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What does /cgl/ think of patreon?
Who do you support?

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Every single person is getting money to do nothing.

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I used to use patreon for cosplay funds, but now I'd rather just get money through personal sales.

There's nothing wrong with selling 'sexy' cosplay photos, I just use the cash to commission cosplays I actually really care about. (Which are the ones I don't post to Instagram)

Cgl overreacts at Patreon cosplayers bc they think they don't deserve the money or attention, but don't realize there's always going to be a bigger market for hot babes than cosplay.

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People will waste their money on the dumbest shit, but not me. I only spend my money on costumes, and hotel rooms, and anime figures, and video games, and comic books.

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Still better than paying for non-nude pictures of some thot.

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So you sell lewds directly now? Does that get you more money than patreon?

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Why are people crying about "killing a thread" on people who ask genuine questions. 'Uwuwu there's a stupid questions thread for this uwuwuwu u killed a thread for this uwuwu'.

But having the same slut, patreon & thot-threads every single day are fine?

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I support kinpatsu cosplay when I like the costume she's doing that month. I would support wisperia wigs and layze Michelle if their tutorials weren't so overpriced

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I run a patreon using my gf’s cosplay pics. A lot of people sub to it surprisingly even though there are no nudes. It’s w/e though free money for my gacha games.

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I think a lot of cgl takes their salt out on these girls. It's not really their fault that it works, blame the desperatoes who pay for fat chicks

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Yeah, because it's too easy to scam with patreon desu. Just donate, get gallery pics, and refund.

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As long as there's horny virgins, lewds will sell.

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I've talked to many people on this and most of the people opposed feel that this behavior brands their hobby as a fetish when that's not what it's about for most people. Remember that most of the people purchasing these pictures have very little interest cosplay skills and it also presents another negative idea that only attractive people can cosplay. It also attracts thirsty nerds with unhealthy social ideas to conventions.

Same as the Jnighs stuff. Nobody really cares that she's selling bikini shots to make money, they hate that she is the "most famous cosplayer" when what she does is harmful to the community as a whole and doesn't represent us at all.

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>patreon happens, costhots start emerging
Finally, a platform for well-done, high production value sexy cosplay along the lines of gravure but with hotter people than cosplay deviants. Finally some good fucking food.
>it's all tasteless cheap lingerie on the same motel 6 beds

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>It also attracts thirsty nerds with unhealthy social ideas to conventions.
Those were the people who created the conventions, they were there first.

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Why would I ever give a woman money for pictures no matter how sexy when there is, with absolute certainty, a more attractive woman out there giving them away for free?

None of you are that attractive and none of you are that appealing. You are all just ordinary women, and there is nothing special about you.

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Because cosplay models are rarely as attractive as real models and are just appealing to thirsty men. Even real models don’t really sell just pictures of themselves anymore. I don’t know a single man who buys this shit, but from time to time i do see a “male” at a convention buying something or signing up for something from a kiosk with a bunch of uninterested girls in cosplay outfits who are clearly feigning any interest in being there and talking to them, for shit like calendars or photos.

Porn is free and there’s a million women on Tumblr alone who post hundreds of free pics in all sorts of shit just because they enjoy it, why would I or any other self respecting human involve ourselves in a business that literally has no reason to exist anymore?

There are women who do this FOR FREE. The only audience this “market” will ever attract are the most desperate and disturbed of biological “males”. I won’t call them men because they don’t deserve it.

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Nobody is telling you to give money away and nobody is mad or impressed that you aren't, many of us would rather spend money on something less pointless, but your little extra paragraph to the female cosplayer population (?) reeks of incel

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>you can't point out that the average gull is average, you baka incel!

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I don’t care, im still not going to to give you free money for cosplay.

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>saw the use of a hypothetical 'you' for the purpose of emphasis and took it as a literal (you)

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>implying I'm part of the female cosplay population (?) myself
Kek right back at you, that anon sounded incel as hell and if you don't see it then you might have something to think about

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>but from time to time i do see a “male” at a convention buying something or signing up for something from a kiosk with a bunch of uninterested girls in cosplay outfits who are clearly feigning any interest in being there and talking to them, for shit like calendars or photos.

Yah look at Vera baby, charges money for you to get a pic taken with her
and look at the difference between the posed hug and the real hug, she cant stand her fans

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This hurt to watch

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>she leans into him
>he leans away

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All women hate these men. These women just want their easy money enough to tolerate their presence for short periods. Imagine you meet a guy you’re into and he tells you he “donates” to these women and shows you what they do with his money.

Be honest, how much lower would your opinion be of him?

