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>people find out I like Lolita fashion and anime
>pinned as a pedophile because I'm male

Why is this even allowed. Why am I demonized because I think this stuff is pretty despite being male.

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Sorry. But next time instead of making a new thread just post in the feels thread.

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Just say "I just think it's pretty"

Also most normies attribute anime to hentai, you can try reminding them that shit like Sailor Moon and DBZ exist but some can't be helped. If you're brave, you can try to spin it on them for immediately thinking of porn.

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Fuck you.

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I don't think anon is talking about normal people. I think they're talking about on here where girls on this board won't shut up about how they think male cosplayers are talentless ugly hacks and make lolitas are all sissy fetishists. It's a really stupid way to drive people out of your hobby just because of reasons they can't control.

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that's a shame. I like to think that 50% of the people here are nice and 50% are fucking total cunts but the loudest voices are often times the most negative. honestly anon I think if you joined a lolita comm people would be very accepting, they usually are from my experience.

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You probably are gross and creepy.

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Damn, maybe this is why no one likes you.

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You probably give off creeper vibes t b h. Why do weeb males always lack self-awareness?

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>male lolitas are all sissy fetishists
I don't think people say that, just that guys who want to join the fashion are suspected for being into it as a fetish, which is unfortunately a genuine concern. Well dressed brolitas never have this issue because their appearance makes it clear they're into it for the fashion; sissies rarely if ever care about what they look like, they just want to wear frilly dresses and jerk off in them, while possibly preying on/exposing their kink to girls, hence why they try to join our communities under the guise of being "brolitas" or "trans women".

If a guy doesn't want to wear the fashion himself but does like it, there may be still suspicion against him for possibly fetishizing it (kinda like how some normie guys think goth girls are all into weird kinky sex), but I think that showing genuine interest and knowledge about the brands, the clothes themselves and the subculture as a whole, can rid one of any suspicion.

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That was a whole lot of nothing and just confirming the same thing. Men are considered not as welcome around here and pushed away when they show interest because girls here think guys are all predators come to hurt them. That's ridiculous

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Not ridiculous, unfortunately. It's a thing that happens far too often.

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>Happens far too often
You know damn well there isn't some epidemic of men raping fellow comm members to warrant them being treated like that.

Same with male cosplayers, there's no reason why people here need to be so vocal about how they think ALL male cosplayers suck at makeup and wigs when they know damn well there are just as many of us that are good as there are female cosplayers, they just ignore the good ones

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Who's talking about rape? I hate using the word retarded but how do you even reach this far? I was talking about creepers exposing their kinks to girls, which is what sissies do, they don't even need to come to meetups to do that.
But I guess this is me talking to a brick, butthurt wall, because you're clearly not interested in listening to anyone but yourself. Sorry to tell you this anon-kun but people shun you because you're an idiot, not because of your gender.

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Pretty sure this is the same guy that is constantly whining about how maligned men supposedly are on /cgl/. He's got a massive victim complex and never shuts up about it. His little outbursts are a weekly feature now. I guess the only thing that would sotherwise him is if we start having regular "male cosplay appreciation threads!!! :) :)" or something.

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Pretty sure this is the same guy that is constantly whining about how maligned men supposedly are on /cgl/. He's got a massive victim complex and never shuts up about it. His little outbursts have become a weekly feature now. I guess the only thing that would soothe him is if we start having regular "male cosplay appreciation threads!!! :) :)" or something.

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Idk know but I find it pretty ridiculous that out of five men in my comm two have been aggressively searching for gf from meets, one is actually a dangerous creep doing the same and fourth is a sissy. Only on of five is actually decent member of community. But of course, we should be open armed just for the one out of five even though it's pretty easy to tell from the beginning how is there for a legit reason.

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Sorry but that's how it is. Your anger is misdirected friend.

If you want to be upset about this then be mad at all the gross guys who ruined it for ok folks like you because they had to cum in a dress and announce it to everyone.

You want to do the community a favor? Go dispose of all the sick freaks that encourage pedophilia.

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>Why do weeb males always lack self-awareness?

Selection bias. The ones you know about always lack self awareness because that same lack of self awareness allows you to know about them.

Self aware weebs are stealth weebs.

