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What do you think is the single worst thing to ever happen at a con?

My vote goes to those guys who were throwing chairs off the top of the hotel, and hit that Loki. She nearly died ffs.

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Did they ever find those guys btw?

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Where is the full story on this?

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I think at Onicon a car drove into the hotel from what I’ve heard

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Around 2am at Dragoncon, some cunts started throwing chairs from the 10th story of the hotel. They hit some girl on the head, gashing it open and wrecking her cosplay. This was mere days after the same girl stepped on a stingray, so... pretty bad luck for her.

I haven't heard any news about the guys, but they were NOT con-goers. Just some drunk retardos.

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How much more clear can I make it?

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Yaya Han

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Is this a 4chan wide thing now? I saw it all over /ck/ and now here

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Rainfurest Con, the last one they could hold at that hotel, seen like 10 + youtube videos on that mess

As for local con-
>had a person stabbed (I legit had a dream about that happening 4 months before the con)
> multiple car break ins
>Group of homestucks holding a unofficial meet by a fire alarm. Fire alarm went off in pouring rain, forced entire place outside, nearly trampled a 7 year old, stained the floor with shitty fago and tab from a can town being kicked over. Fire alarm was later pulled AGAIN.
That poor Starlord with actual leather jacket

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You forgot about the diapers littered about everywhere!

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>Acen 2017
>drunk Pokémon villains everywhere
>one of them climbed (?) the loading dock, lost his footing fell 15ft and onto his back.
>went to the hospital, no clue what happened to him.
I’m sure worse things have happened, but this is off the top of my head.
>same con some girl took a shit on a couch.
>not surprised, just disappointed.

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Probably not the worst but probably up there with the idiot trying to dye her skin grey with sharpies in a bathtub.

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Damn bro shes lucky that shit didnt fucking kill or paralyze her or something

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Her costume's horns saved her life.

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Oh yeah that one homestuck cosplayer

I recall seeing a pic of someone shitting on the floor of a bathroom stall at Anime LA , like not even in the fucking toilet just around it
People acting retarted and getting schwifty in a public restroom really activates my almonds

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I hate furries, but I feel bad for the Rainfurrest organizers. Watching the videos, they sound like they had a really good concept and ran the con on a good budget (I found the idea of the staff dressed as Park Rangers a nice touch).

But their attendees were such degenerate pieces of trash that the whole con got banned from the state, essentially.

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Maybe use a link that works

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A furry convention being full of degenerates? No surprises there.

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I hinestly think it was an inside job/sabotage

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On a related note, I remember hearing something about a furry fundraiser for a Fire Dept that turned into a complete disaster cause some furries decided to start fornicating at it. Keep in mind, there were kids there.

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>but I feel bad for the Rainfurrest organizers.

why? They are the ones that let it happen. This doesn't happen at other furry cons.

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What did he mean by this?
I don't understand.
I still don't get it.
Explain further.

And so on.
Pretty much every year at Metrocon someone gets booked for sexual assault.

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Here in the Netherlands someone once had to be taken away by a trauma helicopter after falling of a bouncy castle.

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They let in diaper furries. The writing was on the wall the minute they let those degenerates in.

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Everyone they've ever interviewed who worked for that con says it had to be a inside job with the facts they were able to tell other hotels.

>Room with a broken smoke detector was malfunctioning when that group of furs checked in.
>Dude in the bondage outfit with the diaper wasn't walking around like that. They had to leave the panel room, he stood outside and quickly went back in as soon as he could.

The large majority of the other happenings had to be someone trying to end the con on purpose.

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His video on Dashcon is just timeless.


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if you actually watched it, it's very possible that someone who hated the con, and probably furries false flagged and left diapers everywhere and caused damage later to report and make them look bad.

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How the fuck are the Dashcon scammers not in jail??

They should be lifelong pariahs in the con community.

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>some girl took a shit on a couch.
Do you know which hotel that happened in?

Acen also had that undertale orgy where no one was checking IDs so a few minors got into the orgy

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Makes you think how San Diego Comic Con originally started in a Hotel Basement with only a hundred people

These Dashcon people wanted to be huge from the beginning

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did you forget about the trails of blood around the hyatt after some kid ate shit and cracked open his skull on a metal window?

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>falling of a bouncy castle.
how do you even climb to the top of a bouncy castle?

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Does Pokemon GO Fest count as a con

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no, just sadness

wasn't there a huge homestuck and sonic orgy we had horror stories from too?

I think we had a kid break open a glow stick and drink it at the last con rave, was throwing up blood and pink glow shit outside waiting for a ride

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Snuck into the Hentai party at AX last year and ran into JNig and one of her friends. Even with the low light, that face was busted. We were all traumatized desu.

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What goes on at a hentai party, anyway? People just watch other people watching hentai? Seems pretty boring.

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Okay, are any of these con orgies actually real or are they just memes?

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Photos from the undertale orgy were floating around during the con so that one was definitely real. I’ll see if I can still find any

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Pro-tip: They were con goers. Unless the scary football fans are dressing up in Batman and superman cosplay now.

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Phoenix comic con. Nut job thinking gun restrictions don’t apply to him becuase he is the punisher. Goes to kill the green power ranger. Gets arrested. Security brought up as requested by the police. Takes three fucking hours in 103 degree heat in full cosplay just to get into the con. Can no longer bring prop guns to the con from then on. Not even foam and clearly fantasy ones.

Had to completely change my cosplay plans for this coming year. And still have the burning rage to pinch the retard in the face for it.

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They're real, but you have to take into account the fact that they are populated by the kind of person that is willing to attend an orgy of randoms that show up at a convention by searching cragislist.
The male/female ratio is going to be heavily skewed and everyone is going to be weird as fuck. Hope you like waiting you turn to be the 6th guy to rub up against some trashy attention whore.

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Funny enough, the Gaylord won't kick Katsu and Magfest out because they are some of the Gaylord's biggest money makers and one of the few events the sells out hotels in the entire harbor.

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>which hotel
No clue. I assumed it was the hyatt. >>9834063
Didn’t forget, I just didn’t hear about it. Was it Friday night?

I’m skipping Acen this year for a different con, and I’ll honestly miss the bullshit. The ambulances make me feel nostalgic now.

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>The ambulances make me feel nostalgic now.
Same here. I know it’s morbid but my friends and I have a game where we try to guess how early we’ll see the first ambulance of the con

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>gashing it open and wrecking her cosplay
Never change /cgl/

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This is my main fetish and I felt disgusted by it

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Maybe not the WORST thing but one night Fanime 2016 we were waiting for a shuttle bus to unload, group of obviously wasted guys starts getting off, one guy tries to jump the bus stairs, slips, whacks his head on the bus door and just crumpled into a ball on the pavement. He got carried off in a stretcher 10 mins later.

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Not saying you’re wrong but Superman and Batman are two of the most bro friendly cosplays out there

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not there for it personally but that girl who ruined a hotel bathroom trying to like do a sexy cosplay photoshoot in the bath but she used like sweets or some shit

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One of my friends barely ever sleeps at cons, she just sits in the window area watching the crazy people.
Last con there was a moving truck at 2 am trying to park with a trailer-on a empty street, for 15 minutes. Kept jumping the curb.