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>mfw OP has good discussion topic
>mfw thread derails in to CosThots bashing
>mfw favorite female cosplayer is Jessica Nigri
>mfw i just watch her YT, Twitter, and Insta to get all the free cOntent i'm contEnt with
>mfw havent paid a single cent on CosThots
>mfw GF cosplays my favorite female characters (for research)
>mfw Incel finger pointing all over thread
>mfw there's truth to these women using male sexuality to gain money for easy lifestyle
>mfw simple answer

dont buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. i'm friends with a dude that runs the main Con in my local area, and yes, the hot cosplay women are hired to model, and know nothing of the things they're portraying, they just know lewd=nerd boners=ez$.

sucks women get a free ride when they're attractive, but attractive dudes get easy hot bitches. less than attractive women get side lined by most guys, and less than attractive men are undesirable to all women's (hot or not) artificially inflated sense of demand for them in media (implying "beauty at any shape" propaganda)

blame how socializing has changed. now we all just use apps/sites to date anyone from any distance based solely on their appearance, rather than their personal merits. also, beta males are exposed to alpha women through the internet as well, conflating their sense of potential mates and appearance expectations.

easy solution. Know your personal SMV (sexual market value), dont lie to yourself, and play within those parameters.

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>Know your personal SMV (sexual market value), dont lie to yourself, and play within those parameters.
> this is what people that don't want to bother to make themselves desirable believe

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>implying i'm not desirable when i comfortably sit high in SMV

good job projecting anon. try again next time

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> on 4chan
> watches slutty cosplayers a hobby
no, you don't.

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>on 4chan
>high SMV


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>assumes i'm on 4chan often
>i jerk off to slutty cosplayers. i love a good nut
>still projecting

buddy. i'm not trying to have a pissing contest. also, you're clearly offended. when i said work within your SMV parameters, i wasnt saying you cant aim up, because you can, just dont be a 5/10 beta cuck thinking he can get with an 8+/10.

again, know your worth. i work out because i know i'm an ectomorph, if i add on muscle definition, i go from being a 7/10 to a 8/10 easily. i'm comfortable with approaching women, and can date/bang anyone i try for, case in point, current gf.

you can increase your SMV by actually doing something with yourself, rather than whining on 4chan like a typical incel. women are fucking predictable, so play their game. if you're unlucky enough to have been born with a busted face, you're shit out of luck. but if you dont, and can actually do something with yourself, fucking do it. then fix how you socialize.

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nudes or GTFO

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>you can increase your SMV by actually doing something with yourself
this is what the first anon that replied to you said and you implied it wasn't the case sooooo.

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Instead of bitching about thots on Patreon why don't some of you post cosplayers you like who don't post lewds as rewards? I know they're out there.

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>What does /cgl/ think of patreon?
less worth than real porn
>Who do you support?
non, even tough I consider to by at least a few pictures from one (and only cause, she does penetration on photo)

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>I used to use patreon for cosplay funds, but now I'd rather just get money through personal sales.
may I ask who are you?

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>I run a patreon using my gf’s cosplay pics.
you mean, your ex-gf

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>why don't some of you post cosplayers you like who don't post lewds as rewards? I know they're out there.
I can only link you to the cosplay section of a german anime-site

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>gain, know your worth. i work out because i know i'm an ectomorph, if i add on muscle definition, i go from being a 7/10 to a 8/10 easily. i'm comfortable with approaching women, and can date/bang anyone i try for, case in point, current gf.
>you can increase your SMV by actually doing something with yourself, rather than whining on 4chan like a typical incel. women are fucking predictable, so play their game. if you're unlucky enough to have been born with a busted face, you're shit out of luck. but if you dont, and can actually do something with yourself, fucking do it. then fix how you socialize.
or do it like me and give up on women

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We’re moving in together in a couple of months. Don’t worry I’ll still find time to sneak onto /cgl/ to spend time with you guys

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so you wanna see my dick? whatever floats your boat anon


no, he assumed when i said "work within your parameters", i meant "dont improve yourself, there's no point". see >>9930453


why would i give up on women when even if i wasnt working out i could still hookup and date several desirable women with no initial "investment" and no strings attached? that's some incel thought process, or just plain laziness.

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I honestly wouldn't care about costhots at all if only they'd stop calling it cosplay. Be honest darling, you're a sex worker, there's nothing wrong with that and no shame in that, money is money, just don't drag my hobby into it. Fandom porn has been a thing for ages, just because you slap on a ginger wig with your red bikini doesn't mean you're suddenly cosplaying Asuka.
I don't mind that people are getting paid for lewds, god knows there will always be a market for that, but by calling it "cosplay" they're enforcing the stereotype that all girls just want to cosplay for the money and want guys to jerk off to their pics, which not all of us actually want.

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>What does /cgl/ think of patreon?
>"pay me in exchange for a promise, which I might never fulfill"

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i get this, but it's still "Cosplay", even if you dont like the lewd fringe portion of it.

