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I wish brands will get more creative with their designs. I'm sick of seeing the same designs over and over again.

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lolita is generally very slow fashion. if you want to see something different, it's easier to just look at different brands.

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found this on bodylines Twitter, I need to know if this is gonna be their new print, I'm not even a bodyline fan but the print is too cute

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>that font

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it's terrible, I know, but the cats are cute

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Agreed, lolita is very slow, and it's for a good reason. We're identified by a few select features.

If you stick to the same general look, you get
>I'm sick of seeing the same designs (from x brand) over and over again.
If you branch out and get creative, you get
>I don't think this is lolita (or x brand) anymore, this is weird.

There are tons of different styles and prints and colours and details, brands just tend to cater to one aesthetic or another. So go look at different brands, there's so much variety out there. You're just constrained by the features that make lolita, well, lolita.

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Aw the cats are adorable, but I don't like the colour of the beans. Cats and jelly beans though, such an adorable idea.

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I like this in some ways, but why are the jelly beans so fucking long???

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It’s also not fast fashion in that the clothes are designed to last longer, and thus have less closet turnover. You see a lot of change in brands like F21 because the shirt you bought is only meant to be worn several times before you shop for a new one (where the designs will be different so that you don’t notice you are being forced to shop more and replace items you already have).

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desu the colors kinda remind me of meta

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I swear to god I'm getting this if they're releasing it.
The kittens are adorable and the jellybeans look charmingly weird.

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omg the
all over the print is cracking me up, its like they placed it as a template to put more jars and forgot to add them

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This is cute but I can already smell the stiff cotton Bodyline uses from here....

Getting kinda hard to decide between uncomfortable but cotton Bodyline clothes and unbreathable but soft polyester burando.

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Has anyone compiled a more accurate color chart of Dreamholics wigs?

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Argh, thanks for making me notice that. Can’t unsee!

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I hope you gulls aren't tired of rereleases yet, The End of Immortal Eden goes up for reservation next week:

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Only black and navy? I always thought green was the most popular.

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>cute ass loli earbuds
>that aren't junk

Bodyline is still alive? Restock your shoes, Yan.

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The green is my dream dress so you can imagine the emotional rollercoaster of seeing that post and then realising it’s only navy and black getting rereleased. Why do you do this to me, AatP?

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Baby still does a lot of cotton

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Aaah, thanks. I'm going to reserve their Karami 3-tier jsk tomorrow, didn't realise some of their recent releases are also cotton.

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They're cheetos, actually.

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cheeto finger fedora neckbeard print when
>calling all Taobao brands

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Isn't swimmer out of business?

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Will there ever be a con that sells lolita like Anime Matsuri

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Imo cons shouldn't have lolita. Organise your own fashion events like the lolitas in Europe and Asia, they're much better.

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What do you think of brands that don't say on their website that they are a lolita brand, but do go to lolita events, sell in lolita shops, and/or are featured in lolita magazines? I see this a lot with Japanese indie brands that look more inspired by 80s/90s lolita than current looks.

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I don't care. Why should they have to label themselves? I've never seen other brands state on their website that they're goth or punk or preppy or whatever.

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Maybe they are more influenced by mainstream ''western fashion'' from that time (e.g. MILK and Olive girls (altough lolitas like Mariko Suzuki say those are the actual origins of lolita fashion)). If they are from the 80s/90s, it could be because lolita had a more negative connotation in Japan because of that serial killer, or they didn't want to be associated with a small, weird subculture when they thought they could appeal to normies. Pic related is a jpop singer in the 80s.

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I agree. I have zero interest in anime cons so it's a waste of money to pay for a ticket just to have access to the one lolita event. Even more annoying is how all comm activity starts revolving around that con. Can't do anything else that month, need to save money for the con! No point in meeting up since we'll see each other at the con! Cancel the swap meet so we can do a bring & buy at the con instead! Just come to the con, anon! But ugh don't you hate it when lolitas who don't even like anime come to this con?
I can't win.

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Yeah well the world doesn’t revolve around you.
If you don’t like anime but most do then I guess it sucks to be you.

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anime is the worst, gtfo of lolita

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Those events are only possible because of the geography and lolita pop. distribution of those countries. America is too fucking big so all of the lolitas are spread out therefore cannot offset the costs of bringing fashion guests over. Only cons can at the moment.

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Day 6,094: the west coast still doesn't have a lolita convention despite having a large and active community with money. Since the death of PMX there isn't even an anime convention that has lolita programming. Who will save them from the event desert they dwell within!?

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Why can cons afford it but lolita events can't? If they weren't making a profit from bringing in lolita guests they wouldn't do it.
It's way more expensive to fly Japanese guests to Europe. And when there is a lolita event in Europe, most of us have to pay for a flight and hotel too.

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At least Sakura Con this year is getting Moitie and Mana?

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If fucking Finland can have a lolita event with brand guests, so can you

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A con I went to had a booth seeing lolita

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No, unfortunately. Prepare to get some random color that looks nothing like the wig you ordered.

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Some of the jelly beans are like this in my country (UK). Some of them are small and round and the cheaper unbranded ones are usually long and bendy.

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Does anyone else prefer OPs to JSKs? I just find them so much easier to coord and I like how there is less bulk because you don’t need a blouse underneath (and I find them more comfortable for that reason). But it seems like JSKs always reign supreme

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I agree, but a lot of the prints I like don't line up with the OP cuts I like. I only usually like non print OPs since the print OPs are usually not my taste.

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Speaking of brands like this, is Angel Fish still alive? They always Rose the line between lolita and natural-kei in a very pretty way, and I always wanted to own some of their clothes.

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I meant rode. Sorry for being a lame phoneposter, have another Angel Fish pic as an apology.

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I prefer skirts. They're cheaper and more flattering.

>> No.9792790

As long as its not chilly enough for me to want to wear a straight-sleeved bolero over puffed OP sleeves, I agree. They are cuter and more convenient for casual wear in good weather.

>> No.9792792

I love OPs! Most of my main pieces are OPs. I've been buying more JSKs lately because they're more versatile, but OPs are definitely much easier to wear.

>> No.9792796

They self-identified as a classic lolita brand and went out of business in 2016

>> No.9792800

Oh no, that makes me really sad... I was hoping they were still around because their website was still up. Was planning to get a shopping service to buy from them for my birthday. What's the best way to search for them on y!a, fril, and mercari?

