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Prints you want to exist but don't. Is there a concept you thirst over but it doesn't exist/what does exist looks ugly? Do you want to claw your eyes out every time AP rerelease Holy Lantern and Misty Sky instead of thinking of something new? Why do you think the print you want doesn't exist?

Example, I'd give my left tit for an AP peanut butter and chocolate print but peanut butter isn't a huge thing over in Japan.

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I want a print with seals. Or ferrets. Also, I'm surprised brands haven't done prints with cherry blossoms on them before. Or if they have I just haven't seen them.

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I really want something with lab science motifs (molecular structures, old-timey microscopes, etc), but not taobao-tier tacky. I don't think it'll ever exist.

As for more conventional motifs, I don't think Angelic Pretty has released any butterfly prints. I would love an ultra-sweet butterfly print, especially if it was a border print (bonus points if it's printed on cotton).

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It's not just butterflies, but AP's Sugar Fairy Cake has some on it.

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I want a print that's only butterflies, or at least with butterflies as the main element.

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Bird enthusiast here, I want bird prints of all kinds, as in actually focused on birds and not with them being some tiny accent. There's plenty of songbirds for more classic prints, crows and ravens and hawks would be fantastic in gothic, waterfowl and pigeons would even be cute with AP I feel. Not to mention all the colorful parrot species that could be in a more jeweltoned eccentric print.

Heck, I just need a seagull print for memes too.

Also, as a fan of building prints, I'd love a castle print. Not a sweet princess one, but like JetJ's Village, Moitie's Cathedral Ruins, or even more stylized like Cesky Kumlov. A medival print focusing on a castle, the royalty inside the windows, maybe a dragon around a parapet. Or even the Palace of Versailles also featuring the gardens.

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My angelic pretty print wishlist
>waffles and breakfast (or just a honey cake re-release)
>Pomeranians or other cute fluffy dog
>Soda or maybe even mixed drink themed
>Neapolitan ice cream

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I want some literature based prints.
Watership Down, The Master and Margarita and maybe a print based on the works of Jim Woodring or Junji Ito.

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>tfw no pop n cherries print irl

Why bother living

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This! I work in a lab and I’d love having a dress that depicted my career.

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Any type of werewolf or wolf themed print that isn't Red Riding Hood or the 3 Billy Goats themed.

Dream print would be something based on bloodborne. The skyline and themes of bloodborne could be made into a great print for a gothic skirt so easily it's almost a shame it hasn't been done.

Ravens and crows sound amazing.

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I know its not really "suited" to lolita, but I love those floral fabric prints that have human genitalia in them, like the stamen of flowers being a penis, and wish more dresses could be made with them.

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I want brands to release chicken prints. Not chicks, actual hens. I see taobao chicken prints on lolita updates and I’m not impressed.

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I seriously LOVE chickens. I find them so cute i don't know what's wrong with me. I think grown chickens are cuter than chicks. But I also love seeing mama chickens with her babies. One day when I have a yard of my own I'd love to rescue hens from the egg industry that often get ethunized because their egg production is slowing down

But yeah seriously I would buy any chicken print that was remotely cute. My wardrobe is mainly sweet but I would buy it even if it was classic or gothic (what's more gothic than a Ayam Cemani chicken print am I right)

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The perfect bag for a chicken dress?

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Maybe modern or contemporary art prints? I know there are a fair number of Rococo prints and I think some Italian Renaissance and a few other styles, and JetJ has a lot of stuff that looks nineteenth-century or earlier, but I don't recall seeing much from twentieth-century artists. I think you could make Bacon work with gothic, for example.

Also seconding
especially castles.

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hi tempest

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I adore chickens! They are the cutest things ever! So smart and funny. I can go on all day about chickens haha.

But seriously, chicken dresses.

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is that you DC? I definitely agree though.

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Chickens are cute

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>this many gulls obsessed with cocks

And here I thought we were all lesbians.

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I would love a cherry blossom print.
Also, I‘m a huge fan of Halloween prints, but I feel the last AP and AATP releases were boting.
A print with jack o lanterns would be soo nice. Or maybe a proper Nightmare before Christmas collab. Something with cute bats would be nice as well.

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Psychedelic prints when

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I'm pretty sure half the lesbians are role-playing dudes. Pretending to be a straight girl is gay for them.

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A Pinocchio print. It was my favourite movie as a child,and I still love it.

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Rose of Versailles or Utena collab.
Would prefer a print to a replica of a dress in the show
>a recreation would be beautiful but I always feel those styles of collabs are more cosplay-y than actually wearable as a coord

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I'd like to just see more straight up mushroom prints with mushrooms as the only theme, different breeds of animals (lions not on a circus print, borzoi, different variety of bats for goth prints) and less generic florals and flowers we seldom see (columbine, lavender, wisteria, fuchsia). We're also in dire need of elves.