Cosplay is still when you take on the role of a specific character from a series/franchise, be it dressing up to look exactly like the character, or additionally going so far as to roleplay as said character.

otherwise, it's larping if you're just dressing up in stylized clothing, and not a specific character. Lolita, School Uniform, Renaissance, etc.

All cats are mammals. all dogs are mammals. all dogs are not cats, but they're all mammals.

however, would you consider swimsuit modeling for normies to be sex work? or victoria secret/lingerie modeling to be sex work? they're paid, and males likely get off to it. the target market is different, but the same end results happen.

lewd cosplay has a stigma to revealing cosplay, but it's no different than poor quality cosplay looking cringy (stigma) to someone outside looking in.

i enjoy making cosplay, and seeing cosplay, especially when it's top notch quality, lewd or modest. but you cant claim "Not my Cosplay" if thots be making money off idiots. just dont support them monetarily and move on.

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Most female characters in videogames and comicbooks tend to already be scantly clad.

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>POP figurines in the store
oh the irony

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Personally I just find lewds of characters that are meant to be children and/or from things aimed at children to be disturbing. If it’s lewds or whatever of characters that are adults/meant to be sexy or sexual then idgaf.

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wow that's a nice cammy butt

>> No.9938471

>she leans into him pushing her pelvis away from him
>he pushes his crotch out still

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I don't support anyone currently but if I did it would be unrelated to cgl. I'm really into this one guy who does spicy audio stuff and voice work...for reasons....

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Yes, the presence of a toy associated with casuals and normies invalidates the nerdiness of participating in a MTG draft night. All of those young men are obviously there ironically and will shag Stacy later that night.

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Good for the self employed cosplay model. Bad for the agencies. Japan has no problem having entire modeling agencies dedicated to cosplay models but ĺlit pays peanuts compared to what Jess makes which is 2,700 usd vs 25k a month

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i dont support anyone because what do i get out of it?
its not like im ever going to meet that cosplayer.

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I do support Kinpatsu and some other tutorial-cosplayers. Sometimes I don't really need their tutorials of particular months, it's just nice to know that non-lewd cosplayers get reward for their hard work too.

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>tfw many guys tell you they'd donate if you made a patreon

Can y'all fucking stop my cosplays are barely revealing besides legs 90% of the time. My normie friends thinks of Jessica nigiri when thinking about cosplay and all guys just see it as some fap fuel. Why.. just let me have fun cosplaying as my wives..

Kind of hate how normalized lewd and nude cosplay is these days. I feel like I can't talk about my hobby with men without them thinking I do it to be a thot

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>why would i give up on women when even if i wasnt working out i could still hookup and date several desirable women with no initial "investment" and no strings attached?
this only counts for you than

>that's some incel thought process, or just plain laziness.
it's a bit of both

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>Why.. just let me have fun cosplaying as my wives..
are you perhaps a lesbian?

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It isn't cosplay if it doesn't involve a costume or in characterness. Like 90% of the thots.

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>mfw those expensive Purrblind lewds will never be leaked because anon-ib got shut down

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i only pay for x-rated cosplays on patreon.
only idiot pays for soft core.
"its for the art" is a cool reason too
but not worth my cent.

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How long have you've been here? This board is filled with lesbians/bi and those types of girls are more likely to be into nerdy stuff.

>> No.9941696

long enough, it's just cause she was refering to her wifes

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>not knowing the point of waifus
you clearly haven't lurked enough

ayrt here
Only lewd cosplay that's legit is if it's canon, e.g. Super Sonico, Slave Leia, and so on. If there's solid source material then I have no argument because that's how the character was designed (note: doujins and other fanmade porn content is not legit source material). Putting on a yellow bikini and spiky ears and claiming you're "sexy pikachu" is not cosplay, it's bullshit.
The swimsuit modeling example is stupid, the purpose of modeling swimsuits/lingerie is to sell said swimsuits/lingerie, the target audience is women and the aim is to sell the illusion that if they buy it they'll be equally hot and desirable. The fact that dudes jerk off to those ads is a side product, and if that alone was enough, men wouldn't be paying costhots, they'd be buying swimsuit magazines.
So there's a critical difference here: swimsuit models are getting paid for selling swimsuits, costhots are getting paid for selling images of their bodies, which is sex work by definition.
The mammal example is so retarded I don't even know how to comment on it.
Cats are not dogs, "sexy cosplay" for money is not cosplay.

True but the tradition of sexually objectifying women in modern culture is a whole other bag of cats and is kinda OT for this thread.
>Funnily enough, as stated aboce I don't have as much issue with canon sexy cosplays of canonically sexy characters, it's the non-canon "sexy versions" that really rub me the wrong way, pun intended.