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With this little tantrum you're throwing I'm really starting to think you're some gross weirdo who is mad a local comm doesn't want you around them. You're acting like all the other sissies act when they get rejected.
Besides every true lolita knows Mana-sama is the only acceptable male in the fashion.

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If you think it's just one person who has posted this stuff, or that expressing how frustrating it is to be pushed out if a hobby you like because people are sexist is a "tantrum" then you really need to take a long look in the mirror anon.

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Not all of them are creepers. This guy and I talk about dresses all the time on discord. He's also a drawfag on here

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dont post my picture gat damn it. Also yes im the guy who draws this shit

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If it makes you feel any better, half the public thinks lolita is a weird sex thing even when you're female. Hell, I simply wear spiked collars, and I get asked every couple months if it's some sort of BDSM thing by strangers.

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>a group of girls in a niche fashion style protecting itself from perverts that often target it
>people are sexist

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Go back to /r9k/ already if you can't stop talking about how you have a penis all the time. No one asked for you to come here, and unless you're Mana, literally no one will be negatively affected by the absence of men in this hobby/community.
Stop trying to discredit the valid experiences of people who have been involved in Lolita fashion and part of the community far longer and more deeply than you ever have or will be.

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I stopped giving a fuck what people think. I'll talk shop about the fashion without even a fuck to give now a days. I think the dresses are pretty and that's all that bloody matters, and anyone who tries to slander me will eat their own teeth

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Pretty much. Even if he's not, I hate guys like this. Just because you think it's pretty doesn't mean it's for you and that we must all pander to your feelings or else we're big meanie weenies.
This fashion is by girls and women, for girls and women. Appreciate all you want, I guess, but know where you stand and don't bother the participants.

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If you're a dude, just keep it as something to read about and don't interact with the actual community as far as lolita goes. They don't want you, as evidenced by this thread.

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But anon theyre clearly just playing hard to get

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I'm really glad I quit dating so I don't think like this any more.

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Marriage does it too

>when your wife sees you looking at prints
>flatly says "you're too fat for those"

Why does she have to hurt me...

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I wholeheartedly agree with everything you just said, anon. My comm has a brolita, but he actually dresses really well and doesn't try to turn every topic into a creepy "i have a penis under my petti" conversation. It probably helps that he passes quite well when fully dressed.
What's annoying is there really is a male equivalent to lolita but guys rarely ever try it despite the fact that it can be just as beautiful and elegant.

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Is aphrodisiacs in your comm?

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You act like there is a pandemic of men joining Lolita comms and cosplay groups just to rape women when in reality it's just a few awkward guys you use to generalize a whole half the population of the earth. That's incredibly irrational anon.

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Again, nobody is talking about rape. You can be a menace to society just by displaying your kink where it doesn't belong or wanted. And even if you're not a sissy and just looking for a kawaii lolita gf, you're still not wanted in our comms because they're meant to be spaces for us to share our love of fashion. Unless you care about fashion, want to wear it yourself, and actually try to look good, you don't belong in our comms.
You can cry about it all you want but it's not going to change.

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And you're crying because a few weird people exist so you're going to chase away people genuinely interested in a hobby because they fall under the same half of the world's population

Do you not see how absolutely batshit crazy that is? Or are you too locked in your echo chamber to have any ability to introspect left?

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No one cares about your feelings. You will not be missed.
Assimilate and know your place, or fuck off.

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If you're genuinely interested in the hobby, prove it. Wear the clothes. Heck, even wearing historically inspired dandy is better than nothing at all, and this is a lot more leeway than girls get. Girls can't join comms unless they wear lolita, no "inspired" styles cut it, while guys can wear "inspired" things and be fine as long as they're not perverts.
No comm is going to accept you in your jeans and t shirts and vague knowledge about Ay Pee, especially if you're this much of a whiner.

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Seconding this.
I read the entire thread and desu didn’t get much of a feeling that you want to wear lolita, you seem to just like it and want to be around it. In this case sorry, but this has nothing to do with your gender - female “lolitas at heart” are excluded just as much. Fashion subculture is not what you like, it’s what you WEAR. It’s as simple as that.
If I’m wrong and you actually do want to wear the fashion as well as be active in a comm - just start fucking wearing it. Study it, learn to coordinate, get better. Actions speak louder than words, if other lolitas see that you’re serious about the fashion as well as a decent human being, they’ll accept you (just don’t gauge that on cgl, this cesspool shits on everyone, not only on males).

