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Cursed image edition.

Keep the feels /cgl/-related, and disregard bait.

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I saw a really good ita @ the mall today.

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Man I just really love Chokelate

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How to undo self consciousness?

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Excuse me, but WHAT THE FUCK is this??!

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>Commision a cosplay today
>Con is three weeks away
[anxiety intensifies] i hope it arrives right ontime

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attend and find out

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my type of panel

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>tfw /pol/ is going to get this site shutdown

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Uhh.... Just to be clear, BRAP is 4chan slang for huffing farts, right??

We'll just move to 5chan. Duh.

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I wouldn't be here if I knew

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Man I just really love lolita

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Man I just really hate sweet lolita

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Alcohol, though that's usually not the best option. Therapy might also help.

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Gonna go see her at Delta-H, woooo

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This is a double-cursed image

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>friend of a friend is a fellow gull
>we have dinner together and he asks where I met my lolita gf
>"friend finder thread"
>he thinks I'm bullshitting him because friend finder is ghost central
>tell him I'm serious

Made me feel even more special to have found someone so wonderful

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Kiss my thong diaper, bitch.

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>wig 5 days late
>royal mail shithead says item delivered
>neighbors(just a barber and sammich shop) have nothing
>furious as fuck
>other wig from china dispatched 25th of june, estimated 11 july - 02 august
>see tracking number
>its fucking arrived in the UK, literally in my location, and a delivery was "attempted" but they fucked off, i did not recieve any cards
>it could be a different item since tracking #s arent always the same and they didnt say it was royal mail, plus its from hong kong yet the tracking number says DE(ie came from germany)
>but it was in the exact fucking location im in

I am so fucking angry I dont even know what to do, fuck the mailmen, these lazy, incompetent fuckers are worse than any policeman

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I gained a grotesque amount of weight in the last year and now my favorite con is coming up in a few months. I’m not even sure if it’s worth it to go and cosplay, I’m so ashamed of how much I’ve let myself go. I’ve started dieting, but I’ll only be able to lose thirty pounds which is a far cry from what I was last year. I just want to look pretty when I dress up in silly costumes, haha.

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>tfw a furry is the most popular local cosplayer on instagram.
>tfw she posts sexually suggestive images of herself and she is only 16, but she doesn't actually post her age anywhere so people make suggestive comments.

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>be me
>marry chilhood crush straight outta high school
>feel very sick now after a few years of marriage
>buy pregnancy test at 4 am
>see doctor next day
>tfw it's high risk pregnancy
>tfw probably will not be able to have a cute daughter to coord with

I never realised how much it hurts to know you don't have the chance to a normal pregnancy. I never really liked small children, but now it feels weird, knowing there is this very small chance to habe one.

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Sorry to hear that anon!

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>that picture
This series makes me sad. Are there any of her where she's happy?

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There's always adoption, anon. So many kids don't have parents and would love to have you.

I want to adopt some day, so I don't curse a bio child with my asperger's.

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Mokou is not for sexual.

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I wish I wasn't so depressed all of the time

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Me too. I could see a therapist, but I'm not worth it.

I was feeling pretty good until my gf ran away.

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>be me
>be 26 years old
>doctor finds a cataract in my eye
>it's okay, at least this week I have a new dress coming
>dress arrives
>horribly stained
>horribly faded
>literally has holes in it that were never mentioned
>why was this $250
>guess I'll go blind and die

This seller had 5000 positive reviews on yahoo.jp auctions, with no negative in the past 6 months.
Don't buy from celeblack7.

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>with no negative in the past 6 months.
Time to change that, Anon.

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>Fat girl trying desperately to fit into her old cosplay costumes

Haha can you imagine weirdos out there being turned on by that lol

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I wish, but I bought it through a shopping service. I don't want the seller to retaliate against my SS if they leave bad feedback. Apparently yahoo.jp auctions allows a seller to withdraw their own good feedback of a buyer if they feel like it.

So I feel like the most I can do is just warn people. At one point others were speculating that celeblack7 was Tokyo Alice? They really dropped the ball if so.

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my anxiety has skyrocketed over the past few weeks and now i’m constantly on edge. I can’t fall asleep at a reasonable hour, I don’t have the confidence to come up with new coordinates, and I keep flip flopping between being too afraid to interact with my friends, and rambling at them uncontrollably. I can’t help but feel like every effort I make to get out of this funk is just making me seem more annoying and retarded, and I should stop trying because all I’m doing is embarassing myself and causing trouble for those around me.

It’s getting hard to even leave my room and I feel so isolated. My boyfriend is my only source of comfort but we’re long distance and I’m worried that I must be annoying him, too. I’ll keep doing my best to be positive and try maintaining a sense of normalcy but I can feel it slipping desu

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Anon, I have been suffering similar symptoms for years and it got out of hand recently - exactly like yours. Exception I sometimes feel so happy I'm about to burst for a day or two and then I'm going to fall hard in severe anxiety for days. It's so bad it even hurts and I get hysterical, out of touch of reality and start to isolate myself from my bf. I went to doctor for first time ever. Please go too if you haven't, lets be brave and start to fight for a better future together. I'm going to my second appointment tomorrow, wish me luck. Get well soon, anon.

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Looking at my bank account is depressing I need a better job.

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>tfw you can relate to all of this except you don't even have a bf anymore

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I'm pretty sure that statement is blatantly false.

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I want to bring happiness to someone's life

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>Do fighting sports
>They make new rules about members buying gear, suddenly need to buy myself tons of expansive gear of a few 100 euros before december 1.
>big unexpected bills kept coming in after I lost almost all my savings to moving and renovating a house.
>If this doesn't change soon I'll have to sell clothes, because I don't want to stop the only hobby I have that keeps me fit as everything else doesn't involve movement. This sport is the first and only thing I found that motivates me to move, and I tried many sports.
I feel like crying guys. I don't wanna sell my clothes, but it's the only thing of value I have that's sellable and I can do without (as in, I don't need it for work nor school nor primary living needs). I just hope it changes for the better soon, and big unexpected bills stop coming in so I can actually save some money up.

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Give me free money.

>> No.9931407

I don't have any money!

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Let me bully you.

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>tfw your friend's sister says she's "tryna look like a snacc"
Bitch, you are 12 and white.

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I know this is a touchy ass subject but if you don't think it's safe for you or your baby to continue the pregnancy I would recommend looking into getting an abortion and look into adoption when you're ready to have kids. My plan is to adopt so my bio kids wouldn't suffer with my mental and physical complications. But if that's not for you I wish you so much luck and love on your journey! It sounds so scary and I really hope everything works out for you

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>lolita bitch wont suck my dick

Hold on were going home-Drake

>> No.9931436

I'm so sorry anon. Pregnancy is hard enough without being high risk. Whatever direction you choose, I wish you the best.

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I have now given you free dollars. They're free so you can have as many of them as you like. Use them to buy free things.

>> No.9931456

I can't buy brand with that shit.

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I gave you exactly what you wanted. The /cgl/ genie is a cruel mistress.

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Even thinking about doing that makes me want to cry, but you’re probably into that kind of thing too, huh?

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Anon who made himself infertile through being an idiot here. Please consider your partner and their feelings before you do anything. I know it hurts.

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I just want to have people compliment me on my Coords and cosplays. But I don’t want to shove my pictures all over the place just to be noticed. I simply want to get more then 20 likes on my instagram posts. I tag with the trending tags relevant to the posts. Even have good photographs. But still nothing. I don’t want to resort to buying attention like all the others and want to do this the honest and right way. But man it’s hard seeing someone who put in half the effort you did into the same cosplay and get hundred to thousands of likes or comments.