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I'd really like to see a Sailor Moon print. I'm honestly surprised Angelic Pretty hasn't done one yet.

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Saw this on deviantart a long time ago, I want a print because it's funny as shit, but I didn't see a link on the person's page

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This will never happen but I would love a print based of Junji Ito's manga Uzumaki.
There could so many cool ways to incorporate the chapters of the manga into diferent parts of the dress.
Also they could sell a parasol that has a big spiral on it.

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Haenuli put out Crystal Guardians not too long ago. It was kind of underwhelming but very Sailor Moon inspired

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Sorry for self posting but years ago I started designing a CGL print for fun. I stopped because I had problems with turning the drawings into vectors but with my current skills I think I could do it. I even had a little silly mockup picture of the whole dress in colour but unfortunately I cannot find it.

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>not wanting a ridiculous gyo print

>> No.9860349

I. Love. This.

I love their faces. The one in the bunny ears might be my favorite

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To be honest, all Junji Ito manga would make a rad print. Like a print based off "The Hanging Baloons", a lolita brand collabing with Junji Ito is my dream.

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Baby has a Versailles Collab I think? Both vests and dresses

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I'd love to see meta do a tropical flowers print. A succulent print would be cool too--a couple taobao brands have attempted it but they've been wholly unsatisfying.

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I would buy this. Especially if the faces and bodies were only visible up close but from afar it looked like a balloon print

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I thought it was only meta that had this mess but I could be mistaken. I dont follow Baby very closely

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Aren't those collabs with the band?

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I love this so much. At the very least you need to make it a postcard print or something. I'd buy it in a heart beat!

>> No.9860386

Make this so I can wear it with my cgl pin in the mail!

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I absolutely love this! Seconding at least doing a postcard print.

>> No.9860398

Agreed, I'd buy this as a postcard print in a millisecond

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But I want to see hens, not cocks

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ITT: lowkey want to be Mrs. Frizzle, a dress for any topic

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I love the ridiculous novelty print themes Taobao brands do, but don't always love the execution or the quality of dress that they're printed on. I'd love to see the major brands take inspiration from some of the more out-there ideas but get proper artists and print on something other than cheap chiffon.

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So many fabulous stained glass art nouveau lampshades

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It honestly baffles me that there aren't more (or any) honey/bee themed prints besides this godawful one from Meta. How the fuck is there not a sweet print featuring flowers with bees and honey. You could even go gothic with it by playing up the deadly/venomous angle, like bees crawling all over jars of skulls suspended in honey or something. I'd be happy with just some fucking bees on a dress. Fuck.

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also before anyone calls me a newfag, obviously there's honey cake. Sort of a consolation prize though, since it's more of a baked sweets print and I also think it's ugly.

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Pigs. Seriously, I generally feel pigs need more love. They are not only cute but also super smart and fun animals. Pigs with pretty desserts, flowers, in fancy hats... Give me all of them.
>Cute piggy dressed as queen Elizabeth

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Wolves are the main reason why I love Meta's Voyage in Memory so much. I agree, we need more wolves.

>> No.9860845

This would be gorgeous. It'd be interesting if it could be made in layers. An underskirt in stained glass colors with the metalwork lines in netting over.

Oooh, this! That sounds fantastic.

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I want a pusheen print.

>> No.9860868

>bees crawling all over jars of skulls suspended in honey or something
Holy shit, fund it. Also, Lily of the Valley is working on a bee print dress. And she said all of her future releases will have a black colourway. You can see the sketches in her instagram story.

>> No.9860873

>Also they could sell a parasol that has a big spiral on it.
Would buy in a heartbeat.

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A glamorous sloth print, pls

>> No.9860878

>Salty Marine
This needs to be a thing.

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File: 88 KB, 197x296, Brooke.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Thank you very much for the positive feedback! Not sure how long it will take me to create an actual print but I can definitely make postcards! If this thread isn't alive by that time I'll probably post it to the generals. I also cannot take credit for the print name, it was from a thread about funny print ideas.

Cherie Cherise did a bee dress a few years ago!

>> No.9860937

Holy blazing shitballs, that dress is beautiful! What is it?

>> No.9860943

There are some.
Shrodinger's cat print is newly up, there's a generic geometry one, and a couple other older ones that are probably going to be hard to find.

>> No.9860946

Hopefully never.

>> No.9860953

'lace and bees' dress

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Honestly, why does a moomin print not exsist yet?