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No, alot of furries were going crazy on twitter about their nasty diapers, so at least half of it was real

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I've heard a lot of stories about that guy who fell. I thought he was the DJ for the same room party where the girl took a shit on the chair.

picture unrelated to subject, i just thought it was cool someone cosplayed as the statue at the Hyatt.

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More like fire alarm pulling. I'm never there for it, thankfully, but the fact that it's happening every year is concerning.

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I see no evidence of this on the Googles. P sure they were just rowdy frat kids.

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Have there been any sort of Incident in SDCC?

>> No.9835370

That photo makes me unbelievably sad

>> No.9835385

Oh I'm sure something was on the wall.

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It was hosted by a hentai company of some kind, there was some pretty shitty DJ's and lewd backdrops basically. Shit was lame, drinks were overpriced, not much fun overall.

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One year a underage girl got raped dressed as sexy Rodger rabbit. She was a missing person for about 30 hours. That was also the same year that SLCC advertised their con despite the SDCC con telling them to leave because they where not cleared for advertisement around the con.

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Are you talking about the gummy bears at Katsucon 2017? afaik that was discussed with the hotel beforehand and she was good to go, people just freaked out because she left the tubs of gummy bears in the hallway.

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They're absolutely real and happen at any moderately sized convention. The catch is that you don't want to be in a PUG orgy with a bunch of nerds.

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I haven’t heard of this incident but are you telling me people just...saw candy in the hallway and assumed she had wrecked the bathtub with it? Idgi

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>ugly white girl dates Muslim
>Muslim makes her dress as the twin towers to celebrate the death and destruction the Semites brought onto the white man

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Weren’t mid to big sized cons reported as hotbeds for prostitution?

>> No.9835822

there's photo sets.

>> No.9835824

Oldfag here.

Normal business conventions & trade shows have massive amounts of husbands looking to screw around which is where that rep mostly comes from.

In the pre-internet days hookers used to come to the hotels for the big shows like SDCC until they realized that nobody had any money to drop on them. It used to be a game among artists to see who could draw the best cartoons of pissy hookers yelling at them.

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I've only ever seen the image, is he really a muslim?

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What was the hot drama at Katsu this year? I was expecting SOMETHING major to happen but as far as I can tell it was pretty mundane all things considered.

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Can you find the photos?
Or do you at least remember the cosplayer’s name?

>> No.9836269

Ok, that's actually pretty amazing.

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this may not even be the one we were talking about. I didn't save the original, just remember it.

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People saw the tubs of gummy bears in the hall of the hotel and made social media posts about it. Others responded saying not to eat any because they had been used in the tub for a photo shoot, which was indeed true.

I know for sure there's photos of the tubs out in the hallway, though I can't find them right now.

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why dont people do this shit at their homes

>> No.9836993

Because hotel bathrooms look nicer. It's fine if they asked first and cleaned it up properly after. I don't even have a bathtub in my apartment.

>> No.9838330

I'll bet her beta orbiters would eat the hell out of those bears.

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>stained the floor with shitty fago and tab from a can town being kicked over.
Why would you do that without checking that the cans are empty first?

>> No.9839432

I mean that furrycon was teargassed, that's pretty bad

>> No.9839438

>undertale orgy
Is this about fandom orgies a common thing in America? I'm always hearing about them.

>> No.9839446

Why? They're certainly enjoying themselves.

>> No.9839452

>PUG orgy

>> No.9839456

maybe pick up group? basically a bunch of random people

>> No.9839549

It's a meme to make a fake orgy Craigslist listing before the con but some people actually do it

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they're homestucks, the only people still in that fandom are idiots. Plus they probably didn't expect to set off the fire alarm and have people rush out the door over their shit

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Because people meet up at cons. Lots of models and photographers in the same place.

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At the first con I ever went to I lost my friends and then saw a dude collapse and have a seizure.

>> No.9840273

Dashcon will honestly go down in history.

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My fave piece of evidence that it was sabotage was that the diaper found on a car/dumped somewhere was of an inferior make that babyfurs didn't use.

>> No.9840674

A bit before a local comic convention that took place on the Halloween weekend, apparently someone threatened to shoot up the place because of some spat with the organizers or something?
But, in the organizers' infinite wisdom, they didn't communicate this fact to anyone except a few insiders. People that already had their props checked were apparently getting re-checked on the spot over and over, someone even said they got forcibly grabbed by security. Last year that didn't happen although there were some other complaints but they were minor in comparison. The organizers did some other dumb shit, but that's a set of tales for their own thread.
Cops could be seen roaming about but that seemed like a business as usual thing where they can have fun on the house and also be right there if something did happen that required immediate attention. To the unsuspecting attendee nothing was out of the ordinary.
Oh, and in response the local anime convention that happens in the summer solidified their security policy in writing.
>t. convention rookie

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Sexy Rodger rabbit? Seriously?
Did they find the dude that raped her?

>> No.9840751

Not that I recall. I know she was roughly 17 in age. Attending the con with a friend of her family and staying at one of the hotels. She was later found walking around naked hanging off a hotel ledge? It was about 4 or 5 years ago and I never followed up on it after the con.

>> No.9840769

Jesus wtf

>> No.9840811

What's wrong with those con-goers? None of this happens in cons back in my city (I'm from Monterrey, Mexico). Other than some drama involving the organizers and cosplayers OUTSIDE the cons, nothing major ever happens lmao

>> No.9840926

I know what you're talking about. But iirc she was lying about the rape part just so she wouldn't get in trouble for the drugs.

>> No.9840928

>Snuck into the Hentai party at AX last year
Yeah no you didn't autismo, security was so tight that you couldn't even try to do that.

>What goes on at a hentai party
It was the Fakku party, Anamanaguchi played and there was a lot of liquor and good times.

>pretty shitty DJ's and lewd backdrops basically. Shit was lame,
Oh so you aren't even talking about the 2017 party and you're talking about the 2016 one. That was their first try and I agree it was pretty shitty unless you were able to secure a free drink wrist band by sucking off one of the website staff. The 2017 party was amazing and I think they're doing it again for this year.

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>Because people meet up at cons. Lots of models and photographers in the same place.

The only valid reason i saw so far is that the Hotel bathtubs look better than your home/dont have a bathtub at all

>> No.9840976

>instead of having to make a special trip, meet up when you're already all in the same place

What part of that don't you understand?

>> No.9840996


I remember that. The friend was her boyfriend who she lied about her age to. She ended up getting drunk as fuck and tried to climb the ledge of a hotel ledge and fell. She and her mom tried to claim rape and abuse but the hotel had video evidence of her drunk ass climbing and falling off the ledge.

>> No.9841013

>Anamanaguchi played
>Lots of liquor
>Screening of hentai, presumably
This sounds pathetic, and probably a saua

>> No.9841016

Probably a sausage fest

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>It used to be a game among artists to see who could draw the best cartoons of pissy hookers yelling at them.
I need to see these cartoons.

