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>ugh lolita is so expensive, saving up for brand is literally impossible, I don’t understand how you can afford Japanese brand when I can only afford to buy from mylolitadress and AliExpress you must all be rich omg it’s so unfair!
Same ita, one week later:
>um stop telling me about secondhand sites and Taobao? I actually prefer paying the 6x reseller markup bcus it’s easier?? like why is everyone telling me how to spend my money I thought lolitas were supposed to be lovlies!
Same ita, two weeks later:
>I’m going to flake on this meetup last minute because I’m poor :(

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Literally every ita in my comm.

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I kno, people may do whatever they want to their dresses, but I still go nuts when I see someone sitting literally in dirt wearing Baby dress.

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When people don’t iron/steam their garments. Makes a huge difference.

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half the lolitas in my area/state.
I get VAT sucks but there are ways around it or sometimes its still worth it. Especially when instead theyre overpaying resellers.

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Not sure which is more off-putting, the Pennywise in the background or the girls face.

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I hate wigs for lolita unless you're missing hair or something like that. They just feel too costumey.

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People that sell something,you sold to them, with the price raised and in terrible condition.

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Jesus Christ I didn't notice him at first. Fuck.

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it's so true, it hurts.
bodyline is ita in my opinion. its so cheap and painful to look at.
> ita buys 3 bodyline dresses
same ita, a week later:
> why is brand so expensive cries i'm poor uwu buy my handmade rags on LM pls guys
same ita, a month later, assuming they learned more about lolita and finances
> gee if i saved my money instead of buying 3 garbage bag dresses, i could have had a brand dress

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One more reason to dislike Lor.
I get that dresses are meant to be washed, but I have a level of respect for them that I won't sit on literal dirt for a stupid photo.

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I literally bought my first dress that was angelic pretty off of closet child for pretty cheap but this girl I know that wants to get into lolita with me keeps buying dresses off of wish and calling it lolita the worst part is that she can afford brand but is forcing herself to be an ita

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People who sell dresses with new stains (like stains that happened to them, not stains that were there when they bought it secondhand) and say in the description something akin to, "you can probably get it out".

Well...why didn't YOU get it out then before selling it?

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Mte. Though this wouldn't be an issue if the wigs looked like normal hair.

>inb4 a normie complimented you on your wig by asking if it's your real hair
People ask that because they know it's a wig.

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Omg gross. Don't they understand it gets harder if you leave it in?

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Same, I had to go and look again. Kek, I like it so much more now.

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This picture is honestly really edgelord-y and cringy.
But you're right anon, people can do whatever they want with their dresses. She probably set herself down really gently too, it's not "disrespectful".

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Did she get fat or is it the angle?

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Same, I wouldn't sit on dirt in my normie clothes either.

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If you post yourself somewhere be prepared to not have eveyone giving you asspats. And if you don't want concrit you'll never improve.

>Waah you're an elitist, fucc da rulez!! i'm gonna do things like i want to and still be lolita
"rules" like having a petticoat and covering your shoulders are what makes the fashion. Lolita isn't just throwing on a frilly dress just like goth isn't just dressing in full black. So sure,go on, but you won't look good.

>sissy creeps but it's ok because they're "trans"
Not only is it giving real trans people a terrible name along with fakebois but it's harmful for the community to have a grown man into such degeneracy around underage members

>anyone that can"t keep their kinks for themselves
Looking at you, ddlg community you fucking degenerates. And before anyone says i'm a "prude" i'm in a bdsm relationship with my wife. I just find it absolutely unecessary and gross to go on about your kinks publicly especially around underage girls.
Also ddlg is disgusting and you can't change my mind. If you bring your kink publicly it's my right to judge it.

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hate when lacemarket listings use a worn picture as a proof picture and the coord is shit

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Seconding this, it makes me think the dress will stink of B.O

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>If you post yourself somewhere be prepared to not have eveyone giving you asspats

Literally biggest pet peeve:
People thinking that absolutely everyone NEEDS to know their opinion because ITS THE INTERNET.
Don't be so full of yourself, people can post online and still not want your shitty opinion.

Just because you can go outside doesn't mean you can come up to random strangers and criticize their clothes.
Unless people ask for crit, shut your face, people don't owe you wanting or having to improve.

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I love it because I can see if they're fat

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When people make floordinates and put the shoes on the clothes.
As much as I love Josine's style every time I see those shoes standing on that blouse sleeve I want to slap her upside the head.

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Aw, someone sucks at coording

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I feel bad about that, but I think the same way. I'm really petite though so if shirring or elastic is stretched out things won't fit. And most of the time sellers don't disclose when shirring is stretched out.

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Like some of the other anons, I do prefer seeing coord pic to figure out if the shirring is stretched out. It saves me feeling awkward if I ask seller directly.

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Ugh, that's so gross.

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The fact that cosplayers still treat lolita like it's a ~comfy alternative~ to a cosplay and therefore never learn anything about the fashion or how to create a decent coord. Pic related.

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Biggest pet peeve is people taking this site and lolcow so seriously

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People who only ever coord with neutrals or the main color of a JSK. It's not ugly, but it's safe and therefore kinda boring. I'd rather people take some risk and focus on working the accent colors of the print into their coords, even if a couple of their coords end up looking a little odd from time to time.
But then, I was into fashion before I got into lolita, so maybe I'm not as married to the matchy-matchy aspect as others.

