it. I sold it on after I got it.
I've seen people with some more decent pieces I suppose so it might be a quality control issue they have.

>> No.9750394

Hey, washing my wig doesn't clean off the hairspray residue, even after damping the problematic area and shampooing it again. Any help?

>> No.9750415

I bought something from LM and when I opened it it smelled a little off to begin with but I didn't think much about it, now it's been airing a day or so if I go near it I can smell the BO coming from the armpits.
Do I approach the seller, or just straight up leave that in her feedback? The rest of the sale was fine, I'm nervous to leave neutral feedback but I don't wanna be that spineless buyer who never warns people

>> No.9750419

You should probably message the seller first and see what they say/do. If I was the seller I would offer a partial refund because that's kinda gross, but that's just me.

>> No.9750515

was traumerei of bright stars rereleased? i feel like i saw that navy and wine were to be in store preorders of the rerelease in December about 6 months ago, but i didnt see anything after that.

>> No.9750524
File: 281 KB, 600x933, tumblr_nueptyQ3oY1ufislwo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is stuff like pic related just considered ouji? I like that it's more clearly feminine and I hate all the short/cropped/puffy pants I get when I search ouji. I don't want to crossplay but I do like this more princely style.

>> No.9750529

I feel like that would fall under the heading of EGA (elegant gothic aristocrat). Check out Moitie, Atelier Boz, and older AatP for inspo.

>> No.9750708
File: 226 KB, 699x1058, 65E6A921-DEC6-460A-8678-7B5D27C9CFC3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone recognize this dress?

>> No.9750719

In addition to anons advice about how to handle: soak them pits in white vinegar. Before I discovered clinical deodorant I had a problem with BO smell sticking to thick fabric due to my caked on layered on deodorant coming off on the clothes. Soaking in vinegar for several hours saved my clothes.

Can't believe I made it through my teens without clinical strength deodorant being available in every store. God bless this modern age we live in.

>> No.9750725

It's Baby's Hem Scallop JSK. I don't recall ever seeing this colorway with the heart lace at the top, this one might be a very old release, it's been released many times over the years.

>> No.9750942

Do you think asking Victorian Maiden for a rerelease will have any affect? Or do you think it's already set as to what they're going to release this year?

>> No.9751006

Thank you anon! Damn, putting clothes in vinegar sounds weird. I haven't tried washing it yet, but if the smell clings I'll try that. I've found that sweat smell clings so badly to polyester, and I don't want to put my delicate clothes in a spin that's gonna rip them up but the delicate wash leaves them still faintly smelling reee

>> No.9751016

Is there a good known replacement for the stars in Milky Cross frontbow?

>> No.9751028

Does Lolibrary hardly work for anyone else? Trying to choose something under some categories results in a "Whoops, looks like something went wrong" screen. Searching when having a brand selected results in infinite loading.
I don't know if it's just me or what. I can hardly use it to find dresses.

>> No.9751042

I feel bad for her dresses. They look so stressed in all her photos kek
She wouldn't be able to fit into more than half her dream dress list.

>> No.9751392

We have to use the search function for now. The more search terms you use, the more narrowed down the search is, i.e.: "Angelic Pretty pink jsk 2009" for example. It's less comfortable but it works.

>> No.9751452
File: 238 KB, 600x600, Wholesale-Free-shipping-90sets-lot-29mm-zinc-alloy-metal-rivets-star-garments-rivets-with-alum-nail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You can buy star rivets off eBay (or ali or taobao or etsy or whatever), if that helps. Unfortunately I don't have a rec for the perfect matching size.

>> No.9751470

EGA is only moitie

>> No.9751726
File: 47 KB, 488x552, 1052851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I pretreat all the bows on my dresses with Fray Check, or should it only be used once fraying becomes apparent? None of my dresses have and frayed bows but if I should be proactive I want to know.

>> No.9751750

Anon, they're shutting down

>> No.9751802

I'm french and literally wore lolita while going to ghettos to buy drugs and nothing happened to me. You'll be fine.

