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Snotgirl edition

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I feel personally attacked

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Ignore bait, post cgl feels

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Let me just get this out of the way, anchor post for
>tfw no Lolita gf

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>Post bait OP
>UwU ignore bait posts

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sorry your feefees got hurt uwu

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Jesus, anon. That image is actively terrifying

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Knock it off, the gender war bullshit is what's ruined the last 3 threads

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It’s so handy and expressive, it may even compete with my Goose reactions

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OP here. I'm a man. I just thought it was funny and appropriate for seagulls

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That feel when you want to Cos your waifu because she doesn't exist, but then you realize she doesn't exist and you look nothing like her.

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Man I just really love lolita

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Man I just really love Fairy kei

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Man I just really love cosplay

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ageplay kei*

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>Wear Lolita to work today because feeling down and need a pick-me-up
>Co-worker lifts up my dress
>"How did you know I was wearing bloomers?"
>"I didn't."

If he wasn't cute I'd probably have reported his ass.

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You are disgusting for allowing him to do that without hearing from HR.

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>tfw tall and masculine
>will never be cute

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Tall and masculine girls can still be cute if they know how to dress and accessorise. If you're a dude though you're probably fucked.

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Its okay anon. Tall girls are cute to.

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>tall with masculine face
Oh yes

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Ah finally, a relate-able image

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>take coord selfie
>someone comments that my dildo is on my bed in the background
when the fuck is someone going to invent a time machine fuck this gay earth I wanna die

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cursed image

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just become a lesbian

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Thanks for reminding me that comic exists, going to go look it up again.

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>fake and straight

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>be in crossplay
>get groped by creeper
>creeper gets a surprise

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>Graduated college in december
>Applied to over 50 positions I'm qualified for
>Already have had multiple interviews, some of which went really well
>Still no jobs
>Will have to start paying debt soon
>Con season coming, I have rooms I don't have the money to pay for and costumes planned that I don't have the motivation or money to work on

Please someone just come kill me now I'm done with all of this shit I'm so fucking sick and tired of living. I just want to be in a new apartment with a new job and a new sewing machine and nothing but time and costumes to make. I didn't go to school to be strung along indefinitely like this.

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My gf is tall and has androgynous features yet she's a super cutie. Don't give up anon.

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doing god's work

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This happened to me once, but instead of being groped some guy asked me to be his girlfriend and top go on a date.
I feel kinda bad about telling him i was a boy and turning him down.

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Iktf gull
>graduate in May
>dumped by gf of 3 years right before
>apply for a year
>apply to teach English In Japan
>no email in 3 days

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if you fucked up - own it and play it cool, there's nothing bad about owning a dildo, women deserve orgasms to
>unless you're like 11, then delete everything and lay low and pray that someday the internet will forget

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lmao same, don’t go with interac

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>new job
>nothing but time and costumes to make
Pick one

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Two weeks inti my new job and i musty say i quite like it. I had to question my morality at first but once i got over that i settled right in.
Now I'm getting paid more and can buy all sorts of stuff.

Im really glad my life is picking up.

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Lmao fuck that, I’ve heard stories. Did Aeon instead.

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>I had to question my morality at first but once i got over that i settled right in.
W-what do you do anon?

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Stripper or camgirl

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I don't have a family or any major obligations, a full time job is a mere fraction of a week desu.

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I'm a bill negotiator.
Basically i call up various service providers and (in their name with their permission) act as customer and get their bills lowered to help save them money.

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But...that is the most capitalistic ethical thing I've ever heard.

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Yea. The morality struggle i had was actually having to lie to these call center employees and keep coming up with new lies to tell them to get the bills lowered.
But then i realized just how much these companies rip off and lie to their consumers and don't hesitate to add on hidden fees and services, so i don't really feel all too bad about it anymore.

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>Just recently purchased Day Dream Carnival for relatively cheap
>Super excited.jpg
>Dress came in today and there's a nice big stain on the back of the dress that was not shown in the listing
I only bought the dress for $140 however, I'm wondering if I should give the person a negative feedback since their listing did not disclose on the stain at all. I guess I should have assumed since the dress was pretty cheap that either the person really just wanted to get rid of it or something was wrong with it. I guess I should have asked before purchasing the dress.

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Don't be a pushover. Give a negative.

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Bought what I thought was a suspender skirt.
When I looked it up on lolibrary, I realised it was a skirt with removable front and I'd been wearing it backwards

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>drop little sister off at a comm meeting
>notice one girl with a tattoo from the horse cartoon we're not allowed to discuss
>"Oh, cool. You're a fan of My Little Penis."
>she laughs
>"I'd LIKE to be a fan of your little penis."

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i wish i had the willpower to be an ana-chan. i can't stop myself from eating if there's food around so i'll just be too fat for brand forever.

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File: 1.09 MB, 320x240, https%3A%2F%2F78%2Emedia%2Etumblr%2Ecom%2Fea3d51fb3155b9ca6a664a873be40d3f%2Ftumblr_mm05jedVgs1rsmufmo1_400%2Egifv_encoded.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate that fat fucks chalk having a crippling mental illness with the highest death rate out of all mental illnesses as "having will power"

Honestly fuck you senpai.

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>going to my first con in 2 weeks
>bought the 2 day pass but realize I never looked at the panels
>"cosplay dating game, 18+, after dark!"
>"furry hangout, 18+!"
>"18+ Hetalia and Yuri on Ice Q&A!"
Is this normal? Am I going to be surrounded by a bunch of openly horny people for 2 days?

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Give her the d

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Sounds about normal.
None is the people are horny tho (well mostly). The 18+ mostly means swearing, but even though there sex talk and extreme edge no I've is there trying to get laid, they're mostly done comically.

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with the possible exception of the cosplay dating game, because those people WILL be horny as fuck

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i wish i had crippling mental illness with the highest death rate out of all mental illnesses because at least i'd die skinny

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But you'll never be skinny. You'll always be gross and fat. Now shut up and stuff your face, piggy-chan.

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>when an attractive girl at the con is being REALLY flirtatious with you, but you're 27 and she's like 15 at best

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>only 50
>qualified for
You should be applying to 50 per day, I'm not exaggerating, I mean subscribing to every job alert vaguely related to what you do and sending those CVs like mad all day. And forget about being qualified, apply to things you're clearly under qualified for, don't have the required age, experience, studies etc. but also things below what you'd expect to be entry level, since moving up might be a possibility, and you make some money meanwhile.

HR is always desperate, dumb and should not be trusted. I'm an HR employee, I know about us fuckers.

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>broke up with cosplay boyfriend who i dont love
>mfw before remembering we go to all the same tiny cons and he's a huge drama queen who jokingly threatens to physically attack former friends

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I'm worried I might be the pink girl. Pic related.

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>fairy kei is ageplay
>but lolita isn't

1/10 got me to respond

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Na dude, as long as your not stealing shit or going through the trash for "mementos" of your crush then you all good

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Yeah, because my moitie is so ageplay rite? Even including sweet lolita, you don't see kids dressing that way. Fairy kei on the other hand is literally stuff kids would wear.

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Many may want to give the d, but none will get the p

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Honestly just go for it.

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Uh, no, what the fuck.

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Fat feminist women ruined /cgl/

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Mmm hmm. That's a paddlin.

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Hey it’s ED anon from a couple threads ago, I figured I’d do an update. My boyfriend has been really worried about me lately, so I promised him that I’d eat three meals a day. I’ve been good about that the past couple days and as long as I keep my calories below 1500 a day I can usually avoid mental breakdowns. Of course I still feel like shit and Eating as much as I am has been really hard for me. I’ve been exercising a lot more than I probably should, I have some really bad joint issues and exercising how I am can cause me to dislocate my knee cap. It worries me quite a bit, but because I’m eating I feel like I have to burn at least some of it off. I’ve been really weak and tired lately, i get sick like at least once a week and it’s awful. I just genuinely feel like shit, I can’t even look in the mirror without crying because I feel so disgusted with myself. I want to tell my family but I’m afraid they’ll think I just want attention because I don’t look sick enough to have an eating disorder. Sorry for posting so much, but thank you for all of the support you gulls have given me, it genuinely helps.

