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Stay on topic and don't eat bait.

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>tfw you get tagged in a picture where the wind blew your labcoat out wide and made you look morbidly obese

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>snagged a cute skirt on WW that got listed today and was exactly what I've been looking for (high-waist, A-line, floral)
>gonna buy my first rifle this weekend
>work is almost over and I'm spending the last hour shitposting on /cgl/

Good feels today.

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Anyone else have the overwhelming urge to off themselves after getting involved in lolita or cosplay?

It used to be something happy for me but I no longer feel excited over a new dress or accomplishment from finishing a cosplay. I often feel like all the negative aspects of these hobbies have drug me down into a dark pit of depression that I was already having trouble climbing out of. These hobbies used to help me out of this pit.

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You shouldn't rely on hobbies to "cure" your depression. They can help, especially if you need something you're passionate about to look forward to, but it's not a cure all on its own. Depression is an illness, anon, please seek help.

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Nayrt, and I'm not sure what they said, but hobbies CAN help you as long as you are getting the help you need and as long as it doesn't obsessively take over your life. Having something to pass the time and look forward to is actually very healthy for someone with depression. Anon should still get help, but don't discourage them from pursuing a hobby

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Did you even read what I said? I didn't discourage them from pursuing a hobby, not even for a second.
Anon asked if anyone else was dealing with suicidal feelings getting worse after getting involved in lolita or cosplay, because they don't feel excited by either of them anymore, so I encouraged them to get help because while lolita or cosplay can be helpful, they can't cure depression on their own.

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Tfw my parents only support this hobby because it's full of hot girls and they want me to marry

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>tfw no lolita bff or gf to have whimsical adventures with
>tfw even if I had one we'd be 10 years too old for childish fun
Quarterlife crisis hits pretty hard lately.

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>10 years too old for childish fun
Define childish fun? I don't think you're really too old to have silly fun times, assuming you don't mean shit like egging people's houses and such.
Hell even if you mean having pretend or actual tea parties with plush animals and dolls - Who cares? Do what makes you happy, it's your own home and your own life. Unless you broadcast it for the entire internet to see and expect praise and acceptance, no one really cares to judge you on the silly shit you do to have fun on your free time, even if you're supposedly "too old" (and you're not).

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It's a petty thing but it's started to annoy me how people in my friend group take my name for things. They started using my online handle for their con badges, which means frequently I can't use the same one. They even encouraged me to make an Instagram, and right before I made one, they took my handle on insta for a shitposting page.
It's small I know but it's just annoying and not really funny

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Sorry I deleted. It gave me anxiety.

But I have been getting help, anon. I’ve battled with depression almost my entire life. Taking up cosplay and jfash as hobbies helped me for a long time too by giving me something to look forward to and have goals to accomplish. Right now I feel like the negativity in both communities is just too overwhelming to enjoy anymore. It brings me right back to all the old feelings of never been good enough and never being worth anything.

If something as simple as a hobby or two can’t help anymore then why is it even worth it to keep fighting?

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You don't have to rely on either community to enjoy yourself though. Admittedly I'm not a cosplayer so I can't really advise you on that, but you don't need to participate in any community (local or global) to enjoy lolita. Wear the clothes in your own way, in your own free time, and look at girls instagram, twitter, or KERA and the GLBs for inspiration. If the community brings you down then do lolita your own way, focus on your own happiness; imo this is the correct way to enjoy the fashion but that's my opinion.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you well, anon. Please stay with us.

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That's really weird why the fuck do they keep doing that? It sounds like they're the petty ones and for no good reason either

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>tfw fat

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I know, doing it alone is not the problem, but finding someone who is up for it too AND is willing to "waste" their time with silly small things AND fully enjoys it too. When I asked my friend of 11 years if she'd like to drive to the nearby forest and go search for mushrooms and flowers this weekend, we had a 30 min discussion why we would do that when we could just buy them and go shopping instead. I know time is precious now that we all have more or less busy lifes and exhausting responsibilities, but when I think back of the times me and my friend group just sat in a park, dangled our feet in the lake, watched the sunset and talked for hours, I feel like dying inside.

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I recently had to learn that most (geeky) con guys aren't as good in bed as I had imagined. I guess I got lucky with my two exes being so good, every other average guy just seems a 1/10 at this point.
How do you deal with such disappointment? I know I can only date con people since they are the most relatable, but if I keep getting disappointed in bed I might have to give up.

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>surprised geeks aren't good in bed
Oh honey :c most geek boys can't even get laid let alone do well in bed. You can try to teach them how to be better but in my experience it's better to date someone with similar interests but aren't really into the deep end of the nerdy stuff

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why do you expect socially awkward guys to be good in bed?
also, if you're consistently getting guys who suck at it, you're either looking in the wrong place, or you suck at communicating what you want

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>visiting SF on Wednesday
>going to buy a new dress at AP USA
>will be accompanied by loving bf who adores it when I wear lolita
I’m really happy gulls

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>tfw skinny fat with lots of face fat
I hate it.

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>I’m really happy gulls

And I'm really happy for you

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i mean, how bad were they? every time i've had sex with someone for the first time it's been a little awkward at least. not saying it's never fun, but always a little awkward. but with relationships the ones that actually go somewhere rofl sex just gets better and better the closer you get to your so. in my experience, anyway. i mean, was it so bad that you really don't think there's any hope there at all? also dating a guy with different interests really isn't a bad idea.

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This makes me so sad. I graduate in like two months and I'm terrified that it'll be impossible to meet people who like that sort of thing too, and that I'm never going to be able to do fun things spontaneously ever again. I really hope it's not like that on the other side and that I'm just being dramatic, but I have a bad feeling.

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lol nice rp

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That's so sweet, do you know what dress you'll pick?

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Thanks, anon. I’ve considered doing all of that with both hobbies but due to being in such a tiny country it makes it hard to enjoy these hobbies already.

But I will try this out and see if I feel better at all. I will update at a later time.

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thanks anon, i tried my best!

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I'm flabby and disgusting but I'm so tired after work (fulltime office job) I don't want to work out. I already eat healthy, but that just results in skinnyfat. I can't stand it. I have to start working out. Being skinnyfat is so revolting. My body is gross and flabby and I can't stand it a moment longer.
I think if I get more pectoral muscle my tits will be more perky too. I think. I guess I can start waking up at 4AM instead of 5 AM to work out in the morning... Why is being pretty so time consuming?
I did some yoga and pushups today, tonight/tomorrow I'll put together a more rigid routine and stick with it. And then once I drop 20 lbs of flab my clothes won't fit anymore...
For certain reasons I must look model tier within two years and I'm going crazy. Bodies are disgusting and the more flaws you solve the more flaws you notice.
>tfw even if I had one we'd be 10 years too old for childish fun
No such thing. I still chase frogs in the grass.

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Thank you anon!
Tartan Shoulder Ribbon JSK in navy! I’m so excited to finally have a partner who isn’t weirded out by my choice of clothing

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I'll eat bait if it has sprinkles on it

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Ahh that's exciting! You should hang onto him, good partners who are also accepting of lolita can be hard to find. I don't even know where I would start if I was suddenly having to start dating again haha

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Will do anon! If you decide to date again may Mana bless you with a qt partner that loves lolita or jfash in general!

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Thanks anon, but I've found mine already! But I definitely know the struggle. My current dream is to do matching couples' coords, but I'm already so happy just to be with someone supportive of my interests, even if he doesn't wear jfash himself.

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I'm currently in a toxic relationship and I want to leave but my SO keeps buying me brand...so I keep staying. I left once and he guilted me into coming back and I regret it every day. Brand isn't really worth it.

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Tfw bf says he'd leave you for Nigri

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Leave anon. Asap. I have been there, guilted to stay and it fucked me up hard. It was my first relationship and I'm so mad what the emotional abuse did. Postponing the leaving is only delaying you to get your mental health back on track. It's worse than you know now. I hope you have friends and family you can open up to and speak reason to you and a good plan where to stay etc so he can't keep coming back. Cut him out at once, he deserves it and you deserve better. Best of luck, anon!

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You know, I'd love to tell you "no need to be terrified, of course adulthood has its fun sides" but I'm honestly not feeling it lately. When we were young, we were told if you do this, if you learn that, if you succeed in this, if you achieve that, that and that you are free to be your own person with no one controlling you, you are free to make your own descisions and do almost everything you want. But it doesn't work that way, does it? The people trying to control you just change from your parents to your employer and the society, who are much less empathetic because they fully share the struggle and are either used to it or in denial.
All of those achievements are just a set-up for the next obstacles, that are a set-up too and so on. And when you finally reach the criteria for "being your own person", there is barely any time and energy to enjoy it, so you default to quick pleasures that are ultimately unfulfilling. Then you sacrifice even more energy and time to master the next obstacle, to get more and quicker pleasures. I just.. feel cheated. People here might say "that's how it is for everyone, suck it up" and I will, but that doesn't make it feel any less empty.
Idk anon. It's most likely a problem with myself and how I view things, so I bet you'll be fine in the end. Maybe your idea of fun will change.

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>Maybe your idea of fun will change.
I kind of doubt that, unfortunately. I probably see things similarly to how you do. I've never been the type of person who's ambitious about normie things, like starting a career, and my ideal life is one where I can be left alone to just enjoy my hobbies and being with my friends.
The result of that is that I see anything that takes away from that as... restricting my freedom, I guess? Unfortunately, I can't be a NEET either, so I see myself just working a job I hate to enjoy the slivers of the weekend (during which my friends will probably be too busy / tired to do anything fun together.) I think our best bet is to try our best to maintain friendships with other people who still appreciate "wasting time" too?

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Leave him first. He’s got shit taste anyway.

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Adding to the work-related feels:
>make 38k/year
>enough to buy some brand every month, but not a whole lot
>going to take a 6k/year pay cut to go back to school in a year
>salty that I'll be making this much for the next 5 years

I just wanna enjoy my hobby before I'm too old dammit

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Nayrt but we're all 'wasting time' until we die anyway, anon. Even when we're younger and working towards 'normie ambitions' like graduating, settling down, career and family stuff etc. It's all meaningless so we might as well just do what we can to make ends meet, and enjoy our hobbies I guess.

