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Well, since the cosplayers have a thread about what pisses them off about their community, I thought why not start one of our own?
Here's the place to vent about all your annoyances about the jfash experience. Someone had sex in your dream dress? That one annoying ita won't shut up about how much she loves nippon?
Let your frustrations all out (without bringing names into this) and tell me who or what's troubling you.

I'll start!
>When the comm wants to go to the same place you all went to last month... and the month before... and the month before that. It's not even that good, they don't have a range of teas.

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It pisses me off when people tag their photos in stupid ways. Someone will tag #lolitafashion #angelicpretty #aliceandthepirates #babythestarsshinebright #eglcommunity #eglfashion #btssb #aatp #moimememoitie #moisdixmois #kawaii #cute #girl #sexy

and it'll just be a selfie
Maybe they're in lolita, sure. But when the only thing that implies that is a headbow, don't you think you shouldn't spam the tags?

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>when you do a themed meet and everyone pisses and moans about how they can't fit the theme

You can either buy something, make something, add some accessories just to tie-in, or sit it out and wait for the next meet. I wanted to do an oldschool meet so bad and so many people pitched a fit about how they didn't have anything oldschool so it wasn't fair and I couldn't do it.

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What bitches. I'm afraid to make a themed meet for this reason. That and I'm worried that if I organised a 21+ meet, the kids in our comm would through a tantrum. There's so many of them and they're so damn vocal.

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Ankle socks over longer tights or otk. I just think it looks so bad I can't stand it.

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>ankle socks over otks
People do this? Holy shit.

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People who pretend they're so innocent and don't know what cgl is. You know, you're even spouting cgl memes.

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Yeah, we've had problems with that, too. It's funny because the people who are the most vocal are the ones who don't bother to try to organize anything. They just wait for meets to be made that cater to them and their interests and bitch when that doesn't happen.

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Seconding this
>uwu I don't understand the hate sites, I'm a possie bean
Nobody cares if you lurk, everybody lurks

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Getting called a Nazi by hug box communities (for example lolita amino) for thinking everyone should accept concrit

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This one uggo fattychan was like "what's cgl??" Later when I browsed said person's blog I saw them talking about 4chan in the comments of a post that was written years ago. I'm so totally convinced she doesn't know what cgl is

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there's a girl in my comm who's like this with EVERYTHING. like, every unwholesome concept past PG-13 is an "oh,, i've never heard of that..."

bitch. you are college educated. yes you have.

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This, I also really hate it when you can tell they're out fishing for new follows and likes off of selfies.
I also hate it when they tag every form of 'model' like 'instamodel' 'altmodel' 'model' etc...

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A huge pet peeve of mine is planning and posting a meet event on facebook and immediately getting three new posts in the event about how so-and-so can't make it. And I don't even know the people, they don't go to any events. It's guaranteed that I'll get at least three lurkers say "Aww, I can't make it to this meet!" when they could have just hit not going and moved on. Bitch, I don't know you, stop shitting up the event page!

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When the comm decides to have a picnic meet and only a few people contribute, or the organiser forcing people to buy more savory food instead.

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I've organized themed meets before and if a person can't fit the theme, it's fine, we just take some pictures of those who fit the theme and then some pictures including those who didn't. I'd much rather they come well-dressed and off-theme than them finding some tacky way to shoehorn the theme in.

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I live in a country where it's usual a lot people come to meets outside the actual comms, usually quite far away. Only in one of the comms it's the people traveling long distant who will bring something decent to eat. I just don't get how people living in the area will bring fucking regular candy when the proper food brought gets always finished in minutes. With proper food I'm referring to baguettes or cucumber sandwiches which are not even expensive - the box of chocolate candies will be the same. It's not even one or two persons but like 20.

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My entire states jfashion community is full of bitches, so I go to meetups but I cant really connect with or trust anyone because they all talk shit about everyone else. Everyones just fucking mean and it's keeping me from enjoying my frills.

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When people bring their moms to meets. These aren't even underage girls, there's even one girl in my comm who's like 20 and she's brought her mom a couple of times (the girl is otherwise awesome but her mom is insufferable). There's another older girl who brings her mom occasionally and she and her mom are both really cool and chill but still...why bring your mom every time???

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Same for SOs, to a certain extent. Some are lovely, but there's always some level of awkwardness. Of course, when the SO has similar interests to me and my friends I'm cool with it, but when the SO is dramatically older,
like 8+ years to the average age of the group (never had a younger one yet) they always seem to be slightly condescending.
Like we get it, you think your woman looks the best and you think we're just silly girls, but let us do our thing without you taking up limited spaces.
I couldn't imagine bringing my mom along. Or even my SO, or a friend who isn't into it. Sometimes you have to do things yourself.

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People...bring their moms? Adults?
As for SOs, as long as they dress the part in some way I don’t mind them. I don’t understand why anyone would go to a jfashion event and not dress up somehow. That’s usually the point.

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>organiser forcing people to buy more savory food instead.

God damn it this. My comm has a bizarre reverse problem of everyone bringing savories and almost no sweets. Anytime there is some sort of pot luck the organizers shriek about bringing enough savories so everyone does that and little to no sweets ...

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Goddammit, this is the worst. I had a friend bring along her asshole of a SO to every tea party we had, and there was this girl that does not know how to travel short distances so her mom takes her everywhere by bus. Both the mom and the boyfriend were fucking disrespectful to the other guests

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I do it for some of my shoes where insoles doesn't work but extra socks do, it's all solid black and it looks like my shoes have a lace frill kinda like when sweets wear wristcuffs on their ankles.

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If it looks good then obviously it's fine, but my mind conjured up contrasting/obviously not matching socks layered on top of one another. Plenty of girls do this with socks and tights, I'd like to hope none of them do this with ankle socks and otks.

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I get bringing someone with you to your first meet, stranger danger and all that, but after that surely you know who the people are enough to trust them not to murder you

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Wait, she doesn't know how to take the bus?

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when we do a bring your food meet we usually make a chat where we discuss who's bringing what, and there are always a few people who decide at the last minute so we ask them to fill in the gaps like bring sandwiches if there's not enough savory food, or vice versa, to balance things out. This also makes people feel bad about bringing nothing, so they at least buy something. I don't think we've had a situation when someone would come completely empty-handed.

>When the comm wants to go to the same place you all went to last month... and the month before... and the month before that. It's not even that good, they don't have a range of teas
THIS so much. My comm has a tradition of going to the same place they've been going to back in the day when the entire comm was 5 people.. and they insist on going there more often than not. It's not that great of a cafe, the food is mediocre and the lighting for photos is shit. A lot of new places opened up in these 5 years, it's okay to switch things up!

Another one: when people put unnecessary titles in their sales, like "emergency sale" or "leaving lolita sale" - I'm sorry if you're having an emergency, I'm still not gonna buy it unless the price is good. Like that one seller from Italy who's been "leaving lolita" for years now. So annoying.

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Looks cute.

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Emergency sales make me laugh my ass off.

>> No.9814156

I laugh when I see an "urgent sale" hang around for like a year

>> No.9814164


Is it really an emergency sale if you're not willing to reduce further?

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God I want to vent about my comm. There's this one bitch who is trying to be efamous and everyone licks her ass. She idolises anyone famous even if they're not her style, she just loves their followers. She's so annoying and only does anything for hype. I don't even think she likes us, she only tries to talk to the girls who have a lot of followers. If you don't, she'll shrug you off and pretend you don't exist, even if you're standing in front of her.

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I like "leaving lolita" sales since it usually means they aren't just selling their unwanted pieces and there might be real steals in the mix.

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I'm pissed off by people who post too much to CoF. Yeah, I'm talking about you, I.S.A. with the bad wig. It's egotistical, spamming your face everywhere. You're an adult, you're like 32, you should know that whoring your face out everywhere is tacky. Way to get people sick of your face easily.

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I think socks over tights can look really nice. I like it with classic with flower patterns.

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Vendetta is not the same as having a pet peeve
Several people in this thread don't seem to know what having a pet peeve is

>> No.9814209

Having a personal gripe with someone is fine to post here. As the OP of the thread I think I'm allowed to post someone who annoys me.
Not using her name and I don't have anything against her aside from her incessant posting. That's my pet peeve.

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Cheapskates, those who constantly complain about the high prices of brand, meets, etc.
More specifically the ones who think other’s can’t have or can’t talk about buying “expensive” items.

