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Previous thread. >>9744654

Stay on topic, and don't reply to bait.

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>having a great tea
>suddenly, shooting pain in my right buttock
>start wailing
>Misako tells me to stfu
>wake up; it was a dream
>the cat is biting my ass

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As much fun as cosplay brings me, I’ve found that it also brings me a huge amount of stress. And that’s not even just during crunch time. I’m constantly worrying if I’ll be able to book a hotel room before they’re all gone, if my costumes will be finished in time, if my friends will be able to go, etc. It makes me want to quit the hobby, but being at a good convention in a good costume, surrounded by other people in costumes, is one of the few things that makes me genuinely happy.

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> that feel when all my con friends live in different states and can go to cons together far away.
>none of my local friends are big into anime or cons at all.

Life is pain sometimes.

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>ops pic again

jesus christ how many more times are we gonna use that pic for feels thread

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I feel this so hard, anon. There's a big con coming up in a few months and I'm already stressed the fuck out. But maybe try worrying less about the friends thing? Last year I did my first solo con after cosplaying for ten years. I made a ton of new friends on my own that are actually more reliable than my other cosplay friends.

But you're right - nothing beats that feeling of a well-received cosplay at a good con. And I can't bring myself to end the hobby because it's one of my few social activities.

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>comm lyfe tiring me out, bf never wants to do anything, so decide to wear lolita more often when out with non-lolita friend
>says she’s fine with it, thinks it looks cute on me etc.
>okay cool
>hints that she’d like to wear kawaii rorita dresses as well but is afraid none of the clothes will fit her
>she’s severely obese with a waist circumference larger than her hips so yeah, that’s going to be difficult
>show her those MAM dresses, various indie brands that do custom sizing, Taobao, etc. even some repro vintage stuff that goes to 5XL
>none of those are good enough, she wants to look like me (I wear mostly IW and VM)
>every time we see each other she comments on how she wishes she was skinny and looked cute in lolita like I do
>every time we eat anywhere she comments on my body and eating habits
>try to change the subject but she always manages to turn it back to discussing my body and how she wishes she looked like me but it’s impossible
>know from experience with this girl that bringing up weight loss is a bad idea
>lately her comments about lolita have been becoming more negative and even snide (a lot like the shit frances says now that I think about it)
>worry she’s going sour grapes
>will probably have to go back to wearing baggy sweatshirts and jeans around her to save our friendship (she’s the only friend I have left after getting sick and NEETing it up for a while so this is worth it to me)
>thank goodness I can just go back to my comm, even if they can be tiring sometimes
I appreciate you petty bitches so much pls never leave me

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tell her to hit the gym. you'll be saving her life too.

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Can you please learn to use the catalog and stop making 2 feels threads at once? Please?

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Inb4 /r9k/ arrives https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPfx_jFZQuI

>getting over breakup
>ex got dumped by the shitter I was left for
>tries to come back, wants to get dinner at my favorite restaurant for 'cathartic' conversation
>"sorry, don't need closure that badly"
>date with qt from my con tomorrow
Pretty good feels t b h. Anyone ever have a partner super disparaging of lolita or cosplay?

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he just wanted a quick fuq retard

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>almost 27, out of college and still single.
>Don't want to do anything besides drink and mingle.
>Getting harder and harder to do each con because everyone is getting younger and younger plus live no where near you.
>The only time nerds ever met up in RL is at cons.

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That always backfires. She’ll do 30min of cardio a week and starts eating way more junk food because she feels she deserves it from working so hard. Plus she’s been talking about how certain Japanese brands are causing her to feel bad about herself and her body so I don’t think she’d appreciate me insinuating that she should lose weight to fit them. Body shaming and all that.

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>>Getting harder and harder to do each con because everyone is getting younger and younger plus live no where near you.
>>The only time nerds ever met up in RL is at cons.
Iktf, just finished my undergrad, only 22 still so I've got time but goddam. This local con I was at in march, hit it off with this girl and we started talking about school and I didn't realize until I asked what her major was and she said "oh no lol I'm still in high school"

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>girl in comm keeps posting about her highest priority ultimate dream dress that never comes up secondhand
>I own it in the right cut and color
>I like it a lot, but don’t get much wear out of it
>considering selling it to her but 1) afraid I’ll regret it, especially since she’s active in the comm so I’ll probably see her wearing it a lot afterwards and 2) I’d only want to let it go for the right price and she hasn’t said what she’s willing to pay for it
>don’t want to be that asshole dangling someone’s dream dress in front of them only to snatch it back last minute

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>friends bailed on me to go to AX again
Last year I got lucky to get cool dudes from here to room with. I really hope I don't miss line con.

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Don't sell it

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>tfw no eugenia gf

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This. The other thread has been alive since November, please can we take it off life support? Even if we have to shit post until it dies

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I'd say sell it and be happy it's being loved, but I'm soppy like that.

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>got LASIK done just to look better in cosplay
Scariest fucking procedure ever, highly advise against it.

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Why? I've been wanting it for years since glasses are such a hassle.

>that video where she was so skinny her vag flopped out

I'm dying.

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I got LASIK done because my eyes were very different powers and I was tired of always wearing tilted glasses. It was fine, really cool and practically painless desu. I think it depends on who does it for you, my doc was very calm and and kind and kept me relaxed through the whole procedure.

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I put four inches on my waist, and not even being choked by my bf can cheer me up.

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It's painless but scary as FUCK

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That really is a matter of opinion, anon. I didn't find mine scary at all, I found it really interesting. But I can see how it could be super scary. It's certainly a unique experience.

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I don't find wrenching my eyes open and cutting them with lasers very interesting, but to each their own.

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>being 22 and not being able to tell a girl is in high school

yeah maybe you should stay away from cons

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Your friend just seems super insecure. I don't know what else you can do, since you've tried to show her stuff that would work for her body type.

At some point you might just have to tell her that the friendship isn't working, since she's going out of her way to try to make you feel bad about something you clearly enjoy. Unless she can change her attitude, I don't know think you should have to tolerate having her constantly berating you.

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It's not always that obvious.

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If there's one thing I've learned from the decade of cons, it's that women at them honest as politicians, especially about themselves.

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If there's one thing I've learned from the decade of cons, it's that women at them are as honest as politicians, especially about themselves.

The difference between college freshmen and sophomores and the late high schoolers can be months or a year and there's honestly not much difference to early 20-somethings who themselves aren't that mature.

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Have you seen many teenagers lately? Idk what they are doing to themselves but these kids look more haggard than most people in their mid-20s for some reason.

I saw a girl at the mall the other day that I would have thought was about 27/28 but then I noticed she was wearing a "<local high school> class of 2020" shirt.

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>buy IW dress from AUS seller on ebay
>ebay tells me dress should arrive by 9th of jan at the latest
>girl shipped it on 21st of Dec
>tracking number says it's on its way but hasnt arrived in my country yet
how fucked am I, also what on earth should I do?

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Ebay's arrival dates are just an estimate so the first thing to do is to not panic. I usually wait a few more days, maybe a week or ten days, before I message sellers asking them to please check why the package is delayed.

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If it wasn't sent through an express shipping service then I wouldn't be too worried. What country are you waiting on it to arrive? Honestly, anything from Australia or any of the island nations can take a long time to arrive, especially if it got put on a ship or something.

I wouldn't be too awfully worried until the 20th of January comes around. If you did pay for express shipping then start calling because a. you'll usually getting your shipping money refunded, and b. they may need to trace the package.

Word of warning if you are a U.S. buyer through USPS. USPS requires the sender to call in an inquiry to start tracing the package or instigate a refund. It'll still help to call, but ultimately they need the seller to contact them to do anything.

Honestly, if you didn't pay for express shipping, it's not untold of for packages all the way out in the Pacific to take 2-3 months to arrive, especially around holidays.

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On that regard, I wait on a package from Singapore to ship out through regular old mail and not ePacket. It's just generic striped socks, but I too get to wait eons on a package now.

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>food pumped full of growth hormones
>what do you mean you thought a teenager looked older than they are

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Isn't that the bitch who's in her 20s but pretends to be a high schooler

>> No.9750718

Cash me outside girl then, she's 14 but looks like a mid 20s single mother

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Thanks, I just assumed it'd be at my local sorting office by now, or at least in my country. I guess I shouldnt freak out but I can't help it

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Friendly reminder to report trolls trying to troll with content that doesn't even remotely have anything to do with /cgl/ in the least bit. This is /cgl/, not /fa/ or any other site. If one is trolling, at least choose a picture or write content that has something mildly to do with /cgl/ even if it's an extremely loose connection. Otherwise, it belongs on the other boards.

