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It's like I wear the same thing every day Edition

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>tfw you go to a con as an imperial officer and a Ladypool puts her leg over your hips so you kinda have to grab that leg and it felt good as fuck

I didn't ask for this but now I love Deadpool and I want to date a cosplayer so bad.

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can we get more hands-on mods this time around?
i'm sick of male posters

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>posting a feels thread when there's already one with over 200 posts

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too bad, we're cosplayers, lolitas, and members of the same communities you are. take it to the farm if you want to be a sexist and have guys banned for no reason.

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I think he read the letter.

In an unrelated feel, I can't wait for spring. I want to wear short sleeves and chiffon without freezing to death. How do cold-climate lolitas deal with this?

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Cold climate here: out of a 50 main piece wardrobe, I have like two short-sleeved blouses (maybe six if you count detachable sleeves) and five short-sleeved OPs. Everything else is long-sleeved because it's rarely hot enough to require short.

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>buy materials to start on new project
>have to wait until the weekend to start because of job and life
gonna be a long work week gulls

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>have supplies, have time, no motivation
>have supplies, no time, all of a sudden want to reconstruct the figurative mona lisa
feels bad man

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Got so depressed over my con crush that I stayed up all night and ate an entire bag of Takis.

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what do takis taste like? I've never had them

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>might have to start paying rent soon
>thinking of all the cosplay, cons, trips, and so on I could have with a few months rent
Why is it so expensive to live

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>I'm a cis girl
>love jfashion, all kinds, as long as its adorable and cute. onepeices are the cutest, long sleeves too.
>I'm tall as shit, broad shoulders
>any time I wear it I feel extreme dysphoria

its cruel to love something so much that will never fit you.

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What are your measurements anon?
I used to have the same problem and it made me depressed as shit. I was into cutesy Liz Lisa type styles and most of their skirts don't even cover my ass, so whenever I tried wearing those styles I just felt like a tall disgusting giant (even though my measurements are pretty much 'model standard' in the West).
It sounds really lame but it honestly made me hate myself so much, when you're overweight at least you can lose weight but I knew I'd never be able to just become shorter.

At first I gave up Jfashion completely, but over time my style slowly became less 'cutesy' and I transitioned into wearing classic lolita. In the beginning it made me sad that I still wasn't able to wear the styles I originally loved, but then I realized how much classic actually fit and flattered me and I started being really confident and happy while wearing it.
What I'm trying to say is, maybe you can find a style that has clothing which would fit your body better?
Innocent World is amazing when it comes to longer length pieces, and a lot of their stuff is still adorable! Please don't give up anon and please don't hate your body or yourself, I promise you there are cute clothes out there that will fit you just fine!

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Girlhood is when you idolize Daria.
Womanhood is when you realize Jane makes more sense.

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>Find out I live 20 minutes away from my /cgl/ crush
>He's nice, has a cool job, and is a gentleman
>Still too anxious to send him a friend request of facebook

Kill me.

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Do it, anon. It's just a social media connection, it might not even lead anywhere, there's really nothing to be anxious about.

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>/cgl/ crush
>nice, has a cool job, and is a gentleman

If its who im thinking of, and you're in the same state as ROFcon and Nekocon, you really should.

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>not quinn

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Just do it, faggot
oh, and you might want to message him about that so he doesn't think he's being added by a random stranger

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He's already got a girlfriend, don't be a home-wrecker, don't be that girl

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>go to local con this sunday
>dressed up as an imperial officer, folks of my fanclub are there, we have lots of fun
>pretty much anime festival, lots of characters
>a 'deadpool family' included
>used to take pics with deadpools because they're fun
>one guy dressed as Ladypool puts his leg right on my dick
>grab his thigh, which is pretty thick
>his suit feels VERY good, pretty leatherish, a heaven for me who loves costuming and touching/grabbing body parts
>pretty much take the pic and spill spaghetti all over it
>hours later, when i'm at home posting and all, I search for his instagram
>end up finding him
>he's from the same city as me
>we dirty talked a little, exchanged numbers on instagram

It was all out of the blue, and now i'm living the dream. I always wanted a cosplayer fuckbuddy.

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>tfw you want to be like Mugi but you're an Azusa and you look like Yui

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The fandom scene is getting faster and faster. Things that were popular last week are old news. Everything is way too fast-paced for me -- I can't keep up. The time constraint for relevancy is shrinking at light speed. Is this just a part of getting older? I'm only 23, but I'm already being left behind.

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>He's already got a girlfriend, don't be a home-wrecker, don't be that girl
but what if he doesn't

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I've felt this way for years, anon. I love the ease of access of today, but I miss the slower pace of my teenage weeb years.

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Anyone have experience ordering taobao cosplay? How's the tailoring?
I'm gonna crossplay and the prices are tempting but I'm worried about the fit.

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Just focus on what you love and keep enjoying it.
Fuck relevancy.

Also, if you hold onto interests long enough they generally become niche and thus in vogue again.

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I miss 2007.

You'll get what you pay for.

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I miss it but I don't think I could deal with it if I went back.

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are you me because i did the same

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A girl in our comm showed us all her nipple piercings at meet.

I know "we're all girls here" but I still don't want to see your swollen nips.

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Actually, he's single again. Since early December. Yes, I facebook stalk him.

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>tfw poor and jelly of the girls in my comm who have their wardrobes and international trips funded by parents or bfs
>husband and I are both doing PhD’s which pay next to nothing
>will probably continue in research which will pay only a tiny bit more than nothing
>tfw highly educated grown ass adult jelly of girls working shitty part time jobs just because their bfs buy them expensive dresses and plane tickets to Japan
I’m pathetic

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Getting guys to buy you shit is so easy though.

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you suggest her to cheat on her husband for pretty clothes?

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Who exactly are we talking about?

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My husband loves me but he’s too responsible to blow money on frivolous expensive gifts when we should be saving up for a house. In the end I know it’s better this way, but I’m still jelly.
>tfw people in comm react surprised when I mention I’m not going to some several day-long event in a different country with the rest of them
>most of them live with their parents and work minimum wage jobs if at all
>how am I the only one in the 21+ group who can’t afford to go to this???

Yeah I’m definitely not going to jeopardize my relationship for burando.

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Maybe one of you should give up on studying and find a job with better salary? Why are you doing this anyway? To feel better with your 'higher education'?

>saving up for a house

Good luck with buying a house in the current economy.

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Coming from a fellow poorfag, I know it sucks, but you just have to deal.
I was able to afford more when I was younger and in school thanks to a cushier job, shared living expenses, etc. so I have a decent wardrobe, but I haven't bought much in the last year.
I've had girls in my comm ask me if I'm new or don't know how to order brand when I'm the one who wrote our mini guides on how to order from half the shops.