If you go to crowded places (touristic attractions, stations) always grip your bag tightly, it's full of pickpocket cunts.
>t. still mad about getting my wallet stolen which prevented me to traval this summer

>> No.9751810


Dude I wandered Paris as a tourist and nothing bad ever happened to me. Just make sure your purse has a zipper instead of those cheap clasps so it's not as easy to get pick pocketed. I know at least five of my colleagues that year had their expensive mobile phones pickpocketed really easily.

>> No.9751934

Is it a good idea to order from 2taobao? They have a dream dress of mine, but it's kind of confusing and I don't know of any shopping services that want to deal with 2taobao. Anyone have experiences?

>> No.9752075

Are there any other dresses that brands have said they would never rerelease other than AP with Puppet Circus? Or maybe they just said screen printing on velvet in general if I'm recalling right. I know there's lots of very high demand dresses out there but I'm unsure if there's ever been word from the brands on "oh we're considering it" or dismissing the possibility, etc. Like how JetJ a year aor two go said they were considering rereleasing Dragon-chan when asked then eventually did so. And the Moitie FB stated that they are aware of Iron Gate's high resell value and are looking into the possibility. Were there any others?

>> No.9752084

I know. That's why I want to know if they're really set on what they're rereleasing this year before attempting to request for a specific rerelease.

I've used TaobaoTrends to shop on 2.taobao and it was alright. You have to make sure the seller has alright ratings or proof pics at least though. I bought two dresses that didn't have proof pics and it came with stains.

>> No.9752093

I'm not sure about particulars since I only have worn extensions personally. However, there are hairsprays that can only be removed by a shampoo with sodium laureth sulfate. There are things that can't be removed by the detergent/surfactant agent in many specialty wig and extension shampoos or "sulfate-free" shampoos. People use to use a lot more hairspray back in the day.

You can also consider switching to a different hairspray if that solves the problem. I don't know that it will help, that's just what I know concerning hair spray and shampoo.

>> No.9752124

No harm in doing it as a precaution

>> No.9752135

Is anyone else having trouble selling stuff right now?
I've got some cheap burando on LM and lots of views but no bites even after a price drop. I dunno if it's too soon after christmas or just nobody liking my stuff.

>> No.9752136

Spreepicky will do it if you message the link to them. You can also request further proof photos. However, most are scams/flaky. A lot of them don't like giving more proof photos either, which is definitely suspicious.

Just send them the link, ask for more pictures, and if they send them, order it.

>> No.9752137

I'm a guy

Im thinking about getting into boystyle/gothic but im afraid of looking bad.

Im very boyish so the clothes all should fit me fine, but the Japanese sights scare me.


>> No.9752148

>what is google translate

>> No.9752151
File: 228 KB, 810x540, himeji_castle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the Japanese sights scare me

>> No.9752153

Drop a link if you're comfortable? I haven't been checking LM lately

>> No.9752182

link me senpai

>> No.9752187

What about the Japanese sites scares you? The language? The ordering process?
For the former just use google translate, it's not 100% accurate but it'll give you a good idea; for everything else I recommend checking out the resources in the boystyle thread: >>9715254 There are even links to brands you can buy from, for the ones that don't ship overseas you'll have to use a shopping service but it's really a lot easier than you think.

>> No.9752418

I kind of live between two different countries so I'm considering getting a new paypal account with a new email and card. The name would be the same as on my old account of course though, and one of the addresses might overlap as well as I've used it to ship a few things on my existing account. Do you think that could be an issue or are Paypal likely to get funny with me about it? Has anyone tried doing that?

>> No.9752419

You're allowed to have multiple addresses on your pp account
Yes they would get funny about it

>> No.9752422

I know I can, it would just make a few things easier (proof of address etc...). What if I used a different address for the second account (which I haven't used yet) - could the name be an issue?

>> No.9752424

No. I have to find the exact dress on google to click it open or go through one search term such as brand or color. The search ar doesnt work for me and just has a loading screen for hours.
Somehow other anons seem to get it to work though...