>> No.9931560

Lately I've been more worried about likes and being asethically pleasing that Jfashion and fashion in general hasn't been as enjoyable. I know it's shitty to worry about internet validation but I still let myself do it

>> No.9931561

Idk I just have a friend group I got to shit with. Odds are someone will say something nice at some point.

>> No.9931569

Nah I just like imaging animu characters getting really fat. DESU if a fat girl isn't in to her body it's not that fun, if you are that unhappy I wish you best of luck on losing weight

>> No.9931601

I just want to say something:


>> No.9931611

No don't do that!

>> No.9931616

Maybe you're just an ita

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>you will never beat up people who enjoy the mistreatment of others like a companion charging into the right flank of Persian light infantry

>> No.9931626

It's only fun if she's into it too.

>> No.9931629

can you bully me instead?

>> No.9931637

That’s a much, much more wholesome answer than I would’ve ever expected. Thanks a lot anon, I hope you find more cute anime girls who gain weight.

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I only go to conventions for the social aspect of it. Being around people who have similar interests to me makes me feel good, and being able to be friends with people like that also makes life worth living to be honest. Plus there's a possibility of meeting someone I could date at a con that keeps me going.

>> No.9931676

Isn't there surgery to remove cataracts?

>> No.9931677

The older I get, the more resentful I feel when I'm at a convention. People don't seem as friendly anymore and I can't stop focusing on the few exceptionally rude encounters I've had. I don't know why I even go to these things anymore.

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>Haven't had any extra money in almost a year
>Neet against my own will
>Got accepted into a uni
>Decide to treat myself a little bit of lolita
>Get super guilty even though I could afford it and I have allowed my bf to spend in a lot of things in past months instead of getting something for myself
>Suddenly anxious about my university bill which is due almost 2 months away, food for the rest of the month etc which are not going to be a problem
>Mfw I can't even fucking enjoy those cheap ass frills

>> No.9931715

>being this thirsty for attention
With cosplay I understand, especially if you made it yourself; but why do you care if people like your coords or not? Is this why you wear lolita, for attention online? Might want to reconsider, in that case.

>> No.9931742

Why does everyone hate cathy cat? She seems like a fun person.

>> No.9931746

She's worked with John Leigh and promoted Anime Matsuri even after plenty of people brought up their concerns to her, she flat out ignored all of it and then cried about "bullying" when people criticized her behavior.

>> No.9931753

priorities in order

>> No.9931767

same anon. I just want a boyfriend I can love and support mentally and emotionally and physically with all of my heart, doing my best to be the highlight of his every day and a safe, comforting home for him when he needs it, but alas. it's been too long and I'm at the point where everyone around me is already in a relationship. oh well

>> No.9931770

Ah, anon. this is the anon who is infertile as well and I just wanted to say hi and let you know I actually do think of you quite often. thanks for being a source of hope before~

>> No.9931778

A girl in our comm got MeToo'ed

>> No.9931782

boyfriend pretended to like my cosplays when we were just friends

now he will do whatever in his power to keep me from doing it

>mfw i see all my cosplay friends post how much they’re having fun at cons

>> No.9931783

Dump his ass.

>> No.9931784

That makes me happy anon. I think of you too. I hope things are going well for you.

>> No.9931792

>made himself infertile

>> No.9931794

>Uhh.... Just to be clear, BRAP is 4chan slang for huffing farts, right??
It's anything fart-fetish related.

>> No.9931795

Steroid abuse.

>> No.9931796

Dude. Dump his fucking ass right now. Like literally get on your fucking phone this minute and tell him to shove an entire refrigerator up his ass so he might chill the fuck out.
Anyone who knows you love a thing that much and is not hurting anything else and goes out of their way to keep you from doing it is dogshit.

>> No.9931797

So "traps and braps" is just cross dressers farting?? What kind of shithole con is this?

>> No.9931811

Freaky bloodplay anon from the previous thread. Met up with psycho dolly girl again. Had a great time, she took a small chunk of my shoulder when she bit it hard, drew some blood which she suckled out and left a really nice bruise with teeth marks. I got to punch her in the stomach and she was on the ground for a few minutes. Went out and we got some katsu from a local Japanese place, afterwards she plucked my eyebrows because they were a bit messy, then I brushed her hair and massaged her scalp and she fell asleep in my lap.

Feels good. Don't let your dreams be memes. Make your dreams come true.

>> No.9931813

>a post calling out Momokun for sexual harassment is gaining some traction
I doubt it'll hurt her much, but I'm glad people are becoming less tolerant of this shit.

>> No.9931814

I feel this so hard, except I'm looking for a girlfriend. I feel like I could be a great boyfriend I'm really caring it's just I feel like a lot of people don't find me attractive. It's hard being tall sometimes.

>> No.9931821

>cosplay in 3ish weeks
>havent been dieting as good as I should be

its time for drastic measures, ill have to go on a 10 day water fast.

gonna carry a 23g needle with me to prick my finger if i have any stupid ideas about eating

>> No.9931822

>gonna carry a 23g needle with me to prick my finger if i have any stupid ideas about eating
Does that actually work?

>> No.9931823

Wtf being tall is literally the hottest thing? There's even memes about how girls sometimes are like 'is he hot or is he just real'
But you need to not have terrible posture, decent hygiene and not be a passive aggressive Nice Guy TM

>> No.9931824

Nayrt, but I'm 6'5". Please hand over the hoes.

>> No.9931825

I'm tall but I'm also fat so it kinda cancels it out. Worst thing is that no matter how many calories I cut or how many times I work out, I rarely ever lose weight. Girls don't like fat dudes, feels bad.

>> No.9931831

>Please hand over the hoes.
I don't think your height is your problem anon.

>> No.9931834

Get a fucking grip.

>> No.9931836

I'm a girl and I like stocky or chubby guys. personality is the key for me.

>> No.9931837

Well at least there's some hope for me then. Thanks!

>> No.9931840

I could even be with a fat guy as long as he would be willing to work on himself with me. we could go to the gym together and eat healthy and do fun, good things for ourselves. I can't deal with stagnant people. I'd take fat and "ugly" (again, things like personality are the important things for me. my only bf was overweight and not thought of as "attractive" by society, but I thought he was gorgeous until he cheated on me) over anyone stagnant, anyday. Good luck anon!

>> No.9931841

Thank you for the words of encouragement! Never thought I could get that here.

>> No.9931847

My problem is, I'm tall and yet nobody is giving me my rightful thotties.

>> No.9931861

You're probably just dressed bad. I never did anything but randomly post on CoF a few times with mainly okay looking selfish and most posts get 60-70 positive reactions (daily coords), once posted a more OTT one and got over 150.

I only posted like 8 or so photos in the past 2 years. Not an e-fame person. If you look good, lolitas notice. If you can't hit 20, you're most likely ugly (either in how you dress or just you).

>> No.9931866

Post pics for real concrit. To give you the benefit of the doubt you do get more engagement if you comment/like on other stuff. Also as much as I hate it, posting your outfits well without you in it on the floor seem to be more popular with normies so you will get likes that way.

But realistically if you are never getting likes there is something off with what you are doing and not in the sense of if you tag well. Your content has to be good for likes, so if you look like shit then don’t expect a lot.

>> No.9931868


I know a bunch of girls who are into bear type guys so you definitely have a chances out there. And like >>9931836
said, personality is key. I've had very intense crushes on people who are definitely not facially gifted because they made me laugh and I always felt happy and had a good time with them. If you're a soft kinda fat maybe try building strength/muscle instead of losing weight? Or growing a beard, since that seems popular right now? (I'm into girls and girly dudes so my advice might not be the best but good luck out there).

>> No.9931894

When is one of you two anons going to ask the other out? You're frustrating my ship of you two with your harem protagonist level denseness.

>> No.9931898

I'm a lolita and I'm dating a chubby ass 5 foot 2 inch man who is the love of my life. Do u boo you'll find someone

>> No.9931903

Can you share it?

