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Old gen >>9750016

Starting with a little lolita updates dump.

IW posted this spread from Tulle.

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Boystyle (??) outfit from Miho Matsuda

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Balsamic Moon is open for orders on their Minne shop

*note: I have not bought stuff from them personally.

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If you're in Osaka, Atelier Pierrot is having a sale on select Pina~sweetcollection~ stuff. (Sale does not seem to be on their webshop, boo)

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This collab with Meta opens for orders Jan 31st

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Here's the matching accessories to >>9754524

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My God that's cute. Why have I never bought from IW before

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lolicunts making too many generals, again

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AP twitter shared this image of Dolls Tea Party.

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Whoops dropped my image, sorry.

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Baby is releasing something called SA・KU・RA Celestial Maiden

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Who is this new model? She looks really cute.

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This series is SA・KU・RA色のTea Time柄

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Sorry, I have no idea. They didn't note it on the dress page.


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Last one.

Posting this image because it's a $40 hair pin.

SA KU RA Celestial Maiden and iro tea time is on btssb's reservation page if you want to see more.

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>Posting this image because it's a $40 hair pin.

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And a non-update, here's more pics of that Moitie dress along with a doll. They will be on display at Miku Vampire Fest


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IW is doing another Winter Sale starting on the 19th. Different stock, maybe? All I know is that I need to stop!

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MmMs version looks like god tier in comparison to the doll's dress

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I started seeing a girl and she's into this shit so I'm lurking here for gift inspiration. Is the angelic pretty usa website reasonable to buy things from or is it second hand stuff? Do I need to go to the source? I have money, I'm just clueless.

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And everyone thought Moitie was going to do a bad job. This is lovely.

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Buy stuff you know she already likes. Most of us probably have a watch list going on egl.circlly.com, so if you happen to have access to her computer for a second, it might be worth poking around for style inspiration. I think for a gift I'd probably buy new straight from the brand-- you can buy smaller things like socks and accessories if you don't wanna drop the money on a dress. Also, you probably want to figure out what her measurements are if you wanna get a dress.

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I meant more along the lines of is the AP Usa website an okay place to buy shit from? I don't want to get scammed with some Wish chinese shit. I already know she likes AP stuff. I'm just not sure where to actually buy it.

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Oh, in that case yes the AP usa web site is legit.

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>tfw no cute clueless bf to buy you brandwhore stuff

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We don't know if he's cute or not.

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Begone Satan

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Is this a longer-length dress or is the model just really short?

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I've hit up their sales so many times I have a few dresses in multiple colourways. I really should stop too -- but if they put that strawberry dress back in I might just get another colourway, the one I wanted was sold out the last time.

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No, this is terrible, anon. 700USD for a cosplay-tier dress? The doll dress looks way better than the Lolita one. I'm so sad...

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>having to buy stuff for her to see a girl

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>cosplay-tier dress
It is literally meant to be a cosplay, retard

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you're an idiot
that general was bait and ruined from the beginning so it's been forsaken.

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>cosplayers often have generals for every damn country in existence up at the same time
>lolitas ignore a bait thread and start a new general

Why do cosplayers have such sandy vaginas?

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Kind of just want that fan, honestly

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Can any anons with physical drop aprons tell me about their quality? I'd really like to pick one up

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Those aren't cosplay threads newfag

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Nayrt but they're mostly about cons and cosplay, and in my regional comm you can't even mention lolita without getting screeched at. They're practically cosplay threads.

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*regional thread

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Considering how hostile they are to any lolita discussion, they're either cosplay/con threads or LARP threads. Somehow I doubt the latter very much.

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Go back to your corner of the board faggot.

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I'm not >>9754527
I'm a lolita and I talk about lolita in my country's thread sometimes

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We still use the other general, I'm sorry it triggered your homophobia so hard

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Not wanting to provide crossboarders with fap fodder isn’t homophobia.

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What do you all talk about on the discord? Is it any better than RC

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>normal lolita photos except with two girls that you know are dating
>fap fodder
it's like you didn't even read the thread and just bitch because you really hate lesbians or something
oh wait--

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found this gold while mucking around on lolita history. From an interview Novala did in GLB 6.
what do you gulls think about him? He's kind of a wacko imho but in a good way

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op of the lolita thread - not a crossboarder, you're just homphobic or salty. You all could have easily ignored the tfw no gf comment but nope, had to make two gens.
Useless gulls.

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I don't really care for his taste in fashion, his writing is my main point of interest; it's tacky and I love it a lot. Not even ironically, I recognize that it's over the top and ridiculous at times and I still love it. The fact SP/VR included an essay written by him made me incredibly happy.

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Baby hopping on some Qi-ish details? That's pretty dang cute

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Continuing the "news", Antique Beast is currently open for orders.

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Found it. Apparently her name is Yurisa and she seems Korean based on her Twitter.

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Maybe they'll replace Risa soon!

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baby isn’t the one who uses risa all the time

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Nobody cares. That's not there primary purpose of existing.

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Why do you feel like you found something special? We've all seen those scans before

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I wish my boyfriend of 5 years would take this kind of initiative

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You do realise that they're bad translations? His ""tacky"" writing won literature awards and briefly gave lolita mainstream popularity

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Which one

All it takes is one person to not ignore it and you know full fucking well this board's full of dipshits incapable of that. So yeah, some of us ignored it while the rest took the motherfucking bait as always.

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Undermining the relationship of two adults as “fap fodder”, but you’re not homophobic? You may not be overtly homophobic, but the sentiment is certainly there.

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Even in Japanese, he's tacky. A lot of his prose is very purple and not equatable to mainstream Japanese "literature," honestly.
Tacky doesn't equal bad, so I'm not sure why you're so upset.

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it's not tacky in japanese

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When will cgl learn. I genuinely didnt mean to derail like 3 generals. Just figured I was online and should start one.

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You can get a gift card from there too.

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She is, she couldn't even get past her feelings enough to read the thread. In the beginning it got shit up by people complaining about lesbians and tfw no gf, but then it just went back to normal.

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I've been thinking about opening a small lolita shop online to sell accessories and I don't think I'd be big enough to really have my own independent website. I notice a lot of indie brands go with StoreEnvy and sometimes Etsy. I've also looked into Tictail and have heard good things about their fees, which seem very low. I used to sell items unrelated to lolita on eBay long ago and their fees are suffocating these days, so I'd like to avoid sites that really dig into profit.

Where does most of the lolita community generally go to sell on these "handmade" shopping sites? Are they more on Etsy or Storeenvy these days? Also, which platform do you most frequently search for indie brands or lolita accessories?

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Why are Baby novelty items so goddamn weird, why can't they just make an usa wristlet instead of a hand puppet??? So close yet so far away

>> No.9754997

How are you supposed to fist a wristlet and look it in the eye at the same time?