At least for me I find my 'frivolous' or 'time wasting' hobbies to be the only thing that fills the void in my life, I don't even care anymore if I have to enjoy them alone. Do what makes you happy anons. If you can find people that enjoy the same things as you, that's just a bonus.

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Maybe one day they’ll warm up to the idea of it!

My partner is willing to make matching coordinates so I’m going to buy him a simple ouji coordinate for Christmas and we’ll see where that goes from there.

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>claims isn't normie
>has friends
haha what? Anyway I have a fulltime job, it's horrible and I scheme all day every day on how to get out of it. Exhausted all the time. God didn't intend for a girl to sit chained in an office 8+ hours a day plus an hour for commute and another hour for getting ready/cleaning up... I come home and all I want to do is sleep. On weekends all I want to do is sleep and read manga.
I'd rather either work remote or work part time. I'd rather kill myself than do this for twenty years. I may be a computer addict but I never had wrist and hand and neck and back pain like I do from this shitty fucking job. It's slavery and kills you slowly. No one with an office job looks healthy after 10 years of that shit.

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Same to all of it, that's exactly how I feel right now and also the kind of situation I'm in.
>I think our best bet is to try our best to maintain friendships with other people who still appreciate "wasting time" too?
Yeah you're right, but that's easier said than done once both of you get busier. Do you have friends like that?
For me, finding friends became hard in itself and finding friends with the same mindset is even harder. So >>9948369 has a point, we can still enjoy "wasting time" alone.

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>tfw shy, quiet geeky boy
>become a sadistic and domineering bully in bed
>girls are always shocked but love it

Feels good

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>get off by these sort of things
>never cummed during sex
>bf don't even want to force it one time to help me to cum the first time but instead has adopted the role as a wet towel in bed and abuses my sex appetite
>except when I'm falling into a sleep and too tired to put effort into my own climax
I fucking swear he gets off of seeing me getting sexually frustrated. I also swear I will tie the fucker into a chair with my pink bdsm set he wanted to buy and make him watch me doing it after teasing him and then telling him he can jerk off alone. Gonna wear my most expensive dress so he won't want to risk it getting dirty after I untie him.
>mfw I'm already picking the socks to torture him with and I actually like the idea

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>tfw you have no face

I've been with so many guys that claim to be 'doms' because maybe they'll give your ass a tiny lil baby slap before they cum in 2 minutes. I think it stems from insecurity around women and wanting to feel powerful/in control. though they often get all moody and self-hating afterwards. luckily it's so easy to make them your bitches cos they all have mommy issues and willingly submit to a strong, confident female.

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You always have the choice of dating a genuine sociopath. That seems to be all the rage these days.

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Any other gulls have self-confidence issues? I'm hella unphotogenic, and I'm not "conventionally attractive". I've improved my makeup skills since I started wearing lolita and other j-fashions, but there's always something about my face that annoys me that I can't quite place.

Some days, I feel cute in j-fashion. But other days, I look at myself in the clothes and just feel too ugly to pull it off. Sometimes I just want to sell everything and wear lazy normie shit. But I love this damn fashion too much.

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honestly I kindof am. but emotional manipulation doesn't work if you're a heartless bitch so it's fine. I always seem to go for angsty autistic softboys who I can mold into exactly what I want through a mixture of punishment and positive reinforcement.

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>tfw fantasize about guys doing gross perverted things to me
>tfw sick myself out
>tfw must never tell them my secret
>tfw can't stand to be anywhere near guys that even have a little bit of a temper or ever raise their voice
>tfw like being called names but if it's something that insults my intelligence i get really offended and turned off
>tfw no sociopath bf i guess
idek what to feel anymore, i give up.

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My partner is a switch/verse but I could never have the [figurative] balls to make him my bitch. What’s your secret, desu

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this makes me pretty sad as a geeky guy who goes to cons and cosplays

>> No.9948423

>Cosplay and lolita isnt a hobby for sexual fuckups!!!!
>Every second thread is full of degenerated perverts.

Anime was a mistake.

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dunno if you're just roleplaying or not but people who can't control their emotions don't make good doms. that's called abuse, sweetie.

maybe it's something you have or you don't, I don't know? I can be a switch too but they'll have to really earn it. I just get this animalistic excitement like nothing else when I'm making him whimper and covering him in bruises and bite marks. I don't wanna be too explicit cos this is a blue board and I normally don't talk about this stuff on here..

get gud son.

>> No.9948425

>get gud
I don't know what this means, but sex isn't really some thing you can just practice, it kind of requires two people anon

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Right you already have recognized the disconnect you have.
>tfw can't stand to be anywhere near guys that even have a little bit of a temper or ever raise their voice
It's no wonder you're having so much trouble.

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in all honesty, the people I have seen at cgl meetups at cons and in the discords have been pretty big fuckups. There have been multiple people who were genuine psychos and ran into trouble with the police, along with a metric ton of people who have relationship problems.

>> No.9948429

focus on your partner's pleasure instead of/as well as your own. don't be afraid to ask if things are working or what they want. watch amateur lesbian porn to learn techniques and body language and stuff. although from browsing /gif/ i know that most men on here have absolutely zero clue what genuine female pleasure/orgasm looks like so I can't trust your judgement. but good stuff definitely exists. why does this feel like some trashy magazine's advice section??

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Thanks for advice, I really do appreciate the reply. I feel like if I can just quit being so shy around him I can have the confidence to be a domme.

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Not gonna lie I am really enjoying working life and have an awesome group of friends despite moving away from the city I grew up in and the city I went to university in. I have less time to do completely spontaneous random stuff than I did studying, and less time to sew whic is the only thing that bothers me... but I can spontaneously decide to go to the opera, get cocktails, go overseas for a weekend, or go out for a fancy meal without counting pennies. I don't have to do things that take time to save money unless I choose to do them. I put a similar amount of work in compared to studying but I get paid rather than having to pay for it...what's not to like?

>> No.9948434

this is really weird and out of left field
>"all nerdy men are virgins and suck at sex"
>I don't like that
>"get gud, you must not know what a female orgasm is"
I don't understand any of this shitposting

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I wasn't even original anon and I was giving legitmate advice cos he (You) whined that he wasn't spoonfed. there's a tonne of resources online with sex advice, sorry you took what I said so personally and out of context, fucking beta.

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I want to cosplay a meme. They always get so much love.

>> No.9948445

>dunno if you're just roleplaying
no this is actually my life.
>It's no wonder you're having so much trouble.
i feel like there's something really obvious i'm missing and it's freaking me out a tiny bit.

>> No.9948446

go back to >>>/r9k/

>> No.9948449

okay I'm gonna give you some real advice then. fantasies are fine, it's a perfectly safe way to figure out what you're into without endangering yourself and you may never wanna actually do those things in real life either. don't get into bdsm until you've read stuff by other people into the scene so you have some idea of what to do if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. and you should always be with someone who understands your limits and boundaries and R E S P E C T S you. good luck on your journey towards becoming ethical slut my dude. also good luck to >>9948432

lmao I'm literally a female lolita. I know you think there are ~no grillz on the internet~ especially ones that understand your precious maymays. If only robots would stay the fuck off my board and stop shitting up our threads I wouldn't have to call them on their bullshit all the time.

>> No.9948459

>go to the forest and search for mushrooms together
i'll be your friend anon ;_;
everybody thinks i'm a weirdo for liking something like that

>> No.9948460

>tfw they found the other robot

>> No.9948465

>i feel like there's something really obvious i'm missing
The personality makes the behavior anon, and you're probably chasing the entirely wrong people to get what you want. I feel like you have some preconceived notion that acting submissive is wrong to enjoy. You need to get past that, it's okay to be submissive. This is common now for cultural reasons, you don't want to feel comfortable with being submissive, but at the same time don't want to be in control all the time.

>> No.9948471

How many times do I have to say I'm an actual denizen of this board and not one of you gross pissbabies. I wasn't even trying to shitpost, I was legitimately trying to help the poor sod but I guess I shattered his fragile male ego in the process. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> No.9948514

>mom says I love you
>all I can think is "you're lying; you hate me"

>> No.9948518

>feel like i'll never be able to get a bf bc i'm terrified of men

case in point: yesterday i was fap material for some guy on a bus, then was catcalled like twice
wasn't even in lolita, just a plain cutsew & normie skirt

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>tfw gf won't be at Youmacon
>Won't get to see her in cute outfits or fug her at the hotel

Please consider finding your way back to Tumblr newfriend.

Know that feel every day. Boomers man...

>> No.9948567

>drive to the nearby forest and go search for mushrooms and flowers
That's such a cute idea! Are you sure there are no lifestylers in your local comm that might be up for this? I'd be 100% willing and ready to do that if my friends invited me, weather permits.
I hope you do find someone to connect with so you can have fun like this, anon. Don't lose hope.

>> No.9948570

>thinking the posts on cgl reflect reality
>what is shitposting

>> No.9948577

That's a lot of money, anon. What do you do? How much brand do you want to buy that you feel like you can't afford much?

>> No.9948580

Are you literally me? I have a tall, strong bf and I cry if he shouts something like "anon, where's the mayo?" across the house. I've never been abused or anything, I'm just weirdly scared of loud guys. Also, I have literally ditched long-time friends for insulting my intelligence.

>> No.9948584

>Goes to any con.
>Realizes that actually /cgl/ shitposting reflects reality.
>Becomes triggered skeleton of bdsm ageplay faggotry.

Anime was a mistake.

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>out-of-the-blue remembers to check if ALA registration has opened yet
>tfw you missed the $55 weekend reg by five days

Also just now tallied up AX expenses for registration, lodging, travel, and food over the weekend (I don't buy merch).
It cost almost as much as my combined trips to Sakuracon AND Fanime. Jesus.

>> No.9948637

Maybe he has his own humiliation fetish where he wants to feel that he can't make his own girl cum because he's pathetic.