Focus on what you really want to do (PhD, husband, house) and try not to let other people's successes or situations drag you down.

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As long as it's not cali or ny, it's not that hard to become a property owner

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daria would fuckin despise /cgl/

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so from this pic i can assume that daria wears no panties. i mean there is no panties or a drawer for them in her wardrobe

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Some people just love research anon, and we should be thankful they exist because they get paid fuck all to find out important stuff.

I work in a field that doesn't pay well but I have a job I love, and I wouldn't trade that for all the burando in the world.

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We don't exactly know the guy or girl in question, if that's what you're asking.

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Well, ROF and Neko are both in Virginia. The only two male crushables on /cgl/ are VAnon and Gropey. 50/50 here.

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I was so sad last night man, I stayed up until 5am reading the Muppet Wiki.

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Gropey broke up with his GF iirc. My bf and I met her once. There was obviously something off like major anxiety issues or something, and she seemed super controlling. He's too nice a guy to not try and make shit work. He's better off without her.
So >>9761850, if it's clown-husband, the bar is set real low. Just be less psycho and fat and offer him tea.
>Inb4 all seagulls are chubby psychos

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Jane is actually the right choice.

>> No.9763076

Kinda dead-end situation. The more I look at lolita community, the more I see it's basically about spending money on stuff, and you seemingly don't have sources for extra income. Idk, this is where being an armchair lolita comes in handy.

>> No.9763094

>armchair lolita
That's not a thing. You can know a lot about lolita but unless you wear the clothes, you're not a lolita by any means. And yes, this fashion is mostly about buying shit because it's fashion; you can create artistic content inspired by it, write about it, listen to the music associated with it and even decorate your house in an aesthetic that matches your personal style, but wearing the clothes is what matters because it's a fashion style.
Kinda like you can't be a goth if you don't listen to goth music, because it's a music-based subculture.

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To be fair, only most seagulls are chubby. We're all psychos here tho.

>That's not a thing. You can know a lot about lolita but unless you wear the clothes, you're not a lolita by any means
Who died and made you gatekeeper?

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So, I've noticed that cosplay and J-fashion wigs tend to be the cheapest on the market by far.
I'm not complaining in the least, but why?

>> No.9763115

I mean, it's not about spending something, it's about buying expensive. We happily get rid of replicas (at least I don't see as much of them as it was before), but now people complain about how taobao has made it cheaper and how people jump the old school bandwagon because it doesn't takes a lot of money. It basically feels that if you want to join the party and being treaten correspondingly, you have to invest into that.

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This has nothing to do with gatekeeping, it's just a simple fact.

Lolita doesn't have to be expensive. Secondhand brand is often cheaper and better quality than new taobao, and investing time, money and effort in something you love is not a bad thing.

>> No.9763121

>it's just a simple fact.
And what authority declared this? Because I never read that in my japanese mags, and you're a nobody.

>> No.9763122

Fingers crossed for clown-husband!

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No, >>9762495 is correct. I'm doing research into degenerative brain diseases and even though it's horribly underpaid, I wouldn't want to give that up just for more money. It's not about elitism.

I'm considering backing off from my comm for a bit because the constant pressure to keep up is getting to me. It sucks though, because I don't have much in common with my colleagues hobby-wise and lolita meetups are my main non-workrelated social interaction.

For me it's not even about not being able to afford the clothes themselves, because I can, only secondhand. I just can't afford to keep up with every new release and attend every international event that half my comm is attending. There are a few girls in my comm who go on holiday to Japan every year, attend brand tea parties and come back with big shopping hauls. I've been wanting to visit Japan since I was a preteen weaboo but school and work always had to come first. It's frustrating because I always told myself that if I just focus on school now, I can earn money and get time off from work later and live out all my weeb dreams. Instead I'm working 50+ hours a week but only get paid for 36, while girls five years younger than me are taken on all expenses paid Tokyo shopping trips by their parents just for graduating high school. I don't even resent them for it but dang, can they take me with them? Maybe I can hide in their luggage.

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>That's not a thing. You can know a lot about lolita but unless you wear the clothes, you're not a lolita by any means
>it's just a simple fact.
You're a cunt, and you're not lolita.

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Is it not simple logic that you have to actively wear a certain fashion style to belong to it? Sorry that hurts your lolita-at-heart feefees but it's the truth.

>> No.9763137

I don't doubt that your opinion, but you may want to delete this before he see's this post. Just saying.

You're wrong, but ok. Whatever makes you happy on the internet.

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Sorry you can't sit with us, anon. Please remember to buy a petticoat before you waste money on wigs and don't attempt OTT as your first coord, you might embarrass yourself.

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So you contribute to the lifestyle thread? You dance ballroom, and sew, and host tea parties regularly? You dress in brand every day and practice perfect etiquette?

If you're not perfectly elegant 100% of the time, you're not lolita.

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NAYRT, but you're not a Lolita if you don't own any Lolita clothes. It's a fashion. That's how it is. Buy a dress, put together some coords or stick to looking at pictures and lurking /cgl/.

People like you are the types that show up at meet-ups in jeans and a T-shirt with your stringy-ass hair pulled back talking about how you're a "loli at heart" and showing people the Bodyline dresses you want that are ~*too expensive*~.

>> No.9763146

Whatever, cuntanon.

>> No.9763151

I do wear brand every day, actually. I never said you had to be perfectly lolita 24/7 to be a part of it though, just wear the clothes, even if it's just on the weekends or otherwise in your free time. Posting on 4chan about how much you know about lolita while having exactly 0 of it in your closet and never actually wearing it doesn't make you a lolita, sorry that realization upsets you.

>> No.9763155

Why are you making all these retarded comparisons? If you don't wear Lolita, you are not a Lolita. End of story. This is a fashion. Liking Lolita and being a practitioner are not the same thing.
There's also a difference between a lifestyler Lolita and a "regular" Lolita, but I guess you can't expect a salty newbie who doesn't even wear the fashion to know that.
Question: If to you, investing in an outfit or two is on par with hosting tea parties regularly, ballroom dancing and being elegant "100% of the time", what the fuck are you even doing trying to break into this subculture? Do you even know what it is? It's clearly not for you. Maybe the prices are a bit steep and you don't want to save, maybe the dresses are too small for you, maybe you just don't see yourself in the clothes but like how they look, who knows? But whatever it is, you're not a Lolita. Sorry.

>> No.9763167

So you're not real lolita. Cool.

>> No.9763170

Are you talking about yourself? It's okay. We understand.

>> No.9763172

Its ok you're not lolita. Really.

>> No.9763173

Non-wearers aren't in charge of making rules, sorry.

>> No.9763178

Neither are nobodies on 4chan. Sorry.

>> No.9763179

Ok sweetie bye haha

>> No.9763181

Can we go back to talking about clownhusband instead of this retarded pissing contest?