>> No.9754998

I thought about modifying it but that was the horrifying conclusion I came to. Storing my stuff in a little bear vag

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>Storing my stuff in a little bear vag

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nu risa

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Do you think it's intentional that their novelty items always look suspect around the groin area?

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closeted homophobes are the funniest desu everything they say always boils down to
>i'm not homophobic but [homophobic remark]

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stop it you fucks, stop guzzling the bait like its your last meal

>> No.9755078

stop it you duck, stop guzzling the posts about bait like it’s your last meal

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>referring to seagulls as ducks

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Will wearing maxipad headdresses as sweatbands across the forehead be the hip new trend? God I hope so.

goddam do I love these fat wrinkly bunnies

>> No.9755162

She’s modeled for them a lot of times before

>> No.9755173

Yeah I realized after looking her up. I just don't follow Baby all that often.

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The aprons seem to be out of stock anyway

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>Ivory, Pink, Mint, and Lavender

>> No.9755306

I like OG British Crown, but this is ugly as sin.

>> No.9755337


And, once again, I can't figure out what's going on in the bust area, why is there a short white line in the middle of it.

I like how they changed the colours so that the mint dress has green and red crowns and the lavender dress has purple and blue crowns. That's about it, though.

>> No.9755338

I think the white line is the "fur" trim on the crowns

The mint colourways are pretty darn cool though. I do like the rectangle headwear too.

>> No.9755339

I like the lavender.

That line is there to demarcate where the nipples of medium-boobed wearers are going to sit. For big-boobed wearers it's the overbust line.

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I've mostly seen sellers sell to their own area -- either their local comm, or just European sellers mostly catering to European lolitas kinda thing. Makes sense because shipping is a pita for both buyers and sellers, and quite often someone needing an accessory in a hurry is a good reason to buy from a local shop instead of going to taobao and waiting two weeks for it to maybe arrive on time.

For publicity, most of them seem to update frequently on SNS -- usually insta or FB, tumblr seems outdated and twitter doesn't seem quite as popular. You can do the occasional "Hi my shop has new updates" type of posts on lolitaupdates group to get the word out that you have a shop, then post your insta/FB and people will follow you (and hopefully buy something from you further down the line).

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The white line continues in between the crowns, even though the bases of the crowns aren't touching each other enough to form a continuous white line.



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I'm pretty wut at those colors too, anon. I guess mint and ivory are best here and lavender is alright, but that pink is atrocious.

>> No.9755353

why those shitty pastels. I want my jewel tones back.

>> No.9755365

my bad, didn't even look at the jsk, only focused on the op.

>> No.9755371

Ahh, this is pretty! Reminds me a bit of the BTSSB idol collab, which I also love. Just got into Bandori, too! This is going on my wishlist for sure.

>> No.9755372 [DELETED] 

Is this on sale yet?

>> No.9755378

Is this on sale yet? Which site do you order it through?

>> No.9755431

>It is literally meant to be a cosplay, retard
Wh-what? Is it? I though that they were selling as a fashion dress, not as a cosplay. Now the price makes even less sense for me.

>> No.9755435

Ridiculous story it is honestly. Kamijo (of Lareine and Versailles fame) is doing a collaboration song with Miku Hatsune. For some fucking reason they made the design Miku wears in the promotional art into a doll, and they also decided to make a human sized verson of the dress. For reasons beyond me they aproached Moitie to produce the human sized dress.

It makes no sense honestly.

>> No.9755440

If it was a taobao shop or something then yeah the price would seem crazy but $700 is normal if you look at the prices from places like Cospatio. Miku fans in Japan will buy it.

>> No.9755455


Additional layer: the costume designs are by Peach Pit, author/illustrator of Rozen Maiden.

I think they just threw as many celebrities at this that they could, and whoever said yes was whoever got the gig.

>> No.9755457

Miku is extremely popular, she has world wide events where people cosplay different outfits of hers.

>> No.9755460


Info from this page:

Hatsune Miku Vampire Fest begins accepting orders Jan 16th.

MmM official mail order and Wunderwelt begins accepting orders on Feb 1st.

It's a preorder, the final product begins shipping mid-July. Doesn't say whether there's an order limit.

>> No.9755476

Thanks captain obvious. I'm well aware of who Miku is. I'm more confused as to why Moitie (which basically never does collabs) would do a collab with her.

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If you took a lolita from the original old-old-old school lolita scene and said 'this is what lolita is now', what do you think they would say?
The same goes for early 2000s old schoolers. Do you think they would think today's stuff was lolita or nice? Even a 2010 sweet girl looking at the million underskirt trend last year would probably see a disconnect.
I don't really know who could answer this, but what do you think they would say?

>> No.9755490

You sounded confused about why the dress was made

>> No.9755492

Nothing. Westen ones would say they miss livejournal. I've talked with lolitas from over 15 years ago and basically they just dislike some trends more than others. There also used to be a few people (at least in the West) who would argue you're not a lolita if you only own bodyline, I reckon they'd feel the same about taobao.

>> No.9755499


The early lolitas valued quality a lot, I think they'd hate taobao and the Chinese influences. They valued a high quality fabric more than a print (same goes for embellishments like quality lace and appliques). Their goal was also to look more like a doll and to just have fun with some friends and less to become famous with some flashy OTT outfit. They also socialzied a lot outside so an outfit with 10 petticoats, and scepters and what not wouldn't be practical for them.

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File: 233 KB, 560x745, 1488130377449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a taobao dress I really want, but I like being known as one of the girls in my comm who owns a lot of good quality items, and taobao just isn't. I'm just as mad about taobao monopolising the lolita market as anyone else and I feel like I'm buying into something I hate. Should I get the dress? Call me dumb, I don't even care, I'm just torn.

>> No.9755503

I remember people arguing on egl about whether polka dots were acceptable in lolita or not so I'm sure that if you went back in time and showed them modern lolita, especially AP, they'd just say it's not lolita. Not necessarily that it's ugly or anything, just not lolita.

>> No.9755511

If you're torn, don't get it. If you're not 100% into buying it, don't get it.

>> No.9755514

You're full of shit desu. They didn't have the printing techniques back than that they use now, nothing to do with what they valued. You're just making assumptions about people and a time you weren't a part of.

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File: 153 KB, 399x500, 28023197635_0980754efe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's not a taobao dress

A lot of people who own lolita-related media and brands are original old old old school. The woman who worked on Jabberwocky.tokyo, Miel and Eternita is old af and she was one of the original editors of GLB. Pic related is her, with the longest dress.

>> No.9755529

I agree with >>9755511. I'm kind of a brandwhore but sometimes I fall for a particular Taobao piece and 9/10 I end up regretting it. Right now I'm dealing with two pieces I bought that were so low quality that they got damaged before I even really wore them so now I have to sell them at a significant loss. I didn't even get good social media-worthy pics out of them. It's just shitty feelings all around.