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What exactly is AliceHolic on WW? Do any of you submit photos?

>> No.9792804

I'd suggest pairing the brand name with keywords like "blouse" or "one piece" depending on what you're looking for, to filter irrelevant results.

>> No.9792814

I do! it's kind of fun, and there are points perks and contests. basically, WW set up a thing where you are rewarded if people vote for/like your coords. WW gets to use your nice coord photos to promote their site and get repeat customers by giving out points.

>> No.9792815

I've considered it, coords certainly get noticed more than they would on my Instagram and nitpicked less than CoF. I totally would do it, but I have a shit phone so my photos are potato quality.

>> No.9792817

Where is their statement? The girls twitter has been updated in 2017 though not with new releases

>> No.9792825

Have you had any negative feedback? I'm not gonna submit anything for a while because I don't have any good recent photos, but for whatever reason, posting to a store rather than a semi private group or my personal social media worries me.

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I agree. I don't have any interest in anime/games/nerd stuff so cons are pretty unappealing to me.

In Canada, the biggest event we have is the AN tea party. I'm hoping we'll have a large scale lolita event soon. Our comm, especially when combined with other Canadian comms, is def big enough for there to be enough interest.

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Can't wear ops cuz no shirring and chubby Chan.

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Anon, there's plenty of OPs with shirring.

>> No.9792857

OPs are my favourite. They're cute and easy to coord, plus they suit my small bust and frame. I like having some JSKs too though.

>> No.9792863

>+1 for Wesley and his sexy ass
>just rewatched Blade a few weeks ago

>>9792856 is right. plenty of OPs have either full shirring or are mostly shirred. Some OPs even have no shirring and can fit up to 118cm bust
train your eye, know your measurements, take some chances, join a plus size sales group and buy from other marshmallow-chans

>t. marshmallow chan

>> No.9792882

>combined with other Canadian comms
I'm assuming you're Toronto comm because I'm sure no other comm is big enough for an event. You act as if our country isn't fucking huge and expensive to travel in. Very few people would travel from Western Canada to Eastern Canada, it would be a lot easier for us to just go across the border to an American event in Seattle.
Sorry for the salt, I'm just tired of Torontonians acting like they're the centre of the universe.

>> No.9792885

I actually don't prefer them as they are more work to wash. They seem easier to wear, but I also don't like trying to color balance the outfit using them in winter. They really only seem useful to me in summer and the cuts are never that great imo. I'd rather get a skirt for the versatility and ease of cleaning.

>> No.9792887

They said AN so yeah they are from a Toronto. You guys in BC got Ap to come and going to Seattle is a reasonable thing. But don’t act like the rest of the country can do that. It’s just that one area that can do so.

There are only like 3 big comms and Ontario/Quebec is going to be where 2 of them are. It makes the most sense to have a big event there.

>> No.9792888

Are EU lolitas just more passionate about lolita events? They don't make any profit organising them as far as I know, and events in Spain and other countries have been successful.

>> No.9792891

Way less distance in Europe, anon. It's a lot easier to gather people and resources to plan and hold the event.
Europeans cannot comprehend how big North America is. The same drive that takes me through half my state would put me through 3 countries in Western Europe

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File: 98 KB, 512x260, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.40.35 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For reference.
My state is almost the size of Germany.

>> No.9792894

It would take almost a week at least to drive from Western Canada to Eastern Canada.

>> No.9792895

I just looked it up and going from Quebec to Toronto costs 99 euro while going from London to Barcelona costs 128 euro on the same webpage. Like someone else already mentioned, holding an event with brand guests in Europe is more expensive to begin with because the flights from Japan are way more expensive and longer.

>> No.9792899

Does anyone know the max bust on the Halloween Treats and Jewelry Snow OPs? Lolibrary just says "free", though I assume it's probably ~90 cm.

>> No.9792902

Lol my flight from London to Barcelona was under 30 euros. It's not just guests you have to think of.
I've traveled both NA and Europe extensively, there is really no comparing the two when it comes to distance and population density.
Western Europe (~180people/sq. km.) is almost twice as densely populated as the US and probably at ~20x more densely populated than Canada, since Prince Edward Island has the highest provincial density at 24people/sq. km.

>> No.9792904

They are the exact same type of pricing to North America. $1000+ from Tokyo unless you're lucky with buying at the right time. It also costs a lot more to fly around the US and Canada so for people traveling it costs a lot more. I'm not sure where you got that price, but I'm seeing a $200+ flight or 8+hour train ride from Quebec to Toronto.

>> No.9792905

I looked at flights on the same day, I'm sure you can find cheaper flighs in Canada too if you make a tiny bit more effort. Imo it's strange the US has brand tea-party every year but can't do one lolita event.

>> No.9792906

What are you talking about? The US already has at least two events, Rufflecon and Paradiso. Not saying they're good, but they do exist.

>> No.9792908

I think you are confused and assuming the whole of North America is the west coast.

>> No.9792911

I think they were talking about America in general at first, it was about going to lolita events instead of cons.

>> No.9792918

Finland is tiny.

>> No.9792921

From what I understand only hardcore folks travel for Rufflecon which I keep hearing isn't any good. Don't know about paradiso though.

>> No.9792922

Tiny country=tiny lolita comm?

>> No.9792926

I think maybe in America there are more lolitas who also like anime/other geeky hobbies. A lot of people found out about lolita through cons. Maybe it would be the same in Europe if European cons featured lolita guests or panels.

>> No.9792931

I know of people who travel from the West coast to go to AN, and they would do the same for a lolita event. As >>9792887 said, we also have Quebec as a large comm that is close enough for a lolita event in the GTA.

Just because we wouldn't have a lolita event in Western Canada doesn't mean we shouldn't have one in the GTA where there's more of us.

>> No.9792935

I don't know anything about Finland but
Big country = several small comms

>> No.9792940

Yeah but it's far easier for comms to travel to Finland from a different European country than it is to go from east to west coast in the US.

>> No.9792949

Tbh nobody in my comm went to the Finland event. I honestly can't think of anyone from other comms who went either.