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>Friend with my parent's friends on facebook
>Been quite vocal about being able to sew, cosplay etc
>One 'aunt' has convinced me to help alter a dress of hers
>Her deadline is this summer
>The idea was brought up early fall
>Both of us had forgotten about it
>Today get message from her
>"oh my god Anon you've gotten older :D :)"
>Sends link to some business profile of a 40 year old woman with the same name as me
>Reply with kind amusement and ask where she found this
>"Oh I was just googling your name"
>To me this is the shit you do with yourself, your kids or close friends at most
>Kind amusement intensifies to hide my discomfort
>Ask why she did it
>"Oh that's what you do with someone you miss a lot :)"
>Scour my mind for an ulterior motive because her wavelength is too creepy for me
>Know she probably means well, but still
>Remember the dress and bring that up
>Successfully strangle the conversation with the usual "oh we've got to meet up"
>Still supposed to sew with this woman sometime soon

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i really miss the feeling of being new to lolita. like, i remember being a 15 year old ita with no money and feeling like i was on top of the world. brand felt magical and unobtainable to me, and the feeling i got when i bought my first brand was like nothing else.

now i'm buying hauls every other week and it doesn't quite have the meaning it used to. i still love everything i have, and i'm still in love with the fashion, but i guess the honeymoon phase is over after 3 years.

i guess that's why i don't get any joy from ita threads or picking fun at people who are new. i wish i had their enthusiasm still.

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how do you tell how old someone is when they are in cosplay?

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you can lead a horse to a treadmill, but you cant make it run. fatties will be fatties, you should possibly just drop her as a friend or attempt to limit your outings with her to things where she cant complain about your cute clothes.

i went to japan with a friend like this who followed me around shopping whining all day (i told her she could go off with our other friend whenever she wants) about how her feet hurt, she wished she fit into the clothes, that i'm so skinny blah blah. it was fucking toxic, ruined some parts of the trip for me desu

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I've been in the fashion for eight years now, and I go through phases like that. I always want to love lolita, but I've come to accept that I actually can't always love it. I guess one thing I'd say is that even if you quit, don't pull a Tia and sell all your clothes unless you need the money. Keep them as normiewear, step back from the social media, and after a while, you may find yourself craving it again. It has happened to me several times... Once I even quit for two years, but here I am, loving it again, and it feels great!
Also, it sounds like you have a lot of compassion for newer lolitas. Have you considered mentoring one? I have a mentee at the moment, and I'm vicariously enjoying her exploration and enthusiasm. Plus, I'm helping her improve and it feels great to see her get better!

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Thanks Mr Skeletal

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>tfw can't tell if its many /fit/ crossboarders or just one

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No one on /fit/ wants that monstrosity

back on topic
>out of the cosplay game for 5 years
>decide to make a relatively simple cosplay
>still see frequently so no issue
>need to make a pair of simple bracers
>can't make them turn out right

I know it just practice but fuck, I am awful with foam.
On positive feels, I mentioned making the cosplay to a friend and she was super excited about it. even invited me to a small con. felt good

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Mobile feels I guess

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I got it done (prk though) and it was scary but they give you Valium. It's scary because you are literally watching the colored dots and stuff and you know what's happening

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It's pretty much like this.

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It's been over 48 hours and my buyer on lacemarket still hasn't even read my message asking for their paypal. I just want to get rid of this dress ffs. I'm tempted to leave neutral feedback because they're so slow.

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Im a high school teacher and I teach 16-17 year old girls who are literal models. You may have even seen one of their ads if you live in a major city in the southeast US. Its getting harder and harder man

>> No.9751725

That's great, but do they cosplay or wear j-fashion?

>> No.9751798

Anon is saying that young women are looking much older than they may actually be

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>she isn’t wearing thongies

>> No.9751809

>going to a resort in Mexico later this month
>not buying brand because of that
>oh well, just a couple more weeks until I can buy some wishlist items
>coworkers pressure me into going on a ski trip in March
>can't not go because I'm new and have no friends
>need to find way of dealing with stress other than buying brand

This wouldn't even be an issue if I had friends, but I moved 2 states away for a job and I still don't know anyone here. My coworkers get along well, but I don't know them well enough to ask them to hang out after work.

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someone listed daydream bed for 175 on LM the other day and I missed it because I was helping a patient at work and didn't have my usual tab open pls end me

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I have had such a good day. Fresh relationship is turning out good, I have been wearing a lot lolita which makes me feel better in general, finally have energy for embroidery which have turned out to be a really therapic and fills my creative needs and I have lately noticed weed helps with my moods a lot. I went for tea today, wearing a coord that made me feel pretty and did embroidery which I'm doing as a surprise gift for my bf. I have been struggling to find my body attractive even after loosing +10kg (I went from bmi 25 to 22) but today I was just so happy how it made me look in lolita and I thanked myself doing it for the first time.

I just wish this urge to die would go away. I really don't want to and it's pretty hard to discuss it with anyone and to be taken seriously or without them getting worried. Idk wtf is going on in my head but I'm gonna win this battle and be able to focus on my happiness, gulls.

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That's great, but if they don't cosplay or wear j-fashion, I don't give a flying fuck.

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No one asked for your opinion.

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Ordering from Aliexpress seems smart, until some fat D.Va splits her tights and shows everyone her thong diaper.

>> No.9752344

To buy or not to buy, that is always the question.

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I snagged a Moitie OP from 2008 in like new condition for 5000 Yen

>> No.9752483

i wouldnt be worried. ive been waiting on a package within europe/EU for about the same time. Christmas backs up everything. I send a package from the EU to US on december 6th and it didnt arrive until jan 10th, when it normally arrived within 5 days with that shipping method, in october and july.

>> No.9752888

Nani the fuck?? Sounds hot.

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File: 163 KB, 618x618, 12F5FCE8-8A72-43DE-B254-336CE7D7EDBA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I literally fucked a middle schooler because her and the friend they were with both said they were 18. My roommates little brother saw her leaving and said she was in his class. Shits been giving me nightmares that cops show up and arrest me. Girls don’t look or tell their real age to people which IMO is fucked up.

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My friend just shat his $637 cosplay pants.

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Am I reading this right?
As in, he took a shit in his pants? Did he have diarrhea or something?

>> No.9752915

What pants cost that much?

Which one?

>> No.9752922 [DELETED] 

Shit like this is exactly why the age of consent should be 14. Statutory rape is bullshit.

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I love Ryuko.

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>gathering group of coworkers to go to anime con
>never done this before so didn’t think to have a screening process besides “will this group of people get along with each other” and simple “do you like anime?” question
>find out that a couple of people have only watched Dragonball and AoT in english dubs
>mfw I realized I invited normies
>mfw it’s too late to uninvite them
I’m angry (10% at them, 90% at myself) because their spots could have gone to others who truly loved anime and would be very invested in the con and all the nerdy fun it had to offer. Now I’m stuck with filthy casuals who will only see it as a people-watching/sightseeing trip and won’t understand any of the clever references/cosplays.

>> No.9753023


>> No.9753028

Or maybe they'll be intrigued and want to watch more anime? People aren't born liking anime, you know. Somehow, we had to be introduced to it. Instead of complaining about them being normies, why not use the convention as an opportunity to show your coworkers some shows you like. Point them to the source material for those clever cosplays, for example. Some of them might take an interest, and then you'll have more convention buddies. If not, keep an open mind. I've taken normie friends to anime conventions and had a blast. It was like I got to relive my first convention experiences.

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At first I thought you said "SHITS her tights"

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>you will never be as beautiful as Tom Brady

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Dot Frill Chiffon OP
The stock photos don't do it justice.

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You’re far more optimistic than I am, anon. I’ve attended a con with a couple normies before (not my choice) and all they did was follow me around because they were uninterested/overwhelmed at everything and I felt like I was babysitting them. It was really freaking annoying and I couldn’t focus on having fun at the con with clueless dingbats on my heels the entire time. I loathe to repeat that.

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This guy had 3 wives, raped and killed 2 children, got out of prison after only 12 years, and then STILL got another girlfriend.

Yet here I am, an incel virgin, never had a girlfriend. There's tons of other incels in the same boat, with nothing really wrong with them.

I really don't get it. I wish I stilled lived in a time where women were property of their fathers, and their father would decide who gets their daughter, and divorce wasn't allowed, and adultery (cheating) would be punished by severe beatings and social stigmatization, or even death.

There's a reason why things were like this. Literally EVERYTHING bad in society can partially be blamed on feminism, and allowing women to do whatever they want. There has been nothing that can compare to how harmful feminism is to society. Letting women do whatever they want is the single quickest way to destroy a major civilization.

How can I help destroy western civilization faster? I want women to pay for this shit, sometime in my lifetime.

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>tfw no boobs.

>> No.9753268 [DELETED] 

I used to be like you. I wanted everything to burn, destroy everything and everyone and then finish myself off.
Some years ago I got my shit together, worked on my social awkwardness, lost 40 kilo's. Still a virgin in my 20's but now I have made out with a girl,I have been fisical with her.
Clean your room and listend to Jordan Peterson, Tony Robinson, Joe Rogan.
All you incels, get your shit together, be the hero of your own story! Kill your dragons, get the princess.
Nothing, but yourself can stop you.
You can do it!
There will be pain, but the rewards are so worth it!
The moment when you are allowed to hold tits with your hands, is fucking epic!
being a virgin nevers comes up, don't worry about that.

>> No.9753269 [DELETED] 

>Some years ago I got my shit together, worked on my social awkwardness, lost 40 kilo's. Still a virgin in my 20's
>Still a virgin in my 20's
So you're still a fucking failure.

I'm not fat or socially awkward, and I keep my room/house very clean.

>being a virgin nevers comes up, don't worry about that.
I'm not going to lie about being a virgin. Why the fuck would I?

>listen to Jordan Peterson, Tony Robinson, Joe Rogan.
>The moment when you are allowed to hold tits with your hands, is fucking epic!
>that whole rest of the post

Please tell me you're a troll. Just pretending to be a caricature.