>> No.9755530

What brand is it from? It's not the dress I want anyways, I just used it because it's pretty

>> No.9755535

Princess Doll

>> No.9755554

Printing techniques that would've achieved comparable results to modern prints have existed for decades now. Anon's still full of shit, but the reason why border prints weren't popular in the 90's wasn't because they didn't have the technology yet.

>> No.9755557

I didn't say it didn't exist, I said they didn't have it. I mean most lolitas made their own clothes or bought from small brands.

>> No.9755569

cosplay or not, it is supposed to be MMM
to be fair, the design looks good, but it is a bad execution.
Needs a fuller skirt, but it looks rather emulated, flat and hence the "cosplay crap look"

>> No.9755573

The pink is so fucking out of place so why do I need it so much?

>> No.9755590

....the 90s was decades ago

>> No.9755591

Cats broom is pretty quality. You just gotta look.

>> No.9755620
File: 19 KB, 500x360, 70187553-2D62-4ABE-9C60-3C2E51A64164-1230-000001220D3CE1E2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My wardrobe is all black/wine but for some reason, I'm digging the pink. I know most of you gulls think it's fugly, but I love it.

>> No.9755637

Sadly the pieces just are not my style. Thanks though

Thanks anon!

It's like only $14 but I just don't know. It'll almost definitely be too short on me... hmm.

>> No.9755642

Well OP asked for what lolita was like around 2000 or for old-old-old school lolitas (so I guess that includes 90s and 80s as well). So since it wasn't really existent in the west at this point I thought they meant how Japanese lolitas would react and that's what my reply was about. Japanese lolitas. Of course I wasn't part of that, but who was? I saw a lot of old magazine scans and what they would wear back then and I've also read a lot blogs (for example on geocities when it was still around) and based my reply on that.

Prints existed back then, they just were different. It were mostly screen prints or all-over prints. Or embroidery or applique. Of course technology changed the game in prints completely, but that wasn't even my point. I think think that if they had todays technology they'd still prefer their own stuff because it would be completely alien to the zeitgeist.

>> No.9755649

AP could have made bank by rereleasing the original colors. Why put this shit out that will probably hit the sales?

>> No.9755654

Apart from the pink the colours are okay, I'm just wondering why they decided to release worse cuts? What the fuck is the JSK with the weird line across the boob?

>> No.9755655

Well they're under new ownership now, so maybe MmM doing collabs will be the new norm!

>> No.9755656

I think the mint is vomit inducing desu

>> No.9755657

I remember reading similar things regarding fabric and quality from translations and blogs as well - I think this was a concept that was pushed forward by the magazines (probably to justify why the hell everything cost the amount it did back then) more though, rather than values that were held collectively by the girls involved in the fashion back then.

You could argue that on the whole the QA requirements of Japan itself was to a higher standard than the US if you just compare what the two countries considered sellable. Overseas Japan used to have the same reputation that China currently has now but that's a mix of keeping the best shit for themselves and gradually improving things until they improved that perception.

I only say "was" because fast fashion and its shakiness for quality has taken a pretty deep hold there in recent years so I dunno how true or false it is now.

>> No.9755659

These days lolitas also value quality a lot and aren't interested in becoming famous.

>> No.9755687

I love his style. his no makeup too is very old school. it's just chill af and I dig it
have you never seen brand collabs before? IWs Rozen Maiden, Baby's CCS/Tales of Xillia/Macross, Meta's One Piece...
they are pricey and coveted. it's a fusion of fashion and high-end cosplay. Imagine being a gothic lolita and die-hard Miku fan. I'm not, but if I were, this dress would be mine ASAP.

>> No.9755690

the lavender looks like shit

>> No.9755705

It pisses me off how much AP does this, or sometimes how their special sets should be one of the main colours/cuts (I'm looking at you, daydream bed) rather than as a bonus

>> No.9755838

Only one that looks decent is the OP in light blue. Even then, the originals were much better

>> No.9755845

>light blue
Newfag pls.

>> No.9755874

>ugly op design

>> No.9755876

Those color choices are so gross.

>> No.9755884

Buy it because you like the print, then hate yourself when you get it because the quality isn’t brand. I’ve done the same thing. It’s natural to feel tempted by some Taobao prints but they’re just not up to par, on top of being what’s literally killing brand.

>> No.9755903

It depends on the brand. I used to buy a lot of Taobao in 2014-2016 and even when the quality wasn't brand-equivalent it at least was "good enough" - maybe lacking some small details like pockets or custom trim but otherwise really solid and not cheap-looking from a distance. But I don't trust most of the brands popping up out of nowhere on LU these days - what I've seen in person has had blurry prints or weak seams and you can often tell is cheap just from a photo.

If you like the dress, buy it, don't worry about what other girls will think (I've never been in a comm where it'd be a scandal to own a Taobao dress and I can't imagine people would really give a fuck, but then I'm from the UK...). But if you think the quality will really be that shit, go with your gut.

>> No.9755906

If it's $14 it'll be shit. There are $70-$130 dresses on Taobao that are similar to brand (probably similar manufacturing cost to JP brands once you account for cheaper Chinese labour and less overheads) but you can't get a dress as cheap as $14 without skimping on materials and construction, period.

>> No.9756131


The magazines didn't really push the concept of quality. The kind of translation where they say the fabric is nice, has a princess feel, the lace is gorgeous, etc etc -- that's still the same sales drivel that you'd find in the last GLB. If anything I'd say the magazines were really light on emphasising quality, maybe because Japan doesn't have the same issues as the international comm. They don't seem to have issues with brands like Marble, Metamorphose using raschel lace, meanwhile old egl comm would be full of girls trying to educate you on why raschel lace is the devil incarnate.

What the international comm faced was a lot of itas and weebs wearing eBay lace monsters (in a time of no taobao, chinese companies sold expensive crappy replicas through eBay) while whining that burando dresses are too expensive. So every once in a while somebody or another would post a picture of an eBay lace monster next to, say, Baby's Elizabeth OP, and then point out exactly how much difference the lace quality makes. I'd say it was even more serious, because at that time the costume companies pushed "sexy lolita costume" like there was no tomorrow, and the weebs thought arm warmers and leg warmers means an outfit was lolita, and would argue you to death on their "right" to wear whatever shitty thing they wanted and call it lolita. If you've ever wondered why lolitas are so strong on gatekeeping, this is why -- a whole decade of telling different people, "no, armwarmers/cat ears by themselves are not lolita", "no, lolita is not a sex thing", "no, lolita is not cosplay", etc etc.

I don't think the emphasis on quality has changed a whole lot. Taobao is one thing, but one of the hallmarks of recognising a sissy is still how much care he puts into his clothes -- if they're wearing some shiny satin mess it's a pretty safe bet they don't actually care about clothes at all, and didn't join the comm to talk about the clothes they don't care about.