>> No.9931911

Oh I am sure I will, thanks ;)

>> No.9931912

There's a whole damn thread about it lurk more

>> No.9931924

Nayrt possibilities to fix medical issues don't make it feel less bad when you get told you have them. Surgeries suck, and eye surgeries are reasonably high risk ones. Not to forget that depending on where anon lives, she might be fucked because of the cost and shitty insurance policies.

>> No.9931928

Don't you hate people who knowingly support and collab with sexual offenders who are also manipulative assholes stealing money and fucking peoe over one way or another?

Not to forget that "collab" meant a simple printed shirt with her name put on the ad, while acting like it was the biggest invention in J-fash.

>> No.9931931

I left this thread open and just refreshed it this morning gomen gomen

>> No.9931932

If you use that term I'm already not taking it seriously. Too much people have used it for "ong a guy I DIDN'T LIKE talked to me, such sexual harassment. Hurdurdur". And then later comain about guys not making first step, and them not getting Bf.

Not saying that counts for everyone, but I know a lot who do that, and I see a lot online I suspect on this. There are just too much "man are the fault of everything" kinda feminazi related to that term now.

>> No.9931934

Well, at least talk to him. Its part of you. He doesn't need to like it, but he should respect you like it.

If he can't see reason dump him. But I suggest to talk to him first.

>> No.9931938

>I want to make myself incognito lewd lolita insta because I'm perv inside
>don't want to show lolita fashion in a bad light just to satisfy myself


>> No.9931941

Are you fat or have a wide/strong built? My bf was always told he was fat and felt horrible. But he just has a very wide body and a lot of muscles, with only a small layer of fat over it. I personally like that natural strong body type. But I dislike fat (but as other anon said, there are woman who love it. Confidence and personality is key!)

He looks bigger than average, he weights more than average, but he's not fat. If you can't loose weight, I suggest you look where you weight comes from.

>> No.9931949

This. My physics TA last year was built the exact same way, super wide with lots of muscle but still obese. I heard girls in my class talk about how attractive he was all the time and rate my professor even rated him hot.

>> No.9931951

Welp. You may as well just kys

>> No.9931962


>> No.9931966

You can never be really incognito and even if you are, you'll be outed/out yourself accidentally eventually. Not worth it.

>> No.9931980

If you dump him,I can guarantee 10 other guys who will actually be supportive and maybe even join you. Don't stay in an abusive relationship.

>> No.9932038

I did camming for a while and you can do it but man you gotta be super careful or else you'll get caught really fast.

For the love of god don't wear the same coords you display in that page irl and do it in a room you don't let anyone see

>> No.9932115

I think it was deleted?

Man, fuck Momo. Con creeps ruin everythong.

>> No.9932127

Yay my first jsk came in. Happy feels

>> No.9932139

w o w
thanks for making me feel vanillabasic.
If someone punched me I'd hulk out.
y'all are crazy but congrats I guess.

>> No.9932141

>Con creeps ruin everythong.
Everythong indeed.

>> No.9932236

Do it. Don't let random people control your life.

>> No.9932276

>sexual harassment at cons
>not realizing that whenever we cosplay we want the attention
Wew lad

>> No.9932279

there are so many jfash styles to do this with. please don't involve lolita...

>> No.9932285


>> No.9932288

>Almost 30, still alone
>Trying to lose weight, get in shape, etc
>Still not happy with how I look in cosplay
>Often times just wanna give up completely and sell all cosplay stuff
>Have a con in September
>Cosplay for said con isn't close to ready
>Might as well kill myself :^D

>> No.9932309

>almost 30
>still cosplay

>> No.9932317



>> No.9932319


>> No.9932321



>> No.9932332

I have muscle but truthfully I have a big belly and some man boobs, it's pretty bad. I even do specific exercises to combat this, but to no avail. Even my face looks fat and round, despite me growing a beard to combat that. I just hate how I look and I know that it's holding me back. I've never dated, been on a date, or ever had another woman show any interest in me and it sucks because I'm already 21.

>> No.9932348

>any age

>> No.9932398

Yes you are.
Take your happiness into your own hands and don't pin it on gfs and other people, get help. It's your life and your responsibility to make the best of it. If other people can do it so can you. At least try.

>> No.9932407

my dude life doesn't after 30, I've checked
suck it up and get to work, there's a lot of time until September, stop feeling sorry for yourself and get busy
>fellow 30 y/o cosplayer

>> No.9932416

T is that you?

>> No.9932423

Nah, this is D

>> No.9932470

I don't really have any advice for you anon. I have a dad bod now and it's hard as hell to lose and so so easy to gain back.

I guess I'm lucky that I have an attractive face because I still have a lot of gal pals courting me even though I'm fat

Hopefully we'll make it some day.

>> No.9932512

u a
m s
p h i s

>> No.9932516

This is so sweet.

>> No.9932521

Do this, but post it here. I'll make sure to follow and patreon. The world needs more of you.

t. that creeper who's stalking you right now

>> No.9932548

>tfw am the guro lolita gf and my gf isn't into this

>> No.9932552

Rip I bet it's cuz those fuck heads kept using her real name

>> No.9932554

>That 30 year old boomer that complains about frogposting

>> No.9932587

>that 12 year old boomer who just discovered /b/

>> No.9932591

>that image
Is that where the fucking meme came from??

>> No.9932618

>you will never be a 19-
Wait a dang minute >>9931811

>you will be the real life version of a 1980s tough guy

>> No.9932659

For sure, hopefully we do make it. Good luck to you, anon.

>> No.9932772

>con next weekend
>cosplay 95% done
>first con and cosplay since 2014
>suddenly manic suicidal depression bullshit kicks in and i have to go into hospital so i don't end myself
>will be stuck there for at least 2 weeks
>next con isn't until next year
guess that's that

>> No.9932811

I have a giant crush on this amazingly fly guy in my town. He's at least 10 years older than I am, and we get really friendly but he's either playing it super safe because I'm younger, or he's just not into me.
I don't know if it's arrogance or what but I have a strong desire to just keep pushing the envelope until he clearly rejects me or asks to go out again.
I want him so badly and he had the most spectacular reaction the first time he saw me in lolita; said I looked like I stepped off a glamorous movie set. He tells people about my 'Japanese outfits' and I love it.

His apprehension is just making me want to be more aggressive and I don't know where such a masculine impulse as this came from lol. I'm passive in just about everything but work and romance I guess. I can't put the brakes on...it's like I can't chill until I finally get him in my arms. Target locked.
>just venting.
>saw him tonight at the bar
>I'm too hype to sleep
>but I have work at 9am
Ugh, I just want to gobble him up! & be his fancy lady.

>> No.9932846

>reading travel guides
>reading about tourist scams
>mfw I think about a lolita getting scammed or murdered
Be safe out there.

>> No.9932852

A roommate at Momocon stole my duck panties.

If anyone has seen my panties, hmu.

>> No.9932973


>> No.9932987

I am so salty right now.
The Maid Mayleen One-piece I ordered from soufflesong came with tears, missing button and missing apron.
The packaging was fine, so they must have forgot to pack the apron (only the dress and headdress are on the bill as well) and the tears happened before they sent it.
I contacted their CS with pictures and hope they refund me the entire amount, because I can't wear a dress with a ripped front.
I knew their wait times are terrible, I ordered this on 4/20/18 and it arrived today but I didn't wait 2.5 months for this shit.

>> No.9932989

Those wait times are normal for taobao, if it’s made to order it’s like 40-60 business days.

