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Can I sit at this table? Edition

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Only if you show me your feet. Also
>tfw no gf

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that pink bs is maskot we all deserve

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That image genuinely gives me shivers

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The words and the gif do not match and this is upsetting.

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They do. Filthy fucking heathen have you not even seen mean girls?

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Look at that fucking gif
Tell me that her stupid fucking mouth is moving in any sort of way as the words
Also yes I've watched it, like every other white girl on this board which is completely besides the point.

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She's angrily saying "sit with us". Are your eyes broken?

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>staring at my lolita wardrobe is really calming after a shitty day at work

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dude, get a hobby and stop nitpicking gifs
it's only missing the you and the ca of can't.
>'NT SIT WITH US! is fine
the triggered yell from Gretchen is enough to illustrate the feel

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Confirmed to have not seen the movie

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This is proof you can get gulls to argue about anything.

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>tfw trying to get colored contacts for a cosplay but pale blue eyes make every lens you've tried on look like shit
I hate that all these lenses are made for these super dark asian eyes, and that I can't ever look good in them

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Never worn contacts before, so I'm wondering why exactly they look bad on pale eyes? I always had the subconscious idea that they would show up better on pale eyes...

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the black part of your eye contracts so the colored part is visible underneath the colored lens.
Popped one of mine in to show. If I had asian eyes and they were dark brown my iris would blend into the pupil more instead of ending up with a red ring then a blue/grey ring, then my pupil

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Nayrt but in my experience the colour isn't opaque enough because they're designed for light eyes and the lenses end up looking grey.

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*because they're not designed for light eyes, also what >>9832769 said, a lot of them are too large. Though to be fair I once tried a pair with a smaller opening and the outer edge of my vision was purple and fuzzy the whole day.

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I bought new socks for my wardrobe and they work well with almost all of my coords. It's motivating me to make a list of the other items I need to make my wardrobe more cohesive. I feel happy I am getting back on track with my lolita goals.

Real talk. Until you resolve some of your personal problems it will be difficult to engage in more sexual experiences. A therapist can help you if you feel ready. I've had bad experiences and it kept me from entering a new relationship, because I don't want to talk about my past. My new partner knew and didn't push me, but I didn't go to therapy and being with my new partner made me truly realize how horrible my past partner was. It made me hurt more than I thought it could and I thought I had already healed. It reopened old wounds to see how a normal relationship is supposed to be.

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Oops, I made a mistake.

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why would you bring the off topic shitposting to a new thread?

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Because being off topic is inevitable.

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ED anon is back, me posting here will probably become pretty normal, I need to vent somewhere so why not here I guess. I’m really conflicted right now because I feel guilty no matter what, if I eat I feel guilty because I feel like I’m making myself fat, but then If I don’t eat I feel guilty because I promised my boyfriend I’d eat. I feel like I’m going to accidentally make the people I love hate me. When I don’t eat I feel like I can control at least one thing in my life, when I eat all of that good feeling goes away and that’s so hard to handle when I hardly have good feelings. I’m just so tired all the time no matter how much I sleep, my stupid health shit and vision going black and dizziness when I stand up is still happening. Today I ate two meals and it made me feel so fucking terrible. I’ve become obsessed with calorie counting and at this point I can’t stand to eat if I don’t know how many calories are in what I’m eating. even something as small as a strawberry I feel the need to keep track of. I started chewing and spitting and I feel so gross because of it but sometimes I at least want to taste good food. Life just sucks and I’m terrified, that’s it I guess

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You need someone to eat regular meals with.

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Curious, how do you feel about the woman who gain 100+lbs on purpose because they like being fat?

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Well I think if you wanna be fat you can, and I’m fine with fat people but I just don’t want to be fat myself

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>start cosplay planning for a later year con
>begin budgeting when I realize I don't have my hotel info written down anywhere
>mfw I don't remember what fucking hotel I booked

Looks like I have to call a bunch of hotels and ask like an amnesia ridden idiot

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>on purpose

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When your little sister just turned 18, and you catch her packing a Costco box of condoms for the con.

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Don't hotels send a digital receipt to your email upon booking?

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I can never decide on a staple style. I like casual wear, but I also like girly dresses, printed thigh-highs of all sorts, and goth/punk inspired fashion.
My closet is a clusterfuck, it's often by total coincidence if I ever find two things that match. I basically end up doing something completely different with my appearance every single day, which I kind of like, but it also feels like I'm very inconsistent.

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Fuck you

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>top qt police officer complimented my coord
>can't flirt with him because I still haven't found a place to dispose the body

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I had thought they did but when I looked back through my emails I had nothing. I have horrible memory problems so I usually have everything saved/written down so I have not clue why I fucked myself like this

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RETRAD! Go talk your sister out f this.

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have you seen a therapist? almost all ED's have underlying reasons, it might help you sort stuff out.

but keep eating, anon, even if it's step by step, you can do it!

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Are you sure you actually even booked it?

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Man I just really love lolita

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Quick! How do I blow off work for a con??

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Man I just love cosplay

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Call in sick?
Go to con in costume
Do not get detected
Remember the basics of CQC
Don't forget your cardboard box

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Man I just really love you two for that tiny spot of stability in my stupid life :3

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>one of my DD's on sale for very cheap on auction
>SS can't do sniper bid for this one

No one has bid so far, but there's still two days and I have bad luck with manual bids, and I don't expect this dress to pop up again

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>also missed out on a different DD because I decided to wait a few days for my paycheck

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Iktf. I lost a 8000 yen moitie dress a few weeks ago because my SS couldn't bid fast enough.

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Damn I thought mbok was dead and abandoned and never check there anymore

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There's not very much on it

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Same here, anon. Idk, I still blame myself for being stupid and missing on my dd.

> tfw dress is on sale for really cheap in great condition
> want to get matching socks I can't afford rn
> payment comes up in a week
> dress is sold out

Why didn't I just buy it and keep on SS's storage till I have money for dumb socks? Who knows how many time it takes to popup again.

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Tell them 6 months in advance.

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I haven’t seen a therapist, but I really want to, I’m tight on money right now so I’m trying to figure out how when I can do that

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>tfw start taking steroids so I can cosplay without being ashamed by my body
>But I just want to cos Illya

Is muscle [insert non-muscle character] still a thing?

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> work along with three girls in room
> they all are super conservative married women, constantly talking about gossips, clothes, getting pregnant and loosing weight, let's call them M, N and L
> M's husband is working along with us
> somehow he begins staring at me any time he comes up to our room
> M accuses me in having an affair with her husband, which is not true
> M talks a lot of shit about me, N suppports her, L keep it neutral
> they figure out they wrong, say they sorry and try to act sweet
> okay.mp3
> they either feel guilty or just want to keep me close, so they try every opportunity to make friends with me
> they pushing really hard
> I try to act nice, laught at their jokes and somehow participate in discussions (although idk and idc to talk about normie dresses)
> I know for sure they're all fake when they act like they support liberal stuff I'm into
> they act all pissed, but keep droping hints like why don't I appreciate their efforts
> I feel all awkward, hardly can focus on my job
> I'm about to sob right at the table

Please, leave me alone, it's not how you make friends. I can't change my job right now, and I feel so shitty. I don't want to go to office so bad.

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Are you in school?
most colleges/uni's have health center benefits, same with many work places and even your city

it takes 3 months or so at 20+hours per week, but starbucks honestly has really good benefits(3k for mental health), and it's not a hard job to get (assuming you don't have one)

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Insecure, jealous women are honestly the worst. I work with a woman like this, but not closely. I can't imagine having to. My condolences, friend.

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Thinking about how much my wardrobe would have costed if I bought everything at retail price instead of secondhand stresses me out

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Anon who posted a few threads ago about having zero sexual interest in women anymore and being more sexually interested in anime girls. Then all the sudden after I stop caring I have girls asking to go out and latching onto me.

>First girl is 10 years my senior but look my age, acts like an older sister
>Second girl is 4 years my junior, very well spoken intelligent, big titties
>Third girl who asked me to go out recently keeps trying to relate to my weeb interests, recommended me a 'japanese' movie she watched on Netflix about someone asian lesbian cuck stuff or something. It was Korean.
>Fourth girl is a classmate who latches close to me every time our group gets together at the bar or goes to karaoke room

I genuinely have zero interest in any of them as any more than friends. Girls, please explain this behaviour. Is it wanting what you can't have? This only started happening after my last girlfriend shattered my heart and something inside me switched during the post-breakup depression and I just stopped caring and trying around girls. After that I can't find real women sexually arousing only anime representations.

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Unless you've outright told them you don't care about real women anymore, they probably don't know they don't have a chance. You're saying yourself you stopped trying around girls ; they just find your laid-back attitude attractive.

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They all know I own body pillows, I own figurines, I own imported doujins, my phone background is of an anime girl, my laptop background is of anime girls, I wear anime merchandise, I have anime girl stickers on my car, laptop and my uni books. I'm 'that' sort of guy you see on campus. I have explicitly stated to 2 of them I don't want a girlfriend, yet they still try.

I enjoy having them as friends but it makes me feel anxious that I'm stringing them along.

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which anime is this?

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Ignore them. Put headphones on. Say that you are sorry but you have to focus on the work. You don't have to be friend with them. Being neutral is totally fine.

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Call in sick. In most states you're allowed a certain number of sick days by law without penalty. No need to show proof unless multiple days are taken off in a row. If you have work on the weekends then sucks for you.

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Welp, I called the local sexual assault resource center in hopes of finding a therapist. They should get back to me in a few hours

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When you say that you end up giving in to the thread being shit. Also, there's a pattern going where when the feels threads start to turn to shit, it means a bunch of new crossboarders have shown up and in about 2-4 days the board will be full of shitposting and bait threads.

These threads started to go to shit about 3-4 threads ago, and since then we've had pol threads, race bait threads, robot threads, and soc threads all posted frequently. It's not a coincidence that the shitposters and crossboarders come here first, get acclimated, then start shitting up the board.

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If you're calling for help with rape as a man you're not going to have much luck through many organizations it the government. Most places in the US and UK don't consider female on male rape actually rape unless she pegged you lol

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The World God only Knows.

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When I asked, they told me men go in there fairly often. Besides, I care more about being mentally healthy than nomenclature

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Have you tried Soylent yet? At least your body would be getting a balanced intake and it’s easy to count calories on when it’s all you “eat”

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I got this dress, but now I'm having second thoughts about wearing it in public. Will normies give me dirty looks and/or tell me off?

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The men that go into those places are only doing it to shark on the broken women in the waiting area.

>> No.9833359

I guarantee you most normies have no idea what “lolita” even means.

