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Eliminate crossboarders edition

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Reminder that a single discord cabal has hijacked these threads to shitpost in.

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>Finished assignment
>Now have free time for cosplay
>New materials have literally been on the same table
>My longing looks
>My itching fingers

Finally I can get back to crafting!

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come the fuck on gulls, why have we always been so easily baited. it's a meme at this point

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>tfw you get caught up in scene drama
>ends up yr partner did some bad stuff in the past but also learned from it
>get scene killed
>escape by buying more lolita since I don't pay for house shows anymore
>tries to live life away from local music scene as a lolita instead
>keeps getting dragged back into it bc lonelita

I need actual friends jfc

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get out normie

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>tfw got a new cosplaythot fuckbuddy from the last con i went too

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you need to kill yourself anon <3

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An ugly fatass bought my dream dress because I didn't check the DD thread for over a month.

I could've easily afforded it, too. Fuck.

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I kinda feel bad rn because i waited a long time to crossplay at my local con but didnt, my reasoning is that i didnt want my family to find out i do this and the other fact my friend brought another person with them that i dont like and dont want them to find out im a crossdresser. it was also very hot :/

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Not checking is your own fault. 1 month without looking for your DD is a long time

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I'm feeling really down. I put on a bit of weight in the past couple years and then had a pregnancy that just ended in a miscarriage. So now I'm losing a ton of weight and dealing with that alone. I have been trying to plan a cosplay to work on and cheer myself up with, but between my weight and the medical expenses I haven't done much other than lay in bed for when the pain is the worst and go to work when the pain is just okay.

I'm not used to being this bummed out. I just want to feel excited for something in the future again.

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I'm glad your baby aborted itself. This isn't /cgl/ related.

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nice edge, sasuke

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Fuck off to /adv/ if you want to whine about having to get your dead baby scraped out of you because you failed to carry a child full term. This is for /cgl/ related feels.

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nice edge, sasuke

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>wear cute pink toned down jfashion outfit out to a date with my bf I met at a comic con
>he shows up
>tells me he thinks I look adorable and that seeing me be confident in what I wear made him want to be confident too
>he goes to the store and buys finn's hat from adventure time
>wears it through the rest of the date
>constantly stopped by people who told us they loved our adventure time costumes

This was years ago, but it still haunts me

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why would it haunt you? if you're wearing a nicer pink outfit and he's wearing a finn hat, people would think you're couple cosplaying AT

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Embarrassment tends to compound over time as long as you care. Eventually you stop caring. Don't let one night affect you as long as it has.

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How is this /cgl/ related?

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Nayrt but I guess weight posts are mostly relevant to /cgl/ because most people want to be thin to cosplay characters/fit into jfash

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I didn't want to couple cosplay in the mall. This isn't a convention anon. He roleplayed as finn through the entire date. I wanted to die.

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>Lame no BF kissless virgin fatso
>Find normal boi
>Get rejected again

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The same way all the "boo boo my boyfriend dumped me" posts are.

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>tfw cgl got a new janitor in the last few months who actively defends crossboarders and people making /fit/ and fap bait threads
>Janny is too pussy to report to mods so the most he does is delete posts of people who disagrees with him
>Mods allow this because no one cares about board quality anymore
>The one cosplay board that keeps track of quality doesn't allow men to post

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Honestly I've noticed fap/crossboarder threads or posts, or just unnecessarily toxic posts, usually get deleted shortly after I report them lately. It seemed to me like we have good set of jannies now.

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Check out the bad cosplay thread though. A janitor got in an argument with another anon and deleted half the argument so they would win. I don't think that's good janitors at all.
On top of that, they allow a lot of crossboarder and fap threads to stay up for flimsy excuses. Mostly fit threads.

Jannies a shit right now, they cover for themselves and their crossboarder buddies

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>get back from con today
>next con isn't until September or October
This summer is going to be painfully boring for me.

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Too much cameltoe at Momocon. It was a fun con but I saw too many pussy.

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I just want to meet more cosplay oriented friends so I tried an app and it's the most dumpster fire thing and some guy offered to be my sugar daddy but all I want is some fucking lolitable friends what the fuuuuuuuuuuuck

i might be... considering that last thing.

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>feel thread
>for complaining about r9k
Is this intended irony or a mind-numbing contradiction?

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that usually happens when one side of the argument reported the other one, it's just lazy janitoring but also a byproduct of how the report system works

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>not knowing that /cgl/ doesnt have spoilers
Nice larp crossboarder

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Same anon I literally have no serious cosplay friends. Sure, there's people I'd recognize and say hi to at conventions, but nobody to really talk about cosplay/cons with on a day to day basis... I tend to spend a lot of time here to fill the void. How's it been meeting people at conventions for you?

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Might as well go with the sugar daddy, considering most cosplay oriented friends are just shallow shitheads just waiting to shit on you once you turn your back.

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>tfw not good enough for anyone
>tfw no one is good enough for me
>tfw I still want to fall asleep cuddling someone

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Man I just really love lolita

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Man I just really love cosplay

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I'm so excited for ILD. I'll most likely spend it alone but imo that's the best way to spend it, wallowing in nostalgia and everything that's made lolita magical when I first discovered it, and what it means to me, personally.
I do love my comm but I feel that there's a special value to my personal connection with the fashion, and ILD is a great opportunity to really immerse myself in it.
>inb4 nice blogpost

Sorry gulls, I just really love lolita.

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Holy shit anons my hands are fucking ITCHING to sew right now and I'm abroad so I don't have access to my tools. It's truly suffering. I found a computerized Juki for 6000 yen ($60) at a local second hand shop and I nearly bought it. Sure, it was missing almost everything, but it's a JUKI.

in the meantime I'm just trying to workout/tan so I can rock my cosplay better when I finish it.

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>He roleplayed as finn through the entire date
This was your only date with him... right?

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It's kind of sad how the "Man I just really love cosplay" post always only comes AFTER the original lolita version has been posted.

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>Used to go on /a/ 6-7 years ago
>Made friends with some people in an /a/ irc chat
>Got a bf during that time, /a/utists don't like it
>"Muh pure 16 year old friend isn't a virgin anymore"
>Leave chat in 2013
>They continue to doxx me and dig up fetish porn I made a couple years ago
>Growing anxiety they could message my friends/family/bf at any time with this blackmail

I want to get off this ride.

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It's tradition, anon

>> No.9894474

The lolita one is tradition, the cosplay one is trying to one-up the original.

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>dig up fetish porn I made a couple years ago
Gonna need more details about that, gull

>> No.9894508

I'm sorry anon, but if you made fetish porn you should accept the consequences. If you're so mortified about the people you know finding out you shouldn't have done porn in the first place. This one is entirely on you.

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Wheres the gull term come from?

>> No.9894522

Maybe you could try inviting some more newf... friends of yours here :^)

>> No.9894523

Try and pronounce "cgl" and you'll figure it out

>> No.9894526

Just tried saying cgl really fast over and over for giggles. Started saying 'Seig Heil'.

>> No.9894530

I understand now.

>> No.9894531

EGL, kegl, kegels


ps: janitor is a fatty

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found out my gf was into the lolita cosplaying so I shot her with my nerf gun.

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>loves wigs
>has big collection of wigs and hair extensions
>grossed out by touching hair not attached to a living breathing human

I can't get over it. They are mostly real hair which makes it worse. But they are so pretty and soft... :(
Bought more fringe today. fml

>> No.9894553

Why would you buy so many of something that grosses you out? Let alone call them pretty? Sounds like bs

>> No.9894611

Most Amazonian toads are very colourful and equally poisonous. Same here. Wigs and hair is pretty to look at, but touching is... eh for me. I hate cleaning my own combs just as much as touching wigs but I still get shit done.
Some girls collect shoes or dresses. I have hair. We are all a bit weird here.

>> No.9894680

>super excited for ild
>invest in new things for coord to fit theme
>sprain hand earlier in month
>finally feel good to go to craft/style wig
>end up in ER with gastro problems
>basically can't eat and damn near have to shit myself when I do
>no energy and in too much pain to do anything
>fuckit.jpg I'm not going

I was really looking foreward to everyones coords and the tea room we were going to. Now i wanna just cry bc i cant eat or do anything.