>> No.9792952

I love OPs in theory but never buy them due to a combination of >>9792782 and broad-ish shoulders and long arms. On the rare occasion an OP has shoulders wide enough to fit me, its sleeves are like 5cm too short. One day I’d like to buy some short-sleeved OPs for summer, though.

I love this!


>> No.9792953

Rufflecon was a blast for me for the two years I went. I don't know what you mean by "hardcore."
Sure, it's not like every lolita in America goes, but it's also way over in New England.
When local cons have tea parties and lolita programming, and brands on the coasts hold tea parties, it's harder to convince someone to travel 3,000 miles and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to go to a lolita only event.
Rufflecon was a very big expense for me and a lot of people I know, mostly due to travel and hotel costs.

>> No.9792966

Unlike North America Europe does have language barriers though. I’ve been to Finland as a non Suomi-speaking person and while it was doable since many Fins speak some English (I’m also not a native English speaker), I wouldn’t want to travel there alone. Most SFE events have been in countries whose languages I don’t understand at all.

>> No.9792968

>I don't know what you mean by "hardcore."
I only ever saw people who also traveled far and wide for cons saying they were going to Rufflecon.

That was like a year ago though. Ever since then, I've only read that it was garbage and people would post all the coords and talk about how no one was dressed well.

Sometimes I wonder why cgl wants these things when clearly most people here don't care for it. Its only one anon daydreaming about the perfect lolita event.

meanwhile everyone else on here is waiting to pounce.

>> No.9792971

With the SFE events I think people only go if it's their neighbouring country, their own country or their absolute favourite brand. I went to one and didn't see many foreigners at all besides the type of efamous lolitas who would travel anywhere

>> No.9792974

to be fair, there are huge cultural differences between US west and east coasts. Its kind of amazing how different the people are.

>> No.9792977

I admit I don't know anything about different cultures and distances in the US, but I think it's amazing that small lolita comm's like Finland and Spain can organise big lolita events. But we just don't know if it would be different if European cons had lolita brand tea-party's.

>> No.9792978

Pretty sure they're not making a huge profit, probably JUST offsetting the costs. A bunch of the midwest cons with lolita programming is run by a guy that fucks a lolita GF, pretty sure why they even have it. Same with the AM situation

>> No.9792979

>they are more work to wash.

I just put mine in a big lingerie washing bag and put them in the machine on delicate and hang dry, have I been doing it wrong or something?

>> No.9792980

I can't imagine AM doing it for anything other than money

>> No.9792982

It would be fine to have a lolita event in Toronto, no one's saying you can't or shouldn't, but I think it's pretty dumb to assume all lolitas in Canada would go, again considering it would be a lot easier for most on the west coast or near it to just pop over to Vancouver or Seattle.
No idea what middle Canada lolitas would do though.

>> No.9792991

It's all the detachable pieces and wear and tear of washing. Skirts I don't have to wash as often as they aren't in contact with my skin and areas like underarms. Plus I need cotton for breathability and most OPs are polyester now meaning I definitely will sweat and have to wash them.

>> No.9792993

>implying middle canada lolitas exist

>> No.9793032

I've become crazy obsessed with OP's lately because I have very little time to dress on lolita days. And I agree that they are more comfortable because less layers (and evem more comfortable if they are sack dresses).

>> No.9793039

Who is Rainies? Why has she seemingly just bought and sold tons of shit for almost a decade? Does she even wear lolita?
You never hear anything about the Italian lolitas.

>> No.9793040

Cultural differences within one country are not really comparable to different languages, though.

>> No.9793042

This may come as a surprise to you but there are thousands of lolita who have never posted to CoF

>> No.9793055

As someone who doesn't post to COF, I'm well aware, but it seems weird to buy and sell as much as she does, and I honestly haven't heard anything about the Italian comm.
Enquiring minds want to know and all that.

>> No.9793058

could be a lolita who is also a one-person secondhand shop

>> No.9793059

There used to be a few popular italian lolitas on daily_lolita but they didn't migrate to the facebook groups

>> No.9793063

Not italian but I sell things for a couple of friends in my comm because they don't speak English. Most lolitas in my comm just sell to others in the comm for that reason.

>> No.9793067

How do you find Japanese indie brands?

>> No.9793089

I'm guessing she's selling for other comm members. But it's very obvious she overprices so I never buy from her even if the items look good. That's where she gets you, she takes nice photos.

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File: 98 KB, 1023x682, 1505741108002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know how to remove discoloration from lace? I'm freaking out because I just noticed some very faint, barely even noticeable discoloration on the lace of my most expensive dream dress.

It's really bothering me. The lace is lavender so I don't want to do anything that would harm the colour. I'd really appreciate someone's help!

>> No.9793097

She has really decent prices for the european market

>> No.9793100

What kind of lace is it? Torchon, tulle, something else?

>> No.9793101

Yeah, you have to take into consideration the amount of shipping, taxes and time it saves when I buy from European sellers.

>> No.9793122

I'm from the neighbour country comm, usually someone/a small group went to hellocon but I'm pretty sure nobody was at the last event
I never went because I was underage b& for most of the events and was still very much a newfriend to the fashion, so I figured I'd rather not embarrass myself with bad coording
instead the event was cancelled, rip

I've had no issues anywhere in Europe, including countries with a far worse rap for speaking English. this is a shit excuse unless you're a complete autist and can't either use body language or google translate to communicate

>> No.9793131

Well yeah, Europeans tend to overprice.

>> No.9793135

To be fair, your own English is hard to understand

See >>9793101
It can still be a good price if you are in Europe yourself.

>> No.9793144

Doesn't change the fact that she tends to overprice. Obviously she can continue selling because people think it's worth it to buy within Europe.

>> No.9793145

Of course it’s possible but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stressful and a deterrent. Driving an entire day to attend an event several states away is also perfectly possible but clearly it’s a deterrent to some people and I don’t blame them.

>> No.9793157

It is when it causes fights to break out and people die because of difference in opinion.

This may not happen when lolitas go to conventions - but I've seen it happen elsewhere.

>> No.9793159

You can totally wear sack dresses. I've got two now and they're super comfy. The only real problem is if you have giant arms, then it gets tricky.

>> No.9793161

I don't understand why you guys are trying so hard to proof that it's impossible to have lolita events at whichever place you're even talking about at this point.

