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Discuss gulls

/cgl Should probably keep Lolita and Cosplay separate, because lolita users tend to be the most toxic.

What do you think is killing the board?

Do you think anything even is?

I mean being the frilly lovechild of lolcow/pull cattiness and /r9k cancer is pretty bad.

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>frilly love child of lolcow

Girl... lolcow was born from cgl not the other way around

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It's not about what came first or what came second, it's about the watered down attitude on here.

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I like how I roasted the trannies in >>9933773 and they took a whole 3 minutes to make opening pic for us and made this thread to show how not bothered they are. Biological women are superior.

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anon you're mistaken on my identity, but that's okay. I forgive you.

and I agree, trans mtf will never be an actual woman.

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>/cgl Should probably keep Lolita and Cosplay separate, because lolita users tend to be the most toxic.
I disagree. The board is slow enough as is. Separating cosplay and lolita into separate boards would kill each board.
Many lolitas also cosplay and vice versa too.

>What do you think is killing the board?
Vendetta posting, defaulting to insults to anyone who posts progress/community relevant posts of themselves, and the inability to talk about individuals without getting suspended/banned.

Vendetta posting is self-explanatory.

Insulting those who post progress/community relevant posts results in no one actually contributing useful content. It's also the reason why cosplay progress and handmade lolita threads are relatively dead.

The inability to talk about individuals leads to the lack of discussion about what's happening in the community, although I understand why the rule was made.

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>t. /r9k/
>t. /o/

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This is really insightful anon. It's really like users would rather take the bait instead of contributing to the actual useful and meaningful threads.

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This image is wrong--cgl users don't actually wear headbows, because most of them aren't even lolitas.

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Can't argue with that

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>trans mtf will never be actual women
That's good in my books.

However, splitting the board is stupid. There's way too much crossover (wigs, contacts, sewing, similar resource threads) for there to be a split over something as subjective as "toxic". Have you seen the Mariah Malliad drama going on? I've never seen so much hate and how quick cosplayers are sharks in the water to take down a cosplay e-celeb. I don't want to hear "lolita is more toxic" for even a second.

Another thing about Momokun is that it's completely warranted. On anon boards, they were criticizing her and collecting evidence waaay before normies were forced to acknowledged it on Facebook and Twitter.

You see, accusing people of being toxic is what a lot of people do when they don't want to be criticized and don't want their wrongdoings to be shown for the world to see.

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A good amount of the people hating on her aren't even cosplayers though.

Lolcow isn't cosplayers either.

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Do you really expect a LARPer to know that?

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Where did this meme come from? Almost every lolita I know personally online comes to /cgl/ now and then, and the general consensus is that far more lolitas come here than is openly claimed because of the reputation this place has. The amount of people in threads like the BST, secret santa, insta, etc. who are basically posting proof of being lolita is high enough for this whole "cgl isn't even mostly lolitas!!" thing to be just stupid.

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I wouldn't say most of cgl isn't lolitas, but we do have roleplayers occasionally. There was some anon in one of the past feel threads who shit themselves when they were told that "armchair lolita" isn't a thing and they're not lolitas if they don't wear the clothes, and it wasn't an isolated incident.
There are lolitas on cgl but judging by the things some anons say and post, there are plenty of itas and roleplayers too.

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This is really a baseless meme because how the fuck would you know. However, when someone like OP comes along and uses words like "toxic" and divide and conquer tactics, it's obvious they're some kind of offended tumblr user.

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Nah, you don't gotta be a tumblrite to know /cgl got a shit attitude

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Have you been to lolcow? There's many threads dedicated to cosplayers. Mariah is considered one of the main cows and cosplayers obviously go in there giving milk on her. How do you think there's so many screencaps on her?

Trying to brush it off like cosplayers aren't as toxic, if not much more, is stupid. Not only is cosplay bigger, but there's more cows, and men are into it too so you get so many more creep stories.

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Can't wait for another thread about how women are supposedly ruining the cosplay community from the cosplayers on here.

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I honestly would take even slower posting over my local Lolita comm taking over the con threads for my local area, making it about Lolita drama, and shitposting then to death. It seems like even threads that are explicitly con threads and cosplay threads attract lolitas who want to start shit

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Women are always the problem anon, we’ve been toxic and petty since eve. /s

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Lolcow is awful and the only cosplay thread I was in on there I was banned from because after people asking me about cosplays, it cane out I was a guy and that's a bannable offense on there I guess. That place is pretty damn anti-male and anti-cosplay except for drama

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You don't want a board slower than /cgl/. I don't know where you live, but most con threads I see are full of cosplayers.

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>since eve
>ignoring lilith who was such a bitch god had to admit he fucked up

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Read the rules next time you retard.

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Its a dumb rule
>Post about cosplay
>Someone asks more about the cosplays I do, asks for a pic
>Post it with face cut out
>They ask about how I did binding/padding
>Not at all, I don't have to bind
>Wait are you a guy
>Yeah I'm a guy
Boom, banned. What a joke of a chan

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Most lolitas do not cosplay. Most lolitas who come to cgl do cosplay, because there's no good reason to come to this place as a lolita if you don't cosplay. Unless you want a place to be salty on anon. The cosplay side of this board is significantly more useful and real than the lolita side where half of the posts are made up.

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>I only saw one cosplay thread when there's many
>I'm a male
>I was banned for male attention seeking on lolcow

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cry harder

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It's only a dumb rule because it hurts your feefees. It's in place for a reason.

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Did you not read my other post? I never walked into a thread and said "hey I'm a guy give me attention ladies". I stayed anonymous, and based on my cosplays I did, got outed and was banned for existing while male. It's a dumb way to run a community, especially when people aren't causing issues.

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You didn't "get outed", you confirmed yourself you were male.

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>no good reason to come to /cgl/ if you're a lolita
Fuck off, stupid cross-boarding man. There's always multiple active threads that thrive, tons of female centric threads here, and honestly, there's more of those threads than cosplay threads. What you mean to say is,
>wahh I'm a fucking stupid man, therefore we should ban lolitas. they're anti-male because they call me out

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I know because of all the misinformation in the lolita threads, the obvious bait that people jump on, the fake stories, the focus on what happens on facebook (which role-players easily have access to even if it's comm drama), the sissies on tumblr talking about how much they like it when they lose an argument on cgl...
I've never seen someone say "I pretend to be a cosplayer" in a confessions thread.
In cosplay threads it's more focussed on real life events.

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Is there a difference? It shouldn't be a problem if people aren't asking for attention and are just participating in a thread normally. I swear sometimes it's like cgl is a bunch if underageb& who have never gotten past the "boys are gross" stage in their life.

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>There's always multiple active threads that thrive
Where are they?

>> No.9943971

That's not my post dumbass, if you're gonna talk shit say it to my face and not some random poster.

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>go to a place that has a rule against saying you're a male
>say you're a male
>cri when banned

Really? And we're the immature ones?

>> No.9943974

Yeah, if you're so immature you can't handle half the world's population existing you have serious mental issues lmao. Maybe r9k is more your speed anon.

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most people here are here for lolita

>> No.9943977

There are more female centric threads here because there are millions of men on the internet who have "pretending to be a woman" as a secret hobby. Also I wouldn't say the lolita threads are thriving, they are slower and there are less of them since we moved to discord.

>> No.9943980 [DELETED] 

Where is your handler? I can only assume you're retarded if you go to a place that has a rule and break the rule and get upset about it after.

>> No.9943981

Fuck you. Go look at the catalog. There's more lolita and girl threads than cosplay.

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>we moved to discord

lmao fuck off. Every discord that's come off of here is absolute garbage.

>> No.9943989

>the sissies on tumblr talking about how much they like it when they lose an argument on cgl
What the fuck? You don't happen to have caps as an example, do you?