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Honestly selling lolita is one big pet peeve for me. Never in my life have I encountered that many flacky and irresponsible buyers.
>more than a half don't read descriptions and ask a dozen of stupid questions instead
>in the end they don't buy it anyway and ghost you without even saying thank you after wasting your time
>literally no one reads sale rules
>"I want to buy this rare, sought after dress, would you sell it to me for $50 including shipping?"
>people who try to haggle after buying something
>people who give negative feedback because their fat asses didn't take measurements properly
>people who open a paypal claim after two days because you didn't ship their thing yet even though you mentioned in your rules that you have a life and take longer to ship things out
>people who open a paypal claim after realising the carefully described damaged thing is - gasp - indeed damaged
>people who open a paypal claim as "not as described" out of nowhere, weeks after they received the item without disclosing what supposed to be different, just to see if they can get the money and the dress too
>put a hold on something, get ignored and never hear from them again
>figure out a payment plan, get ignored and never hear from them again
>So many backing out buyers because of super emergency reasons. Just be honest and say you bought it without having the funds at hand.
>Buyer is partly honest and confesses they need more time to pay but really want the thing, you give them more time, never hear from them again
>"Your shipping is too expensive, can you ship this heavy coat for $10 across the globe?"
I could go on and on but I'm already butthurt after writing it down. Of course there are nice and easy buyers too, but the negative experiences always stick the best in the memory.

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People hating on flower crowns/flower accessories, but loving them when brands put them out.
I love flowers but I always worry someone's going to say mine are low quality, even though I only use them with florals or solids.

>> No.9814252

I have a few flower pieces from Baby and honestly they're not THAT great either.

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> people, who wear OPs as shirt underneath the JSK
> people, who's trying to turn highwaisted or sack dresses into regular one using belts
> people, who use layering to hide detailing that is totally out of place

You can totally wear this with bowtie blouse and jacket to hide the weird collar matching, but I know what does it look like underneath and that makes me cringe.

>> No.9814283

>people, who wear OPs as shirt underneath the JSK
This is actually pretty clever and can look very nice depending on the pieces chosen. Live a little, anon, layering is fun.

>> No.9814301

Anon, just change it to
>People who are creative and like to change the silhouette.

Although something like that collar...yeah, you can't really hide that.

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>trying to turn highwaisted or sack dresses into regular one using belts
I love this!

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This. And I s2g it seems like so many lolitas have crusty, awkward bfs that just creep around. I hate it.

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All of this, holy shit. I just had a buyer ask for a payment plan, and after I laid out like 3 options for her she replied "sorry my boyfriend said I shouldn't buy it, we're saving up for things for our future baby", like wtf?? Why would you even ask for a payment plan for a dress under 150$ if you're expecting a baby??
Some people are infuriating.

When people are genuinely leaving and want to get rid of stuff fast - yes, absolutely. But there's also people who've been "leaving" for years and keep putting up new overpriced stuff, and at this point all I can ask is who are they trying to fool.

>> No.9814381

That's so ridiculous I can't help but laugh.
>people who shouldn't breed

>> No.9814382

>museum meet-up
>the group rushes to the room with the famous paintings
>they are walking so fast from room to room, there is no chance to have a glimpse of any of the other art there
>they arrive at room with famous paintings and take some pictures with them
>comm leader comes up and says "ok now let's go to the cafe nearby"
>group leaves disregarding the fact that we only saw 1/5 of the museum so far.
>at the end of the day spent 2 hrs at the cafe and 30 minutes in the museum

Maybe I'm too autistic, but I hate museum meets. What's the point in going there if you don't even care about the art.

>> No.9814388

How embarrassing. Sounds like a bunch of children. I'd ditch the group and stay at the museum if I were you.

>> No.9814395

People who think taking photos with a non-phone camera makes them a model. Also no, being in a brand show (or even an indie brand fashion show) doesn't mean you can put 'model' in your insta bio. You aren't a model.
I could name names.

>> No.9814403

People/comms who spend the entire meet taking pictures/vlogging. Like I get taking a picture here or there, and maybe even recording a video (if you mention it in the meet invite and everyone agrees), but when it’s the whole point of every meet it gets to be excessive.

>> No.9814405

yeah that does sound embarrassing, jeez. Last time we had a museum meet we spent 2 hours there and had to leave only because we'd reserved a table and our time was coming up, we would've gladly stayed longer.

That sounds hilarious and reminds me of many "cosplay models" I know. Girl, if you paid the photographer and rented the studio that don't make you a model lol.

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People who have no interests outside of lolita. I get that we're all meeting because we're lolita, but it does get boring after a little while unless people have something else to discuss. Sewing, movies, gaming, history, literally anything will do.
>except flurries and otherkin

>> No.9814446

Reminds me of all the tourists at the Louvre flocking to the Mona Lisa. It's actually a pretty small painting, it's behind like two inches of glass and a wall of people, but everyone tries to get a picture of it before getting on the bus to their 6th location of the day while the rest of the Italian Renaissance wing is almost empty. Oh well, I guess that's the kind of visitors that keep the museum afloat.

>> No.9814451

Same thing happened at a meet I went to. Went in, looked at the big dinosaur and left.

>> No.9814461

I'm always surprised when a girl with a busted face goes "I'm going to get back into modelling again!!" and I'm stuck thinking "Wait, you were a model before? Looking like that?"
And then I realise they mean that their boyfriend is going to take some photos in their backyard of them framing their face in lolita.

>> No.9814606

Everyone's a model now. But not for long, because soon everyone will be a content creator. Creating what? Badly lit selfies? Doesn't matter.

>> No.9814614

People who complain about meets but have never hosted one of their own.

>> No.9814616

This, that's why I don't understand lolita meets. Having extra reason to wear lolita is great, but I have zero clue what do I talk about with people, if the only thing we share is the same clothing style. For this reason I don't like exclusively lolita cons. Coming up for just a plenty of fashion shows is so boring.

>> No.9814628

All the great bloggers & tumblrs/instas of girls who stopped over the internet being full of catty bitches picking them & their wardrobe apart or being cunty at them for having a weird nose or a bit of extra weight or whatever. Like zerudawonderland or stoff im gehirn who had awesome handmade. Fuck you guys. This is why we cant have nice things.

>> No.9814629

At lolita events you can buy and see clothing irl that otherwise you'd only see online. You can also meet designers and models usually.

>> No.9814631

On the other side of things, the amount of dresses described in "good condition" arriving with pit stains, rubbing, fading etc and none of you bother to leave the buyer feedback. I get better off of mercari using a ss

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>people that put things in the wrong tags on LM
No, your black colorway of Angelic Pretty's Toy Harmony does not belong in the gothic tags.
>comm complains about lack of meetups, but when someone that isn't a mod tries to host one no one goes, even if the idea is neat/fun/interesting
>international buyers asking to mark down package value
>girls who are trying to be efamous spamming likes + following and unfollowing in hopes that I will follow back
>"Let's take a silly photo"

>> No.9814659

It’s like meeting new people, you either find friends and have common interests or you don’t. It’s a lot of fun to have friends to talk with in Lolita

>> No.9814699

Aatp had a release designed to be worn with a faux waist cincher and buttcape.


>> No.9814705

>"Let's take a silly photo"
wow you sound fun

>> No.9814719

I'm scared to host a meet because everyone in my comm seems to leave an hour away.

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>the only way to have fun is by looking stupid

>> No.9814734

at the end of the day the people who stay still in silly photo are the ones who look stupid

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>Sellers that charge the buyer PayPal fees
>People that complain about how someone else coordinated their ~dream dress~ that they [usually] down own themselves
>Disdain towards solid tights

>> No.9814737

>group photo time!
>one photo where everyone poses normally but a bunch of people have their eyes closed or are still fixing part of their coord
>“Okay, now let’s take twenty pictures where we’re all dabbing xD”

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File: 34 KB, 300x232, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been on /cgl/ for a few years now but I feel like I've never seen this gif before so here y'all go

>> No.9814740

Lor, if you're bitching about someone saying you look like a man you're in the wrong thread.

>> No.9814741

Dab photos make me want to self immolate. The joke is so fucking dated just let it go already.

>> No.9814744

It's against PayPal ToS to charge the buyer fees. Report them if they do

>> No.9814745

>sellers who don't disclose they have pets
>sellers who make literally ZERO effort to lint roll their clothing before sending it off in addition to not disclosing they have pets

That being said, to the sellers who both disclose you have pets and mention in your listing that you make an effort to remove all hair before shipping: I love you.