>> No.9793171

>can't either use body language or google translate
I speak as someone whose first language isn't English, but google translate doesn't really work with some terms, idioms, etc. With body language it's even worse, because there are cultural differences. It doesn't seem like much, sometimes it can be very subtle, but it makes a difference.
Yes, most countries have English as non-formal second language, but not everyone will be able to speak fluently, or at all besides some basic phrases.

>> No.9793177

Ah man, I've wanted this piece ever since I saw it a few years back, shame to hear that she closed shop. Does anyone know what that particular type of fabric is called when it has that sort of texture?

>> No.9793180

You can read the entire thread regarding the subject..

but my point is that people in the States are not United like the name makes it seem. People here fucking hate each other and don't get along at all. I don't know what it's like in other countries, but it's not like this.

I've seen people get in verbal fights at meets too from arguing politics at the wrong time.
There are loads of reasons why we can't all get together for some big fun meet. People suck and clash too much in our cultures.

Its a damn shame cause I'd love to go to a big lolita event with brand guests - but I'd never spend money on something like that cause I know it wouldn't really be fun and there would be too much of people not getting along.

Plus all the shitty secret gulls trying to snap pictures of what they deem ita just so they have some OC to post. Fuuuuck that.

>> No.9793183

No one said it's impossible just that it's quite difficult, made evident by Rufflecon and other past events not at conventions. Personally I don't even want to go to Paradiso as there's no Japanese indie / brands attending.

>> No.9793186

the discussion was about why do you attend cons instead of organising lolita events. everything you said also applies to going to cons.

>> No.9793192

>why do you attend cons instead of organizing lolita events
You got the answer. Because people in the states don't mesh well. Different areas means different people.

Fucking ESL poster, I had spell correct your post.

>applies to going to cons
Yeah - why do you think PAX and San Diego Comic Con are such shitshows?

>> No.9793212 [DELETED] 

still don't understand why you perfect cons over lolita events unless you like anime

>> No.9793218

still don't understand why you prefer cons over lolita events unless you like anime

>> No.9793221

>why you perfect cons over lolita events
haha horry sheet.

Seriously though. I don't even go to cons - but I do see what goes on at them and it's a fucking shitshow. Just like a lolita event would be, see Rufflecon.

>> No.9793223



>> No.9793233

This is bullshit. Maybe on the internet or in politics people like to fight, but I've made lolita and cosplay friends from all over. I've never had there be issues with people mixing at events. Please go back to /pol/ if you want to talk about this shit.

Sage for OT and cause this fucking thread is already rekt

>> No.9793238

You need to chill

>> No.9793241

My dearest anonymous friend, I'm running a fever and posting on an image board and hence my diction and register tend to be a little less refined than usual; however, I truly do apologise for my transgression and hope that you will find a way in your heart to stop being a nitpicky shit on a basket weaving forum

okay, I suppose that's fair, but I haven't see that concern stopping anyone from regular travelling though so I'm not

I thought the discussion was about travelling within either Europe or Asia though, so the body language culture thing really shouldn't be a thing? I'm also aware GT doesn't help with idioms and specific terms but I was pretty much suggesting you use it to ask for shit like 'where is the bus station', not to start intellectual debate or something that would really need words beyond basic yes/no/directions/numbers.

>> No.9793246

>this fucking thread is already rekt
Welcome to 4chan. Get used to it or leave while you still can.

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File: 18 KB, 250x333, gtfo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been here long enough to know that the shit flinging wasn't always like this. The quality has dropped significantly in the last couple of years, even if it wasn't great before then.
Quit using "muh 4chan!!" as an excuse for shitting up and purposely derailing threads.

>> No.9793265

>I haven't see that concern stopping anyone from regular travelling though so I'm not
You haven't been in the fb groups of comms in the US then. There is almost always someone complaining about how far away meets are even though most of us drive 30 minutes - 2 hours for a meet. Also public transport in the US is a joke.

>> No.9793278

>I thought the discussion was about travelling within either Europe or Asia though, so the body language culture thing really shouldn't be a thing
It really is a thing.
As I said, it's really subtle, but approach to things like hand gestures, eye contact or smiling are all slightly different across all countries. Your first language also matters, even if you know english very well.
When I was in England I felt that everyone was staring at me, smiling. They seemed really fake with their greetings, and they thought I wasn't feeling well. And it was like this when I knew the language. I got used to it after a week. Of course, not everyone will have experience as dramatic as mine, but it's still something to consider.
Not mentioning some really specific stuff, like "even number of flowers is meant for the dead" can make you look like an idiot if you don't know them.

>> No.9793281

you're making a lot of assumptions. Rufflecon and SFE are highly successful and manage interstate and international events.

>> No.9793322
File: 103 KB, 540x572, pants off.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The level of research Bodyline did for this print, I love it

>> No.9793337

Tbh you can get a cheap busticket from Montreal to Toronto, and the train can be ok if you plan ahead too. It isn’t worth it to fly between the 2 areas unless you rather spend the money to cut the time down. I have done trips on 30$ bus fare to Montreal before.

Really the issue isn’t the time of travel but the ability to put in the time/money to start something. People will travel if they find it worth it but getting to the point where it’s worth traveling to takes a lot of work.

It’s a tent so it’s pretty roomy. I know Halloween treats has a narrow arm area so that may be an issue if you are chubby.

>> No.9793345
File: 1.82 MB, 228x202, ppppbbfffffffttt.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ilu anon

>> No.9793392
File: 229 KB, 500x600, ccc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you get a sack dress altered to have a waist?
I love the details on this dress but hate the shape.

>> No.9793397

I love AatP I feel like they have someone watching the scalped pieces and then rereleasing them xD

>> No.9793400

Have you considered the other cuts?

>> No.9793401

What the shit are you talking about?

t. a midwesterner who spends tons of time traveling around the US

>> No.9793404

I'm planning on doing this with one of mine. What are your plans for it anon?

>> No.9793415

I don't like the jsk

I don't own the dress but if I want something altered, I'll go to a professional

>> No.9793424

Right, but I assume you have an idea of what you'd like it to look like?

>> No.9793456

She's a reseller. Many times I've seen uncommon but cheap dresses I saw on fril/mercari (and considered buying but didn't) listed by her for around 2x the original price.

>> No.9793478

You mean a con that sold stolen goods?