>> No.9943990

The only good ones are the ones that have proper vetting to keep autistism and 4chan culture to a minimum.
Chan culture and discord don't mix well at all

>> No.9943991

Are you guys retarded? There used to be way more active fashion threads. In the girly thread they are actually complaining about it and several lolita inspiration threads have died because lolitas only seem to care about bait threads these days.

>> No.9943992

True, and cosplay threads are more condensed because lolitas screech if we take up more than a certain amount on the board. So, we have these massive generals instead of 1 thread for every series it style of cosplay

>> No.9943993

>/cgl/ lolitas are actually men pretending
Go to /r9k/ if you unironically believe that they're all men.
>lolita threads are slower
Also, how the fuck would you know? You can't even read the rules of these boards and can't even look up threads.

>> No.9943994

You say this while replying in a bait thread that focuses on anti-male shitposting and shit slinging between cosplay and lolita

>> No.9943996 [DELETED] 

Then why have a discord for a 4chan board?

>> No.9943998

There is no universal cgl discord. There are a bunch if different cosplay comms and fashion styles that have their own. The few I've seen not get taken over by either lolcow or r9k/pol shit are the ones where they make you prove yourself to be a member first and they cut out the spergs at the beginning.

>> No.9943999 [DELETED] 

>there is no universal cgl discord

Except there have been, and they've all been shit, which is what was stated previously. I don't think you come here regularly.

>> No.9944001

some lolita comms have their own discord now

>> No.9944002

Nobody said it's a cgl discord

>> No.9944003

>lolitas screech if we take up more than a certain amount on the board
Who actually cares about this other than the occasional cosplayer bitching about how "lolitas took over cgl"? I've never seen a single lolita complain about the amount of cosplay threads on here, probably because we don't actually give a shit.

>> No.9944004

There hasn't been any "official" cgl discord for at least a year and a half. The only ones that are broad enough are the vetting Lolita discord which doesn't cover cosplay or various regional cosplay discords that don't have lolita.

>> No.9944006 [DELETED] 

Learn to read senpai.

You must not come here often. There was one a few months ago.

>> No.9944007

That's because they bitch inside of the cosplay/convention threads about how it doesn't need to be a thread and "where is the tea party" along with the classic "why are you guys not talking about this brand? You all are itas"

>> No.9944008

I can pretty much guarantee I've been visiting here longer than you

>> No.9944009

Some substyles and other jfashions too. I was in a ''girly kei'' discord that was pretty broad but it was deleted because she didn't promote it and it was dead :(

>> No.9944011

>Learn to read senpai.
>we moved to discord
no you

>> No.9944014 [DELETED] 

>XDdd i've been here so much longer than u i am teh oldfeg

I really doubt you've been here longer than me, I've been here since the fapdays

>intentionally deflecting the point

This is how you know someone fucked up and doesn't want to admit it.

>> No.9944015

You must be new here if you're still getting smacked with the word filter in every post

>> No.9944016

The board is called Cosplay and Gothic Lolita. You fucking moron. Lolitas can talk in a thread about cons because they attend them. Hell, lolita related guests are big deals at many conventions and lolita communities almost always attend and have their own panels and events.

>> No.9944017

Oh man so you're a newfag and underageb&, what a combo

>> No.9944018

I mean, it makes sense that a con that offers lolita content and has a thread on here would have lolitas posting in said thread. Why does that bother you?
>"why are you guys not talking about this brand? You all are itas"
>this totally happens you guise

>> No.9944020

Have you been in any of the Midwest con threads? It's more than discussing Lolita, they talk shit about any con without a tea party and detail threads to try to get back at cosplayers enjoying a convention they don't like.

The Chicago comm is notorious for this. They derail any Chicago convention thread if the con doesn't have at least 2 brands attending and accuse everyone in the thread of being shills and rapists

>> No.9944021


Look at the anime Midwest thread then if you think it doesn't happen. The Chicago comm was so mad that they had to cut back and had no official tea party that they squaked about the con chair being a rapist along with anyone who wanted to talk about the con until he showed up to defend himself.

>> No.9944023

''we moved to discord'' means lolitas started to use discord, it doesn't say which server.

>> No.9944024 [DELETED] 

I don't care about the word filters you onions candyass roodypoo baka desu senpai

Confirmed to have been here far shorter than me

>> No.9944025

Get off the fucking board, newfag.

>> No.9944027

Ugh I hate lolitas like that. They need to organise their own lolita events. Con tea-parties are the worst.

>> No.9944028

Wow what a comeback to my post. How can a recover now that someone who was btfo called me a newfag?

>> No.9944029

Are you the same anon that bitched about the Chicago comm in the unpopular opinion threads? Your raging hateboner is embarrassing at this point, dude.

>> No.9944035

Same person yeah, and it's still frustrating how lolitas act like they're perfect little angels and throw such tantrums when other people enjoy non-lolita things in a relevant board

>> No.9944037

If you're dumb enough to think "cosplay and gothic lolita" is only one or the other, please go back to whatever trash board you came from.
Stupid male monkey anon.

>> No.9944039

Lolitas can post in whatever thread they want and if there's lolita guests or big lolita events at Midwest, then they're more than relevant there.

>> No.9944040

Where did I say it had to be one or the other? It's annoying as fuck that lolitas cant share a common thread without losing their shit over cosplay existing or things outside of Lolita existing

>> No.9944042

Sorry about your autism, but I've never seen a lolita have problem with cosplay in a con thread. You clearly don't understand how our board culture works.

>> No.9944044

So then I take it you didn't actually take a look at that thread.
Lolitas came in and bitched because the con had to cut back on budget and since Lolita was the smallest group, the brand guests and tea party went.
They yelled and yelled, throwing a tantrum and derailing the thread multiple times to the point where a janitor had to camp the thread.

It eventually got to the point where the con chair had to come in and dump a wall of text about why he cut Lolita events this year and to defend himself against people calling him a rapist.
That's way more than just talking about lolita anon.

>> No.9944047

So then you didn't read that thread I mentioned at all? There's plenty in there if you weren't so dense

>> No.9944049

Okay but how is whatever happened in that specific thread relevant to all lolitas in general, or even what happens on this board in general? You really need to reconsider your life, it really is embarrassing to see you still harping about this.

>> No.9944050

So you're coming to complain about lolita on a mostly lolita dominated board? You're in the wrong neighborhood, kid.

I couldn't care less about your stupid con drama. Everything you stated is entirely related to Midwest, lolita vs rapists at the con included. Not everyone cares about your stupid local drama.

>> No.9944053

look at the thread son

>> No.9944055

NAYRT, but lolitas are the weeby prudes on this board that bash every female not 90 lb or modestly dressed.

>> No.9944057

>This never happens
>Ok here's a time when it does happen
>Well, that's not relevant #notalllolitas
You said it never happened and I showed at least one time it did happen where lolitas came into a cosplay/con thread to bitch about cosplayers and convention shit.

>> No.9944059

Are you implying lolitas are the ones bitching about costhots? lmao

>> No.9944064

From my time in a cgl discord, the people who cried about them the most were 17 year old lolitas who asked around for sugar daddies

>> No.9944069

Already did. Am I supposed to care about some con I don't go to? I'm glad it's all there as a containment thread. Lolitas can bitch about your local con chair rapist or Midwest drama all they want because it's a Midwest thread. Same goes for cosplayers ranting about Midwest. You don't get to pick and choose.

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File: 257 KB, 1250x1194, IMG_20170428_185017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exactly anon

>> No.9944073

Your post confuses me since you said it never happens but now that you're proven wrong all you care about is "lol flyover state who cares"

>> No.9944075

the rapist stuff is unrelated to lolitas. they are complaining about their not being a lolita tea-party at a con.