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Finally got my ultimate DD yesterday! I'm also super pleased that I've now lost enough weight that I should fit into it comfortably.

>> No.9894724

>buy dress on mercari
>back shirring is so badly stretched out I initially thought the elastic had been removed
>no mention of any damage on sales post
>flashbacks to the times this happened on LM, but can’t even leave feedback this time

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> my family is quite accepting about lolita, although they think it's waste of money and basically not treat it seriously
> live in my own apartment
> secretly purchase cute things
> my mom visits my place and somehows sees a package with my new socks I forgot to hide
> be deadly awkward, sorry for not hiding it all away
> "oh, anon, there's something cute! it's really lovely"

Honestly, I feel ashamed for thinking bad about them, but also quite terrified about showing the rest of my wardrobe.

>> No.9894780

I do this with my partner desu. They are okay with it but see it as a huge waste of my time and money since I don't have any lolita friends and am not really part of a comm

>> No.9894806

>decides to cosplay a character with a pink color skintone
>looks up reviews on how to do the cosplay, people recommend wearing leg and arm socks
>decided to not get armsocks since the seams would be showing
>early morning of con struggling with putting bodypaint on evenly on my chest and arms
>gets to the con and bodypaint is crumbling and becoming chalky
> face bodypaint is starting to turn a bit patchy
>totally regrets wearing wearing bodypaint to a con on a hot sunny day

i feel like never doing bodypaint like that again unless its just for the face and neck. i love the character but its too difficult to cosplay her with so much bodypaint.

>> No.9894808

Same here, when I moved in with my girlfriend she made me thin my wardrobe and I hate not having some of the stuff I got rid of

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Tangentially related, not same anon
>Always been naturally busty
>Flip between being ok with it and wanting to get a reduction
>Gain maybe ~5lbs from work/school stress
>Dresses now having trouble zipping
>Quietly looking at reduction surgery
I’m obviously going about re-losing the weight, although I’m naturally near the line for being underweight so even with that my bust is rather large for my frame. I could afford the surgery and it’d perk my boobs up a bit, but it’s also something extremely permanent and I’d never have my current bust size again.

More on topic feels
>Japonica order finally comes in
>The good: extra accessory comes with my order (didn’t realize they came with the dress)
>The bad: Dress that was advertised as blue was actually black
>Look back at post photos
>Seller intentionally filtered photos to make dress look blue
Why am I so stupid, gulls. Black looks terrible on me.

>> No.9894817

Black looks good on everybody.

>> No.9894825

Sucks about the dress being a different color than you expected. Remember to always translate the listings in case the pictures aren't clear and the sellers mentions the color in the description. If there's no mention of the color and you're still not sure, ask your ss to ask the seller for you.
Anyway, what dress is it? Is it easy to find? Can you just sell it and wait until the blue colorway turns up?

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Tfw want to be more active in the lolita and cosplay scene, but as recently became a poorfag.

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Because people can't possibly have 2 interests.
>pic related

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>be fat Asian
>go to any con
>"Oh my god, it's ProZD!" - everybody

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>tfw tall
>still have the proportions of a small person baka
>literally a 150 cm woman resized at 118%
>as a result
>bust is huge
>feet are huge
>hands are huge
>head is huge
>nothing fits

>> No.9894857

Please step on me with those feet and smother me with your bust, anon-sama

>> No.9894860

What is this picture from?

>> No.9894864

So you're like 5'9"? Lel, my gf is an inch taller than you. I'm 5'1".

>> No.9894865


this video I'm copy striking

>> No.9894886

>tfw was worrying about going to con alone
>tfw now have GF to take
>tfw she's fat despite me deciding I wanted to avoid that
>tfw her personality too good
I'm getting healthy for my cosplay, so while health matters to me, she's pretty to me now, and I want to be a positive influence rather than the asshole who tries to "change" someone

>> No.9894888

Nobody cares

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File: 30 KB, 236x312, 1B7F5D5B-E9DA-4605-88A8-846C62E6253B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s MM Paulette, so no it is pretty hard to find. I’m going to hold onto it and see how I feel, either I miraculously find it in blue or the black grows on me. Besides, as I mentioned before I’m currently tubbier than normal, so skirts/blouses for me until my bust decides to cooperate again, just to be safe
I feel this feel. I am part of the “deceptively petite” club; no one realizes I’m 5’8” until they meet me in person.

>> No.9894907

>midget/amazon couple
I like it.

>> No.9894910

Best answer.

>> No.9894920

The best or worse (depends if you want to laugh at it or not) is
>sit down in class/a pub/in someone's living room
>someone sees you for the first time
>for whatever reason you stand up
>"wow you're so tall anon!"
Also i thought i was normal sized until i discovered lolita and MM measurements

>tfw no small thai bf

>> No.9894946

>3, 5 years of swimming growing up
>slightly large shoulders
>large ribcage
>no boobs

My only saving grace is that all my chub goes to tummy and tights leaving the waist small so jsks fit like a dream - mostly. But fuck all blouses lolita or normie. They are baggy in all the weird places.

Salty at all skinny/normal gulls complaining about large bust. I can't cut out my ribs to make them shorter.

>> No.9894952

I’ve always been the tallest of my friends growing up, now that my friend group is mostly guys (yay male-dominated career path) I’m now one of the shortest and it feels so nice. I’m also mostly leg, so there’s that.

>> No.9894969

> haven't been wearing even normie dresses for a past few years
> really like lolita, wanna get into fashion
> feel all weirded out while wearing girly stuff

Any advice? I love prints and whole aestetic, but can't stop feeling silly wearing dresses.

>> No.9894985

that nig at the end was pretty good though

>> No.9894986

If you don’t like to wear girly stuff
Why would you try to force yourself into wearing girly stuff?

I mean I’d say start simple and work from there. Wear a couple of plain normie skater dresses until you get used to wearing dresses, then go from there.
Why don’t you like wearing girly things? I genuinely don’t understand people that get into this fashion yet wear complete casual wear 24/7 regardless. It’s such a large jump that it almost feels like people don’t treat it like clothes.

>> No.9894995

posted in old thread oops

have you ever been randomly unfriended on facebook by a comm friend? suddenly me and my gf were removed from a friend, we didn’t do anything, and the person has even still been friendly in person to us. and it seems to be only us removed?

i don’t know if i should bring it up or not with them, we aren’t mega close but very friendly whenever we’re at the same meet.

>> No.9895000

Sometimes on FB/Twitter I remove people who haven't been active or who just keep filling my feed with memes etc. It's rarely anything personal.

>> No.9895015

You can have as many interests as they want but someone who doesn’t know that cgl doesn’t have spoilers is obviously not a cgl regular.

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not that anon but I sometimes add spoiler tags ironically

>> No.9895020

Same. My shoulders are really wide even when I’m skelly-mode which means I can’t fit any OPs and have a lot of trouble finding blouses and boleros that I won’t hulk out of, yet somehow fat girls, who unlike me actually have the ability to change what they don’t like about their bodies, are the only ones allowed to complain about fit issues. I’m salty as fuck.

>> No.9895025

you;re still making it pretty obvious you're not from here

>> No.9895027

>con is in two weeks
>burnt out
>have barely done anything over the three day weekend, zero motivation
>start to pattern things and break down into frustrated crying

I’m just so fucking tired man

>> No.9895030

yes I lost my way here from sci

>> No.9895056

>Want to crossplay pretty badly and start assembling everything needed
>Realize that leggings with my foot size looks like clown feet and its hideous

Well I tried.

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>guy friends me on FB through a con page
>oh he's pretty cute
>make plans with him to meet
>get stood up
maybe i should just give up on looking for a cute bf to couple cosplay with

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The idea of going to a con is just exhausting at this point. I remember being ten years ago and running around like a rabid weasel until 3 in the morning fueled on only granola bars and soda, spending truck loads of my part time job money on useless anime shit (most of which I don't even have anymore)

I've made two new costumes to wear and I'm proud of them, but the idea of waking up in a hotel room, getting dressed, and walking around that many people, contemplating the over inflated things in the vendor hall... It just sounds so exhausting.

Is this what getting old feels like, gulls?