>> No.9756152

I don't think Japan had to push quality in the past as it was already a thing. This is true even for Western culture, our garments made in the past are of better quality. Now that fast fashion is King and is starting to become so in Japan, I think we need to continue pushing it harder than ever because soon we'll have only taobao quality left even with the big brands surviving.

>> No.9756167
File: 73 KB, 500x600, toy_circus_one_piece_gr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck, the toy circus ap dress I was aiming for got sold out. Think it'll get restocked or am I sol and stuck with the wine coloured one?

>> No.9756189

Holy shit how are you this new

>> No.9756196

I fucking hate these cuts
When will AP stop with boring-ass cuts

>> No.9756283

What other anon means is brands don't restock. They might re-release a more popular print, but this was not popular at all iirc.
So your best bet if you're looking for the green op is to try and find it second-hand. Otherwise you'll have to settle for wine.

Also welcome to lolita fashion, newbie.

>> No.9756354
File: 150 KB, 680x1144, IMG_20180118_040438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9756356

Oh fuck. What does it say? I'm hoping there's more cuts and colors than the ones shown?

>> No.9756360

Don't think so anon.

>> No.9756362

Oh it says JSK + KC set, should have said that.

>> No.9756367
File: 108 KB, 480x640, 94dbb8e8-2370-59cc-ae8d-6e4b605990f5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Happens more often than you think. Pic related is a DD for me purely so I can wear it as an actual cosplay.

>> No.9756474

Would anyone mind sharing their experience purchasing secondhand from plus-size lolitas? Particularly items like cardigans, shirred blouses, or boleros?

I'm not trying to start anything, I'm just wondering how susceptible certain items are to getting stretched out (whether they were worn several times or just tried on). I don't want to spend my money on something that will no longer fit me like it might have.

>> No.9756478

You have to ask for the seller to measure it herself instead of looking at lolibrary measurements

>> No.9756610

I want to know what you think is an interesting cut

>> No.9756621

Maybe they're use to taobao and bodyline restocking?

>> No.9756622

Meta do restock sometimes, to be fair, and IW do too with their seasonal autumn/spring restocks. It's definitely not a common thing though.

>> No.9756638

the cut for this is fucking beautiful. But goddamn, that print is foul. AP what the fuck are you doing.

>> No.9756642

Agreed. If I didn’t know that was AP I’d think it was Infanta.

>> No.9756726

Does anyone have experience with a SS suspending their account during active bidding? I lost out on a dream dress because FJ suspended my account and I couldn't increase my bid further, with almost 40k tied up in the suction I couldn't just drop another 40k with another service.

>> No.9756756

It depends on the item to be totally honest. Shirring from item to item can be more constricting or forgiving depending on how they made the dress/blouse. For example, I have a nearly full shirring JetJ OP I bought off a plus sized lolita. She was bigger than me, but the shirring isn't at all stretched out because it's more forgiving. For things like cardigans, I can tell you just based off my own boobs that cardigans are more susceptible to stretching because of the material often used. Unless you are similar in bust measurements to the person you're buying the cardi from or it's nearly unworn, I wouldn't risk it

>> No.9756776

Did you not pay an invoice or something? The only time I've ever had FJ suspend my account was when I didn't pay an invoice that my agent incorrectly sent to me.

>> No.9756867

No, I'm all paid up to date. I messaged as soon as I realised but haven't received a response and my PayPal and bank accounts are fine.

I opened a claim when they sent me the wrong goods under their buyer protection plan last year, but unless they're suddenly holding a grudge about that but have let me place 6 orders since since, I'm a bit confused.

>> No.9756997

Hi /cgl/.

My bf is a brolita and Valentine's Day is approaching. What are some good romantic things to do with my bf?

>> No.9757000

Tell him to man up.

>> No.9757006

Oh shut up

>> No.9757011

Kill yourself.

>> No.9757037

Go see a movie together? Go to a cute cafe/high tea? Do usual cute date/meet ideas, it's hard to tell you what to do without knowing you.

are you L & S by any chance?

>> No.9757039
File: 210 KB, 900x602, ce4711559f1c3280aecaa9424b0a4923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9757042

nayrt, but who are L&S?

>> No.9757053

Larry and Sissy

>> No.9757068

What height are Triple Fortune's tights suitable for? I'm 178cm tall.

>> No.9757075

I'm so sorry this happened to you anon. IMO, FJ used to be good before getting really shitty bc of their hidden fees and just general shadiness.

>> No.9757082

I only own one pair (the violet ones) and they fit pretty exactly on me (163cm with short legs), they could stretch a bit higher but I don't know if they'd go as far as 178cm.

>> No.9757124


>> No.9757132

Stay inside. No one wants to see that.

>> No.9757149

Most people on LU liked the new JSK cut more. The pink and mint clash terribly with the print though.

>> No.9757175

How do people feel about purchasing from sellers with little/no feedback?

One of my dream dresses is up on yahoo auctions, an expensive one, but the seller only has 2 buyer feedback. None for them as a seller. There are proof pictures though.

From Japan doesn't let you use the buyer protection plan for sellers with less than 100 feedback, so you're basically screwed if anything happens. What do?

>> No.9757223

Sounds kind of like a gamble, anon. I think you should treat it that way. If you're willing to potentially part with the money, do it.

>> No.9757224

Thank you, anons, both very helpful

>> No.9757271
File: 61 KB, 600x400, f0114717_20263984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Victorian Maiden posted operating hours for trying on their new S/S releases in their press room


There's a list of upcoming releases, but they all say "reservation to be announced later"

- Rococo Bouquet Lacey Doll Dress (Rococo Blue)
- Rococo Bouquet Apron Frill Long Dress (Rococo Mint)
- 20th anniversary commemorative dress "Victorian maiden" (Ivory · Bordeaux)
- Victorian Queen Big T-shirt (Black · Sapphire)

Figured the VM anons would like to know, especially with the 20th anniversary dress.

>> No.9757274
File: 94 KB, 453x680, DP8y_bWUMAAYTq-.jpg-small.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9757283

I will do it with western buyers because I can at least have recourse if they suck, but I wouldn't do this in a situation where I'm going through an SS

>> No.9757299

I'm 160cm so not the most useful reply you might get, but when I took a picture of all my legwear laid out the TF tights were the longest, longer than my IW and Leur Getter ones (which are all the brand tights I own currently). However I ended up selling my black TF tights as even being a smaller person the black thinned out far more than I'd like around my calves, much more than my IW black tights which still look black when worn. So while they may have more length I don't think they're great in terms of stretch. Not as much an issue with their light tights, I'm still in love with those.

>> No.9757303

Why are you guys so fucking hostile about this?

