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>mfw my cat shat in my tea parties

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God damn I just want a good dicking down.
I miss sex. I've not had any in a while.

To keep it cgl: lolita.

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Thread's off to a good start

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Cons are the only place where I feel okay anymore. I'm miserable, not being surrounded by dirty NEETs and weeaboos.

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I’ve been waiting for months for a package, and now that it’s finally been sent the seller sent it to a different address. I almost cried this morning.

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What happened in the last thread that caused it to get deleted?

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One /pol/ post, and it was gone in a minute.

Really, could they not just delete the one post?

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Whores like you

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>in hotel
>realize that all of my panties have vanished
>search high and low
>forced to Uber to Target and buy more
>wear new pair to the con
>that night, the ones I wore yesterday have disappeared

>con ends
>hotel-mate calls me a few days later
>confesses that she found all of my dirty undies in her bf's suitcase

>mfw she isn't even mad at him
>mfw I never got my panties back
>mfw I'm rooming with her again this May

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>moving into city finally, but it's almost two hours away from my old place
>moved almost all my lolita stuff already, have only few dresses left here
>had to stay a week here staring at my empty, miserable wardrobe
>I miss my lolita stuff a lot and am ashamed of it
>mfw happy reunion with my wardrobe on Saturday
I have a feeling I like my dresses a bit too much but whatever, I'm super happy my almost long distance relationship is over, I will have a proper comm and all the stress will be relieved finally. I guess it's time to go to a doctor about this but I have been loosing hair over the stress of traveling between me and my bf and now moving so I can't wait to chill.

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>Johnny test
Fucking kill yourself in the worst way you can google

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My sister stuffed her boobs with corn syrup, and midway through the con one of them exploded.

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Sometimes i wonder if all the lolitabians is because it's the same desperation effect you get in all male communities.

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Don't wear panties. Go Con-commando!

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Let's try again and this time in coherent English.

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The term is lolesbians you fruitloaf

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where do you live?
would be a male virgin enough?

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>Male virgin
Sorry, I should have specified: I want good sex

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well, just teach it to me

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Booby trap your undies.

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If everyone wants experienced applicants how are people supposed to get experience?

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I can guarantee I’ll make you cum or your dignity back

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Take it to /soc/ you cummy dummies.

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What is this thread even about? Your cat pooped at a party?

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Autism aside this made me laugh

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>not knowing

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Why can't we ban you

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>usually wash my own dresses either in washing machine or by hand
>get super rare, expensive dress
>scared I'll ruin it so bring it to a dry cleaner
>get it back and they put huge safety pins through, can see holes in fabric really clearly

What the fuck, anons? Is this even legal? Even if I complain my dress won't return to its former state. I'm so sad now.

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Man I just really love lolita

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Man I just love cosplay

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Just wash them. Mine cleaned up fine after I stepped in shit at the fair.

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>Make a post in dream dress thread
>kind anon gives me a link
>some asshole anon swipes it in front of my eyes

God damn you. I spent YEARS looking for that dress and saving up for it, do you even know what that's like? I bet you're sitting there all fucking smug in your ita coord gouging on chocolate bars and laughing your ass off like the sewage you are. How low can someone be to pull that shit, to just go into a dream dress thread and snipe them away from people who have been wishing and searching and saving up for them? To just crush someones dreams like that? I fucking hope you get stains all over your dresses and your car breaks down and someone makes you feel just as shitty as you're making me feel now. I'll probably never find that dress again, you conniving bitch. Honestly, >tfw no cosplay/lolita gf.

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I've sniped dresses before that are wishlist dresses for me. I've also had a DD sniped from me too, but I got it later for a cheaper price.

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It was me.

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which dress?

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>not reading the last sentence

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Was that supposed to be a troll post? You must be new, there are lots of gay lolitas.

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Sad because the one con I planned to go to AX is when I will be heavily pregnant and too far along to enjoy it. I had already bought and paid for my ticket and all this sucks :(

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I'm sure your future child would be devastated to hear you were so much of a bitch you complained about their coming to be caused you such a small incovienence.

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I guess the kid was unplanned? Lmao

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This isn't me.

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I'm so hyped for AX this year I can't believe it's only 5 months away.

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How far along will you be? Everyone's pregnancies can be different. While I would have hated being at a con during the first trimester when i felt sick all the time the second trimester i felt perfectly fine! Hell I went to a weekend long airsoft/milsim event when I was in the second trimester and did just fine. The third trimester wasn't too bad either until the very end of it when it wouldn't be a good idea to travel anyways.

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Cover your panties in poison ivy oil

For my own feel
>Tfw got into uni so now I will have no money for lolita anymore
At least I got ten yards of high quality black cotton for 15 bucks at Goodwill, gotta stretch this for two years worth of sewing projects

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Personally, I think it might be funnier to filter his filenames

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>tfw two of my nights are waitlisted for AX hotel reservation
Anyone have experience with this? Odds of getting the nights?

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>con sex with a cute shirou cosplayer
>he leaves to go get some chinese food
>looking for tv remote
>find a weird looking buttplug

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>>9803089 Yeah It did come by fast which was why I was trying to plan ahead hope you have a good time though.
>>9803092 I was pregnant before and it will very close to the end of the 3rd trimester. It would be irresponsible of me to go not only because of the discomfort of all the walking needed but the swollen ankles make for a bad time. I don’t want anyone to be discouraged from going on a trip but definitely have a plan and be sensible with it haha >>9803157 Thankyou anon

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>I was pregnant before
>already treating your second child like shit

I feel bad for your kids desu

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she should dump his ass.

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feels like meta phone anon lmao

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damn, I really wish cosplay was a less-expensive hobby.

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I’m sure explaining how childbirth works to a troll like yourself is a waste of time here. Whatever I’ll bite ;) There is no child until the child is born . Also protip being disappointed that you have to change plans is not really treating anyone like shit . You sound like someone who is disrespectful of other people in general though so it figures you wouldn’t understand that either. My children will be loved no matter what. Hope someday you get the help you need so you find more enjoyment in life instead of shitting up threads on a Norwegian Salmon sharing board

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>there is no child until the child is born

So let's say two days before your due date someone comes up and shanks you in the stomach. Clearly the nonchild dies. Are you sad? If so, why? It's not a child until the child is born.

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Whataboutisms ? Wow anon you’re so right it’s not like there are different trimesters or anything and that circumstances determine how a criminal case is charged :D You should stop posting for a day maybe schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist vs making delusional stories up about a stranger online all because they think differently than yourself.

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NAYRT, but 8/10 you're kind of pissing me off. Congrats I guess. Now shoo.

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I meant >>9803244 should shoo. Sorry.

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How about this shitty mom who complains about how much of an incovienece her child is because she can't go to one single con can be the one to shoo?

I hope you miscarry, that way you can get to go to the con. It's not like it was a child anyway so it's all good, right?

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Go to any con and seduce a guy or two.

>> No.9803261

I apologize as well for shitting up the thread to prove a point. I guess I figured it would give a little bump here and there . I will post other related feels from now on. >Does anyone else think that the new Baby dress is super fug? Dancing bear I believe? It reminds me of that vintage wallpaper

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Pregnancy is different from the child that's about to be born. Pregnancy is miserable even if one is excited for a child. Pregnancy comes with risks that can kill a mother, and is generally extremely uncomfortable for the duration. You can rail against pregnancy without railing against the excitement of the child that's about to come. But a moronic goblin like you probably couldn't fathom it.

>> No.9803264

>But a moronic goblin like you probably couldn't fathom it
>tips fedora

Look, would you tell your child about how you bitched on about how you couldn't go to a con because they were growing in your stomach? No? Why not? It's not like that's a shitty thing to do, to complain about something so petty and act like your child is an inconvienece.

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Fucked up the greentext and dropped image whoops

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Small claims court.

I still have the last thread open in another tab, and I don't see anything /pol/ in it.

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Did you yourself have a miscarriage or struggle to conceive ? Your the one here acting like a sanctimonious pos as if someone being a tiny bit upset is a problem and is equivalent to not wanting their child and seeing them as an inconvenience! Y’all need to calm down

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Agreed with other anon small claims that is not normal for any dry cleaner I have been to . I hope you also had evidence images of before and after as it will help your case.

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Well, to bring this back on topic, my boyfriend and I had another not fight about lolita where he says again he doesn't like it and he prefers I don't wear it etc. This is after I go on a weekend trip specifically for lolita. At least this time he admits maybe he shouldn't have joined us for a lolita heavy weekend. I'm really upset about this. I don't really want to talk to him because we've talked like adults about this before and he thinks he has it figured out that I treat it like another 10% of the time hobby, except it fucking isn't because literally the time I spend with him is my 10% fucking free time.

Thanks for the space to rant, inb4 dump his ass because yeah from that point of view I get it already.

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No, I have a child who I love dearly and have watched other children left with poor mothers and I feel for them like I feel for the unborn child in this situation.

Did I like vomiting constantly for months? Did I like peeing five million times a day? Did I like the back aches, the random sobbing, my nipples cracking? No. But not once was I petty enough to say anything along the lines of "you know what, I can't go to a con that I can go to literally any other year, this sucks. it's not like it's even a child at this point :("

>> No.9803277

I know this is just a vent and you're probably not looking for replies, but do you think that maybe the
>"literally the time I spend with him is my 10% fucking free time."
could be the issue? It's possible that he feels that he's being ignored for the sake of you're hobby and wants to regain as much time with you as possible, and feels like it's stealing you away.