>> No.9895115

You probably scared him with your thirstyness.

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>go to Fanime ballroom dance
>theres an area to sit at if you need a dancing partner
>got rejected twice

I'm on the same level as the overdressed hunchbacked kid with the fedora and the guy who should have left his peridot wig in his room.

>> No.9895131

Let's have a salty crackers tea party together.

>> No.9895134

Sounds like you need a con buddy to go with, a friend to keep you motivated and wanting to have fun with.

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>tfw can't decide if I want an ouji gf or want to be the ouji gf

>> No.9895233

not that anon, but this is my exact slump. I have no con friends, don't know how to make friends in general, and it makes me have 0 motivation to go to cons.

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>bro's ex gf outs my homo ass to extremely religious parents
>((to them being gay means im a crazy left winged nb sjw))
>parents treat me like im dead to them for the next half year

>mother sees my passion for lolita
>wearing lolita slowly warms her back up to me bc it reminded her of when she enjoyed fashion in her youth
>now mother looks forward to seeing my outfits and has completely looked over the nonsense debacle

>> No.9895263

I just like the humiliation of feeling like a girl

>> No.9895269


>> No.9895270

congrats on frills powering through nonsense. Also go cut the tires on that bitch's car. She deserves that shit.

>> No.9895329

Thank you!
Ooh man I wish I could. But, the only reason she outed me was bc she was butthurt that my bro broke up with her and she also happened to moved back to her home state.
She had nothing to lose basically. UgHk

>> No.9895452
File: 296 KB, 612x612, sadafharley.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got razzed good for wearing burando to my colonoscopy.

>> No.9895467

Seriously why is the feels thread being clogged up by larpers and crossboarders? Doesn't seem to have died down at all.

>> No.9895540

crossboarders have feelings too

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I'm pretty sure I'm either losing or have already lost my only lolita friend. We used to talk a ton but it's died down a lot. I understand that life gets in the way, but I'll see her posting on insta and I just sort of get disheartened and feel like I'm burdening her with trying to talk so I've tried to converse less and less with her.

I've been a lolita for a long time, 8 years. In those 8 years I'd never joined a comm and had never really had a close lolita friend besides her, and now I'm sure she's gone. I know friendships fade but this ones hitting me hard, I trusted her with so much and it feels like I'm holding onto a ghost of a person who's moved on a long time ago.

I'm pretty sick right now with something that probably won't ever go away so it's not like I can join a comm and try and forget about her, and making friends online is way harder than it used to be. I've tried the friend finder thread but most people who have added me never actually started a conversation. Most people on social media think I'm stuck up when I'm really just shy.

I miss my friend and I feel so alone.

>> No.9895606

My first big prop is turning out to have a poop brooch-like texture. Sanding helped a lot, but didn’t completely fix it. I don’t know if it’s even possible to completely fix it without starting from scratch.

A-at least it’s not brown, so it won’t look completely like poop. I’m still paranoid of someone taking a hall shot and posting it on cgl though.

I’m going to chalk this up as a learning experience and redo it after this weekend’s con. I’m still really disappointed in myself though, because this is a cosplay I’ve been wanting to do forever.

>> No.9895608

Then take it to >>>/r9k/

>> No.9895622

No one cares kill yourself

>> No.9895720

>going to kansai region this weekend, namely Kyoto and Kobe
>planning to spend an entire day walking around Kobe just visiting all the places that F/SN was rotoscoped off of
>planning to go to Himeji castle and Nijo castle since I'm a huge fuckin history nerd
>excited as fuck

On another note, why the fuck has /cgl/ devolved into the "hurr I'm from r9k" and "hurr kill urself stop shitting up the threads"? You're not helping by bitching, just ignore and move on.

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>tfw finally met cgl friend irl at a con

>> No.9895767

There weren't very many in the last thread. I think it's the ones made by that discord, the crossboarders who run the discord really turn the shitposting up to 11 in their own threads

>> No.9895768

This will be long and disorganized.

I'm so frustrated with my comm.
When I first got into lolita I used to attend to all meets and talk with everyone at ease, but now...

As time went by, I started learning more about the fashion, its rules, its icons, brands and the lifestyle in general. I enjoy reading comics and books about lolita fashion, I love talking about it and dedicating a part of my day to that "lifestyle".

But then I started to notice that everyone in my comm, and I mean EVERYONE, no exception, is a conlita. They don't wear lolita fashion if it's not for a convention, they don't know about the brands names besides Angelic pretty and Baby, they don't like to keep up with releases or read about it online.

I tried to make the comm grow by hosting a meet once in a month, but then I noticed that the comm mod would never go to these meets that weren't organized by her, and with that a lot of people also felt discouraged to come.

Not only that, my comm mod started going to conventions with the comm and asking the organizers for some time at the stage to talk about the fashion, but, instead of teaching people about Lolita, she would use it to dance "kawaii uguuu" songs while in lolita. That makes me so mad I feel like slapping everyone.

So I just stopped with everything that could tie me to that comm and started being a lonelita. It's okay, I love this fashion and it really makes me feel good about myself, but it's hard to watch them making Lolita seem like an idol costume.

I just wanted a nice friend to talk about these things and to go out once in a while... but it feels impossible now.

>> No.9895770

I finally decided to stop purchasing fast fashion and purchase more expensive yet sturdier clothing from now on!
But I haven't stumbled upon anything but JP brands I want to buy... My economy is alright, but I can't bring myself to purchase from Japan since the import fees are killer
>tfw EU gull

>> No.9895771

>tf when no lolita penpal (snailmail) friend.

>> No.9895773

i would send snailmail if you live in the USA! the only caveat is sending timestamps to each other to prove we're both lolitas bc i wouldn't want someone sus with my address

>> No.9895774

Oh, thanks for the offer, anon! But I'm not from USA. Too bad...

>> No.9895779

>Have a great friend that also loves cons and cosplay
>Attended the local cons we could since getting to know eachother years ago
>She'll be moving away in a week
>No more con friend soon, don't want to go to cons all alone

I'm sad and scared of this lonely future. Sure I could still attend cons, but it just won't be the same when alone and bored.

>> No.9895782

Learn to fake invoices anon, it literally saved my life. The thing you should worry about is conversation rates.

>> No.9895784

*conversion rates, sorry the summer heat is making me retarded

>> No.9895829

Hey, I'm sorry you're feeling that way. She could just have other things going on atm, though I know it's hard when you're the one on the receiving end.
I'm going through a shitty lonely phase myself, and haven't ever had another lolita friend despite it being years. If you're interested in exchanging emails lmk, even if just to commiserate :)
Anyway, keep strong.

>> No.9895840

> non-lolita girl, who wears some kind of semi-artsy, semi-grungy style
> owns Milky Planet replica, gets tons of likes on IG
> me, owning the real deal, barely getting a dozen of likes for my coords

I don't regret anyways, but I'll admit I'm jelly. All the efforts, ugh...

>> No.9895845

>caring this much about likes on social media
Honestly, anon. Why are you jealous of some rando who wears a shitty imitation of lolita as a costume? Likes don't mean shit.

>> No.9895864

>judge yourself by comparisons with people on social media
>ig likes as a metric of literally anything other than seo
cool, good luck with that

>> No.9895989
File: 505 KB, 489x603, deal_with_it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Buy gf cosplay stuff a while ago
>Hasn't worn it yet for me
I was going to buy her some more clothes but I will treat myself now.

>> No.9896047


>tfw former fat asian autist neckbeard, now buff

>Can finally cosplay street fighter characters instead of TF2 Heavy and Chouji

>tfw still autistic and can't talk to girls

>tfw no qt3.14 cosplay waifu

>> No.9896054
File: 800 KB, 1768x2672, 1488681534266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just dropped a bunch of money on fabric for a new cosplay
>managed to find the absolute perfect ones, and all I have left to buy is the lining fabric and the braid
>instead of drafting the pattern and cutting the fabric I have to pack all my sewing shit since I'm moving this weekend

At least in my new apartment it'll be easier to organize everything, but having to wait so long to get started on it kind of sucks. Pic unrelated outside the gilt braid.

>> No.9896102

I have a hard time keeping up with emails. Is there any way you can drop a discord?

