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Otakon 2018 is less than two months away. Unfortunately, someone got a permit to march in Washington to mark the 1st anniversary of the Unite the Right Rally. Belch.

Are you going to Otakon? What are your cosplay plans for Otakon?

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Their permit, according to news coverage, covers an area that is between 2.1 and 1.7 miles on foot from the Convention Center.

Following publicly accessible social media indicates there are March attendees who will also be at Otakon, there are counter protest attendees who will also be at Otakon. There are con attendees scared it will turn violent because of the Marchers. There are con attendees scared it will turn violent because of the counter protesters.

The only areas of common Overlap may turn out to be hotels and eateries within 15-25 minutes walking distance of both. Everyone be safe and aware.

Expect a more active police presence, and be mindful of your prop weapons.

Made this post mostly about neutral information, but honestly [/spoiler] I expect the intentional harrasment of convention attendees by March attendees who are not also the nerds stated to be attending both. [/spoiler]

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Adding to the info above, here's part of the statement given by Otakon. For the full thing look at: https://www.otakon.com/news/2018/06/22/otakon-s-official-statement-regarding-proposed-rally-near-the-convention/

Hotel Information
For those of you staying in local hotels, Events DC has provied us with a list of hotels and their approximate walking distance from the rally.

Hilton Garden Inn (39min)
Washington Hilton (31min)
Fairmont (22min)
Dupont Hotel (20min)
Melrose Hotel (20min)
Marriott Marquis (17min)
Grand Hyatt (12min)
Marriott Metro Center (10min)
Capital Hilton (7min)

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Going to Otakon with some friends with a Bondrewd costume. This will be an interesting test for that particular costume, because I designed it to be water-cooled. I know it works, because I've worn it to a couple cons earlier this year, but it wasn't summer then. This will be the first time I get to see how it handles the summer heat.

Should keep me from dying, at least.

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... I kinda want to try and do a photoshoot with them in the background, but I'm wondering how dangerous that would be

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Unless you are physically there at the rally there is no chance of anyone being hurt. Antifa and Trump supporters aren't going to go around town attacking anime cosplayers.

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You obviously never met antifa retards that will go after anyone they think may be a nazi.

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So would this be a bad con to wear my Schrodinger cosplay?

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Or alt right idiots that go after nonwhites.

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Depends which side you're on.

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This isn't a thing that happens. Stop getting your news from Buzzfeed.

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lol from the guy going on about ~antifas

What is it with awkward virgins and the alt right, seriously?

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Subtlety is the key to trolling. Don't lay it on so thick next time.

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>being this upset on an offseason Halloween Cantonese silkspinning imageboard

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If the progressive subs on Reddit are anything to go by, it would not seem unthinkable that some antifas would attack anime cosplayers. Take for example /r/socialism, which bans anyone who admits to watching anime because it's inherently capitalistic and that all anime is misogynistic. Most may not, but all movements have some crazies, and it's not outside the scope of progressiveness to hate anime and people who like it.

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Are you not allowed to watch fictional TV in general? Cable TV? HBO? Youtube because that's just rampant capitalism with all the ad shilling? Or just anime because of its association with misogyny? Sailor moon is misogynistic now? I have so many fucking questions but it's probably not very fruitful to question the crazies.

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>all of these disagreeing (You)s
>I'm not crazy you're crazy

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>it would not seem unthinkable that some antifas would attack anime cosplayers
This, the thing about the alt right is they stay in the general area, they don't want any bad press then they already have. Anifta on the other hand actively go around attacking peaple, just look at the rally in Boston they where in the business district attacking peaple who where wearing suits.

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Anime convention retards will go and protest the march and look like buffoons
Screencap this

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Otakon has bigger problems than some dumb protest going on a mile away. Their financial management has not magically cleaned up since the last series of Ota threads.

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Theoretically thats a problem for Otakorp(Otacorp?) and not a problem for attendees except where the price becomes prohibitive or when the convention ceases to be.

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I'm actually a little terrified (like really mildly tho) about this.

I already get anxious about gun violence/mass shootings whenever I go to a big event like Otakon and this doesn't help.

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should I go to liberty city anime con or otakon? I have enough for a ticket to otakon, but I feel like I should just go for lcac since its much more cheaper

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Heres something for you to get even more anxious about. 1 in 4 lolitas are carrying under those frills. almost 40 percent of them are extreme left wing nut cases that will shoot you if they can't destroy you on social media first because you looked at them and they did not like your replica.

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Take a look at that car video that the hiefer died from a heart attack, not the actual accident.

Majority of the bodies flying were white. Not your brown skin oppressed toy you use to pretend you are superior to other whites.

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Let me add to your growing anxious pile.

Antifa harrassing a Jew because they saw him wearing a maga hat but didn't see what else he was wearing.


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Don't deal with Antifa without a camera. They will try to lie even with video evidence.


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>People worry about a rally taking place (where someone literally died last year)
>First posters try to keep it neutral
>Insecure right wingers shit up the thread complaining about antifa

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Yeah, kind of what Inexpected anyway.

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I AM one of those "brown skin oppressed."

Excuse me for not feeling safe around literal white supremacists.

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>I'm literally shaking about the rally
>Convention space holds 25,000 people
>Can hardly find friends
>National Mall is roughly 40 times the convention size
>400 to attend rally
>2 miles away
You fucking pussies stay at home if you're so scared. One less person to compete for a concert seat anyway.

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>it’s all about ME ME ME, white supremacists will see me and harm me, I’m THAT important in other peoples lives

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Your in luck then. More whites are injured at these rallies then "brown people". By a very large margin.

I dont see anyone insecure. Just laughing at a bunch of nerds trying to pretend they are so important the nazis are going to come and eat their balls and rape their nerd women. The rally dosent care about you. Antifa on the other hand has no problem breaking off from the main rally, smashing windows and attacking people for having the wrong haircut. You have to be a ghetto black as the ace of spades or female for them to not attack you. Dumb shits thought I was "brown facing" and came after me. Have fun trying to explain to some hippy white fuck pretending he is some freedom fighter for the "brown-people" that you are indeed black, the white around my face is vitiligo, not my real color.

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Antifa isn't something you need to worry about. I have some experience dealing with them at shows, I'll be at the con as well. They don't jump civs, that's more of a skinhead thing.
Deal with them like you'd deal with any other group of anarchopunks. Give them space to kick the shit out of the other side, and don't get involved. Seriously, you wouldn't start shit with yakuza or something, same thing applies here. Common sense.

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I also research mass shootings. Most mass shooters are right wing and have issues with masculinity. So yeah, otacon could be a target, take normal precautions. Look up what supersonic and subsonic ammunition sounds like when fired at you.


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Pure antifa right here guys. Like I told you, they will try to lie even with video evidence right in front of their faces. If you have someone you don't like at this con, just scream nazi and point. These goons will attack them.

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Don't know what you're on about dude, I'm not one of them. You're right if you're saying they jump people like the proud boys, but that's almost consensual since proud boys are a streetfighting crew. And yeah, they view trump supporters as fascist and deck a few uppity ones every now and again, rarely, but 90 percent of the time it isn't even antifa, especially in cali, where it's mostly cholo bangers. But hey, they don't beat up anime nerds as you seem to be implying. Honestly if you ruin otakon with political newfag bullshit I'd want to kick your ass, too. But I wouldn't. Paddles are banned anyway, lul.

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It's more likely that a dumb weeb with political views from either side will cause the shitstorm. Their lack of basic social awareness will definitely get them in trouble.

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Anon is obviously watching the video posted earlier in this thread of the DC metro police carting off some antifa faggot after he attacked someone that you so conveniently pretend does not exist.

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"I feel unsafe" is not an argument. Nobody at any alt right rally has ever beat someone up because they were Mexican or black or whatever. The only violence that breaks out is from counter protesters. Facts don't care about your emotions. If you're scared of the republican bogeyman,, stay home. No one cares about you.

I wouldn't exactly compare dorky college kids in black hoodies with the yakuza. Most antifa don't do anything except shout communist slogans and complain about the police on facebook.