>> No.9793479

Anime NYC had a secondhand lolita booth that was absolutely amazing. Highly doubt they'll return next year though

>> No.9793486

What would it even take to organize a jfashion event in the US? Genuinely curious about how much it would cost to pull something like that off. I imagine event space, guests, and everything else adds up to a lot of money.

>> No.9793488

It must be either tulle or chemical lace. The dress is AP RRL OP. Lolibrary says it has original rose tulle lace and chemical lace, and since it's not the custom lace I'm guessing it's chemical? It's on the lavender lace right above where the overskirt sits.

Pic related is the discoloration. It's very confusing because I wore the dress only once, and I swear to Mana I did not get anything on it. Even if anything got on it, the area under the lace would be affected too, which it isn't.

>> No.9793489
File: 678 KB, 960x1280, 18-02-21-15-27-07-196_deco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dropped pic

>> No.9793493

It may just be like that. I had that happen to me on one tiny section of white lace- it was ivory in that spot- on an AP lucky pack blouse that definitely wasn't a stain.

>> No.9793498

That's what I was thinking it might be. It's so subtle it doesn't look like a stain at all. The girl who sold it to me only wore it once too.

Now that I know it's there it bothers me though, would there still be any hope of removing it?

>> No.9793554


Alterations always drop the value of the dress, so you're paying money to lose money. Plus there's usually some young poorfag who will bitch and cry about how burando is sacred and let's have the brands go out of business rather than buy their dresses and alter them.

If neither of these things bother you, go ahead.

>> No.9793577

opinion on creepers in lolita?

>> No.9793579

The shoes? Not a fan of them personally, not even in ouji.

>> No.9793585

the shoes not the people

>> No.9793597
File: 494 KB, 595x842, pop(27).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9793601

can't help, but I like suede black shoes, when they come with outfit that has something black

>> No.9793613

fuck i’m such a slut for florals
now to decide on jsk or op..

>> No.9793618

Eh, if I saw a dress altered good to fit my size I'd buy it.

>> No.9793621

Have a waist

>> No.9793623

So is anyone actually going to organize a lolita event on the west coast or

>> No.9793636
File: 261 KB, 471x468, nana.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Sad that there is no full back shirring cut. I really wanted to buy this when it came out but now I'm unsure. Plus what if they later come out with a full back shirring special set.... I'll kick myself for settling on the half back shirring blah

>> No.9793648

I think itll be popular enough you could resell it.

>> No.9793654


They're putting in a fitted waist, anon. If the dress didn't fit you before, it'll fit you even less now that it has a clearly defined waist size.

I should mention I'm not against alterations. The consequences mentioned in >>9793554 is simply what often happens. I alter my own dresses, insert pockets, (re)move bows and deco, resew bows, and other stuff. Most of these I do to dresses I'm willing to hoard forever. If someone else was asking, though. I'd have to tell them -- be okay that this investment means you resell at a lower price, not higher, and some idiots will still bitch and whine about you because they're poor and jealous. So don't do it if you're going to resell or if you have thin skin.

>> No.9793661
File: 292 KB, 876x400, slide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Canotiers are minihats now? Or there's a hat underneath the flowers that I'm missing?

>> No.9793662
File: 395 KB, 482x865, lavender.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I cant decide what colorway I like best

>> No.9793663
File: 61 KB, 500x667, tumblr_p3drabjcKN1rv5dydo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9793666
File: 1.63 MB, 980x1176, report3-4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9793670

The whole show was so tacky desu, I guess I'm waiting for peoples pics in regular dresses.

>> No.9793672

Definitely lavender.

>> No.9793677

idk im really liking this OP but I have a blouse that would be perfect under the JSK...

>> No.9793678

I would if I knew how.

>> No.9793697

Looks like tea.
Just wash it in water and see how it goes.

>> No.9793715
File: 25 KB, 550x324, 1504803128360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuuuck I didn't want to want it, what do I do??

>> No.9793765

>Alterations always drop the value of the dress

This sounds like someone hoping to brainwash people who paid for professional alterations to automatically mark down their brand instead of feeling the market like what happens with every other sale of a used item lmao.
The dress sells for what it sells for. There's no rule about this. Especially if the alteration is desirable and fits someone else's specific measurements.

>> No.9793772
File: 21 KB, 320x480, 320x480-2018020401880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it possible to make this dress more flattering? I was thinking of using a corset, but my biggest issue is the length.

>> No.9793798

The measurements are:

Length: about 90cm
Bust: about 92㎝
Waist: about 72㎝
Shoulder width: about 35㎝
Sleeve length: about 45㎝
Cuff: About 20-40㎝

Length: about 93cm
Bust: about 76-102㎝
Waist: about 70,5-81,5㎝

My friend asked AP Paris about it.
They are lovelies.

>> No.9793811

>not knowing how to escape taxes
It's literally the first thing you need to learn as a EU lolita

>> No.9793817
File: 54 KB, 640x640, 11910014_1644915722414604_665805102_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any news about IW's casual brand?

>> No.9793818

Marking down the value of a package is illegal and will fuck you over with insurance if something goes wrong, so many people won't do it.

>> No.9793819

Show an example of when an alteration actually helps the resell price then.

>> No.9793821

They added an English version of the original announcement to the English IW site sometime recently. Still says reservations start at end of the month though.

>> No.9793823

Fold it up and hand stitch it shorter. I do it all the time at my work, just use a slip stitch and you won’t be able to see it from the front.

The basket, blouse and headdress, is AP releasing those too or were they just for the walk? How can I check for APs non print new releases?

>> No.9793828

Mainly people worry that if you mark it down, you won't get back the full amount when your parcel gets lost or damaged. Plus they sometimes open the parcel and check at the airport, so you might have to pay taxes anyway even if you marked it down. Then there's also a few lolitas in my country who have the mindset that ''it's illegal! if you mark down parcels, you're just as bad as billionaires with off-shore accounts!''

>> No.9793850

Why did you post a picture from VM's Beth line when you're asking about IW?

>> No.9793878

I'm going to laugh if this ends up being a troll

>> No.9793880

In my experience it's never hurt the price. I've altered AP JSKs to have bigger armscye and also made cuffs bigger on OPs/blouses.

