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No HUSSIES allowed Edition

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kuso thread, saged and reported

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the sequel was better tho

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Man I just really love lolita

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What's the female equivalent of this male dynamic? I feel like /cgl/ could use that

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The Virgin Lolita and the Chad Cosplayer?

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/cgl/ doesn't have friendship. It never has. It's just a bunch of vultures waiting for the slightest mistake.

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I try to build confidence to go to a con but I always end up chickening the fuck out.

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Speaking as a loser lolita with attractive Stacy cosplayer friends this is extremely accurate

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But can't Becky and Stacey be friends though

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Announcing a sage or report is against site rules

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announcing a report is, sage isn't.

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Nayrt, but:

"7. Submitting false or misclassified reports, or otherwise abusing the reporting system may result in a ban. Replying to a thread stating that you've reported or "saged" it, or another post, is also not allowed."

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Newfag pls

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how new are you?
that thread is there so they can ban people who get obnoxious about it, but you're a retard if you think they ban or even warn every person who announces a sage

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>thinking mods actually enforce this rule

saged for bs

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Enjoy your vacation lads

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It's like you're so new you don't know how often it happens

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Why does /cgl/ get autistic over the most basic things?

also could you just keep the rules instead of bitching about how they are enforced or not
it isn't rocket science...

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>backpedalling this hard after demonstrating your lack of basic site knowledge and calling someone new over and over again even though you're the newfaggot who got it wrong
The irony is palpable

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if you think this is bad then you must really be new. This board is probably the least autistic when it comes to rulefagging and shitposting.

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holy shit, shut the fuck up no one cares, go back to /b/ or /r9k/ or wherever you came from

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You forgot to add /pol/ to your list of boogeymen to screech about when someone posts something you don't like, retard.

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well it doesn't matter crossboarder, you've shit up this thread enough the jannies are just gonna 404 it

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>HUSSIES allowed Edition
>tfw literally no one cosplays Kaine
>2B Kaines
>Cosplay sites use 2B and never Kaine now

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>someone who knows the site rules and that boards other than /cgl/ on 4chan exist
>triggered ita who only browses one board starts screeching about /r9k/ and crossboarders
l m a o

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kuso thread, saged and reported again

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> tfw my gullfriend and I lol

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who's supposed to be the virgin?

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i’m afraid of somebody thinking im an age player when i’m dressed in lolita. i’m in my mid 20s and tell people that it’s an alternative fashion, but i don’t wear it as much as i want to because i’m worried if somebody will ask me why I’m dressed as a little girl, it frustrates me so much. I don’t wear any baby prints...

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>have several cosplay/clothing plans
>half-finished dress on my mannequin
>just picked up even more fabric on a trip to New York
>can't work on any of them since I'm moving in 2 weeks and need to pack

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make a guess

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live ur life n tell em to fuck off. Life's too short to give a shit on what makes u happy. As long as you use common sense on when u wear lolita 99.9% of the time people don't care. People are gonna look, but that's just how anything outside normie fashion works.

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I have never had anyone ask me that, just because cgl talks shit about it doesn’t mean it’s what normies think.

You are more likely to get asked about if you are part of a play, or if you
Are a living doll.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>really hate a certain lolita
>insult her every time she gets posted
>see her at an event
>funny, nice, pretty
>complimented me a lot
>hate her even more

I'm a sack of shit but fuck her.

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why do you hate her? is it jealousy? try hanging out with her more, you might start to like her..? (exposure effect)

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>Life's too short to give a shit on what makes u happy

life is too worthless because people give a birth basically to feel better about themselves

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She just gets a lot of positive attention and I don't understand why. I want to knock her down a peg. I bet other people feel the same way too.

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Anon is a jealous thot. That's all.

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>2B Kaines
these piss me off

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>feel good about a cosplay I did
>it's not the best, but it's ok and I tried on it
>friend drags me to the shoots for the series
>I don't know how to pose and somehow end up in the center of shots
>friend starts talking to other people at the shoot about how shit my cosplay is, how stiff my poses are, and how I'm not a "real fan" of the series
>later on I find out they were also asking other cosplayers from the same series to take pics with me so they could compare me to "real cosplayers"

I spent a few hundred making this cosplay and all I want to do is throw it out and never wear it again. I only got to wear it one time though. I'm half convinced the "friend" is going to start posting me on the bad cosplay thread as well to get 4chan to roast me. I have no idea what I did other than try to have fun.

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Both of you because being a Lolita takes honor and purity to be that beautiful

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Man, I just love Lolita more

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>go on anime con with classmate, politely asking for photos and trying to not spill spaghetti
>come across a girl cosplaying krul, i take a photo with my mate and her first, then we swap places and he takes a photo of us
>suddenly she clings to me like we were a pair which she didn't do with him
>he takes a photo, i politely thank as usual and walk away

>later my mate tells me that she told me that she actually asked me that she'll take a photo with me only if we can hug together which i overheard completely and just went with it after she got close

did i fuck up
note that i'm obviously not used to any kind of attention from girls
i still feel pretty dead inside about this

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Just shake it off bro, if you got a girl to do that to you, it will happen again. just think of a way to continue that interaction. If it were me, I'd say something like >well that's a kind way to say hello, but that's probably super autistic. I dunno, it's just me being myself, so if it were me I'd roll with that

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Meh. It just sounds like she's being playful and/or is one of those huggy bubbly types. Not much you could do really except maybe have struck up a convo.

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So I recently met up with a friend I've been talking to a few weeks online and while we where talking she told me about her friendgroup and what they do together etc. Just exactly that kinda stuff I've wanted for years but didn't even think really exist. Some wholesome weeb trash friends whom one can cosplay with, go to cons and so on. I never had any friends that where particularly into cosplay and only ever went to cons with my cousins, whos a real pain most of the time. Everyone of her friends sounds like such nice people and I kinda wanna be included but don't wanna be that weird guy that just kinda latches on to them. Idk what to do, this is probably my only chance to finally fulfill that one dream of mine and I really dont wanna fuck it up.

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I was about to say that but then I read
> she actually asked me that she'll take a photo with me only if we can hug together

so idk man

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Just ask a week before the convention if she wants to meet up with you there, or if that's too awkward, just wait until the convention itself and hope you find her there.

The easiest moment to join that grp is probably during a convention rather than outside meets,
it's a lot more natural to go with your friend and meet the other friends just like that, it's partly what people long for at conventions.
I met my current friends at a hotel room party at a con that way 3 months ago.

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Again it could just be her personality otherwise if she did like/think this anon cute she would have said something or maybe looked at him longingly hoping a convo was gonna happen.

I don't know the details really.

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Just have her introduce you to her friend group? Just tell her that her group of friends sound cool and you wouldn't mind hanging around with them if that's ok.

If they're nice they probably don't mind having someone around unless you're really the clingy type and overcompensate in trying to please everyone.

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I know this is a really fucking stupid awful heartless feel but I’m kind of jelly of all the girls in my comm who have husbands/boyfriends who buy them whatever they want while they spend all their time at home enjoying their hobbies, not having to work, because they’re chronically ill. They’re all invisible illnesses that they rarely talk about so it’s easy for me to forget that these girls are probably suffering. But from their instagrams, on which two of them post daily and the third every other day, it looks like all their days are spent wearing lolita and crafting and going for walks and meeting friends at cute cafes. Meanwhile I work full time at a job I hate just to pay the bills and pay off my student loans. I’m also exhausted all the time, though that’s most likely from work and nothing medical. Sometimes I wish it were a medical issue so I’d have an excuse to quit my job and stay home.

>inb4 “wow you’re a shit”
I know, which is why I’d never express this stupid feel anywhere but 4chan.

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Most of these illnesses are fake anyways. One thing that disgusts me about lolita community the most.

I think it's more disgusting you want to be a burden on a husband. What happened to independence and shit

>> No.9887940

I mean I think most people get the intention of not having to work and just doing what you like sans the illness.

also wat. invisible illness? Like depression or something?

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I sympathize anon. One of my friends lives in another country and gets more in disability for their anxiety and depression than my diagnosed anxious/depressed ass makes at a multi-million dollar company, busting my ass 40hr/week. They send me messages all day about what they're buying or looking at buying. They have a paid-off residence, and a husband that supports them doing what would be a minimum wage job here, also making much more than me after tax, so they use their disability money for fun stuff, and I'm glad they're happy but like... it can be crushing

>> No.9887945

>chronically ill
>it looks like all their days are spent wearing lolita and crafting and going for walks and meeting friends at cute cafes
Can guarantee by 99% they're not actually ill like they claim to be. Sure it's an individual thing, but typically when you're chronically ill you fucking suffer every day and wish you weren't ill; taking full advantage of your "illness" to sit back and be spoiled by your s/o is a sign you're probably just fucking lazy.

Usually it means things like chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis or fibromyalgia, a debilitating condition of some sort that isn't visible; the latter is more common for some reason, which is hilarious considering the fact actual fibromyalgia pain is equated to pain caused by cancer. Again, can guarantee these bitches don't have this level of pain.

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on this note - is it ever worth it to hide your power level?

Apparently my fiance's sister is intimidated by me and now he's begging me to be less wild while wearing lolita and fairy kei.