>> No.9803278

I believe you should never let someone dictate what you choose to wear. Also not the usual ~~dump his ass response~~ but if you feel like talking is useless, and that he disrespects how you feel, and is always right, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be a long term relationship anyways. Unless you both go to couples therapy and figure your shit out with a neutral mediator or at all this will end with both of you choosing a different life

>> No.9803287

How would you yourself feel if your children knew how you treated others online all because they posted a vent of frustration. You believe it’s appropriate to wish them to get stabbed in the stomach or hope that they miscarry that’s absolutely mental. I feel for your child who may one day say something you feel is “out of term” maybe you will choose the vitriolic words you yourself use a bit more carefully

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I try to balance it out. For the most part I've toned it down to the point where I can get into it as easily as normie clothing. I spend about 70% of my time in normie clothing and 30% in lolita, and what lolita clothing I do wear is not ostentatious, it's borderline vintage normie. No wigs, no fake eyelashes, none of that shit he doesn't like.

I get what you're saying but it sucks because I have tried to balance the two. It's not like I don daydream carnival and deco my eyes out. It's really simple stuff, OPs and the like, and maybe braid my hair if I'm feeling up to it. I feel like he just doesn't think it's me anymore when I change the silhouette. I don't know. He has stated he doesn't like the aesthetic before, and this weekend, he really got triggered when I put on fake eyelashes for the first time in ages. But again, I'll take what you say and I'll process it, and I'll try to understand it from that point of view. I think you have a good point that all being said.

>> No.9803291

>not realizing that I was using extremes to set an example
>thinking I was 100% serious when I used the word shank

I think it's more mental that you could look at my examples and not know that I was intentionally exaggerating in hopes that a more shocking example would get my point across more. But maybe you're just retarded?

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Yo chill lol mom was just venting, if she was that desperate and nuts she wouldn't have the kid.

>> No.9803297

If you get triggered this badly at every little thing I feel bad for your kid. Being raised by you would be a fucking nightmare.

>> No.9803298


It started out fine but it's been getting to be a bigger and bigger issue. We've been together for a while. He's usually supportive otherwise which makes this harder. Maybe I should consider couples therapy.

>> No.9803300

Not really. I understood they were exaggerated but the fact that you felt the fucking need to use those types of examples was disgusting . You’re the one acting like a post on a feels thread is the equivalent of child abuse for a unborn fetus. I really think you’re probably an elaborate troll at this point but if not seriously get help and I do fear for your child’s future. Such an ignorant narcissistic mother must be hard to deal with. I’ll pray for you .

>> No.9803301 [DELETED] 

I hope you get raped. I mean, it's not like this is a place known for gross exaggeration.


i'm not the one acting like a pansy over exaggerating.

>> No.9803302

I must be misunderstanding you or maybe you're misunderstanding me...how much time are you actively spending with him?
From what you said, the "10% extra free time" is with him. Does that mean that only 10% of your time is spent with him or that you dress in normal clothing only 10% of the time with him?

Because your response to my assumption that you only spend 10% of your time with him doesn't...answer the problem at all.

>> No.9803304

It just sounds like you two need to get together and he needs to express what obviously seems to be a bit of an insecurity or jealousy of your time being spent with friends. Couples therapy can help you both with communication as well. I will say even with one person refusing to cooperate you still learn things yourself. I wish you both luck and hopefully healing in your relationship. I think it may not be the clothes but jealous of time constraints

>> No.9803307


We're in an LDR and my work is busy. If I'm not with him chances are I'm actually working weekends, not having fun at lolita tea parties. I don't get much time for vacation or for holidays. It should get better, but for now that's part of the issue. Hope that makes it clear.

>> No.9803309


Also I should clarify even if I wear lolita, I'm not part of a comm so that time is automatically spent with him. That last weekend was an exception to that generality.

>> No.9803311

>We're in an LDR
Wow that explains everything. Yeah he feels like it's stealing you away from him. He doesn't get enough time with you and feels jealous of your hobby.
Pack it in, we've figured out the issue.

>> No.9803312

Lost IW package anon here again, filing for insurance with a foreign country isn't very fun. IW is being super nice and their english is okay (not perfect, but certainly decent), though it sounds like the Japanese post office is confusing them, ugh. May take 1-2 months to get my refund and meanwhile I will likely never get my things I ordered.

Worst part was probably even getting to talk to the right people with USPS. All the tricks online to talk to a person on the customer service line didn't work so I called hte local post office. Who forwarded me to the county problems office or something. Who them told me the real trick nowadays to get to talk to a person. Two hour wait time later, as soon as I mention it's an international issue I get forwarded to some magistrate of international post or something? And the lady is trying to help but her indian accent is so thick it's hard to understand, but I try to follow her instructions and contact IW again. IW is confused and tell me the Japanese post office says I have to send them documentation or some nonsense like that, I call again USPS today and finally get someone who actually knows what the hell they're talking about.

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I wonder if I post on FB and the BST thread people who bought them and regret them would be willing to sell to me for a bit higher than IW was selling them and considering international shipping but not crazy prices (all those navy bags on Mercari/Fril for over ¥8000 when they were being sold for like ¥4000 is driving me nuts)... I had some fun coords planned, sigh.

In something cute, do all IW staff speak like they are IW itself? I mentioned that I'm still a loyal customer despite this fuckup by USPS and congratulated them on the new White line. They said "Thank you for seeing the new label! I am glad you said so. I try to do my very best."

In trying to find a silver lining in all of this, at least I should have my refund by the time I go to Japan in May. I can spend it in the IW store haha. Does Fujiwara ever go to the store, I wonder... That would make my trip, I think.

>> No.9803315

>having art this bad unironically saved to your hard drive

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>tfw no lolita gf
I just want a cute girl to sit on my lap and watch anime/play Vidya with. Is it really too much to ask for for a qt girl to bring home and show my parents? They might think that lolita is weird but I'd never be embarassed to be seen with her either :c

>> No.9803319

Hey! I already laid claim to the mandatory ">tfw no lolita gf" post in this thread. Scroll up. This is my territory. Go find your own feels thread!

>> No.9803322

Denied my sorrow is much worse than yours. Make way.

>> No.9803323

It’s a time constraints thing brought on by a LDR he is maybe used to the normie looking her and the difference in appearance in any way is a shock . Mystery solved anon haha

>> No.9803326

I wish I could've seen that, sounds hilarious.

>> No.9803327

It's not that bad desu just ugly, like how most western art is

>> No.9803328

Have to folks thought perhaps about finding a cute girl who may not currently be wearing lolita? Maybe wears similar cute clothing that introducing her into lolita fashion wouldn’t be a shock or creepy ? Then maybe buying cute skirts and blouses for her as “anniversary” gifts etc? The smiles on your and her face would be worth it idk just helpful hints

>> No.9803330

I tried that. She turned out to be psycho.
After I'd already invested thousands of dollars.
She kept it covered up for quite a while..
Any other hints?

>> No.9803333

First step not crazy chicks scout for that first if possible. Look for early signs they are usually super apparent like aggressive lying idk what to tell you other than be careful and never invest a lot of money early on . If some person is not a pos they are usually cool with fun walks in the park or a coffee trip.

>> No.9803334

never ever approach a lolita with "I want a lolita gf" to us it seems that you're looking at us as a fetish or a novelty and uninterested in us as people.
and before you say you've never done that, think really hard. We can smell it from a mile away. (and it's happened to me 3 times)

>> No.9803336

I tried something similar to that, the girl had no interest. She was into anime and cosplay a little, and I tried buying her clothes and even cute outfits/panties and she didn't like them at all. Truly a feelsbadman.

>> No.9803341

But I've never done that.
Unless you mean implicitly, in which case...
I've still never done that.

If I think about it, it's kind of a conundrum. You see, Lolita, especially lifestyle Lolita, is such a core part of a Lolita's life that they'd want to seek out someone that would be okay with that. Ironically, someone looking for a girl that's into Lolita seems fetishy. And so you end up with situations like the anon above that's having difficulties in her LDR because her boyfriend isn't into Lolita, but I wonder if she would've been interested if he approached her actively seeking someone that's into Lolita because, as before, it seems "fetishy".

Really gives you the ol' thinkarinoes.

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>Want to find a partner with a shared interest in jfash
>Assume this means you're uninterested in them as people
Okay senpai

>> No.9803348

Maybe before dating truly start with gauge questions like do you enjoy any street fashions? I mean I know some cosplay girls who didn’t know about lolita and other street fashions but were interested. As the other anon said though never be like I want a lolita girlfriend because they will be spooked by what they believe to be a fetishist. But small questions gauging the interests of potential gf is the best route. Crazy is usually super apparent and will scare any prospective partners

>> No.9803368

She seemed to be interested, when I asked if she would be in that kind of stuff she actually was pretty interested and enthusiastic. I think it was because I showed an interest though.

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This weekend I'm going to a con while my SO goes hiking with an ex friend with benefits. Feels bad man.

