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Previous thread: >>9935260
Confess all your sins (including those about never washing your brand).

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about 75% of the reason i like wearing lolita to conventions is that no one stops me every ten feet to ask me what the occasion is, what i'm all dressed up for, or what "all THIS" [rapid hand gestures towards me] "is all about!!!" i get to be as close to invisible as possible while still dressing the way i want.

obviously it doesn't bother me to the extent that i would stop wearing lolita completely, but in a perfect world i'd be able to wear lolita out and about whenever i wanted and get treated the same as i do when i'm wearing a sweatshirt

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Although I don’t go to cons I totally feel ya about wishing people would just treat you the same. I mean yes I’m aware it’s an odd looking fashion and people gonna stare but there is definitely some irony in that many Lolita’s including myself just wish that people would not notice you.

>wishes they were invisible to te outside world
>wears one of the weirdest most attention grabbing fashions ever


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Why would you put something so disgusting in the thread description? I don't want to buy secondhand from Americans anymore now

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How big are the cons in your area? I went to my first con a while back and it was very hot and crowded. I gave up wearing it later in the day to be more comfy. It made me wonder how anyone can wear anything impractical to a big event and survive

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It was a point of contention in the last thread, so I thought it would be on topic. I agree that it's definitely the highest tier sin, though.

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Agreed, and that's exactly how people a t outside of conventions. I love wearinv lolita normally, but there's a certain comfort of going to a con and no one makes a spectacle of you.

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it used to baffle me when i was a young altfashion wearer and people used to accuse me of "doing it for attention"

like do you even know what i would give in order to be able to continue to dress like this and get left the fuck alone???

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Idk if this counts as a confession, but I'm so afraid of mean comments from randos here that I only ever post on insta, despite wanting to make YouTube videos or post on CoF. My stuff is generally well-received, but all it takes is one mean comment and I spiral into a bad mood. I'm thin skinned, I guess.

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I hate going to meets. It's always the same people who are pretending to be nice to me and probably shit talk behind my back. Too bad I'm so antisocial it's my only social contact and I have to go sometimes to keep my bf off my back. I wish I had a lolita friend I could do nice things with without the hassle of always being the one organizing a meet up. Probably why everybody tolerates my autistic ass at all. I just want to go and do something in lolita, be there for a friend or something and share lolita stuff with someone. I want so badly to have someone I could make sandwiches and scones and give occasional gifts. My comm only wants me when I bring my sandwiches to picnic because it's the best they will have.

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I have 2 AP prints ive never washed bc they say don't dryclean on the tags but they're rED AP prints and people have said they run if you get them wet.

Idk what else to do...

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If you get it wet and it bleeds you just have to go all in and keep rincing it in cold until the water runs mostly clear, then soak with color catchers/detergent. Get as much dye out as you can then put it through the wash on a cold delicate cycle to get rid of the rest.

Source: have had both Meta and Baby bleed.

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The other thread inspired me to wash my brand. I am no longer disgusting, and I love how my clean dresses smell. Thank you.

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U can also get a steamer which sanitizes and you can spot clean it in the places you need to

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There is so much wrong with this comment I don't even know where to start desu.

Part of me wants to tell you that people probably talk less behind your back than you think, and it's all your anxiety, and you can probably be better friends with those girls if you tried more.

The other part of me wants to tell you that it's a self fulfilling prophecy. I guarantee your negativity shows when you suspect them of not liking you and talking behind your back. Also I really doubt anyone really gives that much of a shit about your sandwiches?? You clearly seem to think you are better than them so I really root for them to not tolerate you at the same time.

If you really want some good lolita friends you should first get rid of the negativity towards others within yourself. If you are genuine you will make at least one good friend, but trust me people notice your inner salt irl.

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I believed in you, anon. I'm proud of you.

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honestly, I've dry-cleaned dresses with 'no dry cleaning' labels on them, and I've never had a misshap.