>> No.9833370

I don't know, all I know is that in my state at least, the police will not let you file a case if female in male rape unless she shoved something up your butt. They'll push it down to lesser charges

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anon, your worries aren't normal. I really think you should consider treatment. a close friend of mine made the choice for herself and went to treatment. it's a process but there's hope in it. I really want you to live freely and be happy. food is an amazing blessing, you should be able to enjoy it healthily. you can't do this on your own, you need a professional and also a support group of people who have been in the same boat. once you get to the root of what drove a wedge between you and food you can start to heal it.
To be real with you, there's guaranteed untimely death in your future, and I know you're tired of feeling like you're 200 yrs old.

Your loved ones want you in their lives. they want you to be healthy, whole, and happy. no one wants to watch you struggle and then wither away, but they are not equipped to help you. please consider treatment.

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> girls from your comm slutshaming other girls
> I'm totally okay with sex-positive woman
> lie to them, so they treat you more friendly
> begin believing my own lie

I shall look for another comm around. I don't wan't to end up like this sharing their mindset.

>> No.9833429

Honestly the best thing my comm ever did was to have a more casual new year’s eve party where we had a male stripper come over, people were more sex-positive after that

>> No.9833438

>get treated badly by a mod of comm
>leave comm
>post offsite to show how that mod then did something shitty behind my back
>comm places ban for 'bullying'


Wish I could tell the other mods about this, but they're either best friends and relatives of the mod in question, or they're old mods who don't interact with the comm and therefore don't really care.

>> No.9833439

don't listen to these negative anons. they have their own agendas.

you're a real person in real turmoil and I wish you the best. please continue to look into therapy. it'll help you heal and also help you learn your boundaries, how to assert them, and how to contribute to a healthy relationship with good communication and hopefully very lovely, fulfilling sex. take it step by step and. wishing you the best anon!!

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Why don't you just review your credit/debit card purchases?

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That's a fucking lie

>> No.9833444 [DELETED] 

Bro really? He is. He literally just said he would hear back with therapist references.
Try reading for once in your life before posting.

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Do you feel guilty when you breathe?
Someone "important" could be breathing that precious oxygen, you know.

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my encouragement for him to stay on course doesn't imply he hasn't started the process yet.
there are at least 4 crappy, non-helpful replies, and men already have a hard enough time getting help for assault.
the pressure for him to minimize it and hide it is really strong and I just wanted to add my two cents to help him know that he's doing the right thing for himself.

reading comprehension seems to be your problem buddinski, not mine.

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Since when do women on cgl care about men? Y'all have male hate threads on the regular, same with lolcow

>> No.9833496

Yes, /cgl/ users are a hivemind and you can assume anon's intent based on other random anons.
Go back to your own board.

>> No.9833499

ive never seen a male hate thread here and ive been coming here semi regularly for years

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Women only have sex with men because they want something.

They want money, status, free housing, free food, free stuff, etc.

This is not just called prostitution, it's called a relationship or marriage.

If a woman cheats with another woman, it's for much different reasons than if she cheats with a man.

Lesbians are mostly lesbian for political and feminist reasons, not because of sexual preference.

If a woman cheats with another man, it's more of a betrayal, because why? What does he have that your boyfriend/husband doesn't?

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I like this post

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Fxxk boys get money

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And men only have sex with women because they want something. Status, love, happiness. There is unironically no such thing as a selfless act. Even this (you) was given for my own selfish reasons

>> No.9833583 [DELETED] 

You mean all the threats we have where we judge them for how they dress, hate on the ones making money from cosplay, and bitch about them being too slutty and only in the hobby for attention?

>> No.9833584 [DELETED] 

All this time I was doing it wrong. I have sex with a man because I love him and want to make him happy, to feel loved and wanted and supportive and to give him a home.

Why didn't I think to get money and possessions from this. Fuck.

>> No.9833590 [DELETED] 

Men have sex with women because they want to have sex, or they want to have kids.

That's it, period. It's that simple.

All adult men actually have to pay for sex, directly or indirectly.

If fake vaginas and sex dolls felt as good as the real thing, and there was a way to reproduce without women, men wouldn't even put up with your bullshit. You could replaced by a fake vagina and artificial womb.

Is he a NEET? If he is the relationship will probably end soon. Would you ever enter into a relationship with a broke NEET? The answer is no, for you and literally over 99% of other women.

>> No.9833592 [DELETED] 


>> No.9833598 [DELETED] 

So you think women won't date NEETs because they're broke? That makes sense. It has nothing to do with them lacking motivation, drive, talent, or the fact that 99% of NEETs are missing even basic interpersonal skills

>> No.9833600

RIP thread,
people don't give a shit about staying on topic and then it just invites incels, shitposters, and robots to come in and shit everything up

>> No.9833603 [DELETED] 

has anyone mentioned orgasms yet? I fee like someone should have mentioned orgasms.

>> No.9833606 [DELETED] 

No, he's working for research in electrical engineering field. We don't live together, and it's rare that we give each other monetary gifts. We spent time on each other, not money.

>> No.9833608

Last year:
>At con hotel with bunch of random from anime club in college
>I don't attend the club but the Facebook group had an opening for a hotel room share so I thought I'd save some dough
>Last weekend some videos of me showering and changing have been circulating around Facebook groups
>One of the videos is literally an hour fucking long because stupid me got horny from a doujin I purchased and had to masturbate or I would be uncomfortable the rest of the con
>I was in cosplay in this video so it even has the "fetish porn" appeal going for it

Am I able to get legal action for this? I'm going to talk to a campus counselor about this i guess but I'm just really mad and in shock. It's not even a bad blurry video either, the quality is Crystal fucking clear and the angle is good enough that my whole body is in the entire shot in each video. I'm too ashamed to even bring this up to anyone but it found it's way to me via a friendly PM from someone else on campus who recognized me.

>> No.9833612 [DELETED] 

I don't want to drive this further off topic, but it's absolutely obvious that you haven't tried a fleshlight before. Otherwise you wouldn't be talking shit you have zero comprehension of. Let's end the argument here.

>tfw my friend group is going to ax and my cousin is going to colossalcon and I can't go to either one because no monies and just started a new job.

My cousin offered to pay for me to join him at colossal, but I really want to save up money to find a new place to stay and to get a new car. And ax with all of my friends sounds amazing. It's absolutely heart-wrenching having to skip out on both.
Also, I think there's a chance I found someone that'd want to duo cosplay with me! Too bad I won't be going to any cons until November (at best) or next year June (at worst). Just fuck my shit up.

>> No.9833613

>implying the robot shitting up this thread could ever bring a woman to orgasm

>> No.9833615 [DELETED] 

>It has nothing to do with them lacking motivation, drive, talent,
That is all euphemism for "money".

This is how women try to play mental gymnastics to make themselves believe they're not whores.

They say they want a man with "ambition". That just means "money", or he's in college/school to make money.

Male NEETs are not necessarily untalented or lack drive.

Many of them are highly talented, extremely intelligent, and driven enough to commit mass murder, or would fight in a violent civil war, or revolution.

Over 99% of school shootings, and almost as many mass murders, are committed by men.

Do they lack motivation to participate in degenerate modern western society? Especially if they were given a bad hand in life? Yes they do. Many of them would rape and murder bitches like you though.

>> No.9833616

>I don't want to drive this further off topic
>replies to off topic posting and gives the shitposter attention

>> No.9833618

Just report it damn why do you all love bait so much

>> No.9833619 [DELETED] 

>I have explicitly stated to 2 of them I don't want a girlfriend, yet they still try.
>I enjoy having them as friends but it makes me feel anxious that I'm stringing them along.

If you've explicitly said it, you're not stringing anyone along. Maybe they see your declaration of disinterest as a challenge, which is shitty of them. Your wishes are exactly that and should be respected.

The question is whether it's worth it to you to keep being friends with them and put up with unwelcome clingyness or what have you.

>> No.9833620

>mfw when my bf is a neet and I love him and have good sex with him

>> No.9833621 [DELETED] 

He's in one of the most lucrative fields there is. I'm sure that has NOTHING to do with your relationship, you lying fucking whore.

>but it's absolutely obvious that you haven't tried a fleshlight before. Otherwise you wouldn't be talking shit you have zero comprehension of
I've tried the best fake vagina technology currently available in the world, and it's Japanese onaholes, not western fleshlights.

They still suck, I don't even use them, I prefer my hand. Fake vaginas will NEVER replace the real thing.

I am extremely high test and have a 6.5" penis.

>> No.9833629 [DELETED] 

considering I am a networking engineer and developer, I have my own money, thanks.

>> No.9833634

it's the same people fighting back and forth.
After we had all these R9K trolls come over I took a look at their board for a bit and noticed that they do this shit. If someone doesn't take their bait, they will just false flag and have an argument back and forth with themselves until someone else steps in and takes the bait or they derail the thread.

>> No.9833635 [DELETED] 

Then why are you still being a hypergamous whore?

When a man becomes wealthy, he WANTS an unemployed housewife. He WANTS a single-income household.

When a woman becomes wealthy, she still WANTS someone even more wealthy.

She might settle for a man who makes less money, but she is settling, and she believes she deserves praise for even dating a man who makes _less_ money.

None of these women would ever settle for a broke unemployed male though with no financial prospects.

Hypergamy is built into female nature very strongly. The vast majority of women have no place in colleges, because you're also dumb as fuck. A smart woman is basically an average man. I bet you have a fucking retard-level understanding of computer networking. You probably think a MAC address is something to do with Apple.

>> No.9833637

>Many of them are highly talented, extremely intelligent, and driven enough to commit mass murder, or would fight in a violent civil war, or revolution.
holy fucking shit
it's funny
thank you for the laugh

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>mfw I got slut shamed at the con

>> No.9833640 [DELETED] 

you've never been in love, have you?
what is affection, devotion, bonding?
you're really losing out on life experiences by buying into this loser mentality. there are beautiful, reciprocal things available for the well-adjusted and empathetic.

you don't realize it but you're in a cult, anon. life is much much more than pursuit of orgasm.
you're going to end up wanting to kill yourself or kill someone else because your beliefs don't match up with the desires of your heart. if you want a better life and want to find honest, pure people you yourself need to become an honest person. kick those demons to the freaking curb.

>> No.9833648 [DELETED] 

>you've never been in love, have you?
You've never had a Y chromosome, have you? I know you can't understand.

I am forced to be alone, because literally over 99% of females find my financial status to be unacceptable.

It wouldn't matter if I had the nicest personality in the world, it wouldn't matter if I was much better looking, because I would still be alone due to my financial status, and the fact that all women are literally whores.