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Feel u anon, $60 for that is inhuman

>> No.9943389

ericka camacho

>> No.9943397

get better taste anon lmao

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Belle Delphine is cute

>> No.9943408

you fuck off too name fag

>> No.9943412

I’m not gay just because belle is a trap it doesn’t make me gay. Traps aren’t gay!

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Link? I'm curious as to what kind of pics can get this to happen. I want to start a patreon because I have some skills but I'm broke and can only afford one nice costume every 2 years or so.

>> No.9944343


No nudes means lewds aka sexy pictures where no nipples or cooch is showing

So if you eant to make money strip down to your undies and roll about in bed with your friend for a "boudoir [popular character]" set

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My ex-gf had/assumes still has a Patreon and sold lewds on it. She was making $50 a month and would legit stop posting progress or even recent cosplays, and people would continue to donate. I didn't think much of it at the time until dudes started sending her dildos and underwear in the mail and she sent back photos.Ex is a victim complex whore, and I seriously hope she dies.

I have another friend that started doing the same, and her boyfriend is a hyper religious nut so...Yeah, doubt he knows.

Cosplayers who use Patreon are whores, let's be real here. They produce nothing of value, and are nothing of value.

>> No.9946032


It also keep the cosplay model agency concept from taking off since the cosplay patreons makes more money than being a professional model with connections

I mean would you want to make only 2700 a month with none of the drama as a Patreon costhot but the same style of shoots?

>> No.9946041

As long as you don't ditch education, I guess it's alright. If you're doing it to make it your actual career then good luck with that.

>> No.9946626


She was making $42k/month before Patreon let creators hide their income and her subscriber count has only just started declining to that same level. I'll bet that after print sales, Patreon, and conventions, she makes around $600k in a year.

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I've had my Patreon for a little over a year and I'm just now hitting a hundred patrons. Averaging $460 a month or so, two or three patrons seem to come or go every month. Is that high? Low? Anyone have any tips?

>> No.9947964


Still pays bettet than proper modeling which is honestly grsting because a top tier Japanese Cosplayer makes way less than JNig

>> No.9948032

That was a shitpost. If you’re at least average looking you should probably just start a twitch channel. Just have a constant stream schedule and have a couple of friends in your channel keeping the chat active. You can even get a small viewbot to boost your channel in the beginning or fake some drama/fail and have someone clip and post it on livestreamfails. You can even link a patreon and talk about it once in awhile on stream to get people to sub to it. You can stream yourself making the cosplay although I wouldn’t know how to make that interesting and have a donation goal for your next cosplay.

>> No.9948085

What kind of patreon do you have, anon? What do you offer on it?

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I write an erotica/romance/drama story specifically set at an anime convention. I post the story for free on a bunch of different sex story sites, but for $1 they get teasers/bonus stuff, and then all the way to $20 they can send me their OC for me to write into some of the scenarios.

I'm nowhere near attractive enough for anyone to want to see me cosplay, period, let alone pay money for it. I am decent with a pen, though.

>> No.9948901


If you are making that kinda money from fanfic I'd say you are doing pretty damn well.

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It's about average when I compare myself to similar writers on Patreon. I've no idea how it compares to most cosplayer Patreons. I only have one friend who runs a cosplay Patreon, and she makes about $50 a month for doing nothing, as in, her last post on there was April last year.

On months where I'm not enough posting teaser updates and being as prolific as I can, my numbers drop drastically.

>> No.9949896

It's a shame things can't be as straightforward as they are in the Japanese cosplay community. I had the interesting experience of attending Cosholic last summer - an entire convention for lewd cosplayers - and it was really enlightening seeing this whole scene where cosplayers just make lewd photo sets and sell them straight out. No dancing around with Patreon, no bullshit, just straightforward commerce. It was also interesting seeing how my friends from the Japanese cosplay community viewed it, none of them are ero-cosplayers but they all saw the whole ero-cosplay thing as pretty normal and didn't really give anybody shit over it. They were shocked at how awkward I was about being there.

>> No.9950124 [DELETED] 

>>>9926537 (OP)
Ooo are you talking about Matt who goes by BritishFilth? He's the most adorable!

>> No.9951774


It is a modeling career for a very specific kink. After all do Maxim and Playboy models feel uncomfortable doing topless shots? Of course not.

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Makes sense.

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it's fucking cancer. get a real job and stop whoring yourself out

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You sound mad. Are you too ugly to sell lewds? Or just really poor.

>> No.9959829

Is anyone else having a problem with Patreon processing payments? My control panel's reporting that 19 out of 112 patrons had declined payments, dropping my $/week down by over a hundred bucks.

Several of those patrons are panicking and messaging me that there's money in their accounts but it's declining anyways.