In any case, I support your endeavours.

Well I'm the freaky bloodplay anon that's been hovering in these threads. I'm a soft person in a social context, quiet, shy, soft spoken but I get very excited and 'passionate' (if that's the right word) in a sexual context. It's literally like a switch that gets flipped and this very primal sort of mindset takes over. I'll happily beat your stomach until you piss yourself and make you cry because how dare you make a mess of my clean sheets, you are actually gross.

I really want to cover a girl in bruises and then in the afterglow just lightly trace her black and blue skin. Sounds like so much fun!

However, I'd be into some mdlb if you're offering.

>> No.9948654

>tfw can't stand to be anywhere near guys that even have a little bit of a temper or ever raise their voice
>tfw no sociopath bf i guess

I have to remind you that sociopaths are also defined by their impulsity and anger management issues, you know.
So please, make basic research before writing inconsistent stuff on the internet. You'll contribute to the improvement of this god forsaken place. All those it takes is writing "sociopath characteristics" on google search bar.

>> No.9948657
File: 58 KB, 495x623, 1474837322842.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When you finally find white tights on local shop
Finally after 3 years, I don't like ordering them online

>> No.9948755
File: 421 KB, 628x629, AP dunce-chan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I unknowingly bought a replica from someone who used fake proof photos. The seller only had a few feedback and it was all positive so I figured it was legit, but nope. I looked at their account a while after I bought my item and a few negative feedback have popped up, so I'm not the only one who got scammed. The account has since been deleted.

I only lost out on $70 but I'm still mad at myself.

>> No.9948820

>Are you literally me?
>I have a tall, strong bf
nope! i've been foreveralone for like six months which is the longest i've been single since i was a teenager lmao. buy yeah, i really cannot deal with yelling and people raising their voices or having outbursts. i absolutely shut down, like emotionally, physically everything, i just completely freeze. and when people are mad at me i start cleaning like crazy because i feel like people can't be mad at me if i'm cleaning, even though i live alone.
okay that's fair, but i'm not a psychologist. i'm just trying to talk about my feels, dude.

>> No.9948857
File: 18 KB, 480x360, iahtethis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>show mom my con pics
>"Oh my god! What are they wearing??"
>"Um, costumes."
>she looks like she may cry
>"Is this what you do when you go out of town? Run around with 12-year-old SLUTS??"
>mfw she thinks I'm a pedo and wants me to go to church with her

>> No.9948858 [DELETED] 

Well... why are you taking pictures of 12 year olds, or girls young enough to mistake for 12 year olds? I think that's the more important question

>> No.9948865

Some of them were my little sister's friends. Some were young-looking adults.

Some were just thottlers. You know how anime cons be.

>> No.9948867 [DELETED] 

Why are you taking pictures of "thottlers"???

>> No.9948874

I live in an area where $38k/year isn't even a living wage. I'm a lab tech, and I don't get paid for overtime (if I did, I'd easily make $50k/year). I can comfortably buy 2-ish dresses/month only because my fiance contributes more money to our household (he makes about 3x what I do). I feel a little guilty about this, but hopefully after I get my PhD, I'll be able to match his contributions AND buy stupid amounts of brand. That's a long way off, though, and I just hope the delayed gratification will actually be gratifying.

>> No.9948877
File: 54 KB, 540x720, VdsqY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>successfully stopped binge eating
>working on personality/manners
>still too afraid to wear my coords out because I feel like a fraud

>> No.9948878

What do you mean by a fraud? Do you feel like an impostor wearing lolita? Why?

>> No.9948880


I grew up as white trash with a druggie mother who never taught me anything about being a woman and demanded that I forgo makeup or flattering clothes lest I become a slut.

I'm also autistic (as in, diagnosed) and it turns out she knew but refused to let me go to counseling to teach me how to be socially graceful. I didn't find out she knew until I got my own diagnosis and shared it with her. I'm loud and clumsy and I feel like wearing delicate clothing is lying somehow.

>> No.9948881

same here bro, i also have body issues, lost 20 pounds (now I'm 105) and i feel the same as before. not sure what to do about my confidence.

>> No.9948883 [DELETED] 

>friend bitches about being single
>girl hits on him
>"No, she's morbidly obese."

>> No.9948885 [DELETED] 

I mean, why should he settle for someone who clearly doesn't care for themselves?

>> No.9948887

how is this shitpost related to cgl at all?

>> No.9948888

Oh. I'm sorry, anon. If it makes you feel better, weight, manners, and even personality issues are things that neurotypical people struggle with too, and not all of them work to better themselves. It's great that you're doing your best to learn what you can, and aesthetics, fashion and makeup are definitely things that you can learn.
If you like lolita and enjoy wearing it then you're not an impostor at all. Learning to improve your personality and manners and overall bettering yourself may be a challenge and a struggle but you can do it! Fuck your neglectful mother, you can work to become the best you that you can be.

>> No.9948890

When I was in japan there was two lolitas who were very loud on the street, literally yelling and running around. It was strange, in such a quiet culture. Part of Lolita is breaking out of your own shell, being out of the norm. You don't have to be a dainty sweet. personality won't make you ita. Your clothes are already loud.
If you are over the top loud, though, that's something you should work on, not just in Lolita, but because it's obnoxious a bit. If you feel like you want to be socially graceful even outside of Lolita, you should seek help for that.- but if you're doing it for lolita, there's no point.

>> No.9948900

Man I fucking hate Rainies.

>> No.9948917
File: 80 KB, 500x300, have-two-personalities-twisted-psychopath-nicest-perso-you-ever-meet-1942096.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9948918


>> No.9948919

She was a lolita.

>> No.9948921
File: 395 KB, 605x600, oniichanfuckedup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I be real for a second?

This community is fucking atrocious right now. You're all acting like a bunch of whiny, entitled little babies. Ordinary women spent their money on fancy clothes for you to marvel at. They made it for YOU, and they're going to wake up tomorrow morning and see that instead of enjoying it, this community of "fans" picked out the 3 or 4 things that weren't perfect and are using that to fucking riot.

Guess what? No coord was never going to be perfect. It was never going to live up to your hype. It was never going to be everything you'd ever want in a lolita.

What it WAS meant to be was a fun way for girls to feel angelic and pretty, and I just checked the #lolita tag on Tumblr and it was exactly that. What more do you want?

Is the coord blouse-less? Sure. Is it wig-less? Maybe. Are the tights purchased from Spencer's Gifts? Sure, fine.

But holy shit what do these people OWE YOU?

How fucking entitled do you have to be to witness this painstakingly-crafted Jfash and then say "yeah but..."

We should all be fucking weeping in our chairs right now at the sheer size and scale of the achievement. We should be showering the people behind this thing with the praise they deserve for pulling off one of the most elegant fashion trends in recent history.

Lolitas don't owe you their beauty. Yet they gave you 18 QUINTILLION blogs of it.

If you have the fucking audacity to complain about it then you don't deserve it and you were never fans in the first place.

>> No.9948926

Uhhh... how about communicating your desires and boundaries to your partner? They're not a psychic, and despite what Hollywood and manga try to tell us "really loving someone" doesn't mean perfectly guessing all the hidden stuff they like.

Talking about what you're interested in before romance or sex gets a bad rap and all that, but it's honestly like someone giving you a strategy guide for fucking. It's awesome, and I would never hesitate to recommend it to someone who's in a serious relationship.

>> No.9948929 [DELETED] 

Nice copypasta

>> No.9948933

So tired of of the sexy vs not sexy cosplay debates. Not hot enough for “sexy” cosplay and not skilled enough for craftsmanship-based cosplay. I just want to dress up as my favorite characters but it’s all about competition and fame now. The urge to compare myself to others and my total failure to measure up really discourages me.

>> No.9948934

>Ordinary women spent their money on fancy clothes for you to marvel at. They made it for YOU, and they're going to wake up tomorrow morning and see that instead of enjoying it, this community of "fans" picked out the 3 or 4 things that weren't perfect and are using that to fucking riot
I'm not spending my money on my clothes for anyone else than me. I'm not posting my coords for anyone else than me. Therefore, few people expressing thougths that would otherwise exist here doesn't make me want to quit in the slightest. While cgl can be petty, just not coming here is exactly the same as if those written opinions stopped existing. People would still think not-so-nice things. They always will no matter what you do. And what if someone critics you here? If it's your coord and it's constructive think about it and if you don't agree just let it be and do your thing. If it's unconstructive or about your looks just dismiss because it has no value. Whatever it is, move on and don't come here if it bothers you. And I know personally because I have been posted here multiple times. It can feel a bit bad for few seconds but then I just think it through rationally and it's all over in few seconds. Also, you thinking regular lolitas have fans is telling a lot.

>> No.9948935

>2hot2live, can’t wear lolita
>bought normie clothes online to wear to work and other days when I need to leave my climate controlled lair and face the outside world
>auto subscribed to their newsletters
>get three at the same time that all say:
>”Summer’s almost over!!”
no it fucking isn’t there’s still more than a month of this hell to go rrrreeeeeeeeeeeee

I can’t wait for autumn. It should always be autumn.

>> No.9948936
File: 631 KB, 500x493, 1524496748841.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9948937

You’re replying to a rewritten copypasta.

>> No.9948938

Anon I love and respect you but you're wasting your time responding seriously to a copypasta.

>> No.9948939

>I can’t wait for autumn. It should always be autumn.
Now this is a feel.

>> No.9948941 [DELETED] 


>> No.9948957


Thanks, anon. Lolita is just a facet of how I want to present myself, if that makes any sense; I've always desperately wanted to be beautiful and delicate, and when I catch myself being too loud or talking with large gestures, it feels as if I'm acting like an overgrown child and I'm embarrassing to be around. The urge to constantly move my hands is what makes me the most ashamed.

>> No.9948961


Thank you. I've always loved old-school etiquette books, but any attempts to act decently in public were always thwarted by my mother accusing me of being vain or snobby. White-trash mentality is a Hell of a drug. I play with makeup whenever I'm not at work, though I'm still too shy to wear it out, but I finally figured out how to use eyeliner and blend, so it's slowly getting better!