>> No.9944077

You know there's more than one anon on this board, right? You're replying to different people.

>> No.9944080

It is a flyover state and I don't care. Cry me a river. So lolitas talked about tea parties in a thread that involves them too and it rustled your jimmies.

I get the feeling you're con staff, from all these posts.

>> No.9944082

To clarify
>Con has budget issues
>Con chair looks at what he can reasonably cut
>Lolita tea party ends up on the block
>Lolitas get mad about it
>Accuse him if being a rapist because there's no tea party
It's maximum petty and the rapist stuff only happens in the threads where there's a weak lolita lineup or no tea party.

>> No.9944084

So can anyone tell me if there actually is a decent lolita discord not overrun by either crossboarders or lolitas-at-heart?

>> No.9944085

Let me just say we have two thoughts. You have groups that are wondering why the gulls never took the server. Why haven't they taken the server? Why were gulls told to leave discord after vetting? I've been wondering that. I've been asking that for months and months. And I've been tweeting it out and calling it out on 4chan. Where is the server? I want to know, where is the server and what is the server saying? With that being said, all I can do is ask the question.

>> No.9944086

Maybe we can make a thread and discuss setting up one? This thread is just pure garbage and made by some angry staff member from Midwest.

>> No.9944088

What's wrong with the vetted one and local comm servers?

>> No.9944089

Maybe you should learn to follow rules instead of expecting them to be bent to your pleasing.

>> No.9944091

Where are those servers? They're missing. Where are they? What happened to Hillary Clinton's emails?

>> No.9944092

Lolitas aren't necessarily the most toxic, they just take less bullshit. Cosplayers see negativity every day and they don't nip it in the bud before it gets out of control. Case and point: the current situation with a certain hentai cow cosplayer. (For the love of God don't mention her name so we can keep the discussion going)

Lolitas, however, see someone doing something stupid and they're almost immediately called out for it.

Turning a blind eye doesn't mean you're positive, but it isn't toxic to handle an issue quickly either

>> No.9944094

My comm doesn't have a discord and I was in the vetted one ages ago and left because it was shit, but maybe it got better? Haven't seen a link to it posted in ages though.

>> No.9944099

Nah honey, it's made by me. Someone who lurked cgl for long enough to realize lolitas are just catty women who don't want to grow up.

Salty ana chans that hate costhots, whilst simultaneously being too insecure to even post themselves.

Honestly all I did was post like 2 replies, and bam! You kids shitted up the thread in no time. Which exactly proves my point.

Too much salt

>> No.9944100

It's not great but it's better than cgl currently imo. But it's really dumb that they only let 1 person post in the new releases channel and almost everything she posts is crap Chinese photos from weibo even though the brand already posted good quality photos on their twitter and I could have posted those way quicker than her.

>> No.9944102 [DELETED] 

>comes to cgl
>acts surprised by salt

I don't think you've lurked looking at all

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File: 68 KB, 607x607, 1531058052018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To be fair lolitas find everything to be stupid so they shit up any post depicting another female.

Case in point the cult kei thread. Someone posts something useful and meaningful and bam!

>Sorry about your nose

>> No.9944108

I also thought that was pretty dumb and I left it too.

>> No.9944110

Post a link then.

>> No.9944111


Oh no honey, I'm not surprised I'm just entertained by how gullible and fragile gulls are.

Everyone cries about each others insecurities and can't see eye to eye.

The salt is blinding, it's just funny how aggressive cgl gets over dumb shit.
Learn to read

>> No.9944112 [DELETED] 

Sorry someone left a ~uwu bullying~ comment about your nose, but to be fair, you should put stickers over your face all the time if you have a honker that puts zach braffs to shame

>> No.9944114 [DELETED] 

>i-i'm not mad i-i'm entertained

Salty newfag confirmed.

>> No.9944116

There we go, the expected response.

>someone made a commentary I disagree with OMG IT MUST BE A ((YOU)) HAHA GOT U XDDDDDDDD

No kiddo, I'm not that anon either.

Good job taking the bait though, you're really smart!

>> No.9944118 [DELETED] 

>made a commentary
>tries to insinuate others are dumb


>> No.9944122

Who told you the anon that posted that is a lolita?

>> No.9944124

Why would I be mad though, it seems like you're the one attacking people.

Idk, but if you think calling someone a newfag is a good insult I really wonder what you consider an oldfag to be.

Oh wait you don't really know, because you aren't one.

Making a real argument will help you be taken seriously in life, I hope my advice helps you.

>> No.9944127 [DELETED] 

I've been on 4chan since like 2006, you know, when you were just turning a year old.

>> No.9944128

Buddy, I've done my fair share of troll posting. The response from lolita threads is overbearingly similar to the cattiness found in non-exclusive threads.

(Ever wonder why crafting threads are dead?)

>> No.9944130
File: 325 KB, 1125x1305, 98aef30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doesn't notice they're fitting the image stereotype


Nice one anon!

>> No.9944138 [DELETED] 

nayrt but by the way you type anyone can see that you are new. unless you're intentionally trying to come off as retarded. in that case, congrats.

>> No.9944140

Anon, by how badly you guys can't distinguish bait from real posts I'm quite concerned by what you consider an oldfag to be.

>buh buh newfag
>buh buh summerfag
>buh buh someone proved me wrong and I don't know how to react so I'll show off my superiority complex and state that I'm an oldfag

>> No.9944142 [DELETED] 

Why are you so concerned with what other people consider to be oldfags? This is your second post asking a second person about it. Classic deflection.

>> No.9944147

>doesn't realize you're just further proving the stereotype

It takes more than one person for a stereotype to be true anon

>> No.9944149 [DELETED] 

>everyone besides me is just proving a stereotype!!

You do realize that YOU are just proving the stereotype of newfags being absolutely retarded?

>> No.9944153

Anon, I hope you realize this is 2 trolls thinking they're trolling each other.

>> No.9944161
File: 156 KB, 600x847, 1529258165871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they should just delet cgl already desu
Or ban everyone who isn't me. We need heavier moderation.
Also please give everyone who starts a new feel thread a permaban

>> No.9944163 [DELETED] 

>or ban everyone who isn't me

Why would they leave only one angry newfag?

>> No.9944164

>someone who disagrees with me is new

Anon I've been here for a few years, and on other boards for much longer.

You're just proving my point, you kids can't do anything well except for shit up every thread.

>> No.9944175

confirmed cross-boarder

>> No.9944177

>Many lolitas also cosplay
Anon said many lolitas cosplay, not most lolitas cosplay. You're actually agreeing with them.

>> No.9944190

And yet the board quality would increase 999%
>angry newfag
Where did that came from? Are you bad at reading moods?

>> No.9944217

They should actually ban feels threads. They always stray so far from topic and tend to be full of people just saying shit from /adv/ or /r9k/ if bit actual gender or political bait. In fact, there's a whole discord of crossboarders from r9k dedicated to making those threads and shitposting in them

>> No.9944257

You sound like you're bitter that your local lolita community didn't accept your lolita 'cosplay'.

>> No.9944274

>ITT: angry summerfriends with thin skins and no shame trying to change what works perfectly well in every other season.

the in-fighting is so obviously between newbs. there's rudeness and vendettas here sure but we self-police pretty well and generally have a good time and nice discussions.

Many gulls are both cosplayers and JFashers. anyone with "board crit" should just leave.

>> No.9944417

>ban the containment thread

That's a horrible idea

>> No.9944422

Containment threads don't work when they give people a place to be on the board. It's like how /pol/ failed to be a containment board and you see shit from them all over the site even on unrelated topics

>> No.9944455

I love that this comment proves their point. nice one, anon.