>> No.9932990

I am so salty right now.
The Maid Mayleen One-piece I ordered from soufflesong came with tears, missing button and missing apron.
The packaging was fine, so they must have forgot to pack the apron (only the dress and headdress are on the bill as well) and the tears happened before they sent it.
I contacted their CS with pictures and hope they refund me the entire amount, because I can't wear a dress with a ripped front.
I knew their wait times are terrible, I ordered this on 4/20/18 and it arrived today but I didn't wait 2.5 months for this shit.

>> No.9932992

(sorry, reposted because the file was too big)

The wait time isn't what is bothering me. The fact that I can't wear the dress and didn't even get the apron, which was one of the main reasons I even ordered it, is what's making me salty.

>> No.9933012

Holy shit, congrats, anon!! Are they in good condition? Which pieces are these?

>> No.9933107

>tfw 30 year old boomer
>tfw tell people im 24


>> No.9933166

>If anyone has seen my panties
I'd like to.

>> No.9933185

>commissioned someone to make custom leather wallet for me
>they're really great to work with and provide good suggestions
>slowly feel more and more like I should commission someone to make actual leather tea parties replicas

Do you guys think it'd be in bad taste? Or maybe if I commission a pink and white wallet with Milky-chan or the AP logo on it? My mind is racing with the ideas. I really love the feel of good quality leather.

>> No.9933188

Tea parties are fine because the design isn't very distinct, it's not copyrighted; I'd be iffy about having a brand logo or mascot on a non-brand item though, I get what you're saying but plastering a brand logo on an item that wasn't made by said brand is strange.

>> No.9933191

>Catch creeper trying to take picture under my dress
>Angrily lift it to show him my bloomers that go down to my fucking knees
>He takes a pic anyway

That backfired...

>> No.9933197

Sincerely hoping you're just shitposting and not actually this retarded.

>> No.9933200

Oh damn, they're selling a dress I really like. Ah well. Thanks for the warning, and sorry about your cararact/dress.

>> No.9933212

Which dress was it? Did you read the description? Celeblack is Tokyo Alice's yahoo account and they usually do a good job with stating damages.

>> No.9933219

Stop caring about the negativity of others, get yourself a therapist that is experienced in cognitive behavioral therapy.

Second to that, anxiolytic drugs will help.

>> No.9933307

kill Trump
you might bring happiness to many people (but also sadness to many others)

>> No.9933330

What are anxiolytic drugs?
Wouldn't behavioral therapy significantly change so I am? Are there side effects I should worry about?

>> No.9933334

sounds like me

>> No.9933335

>what is google

>> No.9933342

somehow, I would be surprised if polygon, or a similar site, would defend that shit (like they did with Amouranth)

>> No.9933346

I elected not to mention saying I know I could Google it because that's autistic as fuck. I just wanted to hear your explanation Anon.

>> No.9933388

Hanging to your knees? Did you shit them??

>> No.9933395

Knee length bloomers are a thing retard.

Anyway tfw no ouji gf.
I keep learning new recipes and I just want a cute gf who at least appreciates lolita fashion and I can make valentine's day chocolates for her and a pretty birthday cake and christmas sweets and a picnic lunch ugh.

>> No.9933401

I can pretend to be a girl and you can make all those sweets for me.

>> No.9933406

Thank you!! Yes, they are all new with tag and still in their original bags. I'm honestly afraid the seller will refuse to ship them, because they even made the effort to add pictures that show the prices on the price tags. It's 2 Eyepatches, one Earring, 2 Rings, 4 Necklaces, a (Hair?) Pin and a small pendant.

>> No.9933438

I can be your gothic gf, anon-chan.

>> No.9933443

I remembered a post from the feels thread like a year or two ago where someone had this happen on a college campus and pretty much embarrassed the fuck out of their creeper with public shame by utilizing the dress flip bloomer reveal. It doesn't work as well if they aren't surrounded by people who may see them on a common basis around the school..

>> No.9933467

if i drop down to 8% bodyfat will i finally have some friends? if i become fit and good looking maybe ppl wont wish they never saw me

>> No.9933470

>and I'm at the point where everyone around me is already in a relationship

Me too.
[Mix: Seinfeld - Numb (Full Version?) on youtube starts playing]

>> No.9933473

You're one example that anyone can get a companion, despite how weird your fetish ca nbe.

Can't get much weirder, in normal terms, to 'like' being punched and to like blood.

>> No.9933479

>stealing someone's panties

Gross, gross, gross. I don't think any sort of fetishes justifies stealing used underwear.

In my fandom I deal with a lot of older copslayers. As old as folks in their 40s. Seeing you complain about it reminds me of hwo shitty I feel for being the pretty much only youngster in my area (not counting one or two guys on my age and the five or six girls who are worth nothing because their 'star syndrome' that makes any interaction beyond professional relations impossible).

>> No.9933488

Oh, the pictures i'd take with this guy! Would certainly get to be friends with him.

>> No.9933509

>driving friend and his sister home
>she's sad because a panel she wanted to see was sold out
>try to put my hand on her shoulder
>can't see because driving
>accidentally squeeze her tit

>> No.9933510

>tfw dream dress that i've never seen for sale anywhere else before comes up on lm
>tfw also trying to be responsible and save money for upcoming events and responsibilities
>bid on dress for cheaper price, plan to sell several items to cover the cost and still be "responsible"
>tell self this is best decision
>check back later
>dress is gone, bought at buyout price
>want to die

what the hell was i thinking

>> No.9933516

>tfw print bleed

For fucks sake this dress is over a decade old why in the name of Mana is it bleeding? Thank god it's only on the detachable bow because I didn't trust Baby's colorfastness. Wish me luck recovering it gulls, this is one of my grails.

>> No.9933529

What dress is it, anon? Someone else might have advice.

>> No.9933537

>starting making a cosplay for a con this time last year
>couldn't finish it in time
>con is coming up again
>still haven't fucking finished it
I still did a lot of sewing and projects in that time, but just never found time for this.

>> No.9933553

To the Lolita I saw one the skytrain today, sorry for being really awkward! I know about Lolita but know nothing actually about Lolita except the gulls are always angry

>> No.9933563

your fault
you tried to initiate basic physical contact with another human being
personally i'd become a hikki and never even look at another person again

>> No.9933564

Baby's Stained Glass Angel (original release, not the later AatP one) in black. I was just trying to see if I could handwash it myself rather than sending it to the cleaner. I'm waiting for it to dry right now but the print seems much more blue on the bow than the dress now that I've washed it. This might be from bleed, might be from washing it removing some yellowing from age. But the water did go grey so…

>> No.9933572

>man I really wish that panel I wanted to go see wasn't sold out
>there there it's okay
>squeezes my tit

Have you ever thought about it from her perspective?

>> No.9933579

I apologized. She laughed. Her bro just stared out the window.

>> No.9933583

I can be your (male) GF and we can coord together and I can eat your food.

>> No.9933633

>was really cute and slim
>got depressed and gained 30lbs
>all plans for cosplays and generally looking cute ruined

>> No.9933657

I've given it some thought. It's not that big of a deal if someone makes a simple mistake while trying to be a good friend they're just boobs.

>> No.9933821

>post lots of pics of my friends on Ig
>finally post pic of myself
>lose 3 followers

>> No.9933828

If you want to shame a creeper you call them out as creepers, loudly if at all possible.
>Hey what are you doing?? Stop taking pics up my skirt, pervert!!
The one thing you don't do is lift your skirt up for them, regardless of what you are or aren't wearing underneath.

>> No.9933829

That's an amazing find!! I hope the seller goes along with it and you get everything as you should.

>> No.9933832

I'm a baker let's be lolita bakers together anon uwu~

>> No.9933859


No, it's just a shitpost about how people freak out over girls wearing thongs or diapers while in lolita.

>> No.9933874

Bloodplay and some sadomasochism isn't that weird desu. There are some fetishes out there I find really weird.