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Honestly, if people like to pay for sexy cosplay content, there's nothing wrong with that.
I'm in school full time and work a little part time, I can't afford to make super elaborate cosplays.
I use my Patreon to support some smaller cosplay, and the sexy stuff sells more, so that's just what I try to do.
There's nothing wrong with that, and it doesn't take away from cosplayers who do different kinds of cosplays.

Plug your Patreons, I wanna check them out
>>> www.patreon.com/elspethers

>> No.9959872

YEAH it's their banking systems. No one knows wtf is going on. They're trying to solve it I THINK.
A lot of people are pissed, I have a friend who lost over a thousand dollars.

>> No.9959891

patreon just moved to the UK, so a lot of charges are being pushed back as fradulent. they need to contact their banks and let them know that it's okay for patreon to take this money.

>> No.9959933

The most important post in this thread. Whores ruin everything

>> No.9960043

I use it to support people who create actual valuable content. So not for cosplayers.

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It varies. Sure some girls post lewds and what not but as long as they actually cosplay characters too it's a good way to make money. What I can't stand are girls that ONLY "cosplay" as sexy/slutty versions of characters. Wearing a bikini and a wig is not cosplay. I'll give a pass to some characters that are designed slutty/sexy, but I still know why they chose that character. Similar to jacked guys that always choose half naked characters to cosplay. I find the attention grabbing to be off putting personally.

>> No.9960482

Anon that’s atrocious! How could you sell yourself in such a way?! I’m going to need you to tell me your Patreon and the contact info for lewd photos so I can avoid it in the future.

>> No.9966867

More like some are just guys and know that cosplay lewds may not sell regardless.

>> No.9966915

Frankly if I was making $180,000 just for showing off my body and taking pics, I'd do it too.

>> No.9966930

Is it practical to engage in actual prostitution while costumed? I've heard that happens in Japan but I can't imagine how that could work.

>> No.9967259

It's called being a Victoria's Secret Angel.

Good luck.

>> No.9967286

Some patreon girls are pulling these numbers. You’d have to be a retard not to take a chance like that if you had the genetics

>> No.9967317

Is Patreon actually a viable option for amateur cosplayers? Or is just something that specific e-celebs use to cash in on?

>> No.9967325


Its good for some extra cash each month but I wouldnt quit your day job.

The biggest problem is that the market is so crowded now, hundreds of girls doing the same thing as you. You need to stand out somehow.

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I like to support girls I find attractive. I have enough money to waste on cute shit anyway so I don't care, its a win/win situation for me.

I support 5 girls at the moment. Some very well known like Bunny Ayumi, Jessica Nigri and Swimsuit Succubus. And others I just recently found out through instagram who are Starbuxx and Hey Shika.

People can waste their money on anything that they want. I honestly can't understand what the big fuss is about.

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This is why I hate patreon.

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File: 1.81 MB, 1189x1070, 51079058c39c7e992ef28314d43b213b2a7c93a37d5e4e5868e707fc75c28c49.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree with you that people can spend their money however they want, theres no ''big fuss'' about it. However, you're throwing income at random thots in the internet so they pretend to like you and give you conversation, its a retarded choice and Im going to laugh at it like I laugh at random internet itas.
Do you have hopes of fucking any of those girls anon? Be honest.

>> No.9970678
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Not that guy, but getting nudes to fap to is 100% preferable to actual sex with random chicks.

Fapping is convenient, easy, you do it to your own tastes and preferences and there's no one else there to judge you for it. I've turned down sex many times with my past two girlfriends to fap instead, and I'm pretty sure most non-virgin guys have as well. Although most chicks not knowing what they actually want out of sex or how to even get themselves off on their own is a huge factor, too.

>> No.9970777

Of course not. He’ll, I haven’t even messaged any of them, not even once. I like supporting them because I like their costumes and because I appreciate the sexy photoshoots too, of course. I find them cute and I like cute shit. I don’t expect to fuck any of them. Honestly, all women who complain about those who have a patreon page just seem so salty and sad to me. They are not hurting you in any way, but you decide to get angry about it anyway, while they are just doing their own thing earning a fee extra bucks that don’t even come from your pockets. If you don’t like sexy cosplay, don’t do it and carry on. People waste money on stupid shit daily, this is no different.

>> No.9970992 [DELETED] 
File: 98 KB, 750x750, 25006062_1952048345034571_5962088495806676992_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9971037

no shit

>> No.9971165

I don’t think you understand, some patreon girls make that much or more. You also don’t make that much as a VS angel btw.

>> No.9971170


Try again, dipnuts. Women were responsible for creating the first fandoms and the first conventions. It's a common misconception that fandom and cons are mens' spaces, but in fact you just drove the women out over the years. You in fact owe your modern day thirst to a bunch of ladies who really loved shipping Kirk and Spock.