>> No.9753271

Eyyy Elliot Rodger

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>walk into tea party
>everyone is screaming "Do yu no de way?" repeatedly

>> No.9753287

I chose to leave my comm because it was too toxic and now people think I was banned lol

>> No.9753311

Might be time to check ids before fucking?

>> No.9753314

holy shit why is this thread going so slow?

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I hate winter so much. It's so fucking cold. Tights and leg warmers don't help. My face, hands and legs are red almost every time I go outside. I don't know how people get beautiful winter sessions without looking terrible when I cannot go outside in lolita without being miserable.

It's your fault that you are an incel. You are probably have some mental problem - your ego is too big, you have an inferiority complex, you are on the spectrum or you are ugly / smelly / weird / agressive / etc. I don't know a healthy person who cannot find any partner at all.

If you are thinking that 'in the good ol' days' people didn't cheat or every men got a wymyn for themselves you are delusional.

>> No.9753318

>thiccfag speaking for the entire board
fuck off, plenty of us want tiny framed lithe girls
go back to making braphog threads

>> No.9753319

Don't feed the trolls.

>> No.9753322

this is probably bait but if you honestly can't tell a girl is 12-14 instead of 18 then that's on you because there is literally no comparison at all

>> No.9753323 [DELETED] 

>If you are thinking that 'in the good ol' days' people didn't cheat

It still exists today, go to an Islamic country, there's practically no such thing as divorce or cheating.

Girls remain virgins until married. Pretty much any guy can get a virgin wife.

I honestly want muslims to kill western whores like yourself and take over the west.

>You are probably have some mental problem
>you are on the spectrum
>you are ugly

None of these would be my fault. Anyway, that guy had all of these things wrong with, PLUS HE RAPED AND MURDERED 2 KIDS, but he STILL got a girlfriend.

Fucking explain that. What's wrong with women?

There is nothing wrong with me that should have stopped me from getting a girlfriend. For all the pain you have caused me, and the pain of men like me, I hope you are killed, and sent to hell after you die and God finds out what a vile civilization-destroying whore you are.

I swear to God, if I didn't believe in God, there would be nothing stopping me from finding whores like you, and raping and murdering you. Females like you create murderers and rapists.

You will never understand how angry I am, or how I feel. Being an incel is infinitely more mentally painful than being raped. The shit you women complain about is ridiculous. You can get over being raped, you don't have to act so fucking dramatic about, being an incel is something that never stops bothering you, every single day.

>> No.9753324 [DELETED] 

Also why didn't you mention the biggest thing, the thing that women care about more than anything else, the thing that overrides how ugly a guy is, or what his personality is like.


You didn't say anything about that, even though it's far more important to women than any of that other shit.

Don't want to admit that women are literally whores?

>> No.9753331

braphogs are fucking disgusting.

you know that girl is a skeleton right? like legitimately anerexic, which honestly I'd just as bad. best girl is fit girl

>> No.9753349
File: 54 KB, 495x810, 38B40F91-15B1-42D9-A2D2-B83666D29B6A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I cannot go outside in lolita without being miserable
Girl, same. I live in a place that’s normally hot climate, but we’re having an exceedingly cold winter and I’m suffering every day. I have to wear waterproof makeup because the cold wind makes my eyes tear up and messes up my face. At least I’m getting a lot of use out of my handkerchiefs...

>> No.9753369
File: 173 KB, 1124x808, 613E00C8-162C-475B-80C4-3C855F1D8F28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can do it, anon! Maybe it’s just your brain malfunctioning. I’ve been on a SNRI for 3.5 years now and it’s like night and day; I’m not saying it’s the be-all-end-all but if you’re doing everything you can and nothing’s shaking it, it might be time to discuss your concerns with a doctor. Just think of it like a persistent cough or earache you need to get checked out.

> Managed to accumulate small group of lolita friends within my comm that I group chat regularly
>Realized through therapy my boyfriend is who I really want to be with, things are now doing significantly better
>Walked over an hour in heels this weekend to the NYC BTSSB store with said bf and got to experience purchasing a dress in person
>Finally feel whole for the first time since my grandpa got sick/major family issues arose

Life is good, gulls

>> No.9753380

He posted the same thing verbatim on another feels thread.

>> No.9753406

Trying to lose 5 pounds to go back to my "normal weight", holiday season hit me hard.. not eating fatty foods / only eating when hungry
watching mukbangs is the only thing keeping me alive right now

>> No.9753417
File: 80 KB, 506x720, 1435019423884.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A few people were spouting that meme at an event I went to recently. Wasn't that bad for me since most people weren't spouting memes there, but I imagine it can get pretty bad at american cons.

>> No.9753424

What mukbangs do you like to watch? I'm looking for some new ones.

>> No.9753446

t. Degenerate

>> No.9753449
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Flat girls are wonderful, just don’t be fat

>> No.9753493

They're rolling and trolling all the way home.

>> No.9753516
File: 5 KB, 225x234, 1490061170582s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>typically go to a semi-local con every year with a huge group of friends
>"Anon, let's travel and go to Colossalcon instead!"
>turns out, not everyone in the group is going. Just the catty ones.
>really want to go
>just not with them
>now no one is going to the semi-local one

>> No.9753554

stop bullying bestest girl for one

>> No.9753607
File: 31 KB, 511x340, IMG_6427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>been cosplaying for 2.5 years
>started out doing obscure fandoms
>feelsbad going to a con and having like 2 people recognize me
>lately I've been cosplaying from more mainstream anime and games
>started getting more attention
>not all of it is good attention
>I've been getting bullied on Instagram and nitpicked on /cgl/
>now I can't work on cosplay for more than half an hour without shaking and feeling nauseous
>mfw I just want to enjoy my hobby again

>> No.9753671

>this pattern hair loss
Is it a man?

>> No.9753673
File: 99 KB, 632x650, 1461118544017.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl. &gt;mfw thinking of you hurting
Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl.

>mfw thinking of you hurting

>> No.9753674

It's the Renaissance or age of enlightenment era painting. You didn't need to know this, but they shaved the hair back to create that high forehead. It was seen as attractive since big brain = intelligence.

It was a weird time. Weird trend. Glad we don't do that anymore and now realize large foreheads have nothing to do with perceived intelligence.

>> No.9753683

>t. foreheadlet

>> No.9753688

Nice coping.

>> No.9753689

Hey anon. Having cosplayed obscure characters too, I understand the desire to do more popular stuff. Cosplay can definitely be more enjoyable when you get to talk to other fans about the fandom, get pics with others of the same series, etc. Of course, this leads to more popularity, which makes you an easier target for assholes.

In regards to the IG bullying, realize that the people liking your pictures far outnumber the people saying negative things about them. Not everyone is going to like you, especially in an often-catty community like cosplay. But if you’re able to look at yourself, your behavior, your costumes, etc. and be truly happy with what you see, then you’ll understand that what other people are saying to you is unwarranted. At the end of the day, their thoughts only affect you if you allow them to color the way you think about yourself or your costumes.

As for /cgl/ nitpicking, that’s just /cgl/. 90% of the time their “advice” can be safely ignored. Time and time again I’ve found that a large number of the people here nitpicking, and posting in bad cosplay threads, aren’t cosplayers themselves. Mostly it’s just crossboarders who think they know cosplay because they’ve been to a couple conventions. They don’t understand how certain things need to be changed when brought into the real world, how certain materials behave, how patterns work, etc. There’s really no reason to listen to what non-cosplayers have to say about a costume. And if anyone who actually does know their shit is nitpicking your work, realize that you’ve only been in the hobby for 2 1/2 years. You still have lots of time and room for improvement. Nothing you make right now needs to be perfect.

Please don’t let negativity affect your work. Keep cosplaying what YOU want to cosplay, work on costumes when YOU want to work on them, post pictures that YOU want to post. Allowing the actions of others to dictate your own life is a fast track to unhappiness.

>> No.9753692
File: 93 KB, 736x919, 68ef8a589f2ccb24f6dde23b6a76f1c5--korean-ulzzang-korean-girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not related to intelligence, but this Korean chick I knew wanted her forehead to look bigger so her face (top of eyes to button of lips) looked smaller in comparison.

>> No.9753706

Dont sell it, you WILL regret it.

>> No.9753718

Do Asians tend to have bigger foreheads? My Chinese friend does. She cute.

>> No.9753993

>have cosplay acquaintance/casual friend that i'd like to spend more time with and get to know better
>said person gets accused of rape
>don't know them well enough to believe it or not
>they've never been creepy to me or anyone else i know who has spent time with them
>but that's what everyone thought about someone in another friend circle who raped one girl and then a second after no one really listened to the first's story
>decide to just ignore it because we weren't close in the first place
>accused cosplay person attempts to reach out
>not sure how to handle

I want more cosplay friends and genuinely liked this person before all of this, but the accusations make me deeply uncomfortable, especially considering how another group of friends similarly failed to help a mutual friend because they couldn't or wouldn't believe that one of their own would commit sexual assault. Unfortunately, it's highly likely that I'll see this person at cons in my area, and they know a lot of other cosplayers and talk does get around in the community. I'd be straightforward and say that I'm not sure what to make of it and would rather keep my distance, but I don't want to lose potential cosplay friends before I even get started with them because it got out that I believe rumors or whatever. But I also feel wrong just ignoring this person or potentially faking small talk and making a quick excuse should I run into them at a con or something. It feels, I don't know, immature in some way, but saying something probably wouldn't serve any real purpose, either. It's not like they'd be grateful for my honesty anyway.