>> No.9887948

Remember that insta is all what you put online, so it isn’t actually how they live their lives. An example is k8, she posts often but also is sick enough she goes to the hospital every month or so. Her daily life is painful but you wouldn’t know it looking at her pics casually.

>> No.9887955

>be less wild
...Elaborate? Do you mean wearing something less OTT? I can sort of understand that, some normies are put off by the idea of being seen with a floofy frilly cupcake in public and it's not the end of the world to be considerate of that. That said, while I don't wear sweet lolita or fairy kei so I don't typically face this issue, I wouldn't drop my frills completely just because someone else is put off by it. I suggest you tone it down a bit as much as you can when you're around her, if only to be considerate, though to be fair I don't know what your wardrobe is like so I'm not completely sure you can tone it down at all (i.e. there's only so much you can do to tone down AP's pastel vomit prints).

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>tfw my depression makes my entire body ache
>seething pain every day
>basically the "i have glass bones and paper skin" quote from spongebob
>know that nobody will believe me or care so i keep my mouth shut about it and don't let it define me
>post the cute parts of my life to insta

maybe there's reason to be suspect if they never shut up about their invisible illnesses? because i've found that the people who suffer silently are the ones who are, well, actually suffering.

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It's not so much as what I'm wearing as it is wearing pastel vomit and then expressing myself. I said I didn't want to play a game with everyone and she felt like she couldn't say to my face what I did wrong because "I'm intimidating" and said it was because I was dressed up and everyone else wasn't.

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what does she have? I follow her on insta but I never see her talk about being ill.

stupid fucking algorithms - I'm probably just not seeing the posts.

>> No.9887963

So... she feels like she can't talk to you because you're dressed up? I feel like I don't understand the situation completely so sorry if my questions are inane, but at the risk of spouting a meme,
>she couldn't say to my face what I did wrong
What do you mean by this? Did you do something wrong by not wanting to play a game with everyone else?

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If someone cosplays Kaine and she's not a massive bitchy slut, then what's the point

>> No.9887996

She posts mostly on her stories about it. I don’t know the term for it but she often posts about being sick.

>> No.9888000

>i've found that the people who suffer silently are the ones who are, well, actually suffering
This, a thousand times over.

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>Did you do something wrong by not wanting to play a game with everyone else?
Yup. I said I don't like playing games and she went to my fiance and said I was being blunt but she couldn't say that to my face because I was all dressed up so it's like I need special treatment or something.

She's an ultra normie btw.

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As someone who was in the exact position once before, I'd your proud of it then wear it with pride. Also drop the shitters who put you in that position, you don't need peaple like that in your life.

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Fucking autocorrect

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Maybe I'm talking out of my ass, I don't know her, but she sounds socially maladjusted. Kinda sad, really.
So your fiance wants you to tone down your fashion/dress completely normie so his sister is able to talk to you, is that it? I don't mean to laugh at your situation, it sounds pretty shitty overall, but this is beyond absurd.

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> tfw have a buddy that has fucked well over 50 chicks and is generally the prime definition of an Alpha male

This picture hits far too close to homebase ffs

>> No.9888020

There’s this girl that I met briefly at a convention, and then added on Facebook and chatted with her for a few months. I found out that we both like jfash and we don’t live too far from each other, so we agreed to meet up and go shopping together. I was nervous that she’d turn out to be a weirdo, because I’ve had bad experiences with meeting people outside of cons before. But she’s an absolutely lovely person and I had so much fun. We visited different thrift shops and normie stores and talked about lolita and ouji and gyaru for hours.

>> No.9888023

I'm happy for you.

>> No.9888026

was thinking something along that line aswell, also have a cosplay planned from the same anime as her so that should make it easier
am just scared that I will come across as that weird random guy that just latches on to the group ya know?

>> No.9888027

i honestly have no idea, i was too focused on trying to behave like a normal person and then it happened and i remember even less

as i said i'm your average shut-in so i'm most probably just imagining things as soon as a girl pays me some attention

>> No.9888037

No, wearing it is fine because his whole family is just like "aww you're so cute" (and they're only saying that because it's something they've never seen before) but if I'm wearing it, I can't like say that I don't like playing games and things like that.

It's really absurd yes, but my fiance is super protective of his family because they're all women (his dad is elsewhere) so he's like the only guy around.

This isn't the only shitty thing she's done but the other stuff isn't cgl related so.

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Stop sitting on social media. Insta show you perfect world of others but it's just an ilusion.

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>every day that passes that I don't hear back from a company I applied to breaks my spirit even more
>feel like I'm never going to leave this miserable hell hole
>no friends
>family is almost 1,000 miles away
>the only thing that kept me from killing myself yesterday and today is knowing that I have a package from LM coming and I don't want to die before leaving feedback for the seller

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Go read Ho Tactics. There is literally nothing wrong with using your husband/boyfriend to get what you want.

>> No.9888051

I've been here with lolita things, and honestly it feels like these clothes give people right to harass each other. It's like you're safe as long as you wear jeans, but once you wear lolita people will judge every tiny thing like your appearance, manner of walking, talking, your friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, weight, age, habits, etc. Moreover, people are supposed to stay calm and just let some twat boosting her painful self-esteem by shitting on others. At the end of the day Idk what should one feel about the clothes that become such a source of negativity.

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ur a good gull

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I only been here a few moths...

Do lolitas really fart or it's just a meme?

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I want a stay at home wife so long as she's committed to contributing at home, which includes

>Keeping the house neat and clean (I will help)
>Decorations as she sees fit
>Raises the kids if we have babies (obviously, I will help as I want to be a dad to any kids I end up having)
>Is pretty
>Is my best friend

I'm willing to put up with lots of things if she can meet this list, and I'll 100% take on work by myself

>> No.9888065

that's adorable, I hope they make out

>> No.9888066

It was a big fat lie to satisfy the egos of a minority.

>> No.9888073

Absolutely not, lolitas are supreme beings who are above natural bodily functions. Any lolita who farts is in fact an impostor and is immediately deported from her community and forced to wear t-shirts and jeans for the rest of her life.

>> No.9888107

goals, QQ

>> No.9888132

I've got a lot to work on too, it's just life.

>> No.9888150

>tfw the suicide ideation just gets worse and worse everyday but I'm too much of a fucking pussy to kill myself
>get reaffirmed by people that I'm handsome, intelligent, funny and caring
>just makes me feel fucking worse that I haven't be able to do anything with my life even if I've won the genetic lottery
>have multiple suicide notes addressed to important people and pills ready to go

On a /cgl/ related feel, fuck trying to paint a glossy wood effect I just can't get it.

>> No.9888151

>gets a lot of attention and I don't understand why

That sounds to me like you feel you should have the attention and probably think way too highly of yourself. I've had friends like this; it's not a healthy attitude to have. You'll be happier if you just get over it.

>> No.9888154

Get medication, my dude. It's better than the grave.

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A girl in my comm farted and they made her wear Milanoo for a month.

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>order cosplays for upcoming con
>worry they won't make it in time
>overjoyed because they were delivered earlier than expected
>that terrible moment when one is a bit too small and I feel like I could bust out of it

It's too close to the con to return it for a bigger size but even if I did I'd be swimming in the next size, I was so excited for this cosplay but I feel so hammy OTL

>> No.9888265

Is it too late to diet down to fit?

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This girl not on my friends list tried to video call me. I checked out her profile to see who the hell she was, and saw that she wears decoraband goes to cons in my state and we have like 40+ mutual friends. I thought maybe she tried messaging me or friend requesting me and called me by accident, so I messaged her “Hey what’s up.” She responded with “Ummm why are you messaging me? I don’t think I know you.”

Bitch you called me first. Fuck why am I the one feeling embarrassed?

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Package has been im Memphis fir 36 hours. Those backwards rednecks are probably haveing sex with it.

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You think that's bad?
>anime convention last year
>sitting waiting for a dangitronpaul panel
>its early and I'm tired
>girl randomly sits next to me and says hey
>we talk for a bit
>tell her I'm gonna wait in line cause they're letting people in and then I have to compete in a tournament
>panel was garbage
>half way in tournament I realize a girl was interested in me for the first time
I'm such a retard

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File: 127 KB, 900x900, EE3146FF-64D2-46DE-A469-1CE10E42B214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be me
>At my trailer in Memphis
>Package gets delivered to the wrong address
>Open it anyway
>Find a real purty dress
>It’s one of those low-leeta dresses from the ani-may
>Try it on
>My cousin Cletus walks in
>Tells me I look real purty
>We have unprotected missionary sex
>He gets his baby juice on my low-leeta dress
>Mfw I can’t wear the dress to Waffle House now

>> No.9888363

Wrong stereotype. Memphis is full of criminals now.

>> No.9888373

>tfw i went on a wunderwelt shopping spree while i was high as a kite and just got the shipping invoice
>it's the most expensive order i've ever made

i mean it's all stuff i'll wear, they're just not the first things i would have expected myself to buy... i have some regrets, but i guess i'll wear them a lot to make myself feel better. still though. i need to stay away from the computer while i'm high, man.