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The person that died did so because she was blocking traffic by protesting in the middle of the street and then died of a heart attack at the hospital because she was too obese to handle surgery.

But if you want to believe that fictional nazis are going around murdering people in the streets then go right ahead.

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> claims most mass shooters are right wing
>practically all "mainstream" ones except Roof were registered Democrats or Socialists
>most the bs "mass shootings" that are used to pad the stats are shoot-outs between gang bangers that happen to take place near schools in cities

Right wingers tend to be less likely to act violent in general, but when they do act that way it does tend to be more well-planned.

To keep things on-topic, how many cosplayers do you think will actually show up to the rally?

>> No.9923238 [DELETED] 

That's a flat out lie. Go back to whatever white nationalist site you came from.

>> No.9923288 [DELETED] 


It's actually fairly true. Go back to Tumblr, you degenerate

>> No.9923302 [DELETED] 

Most have no political affiliation, but there's actually quite a few that were registered democrat. (ex. Omar Mateen)

Democrats are more violent then Republicans. Have you ever actually been to the ghetto?

>buh muh charlottesville

One person dies from being hit by a car, in a rally where it's nearly impossible to distinguish who supports who.
>person killed happens to be a dem

Let's also not forget the fact that the rally was originally for the right only, but liberals showed up without a permit, causing mischief.

Also did you forget about the 'Republican Baseball Game' shooting?

And let's not forget the multiple leftist terrorist organizations that threatened the US population during the 70s and 80s. You know, like the Symbionese Liberation Army, or Weather Underground, even ALF.

Sorry kiddo.

>> No.9923340 [DELETED] 

Again, those are all lies. You could either cite research, or go back to r/thedonald. Your choice. I'm not wasting anyone's time arguing with a propagandist. Oh, and by the way, those are all examples of terror attacks, not mass murders.

>> No.9923410 [DELETED] 

I assure you that violence in the ghetto is not because they're democrats. The fact you think that is laughable. There are many reasons for violence that don't boil down to political affiliation.

The problem is the extremists to either the left or right, and that's what people are worried about when it comes to this rally. The fact your group is always in direct opposition to antifa should tell you something about where you stand.

>> No.9923414 [DELETED] 

the angry male incels aggitated by identity politics and extremism are likely to pull a columbine
anyone know if ota has armed guards? gun free zones lol

>> No.9923424 [DELETED] 


It’s pretty obvious that the overwhelming majority of mass shootings are related to their oh so fragile masculinity and antisocial tendencies. Very rarely is politics is the motivating factor. It doesn’t matter whether they are democrat or republican, they are all pieces of shit.

>> No.9923425 [DELETED] 

>faggot after he attacked someone that you so conveniently pretend does not exist.
>And yeah, they view trump supporters as fascist and deck a few uppity ones every now and again, rarely,
Learn to read English before posting on 4chan, please.

>Most antifa don't do anything except shout communist slogans and complain about the police on facebook.
This is true. Still wouldn't advise smearing them with your spaghetti or whatever

>> No.9923443 [DELETED] 

>fragile masculinity
That's a poor framing of the situation from a hegemonic perspective, but in essence yes, mass shooters are not able to reach the standard set up for them by masculinity and do such things in order to reach that standard. The issue isn't the androgynous or feminine aspects (or fragility, if you'd like) of the shooters, it's that masculinity is defined by violence.

That said, FBI studies show that most serial murderers happen to be right wing. Not offering a commentary as to why, that's just what the data shows, and it could possibly be extrapolated to mass shooters (not terror attacks like storm roof or whatever)

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>anon provides examples that are well-documented to the point of being common knowledge
>"those don't count, because they're terrorists attacks, you didn't actually cite sources"
I mean, just because you forgot about the 70's with Patty Hearst literally robbing banks to support the socialist movement she was affiliated with, it's kind of hard to forget how Omar "Killer-Queen" Mateen was registered Dem, supported Hillary, and even has his dad attend a Hillary Rally. And although she was a fan of Hitler and completely batshit, the Youtube shooter definitely leaned left, with her outspoken support for socialism and animal rights. If anything she was like someone literally threw together a bunch of leftist buzzwords and gave it something resembling sentience.

I guess we could just ignore the Vegas shooters ties to the Moro-Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), as well as the outspoken Sanders supporter who shot up a Republican baseball game. Since the topic does seem to be related to terror attacks, left wing terror seems like the bigger concern since in the rare cases of actual right-wing extremism they tend to be a bit more selective with targets and have far less of a support network than left-wing or islamic terrorists.

I guess you could always do a military cosplay and put in plates if you're really concerned, but anime cons seem to be kind of niché and shitty for spreading any message unless someone wants to "strike back against the haram infidels of the West." There are too many potential sympathizers for Left wing terror, too little value for right wing terror, so the only possible concern is Islam or maybe kissless virgins, although there's a surprising amount of overlap between the two.

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What the fuck is this thread aren't we supposed to be talking about a con.

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Lol, you're insane dude. Actually read the thread or stop posting. Again, none of those are mass shooters

>> No.9923510 [DELETED] 

>nobody at any alt right rally has ever beat someone up
except when they run over someone with a car and kill them

>> No.9923511 [DELETED] 

I’ve seen antifa go after an old man carrying groceries because they thought his Red Sox hat was a MAGA hat, their nazi detectors are dog shit.
A group of them tried to give me crap outside Sakuracon for “cultural appropriation” so I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to after attendees.

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See >>9922016

>tl;dr /pol/ is shitting up the board

>> No.9923514

/pol/ has been on the board for a while, they were making "thot patrol" threads a few days back before mods gave them a 3 day vacation, but it turns out they will just ban evade and keep shitposting

>> No.9923516


/pol/ has been on the board for as long as the board has existed desu. Every so often it gets pretty bad.

Always thought 'thot patrol' threads were an /r9k/ thing though. The fragile egos and 'everything is an attack to my masculinity' seems very /r9k/, but hey they do tend to browse /pol/ too.

>> No.9923518

could be r9k since the person who made and shit up the amouranth thread admitted they were a lonely virgin from r9k who wanted to argue with girls.
Maybe we just have a bunch of lonely guys looking to argue tonight :p

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>multiple people dead or injured
>not a mass shooting

Are you retarded?

>> No.9923523


Well whatever helps us prevent a mass shooting I suppose.

>> No.9923528 [DELETED] 

>/pol/ has been on the board for as long as the board has existed
I think you mean /new/, at least before moot deleted it

No, but you obviously can't read or tell the difference between senseless mass murdet or a politically motivated terror attack

>> No.9923530 [DELETED] 

anon is just going to point out every killing where the killer was a democrat or was to the left because anon is pedantic like that. why are you buying the bait?

>> No.9923540 [DELETED] 

Propaganda from outside sites shouldn't go unchallenged. I wish moot was still here instead of sleeping in a van in Google's parking lot. I just want to enjoy Otakon and cosplay without fat rednecks shitting up the place. This would have never happened in Baltimore.

>> No.9923558 [DELETED] 

Real footage from Otakon in the future.

>> No.9923562 [DELETED] 

Antifa white genderless it harassing black people

>> No.9923569 [DELETED] 


more footage.

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I'm guessing propaganda from outside sites is code for "anything you don't agree with?" You haven't refuted anything that's been said, you've just been rolling back the goalposts to match your ideology.

And you may not have had rallies in Baltimore, but that's mainly because Baltimore is a shithole full of murders and muggings. Even though Otacorp is absolute shit about managing money moving away from that cesspool was one of their better decisions. For one thing there are actually restaurants in walking distance that aren't either overpriced or in areas where you're likely to be shanked for the $20 in your purse. I'd rather put up with rednecks, they tend to be nicer than northerners who walk around with a stick up their ass.

>> No.9923591 [DELETED] 
File: 174 KB, 1200x1200, 6cda6c_5889721.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 181 KB, 789x611, OyVey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Baltimore being a hell-hole is a fact, as someone who used to live near it. I fail to see how that's some big controversial statement.