>Disdain towards solid tights
My nigga

>> No.9814748

People’s inability to keep their austistic opinions to themselves and get butt hurt when no one wants to hear them

>> No.9814756

Last meet I was at we talked about animal genitalia and video games for two hours.

>> No.9814758

Are you in my comm? For some reason we keep going back to this mediocre little cafe only because it's usually dead and has a private nook that fits a good number of us. I'd prefer good food and good tea that doesn't cost way more than it's worth, and I'd like to try new things more often, but when I suggest going elsewhere, I inevitably get at least one person suggesting we go back to the usual place.

>> No.9814762

Nayrt, but it's all a matter of opinion. I agree with anon and hate those types of photos.

>> No.9814763

I don't understand the people who don't mention that they have pets, nor take the time to clean their clothes as much as possible, whether selling or not.
I have a dog and I love her with all my heart, and yet I obsessively lint roll my frills all the damn time to keep them clean, doubly so if I'm about to sell them.
There's nothing attractive about clothes covered in pet hair, not to mention the potential health hazard for allergic people.

>> No.9814764

>anon I love that dress! you should totally sell it to me!! :D

>> No.9814772

I'm aware. I know LM enforces that policy, but what of the sales groups on FB? I just perused the rules of several and none of them say anything regarding sellers charging the fee. That reminds me of another pet peeve, though:

>When sellers leave a LM feedback link but don't extend the effort to post their sales on that platform as well

Maybe that's just a personal problem, since when I browse FB sales on mobile browsers the albums refuse to fucking load past a certain point.

>> No.9814776

No but clearly you take yourself too seriously

>> No.9814783

Some people just need to keep their damn eyes open for 5 seconds when I say I'm going to take the photo

>> No.9814785

Im not sure if its really a pet peeve, but I'm always amazed how many SJWs/libtards are in my local comms. I have to constantly curb my own opinions and jokes so i dont offend anyone at meets

>> No.9814786

>organise meet
>tell people what the location is
>ignore suggestions
Problem solved

>> No.9814789

You don't need to be a SJW to not make offensive jokes

>> No.9814797

Anons jokes probably aren't that extreme.

>> No.9814801

Example. I made a self deprecating joke about wanting to not live because coping habits and laughter is best medicine yadda yadda. This person literally went off on me that im offensive to people who are depressed and suicidal and who have ptsd. Genuinely angry saying i "must not know anything about depression or suicidal thoughts desu"

>> No.9814803

desu self deprecating jokes are the worst because you either offend someone or sound like you're fishing for compliments.

>> No.9814807

Why not just tell them that your mental health is none of their business? People who do this shit are unbelievably obnoxious and more often than not have no idea what they're talking about.

>> No.9814810

People who rely on self-deprecating "dark" humor are generally not fun to be around. It's really not appropriate to make suicide jokes in mixed or unknown company. If you didn't know these things, you're probably socially awkward and/or an asshole.

>> No.9814811

I think I'm more over the "I'm offended therefore everyone should be offended" mentality. Also, I don't care enough to spill my mental beans like that at someone and tell them details. Just because your depressed ass doesn't like kms jokes doesn't mean I don't find them hilarious.

>> No.9814813

oh god, this. How is someone even supposed to respond to a joke about suicide? "Go ahead, kill yourself anon"?

>> No.9814819

Can we have anti SJW comm please?

>> No.9814820

A lot of buyers are also just really fucking dumb.

I was selling a taobao dress for $40, and in the listing I included the stock photo which showed the dress in a coordinate. The buyer somehow thought that for $40 I was selling the entire coordinate, including shoes, straw hat, bag, OTKs, OP, etc.

When I pointed out that the shoes alone would easily be $30+, let alone everything else she tried to assure me it wasn't unreasonable "because taobao". I then pointed out that my listing for the dress was cheaper than every other listing for the same dress, so apparently the market disagrees.

Predictably she backed out of buying.

>> No.9814843

Woah, I follow her insta for all her aesthetic mail pictures, I had no clue she used to wear lolita.

>> No.9814851

This so much! I've been hosting meets recently and it confuses me to no end. Especially when the reason I don't know them is that they haven't been to a single meet.

Am I supposed to reply to them?

>> No.9814857

You sound like the type of person that thinks they're infallible and that the problem lies with other people when you make them uncomfortable because you're too autistic/socially unaware to realize your behavior is not ok. People probably cringe when they see your name on an RSVP list because you're so unpleasant to be around since you gravitate your entire personality over being negative and edgy. Grow up.

>> No.9814867

There's a few people in my comm that are trying to be efamous but have either potato quality photos or are just shitty at dressing themselves. The ones with any followers on social media are clearly relying on f4f based on their nearly 1:1 follower ratio. It's really pitiful.

>> No.9814881

My pet peeve is that there literally isn't a comm for fairy kei/jfashion in my state (Arizona). Why are you all either in California or along the east coast? Gets lonely in the middle of desert hell.

>> No.9814918

>Are you in my comm?
I doubt it, I'm the only one in my comm who goes here, I think it's just a common problem. I may be wrong but I think it's more common for comms that were small for a long time (like in our case for almost 5 years the main "comm" in my city was just a group of 5 friends) and then expanded over a year or two, so those 5 people often default to the place they're used to. There's a difference between hanging out with your friends at "your spot" and hosting a meet.

It gets hard when the entire active comm is 12 people, so when you start ignoring the main meet-goers you're running the risk of having only one person show up. I mean, you can still hang out, just the two of you, but that's not much of a meet.

Welcome to social interaction. You can't expect a wide circle of people to get you and accept all your quirks and dark humor on the same level as say your close friends would, you may not mean that much to them and are not entitled to that kind of treatment. Some types of behavior and humor are not suitable for some social situations, it's natural. If you crack KMS jokes in class or to a cashier in a store, you might have a problem.

>Fuck you guys. This is why we cant have nice things.
This many times.

>> No.9814932

when people ask for coording help or hair tutorials, seriously. it pisses me off when people dont think for themselves. especially when they seem so darn clueless, like have a dream dress but no idea how to coord it? just look at what you like, experiment, make mistakes, grow, learn. i'm not spoonfeeding you, it is a fashion style, if you want someone to tell you exactly what to wear then why do you wear it? because it is the latest print? why do you even want to be a lolita? pff //old bitter hag who learnt shit herself

>> No.9814933

>Also no, being in a brand show (or even an indie brand fashion show) doesn't mean you can put 'model' in your insta bio. You aren't a model.
What separates them from models? Both do the shitty grunt, walking mannequin work of their respective fashion industry.

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My pet peeve is that my comm doesn't try to educate themselves. They're all perfectly content to overlook replicas in the comm, order from resellers rather than taobao or YJA itself, and support GLW and Lockshop. When you try to speak against any of this they look at you like you've grown a third arm.

>> No.9814946

This. I know a girl who flies all around the country just to model in con fashion shows and calls herself an "American lolita model". She's super arrogant about it and thinks it makes her a 'real' model.

>> No.9814955

The people most likely to bitch about meets are the people that never host any.

If I'm the one hosting, my convenience comes first. If someone else hosts an event that's inconvenient for me, it'd be super rude of me to publicly complain to them about it.

>> No.9815056

yes yes yes, anon, yes!!!! I love dressing up for museum or gallery meets, but I also love ATTENDING the museum!! I don't get to go so often!!! I wish some of my comm-mates would hang back with me. A leisurely stroll through a museum talking about art sounds just lovely.

>> No.9815063

Hahaha, I think I know who you're talking about (starts with an M). So delusional.

>> No.9815089

Is it MA?

>> No.9815094


>> No.9815110

In her defense she does do a good job modeling, unlike a lot of 'lolita models'

>> No.9815114

She is a good model so I can't hate her, but she just seems kind of off sometimes? I'm secretly jealous that she can afford to travel to all these Cons though, like damn what job do you have/tell me your secrets.

>> No.9815120

Biggest pet peeve is when someone wants something you have and asks you to sell it to them out of the blue. No indiction you're going to sell it at all, just flat out asks for your shit.

>be me, have a rare dress
>get message from someone I hardly know
>hey anon, I know you have this dress and it's my friend's dream dress. Will you sell it to her?

It's so rude and irritating. I'm not one who sells things often and I wear everything I have. If it's a dress I have, then I bought it for a reason and I'm not going to sell it to a total stranger just because they want it.