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It bothers me way more than it should when people sew bias tape improperly/dont miter their corners

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I have never done this BUT I do wipe the bottom of my shoes off with an antibacterial wet-wipe when I get home, let the shoes dry, then place them back in the box with the original tissue paper.

>tfw my mild OCD was made much worse by working in a sterile lab for 3 years

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I do this. Most of the time, it's only because I notice the stain after deciding to sell it, and it's not worth taking it to the dry cleaner since I don't care about the item.

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I like it because it gives me a better idea of how it fits on the person, and most of the time a coord pic has better lighting than a flat pic

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Sorry but what exactly is wrong with it? I don't wear lolita so from an outsider perspective, it looks pretty cute?

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When itas act like being told their dress isn’t lolita is a huge insult. There are plenty of cute dresses that will never work for lolita and that’s fine.

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>getting this buttblasted
Not even full of myself but whatever lol, have fun with your mediocre coords never improving

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>getting this buttblasted
Not even full of myself or saying i give my opinion on every single thing ever but alrighty. have fun with your mediocre coords never improving

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Not going to lie,I used to be absolutely horrible with doing this.

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Nitpick much? Not everyone who dresses in a fashion is going to be a fashionista like you anon

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dusting off this applicable gif I love

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most sellers I've dealt with pay for dry cleaning before selling. remind me not to buy from you since you don't care enough about an item unless you're using it and keeping it. how awful.
anon, why even attempt lolita if you have no style or interest in training your eye for balance? if you're going to make sucky coords just wear normie mismatched clothes like everyone else.

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she's packed on the pounds lately

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I agree with the bodyline thing. Granted, I have 2 of their nicer solids and their balloon bears print that were given to me for when I don't want to have to be super careful about my expensive brand pieces but still want to wear lolita, but I won't ever spend money on any of their items because the quality just isn't there. Especially when I can buy brand at decent prices 2nd hand and look leagues better.

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I agree with your statement, but your pic looks like a mediocre cute coord. Nothing special but nothing really terrible about it either?

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Not the anon who posted it but it looks like hot garbage and I'm confused as to why people are acting like it's fine.

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It’s not great, but it’s not the worst ita coord I’ve ever seen in my life bad

>> No.9831812

It's pretty shit. Nobody said it was the worst thing ever though.

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I'm with you anon, this is a shit coord, no idea why those other anons are complimenting it

My pet peeve is these fucking clock bags. They're Just such an ita staple and I hate them so much. I don't care if it's burando or not, they need to leave.

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Dealing with buyers/sellers who call you "hon" or "sweetie"

I ain't your honey. I'm also probably older than you are, so STFU. Just because you're a lolita doesn't mean you have to talk like my grandma.

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Getting banned from a group because someone can’t take a joke

>> No.9831850

This made me think about newbies back on LJ opening their posts with "lovely dollies" and things like that. Do people still do shit like this?

>> No.9831853

Especially with pit stains! There’s a girl I my comm selling a white dress with serious underarm yellowing and in the description she says that it “should be easy enough to wash out”. Then why doesn’t she do it?? It’s your sweat, lady!

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Yeah, this. Once you get the hang of color balance, it opens up a whole new world of creative coords. It's trickier to be sure, but a lot more fun and so rewarding when you nail it.

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I wash my shoes after every wear unless it is mildly dry outside. Isn't that the norm??
Since all my lolita shoes are leather, a damp cloth will do the trick for the outside. Plus extra care treatment. The bottom gets scrubbed with soap and a medium hard brush. They are as clean as my appartment floor. And that gets scrubed every other day.

>> No.9831898

It’s not the norm. Most people just take their shoes off in the hallway and leave them as is. I’m pretty lazy about my shoes but will always wash off mud before it dries, and people have made fun of me for that, including some other lolitas.

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Fuck you. Cunt.

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When I see itas go around in public touting how they're wearing "lolita fashion" to any poor stranger lending ears. It's already an out-there fashion, no need to mislead norms that it's some cringey weeb mess.

>> No.9831909

crap coord but not exactly your typical cosplayer "lolita" coord from milanoo or ebay

>> No.9831912

Are you sure they aren't just from the South? Here it's used by everyone. They'll even say it to 50 year old men.

>> No.9831916

Imo "cosplay lolita" isn't necessarily milanoo-tier shit, though obviously that counts too; you can spot cosplayers attempting lolita when it comes to things like ridiculous OTT coords that only look vaguely lolita, worn by people who never wear lolita otherwise and insists it's not a daily fashion ("Who would wear this every day lol???")

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Hmm, a real mystery, this one. I do wonder why you were banned, you seem like a delightful individual.

>> No.9831919

>girl wears a lolita item in a non-lolita coord
>gets posted to the ita thread

I'm tired.

>> No.9831925

lmao what comment did u write
I don’t even know what group this is but I want to know

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I wrote “this looks like big foots dick” on a thread in “what is that dress” on Facebook in reply to a girl asking if an old granny dress was kawaii

>> No.9831928 [DELETED] 

After writing “this looks like big foots dick” on a thread, someone got butt hurt

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I think i have a case of retardation. I dunno, what do you think?