>tl;dr cosplay acquaintance might be a rapist, can't ripley's, just gonna keep feeling awkward and avoiding

>> No.9754001

That wasn't a statement about anatomical differences among races or a catty remark toward women with larger foreheads.

I was just saying that during the Renaissance, they took it to the extreme, and shaved their heads up to top of the crown leading the the uncanny appearance in the paintings of high society.

>> No.9754002

Very nice, good find anon

>> No.9754005

Innocent till proven guilty anon. It's silly how an accusation can ruin someone's life like this.

>> No.9754014

True as that may be, my past experience of being in a friend circle with this mentality and people being wrong have affected my ability to follow that course again when it comes to a rape accusation, especially when it's someone that I'm not even all that close to to really care a whole lot if we never speak again. I just feel kind of two-faced about trying to walk a middle ground of not outright shunning them (because on some level I do still think you're not wrong) but also not even appearing to take their side, since I can't prove anything either way. I don't think rape accusations are something to brush off as silly.

>> No.9754016

Play it safe. Ignore him.

>> No.9754026

I totally get it. It's hard to brush past accusations like that, past experience or not. I wish people wouldn't lie about this shit belittling actual victims and ruining more lives.

>> No.9754186
File: 495 KB, 400x364, 1510547372721.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I get bad depression during winter, so bad that I go in to a comatose state and I am usually sent to a hospital because I just don't move or eat anything for days. That being said and I don't know if it matters anymore, but I just wanted to say thanks to the anons on here who encouraged me to be creative, during the winter months. Instead of a hospital wishing to die, I am actually moving and making things! Thank you all!

>> No.9754195

We believe in you anon!

>> No.9754227

don't sell it unless it's like that meta telephone jsk gull or something

>> No.9754232

Im 900% sure that thinking like that is a huge reason why you dont have a girlfriend. Its like you dont value women at all.

>> No.9754235

Go back to cosplaying lesser known shit.. but make sure its cosplays you definitely want to do. Its super enjoyable having people recognize what youre cosplaying as when its a lesser known thing...

Maybe wear more masked cosplays? I tend to get more attention when i wear masks no matter if im a background character or not... dance in your cosplay if possible? Bring attention to yourself but in a good way. Upgrade your old shit.

What cons do you go to?

>> No.9754257

>That wasn't a statement about anatomical differences among races or a catty remark toward women with larger foreheads.
I didn't mean to imply that it was. Just asking in case anyone knew.

>> No.9754287

>ask parents for help waking up in the morning because I'm not allowed to have an alarm clock (it annoys them because it doesn't always wake me up and I hit snooze a lot)
>they keep saying they'll try but they never actually try
>ask them if it'd be okay if a friend I've known for years comes and knocks on my window in the morning to get me up
>dad threatens to shoot my friend with a slingshot if they come by
>I start freaking the fuck out because I'm mentally unstable
>decide to vent frustrations by repeatedly slamming a door open and closed
>dad comes up to me without saying anything, wrenches me away from the door and slams me into a corner
>I try to punch him in the nuts, he grabs hold of my wrists and doesn't let go
>I bite into his back with all my force
>dad goes to the ER
>bite wound is so bad that doctor asked my dad if his attacker lost any teeth (I didn't, but they're a bit sore, lucky me I guess)
>mom tells me that I'm lucky my dad didn't send me to the hospital and that it's proof he loves me

Yeah, sure thing mom. More like he's not so stupid that he'd think the police or anyone would side with him (6'3 200+ lb) for attacking me (under 100 lbs) in the goddamn first place, I have a bruise on my shoulder from where I got slammed into the wall. I really need to get the fuck out of this hellhole. I'm ashamed of myself but I also don't think I should have been slammed into a corner in the fucking first place.

To make this cgl related, my unworn brand dresses are a major reason I haven't ended it all.

>> No.9754297

You sound like you're on the severe end of the autism spectrum and I'm genuinely surprised that you're able to operate a computer.

I feel sorry for your poor parents.

>> No.9754301
File: 153 KB, 960x720, loliarrest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good lord, if I were your dad you would have gotten a cunt-punt you'd never forget.

>> No.9754312

Anon have you ever considered that maybe if you were better with money you wouldn't have to live with them?

>> No.9754314

I know this is bait but like. Don't feel too bad for them. They don't think anything is wrong with me, they don't think I'm autistic, they literally blame my astrological chart for my issues. I'm aware that I'm autistic and need intensive therapy/counseling to handle my emotions. I've begged them to try family therapy (covered by insurance 100%) and promised not to rat them out for their drug use or for them trying to take my xanax scripts, promised not to blame them for everything because I KNOW I'm fucked, but nope. I just need to not be lazy, and learn more about astrology.

>> No.9754316
File: 368 KB, 3000x3000, baitus maximus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no, this is bait.

>> No.9754322

No alarm clock allowed and a refusal to explore other options, wow. Along with everything else, it definitely sounds like one or both of your parents have NPD. Good luck getting out of there.

>> No.9754326
File: 27 KB, 527x409, isitbait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9754333

>tfw 34 year old dedicated otaku
>been going to cons since I was 18
>had a great loving relationship with an equally otaku girl I knew from high school
>used to goto cons all the time with her
>relationship goes south and we break up when we are both 22
>been single since then
>34 now
>only goto one anime con a year with some friends my age that are still somehow into this
>try and meet new people and talk to them
>lean towards +30 folks at the con so I can have retro anime talks with them
>met some cool people that sometimes lead to con sex with a girl every odd con or so (SOMEHOW)
>all these girls are sub 25 years old and the 9 year age difference is just too great
>starting to feel old and jaded and get the feeling the con scene is a young person's game now

I'm not sure what I should do, I still enjoy going to cons and do what I've been doing. I'm at the point where I want to meet a woman that at least had a similar upbringing then me and I doubt I'm going to find it in normalfag circles. I'm by no means unattractive, I guess I'm just some older guy ranting at this point. These conventions are usually called "anime conventions" yet I barely see anime cosplayers at these things anymore, I always see some dumb shit like homestuck, RUBY, Steven Universe, etc. Not sure what to make of it.

>> No.9754341

>no friends who go to acen
>wants to ride in a car for 10 hrs to avoid flights & trains + its cheaper.
>no one wants to go from baltimore to chicago....
>probably will have to ride with a normie from dc.
>most likely would only be able to get someone to drive me there but not back or vise versa... still cheaper tho but less convenient.
>SOBs in weeaboo

>> No.9754350

flight from baltimore to chicago is like $50 each way, less if you book round trip.. It limits your costuming options but you'll be there in <2hrs.

>> No.9754371
File: 968 KB, 3857x4096, cuckoldmario.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are memes in these feels threads I don't get. Can anyone explain ....?
>eating disorders (ana-chans)
>farting in your coord
>thong diapers
>Misako crashing meats
>forgetting to wear bloomers
>elf on the shelf

>> No.9754375
File: 1.61 MB, 350x242, 1434054393693.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol, mfw Lasik isn't an option, only Lasek is
Lasek is where they use a knife rather than a laser.

>> No.9754377

That's not true at all; with all the makeup and girls hitting puberty at earlier ages, a lot of 14 year olds look way older. Like someone mentioned earlier, cash me outside girl looks like she's a mid 20's deadbeat when she's only 14

>> No.9754380

You could get a silent/vibration wrist alarm dumbass. Sounds like it would have been perfect for you miss autismo. Shame your parents are also shit people though.

>> No.9754381

>want to sell some BL and Taobao stuff from my time as a noob
>moved several times since then
>know I got extra buttons with some of them but can’t find those anywhere
>oh well the buyer probably won’t ca-
>notice buttons missing on cuffs of two of the blouses

>> No.9754382

Is your wrist doing ok?

>> No.9754387

Oh and I just noticed that a part of a seam in one of the blouses is ripped and the fabric has started fraying. This is a blouse I never even wore out of the house, so wtf?

>> No.9754394
File: 20 KB, 373x446, loligiggs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You just reminded me of that girl who did a D.Va twerking video, then threw a FIT because somebody edited in fart noises.

Can't find the Tweets.

>> No.9754399

Still hurts but I can finally type fairly normally, ended up being a sprain not a fracture, so that's good. The bite incident happened a few days ago and it's been eating me up inside. I'm still disgusted by my behavior/reaction but also disgusted that I was thrown into a wall with enough force to leave me with a really gnarly bruise.

How're your eyeballs?

>> No.9754434

Only you can make that decision, but you have nothing to loose by not associating with them and you can always make cosplay friends with other people in the future who don't have rape accusations being thrown at them.

A sweet guy I dated for while ended up raping me and ignoring me and it took me months to really let it sink in that it was all on purpose. I couldn't believe this kind, helpful person who introduced me to his family and helped the community was really like that. Even if I told his friends I didn't think they would believe me. He still sometimes calls me when he knows I'm busy, but he never leaves a message. I don't even know what he's trying to accomplish. I've decided I'm going to block his phone number and cut all possible forms of communication. Then I'm treating myself to whatever dress I want because I'm tired of all of this. I've only bought one JSK in the past 6 months and that's ridiculous.