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>inb4 he joins a comm irl and gets rejected for wearing khakis and a button up shirt with a "jabot" to a meetup

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There is so much projection in this chain right here rofl

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No, they're women. You're acting like a whiny bitch, so of course they'd all assume you're just some faggot who tries to force himself into groups and is screeching because they don't smile on his annoying behavior.

>> No.9787240

The mental image is a hearty kek. Imagine a flannel long sleeve button up with a ridiculous neck ruffle. Add a lumberjack softcap, rugged jeans, and some boots and you got yourself one dandy woodsman

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why can't you control being a creep?

Lolita isn't just for women, it's for people with fine taste who enjoy fanciful, classy, or intimidating feminine dress. it's for people who are into fashion and art, or just cute stuff.
it defies age, sex, and sexuality. none of those things matter as long as you are putting together fully realized coords, with head-to-toe attention to detail. a coord is a full presentation: that means thoughtful make-up, hairstyling, accessories (jewelry, hair, etc), shoes...the works. you better look clean and put-together because it's a street fashion.

everyone possess femininity. in this world, it is excruciatingly difficult to appreciate feminine but also modest things. this fashion is not for normies, and is not for people who have no respect for it.

no one wants to hear about your diapers, your boners, your obsession with how pantyhose feels. that is not a part of this subculture, so keep that to yourself.
there are many beautiful brolitas who dress for their bodies, have expansive wardrobes, and look good. it's an alternative fashion, not a costume, especially not a fetish costume.

people will shit on you for liking this stuff, no matter what your gender is. that's why it's alt fash--not for the weak or the faint of heart. it will always have an element of alienation. that's the point. when you put on a poofy dress in this world that thinks only kids and historical re-enactors can wear ruffles, lace, and bloomers, you're telling the world to fuck off.

OP, if you're going to get into lolita do it right. if the clothing is a kink thing for you, you will not be accepted or entertained. we do not need that shit.

for anyone wanting to know how pervasive the kinkster problem is, just check the archives:

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you really are projecting anon. You're reading so much into it that you're making up fake situations and putting words in my mouth. I't pretty clear then that you just seem to have some unresolved daddy issues and some problems with men just plain existing if this is how you react to having to share a board with them.

the entire point I was making was why do you have to treat them like a creep by default? there are way more female ageplayers that try to latch onto lolita coms than any amount of creepy, awkward guys.
>lolita doesn't matter about sex
apparently not looking at this thread with such gems as "no man otehr than mana should ever put on a dress" and yourself assuming that all guys into the fashion are by default creeps. maybe you should also take a long look in the mirror and think about what problems you have with men. you seem to also have some very deep seated hatred for them for simply existing near you.

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>half of the world's population

You obtuse fucking wallnut, half the population does not want to join lolita, this isn’t about the average man. Scarce few men are legitimately drawn to this fashion, and among those, like 90 are
>seeking qt loli gf
>tee hee, did you forget I’m a boy? By the way, I’m a boy. Did I mention I’m male?
>I love how silky it feels against my thighs, makes me feel naughty. Do you ever feel naught, underage anon I privately messaged?

If one is too dense or sensitive to realize why lolitas gate keep more for males, then you’re probably also too dense or sensitive to deal with all the other assumptions that even female lolitas deal with, like fetishism. You have to honestly love the fashion AND not give so many shits.

I wouldn’t want to be around you because of your tone deaf whining honestly, not because male.

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>Tone deaf whining
I have not whined at all in this thread I just find it strange that I see such an echo chamber develop around a situation where it doesn't need to. People weirding you out doesn't threaten you physically. From experience working with communities all of the situations work fetishists and kinksters can be solved in a reactionary way, there is not pressing matter that dictated it needs to be preventative.

This is especially confusing to me because people here cry about r9k, who uses similar logic against women, and about video gamers who push out women for similar reasons. People here complain about sexist behavior in other hobbies but if it's not directed at them, they think it's a-ok in their hobby

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>I wouldn't want to be around you.
Honestly if this is what you think of men then fucking good riddance, don't let the door hit you on the way out anon.