>> No.9757304


Just gonna mention Haenuli tights in case you didn't know about them. They're so long that some shorter, smaller girls complain about it being loose and pooling around their ankles. Might be a better choice than TF tights.

>> No.9757305

Lurk more newfag

>> No.9757320

Bad experiences have convinced everyone every brolita is just a sissy kinkster trying to involve strangers into their sex roleplay. There's a very prominent example where a brolita took pictures of girls in his comm and added rp text relating to sissification humiliation.

>> No.9757352

Can you use a forwarding service for IW? If yes can you order through the cart or do you have to use the form?

>> No.9757367


The main issue is international CC -- I've been unable to check out using their site. I guess you can give it a shot, but I think their website's CC processor may not be set up to take international credit cards.

As for the forwarder, yes, you can request they ship it to Tenso. If you pay via paypal just make sure the "ship to" address is the same as Tenso's address (that you input on the form).

>> No.9757420

Laverne and Shirley

>> No.9757432
File: 888 KB, 1280x1826, celestial dress op.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where can I find cross necklace similar to the one risa is wearing. I've searched on taobao but they don't have those simple golden x white ones. I'm also not sure those are from AP since other japanese brands uses similar ones to accessorize their dresses (ex: boz, vm).
I'd appreciate anybody's help in that (silly) matter

>> No.9757441

like this?

>> No.9757469

Rosemarie seoir has nice cross accessories for sweet

>> No.9757475

I guess this would be a cheap fix until i find those beautiful rosemarie seoir crosses like this anon >>9757469 recommended me.
Thanks to both of you

>> No.9757476

It says Celestial necklace anon.

>> No.9757479

Thank you, anons. The tights are light in colour so I'm going to take the risk. I really appreciate your help!

>> No.9757547

Oh right, I forgot how cool and awesome it is to be rude to people because you don't like what they're doing.
Do you scream memes at homeless on the street, or what is your deal exactly?

Figures. I wish people get upset about the other part of that question but the way people think here is unreal. Like if she and her bf are lolitas - why don't they already have something in mind to do?

Why the fuck do people have so much trouble with this hobby?

>> No.9757566

>why don't they already have something in mind to do?
They want us to talk about what we would do on valentine's, maybe even share real life stories, so they can jerk off to it.

>> No.9757574

the gf (or bf?) isn't a lolita, from my understanding. maybe a cosplayer?
has he ever expressed interest in you dressing up with him? the best thing I can think of is, whether or not you try out ega/egl, is plan to take him some place nice or plan something fancy. that way he has a good setting to don his best coord.
you can keep it a surprise and just tell him to put together a fancy coord. and you yourself can wear whatever makes you feel fancy and romantic. then enjoy your night!
Lolitas love good food, good tea, or good desserts. treat him to any of those things so he feels fancy af.

>> No.9757580

god you're naive

>> No.9757593

honey, if someone's actually getting off to descriptions of dinner plans then I don't know what to tell you.
op is likely a visitor but I really don't see perversion as the motive. maybe brolita gender bait, but jic a cute brolita out there could have a beautiful vday, I shared advice.

>> No.9757606

The colorways except the original ivory don't suit the print imo. I would have preferred a new Emerald Green or Deep Purple rather than these pastel colours....

>> No.9757613

They didn't phrase their question like that. They seemed like they were getting suggestions on what to do with their bf.

Are you trying to imply they're a larper?

>> No.9757647
File: 89 KB, 842x1496, IMG-20180112-WA0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Outsider male here

I'm dating this girl I didn't know was a Lolita. Im a nerd but had no idea what it was, browsing this board have helped a lot. However it didn't really bother me at first I'm starting to get a little creeped about by it. Not by her but myself.

Her style is very childish and she basically look like a little girl, it doesn't look Victorian, it mostly feels like she's wearing dresses that looks like the ones little girls wear. She almost behaves/sounds like a little girl when wearing it also. She also has a doll collection. It makes me feel like she's a grown woman who wanna be a little girl princess. It's kinda sweet but there is problem.

I'm creeped out by myself dating this kind of person, it makes me feel like such a pedo because I'm liking it so much. I love how innocent and sweet she looks and behaves, but it's makes me feel like a huge pedo.

How do I deal with this?

>> No.9757653

>she's wearing dresses that looks like the ones little girls wear
I really wish I could see how lolita resembles children's clothing. Other than being bright colours and having prints as with sweet, I genuinely don't see how people can compare the two.

If she acts differently when wearing it that's is something strange on its own.

>> No.9757664

>If she acts differently when wearing it that's is something strange on its own.
What this anon said.
If it's true then it's just something that this girl does, not anything directly related to lolita fashion. Putting on fake personas is actually frowned upon in the community.
In any case, it's possible you like the fashion and maybe the way this girl dresses herself specifically but if you're uncomfortable with her behavior then you should either discuss it with her or reconsider your relationship.

>> No.9757668

>dating grown woman
>worried he's sexually attracted to children
this is the most ridiculous bait.

>> No.9757671

This may be b8 but if it's legit then >>9757668. Pedos don't tend to be attracted to actual adults.
However, if she's really putting on a persona when she wears lolita then that's a little strange and honestly unwelcome in the community.

>> No.9757674

>I'm creeped out by myself dating this kind of person, it makes me feel like such a pedo because I'm liking it so much.
>I love how innocent and sweet she looks and behaves, but it's makes me feel like a huge pedo
This is so poorly written.

>It's kinda sweet but there is problem.
What country do you reside in cause it's not America.

>> No.9757677

>Pedos don't tend to be attracted to actual adults.
I'm not sure why this is so commonly thought. Its really strange how pedos are depicted.. Anyway- my dad is a pedo and I was exposed to the child porn industry in my teens. A lot of the "pedos" were also into teens or girls/guys in their 20s but mostly girls.

It may seem far fetched to some but pedos do have their own little groups where they talk about what they like and little kids are usually just one of the many depraved things they enjoy.

>> No.9757713

the point is that it is illogical that baitman upthread is concluding he must like children because he enjoys the colorful, innocent aesthetic of his pretend gf. who is an adult.

he would have known by now if he was a disgusting pedophile. an aroused response from seeing/thinking about an actual child is the giveaway.

What are some motifs y'all are hoping to see from brand spring releases?

>> No.9757714

I'm excited for florals for spring! It'll be groundbreaking.

>> No.9757718

Berry prints. I know they're often super loud but I need me my berry prints.

>> No.9757722

Same, I'm super pumped for AP's new strawberry print.

I'm also thrilled that IW seems to be releasing some really cute spring stuff. I'm hoping Fujiwara will really nail a floral print this year. Last year's floral prints didn't really do anything for me.

>> No.9757724
File: 422 KB, 245x175, looking at you ap.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel this about berry and gingham, haha. AP's new prints do look cute though.