>> No.9948962

Are you getting any outside help? Seeing a therapist of some sort for example? I know that your mother's influence is difficult to shake off but it's holding you back, and you're better than that. Again, fuck her and what she thinks, do you and do better. I believe in you.

>> No.9948970 [DELETED] 
File: 188 KB, 540x463, IMG_0757.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Regular" life is so boring to me. There's not much that really excites me outside of lolita any more. I've taken to going into my walk in closet and sitting down and just staring up at my dresses, going through my accessories, dressing up my dress form every single day. I'll put on a playlist of unboxings or deerstalkers old videos and just be in my own little lolita bubble, go through my insta feed, and I'm happy. But as soon as I have to leave for work or to go do anything else all that happiness just sort of deflates out of me and I go back to being apathetic and irritable and antisocial.

I just want to surround myself in frills and seal myself off from the real world for forever. How do I stop feeling this way? Its so impracticle but everything else is so goddamn depressing.

>> No.9948971


I haven't seen a therapist since my diagnosis, five years ago. Unfortunately, I moved out as soon as I turned 18, and a combination of minimum-wage food service jobs and never being allowed access to my own money before (I worked at my mother's restaurant from the age of 14 and she took my paychecks) meant I was incredibly stupid about money. It's slowly getting better, but I still have about $5k in debt left to pay off.

@younger people, credit cards are traps. Be careful.

>> No.9948975

I feel this so hard.
Is it possible for you to wear lolita out? Maybe on the weekend, if you can't wear it to work? If you don't wear lolita often - at the risk of sounding incredibly fucking cheesy - doing so can bring a little bit of magic to your life. Your lolita bubble doesn't have to be confined to your walk in closet and online content, you can bring it outside to the "real world" too.

>> No.9948977 [DELETED] 

I wear it on days when I'm not working. I'm not going outside of my place much though lately, I've had some medical issues. I used to go out with my semi-normie casual weeb friend and I'd wear lolita and she'd fawn over my coordinates and talk about jfash and other stuff with me even if it was her one piece obsession. But It's been months since I've gotten the chance to hang with her so I've been more and more isolated. Even when I go to work and dress in more casual a jfash I still bring along an usakumya or an AP/baby bag/bag charms.

I have other kawaii shit all over my apartment but all my frills are in my closet so I spend the most time in there. Plus being in sort of this enclosed small space filled with my favorite things feels safe?

>> No.9948980

So much effort for such a shit bait. Have a mercy (you).

>> No.9948997

Sounds like me. My friends fucking hate me.

>I'm so lonely. I just want someone to care for
>Girl approaches me
>Ew, not you

>> No.9949005

credit cards aren't traps if you know how they work and use them as a payment advance instead of funny money

>> No.9949007

>A lolita joins the gyaru community
>Asks for advice
>Get's advice
>Becomes salty and exists the group

Why does this keep happening with 70% of lolita's who join?
What are you trying to gain from this? I've never understood it.
If you're not a gyaru, and your personality doesn't match the community nor our social environment, why make us waste our time?

>> No.9949009

It's not a lolita specific problem, it's a people being retards problem. Similarly, people join lolita comms and leave in a huff when given polite advice, because they don't want advice, they want asspats.

>> No.9949011 [DELETED] 
File: 465 KB, 1280x720, 1506007563957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>STILL no Galko gf
Explain this, gulls

>> No.9949012


>> No.9949016

You redirect to /r9k/ when someone asks for a lolita gf, not a gyaru gf, dumb newfag

>> No.9949018

I redirect to the off topic board when people post stupid off-topic shit that's not related to the board.

>> No.9949019

You mean you redirect to an off-topic board when you sperg out and read a post you don't like. There's dozens of posts in this thread that have nothing to do with /cgl/, autismo

>> No.9949022

>someone else also broke the rules so I can too
you sound stupid

>> No.9949025

What is it that attracts attention deprived people to j-fashion communities?

>> No.9949026

>trying to backseat moderate a thread that's known for never being 100% /cgl/ related by replying to one post
Yes sweetie, everyone else is stupid except you

>> No.9949027

are you serious? alt fashions attract a ton of attention deprived or conventionally unattractive people because they can't make it in the mainstream

>> No.9949037 [DELETED] 

You must be new if you aren't familiar with the callouts for off topic posts

>> No.9949039 [DELETED] 
File: 81 KB, 800x720, mitsudomunk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Constipated again.

>> No.9949042

fuck off with the offtopic shit

>> No.9949044

I've been here for years and single callout posts in the fucking feels thread never get any less stupid when there's been 200 posts before the one that was called out with retards describing their totally /cgl/ related abusive relationships, suicide ideation and eating disorders nobody cares about in excruciating detail

>> No.9949049

sorry you got called out!

>> No.9949053

Just report them. There isn't much more we can do.

>> No.9949054

Friends of 4 Chan,

How old is too old to cosplay? Turning 63 this year.

Many thanks.

>> No.9949056 [DELETED] 

Nice /cgl/ feel related post senpai

>> No.9949057 [DELETED] 
File: 939 KB, 1920x1080, D22C1802-4205-494A-8E85-24F9E44A97E7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hope you shit all over yourself

>> No.9949058

No age is too old in my opinion. If you’re perfectionist about looking just like the character then there are plenty of older characters to choose from and lots of opportunities to explore what different characters may look like as they grow older. Other options are the many armored or masked characters, but honestly pick whatever character you want no matter their age. I think cosplay is for fun and you don’t have to look just like a character to dress up as them.

>> No.9949068


>> No.9949117

I hope you shit in your brand

>> No.9949125 [DELETED] 
File: 2.11 MB, 500x280, 0DB8255A-99A0-49A4-BE0E-F83FCE5581A5.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9949139

I'm conflicted, I want to make a lolita youtube channel because I really enjoy lolita content on youtube, but on the other hand I don't want people to think I want to be e-famous or anything, I just want to make content that I'm not seeing on youtube. I dunno what to do, I just want to make stuff but I'm like nervous, scared??

>> No.9949141


To be perfectly honest, even though I technically have friends, they're more just like randos I hang out with sometimes. I do have a few people who I'm close to and can "waste time" with, but they're all very far away. As for the people I see in person, I don't really have a sense of intimacy or the potential to develop intimacy with them, like I feel I can't tell them things straight and share my real feelings. So it's more like they're just placeholders for me to not get overwhelmingly lonely.

I do want to make better, real friends, but it's been so hard, especially since I'll be leaving uni soon. I don't even think I have especially high standards, but the people around me are just such normies it's almost impossible to find anyone I can relate to. Lolita meets also haven't worked out so well for me because most people are so mentally ill it would be emotionally exhausting for me to even begin to try to support them. I think you anons are right, we need to find ways to enjoy ourselves alone, at least in the meantime.

I hope you both feel better soon. Thanks for reading, it made me feel a bit less lonely.

>> No.9949149

TFW I've been searching for the Magic Princess headbow for months, and as of last week my search is finally over with. I just received the headbow yesterday and I haven't felt this kind of happiness for a long time.

>> No.9949151

What the hell is this reddit shit? If you're going to post on 4chan with our lingo do it correctly. "tfw" is lowercase and greentext, and is accompanied by an image showing how you feel.

>> No.9949153

fuck off with the stupid pedantic shit and stay on topic

>> No.9949155
File: 41 KB, 566x433, neverpoopagain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>show my mother pics of lolitas
>"Are they trying to be black with those big fake butts?"

>> No.9949156 [DELETED] 

>day one of infiltrating the ita hive and no one suspects that i am actually a socially retarded loser. my disguise seems to be working.

good day to you fellow itas. *tips parasol*

>> No.9949161 [DELETED] 

TFW I like girls in cute clothes but gf likes to commando and dresses like a neet slob pepehands

>> No.9949179
File: 105 KB, 606x615, 1531096593069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw my father is pretty supportive of it, but doe to his personal problems he's calling congoers "weird people" and wants me to simply fuck some girl and 'hang out with girls'

Does he understand that there's a high chance of me, even as a cosplayer, get screwed up for hitting on a cosplaying girl?

>> No.9949197
File: 238 KB, 430x440, effmiku.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hanging out at the con late night
>some Rogue (X-Men) sexually propositions me
>give her the be-gone-thot
>still regret it sometimes
I'm not a slut, but that could have been fun.

>> No.9949213

I-is it bad to proposition people?

>> No.9949226

I'm really upset that the community continues to validate and give attention to predatory, abusive, narcissistic people. I didn't know he was like this until it happened to me, and I decided to find out if I was the only victim: lo and behold, there were multiple others. But I feel like everyone else knew and was just... complicit? "He'll change" or "it's because of his trauma" or "it's because of his mental illness", like because he's funny and charming and handsome people are fine with the fact that he's physically, emotionally, and sexually abused people. I'm disgusted with him for being this way and with myself for being lured in by someone I met on /cgl/.

>> No.9949274



>> No.9949279

TFW randoms policing boards

>> No.9949281

Ain't my fault you having boring sex.

>> No.9949287

>I just want to make content that I'm not seeing on youtube.
>don't want to be e famous
if you're doing it because you love what you're doing it will show, so don't worry! and if there's something that isn't already on youtube that's another good reason to do it. haters gonna hate, but if you just want to make stuff you should make it! do it anon, i believe in you!

>> No.9949288

Larp elsewhere.

>> No.9949301

How is it possible to name-drop half the community?

Honestly though I have met so many people inbhere that are like that.
"He's had such a hard life, give him a break" then they fuck up things for everyone and everybody forgives then fir having a hard life

>> No.9949351

My sister has been asking me for a long time to let her make me a costume so I can cosplay at a con with her, I finally said yes but I'm nervous
I don't really know anything about anime and comics and have only been playing video games for a couple years, I don't think I really belong there and I'm going to make a fool of myself.

>> No.9949360

DisgruntledOta. Alas, name-dropping will do exactly nothing against his preternatural charm and skill at playing the victim in any conflict.