>> No.9944457

>Lolitas, however, see someone doing something stupid and they're almost immediately called out for it.

yeah, they call you out online with the safety of anonymity, most people on here pretend to be frilly little friendlies irl.

>> No.9944468

Honestly, I wonder why /cgl/ is such a shithole compared to other boards. I know lolitas aren't always going to be super regal or whatever, but a lot of other boards that encourage selfposting like /fa/ and /soc/ are generally pretty positive. there's a lot of people who quickly fall for bait, get angry about little details in someones face (like people will complain someones eyebrows aren't perfectly even), and get mad if any positive comments happen. Like say someone is pretty in the CoF thread, and there's gonna be a troll who gets mad about it. So-genuinely curious- why are people on /cgl/ so bitter compared to other boards? not saying any board is perfect, but i swear this board is /r9k/ levels of sad sometimes. I feel like it's easy to point fingers and say "well because the board is mostly female", but I know a lot of girls in my life who aren't as bitter as some on /cgl/. what gives? why are we so bitter and prone to bait?

>> No.9944469

/fa/ is only positive if you're up on current fashion trends and hype. /soc/ is only positive if you're a girl

>> No.9944488

As someone that has been visiting this board for nearly a decade, I can honestly say that it wasn't always this bad. It seems like /cgl/ has regressed and adopted that early 2000s "you can't be nice or you're a newfag," "final boss of the internet" 4chan mentality. Hell, you' can see it now, people posting unnecessarily aggressive responses to compliments in the CoF thread, and attacking people for selfposting in the IG thread, and then telling you to "go back to Facebook" if you ask why they're being such a cunt. Back in the LJ days, /cgl/ was seen as being super catty, and by today's standards, it would have been considered vendetta central, but it was hardly ever as aggressive as it is today. Lolitas have never been the most stable bunch, but as the community grows, it's just reaching absurd levels.

>> No.9944495

Why are feels threads the only ones that actually have people posting in it? There's like a new one every other day.

>> No.9944497

No, various mods in the Lolita community groups actually talk with one another and depending on the severity of the offense some people get banned from any and all groups. There's a blacklist. One person was so butthurt that they tried making their own comm after screwing up so bad that they have no chance of being in an actual comm anymore.

>> No.9944506

there are a lot of crossboarders that show up for summer cons. They can't contribute to many threads, but an off topic thread like the feels thread they can shitpost in all day

>> No.9944510

Because 90% of this board (both cosplayers and lolitas) are neurotic af.

>> No.9944516
File: 12 KB, 184x184, 1503208546298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to scream out "because the board is 90% women so of course all they want to talk about is feels" but /r9k/ exists. But I'm still going to say it anyway.

>> No.9944535

Cgl seems to be more lolita focused, it used to have more cosplay and jfash.
I also suppose the lack of stalking lolcows posts is what makes this board less interesting.

>> No.9944683

Board invaders. I don't ever post their because it's so obvious half the people are cross-boarding males. I have no idea why we even have a feels thread as it's really unrelated to our board content.

>> No.9944704

As much as I personally would like it separately, I know they would both just end up as dead boards.

I’m pretty strictly into the jfash/lolita side of things but it does kind of make me sad seeing how much fewer threads there are available for cosplay.

Definitely agree that the toxicity levels are killing it off, mainly with the constant vendetta posting. I like the drama, gossip and all that but in smaller doses and not petty, meaningless shit between some mutual comm members nobody knows or gives a shit about.

There’s also a lot more jumping down other anons throats over the very slightest disagreement than there was when I first started lurking here. CGL can be a great resource but lately there’s just way to much unnecessary salt to dig through.

>> No.9944710

>constant vendetta posting

I really wish people could go back in time when we had actual vendetta threads here so they'd cut this bs whining about how something they don't agree with being bad is vendetta

>> No.9944717

Cosplay and conventions have been dying in general that's what's killing your shit

>> No.9944721

What cons have been dying? Can you name some? I haven't heard about this.

>> No.9944728

If there were a vendetta thread back in the day full of this shit then what makes you think cgl is any different now that there’s nowhere to contain it?

I do agree with you that too many idiots do cry vendetta over minuscule shit.

>> No.9944733


Before catalog, there used to be not one, but literally 10 threads of our queen every day.

Whoever was deemed cosplay whore of the month would also have approximately 3-4 threads.

If you think this is bad, this board literally used to be vendetta threads. It was terrible. This is much more civilized.

>> No.9944738
File: 105 KB, 567x709, tumblr_m21i759ipi1qf2xeyo1_640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9944778

I'd take 2 slow boards than 1 shitted up one. The thread imbalance probably couldn't get much worse.

>> No.9944787

The thing is cosplay, con culture, and lolita culture aren't things that are booming every single day.
Personal feelings are something you deal with every single day and every single minute, meaning you always have something to post about. Daily progress posting could be a thing, but we all know that goes.

Yeah, /cgl/ only turns into vendetta mode in the middle of big threads. Kids these days don't remember when vendetta threads were so bad there would be vendettas within vendetta posters

>> No.9944812

>Cosplay and conventions are dying!!1!!

This reminds me of the whole
>lolita is dying!!11!!

Getting real tired of seeing people saying this, cosplay/conventions aren't dying they're just changing especially with them becoming more popular.

>> No.9944886

If only Discord could be added to the global spam list.

>> No.9944887


I sort of miss them. They were really fun.

The other one was the very firrst time I came here I was a starry eyed idiot who bought into fanservice cosplay bullshit but then it turned out that evilukesora's ex gf was likely cheating on her and went with a dude literally 48 hours after she dumped her. That was an eye opener.

>> No.9944936

It would honestly be way funnier to have discord word filtered to something like AIM or other long gone chat programs

>> No.9944941

>defaulting to insults
This is a problem among 4chan in general, honestly.

>> No.9944944

It's particularly a problem on boards especially where people try to prove how old fag final boss of the internet they are

>> No.9944962 [DELETED] 

It's way different now. You can't single anyone out maliciously without getting banned. The farm is there for actual vendettas now.

>> No.9945011

That was really fucking funny too

>> No.9945085

...you know you could just ask for permission to post in that section? There was literally nothing stopping you from posting there other than not wanting to open your bitch mouth

>> No.9945088

was on just on /fa/ and the instagram thread is almost entirely positive, unlike here, when every post gets someone to say something negative, plus they even have a pooly dressed thread and there are tons of people defending the posts people are making. Not saying we should be a hug box, there's just very little positivity coming out of this board, it's really cringe. I can't really vouch for /soc/ but the times i've been on there it's less angry there. People on here get angry for no damn reason, or very small, sensitive reasons.

I agree, I've been on here for a while (not that long, about 5 years) and after leaving for a year to check out /co/ more and other boards, coming back here was like walking in on a fire. people here are just way worse than ever.

>> No.9945096

Only 1 person is allowed to post there.

>> No.9945101

Idk what threads you're going on, but every /fa/ thread I've been in has had people screaming dadcore, poorfag, etc at each other.
Maybe it's that you're a female, since /fa/ almost never has anything bad to say about females who post on there

>> No.9945137

Why y'all not posting the link to the damn vetted discord? Is it some sort of secret now?

>> No.9945140

It's dead, it died because it was too strict. Other discords died because they're too open and 4chan drama and autism makes people leave after a while.

>> No.9945142

Keep LARPers out of this, we keep pretending we're knights, you guys can keep pretending you're interested in this fashion because of what it is and not the fact you're too much of a 4.5/10 to have any ground in just looking good.