>> No.9793883
File: 12 KB, 280x345, apparis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can go and message AP Paris yourself and will get the same answer anon. They are very kind and will probably answer real quick.

>> No.9793885
File: 115 KB, 601x848, DWpJ2S7VQAAP2wD.jpg large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AP's twitter wow

>> No.9793908

Why. I just want a re-release of the same cuts. Why only for the Chinese lolitas?

>> No.9793910


I wouldn't say it drastically cuts the price of the dress down, but if you buy a dress at $300 and then sink another $50-100 to alter it, I've never seen an altered dress still go for retail, let alone retail + alteration price. Far more likely it goes for $100-200, which to be fair, is what secondhand brand that isn't the hottest "it" print goes for anyway.

But try this shit with, say CTP and try to actually get $1000 for it, I think it'd be a different story. Especially if your alterations aren't just deepening the arm scye (which does make the market bigger, as it makes the dress more wearable for the western girls, which generally have bigger frames), but something like cutting up waist ties will drastically drop the price a whole lot. Even what the original OP wanted, which was to completely change the design of the dress by putting in a fitted waist, is going to alienate the girls who originally liked the dress in its original form, and that's without taking into account whether or not the alterations are done professionally.

>> No.9793922

Is this in store only or will it be sold on the website? Also, will all colorways be released? Date?

>> No.9793924

Oh nevermind just read the other anon's comment. :( So China only?

>> No.9793926

Anon was referring to the fact that China got a re-release of RRL in the original cuts, not this cheapo bullshit.
It's going to be in-store only for the anniversary fair of AP Tokyo (the Harajuku location).
More info on AP's yaplog: http://yaplog.jp/ap-tokyo/

>> No.9793928

Only sax and lavender

>> No.9793929
File: 494 KB, 230x275, 1507868747204.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Plus they sometimes open the parcel and check at the airport, so you might have to pay taxes anyway even if you marked it down.
It's not that hard to change invoices or website evidence.

>> No.9793930

Some alterations are reversable though. I doubt this type would be, but some I wouldn't mind paying for if the dress was made smaller. However when waist ties are destroyed and it's made larger, you do lose buyers. I think it all depends on the market and who's interested in buying. But really, why are we talking about resale when she obviously wants to alter it to wear it?

>> No.9793950


Wearing it now and selling it later aren't mutually exclusive.

She requested opinions and this is mine. What she decides to do is her own business afterwards.

>> No.9793951
File: 74 KB, 960x640, 1386749521410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Some alterations are reversable though

And some aren't.

>> No.9793953

Yeah, so then you can get fucking in the ass by Paypal. Great.

>> No.9793957

Shh anon thinks she's a criminal mastermind, let her be.

>> No.9793963

Caveat: They're comfy but if you're not a twig cgl will roast your marshmallow ass. Also they look questionable if you're plus-sized

>> No.9793967
File: 20 KB, 464x212, 43a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cgl will roast your marshmallow ass
Who gives a shit

>> No.9793998

I can't agree with this. I'm not a marshmallow but I am really curvy and a sports bra makes a huge difference for me.

As long as you can flatten your tits its fine- may not be comfy but for me smooshing my boobs down isn't uncomfortable. I slept in my misty sky grey op last night, sports bra and all.

>> No.9794001

Lol the second anon mentioned CTP I knew this trainwreck "alteration" would turn up. But yeah, no one is arguing cutting random holes in a dress counts as a professional alteration that will not decrease value.

>> No.9794003

I could toss all my money at an event and I feel like no one would show up.

>> No.9794006
File: 70 KB, 280x373, 3a7c6e15-0bf6-5c42-b4b2-4e30dc510dfc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only cut I care about jfc AP.

Also Ive been thinking for months that this would be the next print re-released. The top three I would think of would be CTP, Honeycake, and Romantic Rose Letter. CTP will never happen because its a colab, honeycake is doubtful because it did so poorly on initial release. So out of the three Rose Letter had the best chance I think

>> No.9794020

Same anon, I was thinking the same. They did it instead for the Chinese so they have the fabric already. Why not just do it? I don't think the value will drop at all if they did one re-release.

>> No.9794021

More power to the both of you. Although I can't take >>9793998 as seriously since you slept in brand. That was just my two cents on it as a fatty chan

>> No.9794032

>since you slept in brand.
So? What is the problem with this?

>> No.9794049

Honest question but what do you even mean? how would Paypal know?

>> No.9794062

Brand is precious and belongs to the community, anon. It should be daintily hung in UV proof bags and stored in humidity controlled storage containers at all times (except when worn for kawaii mirror selfies). Who do you think you are?

>> No.9794067

nayrt but it's sort of in the same category as sleeping in a nice cocktail dress. Like yeah you can but why the actual fuck would you? Screams of low class.

>> No.9794071

>a sack dress and a cocktail dress are the same

>> No.9794073
File: 1.28 MB, 980x1132, Capture+_2018-02-22-09-18-00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lmfao ok

Have you seen the misty sky op? It looks like a god damn night gown.

Do you guys also not approve of daily lolitas who buy specific cutsews to sleep in? This isn't any different.

>> No.9794074

Brand is cheap compared to expensive normie clothes, especially secondhand brand. Why the fuck would you compare the two?

>> No.9794075

>thinking the cut is important when misty sky goes for $350-400+

Not saying you have to like sack cuts but it's not really pertinent to my point here.

>> No.9794077

I buy cutsew dresses to wear as pajamas and wipe my snot on them. How does that make you feel

>> No.9794079

Because packages get lost or damaged all the time, and beyond that, people like to scam. If anything happened to that package, or your buyer decided to be a skeez, you would be screwed. The price, tracking, and insurance are necessary to protect your ass, from USPS, Paypal, and shitty buyers.

I don't get why you'd want to sleep in Misty Sky, but I have cutsew OPs and actual nightgowns from brands. It's not low class at all.

>> No.9794080

>this isn't any different

If you weren't talking about misty sky, which after 193948829292 releases still goes for above retail, I would agree. I actually own cutsews to sleep in. But a major difference is cutsews are actually comfortable to sleep in vs misty skies fabric, which I also own. It's weird to sleep in it.

I mean kinda gross that you're that much of a slob but that makes more sense then sleeping in something as uncomfortable as misty sky

>> No.9794082

>what is sarcasm

>> No.9794083

Comparing cutsews to misty sky doesn't work, the price point and wearability are vastly different. Where are you going to get a cotton misty sky for $50 second hand?