What you're saying is very easy for a woman to say.

As a woman, you can just simply get:

- Free sex
- Free companionship
- Free money
- Free housing
- Free stuff

You get everything handed to you, but women never stop complaining and acting like they're a victim.

>> No.9833649

fuck that sounds awful
also what doujin

>> No.9833650

/r9k/ plz go

t. male cross-boarder

>> No.9833652
File: 41 KB, 625x626, 1522244172033.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another feels thread derailed by robots. Good job responding to them as usual! Your zangy replies really showed them who's boss!

>> No.9833655 [DELETED] 

>You've never had a Y chromosome, have you? I know you can't understand.

Well your not a woman either yet you assume how all of us think.

Just go already

>> No.9833656
File: 9 KB, 237x348, hitest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry anon it's too much fun arguing with these broken people

>> No.9833658

you're* gosh I should stop replying to bait

>> No.9833661 [DELETED] 

I can because I am above you. You're simple, easy to read.

I can understand the behavior of a dog, but the dog can't understand me.

>> No.9833662
File: 32 KB, 113x112, prayforher.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How did they record you without you knowing?

Are you a grill?

>> No.9833673

Why did we kill Good Thread? I like it more now.

>> No.9833684 [DELETED] 

are you incapable of supporting yourself? dude, have you ever had a job? also, are you blind? look at the working class people with families around you and stop crying about being alone because you're not Conrad Hilton.

you sound like you have a pretty weak character. you're alone because you delude yourself that everyone else is the problem.

maturity and self-sufficiency are attractive because it shows that the person is responsible, wise, and balanced. I wouldn't want to be with a child in a grown man's body because I've been upwardly mobile since the 8th grade. I want a partner who is mentally stable. Heck, you might say this is a masculine trait but I've always tended toward spoiling the people I love because I love to give people things and see them smile.

I grew up poor. no way in hell am I going to lay down my ability to make and control my own money to depend on someone else, especially not with the hobbies I have.
speaking from personal experience (as a woman) I can get:
a degree
a full-time job w/ benefits and retirement plan
my own, single-occupancy apt
a wardrobe full of beautiful dresses
& my own vidya and deck-building card games
all by my own effort.
I'm a hard worker. I worked 35 hours a week to pay for college.

I'm an adult, looking forward to having an adult partner who has all their own stuff to share and commune with. cuddle, cook and watch movies with. giving and receiving affection in a monogamous relationship is my dream.

saying "but you COULD get everything for free if you TRIED" doesn't change the fact that you're lazy and deflecting responsibility for your own unhappiness. If you worked on your self-esteem and knew you're true value you wouldn't be swept up in this chan religion.

>> No.9833687 [DELETED] 

"The male is a biological accident: the Y (male) gene is an incomplete X (female) gene, that is, it has an incomplete set of chromosomes. In other words, the male is an incomplete female, a walking abortion, aborted at the gene stage. To be male is to be deficient, emotionally limited; maleness is a deficiency disease and males are emotional cripples."

>> No.9833691 [DELETED] 

I believe the expression is "BTFO"

>> No.9833699 [DELETED] 

>This is what cgl actually believes
See, I knew that anon wasn't really trying to help that guy who was raped

>> No.9833703 [DELETED] 

dude it's from the SCUM manifesto, a satirical piece by valerie solanas, stop getting triggered so easily

>> No.9833704 [DELETED] 

Valerie Solanas truly was queen of the incels.

>> No.9833705 [DELETED] 

>"Dude I was just acting like an ass and saying one gender is inferior"
>"I was quoting 'satire' while making it look like it was my own words why are you so triggered?"

>> No.9833709 [DELETED] 
File: 36 KB, 499x338, 551e550f-f3bf-4a45-8793-cf120196ec37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9833710

Can we get back to posting /cgl/ feels instead of discussing /r9k/ shit

>> No.9833711 [DELETED] 

a. not a hivemind
b. yes, I was! don't even play with me, I mean it.
c. anon likely isn't serious. if other boards didn't foster this kind of gender war behavior anon wouldn't have to post retorts like that.

Imagine what it's like having 5 deluded crossboarders co-opt your nice thread just to post the same alpha/high-test/whores/status/attractiveness/brainlets pseudoscience memes over and over again.
it's destructive to males as much as females and it's TIME TO STOP.


>> No.9833719
File: 76 KB, 610x610, E4CA415B-49F7-4B84-A70F-A046FD8F476B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My fashion is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve.

>> No.9833725 [DELETED] 

>are you incapable of supporting yourself? dude, have you ever had a job?
I'd rather fight and die in a civil war or violent revolution before I participate in this society and perpetuate everything wrong with it. Participation is just supporting the current state of capitalism, feminism, race-mixing, immigration, and generalized degeneracy.

>you sound like you have a pretty weak character. you're alone because you delude yourself that everyone else is the problem.
Modern western society is the problem. This is not my fault. I was not chose to be born into 21st century western society, and all the problems in it, like feminism, immigration, and severe wealth inequality and lack of social mobility, are not my fault.

Even if I was in the top 1% of wealth, I would still want western civilization destroyed. I want everyone on the planet dead, and I wish God would do it again.

>I've been upwardly mobile since the 8th grade.
Good for you for being a little feminist whore. The only thing you did was take jobs from men, lower wages by increasing the labor supply, and vote to destroy civilization.

You would be infinitely more valuable to humanity as a good mother, which is impossible for you now.

>I'm an adult, looking forward to having an adult partner who has all their own stuff to share and commune with




>> No.9833741 [DELETED] 

>I'd rather fight and die in a civil war or violent revolution before I participate in this society and perpetuate everything wrong with it
here we go with this fantasy crap.
basically you're lazy. unmotivated. leeching off your parents, who work hard in this society and have to share the fruits of their arduous labor with you. ungrateful, spoiled, no-experience-having, reality-rejecting seedling.

you're not hopeless. you need help. what you believe in isn't real.
You have no work experience yet you still think you'd prefer having to support a whole family by yourself if you made it out of your room and into the career you could have? Sure, Jan. Work yourself to death, be a curmudgeon--live the dream.

>> No.9833751 [DELETED] 

To be honest you aren’t even wrong, the world would probably be better off if I was dead

>> No.9833753

I’m trying to get up the courage to go to therapy, I really do want to get better

>> No.9833759 [DELETED] 

If I could just go get a job, and afford my own house, and afford a female willing to have my children, I would have just done that.

It doesn't work like that anymore in my country.

>you're not hopeless. you need help. what you believe in isn't real.
I do not need help as I don't have anything wrong with me.

A violent revolution or civil war is not unrealistic. Even in modern western countries that seem "too big to fail" to simple-minded average people like you.

Do you know how many times this has happened in history? You probably think Ancient Rome was primitive.

You think in the present. You live in a bubble. I think decades into the future, and I easily relate to cultures and people who existed hundreds or thousands of years ago, with vastly different laws and customs that would shock the average person today living in western society.

Especially females. You are basically mentally retarded in my eyes. There was good reason that you were not allowed to have political and social power for almost the entirety of recorded history. Look what happened within just 100 years of giving you this power.

>> No.9833765 [DELETED] 

>in my country
where do you live?

>> No.9833768 [DELETED] 

United States of America.

>> No.9833769 [DELETED] 

So she shot Andy Warhol as a joke?

>> No.9833771

go for it anon. what's stopping you?

>> No.9833775
File: 33 KB, 314x252, CB9DD728-311B-4F51-9C60-CFBB73F72308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Both of you dumb as shit, but I wouldnt mind letting you sniff my fat, succulent toes.
> Trim the hairs off my bigfoot feeties. Drink my sole sweat like a bowl of wheaties.

CGL RELATED: I wish there were more variety in button-up, soft cutsews.. I can’t handle the scratchy, tight feeling of some blouses, so purchasing them regularly wouldn’t be realistic; they’d just waste away in my closet..

>> No.9833782

I just have really bad anxiety and I’m usually too scared to call anywhere

>> No.9833784
File: 231 KB, 500x366, ilu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get email from IW
>Dear Ms. Anon, this is Innocent World
>Thank you for your payment. We shipped your order
Later that day,
>get email from Japonica
>they accidentally offered a much lower price than I specified on a JSK I've wanted for years
>the seller accepted
This is true love, gulls.

>> No.9833785

Isn't there a variety? I guess that depends on what style you wear, but cutsew designs can differ quite a bit. I feel you though, they're so much more comfortable than blouses.

>> No.9833787 [DELETED] 

I got news for you buddy. I also live in the States. have my whole life. my mom is an immigrant citizen and my parents worked so, so hard but it was tough. But I didn't squander their hard work. I was valedictorian of my graduating class, went on to a good university, and now I have a good paying job. I'm saving and building my credit so I can one day own my own house. My parents couldn't afford to own.

I met a guy who lost just about everything due to severe alcoholism and a difficult divorce. he's sober and working part-time. he didn't have a lot but he was taking care of himself. I would be dating him right now if he was ready for a relationship.

stop making excuses for yourself. you're wasting your life and your abilities. If you want to continue being coddled by your family and an Indonesian shaddowpuppet board that's your choice.

>> No.9833790

I like feet but they gotta be clean.

I have a ton of soft cutsews from Axes Femme. I also found a few from taobao/amazon that look good.

>> No.9833791 [DELETED] 

> I also live in the States. have my whole life. my mom is an immigrant citizen
I hope you and your family die. I would gladly kill you pieces of trash in a war, and get you the fuck out my country.

Your shitskin migrant family is largely part of the reason that a man cannot just simply get a job out of high-school that allows him to afford his own property and family.

> I would be dating him right now if he was ready for a relationship.
At least you admit you're a fucking whore.

>> No.9833794

You’re right, there is. I don’t wanna seem like a whiner or anything. Thanks for feeling me on that, it helps knowing I’m not the only one lol.

>> No.9833795

>tfw good feels thread is gone
>tfw i'm here for so long that I recognize pattern of this /r9k/ shitposter
>tfw that anon who's talking about blocking incels in last thread was right

>> No.9833801 [DELETED] 

Your intelligence far lower than mine. I am extremely more intelligent than you.

The only difference is that you are more obedient, better at doing what you are told. You will get hired due to affirmative action. You take jobs away from men. You lower wages.

Then you act smug about destroying civilization. I would legitimately fucking beat you to death.