Compared to Baltimore, the only real downside to moving to DC is that it looks like a /pol/ meme.

>> No.9923627

/pol/ GTFO

>> No.9923699 [DELETED] 

Implying /cgl/ was not /pol/ in disguise already.

>> No.9923706

no, it was never

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It never has been. You /pol/tards just don't know how to stay on your containment board.

>> No.9923825 [DELETED] 

Keep thinking that little Sally. Lol.

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I want /pol/ and /r9k/ to leave forever.

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Don't think I'm going to get my cosplay together by Ota. Wigs on backorder, but i already bought the badge... Wouldn't have committed had i known about the drama. Kinda miss Baltimore.

>> No.9924470

>Complain about /pol/
>Thread literally created to whine about /pol/

If you wanted to have a convention thread you shouldn't have started with shitty controversy baiting.

>> No.9924488

Don't worry. Otakon will have a heavy police presence.

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>implying any of those replies are from OP
Are you retarded or something?

>> No.9924696

Every politically leaning post was deleted. Stop trying to drag the conversation back to the gutter.

>> No.9924716

Going to be a great Otakon. Nothing but autistic screeching and weebs screaming the Nazi's assaulted them when they didn't even leave their square. Nerds have this heavy need to feel important so expect a bunch of them to start making shit up so they feel relevant. There is talk on reddit about people pulling pranks by sneaking Nazi stickers on people's backpacks so the counter protesters go crazy and start going after attendees. Also to prove a point these dumbasses will just go after anyone.

>> No.9924880

Might as well go all out. I've been wanting to do an Oberst Stroheim cosplay, since for some reason his character design is less musclebound than Jonathan or any of the other Battle Tendency MC's.

>> No.9924898

Ehh, he's still mad muscle but if you know your way around props you can still look good

>> No.9924912

The cyborg bits would be fun to make, but I'm not the best with props yet.

>> No.9924926
File: 222 KB, 701x635, Rudolph.Von.Stroheim.full.2035244.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well practice makes perfect! Until you get the results you like you could go as his close coat and cyborg eye.

>> No.9924970

Only good post in the thread d e s u

>> No.9925065

At least this will give us something entertaining to have throughout the weekend besides the usual weeb drama. I'm all for it desu, super pumped for this year's Otakon

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So what hotels are everyone in? I was in the Marriot Marquis last year and didn't like it so I'm trying the Grand Hyatt this time around. The walking distance is a concern b/c cosplay in hot weather but I'm with friends so it shouldn't be too bad.

>> No.9926255

I liked the Marquis for it's convenience but my budget is too thin to book outside the con rate. So I settled with the Renaissance this year. Closer to chinatown and know a good handful of people organizing room parties there.

>> No.9927109

Just reserved a room at the Hilton but I’m finding places that aren’t under Otakon that are slightly cheaper, should I just stick with what I have or do some more research?

>> No.9927217 [DELETED] 

Im willing to bet cosplayers showing up will unironically make everyone take shit less seriously/lighten the mood a bit. Rip people with sketchy props tho.

>> No.9927223

Renaissance Washington, about 5 min walk. I just realized that most of the good hotels will already booked by weebs since this march was planned way later. Also arent they travelling between Charlottesville and Washington if it gets approved?

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Correct, a lot of the internal drama of Otakop is actually invisible to the membership

Otakon has typically 800-1000 staffers who show up and work their assignments. Not even 10% are involved in the actual planning.

>> No.9927706
File: 553 KB, 826x1168, 1515296890799.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


/k/ is here too, just sayin'

>> No.9927707
File: 3.89 MB, 3554x3624, DSCN1036.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This, this, a thousand times this.

Otakon works with Destination DC (tourism and promotion) and Events DC (what other cities all the Stadium Authority).

>> No.9927709
File: 2.88 MB, 4895x2687, DSCN0928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Was in the Marquis last year, in the Renaissance this year. As long as the sky doesn't open up again it should be all good

>> No.9927718

My question is how they managed to get a well known orchestra to preform? I know that they are charging tickets for it, yet these groups are really expensive to have around.

>> No.9927807
File: 329 KB, 1023x750, shirobako.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


25 years of doing a really good job of taking care of guests. Word gets around, especially back in Japan.

If you have not watched it already, check out Shirabako, its basically an inside look at the anime industry,

(it also explains why getting anime industry talent during summer is difficult)

>> No.9927988

Any meetups planned for Otakon?

>> No.9927993
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I heard there's one planned at the National Mall, just don't forget your tiki torch.

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>> No.9928443

Otacon is falling apart internally. They’ve waisted all their money on supporting other cons that their top people work. Just flushing your money down the toilet. Support Katsu. Otacon is going bankrupt anyway.

>> No.9928467

>t. Katsu shill

>> No.9928529

The only reason Katsucon is popular is due to its location being a perfect setting for cosplay shoots.

>> No.9928975

Well if the nazis show up next year i personally know a whole bunch of people who will cancel depending on if it's bad this year. And they all go to katsu as well.

>> No.9929586
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File: 2.54 MB, 3065x3383, IMG_4549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


One can also "ghost" the convention since its in a hotel.

Credit where credit is due, Katsu knows their market is cosplayers and cater to them

Too bad the weather isn't agreeable most years

>> No.9929650

I just know a cosplayer is going to fuck with the protesters.

>> No.9929916

Why would I support Katsucon when they cater to the most shit demographic of the fandom? Titplayers and patreon whores.

>> No.9930016

t. false flagger

>> No.9930041

Gonna be going to Otakon for the first. Should I expect to see something like this there?

>> No.9930047

>"I'm scared of there being a mass shooting at my anime convention!"
>there has never been a mass shooting at an anime convention in the history of anime conventions

Do you understand how you sound? You should feel safer than normal, not only are you in a statistically safe event re: gun violence, all Trump voters use anime avatars, you will literally have extra protection if you look like you enjoy anime or cosplay. If you legit think it was HER TURN, just keep it to yourself for one weekend and just silently thumbs up any conservative. Wow, so hard and compromising.

>> No.9930078

Going as Balsac again, but this time with a full outfit. It’ll be absolutely amazing.

>> No.9930133

Can you stop talking with this? It's already been purged from the thread.

>> No.9930197

I'm a bit concerned as well, anon. Although I'd like to think that DC will deny the permit, it's still a good idea to take some extra precautions to stay on the safe side. While we may be technically safe at the con, there's always the possibility of someone trying to cause trouble outside the convention center.

I think some general safety tips would be a good idea to list, for people who aren't sure what to do: Look out for other people, and stay in groups. If you need to use the metro, stay in cars that have more than a handful of people inside, especially at night. If someone starts screaming at you (or following you), walk in the opposite direction and towards a well lit area (with hopefully more people hanging about).

>> No.9930908

To piggy back off this, where possible, try and get in the first front car of the metro train where the conductor/driver is. Every car does have an emergency call button, but the conductor car is more safe.

>> No.9931908

Tbh I can't help but be disappointed in the con staff's response to the attendees' concerns over the rally. They *say* they are working "closely" with events DC to make sure that the con is safe, but *what* exactly are they doing? What measures are they taking to ensure that people won't get harrassed or physically harmed? Does not extend to outside the convention center, where people are more likely to encounter rally attendees on the way back to their hotels/metro? If they want to reassure people then they need to be more proactive and transparent about this.

To top it all off, a staffer locked the initial thread about the rally because a handful of people got upset when called out for trying to convince others that the rally goers would be "peaceful.". When a number of people get brutally attacked and results in one person's death, your rally is anything but peaceful.

>> No.9931988 [DELETED] 

To be completely fair the landwhale that died had a heart attack, and wasn't hit by the car.

>> No.9931999 [DELETED] 


"The rally in Charlottesville last year drew hundreds of white nationalists and supporters who faced off in clashes with counterprotesters. A self-described neo-Nazi drove a car into a crowd of anti-racist protesters, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injuring more than a dozen others"

Anon the person in question DROVE A CAR INTO A CROWD OF PEOPLE.