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Give a negative, if not for your sake then for future buyers. If she knows she can get away with it she'll do it again. And any damages should be disclosed in the listing, I would be furious if that happened to me

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>join new discord server
>ctrl+f "nigger", "white genocide", and assorted SJW terms like "mansplaining"
>pay attention to whether they're used in a serious way or just a meme way
>ignore the ones that are obvious jokes
>block the ones that are actually unironically shitheads, and leave if they're prominent users
>some of them turn out to be orbiters from other servers I'm in, one of them complained to other members that I blocked them without knowing them
It's kind of an interesting process to go through, almost like vetting

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What a fucking nigger. I'll ban you from any server I'm mod in.

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In my experience, anyone who's """ironically""" throwing the word nigger around is generally a shithead. Much like ironic shitposting is still shitposting, ironic racism is still racism.

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If you're smart about it there's nothing to worry about. Don't see the big deal. I lost my virginity at 14 to my older brother's roommate who was 26 at the time. Had a fulfilling relationship with him for 3 years that gave me lots of useful experience, and even after we broke up we still kept contact and he was always supportive. My bro knew and was cool with it, just kept it secret from my parents who would have flipped. I can honestly say that now, as an adult, I didn't regret the relationship in the slightest. It was way better than any relationship I had for the rest of my teens. I didn't find a more fulfilling relationship until I hit 21.

Not even baiting. Not every age Gap relationship is bad. In the end it's just sex anyway. I find it weird how hard we put sex on a pedestal. Willingly getting dicked as a teen isn't particularly Earth shattering. Having everyone and their mothers pity you and victimize you for it is where the real psychological trauma comes from. Rape is still rape but to say a teenager doesn't know who they do and don't wanna have sex with is stupid and prudish.

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I probably already left, I don't stay long in shitty servers.

I think the word is already embedded in 4chan culture to lose its meaning at least half the time. There are typically little nuances that betray what the user is "really" like.
I can understand not tolerating its use at all, though.

>> No.9830470

It's not about that, it's about the adult potentially getting arrested and charged for having sex with a minor. At the end of the day it doesn't matter how anyone feels about it personally. Unless you're covered by romeo and juliet laws, someone would be stupid to go after a person under age of consent.

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i tolerate soft a but anyone throwing the full thing around gets a paggro snub

pretty funny when they start chimping out over said snub

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>tfw stress buy stuff but always buy cheap things
>have like 10 headbows sitting at my SS
help me

>> No.9830480

>Interested in cosplay and lolita but live in small-town rural conservative Midwest
>Dad's a homophobe that doesn't want me to wear bows in my ponytail of I'm in public with him
>Mom's family is a bunch of priesthood
>Friends are either weirded out or think I'm trans/gay and available
>Co-worker saw my cure anime keychains and now people at work think I might be homosexual or something

Fuck man I just wanna sew and wear cute clothes, take care of myself, and do makeup and stuff. Why does it always have to be a sex thing?

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Working on it. I've been job/house hunting around a bigger city that would support my hobbies a little better.

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>Go out to have dinner with my dad
>Haven't seen him in over a year and he's taking me out to a fancy steakhouse
>Wear my favorite coord out to the dinner
>Dad dresses up all tuxedo suave
>Get lots of compliments from randos on the way to and in the restaurant
>Most end with "oh you two are so cute together
>One lady even says "you're a very lucky man, she's adorable" while winking
>My dad is oblivious so he assumes they're complimenting us as father and daughter
>Come to the realization that we do come off looking like a couple
>Get nervous the whole dinner and can't even enjoy my steak

Like I don't LIKE my dad but the atmosphere felt like a date because of everyone making me feel like I was on one. I haven't ever been on a date before (in a spoiled NEET still unemployed with mom at 24) so it was flustering.

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>tfw no sugar daddy to buy everything on your watchlist

>> No.9830493

dates don't have to be romantic

>> No.9830494

Jesus fuck, that sounded adorable why is the human race scum,? Just let Daddy/daughter dates stay cute.

>> No.9830495

Are you a guy? Girls get shit sometimes for wearing/liking cute things and people tend to immediately assume it's a sex thing/related to attracting men; it's the price we have to pay.

>> No.9830496

>Daddy/daughter dates
You're not helping.

>> No.9830503

I didn't mean to capitalize it like a dom/sub relationship, sorry. Phone-posting.

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Iktf anon, I was so close to getting one but he pussied out on me. I was looking forward to getting all that sweet sweet burando.

>> No.9830505

Yeah I'm a guy. In reality I fully realize why it's usually seen as a sex thing. I just wish I could say it isn't and be believed.

>> No.9830508

>I fully realize why it's usually seen as a sex thing
Please explain it to me then because even after years of wearing lolita, I don't understand the logic behind it. The best explanation I can think of is that normies are fucking degenerates who relate everything out of the ordinary to sex, and it's their problem, not mine.

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>at work talking to co-worker who also likes lolita
>telling her about my OP dream dress
>Other co-worker slides in
> umm ALL dresses are one piece, Anon.

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I made a friend through my local convention scene. It didn't take long for us to become close friends through our love of anime, dance, and weeb shit. We formed a dance group and started traveling to every convention we could. We made so many memories in the group and or of it. I really made a true, wonderful friends through her.

A few weeks ago, her abusive ex boyfriend started harassing her. Shot out her car window, shot our apartment, kidnapped her for a few hours. We involved the authorities in every way we could, used every resource possible. Things calmed down.

Last weekend, we attended our local con together - her, her boyfriend, her sisters, and I. We cosplayed and won prizes in the game room, went out for coffee, stayed up late. It was so much fun.

Today, her ex took a gun to her workplace and shot her and then herself. We were hanging out yesterday playing rhythm games and she's gone. I'm just venting but I don't know what to do. I'm going to miss her so much. This world is shit.

>> No.9830518

You're basically right. I only meant that as a man, my appreciation of cuteness and fashion will be seen as a sex thing because a large number of, or perhaps a vocal minority of, men that fit the same descriptor are using it to get off. I didn't say I sympathize, just that from am outsider's point of view it's probably easy to group all men with traditionally feminine interests together. I'm bemoaning it, not defending it.

>> No.9830520

Love weeb shit twice as hard for her. Dance your fucking heart out.

>> No.9830524

Jesus H, anon. I'm so sorry.

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>tfw lifelong best friend is visiting from out of town this week
>tfw hanging out every night with him since saturday
>tfw want him to see I'm coming into my own so he can feel proud of me

>> No.9830530

We had a duet planned. I still want to learn my half and dance it in her honor, but it's going to take a while before I can dance at all.

>> No.9830534

Take your time then. It's ok to hurt for a while. It just means you loved her.

>> No.9830537

DDC is relatively cheap nowadays so either a) give negative feedback or b) ask for a partial refund for the giant stain that they so totally knew about and give them neutral feedback

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>tfw no sugar mommy to buy everything on your watchlist

Like for real, who needs d, ew. Even for the sake of dresses.

>> No.9830568

so I know this cosplayer. shes really full of herself, calls herself a professional cosplayer, but just mildly modifies costumes she bought. not even drastically, just like, adjusts the length n shit like that. she says shes doing advanced wig work but she cant cut for shit. the costumes and wigs in their finished forms look decent at best, with her best costume looking okay. shes like the worlds most mediocre cosplayer. but thats not stopping her from calling herself a pro since she has a really pretty face and a good figure.
should i post her picture in a cringe or bad cosplay thread? even if its negative, shed love the attention so she can play the ~wow im so talented i have haters~ card, but damn, her cosplays are bad.
at the end of the day its just a major pet peeve of mine when cosplayers who dont make their costumes from scartch call themselves "professional." bitch if you didnt go out, research and purchase your fabric and/or materials, and construct at least 75% of that costume yourself you have no business calling yourself a pro.