>> No.9896121
File: 430 KB, 680x680, 100% sweetie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>constant bitching about crossboarders
>constantly accusing everyone of being r9k
can you just move over to lolcow farm with the rest of these autists

>> No.9896129

This. I've been on this board for longer than I care to admit to and yet five times recently I've been accused of being le ebin /r9k/ boogieman. This place is turning into even more of a fucking hugbox lately.

>> No.9896377

what are you making?

>> No.9896405
File: 477 KB, 1125x1197, 1526643263827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doing porn
>"Oh no! People are seeing it! ;("

>> No.9896546

>tfw you have 4 girls at your work place vying for your attention
>fall in love with a cosplay girl on instagram who lives on another continent

If there exists a god, it's really fucked up

>> No.9896547 [DELETED] 

micia#9028 :)

>> No.9896549

No one cares

>> No.9896550

I care.

>> No.9896554

I care. This is literally the feels thread. Go bitch somewhere else if you don't want to read about stuff like this.

>> No.9896576

>25 years old
>go to con
>feel like weird, out of place fossil

>> No.9896599

you can't be serious?

>> No.9896624

Puppy love of course. I think she's really cute and funny from her posts.

>> No.9896627


>tfw this is already happening to me at 22
At least I can get drunk now.

>> No.9896634

this might be bait, but maybe try joining a cosplay group from whatver con you plan to go to and from there you can start meeting people if your cosplay is any good. try cosplaying someone popular and who has a specific girl pairing so you can ask someone cosplaying her to take pictures just you together?

>> No.9896665
File: 137 KB, 1920x1080, pGnvFnO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw 25 and still haven't been to a con

>> No.9896671
File: 712 KB, 881x758, mercysmug.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mom thinks I'm a ladykiller because my con pics are full of hotties
>mfw I'm not
Should I tell her that cos-girls will pose with pretty much anyone who asks, even duper creeps?

>> No.9896674

No, let her think you slay mad puss

>> No.9896676

Kill yourself you worthless loser

>> No.9896681

Fucking kys faggot

>> No.9896686

These >>9896676 >>9896681 tbqhfampai

>> No.9896704
File: 500 KB, 500x281, 801fde80c8270d7fdfb930e04baea994df76c667_hq.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Chaotic shift at work to the point where my super and I look at each other and ask if we're even gonna make it through
>Stay 2 hours late d/t training and incidents
>We did everything right, made all the correct decisions, were on top of our shit, and a pt still almost died
>Walk home sobbing because even if I do everything right, I may still not be able to keep everyone safe
>Desperately need to work on cosplay for colossal
>Just want to curl into a ball and keep crying

direct care fucking sucks, guys

>> No.9896714

You work at a factory?

>> No.9896719

What made you think I work in a factory? I'm confused, I work in mental healthcare

>> No.9896728

Are you a "duper creep"?

>> No.9896747


>> No.9896774

You're right, you can't save everyone. What you do makes a profound impact on those you can help. The cosplay can wait, use a night or two to unpack and decompress. Then put your heart into cosplay efforts. Just remember you can always use the cosplay later if you miss the deadline.

>> No.9896780
File: 75 KB, 934x853, IMG_5470.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw lose all of my friends
>tfw lose all your close friends too
>tfw no one to lolita with anymore
>tfw no one to make art with anymore
>tfw life just sucks and you want to feel accepted by someone for doing things that make me happy

Gulls I seriously have no idea how to socialize anymore, what do I do, how do I change this because in my head I genuinely have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

>> No.9896786

You kinda just have to force yourself to do it, imo. compliment someone, say hi to people when you're all waiting for something. Make the first move. It helps if You're in clubs or have hobby type interests where you have to be around other people so you have something to talk about. don't worry about people hating you, just talk and move on, don't think about it too much. but if you just stop talking to people without making the first move occasionally, you'll see that people tend to move on and go away. make an effort, anon.

>> No.9896796
File: 36 KB, 640x960, 1525274900334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry, looks like a few acronym collisions happened.

>> No.9896839

>friends from high school and college have completely stopped replying to me on all platforms
>this includes my best friend who I’ve been inseparable with since kindergarten
>for a long time assume we’ve just naturally grown apart because we’ve entered different life stages
>nope, see on social media that they all still hang out as a group five years later and I’m the only one excluded
>o-okay well I’ll just make new friends then I guess
>get along well with several girls in lolita comm
>always seem happy to see me, exchange hugs and compliments, have fun chatting about all sorts of things
>but become evasive whenever I try to set up a more casual, non-community-wide meetup/hangout/whatever and hardly reply to my DMs
>other hobbies have no social component
>already graduated
>have absolutely nothing in common with coworkers
>current best friend is my mom
>ask mom what might be wrong with me that I can’t make or keep friends
>mom points out that I seem sad and that probably scares off potential friends
>am only sad because I’m so lonely
How do I get out of this pit, anons? Has anyone actually been able to find friends in the friend finder thread? I mostly see people complain about being ghosted and I’m not sure if I can handle being ghosted much more than I already am.

>> No.9896854

your mom is being unapropriate

>> No.9896857

It gets hard when I try to reach out and I'm met with awkwardness and reactions that seem less then friendly. Maybe I'm a paranoid-chan but I can't help but notice everyone acts stand-offish or awkward around me regardless of my attitude

Hey gullfriend I'm on the friend finder thread and I've been keeping up with two of the people who have messaged me! My current best friend is my cat, and I've become an extreme homebody as of late. I love meeting new ppl do you have a discord I could chat with you over?

>> No.9896876

You guys aren't alone. I'm in the same situation. Moved to a new State for work, family is almost 1,000 mi away and the few friends I made have gone separate ways for various reasons.

Even reading your posts made me feel so much better. Even if I'm lonely, I'm not really "alone" in my situation, so thank you both for sharing.

I've been debating hopping in the friend finder thread for a while. Thanks for the suggestion.

>> No.9896878

That's super hard to handle anon, I understand where you're coming from entirely, since I've only lived in this area for less than a year and I'm back to square one with no friends again. I enjoy knowing others understand the pain I'm in also, it's nice to know someone KNOWS and you can relate with.

>> No.9897002
File: 10 KB, 247x248, 1445987792209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw one of the fatties in your comm buys an old school JSK that's definitely not going to fit her
Please promise me to dress yourselves according to your size, gulls.

>> No.9897076 [DELETED] 
File: 265 KB, 1400x871, sample-bea28b3729ade8c2d4aad3e8a0b11bd9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Sweet Supernova's Love Live performance @ Mechacon 2017

I jacked off to this.

I'd even fuck the Nozomi who looks exactly like Sarah Huckbabee Sanders

I seriously just want all their boots and stockings and panties all over my face.

>> No.9897097

My calves are huge (like 13ish inches), even though I'm skelly mode rn. I exercise a lot so they're all muscle, but they make my legs look bigger in lolita. I can't lose any more weight, but are there any exercises that slim them? Would running help?

>> No.9897100

you wont
>t. 7 years without friends

>> No.9897106

>mfw I got a taste of what it meant to have friends
>been friendless for 4+ years now

It hurts. Even after putting myself out there I realized I just don't have that personality to develop social relations well like in school since that's a totally different dynamic compared to, you know, everything outside it.

>> No.9897110

> Tfw lonelita and not good at tying bows
> Tfw finally tie the perfect bow
> Tfw it's to loose, so the belt won't hide the seam on the dress it came with
> Tfw have to untie it and spend another half hour trying to redo it so it's tight enough
> Tfw have to settle with a less perfect bow because I need to leave

>> No.9897115

yes, I agree and i dislike putting myself out there on social media etc., it would just make me vulnerable.

>> No.9897116

Have you used tutorials as reference? It might help you figure it out. Waist ties can be tricky to tie behind your back but a ribbon belt is easy enough once you get the hang of it.

>> No.9897120

Besides there is no one i want to talk to anyway. The people I meet are simply slide-people.
They go away as quick as they come.

>> No.9897122

When somebody makes a cosplay video at a convention that only has black people in it, and it gets praised for it's inclusivity. Bitch please, it's still racism if you exclude every other race.