>> No.9932011 [DELETED] 

You would too if you were surrounded and had a bunch of people breaking lights and threatening you with bodily harm.

>> No.9932019 [DELETED] 

I'm curious as to where you've heard that information considering that there is video evidence of the guy dilberately driving his car into the crowd, knocking down a number of people.

>> No.9932026 [DELETED] 

Unsure if trolling or serious at this point. Even if the act was not malicious. If you are driving a vehicle, you don't drive it down streets full of people. You wait away from the crowds for them to leave. You wait in a place that feels safe away from the protests. If you feel that there may be any danger regarding of sides, you do not even approach your vehicle to enter that is in the middle of people that are in a protest. If you cannot reach your vehicle or need a safe exit immediately you should inform the police.

I have serious panic attacks, If I ever feel unsure of my mental health while driving I have a few mental exercises to go through, and then I pull over when I can and take a break. If you are mentally unsound enough to drive through a crowd you need to see a psychiatrist and have some mental health checks. I would never enter a vehicle when I'm close to a severe panic attack to put people's lives into jeopardy.

I'm kinda glad this is 4 chan anon. We can all speak our minds ya?

>> No.9932028

Same here. I don't want to get trampled or shot.

>> No.9932062

I've driven through Saint Patrick's Days parades and never had the urge to ram my car through a crowd.

>> No.9932069 [DELETED] 

Go back to /pol/ where they want to actually hear your bullshit conspiracy theories. Either that or you're a Russian bot. Either way, nobody sane is dumb enough to think that this was some false flag operation.

>> No.9932242 [DELETED] 

>muh /pol/ boogeyman
Pretty sure courts have ruled in multiple other occasions that if your car is being surrounded by people openly hostile to you and throwing rocks and directly attacking your car you have every right to defend yourself. I mean, anyone with half a brain would know what could happen if you didn't. I fail to see how facts are conspiracy theories.


>> No.9932292 [DELETED] 

>Pretty sure courts have ruled in multiple other occasions that if your car is being surrounded by people openly hostile to you and throwing rocks and directly attacking your car you have every right to defend yourself.
List the cases, /pol/tard.

>> No.9932298 [DELETED] 


she even looks like purblind lol

>> No.9932300 [DELETED] 

you shouldn't be driving period you mental retard.

>> No.9932307

This is a forum for cosplay and egl and some how conventions and artist alley. Just leave if you don't actually want to discuss anything besides politics. Sincerely Fuck Off <3 /cgl/

>> No.9932315 [DELETED] 

So what you are saying is Cosplay is a sign of mental illness since you brought that in and had no qualms?

>> No.9932318 [DELETED] 

You want us to us to get the manager for you honey? Your winged eyeliner too sharp for ya tosay?

>> No.9932329

Looks like we're going to need the janitors again...

>> No.9932337

They just can't help themselves.

Imagine being so insecure in your identity that you need to bring up how your side did nothing wrong at every opportunity.

>> No.9932358

Can we get back to talking about Otakon please?

For example, does anyone know if the Red Line is going to be down between Wheaton Fort Totten? I wanna Metro in but not if I have to take a shuttle bus.

>> No.9932363

Stop worrying about these trolls. If they do show up in DC they will catch hands when they ride the metro. Those race solider larpers will realize the hard way that DC is not Charlottesville.

Just give theme directions to ride the X2 bus towards Minnesota Ave or ride the green line train to Anacostia.

>> No.9932402 [DELETED] 

Imagine being so fucking retarded you think I'm on their side. I follow f axs cts, not my emotions. Dont bring your mental disease into a cosplay forum. Follow your own advice.

>> No.9932443


No, you should be fine. Service from Fort Totten to NoMA will be down, but ok can get off and switch to green/yellow at Fort Totten, which is what you would do anyway.


>> No.9932510

What do you think security will be like this year?

Not because of the shit rally; but last year the inner-con security literally didn't give a shit and it was painfully easy to ghost the convention because nobody checked badges.

I'm pretty sure last year nobody checked my badge unless I was going into the dealer's room or artist alley, and even then just barely.

Think they'll up their game, or Otakon's just going to become another convention you can skim by without a badge?

>> No.9932549

I went through the hotel entrance last year and they had rented security, who check everything. Not sure about the other entrances, but I imagine that for this year, I hope they at least have some sort of security out in front of the center, they received a lot of flak because of last year.

>> No.9932555

Going for the first time since it moved to DC. I’ve never stayed in the Marriott and have been curious about the tunnel to the con center. Is there AC? Is it well lit?

>> No.9932558


Yes to both. However, the entrance may get locked after-hours

>> No.9932588

Last year Friday, you can pretty much ghost through the con, especially in the front con entrance
It was on Sat and Sun when they pumped up security and started checking badges

>> No.9932610 [DELETED] 

You sound pretty insecure now, getting your feathers ruffled over some legitimate concerns people have about the possible rally. The only one upset here is you.

>> No.9932611 [DELETED] 

Best you got is calling people insecure, loony toon?

>> No.9932979

Aww. It's adorable that you think you're hurting my feelings. However, you're boring me now.

Anyway, does anyone have an opinion on the Marriott Marquis? The interior was impressive last year, but what are the actual guest rooms like?

>> No.9932986

The view from my room last year consisted of dumpsters. The only bright side to being there was I didn't need to worry about the rain.

>> No.9932993 [DELETED] 

Not that anon. but seriously shut the fuck up. Thread was going fine for 10 posts until you opened your mouth again. Shut the fuck up. You are not innocent.

>> No.9933023 [DELETED] 

I think the one that started it again was the person downplaying the death people are worried about because the person happened to be fat.

>> No.9933264 [DELETED] 

>happened to be fat
Yes this person left the world as she was born, a lardass.

>> No.9933266

And the thread was put back on track, if you failed to notice. Go direct your anger on the troll who derailed the thread in the first place, and kept lashing out on people who called them out.

Pretty much.

That's what worries me a little bit, now that the Marriott has more rooms available (at least, the last time I checked). On the plus side, I technically wouldn't have to exit the con center if I booked there, but with the whole "run of house" thing they have going on now makes me think I'll end up with a room with a poor view. For the amount of money I'm dropping on a room, I'd rather not risk it.

Also, for those out of towners who still have a balance on their metro card and don't want to keep it, you can donate it to one of the local charities in DC. I think So Others May Eat takes them.

>> No.9933344


This is the view from my room last year, I wonder if whatever was going up next door got finished. Woke my ass up on Friday with the construction noise.

Hotel itself is pretty kino.

>> No.9934439

To add to this, leave for law enforcement personnel in various agencies in DC have been canceled for that weekend. Nobody wants another Charlottesville on their hands to happen here. The city is also expecting a massive (20-40k estimate) counter-protest to occur as well.

>> No.9934519
File: 460 KB, 800x600, 1394272489829.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They're still talking about the stupid fucking rally

Jesus christ we can't even have one fucking thread for Otakon.

>> No.9934615

The indie lolita companies are so fucking ita. Like wtf , doesn't Otakon have a policy against shitty companies

The King of the Forest jsk from Gato is nice tho

>> No.9934617

Which is amazing to me
I guess beta losers only shoot up normie places

>> No.9934620

I'll be staying at my house lol

>> No.9934622 [DELETED] 

People wouldn't be attacking you car if you didn't drive into a crowd baka

>> No.9934668

When are they going to release the con schedule?

>> No.9935284

Anon it's still a month away, Ota usually releases the schedule a week or two before the actual convention, and usually a lot of stuff changes after the preliminary release as well

>> No.9935297 [DELETED] 

This is why I keep guns in my glove compartment.

>> No.9935375
File: 1.57 MB, 4010x1369, DSCN1145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Protip: Get the GuideBook App. The 2017 version is still there and could be useful for maps and such

>> No.9938812

Is there a chance that more musical guests will be announced from now? The line up was real fucking good last year so not sure if I want to go now.