It really frosts my ass, because, like. Many lives are hard! Feeling that your life is hard is valid! Perpetuating cycles of traumatic abuse is an action! Not all actions are valid!

>> No.9949362 [DELETED] 
File: 89 KB, 1177x557, IMG_4799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9949364
File: 57 KB, 400x600, 12366.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

vm mto pls

>> No.9949392

Hot dang, I wish I could have sex and be in a relationship

>> No.9949398

>tfw prideful, naturally masculine man
>tfw no strong, confident gf to submit to

>> No.9949411

Pretty much what >>9949027 said, but there's another layer to that: People like this think that subcultures and hobby-specific groups are basically just groups of friends with a specific interest and anyone is immediately welcome to join, like fandoms - They think they can join these groups with their shallow interest in the hobby/subculture and be welcomed as one of us, and they cry "elitism" and "gatekeeping" when told that they actually need to participate in said hobby/subculture, and that there are certain ways to do that, and that their general interest and lack of participation in practice/half assed attempts aren't enough.
It's sad but this is the state of subcultures in this day and age. Best thing to do is to not take it personally when they leave and understand it's for the best, essentially trash taking itself out.

>> No.9949417

>tfw would love to flirt with and maybe even date a guy who cosplays one of my husbandos
I think that as long as you're respectful and know how to take no (or an implied no) for an answer, then you won't get "screwed up".

>> No.9949430


>> No.9949463

I want to cosplay Cocona but can't get a Papika. This damages my motivation. The only person I even know that also likes the show is a giant monster and doesn't cosplay.

>> No.9949465

>if you like BDSM you're a larp

>> No.9949476

>if you don't want to read about some autist's fetishes you're a prude

>> No.9949494

Didn't say you were a prude?

>> No.9949500


>> No.9949502

This image is too relatable. It's only missing a pink dildo.

>> No.9949507

>Wannabe Academic
Oh shit, I see now. Sorry for your situation anon, but things will get better when you get your PhD.

>> No.9949511

>tfw desperately want to be a cute girl so I can wear cute frills
>stuck being a guy who could never pass for a girl


>> No.9949517

>being this mentally ill
Sucks to me you my man

>> No.9949518

Nigger what. I don't want to be a girl. I just like girl clothes and like how pretty girls are.

>> No.9949520
File: 356 KB, 1071x1072, BrushCatto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Arrive in Munich
>Have to kill time here before going to the airport
>Travelling in chill clothes and flip flops
>It's raining
>I repeat, flip flops
>Feel impending doom at the coming hours
>In the midst of it all, spot two lolitas
>One brown dress with sailor collar and the other with a black bonnet
>Day instantly brightens
>Get renewed energy

I miss my own wardrobe. But I'm almost home gulls!

>> No.9949523
File: 41 KB, 543x800, 6794239134056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Play up your strengths and become a prince instead. Oujis, aristos, and Victorian dandies can and do wear frills and look amazing doing it.

>> No.9949525

>desperately want to be a cute girl
>nigger what I don't wanna be a girl lmao
That's gonna be a Y I K E S from me

>> No.9949528

But they're not cute.

I feel like you're misinterpreting me. I don't want to be a girl because I think I am one.

>> No.9949530

Nobody cares sissy

>> No.9949531

Suck a cock.

>> No.9949532

Stop projecting your faggot fantasies on the rest of us, sissy

>> No.9949533

Don't make stuff. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

>> No.9949534

I'm over here anon. I'm waiting. You know where I am.

>> No.9949539

Seriously? I remember talking to this guy for a bit when he added me from the friends thread. That's crazy. I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. Damn.

>> No.9949543
File: 38 KB, 569x850, 7893313241640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not cute
I beg to differ.

>> No.9949575
File: 251 KB, 1280x720, 5388C8DE-4A05-4B3A-AD0A-1F0D6416A6B0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>finished my coordinate for wednesday
>head to toe AP
>bf thinks it looks adorable
>tidal wave of good feels

>> No.9949577

>head to toe AP
I remember the first time I wore head to toe brand. That's a great feel, anon! I'm sure you look wonderful.

>> No.9949579

Thanks anon. It's super-disheartening to see him line up new sources of narcissistic supply, not only because it demonstrates how insignificant and interchangeable I was even after years of friendship, but because I have no way of warning the fresh people what they're in for without being dismissed as jealous or out for revenge or ~unwilling to see he's trying to get better~

>> No.9949623

So he makes friends with people in order to validate himself? Yikes. It's frightening knowing how you can be friends with someone for so long in such a destructive relationship with others supporting his behavior. I've only chatted with him briefly, so I don't know him well. He came off as one of those "I'm a cute boy uwu" to me. I wasn't aware of any of the other contentious issues. I guess this shines a light on who you talk to/add on here, huh?

>> No.9949672 [DELETED] 
File: 48 KB, 480x319, A77605EE-FB5F-4041-A6CE-1EEF01E2DDF4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Friday evening
>watching Anne with an E on Netflix with bf
>bf starts talking about how comfy it is, how he’d like our life to be simpler too
>says he wants to get back into carpentry and build us some cozy rustic furniture while I sew my dresses and then we’ll bake together and have afternoon tea every weekend
>says that would be a nice occasion for me to dress up and that maybe he can try to dress up a bit too
>suggests we go by the gardening centre on Saturday to pick up some plants and herbs to spruce up our home and kitchen
>tfw wannabe lolita/mori lifestyler so I’m 200% down with this
>go to bed excited

>bf spends the entire day(s) playing video games and only emerges when it’s time for dinner and Netflix
>when I bring up the garden centre he just grunts and says we’ll go next weekend
>know from experience that this means we won’t be going at all

I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.

>> No.9949693

this isn't cgl related at all, fuck off

>> No.9949703 [DELETED] 

Suck on my leafy mori forest

>> No.9949705

Sounds just like my bf. Feels bad man

>> No.9949732

I love wearing head to toe brand. It makes me feel accomplished for some weird reason haha.

>> No.9949735

Ayrt and I second that. What did you wear?

>> No.9949753

Angelic Pretty. I can coordinate quite a few head to toe outfits given all the stuff I buy from them. I need to buy other brands though.

>> No.9949759 [DELETED] 
File: 176 KB, 1600x1067, 36517404_1412894105523529_7773373674517692416_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My friend was hit by a bus and the doctors say he'll never walk again. Any cosplay suggestions for him?

>> No.9949770 [DELETED] 
File: 31 KB, 233x348, IMG_4802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9949791

Hey, you’re not me!

Sorry to hear that, anon. I should probably be used to it by now because he’s mentioned dressing up and doing afternoon tea with me before, only to completely forget about it only a few hours later. It’s like playing vidya gives him short term memory loss.
>tfw no qt mori bf who doesn’t live behind a screen
>(she types, on her smartphone)

>> No.9949797

I'm so sorry anon. It is possible to get outside your mother's shadow. Reading r/raisedmynarcissists may help. Even if she isn't really one though it kinda sounds like she fits.
It's just a slow process of learning from other people and unlearning everything from your mom. If she's anything like mine she had absolutely nothing of value to teach you. She didn't teach me shit about makeup either, I just watched YouTube videos. I've heard other people say they resent not being taught female stuff but I don't think it's that big of an obstacle to overcome. Social norms are harder.
I kind of think I might have been diagnosed if it were as common of a diagnosis when I was a kid. But most of my problems were due to my shitty mom. Now I'm just a normal person.

>> No.9949800
File: 129 KB, 852x1136, 46b60ba2f8920d030e0bf01cf0985c42[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the bus that hit him. he must face his fears by becoming the thing he fears the most. plus, he has wheels so he actually has the right body type for it now, unlike some buses i've seen.

>> No.9949801

One thing that helps me is trying to do the opposite of my mom. She sucks at life so instead of taking advice from her I use her as an example of what not to do. All the "lessons" you got from her aren't for naught, you just have to approach it differently. If she thinks something is snobby, or improper, or has to be done a certain way, and she got bad results, doing the opposite thing is probably what normal well-adjusted people do. For example my mom always talks about herself so I catch myself if I'm talking too much and ask the person questions and listen instead.

>> No.9949806 [DELETED] 

con is next weekend, I really, reallly need a cute boyfriend.

I need to water fast for the whole week but its so hard

>> No.9949848
File: 857 KB, 1080x1192, 19850712_1585079634838395_2140011316_o.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wear Aliexpress pants to Kroger
>ass explodes
Good thong I wasn't at a con.

>> No.9949850 [DELETED] 

it's only hard bc you're a fatty with no self control, which is why you need to water fast for a week in the first place

>> No.9949899
File: 58 KB, 600x600, a70cfd65-bb24-5a68-9861-84a4394ccae9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me
>gothic/classic lolita for 4 years
>want to wear sweet lolita
>best lolita friend hates sweet lolita, has the cgl bait-tier mentality of "it's just ageplay!" to every damn thing I like
>talks shit about sweet lolitas in comm just because they wear sweet

It's not even OTT twintail bunny-backpack sweet. I've started buying pieces and have gotten positive feedback on coords, but I've taken her bullshit on board so hard that I'm starting to think I look awful even though I love sweet. It makes me feel like shit, I want to get rid of everything and never let myself fall into the trap again.
I feel like I'm in an endless cycle of buy sweet dream dress > wear it > feel like shit > sell it > regret > buy another sweet dream dress > etc.

Sorry for rant

>> No.9949902

Fuck your "friend". She's entitled to her bizarre opinions but she shouldn't bring you down like this. Wear what makes you happy, be proud of your sweet coords, I bet you're cute as hell.

>> No.9949916

Your friend sounds based as fuck

>> No.9949932

Remind yourself that this fashion is at its core, about not giving a fuck about what other people think. Even if you did like OTT twintail sweet no one has the right to make you feel bad about liking it. I've never understood why some people get frothing-at-the-mouth mad about other lolita substyles that aren't their own. I fucking love lolita, all of it. Wear sweet lolita in her face and shrug when you see her get mad about it.