>> No.9830570

>tfw rich so can buy whatever I want without debasing myself

>> No.9830574

>tfw working hard at a shitty job bit it's worth it for burando

>> No.9830580

>tfw from a family with oil land so I don't even have to work and buy all the burando I want thanks to my dead great great great grandfather

>> No.9830581

>tfw no cosplay/lolita/anything friend
why does no one like me

>> No.9830585

I'll like ya

>> No.9830586

But I want irl friends

>> No.9830588

It is childish but not age play. Which by the way is pretending to be another age, not dressing "childish".

>> No.9830589

> tfw no cosplay/lolita/anything friend irl

I just need someone to cuddle and hang with, and cuddle again (T_T)

>> No.9830594

cuddling with your friends sounds kinda weird senpai

>> No.9830595

dont reply to them

they're either retarded or bait

>> No.9830599

>Big bear boy friend helping me spearhead group cosplay
>Keeps me on track sewing and goes to gym with me to get fit to look good in outfits
>Was going to be Kanna in our Kobayashi's Dragon Maid group cosplay because "They want thicc dragon loli? I'll give them thicc dragon loli."
>Moving away to be with a girl that dumped him to take care of her and her kid

>> No.9830606

Are you new? This isn't a new or shocking opinion.

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>My Little P*ny tattoo
What a thot.

>> No.9830618

Okay, I must be needing a partner, who isn't much into sexy stuff

>> No.9830623

Boy friend or boyfriend?

If it’s the latter why would he leave?

>> No.9830624

Boy friend. The space was intentional.

>> No.9830626

HOTEL RAT BASTARDS charged me my wife $65 for skidmarks on sheets >:(

>> No.9830627

is it bad i look down on lolitas who shoop themselves?

>> No.9830634

Sounds like jealousy desu

>> No.9830637

there are plenty of ugly lolitas who shoop, not just pretty ones

>> No.9830648

yea but the only ones who people ever notice or complain about are the pretty ones

>> No.9830651

My parents are threatening to disown me/kick me out for being into Lolita...I mean, I can afford it, and I can afford Lolita if I was living in a rental, I'd just be eating nothing but beans and rice until I graduate...

>> No.9830653

Learn cheapo recipes. Don't let anybody tell you what to love.

>> No.9830660

yeah you're right, Im just scared of taking the plunge because if I do move out I won't have a "support" network anymore...

>> No.9830661

That's my issue too, but at some point you have to make that jump. If you can come out even after your move, do it, then work on building your own safety net.

Or just blow it all on brand.

>> No.9830663

My dad kicked me out when I was 18 and I've been moderately okay even with my only so-so skills at handling budgets. I'm 21 now and the worst position I've ever been in was needing a $200 loan from my internet friend which I paid back almost immediately.
As long as you're constantly hyperaware of when rent is due and budget around that, you should be able to make it.
Support systems are important though, maybe see if some extended family would be willing to help you out in rough times and then move out.

>> No.9830685

I didn’t realise my hanger had blue ink on it (don’t ask me how it got there I have no fucking idea) and it’s stained my brand new white AP blouse. I put stain remover on it as soon as I realised and now I have it soaking in Napisan.
Pray for me and my burando please gulls

>> No.9830723

Man I just really love tying up lolitas

>> No.9830733

I'm so bored and lonely. My lolita comm is my only friend circle but herding lolitas is too much work. I need some non-lolita friends to go to bars with and hang out with more often.
>tfw no normie but accepting bf to do fun normie shit with

>> No.9830768

What country?

>> No.9830772

Man I just really love spanking cosplayers

>> No.9830796

Man I just really love being spanked by cosplayers

>> No.9830797

Calling youself pro doesn’t mean that you made at least 75% of your cosplay. There are a lot of professional cosplayers who buy almost everything they wear or look at jnig, her bf makes a lot of her stuff for her. It sounds like maybe this person is popular or at least more popular than you and you’re salty about it because you make your stuff by hand. Here’s a quick lesson: life ain’t fair.

>> No.9830841

>If he wasn't cute I'd probably have reported his ass.
as an incel and robot, this makes me rage

>> No.9830847

maybe you should rest a day or two with your exercises

responding to your pic
isn't it rather cause, you want to banish free speech too?

>> No.9830849

I feel that so hard. I have bf but he gets all high and mighty about being too old to go to bars (we're in our mid 20s, he just partied a lot in highschool/early 20s and I didn't so he's sick of the bar scene and I'm not). I'm trying to make closer Lolita friends who I can hang with outside of meets but they all either live hours away or are even more introverted than me so it's a struggle getting out.

But on the other hand I'm making plans to apply for teaching in Japan with one of my best friends who lives in another country so I have something to look forward to

>> No.9830857

nothing wrong what you two did
it's actually cute

that was rude towards Brenda

I know, I am going political now, but if you life in the USA, then join the anti-gun-movement now
and don't let you tell by the NRA, that she should have had a gun

>> No.9830862

Been following this story over a few threads now, keep at it! You're doing great!

>> No.9830883

A good friend of mine is so efame hungry it drives me nuts. She'll compulsively post on CoF then trash talk everyone behind their back. Never has enough money to pay for her stuff when we go out but always has money to buy brand and scalp it. I spot her all the time but she never returns the favor and hasn't offered me a friend discount on her sales even once. I'm not trying to be stingy but it feels really shitty all around.

Am I out of line for wanting to cut her out of my life? Even if I disagree with her behavior and attitude I'm not out to trash her, I just want to be left out of her bullshit.

>> No.9830886

Seriously? Anon is mourning and you have the audacity to start telling her to join a political movement? Where exactly on the autism spectrum do you fall?

It's going to be fine, anon. There are many, many cheap and easy recipes you can make for yourself. The Internet is your cookbook.

>> No.9830896

Thank you anon!

>> No.9830897

You've got the right to choose your friends and cut negative people out of your life.
If you think she could handle honesty without starting shit, it might be worth it explaining to her why you're choosing to distance yourself. Might make her reconsider her behaviour, and even if it doesn't, you'll have done your best and won't owe her anything.

>> No.9830902

if youre actually fat and trying to lose weight a good place to start is avoiding binge eating and considering how much youre gonna eat before you start. do not starve yourself. if you are actually fat cutting out binge eating and learning how to portion control should help alot. once youre eating a normal amount of food consistently and you know its a healthy amount start going to the gym. eventually youll lose weight just by eating normally and exercising.

i know its hard to learn how to not eat too much. thats why you should focus on eating a healthy amount of food first and then adding excersise in. when i say a "healthy amount" i mean the right amount you need to live. not 3000 calories and not under 1000.

i hope youre ok.

>> No.9830906
File: 1.55 MB, 600x408, 1519353751379.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>purchase first dress from a friend years ago
>love the daylights out of it but recently feel like I need to start losing weight for myself
>get to work and slim down a bit, not to my goal yet but I actually feel amazing
>most of my clothing doesn't fit correctly now
>including my very first dress
>know I never want to get back to the weight I was to fit it perfectly and turn it over to a friend
>find out later that she almost immediately gave it to goodwill or whatever as lolita was more just a fad for her and she was over it
>feel excited that I might reach my goal by this summer but extremely bitter that I probably could have just fucking kept it to take it in a bit later if I knew she didn't actually want it

I feel dumb and I can't even remember what the stupid dress was to look for it again.

>> No.9830911

How long ago did she give it away? You can always check to see if it’s still at the store

>> No.9830914
File: 192 KB, 750x1189, 1522168495617.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you know that /k/ and /cgl/ go really well together?

>> No.9830933

I honestly have no idea. I only found out because I asked how she was doing in the lolita scene and she brought up that she'd dropped all the dresses off [where ever] "ages ago lol". I'll probably ask her tonight now that I'm thinking about it, it doesn't hurt to check anyway like you said.

>> No.9830945
File: 61 KB, 768x1024, 1446620060394.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There's a strange overlap with anime and guns.

>> No.9830949

>fulfilling relationship

Fucking kek. Teenagers don't know anything about being fulfilled.