>> No.9815122

I should have also remarked that this has happened multiple times from different people. Get your grubby hands away from me and my stuff.

>> No.9815126

I can't fathom why anyone would want to be a "real" model, or how it ended up being glamorized in the first place. Models lead pretty hectic, shit lives and are micromanaged to hell and back.
It's a much better deal to just be attractive and take your own photos when you feel like it.

>> No.9815127

lol i knew it was gonna be her

>> No.9815135

What are some things that make SO insufferable at meets? I want to go to a meet accompanied by my bf but I'd like to drill in some good ettiquite into him so the meet goes smoothly.

>> No.9815140

just don't

>> No.9815141

In my opinion the worst thing is when they're an awkward lump that sits there and just takes up space. If they're a fun person who can join in and keep up with conversation, then they're not a burden, but when they look like they'd rather be at home and just shrug and grunt when you try to talk to them then they need to go and stay go.

>> No.9815146

ugh THIS!
I've done a even themed meets and even when I specifically say 'theme is not mandatory but if you want to partake you can borrow/buy/wear handmde etc' there are still idiots that go "sounds fun but i have nothing to wear wah wah wah" seriously, gtfo.

>> No.9815151

when "buyers" want a payment plan for a $60/$80 item. Then never pay up. Or ask you to hold for 3 weeks without a deposit.

>> No.9815163

Brolitas who refuse to learn how to do make up properly. There are so many damn youtube tutorials there is no excuse. If a drag queen can apply concealer and foundation, there is no reason why anyone else can't.

>> No.9815174

>people so autistic about colour cohesion that theyd rather see you put cheap claires bows on your shoes than just accept that things can be plain and look good. who the fuck wants cheap scattered colour all over with no reason other than the sake of "UwU u need more red at the bottom desu"

>> No.9815175

I don't even know how to respond to those jokes with close friends and acquaintances. Do I spam the suicide hotline number on their silly suicide comic on insta??? Idk mang.

>> No.9815195

I love museums and I've dressed up for the few I've gone to. I've yet to go to a meet but they never arrange museum meets I'm assuming because they've all already gone to all of them(it's one of the bigger comms). One day tho.

>> No.9815197

Color balancing really doesn't have anything to do with being plain. Even plain outfits need to be balanced.

>> No.9815199

agreed, i also think coords where everything matches perfectly makes it look more costumey and less fashion

>> No.9815218

Definitely agreed, this might be one of my biggest pet peeves with lolita these days.

>> No.9815222

I get this, in a way, especially people who don't even try to think about how to coord their supposed "dream dress". It's okay to ask for other opinions if you're not sure, but saying "idk how to coord this pls help it's my ~*dream dress*~" makes people come off so lazy. They might as well pay a personal stylist if they really can't be bothered to put some effort and thought into dressing themselves.

>> No.9815261

There's so much info out there, but people choose to be lazy. You can browse tags online, look at magazines or even google search for tuts for inspiration. They might as well chuck a full set on and call it a day.

>> No.9815366

Well yes, but doing it as your career and just doing it once or twice because of brand is very different.
You don't screw it one lightbulb and call yourself an electrician, do you

>> No.9815368

What's her social media

>> No.9815371

Most actual models get paid

>> No.9815380

My old comm in a nutshell.

>> No.9815403

Oh, she's for sure good at it, but her personality and attitude about it is what kind of sucks. She's pretty rude and acts all high and mighty

>> No.9815405

unless you can do something for her to further her "modeling" "career". Like if you're a fashion show organizer she will kiss your ass to the moon and back, but if you're another model she will treat you like her competitor lmao; it's actually quite entertaining how delusional she is.

>> No.9815406
File: 99 KB, 564x804, 1498010315402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lolitas wear lolita as a costume
If you only wear frills once or twice a month, or year, like some people I know, it's hard to argue it isn't a costume. Clothes are made to be worn, you don't need to stockpile all your nice things to be used "some day" like you're preparing for the final boss in an RPG, you're going to get old and die and never have enjoyed any of your cool shit. Clothes are made to be worn, and they can be washed and mended. If you feel overdressed there are ways you can tone down your outfit, and if you're overshooting that far into OTT you could probably afford to dial it back anyway. That said, expressing your style and looking nice shouldn't be discouraged even if you're just running errands.

>OTT trend
I think this is where you can costume it up for a convention or something, but the way some people only own extravagant costume jewelry and don't know how to else to wear their dresses. I'm all for self expression, but if you're bringing a sceptre and wearing a giant pink wig with a unicorn horn glued to your forehead when we go out to a coffee shop.. you make everyone look a little more ridiculous by proximity.

>Lolitas won't wear the same thing twice
I think this stigma contributes to wearing it like a costume. I know people who will buy a dress and wear it once or twice, take photos, and resell it within a month or two. I think this is some affect of social media and CoF posting, where we only show ourselves at our best. Livejournal used to be for daily coords, but almost everything that was posted there would now be considered casual. I know people who are upset because they own everything they want and feel like their wardrobe is complete.. but they don't want to rewear things too often so they feel like they need a constant flow of new clothes. You used to be able to find dresses 50% off secondhand, but now while the number of items is increasing, the prices are all near or at retail because "NWT worn once"

>> No.9815414
File: 179 KB, 688x913, 1511191516480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lolitas are cheap
I've lost count of how many payment plans and IOUs, whining and begging posts about the cost of lolita I have read. Brand is relatively expensive, this is true.. unless you have some patience and find things secondhand. You can find dresses and blouses from all different brands and styles for under $100 secondhand and put together an outfit pretty easily. A girl I know who only owns a blouse and a skirt keeps posting new releases she cries over not being able to afford when she could have been building her wardrobe secondhand all this time. If you aren't on some ddlg shit you should be an adult and have a job and self control, set your priorities straight and figure out what is within reason for you to buy.

>Lolitas don't care about fashion
Almost a given with how cheap so many are, it's pretty rare anyone dresses themselves nicely outside of lolita, and they don't wear lolita that often so.. it's rare they dress themselves nicely at all. Wearing the newest kawaii pastel fad off taobao is one thing, but there are so many designers out there with incredible stories and designs, making clothing that looks and feels beautiful while being constructed in a way that will last decades. Most lolita brands by comparison are construct their dresses so shoddily and out of such cheap materials, I find it difficult to justify new purchases as quality declines and designs become more and more of the same.

>Lolitas are sticklers for the rules
The style started as backlash against Japan's strict uniform fashion, and it was, overall, a lot more punk. As time goes on, punk is dead, and the fashion itself has formed strict rules on what is and is not lolita. The girls who pioneered the fashion would be laughed off of CoF today. You can look at that two ways, because the overall cohesion and quality of coordinates have improved, but without innovation and experimentation there is no room to evolve. Trends are being recycled and brands are dying out.

>> No.9815423

In peanuts. It's definitely not a "real" job unless you're one of the top 1%.

>> No.9815434

That's not the point, we're not discussing the actual model industry - but I would still venture being paid at the very least still constitutes some bragging rights.

When you model for brands you make negative money. Sometimes your con pass will get waived, but transportation, hotel, foods, is all on you. So anon is saying it's laughable that people are boasting about being a "model" whilst just going to cons for brands and spending all of their own money to do it.

>> No.9815483

>Lolitas won't wear the same thing twice
I hate this one too. There's one blouse-skirt combo that flatters me more than anything else. I change the accessories a bit every time but it feels like I'm doing a crime to wear it often.

>> No.9815528

How hard is it to take multiple photos, though? When you’re with 20+ people the chance is high that at least one or two of them will be blinking at any given time, which is why you should take multiple photos to increase the chance of getting a good one. Not take only one and then go straight to the Jojo posing.

>> No.9815585

In my comm people already start walking away when I take the second one.

>> No.9815593

she didn't get accepted into a big show once, and after the show she called all of the models fat (not to their faces obvs)
>seriously tho all of the models at the show were skinny asian girls, except two who were tall skinny white girls

crazy ass b. i have more experience with her but i don't want to out myself.

>> No.9815597

No fucking way hahaha I want more stories pls. I have some as well

>> No.9815610

>sends weird invasive messages to other people who model for brands
>randomly asks people for their measurements (and doesn't hold back her opinions about said measurements)
>prideful that she's modeled for BTSSB because she thinks they have higher standards than AP
>as stated before, openly shit on the people who did model for AP

sorry for being vague but you can talk to literally anyone who's modeled for some kind of jfash thing at a con and i'm sure they have something to say. she's made many people hella uncomfortable.