I like being hurt and hurting others because it's a sort of emotional trust. I'm trusting her not to go too far and just chew my face off or cause serious damage. And she trusts me to hit her hard enough to hurt her temporarily but not cause any real damage or take advantage of her because I'm so much stronger. Bloodplay is way of 'knowing for certain' that you're causing pain or you're in pain. It's also something very personal. Like if a girl swallows your cum there's this sort of feeling like she accepting you despite it being kind of gross. She puts her feelings aside for the sake of pleasing you. That's really sweet and loving. So when we lick up each other's blood, we're accepting each other totally because blood is very off limits for most people to ever even think about touching another person's.

>> No.9933882


Cuck him

>> No.9933884


Christmau Cakë

>> No.9933885


The virgin cosplayer, the Chad Photography Conosieur

>> No.9933899

But if you stop caring about the negativity of others, some inch-high private eye shitter will exhaustively catalog every embarrassment or lapse in judgment you've ever had and put it on a wiki so that you become unemployable and a joke forever.
We Live In a Society where putting your hand on someone's knee without explicit notarized permission is rape, but stalking them in order to build a dossier for the purposes of ruining them is just policing bad actors, or something.

>> No.9933901

>putting your hand on someone's knee without explicit notarized permission is rape
Well it's not rape but do you normally touch people without permission? Because that's not something you should be doing.

>> No.9933902


God why can't I have a gf like this desu

>> No.9933907

25 year old man looking for a wholesome young woman, I'm just so tired

>> No.9933910

A lot of people get away with it. Even Aziz is laying low but hasn't been "punished" in any LT way.

>> No.9933913

Date normies.

>> No.9933920


I'm just too jaded and drug addicted for that.

>> No.9933933

>tfw 22 year old pretty boy
>emotional age of about 9
>kiss girls all the time
>Refuse to have sex
>They think I'm being respectful and that I'm different
>I'm not
>I just can't have sex without crying during and after because I get flooded with really strong emotions of love
>Haven't had sex in 2 years

Why did God leave me incomplete?

>> No.9933934

I don't touch anyone because I'm exactly the kind of meek, broken spergling who thrives in the present environment. This isn't about me or anyone specific, it's about the zeitgeist.
That said, "that's not something you should be doing" is middle-school talk. Life has become global K12 forever, with no PDAs and no cursing, and if you transgress, the class narc will snitch, and it'll go on your permanent fucking record.

>forcing everyone to live like infants, then wondering why they're all into diapers and mommygf shit

>> No.9933935

>I just can't have sex without crying during and after because I get flooded with really strong emotions of love
That's really fucking cute, holy shit. I hope you meet someone who will understand and appreciate you like you deserve.

>> No.9933937

Is it tears or ugly sobbing? This is important.

>> No.9933938

Touching people without their consent is toddler behavior jsyk. Grown adults who reach out to touch my dress or fucking lift it to see what makes it poofy, are acting like toddlers and need to be told off for their retarded behavior. Sorry the concept of respecting boundaries makes you soil your diaper, anon-kun.

>> No.9933941

I would be fine with crying if you were pretty desu, even without sex a relationship can work, if that's what you're looking for

>> No.9933943

Not having the boundary norms of a literal autist is toddler behavior. Enforcing those boundaries like you're Lavrentiy Beria is, however, good and normal, as is permanently ruining peoples' lives because they don't share your vision of a world where no one hugs anyone else and the tags are cut off all the shirts. Great job, anon-hime.

Also, I love how being vulgar and lewd "create an unsafe environment" or whatever mealy HR bullshit, but maintaining a hell dimension where your family are all informants, mobbing goes unchecked, the surveillance is constant/hostile/all-encompassing, and the ever-stiffening norms are enforced in a freakishly disproportionate manner is just good community management.
I'm really glad I grew up around the latter, and not the former. I might've ended up crazy or something

>> No.9933945

>a world where no one hugs anyone else and the tags are cut off all the shirts
You were talking about touching people's knees, not hugging. Go back to your containment board, retard.

>> No.9933946

It sounds cute but it's not, I promise you. There's a reason I don't have sex, most girls find it really, really weird. They kind of accept it since I'm the poster boy for pretty boys, kind of shy and feminine with a youthful face and not super masculine but it's still not what you want from a male partner. But I had one girl who was so freaked out by it that I wouldn't stop crying even after she told me to that she stopped everything, said she's just really uncomfortable, got dressed and left. Last time I had sex.

It can be both. If I finish, it's definitely going to be ugly crying into the girl's chest for a few minutes until I can calm down. Usually it's not sobbing just a lot of happy tears.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a normal guy, I absolutely love sex but I hate humiliation and embarrassment more.

>> No.9933948

Granted I've never been with a guy who cries during/after sex but it does sound adorable. Sorry the girls you've been with so far have the emotional capacity of a spoon; I'd hug it out with you and kiss your tears off your cheeks, but that's just me.

>> No.9933950

Don't go into "win the discussion" mode just because someone questions your right to act as a volunteer uncompensated middle manager in every social space ever.

>> No.9933972

You sound sweet, want to have sex and be my gf?

>> No.9933974

> Ordered some Lolita items from frill.jp

> Used from Japan and my shopping service

> Decided to go with airmail seeing ad how it's a small package

>I thought everything was going well my item should be here in no time

>Until I notice my tracking number only has one number in it.

Just one, how I'm I suppose to track my item now. :(

>> No.9933977

Hun try to quit and smoke weed at most if you need to (including alcohol that shits awful). Take care of yourself first then look for someone. I'm sure she'll come along

>> No.9933979

Ask your shopping service to confirm the tracking number

>> No.9933991

I doubt you're the op but regardless, you better have more going for you than just crying after sex. It's cute but not a deal maker.

>> No.9933997

I'm cute looking, 6'1, I like history and anime related things, I can do your hair in a lot of different ways because my little sister did a lot of dancing and I just wanted to help so I learnt how to do her hair before shows. I can't cook (I'll try if you want but it's going to be inedible) but I am good at most domestic chores. I like to drink tea. I own a cat. I like to cuddle and kiss a lot.

>> No.9934001
File: 186 KB, 500x280, tree climbing princess.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, shit. You do sound adorable. Too bad we're probably not even in the same continent.

>> No.9934004

I know...The validation is nice though. I'm Australian.

>> No.9934005

Dang, you sound sorta like me
>naturally masculine
>literally so good looking I have stopped several women in their tracks
>every time I try to talk to a girl with any romantic intent or get hit on I become very depressed
>never managed to have a relationship
I don't get it. What is wrong with me?

>> No.9934006

The Australian lolitas are fortunate. I wish you luck, anon.

>> No.9934008

I've literally never seen a lolita in the wild here. It makes me sad. I would hope one day I'd see one at uni but it just doesn't happen.

>> No.9934017

You might have some on campus but you don't know this because they don't wear lolita at uni. Many lolitas aren't daily ones, unfortunately, but one day you might run into one.

>> No.9934107

i just realized i gained weight and now i'm 124lbs for 5"3. Ewww.
I felt really fat lately but I didn't know it was that bad,geez, it thought i went up to,like,121lbs at worst.

>> No.9934120
File: 1.99 MB, 332x215, a.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

maybe you gained muscle

>> No.9934130
File: 39 KB, 429x442, 1396920929855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

120 is ideal weight for that height, just fyi

i'm 5'3 and 107 and all i get is people telling me i'm underweight or too skinny.

>> No.9934156

Well Souffle Song is a mess designed by a woman who thought lolita's where woman who need to stop dressing like kids until it become a trend in China and who's banned in from multiple Chinese events. Don't expect much.

>> No.9934166
File: 333 KB, 1024x1048, ding dong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I just acquired a pink power ranger fetish

I really never asked to get most of my rocks off with costuming people.