>> No.9830950

She certainly knows about being filled tho :^)

>> No.9830953


>> No.9830960

>In the end it's just sex anyway
at 14/15 how will you know what your hard no's are? your brain isn't even developed yet, and you will always see people older than you as authority figures.
I would've been behind you if you were talking about romance. but sex is not okay under any circumstances between a minor and someone 12 years their senior.

>for example: anal (receiving) is an absolute no-go for me, but I know for a fact some old guy would have been able to persuade me at 15 and teach me that sex is 100% about the other person "if you loooove them"
do not be a p.o.s.. they may have breasts and menstrual cycles but teens are not mentally prepared for sex outside of their age range. you have several natural advantages. don't even do it.
you could also flirt just to flirt, without it turning into actual relationship/sex. go have sex with someone attractive your own freaking age.

>> No.9830964

A guy I rejected very clearly a while ago is coming to the same convention and now he said "I hope you don't mind I'll tag along with you there". It wasn't even a question he just decided that we'll be spending time together. I have no experience in this and don't know what to say.

>> No.9830966

>I have no experience in this and don't know what to say.
"Go away"

>> No.9830971

>I hope you don't mind I'll tag along with you there
“Actually I do mind”
If he’s a pissbaby about it, block him. If he follows you anyway, report him to con security.

>> No.9830973
File: 14 KB, 300x256, 5a0d8e9fc007c-300x256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Be a girl
> In a very happy relationship with boyfriend
> Very much into girls as well and secretly want to have some girl-on-girl action
> Do not want a relationship with a girl
> Really love my boyfriend and too afraid to ruin our relationship if I mention my yearning.
> Watch Citrus anime that only makes feelings worse

girls are just so beautiful, cute and sexy. It's not that I want a girlfriend, but it just won't leave my mind. I feel so complicated.

>> No.9830974

I told him I already have cosplay group plans so I won't really have any time to hang out.

>> No.9830980

>Not every age Gap relationship is bad
I may sound ridiculous, but someone who's planning some really long lasting relationships with older partner should keep in mind, that they might pass out much earlier, so that person spends their eldery all alone. It's not just depressive, but kinda ruins the point of staying together.

>> No.9830981
File: 14 KB, 128x128, 0BCDF483-822D-4E39-8042-9B6887A9B337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>first time cosplaying last weekend
>mostly made it instead of pre-bought
>lots of compliments for the stuff I did make even though its pretty simple

Good feel but

>also first post-con depression AND bedridden illness

No regrets though! I just wish it was easier to find pictures people took when I’m not using instagram.

>> No.9830982

Well at least you’re happy with your bf. Every man I ever dated was a total assclown that tried to push for a threesome. I would choose to be a lesbian but I also like the d.

>> No.9830984

Sounds like you're just choosing shitty men desu

>> No.9830989
File: 81 KB, 819x1080, 101531514.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I also like the d.
Spoken like a true "lesbian for attention"

>> No.9830991
File: 141 KB, 1280x720, correct moral standards.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9830993

>Where exactly on the autism spectrum do you fall?
no idea about my autism spectrum, but on my chris-chan-spectrum, I am 8/10

>> No.9830999

or like a true bi-girl

>> No.9831000

>i would TOTES be a lesbian but i really enjoy being fucked by guys
The only thing you like more than dick is attention

>> No.9831003

just to remind you, I am a different anon than her>>9830982

also, I am a hetero male, so...

>> No.9831004

We are not acknowledged anon, how could anyone be so greedy?
You mean, your sexual preferences make you want dick and pussy?
Outrageous, you can't have everything.
And this is why I'm still
>mfw no lolita gf

>> No.9831008

>I would have sex with a girl but I would never date a girl!

You're just as bad as the predatory lesbians.

>> No.9831009

>I would choose to be a lesbian

I would too. At least women have cute faces and hair unlike to the most of men. Probs, they aren't as nuts as men are in terms of maintaining their ego. Anyways, I guess I'd still be less weirded out dating man.

>> No.9831016
File: 52 KB, 444x287, 74238948295234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anime and guns
>posts a pic of a lolita

>> No.9831019

>I would choose to be a lesbian but I also like the d.
>I also like the d
>what is bisexuality

>> No.9831020
File: 91 KB, 423x287, 1515353498578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the fuck is wrong with that? isn't that something you guys would give a ___sexual tag to on tumblr, not being romantically attracted but only sexually attracted to a girl or some shit?

i'm the same as anon, i love my bf and will only ever date/marry a man, but i would like to be with a woman (and my boyfriend would be okay with that if it was like a one time thing). i've made out with plenty of girls, nothing more. it's 100% purely sexual, and if you're both adults who understand that it's nothing romantic, what the fuck is the problem?

>> No.9831035

Exactly that. I don't want to betray a woman, and if I wanted something from her I would make sure to tell her it is sexual only. But even that feels too complicated.

When I see cosplayshoots of cute yuri ships; I really want to do these kind of shoots as well.

>> No.9831037

More like, "I wouldn't be able to keep up a loving lasting relationship with more than one person and I have a really nice thing going with a bf already"
Which is more honest than most people.
You can pretend it'll happen eventually if you look, but unicorns don't exist.
Some girl that magically gets along with both partners and doesn't either get jealous or make another partner jealous, who is also happy to at first be anyone's 'third' is unrealistic in how they view the pursuit of a female companion.
Friend with benefits type deals are hard to get unless that friend wants something out of it.
Tell your man how you feel, engage in a little 'this is what I'd do with her' pillow talk.
Talking about it isn't going to ruin your relationship unless you had no intention of including him in the first place. If that's really the case, you should give a little introspection and figure out why.
Unless you're both really attractive it'd be hard to get a threeway.
If you're attractive and he isn't, and he says 'go for it', tread carefully. If he's not involved in your choice, or in it happening, you'll risk his pride and the stability of your relationship.

For reference, I'm bi, and have been with my man for nearly 10 years. I've had a handful of romantic encounters with women, but it's a lot of work.
Women are really hard to date. They're flakey, needy and beautiful people. When they think you're just trying to rope them into your couple's therapy, it's a no go, which is like, 90% of the time.

>> No.9831043

>When I see cosplayshoots of cute yuri ships;
C-can you provide some for reference...?

>> No.9831046

>Women are really hard to date. They're flakey, needy
Straight from the horses mouth

>> No.9831049

Choose either him or eating bush. Cheating is wrong and you're going to forever damage your relationship by asking or doing it so if you really hate him that much that you want to cheat, dump him and get it over with

>> No.9831051

I did mention a threesome rarely, as a joke. But he's kind of cautious. He knows I had an ex-girlfriend. So he is afraid that if I show interest in a woman, I lose interest in him (which is def not the case). Other way around, I would not be okay with him flirting with other women, but that feels unfair as well.

I think if the feelings keep going I will hold onto them until a later moment. Having sexual urges is still something the other can consider as a danger to your relationship, but I want him to know I respect that too.

>> No.9831059

If you wouldn't let him fuck other women then don't fuck other women. It's that simple. You can't have your cake and eat it too

>> No.9831065

You mean they got to know you and your bf better and lost interest

>> No.9831066

>eating bush
Why so harsh? Nayrt, but what if that anon's going to eat cute and smooth dumpling :3

>> No.9831067

jnig isn't a professional cosplayer. She's just a popular cosplayer. Being famous and being professional are not necessarily mutually inclusive.
Also, you sound a bit assblasted that someone is ripping on people who don't make their own costumes and are projecting.

>> No.9831071

Being professional just means you make money from doing it. Jnig is definitely a professional cosplayer, even if that offends your delicate feefees

>> No.9831072

With all the bad, there's a whole lot of good that makes it worth it.
Maybe, I really fell hard for her but she never seemed to make time, was always talking about hanging with the friends we met once that didn't seem to approve of the whole situation. I respected her choices, but we eventually parted ways. Was fun while it lasted.

>> No.9831076

Because in my experience these are always the girls who claim they're bisexual and screech about being lgbt despite never wanting to date a girl? You sound triggered as fuck.