>> No.9833804 [DELETED] 

did you not finish high school?
my mom is from the Czech Republic, fyi. if you were smart enough you could start your own business after high school. heck, while you're even still in high school! what a baby.

you wouldn't understand this but some people who are considerate and self-aware, and are still healing emotionally, know to tell a person when they can't give to them emotionally. he did a great thing by being honest and not wasting my time. Instead, I'm single and celibate, waiting to meet my future husband. I've got a wonderful future ahead, and you do to if you step into reality and identified/cultivated your skills. Being a stockperson for a grocery store isn't a bad first step while you figure out what trade you want to get into.

>> No.9833808 [DELETED] 

>. if you were smart enough you could start your own business after high school
That requires already having money.

Intelligence has nothing to do with financial or academic success.

Taking on debt to go to college in modern America is actually sign you might be a fucking moron, that's why over 60% of college students are female now.

>Being a stockperson for a grocery store isn't a bad first step while you figure out what trade you want to get into.
If someone with my intelligence is resigned to begging for a job like this, I will sooner kill the people responsible for the problems with this society than lower myself to this.

>> No.9833817 [DELETED] 

>he did a great thing by being honest and not wasting my time
He told you he can't financially provide for you and you find that unacceptable. This is why you don't date him. You're literally a prostitute.

I would fucking bash your skull in to a bloody mess. You are an example of what ruined western society.

>> No.9833822


>> No.9833829 [DELETED] 

you can literally pitch a good idea to people and gain investors. They front you the capital you need if they see they can get a return on it. it's like you have no idea how things actually work!
beggars can't be choosers. you need to work your way up in anything that you do, whether you're a Judo master, a school teacher, a chef, a glass blower, or tech support. you get nowhere if you don't have at least some experience required for every next step.

you give us a bad name with your "I'll just blow everything up" instead of working on yourself. you're the kind of person who'll sit and complain about being on fire instead of putting it out. you don't even have enough compassion and drive to come up with a way to better yourself and the others in your situation in your own local community.

I'm convinced you're underage. You must be.

>> No.9833831 [DELETED] 

no, he told me he couldn't give back emotionally and can't commit. I don't need a fling, I want a partner. I have my own everything, why would I need some guy's support?

>> No.9833847 [DELETED] 

>you can literally pitch a good idea to people and gain investors. They front you the capital you need if they see they can get a return on it. it's like you have no idea how things actually work!
Typical fucking woman. You live in a delusional bubble if you think this is how things work. Shark Tank is a show on TV.

>you give us a bad name with your "I'll just blow everything up"
Who is us?

The most beneficial thing someone can do in America is to kill those responsible for destroying this civilization.

Being a NEET, or homeless, and simply not participating and perpetuating this system, is more beneficial to humanity than actually working.

The most beneficial thing someone can do is to destroy modern western civilization.

Anything you can do to accelerate the inevitable collapse, is what you should be doing. I do not respect someone who perpetuates this system by participating in the workforce, or going to college.

Liar and whore.

>> No.9833864 [DELETED] 

you realize your parents have to work even harder to support you in addition to themselves? they're putting in even more time and energy than they would, which defeats your agenda. Why don't you just move to another country? There's a-whole-nother hemisphere for you to apparently enjoy much better.

If you weren't just spouting fake garbage you would go the true route of homeless, off the grid, no footprint, living in nature. what kind of society could you hope to create, being as socially inept and uncaring as you are? it'd be more broken than this one, friendo.
You wouldn't be able to survive on your own in a war-destroyed America. The first thing you'd do is look for a caretaker. Are there even real woods near your suburban neighborhood?

>> No.9833866 [DELETED] 

You're posting nothing but the toppest of baits, anon. You are truly the pinnacle of robotmen.

At risk of validating your shitposting, I have to correct you on a few things. You assume that women only care about your income, and financial status. You're wrong. It's just the social status they gain from being with you. I've been completely destitute, and also in the highest income bracket within the past few years of my life. I'll let you in on the reality anon, women are trained in society to see men as less than human. All the way from your teachers in public schools, to your own mother. It doesn't matter what you do, or what you become, you're just "a man" to them, and that basically means your emotions are worthless. You won't ever have anyone you can be vulnerable to, because even when you do have an intimate relationship with a woman, they're going to use any weakness you show to them in their favor. Try being a male going to a school counselor for mental help, they turn you over to the police becuase they think you're a threat when you're suicidal. They'll kill your children without repercussions or steal them from you through the legal system, and won't feel a shred of remorse. They'll spit in your face if your lover dies, then demand you console them endlessly if a pet of theirs passes away. How you feel is insignificant. Your mother would rather have you kill yourself than be a burden to her social life. The people who tell young women how to treat men, are the same people that cheer the increasing rates of suicide for young men. Then, they'll blame their abysmal treatment of males on the behavior of men, instead of their own teachings of hate. Women want to treat men as if they themselves were another man, as competitors and rivals, but then cry in agony if you treat them the same way. They will never surrender their social protections of implied weakness and vulnerability, but will attack you endlessly when given the chance.

>> No.9833872
File: 58 KB, 625x626, 1514640084680.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9833878 [DELETED] 

> There's a-whole-nother hemisphere for you to apparently enjoy much better.
Western civilization doesn't mean "western hemisphere" you fucking moron.

They never taught you that in all your years of schooling?

Australia is a western country despite being right below East Asia.

>If you weren't just spouting fake garbage you would go the true route of homeless
I plan to be homeless.

>Are there even real woods near your suburban neighborhood?
I live in a nigger and spic infested urban city with no nature. Yes this makes me mad.

>You wouldn't be able to survive on your own in a war-destroyed America
I'd do A LOT better than any female.

Relatively, I would do great in an apocalyptic event. I have survival skills and knowledge, I'm physically fit. My status and value to females would infinitely increase overnight.

>> No.9833883 [DELETED] 

whew lad.
I just don't understand how you can delude yourself this much if you think solely women perpetuate this. I watch guys tear each other to shreds here. Calling each other cucks and soyboys and chads, laughing at each other for having the same feelings you argue are valid.

All of this is a part of the same systemic problem, which is destroying us. Women aren't conniving, dependent, brainless objects, and men aren't heartless, superhuman, invincible sex maniacs.

we need to destroy these painful, rigid, gendered expectations and let people's gifts and skills speak for themselves. evil people with bad intentions come in every shape, type, and size. but there also goodhearted people around you in the same variety, many of which could use your encouragement and love.

We're human beings. We're supposed to be caring for this planet and building each other up. What's the point of being sentient if you're just going to let yourself be wracked by vice and self-pity?

You give a person freedom and respect and sure, they'll let you down, but give them the same space to achieve greatness that you need for yourself. Shoot me down all you want but then nothing's going to change for the better. Open your mind and your heart to the men and women around you. Try to live a light-filled life and inspire others to be better people.

>> No.9833891
File: 509 KB, 1280x999, 25167318708_8163fd2d22_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

man, I just really love being a lolita.

>> No.9833892

I knew this shit would happen before I even wrote my first post

>> No.9833894 [DELETED] 

Men treating men terribly is part of nature. Men are in competition with one another, perpetually. Women treating men as adversaries is an entirely new thing.
>Women aren't conniving, dependent, brainless objects, and men aren't heartless, superhuman, invincible sex maniacs.
I never said they were. You're confusing me for the obvious r9k incel. I'm saying even in intimate relationships, I've been treated like the heartless, superhuman, invincible sex maniac. I've been there. I'm not asking for other men to treat me like a human, I'm asking that my female partners would. They haven't.

>> No.9833904
File: 1.91 MB, 275x211, 08.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9833918

There are places you might be able to email, it's a start.

>> No.9833922
File: 245 KB, 752x782, __jiji_kiki_and_lily_majo_no_takkyuubin_drawn_by_ayu_mog__ac8c2c69fdd398db4bb1d578c8d91a5c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have so much trouble making friends in the cosplay community to the point where i wondered why i even cosplay anymore and ive basically stopped. there is no point in going to cons if im not going to hang out with friends. it just seems like a waste if im just going to buy stuff and have some photos taken of me.

>> No.9833945 [DELETED] 
File: 2.34 MB, 540x370, 1522292718.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do chestlets keep trying?

>> No.9833954

I wore a Metamorphose skirt to class the other day, and someone texted me to tell me that she liked it! Then my French friend told me I was one of the best dressed people she knew at university. I love how lolita makes me look!

>> No.9833972

iktf anon. I just want friends I can talk about cosplay and conventions in depth with, and go to cons with of course. I’ll have some nice conversations with people while at conventions, but it never really goes beyond that. A couple normie-ish friends of mine will go to cons with me if I ask, but they basically only do it because I want them to, and they’re only really willing to go to local stuff. Going alone is obviously an option, and would probably make it easier to meet people, but the thought of that makes me anxious.

>> No.9833991

I appreciate cosplayers and keep pics of them forever.

>> No.9833999

Why not post your vents in fa's /thinspo/? (They're not as pro-ana as you'd think.) This is sort of off-topic for the board.

Chewing and spitting is really bad, please see someone.

>> No.9834004

same exact thing with me, i actually go with my cousin and she doesnt even really like anime or games, so it just feels like im dragging her along. i just dont really know how i should get involved. i tried going to a photoshoot, have you tried that? it didnt seem like they were really my type of people honestly, they were kind of just quoting like tumblr memes i didnt really understand but it was cool to actually be involved.
one thing im afraid of is scaring them off with my attitude or sense of humor but i guess i could fake it until i make it. cons are pretty normie so its a bit difficult.

you're one of the sweet people that still keep me going, i feel happy when people are very excited to take a photo of me in a cosplay i put my time and love into.

>> No.9834049 [DELETED] 
File: 103 KB, 500x479, 7F263BF1-61EC-4B68-A094-439FF1038887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m a transgender man. I live stealth irl, but a lot of people in my state’s cosplay community know because the people I knew before transitioning or during my early stages of transition assumed it was okay to tell other people (something I’m really not okay with, but I’ve decided to embrace my fate as “the trans cosplayer” instead of making a huge stink about it.)

As a result of most local cosplayers knowing I’m trans, I attract a lot of people looking for advice. I don’t mind giving advice to actual trans people, but I’m pretty tired of fujoshits and transtrenders messaging me begging for validation on their “ uke prettyboy” or “boy in a dress” aesthetic. I have the super traditional idea that you have to have at least some dysphoria and want to change some aspects of your appearance and lifestyle in order to be trans. But I have to keep my beliefs to myself, because I don’t want to be branded as “truscum” and have my cosplay community start a witch hunt against me.