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She’s banned me for a week to “think about what I’ve said” and told me to “behave” when I return. what is this the naughty corner? You’re not my mum faggot

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>using newfag outside cgl

>> No.9831939 [DELETED] 

Spread the love. I’m an embarrassment to myself lol

>> No.9831942

jeez, the joke wasn't something that but you sound annoying af

>> No.9831947 [DELETED] 

I am annoying. And people don’t like me. But I’m ok with that.
Safe for being annoying

>> No.9831954

Anon you sound like an annoying edgelord.
>using newfag out of cgl
While they probably are too hugboxy you sound annoying as fuck yourself

>> No.9831955

Also are you stupid? It's super obvious who you are. If it gets to her you'll be b& for good.
Think before you act. You're acting like a child so it's probably fair that you are treated like one

>> No.9831958

The shoe still ain't clean.

>> No.9831961

Selfdeprecating edgelords are the worst people to be around. Just leave and don’t come back. No wonder you were banned.

>> No.9831963

Major pet peeve: people wearing a full-blown coord but no make-up with limp normie hair.
Go big or go home. Lolita is not a fashion for plain janes.

>> No.9831964

Itas who cry about „no money“ but turn around and blow their cash on anime figures, waifu merch and daily starbucks and McDonalds.
Do they think every brandwhore just has a magical burando sugar daddy? It’s called managing your savings.

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>Um no of course we don’t dress like this every day that would be retarded
- an ita in my comm in response to a sweet old lady’s question which wasn’t even directed at her. There were at least three girls at that meet who wear lolita almost every day.

>> No.9831973 [DELETED] 

Obvious huh..
Go on.. take a wild guess

>> No.9831975

Imagine banning people on 4chan for being annoying

>> No.9831980

This is funny because back in the day, people were encouraged to wear minimal make-up

>> No.9831981

If you can’t see the difference between 4chan and Facebook, you are probably not old enough to be here in the first place.

>> No.9831982 [DELETED] 

We can dream

>> No.9831985

You shouldn't just ban people because you don't like them anywhere

>> No.9831987 [DELETED] 

If someone hates me I don’t want anything to do with them.

>> No.9831988 [DELETED] 

Well, I’d enjoy making a fuss and pissing them off before I don’t have anything to do with them

>> No.9831989

I know way too many 23+ year olds who spend all their expendable income on daily Starbucks, fast food, overpriced fast fashion and husbando merch and then whine when they can’t afford or fit Jfashion. It’s literally your own doing, you bunch of overgrown womanchildren.

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It's a group with hundreds of people in it

>> No.9831994 [DELETED] 

Fair point. It’s just a shame when it’s the admin who hates you. Then you’re in for some assfucking

>> No.9831995

Says the biggest newfag here.
I find most of the concrit offered up by others on coords that are fine as is (I don't post photos online), are usually about things that either hinder creativity and/or would make it look like a fucking costume.

>> No.9831998 [DELETED] 

Most of the time, con-crit is just people pushing their personal preference onto someone.

>> No.9832003 [DELETED] 

hi BMT

>> No.9832005 [DELETED] 

Hi how ya doin

>> No.9832008

Why not? Being part of a private social group is not some human right. If you’re unlikeable then they have every right to boot you.

>> No.9832009 [DELETED] 
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Also, whoever wrote this deserves to be slapped. I’m a scumbag and you know it

>> No.9832010 [DELETED] 

Couldn’t agree more! Life isn’t all dandelions and cupcakes

>> No.9832015 [DELETED] 

My god what is up with her ridiculously over-Meitued picture

>> No.9832016 [DELETED] 

That was clearly sarcasm.

>> No.9832019 [DELETED] 

Sorry, I tried looking it up and no results came up, what does Meitued mean?

>> No.9832021 [DELETED] 

Was it? Ive always been crap at sarcasm. Like one time at Christmas (I was about 5 at the time) my auntie stuffed carrots into her belly button and told me that if I ate too much it would come out of my belly button. I only realised it was sarcasm a good few years later. It pretty much scarred me lol.

>> No.9832023 [DELETED] 

Using the beauty editing app Meitu too much.

>> No.9832025 [DELETED] 

Meitu is a face beauty app that will old wrinkly face into the glowing picture of an anime character

>> No.9832026 [DELETED] 

Oh ok, I don’t use beauty apps. If I started using them, It would be more obvious how ugly I am in real life and probably make me break my mirror and leap of a bridge

>> No.9832027

Are you going to shitpost here because you’re butthurt about getting banned from a Facebook group?

>> No.9832028 [DELETED] 

Seems like many other things scarred you as well. Maybe that’s why you can‘t into social interactions?

>> No.9832029


It would be such a bless if we could hiding posts by IP. Some people are so sickening. I try my best to scroll their posts down without reading, just as soon as I recognize the pattern.