>> No.9861370

Utena Collab WHEN
I know super groupies has some cute stuff for Utena but i WANT MOAARR

>> No.9861379

I've been dreaming of pig purse for years! Small plush piglet with floral wreath on its head.

>> No.9861390

Uniqlo might have exclusive rights at the moment

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I love butterflies , my first lolita piece was a fugly Bodyline skirt with a butterflies print

>> No.9862189

I swear I'll do something inpired on this , like an skirt or something

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I love the Byzantine aesthetic

>> No.9862201



*whispers* PleasE I want a cute cartooney dragon print that isn't on shitty fabric.
Specifically a Sweet pastel print with a dragon who hoards cute things.

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I'd like to see more prints with botanical or anatomical illustrations. Not in guro way, but more
Ike actual book illustrations. There are a few of them, but I'd like some more poshy one, with nice cut and dozen kinds of lace.
Also maybe more prints with medieval theme. From what I know I can only recall JetJ unicorn print.

>> No.9862223

I would love a diner-themed print with burgers, milkshakes, and coca-cola

>> No.9862252

I love an idea of unusual prints, but just a few of lolitas can pull them out, so they look really well. I feel like people would still wear boring chocolate prints just because these look more "attractive" in lolita terms (aka looking good on photos, making nice shape, having anough cute details, etc) and take less efforts to coord.

>> No.9862306


Not a print, but I'd love Meta (or, probably more appropriately, Kuniko Kato) to tackle a lolita dress inspired by vintage women's baseball uniforms.

>> No.9862353

Definitely agree we need more medieval prints. Stained glass prints are cool and all, but I'd like more like manuscript illustration style prints. Like a Book of Kells print.

>> No.9862869


Look, sis, weed! LMPO (laughing my pussy off)

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psychedelic prints dont necessarily have anything to do with drugs, anon didn't say anything to imply that either. I think a lolita dress with saturated colours and interesting patterns would be awesome. some of the dresses that meta has made from kimono fabric give me a similar vibe.

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File: 373 KB, 800x1200, Milan Fashion Week AW 2013 Dolce & Gabbana 057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mein neger

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I want a tasteful Egyptian/Tarot-themed Stardust Crusaders print

I can't imagine an attractive JoJo print would ever actually come out but I do believe it is possible

With as invested in fashion as Araki is, if only he would be more interested in lolita...

>> No.9863166

Innocent world's rose stained glass is close to this.

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I think that, in order for anything Jojo to be incorporated into lolita, it has to be subtle. The Bvlgari collab looked nice but similar designs/prints would look garish, weeby and out of place in lolita.
Maybe a subtle print/jacquard incorporating the Arrows or other symbols related to the series (stars/cherries/broken hearts/ankhs etc.) would work.

Isn't Araki more into fashion with sharp, "modern" designs? I don't think lolita is quite up his alley, at least not when drawing in any case.

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More like pic related though.

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Same, anon. I want a non OTT bird print.
Looking at you, Symphonia of Birds.

Lowkey want a tropical print with parrots and bird of paradise on it.

This would be cool! I like a lot of mushroom prints.

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File: 59 KB, 250x333, 5ff88e54-dfaf-5693-8d5a-aca579f40d99.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing about this is art nouveau... but it does vaguely resemble a lampshade, I suppose. Sort of reminds me of those window cling things

>> No.9863260

Hell yeah. Wolves are usually associated with unrefined power, very much a wild thing. It makes it harder to make a print that's not a disaster, but it's doable and i'd love the end result.

How gorgeous.

Nah, I'm not DC. Dont even know who that is desu. Glad to see someone else enjoys the werewolf game, tho

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>song bird
>non OTT bird print
Behold: Happy Bell Shirring, one of my dream dresses. It's almost always on sale for really cheap. It has other cuts as well if you prefer.

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Sorry to selfpost again, but i drew this disgusting drawing years ago. I agree, I wish there was more in the way of loliable jojo merch.

>> No.9863899

Oh wow! That is adorable. Thanks for sharing anon.

>> No.9864241

I don't think this looks like a lampshade, but it reminds me very strongly of Charles Rennie Macintosh roses, so I would say there's an Art Nouveau influence.

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File: 888 KB, 3330x2400, H.R.-Giger-Alien-Limited-Edition-Posters-41-350-54409c_lg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need a Lovecraftian themed dress pls that isn't that lame Cthulhu sailor lolita dress. I want something dark enough for Lord Dagon to approve of.

Also, pls a H. R. Giger art inspired print although I know that's highly unrealistic. His art would work so well as a gothic print.