>> No.9834050

stop trying to take this thread even further off topic

>> No.9834058

angelic pretty

>> No.9834082
File: 202 KB, 440x498, A1C08529-72B4-407C-ABE8-C7DAFB5A71F9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have been feeling anxious about my age or whatever age I appear as lately. I’ve been upping my jfash game and just feel too old and ugly for the cute feminine clothes. Friends say I’m cute when I talk to them about it but that’s what friends would do.
Anons, if I posted a face pic here, would you honestly guess my age? I don’t get hurt easily and I would like to know whether I should move out of nanchatte and axes femme or not.

Pic unrelated, didn’t have anything currently saved to use

>> No.9834089
File: 182 KB, 850x850, __ichinose_shiki_idolmaster_and_idolmaster_cinderella_girls_drawn_by_asagimu_tsuktsuk__sample-b504710f28329305cbc02516163f79f1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been stalking Ichigokitty and aspire to have a life kinda similar to hers. I've been doing extensive research on her to the point where I know her full legal name, her age, etc... And her life fascinates me. I acknowledge the drama she had in her "dark past", but they seem tame compared to someone like Momokun. I understand social media makes lives glamourized, but I would like to have a life like her. Married and in a stable committed relationship, be skinny enough to wear cute clothes, have enough skill to make costumes, etc... I still see her as a positive role model to an extent. I've been lurking in cgl since 2008 and for a good ten years now I've been seeing the rise and fall of this subforum. It's all so interesting I suppose. Just experiencing the nostalgia. Maybe it's weird of me to say this, but I wish I could have that same charm the old tripfags had. I miss the old 2008-2012 /cgl/ culture.

>> No.9834096

I'll give you an honest guess.

>> No.9834098

Honestly I feel the same way. I'm 23 turning 24 in the summer and I've never worn gothic lolita or cute Jfashion but want to do so desperately. It won't be until I'm 27-28 to afford burando/ commit myself fully to making more cosplay. I think the key here is to follow a nice skin care regime and be more mindful of committing to self-care. Exercising, a healthy diet, and taking care of yourself does a profound amount to retain your youth even when you age. And you can still be cute despite being older! The key is finding the perfect sweet balance of mature + cute. I don't think you need validation from anons regarding this. I'm in the same boat but honestly you shouldn't stop. I'm still going to love larme kei/ lolita/ menhera well into my 30s. Just find a way on how to pull it off with grace.

>> No.9834099

>thread so full of robots and crossboarders that it has to be purged multiple times
>better post a pic of my face
that's a very bad idea

>> No.9834121

I don’t like to go on /fa/ because the times I’ve went there before it’s just made everything worse, I usually post here because it’s my Home board, and a lot of the reason why I’ve developed an eating disorder is because of the lolita community

>> No.9834123

I just feel like I’m racing against the clock to do what I can while it still looks appropriate on me (I hope). I’m def gonna keep wearing some sort of not-normie fashion my whole life but I feel like I’m on borrowed time already. There wasn’t an easy way of getting jfash when I *was* safely young.
I would like to move into mori, maybe. I will just miss my precious nanchatte.

Maybe you’re right. Maybe I should wait and see how the next one goes.

>> No.9834124

>tfw don't have enough money to buy a new release
>consider selling some dresses
>bf offers to buy it instead
good feel

>> No.9834214

Anon you need to stop spending time here and go to therapy

Why can't you buy used burando or just buy *gasp* taobao/bodyline?

>> No.9834233

I honestly wouldn't mind. I've looked into Taobao brands and I'm not making an "ita" excuse or anything. I just find it a bit confusing navigating through the websites but whatever. I'll look through them. I'm just not in the best financial spot at the moment to invest in it. But I'll start looking when I get my part time job. No need for that condescending attitude though.

>> No.9834235
File: 241 KB, 529x500, stockingfish.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>chilling at tea
>girl wearing a coord that must have cost at least $15,000 takes the mic
>screams at the top of her lungs "Asexuals are just incels in denial!"
>mfw she dabs, rips a fart, and backflips out of the room

>> No.9834263

What a legend.
But whats an Incel?

>> No.9834267

Someone who posts on >>/r9k/

>> No.9834269

Someone just messaged me on lacemarket asking if they could subsidize my dress so that others could buy it. They had no feedback and made their account a day ago.

I'm confused and weirded out.

>> No.9834276

She is wrong. My little sister is aero ace, not an incel.

>> No.9834277

>Ask girl out recently
>She says no and it hurts my ego, mostly because I figure I'm out of shape
>Get drunk and decide to mask my feelings by dressing up as Kumbhakarna as depicted in one of his alt skins in Smite and dance to Tunak Tunak Tun and viewer requests on Twitch
>Affiliate immediately asks me to delete the stream for humping a pillow and doing a mock ISIS execution on stream with an inanimate object

SO, now I need to lose weight, and I realized I dress up to mask my personal insecurities. 6lbs down so far.

To make matters worse
>posted this in the wrong thread initially

>> No.9834278

>doing a mock ISIS execution on stream with an inanimate object
As opposed to doing one with an animate object which is infinitely more impressive.

>> No.9834287
File: 20 KB, 453x358, 1518325427293.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lurked /cgl/ for the memes, drama, and board culture for a little while on and off
>Used to look at feels threads to reassure me that there are women as lonely as I am
>Found out it's really all just other men hanging out and shitposting at each other
>no more self-assurance from the feeling that there are ladies with the same introverted problems I have
>no more confidence that just being myself is fine, because my problems of a loner seem weird to most people
>tfw most introverted women on 4chan are just LARPing robots
I'm really going to die alone, huh?

>> No.9834292

I hope everyone in the room clapped afterwards

>> No.9834306

Sure, with that attitude.
I, as a fellow owner of the clitoris, would know that females do exist. Yes, some are almost on the same level as useless faggots as you.

>> No.9834391
File: 1009 KB, 500x280, boozing_intensifies.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My girlfriend is a really high profile cosplayer I guess, I'm not super into cosplay but I know a lot about it (And a ton of drama) through her and she's coming to visit me for a con. She's only staying for about 6 days, 2-3 of which will be at the con, but I'm worried she's gonna attract a ton of attention and I'll have to give up what little time I have with her or attention I get from her to random creepy dudes. We're doing couples cosplay both days and although she's said she doesn't want this con to be stressful (All the cons she normally goes to in her country are huge and she has to play nice with all the people there) and just wants to hangout and have fun with me and my friends. I want to enjoy the con with her, but I'm kinda selfish and want all her attention on me, but I feel bad for wanting that.

>> No.9834394

>high profile cosplayer
>long distance girlfriend
Anon, I...

>> No.9834395


>> No.9834404

I’m also curious of your deduction

>> No.9834406

I’m a lonely ass bitch and my bf tells me while I’m posting here that y’all are all men. I can relate

>> No.9834410
File: 52 KB, 444x287, 74238948295234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm a lonely ass bitch
>has a boyfriend
Try having your wardrobe as your only companion before you call yourself a "lonely ass bitch".

>> No.9834414

I understand.

>> No.9834422
File: 2 KB, 81x81, cc1b0da5-c602-4f09-999a-d23948b65f39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its probably either "She's cheating on you" or "She's catfishing you" or some variety of those two.

In terms of cheating, we've been best friends for a solid 3+ years, we've only been dating for the past 8 months I think. I know her and she's probably one of the least likely people I've ever met to cheat on their s/o. She's not a super physically affectionate person and doesn't need much, and she's only interested in long term relationships (Something that originally stopped us from being together) so I'm not worried about it at all. As for catfishing....again, known her for years, and if that wasn't enough for you I'm pretty sure I would have noticed if she was a neckbeard old guy fucking with me one of the times when I picked her up from the airport. Who knows though, maybe anon has a different deduction

>> No.9834426

You think she's using him for money and free stuff because you don't believe decent women exist?

>> No.9834428

Another thing I thought anon might be assuming. She's never asked me for a dime the entirety of the time I've known her. I paid for half of her plane ticket because I refused to let her visit me without letting me at least do that, and bought us food and whatever while she's here, but that's about the extent of it.

>> No.9834434

I’m saying that a “high profile cosplayer” usually means they’re pretty and would be able to find someone in their own area. That and cosplayers in general let alone popular ones aren’t known to be the least dramatic people in the world.

>> No.9834444

Some people don't fall in love easily. I'm in love with someone from another country and have been trying to find someone in my own area for two years now, but they all annoy me. Especially the ones that hit on me first.

>> No.9834450

>tfw finally in Machida
>talking with japanese girl
>she asks if I have a gf and I reply no
>she's totally surprised and quickly tells her friend who has to recheck with me while in a state of complete shock
>they both tell me that japanese girls would find me really handsome

Nothing like the classic "I can't believe you don't have a girlfriend" to bruise the old ego

At least I'm heading into harajuku tomorrow, which is nice

>> No.9834462

>she's totally surprised
>tell me that japanese girls would find me really handsome
Why is this a bruise to your ego?
I mean sure "I can't believe you're single" might not mean much when you hear it from people you know, but you're in a different area with different culture. It's not a trait that's specific to Japan, either; different people in different places find different things attractive.
Take it as a compliment, don't raise your expectations too high but if anything, let it be a boost to your ego.

>> No.9834495

Good luck, Anon. The best thing you can do is be willing to try to heal. Not all therapist are created equal so I hope you find one that can work well with you.

>>9834082 If you're confident and well-dressed you'll look fine, but I understand how you feel. I worry too.

>> No.9834497
File: 39 KB, 680x383, 0f4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Watch darling in the franxx
>no 02 to ride
>Tfw no gf
Pic related I wish I was Hiro.

>> No.9834500

>gaijin hunter girls go for any non jap person
>wooooooooow i must be soooooo attractive

>> No.9834502

Get used to this and girls wanting to date you as arm candy. When I lived in Japan people were constantly asking me if I had a boyfriend or how many lovers I had. I'm a dumpy girl and I know it, but their standards of beauty worked with my dumpiness. Like probably how your looks work for them. Are you thin, fair and blue-eyed? Is your face small?

>> No.9834508

Same anon. I downloaded the oldest cgl archive a few days ago and almost felt like crying. It's not just cgl, it's everything. The internet will never even remotely be as comfy again.

>> No.9834513

>wall of text
>it boils down to "i want to be thin"
stop eating, start working out

>> No.9834516
File: 998 KB, 800x1000, 1381103569966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a transgirl, but I feel it's opposite on this side. Others expect you to be generic Stacy in jeans, and dressing in overly feminine ways makes one accused of being a fetishist.
But I don't feel comfortable without emphasizing my femininity, maybe because of my not too pretty face. I feel happy only in dresses, both these puffy and ones tighter to the body, showing my curves.
But man, I just really love lolita.