>> No.9832033 [DELETED] 

I don’t think I’m shitposting, am I? What even is shit posting I don’t know help

>> No.9832035 [DELETED] 

Yeah, if I explained all the shit that scarred me it is literally a giant sob story. I’m not going to go into detail unless you ask. It would probably give you a seizure by having to listen to it

>> No.9832039

Minimal makeup ≠ no makeup

>> No.9832041

It's almost always the ita fucks, too. Makes me wonder what in the world they're doing in this subculture in the first place if they're not here for the fashion.
I probably already know the myriad of possibilities but I still don't get it.

>> No.9832043 [DELETED] 

To summarise -
Birth parents drug addicts and alchoholics
Neglected and abused as a baby
Taken into care when I was 3
Fostered when I was 4
Undiagnosed autism
Heavily bullied
Adopted when I was 9
Diagnosed with autism
Flip to now
Crippling anxiety
Panic attacks On The daily
I’m 18 and I need a carer to help me not do something stupid like pour boiling water on myself or not realise a cars coming and get hit.
Basically my life’s a mess right now but I’m ok. Just gotta keep going I guess

>> No.9832044

>Do they think every brandwhore just has a magical burando sugar daddy?
Have you never been asked "How can you afford this???" by people who depend on others (parents etc.) to fund their hobbies?
I wouldn't be surprised if it is what these idiots think.

>> No.9832047 [DELETED] 

This isn't your blog or your therapist. Go get some help and stop making it worse for yourself by acting dumb online.
Autism isn't an excuse, by the way. You have to be more observant of social norms and work harder than neuro-typicals to assimilate them, but you can still do it.

>> No.9832054 [DELETED] 

I work really hard for my shit only earning £20 a week. I don’t get any help from anyone and yet people like to accuse me of getting stuff from my parents. Only at Christmas and birthdays do I get stuff from them. And it’s very minimal aswell, like at Christmas all they could afford were some angelic pretty bear ears. Which is fine I ain’t complaining. But people have to understand me and my family are WORKING class. We live in a council estate and dot even have a garden. I don’t really care if people say oh your coord shit, or oh you look ugly. It’s when people shit on my parents. My dad works 70 hours a week I’ll have you know. And normally can’t go out (he’s a self employed gardenener) because of typical British weather. Rain. The ground is always too soggy for him to dig and he just can’t work. I have to pay for his petrol sometimes because otherwise we won’t have food on the table.
Not white knighting. Just explaining why that particular comment pisses me off

>> No.9832058 [DELETED] 

I don’t actually have a therapist. The NHS said I “don’t meet their requirements” so h can’t get any help for my problems. And guess what? I’m too poor for private! I’m not using my autism as an excuse btw I mention it once and all of a sudd my people are like oh stop making excuses and I’m like I’m not it’s a part of me I can’t help it. It’s a reason why. Not an excuse

>> No.9832064

Maybe you should ask your carer to help prevent you posting personal shit on 4chan as well.

Thread related, people using autism as an excuse to be inconsiderate dicks is my pet peeve and I see it a lot in lolita for some reason. I’ve been diagnosed with autism too but you don’t see me grabbing at people’s brand without permission, or insulting people to their face or buying replicas* so please don’t act like this is something inherent to autism, that just gives the rest of us a bad (worse?) name.

*Yes, I know someone who used autism as an excuse for continueing to buy crappy AP replicas. She just couldn’t help herself, apparently.

>> No.9832065

Oh yes I have. But these are always the ones that don’t even work after school. They have no concept of money.
My sisters both work part-time after school (for only like 400€), but at least they now have a regular source of income for their hobbies and they could easily fund a nice lolita wardrobe.
The ones that do ask this question seem to be completely baffled at the option to simply go and work.

>> No.9832066 [DELETED] 


>Crippling anxiety
>Panic attacks

>NHS said 'I don't meet the requirements'


>> No.9832067 [DELETED] 

That's not how seizures work you melodramatic little cunt

>> No.9832070 [DELETED] 

I KNOW RIGHT they said I don’t meet the requirements and they said I need “councilling” so I said ok can I have that and they said “no sorry we don’t do councilling” and I said ok what do you do then can you help me in any way and they said they do CBT. I had that as a kid. And said ok can I have that and she said QUOTE- REAL QUOTE “sorry CBT doesn’t work on autistic people”.

>> No.9832073 [DELETED] 

I died at this comment. Lmao

>> No.9832074 [DELETED] 

Autism is to do with social interaction and mental development. You can’t use it to defend yourself when buying stuff. That is just ignorance not a behaviour issue

>> No.9832075 [DELETED] 

Why are you lying? Putting things in all caps doesn't make it true.

>> No.9832077


>> No.9832079 [DELETED] 

I can not believe you think I’m lying. I put it in caps because I’m furious about it.
If I was getting help you wouldn’t find me shitting about on the internet having a meltdown with frequent panic attacks. A couple months ago I had a 24 hour heart monitor (to make sure my palpitations were in fact an anxiety thing or something else) and I phoned up the GP the other day to get my results and they said that they never received my results from the hospital. I do not understand why the NHS hates me OMG they said they would chase it up but I’m starting to get stressed by how much of a hassle trying to get some answers for why my body and head is a MESS.

>> No.9832083 [DELETED] 

please stop posting.