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Nothing on ballroom dancing, sewing, tea parties or lifestyle threads. Sorry to burst your bubble.

>> No.9763187


Not that anon sugar. I just think you're a cunt.

>> No.9763193

It is a thing, because a lot of people are comfortiable with only browsing around. And some people comfortiable with having just a few coords and wearing them to the cons only. The size of contribution is just a person's choise, and they aren't any less valid community members to me. You wanna feel better going full lifestyle loli, like going for groceries and walking your dog in ott classic, but it's either your choise. I do respect it, but I don't see a reason to be extra impressed with.

>> No.9763194

I'm not the person you replied to first, either, but great job assuming.
Remember, it's called Lolita fashion.

>> No.9763197

Shhhh. You can be wrong later. We're going back to talking about romancing a clown.

>> No.9763198

>a lot of people are comfortiable with only browsing around.
These people are not Lolita.
>And some people comfortiable with having just a few coords and wearing them to the cons only.
These people are Lolita.
You are Lolita if you own and wear the clothes. That's about it. No one said anything about having to be OTT or going to the grocery store in full garb.

>> No.9763200

>this delusion
Sad to watch.

>> No.9763201

Is everything going on in the thread related back to this one post? I'm sorry you feel that way. There is a lot of secondhand and taobao though. You can also stay away from OTT which drives down cost exponentially. There's no need to feel salty toward anyone. Sure, there might be people who look down on you for only wearing taobao or plainer coordinates, but that shouldn't matter. All that does matter is you're enjoying what you wear.

Any j-fashion, lolita included, is more affordable and practical if you don't need an excuse such as a comm meet to wear it. You don't have to be involved in a comm. Even if you wore nothing but taobao, that's still wearing lolita. Just wear what you enjoy, and wear what you can afford. There's a lot of people on the board wearing that j-fashion and lolita who don't have their boyfriends or parents buying it. It's just too easy to focus on those who do. However, bashing on them is just as bad as the person who bashes on a girl for only being able to afford taobao.

Wear taobao, save money, and you know, one day you might be able to afford one or two dream dresses. It might not be an entire closet of brand, but that shouldn't matter.

>> No.9763202

Delusion about one day having a handsome clown husband who dresses like a character from a Jane Austin novel?

More likely than you think.

>> No.9763206

You know what's even worse? Delusion about being a Lolita at heart.

>> No.9763207

I know, but we won't hold your delusion against you.

Though clown-husband will never love you.

>> No.9763209

>n-n-no u

>> No.9763212

No one claimed you have to be a lifestyle lolita or wear it daily to be a lolita. Please refer to this >>9763151

>> No.9763213

>clown-husband will never love you.
That's a little harsh, anon.

>> No.9763244

What even is this thread?

>> No.9763255

Feels thread
but OP is a faggot, so it doesn't say that in the subject field

>> No.9763290

>met a guy who might wear dandy or lolita if I dressed him up
>really handsome and affectionate
>wears tweed, cable knit sweaters, and sorels on the reg
>just a classy handsome bloke
>doesn't want relationship
>only affection, dates, and fug
>so confused
>but tried being fwb for a week
>can't do this shit
>bottomline: sex=love to me
>returning to celebacy and giving up on possible dandy bf
>we can still be friends...
>just with minimal physical contact

still looking for a sweet, affectionate, erotic bf who appreciates alt fashion. no fug without a ring though.

>> No.9763300

man same anon
met a guy on here who really liked lolita and seemed interested enough in dressing up in aristo or dandy if I helped him, it was great
we got pretty close and he kept making flirty remarks etc., but from past conversations it sounded like he had met up with girls online just to fuck quite a bit before?
I actually started to like him but it seemed like he was just interested in meeting up just to get laid, which I really don't care for...

maybe someday we can both find dedicated dandy bfs ;_;

>> No.9763318

YES! I'm praying for the both of us.
good luck out there, anon.

at least you knew what you wanted and what your limits were and stuck to it. I was looking forward to maybe dressing up for vday with him but I'll just bide my time until someone ready for the long-haul can come along.

>> No.9763347

Sounds like dudes who want all the benefits of a gf but none of the work of a reciprocal relationship. Good on you both for not falling for the "maybe I can change him" meme and moving on instead. Good bfs are out there!

>tfw bf is kind, affectionate, supportive, great relationship etc.
>only wears t-shirts and ill-fitting jeans
>does not care for fashion at all whatsoever
>absolutely hates collared shirts and ties
He's slowly coming around to nice knit sweaters, though. Very slowly.

>> No.9763371

Why do you wanna change him? If he's happy with what he's wearing and you're happy with him, why turn him into your Ken doll?

>> No.9763387

nayrt, what an intense response bro
she doesn't want a ken doll, just to see what his fancy side would be if he tried it. guys usually stick to one casual (often bummy) style if they are worried they won't look nice in anything fancier.
she just wants him to have more outward confidence. nothing too fussy, just dressing up every so often.

notice she didn't say exactly what she wants him to wear. because she doesn't want to force him into a fashion. he clearly doesn't believe in himself enough to try something other than baggy denims and tshirts. he deserves a style journey and she supports that. it's not the monstrous thing you want to see it as. it's actually quite loving and respectful

>> No.9763396

I’m not trying to change him, but I’d like for him to have a few slightly more formal clothing options he feels comfortable in, even if it’s only for job interviews and weddings. I’m not going to force him into Jfash or anything like that. Nice cable knit sweaters matching with my classic coords is just a bonus, not the end goal.

>> No.9763398

That was an intense response, wasn't it? Sorry, I guess I was projecting there.
It's just that my girl moved in with me recently and she's been going around reorganizing the apartment and putting her things in there and going through my wardrobe, while I appreciate it(her nesting instinct I guess) I also feel there's some fucked up dollhouse thing going on, like she's muscling in on my individuality.

>> No.9763403

You've never lived with a girl before, have you?

>> No.9763406

My sisters but that doesn't count, and all my previous roommates have been dudes. This is a first for me.

>> No.9763416

It's half her place now. Of course she's reorganising. This is such a stupid comment.

>> No.9763421

I meant clown seduction, self proclaimed gatekeeper lolitas, and how-to dandify boys...

>> No.9763426

Yeah you need to chill because this is really normal. You'll end up pushing her away super fast if you don't dial down the autism.

>> No.9763430
File: 19 KB, 483x277, 7845689834231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>self proclaimed

>> No.9763431

It's not really autism anon. It seems like a normal reaction to not be happy when someone comes in and starts changing things

>> No.9763441

>tfw still too autistic to go to a con

>> No.9763443

You could ask for her not to move/change a few things. Have a little backbone, tell her if you don't like where she moved the couch etc

>cosplay related feel
I finally added elastic to my boot covers and goddamn I should have done it long ago. It only took a minute to add, and now they don't slip down! I really gotta start being less lazy

>> No.9763446
File: 63 KB, 800x870, mysterio_gold_blk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wear a mask, it helps

>> No.9763447

Hey come on cut me some slack, this is a first for me, prior to her I had my routine and my space all figured out and comfortable. Then she came into my life and I let her in because I think she's worth it.