>> No.9938875

>My friends are in that picture


>> No.9938983

There's a chance but I don't think it's a very big one. Just looking at the last few 'guest' announcements, it seems they've used up all their budget on the final fantasy composer guy and the trigger team

>> No.9940894

How was waiting in line last year on Thursday for pre-reg? Last year I was with industry and didn't have to wait.

>> No.9940945

Thursday pre-reg was manageable, Friday looked incredibly shitty to deal with.

>> No.9941063

tell your friends to lose some weight

>> No.9941670 [DELETED] 

If you don't shoot someone, you'll probably deliberately run them over, go home and post on /pol/ "Uhh they deserved it for not agreeing with me anyway".

>> No.9942655
File: 75 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1531621179220.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So the library right across from the con center is under construction.
Any other relatively close locations decent for shoots?

>> No.9942901
File: 3.38 MB, 5312x2988, 20160929_131500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Planning on going and trying to pull together a duo-cosplay with my homie and the only good set I can think of is Fox/Falco. Any suggestions for notable anime duos we could do?

Pic related--it's me

>> No.9943310

Go fursuit or go home

>> No.9943343
File: 2.26 MB, 4161x2209, DSCN1147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You mean the Carnegie that is unironically being made into an Apple Store?

Yeah, the Church across from the Marriott Marquis front entrance

>> No.9943344
File: 733 KB, 1689x1457, DSCN1056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Pic related

>> No.9943410

Not going this year because of budgeting and other things.
How does it compare to AX, Anime North, Otakuthon and youmacon?

Also how does it compare to MAGfest as I am looking forward to that one next year.

>> No.9943748

Been going to Otakon since 2004 and magfest since 2010.

Magfest is a giant party con with a relaxed atmosphere but a lot of dude bros that shit on anime and cosplayers because “muh ‘gaming festival’”. Otakon obviously has the focus on anime and Japan but the dealers room and artists alley blows magfest out of the water. So if shipping is your goal, Otakon is great.

Neither one can hold a candle to AX in terms of content, exclusives, premieres.

>> No.9943792

Is the church cool with this?

>> No.9944247

I forgot to mention the church in my original post, I was actually planning on shooting there and the at city center already.
>Turning that into an apple story
is that a jojoke

>> No.9944361

Not a joke at all. Real deal.

>> No.9944461

I know its been asked already but since barley anyone answered what cosplays are you guys doing or what do you think will be popular? Wanna get a good grasp. Guesses are ok as well, my guess is an army of Academia, sprinkle of P5, and 4000000 Zero Two's. Ive been lazy at keeping up with anime this year but i think thatll cover the big stuff. Hoping to see some Fate Grand Order cosplays. Oh and a few peeps are rewearing Fire Emblem Fates/Awakening as well since a new game got announced at E3.

>> No.9944583
File: 1.93 MB, 2921x2305, DSCN1146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Don't recall anyone from the church shooing them off.

Like the famous saying goes "Take only pictures, leave only footprints"

>> No.9944633
File: 154 KB, 742x385, 1526717578763.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9945017
File: 104 KB, 270x400, 1506390431995.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else think there's nothing really in the schedule? What you guys considering? I'm just looking at the masquerade, rave, and maybe one of the fate panels

>> No.9945147

That's cool. Looks like a good photoshoot place too.

>> No.9945191

I think there will be a healthy mix of cosplays, although persona will be big because of the anime and the two new games

>> No.9945215

>Touhou panel at 9am Saturday
Why so early?

>> No.9945222

I noticed how Crunchyroll, RightStuf, and Sekai Project are no longer coming this year with industry panels, w

>> No.9945363

That's really weird, you would think they would throw something together, maybe they will just stay in there booths on the hall floor?

>> No.9945392

When your con gets out clasped by Atlanta conventions, there is no reason for industry to waste their time on you.

>> No.9945451

You didn't hear it from me but I have a feeling there's going to be some late guest announcements

>> No.9945779

Crunchyroll is only doing 9 US cons this year. Otakon is not one of them on their list. I think a big part of that is Cruncyroll wants their name advertised around the con (which AB, AWA, ANYC, AX, etc. all do). Otakon still has it in their policy to not allow any corporations/companies to put their logo/advertisements around the con (they want to stay fan run only), so I figure it's why Crunchyroll bailed since other cons will do that for them.

>> No.9945869

Plus the industry booths did AWFUL last year due to the new dealer's room set up.

>> No.9945896

I doubt their booth did terrible because they ran out of Crunchyroll bags (unlike AWA that still had tons left by Sunday). However I did find it a terrible idea to stick the industry boots at the back of the dealers room. I have no idea whose idea that was since I knew right then it was a bad idea. Should have put it right in front like in Baltimore where you walk in but they did not. AX puts all the industry in front and so does AWA/ACEN/AB to some extent.

>> No.9945914

Also adding, likely a bunch of industry booths did poorly due to setting them up at the back. It frustrates me because it sounds like Otakon is trying to kill themselves off at this point. Last year they had the best content I seen since 2013.

>> No.9945963

After that retarded ending I’m not thinking there’s gonna be a bunch of Zero Twos anywhere.

>> No.9946016

>Assuming that the girls who cosplay her watch the anime

>> No.9946471

Judging by all the questions about DitF on Facebook help groups it’s fair to say that there will be more than a few. Also some people actually liked that ending.

>> No.9946479

Don't underestimate the Rem/Ram of 2018. Also i saw that ending coming from episode 14, it couldve been worse. I do see why you feel that way tho so i cant even argue it. Also dont most trigger original anime end with nutty space fight and the MC(s) turning gold/yellow?

>> No.9946524 [DELETED] 

White racist yet into Asian stuff. Loser.
Trump supporters will beat cosplayers. They go to matches to fight and beg. Be careful.
Don't listen to this person. For your safety if you aren't right wing stay away from them. Especially if you are in cosplay. They want white to be traditional your anime isn't it.

>> No.9946531
File: 3.96 MB, 4863x3271, DSCN0921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It was year 1, they didn't understand the traffic flow. This year they should know better.

>> No.9946964

Who here /Kimpton Donovan Hotel/?
It’s so good.

>> No.9947129

Badges have been mailed from Showclix according to Otakon. You have to enter a code on the badge to activate it online before the con

>> No.9947452


Thomas Circle...

Isn't that area a little, uhm, festive?

>> No.9947460

i didnt notice any faggot shit last time

>> No.9947479

The thing is it shat all over it’s themes and it took more asspulls to kill them than it took to spare them, all for the sake of a cheap bittersweet ending. Everything in the show could be seen from a mile away, and the show had three possible endings...and they went with the worst one. Couldn’t believe it when I watched the stream. I don’t even like the show that much but I was so disappointed.
Trigger only did some animation and isn’t credited past ep 15. The writing is all A1/Cloverworks under director Nishigori (not classic Imaishi). There are rumors the two studios weren’t agreeing on where to take the plot and split, hence the horrible pacing and downward spiral of the second cour, but on the other hand despite nowhere saying Trigger was involving in writing, that whole last arc is awfully Trigger-ish. So one has to wonder.

/ /a/ autism

>> No.9947594

I smell an aninenewsnetwork faggot.

>> No.9947624

Wow, sorry someone criticized your Walmart Gurren Lagann/ Boneless Evangelion. Not everyone has to like the same things you do, you know?

>> No.9947652

True as hell. Ota is also around a thousand badge sales down atm. They lied on the ama saying it was about the same. The shit show won't survive 2018 without major funding miracles.

>> No.9947671

Obviously they don't have to. Neither do I. But you ANN faggots won't shut the fuck about the show. It's over, move the fuck on. New shows are out, new seasons have started. Go complain about Black Clover and oddly dropping animation quality or something.

>> No.9947680

Not everyone who dislikes it are ANN faggots, retard.

>> No.9947682

Katsu is in general a terrible con for its content and too crammed. It's only saved because of the Gaylord.

I do worry about the future of Otakon. There are plenty of things that need to change in its organization and rules (like they should allow crunchyroll and other companies to put their name on con stuff for money and put advertising around like AX/ANYC does)....but oh well.

>> No.9947857

Ota is a relic that didn't adapt and let it's staff squander funds. They can't make 2020 without change and the staff won't change.