>> No.9831077

Your jealousy makes the cooperative senario unfeasible. It's not for everyone, at least you know your limits.
I'd still talk to him, gets his advice about it. You obviously care about him, but if you keep it a secret you'll only hurt yourself and him in the process.

>> No.9831081

It's unfair for the person you'd try dating with if you're already committed to someone else, or if you know going into it that you have a stronger preference for the other sex.
There's nothing wrong with flings between consenting adults anon. There is something morally suspect in stringing someone along when you know it's bound to fail.

>> No.9831083
File: 51 KB, 127x188, my shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no gf to share other girls with

>> No.9831084
File: 56 KB, 491x585, 1515346261852.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no, i think i'm just comfortable with my sexuality of wanting to fuck a girl but romantically(emotionally?)/sexually interested in men
i don't associate with lgbt, so i think that sums up how i feel about it

>> No.9831087

Are you just completely leaving out the feelings of the person you've been in a relationship with? Cheating is wrong no matter how you spin it.

>> No.9831088

and by lgbt i mean the actual rallies/tumblr autists, sexuality is something i just don't really care about, so you can do whatever the fuck you want without having to label it every time

>> No.9831090

I'm bisexual, but I don't date other women. Actually, my preference is very strong toward women. It's why the men I pick are very feminine. I don't date women because I'm worried they'd get mad at me. I wouldn't be able to do oral on them. It's not a one-way street! I won't let people do it on me either! I just... don't like it. I don't think mouths and vaginas go together. Ah, either way, that's why I've never made the effort to date a girl. I'm under the impression oral sex is a requirement in that sort of relationship.

>> No.9831092

>Doesn't like vaginas
Oral is like the only physical part of a lesbian relationship unless you mean just rubbing each other with your fingers

>> No.9831096

Love you both anons.

>> No.9831098

It's not cheating unless you're hiding it anon.
I know it's difficult to believe that anyone could live their lives differently or blantantly want to see their partner with other people, but so it goes, right?
>freely admitting I'm a cuck
You just don't understand.

>> No.9831100

I hate you scumbags so much

>> No.9831102

You are obviously not a woman nor a lesbian.
Rp on /tg/

>> No.9831104

Ugh, even though a lot of you in this thread have really weird approaches to sexuality, reading this all just made me want to make out with a cute girl.
>tfw no lolita fwb

>> No.9831106

Oh, no, I like them. I think they're very attractive looking. They look a lot better then a man's privates for damn sure. As I said, I just don't like oral sex like that. I won't let people do it to me either because I find it a turn-off, weird, whatever you wanna' call it.

And exactly, it seems oral is a requirement or that sort of relationship. I'd have no issue with finger, vibrators, or anything else. I just can't do oral that way. So, no ladies for me.

>> No.9831107

That is the definition of a cuckold. You are a cuckold

>> No.9831109

The correct response.
No, but seriously anon, give them some distance and make sure they’re clear there will be nothing going on between you two. Tell them why, as well— you’re the adult and it is your responsibility to turn down a child/teen that’s interested in you. No flirting either! That’s just bad.

>> No.9831111

I know that now from original anon and my assumption is wrong but what I initially got from her post was that even if she broke up with her boyfriend, she wouldn't date a girl, only have sex with one. Usually these types of girls claim they're bisexual for oppression points, though now I don't think OP anon does that.

>i don't associate with lgbt
Then that's that? Calm down. I didn't know bisexual is a tumblr term now.

I don't think it's that bad as long as you don't expect oral in return.

>> No.9831112

Are you trolling to make the movement look bad?

>> No.9831113
File: 94 KB, 700x520, 1471299343561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice derail

>> No.9831114

It's the feels thread. Not a single feels thread has ever gone underailed. Ever. Are you new?

>> No.9831116

Nothing hotter than the idea of my man creaming some chick and physically being his second, but emotionally being his number 1
I just want him to have a harem of bitches ok? Why do you need to shit on that?

Oh right, because as a strong independent lgbtq spokesperson, no one can have sex unless you approve.

>> No.9831118

lol cuckqueen

>> No.9831120

I prefer cuckcake, but that's taken by a related, but not submissive role, apparently.

>> No.9831121

so was this your idea or your bfs

>> No.9831122
File: 25 KB, 300x415, meroune_lorelei_x_male_reader___lover_s_tale_pt_4_by_yellowninja123-da4th06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh look, it's a picture of me.

>> No.9831123
File: 244 KB, 1087x634, 1474839200988.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw the other way around
I'd love to have a gf or wife, but I'm not sure if I'd enjoy lesbian sex. I'm not too fond of the D either though.

>> No.9831124

It was bait, but I've never gotten that off my chest before so it was a good opportunity.
I still have my hesitation any would be game for that, though. Of the few men I've dated, only one ever stated disappointment about the fact I wouldn't let them do that on me.

I guess for a /cgl/ feel, I got a bunch of new accessories picked out to go with some new outfits I bought. It's going to be a summer of brand new colors so I'm excited about wearing something different then my usual. Yellow, blue... it's going to be exciting.

>> No.9831128

I have no constant opinion on this. Sometimes eating pussy feels sensual af, sometimes it's just gross. Honestly, I don't know how to decide.

>> No.9831132

When she tastes like cumin
When you come up looking like Ace Ventura

>> No.9831133

Okay, it must be gross from any point of view. Good to know!

>> No.9831135

quite honestly, i didn't use bisexual because i figured it wasn't pc enough or someone would get butthurt. this shit is too pc for me now, i try to stay away from anything relating to it

>> No.9831141

Me too Anon. There's a specific girl I'm in love with but I think it's also a way for my subconscious to tell me to abandon ship because I'm not ready to commit yet, no matter how much I love him. I've talked to him about it a little but we're still trying to figure out what we want to do. I just know I can't marry him without having a few more partners first, I'm not ready. Maybe he will wait for me, maybe he won't, maybe I'll find someone I like better. To me tho,any of those options is better than going my whole life regretting that I ignored a part of myself.

>> No.9831143

lesbians only date girls. that's the definition, you tripe. she couldn't be a les because she would miss having sex with cis men. that's totally valid, and called bisexuality.
anon, you exist so I'm sure you'e not the only bicurious lass who isn't into oral but is down with other things.

people approach sex so formulaic-like and shut down anything that doesn't fit a mold. you could discuss your likes and dislikes beforehand. with that knowledge already shared, you have plenty of room to experiment and get organic with your sex.

you can have an affectionate female partner without it getting sexual. if you want it to get sexual, you can always look into mutual masturbation.

I'm queer but I prefer masculine partners. I dated a transman for a while and oh my golly goodness is vagina the best ever! slippery messes are my fav and I'm pretty orally fixated.
I want a husband so, unless I happen to fall in love with another trans man, I probably won't get to eat puss again. glad I had the experience because it was honestly wonderful every time. cock is great too so I wouldn't be unhappy in the least.
my philosophy is that sex is a way to express your desire, your appreciation, your love for someone. it's not hard to figure out how to please someone, no matter what they've got in the nether-region. it's about the person, and I like to learn their body and form a lasting bond.
>volcel until marriage
>can't wait to be a wife and utterly exhaust my partner every night

>> No.9831153

>oh my golly goodness
Too pure for this world

>> No.9831159

I guess that's true. There's gotta' be someone else out there somewhere. We'll see.

>> No.9831172

Whispering eye of the beholder.

>> No.9831181

>my philosophy is that sex is a way to express your desire, your appreciation, your love for someone.

This words of yours made me remember some amusing thing about my SO and I. I basically feel chill when talking about some sexy stuff, but when they say something really sweet and affectionate, even misrelated to sex, it makes my pussy hurt out of being horny. It's like when they say how much they love and appreciate me, and me like "fucking stuff me rn". That's so awkward, feels like some kind of kink.