>> No.9934205

Lurk more newfag

>> No.9934225

Bought an indie brand walolita JSK, blouse and overskirt that /cgl/ would rip to shreds and scream ita at.
Still no regrets. It arrived today and all the fabrics are fucking georgeous.

>> No.9934231

Post. Even if it are stock picks. I doubt it's good, or you're just assuming we're more salty than we are.

We care for more than just the fabric. Also design and construction, as well as fit. Not to forget many people can barely tell good fabric from bad in Western communities

>> No.9934457

>Meme Lantern zipper jsk is too big on me thanks to shirring
>fits my bf perfectly, without streching to the max

Not sure how to feel about it. I can't use it in a coord, because it looks like a bag with straps on my chest, but it is a dream item and I want to love it to the max. And bf doesn't want to be my dress up doll.
>bittersweet feel

>> No.9934490

>Unfollowing Instagram accounts because they stopped posting fashion and keep posting pictures of their ugly-ass infant

I get people that stop wearing for a while after having a baby, but she could at least post throwback Thursdays, detail shots of pieces, floordinates, or kawaii aesthetic pics. Even going on a hiatus would be better than posting crotchgoblin pics several times a week.

>> No.9934492

Get it altered, it'll be worth it. this is a common problem for the zipper jsk on non fatties

>> No.9934514
File: 86 KB, 923x548, 1527562785376.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>plan a meetup for 4th of July event tomorrow
>lots of lolitas are going
>lolita messages me
>"is so-and-so coming? i have so-and-so blocked"
>i told the lolita yes
>asked why so-and-so was blocked
>"i blocked so-and-so because so-and-so kept talking shit about me and my expensive coords"
>asked the mods if they heard anything about so-and-so talking bad about another lolita
>it was never brought up to the mods before
>mods talk to the lolita and confirm she was lying (lolita never had solid dates of the drama)
>mods allow so-and-so to still go
>lolita messages me and complains that so-and-so will make me uncomfortable and talk shit about her coords
>lolita then makes a huge post on the Comm page about so-and-so
>lolita receives a 3 month community ban, 1 year probation
>lolita is 39
>lolita wears Bodyline and complains about AP being too expensive
>last lolita event she wore a Trump hat

>> No.9934581

I don't know why people think everyone loves their fucking baby.

>Oh do you want to hold him?
>>No thank you
>Oh no please hold him
>>No. I don't want to accidentally hurt them.
>You won't hurt him. Just for a minute


Why do babies smell so fucking bad?

>> No.9934591

>>Oh do you want to hold him?
>>>No thank you
>>Oh no please hold him
>>>No. I don't want to accidentally hurt them.
>>You won't hurt him. Just for a minute

Cackling. Are you me?

>> No.9934700

What does probation mean in this context lol?

>> No.9934706

my friends are doing an eeveelution group and want me to join in......
i said yes since i don’t want to be a dick but man. we aren’t doing some weird theme like warriors or bunnies, just regular gijinkas so i’m hoping we’ll be alright

>> No.9934845
File: 3 KB, 115x125, 1528936525865s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I felt this on a spiritual level. What really irks me is when people steal the spotlight off of someone else for their damn baby. Like no one gives a shit about your crotchdemon Mckinleyleigh. It's Susie's birthday and you're mommyjacking the fucking place.

I get irritated when others whine about how I don't know true happiness because I don't have a kid and don't really understand hardship or struggles. Uhhh sorry I can't relate. Sorry I'm on the fence about having kids and I'm enjoying traveling and going to cons and enjoying my life instead of being stuck at home with five kids all from different baby daddies or because "me and mah spouse's choiceeeees." Don't bitch and whine and project your choices onto me. I made my decisions.

>> No.9934870
File: 107 KB, 720x960, 19437529_1596343133770610_1824694530219765771_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm at Hypericon right now and it's pretty fun but there's 0 social media presence and barely any cosplay. You guys don't even know what I'm talking about. At least I'm drunk.

>> No.9934881


FYI there is literally no reason people with kids would hand their kids to people who don't want to hold them, unless they secretly regret having a kid and kinda hope you drop it

>> No.9934892

There's plenty of reason. The one I'm guessing is that they want validation of their child.

>> No.9934906

I wish I had a cute guy friend into cosplay or jfash to flirt with but I’m slightly chubby so it wouldn’t work out.

>> No.9934918

sorry youre bitter and too fat to have your own

>> No.9934939

Aw, you sound precious. I would definitely comfort you if it were possible at all.

>> No.9935036

Lose some weight tubby.

>> No.9935049

That's exactly what it is. They want to feel ~*special*~ for pro-creating even though humankind has been doing this for how long? Them having a kid isn't anything special. They're attention seeking and trying to feel better about their choices. A lot of people like babies so they know they will get attention. The person not wanting to hold the kid or not giving enough attention is seen as a "threat." I'm only speaking from my personal experience though. I have quite a bit of friends and former friends who have kids and I see this stupid shit going on with the mommies.

>> No.9935054
File: 137 KB, 340x340, 729.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or maybe anon doesn't want kids and is happy without them. Sounds like you're either projecting your own issues or upset because your own demon spawns are making you reconsider your choices.

>> No.9935176
File: 34 KB, 651x481, constipatedrage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I'm in love with a cos-thot

>> No.9935191

probation means she can’t stir up drama against another member for a year. she does it again to a member of our Comm during probation, she’s permanently banned

>> No.9935231

>lonelita in non-English-speaking country
> run into another lolita in public who invites me to meetup
>apprehensive since I have struggled with my appearance for years but decide to go anyways
> have a good time, everyone is nice, we explore some beautiful gardens
> I take a good amount of photos even though I’m camera shy and self-conscious
> one of the photographers sends the raw photos immediately after the event
> feeling pretty okay with how I look in these photos, nice
> other lolita/photographer at the meet sends us edited photos the next day
> my face is altered completely unrecognizable, chin shaved to a dorito, nose is turned into just a blur
> no other lolitas’ photos at the meet are edited like this
> just me
> feel massively uncomfortable and disgusted by my appearance now
> probably never going to a lolita meetup again

I was really disappointed since I never really had any Lolita friends and was looking forward to getting more involved with the local population instead of hanging out with just other foreigners. But I now feel way too uncomfortable to see this girl ever again. There isn’t really much I can do about my face without major plastic surgery so I’m really at a loss for what to do.

>> No.9935249

Misfire, sarcasm, or terrible taste?

>> No.9935253

What the fuck? I don't know nor care what you look like, that's incredibly rude. It might take some guts but if you're up for it, bring it up to her. Do it politely so it seems like you're just wondering if she made a mistake.
>Hey anon, I think you edited my pics a bit too much, what happened?
She might squirm trying to find a good reason for this shit, or if she did it out of malice, she could be straight up nasty, though most people who are above high school age and aren't complete spergs wouldn't do that.
If the former, tell her you thought you looked nice in the pics so while you appreciate her supposed attempt to fix them, it probably wasn't very necessary; or if anything like the latter happens, at the very least you'll know you dodged a bullet.
Whatever her reasons were though, that's still rude and I'm sorry it happened to you.

>> No.9935267
File: 23 KB, 287x512, 1531002054330.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be a 28 year old male who hates anime besides basic shit like Miayazaki movies
>Check out /cgl/ to see what 4chan girls are like
>Start pretending to be a girl offering advice Lolita coords and cosplay
>Didn't even know Lolita existed before 6 months ago but picked up everything I know reading the board
>MFW people actually take my advice seriously and ask me for more feedback

>> No.9935356
File: 116 KB, 800x631, 1525952581276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Congratulation anon!
Which jsk did you get as your first dress?

>> No.9935368

>Souffle Song is a mess designed by a woman who thought lolita's where woman who need to stop dressing like kids until it become a trend in China
>banned in from multiple Chinese events.