>> No.9841149

What a suprise to se another poster from monterrey, did you hear the rumor that faustino sold the con?

>> No.9841205

Didn't he did that a few years ago too? Lmao, he already owns money to a lot of people, so maybe is that?

I also cannot believe he invited Brigitte Grey (Gray?) to the con. In general I cannot believe they are now inviting Youtubers

>> No.9841213

>Suggesting that watching a public screening of hentai with overpriced alcohol that you could buy for your home at much cheaper prices, with a pleb tier beeps n boops group could be bait

>> No.9841522

nah just removed his offices, aparently some of the people he owned money to started harrasing him. Aparently he sold it for real this time.
yeah, in my opinion inviting youtubers is a clear sign that the con was going into the drain

>> No.9841753

Acen has an attendance of 30,000+ at this point. There are a lot of socially stunted nerds who see cons as their one chance to act out and rave kids on a ridiculous amount of drugs. There will be ambulances.

>> No.9841832

Nerds never want to admit their own ilk would do such horrible things. They rather play their victim card and pretend it was the mean old jocks picking on them. They threw the chair, not the phantom "football fans" that they blame every fucking year for something.

Pro-tip: Nerds are fucking worse than jocks. Bigger narcissists and delusions of grandeur.

>> No.9841851

>Yeah no you didn't autismo, security was so tight that you couldn't even try to do that.
Lol, no. When they were saying the roof was full and the overflow was waiting downstairs to get in, we walked up with no tickets and got in because we were nice to that manager guy who was super stressed out on the second floor.

>> No.9841852

It was, there were a few cute girls but they were already in couples before they came up, no body you'd want to connect with was there for that.

>> No.9842912

Okay, well, you clearly want them to be con goers, but have zero reason to think so.

>> No.9842964

Would anyone here really consider hooking up at a hentai viewing? I've never been to one at a con but the few times I've watched hentai with friends it was a 'holy shit how dumb can porn get?' kind of thing where we all laughed at it. I can't see anyone ever being aroused by the kinds of shit that you would consider watching with other people.

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File: 20 KB, 300x240, 1473780993929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could see it being easier to break the ice that way. Would def do it at a Shimoneta viewing but that's more ecchi.

>> No.9843002

Shimoneta is worlds away from hentai. That would be like saying SYD is hentai. It's a comedy based around bedroom humor.

>> No.9843012

That's what I was saying though.

>> No.9843020

Wasn't there a shooting at a con a few months before AX last year with an uzi that prompted the metal detectors at AX?

>> No.9843022

Are you thinking of the Phoenix thing where that guy brought a real gun?
It's fucking ridiculous the amount of shit that gets restricted because of morons. I feel bad for Hellsing cosplayers.

>> No.9843030

I wasn't there for the begin but I remember a time where you could get in for free for just cosplaying

>> No.9843037

You do realize its AZ right? also is that official story, the way I heard it was he was some beta male who was taking his guns to the con because of some ex who left him and he want to find her and intimidate her new boyfriend.

>> No.9843043

The girl was a cosplayer he was sending messages to saying that if he didn’t see her he would start killing cops. He posted images of the random cops at the convention on his Facebook as a means to scare her. She called the cops and told them he was armed and dangerous. They later found the shit he posted on Facebook and his record with who ever evaluated him confirmed he was there to kill the green ranger for “ beating his wife” and that he had “ come to finish the job”. He then went on about how the police he photographed where just a image of something deeply ugly and sinister inside. Guy was rubber room crazy. His judge appearance a few months back was “ I did nothing wrong, I am the punisher and was there to do my job”.

>> No.9844363


I can't even say I want to go for the experience anymore, honestly it seems like it is going to be a hell of a shit show.
Such a shame, since I am mostly there for the Artist Alley, but even there there is a lot of unnecessary drama.

>> No.9846156

You hear about one sexual assault at Metrocon. The staff and volunteers sweep the rest under the rug and make people stay silent by banning them

>> No.9846162

Can confirm that. Was friends with Milly Makara when that happened. It was a big lie and she disappeared from the con scene right after that.

>> No.9846906

Those people are why i am ashamed to say i'm an undertale fan jfc

>> No.9847165

Jeopardy but hentai

>> No.9847293

There was a girl who got raped by an Alcon organizer so i guess those two in the same sentence speaks for itself

>> No.9847419

That shit's funny to me.

Because I've been to multiple cons where you can tell who is and who isn't carrying based entirely on who is drinking and who is not. That, and there's official range days for the con.

>> No.9847430

My group and I walked outside from the event to smoke and we weren't even let back in and you expect me to believe that "lol we were nice to the venue staff so they let us in." What else duder, did the staff buy you and your friends a round of drinks and then give you all $100 each. Get outta here with that delusional shit.

>> No.9847486

>Be at Anipólitan 2014
>There's a show of a local band I really like, call my friend to come with me
>Tell him to be careful as it gets really violent when they play songs from shounen anime
>Show is awesome so far
>They tease the next song will be Haruka Kanata
>I warn my friend again, he kinda wants to join the mess instead of watching from a distance
>Song starts
>people start jumping like crazy
>omg, this is getting even more intense than last year
>people are fighting like in a metal show
>All of sudden, an HORRIBLE smell of shit takes the whole place
>the smell is so bad, everyone in the front of the stage starts to run away
>the singer makes a comment like "what the fuck is this smell", but keeps going
>my friend gave up on joining the fight thanks to someone literally shitting on it
>Show keeps going, but the crowd is reduced to 1/3 and everyone is watching from afar

I swear someone got punched in the stomach and shitted 2 days worth of poop

>> No.9847890

the ball pit

>> No.9847914

For one of my local cons, probably about 6ish years ago, the whole wave of 'anime' fuckboys kind of emerged on the scene and they would go around hosting parties. Seems kinda cool but they would get underageds to go and they would severely over serve them and they had a thing for handcuffing them to the stationary garbage cans outside the convention center. It happened at the con for 2 years before they convention center decided to remove the garbage cans all together.

>> No.9849527

we don't speak of the ball pit.

>> No.9849623

only been to some big cons and ive never experienced some kind of fuckup inside the con

or maybe im just oblivious

>> No.9851735

a naruto theme plays and someone shits themselves

this is the funniest thing ive ever heard

>> No.9852046

Someone post the,video,of the kamehameha contest and the one guy decides to piss all over the stage.

>> No.9852109

I need this right now

>> No.9852206

I’ve heard interesting stores about Katsu 2013:
> Gaylord double booked with BBYO (Jewish youth group) gathering
>elders and adults running BBYO do not approve of Katsu
> elders draw a diagonal line down the center of the Gaylord and won’t let anyone from Katsu cross.
> the Gaezbo is on the BBYO side.
>also encourage BBYO kids to disrespect cosplayers.
> BBYO group (I’m told they were the jock type) cornered a Madoka cosplayer (either a Mami or a Sayaka) And rip her top off.
> Hitalia fandom escalates, starts throwing pennies at BBYO kids.
> Asian woman (possibly Yaya) complains to the staff, Katsu gets the gazebo back.
> not before Hitalia fandom organizes a parade of Prussias outside big BBYO event, elders are apoplectic, a Jesus is at the end of the march.