I'm looking forward to some sailor pieces! I'm such a sucker for sailor. Hoping Meta's aren't very odd this year.

>> No.9757784

I don’t even care how played out and predictable it is, I love florals, berries and gingham for spring. I’m a sucker for gingham and daisies in particular so I’m hoping for something combining those two this year, although hopefully a bit more toned down than AP’s Cherry Marguerite.

>> No.9757873

Unless she's like 4'11" and babyfaced I kind of doubt she legit looks like a little girl, although I get why it might make you feel uncomfortable. If you think she looks cute and are uncomfortable with that, is it because you're turned on by her looking innocent/girly/cute, or just because it looks cute? If you find it cute in a non-sexual way it's really not weird.

>> No.9757874

I was hoping for some classic sailor pieces in light colours (sax/dusty blue>navy) but with VM and Excentrique both gone I don't know if I'll get my wish.

>> No.9757936

>he would have known by now if he was a disgusting pedophile
Polite sage cause I appreciate you not trying to deliberately derail... But he wouldn't actually and most people into this think its perfectly fine and they aren't like coming out as pedos to be accepted.

Be thankful you don't know these things though but please don't try to be educational on the subject.

>> No.9757944

I have an Angelic Pretty OP that I bought new and have never worn, and when I decided to sell it and took it out of my closet I saw that the elastic in the sleeve cuffs had sort of disintegrated (the rubber broke down or something) and they're all stretched out looking and awful. All I can think is that maybe the manufacturer used old or improperly stored elastic because I've never had something like this happen before.

I thought I could just replace the elastic but it's actually sewn into the seam with an overlock stitch in places rather than set in a continuous tubing, so after partially picking one sleeve apart I decided to stop before I made it worse.

At this point I don't really know what to do with it, would somebody buy a damaged dress as long as I had clear photos of the damage? I know I won't get much for it in any case but I'd rather it went to someone who was going to fix or alter it than straight to the Halloween rack at Goodwill.

>> No.9757947

Take it to a tailor and get the elastic replaced. I had to do that with an OP from the mid-2000's and it cost me like $20

>> No.9757975
File: 22 KB, 500x334, e16c66e2711403b666efa6dde948ada8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where can I find cute lingerie that doesn't cost as much as my main-pieces? Pls no taobao

>> No.9757984

>would somebody buy a damaged dress as long as I had clear photos of the damage
yes absolutely

>> No.9757991


>> No.9757999

These look like the fugly bras I can get anywhere in the world

Much better, but I'm looking for a cute style that goes with my lolita wardrobe.

I feel like a lot of the lingerie in my country is too sexy for what I want.

>> No.9758004
File: 164 KB, 1500x1500, Souriceau-chamade-turquoise.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe I'm looking for something more old-fashioned (I'm not knowledgeable about the history of lingerie)

>> No.9758013

ntaryt but you're being pretty rude for someone who's example pic looked like a satin sissy diaper

the main site selling vintage repro lingerie is this, but most of their stuff leans more pinup and less cute

>> No.9758014

Agent Provocateur or nothing senpai. If you're poor wait for their sales.

>> No.9758015

I think they went out of business


>> No.9758017

How old is the elastic? This happened to me with a fully shirred IW dress where the top and bottom just disintegrated after 10 years. I had a friend replace the elastic for me and she sent me pictures of it where it looked like dry rotted bike tires. It just happens sometimes to rubber in dry environments.

The shirring in my IW dress was the same as you're describing so if you take it to a tailor/dry cleaner then they should be able to replace it professionally.

>> No.9758018

>i think they went out of business

Agent provocateur has not gone out of business lel, are you retarded?

>> No.9758019

No, I just read that they went out of business last year and their locations in my country are gone

>> No.9758020

A quick google search would have saved you from looking like a retard.

>> No.9758021

Google Translate search for "kawaii lingerie" on Rakuten:

>> No.9758023

They're in administration/bankruptcy right now. They had to close a bunch of stores and was sold to another private equity firm.

>> No.9758026

A quick google search showed me that people believed they were going out of bussiness, and they did close down in my country. But I could buy from their webshop. I'm sorry again I guess??

Thank you

>> No.9758030

You can buy it online, exactly. I really don't get why this is so difficult for you to comprehend considering you'd be buying the other stuff online too.

>> No.9758035
File: 210 KB, 804x750, midorifukasawa_BY-e4Pqlptq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess I'm retarded for thinking they went out of business because I saw their physical locations close down and read they went out of business. Sad Midori for going too much off-topic.

>> No.9758042

Does anyone know if there's a way to tell the year/season a Jane Marple piece was released from the garment tag? I'm trying to get a date on a fairly nondescript solid piece I picked up secondhand that's not on lolibrary.

Just got my order in. Fingers crossed that the item I went for isn't sold out like last sale.

>> No.9758044

Is it safe to verify/link your PayPal account on Lace Market? Sorry for the silly question. I just want to ensure that my pp information is safe.

>> No.9758045

Yeah, you are pretty retarded for continuing to post that when google shows them still selling stuff.

>> No.9758048

Newfag, use the stupid questions thread for fucks sake. But no, it's not.

>> No.9758051


>> No.9758061

Gulls just looking for a fight like always

>> No.9758062


You need to lurk more if you think a few responses that don't even include "kill yourself" is a fight here.

>> No.9758063

They are looking for an argument which is common here. Nobody is even disagreeing with them lol.

>> No.9758064

Lazy Oaf does lingerie and roomwear now and some of it's cute (pyjama shorts have heart pockets), but it's not that cheap:

Try searching keywords like "ruffle bralette" "polka dot" or "satin french knickers" or something on whatever sites are local to your country to filter out all the mesh thongs and w/e.

I looked through everything on some other sites since I need new bras too but it's really hard to find nice daily stuff.

Also here's a list of Japanese lingerie brands:

>> No.9758067

Kill yourself.

>> No.9758069
File: 2.73 MB, 445x250, EnormousFinishedIguana-size_restricted.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ho shit

>> No.9758075
File: 63 KB, 640x694, boe433_c03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not OP but holy shit, some of these are so cute and the size range is way wider than I expected! 3000-something yen + shipping is still cheaper than a bra in my weird size would be in my country, wow.


>> No.9758083


>> No.9758100

I posted this last time it was asked, but intesucre has really cute stuff.

>> No.9758104

Take pics anon. I'm sure a lolibrarian or gull could find it for you.
>Really I'm volunteering to help you find it too

>> No.9758136

Skulls, trains, or stopwatches/ clocks

I basically only buy from AATP in the fall at this point in my lolita journey. Was liking meta a couple years ago but lately they're too princessy

>> No.9758305

I want more prints with little chicks. I just love chickens in general.