>> No.9888377

Well what did u buy

>> No.9888378

I still have a little under 2 weeks so I'm hoping I can slim down a little bit from going to the gym/dieting, but my arms/shoulders have always been problem areas for me when losing weight so I might just have to deal.

>> No.9888382

5 skirts (wtf), 2 blouses, a dress, a pair of shoes (the fucking shipping for these shoes), and 2 cardigans. all secondhand burando but altogether pricey for a part-timer college student.

i mean they're all... sensible? in that i can incorporate them into my wardrobe. like at least i didn't buy weird shit. i just bought too much shit.

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>weigh 350lbs
>Momocon is Thursday
>"It's okay. I can slim down before the con."
>eat five bags of Walmart chips

>> No.9888395

>hey, maybe I'll actuall be able to go to my first convention in june
>head gasket ded

>> No.9888404

>be in con crunch
>grandparents decide to visit
>free time outside of 9-5 job is spent being forced to socialize

Now my suitcase is gonna smell like fresh spray paint when I pack for con this weekend and I’ve been stalled so bad that I’m still not done. Pray for me, gulls.

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I mean at that point just focus on having fun, that's the most important thing about going to cons anyway imo

That being said I've had time to sleep on it and while i'm bummed I'm gonna be a sausage I'm still going to keep working out when I can and try to have fun. Cons are good for workout motivation afterwards anyways, so I guess there's that silver lining.

We got this anon!

>> No.9888475

this is relatable, petty-chan. i support your hatred for this girl.

>> No.9888482

Good luck anon! Crunch time is truly the worst part of this hobby.

>> No.9888493

Oh gulls. I've been wearing Lolita for 8 years now and this weekend I felt complete and worthy of all my beautiful dresses for the first time. I really thought that coord through, crafted fitting jewelry and accessories myself and wore beautiful, non-crumbly makeup. My only quest now is finding a more fitting handbag for the future. I'm happy. I just really love Lolita.

>mfw at the end of the day one asshole managed last minute to pull my headpiece down and break it. Fuck you, still.

>> No.9888496

>at the end of the day one asshole managed last minute to pull my headpiece down and break it
The fuck? Did some rando come up to you and ruin your headpiece? I don't doubt it, just baffled by how utter assholes some people can be for no fucking reason.

>> No.9888497

Just tell her that you saw her calling and wanted to know if it was just a mistake. Considering her reaction, it probably was though.

>> No.9888582

I sat on a chair with plenty of room next to me but for whatever reason he tried to walk right behind my chair, got stuck in my veil and pulled my headpiece down quite violently. The bead chain broke and I heard a ripping sound, didn't dare to check yet if the veil itself is really ripped...

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>be me
>walking back home from class
>nice hot day
>wearing button up dress
>boobs suddenly feel a little...exposed
>my buttons have popped
>not enough to expose nips (thankfully) but enough to be somewhat on the risqué side
>still socially acceptable though
>mfw 3 old men on different occasions on my walk home remark about my chest

haha thank you sir but I wish you would die!

to keep it cgl related, when I got home the 2nd hand meta bag I ordered arrived, it's beautiful and honestly better quality than any of my normie bags (or any lolita bag I have). 500 yen for something with the tiniest scratch on the back. I love japanese lolitas and their odd pricing habits. Were the bag on lacemarket it'd easily go for $60.

>> No.9888605 [DELETED] 
File: 140 KB, 700x700, poor_dude.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>daughter has lupus, must find a cure
>was the bad guy all along, oh shit
>have to erase yourself from existence to save daughter
>the only person who wants you is a tranny that swears too much, wouldn't be a good mother for Yonah
Nier had a hard life

>> No.9888606
File: 8 KB, 225x225, 1475171817027s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>come home
>collapse exhausted into my bed after 3 days of 2-hour sleep
>wear an invory velour cutsew but don't bother changing clothes
>immediately fall asleep
>all 3 of my cats decide to fucking sleep on me too
>wake up
>hair everywhere and even some very small claw holes
Offspring of evil, all of them

>> No.9888640

Lots of personal and cgl related feels going on rn

>sister isn’t getting married Thursday and I literally got engaged this week
>finals, whoopee
>graduation in less than a week and idk how to feel
>work is now shitty pay but don’t have the heart to leave my old man idiot boss
>my dog of 15 Years is dying.. hiding out in the closet, shaking, sad stuff
>missed Lolita meetup this week and I was super bummed I couldn’t make it
>but graduation means grad money so maybe a Mercari haul soon?

This whole week has been a rollercoaster of emotions, up and down. Am I stressed? Depressed? Anxious? Excited?? I should keep looking at the good stuff I mentioned and pretend like I know what I’m feeling...

>> No.9888643

Sorry, Moble Fag.
*sister got engaged this week, is getting married this Thursday

>> No.9888656

Same with cosplay at cons. When I wear street clothes I feel more comfortable, but feel like I make eye contact a lot more or see people quickly looking away.

Once I put on cosplay it's like all the shitty comments come out and I'm invisible to anyone who acts reasonable

>> No.9888659

Well this kinda makes me feel a bit better.

>> No.9888667 [DELETED] 

An older guy I met on holidays turned out to be super rich ( verified ) and we've been chatting on and off for a year. He really wants a new trophy wife to spoil, pamper, have kids and presumably sex with in his NY and LA homes. He's got an Asian background so the wife doing nothing is standard and expected to him.

Today he offered to pay for all my flights to visit for a week. Honestly he'd love me to be his wife but knows that's moving quick but will I consider it?

Idefk. I don't get rapey vibes from him, is 1yr plus a long game rape plan? Do I want to be a trophy wife? I mean I'd like to in a perfect world but I definitely don't love the guy. But the idea of coasting through life buying whatever I want while I get supported is pretty tempting. I don't want to be a shit human being though. Is it worth considering?

>> No.9888669

I forgot to add we're on different continents. The flights are probably close to 3.6k return.

>> No.9888670

Not /cgl/ related

>> No.9888673

Money earned feels better than money gifted, get your own shit together so you can keep your freedom. There’s no reason to be miserable with someone just for money; and the fact he’s willing to marry you already sounds extremely sketchy. Live the life you want, that just sounds like a bad investment in the long run to me.

/cgl feels
>went wild on ordering last month
>got to up my hours because school’s over, not a problem
>still want to save a little to stay a good noodle about my budget
>dress I’m absolutely in love with appears for sale

>> No.9888674

I feel shocked, I just learned today that one of the biggest attention whore tripfags (Canadian, of course) who used to post here back in the heyday / the pinnacle of /cgl/ posting quality (~2011) became a literal whore who sells porn cosplay for money.

I don't feel shocked because it's surprising, it's actually the opposite - everyone has seen it coming so hard, that it's actually shocking she lived up to our expectations.

>> No.9888682

Which one was that again? The situation rings a bell, but I can't remember exactly who

>> No.9888702

I was going to reply, but >>9888673 said everything I'd like to say. A person who's going to support you like this will never treat you as equal, is it an attitude you want to receive? Although, he might not either if you make less money than he, but it's still different thing. Also, are you sure you're going to respect yourself being just a housewife? I mean, shitty office work might not be the goal of your life, but at the end of the day buying shit for your own money is amazing empowering thing. Are you ready to lose it?
But first of all make sure it's serious thing. It may happend he's not going to marry at all, he's just messing with you for fun. Moreover, he might have a dozen of dummies like you to play with. Keep your eyes open!

Also, my five cents for that "rapey" thing. Recently I've heard a story of girl, who's married with a known artist from LA and moved to his place. Some time ago she was found dead in his house, absolutely bloodless after 8 hours of tortures. Idk why am I saying this, just keep it in mind.

>> No.9888798
File: 1.24 MB, 257x200, IMG_1535.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>become more active on social media lately after a long absence
>add a girl who's a friend of a friend, i've seen her a few times
>she's sweet enough, new but has been around for a year or so so I assumed she was competent
>right after she talks to me, she posts about wanting to buy some dresses that I just recently posted
>I know I should take it as flattery, but I'm weirded out that right after talking to me she'd go after items I JUST posted within the last three days
>feel really uncomfortable about it bc they're not items that really fit her style

It's even weirder for me bc she's a friend of a friend and I don't know how to address the situation. It's obvious she's doing it because of me.

>> No.9888799
File: 9 KB, 307x212, lolismirk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>watching Mister Rococo at the con
>intense wrestling scene between protag and antag
>slouch down my seat and yell, "YO, THIS NIGGA FINNA GET DABBED ON"
>everyone laughs
>sweet lolita sucks her lolipop and says, "You a'ight, gaijin."
>hear "She kawaii" from one of the oujis

>> No.9888809


Is she the one with the triple J augmented boobs?

>> No.9888810

That's really shitty! I hope you can fix it at least.
Shit happens but please remember you are worthy of all your dresses and accessories. You'll find a good handbag too, soon, I'm sure.

>> No.9888838

Ariane Saint-Amour posted here?