>> No.9787309

>says others are projecting
>starts talking about daddy issues and problems with the opposite sex

>> No.9787313

>don't let the door hit you on the way out anon.
The gag is, that's what we're saying to you. No one cares about how you feel. We wouldn't complain about /r9k/ if you'd stop coming here to hound us and swing your no gf feels around daily.
You will always be an irrelevant nuisance in this hobby, so piss off.

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>t. non lolita

>> No.9787317

I'm not from r9k lmao

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True anon, I never said I was a Lolita. Anons just assumed I was. In actuality I think the dresses look ugly and could not physically care less about a "Lolita gf" I'm here for cosplay, but unfortunately your weird catty drama seeps over.

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This isn't even a cosplay thread. Admit it anon, it's all about the beito

>> No.9787325


Do what now?

>> No.9787326

What about the men who quietly judge Lolita and think
>That dress with those shoes?

>> No.9787327

Well, it's definitely a much better place for you than here. Go be with your own kind.

>> No.9787329

>>people find out I like Lolita fashion and anime
So you lied in the OP? Stop attention-whoring then.

>> No.9787331

Do you honestly think every post in here is the same person? Are you really that dumb and paranoid?

>> No.9787335

Wait, guys can join lolita comms wearing Victorian dandy clothing or the like?
How common/accepted is this?

>> No.9787339

So, you entered a thread to derail it and make it all about you and your feelings?
I repeat: Stop attention whoring.

>> No.9787344

No I entered a thread and discussed the release ant topic. Anons in this thread made it about me through personal attacks and assuming and projecting some r9k "tfw no Lolita gf" Boogeyman onto me

Really though I'm just sick of the man hate from your shitty little community spilling over into cosplay and causing all kinds of gender war drama, just because some autistic girls can't handle being around men who shared the same hobby.

>> No.9787346

How do I convince my bf to wear my AP dresses?

>> No.9787355

You carried your cosplay greivances to a thread about Lolita to complain about people carrying their Lolita grievances to cosplay.
Makes perfect sense.

>> No.9787360

Sometimes when people don't get the message you need to give them a little bit of their own medicine

>> No.9787367

fuck you buddy. you're not interested in having a discussion--you just want to lash out. did you even read >>9787273?
where in that did I say men are by default creeps?
come back when your underdeveloped brain isn't being clogged by anger.

I just want to shout out to my sincere, well-dressed brolita brothers. y'all are my family and I wish you a long, ruffled life. it's not easy liking what we like, so I'm grateful that we continue to be true to this fashion and appreciate its rich subversive history.

>> No.9787375

Congrats, no one cared and you look like a hypocrite.

>> No.9787438

You salty

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Just dump him and date me

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It's not common, and many of the people who wear it are female if you start looking through examples. However, it's accepted. There's just not a lot of men who wear it. Now, don't think it's just a fancy suit. It's something akin to this. I'll post some examples. If you look like this, you'll be accepted.

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I say it's not common because there just simply isn't a whole lot of people wearing it.

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File: 227 KB, 1000x1500, boystyle2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not an expert on it though, and I honestly haven't seen a thread for it in awhile.

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File: 41 KB, 453x725, starryoutfit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 23 KB, 480x480, gothicstyle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 175 KB, 818x1227, femaleinmalestyle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 208 KB, 1067x1600, boystylenexttololita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like the images that show the style in contrast to lolita.

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File: 105 KB, 646x960, moretonedown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From what I understand, it's sometimes as toned down as this. Still way different then just a dapper suit though.

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File: 56 KB, 720x1356, bluesuit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 52 KB, 600x929, moregothic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And I'll stop.

>> No.9787502

It also goes without saying: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. If your local comm is more lax then you could likely get away with wearing something less elaborate such as >>9787489. However, if your local comm is known for OTT sweet, luxurious gothic, and/or super elegant classical then you likely should show up wearing something more on par with >>9787492 or >>9787473. It really just depends on how extravagant the group dresses.

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It's happened before actually, some anon once posted in one of the feel threads about how he went to a lolita meetup and the girls were uncomfortable with him and he didn't understand why because he was "kinda" dressed for it, and concluded it was because he's a guy. But when asked what "kinda" meant, he said he wore khaki shorts. I should've taken caps when it happened, I wish I was making this up.