>> No.9945153 [DELETED] 

I got kicked off for not posting for two days while I was in the hospital. They're too strict like

>> No.9945169

I'm surprised they actually have a few people in that comm

>> No.9945178

So you joined, posted once, then didn't post again, and now you're upset you got kicked (not banned) right? Because the server is far from dead

>> No.9945179

I didn't look at this thread before because I thought it would be full of bait so.. here you go https://discord.gg/7Xdf6E

>> No.9945183 [DELETED] 

No? I joined, talked for a week, got sick and had to go to the hospital and returned to find I got kicked off for being "inactive" for less than 48 hours.

>> No.9945184

I was removed too but I had never said anything before and they re-added me when I asked

>> No.9945186

so your first instinct is to come on here and bawwwww instead of messaging one of the mods to let you back in

>> No.9945189 [DELETED] 

Kek be more salty. It's relevant to the discussion. It was brought up and I decided to share my own experience.

>> No.9945193

you could've also decided to use your brain like >>9945184 did fampai

>> No.9945195 [DELETED] 

Except I don't want to be back in the group? I would have attempted to rejoin if I did. Why are you this defensive? Are you an admin there or friends with one? I genuinely can't think of another reason you'd be upset about someone sharing an unpleasant experience with the discord. Unless you're just retarded.

>> No.9945198

Is it just me or is this board crawling worse than usual lately?

I thought summer was supposed to increase posts.

>> No.9945199

I meant people who come to this board to pretend to be women not goobers in chain mail.

>> No.9945202

>i got kicked cuz they're too strict!1!1!
>i didn't want to be in the group ANYWAYS

>> No.9945205 [DELETED] 

>not answering the question

So I'm going to go ahead and assume I'm right that you're a mod or a friend of one and give you the benefit of the doubt that you aren't retarded

>> No.9945232

its been like this for a while. only bait threads get activity.

>> No.9945233

The discords on cgl are notoriously hugboxxy and members fight to the death fir their server for no good reason

>> No.9945252

I've never posted on there nor pointed out my gender. I'm talking about the comments i see.

>> No.9945399

Whenever the links to the discords are posted, the threads are deleted very quickly. I'm not sure why this happens. As far as I know, it's not against the rules.
Check the really bad /r/lolita subreddit. The links to them are up there. I don't want to post them here just to have my comment removed and be unable to post for like a week

>> No.9945406 [DELETED] 

It's against global rules ya twat

>> No.9945434

>/fa/ is positive

Maybe if you're an ana-chan with a cute face. Normal thin girls get called fat there

No. Fuck off, degenerate. I do not want to see penis rate threads or some gross attention whore camgirl

This board is okay most of the time, our jannies work hard with all the fucking trolls we get

>> No.9945439


Whats /o/ have to do with this?

>> No.9945443


Well it does sound unreasonable, its not like he was trying anything weird

>> No.9945462

/co/ is a shit heap of thirsty fucks trying to post cartoon porn on a blue board. Even /v/ is less shit than /co/.

>> No.9945470

honestly i don't mind it, people aren't shitting on eachother constantly there like they do here, which is a lot nicer, and people there don't fall for bait all the damn time

>> No.9945477

Agreed anon. I frequent here and /co/ a lot and /co/ is very... /co/ but I like it there a lot more

>> No.9945536


Same, /co/ has its eccentricities but its a lot more nicer

>> No.9945674

Alright gulls so I think the best thing we can do it not shit up threads.

and contribute to positive ones.

>> No.9945929

I don't want to post there but I just want her to stop using those shitty weibo pictures

>> No.9945931

No it isn't

>> No.9945957

Trans, butthurt crybabies, and sensitive jannys are what are killing the board. The jannys delete large portions of conversations. That's why I left. I post on tv and skim here every few weeks. Not worth posting. The jannys will delete this next week.

>> No.9945965

Ok, don't let the door hit you on the way out xD

>> No.9946252

At least they don't constantly fall for low quality bait like this board does that derails every thread.

>> No.9946254

I think at this point there are so many trolls and role-players on this board they willingly take it

>> No.9946269

No board is good with bait. Everyone says to not feed the trolls but they reply every single time just to get the last reply, no matter the board. It would be nice though if jannies here could spend less time trying to turn this into the farm and more time just removing bait threads

>> No.9946337

>complains but doesn't want to help fix said complaint
you really are the embodiment of cgl

>> No.9946352

Lol wow, I really want to join your cult-like server now. /s

>> No.9946386

If one post on cgl can make you not want to join, it's good that you don't join. Lots of people roleplay as members of the server or were in it for a short time and can't judge, you're taking the bait.
The people who enjoy being there stay and that's what matters. The mods will listen to any suggestions and see what they can do about it. This server is by far the nicest one and I enjoy spending time talking with everyone.

>> No.9946395

Buddy, YOU are killing the board. If a thread has an OBJECTIVE and you derail it with your salt, who's really to blame.

Look I don't want cgl to be Tumblr, but it should be productive. You don't have to be an SJW, just don't derail by taking bait.

>> No.9946397

Alright OP here, but a lot of you gulls do have really insightful opinions. Although this thread has had a few hiccups, it has redeemed itself. That's what's important.

I'm proud of you guys :')

>> No.9946411

I hope you left then. We don’t need whiney bitches like you in there to begin with. If you’re too shady to make a comment about it in the server feedback you can make like a birb and go back to gooses server

>> No.9946541

kill the bad cosplay threads
make more educational threads instead of trying to tear other people down it doesn't accomplish anything

If you don't try to make people better, you can't complain when they fail imo.

If anything is killing both cosplay and lolita, it's going to be elitist cucks that complain on the board and don't contribute to help our community.

>> No.9946751

>What do you think is killing the board?
Women. Not even kidding.
You have to be mentally damaged to visit 4chan. You have to be even more damaged to post. However, this affects men and women differently.
Men tend to be less personal so if someone posts something they disagree with, they insult each other for a bit, which slowly fades into an actual discussion (e.g. “I like X more” – “Are you literally retarded?” – “Well, why would you prefer Y? X has better A.” – “That’s your opinion, but…” and so on).
Women tend to be more personal, especially the ones here on /cgl/. So once they feel attacked, there is no going back and there will not be any kind of discussion.
I like to post on other boards because you can talk to people, disagree with them and have some form of discussion. You cannot disagree with people on /cgl/. Once you do, they feel attacked and will keep insulting you however reasonable you respond. On the contrary, if you don’t start insulting back, they seem to take it as a form of weakness and turn it up to eleven.

/cgl/ really is the worst board on 4chan when it comes to discussing opinions.

>> No.9946752

I think most of the people who post here trolling or being mega cunts are kids who shouldn't even be on this site.

>> No.9946885

Speaking as an oldfag I gotta say this board did a great job stomping out community and interaction.

The fact that self post threads are gone and people are afraid to post their own outfits here is indictive of the board's state

>> No.9946889

So, you got into a fight with a lolita here and she rightfully ripped you apart. Got it.

>> No.9946892

Honestly there are huge issues stemming from the tripfags that stayed and the huge amount if bad x threads. I blame the lolitas since there is usually multiple it's threads going and they love talking shit.
I stopped posting in WIP threads after my pics got lifted and dumped in a bad cosplay thread. Pissed me off to see a costest photo with half finished props posted as if that was the final thing

>> No.9946902

Hiro doesnt care about this board so nothing will ever change

>> No.9946910

Ita threads once served a purpose: They showcased what not to wear, usually with anons actually outlining what makes a coord ita. Not anymore. Now it's coords that are fine but the person wearing them is fat and ugly, so if you're looking at the coord and trying to find ways to avoid the same mistake, you only get "don't be fat and ugly lol" which isn't helpful. It doesn't help that the average woman is seen as morbidly obese in /cgl/'s eyes, but after nine years, it gets old watching the same boring chubsters with the same boring but passable coords get posted along with autistic screetching.