>> No.9834518
File: 28 KB, 554x366, 3f3ncsU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>make a thread a while back trying to get /cgl/ to do fun activities again outside of drawthreads, just like the good old days of derpy chan and ita dressup
>told to fuck off, no one likes that gay shit anymore and the thread gets no bumps and dies off

what happened

>> No.9834519

Having fun is "cringey" now.

>> No.9834520
File: 151 KB, 960x1200, 1519052323.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In all seriousness, transfeels don't belong here. You have an entire board for your feels so don't derail our thread with them.

>> No.9834525

Stop trying to detail this thread with tranny shit. You have an entire board for that

>> No.9834527
File: 607 KB, 668x668, 1380582936086.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>don't be off topic in off topic thread
Lolita (and previously cosplay, from the guy) related feels in feels thread on /cgl/.
It's no different than whining about being fat nor sharing feels about eating disorders.

>> No.9834529

is there a board for being fat? no
is there a board for eating disorders? no
is there a board for mentally ill people? yes >>>/lgbt/

>> No.9834540
File: 12 KB, 300x100, 171.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>is there a board for being fat?
>is there a board for eating disorders?
>is there a board for mentally ill people?
Welcome to 4chan.

>> No.9834546

Fuck off. Shitposting encourages robots like the ones who have shit up the last 4 of our thread sand taken a fat dump on the catalog over the last few days.
Take you stupid tranny shit to LGBT you have an entire board for tranny shit

>> No.9834554

Generals for everything happened. No original threads allowed.

>> No.9834564
File: 325 KB, 904x583, 1517832980865.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's pink wojak and is from /biz/

>> No.9834574

/fit/ is literally eating disorder the board. So many fatties binge eating, fasting, or skellies forcing themselves to eat.

>> No.9834602

I think it’s that people use their phones now and just prefer to refresh a few threads than always open up new threads and actually browse the board.

>> No.9834619

It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to... You would cry too if it happened to you!

>> No.9834643
File: 39 KB, 409x487, 1497848068893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>eating big to get big is a disorder now

>> No.9834707

Yeah she's extremely pretty. I'm sure she could find someone in her area, but I could as well no problem. We both have trouble finding really genuine connections or people we're both physically and romantically compatible with, and it just so happens we meet those criteria for each other. She actually hates drama though, at least drama involving her, and tends to stay out of it. She can get extremely emotional and impossible to reason with if we have some sort of fight, but I'm generally really at countering that because I'm good at regulating my own.

>> No.9834721
File: 102 KB, 419x427, guess i'll die lolita edition.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>22 years old
>B cup since middle school
>go to buy new bras
>B cups don't fit
>C cups don't fit
>mfw now a 32D

Why did I have to go through a second puberty as soon as I start wearing gothic? My tiddies ain't gonna fit in those Moitie dream dresses now

>> No.9834725

Just better hold on tight. If someone similar to you moves to her area it’ll be scary.

>> No.9834727
File: 225 KB, 600x600, 1446058253347.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Used to always go to cons with a friend
>Sent a link to tickets for a local con
>Buy mine at that time
>Con rolls around
>Friend flips out on me for buying tix without saying anything
>Guilts me by claiming I'm ditching her
>Sell tickets and don't go alone for fear of fallout

Now I feel stuck, I don't wanna go to cons with her because of how she acted, but if I go alone and she finds out she'll flip out again.

>> No.9834738

What the fuck? Why can't you enjoy your time alone? Don't be a pushover. If you don't want to go to cons with her because of how she acted, then you shouldn't go with her. Period. She reminds me of a certain someone who got pissy because I didn't spend the entire day with them at a con.

>> No.9834759

Are your first initials A and K by any chance?

>> No.9834766

that's not how it works. people aren't replaceable.
if he acts like a total anxiety-ridden controlling spaz he'll ruin his relationship.
there's no reason to be insecure, especially since they were close friends for years before dating.

>> No.9834767

You're right I am a pushover but it's like we've been friends for years and she's kind of dependent on me, she always gets upset when I'm not around because I don't think she really has any other friends. She's usually fine whenever it comes to anything else, but she always gets this way when it comes to feeling like she's left out idk

>> No.9834772

>that's not how it works. people aren't replaceable.

I used to think they actually are. It's just your requirements being too specific, so it's hard to find replacement.

>> No.9834776

They most definitely are. With all the people in the world, there will always be someone very similar to you but better in some way.

>> No.9834780

Oh and I’m not saying to be a clingy possessive spaz, but to not let her lose interest in you...which is harder when you’re remote.

>> No.9834784

>Useless faggot
I'm working my way up the ladder of a lucrative career at least.

>> No.9834787

Except for me. I'm the best

>> No.9834788

every step on that ladder takes you further away from having children
you will regret it one day, belive me

>> No.9834790

I'm a man, so it's actually the opposite, statistically. The more money I earn for my household, the more stable my family can be. That said, I've also decided that I don't want to have kids until my late 20s, unless I make significant financial gains earlier on. IDK though, I'll probably be the dude who dates women 5-9 years younger than me.

>> No.9834792

Hun. The humble bragging can stop anytime.

>> No.9834797

I'm convinced that a lot of seagulls only take the bait to assert dominance. We truly are Chads.

>> No.9834805

Tell her how she's acting is stupid and that you sent her the link when you bought yours. Buy another ticket for yourself and have fun.

>> No.9834806
File: 222 KB, 717x1038, 1513025713353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw when you are unable to have children and the only thing left in life is career and buying dresses to make me feel better

>> No.9834807

are you mad that my boobs are bigger than yours?

>> No.9834808

I'm truly sorry anon. Being a mother is the most fulfilling thing ever no matter what the meme kids say.

>> No.9834809


>not thinking about adoption
>not thinking about surrogacy
>not thinking about the literal dozens of ways you can bypass barriers to reproduction depending what you have


>> No.9834815

>tfw typical mother type but don't want my kids to live in the inevitable shitty future
At least we'll save a shit ton of money anon.

>> No.9834817

> tfw I probably able to have a kid, but don't want to. I don't even hate kids, neither like them. I've never seen myself as mother. TaIking about future, I wonder if I regret more for having or not having kids?

>> No.9834828

>implying everybody wants to have ridiculous anime tiddies
I was quite content being in the itty bitty titty committee, thanks

Ps, >>9834807 ain't me. Back pain is nothing to be jealous of

>> No.9834831

Was meant for

>> No.9834835

What a joke. This is nothing compared to your own spawn.

>> No.9834836

I'm not saying >>9834792 because I think your tits are big, I'm saying it because that's a great bust to have and still fit into everything.
The tiniest dresses won't fit, but your gripe about Moitie? Not even remotely an issue.

>> No.9834840

>Things a shitbag breeder says
Sure, because how could you ever love and care for a child that didn't see the inside of your cunt, right?

>> No.9834843

>Muh back pain
I'm tired of hearing people complain about pain they have in that should be their youth because they never fucking exercise. I want to flip out when I see a lady in her early 30s talking about serious back pain, and she's fucking fat.

>> No.9834847

Man, I just really want to breed a lolita

>> No.9834849

Well, 30 is the start of osteoporosis screening, but you're right that with some muscle training a large bust isn't an issue.
Still, wearing the wrong bra goes a really long way to developing chronic problems later in life, and most women don't even know their actual size.

>> No.9834850

I knew it would be mentioned.
I don't want to adopt. I hate children. I get along with them, I smile whenever I get to interact with any. But every time I get to spend time with them, I am reminded that I will never have any on my own.
I want to experience pregnancy, I want to love my child since conception, I want to share the happiness with my other half, I want to go through the pains of giving birth, I want to breastfeed, I want to be there as my child makes first steps, says first word, grows and matures. I want to feel alive.
Surrogacy? That wouldn't be my kid. And for the father, why wouldn't he get a complete woman instead of me.
Adoption? I'm as unwanted as these children, and I won't be lying to any potential partner, hiding that I cannot have children. I only attract guys who do not want kids, and my country forbids adoption for singles.
I always dreamt of having many kids. At least three. Instead I got cancer and my organs removed.

I know. Or rather, I wish I knew.

That's what my mom says, that now is not a good time to have kids. Many are born with health or mental problems, the world goes to shit, etc.
Nothing of that makes me any happier.

>> No.9834854

one advice
screw the whole calory counting

>> No.9834855

You can, but it isn't the same. I love and care for my cats too. And my family. But it's not the same.

>> No.9834857
File: 50 KB, 629x821, 1212237702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>literal catlady

>> No.9834859

you're gonna make me cry anon
i wanna give you a hug

>> No.9834861
File: 126 KB, 1920x1080, 15013556333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn anon, that's sad

>> No.9834865

Wow fuck y'all who think adopted kid's can't be loved. So glad my (adoptive) parents are better than shitstains like you who don't see all children as equally needing love. And fucking I hate kids. But parents who actually want a kid enough to love them even if they didn't grow the little parasite themselves are at least going to genuinely want that kid.

>> No.9834873

Same here anon. It makes me so sad somedays and I feel so worthless. My goals for my career and my lolita are the only things keeping me going. It sucks because I want a family. I want a husband, but no one wants me because I am worthless.

>> No.9834879

>who don't see all children as equally needing love

that anon wasn't talking about giving love to someone who needs it, but rather her own experience of motherhood

>> No.9834880

You do know that there's more to being a parent than pregnancy, having "your own flesh and blood" and "watching their first x"? They don't stop being your child after they become adult, you're still partly responsible and commited to them for the rest of their lifes and you have to put their lifes and interests over yours very often without a reward. You have to be able to teach a human how to survive in a future you can only predict and raise them to the point where they're able to live their own life as happy as possible for the sacrifice of yours. I have endless respect for good parents, but desu the majority has pretty vain reasons for having kids and doesn't realise how much responsibility they really have until it's too late.

>> No.9834885

>no reading comprehension
I feel sorry for your parents that they adopted a retard.

>> No.9834888


I'm sorry anon, I really am. But I think part of it is the way you view things. I know many people who have grown from this. They've gone on to lead incredibly fulfilling lives, whichever path they chose. I hope one day you can find a way of achieving what you want.

Unfortunately, I can't experience what you can, so I know when I say this, it might be from a place where I can't understand where you come from. But know that you aren't alone in this. Maybe reach out to other people who are like you?

>> No.9834902

why are you taking steroids then?
wouldn't estrogen work better?

those who shame the strongest, are the biggest sluts themselves, I guess

Incel is short for involuntary celibate, basically someone who wants to have a relationship, or at least wants to get laid, but can't, cause for reasons

>Affiliate immediately asks me to delete the stream for humping a pillow and doing a mock ISIS execution on stream with an inanimate object
why did he thought that?