>> No.9815635

that sounds like her desu. I’ve experienced the messaging thing as well, I think she is trying to get a feeler for her “competition” even though it’s just a con fashion show.

Also don’t ever room with her for anything. Unless you want your weekend to suck

>> No.9815638

>without innovation and experimentation there is no room to evolve
Wholeheartedly agree. These people who are obsessed with the "rules" all kind of blend together... and a lot of people who claim they are not interested in "rules" seem to use that fact as an excuse for literally anything (much of wish I wouldn't describe as "innovation"). It's fascinating how a divergent fashion subculture bucking the norm has developed such a rigid norm within itself.

>> No.9815643

isn't there a arizona lolita group on fb?
are they terrible or something? if so that sucks. I was planning on trying to meetup with some people when i visit this summer.

>> No.9815654

She has never done this to me, so now I'm wary...

>> No.9815656

>two fatty-chans in my comm are running a local J-fashion show
>90% of my comm is fat, ugly, catty, and/or ita, so I'm not surprised these two were picked
>they promise to not be nepotistic and "ita" like last year's hosts were
>the ita-chan of this year's hosts rambled on about how ita all of menhera is
>One girl in our comm sounded dismayed, since she wanted to apply for that category
>ita-chan decides to say that she'd be the only one allowed to sign up for menhera since she's the only one that "looks good"
>Most of the lolitas in our comm are heavy sweet, so I brought up that I wanted to do classic/shiro, since our only other classic lolita couldn't participate due to previous engagements
>ita-chan tells me that there will be "too many other applicants" and that I'd "never be chosen" for classic
>too many applicants, my ass
>ita-chan hates me because I'm college educated, saying "college isn't kawaii" >she's too dumb to even get into her local community college
>literally only converted to a dangerous cult because it's the only way she can have money for coords

Nepotism in comms is fucking ridiculous. And it's so odd for my comm in particular, since all the mods of the Facebook group have all decided that being educated and not being a dumb housewife is not "cute enough" to be lolita. At least I don't have to jump between boyfriends in a cult for money, for the love of God.

>> No.9815661

Either she will or she wants something from you, if you work for cons/fashion shows/Lolita events. Trust me, she’s a shitty person.

>> No.9815663
File: 39 KB, 480x602, microgrr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>girls who are pretty and skinny but wear borderline okayish coords getting 700+ likes in COF
>actually good coords at 200/300 likes just because the girl is not skinny and modelesque

Really makes you think, huh. And before you say I'm jelly my coords don't get that many likes, I don't post to COF. I'm not talking about heinously ugly or fat girls, I'm talking about just normal looking girls. They may not be baby chokelates, but you can tell their coords are well thought out, have a lot of effort put into them and are beautiful. So it makes me sad that they seem to get passed over just because they are not the most beautiful.

>> No.9815664

who is she!! I feel like I should look out! If we're not posting names how about telling me what fashion show she was last in, and what she was wearing. So I can find her and stay tf away.

>> No.9815667

Seconding this. Please feel free to spill the beans on lolcow in snow/res/79127.html
I'd love to see pictures of >>9815656 too.

>> No.9815668

If it is who I think, it's MA and she's imaged on the tekko fashion show sideshow. Use your process of elimination.

>> No.9815671

Yep that’s her

>> No.9815677

This so much

>> No.9815680

Where can I find this slideshow?

>> No.9815681

Misako Aoki? lmao

>> No.9815682

Teamtekko.us and go to events then fashion.

>> No.9815685


>> No.9815688

>American fashion model
Misako isn't american?

>> No.9815689

When people nobody has ever even met keep posting about their money issues.
>“Oh I’ll have to pass because I’ve already gone over budget this month >_<”
>new release thread
>“All of these new releases are too expensive for me!”
>mail thread
>“I have nothing in the mail because I can’t afford anything new”
>coord thread
>“I have no coords yet because I’m too poor for lolita u_u”
Nobody asked. Nobody even knows you. How do they expect us to react to posts like this? Just save up and wait to post until you have something to contribute besides “buhu I’m poor”. I’m saying this as an ex-poorfag.

>literally only converted to a dangerous cult because it's the only way she can have money for coords
What the hell

>> No.9815690

Nayrt but Lolita =/= fairy kei. People in the comm host casual meets that encourage people to wear other jfash but hardly anyone wears anything other than lolita. Not sure why anon feels like they need a "local" comm for other jfash...just grow a pair and wear your clothes without needing someone to hold your hand through a meetup.

You can go ahead and try to meet up with people but just fyi it's really fucking hot for lolita in the summer lol

>> No.9815695

We aren’t talking about Misako haha it’s another girl who is in the slideshow. You have to click the arrows

>> No.9815700

I kind of feel like I was this newbie once. I had no confidence in any of my coords and needed constant reassurance . Ive had a couple hit and misses, but I've posted my outfits on help threads and their input was always very helpful.

>> No.9815712

OH. Nayrt but I know who now. That chick is crazy.

>> No.9815732

I know Lolita =/= fairy ke
but she said fairy kei/jfashion, so that's why I asked about the lolita comm.
lol I know I've been there before, I was thinking some kind of indoor very air conditioned meetup

>> No.9815739
File: 425 KB, 417x661, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 1.35.56 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What brand is Misako wearing?

>> No.9815742

That’s Mossbadger.

>> No.9815758

Agreed on all points, but especially with
>Lolitas wear lolita as a costume
>Lolitas won't wear the same thing twice
>Lolitas don't care about fashion
I wish it wasn't true, and I guess it isn't true for some of us, but considering the majority (at least considering what's seen online), it Is true, and it's sad.

>> No.9815765

>actually good coords at 200/300 likes just because the girl is not skinny and modelesque
Does fit play into this, or do their coords fit and suit them fine? Because the clothes might be beautiful together but if they're ill fitting or unflattering, it's not surprising that they don't get as much feedback.

>> No.9815769

No, not really. If the clothes fit badly then of course they're going to get less likes.
But maybe I'm just salty about the blonde girl on COF who was wearing gingham and looked terrible but still got 700+ likes just because she's skinny.

>> No.9815795

have you been living under a rock

>> No.9815801

I feel you so hard anon. She would have been ripped to shreds in the ita thread on here if she was overweight

>> No.9815802

AZ literally has jfashion meet ups every couple months, fairy kei is already really niche, why not just wear fairy kei/decora/whatever to those meets?

Actually we don't believe in air conditioning, what we do in AZ is just put teapots in the street, collect them when they boil (takes about 3 minutes) and sit in the dust with a cactus.

>> No.9815805

I feel like this isn't totally true though. I see mediocre coords getting 100+ just because the girl is black and overweight

>> No.9815812

it's probably out of pity

>> No.9815839

Anyone can get 100 in COF. That's chump change. Even ita as fuck coords get 100.
700 is like 'wow, great coord!!!'
200-300 is like 'average coord'
100 is like 'only baby itas are liking this, and people who feel bad for you'

>> No.9815844
File: 755 KB, 1280x800, ECfq6fq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The next thing you're going to say is "the JoJo photos are always the best, though"

>> No.9815846

I love Jojo too but god the majority of the fans are so cringey now.

>> No.9815852
File: 132 KB, 308x366, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 8.23.02 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're not a brand you can't do this

>> No.9815857

Well the majority doesn't post comments/pictures, most of my lolita friends aren't even in a comm

>> No.9815858

>no feedback as a seller
seems legit

>> No.9815859

>My last coord got around 70
I didn't think I was ita, I thought that it got buried in the Valentine/CNY posts and didn't get bumped up enough to rack up likes. But maybe I was ita after all, I dunno.

>> No.9815863

The inevitable consequences of anime adaptations, not to mention English dubs.
I do feel grateful that my comm generally has no idea what it's about; the last thing we need is dumb itas striking poses and spouting Jojo memes at meetups.
>sage for cringey, barely relevant Jojo rant

>> No.9815866

What outfit was that? Could you repost it, anon?

This is still way less of thing than the skinny white girl effect.

>> No.9815887

Probably a bad picture or boring.

>> No.9815889

I think you've probably nailed it.

>> No.9815893

I think Lolita's wear the same thing twice, you just don't see them posting pictures since it'd be repetitive

>> No.9815894

ronery AZ poster here, sorry to be spoonfeed-y but where do you usually find info about these events? I look on FB occasionally and don't see anything-- is meetup info usually posted somewhere else I'm not looking? Genuinely curious

>> No.9815895

You are so lucky...