>> No.9831185

This girl who used to be one of my favorite photographers is starting to resealed really shitty pictures. Her editing lately has consisted of sharpening the image a lot, reducing the saturation a lot, adding a vignette border, and slapping her bigass watermark on the picture (in the last PAID shoot I got back from her, one of the pictures had her watermark halfway covering her face) The shitty editing really makes me mad because I KNOW she takes really good raw images, but her new policy is that she won’t give out raw photos.

I miss her but I can’t shoot with her anymore.

My other ex-favorite photographer is best friends with this chick, and she’s started copying her editing style. So I haven’t had anyone I want to work with.

>> No.9831203

that's not weird at ALL anon.
I know exactly how you feel. That ache around the opening, right? I think that is not a kink, it's how you specifically are wired. My body takes it one further and I literally can't orgasm unless the person I'm with loves me and treats me kindly. I have only had two sexual partners, one a bf (who was controlling and verbally abusive) and one a weird fling because he didn't want to commit, and I can feel the block and can't move past it. it's a trust thing. naturally, I can't 100% trust a person unless they treat me with love. orgasm is such a vulnerable thing.
I have a major hunch that I'll finally be able to have fulfilling sex with the person I marry.

>> No.9831205

it's a movie and not real life but scenes from Blue is the Warmest Color come to mind.
though there's oral here and there, they do a lot more in their intimate moments.

>> No.9831225

This is like, 'Kentucky woman orgasms when she brushes her teeth' level of weird to me.

>> No.9831245

Nayrt but I'm so jealous. I'm just physically unable to orgasm while in intercourse and touching directly there just doesn't feel good then. I feel so overly sensitive and ready to burst but not orgasm. On the other hand, I never thought I would enjoy sex this much so maybe it's something achievable. It's just sometimes so fustrating to not be able to have an ending (orgasm by hands is norhing comparable) for all the emotions I just cry because I need to let it out somehow.

Cgl related, I used to have a shopping addiction few years ago. I managed to stop it before I was in trouble and have been avoiding buying multiple items at the same time but I have been having extreme guilt over my purchases. After Christmas I spent a bit more than I meant but I really enjoyed my purchases and they were justified but I still felt guilt. Now I bought myself cheapish things for birthday and again I feel guilty. I wish I could enjoy my nowadays rare purchases without guilt. I have sold few of my dresses and put a lot of money to allow me and my bf generally more laid back financies and him to finally have a hobby so I would finally want to enjoy my purchases now we are stable.

>> No.9831282

Did you know having literally cold feet will actively keep you from orgasming?
It's a hold out survival mechanism!
There's all sorts of blocks that happen, the trick to a healthy sex life is figuring out which ones apply to you so it's easier to help your partner satisfy you.

My first LM trade happened. I'm sitting here with an item I like even less than the one I sent out, but at least she seems happy with it.
Haven't actually lost out, would feel worse if I had actually paid money for it, but this just sucks.

>> No.9831294

>donate plasma
>make money
>I'm now a professional plasma donator

>twitch streaming makeup tutorials to 5 people
>one of them subscribes to me for $5/month
>I'm now a professional makeup artist

Might want to get yourself checked for mild retardation. I bet you $5 you have it. (P.S. if I win that bet, that makes me a professional at diagnosing mental retardation)

>> No.9831307

Anon now you're just being obtuse.
Jnig has no other income other than cosplay. She literally lives off money she makes from cosplay. That is her career and her profession.

>> No.9831323

>her career
>her profession

Plenty of league twitch streamers who do nothing but stream league of legends and yet aren't anywhere above Platinum.
LCS players are Diamond +, on top of being in a professional league.
Just because the twitch streamers have made streaming league of legends their primary source of income does not mean they're professionals at it.
And if you start trying to tell me that they're instead professional twitch streamers, I'll point to NEETs that stream and get a few subscribers here and there.

Don't call me obtuse when you're busy being stupid. Being a professional and having something be your primary source of income are two separate concepts.

>> No.9831327
File: 3 KB, 454x56, pro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being this retarded

>> No.9831328

You're arguing that professional means that their are top tier at what they do which is not the definition if professional.
If someone streams LoL and makes a living wage from it, no matter how bad they are, they are a professional streamer

>> No.9831347
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>Cold feet, preventing orgasm
Holy shit, thank you for telling, I live in the North and it's much colder longer here. I have had women tell me at times that it's hard for themselves to cum, you have no idea how thankful I am, anon.

>> No.9831382

Cold feet is generally due to poor circulation. Give her a foot massage to warm them up. I didn't know it could affect orgasming, but at the very least it means my gf won't touch me with her icicle toes in bed

>> No.9831389

I underestimated it myself, it gets really cold where I live sometimes.

Most women have more mental blocks than physical ones, but it's good rule of thumb to just get as many of the easy answers addressed as possible.

>> No.9831438

I was in a similar situation to you. It was sort of a label thing. My husband was aware from more or less from the time we started dating that I identified as bisexual. However, I'd never had a relationship with a girl or done anything physically, I just knew that I crushed on girls sometimes. It bothered me because I didn't know what to call myself. Can I be bi without some sort of "confirmation"? It made me feel fake.

You can talk to him about if you feel ok with that. It's going to depend on what kind of person he is, though. You know him best. If he's predisposed to jealousy or insecure, he might be really upset if you're honest about it. If he's more open and understanding, he'll probably be happy you're sharing your thoughts and feelings. Maybe just talking about it might make you feel better, because he'll be sympathetic and reassuring. Maybe he'll want to have a threesome. Who knows.

My husband is the sort of person who wants to know everything I'm thinking, even if it's negative, because he values honesty above anything else. I shared those feelings with him and he was like "well you know, I'd be happy to let you explore that a bit if you want." He said he didn't want to be the reason I missed out on fun experiences and that goes vice versa. We've had threesomes and I've done stuff just myself as well. Our current arrangement is kinda semi-open, I'm not really going to recommend this to everyone because it's a fuckton of work and it takes a certain temperament/outlook from both partners to maintain. We're pretty happy, though.

>> No.9831443

I wanna have sex

>> No.9831456
File: 83 KB, 600x800, cgl plus k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Happy now?

>> No.9831459

>That's so awkward, feels like some kind of kink.
Well, they do say vanilla is truly the most depraved fetish :^)

Okay but seriously, my husband's favourite sort of "dirty talk" is just like that. If I just whisper "I love you" in his ear during sex, he can't control himself kek.

lmao, I like you. I am in a similar spot but I want us both to have harems (or share one~)

>Did you know having literally cold feet will actively keep you from orgasming?
Great excuse for thigh high socks!

Thigh highs socks are cgl, right? We're back on topic, wooo!

I just really love thigh highs mang
Wearing them, seeing other girls wear them, in my weeb art. They're so great.

>> No.9831526

I just wanted to say, I'm similar. I have a long term boyfriend and we've been semi-open in pretty much the same way as you and your husband for the last few years. It definitely wouldn't work for everyone, but it works for us! The main problem is explaining the situation to other people and potential partners. Also, we've had a few threesomes, but I haven't had the chance to be with a girl myself since we got together. That's mostly a shyness and self-consciousness issue, though.

>> No.9831538

There are so many more things you can do when having sex with a woman than just oral or fingering. Toys exist, and some women are sensitive enough that they can get off from humping each other's legs while making out. (I had a girlfriend who was that sensitive, it was really hot.)

>> No.9831544

thicc thighs do indeed save lives.
If she leaves her ankles exposed it's even more exciting!

>> No.9831545

I have a hard time getting off from oral, and my girlfriend takes forever to get off from it. So most of the time we just use fingers and vibrators. Oral definitely isn't a requirement, and I'm sure most girls wouldn't mind as long as you both still enjoy yourselves.

Honestly, toys are more fun than anything else.

>> No.9831555

Huh, I wish I felt that way when someone tells me they loved and appreciated me. I can only get off if a man degrades me. Like spitting on me and telling me I’m a worthless slut.

>> No.9831557

Oh, wow, that was all it took anon, I am definitely in your boat.

>> No.9831564

you should contact them first to see if you can get a partial refund, then give a negative if they say no.