>> No.9947226

You're so right, but anyone who complains about it is a "newfag", or got their "feefees hurt".

Cgl loves to hate on Tumblr for being asspat central, but cgl is their extreme opposite. Where everyone is so salty that's impossible to maintain productive threads.
Both are bad, and we are losing the balance to even make it much better.

>> No.9947229

This is such a problem, thread posts and just vengeful, no one seems to care about noticing that a cosplay is half-done, it's like everything not Jannetin tier is bad. Even things in progress.

>> No.9947231

This is so true, it's really vain. Lolita got pulled away from being a fashion, and into being a template. Where honestly only semi-asian Ana chans ever get asspats.

No one improves from this interaction

>> No.9947255


I only go on the store related threads these days since they’re the only helpful ones providing links to cute clothes and stuff. I hate all the petty shit that comes out of the self post insta thread, it scares people with decent instagrams away.
And the obsessions people have with drama is also a problem, it’s always the about same fucking people too. I don’t know how people can stay invested in things like that for so long, like drama based places like lolcow get so exhausting real fast with all the negativity, embarrassing infighting, and sperging about petty shit no one cares about. I wouldn’t completely blame Lolita’s since cosplayers also tend to get caught up in drama aswell

>> No.9947283 [DELETED] 

That's the same way cosplay has become on here too. There was one dude from a couple cosplay discords on here. Dude kept ranting about real cosplayers and how only thin Asian girls/traps who cosplay waifus are real cosplayers.
Man, he was mentally unhinged, threatened to kill someone for touching his daki, and another for taking his stuff to the lobby after checkout instead of leaving it for the cleaners

>> No.9948296

Now that blogs are dead, I find there's a lack of plain old discussion about the fashion itself, like reviews of brand pieces and talking about past and future trends. I know there's sometimes threads about that like right now, but it's not really the main focus of the (lolita half) of the board. There's also been some gulls saying they'd like to start YouTube channels with that sort of content instead of the Lolita 101 crap we currently have, and while that would be a welcome change, I feel like there's not much in the meantime, until that happens.

I guess starting this thread >>9948233 is my sad attempt to change this, but I don't really expect it to take off.

>> No.9948574

I've not been posting lately because of all the bait. Just lurking.

>> No.9949428
File: 78 KB, 282x300, 1503712031923.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While there's a Hiroshi approved one meta thread, why is it that whenever sex gets brought up or even so much as implied that gulls get immediately triggered?

>> No.9949701

because there is a group of lolcow crossboarders who show up and immediately have to criticize men every time they post anything. Look at the friend finder thread and how that always turns to shit when a guy posts or one of them says no men be friends with me, men are gross.

Guys who have been in cosplay for years and been on here for as long get mad because we have been told for a long ass time that we're some problem and we need to respect women, but then we get the boot when some teenage girls think boys are gross and want to make this a girls only club.

Than, it's usually just trolls trolling trolls after the first 10 or so posts.

>> No.9949702

I have a different discord just for my comm and I don't want to improve yours lol

>> No.9949704

I think it's because this is the only place where people who don't wear lolita can discuss lolita. Normal lolitas can just give feedback in the actual CoF facebook group and discuss things with their comm members, but ''lolitas at heart'' can only comment here on anon.

>> No.9949718

I think anon meant sex as in the act/fucking. There's been a recent influx of posts with "lolitas" describing how they have sex in random threads.

>> No.9951748

Probably because describing your sex life is weird and off topic. Being a lolita doesn't make everything you do relevant to the board and most people don't want to hear about your sex life.

>> No.9951957

you will never convince everyone to get separate boards until there is enough original content that threads do not linger for weeks.


or stop complaining

>> No.9952065

whats killing this board is people replying immediately to VERY obvious bait

>I mean being the frilly lovechild of lolcow/pull cattiness and /r9k cancer is pretty bad.
i feel this whole damn thread is bait because a regular here isn't retarded enough to say something like this

>> No.9954839

It's not bait anon, and they amount of anons here bitching about how shit the board feels is more than enough proof.

Stop being catty

>> No.9954952

This. The board's criticism and nitpicking doesn't encourage me to improve my craft so that my cosplays get better, they just make me feel like it will never be good enough so why try?

Also any thread where anons post on topic questions are full of off topic arguments and the anons with questions are disregarded.

>> No.9954964

Are you retarded?

>> No.9954965

>I swing my dick back and fro
>why are banning meeeeeeeeeeeeee?

>the sissies on tumblr talking about how much they like it when they lose an argument on cgl...
They should be curbstomped but would probably enjoy that too.

>> No.9954966

Fuck off.

I could do with all the sperging about AP. It looks cheap. But I've been here since the days when M00t was wearing mini skirts.

>> No.9954968

Deets? I'm a lonelita at the edge of the world, and live for other people's grave fuck ups.

>> No.9954978

>Most lolitas who come to cgl do cosplay, because there's no good reason to come to this place as a lolita if you don't cosplay.
no one from my comm cosplay and we are actively around here.

check your facts before posting.

>> No.9955030

/cgl/ used to be so much fun until mods came and ruined it >:( also people who report posts. Like who even does that? People are such babies.

>> No.9955161

I feel like a lot of the real lolitas are just lurking and the people who are posting are often the roleplayers or people who come here with the sole intention to troll and shit up the board.

>> No.9955174

I don't think it would be hard to get the newer owner of 4chan to split the board - he just lets anything happen it seems.

But you'd have to post a thread about it on the proper board instead of directly here cause this won't fix anything.

>> No.9955231

Mfw thread talking about the over shoopedness of asian cosplayers gets removed.

But actual vendetta doesn't

>> No.9955232

>cry moar, you deserved it you waste of air.

>> No.9955286

I feel like every since this thread has been posted people are more aggro on calling out actual bs.

>> No.9955327
File: 226 KB, 690x920, 1489079996949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Women tend to be more personal, especially the ones here on /cgl/. So once they feel attacked, there is no going back and there will not be any kind of discussion.

Ntayrt, but I'm a real lolita and I've posted my wardrobe here before.
I see what the OP is talking about all the time. Anytime some gull feels attacked, they take it personally even if it isn't about them. They will make it about themselves. I lurk a lot of threads on here and I see it all the time. I've only been coming here for a couple of years now but this is what I have always seen.

Not only that but gulls have a terrible sense of humor and they still laugh at fucking LiveJournal memes from 2004. This board is just as sad and pathetic as r9k sometimes.

>inb4 you come here too
Yeah, I like reading the threads and observing the behavior of mental midgets.

>> No.9955336


>Mfw thread talking about the over shoopedness of asian cosplayers gets removed.
Yet in lolita, that's like a main topic always and everyone goes out of their to insist certain people shoop

Go to another fucking board where it's ok to shit on people then.

>> No.9955563

Learn to greentag newguy
You just stated you posted your wardrobe. I think that’s more than just lurking and observing anondiot
I defend myself stop victim blaming

>> No.9955749

Go and stay go. You are not wanted here.

>> No.9955755

Stop trying to boss me like that anon’s friend. You are no bossy friend of mine

>> No.9955807

I’m in the vetted one right now and I’m a gull, it’s wasn’t exactly like there was a purge. I recall there was one with vetting that required like a floordinate, one that required just a Facebook related to lolita, and one that had nothing.

>> No.9959810

>be op
>notice drama in thread has been deleted
But like, that's the point?? To call out idiots that cause thread drama and choose to preserve board toxicity

>> No.9959826

iGens are ruining the board. Born from 2001 onwards, these little fuckers are 10x the bad things people say about Millenials, and they're going to start being "adults" next year.

