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Since Amouranth lied about being 'single' and 'not dating' for years and is in fact married. How many more girls do you think lie about things to get more money? Dont get me wrong, I have nothing against people making a living off showing titts and ass or simply keeping their personal life private. But I do have an issue with girls straight up lying about being single for monetary gains. I wonder how many nerds hearts got broken...not to mention the fucking thousands they spent on her!

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Not a single one of them will ever fuck you.

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>Not a single one of them will ever fuck you.
Ummm yeah no shit. So why are people paying rent money to them? Jesus some people are hopeless.

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>UwU if you don't give me hundreds every month ill be homeless!
>You wouldn't want that would you?

Did people actually fall for this?

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Because they’re horny, and less socially capable than the guys who leave their house to throw money at strippers.

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>literally caring about if someone is single or has a boyfriend or girlfriend

did i get fucking transported to the idol industry in east asia? keep yourself safe op

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do we really have to keep having this same thread?

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Mod should know better than to wanna keep hitting on patreon girls by now

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I don't care, but the anatomy in the pic looks really fucked.


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All of them, you sweet summer child.

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Why does it matter either way? They are as good as being in a relationship, anyone who thinks they can buy their love with money would just be buying a prostitute

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Stop typing like a grandma ty.

That tripfag ai-honey is partnered on twitch

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stfu assflustered faggot incel

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Man I wish I had the cash to pay a complete stranger's rent in exchange for nothing in return....

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