Grain of salt on all this, my sources were all there with BBYO, but they don’t know each other and some of the details corroborate the others story.

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File: 65 KB, 1280x720, 1522987513005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Prussian march, and then the throwing pennies at hebrews

>> No.9852363

Was there. Bbyo was super toxic 13 year olds pulling on displays and talking shit in French not knowing my crew was fluent. They posted obscene shit on their windows, stole things, and were just generally disgusting yards until they tried to put hands on a group of black kids. I heard that was the final straw for the "elders".

Doesn't matter, they were such trash babies about not following the rules they're banned from the Gaylord for life.

>> No.9852449

I think the worst thing that was officially in the news was the rape at ArcadeCon in Dublin. Lots of rumors of horrible things going on, but that one was officially confirmed.

Also the news on DragonCon says that the people who threw the chairs were never identified, so anyone claiming they were cosplayers or football fans or whatever can't be confirmed.

>> No.9852520
File: 93 KB, 454x198, tumblr_p6mx6x85qz1ser7doo1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think we can all say any con JewWarrio attended now with the rape and fan grooming stories coming out. Especially that Magfest in 2013

>> No.9852536

Yes pls someone share

>> No.9852549

>go to look this up
>type in katsucon 2013
>google’s top suggestion is katsucon 2013 horror stories

Oh boy am I ready to read these firsthand accounts

>> No.9853633

What? Don't tell me Justine raped somebobby!

>> No.9853769

Fucking degenerates, should be euthanized.

You wish. Sure, they're totally not degenerates pieces of trash.

>> No.9853847

Fingered a drunk girl when she passed out, groomed another one to sleep with him, and there was a 3rd who has some out with no details shared. He's become quite the scumbag in the last week. Also his wife was talked to and accepted that he did those things, so betting he came clean when he was in the bathroom with the gun

>> No.9853868

Some guy reeeeeeeeee'ed arguing with a guy over a single seat in hall H and pulled out a ballpoint pen and stabbed the guy with it. I wanna say this was in the neighborhood of 2013-15

>> No.9853985

Is this convention center actually called the Gaylord? That's amazing

>> No.9854180

I’ve only heard stories about TimeCon ‘89.

There was a scavenger hunt in honor of it being the last TimeCon ever. Some of the items included in the list were buttons from the elevator, bannisters, and the lights from a security vehicle.

>tfw your dad partied way harder than you ever will

>> No.9854619

its a brand of hotels/ccs

>> No.9854668

It's also a last name, the name of several towns, etc.

>> No.9854935
File: 22 KB, 550x367, gaytonia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meanwhile, in my city this is a place.

>> No.9855519

Not one I experienced, but remember reading in a 'tales of con security' thread

>OP worked as security during major events
>Including anime cons
>The day is blazing hot
>Checks a car that's been parked outside
>There's FUCKING BABY inside the car
>Smashes the window
>Car is a fucking furnace inside
>Describes baby as being so hot 'it felt like jello'
>Calls an ambulance, attempts first aid on baby
>The parents show up in Naruto cosplay
>Start screaming at OP
>Turns out they left the baby 'for just a moment' so they could go shopping in the dealer's room
>OP is having none of that shit
>Ambulance arrives, parents get arrested

>> No.9855574

Alcon as in the Mike Towers Alcon?

>> No.9855590

Thank god op noticed in time.
You know that’s honestly something I really hate about this community. There are way too many cosplayers that have kids and and still try to prioritize cosplay over their child. It fucking sickens me. Like I don’t even want children personally, but I know that once you have them, you need to change certain things in your life.

>> No.9855633

In the peak of flu season was my last con, and there were a ton of parent with tiny kids and babies just toting them around not caring about germs or the weather. I saw babies under 6 months in just light weight onesies.
I almost feel like people need to start doing panels on being parents at a con. Not the ones for the "normie" parents who don't get anime, but ones for stupid people who don't know how a condom works or how to use a baby sitter.

>> No.9855751

1 minute google search

>> No.9855774

are you actually 12? Come on, I thought we were past this

>> No.9855810

They were congoers. Stop it.

I hope those two cunts got punched in the face for cosplaying that.

>> No.9855817

Reading all this makes me wish I was a normie

>> No.9855970

Why are there so many dumb kids? During the katsucon 2016 fire alarm, they found a 15yo girl passed out drunk in her lingerie in someone else's room, and the boys were afraid to let security in because they knew

>> No.9857501
File: 83 KB, 714x497, gg-crazy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do any of you guys ever wonder if GG Allin would have liked anime convetions?

>> No.9857717

If he went to a convention he'd wind up on /cgl as that creepy old guy that everyone was complaining about.

>> No.9858175

> Anime Boston 2011
> In what used to be the food court
> Eye autistic couple, have a naked baby. No clothes, no socks, no shoes, just a diaper.
> Baby is rightfully mad about this and appears to be hungry
> Mom gives the baby her prop to play with. Child throws it
> Mom is mad and starts complaining how the child is ruining her convention experience, storms off.
> Dad juggles the baby on his knee
> Picks up rice off the table left over from their Panda Express and starts trying to feed it to the baby.

If your autism can be described as "low functioning" do not have children.

>> No.9858200
File: 62 KB, 480x480, 14264169_1663655330617144_8493551027938017708_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AB 2012
>Hang outside the Sheraton with bud spotting fake Aussie accents and chugging Soco+Arizona
>Watch huge sweaty guy assault a girl infront of the hotel entrance
>Watch a stretcher rush into the hotel
>Watch stretcher with a young girl speed out of hotel
>Joke about how shit this con is while slowly getting black out drunk
>Read in newspaper the following days about how the rave almost killed a girl


>> No.9858365

Was standing in line to get my ticket and a perfect cosplay of Ana was getting kicked out because her rifle looked 'too real. My friends and I looked at each other and raised our eyebrows because between the 3 of us we had 4 pistols on us with 3 mags per pistol. It's not an edgy thing, there's just been a few too many retards at cons. But it's so stupid that they think cracking down on fucking PROPS is okay despite people conceal carrying anyway

>> No.9858474

In 2012 a Twilight fan got hit and killed running across the street trying to keep her place in the hall H line

>> No.9858477

The fuck do you need 12 mags for? Fucking mohammed is not going to run his entire brigade into your weeb convention.

>> No.9858625

Y'never know

>> No.9861722

Someone's jelly.

>> No.9861764

There were two of them, literally they could each have shopped while the other took the kid, why the fucking fuck. Hope that kid is safe now wherever it is.

>> No.9862052

No I do know. My mag carries 17. I'm pretty sure the guy would be before i got to the 18th bullet. add 34 bullets and I'm just setting myself up for a lawsuit because I wanted to swiss cheese the guy.