>> No.9787528

Frankly this could be avoided if every ouji could somehow just purchase a set of Boz or AatP before claiming to wear it. It’s the same issue as halfassed nooblitas who throw on a jsk, a long normie cardigan, and some Claires ribbons and declare themselves lolita. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no need to be perfect, but its so so easy to gather the basic components so even if they don’t mesh perfectly, it at least resembles lolita.

Too often it just seems like the men don’t commit or have a western steampunk or western formalwear skewed perspective of male styles. But it’s not hard.

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File: 37 KB, 467x700, joshua-anthony-brand-dandy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What you posted is just ouji. Pic related is dandy.

It isn't jfash so it's kinda iffy but while I can't speak for all comms, in my comm it would absolutely be acceptable. I doubt a well dressed guy like this would be rejected from other comms because this style isn't jfash but again, can't speak for them.

>> No.9787545

People still complain even if you show up wearing brand.

Man in our area was kicked out recently because two cunts went around and kept telling everybody he was a creep.

My boyfriend and I both left that comm. You just can't win.

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>wearing brand gives you a free pass to do anything

>> No.9787794

>that filename
>not knowing who this is
>not knowing he's a dude

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they were lying! holy shit, what whores!!
can't believe two, not just one, cunts came forward about unwanted and misplaced sexual aggression at a social gathering for a group that likely also has minors!!!
those mods should be eaten by rabid wolves!! fuck all the whores!
men suffer so damn much these days. why can't people have free reign to be disgusting and selfishly make others uncomfortable??

I'm not even upset about the possibility that this guy could have been a predator. I don't care that this subculture has little to do with sex. everyone should be forward and cross each other's boundaries. Suck it, decency and respect for others. I WANT THIS WORLD TO BUUUURN

>> No.9787818

As a man who likes lolita, decora, yumekawaii, and anime, I have never once been pinned as a pedophile for any of it. Gay, yes, but not a pedophile.

There's something off about you dude and it's not your /cgl/ interests.

>> No.9787854

Dial it down about 2 notches there guy

>> No.9787906

He's a very pretty man.

>> No.9787948

Here here. I just read this whole thread and there is something very off with this guy and his sense of entitlement.

>> No.9787953

There’s also one brolita in my comm who, while not being super well dressed, clearly loves the fashion and the fact that he’s a guy doesn’t ever come up unless someone else mentions it. Every time we kick out a sissy or thirsty dude looking for a qt lolita gf they cry that we’re misandrists who hate all men, but surely if that were true this brolita would have been kicked out long ago? Instead he’s a longtime member with plenty of friends. It’s almost like we kicked those guys out for their behaviour rather than the fact that they’re male...

Six out of seven men who have joined my comm have turned out to be predators who tried to invite underage girls over to their house, solicited nudes/lewds over private messages and/or threatened girls with physical harm when they asserted their personal boundaries (like “please don’t send me pictures of yourself in your underwear, I’m not comfortable with it”). That’s not even mentioning the guys who got rejected at the door for being obvious perverts. Statistically men who try to join our comm are much more likely to be creeps than normal guys, so while I don’t think we should blanket-ban all men I don’t blame anyone for not automatically welcoming all men with open arms. When you keep getting burned you’re going to be more cautious around fire.

>> No.9787954

Spencer is that you again? Stop roleplaying as a girl on the internet.

>> No.9787969

I only know this guy and his drama from cgl but that was my immediate thought too.
When someone in another continent recognizes your shit, you should probably keep a low profile.

>> No.9788193

Who is Spencer?

>> No.9788201

Some tacky fuckboy ouji with a lot of brand and no style nor class that got himself kicked out of his comm, whined about "discrimination" to the mods that decided to ban him and then pitched several fits here about how the girls that complained about him lied. I don't remember the intricate details or what comm it even was, I just remember it was a mess.

>> No.9788263

lol same

Don’t forget the custom Bad Ouji license plate and how he’d take pictures of normie brand tags to show off online. These bitches like brand? I’ll show them brand! He’s like a sitcom character.

IIRC the girl he caused drama with was banned too but that doesn’t fit into his “they only hate me because they’re man-hating cunts ;_;” narrative so he doesn’t bring that up.

>> No.9788387

How do you fuck up owning brand?

>> No.9788393

Have you ever seen the Moitie ita?