>> No.9803434

Tell them it makes you uncomfortable for them to do that. This is like a huge red flag senpai.

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>depression hit
>haven't talked to any of my lolita friends (or anybody really) for a few months
>impulsively broke up with bf of 3 years
>depression triggers some ED issues and makes my appetite nonexistent
>cue unhealthy skelly mode
>the clothes that used to make me happy are falling off of me and make me feel out of place
>a wardrobe full of burando that i had pined after so long goes completely unworn
>monotonous pattern of work, school, work, school, work, school
>everything feels pointless
>total loss of interest in all of the things that made me happy, like lolita, knitting, and other cute lifestyle things
>dread every single day
>don't want to fall asleep because i know i have to wake up

i think i'm sabotaging myself on purpose and just cutting all ties because i genuinely want to die (or at least not exist) and i don't want anybody to miss me

if any of my jfash friends recognize me from this post (specifically J), i'm so sorry i haven't talked to you but i'm too ashamed of myself to burden you with my problems because i know you're all bearing your own. i wish i could tell you everything that's going on but i just can't knowing that you're going through things too. so i'm taking the cowardly approach and posting my apology on anon

i'm at the point where i'm making an excel spreadsheet for my family detailing how much my pieces will probably sell for and who i want to send specific dresses to in case i really decide to leave because there's nothing for me here but routine and hurt

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Is it possible to find a guy who wants a lolita gf but isn't a weeb?
I like vidya but don't care about animu at all, it would be nice to find a bf who was more just into historical/old-fashioned stuff as well.

>> No.9803494

I'm sure they exist but they're harder to find. What's your problem with weebs? Just don't like the subculture? Avoiding anime but liking lolita is approaching steampunk zone

>> No.9803505

Yeah it's not like I hate anime or anything, there are some older series I like, I just really don't like the subculture.
I haven't gotten into lolita through anime, I really don't care for all the typical 'kawaii' stuff that other lolitas seem to like and I'm just completely uninterested in Japanese pop culture and the country as a whole.
Of course I wouldn't mind if my bf watched anime here and there, I just feel like it wouldn't work if it was a big part of his life.

>> No.9803519

I'm not a weeb, even ironically; my wife was a Lolita, but she gave it up a few years ago.
I just come here to sort of vicariously relive the early years of knowing her when she was obsessed with it.

Like I don't care about Lolita myself, but looking at people enjoying it makes me happy because it's reminds me of when life was a bit simpler for my wife and I.
Like, I'm not sad about our life now, but it's heart warming to see people that remind me of our younger selves.

>> No.9803533

How weird?

>> No.9803538

It's possible. Am lolita gf, bf is super disinterested in anime and japan as a whole, but helps me with finding dresses and accessories. Sometimes he browses /cgl/ with me and discusses coords. He doesn't wear lolita/ouji/aristo though, more of a streetwear/skater guy. He collects enamel pins and likes to "match" them to my coords when we go out.

Hang in there anon, I'm sure there's a non-weeb guy for you out there. Sometimes they might not even be specifically looking for a "lolita gf", but will get into it bc you like it and bc it makes you happy.

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>go unemployed right beofre christmas because I can't survive another holiday in retail
>job hunting for ages
>finally find dream job and apply for it (part time but the pay makes a full-time wage and it's something I love doing)
>they want to interview me!
>go in super nervous
>it's actually super chill, boss is completely relaxed and not intimidating/supportive
>ask me to come back for a tester day
>tell me at the end that i've got the job
Now I can afford the cons I want to go to at last

>> No.9803547
File: 103 KB, 1280x720, yatta!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I found JJBA nail clippers on taobao and I'm getting a matching set for me and my gf. Being a gay weeb with a gay weeb gf is comfy.

>> No.9803555

I know you're just shitposting but I'm honestly afraid of this when posting links in the DD thread. I want the person who posted it to get the dress, not some lurking sneaky faggot. I wish it would be more common for gulls to post mails along with their wishlist.

>> No.9803580

>mfw have a really supportive bf
>he is a hardcore weeb (his MAL list is twice bigger than mine and I have almost 400 titles completed) and really into videogames
>too shy for cosplaying
>"ugh anon do it urself"
>although really likes cons, always going with me, once he canceled his trip to hometown because the flight was at the con day (despite i was cosplaying with a group of friends and said it's totally fine and i never visit his mother anyway)
>but at con when my confriends come to chat with me he always makes a few step back and pretend he is not with me
>if he is so shy suggested him to do a full covered masked couple cosplay
>he refuses saying that the only cosplay he will agree making is a crossplay of his fav videogame girl
>don't know he is trolling me or what because the character will obviously not fit (he is a tall european guy with wide shoulders and she is...well fuckin loli) and he's always afraid of looking bad/silly/wearing unproper clothes
>don't want to push him
gulls, i just want some cute couple cosplays of series we're both into and also him not feeling out of the fun at cons

>> No.9803591
File: 2.42 MB, 1960x3486, 20180302_062917.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty weird. I ended up using it on him and it was very strange but his reactions were adorable.
Fun fact if you're ever in this situation: angle it towards his front, that seems to work really well

>> No.9803594

That's kinda a regular prostate stimulating one. And yeah, aim it towards just above the base of his penis, that's how you find the prostate.

>> No.9803606

It gets better anon. I've been in a similar situation, where depression and routine took all my enjoyment for things and I'd spend all my free time wasting away laying in bed. I spoke to no one about it and whenever I tried to hint it to my parents as a way to ask for help, I was always dismissed. "You just need to go out and get fresh air!", when I didn't even have motivation to shower and clean my room that looked like a dumpster.

I don't know exactly what is on your mind and surely our situations where different but you are not alone in that feeling of hopelessness.
Look for help. Really. Even if it's just someone to vent to but do look for help. Try to push yourself into little things that you enjoy or even to try something different from your usual hobbies, finding a new interest can help you push through and have something to look forward to.
I started being able to cut my long weekends of laying in bed by finding out there was a place I could go iceskate not too far from me, despite being something I had never really done before but had interest in trying. After pushing myself to go once, I started going almost every week. I was still depressed af but there was one day a week where I had that little, new enjoyment all for myself and slowly helped to get back to doing other things I liked.

The more you dwell on that feeling of wanting to disappear, the worse it gets. I'm falling back into it because I've finished college, returned home, haven't found a job in my homecountry yet and staying home everyday day is tearing me apart. The more I think about it, the worse it gets. I don't want others to feel this way.

Surround yourself with friends whenever possible. Even if you don't feel able to open up to them. Plan a small hangout, invite them over. Just have people you care for around you to remind you of how much fun it is to be with them and how much you enjoy eachother's company.
Hoping things get better for you, anon. Lots of love.

>> No.9803608
File: 778 KB, 513x912, 1516854296879.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/K/ reporting in someone talking about a single guy? That isn't to much of a weeb? And is old fashion and has a love for freedom? Here I am

>> No.9803610
File: 131 KB, 719x719, IMG_0487.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Old fashion
/Fit/ reporting in someone talking about a single guy? That isn't to much of a weeb? And is old fashion and loves dominating girls? Here I am

>> No.9803642
File: 292 KB, 443x534, 1519963538703.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kind of related bring a cosplay to dry clean, the lady after taking a looong look at me and the dress asks if im some kind of prostitute mfw

>> No.9803696
File: 4 KB, 245x138, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_48oxenst3h0k4wc0kkgocs8s8_640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>see loads of stuff I want for wardrobe
>no money
>save money to buy something nice
>nobody lists anything nice when I have money

>> No.9803708
File: 34 KB, 400x500, 1464412846618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am going to a small cringey local con tomorrow just so that I have an excuse to wear lolita out. I miss being in college and wearing lolita every other day. Now I'm a stay at home mom and all I do is sit at home and occasionally go grocery shopping or out to eat with my husband and kid and I feel awkward going out in public with my kid in lolita. I've been browsing pieces for sale lately because I have a bit of money to spend right now but I can't help feeling sad like it would not get any wear. I know I know I can dress up at home but it's not quite the same. I miss wearing lolita.

>> No.9803712

>I miss being in college and wearing lolita every other day.
Fucking same, I didn't know how good I had it. I work now, and I like my job, but if I don't dress up and do something on Saturdays, I don't get a chance to do it at all. I only get to wear Lolita once or twice a month if even that often now. I miss wearing it so much.

>> No.9803717

Yea and the shitty part is I was broke as hell in college so I didn't even have very many nice pieces! Now I can buy all these nice pieces but they just collect dust in my closet!

>> No.9803723

>tfw Rufflecon is dead and it's all because people don't get how fashion works

losing Simplicity as a sponsor is a death knell

>> No.9803725

>people don't get how fashion works
Funny, I don't recall deconstructing an indie designer's piece to make patterns for normies was a part of the fashion industry.

>> No.9803728

hahahah. omg you really don't know. it's literally how all of it works

>> No.9803734

It does work this way on a broad scale with mainstream fashion and haute couture but tiny indie designers from abroad? I have my doubts.

>> No.9803738

... that's literally how it works. Especially since small designers don't have the means to sue.