>> No.9888872 [DELETED] 
File: 213 KB, 358x322, fuckingdone.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm planning to move in with my gf in another country but my asshole of a father cheated on my mom just now and I feel guilty leaving her and my two brothers behind.
All that because he couldnt fuck her due to her health problem. Fuck men,they're such fucking garbage that can't think with anything but their dick. (yeah i know "not all guys are the same" but a good portion is including this fucker)
At least now I can say "I don't listen to cheaters" or "don't you have a sidehoe to fuck" whenever he's being a dick about me wearing lolita.
I'm having second thoughts about leaving my poor mother until the whole ordeal is over and done. She already has so much to worry about,she's so stressed. To think she was always so loyal,loving and hardworking. Fuck him.

>> No.9888876

I'm sorry that happened to your mom anon, you're a good daughter though. Can she rely on your brothers, or do you have enough money money to fly back and visit/help periodically?

>> No.9888881

Thanks...I'm doing my best. She was there for me when i was at the very bottom. Our situation is complicated to explain. Sadly my two other brothers are still fairly young and studying including one of them being autistic (not badly,and he's a clever little dude,he's just very sensitive and cannot know about any of that or that would affect him way too much). But I'm at peace knowing they're good boys and love her. And she doesn't make enough to sustain all of us (i'm currently searching for a job,i'm ill so i'm "limited",it sucks ass) and I doubt I'll have enough money to do that given how far we're moving (she's a whole continent away and it's impossible for her to come live here).
I just wish I could win the damn lottery or something to go and be at peace knowing she's far from this motherfucker and can live decently with my bros. I even sold two dresses recently and I think about giving the money to her instead of buying new ones.

>> No.9888884

Don't quit, cosplay it more to spite them, improve what you don't like about it, learn to pose, ditch that asshole and end up happy while they get more bitter because it didn't work to try and bring you down. I'd totally spite-cosplay the shit out of this character just to get revenge on an ass like that.

>> No.9888891

I can think of multiple people this could be about, especially if you had left out the bit about her being Canadian.

>> No.9888895

It's Tenleid.

>> No.9888911

Oh yeah

>> No.9888938

Not /cgl/ related

>> No.9888942 [DELETED] 

fuck off

>> No.9888944

How about you? This thread is for /cgl/ related feels. You can take this unrelated whining literally anywhere else besides /cgl/

>> No.9888952

Ah,sorry,I just had to vent desu and i only have you guys since i don't wanna bother friendos too much

>> No.9888956


Yeah she did, but not under a trip which was why i was confused.

Tenleid makes more sense.

>> No.9888967
File: 88 KB, 791x722, FB_IMG_1490390764948.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9888968

Slowly selling my wardrobe because I'm a useless NEET

>> No.9888970
File: 88 KB, 559x553, EED7DA7A-A1F7-49A3-872B-8033137B9960.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mom joined a Christian book club
>She’s suddenly super religious
>She made me get rid of all my Jesus Diamante
>She said that the only Jesus I need is Jesus Christ

>> No.9888999


>> No.9889003

I'm so sorry anon but that's so funny at the same time. I hope you get it back eventually,that's awful

>> No.9889006 [DELETED] 

femoids don't have genuine friendships

>> No.9889025

Why didn't you fuck your dad, faggot?

>> No.9889026

I hate my job, but I need it for money so that I can afford clothing for a tea party. Probably some aristocrat or whatever it's called

>> No.9889039

I mean I'm on med, but is it though? I'm not as depressed as I was a few months ago but from a removed perspective death still seems like a decent option to me.

>> No.9889097

it takes a while anon, I used to deal with thoughtsof death 24/7 for years and years.. now it only comes up every now and again, and I can usually push it away and roll my eyes.

>> No.9889119

yeah trying to take steps to get better life can just be really slow

>> No.9889145

Why would you assume that? You clearly like your stuff - you bought it. Maybe she saw you in it, thought it looked really good and wants to branch into the style. You sound like you're the weird one. Sell your shit and gtfo

>> No.9889157
File: 32 KB, 379x487, mfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw seller sent me extra items by mistake

>> No.9889176
File: 135 KB, 1920x1067, IMG_5475.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I buy a dress I want but isn't on my DD list

Too scared to cancel the order so I'm going to be stuck with it. Idek what I can coord with it, buyers remorse as fuck

>> No.9889243
File: 105 KB, 581x341, 1521660921425.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>guy I really like got a gf
>try to be happy for him
>think of him every day
>he doesn't even talk to me anymore

how do i move on?

>> No.9889251

not cgl related

if they're small things they might be gifts. otherwise let the seller know

>> No.9889289

Because someone posting they want to buy multiple dresses that go for the $300-500 range when they aren't at all their style right after seeing me in them is creepy. I'd understand wanting to try one or two out but this is just strange levels of copying.

>sell your shit
Lmao why? Because I think it's weird some girl saw my account and is now looking to recreate my wardrobe? You sound just as creepy as this girl desu.

>> No.9889304

He's probably in the puppylove stage where most people just ignore their friends and family to always be with that person. He will start talking to you again albiet under the pretext of friendship.

If you're not onboard with that, find someone new. Someone that you either have lot's of time with together or see often, or who has lots of photos or videos online. Even if it's a celebrity to take your mind off of it. I recently got infatuated with model/makeup artist/cosplayer and whilst I know I'll never even meet her, all the fun cute fantasies I have in my head about her and I get my brain off of other things pretty well.

Get under someone else basically.

You're just not fun at all.

>> No.9889311

Nayrt but when you said "items I just posted" it seemed more like you were selling the dresses, not that you posted pictures of yourself wearing them.

>> No.9889312

Kaine best waifu gtfo

>> No.9889325

Man I just wish I could be a 5th century BCE Milesian tough guy

>> No.9889328


>> No.9889330

How do you deal with work stress? I just want to worry about being a beautiful prince, but work keeps making me sweat to keep my position.

>> No.9889331

Ionia was dope as fuck. Miletus was the best out of the dodecapolis.

>> No.9889370

Maybe you should work on your reading comprehension.

>> No.9889392

I feel this feel anon, I know its completely wrong to leech of your partner and i would never ever do that, but i have a deep dark selfish urge to have shit bought for me while i do nothing. Its completely normal, but do try to realise these people probably have awful relationships and lives and they only project onto social media. Also, try to imagine having someone sit around and leech of you - unless you'd really love to have your money spent on your partner its a pretty horseshit thing to do to someone.

>> No.9889400

I'm cosplaying someone with revealing clothing for the first time and I gained a few pounds since last year due to my dad dying and my family and work taking over my life and making me depressed. This is a character all the boys drool over, but I just really fell in love with the series and loved the character. I'm scared I'll be "the fat version" of said character. I think people have high standards for her and I'm scared I'll be the one person "doing it wrong" at AX (even though I'm sure there will be others who are chubby and going as her).

I've been dieting and going to the gym but I lose weight very slowly and gain it very quickly. If I could lose at least 10 pounds before AX, I'll be happy. But I haven't lost a pound yet since starting my workouts again and time is running out.

>> No.9889408

It takes time just keep at it.. I’m also trying to lose 5-10 for ax, good luck to the both of us

>> No.9889412

Thanks anon, I will.

God speed

>> No.9889450

You mentioned nothing about coording or wearing the dresses, you just said "dresses that I just recently posted" and "items I just posted." Are you ESL? Work on your grammar.

>> No.9889468

Anyone else find it difficult to deal with friends who quit the fashion? Some very close friends recently quit but now it feels like I am excluding them if I want to plan a meet up or do something lolita related because they won't go. I still want to hang out with them as well but now everything needs to be casual. They also seem to try and inspire others to quit which I really dislike. They were my main group but now I want a new one because they are such downers about the fashion. I want to organize things for the community but they are holding me back from it but they make me feel like I am not "loyal" to them as a friend.

>> No.9889473

Do production work at a factory so you don't have to think about anything

>> No.9889475

Actually manual labour is very stressful because you are so replaceable and constantly have to worry you're not fast enough to stay

>> No.9889487

>now everything needs to be casual
In what way? Do they expect you to dress normie when you hang out with them? Because you're not obligated to if that's not what you want; lolita fashion isn't only for lolita meetups, after all.
>They also seem to try and inspire others to quit
That's pretty strange. If someone wants to quit that's fine, but trying to get others to follow them is... I don't know. Just strange.
What makes you think this is what they're doing?
>they make me feel like I am not "loyal" to them as a friend
Now this is downright shitty if it's true. Like I said before, they don't have to like lolita if it's not their thing anymore but you're not obligated to drop something you love just to please them. Again I wonder, what do they do or say that makes you feel this way?

>> No.9889490

Nayrt but “posting dresses” doesn’t imply sales, either. When I read that post I assumed she was talking about a wardrobe album. Most girls in my comm regularly post their new acquisitions to FB.

>> No.9889520

I send gifts all the time... It's part of being a good seller. Or at least I try to be, sometimes entitled shits frustrate me. But I do my best to accommodate everything, be as reasonable and cheap as possible. I rarely make money, I'm just addicted to buying dresses lmao and I need to unload them occasionally or I'd start to look like a hoarder

>> No.9889521

They made it very clear they don't want to go to meet ups anymore. When they did still go they'd leave early and acted as if they were annoyed the entire time. They sort of made these meets unenjoyable for themselves so they could feel right about leaving. If I mention I want to organize a meet up they'll give me suggestions that are hints that it should be an outing with friends instead.
>Butterfly garden? I want to go too. But we shouldn't go with too many people. To avoid that we should only invite a few people we know. And we should try not to stand out too much while we are there.