>> No.9752425

actually after my price drop i had some after christmas sales. I also listed more stuff but its not getting sold either. For the brand its the cheapest print that isnt damaged so i tihnk its just oversaturation plus my shitty luck to be selling non plus size friendly items.

>> No.9752426

anon, thats what you have to do. You arent allowed to have two different countries as shipping addresses. I cant buy anythign atm with paypal because US paypal wont let me add an internatioal address and my new country wont let me open a bank account because im not a permanent resident/make enough unless i want to pay $15 a month for the account.

>> No.9752431

I've already used two different countries as shipping addresses though.

>> No.9752566
File: 684 KB, 771x1042, 1496234671167.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is there no vintage fashion general here? I would have thought it would be a popular enough style to have a thread on /cgl/.

>> No.9752586
File: 73 KB, 1564x476, no.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In the same account?

Ive had two paypal accounts in the same country because i wanted to use different bank accounts, so paypal doesnt mind that.

>> No.9752609
File: 8 KB, 236x324, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gulls with fringe bangs, when you trim them do you cut them right at eyebrow level or a little bit above them?

>> No.9752612

Because it has nothing to do with j-fash. Something like that would belong on /fa/ and no one wants to go to /fa/.

>> No.9752615

Unless you mean vintage jfashion, make the thread on /fa/

>> No.9752618

Eyebrow level. I usually curl my fringe which brings it above my brows anyways.

>> No.9752662
File: 34 KB, 358x477, 0406f356890599e401b981de3--ulzzang-hair-korean-ulzzang.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I cut mine eye level and curl them. They get kind of annoying at times if they flatten and hit my eyes, but I think longer bangs look better with headbows on me.

>> No.9752681

Yeah, in the same account. I've only used it as a shipping address and not the main address, so I guess that makes it fine?

>> No.9752701

I cut mine above the eyebrow. No real reason, I just think it looks cute.

>> No.9752740

Above the eyebrows because I wear glasses and when my fringe is too long it's annoying. I used to cut it at the eyebrow level but my hair grows too fast for it to be maintainable. I think both styles look really cute.

Pic related is Yuka Mannami right? She's my ultimate hair inspo.

>> No.9752747
File: 56 KB, 500x615, 5ad920108d37054ca0bd5e50f7af0834--ulzzang-makeup-kpop-makeup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On the topic of bangs... thoughts on getting Korean see through bangs with lolita? I've been considering getting bangs so I don't have to wear wigs all the time, but I like the way see through one look a lot more.

>> No.9752774

If you do see through bangs they are way less of a commitment than full ones. I'd say go for it, and if you don't like it, they're easier to hide too.

>> No.9752787

they're called air bangs and they're not korean, they just happen to be a popular there

>> No.9752793

Thanks anon, I think I'll do it!

It's not that deep, there are many ways to call something. I googled "air bangs" and every single result referred to them as either "see-through bangs" or "korean see-through bangs".

>> No.9752806

Thanks anon, picked it up today and treated the detachable bow on my IW OP. Gonna treat my MM hair clip when it arrives this week as well.

>> No.9752807
File: 8 KB, 200x218, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If cgl is a SFW board, why are there so many porn ads??? I'm sick of seeing "shameless drunk girls in awkward positions" every time I open the Catalog.

>> No.9752809

I never get any. The ones I always see are about transgender celebrities or “see what this celebrity looks like now”.

>> No.9752810

4chan itself is nsfw, so they don’t filter the ads.

>> No.9752838
File: 669 KB, 700x875, 1381130319446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I get an underskirt to deal with being tall and the clothes being quite short sometimes, should I use longer petticoat with it, too? Or is normal petticoat enough?

Also, can an underskirt on shoulder straps work with skirts?

>> No.9752844

Lel you know the ads you get are based on your search history right? I get celebrity stuff and fashion website ads. What are you looking up anon?

>> No.9752848

Mte, I get bitcoin related ads

>> No.9752868

Would lovely bunny look bad taken in? A friend of mine said it wouldn't look right. I love it and want to buy it, but the measurements are way too big.