>> No.9897123
File: 10 KB, 233x217, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a similar problem that's only made worse by my depression. I want to have friends and make friends, but the days I have enough energy to interact aren't enough to counteract the long periods of time when I can't force myself to talk to people and send them texts and IMs and actually keep the relationships intact. My only real friend is further along in her battle with depression and just understands that I'm hardly ever going to be the one to reach out and suggest plans, etc. Most nights we just smoke pot and watch horror movies, and honestly it's perfect, but sometimes I wish I was more normal and could make more friends and do more stuff.

>> No.9897135
File: 989 KB, 245x245, 84.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw still waiting for Triple fortune to release some Edwardian hats again

>> No.9897169

13 inches isn't huge. Nice body dysmorphia there, anon.

>> No.9897185
File: 132 KB, 600x934, soon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dream dress hanging in my closet
>it has a 28 inch waist
>been busting myself trying to lose weight
>measure waist
>29/5 inches

>> No.9897186

Its...its not?

Not trying to bait or fish for attention, they just look so big....

>> No.9897187

makes me wonder about a-kon's dance thing since they presumably will have something similar

>> No.9897197

Thanks anon, that helps to hear

>> No.9897203

>get back old job which means more money
>already spent $1750.35 in two weeks on clothes to fill the void

That doesn't include the other $1222.16 that was spent on other things.

Gonna have to forge an iron will and go on a major freeze. Just had to get all that out of my system.

>> No.9897224

>considering selling some of my dresses because I rarely have the opportunity wear them and I could use the money to buy more everyday pieces
>worried that I’ll regret it and want them back
>rarely see them secondhand, never in this specific cut and colorway
ugh what do

>> No.9897235

If you still really like those pieces I wouldn't sell them. Just try to save money to get more casual pieces or sell little things you don't really care about.

>> No.9897237

My BMI went from 18 to 22 in 6 months that I've been in college (so I gained around 10kg...). I'm by no means fat so every time I ask for weight loss help from friends or family get "oh but anon you don't need to lose weight you're so thin" and I can't ask lolitas I know because I feel like they'll think that I'm making fun of them because most of them are fatter than me. But I just hate this so much, I work out but I can't shake off the weight I gained and it just makes me depressed and makes me eat more. I'm afraid if this keeps up I'll become an actual fatty and I'd rather die than be fat desu. If any ana-chans can help please help me.

>> No.9897241

Restrict your calories. I usually eat about 1700 a day but if I need to shed pounds I have to cut down to 1200 or less to get my body to let go of fat. Probably just a slow metabolism. You might have that problem too, but eating less usually makes more of a difference then working out super hard.

>> No.9897245

Basically, eating 1000 calories less per day than your recommended is going to score roughly 2lbs weight loss per week. 500 calories less and you're looking at 1lb a week. Obviously your metabolism plays a role in this, too.

>> No.9897246

yea anon 12-14 inches for calves is pretty average.

>> No.9897247

I was working on a really armor heavy costume and I realized it was just completely out of my league skillwise after trying to spend 3 hours figuring out leg armor patterns. I started on something easier now that I’m more excited for in the end, so I guess everything sort of worked out.

>> No.9897252

what kind of work outs are you doing Anon? you might also be gaining muscle mass that is making your bmi go up.

>> No.9897255

Ugh, but like average for 'murrica, or healthier countries...?

>> No.9897270

well there is a huge difference between average and ideal. 13" is pretty petite compared to most of the women I've known and if you really are as skinny as you say, its probably genetics at work. I would stop obsessing over your inches or you're going to give yourself a disorder.

>> No.9897273

Hey man America doesn't even place 3rd on the list of fattest countries anymore.

>> No.9897274

My basal requirement is 1200 calories so I might have to go the 500 calorie less route or find a way to split 200 calories throughout the day. My digestion is quite fast so I guess my metabolism is too? I get hungry often unfortunately so I'll have to work on making my will stronger.

I run 5km at least 2 times a week and do some squats-situps-etc with very light weights (4kg) with about the same frequency. I used to run almost every day but this month has been shit and I lost all my motivation, working to get back on track.

Thank you so much for the help gulls.

>> No.9897279

try eating more protein and less simple carbs. It helps regulate hunger and helps keep you full and get rid of cravings. If you don't eat much meat, you can always eat hummus, low fat yogurt, beans, or take spirulina tablets for extra protein minus the meat

>> No.9897283

I started running daily last year and despite my weight never dropping, I was losing inches. I could tell I was smaller, but that pesky number was never lowering, sometimes I'd even gain weight... so frustrating, but judge your progress on inches and not your weight, imo

>> No.9897285

Honestly my advice is to stop giving a shit about your weight and keep an eye on your measurements instead. Have you actually gotten bigger? Like >>9897252 said, it could be muscle.

>> No.9897300

I do, I'm sure I just need more practice, but they're always either lopsided or one end is longer then the other, or it folds on me so the middle looks horrible. The one I had to untie was just picture perfect. Both sides were perfectly symmetrical, the middle had the decorative side up and laid flat, and it was holding it's shape beautifully, no droop

>> No.9897305
File: 12 KB, 300x291, 619a455703859869f30b2519e19d0b2a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>confessed to from work, never really considered them but they're cute
>told em it'd be a little weird since we work together and if anything happens lets take it slow
>lots of flirting happens for fun, start talking about cosplay and cons, typical weeb stuff
>they're down to cosplay even couple cosplay, start calling each other cute nicknames
>somehow actually start liking them over time, get excited when we see each other at work, or when we play games together
>as time passes slightly feel their attention has moved on to somebody else, get small hints here and there
>nicknames have stopped
>now kinda sad I lost my chance at a cosplay bf, but still happy for them

I only have myself to blame, feeling this sad about them moving on means I actually did like them back..
I desperately miss the nicknames ;_;

>> No.9897307

Practice makes perfect, anon. Next time you'll do better, I'm sure.
Also, a tip: Make sure one end of the ribbon is longer than the other, and when you cross the two ends before making the first knot, make sure the longer end is on top of the shorter one.
I hope that makes sense; figuring this out is what helped me tie all my bows evenly.

>> No.9897318

Sadly, just because you miss part of it doesn't mean you actually liked them. Maybe you just miss the attention and closeness?

Having said that, only you would really know, and I definitely understand the feels, it sucks. Keep your head up, anon, and use this experience as a lesson. The guy probably thought that you just wanted to be friends and nothing more.

>> No.9897325

You did the right thing not dipping in the corporate pond anon.

>> No.9897328

+1 to this advice
This is a long term change that'll greatly help keep weight loss goals.
Whatever you do though anon, keep your activity level in mind.
Do a little more even if you can't go to the gym, you'll plateau sooner than you expect and want to if you're sedentary.

>> No.9897335

Ok I'll try to stop obsessing, thanks anon!

>> No.9897346
File: 49 KB, 933x922, pls be my darling I have nobody zero two.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel you.

Well except there's nobody really interested in me asides from an insane turkish stalker and the person of interest lives nearby but will not give a damn in a million years

>> No.9897360
File: 978 KB, 500x281, 1524866067786.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a big crush on a girl in my comm. She wears gothic and has a lot of moitie and she's so gorgeous. We've been talking online about lolita and music and she said she wants to hang out with me but I'm scared I'll be super awkward around her irl. And also I don't know if she's interested in girls. I don't know what to do. How do you hang out in a friendly way with someone you have a big crush on?

>> No.9897385

>working at SDCC
>get a spot in a hotel room, opt for the more expensive one because my coworker's there
>only staying three nights because I'm taking summer classes
>get an email today stating the other people staying aren't happy with their portion of payment
>ask if I can pay the full $800 for one week
>wtf no?
>how much are you willing to pay
>don't reply
>two minutes later: email saying they'll charge me by the day instead. It's cheaper!!

Fuck this.

>> No.9897398

Mine are 13", it's genetic + related to exercise (I used to do cycling so go figure). They will look bigger if your frame is generally more petite, but unless you want to botox or do radiofrequency ablation you are unlikely to make them smaller. I had a year of doing very little exercise aside from ashtanga yoga and walking everywhere which is what all "slim leg" regimes recommend (the walking/stretching and not doing weights or heaps of leg workouts) and no change in diameter or definition.