>> No.9758354

I really wish birds were more of a print featured animal (other than Meta's occassional swans). There are so many varieties of birds that I feel like the possibilities are endless. While I may never get my dream print of more exotic species, I hope every year that IW/Meta/Baby will come out with a pleasing spring songbird print.

Like, nothing wrong with cats and deer and bunnies, I'm just a crazy bird lady and would love something other than Taobao that primarily features birds.

>> No.9758372

Nayrt but this is actually a good idea, especially since just about every substyle has numerous different bird species that would go with it. I want more bird prints now too.

>> No.9758375

I would kill for a cutesy quality chicken purse.

>> No.9758382

Still waiting for somebody to do a banana print.

>> No.9758386
File: 5 KB, 194x259, dreamy chick chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AP made this bag, but it's a little too sweet for most of my country lolita things.
Still want it though of course.

>> No.9758393

I thought I was the only one waiting on this.

Innocent world need to do this, their animal prints are my favourite

>> No.9758398

Innocent World would be my number one choice as well, though I'd love to see what Meta would do.

I think hummingbirds would be amazing. They're so cute and colorful, there would be so many possibilities!

>> No.9758399

i bought a skirt from a fat girl she suspiciously listed as "very plus size friendly", it was a half shirred waist skirt from meta
arrives with the elastic DEAD af, completely worn out and had to be replaced. fit like any other brand skirt after 65-75cm waist rather than 100cm or more. i didnt want to file an unlisted damages claim so i let it go

>> No.9758400
File: 18 KB, 300x300, chicken purse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not burando, but there was a Betsey Johnson chicken purse.

Not exactly cutesy, but certainly a chicken purse and likely of okay/good quality.

>> No.9758415

That material on the body looks wierd. I'll keep an eye out for it. Thanks Anon.

>> No.9758462

I have an offbrand chicken purse that I personally think is will and cute AF.

I've never used it in lolita but I occasionally use it with normie outfits. Will post pic tomorrow

>> No.9758583

Is depop a good platform to sell lolita, other j-fashions and general weeb stuff?

>> No.9758672

I have never even heard of it

>> No.9758689


>> No.9758755

Is there any way to contact Japanpost without having to phone them?

>> No.9758760
File: 87 KB, 922x960, 26805199_1115927978548326_4036505133561468831_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

guess who decided to rear its ugly bald head at SS now?

>> No.9758762

bees please, not even fucking joking give me a cute bee print

meta still makes sailor but they usually stick to darks, now I'd kinda like a sax sailor dress as well damn

huh, isn't it saturday

>> No.9758770

Not a lot of lolitas sell on there afaik but I think it's worth a shot. For jfashion, especially anything cute, it's pretty good. I'd say you have to be pretty patient to make a sale though. What are you thinking of selling specifically?


>> No.9758783


>> No.9758793


Agent Provocateur still has stores in the US mainly in CA, FL, NV and NY. They closed their boutiques in smaller markets such as Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, and Boston.

>> No.9758809

You should have filed the claim.

>> No.9758811
File: 95 KB, 595x394, 1474839385603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my god, they're fucking stupid. Can't wait to see what Taylor does next.

>> No.9758815

I meant Tyler, oops

>> No.9758825

If you wanted the green OP it is still in stock. The wine colorway is sold out.

>> No.9758836

>weird size
"Wow, might this be the day I find a bra in my size that's cute and affordable?"
>still no 60 band size

>> No.9758892

Bought a full-shirred Meta JSK from a girl on here, she'd tried it on and not liked it, saw from her Facebook that she was pretty large.

No damage to the JSK at all, still fit me well at US size 4. I think someone would have to wear something for a prolonged period of time or really strain the seams to damage it.

>> No.9758932

Thinking something like these. A very simple long-sleeved cut like top right, but with a deeper, more vintage-style V-neck, and nice-quality cotton in a dusty sax. Heck, I'd settle for grey or ivory. Most sailor comes out short-sleeved or with a ton of school/military detailing like buttons so it's unlikely.

I am also a 60 but think they might size small and a 65 could be OK, I'd be surprised if a Japanese brand didn't go that low when Japanese girls are smaller in general (I'm well above average Japanese height).

>> No.9758934
File: 781 KB, 692x748, sailorrr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dropped pic like an idiot.

>> No.9758963

65 is the smallest widely available band size in Japan. If you're a true 60, some 65 should work, provided you can tighten them a bit. I am a 65 but sometimes buy 70s for convenience and when I'm on the rag. Make sure to choose the right cup size if you're going for a sister size, though.

Also, this probably goes without saying, but IME, the cups of Japanese padded bras are noticeably smaller than US/UK brands, even without the inserts. I am a true 65DD/E, but I usually wear a 65F or 70DD/E in Japanese bras. If I want to wear the inserts, I need to go up at least one if not two cup sizes.

>> No.9758965

That's good to know! Someone told me that Japanese cup sizes are the size you'll appear with the bra on and inserts in, not the size of your actual breasts, but I'm not sure if its true.

>> No.9758968
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>bees please
Seriously, this would be a dream

>> No.9758969

>I am a 65 but sometimes buy 70s for convenience and when I'm on the rag.
I don’t understand. Does your ribcage increase in size when you’re on your period? Shouldn’t you be going up a cup size instead?

>> No.9758973

They're stupid enough to use the same tactic twice?

>> No.9758984

I usually buy 65 because getting 60 is just too much of a hassle, but even 65 is rare in my country. I thought Japan might have smaller sizes, but it seems I was only partially right. Might try the 65 ones anyway since they're cute and not expensive.

>> No.9758986

Maybe I should try a Japanese bra. I can never find US bras with small enough cups, except in the kid's section but then the overall proportions are weird because it's for a child's body and not an adult with a flat chest.

>> No.9758987

it's working I guess, she got a copyright strike. Maybe they're trying to break her will to post these vids. I don't like her videos but I do think she's on the right side here, it's not fair.

>> No.9758997

okay but have y'all ever actually found 60 anywhere? I'm an absurd sounding 60E/28DD, and nothing sits *just* right - the closest I've actually ever managed to pick up is a fucking 34C

she got one before as well and successfully contested it (as evidenced by it stating she only has one), I don't see the issue here

>> No.9759002

That might be the case, but I also have no idea.

I bloat up pretty bad the first couple of days and also deal with endometriosis, so around that time I really want to wear the loosest/most comfortable clothing possible.

Yeah, I was very happy to discover 65-70 since it's impossible for me to find them locally, especially cute ones with a bigger cup size.

I'd give it a shot.

>> No.9759004

Wait, the 60 is your underbust in cm right? And 28” is ~70cm. I wear a 28/70C myself and sometimes a 65D but I can’t imagine squeezing myself into a 60cm band size with my 70cm underbust. Am I misunderstanding something?