>> No.9788450

Educate me

>> No.9788456

texas comm? I think I had him for the secret santa exchange, but I'm still waiting on him to post the gift I got him for it.

>> No.9788466

Yeah wtf same. If its him I'm not surprised.

>> No.9788487

You can't tell anyone where they belong or what they can do. By being in an organic structure you give up the right and ability to control it.

Personally I wouldn't need to get deep into this but I personally do want a kawaii gf, hell I've been dating specifically Japanese women as of late. And I'd love one that dressed like this. I wouldn't go to every event but if I wanted to show up with her there's not a god damn thing you could do about it.

And yes, I will fuck her in said costumes.
The idea women don't dress like this to be desired is retarded.

Women want to be desired, it's a basic drive.
Read some evolutionary psychology.

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I actually was just reading some evolutionary psychology. Thank you BS freshman 101 courses for giving me ammo against incels like you.

>> No.9788511

I agree with you but that theory is based on if those people were being completely truthful.

I firmly believe that when people lie- they believe what they are saying to be true. However, as often proven in court cases far and wide- just because you believe what you are saying, doesn't make it the truth.

Those people gave answers they thought sounded correct but it may not be true about their actual decision making in a mate.

>> No.9788512
File: 146 KB, 496x496, 8c3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>waaaaah t-they're lying
ok incel.

>> No.9788514

So much for discussion.

>> No.9788531

Nothing was achieve in this thread.
Seriously it's like he's talking about a specific thing that happened to him and actually legitimately thinks it's because he's a guy and this happens to every guy.

>> No.9788533

Women value status and men value looks above all-in early selection. Of course kindness and intelligence matter, I never said otherwise.

I own a few David Buss books.
I'm not an incel. ^_^

If you think most men value kindness from across a room you're deluding yourself. I'd rather be with a 6 with a good heart than a 9 who's a nasty person, true, but I'm going to approach that 6 in the first place because she looks good.

That's a really good pic, I agree with it for the most part.

>> No.9788534

well there's just shit on both sides.

There is definitely a bias against men in lolita and also in cosplay like that other anon brought up, but trolls on both sides blew it up way out of proportion and it eventually turned into a bunch of shit.

>> No.9788536

I'm not OP or the "oppressed guy"
I'm this guy. VVV

And I was mostly having fun with the topic.
I love the hyper-feminine look of lolita fashion. And desu it's rather new to me and I don't care how girls want to get together to discuss it.

But I am saying if I have a gf into it she wont have some wannabe " pseudo girl power" people telling her bf he can't appreciate her hobby, even in a sexual way, or come with her to an event.

I'm sure there are lots of women who enjoy this BECAUSE it attracts male attention- that's not the only reason but don't kid yourself, it's part of it.

>> No.9788537

>shit on both sides.

*clap clap clap*

>> No.9788538

>they generally marry someone who is similar to them on all dimensions
is this why gay couples often look like the product of cellular mitosis

>> No.9788539

it's true anon, in this thread we have people pretending to be man hating tumblr girls and people pretending to be woman hating incels
they're trying to bait each other and end up making the whole discussion look ridiculous about 100 posts in, it happens in almost any thread that discusses gender or any topic like it

>> No.9788540

pretty much. Obviously you shouldn't asume every man that goes to a comm is a creep. if he dresses ita, but acts normal, you should assume he's an ita and help them dress properly. if he/she acts like a creep and makes everyone uncomfortable male or female, boot them the fuck out honestly. People should judge based on behavior, not appearance. Appearance can give away some things, but it's best to just hold your assumptions.


You see the problem with this is that I'm reading this and you're telling me that there are people that are doing this for male attention and I don't understand what the fuck your talking about because the only men I seem to attract in my dresses are diaperfags and weaboos and I just don't understand. Every bf I had has only ever tolerated it, not been specifically into it.

>> No.9788544

I'm pretty sure you didn't get what I said anon
"trolls on both sides" means on both sides of the argument
it's trolls trolling trolls thinking that they're trolling normies/incels

>> No.9788549

Imagine projecting the fact that you only do things in the hopes that the opposite sex will like you more on to that very sex, and thinking it'll work.

>> No.9788552

I don't understand people who think this.
I don't even LIKE sex.