>> No.9897422

>buy innocent world blouse for $35
>It has yellow stains in the collar and sleeves
>smells like cigarettes
>missing waist ties
>Finally get smell out
>start laying out nice floor coord with my dream dress
>look around for the beret that goes with it
>can't find it anywhere
My lolita closet is super fucking organized. Where the FUCK is my brick house beret?

>> No.9897432

>>It has yellow stains in the collar and sleeves
oh god what

>> No.9897434

Tobacco stains, I'm assuming.
Tobacco smoke and oil stains yellow.
Smoker-chans are almost as bad to buy second hand from as fatty-chans

>> No.9897436

Seeing smoking lolitas is weird. It's kinda comical and kinda sad.

>> No.9897437
File: 87 KB, 735x671, 1527373429570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no smoking lolita gf
I think smoking is disgusting under regular circumstances but still think it's hot as fuck

>> No.9897443

gross senpai

smoking should be considered a /d/ tier fetish desu

>> No.9897447
File: 6 KB, 250x185, stopposting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9897449

I feel so bad for their brand.

>> No.9897455

>smoking fetish on the same tier as people who get off to shit like loli futa, melting people and vore
C'mon now gull, it's as normie-tier as calling your partner daddy in bed

>> No.9897459

I'd sooner eat people than call than do ageplay.

Fuck that.

>> No.9897465

>And also I don't know if she's interested in girls.
do straight lolitas even exist?
anyways, just go for it. treat her like a normal person and see how it goes.
smoking fetish is practically a guro fetish.

>> No.9897505

Judging by how many of them start bitching as soon as you post a male ouji, my guess is very few.

>> No.9897509

what about weed, senpai?

>> No.9897514

Weed is fine. It doesn't really matter to me what's being smoked, but weed would obviously be more pleasant

>> No.9897519

I got a 2002 Baby skirt. My tummy rolls over when I try it on. It doesn't hurt, the chub just creates a weird nuclear mushroom shape above the waist band.
My angry tears shine bright. Waist fat is hard for me to lose, and I am already missing ribs.

>> No.9897524

try some good shapewear or maybe even a corset.

>> No.9897530
File: 9 KB, 300x222, 1476483124176.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking pollen ruined my whole spring and now my summer too. Why won't they disappear already? I spent the last 2 months hunting for nice second hand summer dresses and accessoires but can't wear them now because my face constantly looks like 100 lolita gfs left me all at once.

>> No.9897531
File: 15 KB, 340x341, IMG_5126.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While we're on the topic of smoking
>my roommate is moving out
>jfc finally yes I hate him
>partner starts talking to their friend about moving in instead behind my back
>what the fuck
>tfw they both smoke cigarettes

I voiced my concerns about me getting very upset and needing a lot of space away from this particular friend because he's ALWAYS over. Now they're talking about him moving in and I obvsiously don't want him living here ruining my brand with his fucking cigarette smoke (he enables my GF to smoke more when he's around!). Beyond that he's fucking austistic as fuck when it comes to real world stuff and tries arguing with me on stuff I know more about. My partner is telling me I'm being selfish but this guy has some naive ass views on the world and thinks violence and threatening people will solve any issue he has.

Tl;dr I don't want an indoor smoking sociopath living in my house ruining my brand and my mood

>> No.9897532

>inb4 take meds
They stopped working after the first few times

>> No.9897535

Why don't you do a sickly look with your makeup then? It can be super cute especially when it's subtle

>> No.9897561
File: 319 KB, 2000x2000, Chunky_Bob.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stop being fat lmao

>> No.9897571

I feel bad for you. Smoking is a dirty and vile habit and the fact that they force you to be subjected to their flith shows how selfish and thoughtless smokers are.

>> No.9897604

>tfw found bf's loli hentai folder

all makes sense now. time to dump him, i guess...

>> No.9897610

>do straight lolitas even exist?
Yeah, anon. Every comm has that one chill straight married older lolita and the edgy 17 year old "I'm so straight why are lolitas so gaaaay" bitch who will have secretly fucked half the comm by the time she's 19.

>> No.9897629

stop going through people's stuff. It's creepy.

>> No.9897637
File: 108 KB, 499x488, 1506437953307.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I kinda know this feel.
Years ago on FB I had three cute cosplay friends who always playfully made fun of each other. I made a post like "Trying to think of what the fuck I wanna cosplay this year, suggestions?"

One of them comments "We should cosplay Quote and Curly together!" to which another responds "Bitch, why would he wanna cosplay with your uggo ass?" and the last one replies "I'd make a better Curly."

They went back and forth in my comments section for like a whole 2 or 3 hours, and although I knew their personalities and knew they were just having fun fucking with each other, I got a PM from my dad like "that's my fuckin boy, makin girls fight over him."

>tfw 27 year old kissless virgin, but thanks for believing in me, dad

>> No.9897639

>do straight lolitas even exist?

Of course we do.

>> No.9897641

Don't believe this liar.
All lolitas are either gay or only into girly men. If they're not, they're ita as fuck and probably use lolita as a DDLG fetishground. I've yet to see a single well dressed lolita who isn't gay or doesn't exclusively date girly men.

>> No.9897711

You shouldn't dump him for the loli. You should dump him because he's retarded enough to have a hentai folder.

Just look at loli porn on nhentai like a normal person

>> No.9897713

>into men
>not straight


>> No.9897723

It's not subtle if you are slobbering

>> No.9897802
File: 79 KB, 546x768, NoGfBurger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Life hurts anon. It really does. I feel I am wasting the best years of my life and my romantic youth just fantasizing about some cosplay girl in America. I just can't bring myself to like any of these girls.

>the one my age is just really boring and lazy
>The one 4 years my juniour is too prim and proper (I think she's just trying to act mature around me)
>the one 10 years my senior is just the biggest air head I've ever met
>Another one my age is a literal whore and works at a brothel in her spare time

None of them have the body, face or personality I like. They're not unattractive in a conventional sense just not for me. It causes so much stress because I don't want to hurt them but I'm too autistic to let them down. I just want to hold a cute girl again and kiss her awake in the morning.

>> No.9897807

>tfw got first real on-the-books job
>no uniform aside from pants required so I can wear whatever cutsews/blouses/stupid accessories I want
>pretty good wage all things considered, plus tips and daily bonuses
>parents pay for all my living expenses and normie clothes so it can all go to lolita

I'm so glad.

>> No.9897831

I have burando and a husband that puts up with me buying burando

>> No.9897877

I'm jealous no one will hire me and I have to pay for my own shit.Cant tell if company's hate me cus I suck or because I'm a gross tranner.

>> No.9897894

Just how good looking are you? Or are you like the only guy at your workplace?

>> No.9897898

I assume you mean tranny. It's probably that. They're probably mortified about the possible discrimination complaints and HR bullshit they might have to deal with from you because of the SJW trannies that complain about everything.

>> No.9897904

I'm not ugly but I don't think I'm that attractive. Males friends have said I'm a 7.5 to an 8.5 but subtract 2 points for friendship kindness so like a 5.5-6.5

I'm not the only guy there. I don't know why they like me.

>> No.9897907

Fucking eh I just want a job lol. Time to go back into hiding and spring it on them right after being hired. Like I have a job but it's so mind numbing it's driving me crazy I need something more to occupy my time.

>> No.9897949

I guess if you meet the girl you actually like, you forget about your american gull pretty quick, so if you're still alone irl there's nothing wrong about daydreaming of some oversea princess.

>> No.9897968

My friend group, and specifically one of my closer friends dumped me because I became cripplingly depressed (crying every day, unable to get out of bed, not able to eat etc etc etc) and their excuse was "We tried to help her." when in reality all they did was ignore my request to avoid a specific topic that caused the depressive spiral and told me I had to face it (despite my therapist telling me the exact opposite when I brought it up.) I'm in recovery now but losing my entire friend group at one of the lowest points of my life, really hit me hard. What's worse is one of the friends is a youtuber- and about a month-ish after it happened they made a really terrible video about depression, straight up packed with stereotypes and misinformation.

>> No.9897982

I just miss having someone to love. I have so much love to give, I want someone who is my lover and my bestfriend. Someone to make laugh and make me laugh.