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Looking forward to this one.. "Teaparty in R'lyeh"

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I got u anon cause I legit want this dress

>> No.9864482

would love to see more architecture-related prints. i can't personally imagine how to do it without it being somewhat tacky in a bad way, but i also think prints based on more modern art would be nice.

another anon real horny for the utena collab dream here

>> No.9864488

Brutal gore/ serial killer print

I'm tired of cutesy hospital themes, give me severed heads and chainsaws

>> No.9864500

Anon marry me; I’d shell out a fortune for a famous serial killers print

Anons let’s make this happen

>> No.9865880

I agree, I'd prefer something subtle and elegant, and a SC print incorporating all those motifs sounds amazing.

And yeah, Araki's definitely more into high/modern fashion.

gdi anon I LOVE this. that pet shop headdress and the SHOES. I've wondered so many times what a good DIO coord would look like and honestly i don't think anything else will ever come close to this. Danny as his stole is my favorite.

>> No.9867656

I wanted a Pokemon collab so badly and finally accepted it would never happen so I made my own.

I'm still holding out for AP to make a Sand Castle print. Something soft and playful feeling. Would also like a melty bumblebee print with scalloped edges.

>> No.9868070

You made your own pokemon dress? Pics, please? I can't imagine what kind of prnt you used.

>> No.9868087

I didn't say anything about drugs, I do drugs, that's not why psychedelic prints are a 'hopefully never' from me.

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File: 3.28 MB, 3120x4160, P_20180405_110700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a WIP cause I'm waiting on some materials in the mail but have a poorly lit picture from when the fabric arrived.

>> No.9868146

yikes. i hope you're at least splurging on quality lace?

>> No.9868150

>JoJo print

Please just leave to cosplay and never come back

>> No.9868160

I want a cow spot print!
also Winnie the Pooh (brand lolita, no weak otome stuff sry)
and an old school hip hop block party print with cute bear DJs, city buildings, and dancing bears.

I also would love it if a brand did a dream wardrobe print, showing a cute room with several famous releases displayed in it. or a history print, showing the brand's design progression/milestones.

last one: gothic banquet print. long, eerily lit table decked out with food.

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File: 1.00 MB, 750x1125, 3535.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>science motifs

>> No.9868178


>> No.9868181

...There is a Book of Kells print called "The Secret of Kells" by Knight Night that highlights some of the more popular and well known illuminations.

The Jet J print is based on the "Lady and the Unicorn" tapestries which is late medieval/early-modern.

Personally, I'd like to see one focusing on earlier pieces like Beowulf and more of a paleography centered print rather than an illumination centered one

>> No.9868225 [DELETED] 

>tfw you'll never get this design in dress form.

>> No.9868603
File: 64 KB, 550x733, haenuli stained glass of st giles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It probably wouldn't look as good in person as it does in my head, but this is an OTT idea I had after seeing a pic of a coord in a fashion show with LED lights under the skirt:

>stained glass print similar to pic related, as in the windows are coloured and the rest is black
>print is done on slightly sheer fabric
>black part of skirt is lined, window parts are not (would have to stitch it to the skirt around the edges of the windows) - or some other method to ensure the black part is opaque
>white underskirt and pettis
>white LED lights somewhere in between underskirt and petti/between two pettis
>overall effect is of a stained glass window with light behind it

>> No.9868753

Angel prints, but gothic. Not cute cherubs, but seraphs. I want six winged angels, angels covered in eyes, warrior angels. I feel like it would be really cool and beautiful.

>> No.9868789
File: 90 KB, 300x469, tumblr_inline_nbqxqih5xJ1rhbupm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9868811
File: 187 KB, 500x254, Reverse-Applique_12-13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>black part of skirt is lined, window parts are not (would have to stitch it to the skirt around the edges of the windows) - or some other method to ensure the black part is opaque
Reverse applique could work

>> No.9868819

Laser cut fabric that would not unravel (vinyl or a laminated twill sort of thing would work) with a sheer underskirt with colored stained glass designs printed on it, that shows through the laser cut holes. That said, if the whole thing were Battenberg lace it would be outstanding . Then under the underlayer maybe a cage crinoline with EL tubing along each spine

>> No.9868834
File: 63 KB, 600x450, love moon princess stained glass angel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9869152

I really want more bird dresses. I'd kill for a winter print with cardinals

>> No.9869190

This is nice, but I'd love non stained glass religious prints. Almost like Angelic Pretty's Gloria. Is that taobao?

>> No.9869219

It's Baby.

>> No.9869248

Ah, I see. I have made myself look like an idiot. The skirt is lovely though, so thanks for pointing this out to me.

>> No.9869360

My neck twinged so hard on that fail anon, I'll be feeling it for the next week.

>> No.9869379

My heart hurts

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