Kek. Are there any posted deeds out there I could look up?

>> No.9935369

This thread sucks ass

>> No.9935383

Do you really want friends that only like you when you're thin? Maybe raise your standards. No one likes the desperate.

>> No.9935402

They are on Weibo but it's in Chinese obviously. There is an awful lot more, this was just the short version. Might take some digging as it goes from before the Chinese Lolita trend until modern day. Much drama around that designer (Tanyue is her name).

Said designer also worked for Milanoo and tried to confine Chinese comm that it wasn't bad, she stole pictures of good quality corset brands say G she wanted to make things like that, which is now versailles secret line (that "ero lolita" one), she's doing the same with maid univorms atm. She's also been super rude to some a friend of one of the designers from Surface Spell.

Honestly, Western com misses a lot of negative info on Chinese brands because no one translates, and then brands who do shit still get lots op praise here.

>> No.9935415

What's wrong with wanting a girl to swallow? It's good for them. I got my ex to lose about ten pounds by going to long walks, coming home for some bedroom exercise and letting her to drink my homemade protein shake.

>> No.9935428

You can't be this stupid. There is nothing bad that will happen if you do. Most girls just don't like it because it taste gross.

>> No.9935435

Isn't it gross only if the guy's diet is bad? A-asking for a friend.

>> No.9935439

No it tastes bad regardless but it's stomachable. It will taste worse if your diet is bad

>> No.9935468
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>There is nothing bad that will happen if you do
I never said anything bad would happen to a girl if she swallows, what are you talking about?

>> No.9935472
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Swallowing is overrated as fuck. Father/daughter rape incest creampies are the patrician's choice

>> No.9935584

None of the above?

>> No.9935808

Jokes on you if that's their fetish

>> No.9935923
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>tfw I met my friend's 16yo sister at the con
Gulls, I can't wait two years. I'll be fucking 29 then.

>> No.9935929

>Tfw gonna be 30 soon, still no qt cosplay gf, and too unremarkable and awkward to get one.

Wow. I wish I had the balls to get into this scene when I was younger. I've wasted so much time worrying about what others think of me, and I'm still struggling to break that habit.

Fuck me I'm old and shit.

>> No.9935940

as a girl, agreed.

>> No.9935971
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>mfw i'm 20 and still no cosplay gf, and I am also awkward

I'm too new for this gf shit.

>> No.9935972

>Back from camping trip
>Real shower
>Own bed
>Great memories have been made
>All the dry roadside dust left behind me
>Hair is clean
>Whole wardrobe waiting for me

I'm going to dress in a full coord tomorrow just for the hell of it. Nature is great, but frills are the borderprint of good old civilization.

>> No.9936030

Try dating sites. They're soul crushing but sometimes work.

>> No.9936106

>not awkward
>very successful in life
>still not cosplay/lolita gf
Almost everyone I meet, either online or in person, is obese, a NEET, or has a huge list of mental problems.
The rare person I meet that isn't like that I can't get along with because they genuinely don't understand sarcasm. I think one girl I went to a con with felt insulted because she thought I was actually being mean to her or something??

>> No.9936129
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Over the past few months I've posted a few times about how I'm sick, and how it's hard to cheer up because I can't wear lolita as often and doing anything in general is a lot more difficult.

It turns out, I'm probably dying gulls. My fear of turning into another goodwill-chan seems to be closing in around me. I don't know when I'm going, I don't know what will happen to my lolita that I've been collecting since 2010, I don't know what will happen to all my other cherished collectibles like my VK collection.

I guess now, I should think about what dress I want to be buried in. But it's so hard to fathom that right now. I just want to close my eyes and have all of this be over. Thinking about dying is worse than it would be to actually die.

>> No.9936147

>American animation

A lot of health problems can be cured by fasting, especially dry fasting. Look for info on the net about people who've had your health problems and recovered.

>> No.9936150

I hope you get fat.

>> No.9936157
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Because fasting is going to cure my seizures, increasing neurological damage, and genetically inherited health problems. Have some more western animation to trigger you.

>> No.9936161

But for real /cgl/, how do you get the legendary cosplay gf?

I just wanna do couple cosplay stuff so badly ;_;

Going to a con and talking to girls won't work. Everybody is in groups and stuff. I don't know what to do!

>> No.9936162

I remember you anon. I'm the anon who wants to take care of you. I really hope things get better for you.

>> No.9936171

I appreciate your well wishes anon, but thinks are deteriorating for me. I'm on oxygen most of the time now, and today I ended up falling down a flight of stairs because I was so weak so I'm even more out of commission than I was before. The more stuff like this happens the more I realize that the inevitable is coming.

>> No.9936182
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Sometimes I think about pictures I took with people at cons in really funny or clever poses, and then I remember that I didn't ask them to take one of my and they never posted it online. And then I get home and realize I didn't even take a selfie of myself in costume. What a mess

>> No.9936185
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>Went to a con in my country by myself
>Saw tons of cool cosplay
>Was too shy to ask anyone to take a picture with them, or interrupt the cosplayers to take a picture with ne.
>Find some cosplayers from my favorite anime
>Gets the courage to ask for a pic
>They talk to me in-character and seemed like pretty cool guys
>After pic, I thank them and go away
>Tfw wanted to meet them and befriend them
>Saw them from afar a few times, but was too nervious they'd find me weird if I approached them again, especially to befriend them so I never did
Sorry if its not related, just wanted to vent anonymously

>> No.9936199

Its better to talk to them and they reject you than to not talk to them and always wondered what could have happened.

>> No.9936272

i feel bad going to cons and buying some merch that i could have just clicked away from amazon

>> No.9936282

ketogenic diets were originally used in medicine to treat epilepsy, and that's essentially what fasting is. It's a no carb diet, you use your bodyfat as food. It forces you into ketosis in 48 hours.

But maybe your seizures aren't related to epilepsy. You didn't give me much to go on. It's likely inflammation plays a role in your neurological degradation, and if you control your insulin, you'll improve your inflammation.

Or, you know, just keep doing what you're doing and keep getting the same results.

>> No.9936362

>The rare person I meet that isn't like that I can't get along with because they genuinely don't understand sarcasm.
> I think one girl I went to a con with felt insulted because she thought I was actually being mean to her or something??
>I think one girl I went to a con with felt insulted
Anon I mean this in a nice way but you come off as a self centered dick. You probably don't even realize that you are being mean or are being fake edgy-sarcastic-mean which no one finds attractive even if you didn't intend to insult her. Next time you talk to someone watch what you say and what you catch yourself wanting to say. Are you always turning the conversation around to be about yourself and not listening to the other person? Are you just waiting until they finish talking without asking them a bit about whatever they were talking about? Can you hold a conversation without being degrading or sarcastic to others or the people around you?
Some things to consider. Actually something for all you guys crying about >the feel when no gf.

>> No.9936368

Happened to me, now I'm a Christian monk in the Alaskan wastes.

>> No.9936410

I'm going to listen the multiple specialists I've seen that my family that is in the medical field has gotten me to through their connections vs a troll on 4chan

>> No.9936443 [DELETED] 

>>cleaning out my closet and selling old things
>>sold a homura costume to a guy in the area for his daughter
>>he sends me a pic
>>tiny homura and sailor Jupiter
>>yay what else can I sell?
>>find old basic sailor uniform
>>my dead grandmother helped me make it one of the last times I saw her (lived overseas)

>> No.9936446

Approach with a built-in time limit on your interaction with them.
>"Hi, it's [name], we met briefly earlier. Would it be alright if I hung out with you for a few minutes? I'm going to [panel/event/etc] at [time, no more than 15 minutes away], but it's kind of awkward to just wait by myself here."
This way, they have an easy out if the befriending doesn't seem to be clicking, but this also gives them the chance to offer to meet up afterwards with you if the befriending is going somewhere.