>> No.9754448

BLESS MANA I found the extra buttons and something else I thought I lost. Now I just have to fix the ripped seam.

>> No.9754459

>con in 5 months
>haven't started anything on my big cosplay i'm excited to do
>fabric i took out for patterning is just getting in the way at this point
>too lazy/depressed to do anything about it because of personal shit in life rn
>open laptop and sadwank at 4 am instead

i'm sure i'll have it done long before the con but what are some ways you get motivated to do your costumes when you're feeling low energy, gulls?

>> No.9754461

Well that escalated quickly.

>> No.9754465

You could always talk to her about it,
"hey anon, I'll keep an ear out for you, how much are you willing to go up to?"
"I think a friend of mine is looking to sell, but I'd have to go into talking to her with an offer, let me know how much you'd buy it for."

>> No.9754467
File: 280 KB, 644x960, 6A4B9B60-B5CB-403B-A3FF-A3B106C256E7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>avidly into fairy kei for a good few years, just before it had its huge boom
>stuck with it/collecting items throughout the influx of normiesand scalpers, my idols all leaving the fashion
>recent influx of wannabes screeching “fuck the rulez!! we make our own fashionz trendz!!” has led me to a cliff however
>the ringleader has made it to the top of the yearly popularity contest
>now seriously considering selling up and packing up shop
>knows I’ll seriously regret letting go of the items I worked so hard to get

Do I just save these items for the first trip to japan and live out my 15 going on 21 fairy kei fantasy anons or sell up? I can’t bear to know that ringleader is pushing her hipster wannabe version of the fashion and plucking what they deem most aesthetic, going on to claim it’s all original.

>> No.9754469

Be you, do what makes you happy
Tumblr won't have Fairy kei forever, they'll fuck off to a different fashion when it suits them.
If you really have been in it this long, I don't think you'll be mistaken for some mop, at least with the people it'll matter to.

>> No.9754505
File: 27 KB, 500x377, yZChWGr3kmp012v8gkbYE8pNo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>got back together with boyfriend, dropped out of college, moved in with him
>doing the anime housewife routine (cook, clean, the trash, the groceries, cute outfits, TONS of sex, hit the gym with him)
>he says it's enough and he couldn't be happier
>feel like I'm taking advantage of him
He even got me my own car, I can't help but feel guilty. Maybe I should get a part-time job?

>> No.9754523


No believe me, if he said he is happy, this is exactly what he wants. He wants a stay at home wife and he wants to be the one to work. This is what almost every man once. As long as the finances are good, you provide the cooking, cleaning, sex you're doing your best. Don't have any dumbass ideas about working.

>> No.9754544


1) fuck off working is not a dumb idea

2) I’m in the same position.
Anyone with half a brain will tell you to work in case he breaks up with you

I’m saving enough for a bond and 2 months of rent + bills and leaving in the bank

Whilst I don’t work full time I do work online

Save enough to support yourself if you don’t need it and if you get married just spend it in a fancy at honeymoon

Be safe and be happy

>> No.9754549

do you have a backup plan for if he ever leaves you?
I think being a housewife is great but aren't you scared that maybe one day he'll drop you you'll just be left with no education, no job, nothing of you own?
if I were you I would at least start taking online classes or courses from home or trying to teach myself a skill like coding or programming,or learning new languages etc.

>> No.9754603

Doing better.

Stay strong, you definitely need to get outta there.

>> No.9754610

guys wear their feelings on their sleeves, if he says he's happy he's happy, why are you fighting him on that?
are YOU happy?
instead of fantasizing about being a waitress or a telemarketer work on being a better housewife, there's always little details you can perfect or new skills you can acquire

>> No.9754662

>little details you can perfect or new skills you can acquire

>tfw illness and life stuff had me playing housewife for a while last year
>apartment is tiny so it wasn’t that much work and I could pay more attention to details / stuff that wasn’t a 100% daily necessity
>bf came home as I was ironing his clothes and said “if you’re going to waste your time doing that I’d rather you go work at Starbucks or something”
I envy >>9754505 to be honest, at least her bf appreciates it. I even made a cute apron to wear with my dresses and he made fun of it because why bother wearing anything nice when you’re not planning to leave the house? Sigh.

>> No.9754681
File: 1.35 MB, 640x360, 35d8511db09f6f602a54e095ae7797843d6cdee8_hq[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thought the finfolk productions fabric tail sale today would be a total blood bath, but it's the middle of a Tuesday and I got my preferred color immediately and I'm so so excited to put together a mermaid costume for renfest or something.

>> No.9754698

>Be me, be chronically ill
>Medical bills piling up
>Try to sell what I can, try to return what I can
>One Etsy seller refuses to accept my return
>Refunds me, tells me to keep the jewelry I bought from her
>Tells me that I'm going through enough already and I should at least get to wear cute things while going through all of this
Kawaii until I die. I hope I can pay her back one day.

>> No.9754700

Show me $50 flights cause i surely dont see that shit esp for May 17th & May 20th

>> No.9754703
File: 209 KB, 550x413, 42986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>finally finding motivation to do things I like and start new hobbies
>still lose motivation here and there
>would like to do said hobbies with others
>have very little friends
>the friends I do have aren't really into the stuff I like
>don't know where to go or how to make new friends...recent new friends are boyfriend's friends...

>> No.9754706

Are you me? I'm going through the EXACT same thing. Hope we both get through it, anon!

>> No.9754721
File: 130 KB, 344x472, mahdrills.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Bruce Timm's art.

Idk but here's the video. NSFW.

>> No.9754740

Thanks? You're coming off a little too agressive there. The thing that keeps nagging me is how everything is on his dime, even the clothes I'm wearing right now, feels unfair, like I'm not pulling my weight and contributing enough.

My parents have money so I can always ask them to send some but I don't want to give them the satisfaction. As dumb as it sounds I have faith in him, I'm putting all my eggs in his basket, I intend to make this work and go the distance with him.

I'm très bien, I was miserable in college and this feels like home. Those 20 minutes before he gets home when I'm frantically fluttering around the house making sure everything's perfect and getting ready to greet him and surprise him................nothing can compare to that feeling.
>work on being a better housewife, there's always little details you can perfect or new skills you can acquire
Tell me more.

I'm sorry to hear that, dear. I hope you can find a real man that deserves all the love you have to give.

>> No.9754746

2nding. You can use your cellphone too for a vibrate alarm or if you can afford some kind of sports/fitness watch they normally have vibrating alarms such as the fitbit.
Scared the crap out of me the first time i used it and forgot about it.

>> No.9754752

Man, I would have kicked you on the streets years ago. I'm never having kids. My worst fear is that they end up being someone like you. Fix your fucking autistic outbursts instead of bitching on /cgl/.

>> No.9754764
File: 19 KB, 307x212, 1444509010808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Misako crashing meats
Is this a meme within a meme?

>> No.9754787
File: 25 KB, 424x213, 1512177592590.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Those 20 minutes before he gets home when I'm frantically fluttering around the house making sure everything's perfect and getting ready to greet him and surprise him................nothing can compare to that feeling.
I'm the opposite with my bf, I'm the hardworker, and he's going to be the housewife. I wish him to be like this!
>mfw will buy him a cute maid dress to support his housewifing

>> No.9754798
File: 26 KB, 720x476, 1513827891724.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm literally in tears laughing at that video.

>> No.9754814


Please, please, please find another skill if you have the chance. My mom was nearly trapped in a nightmare situation when due to circumstances they had to move back with the mother in law. But my dad supported her, she went to school, and learned new things. New things she taught me. She eventually got a part time job, but quit to raise me. But despite that, she taught me chemistry, math, French, and literature. But essentially, she got it in case the in laws became too much. I would do the same - the bf may be good now, but what if he loses his job or becomes sick? What if the situation changes? At worst with this information, you can be a really good mom like mine was.

It's your life, but I would highly encourage you to not put things in one basket. Things can change.

>> No.9754883

Holy shit if you want to feel better about yourself I can just tell you about my wife.

>> No.9754921

If he bought you a car then I assume he's not hurting for money. He does seem fair to want you to have your own autonomy despite not working. I wouldn't worry too much, but keep a career in mind if anything bad were to happen. That's doesn't mean you have to go to school.

If you really feel bad, there's nothing wrong with entry jobs. The main thing people are worried about is if something bad were to happen, you'd be forced into working something benign. Food service, retail, or receptionist if you're lucky. However, it's not that bad. I've worked such jobs, even cook, between professional careers. If you feel bad, consider seasonal work. You can work retail during the holidays. Alternatively, many resorts, golf courses, and country clubs hire seasonally for the summer. It'd only be 1-3 months of work, there's no commitment, it won't detract terribly from your, uh, home duties. You can just work occasionally at seasonal establishments to pay for frivolous things that you feel bad for him buying. Like, you can fund lolita, fashion, makeup, a 34 inch tall Lapras plushie, whatever frivolous thing your heart desires.

You shouldn't feel bad if you're a housewife and he buys you food, puts a roof over your head, the sensible stuff.

>> No.9754941

Go on.