>> No.9862063

Nothing worse in an overcrowded convention than a fucking stroller

>> No.9862216


>> No.9868404
File: 45 KB, 600x450, 30704865_1773656326060956_5542699602370625536_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9868437

>AX 2017
>Attractive male, not cosplaying because i'm not a fan of it
>asked to go to various parties, say sure
>asked out to go eat, say i'm busy
>i'm not actually busy at all I just hate social situations

tfw social autism inside an attractive body, i want to die every con i go to.

>> No.9868459

But you're not busy this year either, right? What are you doing Friday night?

>> No.9868485

See me at AX this year.

>> No.9868527

inb4 ShutoCon conchair Undertale photoshoot.

>> No.9868530

okay but where can I find proof of con orgies being a thing? They feel like a made up fairy tale for dudes who can't get laid

>> No.9868547

So why do you go? If it's that unpleasant for you why subject yourself to it when you could be out doing something that you enjoy?

>> No.9868560

first time for Acen this year. this gun be interesting

>> No.9868564

Just attend one.

>> No.9868759

Deets, please?

>> No.9868770

So there are actual orgies for conventions, but the craigslist posting ones are all fake and just used to doxx people after they send in their personal info. Actual ones are only spread by word of mouth and invite only but are fucking disgusting. No on attractive goes to them and there is just so many fat people at every single one. The password to get into the 2017 Dragoncon one was 'Castle Crashers' and the youngest person there was 31.The fake "lol lets have a 2hu orgy" is usually just slang for lets have a meet up that will scare away most undesirables (for their circle) from attending. Usually those just end with people in a room maybe drinking and just playing 3ds, but sometimes attractive girls show up to those.

>> No.9868773


Same anon as >>9868770
Phones, cameras, and things like that are checked at the doors for most things so actual proof of them is extremely, if not, impossible to get. Trust me though, they aren't worth going to and they all remind me of the IASIP episode where Frank and Charlie both go the an orgy and end up just eating food the whole time.

Even dudes that can't get laid I'm sure have standards to not get it on with a 2/10 porker that already has a 4/10 guy doing her.

>> No.9869079

It wasn’t tear gas, it was chlorine.

If you want to look it up, it happened in rosemont at the same place they host acen

>> No.9869104

A-kon last year had someone trash a hotel room AND bathtub with like, a shit ton of syrup that caked in the bathtub, along with sharpie on the mirror, windows, something like ramen crushed and strewn all over the floor. It was bad. Pics are around somewhere floating about.

>> No.9869121

Also, anyone remember how Hioshi Josh Jackson was drugging/pimping out his girlfriend throughout various Texas cons? and then he finally got caught by like the FBI or something for prostitution and unlawful possession of a firearm?

>> No.9869175
File: 321 KB, 600x670, puketoon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anime Blues Con 2015
>see poo poo
>think it animal poo poo
>mfw it human poo poo

>> No.9869398

I love when PHX cons are active because I love looking at the patients cosplay.

>> No.9869406

One year someone didn’t like that the zombie walk slowed traffic so they just plowed through the crowd running over people. Same year SLCC tried to advertise their con on the streets and threw up a fight when SDCC said they had to leave.

>> No.9869664

Not just that,

>some kids from BBYO were sneaking into Katsu events without badges
>one guy at Katsu actually caught kids from his congregation pulling some of the more egregious shit already talked about and raised some fucking hell when he got home

>> No.9869716

I give out handjobs

>> No.9870345


A entire wine bottle "fell" and shattered 5 feet from me. Not sure if it was before or after the chairs

>> No.9870354


waiting patiently

>> No.9870740

I have friends who attended DragonCon multiple times and they've confirmed that freaky shit does go down in hotel rooms.

>> No.9871057

2014, Ubisoft had the Assassin's Creed unity obstacle course. At the end, you do a leap of faith from a 20 foot fall onto a giant air bag. One dude jumped while still holding on to the railings, causing him to turn off target and straight in to the solid ground. The obstacle course is temporarily closed while an ambulance comes in and takes him away. I was in line (what else is new) for the course and saw it happen first hand. That shit looked gnarly.

>> No.9871067


>> No.9871103

This thread makes me nervous to go to a con.

>> No.9871114

wow was it really that long ago already

>> No.9871368

Did this con take place around Christmas?

>> No.9871548

I do security for events, never did any anime con or anything but it's unbelievable how many people lose their children, at least half a dozen a day, if it's an Islamic event seriously at least 50 a day.
One Islamic event I worked at a woman lost her baby while it was still in the carriage.
I was trying to help a crying child once, these two women came just grabbed her and walk away, I asked them if they know her, they said no but they're Muslims too so they can help, i told them no you can't just take away someone else's child that would be kidnapping, it's sad to think about how these children are being brought up

>> No.9871553

I've heard this was actually a project done by goons in the area (Something Awful board). Does anyone know more about that?

>> No.9871566

the ranch dressing is where I draw the line

>> No.9871855

Did anyone record it?

>> No.9871863
File: 25 KB, 541x515, scurbabby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Back in 2013, my high school anime club held a "con" on Saturday.

To give you an idea of how bad it was, there was a panel called "Traps and Braps"

>> No.9871885

I read hakuna matata and my mental image of the scene was a lot funnier until I checked it again.

>> No.9871932

Thiiiss! There are so many options that take up much less room too. Baby carriers, wraps, slings, come on people. I never use strollers for my kid when I take her anywhere crowded. Fuck that. I just strap her to my chest in a carrier. Takes up less room and I have my hands free. Then again though those weebs probably don't want to "ruin" their cosplays with a carrier. Because that's totally more important.

>> No.9871940 [DELETED] 

The video was done by them, can't say for sure they perpetrated the crimes.

>> No.9871945

Lmao right? I'm going to Comicpalooza in a few weeks and bitch is nervous now.

>> No.9874411
File: 1.99 MB, 288x192, floorcollapse.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related happened at a con rave in my town last year. One guy was sent to the hospital after a fat Hinata fell on top of him, but no other serious injuries.

>> No.9874433
File: 2 KB, 163x209, 1523136069882.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah but what if there's 18 guys there

>> No.9874487
File: 34 KB, 347x347, 810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Floor collapses
>Stand on the piece of rubble as it falls to the ground
>Jump off it at the last minute while everyone else lands in a heap below

>> No.9874489

>Bro just jump right before the elevator hits the ground.

>> No.9874494
File: 4 KB, 241x198, 1525719519524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>between the 3 of us we had 4 pistols on us with 3 mags per pistol. It's not an edgy thing, there's just been a few too many retards at cons.
And Americans wonder why there are so many mass shootings. Better take an assault rifle too just in case that L cosplayer with the Yaoi paddle tries anything. Wouldn't want anyone to get hurt now would we?

>> No.9874847

My friend got paddled with an iPhone X in his back pocket. It exploded. The poor busterd.