You can also be honest about your situation -
>"This is my first time at this con, and [the people I usually go with weren't interested / it was an impulse decision so I couldn't gather up a group / it's my first con and I'm unfamiliar with the community / etc]."
-- but don't be /too/ honest
>Met a guy this weekend when he asked for a photo
>Talked for a bit, walked through the vendor's hall together because he was waiting on meeting up with a friend later
>Getting Okay Person vibes from him
>He asks something along the lines of "you're very pretty, can I grab your butt?"

>> No.9936447

Thanks. I approached her about the edited pictures and she gave a very half-assed "Oh I do this for everyone!" response.It was one of my only times ever interacting with another lolita in the wild, so it's a bit sad that the meet went in such a way.

I can't help but feel down about my appearance after this. I'm going to probably take a social media hiatus to stop beating myself up over the fact I can't look like the lolitas I see online.

>> No.9936462

>that self image
>those social skills

Get a grip on reality.

>> No.9936465

not that anon, but a ketogenic diet has been used for epilepsy, with very good results, and for decades.

>> No.9936482
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Does anyone's comm do birthday tickles? My friend's sister turned 17 at our last meet and she was very mad at me for it. I tried to calm her down by tickling more but it didn't work.

>> No.9936512

pls be my gf

>> No.9936515

birthday tickles what the fuck?

>> No.9936516

if only, anon. I'm lonely.

>> No.9936519

Same. I want someone I can cuddle and share in my fucked up fetishes with. Where are you based?

>> No.9936551

>had drama with a photographer who harrassed me (heard from people on cgl that he sexually harrassed others too)
>because ex friend is good friends with him and ignore my warnings we fell out
>have anxiety from friend and photographer
>avoid them at cons
>people who are suppose to be friends say stuff behind my back to the ex friend (they avoided talking to me and telling me why)
>a bunch of people now has issues with me
>because of this im kicked out of a facebook cosplay group ive been in for 2 years even though it has nothing to do with the group
>admins say that its because some people dont like me in the group

I totally feel like giving up with the fandom because of these toxic people... luckily im going to attend a convention outside the country to get away from those people. The only reason i hear about them every now and then is because my best friend are in a group with them...

>> No.9936555
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NAYRT but I'm so pissed about keto-fags. My brother has gone full balls to the walls about it and it's horrible. He showed this one miracle doctor on youtube who said it would solve my atopic dermatitis, all while shit talking all other doctors in the entire fucking world. Like poor dying-anon said, I'd like to trust the doctors who have looked me in the face, touched my skin and told me what's up. Fuck keto. You're all turning yourselves into pricks over food.

I'm going to go and eat a sandwich just to quell my gluten fuelled rage.

>> No.9936596

Yes, but it's not a magical cure all and there are contraindications/risks associated particularly when there's stuff other than just seizures going on, hence why it's generally done with specific ratios, monitoring, and only under medical recommendation and supervision when it's for epilepsy. Presuming anon has been to a specialist there's probably some decent reasons why not ketogenic diet.

>> No.9936615

Christ, no one is suggesting he lose weight, he has a neurological disorder. If someone you cared about had brain problems, and it were possible that a simple dietary intervention could help, wouldn't you want them to know?

Why would you assume that? Doctors would rather do mainstream things that don't work than try something use drugs less often, because that would make them succeptible to malpractice lawsuits, and is generally less lucrative.

Besides, it doesn't sound like he has much to lose.

>> No.9936636

It's a girl you dumbass. I swear to god ketofags have enough brain cells to function without dying but no more.

>> No.9936638
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>> No.9936643

What's your opinion on vaccines?

>> No.9936741

From now onwards, I will only spend on releases I like from VM and Moitie. No more second hand till next year; I'm spending too much.

>> No.9936801

Loving cosplay and Lolita, but every comm and con in your town is full of small fry who act Instagram famous, are obnoxious and have to take photos every 5 minutes for their 200 fans, and the Lolita are 75% milanoo ita

>> No.9936841

meh. I have 3 or 4 female friends who totally get it and we always make sarcastic jokes, so I know its not me. Its not even edgy stuff its like;
her:"how did the panel go?"
me:"uhh.. it went "great" "
her:"oh, thats great to hear!"

Even though I said it in a very obviously sarcastic way, they won't understand and think I meant it literally.

>> No.9936850

Wasn't Aziz proactive in constantly checking he had consent or something? Almost seems like a bore.

>> No.9936866

>0 social media presence
Sounds kinda nice

>> No.9936869

Anon what the fuck, what's wrong?

>> No.9936872
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>tfw feel bad in costume
>people ask for pictures
>maybe i do look better than i thought. maybe it was all in my head.
>realize only dudes have been asking and none of them even recognize the character
>they don't like your costume they just wanna fap because people can see your navel

Not even trolling here, but have you considered that you might not be straight? I suggest taking a step back and thinking really hard about it. Try talking to someone professional if that doesn't help.

Thanks for sharing. Souffle Song has had some sketchy reviews before and now they make some more sense. If you see anymore drama about this i'd love to hear about it.

>> No.9936885

Who fucking cares?! Corpses don't have a gender. (Also, I'm /fast/, not keto)

Herd immunity is a blessing, and all the antivaxxers take that for granted. I would be more concerned if I had kids, as its most dangerous for the young and the elderly.

>> No.9936888

On the bright side this means you look sexy Anon
What were you cosplaying?

>> No.9936953

Men are sweaty, hairy, smelly, and gross

>> No.9937095
File: 2.53 MB, 1920x1080, 1526248830194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want friends in my area to cosplay with. About to finish school and moving back home.

>> No.9937108

T. Sexually repressed homomale

>> No.9937145

Girls also have breasts, unlike men

>> No.9937148

This is relevant to what?

>> No.9937155

Sexual preference

>> No.9937259

Where are you Anon?

>> No.9937343

Bay area 408

>> No.9939453

That's fine. We'd all prefer if you didn't breed anyway.

>> No.9939592


>> No.9939609

I have too much of an instinctual reaction to blood to be into it. I'm totally into s&m if I'm the top but the sight of blood causes me physiological discomfort even though the idea of causing pain that they enjoy is very appealing. Kinda sucks

>> No.9939615

I want to lose a little more and return to my beginning-year weight so as to hopefully possibly find a girlfriend. I dream about not sleeping alone. I wish I wasn't so hairy. I want to cosplay but I feel too embarrassed to. I keep hoping I'll find another gf off this website and I can pour all my affection into her. I have wide shoulders and a good frame for a male but I always felt like I just wanted to look skinny.

>> No.9939618

If you're straight and not contemplating being trans in any way it might be a good idea to get yout testosterone checked. Not trying to be a dudebro or anything I mean shedding some tears of gratitude I'd argue is within the realm of acceptable behavior for males imo but ugly crying in a girls arms everytime isn't ok, as is evidenced by the fact that it is causing you relationship troubles. Now leaving and being a cunt like that one girl did is super rude but yeah, get your T checked

>> No.9939640

You give me hope Anon.

>> No.9939648

Eh, most of everyone's communication style is pretending to be a certain way in service to social expectations while not giving anything away and being overly protective which I often find annoying. Being ironic is a better way imo to mediate between social expectations and authenticity.

>> No.9939660

Holy fuck I'm so lonely. I've never not slept alone

>> No.9940716

Note to self, make sure the cosplay is in your hands a minimum of three months before the con itself.

>> No.9941393

I finally saved up enough money to complete my set of tea cups. Got the shipment of goodies today, and it looks so beautifull with the rest of the table setting that is accumulating dust since I have no friends. Why do I even have all this crap, it’s just painful to look at.
> acquaintance zone

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