>> No.9803742

Where did the other thread go to? Gomez and Morticia are cute

>> No.9803745

>Went to a con yesterday
>Been talking to this cute D.Va cosplayer
>Good chemistry, we had fun, her friends were cool too
>Had to leave at some point, forgot to ask her name or take her FB
>Never to be seen again

My Kokoro hurts.

>> No.9803747

Someone made a /pol/ post and it got deleted

>> No.9803750

If someone doesn't have the means to sue, it doesn't suddenly make the action okay. Mainstream fashion imitates high fashion and it's generally considered perfectly legal, but making an exact copy of an original design to sell isn't quite the same thing.

>> No.9803752

you mean how the indie designers are just ripping off old brand and EGL shit?

>> No.9803757

Please show me the old brand replicas by indie designers, maybe I missed those.
>inb4 iron gate/architecture prints
>because Moitie invented these concepts

>> No.9803767
File: 62 KB, 480x480, 959c55dc-1408-52d8-ae2b-8708174f5e22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9803786

>feels thread
>but not the wrong feels, that gets a threadwipe
Why not call it leftyfeels then, Jesus, I don't even nearly like /pol/ but that seems way OTT

>> No.9803790
File: 160 KB, 200x150, TgwRMV0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw almost all the moitie things I've been watching since last year sold out in February
>probably have to wait months until new second hand moitie I like pops up again

>> No.9803795
File: 368 KB, 500x338, 1515669253283.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't. Non cgl related feels shouldn't be here, no matter if left or right.

>> No.9803796

Just because people do it doesn't mean we all have to accept it. Like, I'm sorry some people have higher morals than you. I actually work in the fashion industry, and the brand I work for has refused to sell to big retailers that are known to steal designs from small brands. Even if I didn't care about stealing ideas, Simplicity is a shit company in many ways and I could never respect them as a business. There are so many better ways to get lolita patterns. Besides, it's not even the main reason why Rufflecon is cancelled.

>> No.9803806
File: 220 KB, 423x329, linkwtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>some girl starts whining about a bum outside
>new ita screeches "Don't say bum! That's like the n-word for homeless people!!"
>mfw she's actually mad

>> No.9803809
File: 11 KB, 480x480, barneywtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dating really innocent guy rn
>he sees my roommate's buttplug on the nightstand
>"What's that? Some kind of makeup brush?"
He's 27.

>> No.9803811

why would you complain about a homeless person outside?

>> No.9803821

Dump him. Find a guy or gull who will plow you in lolita. Problem solved.

>> No.9803894

He probably hit her up for money or pussy.

I had a homeless guy with one arm ask me to open his whiskey for him outside of a con. When I leaned in to do it, he kissed me and ran off. I'm male btw.

>> No.9803895


>> No.9803906

this made me laugh. i was once slapped by a homeless person because he thought i was a guy pretending to be a girl (i was cosplaying a male character tough).

>> No.9803930


Why did the bum hate cross-dressers so much?

>> No.9803932

idk i'm actually a girl so i ran away scared

>> No.9803934
File: 341 KB, 615x720, 1514152159866.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to fabric store
>just planning on buying hair canvas for a blazer
>store owner comes over
>excited to see me back and asks how my last project went
>show him a picture of the cosplay, passing it off as normal clothes
>owner is thrilled that it turned out so well and was made with materials from his store
>he talks about how most designers can barely even sew
>gives me a major discount on all the fabrics I buy

Feels good, man.

>> No.9803953
File: 450 KB, 622x705, yes_2_the_dress.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tfw this happens very frequently

>> No.9803958

I just transferred to a new school and was super excited to see we have a cosplay club. Meet people with similar interests! Get crafting buddies! And I figure because it's art school there should be a lot of people with a decent level of craftsmanship.
Yeah no. It's all weeb-y bullshit. Basically an extension of the anime club. Every once in awhile there will be shitty powerpoint presentation on basic 101-level shit, but for the most part it's sitting around cracking jokes and playing CaH or talking about Dream Daddy. I generally sit in the back corner with the two other people that actually make costumes and only come to use the club sewing machine.
I'd like to stick around until board elections so I can hopefully run and help turn the club into something more construction focused but I'm losing my fucking mind going to these meetings. They're two hours long every week. They're holding an anime sports fest thing this week with events like "a race but with an anime run", "Tug-o-Waifu", and something called Power Bottom where you're supposed to pop a balloon attached to someone's ass. I couldn't bring myself to go. I just couldn't do it.

>> No.9803962

where do i find a bear like that
i just cried real tears about a shirt I can't afford

>> No.9803970
File: 63 KB, 540x366, why would you do that.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9803978

Get into ouji, join a comm, and collect pussy.
Jokes aside, if you're an outsider looking for a lolita gf I assume you're just buying into the "uwu lolitas are lovelies" stereotype or are fetishizing the clothes. If you're actively involved in the community, it's a common hobby.

>> No.9803982

lol dump his ass, are you really gonna let that happen

>> No.9803983

good job anon! i recently got hired in december with a great company and i just bought me and my SO con passes, i'm super excited

>> No.9803986

I love cosplaying as a social thing. I love crafting together, I love cosplaying in groups, I love talking to other cosplayers about their techniques. My school is 1,000 miles away from home so I don't know any other cosplayers here. If I want to cosplay with people I have to get on a plane or drive 8+ hours. I was so excited to have a cosplay club I'd love to turn it into what I thought it might be.
But god, at what cost.

>> No.9803993

I almost got into a relationship like this but he pussied out. It would have been nice to have a rich guy buy me burando.

>> No.9803995

Why not i just make friends with the two other normal people and call it a day? Chances are they will have other friends that you can chill with, too. Three people crafting in a room with a couple of non cosplayers hanging out is very comfy from experience

>> No.9804060

nayrt but why are you generalizing in extremes? Being mildly disappointed that your plans have changed does not equal not valuing your unborn child. Ofc the child is more important, seems to me that anon was just expressing their disappointment

>> No.9804066

Wtf who posted this

>> No.9804079

I feel like that's the start to a very bad joke anon

>> No.9804083

>seagulls will try to argue in these very threads they're not prostitutes

>> No.9804088

>what is shitposting

>> No.9804097

Yes, I'm sure they're just pretending and it's all an elaborate ruse

>> No.9804102
File: 61 KB, 475x356, inconceivable.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because everything that's posted on 4chan is absolutely 100% true to life and accurate.
What's the weather like on your planet, anon?

>> No.9804108

I've pretended to be a camwhore in one of these threads before. Started giving advice to other lolitas on how to do it well. Thinking back, they were probably dudes.

>> No.9804116

The weather is just fine here on planet Earth where women exchange sex for things like money and expensive clothes all the fucking time. You really think those replies are utterly implausible shitposts and would never happen in real life? lmao

>> No.9804173


>> No.9804174
File: 152 KB, 559x618, flat_1000x1000_075_f-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9804180

every anon is a single anon

>> No.9804198

I bought a cosplay second hand and there's a weird stain in the crotch... What should I do? I'm really grossed out

>> No.9804223

my boyfriend

>> No.9804226 [DELETED] 

>le /r9k/ boogeyman

>> No.9804240

dry cleaner?

>> No.9804244

I had a package from WW get lost in customs and it turned out I couldn't do anything about it, had to contact WW and have them do the claim because it had to be filed by the seller with the originating post. Took about three months to get the refund.

>> No.9804264

Please don't an hero gull. A girl who works for my uncle just offed herself, knew her through an ex - gf as well. Totally out of the blue, planned weeks in advance, her sister and mom found her hanging in her closet. Shit can't be undone, and not only do you give up the time you have left in life, but you're going to destroy your loved ones. I'm begging you from the bottom of my heart, please don't do it gull, do what the other anon said, find someone to talk to, absolutely anyone.

>> No.9804269

Is there anyone in your local comm you can reach out to? Or a friend to keep tabs on you?

>> No.9804270

Anon...what university?

>> No.9804282

be my gf instead. Let's work through these issues.

>> No.9804285

Fuck off you gross creep.

>> No.9804286

Why tf would you room with her again? She probably stole them for him

>> No.9804287

Did you ever get it in the end? I'm guessing not, but I still somewhat hope... I filed for it if it shows up in their damaged warehouse.

Yeah, IW has clarified in the new email that they meant they had already started the process earlier in the month when I emailed asking to see if it had somehow appeared in Japan and the Japanese post is just waiting on the USPS to respond. I don't know whether I should have this influence my choice of shipping in the future - I've done SAL/uninsured airmail for years with no problem and of course it's the expensive EMS package that gets stolen or lost. At least that works out with me getting my money back.

>> No.9804295

Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

>tfw stressing about con three weeks before due date
>midwife assures me it's totally fine and I should go and enjoy it before the baby arrives
>water breaks two days before the con

I was super relieved that it didn't happen at the con. I would hate to be the person that was known for being rushed to a hospital for going into labour on the con floor.

>> No.9804345
File: 176 KB, 548x548, mikupissed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Every time I get money, I cross out "god" on the front and write "science"

Last night, my boyfriend got into my purse, crossed out every "science" and wrote "Miku"

I'm really fucking hurt right now and feel v disrespected. Should I tell him?