>> No.9754965

Living the life famalam

>> No.9754974

How about no/bad sex.
Bad cooking, doesn't try to improve or cook things I like.
Minimal cleaning.
No drivers license so we have to do groceries together.
No cute outfits, she sees no point in dressing the way I think she looks good.
No shared interests, trying to take her to a pseudo con was a disaster.
I don't want to mention half the shit even anonymously. If he says he's happy then he is and it's because of you and what you're doing for him.
Try not to stress out too hard about back up plans and protecting your future and just be happy.

>> No.9754980

you have to book like 3 or more months ahead of time

>> No.9755015
File: 1.31 MB, 1280x800, thumb-1920-613880.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when your latest relationship can be best compared to pic related

>> No.9755021
File: 19 KB, 500x375, 66TAhDV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Step outside for a moment a bit later in the evening
>Wearing my jfash
>Have oddly colored hair
>Neighbor walks out of his house with his little daughter
>Daughter points in my direction
>"Look dad, it's the drug addict!"
>Neighbor picks up his daughter and tells her
>"Now, don't say things just because daddy says them."

>> No.9755029

Literally why are you with this woman? Sure, you might not know beforehand about all these things but why would you ever marry someone who you have no shared interests with?

>> No.9755032

Heavy kek

>> No.9755080
File: 250 KB, 830x518, alexjones_lolita.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Comm let in fully grown man with beard who appears to be in his thirties
>He wants to wear sweet lolita of course
I've got a bad feeling about this, at least we don't have any underage members but I don't want to be seen with that if he does show up.

>> No.9755083
File: 28 KB, 480x580, SVwITFM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is he also overweight?

>> No.9755085

A little, but he's huge, really tall

>> No.9755101

Your father belongs in jail. Slamming a door doesn't warrant a physical attack. Try not to react next time this happens and call the cops on him afterwards.

>> No.9755102

>mfw got double eyelid surgery a few months back
>double eyelids were huge
>doctor kept telling me to wait for swelling
>swelling period is over
>eyelids huge and overall look caucasian rather than asian
To the people who were in here considering surgery a while back, if you're still here, don't get it done in America unless they have a ton of experience with Asian eyes. I specified over and over I want a natural Asian look to my surgeon, and he seemed confident. People say I look like a doll, but this isn't what I wanted. It doesn't look natural at all. Be careful anons.

>> No.9755108

Would you mind posting a picture of just your eyes? A before/after would be great, but I want to see the 'after' specifically.

>> No.9755132

>>decide to vent frustrations by repeatedly slamming a door open and closed
>>dad comes up to me without saying anything, wrenches me away from the door and slams me into a corner
I wonder who your violent tendencies come from?

For years, one of my role models for managing anger (or not, as it were) was my father, who would scream, break things, hit things...he wasn't super violent often, only a few times, but he would routinely grit hit teeth, slam his fist on the desk, etc. Several of those things will forever be etched into my memory: the time he broke his own arm slamming it down in the table, and the time he broken down the door during an argument with my mother (I was thankfully not there...just the aftermath). I was there when he threatened to beat the shit out of her though.

Later in life I found myself doing the same things. Screaming, throwing things, hitting things. I even hit my husband. I felt so disgusted when I realized what I was doing. Therapy was something that helped a lot, so I hope you can manage to get somewhere and get help. I'm sure it will benefit you and enable you to find a healthy way to cope with your emotions.

>> No.9755136

I want to buy lolita shit but I don't want my poor ass roommate knowing that I have money ugh

>> No.9755140

...why not? Also is she into lolita, why would she know how much it is?

>> No.9755141

think that maybe she'll make you start paying your share of rent?

>> No.9755143

same, I realized too late that I was basically my dad. nice and pleasant by day, but an alcoholic at night and once about every week or two I go off and break plates or glasses for no reason other than to blow off stress.
Then I'm fine for 2 weeks or so. It's weird

>> No.9755154

We're friends so I've talked about what some is my favorite pieces are worth and she's seen me browsing closetchild.
>Implying I don't already.
Mostly I don't want her thinking I'll continue buying 90% of our groceries and never ask her to pay for gas when she uses my car.

>> No.9755165

Maybe hold off buying until you work out a more fair agreement with rent and groceries

>> No.9755182

I might take a photo later when I charge my phone. For reference though, my surgeon and I agreed upon eyes IU's size (I don't wear much eye makeup so it wasn't a big deal to me to have a lot of "space", I just wanted a natural fresh look). I ended up with eyes pretty much identical to Vanessa Hudgens, and the corner of the crease is far away from my epicanthic fold, unlike what I asked for.

>> No.9755184

Dump her ass

>> No.9755194
File: 10 KB, 312x312, tf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lm review
>lovely item! perfect condition! included cute stickers too!
>4 stars
>bitch what

give me my damn star ho

>> No.9755196
File: 9 KB, 750x582, 23473113_10155885680706977_1364550492975269465_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>unexpected birthday money from siblings and relatives today
>severance pay and final paycheck from previous job came early.
>other contract job pay will be in by next week.
>start new job training tomorrow
>confirmed commission for prop weapon, can afford to cover elaborate details.
>can finally buy rest of supplies for cosplay.

Things are finally looking up gulls.

>> No.9755206

You mean divorce? The courts aren't exactly in the man's favor when it comes to custody... Anyway I just wanted to cheer the gull up. She seems like a nice house gf/wife and shouldn't feel guilty.

>> No.9755210

>The courts aren't exactly in the man's favor when it comes to custody
I love this meme.

>> No.9755213

Naryt, but how is this a meme?

>> No.9755217

People are so retarded at writing reviews, if you have nothing negative to say then it's 5 stars. I see that kind of thing on Amazon all the time too.

>> No.9755218

no, I ate it

>> No.9755223

>finally reached my goal weight
>can now shop for all the cute clothes
>one less thing to worry about when I’m in cosplay

Last night I spent like 3 hours looking at all the cute stuff I can now wear. 2018 is looking good gulls!

>> No.9755225

Are you in Texas? This sounds familiar...

>> No.9755252

Well it's too late to tell you now, but for any other anons, there's a more natural and easily reversible way of double eyelid surgery where they basically poke three holes and put a thread in so that it makes your lids crease there. They look a lot more natural and if you don't like them, you can get them to remove the thread really easily with no harm done (besides your wallet of course).

>> No.9755261

thats what you get for knocking up a dumb bitch

>> No.9755271

>come home from lolita meetup
>get undressed
>hear bf in shower
>bf gets out of shower
>looks hot, sex time
>penetrates me
>call him Daddy

>> No.9755281

Anon it's never too late, even if it's hard, you can undo it. It's just long years of conditioning, and they can be undone with more conditioning.

Idk about the alcoholism part, as now you're introducing physical dependence, but if we're talking strictly anger management, it makes a huge difference. Compared to how I'm like now (and I'm really not perfect, or nearly where I want to be) I was a literal monster. I was also in a worse place with my health and depression, but healthy coping mechanisms lead to having less, or smaller outbursts, which meant that I felt less guilt, and less stress, which helped me control further outbursts...see where I'm going with this? It's a feedback loop, you just gotta get it started going in the proper direction!

>> No.9755284
File: 60 KB, 1280x960, dogeman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MFW there's a girl in my class who actually says "fufufu" when somethong is funny.

Bitch at her!!!! Or at least ask her what was wrong.

>> No.9755297

this is literally vanilla sex with the word daddy thrown in

>> No.9755331

How is it a meme? It's fact.

>> No.9755463 [DELETED] 

I love fat/ugly girls with low self-esteem, I wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen with them. Easier to keep them in line, and not worry about them cheating.

Where can I get a fat/ugly girlfriend with very low self-esteem? I live in America, and even the fat/ugly girls are feminists with extreme hubris.

>> No.9755467

try book clubs, bible study groups and tabletop groups

>> No.9755474

>tabletop groups

Like storming a bee hive to fuck the queen.

Or a castle, where you have to fight an army of white knights before you can steal de queen.

>> No.9755475

so? that's true in literally every social situation, if you're not down for that try online dating(don't really recommend it tho)

>> No.9755496
File: 39 KB, 480x602, microgrr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

goddamn closet child
usually they're great, I've got items that are listed as b grade from them that are pristine, with the brand tags still attached before, so this is really an anomaly.
oh cool, that's on my wishlist, time to buy
dress arrives:
>2 out of the 4 bows on the chest are gone
>I did notice this after I bought it, still seemed sketch they didn't list it like that
>all the pearls on the remaining bows that are meant to be there are gone, aside from one?
>built-in petti flattened. Oh well, they're usually shit anyways but still.
>nothing else in the box...

give me my pearls closet child
give me the goddamn pearls

>> No.9755497
File: 434 KB, 1280x1639, tumblr_otwfj6kwte1tijkw9o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still waiting on those housewife hot tips, it would mean a lot to me, please.

I know, right? His stuff is so fun and vibrant, classy too, love the way he draws realistic breasts instead of the usual anime balloons.

That sounds pretty gross desu, hope it makes you happy but I'd never want it for me.

>you can be a really good mom like mine was
That's a very compelling argument, thank you. My concern would be the timing, how much time I'd spend away from the house and possibly neglecting it.

OR I COULD BUY HIM STUFF TOO oh my god just think of the possibilities

Geez that sounds horrible, was it always like that or did she degrade over time? I never wanna get to that level.