>> No.9763453

I dunno last time I was out in a crowd I broke out in tears. Maybe I'll try it

>> No.9763461

Thirsty bitches, elitist bitches and manipulative bitches: the seagull trifecta.

>> No.9763463

>saying you need to wear a fashion to participate in a fashion-based subculture is elitism
>inb4 someone who's never made nor worn cosplay in their entire life is a cosplayer because they wear fandom shirts to cons sometimes

>> No.9763497

You do realize that it's no longer just his space right? Ofc when someone moves in they're going to move some stuff around. That's how it works. Are you autistic too??

If she's worth it why are you bitching about something so unimportant on 4chan?

>> No.9763526

Jesus Christ, why are gulls so salty? Have you never been in love before?
He's never lived with a girl before, doesn't know how to handle it, and probably doesn't have anyone he can talk to it about. He doesn't think of talking to her about it because it's new to him. Scrape the sand out of your cunts.

Anyways, seriously, >>9763447 talk to her about it. Nearly all of your relationship issues and worries can be solved through communication. Good luck.

>> No.9763535

>Jesus Christ, why are gulls so salty?

>> No.9763537

>why are gulls so salty

Fuck off newfag. He's acting like she's an inconvenience and didn't realize that her moving in would mean it's her living space too? either he's retarded or doesn't actually care and will screw up his situation lightning quick if he keeps acting like this.

>> No.9763546

>not wanting to date a cosplayer right from the start

Why are you even here?

>> No.9763558

Yeah but are you new to relationships? It's not all her space. She can't come in and start throwing things out and replacing all his things, that's not how thing work. Sometimes I really think this board is full of Tumblr girls who have never even talked to a man for more than an hour or been in a serious relationship

>> No.9763560

>Never lived with a girl before.
So women just walk in and make everything about what they want and how they want it without any other input?

That seems really weird anon

>> No.9763588

Nobody cares what some beta virgin thinks is weird

>> No.9763614

That's a weird assumption there anon

>> No.9763623

And what is your track record in living with guys?

>> No.9763631

what makes you think tumblr girls haven't been with men? feminists get tons of play, the world is larger and more diverse than you think.

>>9763560 is right. it's weird if the gf is making major decisions about the design of common areas without consulting with her bf. the innocent speculation is: she might have grown up in a heavily-gendered household where the feminine head of house is expected to make all the design decisions because the home (and various stores/salons) is her only arena. so, she's excited to play that hyper-feminine role in a couple-house of her own.

the not-so-innocent assumption: this sounds like a personality flaw. she may be an inconsiderate jerk and self-centered. she should ask before doing things that affect both of them.

talking it out is good. please tell her how you feel, >>9763447 or it may get worse. if she can't meet your feelings with understanding and a desire to compromise, then you have bigger problems.
it's massively true that you never know a person until you live with them. all that undesirable shit (if any) comes to light. hopefully you knew her for longer than 6 months before moving in.

>> No.9763646

Nice projection.

Anon... did you read my post? I told him to talk to her about it because he thinks it's weird. I brought up never living with a girl before because that means he's inexperienced with relationships. He likely doesn't know what to do when something is wrong i.e. communicate. Nowhere did I say it was normal for her to do that.

I agree with >>9763631, however it's likely not as malicious as she thinks it is.

>> No.9763654

>incorrect usage of projection

Can you fuck off for real tho?

>> No.9763688

You’re late. Wearing lingerie and a wig is considered cosplay, too.

>> No.9763691

Nice projection

>> No.9763697
File: 34 KB, 500x375, IMG_2700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9763698

>she may be an inconsiderate jerk and self-centered
Okay time to jump back in here and defend my girl's honor, sure she's a little childish and impulsive but she means well, there's no malice in her. If we're talking personality flaws I think those would be mine, you see sometimes I see certain guys out there in the open when I'm walking my dog and I work with a couple of them, the type who look dead inside, like they let a woman into their lives and she took it over completely and now they're guests in their own houses and they have tiny ridiculous dogs and they're desperate for a way out. I don't wanna turn into one of them.

No I've been in a good number of relationships before, previous one ended in disaster but that's besides the point, it's the living together aspect that I'm an amateur at.

>> No.9763719

communication is key

>> No.9763766

I feel sorry for your gf having to deal with someone who sounds like the embodiment of /r9k/

>> No.9763772

>just talk to her
It's that simple, huh? Sorry for taking up your time and thanks for hearing me ramble. Means a lot.

You can go kill yourself though

>> No.9763774
File: 41 KB, 357x356, yanwow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being this assblasted
Please update us with continuing details about your relationship.

>> No.9763776
File: 62 KB, 300x229, IMG_2343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that response

lel clearly I was right. hope she cheats on you with someone who isn't so shitty he'd get upset about something as simple as reorganizing.

>> No.9763793

>calls him /r9k/
>promotes cheating
/cgl/ really is the female version of /r9k/
Why are you so mad? Did your bf leave you when you showed your true colors?

>> No.9763795

>continuing to REEEEEEE about this

No, I just hate crossboarders like you who come into these threads with unrelated feels and shit up the place. And nice try, but I'm happily married. Now fuck off to your containment board >>>/r9k/

>> No.9763800

NAYRT but you can't really call others mad when you are the one telling people to kill themselves?

>> No.9763801

Anon you seem a lot more worked up about it than he does. Stop reeeeeeing yourself

>> No.9763802

>thinking I'm him
>thinking everyone who disagrees with you is a retarded crossboarder
>"th-there's no way an actual gull would disagree with me!!!!!"
>I'm happily married
Nice larp btw

>> No.9763803

I'm sorry, that's my bad. I just assumed two people couldn't possibly be this level of stupid.

>> No.9763808

He told me to kill myself over a simple comment and I'm the one who's worked up? Okay. I know this is 4chan but that's like the golden standard of showing you're mad.

>> No.9763810

Anon does your gf know that you whine about her to other girls on the internet?

>> No.9763811

>Unrelated feels
People spent half the last thread discussing getting married and being a housewife. Where was you whiteknighing there anon?

>> No.9763812

>literally "fucking robots get off my board REEEEE"

>> No.9763813

You're pretty clearly worked up and mad anon. I don't care if he is too but you're honestly pretty upset to keep focusing on this

>> No.9763814

>thinking telling someone to kill themselves on 4chan is showing you're mad
I told someone to kill themselves the other day for liking a shit videogame. It's just banter m8

>> No.9763815

She's just upset she can't have that cushy housewife life so she takes it out on male posters.