>> No.9794086

I have a pair of $500 silk pajamas. You think I don't sleep in them? Get a grip.

>> No.9794087

Nothing wrong with it but sleeping in a sports bra to be able wear it as pajamas is pretty stupid

>> No.9794088

I can get a La Perla chemise for $700+. You think this person invented wearing anything worth more than Lulu Lemon to bed?

>> No.9794090

Doesn't it have lining? I prefer to sleep in more breathable fabric

>> No.9794091

Do you not own misty sky to feel the fabric? It'd be uncomfortable as fuck to be shifting around in it all night. I don't care how much you spend on actual sleepwear, because it's intended and comfortable to sleep it. But sleeping in an uncomfortable, relatively expensive dress is fucking retarded. What is the reasoning behind it?

Having some pissing contest saying "well ~i~ spend x amount on what ~i~ wear to bed" doesn't negate the fact that she could spend money on something actually comfortable and sleep in it.

While we're at the game of shouting out how much we spend on things that are irrelevant to the conversation I've $600 on an AP bra and panties set to wear to concerts that gets drowned in sweat.

>> No.9794093

New money kids always feel the need to drag how much the spend on things into the conversation.

>> No.9794096
File: 133 KB, 632x327, OgfLuo8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The person you were originally replying to said
"I don't get why you'd sleep in Misty Sky."

Then you got assblasted about people sleeping in "expensive" brand. Honestly you sound like a jelly poorfag, so keep crying.

>> No.9794098

>y-you're poor

Sure. I'll be sitting over here with my misty sky, cinema doll, and MCD while you think that anon.

Newsflash, just because someone thinks it's stupid to wear misty sky to bed doesn't mean they're poor.

>> No.9794099

So none of you wrote >>9794083, where anon is clearly whining about price? Sure.

>> No.9794100

>doesn't understand what context is
>doesn't understand why that comparison was made
>ignores where I mention the fabric

Keep being an idiot.

>> No.9794101

>price point and wearability
>and wearability
>w e a r a b i l i t y

>> No.9794102

It does when they go off about the price of it and then backpedal when people remind them that not everyone spends <$50 on their sleep wear

>> No.9794105

I used that as an example, but please, keep continuing to cherry pick and leave out the multiple times I mentioned fabric and how comfortable your average cutsews is compared to misty sky.

>> No.9794107

You spent most of that comment harping on price point and glossed over wearability. But hey, you said it so the rest of your dumb ass comment doesn’t count... right?

>> No.9794110

>glossed over
>mentions it a ton

Sure. Please continue, it's not like people can scroll up and read to verify that you're an idiot.

>> No.9794113

The only other comment that even mentions wearability prefaces it with
>If you weren't talking about misty sky, which after 193948829292 releases still goes for above retail, I would agree.

So it’s cool to wear dresses you don’t personally find comfortable to bed as long as it’s not expensive in your mind... got it.

>> No.9794119

People really need to stop whinging about how other people wear their own clothing. If you want to call someone an ita for a shit coord, whatever, but this weird protection of brand is ridiculous.

>> No.9794120

Do you not know how to read? Because there are a ton that I made that mention how it wouldn't be comfortable to sleep in misty sky. Try again you giant idiot.

>trying to push this poorfag thing

God you're pathetic.

>> No.9794121

Right? Like I personally prefer sweats for sleepwear (gross, I know), but if you want to wear brand to bed? Sweet! Sounds fun.

>> No.9794122

>this weird protection of brand is ridiculous


>> No.9794123

Just because it’s not new doesn’t mean it’s not stupid. If I want to wear Misty Sky to fix up my car it’s my problem, not yours.

>> No.9794125

Conlita detected

>> No.9794128

>Getting this worked up about someone wearing a dress to bed
>Calling someone else pathetic

>> No.9794130

Do you not love yourself? How can you be well-rested after such a night?

>> No.9794131

It's pathetic to insist someone you don't know over the internet is poor because they don't think you should wear something like misty sky go bed

>> No.9794135

NAYRT, I'm the one who called you a jelly poorfag. Once. Get over it.

>> No.9794136

Well there are multiple posts saying it so I guess both of you are pathetic.

>> No.9794138

Yeah, I’ve been like one third of this conversation... you got irrationally defensive about something that didn’t really matter so people jumped in to argue with you. Chill.

>> No.9794142

I'm allowed to speak my opinion last time I checked, and I wouldn't call refuting blatantly false statements being irrationally defensive

>> No.9794177

is lolibrary not working for anyone else?

>> No.9794188

for the first time I'm also having issues. maybe it's down for serious updates?

>> No.9794195

My issue isn't sleeping in brand, my issue is wearing a sports bra to bed. As someone with a rather large about of boob I can say this would be uncomfortable as heck.

>> No.9794197

>Brand is precious and belongs to the community

At first I loled, but now it seems totally legit

>> No.9794216

I add sideseam pockets to my dresses

>> No.9794217
File: 33 KB, 500x600, 3a0d986a3bab63e84992d371554792fd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've fallen asleep in pic related before and I can confirm that it's very uncomfortable. I woke up several times at night, but felt too lazy/tired to change until I couldn't take it anymore.

>> No.9794229

You are an angel. 10/10 will buy from you

>> No.9794283

Should be back up now

>> No.9794293
File: 969 KB, 500x281, 1510262010374.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are doing the Lord's work, anon.

>> No.9794304

If you let an invoice get cancelled from nonpayment, will IW blacklist you?

>> No.9794308


>> No.9794327

Well. I fucked up.

>> No.9794342

Sorry but I did find it comfortable. We have different comfort levels obviously.
That being said, I guess I'm just more comfy wearing lolita- I have one dress I can't wear to bed and its also the only taobao dress I have.

Everything brand that I own is comfy enough to sleep in.

Its fine to me. I don't why people are flipping shit over this.

I'm sorry brand isn't comfy for you. Holy shit.

>> No.9794344

people on cgl complain all the time about polyester being too hot, it's nost just one anon

>> No.9794346

You can only confirm that for yourself.

>> No.9794348

I'm sure people would ''flip their shit'' just as much if someone said they sleep in their jeans

>> No.9794350

I never said it wasn't multiple people..