>> No.9949938

>The Chad Gothic Lolita
>The Virgin Sweet Lolita

>> No.9949940 [DELETED] 

Honestly your friend sounds very insecure. Normal people who aren't insecure don't make fun of random people or put their friends down like yours does. It's really pathetic

>> No.9949945

>very bad health
>decent lolita closet
>rarely wear it
I am afraid I will have to be driven to the hospital in an emergency situation and the paramedics will have to cut through all my clothes to get me out.

>> No.9949947
File: 94 KB, 923x548, 5BD70F33-0B07-42BF-9C80-5C2E7E2F8633.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don’t have any health problems but this is a legit fear of mine. It would kill me on the inside if someone were to cut up my brand even if it is to save my life.

>> No.9949950


This horrifies me too. I drive extra safely in lolita because of this fear.

>> No.9949951
File: 63 KB, 750x842, 16299508_10155741462322699_6132679960708621457_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be sweet lolita
>little sister writes song about me called "Slutty Little Baby"
>mfw even my mom says it's accurate

>> No.9949952

>be me
>be cosplay photographer
>pretty much only shoot with cute/hot girls
>people think it's because I'm some thirsty bastard
>it's actually because I'm terrible at making people look good in photos if they don't look good in real life

>> No.9949961

May Mana bless you when you drive anon, I’m scared shitless of driving

>> No.9949965

I feel horrible because my fear of driving has led to still not being able to drive properly at 21 despite having driving lessons.

>> No.9949968

>be out of lolita for several years
>so much same
>but so much different
Getting back into this is going to be a long process but I've missed it so much.

>> No.9949971

not to sound harsh, but maybe you aren't a very good photographer then? You should be able to find the right light, angles, etc to at least make the average people look alright.

>> No.9949999

I think I'm honestly just neurotic about how people look in my photos. I've shot with heavier or less facially fortunate cosplayers and had them tell me that my photos were the best they've ever had in their lives, and I've seen a lot of people post photos from other photogs where they looked much worse than in mine, but I still have freakouts when I'm working on those photos and just think they look terrible and have trouble bringing myself to deliver them.

One thing I really struggle with in some cases is directing people who don't feel attractive, especially when it's a group shoot with people who clearly ARE more attractive. I've had quite a few shoots where there was one girl who just decided she looked terrible next to everybody else and had already "checked out" before I even got there to shoot. I wish I was better at making people feel confident in those situations.

>> No.9950007

>I'm terrible at making people look good in photos if they don't look good in real life
>thing in photo looks like thing irl
isn't that just sort of how photography works?

>> No.9950032

Unfortunately I don't

>> No.9950034

Went out in lolita for the first time just for the sake of wearing it out and not for an event/meet. The very first person I came across was a middle aged man who took a picture of me and then accused me of age playing to my face. Didn't exactly start off on the right foot.

>> No.9950036

Ah that's a totally different skill, anon, helping people like that is kinda difficult imo

>> No.9950071

I'm sad, I was going to buy a bag from the AP usa site and I kept on getting declined due to an error, and then when I look today to try again it's gone, not the biggest of deals but like :(('

>> No.9950073

>Room is messy and want to take decent pictures of coords and/or handmade costume pieces I'd like to try selling.
>Buy photo backdrop and everything.
>Photos still look crappy because I still know nothing about photography and editing.

I just have to read up on all that stuff I guess. Won't improve if I don't practice. Any tips?

>> No.9950076

Lighting is 90% of photography, and it's especially important if you're trying to shoot stuff indoors. Get a basic lighting kit and learn to use it and everything else will work out pretty easily.

>> No.9950080

Yikes, normies are the fucking worst.

>> No.9950081

Anon, i am about to turn 24 this year and i just now got my license last october and my car about April-March this yr. I was in multiple car accidents with my mom as a child so was a little scarred and scared to drive all this time. Everyone has been on my case to drive/get license ect but dont let people rush you into things your not ready for. Im glad i waited until i was ready because now i love my car and i love driving. Dont give up hope! Motivation for me was looking at cute cars.

>> No.9950085

21 y/o too. I used to have driving anxiety and after actually practicing it's completely disappeared. Just start close by and branch out slowly. Read up on driving rules and watch videos. My anxiety stemmed from being unsure of what to do so it might be different for you.

However, despite being comfortable with driving and going on errands almost daily I've still failed my road test three times so far. I don't even know.

>> No.9950087

Yeah. I have small lights I use for a tabletop photo box but they're too small. I have a friend who may have so actual photography lights so I'll ask next time I'm around.

>> No.9950095

I think that's my problem too. But the issue is that I have no car to practise with which sucks.

>> No.9950311

Normies are fucking degenerates sometimes, keep doing you, anon.

>> No.9950312

Agreed with all of this, very well put.

>> No.9950331
File: 87 KB, 262x274, jonny.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>meet girl at con
>get a con crush
>she has a sex change and becomes a man
This has happened to me three times

>> No.9950405

I think you got it mixed up anon
>Chad Sweet Lolita
>wears whatever she wants and doesn't need the validation of others
>always gets hundreds and sometimes thousands of likes on COF and instagram despite never replying to any comments or messages
>transforms the hot air from angry goth lolitas into a petticoat like a hot air balloon to create the perfect massive cupcake poof
>bright pastel colors to assert dominance and blind all goths within a 50 mile radius

>the Virgin Gothic Lolita
>always shits on others because of low self esteem and image
>whines about how she never gets enough attention on social media
>shitty deflated secondhand taobao petticoat, outfits could pass as normie frump
>scared to wear anything except shades of black and white in fear of attracting attention to herself

>> No.9950413

What is this life but full of care?
We have but taobao shit to wear

>> No.9950495

>me and friends almost get drunk when going out
>decent lolita closet
>rarely wear it

I'm just so afraid to spill booze on my brand or to damage it.
I kind of feel you.

>tfw not even passed the theoric part of driving licence at 22

>> No.9950505

That's hilarious.

Everything is about context. But if this board is to be believed, yes. Definitely. It's not only bad, it's a crime against humanity. Nobody ever enjoys it and simply saying "no" is unreasonable, one should cause a scene.

Just be careful and do it for you. Consider insta, it's more personal, I feel.

Do appropriate characters, it could be great! Or like someone said, interpret the characters as older. Heavily worn/patina'd costumes might be relevant, just avoid going off the cliff into hobo territory.

>> No.9950507

Bitch you better be wearing perfumes to work, because they will help you stay fab.

>> No.9950532

>I'm so tired after work (fulltime office job) I don't want to work out.
This might sound counter intuitive, but force yourself to do it anyways. You'll actually get more energy if you work out.

Try doing as much push-ups as you can in the morning. 3 sets. Can you do only 3 before falling down? Then you do 3. Only watch your own improvement, not others achievements. You see you improve quick.

If you wanna loose weight, try some cardio next to it. Push-ups don't make you loose much really. They just make you stronger. Running is a good cardio, but there are much more.

You could also try finding a sport that you like so you it feels more like leisure. I generally hate sports. But after 8 years I found something I really enjoy.

You say you eat healthy. Do you also drink healthy? Most of the sugar comes from drinks! Even ones that seem healthy like apple juice are filled with added sugar. Try water and tea. Go to Asian stores for good affordable tea. Try things like yuzu cha to have some fruity variations as well.

>> No.9950539

Honestly, I get it sucks when you want more and get less instead. I also get's annoying people tell you you can't be annoyed because you still make quite some. I won't tell you you feels are invalid.

But you're not even close to being a poorfag. I once was, and trust me, even now that I'm not can only I wish I could buy brand every month. Like I said, I know it's annoying and it is valid you feel upset about lower income, but do realise you're having first world problems. "not that much, but enough to buy brand every month" or a very odd thing unless you compare to rich people only.

>> No.9950550

No one believed you weren't just some edgy teenaged kid anon. No matter the truth, how do you think saying you're freaky blood play anon would help you make a point here when people condemned you as edgy kid?

I assume you're a shit poster. I already did in your previous blood play comments. But let's for the sake of it act like it's true and you came off different than intended. Don't you know the beauty of 4chan (other than being able to say stuff loose of your name) is that you can start over when you screw up or people get the wrong impression just by not telling who you are?

>> No.9950622
File: 74 KB, 600x450, 1531693903861.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm starting to feel miserable around the group of 3 friends I've made from congoing.

We don't have the same sense of humor, I have to hold back a lot of what I want to say since they're fairly sensitive emotionally, they're into the typical Tumblr SJW stuff which I don't particularly care for at all so it feels really hard to joke around with them period and I always worry about everything I say offending them, often feel like I don't fit in at all when hanging around them, don't know why they invite me to things.
I'm assuming they keep me around to help pay for hotel costs and get free photoshoots

One just blew up at me for asking for the money she owed me. She just got a new job and was waiting on her first paychdck, at the time we had to Uber somewhere together and I fronted it and told her to pay me back later, also paid for her dinner since the waiter didn't split our checks and couldn't, I added she didn't have to pay me back if she was still in a tight spot for money, u asked after she got her first paycheck. She gave me the money, but afterwards told me that asking her for the money made her pretty uncomfortable since she didn't receive as much as she hoped for her paycheck and I should have known about her anxiety regarding that, that I shouldn't have asked in the first place, and told me that I should manage my money better since it's not on her to give me money (what the fuck it was my money in the first place...).
There was also another time at a separate con where I was super withdrawn from the group and felt fucking miserable. I received a text from someone in the group a couple of months later wanting an apology from me for acting so shitty during that con. I apparently offended her when I said that I didn't want to watch RWBY (I didn't outright say it was shit, I just said it wasn't really on my radar), she said it made her anxious and that I didn't respect her ability to judge media + me ignoring everyone.

I just wanted to vent sorry gulls.