>> No.9831654

>be living with long term BF
>break up, he moves out
>we had a joint signed lease on our rented apartment
>I have to pay the landlord several hundred due to 'early breach of contract' from him leaving
>now having to pay 2 people's worth of rent until I can find a new flatmate
>literally know nobody else in my town who could fill that spot
>literally under $5 to my name until April 16th
>even then I won't be able to afford rent because its doubled
>work threatening to fire me because of poor performance due to mental health (bipolar, as if anyone cares)
>no food in my flat except half a 500g bag of rice and a bottle of cheap vodka

An Hero-ing looks more tempting every day gulls.

>> No.9831676
File: 69 KB, 591x438, indecent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If there is one thing men hate, it is lesbian sex

>> No.9831692
File: 248 KB, 500x648, downrightoffensive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Met a really creepy dude at the con, and now he's dating my older sister. MFW

>> No.9831698

> every date I've been on and relationship I've had over the last five years has gone the same way
> no real connection, honestly struggle to find them interesting or "special"
> the few people I find myself attracted to are not attracted or interested in me
I'm convinced that there has to be something off with me at this stage; it's happened too many times to be a coincidence. Weird ass feels. I just want to find someone to be cute and talk about life with. Anyone else had a similar experience?

>> No.9831699

Find other bi girls to drag home to your bf. You have to drop them cold every few months so they don't become more than a bedroom toy. Your call on how to bring it up to your partner.

>> No.9831710

I bought a blouse that buttons up the back on taobao, forgot about it, and wore it backwards a couple times while thinking it was just a really shitty, uncomfortable shirt.

>> No.9831726

I’m that anon you’re referring to, thanks for clearing up to others that the reason why I cannot choose to be just a lesbian is because I’m so obviously bisexual.

If I can meet the right woman, then yes, I’d be in a monogamous lesbian partnership, but still very much sexually attracted to men.

If I can find a man that won’t push his porn fantasies on me I’d be much more obliged to have a threesome with another woman. I like porn as much as the next guy but it’s a fantasy thing, not something I’d like to make a reality.

>> No.9831728

Can you take your ex to claims court?

>> No.9831729
File: 150 KB, 1080x1145, palino.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imo/personal view I don't think most men hate lesbian sex, I think we are largely indifferent to it. It seems that historically, many men have just not cared about it because it has not counted, at least when done discreetly. If I was gonna get cuckholded, or rather cheated on, I would be much less devastated if it were a woman and could see a chance the relationship could recover as opposed to an SO cheating on me with another man in which case I would dump immediately. I think what a lot of guys get up in arms about is when it is pervasive/in their face. Then you can go down the whole men and possession and blah blah blah.

To keep this on topic, I'm >>9830047 and Aeon finally emailed me back. Skype interview in a week. Part of me is kind of nervous about it, at least a year abroad in another country. If I do go I know it's going to be challenging but a worthwhile experience. It will mean being away from my base for a year and it will put the Vermintide cosplay my friends and I wanted to do on hold for a while. Any gulls ever teach English abroad?

>> No.9831733

Your older sister isn't as prejudiced and now she got a bf, while you sit alone in the room going "eeeeeeeeeewwwww".

>> No.9831735

lmao you're married to a literal cuck

>> No.9831751
File: 117 KB, 550x437, 550px-Ask-a-Girl-Out-Step-7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did I read something about you lacking a bf? pic related

>post is completely off topic, nothing about cgl related content, even in the most shitposty way.
Never mind. Pic unrelated.

>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

>> No.9831752

I've never completely understood this opinion, why does it not count / is easier to bounce back from vs. if a woman cheated with a man instead? It's still cheating, it's still sex. I'm guessing it's because sex doesn't "count" if it's not penetrative? (The same reason men like to try and tell me I'm still a virgin because I've only had sex with women.)

>> No.9831758

idk, I've never seen it as 'not counting' as sex or cheating but to me yeah, the lack of penetration is definitely part of it. At that point she has not been violated or what have you, particularly by another man. In that infinitely old chimp part of our brains, another man is a threat.

>> No.9831763

Interesting, so it doesn't count as being "violated" if she's been fingered / if another girl used a strapon on her / etc?

I feel like not taking another woman as a serious threat, especially she's already cheated, would make it easier for your girl to maintain an affair. Definitely wouldn't work in your favor

>> No.9831772

I believe it all comes down to a rival male and his dick, thats really the core of it. Like yeah, I think and I hope I'd have enough self respect to dump an SO who cheated on me with a woman, but if it was gonna happen I'd rather it be a woman.

Gf of five years cheated on me and left me for the guy at what I believed was the worst possible time in my life. The guy should not have been a rival for me whatsoever, he was a gross skelly neckbeard but he was nice and gave my fat gf attention when I was busy. Wanted to kill him without realizing that he was doing me a huge favor by pulling her out of my life.

>> No.9831775

I think it's also partially guys going "yeah, I can see why you'd hit that"

>> No.9831780

Perhaps but I think for me the female view, particularly of another woman is irrelevant. I may be wrong, but I think for most men the only woman who's opinion about other women counts is their mother.

>> No.9831782

Same. It has been nearly 5 years since I have had a real relationship. I just don't find most people interesting.

>> No.9831806

>I think for most men the only woman who's opinion about other women counts is their mother.
wow I don't know who you hang out with but they sound like (male) thots

>> No.9831815

Do you reckon there was a turning point or event that sort of triggered that or has that always sort of been the case?

>> No.9831844

>we all browse /fit/
Shocking, I know

>> No.9831845

i relate

>> No.9831884

Not with that attitude.
Not everyone is american. Not everyone knows that people get so triggered over just a word. Not everyone gives a fuck. Nigger.

>> No.9831888

>Not everyone is american.
In what language is "nigger" (not "negro") a good thing?
>Not everyone knows that people get so triggered over just a word.
Those that use it certainly do. Also, anything can be referred to a "just a word", it's a piss-poor argument. If I go around calling children and elderly people retarded human shitstains whose parents should've aborted them, is "Th-those are just words" a valid defense when I understandably get told off or socially isolated for being a rude asshole? Unless you're autistic, of course not.
>Not everyone gives a fuck.
And not everyone gives a fuck about how you feel. Good job making a useless, whiny reply because it triggers you that some people think you look like a racist asshat for using words made specifically to shit on an entire race.

>> No.9831890

Other places in the world don't have the same cultural heritage that the US does. Sure the word is historically not a nice thing, but neither is coon, gopnik, gypsy or any other manner of culture-specific terminology. Just because you find it offensive doesn't mean everyone else does. I honestly don't like the word, but at the end of the day it's us that give words their power.

>> No.9831891

I'm not American, and even I know not to call people "niggers". Don't push (fake) ignorance on the entire world. It's never had a different history. Nigger is nigger.
I don't call people coons or gopniks, either, for that matter, and even if I didn't know why it's not good to call people that, I'd have no reason to. You know why? Because they're slurs in themselves. They don't fit into casual conversation in any context unless you're going out of your way to insult someone.
>Just because you find it offensive doesn't mean everyone else does.
It's not a minority of people who find it offensive, it's a word that was made to be offensive. That's its use and its origin, it's not a synonym for something innocuous.
>it's us that give words their power.
If someone randomly curses you out in public for no reason and generally disturbs the peace, it's not "you that gave [their words] power", it's them being a prick.

>> No.9831900

>Because they're slurs in themselves. They don't fit into casual conversation in any context unless you're going out of your way to insult someone.


>> No.9831913

Eh, might have to visit Australia. That's pretty well standard with half the population.

>> No.9831918

everyone knows aussies are the true sub humans so your point is invalid

>> No.9831930

Don't Australians live their entire lives just flinging insults at each other? They're kind of a unique case, like trashier Brits.

>> No.9831932

You're right that it's a slur and used for a specific purpose, but claiming a word doesn't have a different history in other languages is Anglo-centric and inaccurate.