>> No.9752875

your friend is probably an idiot. as long as you get it tailored properly you'll be fine

>> No.9752878

Where do you buy this? I need it for a bow on one of my dresses. I'm in Canada tho.

>> No.9752890

Fabricland, Marshall's fabrics, quilting stores, Walmart.

>> No.9753017

I'm new to lolita, and thus far I only really ever bought from lacemarket or AP usa. I ordered a jsk from fril using an SS that was priced around $80 (the fril seller included free shipping). I chose air mail and apparently the shipping and SS fees total to another $55? Is this normal? I know people always suggest Japanese secondhand, but with these fees it makes it just as expensive as buying secondhand from the western market.

>> No.9753034

>Not using adblock

>> No.9753040

what SS did you use? Many use a 10% item fee, so lets say around $8, plus tax may add on a few extra dollars. it also depends on what method of shipping you use. DHL and EMS are going to be the most expensive, probably around $30-$40 even for just a JSK.

when I buy second hand from japan, I only use SAL small packet. I also add in some small accessories and cheap cutsews and socks that I know would cost at least double in the western market to make the shipping worthwhile.

>> No.9753072

That sounds kinda high, did they have a breakdown of the fees? Which ss did you use?

>> No.9753076

I get those as well
I guess, but then why call boards SFW?
If it's that, then probably just "lolita" since I've been looking for cheap socks and shoes online to pad my wardrobe
Bringing my whole laptop to my cash register is a little unreasonable, no matter how dead my store might be.

>tfw it took me hours to reply because some asshole used our store wifi to break rule 1.

>> No.9753182

>Bringing my whole laptop to my cash register is a little unreasonable, no matter how dead my store might be.
This makes no sense. Why can't you use adblock again?

>> No.9753183

Depends on how long your underskirt and petticoat are. Sometimes a standard petti is enough, sometimes you need a longer one.
>an underskirt on shoulder straps
Can you post a pic of what you mean? I don't think I've ever seen that.

>> No.9753193
File: 90 KB, 297x390, 1df9cac4-1e42-5152-baee-6b408452d1eb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, sorry. I got a little confused. I meant an underdress.

>> No.9753236

Sorry, is adblock available for mobile devices? The way it is on a PC as an extension for your browser.

I've looked before but all I found were entire browsers with added adblock. I want to keep my current browser and add adblock to that.

>> No.9753243

Oh, I suppose you could layer them with a skirt as long as you make sure that the waists of the dress and skirt line up properly, and assuming the end result looks good of course. Personally though I prefer using underdresses with overdresses or OPs that button up, it looks good and it's comfortable.

>> No.9753255

How would I know what browser you have? You're probably using the default which is gathering data on you every time you have it open. If you want useful add-ons and privacy, that's not something you should be doing.

>> No.9753274

I see a lot of people talking about secret shop on taobao, but when I click any links, it just says its dead? Am I missing something?

>> No.9753321

Where should I go for inspo for non Lolita jfashion that has nice pics and not just pages of sloppily done attempts by fat tumblrette #567 ?

Sometimes we have generals here that post cute stuff or model shoots or whatever, I'm looking for stuff like that but literally any jfash other than lolita

So far I've been using pinterest but it's had limited results

>> No.9753325

Don't forget about domestic shipping. SAL doesn't ship to a few countries.

>> No.9753326

You should buy magazines and follow the twitter accounts of the brands you like

>> No.9753766

I'm new to using TaoBao. I want to make an order with SpreeNow, but I'm not sure how much I should order. I'm a little confused as to how their payment system works. Do you submit your order, then pay it at a later time? Can you hold the items in their warehouse until you are ready to pay? Their website doesn't specify much about this. If I can hold stuff in their warehouse, I'll order it now instead of waiting for my next paycheck.

Also, I want to order a parasol. Will that fuck up my shipping royally?

>> No.9753778

Is it cheaper to buy directly from taobao and have items shipped to their warehouse than using a shopping service?

>> No.9753785

You might want to dig through the archive for /cgl/ or download some magazine scans

>> No.9753871

I don't know about SpreeNow, but you need to pay for items and shipping to warehouse beforehand.
How long items can lie at the SS depends from one to another. Some will start charging if you wait too long. For the package to you, you will only pay once thy pack and weigh it, before actually sending it.