>> No.9971172

Similar to how thirsty, non-cosplayer men are now ruining cosplay by inserting themselves into this space and rewarding people who cater to their tastes.

>> No.9971416

>Getting nudes to fap is preferable to sex
Nice opinions fag

>> No.9971551
File: 379 KB, 1536x2048, 0AD6780B-01B7-47EF-B3EB-6C59751E4E2F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never see people bitching about the men who do sexy cosplay and have patreons. People, especially other women, get so angry when hot girls capitolize on their looks.

>> No.9971636
File: 24 KB, 324x206, themoreyouknow.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Listen, virgin. It's cool to put sex on a pedastal and hype it up to be this great big amazing thing, but desu amazing sex only happens every once in a while, and ordinary sex happens all the time and is on par with or the same as fapping (but with more work).

The only great sex I have is right after my girlfriend's been crying or really upset about something, because we tap into each others minds or some shit.

I've had five serious girlfriends in almost thirty years, and capital "A" Amazing sex with only two of them.

>> No.9971659

ok maybe this is the wrong place to ask this but

can anyone recommend cam sites? like not explicitly for cosplay related.... "stuff" but kawaii/anime work? Is there a market? I remember I considered r/pantyselling a while back but realized to make it lucrative i'd probably have to do cam stuff too. or is there a better place I should ask this? //please no slut shaming, just trying to make some extra $$ for cosplays//

>> No.9971684

I can tell you, but not here. Post up a throwaway email.

>> No.9971689
File: 124 KB, 1280x720, JNXRLzE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


just use twitch irl

>> No.9971693


>> No.9972210

you only see successful patreons, youre definitely successful among any of the arts.

>> No.9972325

Same, though I usually look for the ko-fi girls, something about how the ones I follow are too nervous to use patron is almost adorable

>> No.9972336

meh. It's an *average* Cammy butt.

>> No.9972979


post a better cammy butt then

>> No.9973652

I know no one on /cgl/ is a thot but what about your friends?

Soneone I know is thinking about Patreon how do I stop her?

>> No.9973674

Tell her she'll be hounded for more and more rewards, or show her momokun's patreon. I don't care how much you have to lie or hurt a friend's feelings, don't let another thot onto patreon.

>> No.9973712

I have no clue who this is and have never heard of a successful male cosplay patreon on the level of the girls. I do know the highest male one is prop-related and good at things like armor and doesn't do things like your example. No male cosplayers even make it in the top 20 cosplay patreons.

>> No.9973748

>You could never possibly fund your exploration into the world of cosplay through patreon.
Wew, that's a thought I'd never had before.

>> No.9974126

>selling your body for money

Sorry but I don't support Patreon or anyone that does it. I get that it's an easy way to make money for cosplay. But so is working a real job for things you want. To me it's lazy and just shameful. I'm conventionally attractive and in shape, but I have never considered (and will never consider) doing one because I think it's depreciating.

>> No.9974386

Speak for yourself. Having an army of desperate horny guys that know they'll never get with you is what vain girls drive on.

>> No.9974562

>I get that it's an easy way to make money for cosplay. But so is working a real job for things you want.

But why would you work harder, longer, and for less when you can snap a couple photos a month and get a salary for it? I'm a guy, but if I had the same options, its an obvious choice.

My bet is that you're either fat or butterfaced, so you just want to say you have stronger morals than the women more attractive than you to make yourself feel better.

>> No.9974577


Because maybe you are thinking long term and dont want future employers googling pictures of your ass

>> No.9974601

>future employers
You wouldnt have to worry about that if you looked good enough to do patreon and weren’t retarded with your money. Plus if you don’t use your real name how tf can they google you and see your ass? Dumb whale.

>> No.9974626

If you don't want future employers to know, you could always make an entirely separate name/profile, and either hide your face or only release shots with wigs and contacts. My older sister is a recruiting manager for google, and I've seen her screen candidates before. At most, they'll check your personal twitter/facebook/etc. She doesn't waste her time looking for secret accounts, and she can't access them if they're private.

There are thousands of girls selling ass pics anonymously through patreon/reddit everyday without anyone ever knowing who they actually are.

>> No.9974662


even the hot girls wont be able to trade on their looks forever

by the time they hit 35, and thats being generous, they will have to start getting a proper career for the rest of their life

>> No.9974815

Someone sounds jelly

>> No.9974939

I'm only bothered by cosplay becoming synonymous with lewd photoshoots. I wish everyone would start calling lewd cosplay "ero cosplay" or something, just to make it clear that it's different from regular cosplay.
Unpopular opinion but I think that throwing on a wig and a bikini can also be considered (ero) cosplay IF you manage to still look recognizable as the character. Which, honestly, is kind of impressive considering you're not wearing the outfit.
So no shade towards the patreon girls, but I still don't want to be lumped together with them.