I use home dry cleaning sheets, and put my dryer on a moderately low setting for about half an hour. This in conjunction to (timely) spot ccleaning have kept even my fussier fabrics looking pretty good. Maybe Ive just been lucky, idk

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that sounds incredibly risky

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I was just being dramatic for the sake of retorics. I know the fault is in me, as I said, I'm antisocial and super shut in afterall. I have made few friends with members of the comm who are not so regular at meets but I can't see them because... I just can't keep up a decent conversation.I don't know what to say and I always end up saying something silly - not insulting though. And yes I have some sort of anxiety disorder. My comm also used to have lots of drama and one of the most regular girl at the meets hates someone I'm good terms with and constantly tries to pick drama and shit. She is actually the reason why not that many goes to meets nowadays and while I haven't had anything majorly bad happen with her I still dislike the current environment a lot. It's like fake positivity and I'm tired of her constantly trying to bring the shit up especially she knows I don't feel the same about the people she hates. Everyone is also super low-effort and while I would love to bake and cook for someone I don't want to do it for people who would never contribute at all in any form. I don't think my sandwiches are that spectacular lol.
>Tldr; I only go to meets to pretend I have social life I can't maintain otherwise and feel extreme discomfort the whole time

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Confession? I pronounce moi meme moitie & metamorphose temps de fille incorrectly even though I learned enough french in school that I know how to, and can say it properly. I just don't.

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It's terrifying to do, but I've had success with it. I experimented a bit after a ten year old Meta piece I got unexpectedly bled when I was testing out washing methods on a waist tie (like i get the dress was really saturated pink in places but god damn it was ten years old). Color bled everywhere and I tried to blot out the water but the dye continued to bleed into the white parts as it dried. At first I tried to clean it with as little water as possible but it just made it worse.

Finally figured it was already damaged so I had nothing to lose. Turned on my bath faucet and went to town. After some rinsing, soaking, and soap it doesnt seem to have any issues.

Of course you want to test things like this out on a waist tie or bow before you tackle a full dress (and understand that a full dress will look really scary). Soap and color catcher sheets during the soaking help keep removed dye from re-adhearing to the fabric, and cold water keeps things from becoming heat set in. Admittedly I've never tried it on AP though.

The trick is patience and not panicking, and just going all in.

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So how is moi meme moitie pronounced?

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I only wear lolita to pick up cute guys at cons for long nights of rough sex

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suuuuuuuure you do

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Yup. Must be Friday night. Time for the cross boarders from /b/ to start roleplaying fantasies that never happen.

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I completely forgot about this memory

Many years ago, my babbylita self made a lolita skirt out of an unused flatsheet. I believe it was just for sewing practice, but I wore it to a school function anyway.

Mana-sama have mercy on my soul.

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wash them you filthy fuck

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I don’t think this is just an American thing though. I know of French lolitas who don’t wash their shit. It’s a General lolita thing that happens reguaedless of country of origin. This is mainly why I only buy secondhand if I really REALLY want something I can’t buy new.

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I spent $200 on an brand coat and due to my plumbing being a piece of shit the cold water pump broke mid wash and instead spewed scalding hot water, turning my adult sized coat to the size fit for my Pullip.

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Wash them. I wash all my lolita I buy second hand before I put it in my closet. I can’t trust a bitch to wash their shit in this community. If it runs, rinse it out, use color sheets and don’t panic. Everything is washable if you have patience.

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Oh thanks anon

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I used to be like you. I thought for sure all those girls thought I was a hideous annoying ita and what was I thinking trying to go to meets and have normal conversations with other girls.

But then I realized I just have shitty low self esteem and anxiety issues. Last meet I went to I had a blast and now I can't wait to go to more if only my schedule would allow..

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meanwhile there is a girl who posts on CoF all the time that does porn.

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> I can’t trust a bitch to wash their shit in this community

Why for gods sake do people with more "nerdy" or autistic hobbys always have such severe problems with absolutely basic hygiene?

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Can't you just wash them when you get them??

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I'm glad to hear /cgl/ made a positive difference.
I'm also going to wash one of my dresses I've been putting off cleaning.
Thanks /cgl/ for helping disgusting lolitas.

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I've wondered how well this works though. Sure it sanitizes but what about the oils and skin cells etc that get in the fabric?

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I do, but that doesn’t mean there are not lolitas who don’t wash their clothes all over the world.