I know they won't drop me as a friend but I do feel distance. Another friend was called distant when they didn't see them for a while but that friend is still very active. They don't get it's them who have changed.

>> No.9889522
File: 18 KB, 259x224, luluco.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If it weren't for Chelhellbunny, I never would have gotten a gf.
>have girl over
>show her the farting D.Va video
>laughs so hard she cries
>stays the night
>dating ever since

>> No.9889525

I do too. I never throw away anything brand related, but sometimes I get flyers, tote bags or postcards when I buy from brand directly. I don't want that stuff so I put it with things I sell as a surprise. If the buyer doesn't want it either they can just do the same. The best thing I've received from a seller so far was a free cutsew to go with the skirt I bought.

>> No.9889528

>try to school others on their grammar
>too dumb to go back and reread or admit their mistake

"posting" doesn't equal "listing." For example "she was weird to post that she wanted to buy the same items as me after looking at my fb posts."

Don't accuse others of being ESL when you clearly have issues comprehending pretty basic english.

>> No.9889530

Oh that's not what I meant, it's okay if they don't want to attend lolita meetups anymore; makes sense, since they're not into the fashion. Is there a reason why you'd rather not see them casually as friends? You can still wear lolita to that if that's what you want, like I said, maybe tone it down a bit to not be too eye-catching, if they're bothered by the attention.

>> No.9889534

Are you reading different feels than I am? Her friends are obviously trying to keep her away from lolita without being too obvious about it. She should be able to talk about planning lolita meets without her friends trying to hijack it.

>> No.9889539

Maybe it's because I wear lolita daily so I'm used to it, I just don't see how her friends not being into lolita means that anon has to stop wearing lolita around them.

>> No.9889551

Nayrt but
>I want to go too. But we shouldn't go with too many people. To avoid that we should only invite a few people we know. And we should try not to stand out too much while we are there.
Reads to me like “Oh you’re planning a lolita meetup? I want to go but you shouldn’t make it a community meetup or wear anything that stands out, i.e. lolita”. The last part of course depends on anon’s style because some forms of lolita stand out more than others, but even as a toned-down classic-anon I’ve heard “don’t stand out” as code for “don’t wear your Japanese dresses” plenty of times. So to me it sounds not like anon doesn’t want to hang out with her ex-lolita friends, but like her ex-lolita friends don’t want her to wear lolita or organise stuff for the comm.

>> No.9889553

Peoples social media accounts are "Best of" compilations, the B-sides are never included.

>> No.9889558

Oh sorry, I must've misread it then. That's even weirder though, why would they force anon to choose between them or the comm? Maybe for the same reasons they supposedly try to convince other girls to also stop wearing lolita, I guess. I can't wrap my mind around this bullshit preschool behavior.

>> No.9889572
File: 463 KB, 608x624, StrategicSads.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Atopic dermatitis
>Been improving thanks to new medicine
>Participating in a study about said medicine
>Before going on it had a thorough examination with two doctors present
>They took pictures for before-after difference
>It has been three months now
>Going for a second examination tomorrow
>Now stressing out over having more pictures taken

I only have one pair of respectable matching underwear, but I wore that last time. Will it look stupid in the comparative pictures if I'm wearing the same ones?

>> No.9889574

It would be a coincidence. Buy new underwear before the third picture though.

>> No.9889579

Fuck off, not cgl related

>> No.9889580

>never been able to make con friends
>usually hangs out with girl who is only 2 inches taller but 50 lbs(?) skinnier
>she can make 3 friends a day at a con with & without cosplay
>personally still has 40+ lbs to lose before achieving similar "loli body" goals
>forever tears

I highkey wonder if its because im chunkier, i cosplay terrible, cosplay obscure shit, or just everything all in one ㅋㅋㅋ

At least ive lost 10 lbs?! And im only 2 inches from a "flat" stomach

>> No.9889581

no u

>> No.9889624

>female nature: the post

>> No.9889634

>try to keep wardrobe under 20 pieces bc I have an office job I can't wear it as often as i'd like
>mainly wear lolita on weekends/evenings
>filter pieces constantly so I have circulating funds for lolita
>at a point where I own pieces I love and don't want to sell
>struggling to stay under 20 pieces
>see that i'm starting to overspend on lolita
>i love this fashion too much, i don't wanna stop

idk just got some mixed feels.

>> No.9889635

Pretty sure you're a dude replying to your own post

>> No.9889637

You have to make the distinction betweeen buying lolita and wearing lolita. The thrill of acquiring something new is addicting. At a certain point you have to recognize that you're buying things to buy them not to own them.

>> No.9889654

Today I decided to take a break from lolita. I need to clarify, I'm not leaving. I'm totally not ready to let the things I own go. At another hand I figured out I was shoehorning myself into fashion so long I stopped feeling anything about it. Today I was lurking for leathers by AllSaints and somehow I felt that new cute jacket will make me much happier than brand piece for the same price. There are a few dresses I was eyeing lately, and they are still in stock, but idk. I do it out of habit, I just don't feel it anymore. Maybe, I'll be back later.

>> No.9889663

I need to get this off my chest or it feels like I'll explode. I feel like no one else in my friend group will care. The only way I can say this is related is that I've helped this girl (I'll refer as C I guess) with props and armor pieces in cosplay.

So i like C. me and C are friends and I asked her out. She said yes and we had gone out a couple of times. We both have great times but C broke it off saying she was emotionally unavailable. I get that and I'm not going to force anything so I agree to break it off.

Fast forward to less than two weeks later and she's gushing about this guy she met playing a game who she says sounds like a character in it (I think it's a stretch but w/e). At first it was kinda funny until most of the conversations we had were oddly sexually charged concerning him. That hurt but C's an adult who can do what she wants.

Later friends play online detective and they find out he's either in highschool or fresh out of high school (we're late 20s). They relay this to C and nothing has changed. Now this entire situation feels creepy.

Are my feeling clouding my judgement? Probably not but it feels good to write this out.

>> No.9889670

Sorry you were posted.

>> No.9889679

Are you retarded? It still doesn't imply her wearing the dresses, it implies her posting pictures of the dresses themselves.

That does make sense. Anon specifically said the other girl saw her in the dresses though.

>> No.9889682

It's 100% that. I agree.

I don't even really *need* any new things either, but the idea of getting them is too exciting. I need to stop.

>> No.9889684

Shes not into you for reasons that are likely out of your control. Shes into him for reasons you cant understand. It may be a bit creepy, and probably wont work if it ever even starts.

>> No.9889685


>> No.9889687

I guess that's the price for the crazy-cat-lady-life

>> No.9889688

Someone needs to call her out if he's a minor. Maybe not you, cause you don't want her to think it's out of jealousy.

>> No.9889690

well, at least for something was that good for

>> No.9889691
File: 74 KB, 320x454, ohoho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Grandpa, how did you meet grandma?"
>"Well, fifty years ago, some skank made a twerking video and an internet troll edited farts into it..."

>> No.9889695

Love is a beautiful thing.

>> No.9889737

My younger sister got really fat and hates me for it, like it's my fault. She is directing all of her internal anger about it towards me as if I am the one who made her fat. I feel like she keeps testing me about it so she can get mad at me. She suggested we'd cosplay a pair of sisters together (Blackfire and Starfire) but there is no way she can pull off either of them. She was going to make a different cosplay using her old measurements and flipped out when I suggested that she should re-measure herself. Bitch, you gained at least 35 pounds! And being mad at me about it isn't going to make you skinny.

And fuck her stupid friends for mindlessly agreeing with her when she talks about her dumb dieting ideas She feels like she is doing a good job while not actually dieting properly. She is only dieting in her mind and she treats herself with snacks for doing a "good job".

>> No.9889770

I'm depressed and fat. The worst kind of fat because I'm not obese but I'm not thin enough to be sexy. I work two jobs, but still manage to work out at least 4 times a week. I barely eat but I haven't dropped any lbs or inches this entire month. I don't know what to do. Is there something wrong with me?

>> No.9889773

Get a food scale & food journal app.
Record everything you eat.
Every little nibble.
Get over the shock that you eat more then you think.
Adjust your diet correctly.

And you should lose weight.

>> No.9889776

And I should add, calculate your bmr, then adjust for activity level. I suggest sedentary and then record your exercise separately. If you set your activity higher, do not record any exercise as it is already accounted for.

Then subtract 500 cals from your adjusted BMR. That's how much you should set your calorie limit per day to to lose 1 lb per week. Subtract 750 cals for 1.5 lbs per week. Do not eat less than 1200 calories a day.