>> No.9763816

>S-stop invalidating muh feelings! I'm a frustrated little boy and I deserve to be heard :'^(

>> No.9763817

You are fighting the good fight, girl.
I have similar problem. My bf is wearing only t-shirts from cons and games. They are either too small or too big and he's looking terrible but that's fine for him because he's a programmer and all his colleagues are the same. I'm trying to buy him some formal shirt and casual blazer to match my coords only a little but it's suffering. Anyway - don't give up! You have a right to see your man looking good!

That's a normal thing. She's just trying to make a comfortable space for the both of you. You don't have to look at yourself all the time, but she does, so your clothes are important to her. Do you have your own style? If not - then your clothes aren't connected to your 'individuality'.

>> No.9763818

My bad, I don't have the time to lurk all day and police every thread but clearly I need to work on that. I'll put in more effort next time anon.

Gulls disliking /r9k/ is nothing new.

>You're pretty clearly worked up and mad
Stop projecting.

When it's your only argument in a conversation it is.

>> No.9763820

Man I just really love lolita

>> No.9763821

read that as deserve to be hard desu

>> No.9763823

Man you really are reaching anon

>> No.9763824

I'm just pointing out the irony in telling others to get off your board while simultaneously REEing about /r9k/.

>> No.9763825
File: 409 KB, 364x693, 1484759156330.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I checked out of this conversation 20 minutes ago, I'm going home where she's waiting for me. Have fun, everybody

>> No.9763826
File: 120 KB, 640x496, this guy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thinking it's unreasonable to not want cancer in your board

>> No.9763827

Nice projection

>> No.9763828

How is that ironic? do you not know what ironic is? Ironic would be me going to another board reeing about them coming to my board.

Go and stay go.

>> No.9763830

>inb4 he comes back to defend himself again after saying he's leaving

>> No.9763843

This Jesus I bet gulls talk more about /r9k/ than those autists do

>> No.9763847

Unironically this

>> No.9763857

>not knowing what irony is

You should go there and stay over there since you seem to be so fond of them. Clearly you're new here if you don't know why /cgl/ dislikes them so much.

>> No.9763886
File: 624 KB, 647x363, 1508811692370.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>valentine's day themed events in february
I hate being alone

>> No.9763889

Atleast there will be cheap valentines candy the day after

>> No.9763894

Do you fly as a passenger on a plane and call yourself an armchair pilot? No.
If you don't wear lolita you aren't a lolita. Simple as.

>> No.9763897

lolitas at heart really gross me out. Idk why they always need to act like they know everything. It's not a secret club or anything, just wear the clothes and you are a lolita.
My hatred extends for newbs who get one taobao dress and act like they're above everyone.

>> No.9763908

>tfw no sewing board/general on 4chin
>most of my sewing is cosplay related anyways

CGL is the closest thing to it, so I guess I'm staying

>> No.9763909


>> No.9763935

there is a lot of armchair pilots though, people who are flight simulator fans, some of them are pretty good at it and know a lot, some of the simulators are very good too, but i wouldn't trust them to pilot a real plane anyway without a few real flight hours and even then it would be a small light plane with only them aboard

>> No.9763965
File: 92 KB, 441x363, 1511104639446.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why DO we hate them? never been to their board

>> No.9763966

lurk more newfag.

>> No.9763970

you are happy, they are unhappy, therefore their existence bothers you and you hate them when you are reminded they exist :^)

>> No.9763978


>> No.9763985

The chain of responses to this post have gone way too far. Hey, lemme' talk to you if you're still here. You will need to understand that you have to make changes when you live with somebody. You cannot keep it your space alone. That would drive your partner insane if she was not allowed to create a space that she will feel comfortable in. She will need an area with her stuff, sense of style, and a place to call her own. However, that doesn't mean she can change everything. It is hard with a one bedroom apartment, but she can't just toss all her stuff because she moved into your place. Equally, you don't need to lose all your space just to benefit her. You both need to talk, and figure something out. I've mentioned in the room thread that me and my ex-boyfriend had our apartment split half-and-half. He had the living room and kitchen catered to his taste, and I had the bedroom and bathroom catered to mine. You both need your own zone of comfort. I'm not saying you need to give her reign of half the apartment, but this is something you have to discuss. You will need to compromise somewhat, but that should be discussed between the two of you in a serious conversation. You have to figure something out.

I hope that doesn't come off the wrong way. I assume, since she moved in, that this is a very serious relationship. You need to compromise, and she must understand she cannot change the whole damn apartment. You both need a section dedicated to each of you. Otherwise, one of you is going to end up miserable.

>> No.9763992

That being said, a good start on your end is saying, "Look, you can't just start going through my wardrobe." I would hope you have more then one closet. Past that, figure something out about how you're going to give her a section to feel comfortable. This conversation between you two has to come to fruition.

>> No.9764163

Sorry your hobby's gone to shit but we'd like to maintain at least some standards in ours. The bar can't be any lower than "just wear the clothes".

>> No.9764225
File: 257 KB, 540x398, cabbagefriend.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We took a tally during tea today of what everybody was wearing under their bloomers.

The most popular answer was boyshorts, followed by thongs. I almost cried because only one vote was for diapers, and I know exactly which depressing bitch it came from

>> No.9764693


>> No.9764694


>> No.9764756
File: 17 KB, 398x370, 1512967927876.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>PhDs which pay next to nothing

You fell for the millennial meme.

>tfw I went to trade school for industrial welding and electrician.
>tfw I can go work on an oil rig for 4 months and make 70k.
>tfw side jobs and temp contracting jobs always available
>tfw I shower my gf with the latest AP Btssb, and Millefleurs Dresses
>tfw we take at least 3 trips to Japan a year

>> No.9764766

it's not the degree that pays nothing, it's the program. dumbass. what she's saying is she gets pennies from the school to fund her living, aside from whatever they allocate for supplies and research.

getting your doctorate (especially in neuroscience) isn't a millennial meme.
not knocking trade work AT ALL, I think all trained professional work is valuable. but at least pay attention and not post ignorant shit.

congrats on your success though. and props to your gf who likes based Millefleurs.

>> No.9764768

They wallow in self-pity and blame everyone but themselves for how miserable and lonely they are. Parts of it feel like wizardchan due to the serious NORMIES GET OUT REEEEEEEEEEEEE posts.

>> No.9764773

It's that the same as this crossboarders and robots get out reeeeeee posting we have lately?