Mostly, depending on SS and how they charge the service fees.

>> No.9753885

Anyone know where to get good quality warm wool tights? I need black ones but I also want white ones to put under Lolita tights for warmth.

>> No.9753939
File: 30 KB, 354x354, star beads.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where can I buy these exact beads?
I know there are listings for them on Ebay/Etsy from one seller from Taiwan, but I'd like to avoid spending more on shipping than the beads themselves.

>> No.9753955

I think michaels

>> No.9753976
File: 877 KB, 581x743, samething.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not them but are you being serious?

>> No.9754011

May Mana bless you

>> No.9754020

I've used SpreeNow a couple of times now and what I've done is, place an order, takes a day or two to process it, you pay for the items (not including the shipping), takes a couple of days for them to receive it, then you choose your shipping option and pay for shipping then, then they ship it out. Once they the receive your items, they'll hold it until you pay for shipping. I'll usually do a big order to make it worth a shipping, since they are a bit pricey. But it's completely worth it. It was super easier and they have pretty good English. So if you have any questions while ordering, just use the chat system and they usually response in a couple of hours. Just remember the time zones!

>> No.9754030
File: 86 KB, 640x633, B1818373-3602-46C0-A086-71EF94B48E97.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone tell me what the style of this dress is called?

>> No.9754063

Thank you both! I’ll wait until next paycheck to do a nice big order, kek.

>> No.9754065

Not even close.

>that file name

>> No.9754079

I’d say simply an a-line. Or you could go with terms like OP or maybe even “sailor.”

>> No.9754097


>> No.9755183
File: 103 KB, 333x500, 1467316803_28547692e5 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm trying to make the ripped armbands in pic related. I sewed some black socks into the armbands that I'm going to use, but I want to know how I can go about ripping the material on the end that my arm goes into. Is there any good way to do it?

>> No.9755335

What were this week Secrets 6 and 8 about? I don't understand the context.
Someone please enlighten me.

>> No.9755341

John Leigh being a creepy fuck again, Shop in Wonderland posted lingerie on their social media because it's ~*Japanese*~, iirc they also tagged it #lolitafashion

>> No.9755343

Thanks anon.
I thought it was AM related and checked their social medias without success. Didn't think of SiW at all.

>> No.9755667

Where can I calculate shipping with DHL and EMS without having to make an account or something?

>> No.9755698

Is there a Japanese search term for sack dresses or am I stuck scrolling through pages of OP's looking for them?

>> No.9755708
File: 108 KB, 854x770, anonymous delivers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Origin country's local post website.
For Japan it would be http://www.post.japanpost.jp/cgi-charge/index.php?lang=_en
For China http://www.ems.com.cn/serviceguide/zifeichaxun/e_zi_fei_cha_xun.html
Similarly for your local post, if you want to send something yourself.
I have found that it's often the cheapest option for international shipping.

Now, that gets complicated. First of all, most of the time they will use volumetric weight (i.e. size of the package converted to an abstract weight).
If you order light things like clothes or wigs, volumetric will often be much higher.
For my package, according to my Chinese SS:
>Real weight is 3.55kg, volumetric weight is 4.1kg
5 wigs, 8 wig caps, 100 wig clips = 2 kg;
some leather items with metal parts, and a bunch of panties = almost a kg;
the rest is packaging of individual items and the whole box.

As for the price, I'm clueless. I paid ~$60 which would match what the calculator on SS's website said, but they might have special rates with DHL.
Bhiner got a calculator here: https://www.bhiner.com/costCalculator
BaseTao: http://www.basetao.com/page.php?action=estimates
Both look pretty accurate for DHL.
YOYbuy: http://www.yoybuy.com/en/service/tools/costestimation.html
Here the price is 25% higher, but they also show that it's discounted.
And from TaobaoRing:
>For airmail fee of big parcels weigh more than 2KG or DHL fee or Aramex fee, please consult us for shipping fee, because fuel charge may change every month, so we do not set them fixed in our calculator.
There's a DHL's calculator, but the prices reported are stupidly high: https://ratequote.dhl-usa.com/
That makes me believe that they offer special rates for companies that ship often.