>> No.9804356

Dump him

>> No.9804372

I’m not a prostitute atm but for the right amount of money and burando you damn right I’ll whore for it. I’m perfectly content in buying my lolita clothes but if a cute rich guy offers to buy it for me I won’t say no.

>> No.9804373

>the virgin atheist
>the chad weeaboo

>> No.9804514
File: 54 KB, 480x299, youremomgay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I tell the beautiful ESL-chan that I'm in like with her?

>> No.9804516

What kind of heritic doesn't believe in Miku?

>> No.9804518

Major art school in the southeast US. Not Ringling.

>> No.9804524

Wait, are you the same anon who wants to spend their tuition money on cosplay?

>> No.9804528

look at the difference in typing styles and stop trying to play detective retard

>> No.9804535

On the way to a convention I found out that one of my friends was hospitalized after falling out of the back of a car and Landing head first at 45 miles an hour

>> No.9804542

God no. I'm rolling my eyes at that idiot just as hard as everyone else is.

>> No.9804546
File: 712 KB, 881x758, mercysmug.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not appreciating good Bots Master porn

>> No.9804547

I hate sweet lolitas. A rough 70% of them is absolute cancer.

>> No.9804557

>Historical/old-fashioned stuff
>20-year-old fashion sense
>30-year-old music taste
>30- to 50-year-old cars
>60-year-old mindset
>100-year-old guns
>No lolita gf to speak of
Of course they're not really a thing here. I've seen precisely one in the wild and only a small handful at our anime con who don't seem to be very friendly. Then again, nobody here is.

If I'm not even capable of acquiring a pre-fab lolita gf what makes you think I could build one myself? Not to mention my budget won't allow that. With my other hobbies costing what they do I can barely afford my own clothes.

>fetishizing the clothes
Is it really fetishizing if I just think it looks neat? Who wouldn't want a cute gf in a cute frilly dress? Does liking someone's fashion sense automatically disqualify you from getting to know and potentially liking them as a person?
If that's the case, what encourages you specifically to go up and talk to people if not their appearance?

>> No.9804566

>60-year-old mindset
>100-year-old guns
For what purpose

>> No.9804573

>For what purpose
For shooting, obviously.
Nothing beats hard work. Experience has taught me that the old boomer "smile and a firm handshake" meme will absolutely get you hired, assuming you don't completely bomb the interview, because it's gotten me every job I've ever had. They absolutely don't make things like they used to. There are certain rules of conduct that men and women should abide by.
Women do not belong in the military.
There are only two genders.

Granted none of this shit matters because girls don't talk to me.

>> No.9804576

Sorry to tell you this but from what I've seen, the conservative girls who love the fashion because it's demure and "proper" are all itas or lolitas-at-heart (i.e. they don't actually wear the fashion). Lolitas in general are quite liberal, too, and the ones who aren't American still hold similar views; being narrow-minded and liking such an outlandish fashion at the same time isn't very common.
Not to say this is true to everyone, just from what I've seen of the community.

>> No.9804581

As if I didn't already know. That said, I never said this theoretical lolita gf had to share my world views or opinions. In fact, requiring that would all but assure that I'd die alone because there are no conservative women here. They all fall somewhere between center-left and "Venezuela is what we should aspire to".

>> No.9804584

>20-year-old fashion sense
>30-year-old music taste
>30- to 50-year-old cars
>60-year-old mindset
>100-year-old guns

Thinking any of these things are rrasons why someone should date you is the reason why you have no lolita gf.

>Barely afford my own clothes

You should work on that.

>> No.9804586

How do you even manage that

>> No.9804591

>Thinking any of these things are rrasons why someone should date you
Believe me I'm well aware that I'm undateable trash, I just felt like making a joke.

>You should work on that.
I'll stick to spending money on things I actually enjoy. I just come here to look at girls in frilly clothes.

>> No.9804609

You sounded cool until
>60 year old mindset
>100 year old guns
I don't want to date someone with the personality of a grandpa yet, I'm in my mid-20's and I still feel too young for this. Also, I'd rather not have guns in my house so my boyfriend can shoot me on a whim when he decides I'm not "observing rules of conduct" the way he likes.

Maybe stop fetishizing the past and realise that girls, even frilly ones, are a lot more like you than you think and don't need to be idealised or controlled, and you'll have better luck with women.

>> No.9804612

>Everybody with guns is a violent sociopath
Here we fucking go.
>Implying said rules don't apply to both men and women
>Implying said rules have anything to do with control, idealization, or submission

>> No.9804618
File: 22 KB, 370x320, 1517510045161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anon says he wants cute anon in cute dress
>...but anon specifically wants someone who wants a lolita gf
i dont get it anon, plz explain what youre trying to say

>> No.9804621

You seem like a good guy, anon. I hope a conservative lolita gf comes in your path one day!

>> No.9804623

Me too anon

>> No.9804625

Unless you're hunting or are a historical reenactor who uses them as props, I just don't believe there's a reason to have them that I personally would feel comfortable with. But who cares, I'm never going to meet or date you so it's all irrelevant.

You really do sound just like my grandpa. It's a little weird. I do believe that you don't seem to fetishise lolita, though. Not sure why I believe it, but that's pretty cool. Really, the only thing that's an objective turn off here is how you seem to be convinced you're completely undateable or undesirable. Sure, a lolita probably wouldn't want to date you, but there are cute conservative girls out there who would. Sounds like you could do with spending less time on cgl and more time at church or something like that.

>> No.9804628

I'm >>9804609 and didn't say that he was fetishizing lolita? I think he's fetishizing the past in general, not our fashion. If you read his posts he seems to think there's something cool and special about having the same opinions as someone born in 1950. He has that "I was born in the wrong era, woe is me" vibe.

>> No.9804630

Hey if this is K from the PNW there are people in the comm that still love you ok?

>> No.9804636

I didn't follow how the older mindset immediately meant he was into smacking around (or potentially shooting) women and controlling them, sorry. How "far back" of a mindset do you want for your idea of "old fashioned"?

>cute conservative lolita girls
>more time at church or something
Do you actually go to church yourself anon?

>> No.9804637

I carry for self-defense (better to have it and not need it, etc.) but all of my long guns are just for funsies. With the exception of my AR15 they're all of historical significance, which is where like 90% of my interest in them lies. Modern military and commercial sporting rifles/shotguns bore me.
>Sounds like you could do with spending less time on cgl and more time at church or something like that.
Funny you should say that because I'm not religious, either. I don't like anybody telling me what to do, be it God or Uncle Sam. Not that it makes a difference, religious girls here aren't any more conservative than their secular counterparts.
I believe that I'm undesireable because that's what my 100% rejection rate has told me. Being told "No" repeatedly doesn't tell me what to fix so I stumbled around in the dark for a little over a decade until I just quit. I see how it was a self-perpetuating cycle but I couldn't break it.
Ask a girl out > Get rejected >Depression >Recover just enough to try again > Repeat, only the depression gets a bit worse with each subsequent rejection
Regardless, I'm apart of the undesireable minority that the Californian transplants are trying to legislate out of existence so it's probably for the best.

>> No.9804638

>a lolita probably wouldn't want to date you, but there are cute conservative girls out there who would
>cute conservative lolita girls at church???
Your reading comprehension skills are horrible.

>> No.9804641
File: 263 KB, 640x920, GaAvRbz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But other anon is looking for
>cute conservative lolita girl
I was under that impression. The response is an answer in itself though. May have made more sense to inquire with a question than greentext.

>> No.9804642

I meant a cute conservative normie girl, I never said anything about lolitas. You're reading lolitas into everything I say, I neither think he's fetishizing lolita, nor would I wish him on a lolita as a date. But a hypothetical cute normie conservative girl who shares his weird opinions? Maybe.

...Or not. From your earlier posts, I was hoping you just needed a bit of self esteem, but you're quickly giving off more and more paranoid incel vibes. I wish you the best, and I'm sorry you're in this situation, it sounds like it sucks. But also, man, you need to lighten up. Maybe get some help and work on your feelings towards rejection. You can become a better person, anon. But right now, you're coming off really weird.

>> No.9804643
File: 123 KB, 625x626, yhcXUe4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9804644

This might be just my view but when lolitas say they want an "old fashioned" boyfriend, they likely mean in the aesthetic sense, as in a guy dressed in old fashioned but stylish clothes like vintage fashion or dandy, and possibly someone who's old fashioned when it comes to romance, i.e. flowers as gifts, kisses on knuckles, holding hands, general gentlemanly mannerisms, etc.
It's a very romanticized view of what "old fashioned" means, which is pretty fitting considering the fact that lolita as a fashion is a romanticized re-imagining of old fashioned styles.
It's safe to assume it doesn't refer to conservative guys who think guns are a hobby and think their women should stay in the kitchen and pop out babies on command.

>> No.9804645

Sorry for asking so many questions but unlike other anon I'm unironically asking for a friend that matches what you're attempting to describe as ideal. They aren't paranoid incel either, but have historically spaghetti'd when I tried to introduce them to girls in the past. I'm just trying to glean info out of you for their sake. Any input on conservative lolitas is helpful though.

That makes sense, thanks anon.