>> No.9764781

/r9k/ with frills

>> No.9764814

it's not a perfect comparison.
a lot of us are gay or volcel or in relationships.
the difference is gulls don't think that sex brings happiness or meaning to our lives. it can, but it's not the only thing to live for.

there's some serious delusion and illness (agoraphobia, deprrzzion, sociopathy, high anxiety etc.) in robot culture/think, and they all need to socialize themselves with others in a healthy way. empty fornication isn't going to fulfill them, it's only going to make them feel lonelier and then finally off themselves.

that whole board needs Jesus...

>> No.9764826

It's not about falling for anything. It's about doing what you love. As the person stated later on, they're pursuing a passion. It may not pay well, but they have passion and love for researching the field.

>> No.9764830

>There's illness on r9k
>Implying there also isn't on a board where most people freely admit to regularly self harming and having eating disorders, or have serious relationship issues
Wew lad

>> No.9764836

>most people freely admit to regularly self harming and having eating disorders

U wot. This is false. Go back to /r9k/

>> No.9764837

Are you knew here? We've regularly had eating disorders come up in these threads and every time there's a thread about scars tons of anons come out and talk about the self harm scars down their arms and legs

>> No.9764839

>one post of that suddenly means everyone has it here

>> No.9764843

That doesn't mean most people do it.
I've been a regular of /cgl/ for over 5 years, and the feels thread has always been a mix. Honestly it's only in the past couple of years that it's been a constant thing, and even now, it's a containment thread.
Relationship issues are common to almost all humans, and there's honestly very little self harm/ED talk here, especially for a board so concerned with appearances/fashion.

>> No.9764845

>are you knew here

No, I am not "knew." But you clearly are if you think a few posts is indicative of the majority.

>> No.9764877

if only babbynon had been here just 5 years ago when everything was pro-ana shit.

>> No.9764881

I don't understand why the same two or three gulls always get so worked up when the comparison to r9k is brought up. We're not exactly the cream of the crop here, plenty of us are fat, plenty of us are spinsters, plenty of us are cat ladies, plenty of us have an ED, plenty of us self harm. Hell we even reeeeee at "thots" and "basic bitches" and "itas".

>> No.9764885

Because this is a place for women with actual hobbies and we don't scream at other women for having boyfriends, neither do we spend our waking life making up autistic reasons why men are awful but we also need government-issued boyfriends.

>> No.9764887

>We don't spend time making up autistic reasons men are awful

Come on now

>> No.9764892
File: 27 KB, 448x461, dudeweed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I ask a qt to come with me to NYC in July? Is that enough time for her to prepare?

>> No.9764895

Oh please.

>> No.9764898


>> No.9764902

Yes and be yourself.

>> No.9764914

Don't use autistic as an insult, cummy dummy. I don't bitch like most of the girls in this board.

>> No.9764919

Who doesn't like Millefleurs though? I wish they sold overseas...

>> No.9764942

stop being such a fucking autist

>> No.9764944

I'm going to assume this cutie is already a very close friend or significant other. If she is merely an acquaintance, there is no way to ask an acquaintance or stranger to take off to NYC with you.

Otherwise, 6 months should be enough time to ask for vacation allotment at work.

>> No.9764947

>this is a place for women
That's where you're wrong.

>> No.9764950

It is though. Fuck off back to /r9k/

>> No.9764951
File: 97 KB, 489x422, universeonastick.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>comm tells me to turn in my bloomers and gun
>say I'm banned for life
>ask the leaders why
>the comm minister, an elderly black woman, explains, "Sorry, no roasties allowed."

>> No.9764955

Why are you posting drawings of yourself?

>> No.9764958

That's the point. Roasties are fat, ugly and flabby unlike pure, traditional girls.

>> No.9764964

I've never even opened r9k before. You're simply wrong. Cosplay and jfash are not female exclusive and this is an anonymous website.

>> No.9764965

But I'm not a "roastie". I don't know why I was banned.

>> No.9764971

eh but valentines candy is kinda meh. Like I love to buy discount candy after holidays but valentines day has no exclusives. With Halloween you have candy corn, Christmas candy canes, and the mother of all candy holidays Easter you get an unlimited supply of jelly beans.What's valentines have those shitty chalky hearts.

>> No.9764974
File: 650 KB, 794x775, mikupeace.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My workplace is planning to get tattoos as a group on V-Day. I'm thinking of getting Miku's 01. Is that socially acceptable?

>> No.9764975



>> No.9764976

This is incredibly cringy and you will regret it deeply in 5-10 years if not sooner.

>> No.9764983
File: 50 KB, 216x250, trumptriggered.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being this much of a gatekeeper

>> No.9764984

As long as you remain skinny over the years it should be fine

>> No.9764985

Anon, I love Miku but I wouldn't do that, a few years down the line you might regret it.

>> No.9764990

use a ss like you have to for 90% of sites anyway

valentine's has exclusive chocolates! it's a chocolate-based holiday more than candy

>> No.9764993

I'm not a grill.

I've wanted this tat for years tho. My little sister loves Miku so it's kind of for her.

>> No.9764994

>telling people to get out when probably 90% of regulars on this board don't even know other boards on 4chan exist

>> No.9764995

>getting a tattoo to please another person

you 100% are going to regret it

>> No.9764997

imo tattoos it's something for saliors, criminals and native people

>> No.9764998

I want it, too.

>> No.9765000

Unfortunately, I’m one of the few on this board that actually agree with you. Regardless of whatever hatred and phobias one harbors, I’m always baffled that most girls on this board can’t grasp that their constant stream of negativity does more harm for THEMSELVES than good.. All that negativity is gonna come back around on you somehow, even if you get a brief, sadistic chuckle out of picking on others.

>> No.9765005

Of all the people I know who admit to using /cgl/, none of them are fat, have ED's, self-harm, or use such terms outside 'ita'. In fact, none of them actually say 'ita'.

I'm the only one who's technically a spinster, and that's my personal choice so I don't complain about it. I think the only reason people complain is you're talking about a board that regularly has a thread featuring images of mutilated women and videos of women getting beaten, a plethora of threads talking about how an entire sex is unintelligent and incapable of human compassion, and 10,000 threads of some picture of an attractive woman followed by a caption along the lines of, "So-and-so blocks your path, what do," or, "Would you cum in her?" Not to mention the talk of artificial wombs and a fictitious world where women either no longer exist or are slaves for breeding.

If you ever browsed /r9k/, you might see why people think the comparison is far-fetched.

>> No.9765006

Anon I am going to level with you here, tattoos will always fad out and look trashy after a while.
It seems like you have your mind set to getting it and you have an incentive as well, so don't ask an Malaysia craft board for premission, just go for it then.

>> No.9765007

kill yourself

>> No.9765011


>> No.9765012

It's subtle and you can get it pretty small. So do you want, it's hardly a regrettable tattoo. Much better than some cringe quote or birds or some shit.