>JoJo poses at every meet in my comm.

I fucking hate it when we do a group pic for like ILD and suddenly some idiot yells " ok now a JoJo pose one!!" And me and one or two other girls just stand there awkwardly not knowing wtf to do but no escape since im in the center of all these JoJo posing idiots...

>> No.9815899

Are you in the fb group for the lolita comm? The meetups are posted in there and you can find them under the event tab. There was a general/public jfash meet not through the Facebook group a while ago but idk if that ever happened again. You could also always make a jfash group yourself if you wanted it separate. Other jfash isn't really that popular in this state so you're just going to get a lot of overlap with the lolita comm in general.

>> No.9815903

They’re really not.

>> No.9815905

I'm not a part of the FB group, but only because I wasn't sure if they'd accept someone into a more niche fashion w/o being a lolita. I suppose it's worth a try, though... I'm so thirsty for jfashion friends and people to talk to about it lol

>> No.9815908

I agree, anon. I definitely prefer nice, normal photos. I just wanted to shitpost.

>> No.9815911

My last coord got a little over 100 likes but people seemed to like it when it was posted in the COF thread here. I'm unsure what I'm doing wrong.

>> No.9815922

There's a lot of crossover in the comm, not everyone just wears lolita and follows other jfashions.

>> No.9815927

We have a survey for acceptance so I'm sure you will be fine.

The comm is crazy active with a ton of meets so you should join. We do general jfash meets often as well.

>> No.9815930
File: 219 KB, 500x281, 2FDF6104-AD9F-4462-B464-D1E2A49DAE2D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you for the info, I appreciate it!! Just sent an application in. Fingers crossed

>> No.9815938

Eh, most of the coords I like on COF get less than 100 likes. I don't really think the number of likes is indicative of much of anything

>> No.9816044

Yeah "boring" aka cute wearable coords seem to get like 70-150 likes on me. I post em anyway because I love seeing that style. I am a big IW/ VM fan, it's so easy to make good daily coords with their pieces. I'd probably get more likes if my face weren't so ugly but oh well

>> No.9816272

This. My comm is all OTT sweet to every fucking meet, honestly. I'm a fan of unicolor/bicolor lolita, and when I went to a tea party in Infanta's Jenny Cookies in red, I got stared at and was eventually asked to leave because I wasn't "kawaii" eno, ugh. I was honestly wearing a decent of accessories with it too, but not wearing a crown and a KC and a mini top hat at the same time with five layers of wristcuffs isn't enough, apparently.

>> No.9816275

NAYRT, but like counts are dumb, since reach on posts can vary wildly and can be arbitrary. I'd ask for concrit, and see what to improve on from what the commenters say, if need be.

>> No.9816283

>asked to leave

>> No.9816289

It's okay, we love new members!

>> No.9816291

If this story even happened, you probably looked like shit anyways.

>> No.9816292
File: 94 KB, 540x441, cat racoon love.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A lot of it has to do with peak posting times and not whether you're good, plenty of mediocre coords get a ton of likes. From my experience, other things like help like:

>creative/unusual settings or poses
>ability to handle concrit and improve
>bitches love a good improvement story

The setting/poses is an incredibly fine line between unique and try hard, and regarding concrit, that isn't to say you should just do whatever people tell you to.

If it makes you feel good and you liked it and enjoyed wearing it / snapping photos that's all that matters, not how many likes it got.

>> No.9816300
File: 743 KB, 800x800, likes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I was curious so I went back and looked at coords with most likes.

FB started breaking down around March 6th, but I picked coords generally over 500 likes this worked out to approximately 4 pictures.

So take it as you will. I honestly expected more coords above 500, and I'm pretty surprised that some of the more iconic CoF posters haven't made it to 500+.

>> No.9816309

I hate when larme and lolita cross so I'm not surprised other anon was salting over the awful gingham coord.

>> No.9816315

It's weird because they're all meh tier looking at them now except the black coordinate.

I have no idea how the gingham coord has that many, it doesn't have a lolita feel. It's like all the parts...are technically following the rules right but it's still wrong,

>> No.9816334

My comm is super OTT and my cords are very plain but I’ve never been asked to leave, I just don’t get any compliments. Are you sure it wasn’t your behavior?

>> No.9816345

Asking someone to leave because of their coord is fairly rude, even some dead ass itas. I can't even imagine lolita comm doing that. It must be anon's behavior or general attitude, idk.

>> No.9816359

It could also be their crappy picture and lighting.

>> No.9816363

Or it's just anon making shit up. Comms put up with terrible itas and even sissies all the damn time out of the fear of being labeled bullies or elitist, not a single community I know or know of would ask someone to leave because they're not wearing something OTT.

>> No.9816377

I'm mostly mute, actually. My comm isn't great for people with disabilities, it's a bum fuck comm in the midwest.

>> No.9816402

the only thing uniting these 4 photos is that the girls in them are all more or less attractive, so the original poster's point stands: you'll receive more recognition and praise if you have a pretty face.
Even on cgl where gulls pride themselves in their brutal honesty I've seen countless comments along the lines of "coord is shit, but at least she's cute" or people being posted in ita threads for having something wrong with their appearance. I wish this community didn't have this beauty contest aspect, but I doubt that will ever change.

>> No.9816404

>I wish this community didn't have this beauty contest aspect
>wishing there was no regards to beauty
>in a fashion-based subculture
You might be in the wrong hobby, anon.

>> No.9816405

i think anon meant that it was a shame to excuse shitty fashion choices just because the wearer is "pretty" in a fashion-based subculture

>> No.9816407

I shall admit, I don't care about faces, but a can forgive a lot, if the girl is skinny. No blouse looks pretty much fine to me, same goes for mismatching themes.

>> No.9816412

4/5 girls in these pics are from the Southern Ontario comm lol

>> No.9816416

There's an Ouji in my comm who does this at every meet. Happened twice before I stopped going. Lone lolita is the only way.

>> No.9816424

I can’t believe that one got 714 likes. It’s kind of really boring?

>> No.9816462

There's a delusional girl in my comm. She's obviously overweight but every time she can't fit something she blames it on her boobs. It's not your boobs! You're just fat! And that's fine, stop blaming it on your boobs because it's embarrassing to everyone. I have way more respect for fatty-chans who are open about the fact they're overweight than ones who pretend they're thinking but it's just their chest.
It's like height, would I say I'm 6" if I'm actually 5"5? No, because it's obvious I'm not.

>> No.9816467

She's tall and skinny and has modelface. I'm just surprised she didn't get more likes.

>> No.9816484

My comm has had furries in full fursuits show up to a meet, not even wearing anything resembling lolita, and even they weren’t asked to leave because they didn’t behave all that badly and the meet was a casual one. They just weren’t invited back unless they started wearing lolita. The only person my comm has ever told to gtfo a meetup was someone who had previously threatened several comm members with physical harm and then showed up to a meet they were not invited to acting like nothing was wrong. That anon was either making shit up or leaving out some very important details.

I know several girls like this.
>All women in my family have big boobs! There’s no point in losing weight, because it’s just my boobs!
Girl you have a 90cm waist and upper arms as big as my thighs, maybe if you lost weight your boobs would stay big but at least you’d fit skirts and boleros. Denying your fatness doesn’t fool anyone.

>> No.9816491

>wishing there was no regards to beauty
>in a fashion-based subculture
>You might be in the wrong hobby, anon.

Last time I checked, fashion was mostly about the things you wear, not about your face. Ugly people can also be fashionable and stylish, can dress well and know a lot about fashion.
Like, I realize that attractive appearances are more pleasant to look at for most people, I also like to look at nice things, but that does not justify the amount of viciousness that some people express while completely shitting on someone for having flaws.
Look at old street snaps, some girls wearing lolita in those pics are plain or downright unattractive, and yet people are shitting themselves over how amazing they look. But in modern times, looking at cof and cgl, it really seems like the face matters more than the clothes.
>>9816405 is both right and wrong, I think it's equally problematic when cute girls get more praise and ugly girls get more shit than they deserve.

>> No.9816493

Hate when designers get so full of themselves. A couple of accessory makers are stuck up and mean to those that look a certain way or aren't decked out in head to toe brand. The hell???? At the end of the day I can buy shit at Hot topic or Claires if I wanted

>> No.9816498

This whole obsession with people trying to rationalize why someone got so many likes on COF is a peeve about the community with me. Who cares? If your coord didn’t get as many likes and you’re trying so hard to put together a reason why someone else’s did it just comes off as nervous jealousy and “Yeah well my coord was GREAT sorry I don’t look like a model clearly that’s the only reason someone else got more likes”.