>> No.9804651

>I was hoping you just needed a bit of self esteem
You would be correct.
>but you're quickly giving off more and more paranoid incel vibes
It's only paranoia if the thing you fear isn't actually happening. Look at the shift in the political climate of Washington over that least decade and a half. Californians keep coming in and bringing their communism with them.
>Maybe get some help...
Help from who? Therapy is a black hole you throw money into and I don't have anyone I can talk to. At least nobody who can offer any real advice beyond "suck it up and keep trying".
>...and work on your feelings towards rejection.
Oh I fixed that years ago. It cost me a great deal of my interpersonal skills but by god, rejection doesn't bother me anymore.
>But right now, you're coming off really weird.
Only because I'm posting anonymously on the internet. This whole exchange would never happen irl because I normally keep all this shit to myself. If you ran across me in public you'd first mistake me for Scott Ian and after that I'd just be some quiet dude who drives an old Mercedes and that's probably as far as you'd get to know me before we part ways and never see or hear from each other again.

>> No.9804654

>possibly someone who's old fashioned when it comes to romance, i.e. flowers as gifts, kisses on knuckles, holding hands, general gentlemanly mannerisms
This. This is what I meant by "rules of conduct", along with other traditional things like asking her father's permission before proposing and such.

>> No.9804655
File: 56 KB, 446x400, 1446403794512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>communism meme
>looks like Scott Ian
Wew lad

>> No.9804657

>It's only paranoia if the thing you fear isn't actually happening
>thinks Californians keep coming in and bringing their communism with them
So... paranoia.

>> No.9804660

>asking her father's permission before proposing and such
You're completely misguided my dude. Treating women like they're their fathers' property is not attractive, and general gentlemanly mannerisms aren't attractive if they're paired with
>conservative guys who think guns are a hobby and think their women should stay in the kitchen and pop out babies on command
You just see one thing you think applies to you and ignore everything else, and then wonder why you're met with rejection. Our explanations can't be any clearer.

>> No.9804663

So it's all or nothing, then. Gotcha.
>Treating women like they're their fathers' property is not attractive
Right, it has nothing to do with being formally accepted into her family. Not once have I even hinted at women being property. It's a gesture, not a transaction.
>think their women should stay in the kitchen and pop out babies on command
That's you putting words into my mouth.

Anyway, I've clearly lost so I'll see myself out.

>> No.9804712

Sorry to see you're being treated this way, anon-kun. Most lolitas are psycho SJW-tier leftists, and it's no different on this board. Better to admire from a distance than to actually engage, as their rabid man-hatred makes them immediately antagonise you when you come into 'their space'.

>> No.9804717

Japanpost is actually full of dickheads that do not give a shit about international parcels. Hopefully your situation is described in their handbook with great detail so they'll know what to do. Good luck!

>> No.9804718

Feel free to date him yourself if you find him so appealing.

>> No.9804720

It's too difficult to be a gothic lolita. Sweet lolita has so much variety, new releases, sizes, the secondhand market is full of it... I wish I'd never switched styles, but sweet and classic look bad on me.

>> No.9804723

Is it? I think it depends on what kind of gothic you prefer and whether you limit yourself to it exclusively. I mean, if you're only into sharp, clean cut Boz styled things then sure, that means you have less options, but there's a lot more to gothic than that.

>> No.9804724

Plus everyone thinks it looks boring because it's all the same colour and they can't appreciate the different textures and laces that bring a gothic coord together.
>gothic lolita solidarity

>> No.9804730

Not him, but it's literally the cheapest, new, practical rifle available.
If you shop around you can build a solid one for literally $400.

Someone who just wants a gun that's fun to take to the range will 95% of the time end up with an AR-15; they're cheap, reliable, safe to use, have intuitive controls and fire small cheap cartridges.
It's the Toyota Corolla of guns.

>> No.9804731

You clearly didn't read the conversation. They were rude but were trying to help him and wished him well. It's people like you who see disagreement and instantly assume malice that are making this place so unfriendly.

>> No.9804734

My fave brand is Moitie. Everything is just way harder to find secondhand, so it's much more expensive than when I was wearing sweet. On top of that, they don't even release basic stuff like wrist-cuffs and cotton socks. I try to look at all gothic brands, but I don't need so many solid short sleeved black OPs in my wardrobe you know?

>> No.9804739
File: 100 KB, 514x479, 0z7AS8r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please, let's just ignore this fucko and his girl problems and go back to talking about cosplay and lolita feels

>> No.9804741

You should look at classic brands too, IW for example has released very nice gothic pieces, they're relatively easy to find secondhand and tend to go for okay to affordable prices.

>> No.9804743

You sound so fucking autistic

>> No.9804744

Agreed. It's because most gothic brands are so boring that "bittersweet" almost became a thing. At least Atelier Pierrot are doing more interesting things now and a lot of western indie brands are doing gothic prints, but Moitie is still the gold standard and is hard to get a closetfull.

>> No.9804745

Which Western indie brands? I wonder why sweet brands are much more innovative than gothic and classic brands

>> No.9804747

>move to a bigger area to escape my insanely poor life
>ends up still poor even with a better paying job
>someone hits my car
>harder to get to and from work
>still have my partner and cat
>bpd and ADHD start acting up really bad
>very unmedicated
>can't clean, can't shower
>life is meaningless
>find out I can sometimes buy lolita, and I start collecting
>partner isn't happy with it

I'm so depressed and the only thing that brings me happiness right now is lolita fashion even if I can barely afford it. I wish I could afford it more.

>> No.9804756
File: 24 KB, 640x468, QPpxluZ_d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Plug-kun asked me out to dinner

>> No.9804767
File: 60 KB, 538x750, 6746467.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

preemptive apology for wall of text

thanks for taking the time to type out such a thorough and kind message, anon. i'll take your advice to heart. i think part of the issue is that i really have no time to even lie in bed, relax, do anything, or see anyone because if i'm not working i'm studying and vice versa. i actually just put in my 2-weeks notice hoping that having less on my plate will make it better...

please take care of yourself too, and take your own advice even if it's tough. hopelessness is such an awful feeling.

thanks for being kind anon, i know killing myself would be selfish which is the only thing that's really keeping me from doing it. i just wish i could kind of disappear from everybody's lives without hurting them but i know that's not possible. i don't know how much longer i can go if i'm thinking things like "i really wish that car had hit me"

i'm a lonelita and i don't really want to put that kind of weight on any of my friends... if something did happen i wouldn't want them to feel responsible or think "i knew how she felt and i still didn't do enough" when i'm sure they'd do their best

it's why i'd rather keep these feelings a secret, so it reduces the feelings of guilt other people might have

that's not me but if she's doing as badly as i am, please reach out to her and tell her that

>> No.9804810
File: 20 KB, 259x224, AE5F9F80-2D7E-43FB-B58B-0B76B2C24D79.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know it’s oddly specific but I wish I could have a cute aristocrat/ouji bf who also listens to metal music.

>> No.9804819

Then go back to sweet you weenie.

>> No.9804823

What kind of metal?

>> No.9804828

Have you tried bullshitting in the friend finder or one of the discords?

>> No.9804834

Thrash, death, progressive/math, NWOBHM, metalcore. I listen to all kinds but these are the subgenres I primarily listen to.

>> No.9804837

>tfw no lolita gf to go see Testament and Havok with next month

>> No.9804839

What kind of math tier r u on anon

>> No.9804840

I’d love to see Testament in this lifetime

>> No.9804844

Saw them a couple of years ago but only in a support slot to Amon Amarth, they were immense. Thankfully they're headlining this time along with Annihilator and Vader, gonna be fucking nuts. I also got to see Alex Skolnick years ago with his trio jazz band do jazz rock and metal covers in a small intimate gig, which I really fucking enjoyed.

>> No.9804849

That sounds fucking sick anon-kun

>> No.9804853

Have you been to any good gigs recently?

>> No.9804854

I’ve only been to two concerts. I’m kind of late to the whole scene.

>> No.9804856

Damn gull, you need to get yourself to more! Where are you from?

>> No.9804858

The Bay Area!

>> No.9804859

Dayum then you really have no excuse! Get out and see more gigs. For me.

>> No.9804862

I do wish I had people to go with. I can’t constantly pester my younger brother to accompany me.

>> No.9804866

Same anon, same. I go to near enough every gig alone because even though I have friends who're into metal, they're usually not the same subgenres/they're too cheap to go in the first place. You can usually strike up conversations easily enough with people in the crowd though! You're all there for the same thing

>> No.9804867

The only good metal is Slayer

>> No.9804873
File: 471 KB, 474x379, EA308191-E665-4478-B3DF-FBF69DD5D9E4.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9804877

I don’t have many friends. My brother is literally the only person I know that likes metal.

If I wasn’t such a retard when it came to conversation I would strike one up with fellow concert goers

>> No.9804881

Ahh that sucks, I'm sorry to hear. I'd recommend the friend finder thread but it doesn't look like there's one up at the moment. I usually find someone's band tee a good way to start a convo at a show. Like asking what their favourite album is or if they've seen them live if they're not any of the bands playing that night

>> No.9804894
File: 354 KB, 600x928, maid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keep us updated.

You should reorganize your wardrobe and select pieces you feel comfortable wearing with your kid and husband. I don't know much about lolita, but from what I see in the other threads, there are tons of toned-down dresses that look cute and don't look out of place outside.