>I always dreamt of having many kids. At least three. Instead I got cancer and my organs removed.
wow, that's sad
but why is adoption still not an option?

>> No.9834904

>me talking to a talented artist on how an oc of theirs reminded me of another amazing character
>we have fun on this short convo
> some tumblrina special snowflake is then in my mentions bitching at me saying that me saying an oc looks like another character is ~rude~
>i said i didn't meant that in a negative way, it just reminded me of this character and i was not rude at all
>has yet to respond possibly because they looked like an idiot

It's like some of these people actually have no social skills or understand context

>> No.9834907

you're not worthless and it may not feel like it but do know that someone out there loves you or has the capacity to

>> No.9834911

I'm pretty sure you can get whoever did this to you on a list.

>> No.9834913
File: 188 KB, 576x426, Angelina_Dalles.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wished for three girls.
Elizabeth, Victoria, Coraline. These are the names I would give them.
You can cry for me, I rarely do that without hormones, and got desensitized already.

I'm glad for you anon, I'm glad for your happiness and the love you get.
And I'm sorry, I'm afraid I would be unable to love an adopted child. I don't want hurt a child, just because I would be unable to part with thoughts of my own inability to bear one.
I wish I could accept that one day, I'm still young, maybe one day I will feel able to adopt. Today I do not feel like this.

Don't give up anon, you can still find someone. It's difficult to accept to be loved, especially if you suffer like this and feel so worthless. But I believe there are many reasons for you to be loved.

>Maybe reach out to other people who are like you?
Do I want to? I'm able to focus on my life, work. I rarely get reminded. It's been over 5 years since I was deprived of my ability. I recently got on my feet, last year I was finally to get a job, I'm slowly improving. I don't often run into these feelings, I don't want to be constantly reminded.

Thank you everyone for your support and kind words.

>> No.9834917
File: 55 KB, 640x480, 1347928949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>studying CS
>taking a class on C++
>it's difficult as hell
>don't want to ask any of the greasy guys in the class for help
Wish i could just do python all day

>> No.9834919

thanks anon. it's just sad. I've tried to get into relationships for the past 10 years but once I tell the person, they ghost me. I'm so lonely sometimes. I like being alone and doing things myself, and I have no issues with that. I lead a fairly happy life with myself, but that's not what I want. I want to love and be loved by someone. Anyway, thank you.

>> No.9834923

>tfw scoliosis and back pain
>not fat

>> No.9834927

Man, I really want to be bred

>> No.9834941

Man, I really want a lolita to breed me

>> No.9834952

tee bee aich I wouldn't ask any of us for help either
there's a lot of good resources online though, like the cherno project

>> No.9834953

I'm sort of muscled, fair skin, blue eyes, 5'10" and 164 lbs. I mean, I got the same thing said to me in the US quite often as well, it's just that here its probably a lot more valued

>> No.9834972

I heard so many mixed things about Moitie sizing that I'm just nervous about buying my dream dresses on the offchance that they don't fit.

I think part of it is that with AP, so many of the pieces have shirring or at least some type of stretch, as well as the fact that it's a lot eeasier to find out about the fit of specific pieces. Whereas with Moitie, it's trickier to find other people who own certain items to ask about how much stretch there is or if the actual measurements line up with what's listed on Lolibrary.

I'm sorry for complaining. It's just frustrating dealing with unexpected body changes on top of trying out an entirely different style. Lots of changes to get used to.

>> No.9834976

>most women don't even know their actual size

I've had Victoria's Secret employees give me completely different bra sizes despite no change in boobage.

>> No.9834993

apparently. I tried an Ita dressup thread and had multiple anons spam me with "no one wants this cringy shit" as if that's not the point.

cgl as a community just feels kind of dead now.

>> No.9835002

I was speaking broken Arabic and pointing my finger up in the air as I sawed the top off of a pillow with a serrated knife

>> No.9835008

ok, that make sense, that someone asked you to delete the stream then
(on the other side, can't they take a joke)

>> No.9835040

Every day I wonder if someone on other board linked us, or are people just this bored and stupid to come here on their own and then shit up threads for no apparent reason. We may never know.

>> No.9835070
File: 38 KB, 500x500, 3f62ec6d262fbe0d8ccd7016ba21f4614cc2abfb2c3e1a74a00baf5f082afe6e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw both aroused and outraged about this
I really need to stop looking at porn.

>> No.9835082

i have never seen anyone link to cgl directly

>> No.9835110

I've only ever seen that happen in the context of Momokun. People come here because they know that there are girls here though, just saying. At least they're woman hating robots, instead of insufferable white knight fedoras like you see on Reddit.

>> No.9835121

I don't know what country you are living in, but generally the answer is, "Yes, that's really illegal." Fortunately, if you find it on a porn site, most will now remove it if you just e-mail them to explain the situation. If you are a U.S. citizen then you need to call your local FBI office which will handle the case more adequately then the police. That would fall under voyeurism which is illegal in the U.S., but it might be hard to figure out who you're suppose to charge. You can't charge the people sharing the video, but you can charge the one who set up the camera in the first place. It's not really illegal to take video footage or a photo of someone in public, but it is illegal to take video footage or a photo of someone in a private act (e.g. showering, using the bathroom, masturbating, or having sex) without their consent. Do you have any clue who might have been the one who set up the camera?

>> No.9835130 [DELETED] 

Adding to what I said, even if you don't know who did it, still call your local FBI office. They will take the case, and they'll work with you to figure out who might have taken the footage since this was really illegal. Obviously, it was someone in the hotel room so there's only so many people they'd have to investigate. Don't call the police because they usually aren't well versed on laws concerning extortion, voyeurism, and the sort. It's just not something the local police will usually handle, but the FBI will. Yes, I've had to work with the FBI for an extortion case so this is why I can tell you they'll help with confidence.

>> No.9835133

File a police report. Consult a lawyer. Time to put on the big girl pants.

>> No.9835135

Adding to what I said, even if you don't know who did it, still call your local FBI office. They will take the case, and they'll work with you to figure out who might have taken the footage since this was really illegal. Obviously, it was someone in the hotel room so there's only so many people they'd have to investigate. Don't call the police because they usually aren't well versed on laws concerning extortion, voyeurism, and the sort. It's just not something the local police will usually handle, but the FBI will. You can go through the police. You can go through a lawyer. However, if you're in the U.S., go straight to the FBI. They will help you, and they won't charge you for that help unlike a lawyer. They won't take this lightly.

>> No.9835155
File: 34 KB, 640x406, 20766331_158115728073179_6633082590691590144_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know where else to post this but damn am I pissed,

>Be man
>Know qt trap since 2015
>We get along well
>Hope she be my gf one day but lives far
>I buy her cute clothes and she models them for me (no sorry can't share)
>Be 2018
>Making great money now due to MAGA economic policies
>Tell her that I can sponsor her transition and even go to her state to take her on any date she wants
>She's now appears to be convinced that she's an awful person who doesn't deserve it
Honest to fucking God I spend all this time and effort in hopes I can one day sponsor her transition and just at least take her on a date once and she smears a big turd in my face like this. What the hell.

>> No.9835162

Anon i am so sorry... roast that pig fucker who violated your privacy. If you can make their life miserable, do it. People are so gross.

>> No.9835166

You should have gone fore something cool, like physics, not some nerd shit

>> No.9835179


>> No.9835180

I had a trap gf. she was extremely pretty and out of my league. but she hated herself and thought i'm too good for her
it got worse as she started taking hormones
most of them are troubled, self halting people. it's sad

>> No.9835183

binge eating disorder


>> No.9835184

people dont hire for BA/BS in physics unless its teaching.

>> No.9835193

>Planning a group cosplay
>Make a post on Zuccbook trying to get people to join
>Specify that we really need girls or guys willing to crossplay because a lot of of the major characters are female, and me and friends have already called dibs on most of the male characters.
>Guy I’ve met through cons comments saying he wants to crossplay the main female character
>This dude is notorious for purposefully doing really bad crossplays because he thinks it’s funny
>A lot of the girls in my cosplay circle dislike him because he’s creepy
>I don’t want him shitting up my potential group.

>> No.9835198

That's... wrong. BED isn't eating "to get big." /fit/ would be EDOS or Orthorexia depending on how they bulk.

>> No.9835212

>exgf is at sakuracon right now and has a high potential to meet with her exbf and rekindle old feelings even though they've been seperated for years

I never thought I was capable of feeling pain like this

>> No.9835214

EDNOS* my bad

>> No.9835216

kek fucking normiefag you don't know what real pain

>> No.9835287

>expecting a trap/trans to be in any way mentally stable


>> No.9835319

Tell him no, don't be a pushover.

>> No.9835449
File: 419 KB, 680x704, ILL JUST DEATH BEAM MYSELF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you get turned down by qt cosplay girl
>told they aren't looking for anything
>later talking about dating

im not going to make a fuss about it because it won't change anything and I've already come to terms, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt

>> No.9835455


it comes with the territory. if your a goth girl, you get big tiddys

>> No.9835460
File: 102 KB, 1411x944, 1521471400433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>keep getting invited to anime con with group
>group basically ignores me and acts like close friends with each other
>feel fucking awful and alone every time but keep accepting on the hopes of feeling like I have friends
Pls make me stop

>> No.9835463
File: 43 KB, 763x622, nerf myself .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Tfw no darling to call my own

>> No.9835513

yes, I know I am doing a victim/culprit change now, but how did you not recognised, that you were filmed?
either way, yes, I guess you can take legal actions against that, but keep in mind, what is posted on the internet, stays on the internet

>> No.9835524

My body must have missed that memo. alas.

>> No.9835530

Makes her more passable though lol.

>> No.9835569

This, and police/fbi should be able to at least investigate into the group of people you went with who had access to your room, and considering how clear the video supposedly was and how hidden the cameras probably was, the person is likely an experience voyeur.

>> No.9835607
File: 59 KB, 658x370, 1514665725845.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9835608

I'm still a man, I don't want to look like a girl. I just want to be a little girl some of the times.

Hey I wanted to have a family of 5 kids since I grew up really lonely with no siblings. Took steroids and there was a very, very small chance of this happening but now I'm sterile for the rest of my life at 22. I feel horrible knowing I'll never be able to give my parents grandchildren. But it is what it is.

>> No.9835610

How can you afford brand as a poor lolita? I am already giving half of my earnings to my family back home and i barely have any for myself to save

Do you just give up and buy replica?