A lot of times the simpler coords I see with the most likes are just because they had one tiny unique thing to make the coord memorable. In the examples in >>9816300 , the first coord is long red velvet, you really don’t see that much, the second photo is a perfect example of twinning to a T which also isn’t seen very often, and then for the bottom two we have that stupid larme mix that’s so popular right now and then the last is the only one I can see the whole “zomg model” thing because it really isn’t that special. If you didn’t get many likes and you think your coord is so great, it might be because you’re hard-set in the CGL matchy-matchy perfect balance desu that’s just plain boring. Break a rule and do something memorable, then you might see the likes go up. Until then, stop fucking obsessing over trying to make sense of other peoples' likes; it has to be ruining the fun of the fashion for you.

>> No.9816504

When we just had street snaps to look at, everyone was excited about it. But now a small part of the lolita community feels entitled to write a critical review about every coord that's posted online. If you don't look perfect or have a different taste, you better accept concrit or you're too weak to be a lolita.

>> No.9816508

I think everyone talking about Facebook likes is a teenager

>> No.9816587

Wtf is up with her legwear?

>> No.9816591

she's not wearing any.

>> No.9816592

There are still things ugly people can do to flatter their faces. It helps a lot if you look well groomed and makeup does wonders.

>> No.9816597

Sure, but the coord itself is so lackluster

>> No.9816603

She wearing plain white tights anon

>> No.9816609

Blue light from below and normal from above, and some shadows

>> No.9816633

Are you one of those people who think that because your floordinate/mannequin looks good then obviously shit has to look good worn too? Because sorry to break it to you but that's not how it works. Fashion is about the entire look, not just the clothes, especially in alternative fashion where you dress to express yourself.
Yes, "ugly" people can be very stylish and then their face will be considered striking, because these people know how to make their looks work for them. If you're not conventionally cute or pretty and you don't know how to work your features, it'll be obvious to see.

>> No.9816644

Let's just say there's still a limit to what makeup can do. Say if a person has a crooked nose no amount of contouring will fix that, even with nice makeup they will still be a person with nice makeup and a crooked nose, and there will always be several people who will refuse to look past that, and be all "what an unfortunate face" and "it's too bad she's ugly". You'd think you could do a little shooping to make the flaws draw less attention but now cgl has apparently turned into the shoop police, look at the current cof thread shitshow.

People still shit themselves over street snaps, look at any oldschool appreciation thread. There's more variety today but they are protected by the veil of nostalgia.
See, this is my biggest community-related pet peeve, it's that simply loving and wearing the style is not enough, you also need to be hot enough so that everyone comes looking at your pics no matter what you're wearing, or thick-skinned enough if you're not hot enough to endure it when someone inevitably starts shitting all over you.
I'd love to have a big enough local comm and social circle so that I wouldn't care so much about what strangers on the internet think about me. But to those of us who are lonelitas or have tiny half-dead local comms these small groups here and on FB are the best places to communicate with other lolitas on a daily basis, because people are active here. I just wish there wasn't so much shitting on one another involved.

>> No.9816652

I see that now, thanks!

>> No.9816654

>shoop police,
This reminded me that people in my comm used to make jokes about the loli police. But now people take everything so seriously (even though we don't need the rules anymore). As if cgl is the lolita police and will put you on trial if you're ugly or a beginner.

>> No.9816657

Tall, skinny, horseface.

>> No.9816660

Reread the OP post. They said they don't post to COF. The gingham one was not intentionally meant to be larme I think, it just looks like babbies first coord to me. The tights look cheap and wrong. Nothing aside from the coord is larme aside from the gingham and maybe the skin showing. I could pick several examples from the last month or so that are a million times better but got around 200 likes.
It's about the fashion, not the face.

>> No.9816661

>you also need to be hot enough so that everyone comes looking at your pics no matter what you're wearing
Geez, you sound really bitter. Nearly all of my favourite lolitas are not conventionally attractive but people rarely comment on their faces because they’d rather talk about their coord or their sewing. Yeah the COF can be nasty but it’s 4chan, what did you expect? Some of the comments are just mean girls but we also get a lot of male crossboarders who like to look at and judge girls’ appearances and guys like that can get really nasty. If you can’t deal with that, which is understandable, it may be better to stay out of the COF thread altogether. Complaining about it here won’t make them stop.

>> No.9816662

*the COF thread

>> No.9816664

who are your favorite lolitas?

>> No.9816667

How salty you must be about Rosemarie Seoir existing

>> No.9816673
File: 9 KB, 599x66, you will regret this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9816674

Rosemarie Seoir just reads as larme to me, not lolita. And before you say people make coordinates out of it people make coordinates with a lot of stuff, doesn't mean those other brands are automatically lolita.

>> No.9816676

>making the same point the person you replied to made

>> No.9816683

I'm pretty sure the people shitting themselves over street snaps are the same ones advocating for everyone to be a little less judgmental about ugly girls wearing nice coords

>> No.9816703

You're fucking weird, since that's not at all what I said. Whatever. I'm going to keep disliking her mediocre coord.

>> No.9816705

??? I didn't say they're lolita. Rosemarie Seoir goes to lolita events, the designer has said she is inspired by lolita fashion, has made wrist-cuffs etc.

>> No.9816706

>makes wrist cuffs
>Instantly Lolita brand
You know Lolita does not have a monopoly on those right?

>> No.9816712

Why are you so dumb lol? They are not a lolita brand

>> No.9816718

>trying this hard to find something to bitch about
Anon never claimed RMS was a lolita brand, please pull your head out of your ass long enough to read one coherent sentence.

>> No.9816723

Sorry, I agree with >>9816633
You seem like you're upset about your own insecurities.

>> No.9816725

Didn't realize Misako was green

>> No.9816726

you're right she's wearing green tights. shadows and lights aren't real.

>> No.9816752

I didn't know Misako wore taobao brands

>> No.9816757

It's not a Chinese Indie Brand™ it's a US based brand.

>> No.9816766

She wears Chinese brands pretty often and seems to travel to China for cons several times a year

>> No.9816785

Forget the bus. This bitch can't Uber?

>> No.9816801

Anon, we made the exact same point: the attention has more to do with the coords than the way the person's face looks.

The gingham one is not what my post was about, it looks like a larme mix to me, but if it doesn't to you, then that's fine. I wasn't necessarily making a comment about anyone's coord in particular (I don't actually like it either).
I agree that there are tons of nice coords that get many less likes, but the reason tends to be because they're nice but don't have much exciting about them. You can have a perfectly balanced full IW or Baby coord that doesn't miss a beat on looking like a magazine advert, but if there isn't anything memorable or exciting about it that sets it apart from all the other nice coords out there then it isn't going to blow up in likes. If someone desperately wants more attention, then they need to be more experimental. Even if the coord doesn't end up being that nice, if it's something new and refreshing it will get the attention.

The other point I made is that people shouldn't obsess about it, anyways. Unless they're insecure and feel the need to compete with each other on FB, then likes mean nothing. The sentiment of "Well she's just pretty so I can't compete even though my coord was better" just makes them sound bitter and delusional about how good their coord actually was.

>> No.9816829

>thick-skinned enough if you're not hot enough to endure it when someone inevitably starts shitting all over you

Anon, your post made me figure out a huge pet peeve of mine. I'm so sick of people trying to gaslight other lolitas into being thick-skinned aka "learn to take a crit". These people are trying to show themselves all pure giving opinions that nobody asked and making others feel guilty for actually being offended of that. Fuck it, if you shit on people, get at least some courage to be fought back.

>> No.9816833

Most of the time the people giving such ''concrit'' don't even have the guts to do it on facebook, they only dare to do it on cgl

>> No.9816900

This. I'm always amazed people care that much.

>> No.9816907

the word "coord" spoken aloud. it grinds my gears online but whatever, it's been around forever, I can deal. however it always just sounds like "KORD" when verbalized and is super awkward to say and hear. just say outfit ffs

>> No.9816921

God, this. It's almost never pronounced correctly, either.