>> No.9788684
File: 258 KB, 500x281, 1407075519735.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a woman, I've been wearing lolita for a decade, never had a boyfriend, have no interest in having one, and my frills typically make men stay far away from me, which I appreciate. Try again.

>> No.9788765

I'm not saying all of them will be, I'm just saying a few will and this doesn't automatically make them creeps or pedos. I also don't have a problem with you keeping shitty people away from your comms or whatever the hell you call your clubs or events. I like it when women dress up. I suppose some guys only like to see women naked and that's it. The same guys breathe thru their mouths and probably love monster trucks.

it appears I've gotten a warning, because I don't know which post that was in relation to I suppose I'll leave it here.

>> No.9788779

just want to drop a few facts on ya
>lolita is not a costume, it's a deeply personal fashion
>no lolita will fuck you while wearing brand
>lolita is an alternative fashion that's a major buckshot to the hypersexualization of women's bodies
>lolita is for the wearer's enjoyment
>lolita is our way of reveling in the fancy, dark, and feminine while also keeping disgusting, unwarranted appetites away (most guys don't like it and it's wonderful)

I am a lolita. I am a red-blooded, sexual person. BUT there is nothing more degrading than having someone desire you without even knowing anything about you, or caring about you.

lolita is beautiful but very subversive, and I appreciate it for being the gilded armor I never knew I needed in this world. I just want to be a woman, and express my feminine side, without "inviting" danger.

>> No.9788785

Lolita really only attracts the lowest of the low as far as men go, huh?

>> No.9788788

Anon I love you but you're wasting your time, these guys don't want to listen to anyone but their dicks.

>> No.9788830

Thems fighten words.

>> No.9788832

>>no lolita will fuck you while wearing brand

No smart Lolita would. If you get any fluids up in there it would be a nightmare to clean properly. Plus your shit could rip or get damaged

>> No.9788839

I wonder why women tend to go for more assexual/ less appealing to men clothes? Not only lolita, but in general.

>> No.9788841

Because we're people with our own independent existence and thoughts and feelings and wants and likes, and we don't live to satisfy you. Shocking, I know.

>> No.9788848
File: 194 KB, 1176x960, 1462163721783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So men don't bother you and get personally offended when you don't drop everything to fuck a stranger. I love miniskirts and thigh highs because I'm a midget that wants to look taller without wearing heels, but it's not worth the harassment if I'm going somewhere alone. It's mainly because I love lolita of course, otherwise I'd wear modest normie clothes, but I'd be lying if I said me wearing modest clothing 90% of the time was completely unrelated to men being obnoxious and getting angry.

>> No.9788849

My wife wears men's clothes for one reason:


>> No.9788869

>Hypersexualization if women's bodies
>On a board where threads with guys posted all have muscles visible and their shirts off
Thanks fir the laugh anon

>> No.9788882

>I'm not an incel. ^_^
You're a moronic weeb who can't think for yourself

>> No.9788885

??? What does that even mean? This fashion exists outside of 4chan.

>> No.9788890

>I don't care how girls want to get together to discuss it
That is why everyone here is pissed with you. Because this is our hobby and you don't care about how we practice the hobby because you have sexual urges.

>if you have a gf
So you don't actually have one.

>> No.9788891

>needing to be an extremist on any subject
I'd rather be level headed

>> No.9788894

>this fashion exists outside of 4chan
unless you mean 2ch, almost every lolita browses here at least occasionally

>> No.9788897

I have sex in my brand all the time but my bf is a caring individual who knows better than to tear up my brand

>> No.9788898

>even in a sexual way
This fashion is naturally asexual, it's basically unwanted to be appreciated in sexual way by it's nature.

>> No.9788899

Anon commented on lolita fashion being a form of rebellion against hypersexualization of women's bodies, supposedly claiming that it means nothing because of topless males cosplayers on this board, as if the two are related in any way.
The fashion rebels against society at large, it wasn't conceived on 4chan and it's unrelated to whatever sexy cosplay exists on this board or elsewhere.

>> No.9788901

and I'm saying that whining about hypersexualization when most oujis and male cosplayers posted on this board are sexualized to hell andback is a big fat fucking joke.
you lot are like the female r9k whining about those evil guys doing this and that to you without even thinking about how act first.

>> No.9788903

The people trolling in this thread are the kind that look for things that aren't sexual and try to sexualize it.