>> No.9948289

Which do you see happening, Otakon handing the con off to someone else being unable to operate it or the con collapsing and no longer existing? I lean towards staff being too arrogant to have someone else take over and let it tank (if they choose).

>> No.9948326
File: 2.44 MB, 2593x4783, DSCN1243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Otakon has good fundamentals and locked-in contracts for the hotels and venues at good prices.

Would love to see someone buy them out by assuming the debt

Anyone have Jeff Bezos' number?

>> No.9948442
File: 26 KB, 294x220, 294px-Yang_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to Otakon again this year, this time I plan to cosplay as Yang Wen-li from Legend of the Galactic Heroes (the OVA).

This year though, I have no one to go with to share hotel costs. I've been thinking where I could go to find people to go with. Is that weird? Soliciting strangers on the internet to go to a convention? Or is there some website for that or whatever? What do others usually do when they find they have no one to go to a con with?

>> No.9948480

Katsucon would be a godtier con if it was held in the spring. Better yet, if they partner up and hold Katsu at the same time as the National Cherry Blossom Festival, they could BTFO Otakon. The only problem is that the Cherry Blossom Festival might overwhelm Katsu staff.

>> No.9948511
File: 18 KB, 310x163, download (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whatever happened to Otakon Vegas? Any drama on why the con is going on a "hiatus" now?

>> No.9948650
File: 3.51 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_4489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Otakon has its own message boards which I believe has a "roommate wanted" section.

It was hemorrhaging money, and a lot of high-up staffers didn't want to admit Caesars Properties rolled them like a bunch of huckleberries; so they kept screaming "muh contracts" while the corporation was bled dry

The problem was the model was all wrong, they were expecting people to fly in from Phoenix and Los Angeles to fill hotel rooms (and thus get discounted function space) rather than the reality of getting teenagers from Henderson and Parumph

>> No.9948714

Its completely dead, until they are swimming in money. The con lost them $100k each year and a good chunk of why they had to get a $500k loan trying to pay it back.

>> No.9948953

There is/was no loan to handle Vegas. Vegas leeched out of Otakons main funds costing 100K a year. Never as a loan but rather an assumed cost. Vegas is votes deas forever but publicly on Hiatus.

>> No.9948991 [DELETED] 

> People attacking him before he pushes the gas
"Liar" is written all over your pig face.....

>> No.9949284


Surprised no leaks from the Panic Meeting

>> No.9949289

$9400 annual income
Japan is a first world country right?

>> No.9949348

Don't tempt me. J/k.

>> No.9949379

Unless Antifa get involved, there will be zero violence.
If Antifa gets involved, then Antifa will get curb-stomped all day after they try to brain someone with a bike lock.
Just don't get between a white nationalist's fist and Antifa's face and you'll be fine.

>> No.9949380

White Nationalists will keep to themselves if you don't drive down and fuck with em.
Now a few years back in Florida, we had a giant Red Bull event within spitting distance, full of drunk degenerates.

Now THAT was a pain for all the beta con goers wandering around.

>> No.9949422

That's a shame. I liked Otakon Vegas since it had more of a small con feel like in the good old days.

>> No.9949802

Its not antifa they have to worry about. Its the locals who will catch the white supremacists on the metro and the only way those nutcases can get to the White House is via metro.

>> No.9949807

It wasn't worth the half million it cost main Otakon attendees. Membership money into a 501c3 NPO comes with obligationa for the BoD and decision making staff. A half mil of those members money squandered on Vegas was and is criminal... as well as a big part of the reason Otakon DC is already on its last legs.

>> No.9951181
File: 3.27 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_4447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The problem was that Otakon Vegas was a 1,000 person convention spending like 10,000 person convention. This was a mix of an incredibly flawed model (despite input from people who, oh, actually staffed anime cons in Vegas) and "hurr durr if we cut and run we'll never be able to come back"


Otakorp plugged stopped the hemorrhaging, it now either needs time to recover or a transfusion to survive

But yes, the small-con vibe was awesome, its a shame Ceasars Properties didn't realize what they had

>> No.9952688

Why is there never a calligraphy workshop? I've always wanted to try it, kanjis looks so cool.

>> No.9953155

When does the schedule usually go up on guidebook?

>> No.9953211

would anyone take a bounty for an autograph request?

>> No.9953452

What does that mean?

>> No.9953615

They pay you to get an autograph?

>> No.9953618

2 weeks to go how ready are your cosplays?

>> No.9953627

I have to make one from scratch and redo all my wigs. And I'm leaving for a week at the beach tomorrow...

>> No.9953629

I'm too poor to make one.

>> No.9953779
File: 23 KB, 640x426, 59c892ec5f68b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I got everything except for black shoes and pants so I think i'm pretty set

>> No.9953787
File: 17 KB, 236x340, 1736643fe1422dea6fa96366b963625a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Making my cosplay for the hall contest. I feel like I'm putting so much in that doesn't yield much so I'm a lil (lot) nervous. I've been documenting everything so hopefully my presentation is somewhat professional.

>> No.9954300
File: 264 KB, 701x942, etohuman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Walmart Gurren Laggan
right in the kekoro

I just go to Nekocon for that, infinite comfy. People travel pretty far for it oddly enough.

I have to paint and glue a ton of shit but one or two days w/o procrastination and some dank kpop will get me through it.

This makes me want to check out the contest and root for you, good luck!

>> No.9954566

Yea I will pay anyone if they pick some auto graphs i want

>> No.9954580

I haven't started, but plan to have it finished before the con.

>> No.9954769

I hope they screen the Academia movie like they did at AX

>> No.9954776

Hmm, maybe. Any way to contact you for more details?

>> No.9954783

For sure. Shoot me an email at [email protected]

We can talk about arranging a deal.

>> No.9954811

I took a look at the schedule and Im wondering, how are the 3d printing/digital fabrication workshops?
I've got an interest in it outside of cosplay even, but this is actually my first con so I'm not sure if workshops like these are generally decent, can anyone tell me what to expect?

Gotta pattern and saw a hood/hat, dye and style a wig, and make a few simple accessories.
In a pretty good place!

>> No.9954908
File: 17 KB, 509x619, 1496124175587.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no anisong guest

wtf how did this happen

>> No.9954924

I’m entering the hall contest too, anon, just waiting for the fabric for my main piece to get delivered Monday so I can start! Good luck!

>> No.9955457

Question, if I put my cosplay handle under the attendee name section should it be ok or do I have to change it?

>> No.9955597

The AniSong Matsuri was not exactly popular last year with great musical guests. Probably part of the reason.

>> No.9955605

I fucking loved it, but yeah there were a lot of empty seats sadly. Not surprising though for an event that was ticketed separately at $25. I don't expect to get that many great guests every year but 2 orchestra concerts is fucking lame.

>> No.9955836

The concerts are amazing and a huge draw. Now fuck off.

>> No.9955984

still have to paint shoes.

know that feel

>> No.9955988

>17k as a college student

>> No.9956051

Otakon is around 1,500 full memberships below last year atm. That's taking the new partial memberships into account and looking at actual money memberships bring. With the revenue trouble, it's safe to say next year will be the last Otakon if they take out a loan. If not, this is the final Otakon. Otakon needed major growth to break even this year, not further decline. Have fun everyone.

>> No.9956122

If AX was smart they would literally bail out Otakon and make AX east at this point. They could bring over good guests and make this con great (I almost made a bad trump joke)

>> No.9956135

Otakon would build a wall to keep them out.

>> No.9956137

Fuck off faggot. The concerts aren't even the problem, just that they're the sole musical performances.

>> No.9956204

how do I ask girls to take pictures with me, like what would be the least cringey way

>> No.9956207

Lol. Kys kid. Want to meet up at the con? Be happy to smash your face cuck.

>> No.9956209

Literally just ask. No excusing, no whys, no anything but "Can I get a picture with you?

>> No.9956218

I wouldn't blame them. AX wouldn't be bringing their good guests. They'd be bringing their Vic Mignognas, their Momokuns, their J-Nigs. And some, of course, are good people.