Anyway I’m having a hard enough time finding a 70cm band size in local stores so I have no idea how you guys manage. I’ve literally never seen a 60cm band size, not even online.

>> No.9759006

28in does not equal 60cm, anon. 28 is a 70 band.
60 is for band sizes of like 23-25".

If you're actually a 28DD, brands like Wacoal, Panache, and Freya are good places to look.

>> No.9759009

How did you find out that that's your size if they didn't have anything in that size?

>> No.9759016

Not that anon, but I'm in the same boat. I got measured by an old lady at a specialty bra shop who said I probably should be wearing a 60E but since it's so rare I could also go with 65D (there's no DD in European sizes). I do notice that the 65D bras I buy get loose in the band very quickly. They're usually fine in the beginning but I almost immediately wear them on the tightest setting and it only goes downhill from there.

28 is not 70. 28 is in fact 60. I have a 70cm underbust as well. Local stores don't carry my size, not even 65D. I try to buy my bras when I'm in the UK where they do have them.

>> No.9759018

28” = 71.12 cm

>> No.9759020

I wonder where dwarfs get bras

>> No.9759022

Are you seriously dumb? 28 INCHES is roughly equivalent to 71cm. 28D = 70D

>> No.9759025

Anon, ask that specialty bra shop if they alter bras. My local shop will actually take in bras if they're stretched out/too big in the band. Only a couple of inches, and only on bras you purchased from them. They replace broken underwires too. But it might be worth your time to ask them.

>> No.9759027

How is there not a dwarf lolita yet?

>> No.9759028

You are all selfish cunts for derailing the thread like this. Asking for lingerie that goes with your lolita coord is one thing. But did you people ever realise that it depends on your country what size you use? It's not even the same in all European countries. And I don't give a fuck.

>> No.9759036
File: 952 KB, 500x281, wrong opinion.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9759043

There is, she posts in CoF

>> No.9759045

Handmade or altered? Now I'm curious.

>> No.9759046

>lolita general
>any remotely dumb question about LOLITA gets a ''google it newfag''
>off-topic discussion about bra size without specifying what country you're in is ok
Good job at making me cum girls

>> No.9759052


>> No.9759065

Amazon. Cleo, Freya, Panache, etc. all sell on Amazon, often at a discounted price, and they all carry 28 bands with cups above a D. They often have really pretty fabrics/lace/prints too. I'm a 28G and amazon has been a lifesaver for me.

>> No.9759096
File: 215 KB, 480x640, sakura_teatime-sx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't feel like looking for the posts that were asking for this but this print is on reserve and has birds

>> No.9759097

It even has different kinds!

>> No.9759100

They were bought out and subsequently their art direction is changing. This is a sign of struggling in the business world. If you have been paying attention, their target market is changing and they're trying to appeal to the younger crowd. Just because they're still operating doesn't mean they're doing well, looks at Sears in the US

>> No.9759102

Think you were misreading stuff

>> No.9759104

This doesn't change the fact that you can still buy them online...?

>> No.9759108

I wasn't, anon assumed that a company had shut down entirely which is untrue.

>> No.9759109
File: 36 KB, 755x567, Size_Chart_Image_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Except the European sizing isn't accurate to measurement in cm? Just look up a bra sizing chart.

>> No.9759111

And then she immediately admitted it was untrue, but you kept harping on about it

>> No.9759112

Welcome to 4chan. You must be new if this is surprising to you.

>> No.9759125

From experience, I can say that a JP 70 is a UK 28, definitely not a 65 or 60. This chart is way off if my bras and the companies that make them are anything to go by.
Wacoal's size chart for example.

>> No.9759142

Well, from experience then, I have a 70cm underbust and a European 70 band size bra is huge on me. Are you suggesting that the entirely common Japanese band size 65 is the barely even produced UK band size 26?

>> No.9759153

it depends on country and brand and you are still off-topic

>> No.9759186

In a saging thread, replying to people who are also off topic by complaining about others being off topic.

>> No.9759234
File: 133 KB, 1075x788, bras.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

US measuring methods are retarded (not only for bras, see: different systems for male and female footwear).
Usually unberbust +0 or +4 is used for band, with some brands using charts that fall somewhere in between. Some brands eve measure it above the breasts. It's a mess in US. There's no standardization.
For cups, in the Anglosphere the A cup is a difference in 1 inch to band (around 5.5 in to underbust), and goes up in steps of one inch. The naming above D is mess again.

EU, Japan, and Korea abide to strict (inter)national standards.
Band sizes are underbust measurement rounded to 5 cm, simple as that.
Cup sizes differ a little.
EU starts at 11±1 cm for AA cup, and the difference is 2 cm for each size above. No letters are doubled except for initial AA.
Japan and Korea goes in steps of 2.5 cm, AA being 7.5±1.25 cm, Korea additionally has one step lower, AAA at 5 cm, but otherwise no letters are doubled.

>> No.9759242

28 is the band size, not underbust size. Subtract 4", then convert to cm, to get the EU/international band size.
28 is 24" underbust, making it almost 61 cm.

But again, US can't get anything right, and not all brands use underbust +4 measurement, so you sometimes can get 28 band that really equals 28" underbust.

Even Wacoal calculates 24" underbust as 28 band.

>> No.9759244

Thanks for explaining this Anon. I know my UK size and my measurements, but I was always intimidated when looking at Japanese bras. Though does this account for all the padding? Like above anon mentioned? When I was looking at C cups at a store in Japan it looked way smaller than my usual, yet that's what I should be according to this chart.

>> No.9759252

>thinking EU countries and brands use the same size

>> No.9759274

Through what I was able to find, apparently Japanese bras come with a lot of padding, which is removable, so you can try going a cup size (or even two) higher, if you plan on keeping the padding.

EU is pretty silly, but it's great when it comes to standards.
Countries using non-standard sizing in the past (e.g. Italy) moved to the EU standard already.
France/Belgium/Spain use EU underbust + 15 cm to calculate band. UK is a special snowflake with imperial system, but they will leave EU soon, so that will solve itself.

>> No.9759301

Yeah, some of it is removable, but there's additional padding made into the foam cups. I likely will just have to try it though, thanks for the advice!

>> No.9759512

That's gorgeous, I would love to see more like that. Also seconding the anon who wants bee prints.

>> No.9759816

You're still pretending like all brands follow those standards

>> No.9760020

I know because I'm familiar with which brands fit me. Most have shirring or waist-ties. It doesn't really matter if it's 1cm too big. When I buy from a lolita brand I don't know well, it sometimes doesn't fit, but I can sell it. With bras, if it's 1cm wrong it can look really bad and/or get uncomfortable. You have to try on a bra to know if it fits exactly. I would only buy them online from a brand that I've bought from before and it's the exact same style/shape as that time.

Oh, and please don't derail another thread.

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