>> No.9889780

I have a friend like this. For over seven years she’s been talking about how many awesome cosplays she’s going to do once she’s skinny, while putting zero effort into actually losing weight. It’s like she thinks talking about weightloss itself counts as exercise and means that she gets to reward herself with extra Starbucks and dessert. She keeps flip-flopping between “I just have huge tiddies that make it hard to fit stuff, at least I’m not built like a teenage boy lol” and “wah I’m so fat and I wish I was skinny like you but I actually enjoy food uwu too bad”. She often talks about wanting to do matching cosplays, then backs out after I’ve already bought the fabric because she feels too fat. But at the same time she’s been making a solo cosplay to wear and spends the entire week before the con talking about how hot she’ll look in it, while I re-wear something from a previous year. Then when I get more photo requests than she does (at least in part because my craftsmanship and wig styling is objectively better than hers tbqhsenpai) she gets upset again and talks about how unfair it is that I get more attention solely because I’m skinny. She calls me a liar when I compliment her and unsupportive when I don’t. It often feels like she expects me to lose her weight for her; when I don’t talk about weight loss with her I’m again being unsupportive but when I give advice or offer to go to the gym together I’m apparently pressuring her and expecting too much. It’s honestly fucking exhausting, but she’s been my best friend since high school and the only friend I have who likes cons and cosplay.

>> No.9889785

>do not eat less than 1200 calories a day

This is dumb as shit to say as a rule of thumb. For some women that's their maintaining caloric intake. I know a girl who gains on 1300. It all depends on your body.

>> No.9889786

I think she needs an intervention. Maybe she's in denial about being addicted to food/sugar. Addicts sometimes lie so much they start to believe in their own lies

>> No.9889809

The only girls who gain on 1300 kcals are girls who are already very petite, which knocks off about 95% of the population.

If I use myself as an example, I would have to be 100 lbs at 5'4" and 22 year's old to have a bmr of 1287 and then I multiply it 1.2 for sedentary burn rates and I still wouldn't gain weight eating 1300 cals. And at that weight I would be classed as underweight by bmi.

That doesn't include other factors that can lower your bmr, but again that's on a person by person basis.

It would be fair to say that the do not eat less really really doesn't apply to the 3% of the population of girls below this threshold so don't get your petty in a twist.

>> No.9889830

If you're gaining on 1300 calories a day you seriously need to exercise more

>> No.9889836
File: 368 KB, 840x700, 1460301770747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon you're delusional if you think she'll be able to raise kids and keep up her appearance and keep the house clean at the same time. Kids are a full time fucking job and make it impossible to get shit done. Ask me how I know.

>> No.9889838

>thinks only 3% of the female population is under 5'4"

It makes sense why you're only talking in terms of yourself if you're this retarded

>> No.9889844
File: 778 KB, 160x160, 1392872930731.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're taking things out of context.
I didn't say my situation was 3% of the population. I said only like 3-5% of the entire woman's population falls into the category of gaining weight while eating 1300 calories.
How dense are you?

>> No.9889846

You gave an example and then said 3% of the population was under that threshold. Maybe instead of being obsessed with viewing things from your own perspective you should learn to explain a point properly.

>> No.9889848
File: 1.96 MB, 450x450, ithinkimdying.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw stress starve instead of stress eat
>a series of unfortunate event occurs prior to what's supposed to be a fun event
>become a fucking skellington
>tfw nothing will fit and i'll probably look like a zombie

>> No.9889849

Sorry to say this but it sounds like you're just not good at it, unless you have an insane amount of kids who also have adhd? A lot of people aren't good at being stay at home parents.

>> No.9889852

I also stress starve, but it's because my mom was fat and would never shut up about it when I was a kid. Whenever I had a hard time with something it was ''well at least you're skinny, you're so blessed, it's so hard to be fat''

>> No.9889853 [DELETED] 
File: 137 KB, 600x600, Vodka.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Signed up for summer classes
>Wasn't thinking and signed up for 7 hours
>Nobody warned me that was full time for summer courses
>Have a baby too and my husband hurt his hand recently so he isn't much help with the kid right now
>Barely have time for any of my hobbies now
God damn it. I went to a con last weekend and now I'm behind in my shit too. I'm never doing summer classes again fuck this shit. I just want to finish my sewing projects and start new ones but instead I have to spend every minute of free time I have doing school work.

>> No.9889869

Office slave here. 4'11'' and by maintenance intake is 1200.

>> No.9889875

Lol this was my mom too. Whatever died she was on, I was on by force because she was obsessed with how I looked since she was overweight. Now I feel like a pig when I eat more than 2 meals a day.

>> No.9889876
File: 85 KB, 960x942, 1524847071280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only threshold mentioned was in the previous post of girls gaining on 1300 calories. If you can't follow a conversation past one post you're clearly autistic.

I just used my stats as an example because I'm in my early 20's and the average height of women in my country. Like, literally, the average.

lrn2read ana chan.

>> No.9889878

My mom also fucked up my body image. She always struggled with her weight yoyoing and would go on crazy diets. I was normally really thin but had to be put on a medicine for a health condition that made me gain some weight in HS. I wasn't overweight, but she lost her shit and made me go to a dietician and stood me on a scale every single week. Ended up with a nasty ED that I still struggle with to this day.

i've decided to never have kids because I don't want them to be exposed to my ED and have fucked up ideas about food like my mom gave me.

>> No.9889881

>thinks her country's average is every country's average
>someone points out that people have different caloric intake threasholds
>must be anorexic

Wow. Retard confirmed.

>> No.9889884

>i typed died instead of diet

I wouldn't have kids because I'm a bad role model and they'd definitely learn bad habits and ruin their health permanently like mine. But I sometimes fantasizing about having a kid so I can teach him or her to live a healthy life and not make the mistakes I did

>> No.9889899

General guidelines don't have to cater to every possibility or minority of a group. People like >>9889869 are the exception who prove the rule. I also didn't include people with thyroid problems or medications that cause weight gain, because again, those are NOT the majority.

My only point (when agreeing with you, which seems to have gone over your head) is that that guideline only doesn't work for people who are already underweight or extremely short. Which is an extremely small % of the population.

If you can't admit any of that, we are at an impasse and you are just looking for a fight. In which case, that's pathetic.

>> No.9889903

It truly is, lint rollers disappear like toilet paper

>> No.9889911 [DELETED] 
File: 94 KB, 700x522, 1527097551622.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw never been in love

>> No.9889912

>calls other people pathetic while simultaneously calling them anorexic for pointing out basic facts like the amount of calories people needs varies


>> No.9889918

>be me, former balletfag
>quit doing ballet due to injury
>cosplay dreams have always been Princess Tutu but was never confident enough in my skills
>Now could probably never go on pointe again
>That's okay! I could do flats. It wouldn't look as good but it'll work!
>Realize how rusty I would be since I quit a while back.
>Last night realize how chubby I've gotten.

RIP. I will never be elegant again. Maybe if I get my weight back down I'll do Ahiru's school uniform.

>> No.9889925

similar but different feel
>highly dislike a certain lolita because we both literally have the same taste resulting in her snatching everything I like
>if possible, insult her everytime she gets posted
>accidently have conversation with her
>funny, nice, cool
>has the same or similar hobbies
>has the same taste in chinese cartoons as well
>hate her even more
>but now also have a small crush

Pretty sure I'm even worse than you are at this point.

>> No.9889997

I said I'd help out, I don't want to take a wife and turn her into a run down servant girl. If she looks good, it means that I'm being helpful.

>> No.9890000
File: 422 KB, 700x800, 1521913708087.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>parents decided they would get me any dress I wanted under 500$ as a gift for my hard work at college
>they want it to be something "amazing" and dream dress-tier, not something I could afford myself
>with all this freedom I can't find any dresses I want, AP's online shop is down
G-God dammit, I usually can't pick up dream dresses while they're for sale because I'm a poorfag who makes 100$ a month and rarely has spending money. Now that I'm able to get any dream dress I want, there's none on the market. Not even any that I see for the first time and I'm like "wow that's beautiful". Kill me

>> No.9890001

You don't overeat, work two jobs, and you still find time to exercise 4 days a week? You're life sounds monotonous. Take my advice with a grain of salt, but consider shaking things up. Work out 4 days one week, and take 2 of hard cardio the next. Mix up your diet, and the times of day you eat. If you follow a strict diet, make it crazy. If you can say, "I eat exactly 1,500 per day," then vary it. Eat 1,200 one day, 1,600 the next, and 1,000 the day after. Our metabolism can get used to the same schedule, and will adapt over time to account for it exactly. The body is amazing, really. Switching up your schedule and diet can keep your metabolism in high gear. Again, take it with a grain of salt, but if nothing else works, try it.

>> No.9890008

Why not just show up? You aren’t obligated to stay for a certain amount of time. Get a day pass and if you don’t like it, you can go home.

Your friend is an ugly cunt inside and out. They’re literally doing exactly what pre-teen bullies do. They’re insecure and have no personality so they try to tear other people down to try and feel better about how shitty they are.

Sorry for your loss anon

>> No.9890009

Expensive =/= dream dress. Why not ask your parents to hold on to the money until something you like comes up

>> No.9890010

Yeah uh, I manage to do all those things just fine...boredom and monotony and having a husband who refuses to babysit so I can get a break like ever is what kills me. Admittedly I have just one child though.

>> No.9890013

Don’t listen to the other anon, that shit is a little creepy. One dress wouldn’t be a big deal, but multiple is weird. I was in a situation a few years ago where a newbie was stalking me and it all started with small shit like that. I’m not saying this girl is gonna stalk you, but my best advice for you is be nice while still keeping her at arms length.