>> No.9875122

>Doesn't matter, they were such trash babies about not following the rules they're banned from the Gaylord for life.
I remember how people were complaing about how come Katsu didnt get banned for damages they did to the hotel over the years. They forget that Katsu and MAGFest bring in serious money to the entire national harbor.

>> No.9875218

>iPhone X in his back pocket. It exploded.
mdidnyou mean a samsung?

>> No.9875243

They're civil and fun for the most part. Stuff like this is rare.

Was not aware of this as a possibility, I hope my future high-population high-activity events will be in structurally sound buildings.

>> No.9875282

Shut the fuck up, Eurofag. Cosplay props are always checked here so idk what other anon is talking about. Also, don’t you have some butter knives that need banning?

>> No.9875477

iphones crack from a simple drop, imagine a full force hambeast swing of a yaoi paddle.
I remember this story from years ago, wasn't there a comic to go with it?

>> No.9875853

As far as I'm aware, fandom orgies are just a running joke in con-going circles. Sometimes they're used as a front for normal meetups, mostly just fake listings for kicks. If any actually happen I'd be surprised, especially since pulling off an orgy in a busy hotel without being caught from noise complaints would be pretty impressive.

>> No.9875971

Uhhh, I remember the comic where the obese girl glomped the guy and crippled him for life.

>> No.9876148

I have had an iPhone for years and havnt cracked one. I drop and throw my across the room all the time. All you need is a good phone case and a tempered glass case. If it breaks with all those things on it then you’re a fucking gorilla with your shit. Same applies for android or any other phone with a large screen.

And who the fuck puts their phone in their back pocket? People need to stop doing this. It’s how you get your phone bent and or stolen. Doing shit like this is careless and asking for a broken phone.

>> No.9876157

Worst to happen at a con I attended (and staffed).

Kids going at it in the toilets, so many that a few con goers pissed themselves as the occupants were unwilling to exit and reveal their shame.

Unavoidable 20 going on 40 creep snagging jailbait, as in "if there's grass play ball" jailbait.

Teenage lesbian fling "breakup" ending with one running away crying, going through a plate glass divider shutting down the food court for hours in prime time.

>> No.9876241
File: 41 KB, 641x530, 1496536980182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

jesus fucking christ what a tool
i'm glad my ex isn't like that

"look i am le juhoker x3 feel my wrath rawr"

It was a jar of chlorine some pissbag purposely broke in MWFF yeeears ago

GOD I hate hearing when people trash hotel rooms. Makes my blood fucking boil.
If anything I always try to keep my mess to a minimum and clean up as best as I can before I check out. Always.

I remember around Anime Boston 2010 one of the Artist's Alley artists brought her new baby daughter to the con and the baby cried so much. (She was around the top right corner of the original AA. My poor friend was forced to listen to the crying and screaming infant for hours while he did commissions at a table literally across from the lady)
I wouldn't blame the goddamn thing though.
I think she never came back either from complaints or something thank god. Like... cons are NOT for babies.

Personally it's also why I really don't wanna have kids lol. In the long run I want to keep having fun and save money [and sanity] in the long run. I also can't see myself responsible enough to raise a human being. I have enough mental and emotional issues as is.

...I also think that stupid bitch and her baby were the reason said friend never came back to do AAs either...

Another AB kid story I have is from this year. When me and my sis came in Friday afternoon to get our badges, we noticed a little boy and girl running around having fun. I thought it was cute because they were happy; until I heard what I thought was an angry woman snapping at them and saw it was this tiny nerdy dude in some capeshit costume barking at the kids to get back over to him. Then once they got back to him he kept screaming in his little measly voice about how upset their mother was gonna be and how they were going to ruin the parents' con experience for the both of them if they kept... being kids. I swear those people are forced into having kids by their parents

>> No.9876716

>And who the fuck puts their phone in their back pocket?

i saw a Silver Surfer cosplayer once who had his smartphone peeking out of his bikini between the ass cheeks

>> No.9876728

Was on staff at con and saw some guy was stalking to a safety team member. Turns out there was a complaint against him because a girl had a restraining order out on him. So naturally, we wanted to hear his side. Turns out he was the one with the restraining order out against the girl. He had papers and everything. So safety team got her and tried to escort her out of the con but she threw a fit started screaming like a child and the police had to physically restrain her. She got kicked out of the con naturally, she was batshit crazy

>> No.9876729

-talking not stalking
Sorry typo

>> No.9876741
File: 376 KB, 2896x2896, 20180509_183226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thats the bathtub of syrup and permanent marker on the hotel mirror. I think that's either akon staff or hotel staff in the mirror.

>> No.9876749

Speaking of babies from cons, here's a story
At Katsucon 2018 there was a mother with an infant in one of those baby backpacks wandering the artist alley, it didn't have a hat or anything and you know how big Katsu is, there's tons of people walking around with heavy props all sardined together, I myself got bumped a couple of times and my hat knocked off yet this lady didn't seem to care. I was standing near the entrance waiting for a friend and just side eying her the entire time, cosplayers would come up and coo over the baby but then they'd TOUCH it with their dirty hands, like, there's no way that baby left the con without getting the plague. I'm against kids at cons unless a responsible parent is around and if the kid can walk and talk clearly.

>> No.9876825

I dont get shit like this. The Hotel is going to slam heavy charges on whoever's name is on that credit card so why even be this dumb? Also this is why the cost of hotels are on the rise at cons.

>> No.9876905

some people could take the hit i guess


>> No.9876909

>Screaming baby
I'd be that person with my fucking earrings out telling that bitch to take her kid outside.
I am not about that fucking life of just sitting through that.

>> No.9877583

>Teenage lesbian fling "breakup" ending with one running away crying, going through a plate glass divider shutting down the food court for hours in prime time.

What year was that?

>> No.9877589

This is a special kind of suffering.

I don't know about the other guy but panels are still fun to see. And I like buying merch in person.

>> No.9877777

And she was an artist too which was the most jarring thing! Un-fucking-believeable.

Is... is that a handprint OF SHIT on the mirror?!

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if it was a bunch of teenagers who had a parent book the room for them. That's why you chaperone your irresponsible kids at an anime con, folks!

>> No.9882441

That video was from the third world, so don't panic.

>> No.9884923

this has peaked my interest

>> No.9885117


Katsucon fire

>> No.9885187

Tomofair 2016 I think
There was this con that had a bouncy castle.
Somebody fell off and they had to call in an ambulance helicopter to get her to a hospital.

>> No.9885415

guy who died from alcohol poisoning at magfest

>> No.9885569

what is a bouncy castle’s purpose in a con?

>> No.9885571

The Katsucon where someone infected a bunch of congoers with the swine flu and it killed one of the chair people.

Cause god forbid you stay in your room and medicate when sick.