>> No.9950638
File: 373 KB, 519x582, AestheticLady.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Get new blouse
>It does the boob thing
>God damn, it's almost the right size
>Decide it's time to invest in a minimizer bra
>Hopefully that will do the tick
>Also useful to have in the future
>Bike off to mall
>Bring the blouse with me
>Dressed casually in shorts and t-shirt
>Slightly messy hair in ponytail
>Enter Twilfit
>Immediately seek help because of sizing stuff
>Also first time I'm buying this kind of bra
>Employee shuffles around my sizing again
>Helps me find a really nice bra
>Subtle floral patterning, fits like a glove
>"Oh good, just put your shirt on and, yeah, doesn't that look great?"
>I ask to stay in fitting room to try with blouse I brought
>Mention the trouble of the boob-thing
>She understands and commends me for bringing the almost-fitting garment with me
>Apparently more customers do the buy-then-return business = more work for her
>Change into the frilly fantasy
>It fits better now, hurray!
>She peeks in, wondering if it worked
>The sense of awe and wonder as she sees blouse is felt in the air
>Definitely not what she imagined
>Even if I still wear simple shorts the intricate blouse overwhelms with its aesthetic
>Get compliments
>Feels good
>She gets a little more invested and sells me fashion tape too
>Just to secure that button-gap
>Now this new blouse will fit
>My new bra is pretty

It's another good day gulls.

>> No.9950653

You'll be fine, all types of people go to conventions these days. Cosplay is for you to have fun so go and have fun with your sister and don't worry about anything. Are you picking a character you want to do or is she picking for you?

>> No.9950718
File: 27 KB, 522x607, disgust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When you have to look at more fatties on cof ruining dresses

>> No.9950731
File: 162 KB, 956x856, 1405129362551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This should be illegal. Only cute femboys please.

>> No.9950733

Sounds like the problem is definitely with them, not anything you've done. Maybe it's time to distance yourself.
That sucks, anon. Don't let it discourage you from wearing it casually again, though.

>> No.9950736

Honestly, it's better to go your separate ways. Why should you have to cater to them and tiptoe around their feelings? They sound insufferable. I'd hate to owe someone money. If I did, I would pay it back ASAP. Your friend sounds like she should manage her own money better. Dump. Them.

>> No.9950796
File: 2.61 MB, 1093x1223, 1488310507742.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Want to cosplay
>Beard and long hair, so already cuts out like 90% of my options
>Not hench (5ft8, 66kg), so that cuts out the last few remainders since they're all tall and ripped
>Shit at crafts, so masked cosplay is not an option either

Fuck this I just want to join in and have fun

>> No.9950798

Just buy or commission your cosplays man. As long as youre honest about where they came from when asked, who cares?

>> No.9950802

Commissions detract from half the fun in my opinion. I feel like half the fun of cosplay is putting the time and effort into it to show your love for whatever it is you're doing, I'd just feel a little empty from a commission cause I don't want a cosplay just to get attention at conventions. Plus I'm pretty poor and can't justify to myself to buy cosplay for over £100

>> No.9950809
File: 29 KB, 250x258, IMG_7040.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just received what we're supposed to be the cutest AP socks only to open the package and see half of the sock is super faded and the seller stated they were never worn and were gently washed "from storage" im beyond upset that I paid for like new socks and got these instead. I messaged the seller but I really want to leave her a bad review regardless because she obviously edited her photos to make the socks look more vibrant

>> No.9950816
File: 545 KB, 2622x1281, virginothiclolitavsthechadsweetlolita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

couldnt help

>> No.9950817

I love you anon

>> No.9950818

Then what's the fucking point of the post?
>I want to cosplay
>But my body is out of shape
>But I won't fix it
>But I am shit at crafting
>But I won't change that either
Sounds like you're just looking to whine

>> No.9950823
File: 280 KB, 877x566, scum.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw your amino may be ran by a kinkster.

>> No.9950827

>This has happened to me three times
Fucking kek.

Great job, anon!

>> No.9950828
File: 43 KB, 640x483, EB861383-CAC4-4B08-A518-333AC6079A77.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me
>know friend for 10years
>get very close in past year
>friend lives about 5hrs away
>start planning cosplays together
>pick cons to travel to together
>working on cosplays
>start getting attached to each other
>conversations get deeper, things turn to being more than friends
>talk everyday, morning to night
>trade nudes one night
>get ghosted

Lol fml...

>> No.9950835

this is amazing.

>> No.9950837

how do you even find this unless you have an account too?

>> No.9950845

>ex got me into cosplaying
>she got married this past weekend

>> No.9950848

UGH why can't I take photos of the cute in-store dress cords? Why do they put that ugly no photo pin on it? Someones going to do it anyways. You have the dresses online too. What's the big deal. Minor pet peeve, but I'm always like ugh.

>> No.9950849

Is this b8?

>> No.9950855

>expecting anything good from Amino

>> No.9950859

It's on the btb secrets, got it from there.

>> No.9950863

No, just new. Why? Is that dumb?

>> No.9950864

If so many of you weirdos are on fetlife, would one of you tie my hands behind my back and give me a pair of irish sunglasses

>> No.9950866

>>trade nudes one night
>>get ghosted

Well DUH. What did you think was going to happen?

>> No.9950869

The picture is fake, the other girl is plussizefairykei on tumblr

>> No.9950870

Idek, anon, I guess continue to work on cosplays because I didn’t think it was that big of a deal? I’m afraid they nerved out on me. Now I’m totally unsure of my cosplans for the next couple of months.

>> No.9950874

Eh wear what you want. Bonus points it pisses off salty people here. Let people boil on their silly message board about how those damn sissies ruin everything while they would never say shit if they had to attach their name to it.

>> No.9950893
File: 149 KB, 700x700, bitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get to work
>realize i came in at the wrong time due to a schedule error
>okay that's fine i'll just go home and take a nap then come back to work
>get in my car and drive out of the parking lot, wait to turn left
>lady in an suv pulls up and has her blinker on to turn down my road, no one else coming
>sweet, let's go
>suddenly changes her mind as i'm pulling out and hits the gas, ramming right by my door
>her suv has a small concave on the bumper
>meanwhile my bumper has completely broken off, the hood is almost off and dragging, the frame of the car is twisted, and i've smashed my head against the window, car will not start
>well great
>cops come
>lady tells them that she didn't have her blinker on and that i turned out in front of her
>luckily three witnesses take my side and tell them she had her blinker on the entire time
>despite this, cops issue a no fault, we both get warnings and that's it
>car gets towed
>told i either pay $212 for a piece of junk and to get my stuff back or they'll just auction it off in a month

Today's been rough.

>> No.9950900

Nice /cgl/ related feel

>> No.9950915

I am sick of people bitching about fatties doing lolita. Get a fucking life.

>> No.9950920

>mess around with cute girl at con
>we're both drunk, having a good time
>go our separate ways for a while
>see her later that evening and she's getting kicked out
>didn't get any contact info
why am i like this

>> No.9950925

>also the cops were gothic and sneered at my sweet coord
there you go dude, it's /cgl/ now. also for real hope you're okay, hitting your head is never good.

>> No.9950926

2 years instead of 10, but similar shitty boat. I'm sorry, anon. It really sucks and I don't know why some people are such cowards.
I've found that brains are stupid in their inability to differentiate between physical and emotional pain, but that Tylenol works for both.

>> No.9950930
File: 14 KB, 272x362, hahawhatthefuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking for a 4th and easy cosplayto bring to otakon for when I just want to be comfortable.
Was going to do pajama time Deidara.
Pulled out a prestyled wig from 2010.
Thanks "Cosplay Dreamland"

>> No.9950945

I'm sick of fat people not knowing how to dress flattering for their bodies. Also sick of people going to ita tread, just to complain about people complaining others look bad (no matter the cause). Because bad looking people is kinda the point of the tread. Fat people that dress flattering tend to not get posted, but it's rare because they rather stuff themselves into too small dresses and complain about others not finding it pretty than invest in something that will actually fit.

>> No.9950949

all of my favourite lolitas have stopped wearing it or stopped posting coords online. since last year my 2 last faves slowly started to become normies. haven't found any new faves since then. sad feel.

>> No.9951023

I feel like I was finally broken by my family to leave lolita.
After years of "Why can't you just dress like a normal person?" or "That outfit is too fancy to wear out to this outing. Wear something else!" and "You need to look like everyone else."
Forced shopping trips to Kohls to buy "appropriate clothes". Being told that I should "just wear them at your anime conventions" (which is like twice a year)
After another bout of criticism when I was excited about an outfit, I finally broke.
I just quietly cleaned out my closet of my things and moved everything to the basement.
I have no other friends who are as passionate about lolita as I am. (Or can even talk about it As much) I have a couple of newbie friends but they're not super passionate and also only have one partial coord each. Neither know that much about the fashion or subculture to talk about it at length.
My mother caught me when I was clearing out my closet and it nearly escalated into a fight- she tried to accuse me of throwing it back on her when she was "trying to do something nice" (taking me to kohls to buy clothes she's comfortable with me wearing).
She tried to back pedal after that. But it's still too little too late. I still cant unhear all the criticisms she said.
I still want to cry while looking at lolita things.
Anything that I would have to talk myself down to not buy I barely even feel the need to take more than a second glance at it.
Anything I would get excited for just seeing, I just glance at and move on.
I hate feeling like this. I don't know how to not feel like this anymore.
Lolita was something that brought me so much joy and now it just makes me sad.
I just want to dump all my brand at goodwill and never look back.
But I know Ill second guess that and feel even worse about giving it up.
Im stuck between wanting to give it up and knowing that Ill feel worse for giving it up.
Im going to Japan in 4 weeks and I barely even want to hit my favorite brand stores.
I fucking hate this.

>> No.9951029

just move out?

>> No.9951030

Your mom sounds based as fuck

>> No.9951036

Im saving up to. I live in Jersey and its hard to find an affordable apartment anywhere. A studio apartment crime ridden Camden is 800 a month without utilities. Most midrange apartments are 1,600.

>> No.9951063

You should take a break until you can be on your own and straighten your feelings out. I'm sure you'll feel a lot happier about lolita when you don't have people criticising you all the time, and your brand can wait for you anyway.