>> No.9755500

nayrt but may is more than 3 months away lol

>> No.9755505

It isn't. Women get custody more than men only because men don't want it most of the time. Over half of custodies are simply decided between parents. Very few cases even go to court (under 5% make it to a hearing), and when men do apply for sole custody, they get it just over half of the time.

>> No.9755509

Learn how to iron properly.
If you aren't already, make lunches. leave notes in the lunch box.
Learn how to properly tailor shirts and pants. If he store buys everything, tailoring them to him can make them look so much nicer.

The big thing (although quite small) that my husband apperciated the most was just having dinner ready as he's walking through the door. This might change depending when he gets home, but mine got home at 6 and I always aimed for it to be coming out within 5 minutes. It makes the house smell great as he walks in as a bonus.
Don't know if any of these help, but it's the stuff I did

>> No.9755556


>> No.9755574

That's false anon, women are seen as the default in custody cases and for a woman to lose custody she has to be really really batshit insane. Men's right activists have been fighting for fairer laws in divorce and family courts for a while but they haven't made much progress

>> No.9755575

I wonder what level of insecurity is needed to actually, seriously believe this

>> No.9755583

I wonder what level of delusion it takes to ignore what people have been through.

>> No.9755586

Did the thread get gutted? I could swear there were 250+ posts last night

>> No.9755587

You mean exactly what you're doing in order to believe your meme?

>> No.9755596

Stop overthinking shit and just blow him. Keep doing what you're doing and go for his dumb fetishes. And what's with all the Vampirella?

>> No.9755597

How is it a meme? My brother went through hell in his divorce and is still trying to get custody of his daughter, but it's been an uphill battle for him the entire time.
Stop being an idiot

>> No.9755604

If both parents are well off it almost always goes to the mother.

>> No.9755614

Did you just ignore what I wrote to spew the same thing I just said was wrong?

>> No.9755639

Where is your source?

>> No.9755641

She's avatarfagging because she's a newfag who doesn't realize that's against the rules.

>> No.9755652

Avatarfagging might annoy people but is it actually against the rules?

>> No.9755660


>> No.9755672

Do you plan to have children?

I want a housewaifu but it seems like all the women who want to be stay at home wives also want kids eventually. I don't want kids.

>> No.9755675

It's global rule 13. It's not like this is particularly hard to check.

>> No.9755677

You're pretty fucking retarded.

>> No.9755678

That's how men on 4chan operate. It was foolish of you to try and talk sense to these people. I gave up long ago.
Hopefully, though, more women and non-retarded men will read dissenting posts and see a different perspective than the usual /r9k/ bullshit flung around. A source would actually be pretty helpful in driving the point home, too, tbqh.

>> No.9755679

This seems like what happens when people take the racist "Asians get double eyelid surgery to look like us superior whites" memes too seriously.
Sorry about your surgery, anon. At least it wasn't botched-tier.

>> No.9755683

The thing is those types of posts are fearmongering, they prey on the primal fears of men and all men are susceptible to fall for it.

>> No.9755691

Please be right. Those post scared me in losing my kid.

>> No.9755694
File: 7 KB, 287x201, Dc49SzWHpR5uYaz_eQN2J_7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to make a twitter account for burando but all the usernames are taken

>> No.9755695

It's not. But you have a chance if you're in your own home and make way more money.

>> No.9755701

There is some truth to them, like all good bait it's somewhat based on reality(like the "manlet" thing) but it's bloated and exaggerated to nightmarish proportions.
The best thing you can do is do your own research, is this particular case the specifics of the state you're living in.

>> No.9755706

It's not, family and divorce court issues are among the very reasonable list of goals for MRAs. The person who's responding about this is an anti-male troll from lolcow most likely looking to stir the pot here and get this thread to bump limit

>> No.9755717

I don't understand how anyone can find a woman sexy after they've gained mom-status. I think it's repulsive.

>> No.9755718

That's really sweet of her. I'm sure you'll be able to pay her back or pay the kindness forwards in some way one day.
In the meantime you could share some of her designs you like on social media and leave her a good review on etsy, facebook or google- those things mean a lot for a small business.
Hope you are able to manage your illness better soon anon, and that there is treatment which can help a bit. Chronic illness sucks.

>> No.9755721

That's weird anon, not everyone wants kids, and some people want a stay at home wife, but not kids

>> No.9755726
File: 91 KB, 478x720, 8hz3dvdada401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Taking huffpost at face value.
No, you have every right to be afraid. What they're referencing is (likely) an article where Huffpost's primary sources were from a study done in the mid 80's where the referenced source of information in the article no longer exists. For married couples that are divorcing with children now, you at best have a 14% chance of obtaining primary custody. Although, close to half of children are born outside of a marriage now so the real numbers for fathers gaining custody is significantly lower than that even. You still probably have good chances of paying child support to see your kids once a week though.

This is the exact study they're referencing though.
Note however, that it was a majority of cases in which the parents were below poverty levels of income.

>> No.9755739
File: 71 KB, 1280x720, 1492446832136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>can't ever buy food at events because of the state of my liver and past digestive issues

>> No.9755741

>what is milf

>> No.9755750

Never understood MILFs.

>> No.9755752

It's a fetish.

>> No.9755775

>i have a very round face
>not sure what to cosplay as because of my insanely round face
>not obese
>not overweight

Do I layer on the contour?

>> No.9755786

Fetishes don't always have an explanation. MILFs have to do with fertility though and possibly the whole mommy issue/maternal figure.

>> No.9755831
File: 203 KB, 500x261, 11117A89-014D-4A56-82F3-AD15CEA2581B.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cosplay young/cutesy characters like me (also hella round face).

>> No.9755856

That's not a meme, look at almost every case. My best friend's mother had a serious case of NPD and neglected her and her brother but the court took her side because "a mother should be with her children". I consider myself a feminist and I can see how fucked the court system is against fathers.

>> No.9755862 [DELETED] 
File: 194 KB, 1200x800, VanoceBrno_2016-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't let the height and beard (I hope it is just stubble or few days old at most) scare you off.
I recently met a brolita outside of lolita, I really got intimidated, I thought he didn't look too well, had some stubble, too, I think.
But in lolita he's lovely, despite being very tall (185+ cm). I would go as far as claiming he's one of the better looking people in the comm. But he really has passion for the fashion.

Still, I'm not saying to not be wary of the guy who joined your comm. You are the one who will have a chance to know him better, and if he turns out to be a creep/fetishist, he deserves the boot right away.

>> No.9755864

I wouldn't post this sanity today, the board has been on a real anti male kick for the last day or so, and it probably won't be taken well

>> No.9755867

Now that you mention it, yeah, it might be better.

>> No.9755871

Decided on a whim to apply for a PayPal credit card... got approved for more than I was expecting.

Time to be irresponsible! kek

>> No.9755881
File: 400 KB, 250x148, elle.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't understand why the feels thread is so off-topic so often

>> No.9755883

/cgl/ does not like children

>> No.9755885

because most of the posts are just personal blogs that have nothing to do with cosplay or lolita

>> No.9755888

>wanting a /cgl/ SO
I'm sure we all have higher standards.

>> No.9755945

Because the idea of a feels thread to begin with is inherently stupid, and every feels thread on any board is generally off topic.

>> No.9755950

>OP image deleted

>> No.9755953

It's because 'feels' is a very loose term. If you're asking, "Why does the feels thread get baited so often in the past few months..." Well, I don't know. There's a different board with their own feels thread where it's appropriate to post such stuff, but or some reason they want to use this board's feel thread.

I'd imagine their concern is that if they post it on the other one, women might not actually read it.

That being said, housewife lady is treading a fine line that could almost be bait.

>> No.9755958

It's not difficult to post cgl-related feels and ignore bait. Gulls are just retarded.

>> No.9755962

Literally no board ignores bait and every board with a feels thread has off topic posts.

>> No.9755963

no, there's just a large group of bait and off topic posters who reply to each other
a lot of the forced memes like farting on dresses, lolita gf, butthole inspection, frosted flakes, and other are forced by these shitposters so they have something to discuss and post about in here

these threads just honestly need to be deleted and banned. send the feelsposters to someplace like adv, r9k, or trash and make sure threads are on topic here

>> No.9755965

That would be because most women wanting to fulfill the housewife role are fairly traditional people, and tradition mandates that they sire some offspring. Children also offer companionship and the opportunity to make friends with other mothers. It can be very hard for a lone housewife who doesn't work or have children to find opportunities to socialize. You'll go insane if you're just by yourself in a house with the only trips being grocery runs and the occasional shipping expenditure. Hubby doesn't replace friends, especially early in life.

The truth is most women want children though. Most people want children. Usually, when people say, "I don't want kids," they actually mean they don't want kids in the moment. Most would give a difference answer if you asked, "Do you ever want to start a family in the future?" Polite sage for unrelated junk.

>> No.9755968

Well, there was once upon a time that both male and female posters could post their feels here without drawing the ire, bullshit, and stupidity that /adv/, /r9k/, and other threads bring. Particularly women's topics.

Although, these discussions would only bring some serious discussion, not 20+ posts on hypergamy, custody rights, and women being whores.

That's a recent occurrence here. The worst we had before was housewife versus career women arguments, skinny versus fat, or no kids versus kids.