>> No.9885669

>bouncy castle
It's a bounce house

>> No.9885673

>ctrl f katsu
>mentioned 19 times
What is wrong with this con lol

>> No.9885740

or you know just stay home so you don't risk hotel staff getting sick either.

can we get actual stories or at least links to some of these? Like more than the 2 sentances going "this one ___ at ____ did ____" Like details people, share the fucked up-ness of these things

>> No.9885743

Ask and ye shall receive.
Around 2013 it started to get out of hand with the BBYO, then the swine flu, Magfest vs Katsucon making the kiddies that went to katsu attempt to get super wasted and "be more fun than Magfest", the gazebo turns every cosTHOT into a professional model who MUST have her pictures taken there causing crowding and the great photography debacle. Really the problem is the part of the con that is the con is so small that there's almost no regulation for what's happening and the lines of what is the Gaylord Hotel vs actual Katsucon are so blurred that shit just gets out of control.

>> No.9885753

Several years ago at (I think) hama-con, there were large fans in the rave to help keep people cool, but someone sprayed pepper spray into the fans causing most people to have to leave the room.

>> No.9885816

I don't know the exact details, but this happened at AWA last year

Apparently some girl claimed she was molested / raped / drugged or some shit, and staff were trying to figure it out, something an uber... Fuck! If anyone knows what I'm on about, please post what happened.

Someone broke a toilet off the bathroom wall in the AWA hotel last year

Fire alarms get pulled almost every year.

People (usually underage) getting carted out on a stretcher because they did way too many drugs or drank way too much alcohol and went to the rave

People fucking in said rave

People fucking in the hotel lobby on the couch, apparently people were taking pictures / selfies / video, but none have surfaced that I know of.

I heard about a con recently that apparently had hotel staff stealing stuff from rooms.. The person claimed they were checking out, propped the door open, took stuff down to there car come back and find that a bunch of stuff was missing, and apparently it was found on the maid cart. Hotel tried to say that once you leave the room and don't "report it missing" it's free-game for whoever wants to take it.

I've been to lots of cons, either I manage to avoid / filter out the bad shit, or nothing that bad happens...

I've Momocon coming up, So let's see how it is... It's at the GWCC, Which anyone who knows ATL knows ATL is sketch even at the best of times.

>> No.9885828

The hotel staff stealing was also Katsu if I’m not mistaken. There were photos floating around of the maid with big black garbage bags that I guess the conformed had found a bunch of their stuff in. Don’t know the details but I remember a debate being sparked about staff’s ability to keep things they find in the room, even though this person’s entire suitcase was left behind.

>> No.9885829

*congoer, not conformed what the hell autocorrect.

>> No.9885837


grooming somebody to sleep with him doesnt sound like rape

and to OPs imagine, nothing is worse than the naked girl being rainbow dash

>> No.9885871

thats some shitty hotel service, they're suppose to call you if something big is left behind.

the passed out drunk girl was one of the major rape claims. He was naked behind her.
The other actual rape claim hasn't been shared.
Grooming is a slippery subject when it comes to sex. The girl hadn't even kissed someone else yet so he started with shit like "I'll teach you", It's really fucked up and the fact that Chanel Awsome's owner kept it under a rug for over 5 years is ever more fucked up

>> No.9886050

God, if I HAD to bring my baby to a con, you better believe I'm getting one of those plastic bubble rain cover things for their stroller and keeping them in there at all times outside of our hotel room. Cons are filthy disease farms full of unwashed, mentally disturbed people.

>> No.9891077

>damage controlling this hard
This kind of shit is why it fucking sucks that you furfags get to loophole global rule 3 and reside in /cgl/ like a tumor. Forever wishing fursuit threads will have to stay inside of /b/.

>> No.9891174

>nothing is worse than the naked girl being rainbow dash

>> No.9891203

This was katsu. I have the other pictures of damage to the room and hall. Almost lost the resort for the convention. That was a lot worse than people realized, I think.

>> No.9891212

I can unfortunately vouch for two homestuck orgies (ex. Homesfuck)

>> No.9891222

Lesbian orgies, right? Were you there?

>> No.9891239

>first con, ofc bought a commissioned costume
> tried it on and all, pictures coming out good as I head to registration
>50k+ people con, bend over to grab my badge
> pants split completely down the back down to my crotch
> dont wanna turn around
> had to drive 40 minutes back home, after walking the con and people asking for pictures, to change


> first costume made - princess kenny
> have ratty blonde wig, bow & arrow, near SP people
> people continue running up to me yelling Zelda
> mostly Links, but gets this one Navi that keeps yelling heylisten at me
> moms want pictures cause omg princess!
> little kids jumping on me and break his brooches/bow

>> No.9891446


Wish I could say the same thing to a certain chick who has a child and is not really responsible and she has a serious temper problem and abusive towards him. Meanwhile the father of the child is too pussy to do anything about it. Im surprised the child hasnt been taken away yet

>> No.9891482

That's what you get for cosplaying capeshit.

>> No.9891579

it was a furry con I think, and she body painted herself as rainbow dash

>> No.9891632

If there were kids jumping on you and breaking shit why not just give them a good solid kick in the nuts. That's what I'd do.

>> No.9894380

Uh oh, stinky.

>> No.9894518

I always think it's weird having young kids at cons at all. My wife is pregnant so Colossalcon will be my last.

>> No.9894532

It's not weird to have your kid, it's weird to have a kid and try to live the same pre-kid life, post-kid. Probably shouldn't bring a kid to Collosal, but there are other cons that aren't so drinking and party oriented.

>> No.9894583

>People fucking in the hotel lobby on the couch, apparently people were taking pictures / selfies / video, but none have surfaced that I know of.

Are you talking about this?

https// www mirror co uk/ news/ us-news/ raunchy-couple-caught-making-x-12335878

>> No.9897191

Friend convinced me to let a homeless guy stay in our hotel room. The next day he was nowhere to be found and his bed was full of poo.

>> No.9900932

Was it the same con where some bombed the hotel with toxic gas and several goers went to the hospital? I might be losing my memory

>> No.9900941

It even affected dcc. We couldn’t bring nerf guns. So people used bananas as guns. Then next day con banned bananas.

>> No.9900979

I have the comic. Hambeast prime wanted a “loving hug” from ezio

>> No.9901268

Sangawa project 2017 attended by about 450 people 18+ with 21+ and drinking events.

Youth hockey teams staying weekend as well. KIDS ran rampant all weekend and so did there Chad mom and dads. Kids got pool shut down, went into panels, some dads went into panels, kids tried getting into games and merch rooms. and some went into a hentai panel and told his mom and they got into with everyone and punched a security guard. Fire alarm went off Saturday 3am-4am didn't find out cause. Literally was approached by a Chad dad and was asked about finding girls at the con which is all in a small hotel passing by each other every hour. Kids taking pictures and making fun of people and making some uncomfortable. Parents also making fun of some guests but mainly drunk dad's cause the bar is 30yds from con area. A lot of weird looks and laughs were had. Saturday evening they enforced a no standing in hall way rule, policemen was there too think was related to punch incident. Usually this con is booked with weddings and nfl fans which are always fine and sometimes fun.

>> No.9901272

OH. I know what you’re talking about now, I remember this. Yeah the other anon had me concerned for a reason but this was just a girl being stupid as fuck and try to save it

>> No.9901277

Not quite a horror story but fucking funny

At colossal this year after the first day they put up a sign saying to keep revealing cosplay in the con area since they’re still a family resort and there’s kids there.