>> No.9974941

>Who do you support?
I only donate to DSP

>> No.9974946

that's worse than helping out a thot. that guy is a fucking whining crybaby mess

>> No.9974951

They're stating a basic fact. All women hit the wall eventually.

>> No.9974966

I'm thinking of doing it as a guy due to a lot of recommendations. I'm on the fence though.

>> No.9974977

this, i’ve made a completely separate cosplay persona/name and i’ve never once been found out.

>> No.9975047


The only way you will be successful is by appealing to the gay community

>> No.9975088

That'd be pretty simple I think.

>> No.9975328

I made a patreon but only got one patron right now. I don't post lewds, just tutorials and WIP shots and answer questions on how to make stuff since everyone wanted to keep asking me for free.

I get a lot of people asking if my patreon is lewd and when learning it isn't decide not to become a patron. desu makes me feel like I should just give up and do some lewd sets

>> No.9975477

It's one of the cancers ruining cosplay, along with people who buy instead of make (and most patreons are for people who buy their cosplays).

The hobby gets a shitty reputation, it's low effort, and it's more than a little pathetic.

People that make tutorials and other interesting stuff are alright, I just have a bone to pick with costhots and people who literally go "it's expensive pls gib moni"

>> No.9975484

See >>9975328

>> No.9975521

You’re such a dumbass. People buying costumes is great for us costume and prop makers. We need work too.

>> No.9975861

>People that make tutorials and other interesting stuff are alright
Show of hands for who actually supports these kinds of cosplay patreons. I'm willing to bet nobody in this thread does. Thots keep making patreons because that's what makes money, and crafters (even ones who offer good rewards) don't because nobody subscribes.

>> No.9975863

i support prostitutes, at least i enjoy the money

>> No.9975915

I had a patreon that earned around $600/month after advertising it only once or twice, with no lewds or tutorials. Just normal photo shoots. You just don’t have a large enough following.

>> No.9975945
File: 37 KB, 540x540, 41278eb16f828c621e68cb27cea1b8b4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I get my pics for free thats all i guess

>> No.9976156
File: 22 KB, 320x263, 1515618297891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, I just have a REAL job and actually respect myself

>> No.9976158

>it's a win/win situation
so while these whores get their money,what do you get from them? the internet is full of Jnig's asscrack, it's not like you get explicit pics or a special thanks from her. lmao, it's kind of sad

>> No.9976166

It's going to be funny when people like you hit the wall. Think back on this post when you do.

>> No.9976170

>win/win situation
sweaty, paying to precum with that microdick doesn’t count as a win. If I want to see a cosslut I’ll just watch porn, at least she’s getting railed in it, and it’s free.

>> No.9976244

>If I want to see a cosslut I’ll just watch porn, at least she’s getting railed in

But is she getting railed while dressed like an animu?

>> No.9976245

>Plus if you don’t use your real name how tf can they google you and see your ass? Dumb whale.

Because jealous bitches like the ones in this thread will spread it around.

>> No.9976252

not if no one knows your real name
i’ve been using an alias for 6 years and i’ve never told any cosplay shitters my real name because i’m not an idiot.

>> No.9976254

>B-but is she dressed like an animu?
I’m sorry, why would that matter? She’s getting fucked. I don’t care if it’s accurate, I just want to get off. And costhots just wear inaccurate “boudoir” versions (or just be naked with a cosplay wig) of animu characters anyway so the only difference here is I’m not paying. You men are fucking dense, it’s no wonder you keep paying for stuff that is already free on the internet.

>> No.9976263

>it's not available for free
<but this other thing that's not the same is available

>> No.9976268

Maybe the pictures will give you an advantage. What if your employer appreciates a great ass?

>> No.9976269

>she’s showing me her ass in that animu cosplay!
That’s literally what you’re paying for

>> No.9976271

Finally you understand.

>> No.9976272

>finally you understand that I’m a fucking retard
Fixed it for you

>> No.9976317

Porn is disgusting
I like cute cosplay waifus who dont show nipples or vagina because they are pure

>> No.9976366

I think it's great, fosters competition

>> No.9976371

>biological “males”
A fluid-gender believer telling others how to be masculine, hilarious

>> No.9976378

what if instead of making them kowtow to your special needs, you girls create a new "tag" for whatever it is you're pushing
>prude cosplay
>technical cosplay
>costume design

>> No.9976387

>gulls hate the free market approach

>> No.9976391

>give that money to me instead, you shitlord
that's the root of the problem

>> No.9976393

>the /tg/ tranny visits /cgl/

>> No.9976396

>To me
Good on you, now let the professional make a buck

>> No.9976399

>it's always fat feminists and militant incels who hate on these girls
Nice to see something that brings them together

>> No.9976402

call her a roastie, you know you want to
despite the fact that it's obvious you're talking to a guy

>> No.9976408
File: 56 KB, 540x675, awz25ywo4szz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys this girl is dying of cancer for real

Please support her through patteon or other means

Callie cosplay is her name google her

>> No.9976501
File: 233 KB, 931x586, 1534577788971.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Feminists are pro-slut anon.