>> No.9832084 [DELETED] 


>> No.9832094 [DELETED] 

Your demeanour is why they don't take you seriously. I hope your carer takes your internet away, you ridiculous little child.
You're making Britain look bad, you're making autistic people look bad, but most of all you're making yourself look bad with your self victimising, melodramatic nonsense. The NHS doesn't 'hate' you, you aren't that important.

>> No.9832096

then please go and get hit by said car, literally nobody cares
we are not your therapist, the mental hospital or the NHS board, nobody on this board cares about you or your sorry ass beyond laughing at everything you have ever said and done in the comms, and I am praying that the mods will do their job for-fucking-once and ban you for good

here's a laundry list of shit that annoys me in this fashion
>people who think I give a shit about their tragic backstory
>people who expect to get asspats and special treatment because of their disabilities
>people who don't know how to take proof photos and detail shots of shit they're trying to sell
>people who don't take measurements OR post lolibrary measurements
>people who think their shitty offbrand/taobao crap should be priced same as regular stuff
>people with no self awareness for themselves, their behaviour in public or how shit they look
>people who think their shitty greasy unwashed hair is fine in the fashion because "but xyz lolita wore her natural hair with the fashion!!!" yes, you fucktard, xyz lolita probably also has better hygiene than you do
>people who refuse to believe you need at *least* an excellent skincare regimen and basic makeup for a coord
>people who post their shitty first tries, mistakes and unsuccessful experiments into CoF
>people who feel the need to act like snowflakes
>people who feel the need to out-snowflake other snowflakes
>"any other gay/disabled/black/metalhead/gardener/HIV positive lolitas around??"
>99.8% of rufflechat
>100% of WRMP

>> No.9832103

People shitting up threads with blog post.

>> No.9832105 [DELETED] 

Harsh but fair.

>> No.9832110
File: 74 KB, 320x454, 1519755494203.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>entire thread of deleted posts

>> No.9832113

Its okay I have caps

>> No.9832116

Caps of what? A retard being a retard?

>> No.9832117

I’ve boight a dress from her and it stunk of BO so it doesn’t surprise me that she puts her dirty shoes on her clothes.

>> No.9832119

Basically yeah, so I can show she's an annoying baby who needs to be banned.

>> No.9832121

Honestly she seems too lacking in self-awareness to understand that, it'll only encourage her to post more. Just report and move on.

>> No.9832122
File: 227 KB, 600x600, 1491267978484.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not if we get her banned from all the groups.

>> No.9832158


This is nothing compared to people who don't know what bias tape is and use cheap ribbon thinking it's the same thing. On curved hems, no less...

>> No.9832172
File: 66 KB, 1063x493, Screenshot_20180328-111042.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9832177

Where was this posted?

>> No.9832181
File: 215 KB, 1076x1425, 2018 Mar 28 11-20-13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9832183 [DELETED] 

What ruffles my petti

>> No.9832186

Nah. I have pastel hair but I get it done at a salon and actually take good care of it so it doesn't look shitty and I get people asking if it's real all the time. Had someone grab my hair once to check because they didn't believe me! It super weird! Granted, this happened more before weird colored hair was trendy.

>> No.9832193
File: 42 KB, 917x275, Screenshot_20180328-112603.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9832201
File: 73 KB, 891x960, 12805690_10205799624576090_6722866933172776477_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9832219

What is this about? I live under a rock

>> No.9832370

hurr hurr lolita is costume cant go outside, no public benches, no sit on chair either!!!!! xDD

>> No.9832371

what's the context of this thing?

Dude I got lilac hair out of lolita, it doesn't always match my coords and i sure as hell am not going to stop dying my hair my favourite color juste because wigs look costumey.
I don't like wearing wigs but it's just the best option when you're like me (or don't have the time to do your hair properly)

>> No.9832402

I laughed. But at least she is self aware while Dev doesn't get she's insufferable.

>> No.9832404

shes not self aware shes having an autistic fit

>> No.9832427

Oof you're right, didn't realise it was her shitting up all these threads.

>> No.9832479

I'm from the South (GA) and none of my friends call each other "hun" or "sweetie."

>> No.9832483

she should stop embarrassing herself and take a break from the internet

>> No.9832490

I think the problem is there are plenty of places where wigs are used and look a lot more like normal hair, it's just that many lolitas have never been introduced to the concept of wigs outside of Halloween or theatre, so they think that's the only type of wig you can use.

>> No.9832494

I'm >>9831005, I don't like natural looking wigs either for lolita.

I guess your case would be an exception but honestly I just don't like wigs at all

>> No.9832619

>Thinking random strangers aren't talking about you too
They're talking about that weird dressed up girl to their normie friends, believe me. They just don't make those comments to your face. Sort of like us making comments here, instead of on CoF.

>> No.9832628

I remember being a little shit in hs and only calling people hun and sweetie irl to trigger people.
Also darling, doll and sugar

>> No.9832631

That you for the fresh react

>> No.9832674

I'm from southeast TN, and everyone around here says it whether they're 20 or 50. That's the only reason I wondered.

>> No.9832827
File: 1.16 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7799.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When people try to sell damaged items for anywhere near retail
> pic very related
This is absolutely disgusting, the op is covered in sweat stains, and they're trying to get 250+ for it.

>> No.9832840

What's worse is the price is in euros.