Like how pedos sexualize kids under the age of 15-14

>> No.9788905

If you actually lurked this board you'd know that the women who are here are actually being horrifically mean to the other women in the community.
I see it way more than hatred towards guys.

>> No.9788907

>the people trolling in this thread
full stop
if they're trolling they are literally only saying things that they know will get a reaction out of you. full stop
unless you're one of those retards who says that someone having a different opinion other than you is "trolling" in which case kill yourself asap.

>> No.9788909

I hope you read past that part of my post

>> No.9788912

Lmao. Also, who cares about male cosplayers? This is a fashion, not the cosplay community.
Just because we share a board doesn't mean we're the same thing, you retard.
>j-just like /r9k/
Only robots and incels from /r9k/ say this shit. We are not the same, which is why we never get along. Now fuck off.

>> No.9788914

I did and you're retarded. They have no beliefs that they are pushing through their posts. they are literally only saying what will get a reaction from you.

>> No.9788919

>They have no beliefs that they are pushing through their posts
Yes they do. Pol started out as a joke and now it's gotten a president elected.

Flat earth was just trolling too. Now look at all the people who bought it.

You're naive.

>> No.9788924

Cosplayers are irrelevant to the subject at hand, but I agree that oujis do get sexualized in the community (re: the godawful "hubba hubba" meme), possibly because guys are a minority in the fashion in general; of course that's not an excuse to treat them this way, nor is it okay, but it's still not comparable to how women in general are treated in general society.

Look at the guys shitposting in this thread for example,
>hurr all women want to be desired
>durr you must wear this for male attention
>i'm gonna fuck you in your costume lol
Even if they say this to get a reaction, these are comments that lolitas get on the street too because people can't wrap their mind around the idea of women doing something because they like it.

>> No.9788929

>we sexualize guys who join our fashion and do it well but what about teh womenz?!?!?!
that is the biggest pile of shit anon, just because you want to say you have it harder doesn't excuse your behavior.

also if you honestly think that people who are trolling and saying exactly what will get a reaction out of you are being serious then you need to take a step back from 4chan.

>> No.9788934

>oujis do get sexualized in the community (re: the godawful "hubba hubba" meme)
No, they don't. People who say that are just kidding around because they think it's cute and neat when a guy actually gets it right. No one harasses them, approaches them for sex, demands pornographic ouji photoshoots, or any of the other shit female Lolitas go through when everyone else sexualizes them.
Honestly, most oujis are just girls in boyish clothing. 99% of men either can't into ouji because they just aren't into elaborate alt fashion (or they think it looks "gay"), or they just don't have the required look for it.

>> No.9788936

>if you honestly think that people who are trolling and saying exactly what will get a reaction out of you are being serious
No, I don't think they're serious, but you'd be surprised how many people say this shit completely seriously to our faces.

>> No.9788939

I think that's a $100% real situation and probably never happens anon. I have seen people on here get asked pretty innoccuous stuff at events and they later hype it up and change the story so now it was sexual assault.

>> No.9788943

Sorry to disappoint you but it's happened to me, and to some of my friends too, and I don't even go to cons.
Not everything is sexual assault, but coming up to a complete stranger and asking them "hurr does your boyfriend make you dress up like this?" is pretty fucking weird and, again, implies I can't possibly choose to do this for my own enjoyment and must wear these clothes for a man's pleasure, which is bullshit.

>> No.9788944

that sounds like you have other deep seated problems besides some awkward person randomly coming up to you and being an idiot.

>> No.9788945
File: 52 KB, 444x287, 74238948295234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pray tell what deep seated problems do I have besides having nothing better to do than humor you with a response?

>> No.9788946

I get that the guy is being a weirdo but to go on a rant like you did about "x for a man's pleasure" and the other things you've been ranting about like "hypersexualization" lead me to believe you have a serious issue with men that you need to resolve.

the guy was being a dick but people are dicks and there's nothing you can do about it. your reaction to flip out and start trying to ascribe it to some social outrage is a very unhealthy behavior though.

>> No.9788960

I didn't react like that to the person who asked me that lmao I just told them I dress like that for myself because it's fun, no flipping out was involved.
It is a stupid assumption to make though, and they did imply I do it to please my boyfriend, I don't understand why you're reaching.

>> No.9789958

They're bad at trolling.

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