>> No.9948505

What did you learn anon? I need tips besides dry cleaners

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You hand wash like the other anon said. I find steaming before hand washing the dress makes it easier to get stuff out/off of the dress! I got dye out of lace on a dress of mine just using a steamer and nothing else.

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Any tips on getting out armit stains? Especially on prints and white blouses

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A real girl, or are you talking about the guy who does “shemale” porn? He’s the only one I can think of.

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Yup, not just Americans. I’m from a small Western European country and regularly overheard girls talking about how they don’t know how to wash their dresses and just air them out. Like four girls in my comm have Holy Lanterns and they wear them quite often but they don’t know how to wash them without damaging the flocking so they just... don’t.

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Not to defend any girl who does this, I do think it's disgusting - But I don't think it's a hygiene thing as it is people being overly concerned that their lolita clothes will supposedly disintegrate if washed.
There's a misconception going around that all lolita clothes must always be dry cleaned, no exceptions, and newbies that fall for it usually can't afford dry cleaning and either don't bother doing research to see that it's wrong or are too afraid to just try washing their damn clothes and see that they won't fall apart in the wash.

>> No.9948568

It also has a factor for its cost. The clothes are not cheap and made of materials that are mostly higher quality. Most people associate high price tag with high matanance to clean. But really, all it takes is to not be a gorilla in the laundry room and a understanding that if it runs it isn’t impossible to fix.

>> No.9948578

holy shit can we talk about something besides washing or not washing clothes

>> No.9948579

Oxyclean or tide sticks. Steam, rub that on there and let it sit. Personally when I do a large load of whites I'll take a bucket and let all of them soak in oxyclean and a little bit of baking soda. If it's a set in stain I usually will use a baking soda and soap mix and apply directly to the stain. But this is not good for velvet or more delicate fabrics of course, and make sure your dress doesn't run before you decide to put it in the wash (if you choose to do that). Always use cold water and use gentle cycles. This is the way my grandma taught me to clean my stuff out and I have clothes I've had since early high school and I'm 21 now

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Me too, anon. But with insta, I spend a lot of time both hoping and dreading that someone will post me. It's a weird feel.

>> No.9948587

They probably mean lazyasslolita. She's pretty gross.

>> No.9948590

>complains about the lundry talk
>doesn’t provide anything else to contribute.

It’s better then vendetta drama anon. Be grateful for once in your life.

>> No.9948595

Gross or not - there are women in lolita that enjoy sex.

>> No.9948597

enjoying sex ≠ doing porn

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got an old black blouse with white lace recently and the lace is super yellow around the wrists and neck. any tips to safely get the stains out, or at least lessen them, without having to worry about accidentally bleaching/discoloring the black?

>> No.9948607

Oxyclean stick, srsly that shit will work on almost anything

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Bought a couple old old headdresses and they're... super flat? it looks weird due to how flat they are (one is a really frilly old meta headdress, pic related). Will steaming work to give them back some volume?

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Baking soda paste, oxyclean stick, tide pen, Fels naptha bar.

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This is too disgusting for words. I'm just going to pretend you all are role-playing and don't really wear lolita otherwise I can't live with it. This seriously makes me want to never look at LM again. I would seriously consider killing myself if I didn't know how to wash my clothes. DISGUSTING.

>> No.9948631

You really haven’t been in the fashion that long have you? There’s been several confirmed stories about unwashed clothes being shipped to buyers. I take it you never bought second hand if you havnt had this issue. If you do, you haven’t bought much from multiple lolitas to have any exposure to the filth you get. One lolita once got a dress with orange peels inside the package. Somewhere in the archives you could find it.

>> No.9948632

Oof, ignorance is bliss, anon. Too often have I seen girls trying to pass off their disgusting stained brand as "like new" on LM, it's unfortunately very real.

>> No.9948633

It's not just LM anon, gross stuff comes up on JP secondhand too. They just sell it as is and for dirt cheap.

>> No.9948634

My milky planet just came to me with pit stains and it seemed unwashed as fuck and stunk like no other when I steamed it. I bought it secondhand on depop from another lolita :/

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Soo uh that secrets submission this week really went up huh. Can we please have someone willing to actually work in something make a new livenournal account for secrets that will actually post them on time? I would but don’t have a computer at my disposal to do such a thing.