>> No.9832848

It's annoying that hardly any members of my comm want to have nice tea or go to nice places ever because they don't think it's worth it. There's this amazing place that does high tea and is beautiful on the inside and literally everything is delicious and the waiters and waitresses wear vintage style uniforms.
But no one wants to spend ~50 bucks each to rent the tea room and have the experience. Also you can just get food/dessert/tea there and spend less than 25 dollars without renting the tea room but still no one wants to go because "omg too expensive".

>> No.9832866

The same on cof when they open their posts with "hello lovelies~~" or other similar

>> No.9832909

God, I'd go. I'm all about living an opulent life even if that means budgeting and saving some here and there to do something special.

>> No.9832914

I'm in GA also (rural area) and I have friends who call absolutely everyone "hun", friends who call people "hun" when somebody is sad, and friends who never use that word at all

>> No.9832920

They believe in getting their money back for a dress they farted in, rolled around dirt in, and stretched.

>> No.9832925

She has such an unfortunate face. She should wear a doll head or something, like >>9831798.

>> No.9832967

>Sort of like us making comments here, instead of on CoF.

Wrong analogy. You talking about people here is like normies discussing other people with clear loud voices not giving a fuck if the person in question can hear them, or even wanting to be heard. Look at all these delusional folks claiming they "give people crit because they want them to improve" when in reality they just want to stroke their fashion expert ego at someone else's expense with zero regard for that person.

People openly discussing other people in their presence is considered rude and shitty by anyone with an ounce of human decency, but lolitas discussing other lolitas where they can see and blaming it on the platform because "it's 4chan" is somehow okay? Bullshit.

>> No.9832969

> but lolitas discussing other lolitas where they can see and blaming it on the platform because "it's 4chan" is somehow okay? Bullshit.

Why exactly is this bullshit? Places like this, the farm etc. have always been shitholes where social norms are thrown out the window in favor of vicious behavior. Don't come here if you don't like it.

>> No.9833158

No one is holding a gun to your head to make you come to /cgl and read what people are saying about you. If you see something that offends your special snowflake feelings here then you have no one to blame but yourself for that.

>> No.9833163

Because it's just the mod's personal opinion. It would be abuse of power. It's not like it's a group of friends with fb accounts.

>> No.9833165

Why’s that last bit a problem, sounds like not having them at the meet would be a relief.

You must be very young or very new to this. Or both.

>> No.9833168

That's amazing, I've never met a female with an autism diagnosis.

Exactly, they ask because they think it's not real.

>> No.9833171

It easily looks like no make-up in coord pictures

Do you not know how LM works?

>> No.9833190

My pet peeve are physical and mental fatties and how lolitas and sometimes even cgl enable them. I wish we would be more elitist to people who clearly aren't suited for lolita to keep them and attention starved normies out. They are a disgrace to our fashion and ruin the overall subculture.

>> No.9833213

what the fuck is a mental fatty

>> No.9833216

solid tights hate.

>> No.9833244

This is what I've never understood. In a coord pic, doesn't someone only look made up when they've packed on the falsies and gone all out? The comments I sometimes see saying a girl should wear makeup confuse me when you can't even see if she is, it's usually just to avoid saying 'her face is ugly'.

>> No.9833261

>You talking about people here is like normies discussing other people with clear loud voices not giving a fuck if the person in question can hear them
When people post on COF, are they automatically teleported over to 4chan and forced to read the comments here? Talking about people in the COF thread is more like talking about someone behind their back out of earshot in a different room. It's not nice, but the person in question doesn't hear any of it unless she makes the conscious decision to go up to them and listen.

>> No.9833266

My autistic ass legit can't tell if this is sarcasm or not, but like half my comm is somewhere on the spectrum. Autism presents a little differently in women than in men but the idea that it only occurs in males is very outdated.

>> No.9833300

It's the shoes. They're the most off-putting.

>> No.9833311
File: 39 KB, 640x480, Bmmb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Normies calling me Bo Peep when my coordinate is clearly Snow White themed

>> No.9833320

>look at listing for shirred blouse/dress
>"can fit up to 130cm bust!"
>no explicit disclosure of stretched out elastic/shirring

i can put two and two together but can't we just come out and say it

>> No.9833324

>wearing Red Riding Hood print dress with red hooded capelet and a basket purse

>> No.9833325

Are you having a stroke? Shes sitting on ground, not on bench.

>> No.9833336

I know the idea is outdated but I have literally never met a woman who has been diagnosed with autism.

>> No.9833337

The efamous girls in my comm show up to meets with big false lashes and foundation painted on (not in a good way, you can see the traces of their make-up brush). It looks great in pictures.

>> No.9833339

>Do you not know how LM works?
Pretty sure that anon meant it's even more expensive then it looks because it's in euros.

>> No.9833366

Duh dumbass

>> No.9833374

Maybe you should get out more.

>> No.9833381

there was literally a female autist shitting up all the threads yesterday where were you

>> No.9833392

You probably have, but we don't exactly wear Diagnosed Autist ID cards and one of the ways it presents differently in women is that we're generally better at blending in.

>> No.9833420

> I don't talk to women

>> No.9833422

I feel like we can spot each other, though. I've met 3 other autistic women and I've known immediately.