>> No.9960724

People getting salty in the patreon thread lmao.

Idk what this elitist mentality is.

If someone wants to thot out, it really isn't a big deal.

>But muh cosplay elitism
>but muh integrity

>> No.9960729

That thread is bait and you should feel bad about taking their counter bait

>> No.9960732

thread bait ain't the problem, the people who took the thread bait and getting salty are

>> No.9960758

but you took the bait that they left in response to your bait

>> No.9960765

a what?

>> No.9960767

>replying to soup

>> No.9960776

NAYRT but can this replying to soup shit stop.

Like it's old and unoriginal.
Discussion boards are just that, people replying to shit.

>> No.9960777

>replying to soup

>> No.9960783

stop replying to soup and feeding the trolls then

>> No.9960802

let's get real, it's probably soup doing it

>> No.9960806 [DELETED] 

which one of you is going to lez out with me

>> No.9960848

I like to eat soup

>> No.9960852

I feel like comms with excessive drama are killing much of this board. I can barely go into many lolita specific threads with some huge comm drama derailing the entire thing and 20 retards screaming “vendetta!!!” “Samefagging!!!!” at their own asses.

>> No.9960855

Look up Badouji/ Spencer

>> No.9960875

If that's the Spencer in Texas, he's still around here and seems to post moderately frequently. I had him for the secret santa last year, though hopefully not again as he sent my gift early and I never heard back from him the rest of the event.

>> No.9960887

Hey regular guy who works out and has a job here how do i go about dating one of you fucking cows?

Im tired of successful mentally stable chicks who don't waste 3k on silly clothing.

Just had a lobotomy btw.

>> No.9960973
File: 71 KB, 635x992, sillyclothing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Silly clothing...
You already lost the game.

>> No.9960984

Are you in his comm?

>> No.9960997

This could legit be a copypasta I’m laughing my ass off

>> No.9961002

This is terribad bait but either way you can bet this guy is a 400lbs-of-lard poorfag incel who jerks it to children’s pony toys. Probably jealous that at least semi-fit, normal guys can actually get a qt lolita gf.

As if most of us aren’t lesbians anyway.

>> No.9961005

Lol you fucking wish wouldn't a pony fag dig that nonsense you wear anyway?

>> No.9961012

Bait aside, do you feel that too many cute women are wasting their looks with silly clothing that you don't like? I find a lot of men, whether 400-pounds or completely normal looking, share this opinion toward most J-fashion.

>> No.9961029

Lolita girls often cake so much fucking make up on an wear wigs or hair pieces so I can't even say most of them look nice. On top of that there seems to be some werid narcissism involved despite looking fucking ridiculous. Some asian women can rock it but seeing it on white and black women makes me literally fucking cringe out of embarrassment.

Listen I work out 7 days a week go to class over 15 hours a week and still have to work. I spent a lot of time meeting the standards of society why would i waste all my hard efforts on some iffy looking chick caked in make up dressed like a large doll unless i had a fetish? Not to mention the narcissism on top of that.

I could easily and often prefer to just date an actual asian girl with good fashion sense instead of some weebs with ego problems. Not to say I would not give a chubby white girl a chance as I have once before but definitely not if you are caked with shit

>> No.9961030

Sorry I don't give your tiny weewee a boner :,(

>> No.9961035

>y-y-your dick is small surely
Pathetic at best if this is your round about way of trying to harass me for dick picks because you are lonely forget it A woman does not have to literally get me rock hard on the street to attract me. All I need is a beautiful smile,natural hair and someone able to run , drink ,work out , meet my friends etc... I want a woman not an expensive life sized doll with gross expensive habits.

Also get some class bitch what kind of lady causally talks about the genitals some one she does not know like that? As unattractive as you people are I'm not accusing you of having meat curtains because there is a line. If thats how you cosplayer girls are its no wonder only fetish betas like you.

>> No.9961040

Calm down our pathetic incels. Why don't you pour yourself out a glass big bleach and dream about all the normie bitches you plan on raping. Lolita's will continue to be dick repellents and the world will be peaceful. Relax.

>> No.9961043

As the person you replied to originally... you do realize we're not doing it for the purpose of attracting men, right? We just like wearing ridiculous clothing. If it's a waste of our looks then so be it. We aren't doing it for the purpose of attracting men. We aren't doing it for the purpose of repelling men. We are doing it because we personally like the appearance of the makeup, clothing, and hair. It's fun for us. It looks cute to us. It's just what we like to do.

If it's a waste in your eyes then that's okay. There's plenty of women out there who match your tastes so it's nothing to be annoyed by.

Also, cosplay is something people wear as a costume. It's no longer a costume if you wear it all the time. You say, "I want a woman, not an expensive life size doll with gross expensive habits." There's plenty of women you can pick from who do not wear J-fashion.

>> No.9961045

No, it was the cgl secret santa.

>> No.9961050 [DELETED] 

>o-o-ok no small dick but he must not be able to date anyone right ?

Just sad really I've dated women that make people like you look like literal clowns. Last gf i had was a singer winning tons of contests and being beautiful and fun to boot. Girl I'm currently dating comes from one of the best colleges and works out almost daily. Honestly every day i age and work I get stronger and more attractive and even after I am 25 myself I'm never gonna want a "christmas cake" so to speak so for your sake I honestly hope you can find a man to deal with you shitty addiction and attitude quick as no successful man wants an old lady.

tick tock tick tock ;)

>> No.9961051

I'd love to see more western shit here, but maybe there's no audience for it.

>> No.9961052

Alright came here to tease some egotists but because you gave me a solid answer without taking the bait I'll say I respect your choices although I disagree with them and think they will ultimately make your life much harder.

As long as you know that not much more i can say on that matter. Doing what you want to do when you want to is probably the most respectable way to live life.

>> No.9961058

The politics screeching and constantly being baited by /r9k/ and/pol/. Shut up about feminism and man hating for once in your life, gulls.
All someone from those boards has to do is MENTION something negative about either and you all descend on them like the autistic, screeching, seagulls that you are.

>> No.9961061

Nayrt but most of us are aware we'd arguably have an easier life not paying ridiculous amounts of money on clothing people think is weird as hell, spending time on getting ready and so on. We choose to do so because it makes us happy enough to not really mind the money, time and harrassment aspect of it.

>> No.9961068 [DELETED] 


>> No.9961069

This board is for japanese fashion and cosplay. There are plenty of threads for western cosplay.

>> No.9961073
File: 606 KB, 440x237, ifitmakesyouhappy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believe it is the best way to live life. "If it makes you happy, do it." People spend their whole lives trying to live to society's standards, and they can still end up divorced, resented, or jobless.

Some might say, "What about attracting a man? Don't you want to have children?" I can only smile while saying nothing because they would have no way of knowing I am unable to have my own biological children. How can life be harder regarding something that wasn't possible in the first place?

With employment in mind, it is clothing, and it does come off. I would not wear it to a funeral nor would I wear it to a workplace that does not allow me to do so. I can change back into what I love when I get home.

So, it does not make my life harder. Happiness cannot make somebody's life harder. I do not expect everyone to understand my choices. I do genuinely wish the world was a place that everyone felt comfortable expressing themselves whether that be wearing 'silly clothing' or investing in one's dream home gym. It doesn't hurt anyone, and it's a shame to deny oneself happiness.

>> No.9961076

Do you have some examples/recomandations ?

>> No.9961079 [DELETED] 

I've got a recommendation for you, but I don't think you're going to like it.

>> No.9961080

reddit has a pretty large community of western cosplay as well as cosplay.com used to

>> No.9961083

t. fat bitchy weeb
Thanks !