>> No.9951067
File: 2.08 MB, 1920x3413, m2r5pnn1z4b01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>See all this cute stuff I want to try
>Lots of characters I'm interested in cosplaying
>Be transgirl
>Have big, male body
>Know I won't look cute
>Everyone tells me to rock it anyway
>But I know how I look. I know I wasted my chance.

>> No.9951068

Go live in the countryside like a proper lolita. As a bonus you're further away from your family.

>> No.9951069
File: 23 KB, 225x500, 2ekdlj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9951072

You don't need to go to London, anon. Norwich, Manchester, and several other cities have nice and active lolita comms too and are cheaper.

>> No.9951073

I mean. The part of Jersey Im in is basically Alabama.
People go cow tipping a lot and theres even a rodeo. And farms are everywhere.
My location is a huge reason of why I'm not in a comm.

>> No.9951074

Ah, I should have clarified.
Jersey as in New Jersey. The Florida of the north.

>> No.9951077

Move to NY, I live in an extremely safe residential area rent (utilities not included) is 1300

>> No.9951079

Ah, but then theres the catch of having to find a new job. I could potentially move to Harrisburg area and get a decent apartment through connections.
But. Job.

>> No.9951081

Search for a new job, more burando money

>> No.9951096

Whoops haha, the mention of Camden really threw me off. Good luck, anon. Hope you find a place to escape to soon.

>> No.9951102

Same, except she got married last year
>tfw no cgl gf atm

>> No.9951154
File: 380 KB, 1500x1707, made meme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

IDK if it's me, but I personally cannot stand buyers who only reply with very little care. I don't expect people to respond like I do, but at least have the audacity to say a little more then 'OK'. to everything I say to them. Not even a 'thank you' or 'Sounds good!', just 'OK' or they just don't respond at all. It makes them come off so unemotional and asshole-ish. But that's just a personal nitpick and thankfully it rarely happens anymore. I love it when buyers have a great upbeat enthusiasm when I message them about their purchase.

>> No.9951157

Not all heros wear capes

>> No.9951169
File: 18 KB, 242x356, pspoop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>call comm member's bf an "ESL-kun"
>she thinks I'm saying "ESL coon" like insulting black people
>mfw she mad

>> No.9951201

Same, but I'll automatically asume they'll back out of the sale which happens 8/10 times.

>> No.9951202

A white girl in my com constantly tapes her eyes when cosplaying Asian characters and as far as I can tell no one has called her out on it, even though other people who black/brown face get told very quickly that it's not a good idea. She has a pretty large following on instagram because of her tutorials. It makes me sick seeing her yellow facing in cosplay (she's open about it too, but claims its because she has "a lot of eyelids").

>> No.9951206

Just kill them all

>> No.9951207

Even though that's rude on her behalf if you and her/her BF aren't close friends, I still kekked.

>> No.9951212

I shouldn't be laughing, but... my god, that's hilarious.

>> No.9951213
File: 899 KB, 270x221, smif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>always manage to miss buying tickets for PAX
>decide to check their ticket announcement twitter to see when tickets sell out
>Friday/Saturday sold out within an hour of opening
guess I'll wait until next year again then

>> No.9951216

Do what makes you happy, anon. Even if you decide not to cosplay those girls, that's okay. As long as you're comfortable. Remember that despite all of the shit you have and will have to deal with, you're a beautiful woman. Beauty comes from within you and from what you do in your actions and words.

>> No.9951219

What 'outings' were you trying to wear lolita to? She might be backpedaling because she may have never meant to give you the idea this stuff wasn't okay to wear in your free time. Her saying, "Just wear them at anime conventions," was likely a bad way to word what she was trying to convey.

I don't wear lolita, but I do wear a fairly out-there j-fashion style, and I do tone stuff down for outings with family. Usually, I pair some of the more toned down items from my closet with normal apparel (e.g. plain colored tights or socks, no petticoat skirts, and plain purses).

Don't give it up, but confront your mother. Tell her that it's perfectly okay for you to wear this stuff when you're hanging out with friends, lounging around the house, or even going shopping at the mall. Tell her that, if she prefers, you will tone it down for family outings such as gatherings, family dinners, and holidays. Clothes comes off at the end of the day, and there's no reason we can't dress one way in our free time and another way in for work and formal events.

It reminds me of people coming up to me in my free time absolutely flabbergasted with some comment like, "Don't you work?" I'm always confused, and respond, "You've likely seen me at work, but didn't realize it since I was dressed differently. It's isn't as if this clothing is glued to my body."

I have 3-4 plainclothes outfits in my closet that I can mix and match to wear to formal family outings, funerals, family dinners, and the sort. Even then, I still often find ways to mix and match my fun clothes for such events (except funerals and formal stuff.) You might find a pair of shoes or handbag pair nicely with a regular outfit, or can find ways to incorporate your jewelry with a plainer outfit.

There's definitely a perfect balance one can find between wearing the clothes we love and dressing appropriately for the situation. Your mom has been way to harsh, and you have every reason to feel the way you are feeling.

>> No.9951224

Welp that's kinda your problem for spending your money on lolita instead of saving to move out.

>> No.9951240

> Comm has yearly high tea
> Small comm, only 10 people show up
> This new girl comes along, thinks she's hot shit. Wants everyone to praise her cord. Cord isn't bad, also isn't amazing. Pretty good 6/10
> Brings 5 other ita af anime weebs to the high tea who ass pat her the whole time. They're wearing party city wigs and bodyline. How did she convince them to pay $40 each to fawn over her at this meet?
> Comm does a vote for best dressed of the day.
> There's 15 people in the entirety of this high tea, 5 of which are here to swoon over new lolita.
> New girl wins best dressed. Shocking

I'm mad because at my first high tea some snooty efamous wannabe bitch brought along her university anime fanclub and thus rigged it so 1/3 of the votes for best dressed were instantly going to be for her.
It's over a year later and I'm still mad.

Prologue: She now lives with 2/5 of those people and they're supposedly her live in 'butlers/pets/subs' or whatever but "it's not sexual" Because she was a real Master/Daddy who wouldn't like her with other boys.
They're probably such cuckolded friendzoners it actually isn't sexual. No one in that household is employed and they all live off government welfare. She's now selling sexy lingerie and bikini photos and wants to get the views for her kawaiiness. People are actually falling for it.

Next high tea is in a few weeks. I wish to god she'd get a plague and not show up.

>> No.9951254
File: 25 KB, 600x553, 1467698143443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9951255

Your usage of 'cuckolded friendzoners' makes me imagine this never actually happened since I don't know a single woman in real life who uses the words 'cuckold' or 'friendzone'. That being said, it is very common for people in the BDSM scene to participate in BDSM play with one another without actually having sex. Those people who hire a professional dominatrix really are paying hundreds of dollars for BDSM play with no sex whatsoever. Sex-free play is very common in the fetish scene.

>> No.9951269

>'cuckold' or 'friendzone'.
a lot of women use the word friendzone lmao. though i've never heard a woman say cuck or cuckold or whatever out loud, except for me. but i'm a 25 year old and i still laugh out loud when i burp sometimes, so i don't think i count.

>> No.9951274

>it's my birthday
>mom hosting birthday dinner for family
>dress up in lolita despite excruciating heat
>dinner and mingling ensue, after a while one of the guests says to my 3 year old nephew "aren't you going to tell anon what you told me you thought she looked like?"
>nephew goes beet red with embarrassment, blurts out "a PRINCESS" and then hides his face

Pretty heartwarming feels

>> No.9951282

Keep your stuff and put it on the backburner until you move out. Until then try to find a style that compromises what you like and what your family finds appropriate. Then you can slip in accessories that work for lolita and continue to low-key build your wardrobe.

I never wear lolita around my family because I know they don't get it and I don't care. When I visit home I wear toned down otome and himekaji and my family still gets mad. They don't like the attention I get dressing well, wearing heels, or styling my hair. It clashes with the normie athleisure style. But I don't care, because at least I know I'm trying to tone it down. I also still have basic normie clothes I can wear, but I just leave them at my family's home and only wear them when I visit.

What your family is doing to you is what mine did to me during my goth days. It did nothing. They threw out my clothes, they cut and dyed my hair, they took me shopping for "nice" clothes, and I still have a special section of my closet dedicated to Alice Auaa.

>> No.9951880

I agree with previous anon. I too work a full time job, but wake up extra early in the morning to exercise, whether it's running or misc strength exercises. Its hella hard some mornings, usually because I go to sleep a bit later that I would like, but it's worth it. :)

You just gotta push yourself! :)

>> No.9951977

I'm going to crossplay for the first time in two days and I'm nervous.

>> No.9952465


>> No.9953969
File: 60 KB, 250x250, aea962ea-97fe-4baa-b822-f0b60229dd12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my roomate is gonna be gone for 2 days and im gonna gourge myself on mini pancakes while theyre gone

im not big at all but they legit never eat and it makes me feel bad to eat around them ok :(

>> No.9959910

You need to find other people to connect with. The /fa/ crowd is very judgemental but I'm sure there is overlap. Some of the guys I know hate "weeb shit" though, but at the same time they watch anime, so...

>> No.9959921
File: 475 KB, 980x952, 1519349654086.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm kind of embarrassed that i cant last too long, but i never hold back on physical play. i like to hit hard enough to leave welts, choke tight enough to get her to start tapping out. a curse

>> No.9960352

> be me
> helping lolita friend with her coord for a big event
> give her coord inspo
> give her cool ideas
> help pick out her dress
> go with her to the fabric store to show her wich fabrics to use, how to use them, tips and tricks for sewing the project together
> show her how to make the things
> she asks for advice every step of the way
> copies an idea I had for my own coord
> friend wins best dressed at big annual meetup
> doesn't say thank you

>> No.9960474

Awwwwweeeeeee that’s awesome. Most kids usually ignore me when I wear Lolita. Fuck even the parents will force them to come to me

>> No.9960480

Or when buyers don’t even message you and just invoice you. I always confirm the name/address just to be safe

>> No.9960486

Why weren’t you good enough for her?

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