Jesus christ this makes me miserable thinking about it.

>> No.9897984

You should view it as a learning experience anon, not to mention you just culled your friend group of people that are mean/dumb.
Lots of small time YouTubers seem to be attention whores anyway, I don't mean to say that what you went through wasn't traumatic, just that there's a bright side and a way of looking at this that lets you move past this.

>> No.9898102

>City Opera will have their yearly costume sale
>Couple of hundred says attending on fb
>About thirty of my friends are "interested"
>None are fully comitted
>Feel slightly above them with my little green sign
>I'm so ready to get up early and stand in line
>Got cash to spare
>So excited

I haven't attended any years before this, but I'm really hoping to find a good blouse or dress to complete my next larp outfit. They've had some great performances this year and say they'll be selling stuff from those.

>> No.9898115

>Create alt instagram account to follow my j fash accounts that my friends would call me gay for liking

>Follow girl

>Blocks me within 24 hrs

how do i make my account not look like a bot. i had literally nothing on that accoun

>> No.9898117

>giving a shit what your friends think of your interests

Why would you want to be friends with people who wouldn't like you for you? I wear circle lenses and have worn a small amount of makeup to uni despite being a totally straight dude because I think it makes me look better. Friends are just like "That's fucking gay as fuck but do what makes you happy man." And then we carry on playing pool in the uni bar and eating shitty vending machine chips.

>> No.9898119

I’m straight as fuck and think the majority of adult men look horrible in ouji.

>> No.9898121

You’re allowed to be “selfish” when it comes to your own daily living conditions and wellbeing. Smoking is bad enough but smoking indoors is downright revolting. Don’t let them bully you into thinking you have to put up with that shit, anon.

>> No.9898123

That’s only because mature, well-dressed straight lolitas know better than to drag their bfs to meetups.

>> No.9898128

Having literally nothing in your account makes it look like a bot. Fill it up with something to show it belongs to a living person, add a profile pic and include some sort of description, preferably mention having an interest in jfash but be prepared to be suspected for a creep if you don't wear jfash or any sort of alt fashion yourself. Try not to take it personally.

>> No.9898133

i have some international friends who wouldnt understand, and majority of my friends really like supreme and stuff (which i do) so i dont think they would want jfash and lolita stuff in there explore page that is the only issue i have because instagram is mixing stuff

>> No.9898134

>I just miss having someone to love
Don't chain yourself to the idea of having an american cosplayer gf. Try understanding what are your pros and cons and exercise both to be a better person worth of whoever you may fall in love.

>> No.9898135

I mean if that's your reasoning that you don't want to bother them then that's alright but I think it's just better to assume they would be onboard and happy for you to express some interests outside the norm.

>> No.9898142

I think American cosplay girl is just a placeholder for me at the moment. She's the ideal girl for me in looks and (percieved) personality she's an absolute 10/10 and I want to find a girl like her in my country. She's my goal post basically.

It just feels like I need to hurry and I'm running out of time to do the things I want. I know I'm probably being insanely dumb since I'm only 22 but I've already met girls my age wanting to settle down into a 'mature relationship' when I just want to be with a girl who we can melt into each other's arms, give butterfly kisses to and do dumb things with without worrying about the future. As I get older I know that girls like that around me are only going to increase.

>> No.9898162

I know I should, but it still stings to know that when the going got tough, the dropped me like a hot poptart.

>> No.9898228

Oooh what city anon? Can I go with you?

>> No.9898266

What city? This sounds amazing

>> No.9898269

You seem immature, you can still have carefree love while also thinking about your future you're a dick for stringing that girl along

>> No.9898273

Majority of adult women look horrible on lolitas too.

We just don't have a need to whine whenever we see one.

>> No.9898275
File: 1.72 MB, 393x268, 1452362739611.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> bought a new cute shoes
> got into argument with my mom
> just received a new brand bag
> just randomly run into some unpleasant twat I know on my way home from work

I'm trying to cheer myself up with some cute purchases, but they all end up being poisoned with bad memories. Is it just bad karma or what?

> bonus: I got scammed. Brand bag happened to be fake, although it cost as an actual brand

>> No.9898305

Have you ever been in a COF thread? When someone looks like shit in either ouji or lolita, people comment on it. Men don’t get immunity.

>> No.9898331

open a dispute about the bag, I'm sorry about all your troubles though anon

>> No.9898341

Ehh nah.
Yes we comment on shit coords.

But fatties and all other manner of decrepit bodies usually get a pass if their coord is decent.

>> No.9898373
File: 99 KB, 1280x720, IMG_5468.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well it's been hard already because current roommate is downright disgusting, from leaving food out to leaving his beard trimmings in the sink and all over the floor to leaving literal shit in our ~only~ toilet. He sounds like he's just a vendetta-chan but I literally have no clue why he's actually doing it. The only thing he should actually have a vendetta against is I am literally repulsed by dirty dishes and touching them makes me wanna puke (and sometimes I do, so my partner usually does them). He never buys any household nessecities either and will refuse to buy any so I end up spending a lot of extra money on our household because of it. And he eats a lot of our food, but because he's my GFs brother I'm stuck until he gets out. I swear to mana I'll kill myself if her smoking friend moves in, especially since I dealt with a Roomate From Hell

>> No.9898379

So your previous disgusting manchild of a roommate is your gf’s brother and the next one is her friend? I hope she’s worth it.

>> No.9898420

Unfortunately, she is. I want to convince her to let me just set the extra room up as my own personal space instead of getting another person to move in. It's literally not like our rent will change either, we'll still be paying the same amount and we can have actual time alone for once. Wish my dresses luck in the coming weeks

>> No.9898429

I decided to get my septum pierced after thinking about it for a while, however I work in a position where wearing makeup is something of a requirement. I don't want to risk infection by smothering my nose in makeup the day after getting it done, but for the next few weeks I don't have much in terms of long stretches of days off/letting it heal.

Should I just say 'fuck it' and go ahead regardless, gulls? Has anyone else had experience with this bullshit?

>> No.9898436
File: 76 KB, 556x479, 1511449793428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I decided to get my septum pierced

>> No.9898445
File: 545 KB, 512x768, all of these disgustings and you choose absolute.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I decided to get my septum pierced

>> No.9898446

I obviously won't be one of those pierced degenerates wearing lolita, but I do like the look of it outside of that setting.

>> No.9898457
File: 58 KB, 720x540, nekokare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nayrt but fucking stop.
Not only it looks bad and dirty, it also screams "daddy issues"

well, more than lolita does, anyways.

Literally any look you may be going for will look better without having stuff sticking out of your nose.

>> No.9898472
File: 228 KB, 358x408, 1459708146290.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not only it looks bad and dirty, it also screams "daddy issues"

Honestly never thought about it that way, guess seeing all the alt cuties on insta lately has gotten to me.

>> No.9898481

I just want to be one of the cool lolitas

>> No.9898484
File: 185 KB, 967x967, A6C26971-483D-430F-95C0-2EDF9F80C19A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A girl in my comm just posted tips on shoplifting and I’m disgusted as someone who has worked retail in the past.
She’s an upper class vegan girl, and obviously has the money.
She used to be cringey in the comm, but I thought she was getting better. Guess I was way wrong.

>> No.9898487
File: 622 KB, 383x286, 1518462291661.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I love gothic but I don't want to wear crosses
Why can't pagan gothic be a thing

>> No.9898488


>> No.9898492

I love getting stares when me and my bf walk around. The contrast in styles is laughably huge and most people look a couple of times around to see if there is some sort of filming going around. Their confused faces bring me joy.
The best moment was during a walk in the park. His dog somehow torn some holes in his latex trousers so I spent 15 minutes cutting and tearing extra scruffs to add to the aesthetic. With a pink push blade. Trying not to cut his leg too much.
Sweet/Classic lolita/CPK & teachwear/goth power couple.

>> No.9898494

Wear gothic dresses without any cross motifs and incorporate the symbols you prefer with accessories. It's fairly easy and looks good if you do it correctly; I do this with ankhs, actually.