>> No.9976611

Yes, ex-fucking-zactly. COSPLAY IS SEXY. Hell, even just a wig is sexy.

>> No.9976677

>There is a demand for sexy women in sexy costumes
>Someone creates a product that satisfies this demand
>Someone else provides them monetary donations to encourage the production of more of the desired product
>No one is harmed, and both sides receive something they need
>People are mad about this

>> No.9976762

She can die a painful death for being a thot desu senpai

>> No.9976767

I'm a woman, dummy. "Roastie" is such an incel giveaway.

Also, you think the wall doesn't exist for men, too? Kek. They age worse than any women and get them widow peaks early.

>> No.9976806
File: 78 KB, 576x768, 1531552992900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm a woman, dummy

>> No.9976891

Yeah and paying for a girl to flash her animu ass is sad. I’ll just watch porn and get laid while laughing at your pathetic incel ass

>> No.9976904

>pretending to be a chad on /cgl/
larping has gone too far

>> No.9976969

>Y-you’re just pretending to be a chad
I’m a grill, and quite plain looking too, yet I still get laid. I’m sorry you can’t get any pussy anon, I’ll pray for you.

>> No.9976989

>watch porn
>get laid

Yeah...I’m sure you do buddy.

>> No.9977065
File: 643 KB, 934x738, 1532288207133.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I’m a grill

>> No.9977135
File: 46 KB, 620x425, Tue_nerd_girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9977165

I ain't buying shit, but I did recently find a french cosplayfu who does tasteful nudes. It's the closest I've come to crushing on 3D in a long time

>> No.9977168

>pretending to be a stacy on /cgl/
larping has gone too far

>> No.9977189

>plain jane =/= stacy
I’m sorry you’re so retarded anon

>> No.9977390
File: 124 KB, 528x978, 1531563135589.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>plain jane

>> No.9978639
File: 57 KB, 720x481, 1491917341952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine being 30 and having such bad sex, with so few people, so infrequently that you think masturbation is better. Good god, sex isn't the end all of physical experiences, but it's like you're saying kraft dinner is better than a restaurant because it's convenient and you can do it yourself and chefs arent always great.

>> No.9978663

xvideos, xhamster, pornhub, etc etc

>> No.9978781

That's exactly what I'm saying, yeah. Who wouldn't prefer cooking their own meals to restaurants with chefs for their basic daily needs?

A homecooked meal literally catered to your own exact preferences and tastes, vs a meal you're paying for in additional ways that might be good and might be garbage?

>> No.9978782


the fact that you're somehow equating sex to "paying" for a meal that "may or may not be good" amazes me, your autism is off the charts, lad.

>> No.9978790

>hurr durr he used mah same analogy, I'll call HIM autistic

Maybe you just lay there like an unwashed dead fish for sex, but people who actually have sex invest time, effort, and energy, so likening it to to extra cost involved in having someone prepare food for you isn't a stretch.

>> No.9978847
File: 55 KB, 600x449, 1498866507918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why would I play sports when I could watch other people play sports? Moving is requires effort.

I'm not one of those weirdos who thinks the texture or heat of pussy/mouth/ass makes it indescribably better than your hand but the actual feeling of having someone with you and making that primal connection is worth the effort, mane. Maybe you just don't like the people you fuck that much?
However I can sympathize with you because there was a period of time where I had a girlfriend who lived mere blocks away and I'd rather jack off at home then go over there despite the fact she gave incredible head. Regardless I think you're making a mistake based on sloth. I don't mean to ridicule you (the poster calling you autistic was someone else) but I think maybe I've been in your shoes and I don't want you to feel the regrets I've had neglecting my sex life before. It's your choice but there may be a point in your life where you're older and you wish you reaped the opportunities you had.

>> No.9978910
File: 384 KB, 1448x2048, holopsycon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is wrong with his left knee?

I don't have any issues with it.
I don't plan on having a Patreon for myself nor trying to make money from cosplaying.
I don't plan to give money to others because they cosplay. I'm not a richfag and can barely pay for my own costumes.

>> No.9978945

I mean, I still have sex probably twice a month or so. Less than average for people in relationships, but it's not like I avoid it or anything. Heck, we only go out and do stuff together a couple times a month, we're both busy and schedules never seem to match up.

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