Besides, I think your kid's friends will get positive reactions.
> Look, his mom is a princess!

>> No.9805016
File: 146 KB, 319x370, 1511838096012.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I get very upset every time some gull mentions pregnancy or having kids, because I cannot have them myself.
I just spent a week with my LDR bf. I picked him up from the airport in lolita, but through the week I was so upset, that I couldn't find joy to wear it again. I couldn't stop thinking about being broken, and that I'm wasting away his life, not being able to give him kids. I shared my pain with him, but he says it's totally okay, and that he doesn't mind. It should have probably made me feel better, but it only made me want to cry more.
At times like that I wish I were with someone with who I couldn't/wouldn't be able to have kids anyway, and that I could just enjoy hobbies with together.
>tfw no lolita gf

>> No.9805041

Quit whining and adopt. And if you do break up with your boyfriend since he's probably with you specifically because you can't have kids. Childfree people tend to look for that in a mate.

>> No.9805049

Wouldn't most people who wear EGA listen to metal or at least rock?

>> No.9805057

They'd be listening to visual kei, if they have any taste.

>> No.9805059

Why should she wear something that looks bad on her?

How is this related to cgl? Don't just dump random drama here just because you wore lolita once.

>> No.9805060
File: 40 KB, 903x330, fuckingreally.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking really, janitors? I was letting people know that I was saging because I double posted so it wouldn't look like I was double bumping.

>> No.9805062

Which is often a type of metal or rock

Look for one at sakura con or go to weeb bands like Babymetal

>> No.9805063

I’m really sorry to hear that anon, I wouldn’t know what I’d do with myself if I found out I was sterile. You can always adopt and give of yourself to others, but I know it’s not the same. Live and love regardless. But as another anon said, Be careful who you’re with regardless of who they are, they may want to take advantage of that great pain.

>> No.9805068
File: 743 KB, 1384x1496, so annoying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

go back to /pol/

>> No.9805121

>caring about 'double bumping' on 4chan
This isn't reddit

>> No.9805170

>gave up on ever having another gf
>still lonely
Maybe I should get another dog

>> No.9805189 [DELETED] 
File: 10 KB, 200x289, 1511332095732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/cgl/ found the panty goblin
I-I can explain

>> No.9805192

>someone who likes japanese fashion but not japanese culture
that's not how it works

>> No.9805210


>> No.9805256
File: 955 KB, 300x162, crying at screen.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just when I want to use it, lolibrary's down.

>> No.9805293
File: 1.51 MB, 1920x1080, 1510022425456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I was warned about an event I ended up going to
>was told it would be boring by a friend who didn't want to go
>it was

Sometimes, I am not a smart man

>> No.9805351

>tfw its way better than anything I'll ever draw

>> No.9805413

Dogs are great chick magnets

>> No.9805450

I'm the anon from >>9803606. I really hope you can find some time for yourself once you get away from work, it's understandable to feel so weighted down when you find no time for any sort of enjoyment. Wishing for you to feel better sometime very soon, that you regain your interest for the hobbies you love and get to spend time with those dear to you.
Thank you for your thoughts as well, I'll do my best to push through too.
Remember you aren't alone. All the best to you!

>> No.9805457
File: 340 KB, 858x360, oldnewjack.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a girl in my comm who'd make a great "little sister with benefits" for my single friend. She turns 18 this summer, so I'm considering it.

>> No.9805458


>> No.9805460

Some day I want to have a nice big happy family

>> No.9805465

Sounds like a good comm.

Do it!

>> No.9805467

I gave up on worthwhile girls liking me. I already have one dog but hoping another will keep me from shooting myself

>> No.9805471
File: 174 KB, 792x576, angerystocking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>at weigh-in before meet
>"I'm sorry. You've put on two pounds."
>"Umm, okay?"
>"You've officially entered fatty-chan territory. I'm sorry, but you have to sit over there, in the reinforced seats."

>> No.9805479

Anyone else feel like comms who do both weigh-in and anal inspection are ridiculous and have way too high a standard? Most of us need laxatives to stay out of the fatty-chan corner.

>> No.9805483

>no IRL cosplaying friends
>no sewing club in college, anime club is a joke and crafts club is more on papercrafts
>just want to talk about cosplaying and sewing with someone

>> No.9805490

did you call her a busted old biddy?

>> No.9805531

I know this is really petty but I wish we actually had something like this but less ridiculous so the fatty-chans in my comm know their places.

>> No.9805590

At least you can lose weight. It's really hard to change the size of your butthole.
Especially if you're stuck in LifeSaver size and the largest allowed size is froot loop.

On another note- made a trade with one of my irl lolita friends. (meta skirt for ichigo miko OP that she got for free and already owned)
She gave me an XL Qi dress. Thanks to my tig ole biddies, it fits because the size is based around the bust.
Anything else would be sagging off my skelly chan self.

>> No.9805595
File: 492 KB, 240x240, Sayaka_magical_outfit_gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rip Plug-kun. He's flying home tomorrow and leaving me all alone.
New fetish tho

>> No.9805598

Sayaka is shit and so are you.

>> No.9805627
File: 133 KB, 400x538, dZNrYKa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Homura will NEVER make wholesome yuri love to you

>> No.9805668
File: 42 KB, 632x640, 18009797_1419226051432582_277432413_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is more cringe than feels but
>in a non-lolita comm
>there's this guy who loves Astolfo
>"uguu i wuv my qt trap gf!! uwu gonna make an ita bag for him!!"
>wants to be a "qt trap" too
>says they're transitioning when in reality he just wants to be a trap/girl inspired by Astolfo and other traps
>just fetishising at this point
>tell they're ordering a lolita dress bc above reasons
>other person asks him where
>"oh, its Mylolitadress :3"
>goddamn not this shit again

at least stay out of using (replica) lolita clothes

>> No.9805669

I'm in a situation where I go hiking all the time with a fbw whose also dating another guy. The other guy knows we used to bang. I have no idea why he puts up with this.

>> No.9805676

>at least stay out of using (replica) lolita clothes
? Why? Let him wear garbage replicas, it's the most he deserves.

>> No.9805677

Isnt my-lolita-dress just a taobao reseller, though?

>> No.9805678

I wouldn't want any trannytrap wearing lolita just because something like that since they give a poor image to ""proper"" lolitas

>> No.9805680

Their site is full of replicas, just type in Angelic Pretty and the item names even include the word replica

>> No.9805683

Ah. Fair enough. To be honest all I've ever ordered from there was taobao/offbrand and would never even think to type in angelic pretty. If im getting brand its either from the direct sites or reputable second hand places

>> No.9805691

He'd be wearing a shitty replica of a dress, most likely in a terrible "coord"/without a petticoat, so not really lolita.
People wear shit imitation of lolita fashion all the time, it's an eyesore but not the end of the world.

>> No.9805696

more material for the ita-threads

>> No.9805721

Ain't nothing wrong with Slayer, but there's definitely more then just Slayer.

>> No.9805954
File: 298 KB, 690x1019, Joshua_fireseed_render_T2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you can't cosplay someone because you're the wrong color
Normally I'm 100% an advocate of anyone being able to cosplay anyone and race doesn't matter. But I'd really love to cosplay Joshua Fireseed from Turok 2, and it just feels wrong somehow to cosplay a native american as a white dude. The game is just such a big thing from my childhood.

Also I'm not buff enough, but that can be fixed.

>> No.9805972

How much of cuckqueen are you to let him do that lmao

>> No.9805974

Don't paint your skin darker, and you'll save yourself a lot of drama. I think it's fine to be paler than the character, just pick fabrics that will look good on you rather than going for the most accurate colors, that's often the most jarring thing when people cosplay characters that aren't their race.

>> No.9806012

Oh I know, I kid.

But I will admit I was never a huge fan of Slayer.

>> No.9806022

>Hey babe I don't want you to hang out with anyone you've ever dicked, even if they're still good friends with you
This is you

>> No.9806024

Tbh, his skin isn't that dark, you could get this just by getting tanned probably.

>and it just feels wrong somehow to cosplay a native american as a white dude
nigga theres nothing wrong with cosplaying a character of different color

>> No.9806031

I wouldn't want my SO hanging around people they've fucked before either. What's wrong with that?

>> No.9806051

Doesn't it feel like a bit much to ask your SO to cut ties with their friends just because they banged at some point?

>> No.9806058

No. But luckily my SO didn't sleep around with all her friends.

>> No.9806068


>> No.9806083

He’s a poor idiot or lacks all self respect, maybe both. You should do him a favor and dump him t b h, but do you, it’s more his fault than yours at this point.

>> No.9806092

Why would you have banged so many of your friends anyway? That's a huge red flag to begin with. The most I can excuse is still being on good terms with an ex, but being super best friends with an ex is also a red flag.