A comparable example is how "chink" is seen as offensive by English-speakers, but means little to non-westernised Chinese people because of its lack of history in China ; whereas "weak men of the east", which might seem silly to English speakers, brings up really bad history. "Chink" would likely still be understood as the speaker trying to insult you (or bantering, if your relationship allows that), but it wouldn't have the same weight at all.

That argument doesn't apply to "nigger" unless you're from a very isolated group that hasn't developped your own equivalent for it and hasn't consumed enough American media to know of its history, though. That particular slur is a special case in how widespread the taboo has become.

>> No.9831935

Idk in my country people use neger and they genuinely don't know it's bad, nor do they know any other words to use instead

>> No.9831940

Pretty much true. Aussie culture is about not giving a shit. You give as good as you get. People will call their best friend a stupid sheep-shagging islander cunt and then someone that killed their cat "mate".

All about context; just because someone says a word doesn't mean it has a solitary intention. I can call someone a sneaky jew but that doesn't mean I mean malice.

>> No.9831946

I care about what my sister thinks

>> No.9831948
File: 59 KB, 600x675, 2a7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how old are you? it's normal and actually expected in any relationship that you'll grow to like other people. those feelings can be conflicting at first. when you realize that just because you're mutual with someone it doesn't mean your body's hormones magically turn off it becomes easier to deal with. if you understand you really want to be with your boyfriend then that's the first step. if you really feel your relationship is lacking then maybe experimentation is needed. i always find it weird when young couple's get some emotional crisis for liking someone other than their partner or discovering their partner likes someone else but then i remember that i was there too. true love comes from understanding that even if you have other options you're interested in, the person you're with now is best for you.

>> No.9831957

I wouldn't really call it that, doesn't cuckoldry have that component of humiliation/shame where you also secretly wish your partner wasn't doing that, but the conflict of that turns you on even more? Does that make everyone who is poly/in an open arrangement a cuck?

Or not? If so then we're two literal cucks married to each other so I guess that works out great!

>> No.9831960

Lezbos, abusive exes and psychopats. Hmmm. Maybe there is a correlation..

>> No.9831967

If only I could be in a nice three person relationship with a lolita couple. Two girls, two guys, one of each; doesn't matter so long as they're cute and feminine. We'd all coordinate three-person outfit sets and no holds barred in the bedroom. What a pipe dream. Even the kinky ones are super wary.

>> No.9831969
File: 658 KB, 2000x1452, DlFp10E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no german /k/ bf to spit on you and abuse you

>> No.9832011

wonder what it feels like to be a lesbian

>> No.9832055

Sounds like you're not trying hard enough

>> No.9832080

It's a dominance thing. If my gf wanted to fuck other girls, no emotional attachment, that'd be fine with me.
And you are still a virgin if you haven't fucked a guy. Just a different kind.

Kind of like the girls who only do anal, they're still virgins, just not anal virgins. They're implying you're a virgin to male+female sex.

>> No.9832090
File: 61 KB, 689x540, 2C0F0219-0932-4DDC-98F1-FABD7034BB68.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really want to talk about how happy my merch and doujinshi purchases make me but all my friends are poor and/or aren't interested at all in anime. I don't want them to think I'm silly for spending money or feel resentful that I can afford to spend money on anime. I'm especially wary about this friend who likes the same ship as me. She and I favor opposite characters of the ship but I keep buying merch of her favourite from listings she can't afford just so I can have a "pair" and I just feel terrible because she loves that character more than I do.

>> No.9832108

Like being gay, which you have plenty of experience with.

>> No.9832112

Sending my love to you through the internet, might take a while to get there.
Grieve, but never stop doing what you love.

>> No.9832115

This is why it's hard to catch a unicorn.
You have to affirm your relationship with the male partner strongly and often so they know they're first in your thoughts, and because no one likes being runner up, the female partner starts to resent the arrangement, or just avoids it entirely.

>> No.9832132

lol anyways

>> No.9832233
File: 37 KB, 488x286, 1506016599101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9832238
File: 2.97 MB, 640x360, 1513209511081.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since this thread was never on topic and almost to autosage, I'll risk sending it to hell.

I'm male. My only time was with a woman, but it was not entirely consensual. The experience unknowingly led me to develop certain tendencies that kept me away from women and women away from me for almost seven years. I only figured out what an issue this had been for me in February. The consensus from the few people I've told about it is once I get some positive sexual experiences, I should be able to finally actually move on. I'd like to know what you folks think. Thanks.

>> No.9832244

>once I get some positive sexual experiences, I should be able to finally actually move on.
What the fuck?
If you were raped you should seek therapy, not good sex. Good sex won't "fix" you and people who tell you this are fucked in a whole different manner.
Please get help, anon.

>> No.9832256

"Free speech" is not the same as saying anything anywhere anytime without consequences, anon. If a furry starts roleplaying in the chat, he gets blocked. Same diff.

>> No.9832303

>I want to tell my family but I’m afraid they’ll think I just want attention
What is more important: your health or your family thinking that you want attention?
Btw it's not "they'll think I want attention" but it's "they'll think that attention for a few days before they notice that I'm starving myself to death".

>> No.9832326
File: 892 KB, 300x300, 97o1k0iq2ff01.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buy ultimate dream dress
>tracking says "out for delivery" in a different state

to panic or not to panic?

>> No.9832327

I'm like that and it's pretty frustrating when I'm really close and accidentally finish doing something like sliding up my partner's body. No multiples and I can barely stand to be touched unless I'm aroused (past stuff) so I only have a few minutes of sexytime left in me after that. It's easier with men because I can usually fake it long enough for them to finush but there's no fooling most women.

>> No.9832339

Panic a little
Time to start making calls and sending emails.

>> No.9832340

Time to break some boundaries and over stimulate yourself till you get that nice 'can multi-orgasm forever' brain rewire.
I was like you once, but I am uber now.

>> No.9832376


>> No.9832389

Anybody here seen a therapist about sexual assault? What was it like? Are you by chance also a man?
Alright, I'll take my mother up on her offer to find one

>> No.9832653

I had that happen with two separate packages. It usually means that it's on the way to you but for some reason it isn't marked as "in transit"

>> No.9832669

Get therapy and when you're well enough to engage with other people, THEN get some positive sexual experiences.

And of course, get your therapist's advice on that before you do anything.

>> No.9833358

me too, but you can't have everything

>"I love you" in his ear during sex, he can't control himself kek.
oh my god, that's so lewd

>easier with men because I can usually fake it long enough for them
please, don't do this

I only hate cause I can't do it, nor can I watch it
either way, I like lesbians and lesbiansex

is your older sister creepy too?

>> No.9833361

>I like porn as much as the next guy but it’s a fantasy thing, not something I’d like to make a reality.

the expectation of a possbile mff threesome

>> No.9833371

>german /k/
to be fair, germany isn't as much as a /k/-land like murica, cause of the gun-laws
there are more likely fans of swords and other close-combat weapons then
also, since basically everything "Nazi"-related is forbidden, it's hard to get Wehrmacht-Uniform without becoming suspicious to the police, I guess

>> No.9833400

>aussies are the true sub humans
>we sub humans managed to build the 2nd best country on earth behind Norway in terms of HDI

>> No.9833547
File: 107 KB, 720x960, 1522170226436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Women only have sex with men because they want something.

They want money, status, free housing, free food, free stuff, etc.

This is not just called prostitution, it's called a relationship or marriage.

If a woman cheats with another woman, it's for much different reasons than if she cheats with a man.

Lesbians are mostly lesbian for political and feminist reasons, not because of sexual preference.

If a woman cheats with another man, it's more of a betrayal, because why? What does he have that your boyfriend/husband doesn't?

>> No.9833736

>want to get into jfashion
>tfw dont know how
>tfw am a guy so this board is only occasionally related to content i can use

also as someone who dresses very boringly irl, not unfashionable but not particularly fashionable, im afraid to dress different because people will notice.

>> No.9833938

Throwing out the big bait, aren't you?
Well, you're just going to have to get over worrying what other people think! What styles do you like?

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