>> No.9765014

>not understanding the joke

>> No.9765024

If you ever browsed r9k you'd realize it's a bunch of high school and college kids pretending to be degenerate losers for fun

>> No.9765025

That doesn't disregard what I stated.

>> No.9765044
File: 253 KB, 344x476, audreypunch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He can always get it touched up. That's what all the older people with tattoos that I know do.

>gulls don't understand why someone would want a tribute to loving family

>> No.9765046

>thinking a shitty weeb tattoo that signifies one of the most cancerous fandoms ever is an appropriate tribute to "loving family"

>> No.9765048

Me too anon

>> No.9765078

You obviously already asked with your mind made up. No one thinks it's a good idea except you, so you might as well leave because you aren't going to convince anyone otherwise, and you clearly will want it no matter what.

>> No.9765152

What's wrong with vocaloid?

>> No.9765156

The same thing as minecraft. As a tool it's fine, but it's community is insufferable and ruins it for everyone.

>> No.9765157

The fandom.

>> No.9765159

How exactly?
I listen to almost exclusively vocaloid music and I've gone to some of the con events. No better or worse than any other fandom in my experience.

>> No.9765164

Yo are you actually retarded?

>> No.9765170

Of course, every fandom has its ups and downs, but vocaloids have it really rough. If you want to research a little, I think they even had a thread on lolcow's /snow/. Most creators are socially inept edgelords, no matter if western or japanese. Other part is "kawai desu nya" people, I hope I don't have to explain what's wrong with them.

>> No.9765190

Thanks that was a great answer to my question.

The fandom is no worse than the typical anime fandom, which can be pretty bad. I figured there was something more I didn't know about.

>> No.9765193

You're welcome, with this response I'm sure I was correct and you are indeed retarded.

>> No.9765198

You're very informative, thanks again.

>> No.9765232

Okay, but does anyone who's NOT a total cunt hate Vocaloid?

>> No.9765238

I don't hate it, just the fanbase. Calm the fuck down.

>> No.9765252

People are allowed to criticise media, you idiot.

>> No.9765279

"Are you retarded?" is not a criticism, unless you're a brainletwojack.jpeg.

>> No.9765287


>> No.9765289

Can you go be triggered somewhere else?

>> No.9765292

But it's a feels thread, isn't this where you post your triggers?

>> No.9765293

No. That'd be >>>/tumblr/

>> No.9765363
File: 294 KB, 634x662, ledditgoo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Taking a hard stance against thots at tea.

If I see a thot, I take my burando paddle and spank her bare ass raw.

>> No.9765692
File: 107 KB, 600x400, tumblr_lvne9l6PYd1r7wflto1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> when people constantly struggle with lolifying their bfs, but you all about getting alt tomboy dude

like I can understand why people want their bfs to wear dandy clothes, but it still looks so boring to me

>> No.9765752

pls stop

and yes, people have different tastes. lolitas are a small group, and an even smaller amount actually care to dress up with their S.O.s
as long as my person has an interest in some kind of alt fashion expression I'll be happy.

>> No.9765758

>just had first con sex at ALA
Cosplaying at cons makes interacting and having fun much easier.

>> No.9765903

You mean incel in denial?

>> No.9765911

that anon may not have heard of the term "asexual"

>> No.9765918

Sure, but humans aren't asexual no matter what garbage they make up to make them feel better.

>> No.9765932

>Finally at a point in my life where I'm rich and skinny enough to start wearing lolita
>But I'm 27 and the fashion/community doesn't seem as active as it was when I first fell in love with it 12 years ago

>> No.9765934

Volcel is just the same as celibate. It in itself implies it's voluntary. It's why incel was coined. Asexuality is a separate thing altogether.

>> No.9765945

I'm 27 too, what's your point? If you like the fashion, wear it. If you like the designs from a decade ago, shop secondhand. Wear what you like when you can and want to (work and other obligations permitting), your age is irrelevant and you don't need a community to wear clothes.

>> No.9766086
File: 16 KB, 640x360, fbtriggered.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>little sister gets a bf
>would rather cosplay with him than me
Feels bad man.

>> No.9766094

I'm 37 and I wear lolita. if you like the fashion, wear it.

>> No.9766100


>> No.9766102

Ayrt and I don’t even want him to wear dandy or any kind of Jfashion, I just want him to care a tad more about his appearance. He’s almost 30 and still wears t-shirts with holes in them to work because they’re “comfy”. I’m trying to get him to realise that nice clothes can be comfy too.

>> No.9766177

Sounds like a load of wank

>> No.9766180

Seems kind of weird and manipulative if he doesn't want to change

>> No.9766235

Thanks for your insightful and well-constructed opinion.

>> No.9766381


Probably lays down good pipe.

>> No.9766493
File: 74 KB, 320x454, ohoho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>chillin' at Friday night tea
>the topic of Misako comes up
>some incel fatty-chan ita screams out "Misako is a busted old biddy!"
>everyone gasps
>mfw the comm elders pin her to the table and yank down her bloomers
>mfw the treasurer spanks her buns until they look like a pair of tomatoes

>> No.9766495

i swear the roleplayposting gets weirder and weirder every day

>> No.9766501

Seeing what these bitches dream up is honestly my favorite part of this board.

>> No.9766505

What are comm elders? I'm confused.

>> No.9766524
File: 652 KB, 2000x1333, yasulular-maslahat-3[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9766533
File: 157 KB, 454x408, mostembarrassing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>these are the guys who pull down your bloomers and spank you

>> No.9766541

How embarrassing that so many of them showed up in the same print.

>> No.9766588

>not knowing that twinning and cloning is a respected tradition of social bonding

>> No.9766589

Who has a tea party on Friday night???????????

>> No.9766594

Pretty sure it's a dude getting off to it...its always too oddly specific about butt/spanking stuff

>> No.9766752

And farts and diapers, what's the deal with that?

>> No.9766806
File: 1019 KB, 500x206, bake.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck i think I posted this in the dead feels thread I'm gonna repost it here
>have dream dress
>Barely fits my tits but trying to lose a little weight to make it fit a bit better
>get pregnant
>keep it because husband and I wanted kids eventually anyways just happened a little sooner than planned
>tits fucking explode
>now 6 months out from having kid
>tits are gigantic
>like three sizes bigger than they used to be
I don't think I'll ever fit my dream dress again. S-Should I just sell it and buy something I can actually wear and enjoy or continue hoarding it with the vague hopes that I'll fit it again someday? It was Krad Lanrete's Phantom Of the Opera OP in black and it took me over a year to find it for sale in large. Sometimes I like to just take it out and feel the soft fabric and wish I could wear it.

>> No.9766926

Could you wear a binder?

>> No.9767013
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We don't like to admit it, but this hobby attracts a lot of DDLGs. I know the thong diaper stories tend to be shitposts, but I know for a fact that some girls in my comm are "crinklers".