>> No.9956241


where do I put my hand, I don't wanna hand hover. should I just pose next to them?

>> No.9956285

Pose next to them. Some girls will be touchy or grabby, others won't.

>> No.9956441

INSIDE the ass

>> No.9956577


>> No.9957119
File: 3.89 MB, 3102x3630, DSCN1041.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


We had this thread last year, AX is in even more debt than Otakon ("deferred income") which works for them since they have a whole different business model.

Otakon really needs a White Knight investor, the locked-in contracts alone should be worth a fair chunk of change

>> No.9957121 [DELETED] 


>> No.9957122
File: 103 KB, 745x559, taylor.swift.david.mueller.leaked.photo.tmz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Protip: Don't be this guy

>> No.9958399
File: 611 KB, 424x600, Lord Canti.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I've got all the electronics going into the helmet ready to go, but I still have to build and paint the upper half.

>> No.9958655

holy hell i hope i see you
which reminds me is there gonna be a 4chan cosplay meetup or is that idea shunned

>> No.9958732

any boomer sugardaddy meetups this year?

>> No.9958745
File: 8 KB, 300x168, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll just throw together a super last minute platelet lel

>> No.9958768
File: 158 KB, 752x1063, touhou__yoshika_miyako_by_sanzuri-d7zd731.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Done with the main pieces just working on the small details now
I would love to see this
Not sure, but I think something will be hammered out the closer the con gets

>> No.9958903
File: 427 KB, 800x1000, 1490413536410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are you so mad about retard? I just express my disappointment about something then you sperg out and want to fight lol.

>> No.9959064

How does one keep tabs on the reg numbers? I used to have a link to the old registration page that had the count, but I can't find it or its gone now.

>> No.9959252
File: 2.58 MB, 4737x2477, DSCN0992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Join Otakon staff, then you can see the weekly updates with some cool graphics.

>> No.9959337

IDK if AX has any interest to do that.

>> No.9959356



>> No.9959542

I'm just gonna wear my Umaru cloak with a white T-shirt and red shorts. I'm too big for the cloak so it looks more like a cape though.

>> No.9959586

AX cant afford it. They are hiding how much debt they are in from trying to be badasses.

>> No.9959804
File: 473 KB, 1280x1280, 1532106106056.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone know of a good place to shoot? the con itself seems lacking in photogenic locations
>mfw stairs

>> No.9959912

>picturesque places
>in DC

Not too hard to find them, the Mall's like less than a mile away.

>> No.9959931
File: 11 KB, 232x217, images (4).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be 6 years ago
>in Baltimore with my brother to see an epl exhibition game at ravens stadium for his bachelor party
>walk past the convention center
>I guess the con had ended or just began because there were hundreds of cosplayers outside the convention center
>my brother and his normie friends were making fun of the cosplayers
>which was ironic considering they were wearing soccer shirts and stuff

Why do people have to shit on cosplayers? They're just enjoying themselves and not hurting anyone else :(

>> No.9959942
File: 34 KB, 569x465, 1531751981754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's just normalfag mentality

>> No.9959944

>Soccer shirts
That really is ironic, my normie friends would probably be calling them faggots for wearing anything soccer related.

>> No.9959946
File: 1.89 MB, 3513x2457, DSCN1105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Its a shame the Carnegie Library is being worked on.

A lot of people liked using the "bridge" as a background within the DC Convention Center.

Chinatown is also reasonably close, couple of small parks are nearby as well.

City Center might also be interesting

>> No.9959947


I remember that! The opposing team (San Francisco 49ers) was staying in the Hyatt. You are right, entirely different worlds.

Though I was amused because the next day I saw people in the Dealer's Room wearing Joe Flacco jerseys

>> No.9959968

I liken people wearing sports jerseys and stuff to cosplayers.

You're dressing up like a pro athlete, how is it any different than someone dressing like their favorite character

>> No.9959969

Seems like it's going to rain during the con weekend which sucks

>> No.9959970


It was an English Primier Leage exhibition game, liverpool vs Tottenham and it was so fucking hot

>> No.9959975
File: 79 KB, 600x800, COdj8RWWUAAsSAN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah wearing a shirt or jersey isn't the same as wearing a full on sport uniform. It'd look a lot sillier if someone wore the high socks and shorts ala full kit wanker style.
You can wear a jersey with jeans and look totally normal.

>> No.9959978

Rain isn't an issue, it's the humidity that makes things so uncomfortable

>> No.9959991

t. Marriottlet

>> No.9959993
File: 55 KB, 685x576, 1533149291259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw was planning out shoots outside of the con center

>> No.9960091
File: 40 KB, 800x450, subwaylogo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best places around the center for a quick bite? There's a shitty subway and sbarro for the cockroaches out there who don't give a fuck anymore but there's definitely better stuff nearby.
Wiseguy Pizza was a short walk away, they had some good slizzies for cheap.

>> No.9960487
File: 2.07 MB, 3377x2209, DSCN1067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Food trucks opposite the Marquis side of the convention center.

There is also a soul food cafeteria in the basement of the church

>> No.9960746


Texas De Brazil

>> No.9960828

There’s 2 food courts in the convention center itself. One has your typical food court stuff the other has a lot of asian and indian food

>> No.9960840

>There is also a soul food cafeteria in the basement of the church

This looks amazing on yelp but holy shit I'm cringing my teeth into dust visualizing sweaty pasty white weebs in ill-fitting Kirito cosplays bustling in.

>> No.9960863

hopefully it'll rain out the rally too. not going outside due to the creeps is one thing, but if they're gone, the contrast will be pretty good desu if it dies down later

>> No.9960938

>>implying rain scares white people.

Sorry. whites hair does not explode at a drop of rain.

>> No.9961046

Any advice on making the best experience out of Otakon that you can? Went to it in Baltimore years ago but never in DC.

>> No.9961124

Bring a white polo and a Tiki torch.

>> No.9961145

Spend one day in the artist alley, one day in the vendor hall, spend saturday in the game room because that's when the tournaments are. Ignore the panels, you won't miss anything.

>> No.9961214

the rally is 2 miles away from the convention center, stop being paranoid.

You pass more white supremacists on your way to the grocery store every day.

>> No.9961624

one mile. not two. check any map.

>> No.9961748

Looks like the schedule keep changing. The touhou panel on sat, and the fate panel on sun are gone.

>> No.9961770
File: 1.07 MB, 886x1015, DC Judgemental map.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


One mile as the crow flies or one mile using surface streets?

Otakon next to "One-Block Chinatown" in this map BTW

>> No.9961801

http://fortune.com/2018/08/04/unite-the-right-rally-unions/ word is the union for the Metro refuses to transport the people going to the rally.

>> No.9961853

> weather for the con looks likes its going to be high 80s, low 90s

Of course my costume is multiple layers that cover my entire body, why do you ask?

>> No.9961872

I mean what were you expecting lmao it's August.

>> No.9961978
File: 1.09 MB, 1058x1015, 1531297357449.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Getting the last of my shopping done

>> No.9962046

Otakon is so close! I'm excited to get this started and find out what stranger/strangers I'll be fucking this year.

>> No.9962091



>> No.9962152


what a champ

>> No.9962200

Pictures or gtfo

>> No.9962201

Good luck identifying which ones are going to the rally. Fucking idiots virtue signaling.

>> No.9962243

whats a good non expensive hotel? im liking these ~$250 total for 2 nights deals im seeing.

>> No.9962362

Which will end up being worse,
>a white nationalist rally held a mile away from otakon
>A Jewish youth convention sharing the same building as Katsucon

>> No.9962374

I think the jews ripping people's clothes off would be worse. BBYO is literally Proud boys jewish edition

>> No.9962409
File: 243 KB, 299x455, B237C992-11F8-4003-A942-E6B35E70F737.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw getting fucked before and after the con every day

>> No.9962459

The various hotels near national airport can be had for $80-100 per night. You can catch the Yellow line directly to the convention center from national airport or crystal city metro stations.