>> No.9833451

It's almost like being gay.

>> No.9833456

Yeah, that’s partly why I said it feels like half my comm is on the spectrum. Many of them are open about their diagnosis but there are also a bunch of girls who’ve never mentioned any diagnosis who still give me those vibes. I think it’s because I recognise my own reactions and mannerisms in them.
That, and the secret handshake.

>> No.9833461

Obviously I go to lolita meets, that was what this is about. I think it's weird if half your comm has an autism diagnosis. I have met several men who have it, but it's not that common.

>> No.9833471

I get it, you're petite/average sized in the torso and you don't know this firsthand but
good elastic stretches and snaps back just fine, and many fully shirred items have a max bust of 120. some rare items from AP even go up to 135cm without damage. you making assumptions that the item is damaged just makes you look really ignorant.

>> No.9833495 [DELETED] 
File: 7 KB, 202x316, 68687.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When lolitas complain about Facebook, and complain that Livejournal is ''dead'', but they never use Livejournal themselves. Some of them don't even have a Livejournal account. We could have stayed on Livejournal, but we didn't want to. Deal with it.
>pic related: a bunch of those comms are smaller than egl was

>> No.9833504
File: 7 KB, 202x316, 68687.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When lolitas complain about Facebook, and complain that Livejournal is ''dead'', but they never use Livejournal themselves. Some of them don't even have a Livejournal account. We could have stayed on Livejournal, but we didn't want to. Deal with it.
>pic related: a bunch of those comms are smaller than egl was, but they're still ''alive''

>> No.9833506

Anything that forces me to us IE is dead to me.

>> No.9833512

thequestionclub seems pretty fun, thanks!

>> No.9833535

The point we're making is if you haven't met women who were open about their diagnosis, you're unlikely to spot them on your own. Also, niche hobbies like lolita are more likely to attract autistic women.

>> No.9833544

I’ve bought brand JSKs off LM where the elastic was clearly stretched out and in its resting state exceeded the minimum measurements listed on lolibrary by at least 5cm.

>> No.9833566

So it's my comm that's special for not having any women that are open about their diagnosis?

>> No.9833569

Ntayrt but maybe they mean the ones who tell themselves (hence ""mental fatty"") they're just genetically fat and there's nothing they can do about it but in reality they're just lazy and they convinced themselves they just can't lose the weight? Idk kinda going out on a limb here.

>> No.9833594
File: 1.92 MB, 1530x836, make v no make.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's a comparison photo to show you the difference.
a little eyeliner or shadow plus some kind of lip tint goes a long way.
When people give crit like needs makeup, they don't mean go all out. just like there's a range of simple to ott in terms of accessories, there's a make up range to find what's appropriate to match your coord. it's legit crit and not at all code for this chick is uggo.

lolita is an extravagant fashion, even casually styled, and you need to balance with a bit of make up so your features don't get lost. this depends on if you care about looking polished or not though...

>> No.9833595

Fatties thinking that shirred stuff looks good stretched all the way out. Look, I get it. I'm not fat but by japanese standards I'm a giant. I'm tall and have large frame. Luckily I have small breasts (for instance, the difference between my underbust/bust is 2 inches D:), but I can fit into partially shirred and fully shirred lolita... for the most part. If I try anything on and the shirring is pulled too much, it obviously doesn't fit. If it's stretched to the max (which luckily hasn't happened to me) it DEFINITELY doesn't fit. Not only that, but it looks bad too. Shirring isn't just about fitting, in my opinion. It also adds to the detail on the dress, giving it a rich, opulent feel and look. If Your shirring panel looks less like shirring and more like a weirdly crinkled panel with horizontal lines sewn into it, Your dress doesn't fit. Sure, you might be able to put it on, but that doesn't mean it fits. Buy dresses that fit your body. It's so easy to get lolita now, c'mon.

>> No.9833677

>remembers the Lovely Bunny seller

>> No.9833694

Yes but the amount that looks cute in person is much different than what shows up well in photos, especially depending on exposure and lighting. You can be made up and look like no makeup if the photo is bad, and vice versa look decent in photos but clownish in person

>> No.9833730

that's bs anon. eyeliner doesn't just disappear when you take a photo. these sound like rookie mistakes, there's a good balance. if it's not showing up in photos learn how to improve. Fanny does a good job if you need some inspo.

>> No.9833781

>level of respect
its a dress you autist

>> No.9833789

people have told me to wear makeup when I had it on.

>> No.9833800

U might have small eyes

>> No.9833842

I care about looking nice irl. I don't care about coord photos. Those girls from my comm are popular for a reason, but their faces look gross irl.

>> No.9833845

You think she does a good job, but that's judging a picture after photoshop. She herself has said she has very bad skin irl.

>> No.9833860

There are a few girls in my comm who apply foundation with a trowel and it looks absolutely disgusting IRL. By the end of the meet they have these deep cracks running along the sides of their mouth like a ventriloquist’s dummy. I don’t understand why they do this, since their selfies are always meitu’d into oblivion anyway.