>> No.9767015


>> No.9767034
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Kick them out!

>> No.9767139
File: 46 KB, 640x960, 1516583284107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9767284

I think you posted in the wrong thread, good sir.

>> No.9767289

Please don't freak out, only one of my friends who got pregnant had the massive titties remain after the pregnancy and initial following months were over. They might go back down enough or you to wear the dress. Otherwise, once the pregnancy weight drops off; you could use a binder like >>9766926 mentioned. Please, don't sell it until about 6-9 months after you have the child to be certain it will never fit again.

>> No.9767292

for you to wear the dress*

>> No.9767570

I feel so bad my comm had to tell me to stop drinking. I was felt so bad about it I almost ruined my good. time

>> No.9767594

Doesn't sound like you stopped

>> No.9767651

forgot to post this
>tfw seeing an old lady getting into a con
What the fuck

>> No.9767716

This isn't weird or bad.

>> No.9767729

*pins u to the table

>> No.9767898

How old are we talking about?

>> No.9767960

Wasn't five years ago but I remember seeing a board where a girl talked about how she only ever ate baby food. Iirc, she said it tasted fine and all the nutrients she needed were in it. And... that's how she stayed skinny???

And the rest of the thread were girls telling other people to just not eat to fit into brand, because that's what they did.

So it's definitely still prevalent lmao

>> No.9767962

First of all, who would talk like we do on /cgl/ in public? Genuinely who? Cosplayers and lolitas are way to fake to act like they do here where what they say can come back to hurt them.

>> No.9767963

I went into the gas station early this morning to get something to drink, and the manager asked me how I was since he doesn't normally see me up that early. I said, "Oh, I was watching this cartoon all night, and it gave me really weird dreams so I woke up." He was all, "Oh, what cartoon is it?" "Oh, just this Japanese cartoon. It was CGI which I normally don't like, but it was pretty good. It was about these living gemstones that are fighting these Buddhist-inspired apparitions trying to kill them." He asked me what it was called, got all giddy, and actually wrote down the title while telling me he watches a lot of that stuff.

This was an older, family-looking man that I never expected to enjoy such a thing. You'd be surprised. I agree it's surprising, but I do enjoy finding out when people you'd never expect enjoy such a thing.

>> No.9767971

Generally, people show their true colors once you get to know them. I can also base it on my own behavior being one who browses /cgl/. I don't generally browse the 'ita' threads or put people down. I say generally because, once upon a time, 'ita' was just trying to look like the cute anime girls while possibly wearing cat ears, and it was more lighthearted and fun. All I'm saying is /cgl/ isn't defined by fat, catty, and mentally ill. There just happens to be people who are catty on /cgl/, and being fat isn't a crime.

That being said, I sense a strong feel in you. Please, do tell us. Let it out. I want to know your bad experience. I don't mean that ironically, I want to know what happened.

>> No.9767980

>being fat isn't a crime
oh so you were fat all along, good to know

>> No.9767986

Not every skinny person spends their time ragging on fat people, you know. What's the point? Their body is not my own. They're still human beings with feelings. Just like it makes me sad when people rag on me for a being a 'little girl', 'no curves', and 'not a real woman', I'd imagine it hurts when people insult them based on weight as well. Treat others how you'd want to be treated. What do you get out of ragging on others for their weight? Nothing.

>> No.9767987

being fat is a choice, your thing isn't

>> No.9767992

People deserve to be shamed for making bad life decisions, they don't deserve to be shamed for genetics. Being fat is a bad life decision.

>> No.9767993

I don't find it conductive to bash other people for their choices if you want to use that argument. Let's go with that argument... I'm a smoker. Therefore, ragging on other people for a choice that might be detrimental to health would make me a gigantic, flaming hypocrite. Also, sure, I've only met two people in my life who couldn't actually lose weight for a medical reason. However, I've seen the pain they go through being struck down by other people for something that the doctor cannot alleviate. Even if you call it a choice, you can never actually know if they're the rare exception. They aren't doing meth ruining families, putting their loved ones through duress, or out stealing from people. They aren't really hurting anyone. All that aside, it still comes down to the fact there's nothing to be gained hurting other people's self-esteem. There are people that don't derive satisfaction from bashing upon other people for a trivial aspect. It doesn't mean somebody is a terrible person just because they're fat.

>> No.9767996

Not bashing them is enabling them, coddling them, giving them carte blanche to do whatever the fuck they want because self-esteem is more important than health or comon sense. And look where that got us, the fattest country on earth and it's borderline illegal to tell someone they're a fat fuck.

>> No.9768001 [DELETED] 

I'd argue coddling would be telling somebody, "Oh, you don't need to lose weight. You're beautiful just the way you are; don't lose weight," in response to somebody expressing they want to lose weight. Instead, you can support people when they're trying to lose weight, listen when they are talking about dieting, and compliment them when they have lost weight so they have the encouragement to proceed. You can do all this without the need to put somebody down in the process.

The unmovable object has met the unstoppable force. The fact is neither of us will change our opinion on the matter, but we've both expressed our reasoning. I'm not going to be a hypocrite, and I don't feel right making another person feel horrible in some effort to alter their choice. I have stated would feel wrong to me.

>> No.9768003

I'd argue coddling would be telling somebody, "Oh, you don't need to lose weight. You're beautiful just the way you are; don't lose weight," in response to somebody expressing they want to lose weight. Instead, you can support people when they're trying to lose weight, listen when they are talking about dieting, and compliment them when they have lost weight so they have the encouragement to proceed. You can do all this without the need to put somebody down in the process.

The unmovable object has met the unstoppable force. The fact is neither of us will change our opinion on the matter, but we've both expressed our reasoning. I'm not going to be a hypocrite, and I don't feel right making another person feel horrible in some effort to alter their choice. I have stated that would feel wrong to me.

>> No.9768004

nayrt but who gives a shit? It doesn't affect your life at all. If people want to eat themselves to death, that's their decision.

>> No.9768005


>you can support people when they're trying to lose weight
absolutely you can and you should, are they trying to lose weight tho? or are they content being as they are safe in the knowledge that people who challenge them can safely be labeled as "bigots"?

it does tho, fat acceptance is a thing and it's only going to be more of a thing in the coming years, thanks to fat apologists

>> No.9768041

I just realized, I'm the only one who goes to cons sober.

>> No.9768052

I wish being fat was a crime.

>> No.9768090

Please tell me how it affects your life. Besides just knowing they exist on the same planet as you.

Nah, I don't drink at all, so you aren't the only one.

>> No.9768131

Housing is in bubble mode, get that stash of ready cash to sieze the post bubble lows.

>> No.9768199

hi whale-chan

>> No.9770448

>its cruel to love something so much that will never fit you.
This is a painful truth.

>> No.9771466

go to tumblr then

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