Anyway. This reeks of jealousy that I can't understand.

I do whatever the fuck I want in my brand. Don't worry gulls- I don't sell. My dresses don't belong to the community. They belong to me.

>> No.9794351

Besides that anon talking about the price, it's not jealousy, just pure disbelief how you can be comfortable that way

>> No.9794356

>disbelief how you can be comfortable that way
That shouldn't even be up for debate as everyone has different comfort levels.

I'm consistently reminded that not all of cgl is the same but now I have to find something uncomfortable because someone else does?

No. Sorry. They're jealous they can't wear it to bed but I can.

>> No.9794361

Not this bait again.

>> No.9794364

>jealous they don't get to sleep in chiffon polyester instead of silk

>> No.9794398

>jealous that you wear uncomfortable shit to bed


>> No.9794399

why would anybody be jealous of a fatty who needs to wear a sports bra to fit into a fucking sack dress

>> No.9794503

I like the neckline of the op,the bodice just looks really broad or something

This print would be really pretty as a skirt too, I wish ap made skirts more often again

>> No.9794505

Nobody bought skirts when they did make them so they've all but stopped

>> No.9794508

>big tits means you're fat
Fuck off mental midget

>> No.9794511

I have both and sleep in both.

Again. Its not uncomfortable for me. Only for those who keep saying its uncomfy.
Sorry your tolerance is different.

>> No.9794512

>I have big tits I'm totally not fat!!! You guys believe me right?!!

>> No.9794531

I never said I was speaking about myself. You're assuming I'm the other anon. I am not. I see posts from gulls all the time complaining about bust vs fit and bust vs weight. Maybe you should lurk more.

>> No.9794537

I totally believe you anon! I'll fix my post for you.
>She just has big tits guys!!!! She's not fat!!!!! If you think otherwise you should fuck off!

>> No.9794545

What if I told you I'm a man?

>> No.9794553 [DELETED] 

Nice LARP fatty

>> No.9794587

>LARPing as a guy
Usually crossboarders are male and larping as girls.
You know /fit/ is here right?

>> No.9794606 [DELETED] 

Shut up fatty.

>> No.9794608

You're so manly you don't care about comfort, we're all envious :3c

>> No.9794610

Finally, somebody else who is sane

>> No.9794621

Sorry, I thought you were talking from the perspective of a buyer.

Anon pls don't bully. A lot of fellow eurofags don't know how simple it is yet. You only have to save the website as a html file, change it to a txt file, open it, search for the price and reduce it to your liking, then change it to a html file again. Voilà, you have your printable invoice.

>> No.9794648

I'm not the girl posting about sleeping in her dress either.

>> No.9794651

Oh you replied to her but you thought she was me..

>> No.9794712

I can't believe here got derailed over some girl's sleeping habits

>> No.9794738

Really? I'm not surprised in the least. Are you new?

>> No.9794744

As someone who organizes a bunch of events --- its so much easier to piggyback on an anime convention than trying to book/rent a venue for your own specific event. They already have an agreement with the location and you don't have to do any of liability or cash costs that come from running your own thing. You wont make $$ off of it for the work you do, but there's less personal risk - which is often incredibly pricey.

>> No.9794763

I would love OPs if I wasn't tall with a long torso

>> No.9794800

I wish anons would cut this out. It doesn’t make you sound snarky and cool, and you’re not actually hurting the other poster’s feelings. It just makes you sound like a rather annoying parrot.
>are you new?
>are you new?
>are you autistic?
>sorry you got posted!

Same. The only ones I know will fit are IW’s long length OPs with short sleeves, and they don’t make those that often.

>> No.9794819
File: 241 KB, 720x1018, 12074011-web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Come here to post Meta's update today
>Thread is almost kill because someone slept in her burando
At least this new dress is cute? It has an old-school vibe, but in a way I'd expect from IW rather than Meta. I like it a lot.
There's also a printed version I don't like as much. The solid version really highlights the pretty design and the lace, the printed one looks way too busy.

>> No.9794821
File: 146 KB, 720x1018, 18073001-web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meta also restocked some of their sets and leather goods. I'm tempted by their Tales of Kingdom set, the print is very pretty and it looks versatile and flattering. But I'm mostly in love with this backpack/randoseru! It's so big, it looks like it might have space for a laptop

>> No.9794840

That dress is super cute, I kind of wish the lace was a bit more ivory-ish though

>> No.9794845

Is it real leather?

>> No.9794847

Afaik Meta and most other brands use pleather. Meta's is supposedly very high quality and durable though.

>> No.9794850

Oh ok, I assumed it was real leather because anon said „leather goods“.
I own many pleather brand bags, a meta one as well, but I‘d like something more sturdy for daily use.

>> No.9794871

Halloween treats is a sack, so the bust goes probably over 115cm the shoulder width is very small though. And as the other full said the arms aren’t very roomy either. Also, you should consider to not pay more than a lax of 150€ or so for it, because the quality is disastrous.
>buttons so loose you’ve to resew them yourself
>loose threads everywhere

>> No.9794897

I’ve been feeling that way about all their oldschool-ish releases for at least the past year. Especially the velveteen releases with stark white tulle lace. Why Meta, why?

>> No.9794925

Same... I’m saving up for a Vivienne Westwood bag and shoes, because I feel like that’s the closest I’ll get to a quality x brand situation

>> No.9794930

How nice are abilletage tights? All my tights are really plain and ugly and I want to level up my legwear.

>> No.9794940
File: 11 KB, 250x300, 44f4a179-6f1c-543b-b74d-eb0fbe42cad4_thumb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jane Marple has cute leather bags occasionally. Check secondhand, I just bought pic related.

>> No.9794954

Very Regency-looking dress... The urban legend about dresses of that era is that women would pour water on themselves to make the folds of fabric cling to their bodies. Probably not true. Wearing a weskit or tying a wide ribbon below the bust could help make it more flattering though.

>> No.9794973

New thread: >>9794970

>> No.9795516

the quality of the shit flinging here started going down when we stopped being able to name names. Although I don't miss having 12 active P.T. threads. Too bad there is no happy medium on /cgl.

>> No.9796301

>mfw people actually go to sleep in clothes

Nude sleeping is a way of life senpai

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