>> No.9755810

Baby doll dresses?

>> No.9755820
File: 1.08 MB, 1367x1920, tama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have any tutorials or hints on how to apply that type of eye make up?

>> No.9755832
File: 16 KB, 250x333, 2afe1170-cf56-5a36-b223-f9f139339450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not used to calling them that but yeah.

>> No.9756169

Has anyone used Tenso for brands other than Angelic Pretty? How did that work out? I want some small items from Enchantilic Enchantilly, and it would make the most sense if I could get them shipped to me along with my AP sale order.

>> No.9756193

It works the same. Just be aware that tenso charges a consolidation fee.

>> No.9756227

It's kind of a subjective matter, I don't think it's worthy of dispute. If the shade doesn't work for you, just re-sell it.

>> No.9756243
File: 1.27 MB, 960x1280, 1509136313527.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where can I find videos of women in nice authentic-looking Victorian/Tudor/medieval British or general European garb posing nude and performing various fetishistic acts relevant to my fetish? Lots of women cosplay Victorian and it's overall pretty popular, do they all only do sexy stuff cosplaying Gothic, or are they all just pure christian waifus or something? Explain.

>> No.9756259

>Where can I find videos of women in nice authentic-looking Victorian/Tudor/medieval British or general European garb
>posing nude

Other than this being either bait or you clearly don't know this board, my sides.

>> No.9756261

Oh don't be catty, you know precisely what I mean, don't be so literal, just point me to the finest scandalousskirtlifting.papyrus site you know pf.

>> No.9756264


Look up Gibson Girls then. Pinup ladies of their day, scandalous corsetry and impossible waists with some of the earliest photoshop included.

>> No.9756265

Thanks! You're a good person.

>> No.9756267

lmao if you want to buy me some cool costumes I'll fulfill your fantasies

>> No.9756297


>> No.9756398

Where do people find group cosplays to join in on for cons? Some consist of people that all already know each other of course, but I know there are groups out there that initially met online.

>> No.9756491

Look up con groups on FB, sometimes people make groups for particular fandom in a city/region as well.

>> No.9756497

What Japanese shops do people buy tights from? I've been looking for plain coloured patterned tights I know sock dream do some but I want to see what stuff other shops have on offer.

>> No.9756498

What are the big lolita facebook groups that aren't sales groups? I know of COF and RC but I'm not sure of the others.

>> No.9756501

Lolita updates newfag

>> No.9756504

I know of that one too, no shit it's the most popular one.
I mostly mean private ones.

>> No.9756544

What's the best type of blouse for Wa style jsks? Specifically metas hakama cuts.

>> No.9756627
File: 19 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where to get antique ribbon shoes replicas? I know they have them somewhere on taobao. I'm ooking for a size 250-255

>> No.9756641
File: 123 KB, 501x584, 314468cf-11e1-52e2-a476-3e8c85873f90.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A normal blouse with a matching colour like in pic related.
If you go with a very detailed blouse, it'll easily become too much, like the blouse and JSK are fighting for attention.
And if you do everything wa style (geta, kimono sleeves, traditional japanese hairstyle etc.) it can look like you are cosplaying some sort of weeby RPG character.

>> No.9756644
File: 103 KB, 720x500, c47ef54f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9756645
File: 86 KB, 720x1018, C2hUFKTUkAEHJWl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry for small pic spam, I just really love wa

>> No.9756651
File: 22 KB, 200x266, 60678d47-s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9756652
File: 26 KB, 220x293, t02200293_0240032012337030059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9756781

I don't want to put my lolita in the dryer, but I don't have anywhere safe outside or a place with bright sunlight to hang my clothes to dry. What else can I do?