>> No.9806129
File: 112 KB, 1024x1024, D187EE12-FAB5-4C6E-B78A-8985ECB9C0A4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really fucking hate my dormmmate. She’s a disgusting 500+ weeaboo who keeps me up late at night doing her homework because she watches shitty funimation dubs of anime and worships the ground game grumps walks upon. This just happened last Thursday night and I’m kind of anxious to go back to my dorm today.
>has dinner at local Chinese place
>hang out with bf until around 8
>while he drives me back to dorm I feel really sick.
>try to take a shower to feel better
>vomits afterwards to the point of spitting up blood
>roommate was watching game grumps the whole time, didn’t ask how I was doing
>just ignores me
>comes out of bathroom and lays on bed with migraine, Light is really bothering me and the clicking on her laptop keys does too
>asked her very nicely “[roommate] could you finish your homework in one of the study rooms? I just feel really sick and I kind of want to go to bed.”
>gets super fucking pissed
>makes a bunch of bitchy remarks, tells me if she can’t find a study room I’ll have to “just deal with it”.
>she comes back to get her shit and I say basically if the roles were reversed I wouldn’t be having a bitchfit about this and would have just said okay
>she says I was being a bitch about it the whole time
>gets really angry and calls her a fat piece of shit
>makes comments like “youll Be sorry about that, hope you’re proud of that
>says she’s gettibg a RA
>makes post about it on Facebook and gets beta orbiters to comfort her

I’ve been hiding out at my bf’s house since Friday after classes. I’m just kind of anxious to see what she’s going to say. If she did call a RA, I don’t really care. I’ll just explain the story on my side and tell them she has been keeping me up late this semester. I’m so done with her. Everything about her disgusts me and her going to bed late affects my sleep schedule.

Sorry for long post, I’m just sick and tired of her.

>> No.9806132

Sorry for same fagging, but when I say that she’s doing her homework late, I meant to say that she watches anime/game grumps until late at night before homework

>> No.9806138

It's one friend

>> No.9806139

>500+ weeaboo

>> No.9806140


>> No.9806141

And you and >>9806092 are making it into something way dramatic like he fucked all of his friends or he stayed friends with everyone he's ever fucked. Imo it's a good thing to stay friends with an ex, it means you will always care about the people you get close with. Cutting an ex out of your life is weird.

>> No.9806142

>my only friend I go to cons with asked me out
>tell her I don't date and calls me a liar
>doesn't talk to me any more
Well guess I'm going solo from now on.

>> No.9806143

Staying friends with an ex is disgusting.

>> No.9806144

Only because your insecure ass can't handle it

>> No.9806148

Yeah it's totally not weird to go to a secluded area alone with your previous FWB. We're not even talking about exs at this point, straight up just a fuck buddy.

Go be degenerate somewhere else please.

>> No.9806151

>Cutting an ex out of your life is weird.
lmao is this nigga serious?

>> No.9806157

Madoka is best girl

>> No.9806159

If you're so worried about that, you obviously haven't known each other long enough to really trust each other. Or maybe you don't trust them because you know them?

I don't know about you guys, but I take my close relationships very seriously. If I break up with someone, that doesn't suddenly mean I don't care about them anymore and drop them from my life. If I cared so little, I wouldn't have been with them in the first place.

>> No.9806160

I wouldn't know. I'm marrying the girl I've known since middle school, so I don't need to worry about an ex.

I do know neither of us would stand for that garbage though. If you cared about them so much, why break up to begin with?

>> No.9806163

Sorry I mean to put in pounds. I sound have proofread that more but I’m still feeling shitty.

>> No.9806168

There can be so many reasons, especially if you started dating when you're young. Maybe you feel more like siblings, you just don't match, you want to have kids and she doesn't, you value your career which takes you to another country and long distance doesn't work... If you spent every day together with someone for several years, could you suddenly remove them from your life forever, just because a new love interest is jealous?

>> No.9806169

It's almost as if most of the time when people break up, there's circumstances surrounding those breakups in the first place that lead people to not want to stay in contact with eachother anymore. My last serious partner dumped me out of the blue and was with somebody else a week later, who she was probably cheating on me with. I never wanted to contact them again. Does that mean I'm weird or never cared about them in the first place? Breakups most of the time aren't civil, amicable and mutual agreements both people come to. The people we leave ourselves most vulnerable to also have the capacity to hurt us the most when things go south. It's only natural that a lot of people cut off contact afterwards.

>> No.9806173

If you're long distance you wouldn't need to worry about them hanging around your SO. But no, pretty much the only thing I can think of that would make me break up with her is if she cheated on me.

In which case I'd drop all contact and cut her out of my life, despite knowing her over a decade. Most people don't break up for the reasons you posted. Like at all, aside from possible career paths. And if you cared about them you'd accommodate them.

I guess I don't get it or understand your viewpoint.

>> No.9806181

I understand. But you shouldn't project those feelings unto others. Some people do want to be friends with their ex, and unlike what the telly might lead us to believe, people do not need to have sex every week. So if you're in a relationship with someone, I think it's unlikely that they'll have sex with an ex-fwb unless they have a history of cheating.

Maybe it's because I have a few friends in my group who started dating in middle school and broke up in their twenties but stayed friends.

>> No.9806186

I'm not projecting anything onto anyone, but saying that cutting an ex out of your life is 'weird' is weird in itself since the vast majority of people in relationships do just that when it's all over.

>> No.9806191

I'm best friends with my ex and it's never been a problem to anyone.. He broke up with me because he felt things were getting too serious and he was too young/irresponsible for that. We lived together for 2 years.

>> No.9806196

Okay that's cool, more power to you. But situations like that are definitely not the norm. Hurt feelings, anger, jealousy and resentment tend to be the norm among human beings during and after breakups, which is why most people just cut off contact.

>> No.9806203

This situation is about one person who he was friends with before and just happened to have sex with a few times and then stayed friends with. Idk why y'all started to bring in your drama and exes but imo >>9803432 is just a bit jealous

>> No.9806209

You can't just go around fucking people and then going back to normal as if nothing happened. There's always gonna be that image in your head, you can't see the person in the same light anymore. Not saying he was going to cheat or anything, but I think >>9803432 is entirely justified in feeling unhappy with it.

>> No.9806211

Some people can and do. If you can't do that, you shouldn't have fwb in the first place.

>> No.9806304

Tbh, I’m still friends with all my exes. I hate the idea of cutting people out of my life over something as trivial as a breakup. Then again I never dealt with a cheating partner.

In most cases it’s for the better that people distance themselves from exes.

>> No.9806410

Ok but it's her bf who's doing it not her

>> No.9806421

Yes I know. But just because she would cheat in that situation, doesn't mean everyone would.

>> No.9806429

>schedule redelivery twice
>package gets returned to sender anyway
god i hate usps

>> No.9806459
File: 135 KB, 350x268, IMG_7102.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hoo boy my ex was like this

>have a male friend flirting with me constantly
>tell him im a lesbian and im not interested
>he doesnt let up
>give in after months of him pressuring me because lonely and depressed and desperate
>dating him is okay, im not really attracted to him but i had never been in a non-LDR before and i like hanging out with him
>he buys me anything i ask for (within reason)
>hey this isnt so bad, maybe im actually bisexual or s--
>he breaks up with me for being better at magic the gathering than him

at least it made me completely sure im a lesbian.

>> No.9806518

>tfw am getting less hours at work and I can't pay uni, have to look for a different job

What do I say in upcoming interviews gulls? Besides the obvious. This is for a basic bitch retail position too so surely they'll be able to read between the lines of whatever positive bullshit I say for leaving.

>> No.9806606

nayrt but thats literally just ears with fucking ribbons

>> No.9806665


>> No.9806672

Tbh my mum told me about what a bitch of a pregnancy she had with me and I'm not upset. Like the other anon said pregnancy and the child can be separate experiences

>> No.9806710


>> No.9806731

What twisted logic is that? Just because someone is insecure about some things, doesn't mean that he/she would do those things.

She can be sad because her boyfriend will be spending time with his ex instead of her. It's perfectly normal.

>> No.9806791

It's not his ex. Yes she can be sad and insecure. I disagree with the people who said she has to dump him.

>> No.9806842

You gave up your gold star for a beta orbiter?

>> No.9806845

>Need more consistent hours and stability for my financial situation.
>Will work hard and be punctual in exchange.

Trust me, managers can see through the wank - so long as you're not rude, we enjoy people who can cut through the bullshit and be honest.

>> No.9806958

I was considering going to cosplay school next year and I think in my mind I'm expecting that to be what happens. But I need to write applications and need to show a lot of motivation and I usually don't feel motivated, so how should I write that, also the things it'll cost me, so expensive and removes my opportunity to meet people I could spend time with and I don't have high hopes for making friends at school. And there are two relevant schools and I don't know which one to choose if both let me in, but maybe I should just apply and hopefully be accepted by one of them at least. Still though, a few days ago I felt so motivated to do cosplay but now I've lost everthing I just feel like it's a chore to think about and I'm not brave enough to do the cosplays I want to do.

Also really want to meet someone, haven't had social interaction outside family since a brony meetup first week of January and both people I asked chose to ignore me, well at least they didn't block me on Facebook so that's something.

>> No.9807010

I'm more into grunge screamo and alt rock.
Metal comes second to those. I can dig some metal core though so long as you don't mind my love for normie pop songs.

>> No.9807077

>>Is it possible to find a guy who wants a lolita gf but isn't a weeb?
is borderline weeb ok?

>> No.9808168

I do this for girls. As long as they put out, my wallet is open.

>> No.9808177

Sounds like you should..

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