>> No.9961086 [DELETED] 
File: 15 KB, 300x269, s-l300[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9961089

There's likely no audience for it. In the long run, I've seen plenty of threads and images featuring Jessica Rabbit, Homestuck, Lara Croft, and various other western characters. Marvel and D.C. characters regularly get posted, especially in the masked cosplay threads. There's even been Star Trek and Star Wars threads in the past. None have ever been deleted for being 'off-topic'.

If it's cosplay, it's related. It's a board for cosplay and Japanese fashion. Even LARP is considered on-topic. If a thread doesn't take off then it's just because there's not enough people interested in it. I'm not an authority, but I feel you could start a Western general? A thread that includes cosplay from any Western series whether that be Star Trek or Fairly Odd Parents. I don't think it'd go against board rules.

>> No.9961269 [DELETED] 


>> No.9961283 [DELETED] 

.... you don't think you DON'T have a smelly butt and vagina, do you? Oh no... feel so bad 4 u ;_;

>> No.9961376
File: 48 KB, 375x523, 1528143907324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9962074


>> No.9962075

Cattiness, Racism, and Transphobia are killing this board

>> No.9962100


>> No.9962131
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someone has never been on /b/ kek

>> No.9962157


>> No.9964464

Not even a man, and I agree. Cgl is like tumblr'nt, a mix of salty political incorrectness and manhaters.

>> No.9964498

I mean. I'm the anon who posted that and I'm a woman so. Being a man has nothing to do with smelling the bull shit.

>> No.9964532

This is usually on the feels threads though, most of the time the shitposting in other threads are just gulls calling each other fat/ugly/poor
Feels threads are containment threads. If people want serious responses to their problems and not shitty bait they should get real friends

>> No.9964550

This is kind of funny. You can't take the man hating on here seriously, just like you can't take the sexism on r9k seriously. It's really unlikely that the person posting actually hates all men. The "for once in your life" take is pretty funny too, because it's assuming, through one anon comment that the person just sits around, pissing over men all the time. It's 4chan, you can't take shit seriously here.
I see just as many men complaining that women are "bad" and they "hate all men" on this board. Often the autism comes as a response from a poster who just whines about "lolita being about sex/attracting men" or "why can't i fuck a girl?" or just some dude basically sticking his dick out and making his presence known for some reason.
Men on this board like to complain it's because of "feminism" that their cringey comments get called out, but it's more like equal treatment. If you made a cringey post and include that you're a fatty, people will go after you for being a fatty. Just stop being dumb and also telling everyone you have a dick and people will stop "man hating"

>> No.9964552

>whines that women are more personal and that's not fair
>proceeds to personally insult someone and tell them they're not wanted
Hot projecting

>> No.9964561

>who show up and immediately have to criticize men every time they post anything. Look at the friend finder thread and how that always turns to shit when a guy posts or one of them says no men be friends with me, men are gross.

>Guys who have been in cosplay for years and been on here for as long get mad because we have been told for a long ass time that we're some problem and we need to respect women, but then we get the boot when some teenage girls think boys are gross and want to make this a girls only club.
The amount of irony in this post is simply mindblowing.

>> No.9964817

>That place is pretty damn anti-male
Nothing anti-male in banning attention whore who feels the need to reveal his gender for no reason.

>> No.9965970

Oh no, one chan in the whole wide world ISN'T for you?
Wow, you poor fucking baby, that must be so hard, it's not like you could post on literally every other chan

>> No.9965987

Fuck off /r9k/ false flaggers

>> No.9966169

>When you get a warning for posting in your own thread.

Thanks mods, really fueling some fresh board criticism.

>> No.9966285

You can go to literally any other board and if you out yourself as a girl, anons will start shitflinging.

>> No.9966468

>Shut up about feminism and man hating for once in your life
Can't swallow the bitter taste of your own medicine, eh?

>> No.9972037


>> No.9972060

pshhhhhhhh shut up all of those make for a totally healthy and useful community.

>> No.9972355

>Implying that all of those things don't make a board infinitely more funny

>> No.9972390

This. What would be /cgl/'s point if it was another safespace, like tumblr for sjws and /pol/ for altcucks

>> No.9972394

Literally nothing. I mean the fashion stuff is here, but without the humor and offensiveness of the chans, it would be nothing.

>> No.9972444

dude have you ever been to /fa/
literally it's only people ripping each other apart

>> No.9972601

Yeah, when you first tell a joke, it'll get a laugh if it's actually funny.

The problem is when you keep telling the same fucking joke - the humor lessens, but gulls don't seem to grasp that for some reason.

Are you seriously implying that cgl is not an echochamber for angry lolitas like pol is for alt right morons?

This is the one place you can come to as a lolita to freely call people you hate fat and get away with it.

This is totally a safespace for cunts to run rampant.

>> No.9972602

>echochamber for angry lolitas
why does the idea of that make me laugh so much, I know it's true but fuck it's silly.

>> No.9972666

>I know it's true but fuck it's silly.
It really is!

The fact that people come here just so they can talk shit about someone is one thing, but what really tops it off is when the same person gets called out for shit talking and then they come up with all kinds of justification for their insane desire to just talk mad shit about other girls.

>> No.9972672

At least if I want to talk shit at a girl they should know that I honestly mean it in a fun teasing way, I don't want people leaving here with anything less than a hearty kek usually.

>> No.9972695

what are you saying that is soooo hilarious?

I read the threads here pretty often and only post on occasion but most "joke" posts I see are tired as fuck.

>> No.9972708

There's only very occasionally some good stuff on here. But the few bits of gold are great.

>> No.9972710

Very true.

the regretsy thread is comedy gold right now.

>> No.9972714

It caught me off guard but I had a good laugh from it already. I don't come here much, in fact I've only recently started coming out of curiosity.

Speaking of, it's pretty much every board that doesn't appreciate newbies, huh?

>> No.9972715

Lurk moar.

>> No.9972716

Thought as much.

>> No.9972970

Only problem is that cattiness shelters this board's, "I hate everything" rhetoric. It inhibits meaningful discussion as much as extreme political correctness.

>> No.9972986

If only we could find a nice balance between the two...

>> No.9972991

gulls hate feminism. I can't even count the amount of times I've seen someone come to cgl just to complain about a lolita who posted about feminism on their own social media account or discussed it at a meet

>> No.9973009

Ahahahaha, good one.

>> No.9978941

>a man
>on MY cgl

>> No.9978944

Cgl is a fucking hugbox at this point, if it gets any worse then we may as well ask just start wearing nothing but cat ears abs diapers since nobody will challenge us for it

>> No.9978950

>T. Has no idea what a hugbox is

>> No.9979145

those threads are the definition of vendetta, they’re always insecure gulls bitching about how xxx famous asian cosplayer doesn’t deserve to be famous because she photoshops

>> No.9980713

Nah, it's the opposite of a hugbox. It's more like, "I hate everything" sim.

>> No.9980717

In my opinion gulls are a parallel to Tumblr users. Instead of being ass-patting feminists and SJW's, they are instead much more politically correct and unforgiving, while finding a way to hate almost any post. Especially self posts. It's not wrong to be politically incorrect, the problem is when you mistake cattiness as board maturity.

>> No.9980784

that's literally every cosplayer I follow on instagram

>> No.9983216

Instagram cosplayers are super bitchy usually, and honestly the older they get the worse they get.

>> No.9983232

This board is /r9k/ with frills

>> No.9983313
File: 418 KB, 360x180, fufufufu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, fuck. If you're going to wear diapers and a cat ear headband if no one's gonna challenge you, then it sounds like a thing you WANT to do. In which case, that's a You problem.

>> No.9983431

New thread >>9983430

>> No.9987658

Since there is no other place to post this? Do recommendation threads not exist anymore? I remember when there always was one within the top 10

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