>> No.9890017

Welp that's your problem right there. A dad isn't "babysitting" his kids, that's called "parenting"...

>> No.9890018

Those friends are being toxic. You are allowed to have friends other than them and you are allowed to wear whatever clothing you want. If they were real friends, they would be uplifting and supporting the things you like.

>> No.9890020

I just feel pressured and like they'll forget about it ;_;
And I know. I honestly don't want to spend too much on a dress. It's just finding one that I really really want for sale..

>> No.9890021

Don’t give up anon! You’re going to be so proud of yourself when you reach your goal!

>> No.9890023

don't you have other brands you like besides AP? Maybe look at blouses and skirts instead of just dresses. People don't value blouses enough desu.

>> No.9890033

I do - but I haven't seen anything pop up in other brands that I like. Meta is my favorite brand, but nothing appealing is on their online shop or secondhand to me. I checked every major brands website for anything I might want after searching mercari, fril, and LM for secondhand stuff and still didn't find anything appealing. My last hope is new AP, but maintenance.
It's also got to be something "special" - or my parents won't buy it. They want it to be super special. To them, that might mean expensive and super pretty.
Blouses and etc are out of the question because they're not any "dream" items and I buy them myself, and I absolutely hate skirts (I'm shaped like a box, they're not flattering). They pretty much just agreed to a dress set, and that's it. My mother even said "don't get a bunch of little things, just one big thing and that's it." Since blouses, skirts, and oldschool dresses are what I buy on my own because they're not expensive (and oldschool dresses are just so wearable) they probably wouldn't get me anything like that.

>> No.9890064
File: 20 KB, 225x300, d516aa2d-44d9-532e-9c01-63b810a9806e_thumb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lolita blouses can be very special though and you can use them for many occasions, I've worn pic related to fancy normie parties. Just remember you can't sell it later so don't choose something you might not wear later.

>> No.9890069

>are you retarded

No, but apparently you are. You can figure out that the girl saw OP in the dresses but can't work out this has nothing to do with OP selling them?

>> No.9890070

>You can figure out that the girl saw OP in the dresses
She said that here >>9889289 not in her original post. Sorry you can't read!

>> No.9890075

My niece put on so much self-tanner, she looks like she's getting into ganguro.

>> No.9890077

>sorry you can't read

Sorry you have to project this hard.

>> No.9890082

Blouses are definitely wonderful don't get me wrong, and I could use more brand blouses (it's a struggle as someone with cow tits but small waist, nothing fits my fucking tits without shirring), but I do think my parents would deem blouses as "not important" enough. So really a dress, headbow, socks set is what I'm going to end up with. Just so difficult to find anything once I have the money, yet when I don't have money, everything I want pops up..

>> No.9890083

There are some insanely gorgeous pieces on lace market you should look at, and even some newer* AP pieces.

>> No.9890088

>ignoring what I pointed out
confirmed retard

>> No.9890093

My god. I love my SS

>> No.9890094

>projecting your own retardation this hard

I just feel bad for you at this point. Everyone else got it.

>> No.9890109

>Husband taking me out for a date
>put together a sweet coord
>having fun going in and out of shops in the artsy district
>Old lady comes up to me and says
>'So are you...um Princess... uh what is this?'
>I just say 'Oh it's just a lolita outfit. A fashion style that started in Japan'
>Lady nods and says 'ooohhh right right. So is it one of those memes? Is that what its called?'
>awkward silence from not knowing what to say to that
>I just look down and say "...No I don't think so..."
>awkwardly shuffle away from each other

>> No.9890117

You just feel bad becuase your a fatty. Lose weight and you'll feel better. I bet you couldnt even wear heels because the heels would break, fatty

>> No.9890119

This makes literally no sense to the topic at hand and once again I can only think you're projecting your own insecurities.

>> No.9890132

I had a couple photograph me at an art museum and I feel this so hard. why do people feel the need to butt in on your fashion

>> No.9890133

>thinking I'm >>9890117
confirmed retard

>> No.9890134

not /cgl/ related.

>> No.9890135 [DELETED] 
File: 97 KB, 323x251, 1494452817699.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Crumbs in the bed

>> No.9890137

>copypasting my previous posts in an attempt to try and flip the narrative

Stop. Projecting.

>> No.9890158

>tfw no idea which cons have the best raves

I have the perfect outfit picked out but since i'd be crossdressing (female cybergoth outfit) i have no idea which ones are friendly for that

>> No.9890161

ACEN is usually the best but this year they canceled it the day of because of course that is something that would happen at an anime con. Glad I didn't go to ACEN the rave would be my main reason for going.

>> No.9890163


thanks for the swift reply, anon chan

these threads are usually unnaturally slow

>> No.9890171

These threads typically move faster on the weekends. Coincidence?

>> No.9890200

Pretty much trying to build an entire wardrobe from scratch at the moment. On one hand it's fune trying to figure out stylistically what I like but it's also kind of exhausting because I don't really even have decent basics so it's just like digging through racks of shit trying to find good basics.

>> No.9890202

A bit of advice, your style has a 95% chance of changing so don't throw all of your money into one particular theme at first.

>> No.9890207

Yeah I'm mostly shopping thrift at the moment so I'm not spending too much on each piece. It can just be time consuming to search for good quality.

>> No.9890209

>tfw you disappear for about 2 weeks because of stress from exams, con crunch and other issues
>no contact with family
>stopped going to classes
>everyone is messaging me asking where I am and if I'm okay
>Cosplay friends getting concerned because con is coming up soon
>Mum is saying if I don't say something soon she'll call the police
>I feel awful but I would feel doubly awful replying to everyone that I disappeared because I isolated myself for reasons I don't understand and caused them all so much stress
>just been in my room for 2 weeks watching anime, eating nothing but ramen and sleeping

Anyone else get these periods of isolation? I don't know why I do it but I get this huge impulse every so often to cut contact with everyone even though I know it's a bad idea.

>> No.9890214

Yeah I go into periods of self induced isolation. I tend to be really self conscious about the way I look to the point where I go through periods of time where I leave the house as little as possible so people can't see me.

>> No.9890232


>> No.9890262
File: 95 KB, 595x394, 1452474951173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw almost everyone in the comm is in a relationship, and almost all your friends outside of the comm are in a relationship

I just want to find someone to give all this love to, i have such a need to hug and be with someone who enjoys my company as much as i enjoy theirs. Don't even like hanging out with my friends anymore because all of them always bring their SO to tag along, and my bffs SO is sooo clingy to the point where I just feel uncomfortable the entire time. I don't say anything since Im glad theyre happy and maybe im just being a bitter single pringle. It's just that the older I get the less I think I'll ever find another nerd to age with. Damn all those shoujo i've read.

>tfw i let these feels get to me and message my ex who clearly doesnt give a shit about me
>immediate regret

>> No.9890263
File: 30 KB, 323x720, 28277397_436205513480695_978407357564782157_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I-I'll hug you

>> No.9890277

Why does MC ride follow me everywhere

Even cgl

>> No.9890282

Ngl I kind of love older people who try to connect with youth culture and completely miss the mark, it’s so cute. One time I was wearing gothic just out and about and this 50-year-old lady got all excited because she recognised my “manga” outfit and her niece loves manga! Bless u lady and bless your weeb niece.

>> No.9890310

This is why I still hold the opinion that simple solids are the best starting pieces for newbies. Don't worry about themes right now, just consider the substyle you want to try first and the designs that you like, while taking your own measurements into consideration of course - i.e. if you like classic but can't fit into MM, look into VM or IW instead.
Keep in mind that you might make some errors, especially when it comes to how things fit you, but trial and error is a great way to learn.
Anyway, decide on your favorite substyle, pick a base color (white for sweet or gothic, offwhite/beige for classic, or black for any of them) with which you'll pick out your first blouse, socks, etc., and then pick out a color you like, for your main piece and accessories.
It might sound a bit too much like a formula but these are good, simple guidelines to follow when you're a beginner and not sure where or how to start. Also, personally I recommend brand as a starting point, either secondhand or new depending on how much you can and are willing to spend.
Good luck!

>> No.9890327

>tfw your SS emails you outside of their business hours.

Man I just really love Japonica

>> No.9890332
File: 884 KB, 320x180, tumblr_n01u4dKlWM1ssv2l9o5_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Me too, anon!

>> No.9890335

Me three! Japonica is stellar.

>> No.9890340

i wish anyone would contact me in times like this...
it's not that i don't have friends, they just don't care about me a lot

>> No.9890347

Aww, anon. Do they know you're going through hard times? Maybe they think you're busy and they don't want to bother you.

>> No.9890348

So, funny story. I ordered samples from Spandex World, and then I ordered the real thing, and it was way different from the sample? but it also couldn't have been the wrong order because i have no idea what else it could've been. then i ran out of fabric for the sleeves on my cosplay, reordered the fabric, and it was way closer to the sample but now it doesn't match at all

this is. such a frustrating thing to deal with two weeks before a con. I want to scream.

>> No.9890378

Aww anon, people do care if you were to go away. I think the only reason people get extra concerned about me is because I have a known history of self-harm and a suicide attempt behind me.

