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Well this con was possibly the biggest shitshow of the year.

>canceled many guests and their panels
>nobody came. Attendance was maybe slightly more than half of last years.
>dealers/artists got completely screwed over.
>consuite canceled due to budget concerns
>police constantly harassing people
>nearby businesses harassed con-goers
>most staff quit on sunday. They didn't even have a person checking badges to dealer rooms.

These are just some of the issues.

You all ready for 2019?!

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it was bad. It was my first time going to anime iowa. My friends said it was awesome last year and man, if it wasn't for the fact that i got to hang out with my friends i would have considered it a totally wasted weekend.

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The "rave" was also completely lame, even by midwest standards. I can understand moving to a new location has its hiccups, but the experience this year will probably keep people from coming back next year unless there are serious changes.

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So were all these problems because it was a poorly handled convention or just because it was Iowa?

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poorly planned, they moved it from an established location that its been at for more than a decade to a new location 200 hundred miles away to the middle of the state this year

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I am sorry Iowa. Texas loves you and wishes we could be closer friends.

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Missing a Shiner Bock but otherwise accurate image

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>con was absolute Trash
>ran a room party
>Had the best AI ever just from all the people I met

Flew down home to see family and go to this trash-tier con, but all the people I partied with made it alright.

Room 645 Hilton represent. I got bitched out by old lady staff telling me I had too many people in my room. Pretended to care and she went away.

no shit, there were like at least 50, and a trash can full of death punch.


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And falling on the same weekend as Omaha Comic Con.

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Any cringey photos to share?

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