>> No.9898496
File: 28 KB, 360x363, 1503307608354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9898497
File: 208 KB, 1280x1024, angry honey badger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As an eastern european nothing disgusts me more than seeing well off americans shoplifting items of luxury, and justifying it by "wanting" the item. At the same time they usually root for the totalitarian regime that destroyed my country for no other reason than "gibsmedat".

We should burn them at a stake.

>> No.9898500

>sweet/goth couple
Shit anon, I'm jealous. I hope you're both happy together!

>> No.9898503
File: 45 KB, 240x240, 1492104281530.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9898505

I don't understand what the fuck Qutie Frash is and what their aesthetic is meant to be, but I've fallen in love with one of their weird dress-things and I'm probably going to drop over $200 on it. I'm a classic lolita and I usually wear simple IW outfits. I don't know what has come over me but I've literally dreamed about wearing this piece of shit for months now.

>> No.9898510 [DELETED] 
File: 261 KB, 640x862, A571BA48-5CAC-4D9A-B20F-8478C464D71C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She obviously has the money too, with all the rare old school shit she buys.
And the vegan organic shit she buys too.
This was her argument, I’m disgusted.

>> No.9898513
File: 278 KB, 640x862, 2CD70C51-4739-4A94-8400-15DDA27F346F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She obviously has the money too, with all the rare old school shit she buys.
And the vegan organic shit she buys too.
This was her argument, I’m disgusted.

>> No.9898514

Agreed, better dead than red

>> No.9898517

Meh coords or 'this is ok and not immediately super interesting or offensive' are really the only ones that are free from scathing comments.
Everything else is a mixed bag

>> No.9898518
File: 154 KB, 900x900, cataclysmic reee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

such a fucking lazy argument. How the fuck can she be this entitled. this shit makes me frogpost. please report her to whichever walmart she frequents

>> No.9898521

No one likes a snitch

>> No.9898525

No one likes a dirty thief who can spend hundreds on old school brand pieces but not a few dollars on makeup.
She can also spend tons of money on organic vegan shit, and will talk trash if you’re not vegan too.

I guess you’re also a rotten thief. Birds of a feather flock together. Pathetic.

>> No.9898526

are you actually retarded
this isn't smoking on the toilets, this is quite literally theft, more importantly by a person who has zero moral justification for it.

If I punch you in the face, would you adopt the same retarded position?

>> No.9898528

If she were stealing food because she's too poor to afford that would be one thing. But this girl deserves it

>> No.9898532

I got good feels and mildly disgusted feels coming up:
>starting a new job in a weeks time
>goodbye part time retail, hello full time job
>It's got good future opportunities
>Means more money
>more burando
Now for the disgust
>just received a secondhand dress
>overwhelmed by a peculiar stench
>It's B.O.
I can't be bothered to raise a fuss about it so I'm just going to give it a deep clean.
But please,

>> No.9898537 [DELETED] 

everybody I know who shits on sweet is too ugly to pull it off. wonder if you're the same

>> No.9898540 [DELETED] 

>everybody I know who shits on sweet is too ugly to pull off looking like a vomited up birthday cake or a pedophile's wet dream

>> No.9898546 [DELETED] 

>she doesn't deny being ugly
being bitter won't help your looks, ugly-chan

>> No.9898547

I have no stake in this argument, but this made me crack up good

>> No.9898550 [DELETED] 

>assuming I'm a woman

>> No.9898555

Do it anon. I'm a punk-goth weird shit Qutie Frash/H naoto/etc wearer and can confirm it feels great.

>> No.9898556
File: 56 KB, 446x400, 1446403794512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he thinks he matters
That only further nullifies you and your opinion

>> No.9898557

this is the girl board, it makes sense I'd assume you're a woman
>being this much of a newfag
>still not denying being ugly

>> No.9898559

why would anyone who uses the five finger discount ever share this information publicly. like just why. it's encouraging people to get into serious trouble and it increases the chances of stores paying more attention to self-checkout lane users, thus lowering the chances of successful shoplifting.

How can anyone be this retarded?

>> No.9898560

Fuck yes, sending my shopping service after it tonight. What's their quality like though? Any coord inspo you'd recommend?

>> No.9898561 [DELETED] 

Or maybe sweet just looks gross in general. Who knows.

>> No.9898564 [DELETED] 

>sweetcuck is salty because she hasn't gotten daddie's cummies yet
I know it's a girl board, retard. I've been here for years. It doesn't change the fact sweet is a garbage style. I could be the ugliest cunt in existence and it still wouldn't make you look like any less of an ageplayer

>> No.9898567

>muh mayles
pls go to your designated containment farm

>> No.9898570

New thread >>9898569

>> No.9898571 [DELETED] 

lmao I think I know who you are, keep fighting the good fight

>> No.9898575 [DELETED] 

>I-I've been here for years!! I'm not new!!
>I'm a man!!!
>doesn't know brolitas are a thing
>doesn't know "male here" will just get you shat on
whatever you say, newfag

>> No.9898582 [DELETED] 

Except I didn't say 'male here', I just said you made the assumption I'm a woman when I'm not. I know what brolitas are and they have nothing to do with the discussion, which is you being defensive over somebody not liking your pedo-apologist style

>> No.9898588 [DELETED] 

Dude just fucking stop, you’re making it worse and more apparent how new you are here. Nobody cares about your dick.

>> No.9898591 [DELETED] 
File: 110 KB, 497x640, 1524871054337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>telling someone else to stop when you've dragged out your asshurt this long over a one-word reaction image post
The only one who seems to keep harping on about my dick and bringing it up is you. Sorry honey, I'm not into 12 year olds

>> No.9898592 [DELETED] 

Chill dude its a feels thread, relax

>> No.9898598 [DELETED] 

That was actually my first reply, dumbass. Because you’re being an annoying new gag. There are dozens of people in this thread. We’re not all the same anon. God, you’re new.
Summer is in full effect.

>> No.9898601 [DELETED] 

Of course it was, sweetie. You'll still get no cummies from me

>> No.9898605

>complains anonymously and isn't going to do anything about it besides accept it
You're part of why this is still happening.

>> No.9898609 [DELETED] 

I feel sorry for you.

>> No.9898610 [DELETED] 
File: 332 KB, 1144x1144, 2FC33F76-F590-496C-8BBB-478AF27B45F8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah just look at all these (You)s. Obviously all me. Why are male posters here so fucking vapid?
They have to make it all about their dick and get mad when told not to. It’s embarrassing.

>> No.9898612 [DELETED] 

>still going on and on about my dick
l m a o
Please make another post about it replying to this, I know you can't help yourself. You should get daddy to tell you to stop

>> No.9898620 [DELETED] 

Denial is a defense mechanism. Seek help.

>> No.9898621 [DELETED] 

>he has no rebuttal so he's resorted to "y-you have daddy issues!"
typical sign of projection

>> No.9898641 [DELETED] 

Not even the anon you’re replying to, but holy fuck you are being annoying. Dude just stop, you’ve already made an ass out of yourself. We get it. You’re new here. Learn to integrate already.

>> No.9898646 [DELETED] 

>no rebuttal when all you can say is 'y-you're new here!'
>dude you're being annoying in this thread that's nearly 20 posts over bump limit after a new one was linked nearly an hour ago
The salt in your cunts is immense right now

>> No.9898686

you should probably stop using brushes with transparency for editing screenshots anon

>> No.9898739 [DELETED] 

nayrt, but are dicks the only thing you think about? Every single thing you post has "dick" in it.

>> No.9898868

Which girl? I'm stringing no one along. Every girl at my work knows I'm not interested.

>> No.9899360

get it pierced, Anon. ask your piercer to flip it up after piercing it, then leave it that way for several weeks and the makeup won't get in the way. septums are easy to heal so after that you'll be good

>> No.9899537

I feel you anon. I'm in a kinda similar situation. Am not really interested in any of the girls that like me and the one I could actually imagine something more with apparently already has a bf or just no interest in me. Which is just a real shame since she seems to be the perfect cosplay gf I've always wanted.

>> No.9900175

NAYRT but I'm a guy who just started looking into this board because I didn't realize it existed. I want to understand the culture because it seems so different from other boards but still familiar, that and I got /fit/ and wanted to figure out what I should cosplay.

a-and I'm hoping some of the chicks here are damaged enough to want to date me.

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