>> No.9755973

>particularly women's topics
that's pretty funny considering /cgl/'s tone the last few days. I've seen at least 3-4 threads turn down the path of blatant sexism and bashing men.

are you gonna claim that it's some farmer raid or something then?

>> No.9755982

>bashing men.
Literally didn't happen.

>> No.9755985

About three months ago /r9k/ got it in their heads that they could get a girlfriend if they came to this board and acted like clowns, naturally we told them to fuck and they walked away with their tails between their legs.
Now they're back for revenge and from what I hear they're raiding other boards too.

>> No.9755990

did you miss the thread about how male crossplayers are all terrible and awful?
or the thread about how all male cosplayers are lazy and awful?
or the thread in here where people poked at guys who had to deal with shitty divorce and family courts?
or are you just blind/playing dumb about the recent surge of this weird sexist shit in the last couple days?

>> No.9755994

lmao robots literally couldn't handle being a woman for a day, they'd implode from frustrations over MUH SEXISM

>> No.9755995

Chill out, women here tear into each other even far worse than they do into men, you're not an exception because of your gender, put on your big boy pants

>> No.9756000

this sounds eerily the same as the kind of rhetoric these robots you're so afraid of spout.

>> No.9756006

I don't really ever see women tearing into each other as viciously though. where are these "god women are so fucking shit at everything they do" threads on here? what I see are people who act like cunts to fatties and nobody cosplayers, and they usually get called out for it

>> No.9756017

Kek, real funny how men get upset at being treated the same way they treat women on any other 4chan board.

>> No.9756018

Everyone dislikes fatties. Dunno what you're talking about.

>> No.9756023

you act like I'm personally going to those boards and doing that. You know I can be against it both here and there right?

>> No.9756024

you act like the anons you're replying to personally go on here and shit on men.
why don't you go to those boards and complain about it instead?

>> No.9756026

>the best way to bait now is to act like a butthurt male
stop replying

>> No.9756027

I'm not accusing anyone personally but the board has definitely taken a turn in the last couple days from being pretty calm to starting up all this gender war bullshit, which is what makes me think it's trolls from the farm trying to stir up shit

>> No.9756028

Cut them some slack. This is the only attention they can get from men.

>> No.9756035

Yeah this, cgl hurt my feefees as a male. I'm deeply offended.

>> No.9756048
File: 50 KB, 500x752, e0d7f31cd28a4a027343b041dcee61e3--pop-art-comics-harley-queen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ironing and tailoring
Now that's something I can sink my teeth into, thank you. The thing about dinner is I get pretty impatient and get to it like an hour after I have lunch, have to reheat it afterwards. I need to get the timing right.
Any other pro tips and tricks up your sleeve?

lol I already do that, I wanna get to the next level. Well I was gonna post Harley but then I remembered how this board feels about her. I'm an amateur horror nut, love Vampi and Elvira.

>having a tiny version of him I can smother with love and mold into an upstanding handsome young man
Absolutely I want kids.

>> No.9756085

You're totally right, anon, and if I'm honest with myself and let go of my hang ups about not being "honest enough" with someone I was at least a little friendly with, I absolutely feel the same way. I'm so sorry that that happened to you and hope you are able to recover and take care of yourself however you need moving forward.

I'm not, but I'm not surprised a place as big as Texas and with as much cosplay drama as Texas has rape accusations flying around.

>> No.9756093

I'm not a housewife... I just cooked dinner for years when I was in a long-term relationship (in a galaxy far, far away.) Slow cooker items, any sort of roast, and stove top items such as chili and curry are honestly the easier to time. You can leave them in the warm oven or on low to stay warm. Unlike pasta, particular cuts of meat like chicken breast, anything skillet cooked, or things such as steamed vegetables, the prior items won't dry out or get nasty sitting.

Nobody really hates Harley, it's just a lot of people latched on to her after the Suicide Squad movie came out. Most people love seeing her alternative costumes outside Suicide Squad.

>> No.9756098

Oh, and stuff like fish or breaded meats? Just wait for the weekends. It's impossible to time those exactly. If the person is even 20 minutes late, they just aren't as good reheated. Fish and breaded meats you want to save for days you know they are right there so it's eaten fresh.

>> No.9756107

Wait, who's the latest cosplay rapist in Texas? Someone new or more John drama?

>> No.9756164
File: 140 KB, 379x440, lulucoworry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ask out a dude who brings his sister to my comm
>he says he's not into white women
>mfw he's white

>> No.9756168

>white "women"
Bottom of the barrel desu.

>> No.9756172

>they have a study that may be slightly outdated but we have nothing so they must be wrong!!!

>> No.9756174
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How does this even get brought up or found to be appropriate to say?

>> No.9756191

>thongies pic deleted
My sides. I'm glad it's gone, though.

>> No.9756201
File: 86 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1515011753880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I'm a diaperloli who's been kink shamed hard

>> No.9756202

Lucky bastard. I wish I could've banged my older sister

>> No.9756233

I wear nice gothic and don't get any attention. I wear a casual classic outfit and suddenly compliments pouring out of the woodwork. Go back to Gothic and it's crickets. Slightly bitter.

>> No.9756236
File: 2.15 MB, 1152x648, Gronk laugh.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't eat these, or else

>> No.9756284
File: 109 KB, 550x550, ayyokay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>COMM MOTHER: "Do you wear bloomers or diapers?"
>ME: "Depends."
>mfw the whole comm dies laughing

>> No.9756316

I'll explain
>Christmas Cake
>You know she puts out
>After being a single mom with no time to herself for so long, she hongry
>Ya o' dang ol', tig ol' biddies, mang /Boomhower.mp3

There is a wide range of 'milf' and what it means to like them.
I like older women but I wouldn't say I prefer them, I'm not into having kids of my own so all of it's just a nice fantasy.
I'm not into the whole mommy gf thing, that's just weird ageplay bs.

On topic, I'm back to my 'ohshit' weight and not even my normie clothes fit.
Soo I just got in new lolita and none of it fits my gigantor arms or tits.
I feel like a monster.
Yoga at night, gym in the morning, and cut back on all the stupid shit I shove down my fat facehole. I'm so done.

>> No.9756357

Thank you. I'll be fine. I've been saving up to treat myself to a nice dress so I'm excited to see what I'll buy. I hope you can make a friend soon into cosplay that's not shady. It's also really reassuring to see someone stop and think about if they want to associate with people like that.

>> No.9756373

It'd be funny as fuck if there was some kind of news story being done on Lolita, and for whatever reason they came to /cgl/ and screencapped this post as an example of the community.

>> No.9756463


>> No.9756482

>what is an ita/makeup disaster thread

>> No.9756486
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My seller has taken almost a week to send me my paypal invoice and with the way it looks I'll probably get my package from oceania I bought the same day before I even get shipping confirmation from her. It'd be fine but I need it in time for the con I'm going to in 3 weeks and usps sure loves to take its sweet time

>> No.9756492

Taping + contouring + hiding the roundness with strategically placed wig hair (and glueing it in place) if your wig is long enough

Works fine for me and my face is pretty round/broad. Learn the natural contours of your face and work around them. Watch plenty tutorials if you feel the need but keep in mind what works for someone else might not work for you. Just practice till you're happy.

>> No.9756557

*pushes this garbage thread closer to death*

>> No.9756573

I was kinda looking forward to participating in White Day gift exchange, but then I remembered I would have to use my real name, and I suddenly lost all the will to partake.
It's not even the anonymity part, it's just how much I hate my name. It bothers me whenever I have use it officially, but also I can't have the name I really use in daily life on packages, because I wouldn't be able to pick them up without a matching ID with the same name.

>> No.9756616


>> No.9756665

fuck it, jump to this one so we don't have 3 threads on the catalog

>> No.9756668

You should check your post office's rules. I can pick up a package as long as my ID address matches the package address, regardless of name on it. I always give a fake name for this kind of stuff.

>> No.9756680

>mfw when I embroidered someone's name for gift exchange

>> No.9756684

Tough luck, I don't have any ID with address in this country.

>> No.9756698

>small but public lolita meet coming up held in a park
>first meet I will be available to attend since I moved to this state
>don't know anyone, and I'm a pathetic anxious person
>don't want to show up in bodyline and give bad first impressions
>but not sure if I want to wear my nice brand to a wooded area potentially with dogs and dirt nearby

>> No.9756751

Could you wear a bodyline skirt or dress with brand blouse, bag or headwear? Something less likely to get dirty.
I doubt most of the comm will wear their best pieces to a meet like that anyway.

>> No.9756755

unless you're going mountain hiking on a rainy day or something it's pretty save to wear your clothes outside

>> No.9756764
File: 55 KB, 640x480, 1A9846E6-743B-48E6-9E86-1EDFE56F8C3C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get a sum of money from my grandma dying
>know I should invest it in a savings account for my future or some shit
>but it’s so fucking tempting to just blow it all on jfash

>> No.9756803

Save 75% use the rest towards something for yourself.

>> No.9761068

>three months ago.

This is older than /r9k/, actually. /a/ and /fit/ drop in every time AX or other big cons come around because of the slutty seagull meme.

the ~official~ /cgl/ meet at AX a few years ago (2015, I think) was basically just a a bunch of horny crossboarders in plainclothes all looking for girls.

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