>> No.9756788

This might sound stupid, but would a hair dryer work?? Or you could be them in the boiler room, if you have one. In the winter, my mum would put our wet clothes on the airing horse in the kitchen/dining room, as we never had a dryer, so you don't need bright sunlight. If your house isn't big enough for that, do as the japs do and hang them in your bathroom

>> No.9756796

>a place with bright sunlight to hang my clothes to dry
Do not hang your clothes in sunlight unless they're white, they'll fade. I hang my frills on their hangers in a dim (but aired) room, usually with a plastic tub or mat right below them so they don't wet the floor, and just leave them hanging overnight until they dry. It takes longer during the winter obviously but it does the work.

>> No.9756833

Just get a collapsable clothing rack and hand them up inside. Or lay flat to dry on carpet if the item needs to keep a certain shape/is quick to wrinkle. I never dry my clothing, because it's good for longevity. I live in a cold climate though so even on humid days it doesn't take too long to dry. In winter, even heavy dresses take less than a day to dry because it's so dry inside.

>> No.9756840
File: 19 KB, 450x312, 750blackcapezio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is embellishing shoes a thing people do? I own a few nice but plain shoes in mostly neutral colors and I don't want to have to keep buying new shoes to match every single coord.

>> No.9756848

Yeah, you could make shoe clips with bows and other decorations to go on the heels or the front to accessorise them!

>> No.9757158

I got a dreamholic wig and the top has a lot of white hairs at the base and the midshaft/ends are a warm brown. Is there a way to effectively dye it so it doesn't look like shit?

>> No.9757159

I have some small pieces of embroidery and after seeing My Inspiration on Instagram, I'd like to put them into a pendant bezel so I can wear them. However, I can't seem to find any good tutorials for how to do it. Does anyone have any tips for how I can do this, or maybe how My Inspiration does it?

>> No.9758265

Will either of these questions ever be answered?
>inb4 "Yes" with no answer for either

>> No.9758267

Shut the fuck up and wait like everyone else.

>> No.9758269

Just for you, no.

>> No.9758294
File: 21 KB, 480x325, 8765864.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it ita to wear a beret and head bow at the same time?

>> No.9758485

I’m 5’5 1/2”. Would a dress at a length of 80 cm be too short for me? Would I look dumb?

>> No.9758512

I don't think I've seen anyone wear berets with headbows on headbands, if that's what you mean; wearing them with bows on clips is definitely done though.

It might be a bit too short, depending on your proportions. I'm 5'4" and 90cm dresses hit me right at the knee, so 80cm would be uncomfortably short (I prefer my dresses to be longer though so it could be personal preference too).
I can't tell you if you're going to look dumb, you might not, just keep it mind that will likely be short on you.

>> No.9758543

Thank you so much for your detailed reply, anon. It is very helpful for reference. I’ll keep this in mind when purchasing online for sure.

>> No.9758880
File: 34 KB, 315x473, 591f058c116e138125a7475497e7745d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've done it before although it can be hard to angle, and lots of people I know have too.

Pretty sure you can see Milkyfawn doing it in this pic.

Definitely, unless it's a very low-poof thing or something gothic intended to be short.

>> No.9758937

Thank you! I could only find bows clipped on a beret when i searched.

>> No.9759681

Any suggestions for nice quality blouses that are wider in the shoulders? My baby blouses are a little too tight in the shoulders and fit everywhere else, i have a blouse from bodyline that fits my shoulders just fine, but I really don't like the quality of bodyline's pieces and I also have one from fanplusfriend i really like that fits perfectly. Im looking at brands from taobao (neverland comes to mind) but I'm not too sure about their quality and honestly, since buying brand, I really don't want to skip out on quality if I can help it. If you know of any brand blouses that are wider in the shoulders, that would be great too! I have a preference for blouses that have a Peter pan collar, cutsews work as Well! My shoulder width is 38cm, thanks gulls!

>> No.9760733

Where do people buy those cute clothes railings from? I'm currently looking to get one since my Lolita collection is too big for my wardrobe

>> No.9761307

What's the cheapest way to ship internationally from the US? All I can find is USPS. Has anyone tried any other services? It kind of sucks because it seems way more expensive to ship from the US than it does from Japan or other countries.

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