>> No.9890407

Well to be fair I'm also doing online college classes and I feel like that's taking up any of the time that could be spent keeping the house clean and shit.
Good don't be a lazy ass. Don't be like >>9890010 's husband. When you're home from work it really should be 50/50 with the childcare and other shit.

>> No.9890445
File: 55 KB, 640x641, 3d2c619d59ce938c1073f1c9fd529173--pastel-grunge-pastel-goth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So excited to finally have an uberfabric dress
>It's VM, early 2000's, absolutely beautiful
>It just about closes around my body but my boobs are squished to death and the skirt is halfway up my thighs
>tfw I'm pretty much recovered from my ED days but I somehow feel more triggered by this than by any other sizing problems I've had
>tfw angry at myself for daring to be upset about this one dress when I fit into pretty much everything else
I know I can get it tailored and no one will care because it's not rare or sought after but my feelings are a mess over this.

>> No.9890466

You know acen has more than one rave right? The other one still happened

>> No.9890469

As another anon with an ED history, I totally get this. Please love yourself, anon, either get it modified to suit you or sell it. There are many grandma's couch dresses out there to pick from, most of which will look amazing on you, much better than this one.

>> No.9890471

Contact their customer service, tell them all of this, and include photos that show that the sample and the two orders don’t match up

>> No.9890478
File: 89 KB, 1124x808, 1525418450919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I recently picked up my exercise routine again after years of doing absolutely nothing to take care of myself. It's difficult starting from scratch but I'm using my brand as motivation; it worked when I was a fatty, hopefully it works again now that I just need to drop the extra cms off my waist.

>> No.9890496

you got this :)

>> No.9890510

Thank you, anon!

>> No.9890530

>tfw been wanting a Lolita gf forever
>Started doing something about it in April
>lost 19 lbs since then
I still need to lose a bare minimum of 30 more lbs before I start really improving my looks though. Not posting pics anymore because I have social media for that now.

>> No.9890534

I get where you're going with this, but how is losing weight related to getting a lolita girlfriend specifically? What else are you going to do to achieve this "goal", besides getting fit? I hope you realize no comm will let you join just to find a qt lolita gf.

>> No.9890535

You don't need anything to get a lolita gf besides an interest in lolita and wear jfashion yourself. I guess losing weight does help with wearing some Japanese brands.

>> No.9890537

Just spend all that effort getting rich enough to buy a lot of brand and you'll get a lolita gf

>> No.9890540

Who would want such a leech? Are you one of those people who thinks everyone only wants girlfriends for sex?

>> No.9890544

Well I didn't say it would get you a /good/ lolita gf but it would get you one

>> No.9890551

I'm looking into what masculine counterparts to Lolita are, as dressing up and going to a get together with predominantly ladies actually sounds cool, and not mainly because of all the females. I actually feel like an aristocratic Victorian type look would be cool. But, as far as the GF side of the house goes, I'm just fat. I don't deserve to have a wonderful person in my life, but losing weight will help my odds.

>> No.9890552

>I don't deserve to have a wonderful person in my life
Not with this attitude you don't. First rule to loving someone else genuinely is to love and respect yourself, anon. You won't find the best if you don't believe that you deserve the best.
Look into wearing ouji, aristocrat, or Victorian dandy, start loving yourself and you might meet the lolita of your dreams.

>> No.9890565

I meant that in a different sense, I should say I'm not entitled to anyone else, instead.

>> No.9890573

Why not check lolibrary and post some WTBs both here and in FB groups? Might be faster than waiting for new stuff.
Also, why not ask your parents to hand you the money / a part of them? Would they not agree to give you that for keeping?

>> No.9890578

Dear single pringle
Tell your friends how you feel. If they keep bringing their boyfriends along to everything it will greatly hamper your friendship in the long run. We all act differently depending on the company, and that includes both you and your friend when the boyfriend is nearby.

As someone with a clingy boyfriend, who I'm practically married to, I would appreciate to get some heads up. Recently I was going to hang out with a friend of mine, and my bf asked if he could join. Because of a tiny gut feeling I denied him that, and admitted that it was a little "cold." Later with my friend it turned out she really needed to talk about something she simply couldn't have mentioned with him around. My gut had been right.

Consider asking them "Hey, do you want to do something with just the two of us?" Suggest an activity such as tea or whatever it is you and your friends feel comfortable doing. By specifying the two of you it's not inherently evident who you're excluding, but sends the message through. With that objective/excuse in mind your friend will be inclined to say no if her boyfriend asks to join.

I wish you the best of luck
Good Gut Anon
PS. I don't know why I decided to write this post like a letter.

>> No.9890581

Well that's true for everyone, really. If you have genuine interest in fashion, you'll have no problem at all. From a lolita who would love to have a stylish boyfriend, I hope you find your frilly cutie.

>> No.9890587

I'm not quite bottom of the barrel when it comes to fashion, but close to it. I suck and need to learn.

>> No.9890595

Have you looked at the boystyle thread yet? It has a lot of resources that might help you get started. Otherwise it's generally like everything else in life; reading about it is important but trying things for yourself is what will really help you improve. Using pics of people whose style you like as inspiration and reference can help too. You can do it!

>> No.9890597

Underrated post, thanks for the chuckle anon.

>be me
>started working new job last year I really pushed myself to get
>work really hard
>got a couple of raises and a new position with said raises due to how hard I worked
>did workload of 3 people most of the time
>gained a lot of respect and power and am told I have become the glue of the company
>now make a pretty good amount of $
>love my job but feel incredibly burnt out since I pushed myself so hard and still do
>when home and on weekends, too burnt out to do anything
>can only lay in bed or on the couch watching youtube and browsing forms only, except I keep up with cooking/cleaning/errands too because if I don't, no one will
>haven't seen friends and family in ages
>even going out with partner is a chore
>too burnt out to watch tv series or play games because it takes emotional energy
>have been spending way too much on lolita because that is the only activity I can do that feels (temporarily) rewarding and exciting, that I can do without exerting energy
>haven't worn lolita in months because too exhausted to dress up
>but can't stop buying shit
>nearing 1000s a month
>should really be saving money for a house so I stop throwing away money on expensive as fuck rent
>dr says nothing is wrong with me
>improving diet and exercise not helping after months
>pay out of pocket for a therapist who is the best one I've had yet but progress is slow
>if I don't buy things for a small bit of excitement to look forward to I feel (even more?) depressed with nothing to look forward to
>used to being a poorfag so I don't know the meaning of NOT busting my ass at work, since I worked lots of shitty taxing jobs, often competing for hours, so it's hard to tone down how hard I work
>feel satisfied that I can finally buy things I like easily but also insane guilt from buying too much when I need to be saving
>depression and anxiety about everything is spiraling out of control

Why am I doing this to myself.

>> No.9890598

fuck off, using the word lolita once in your post doesn't make it relevant to the thread

>> No.9890602

I guess I forgot what 13 year old bullies do since I've been out of middle school for around 15 years.
It made me feel a lot better when I looked at the people at the shoot who gave me shit
and they all had commissioned full cosplays (wig/makeup/armor/clothing/props) from people and did basically no work on their own.

I'd rather make something myself and have it look like shit than buy a full cosplay and make fun of someone who tried doing things on their own.

>> No.9890603

I would look at a bunch of different jfashion brands to see what fits in with your lifestyle and what looks good on you. I guess if you're into gothic lolita, go for aristocrat/Moitié. But if you like sweet lolita maybe you should look at brands like MILKBOY.

>> No.9890605

Trying to find stuff in europe both for cosplay and jfash like "the design of this this site looks like it hasn't been updated since easly '00". What is with the dirty greys and the broken filter options?

>inb4 buy from Asia
I need a bank extract and some other payment papers to pick up stuff from customs. They tax based on that. Can' t escape.

I feel a lil bit sad. I want fun stuff without at least 3 trips between bank and customs office because everybody is incompetent.

>> No.9890606

>spending close to 1000s a month on lolita for the last few months
>"not relevant"

>> No.9890607

Anon you're doing it wrong. Don't bring your boyfriend unless your friend said you should bring him.

>> No.9890608

What kind of weird country do you live in and why don't you just buy from the European lolita shops and Facebook pages?

>> No.9890616


>> No.9890626

Yeah, but the single pringle had the exact problem that her friends keep allowing their clingy boyfriends to come along.

To be honest my scenario was more about not letting him stay. My friend and my boyfriend are part of a roleplaying campaign my brother hosts. After the session was over my friend had asked to sleep over in the guest rooms, allowing for a little slumber party before that. My boyfriend who was already at my house, and very much used to sharing my bed before/after roleplaying, asked if he could stay also. I said no and sent him home because of my gut feeling.

Forgive me for simplifying my problems and trying to relate to the anon I'm replying to.

>> No.9895348

Can relate to that.
>be to short and too skinny as a kid
>doctor at school thinks I'm maulnourished and sends a note to mom
>mom get's obssesed with that and puts me on a scale everyday
>get too selfconcious about it
>to this day I still refuse to say how much I weight and how tall I am.
>I really wasn't malnourished, everyone in my family are just skeletons and womanlets

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