>> No.9833863 [DELETED] 

They undoubtedly just never told you, and you may only recognize autism by dysfunctional social interaction. Women aren't so prone to social dysfunction regarding interaction, but they are often highly affected by sensory-related symptoms, compulsions, niche interests, repetitive behavior, and even echolia. These aren't things you'd notice unless you hung out with somebody over an extended period of time. There's also the mental aspects that you wouldn't know unless you were told. I've met one who couldn't understand mortality; another I met couldn't understand borrowing and lending. You only find these things out when something happens that makes no sense, and their family steps in to explain it.
It could be the area. There's a town nearby to me where almost 50% of children are born with autism. They finally linked it to metal contamination in the water, and the pregnant women in that town are now advised to drink bottled water. Environmental factors means some areas with have a higher concentration then others.

>> No.9833869

so many girls in my comm do this not just for casual outfits, but turn up to meets with no makeup and unstyled hair. It drives me crazy because they'd be so much cuter if they put more effort into their whole appearance and not just their clothes.

>> No.9833875

One day I would love to commission a mask like this to take outfit photos in.

>> No.9833898

No I don't. Lighting wasn't good in my picture. I just don't wear foundation.

>> No.9833913

The girls on the right are all ugly or at least have on a stupid expression, so it definitely has something to do with it.

>> No.9833965

Mua here, photographic make up is a totally different beast anon.

>> No.9834387

Too much poof

>> No.9834433

your opinion means nothing

>> No.9834458

Its an industry standard, not a personal opinion.

>> No.9834467

>I just don't wear foundation
I get not wanting to wear foundation daily, but not even when you're dressed all cute? Even if you have great skin it probably won't look good in photos, and a nice, lightweight foundation can fix that. You don't have to go full retard and cake on something super thick if you dislike it so much.

>> No.9834470

Some of the girls on the left aren't beauties either. Makeup can definitely give you a more put-together look, in the same way wearing a belt/ribbon around the waist can turn a frumpy coord into a beautiful silhouette.

>> No.9834473

Are you blind? The girls on the right should be compared to moitie ita to be fair.

>> No.9834474

Maybe anon uses bb cream? I went years without foundation because I once got a bunch of skin problems and recently purchased a very light one and there is no difference to my bb cream in coverage or looks. However, I usually put good primer underneath anyway which makes pretty much anything look good on top.

>> No.9834481

Foundation worn all over the face, for daily makeup, is really a recent trend. Part of the instagram brow trend really. Foundation used to be marketed towards people with pretty bad skin problems, brides, and as a spot-cover (like concealer) for harder-to-cover spots. When I began wearing makeup pore-reducing primers were JUST starting to come to the US and were only available from high-end brands like Chanel. If you have pretty good skin, a foundation isn't going to do much more for you than a good primer and a good powder and spot covering as needed.

>> No.9834487

I'm old enough to remember when primer and BB/CC creme didn't exist on the U.S. market. It was a big reason why people use to rave about Asian cosmetics. That being said, people use to not take pictures of themselves outside stuff that didn't get posted online. People did wear foundation and the whole deal when they got pictures taken of themselves professionally. I think makeup is really important for the purpose of a photo if you don't plan on using a filter.

>> No.9834524

Agree it's cringey but they probably didnt know any better. My pet peeve is with brandwhores who hate on beginner itas but forget that one day they were itas themselves lol
I mean, there's no way to improve in this fashion without wearing it. The "itas" are still much better than the "lolitas at heart".

>> No.9834526

>The "itas" are still much better than the "lolitas at heart".
Agreed. Itas are eyesores by definition but at least they're trying. Some are perma-ita of course but generally speaking, the only way to get better at a thing is to actually attempt it, unlike lolitas-at-heart who think that knowing the names of AP prints makes them lolitas, regardless of the fact they've never even worn the clothes in practice.

>> No.9836534

You don't need foundation if your skin is already nice

>> No.9836539

It could rub off on my clothes.

>> No.9836562

Funny how everyone manages to wear makeup without rubbing it off on their clothes. You realize you're not supposed to wear foundation on your neck or arms, right?

>> No.9836563

I mean you could start by not being retarded

>> No.9836602

If you're wearing THAT much foundation, you're doing it wrong.

>> No.9836950

>not using a setting spray.
You deserve beige collars.

>> No.9836961

Another anon chiming in to say that foundation vs just spot correcting with concealer makes no difference in photos, at least IMO. Not everyone likes the feeling of something completely covering their face and that's fine.
I focus on skincare these days, and the less makeup I have to put on my face, the better.

>> No.9836978

I was a teen when I started wearing makeup. I didn't even know that exist.

>> No.9836979

I’ve always been told you’re supposed to blend it into your neck.

>> No.9836985

One time I forgot I was wearing makeup and took my shirt off.

>> No.9837850

Only if it very obviously doesn't match your skin tone. If you're doing whiteface then yes, absolutely blend it out; if you're wearing regular foundation you absolutely do not need to blend it into your neck, just buy foundation that matches your skin.

>> No.9837997

>my sugar daddy won't buy me cat's tea party even though I gave him anal last night

what the fuck, daddy!!!!!!!!!! >;0(


>> No.9837999

Dump him, dummy

>> No.9838102

>the less makeup I have to put on my face, the better
This. Makeup is expensive and often has carcinogens and heavy metals in it.

>> No.9838205

Stop cross dressing.

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