>> No.9835612

Ditch your family

>> No.9835614

Why would you be taking steroids? Do you really want to be a muscular guy this badly? Or are you trying to fit in as a masculine guy, while not really being nor feeling like one?

Buy second hand.
I would avoid replicas at all cost. Better look into some simple pieces or even taobao, as some can be good quality.

>> No.9835615

>I just want to be a little girl some of the times
>t. sissy garbage

>> No.9835617

Sometimes I'm frustrated with people like you who won't do their research, but then I think it's probably for the best. If you're so lazy that you can't be bothered to read the endless resources for lolita on a budget, then you don't deserve nice things.

>> No.9835620
File: 56 KB, 414x578, RealDriveKimoi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw go to con and see this chick holding a feminist saying how anime is sexist
>the cringe when beta male soyboi says aren't we all feminist here
Fucking shit let me enjoy my anime you racest piece of shit stop forcing your Western shit idioligy on the glorious country that is Nippon. Anime is pure politics have no reason to be at a con.

>> No.9835623
File: 375 KB, 900x506, madoka_kaname_vector_by_blue_rika-d4ty3e4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to be attractive as quickly as possible. I have terrible self-confidence. I don't want to feel like a boy anymore, I want to feel and look like an actual 22 year old man. I want to be strong, I want a girl to feel safe and protected around me and I want to feel like I could protect them.

They're not as unhealthy as the media make them out to be. I was just very unfortunate to get permanent sterility which is like a one in a million and almost unheard of.

>t. sissy garbage
Only like 5% of the time. It's nice to let go and not have to worry about anything rather than being in control all the time.

Cosplay is a fun way to do so because everyone thinks you're doing it ironically but I'm actually a degenerate piece of garbage.

>> No.9835644

Who actually has time to do "research" like that apart from NEETs and people living with their parents? I have to work 9 hours a day, cut me some slack

>> No.9835650

Actually you're just retarded, and that's probably why you're poor too desu.

There's nothing honorable or respectful about not knowing how to manage your time effectively and whining to strangers that the reason you're uneducated is you simply don't have time is just unsightly. It can be done even if you can't spare more than 30 minutes a day for this forum (hint: divide the material into smaller chunks over a longer period of time) but you would've already figured that out if you weren't stupid.

If people can manage a university curriculum and a full-time job, then you should be able to read some simple already categorized informations in your free time unless you're intellectually disabled.

>> No.9835658

If you really care about this fashion, you'll find time to do this. Do you think someone held my hand and taught me how to find shit to buy? No, because I genuinely want to wear this shit so I made time and figured out how to buy things and how to wear them, for myself, by myself. This "do it for me" attitude is bullshit and you really don't deserve nice things if you're unwilling to dedicate the bare minimum of "effort" into them.

>> No.9835663

Many of us work 8-9 hours a day. I also work 9 hours a day and have a 1,5 hour commute on top of that totalling up to 12 hours every day, and I never had a problem researching anything I’m genuinely interested in because googling and reading isn’t that hard. Don’t be so lazy.

>> No.9835673

Is it OK to put up for sale some pieces that have some light stains on them, they could probably be gotten out, and if so should i reduce the price by maybe 5% per stain?

>> No.9835677

>lowering cost per stain
If the stains can probably be removed, why don't you wash the garment before you list it? If the stains come out you won't have to reduce the price, plus cleaning the clothes you sell is basic etiquette. Don't be like those slobs who sell stained clothes that smell like BO.

>> No.9835693

I guess it is silly but I didn't feel right listing the garment at full price when I knew it had some stains in it. These Stains are from the previous Owner, not me. I suppose I will have to try getting them out before listing it

>> No.9835694


lol. Try more like 30% off regardless of the number of stains. It doesn't matter what your reasoning was for not getting the stain out yourself, most people assume you already washed it and the stain didn't come out, so if they buy it, they do it thinking they're going to need to soak it in like a bucket of oxyclean and then elbow grease it for a few days, maybe dye it if the stain still doesn't come out. You need to make your item cheap enough to make it worth the effort these people expect to put into cleaning the stain off, if it's just 5% cheaper than some other seller selling a perfect, pristine item, they're not going to bother taking a chance with your stained item.

Which is why if it can be gotten out with a simple wash, just wash it instead of dropping the price.

The only exception is if the stain is literally the size of a pin prick, as in it's the size of the end of a sewing needle. Then you can drop 5% off for every one of those you find.

>> No.9835699

Have you bought something with stains before? Was it on the listing or were they secret stains that were only revealed later on closer inspection and not included on the description?

If that was the case, did you leave an upset review?

>> No.9835700
File: 28 KB, 392x392, 1515110477272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw gf dresses in sexy mature clothing
>think kim kardashian/sexy office lady
>just want her to dress in lolita because it's very cute
>showed her some stuff
>"What the fuck? Are they like 4? You like this?"

>> No.9835703

Tell her that its not a fetish and make sure she knows the difference between Lolita and Ageplay. Alternatively ignore this advice entirely and tell your gf it makes you rock hard and that it IS your fetish and also suggest her to buy brand that is popular with ageplayers, no matter which way you choose you are in for a hell of a ride

>> No.9835708

It's not really a feitsh for me. I just really like fun things with bright colours, interesting patterns and lots of detail. Instead of MORE FUCKING MUTED OR MONOCHROME COLOURS

She just looks the same everyday.
>"What do you think of this?"
>>"I really like it, you put so much effort into how you look. I appreciate that."

When I actually want to rip my eyes out because it's not that she looks bad, she dresses very well, it's just so fucking boring and it's the same outfit everyday just swap a beige with a muted purple or a dark red.

>> No.9835710

Maybe you weren't fertile in the first place. Wouldn't be surprised if there was something behind your perma-boy appearance that also caused that. Maybe you are a girl and just fucked up yourself by making yourself more masculine.

>> No.9835712

Nah. I just never ate or did any physical exercise. Used to be 110 at 6'1". I had average test levels before I went on and everything else was normal, so doubtful I was infertile.

>> No.9835713

Is English not your first language? You have really weird phrasing of things

Not trying to be mean just curious

>> No.9835717


I've never received items with undisclosed stains, so I can't help with that. If I did, I'd be asking for refunds (full or partial) along with leaving bad or neutral feedback for undisclosed damages. I don't really worry about my own feedback though, as my account is pretty old, all positive, and I still have old egl feedback to back it up as well.

As for buying stained/damaged items, all of them were disclosed by the sellers. I only buy the things where I think I can fix them up to a decent wearable state.


- A jsk set came with stained socks, they weren't very obvious but the seller pointed the stains out in photos anyway. I only wanted the jsk and had BNWT socks from another set with the OP. Sold the unwanted OP with the stained socks for the price of the OP, I fully described and pointed out the stain to my buyer. She seems happy with it, left me positive feedback.

- I was able to inspect a dress in person and noticed the stains were only on the lace. Market value was 10k yen and it was selling for 5k yen due to the stain (it was very obvious). Neither washing nor oxyclean got it out, multiple applications of a bleach pen (only to the stained lace) did. I was ready to rip it apart and replace the lace if it didn't work out. I will likely disclose to the next buyer that part of the lace was bleached, although selling it is unlikely as this was a dream dress to begin with.

- One that didn't work out, the seller said the dress had a "worn feeling". It looked great in photos (and still does) but irl it did have a sort of tired and fuzzy feel to it. I don't blame the seller for this, so I left good feedback as she never lied about the condition of the dress.

I don't know if I simply lucked out not to have run into dishonest sellers.

>> No.9835734

Thank you very much for sharing your stories, it's always interesting to read about lolitas encounters with stained clothes, I hope I never find a stain in my life , it would be mortifying to not notice it and even worse if someone took a picture of you in a dress with a stain on it

>> No.9835776

Yes but even though AP and baby can fit, it's hard to make it look good at 32D. Boobs are suffering. I am so jelly of 30-34Bs and Cs, they are so much nicer looking in cute clothes. Big tiddies only look okay in skanky clothes otherwise you look fat and frumpy even if you are not

>> No.9835801

>want 5 kids
>take steroids
I think the problem isn't you're a sissy. It's that you're retarded

>> No.9835803

>the problem isn't you're a sissy. It's that you're retarded
There's a difference?

>> No.9835818

I'm 4'11 at 80 lbs, which doesn't sound bad but I have d cup breasts which makes it very hard for me to carry around on my small frame. It's always weird because I have a 16 inch waist and a very big butt for my size. I'm totally pear shaped. I'm also 27 but a lot of people have mistaken me for a middle school girl…it's annoying…

>> No.9835823

>I look young and have a perfect body life is hard cause heavy boobs
Wow I feel really bad for you gurl.

>> No.9835827

>tfw a girl I dislike cosplays as 2 of my waifus for an upcoming con
>tfw she can actually pull them off

I'm going to be so sexually confused.

>> No.9835831

nice larp, robot

>> No.9835832

>16” waist

>> No.9835840

You stupid fuck, someone could have easily just hid a camera in the room

>> No.9835850
File: 151 KB, 817x1000, Frans_Hals_-_Portret_van_René_Descartes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9836050
File: 68 KB, 564x662, tear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I kept dropping hints that I wanted to have kids and she must have picked up on this because she asked if I'd like them.
>I said yes.
>She then asked if I'd be comfortable with adoption but I said I wanted biokids.
>She then suggested surrogacy and I said no because kids need their biomom.
>She then asked what we could do.
>I paused and then said "see other people".
>She just stared down, tears streaming down her face, as I explained to her that I needed to be with someone who had a functional uterus.

Thread is almost at the bump limit.

>> No.9836057

You realize that surrogacy doesn't determine the biological mother right? It's the person the egg comes from.

>> No.9836061

Depending on what her complication is, she could very well still be the biological mother.

>> No.9836063

The post is obviously bait directed at the few anons who mentioned being infertile. No point in arguing with that /r9k/ shitposter.

>> No.9836075

BA/BS, I always forget that bachelor is the norm for you yanks. Over here you're counted as useless for the first two years after your masters

>> No.9836082
File: 33 KB, 302x389, 1522258740442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw can't even get (you)s
Should I throw myself out of my hotel window y/n

>> No.9836091


>> No.9836100
File: 41 KB, 392x495, CztzXifXUAAK3TY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Strike up some conversations with interesting looking strangers

>> No.9836208

>four FEELZ threads at the same time
Jesus, truly the female /r9k/ except instead of being bitter male virgins it's for bitter daddy issue suffering femmes.

>> No.9838666


Sluts should be shamed. Promiscuity and sexual deviancy has destroyed this society. That goes for both genders too.

>> No.9838668

Good, slut.

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