>> No.9816928

Do you also get upset when people say JSK? lol

>> No.9817092

Abso-fucking-lutely this. Being an asshole comes as a given because
>this is cgl what did you expect
and if you dare talk back then you're accused of either selfposting, samefagging or whiteknighting
>and the former is accepted while the latter is frowned upon because fuck human decency, that's why

>> No.9817099

This. I almost always say 'outfit' or 'coordinate' irl.

>> No.9817131

no? Neither JSK or jumperskirt is a clunky word imo, plus there isn't really another word for it since "dress" is too broad of a term. "Coord" sounds awkward (and like the word "cord" when spoken aloud) and the word "outfit" or even "coordinate" like >>9817099
said mean the same thing.

>> No.9817133

You're saying it wrong

>> No.9817141

Coord is two syllables, co-ord. It should sound differently than "cord" when spoken.
My only pet peeve is when people say it like that. The same goes for people pronouncing shirring as "sheer-ring."

>> No.9817150

Coord is literally short for coordinate...

>> No.9817154

The designer is Chinese and makes plain cheap dresses so it might as well be a taobao brand

>> No.9817156

I hear Americans pronouncing it “Kord-in-at” with 3 syllables all the time. I agree with >>9817131
and >>9817099 though that it sounds stupid/wrong tho

>> No.9817165
File: 55 KB, 457x381, 1445704425804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People who call themselves lolitas but only wear the fashion one a month or only to big events/conventions.
You're not a lolita. You're someone who uses lolita fashion as a costume.

>> No.9817168

what if i wear lolita daily without leaving my house (work from home), but don't wear it when I occasionally leave my house?

>> No.9817169

ignore the greentext, my bad.

>> No.9817322

You must be stupid or extremely high

>> No.9817386

Shouldn't coordinate have four syllables?

>> No.9817420

I still consider myself to be a lolita even though I rarely wear it. I own an expansive wardrobe but due to my crippling anxiety and raging self-hatred I only wear it maybe 2-3 times months, usually once a month.

Not everyone has the time to wear it everyday or even once a week.

>> No.9817432

haha Toronto strong

>> No.9817433

I wear it daily but often rewear outfits, so I don't bother posting to COF/Insta

>> No.9817475

the fuck? are you scared to be a lolita in public? this is the stupidest thing i've ever heard

>> No.9817485

>The obsession with e-fame/likes. They're just fucking clothes, but so much of the online community wants recognition for wearing the same fashion as thousands of people all across the globe.
>People that want to feel "special uwu" and yooniquke by wearing lolita instead of normie clothes really grind my gears.

>> No.9817503

Yes, my point is that I often hear people pronounce it incorrectly with 3 syllables, so they also pronounce coord incorrectly with 1 syllable.

>> No.9817536

I don't jive with the efame aspect of it but I wish it was easier to find someone else wearing the same dress I have and see their spin on it. Like I wouldn't be into this fashion if people didn't publicize their coords but at the same time I feel like if I don't have a following I'm not a 'true' lolita.

>> No.9817544

scared to leave the house period

>> No.9817593

But why do you even want to call yourself a lolita if it gives you anxiety?

>> No.9817603

>if I don't have a following I'm not a 'true' lolita.

>> No.9817607

Because I participate in the fashion? Is it really that hard of a concept to grasp?

I wear it when I feel like it. I used to wear it more often but as of late I’m dealing with a very drawn out depression episode.

The whole idea of “you can’t call yourself a lolita if you only wear it once a month” is some straight up horse shit. If you have a cohesive wardrobe, and aren’t ita shit you have every right to be called a lolita.

>> No.9817609

That's just like your opinion man

>> No.9817617

Nayrt, actually my pet peeve is people, who treat "lolita" word like it's some kind of noble rank, that should be deserved. It looks especially amusing, when lolitas get along with cosplayers or just another anime nerds. They pretend, that their dresses make them people of extra quality, when in reality it's just another kind of weeb shit.

>> No.9817624


>> No.9817644

I understand that many people can’t wear lolita to work or school and don’t always have the opportunity to wear lolita each weekend, but I do wonder about those people who wear OTT to meetups a few times a year and wear leggings and sweatshirts the rest of the time. There are a lot of people like that in my comm, and they’re generally the ones who wear pre-styled wigs and are quite bad at makeup. I don’t understand people like that, who dress ultra-princessy a few times a year but like slobs the rest of the time. I can’t wear full lolita very often but I still try to incorporate cute and feminine elements into my daily wear.

>> No.9817646

Look at the discussion from above. Look at those "wear what you want, but don't call it lolita". Idk, people seem so attached to this label like being called " lolita" automatically gives them some extra cuteness.

>> No.9817655

They sound like gamergate people who think you're not a real gamer if you only play on your cellphone

>> No.9817710

When you are selling clothes and someone in your comm wants to buy them. And they want you to meet up somewhere and try the item on... Girl I'm not traveling 1 hour to meet up with you and you MAYBE will buy the item. Meeting up with you is already an inconvenience, and I'm not going to go through that inconvenience for the chance that you might buy the item... Plus transit fare or gas money, no thanks

>if I was buying something from a girl in my comm I would never inconvenience them like this or expect them to do this

>> No.9817740

Is that the moitie ita in OP's pic? In the middle of the right hand side

>> No.9817753

Probably not. Moitie ita is French, this comm is Finish I think.

>> No.9817879

>what are dialects

>> No.9818016

Haha agree. If "goths" only wore black when they went to clubs they'd be called "poseurs" . If "lolitas" only wear frills once a month or for specific special occasions, that makes it a costume. But either way, who seriously gives a shit. Whatever they call themselves doesn't make them better than anybody else.

>> No.9818023

> people show interest
> ask for shipping to their specific adress
> calculate it for them and tell them price
> bail on you cuz $30 shipping is too much

Seriously, you pay for the item and if you lose interest over a shipping price get fucking lost; poorfag

>> No.9818097

It takes like 1 minute to do that. Maybe you should list the weight of the dress so people can do it themselves.

>> No.9818358

I would argue it's less about the frequency of wearing, as it is about the intention and/or occasion. As pointed out several times, not everyone has opportunities to wear it often, or to wear it out, whatever the reason, but yes, if you wear it specifically only to cons/events to look different and stand out, then yes, that's definitely treating lolita as a costume.
I'd personally rather someone wore it more often and not left the house than wore it like that.

>> No.9818368

This is such bullshit. next thing you know we'll be filling out weekly quotas in order to call ourselves lolitas - wear it out N times, post N floordinates, bid on N auctions OR ELSE.
It's not that hard to accept that people have different life situations. If someone was bedridden with broken legs for three months would you lynch them for not wearing lolita out for that long? It's possible to still love lolita but put more focus on other things in life which are more important, like mental health. Loosen up a bit.

>> No.9818415

Or some people live in shitty places where they don't feel comfortable always dressing up.

>> No.9818425

I have a feeling that lolita is something like a subculture based on fashion and if you are into the culture and use lolita with some frequency, it doesn't even have to be once a month, only wearing it once and planning to wear it again and building your wardrobe, is enough to consider yourself a lolita.


You talk about goths, there are goths who won't ever put any effort in trying to look goth and they are not posers, they like the music, the books and the films. Goth is not a fashion based culture, not the best exemple.

>> No.9818850

I also recently learned australians use the word "coordi" and every time I hear it I feel like clawing at my own ears, it just sounds so wrong. WHY

>> No.9819139

>Goth is not a fashion based culture
It may not be fashion based but you'd better believe those goths that don't bother dressing the part are getting their 'normie' looks ripped apart by other goths. People in the gothic subculture can be way more catty than most of the lolitas on /cgl.

t. goth

>> No.9819139,1 [INTERNAL] 

put on clothes, hop on the bus, subway, or train for 20 minutes

if that doesn't solve your problem stop buying clothes and save up to move to another country/city

>> No.9820078

I'm Australian and have never once heard of this

>> No.9820487 [DELETED] 
File: 36 KB, 572x720, 1517388928045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9820518 [DELETED] 
File: 64 KB, 540x720, 1520561745142.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9820564 [DELETED] 
File: 170 KB, 720x568, 1511624115941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9820593 [DELETED] 
File: 98 KB, 720x405, 1506650279905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9820619 [DELETED] 
File: 62 KB, 720x429, 1516599185954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9820886

lolitas in harajuku packed suitcases full of brand and took a train to go out, got changed in washrooms and changed again before going back home. there are always options out there. if youre not safe where you are go somewhere else.

>> No.9826346

Yeah I'm pretty much a fake lolita. I just don't have enough time/money to dedicate to being a real one lol.

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