>> No.9962551

Fucking 1 to 3 strangers per con and almost always raw dogging them.

>> No.9962574
File: 181 KB, 789x611, OyVey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>blaming the Jews
/pol/ would be proud. That being said, BBYO were pretty big assholes, while the rally is going to be far away, and probably more than a bit concerned about protecting their image. At the very least they're not likely to come all the way to the convention center to harass cosplayers.

>> No.9962710


I wish I could fuck someone I didn't know

>> No.9962723

are con girls really that easy? Been to Magfest and Awesome con here in D.C. but go with my little cousin to make him happy never thinking about chasing tail

>> No.9962785
File: 253 KB, 1360x716, 1526233974979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If there's one thing /pol/ has right is that, if a jew is t-posing at you, then they are attacking your credit score. Be vigilant and t-pose back.

>> No.9962831

Yes, just don't go for the cosplayers because every one of them will have a group of orbiters thirsting for them. Get at the girls that aren't in cosplay and don't be a creep. Basic hygiene and dressing decently also helps immensely.

>> No.9962837
File: 688 KB, 2816x2112, Picture 003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Scroll to the bottom of the page where its a sortable list

I'm partial to the Holiday Inn across a parking lot from the Eisenhower Avenue Metro station.

The downside is you gotta leave early to catch the a train back.

If you drive, that opens your options up in Suburbia but parking in DC sucks

>> No.9962846
File: 13 KB, 284x284, 1495250054659.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a meetup planned ?

>> No.9962849


please no, the last person I would want to meet is a seagull and have my cosplay ripped to shreds

>> No.9962850

Only if your cosplay is made of fries.

>> No.9962855

>aren't in cosplay
But I don't want to talk to normalfags

>> No.9962949

You don't have to. They are that easy. Cosplayers too. It's a numbers game, so just start conversations.

>> No.9963134

I don’t think seagulls are actually shit people off board. I watched a meet up happen at Katsucon (but didn’t join because of the same worries) and they seemed chill? There’s also apparently a video of a seagull meetup on YouTube. Just don’t be shocked if everybody isn’t a skinny white girl like everyone thinks ceeg is. So long as you carry yourself like a human being I think you’ll be fine.

>> No.9963228

yeah seagulls in person are nice in general, but the ones who actually attend the seagull meets are extra cringey

>> No.9963590

Buddy I'm betting there's going to be at least 5 fortnites and I hate it

>> No.9963602

What do you think will be the most over done cosplay series this year? I’ve got my vote on Love Live and Voltron.

>> No.9963616

my hero academia and darling in the franxx

>> No.9963690

An Uber from Eisenhower to the aconvention center should be about ~$25 each way at most and that’s cheaper then parking around the convention center. I live at Eisenhower... but I’m staying at a hotel closer. My autistim leads me to getting over stimulated if I stay agh the convention center for too long.

>> No.9963693

Seagull meets are great. I’ve had some great times at the Otakon meet ups back when we were in Baltimore still. I miss the Water Street Tavern so much.

Honestly the gulls tht actually come to meet ups are super chill.

>> No.9963821

So what's everyone cosplaying as?

>> No.9963835
File: 60 KB, 580x363, 1463798166470.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A boring an uninspired NEET.

>> No.9963876
File: 19 KB, 640x480, sfs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was gonna wear my Umaru cloak with a white T-shirt and red shorts, but it's been so disgustingly humid I'm just gonna wear a damn tank top.

>> No.9963887
File: 896 KB, 839x979, 1531299247314.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw several of my cosplays have multiple layers and two have wool skirts.

>> No.9963888
File: 20 KB, 280x440, studystudystudy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most of the group I work on cosplay with spent 80% of the summer out of state, so I'm just throwing together a Golden Boy outfit to wear either Friday or Saturday, and maybe make a dumb star hat for Hoshi from Arakawa Under the Bridge

>> No.9963913
File: 632 KB, 975x580, 1000000%.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Muscular fight Deku

>> No.9963946

Driving from commiefornia
Kill me please

>> No.9963995

Good Lord why?

>> No.9964061
File: 2.91 MB, 4879x2841, DSCN1121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


An Otakon Staffer

>> No.9964068

>Antifa and Trump supporters aren't going to go around town attacking anime cosplayers.

That would be funny as fuck though

>> No.9964077

Long story, but essentially a friend of mine wanted to see the con scene and I didn't want to pass up the opportunity however I leave the states forever in september so I looked for a con after july before then and all I found was otakon
So I arranged for everything and it was supposed to be four guys, one other from the desert, one from a flyover and the out of country guy I talked about before
Then they all bailed except the flyover
I wanted to go anyways so here I come, hopefully I die in a cage surrounded by fire

>> No.9964084

Makoto (P5) in her racing queen outfit, Goro Majima and a street fashion version of Tsuyu (with an Uraraka to match).

>> No.9964088

Damn that sucks. Hope you have a great con then.

>> No.9964202

Does /cgl/ not do a discord server to organize meet ups for otakon? It was useful last con I went to.

>> No.9964219

That's weird, I was sure there was one but it seems to been deleted?

>> No.9964234

There was, I figure it got deleted because it got maybe one set of posts every month or two

>> No.9964252

Someone should make a server then. It will be more active now that the cons almost here.

>> No.9964261

I could try, I just don't know how to really run one

>> No.9964270

Bless you anon. I'm sure some other guys can help if need be. Its just nice to have a spot to find pics and meet ups.

>> No.9964273

Alright give me a few to figure out how to do this

>> No.9964305
File: 734 KB, 500x350, download.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay so I have no idea what I am doing but here is a link to a server.
Plz be civil every one.

>> No.9964380

Isabella (Paradise Kiss) on Friday, Negev and Aya on Saturday.

>> No.9964407

Of work government employee.(My agency isn't to far from the convention center)

>> No.9964410

Mr. FBI your drunk go to sleep

>> No.9964491


>seeg arent skinny white girls

this makes r9k sad. skinny white girls are this planet's treasure.

>> No.9964593

Any meetups/parties planned?

>> No.9964605

Just the Touhou Orgy.

>> No.9964662

Anyone got their badges at the door before is it tamed? probably gonna get a trial membership on saturday when I get paid and see if i should just get it online or say fuck it and get it the day of

>> No.9964673

On my way to DC for con. I'll try to save some pussy for the rest of you.

>> No.9964698

Is doing ecstasy at the rave a thing? Do I need to bring my own or can I buy it there?

>> No.9964699

>Just don’t be shocked if everybody isn’t a skinny white girl like everyone thinks ceeg is.

No one thinks that. The assumption is that most posters are overweight white girls.

>> No.9964734
File: 119 KB, 607x428, 1500003103450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought we were all cute catboys?

>> No.9964782

This is exactly what I was gonna say.

>> No.9964891

Look for a guy in a pink shirt

>> No.9964892

Bring your own so I can buy it from you.

>> No.9964937
File: 9 KB, 1237x150, debc14c206dbb7f46eefdb95f4b3fb87.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9964969


>> No.9964974

And most of the people who show up to the cgl Otakon meet ups are guys. It's not really representative of the boards main demographic at all.

>> No.9964981

> AMV contest has two showings
> noon on friday and fucking 9:45 in the morning on Saturday

Jesus, did they only get like three videos this year or something, or does Otakon just hate AMVs now? No one's going to go to either of those time slots, they are early as fuck. Anyone who isn't doing a full day on Friday isn't getting there by noon, and 9:45 am is fucking insulting.

>> No.9965043

That's /lgbt/

>> No.9965312

>not mostly guys

>> No.9965340

What’s the badge line like? I had a lumbar puncture at 2:30 and the thought of anything but laying down rn is horrifying

>> No.9965347

Badge line was pretty nonexistent, at least around 5. Walked in and waited for about a minute

>> No.9965363

Who the fuck cares about anime music videos? What

>> No.9965435

>The assumption is that most posters are overweight white girls.

You mean lesbians

>> No.9965947

Convoy from California has arrived.

>> No.9966375

Any parties tonight?

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