And I saw some bikini versions but nothing like Uber bad and I think the reason for the sign was some dude walking around in a banana sling.

Like not even a European speedo this was some pornstar attire.

>> No.9901286

based motherfuckers, throwing chairs on ugly sluts

>> No.9901292

I'm a part of a group in seattle that goes to every single jap and recently korean convention and we book hotel under fake name and trash it and we put our literal shit all around the convention floor. My best is probably spreading shit on the seattle convention center stair-handrails but only the underside so it wasn't visible. These stairs saw pretty much all traffic into the con.

>> No.9901305

Holy fuck that made the story 1000x funnier

>> No.9901330

can't tell if bait or someone who should kill themselves...
hope they track your ip and arrest your ass if true

>> No.9901347

I poop my pant at Wizardworld Chicago

>> No.9901402

>Mildly irritating
AX having to share space with X-Games with a bunch of normie jerks. Not all of them were bad though. Anyone remember that? The free energy drinks made up for it.

> Slightly worrying
Bomb threat forcing everyone out of the hall. Fortunately it was a false alarm.

I remember a Rikku cosplayer shooting a porn in a hotel room but I don't think that counts.

What a waste of candy.

I just love how AX keeps the ballpit in the photoshoot area.

I had a teacher named Gay Shepherd once.

Nice pents.

One time I thought our roommates ate the rest of the pizza we ordered that night but it turned out the hotel staff took it despite the fact we were still inside asleep. Never want to book there again.

>> No.9901989

The joke's on you for living in or around Seattle.

>> No.9902161

I wasn't there to witness it personally, but I've been told that the reason Izumicon no longer has raves is because in either '09 or 10 some dumbass injected himself with glow stick fluid and got sent to the ER.
Not the worst thing to ever happen at a con, but definitely one of the stupidest.

>> No.9902172

On the topic of Izumicon, Izumicon 2017 was pretty rough

>they decide to move the con from late October/early November to January, presumably to help boost attendance and help them get a better deal on a venue
>they have a much better venue AND it's in the heart of Downtown OKC
>they book a lot of bigger guests, even a pretty solid lineup of artists/musicians
>what could possibly go wrong?
>massive ice storm hits OKC Thursday night
>ice/snow this bad is SUPER rare in OKC, there's no way they could've predicted this happening
>countless guests, artists, and even panelists cancel their appearances at Izumicon
>what few guests were planning on attending despite the weather now have very little to do
>panels get taken over by other panelists who know little or nothing about the subject
>blocks in the artist alley are just totally empty
>the whole weekend is like this
>don't think anyone got a refund
>con gets bought out a few months later

I feel really sorry for the Izumi organizers desu. Izumicon 2017 could've been fantastic if that ice storm didn't hit.

>> No.9902376
File: 75 KB, 256x256, holySHIT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A kon my first year
>parking sucks
>apparently some guy wearing a black shirt with "STAFF" on the back moved a bunch of cones and redirected a bunch of cars to an empty area of the hotel parking lot reserved for guests
>mfw 30+ cars got towed

>> No.9903556

What is with A Kon and parking?
>A Kon 2016
>leaving my hotel Sunday morning from hotel next to the Hilton Anitole
>not driving, so looking out the window
>see black smoke in parking lot
>someone decided to set a random person's car on fire
>took pictures of it and uploaded them to social media
Never saved the pictures, but I know they're still out there. Needless to say I shell out extra every year now for valet parking in the hotel garage.

>> No.9903565

Some whale thot, who cares

>> No.9903569

Awwh it hurt your feefees?

>> No.9903911

>and the great photography debacle
Care to fill me in?

>> No.9904632

Could be worse. Isn't it tradition now that someone dies at A-Kon every year? Pretty sure shit's cursed.

>> No.9904685

Yeah, it was pool chlorine

>> No.9904689

You jump

>> No.9904706

>That Goku in the back keeps going
>A real example of a Goku-getem attitude

>> No.9904721

>swine flu at Katsucon
Sounds fake
>Google this shit

Wtf, maryland is wild

>> No.9904743

BF said he heard rumors that people were trying to shoot lewds n' nudes in the outdoor pools. Can anyone confirm?

>> No.9904789

Can deny, had multiple friends with rooms that could see the pools, no one saw anything. Also we would see sniped pics by now if someone even tried.

>> No.9908092

If it's Otakon, Thursday during badge pick up every single year.

>> No.9909755

Ended up poking through cgl bc I'm trying to sell some lolita and curiosity clicked the thread

I was one of the people who found the gummy bears. We saw the bins sitting in a random spot, I honestly forget why we peeked inside them it was Sunday night and our last three brain cells were still saturated with alcohol, laughed our asses off then took a pic and tweeted it. Rest of our room ran up after they saw it because two giant tubs completely filled with 50+lbs of gummy bears is a level of random they felt they had to see. Tweet got traction outside of our friend group because turns out Dangerous Ladies were in the room next to the bins and were coming back to their room, laughed with us, and RT'd it. Someone mentioned they were used for a tub shoot (they were wet and stuck together so eating them was never on the to-do list) then later someone said it was theirs. They left their room to meet us, we all had a laugh and took pics together but they're lost to time and twitter deletions.

They did clear it with the hotel first, the tubs were outside because they were so heavy they needed assistance getting them to the dumpsters. It was all a harmless but hilarious situation to end a Sunday night with. Don't remember who they were but I remember them being cool. Never did see the finished pics.

>> No.9909830

About a year ago or so at CPAC (back when it was still hosted at Stevens) my gf and I found this dude who wasn't cosplaying that wanted to chill with us since we all liked Jojo. Dude acted like an edgelord and gf felt uncomfortable so we decided to try and fuck off from him. Dude stalked us out the whole con even after explicitly telling him we would get security. Eventually found out later that a guy dressed as Jacket kicked his ass after the con. Bless you based Jacket

>> No.9909841

That because of the fucking heat. The year when the prereg line wrapped twice around the BCC because the system was fucked had a lot of people passing out due to that heat.

>> No.9910261

There was an AnthroCon orgy around 2009...Some guy on Craigslist made an ad for an orgy, 50 bucks to cum in his ass trying to get as many men as possible to show up. The organizers shut it down after discovering the guy was HIV+ and wanted to make this his furry fandom retirement party before starting treatment.

>> No.9911263

You mean Jessica Rabbit?

>> No.9913377

I know it's a smaller con, but Ichibancon in Concord, NC has been hell for parking the past few years. Even with an overflow lot (across a four lane highway, no less) it's really bad. They've gotten way too big for their venue, but either can't or won't move for reasons I don't remember.

>> No.9914392

Christ, never forget.

I remember trekking through the snow in spandex because I'm bad at planning weather appropriate attire. Also ended up pretty much just sitting around bored with a friend.

Also kind of off topic but it was the first time I'd ever been to Izumicon, is it usually worth going to?

>> No.9917376
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