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Depends, are they meant to have volume? Some rectangle headdresses are made to lay flat on the head, and if they’re sewn that way there’s not a lot you can do to make them fluffy. You can always try, though.

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That's not a bad thing though. Disclosing damage and pricing the piece accordingly is a good thing, this way the buyer knows that the garment is damaged and knows to expect it when they buy it, and buyers who don't want damaged pieces know to avoid it.
The problem with many (not all, but many) western sellers is that they either don't disclose damage at all or try to downplay it, essentially deceiving their buyers.

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Nayrt but I buy damaged pieces so I can restore them and not feel bad about altering brand

>> No.9948646

I buy damaged all the time for the same reason. It’s baffling how many people don’t want to wash their items and just sell it for way cheaper then it’s worth because of a stain a ten minute soak would remove.

>> No.9948648

I do this too, I just prefer buying something damaged fully knowing that it's damaged and how, rather than buy something listed as "like new" and discover that it's stained and missing a button when it arrives.

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This is really depressing, I try to list my stuff as accurately as possible, down to whatever pin-prick damage I find on it, and I accurately list how many times I've worn a dress including merely trying it on, only to read that I'm lumped into the same mess as other sellers outright lying about actual stains and damage on their dresses.

Does explain why buyers seem to completely overlook some stuff, like when I say I've never even tried on a dress and they still request a worn photo of it anyhow.

Speaking of, is there a nice way to redirect those requests? Like I'm happy to give them my insta handle so they can check I'm not a hamplanet, but I don't know how to word it in response to someone asking for a worn photo.

>> No.9948653

>I'm lumped into the same mess as other sellers outright lying about actual stains and damage on their dresses
Ayrt, who's lumping you in with shitty sellers? If you're honest with your sales, that statement isn't directed at you.

>> No.9948656

Oh yeah I wasn't saying it was a bad thing how they handle it generally, but I was pointing out that Japanese girls don't wash their shit either in some cases. It's still gross but easier to handle since you're expecting it.

I did get a skirt from a secondhand shop once that was basically just listed as 'secondhand goods, slight wear' that turned the water all kinds of gross when I tried to wash it. That sucked. And sometimes JP sellers will just say 'secondhand goods kept at home, nervous buyers please refrain' and have awful seller pics making you roll the dice on how damaged the piece actually is…

>> No.9948658

I think japan is the worse in dirty clothes. I have bought second hand from Wunderwelt and closet child and have had some pretty nasty, albeit easy to clean with one wash cycle, items. I got a blouse from closet child that I thought was ivory and was listed as ivory. Nope. It was pure white just filthy.

>> No.9948659


I sort of get that, I guess it's just that my current listing really is brand new without tag releases from 2014, and now I'm wondering if people are second-guessing whether it's really as unworn as I say it is.

idk, I suppose I could list something that's actually damaged or worn next week just to show the difference I guess. My feedback is perfect and I've never lied, just .... I guess we're all selling on lacemarket and it makes me sad that there's other lolitas who are lying sacks of shit, or something.

>> No.9948660

My confession is that I don't understand why people think that saying that Misako (or any other model or efamous lolita for that matter) is "plain", is a bad thing. For the record I do think she's cute, I know not everyone agrees and that's fine, but personally I find "plain" models even better for lolita than naturally gorgeous ones. It's one of the things that make the fashion feel more "real" and accessible, like you don't have to be stunning or seem perfect in every way to look good in it.

>> No.9948666

My experience with CC and WW has always been really good, but I’ve received several items from Mercari and Fril that had significant damage like overall discoloration, missing pieces, completely stretched out elastic etc. while the listing just said something along the lines of
>good condition but keep in mind secondhand goods
and nothing about these specific, glaring damages. While CC and WW often take closeups and circle any spot damages or stains so you know exactly what you’re getting. And with LM at least you can leave feedback for undisclosed damages.

>> No.9948668

They do a good job of noting damages. But my point is is much of the “damages” are solved by washing. Means both companies get the items used from someone who doesn’t wash their clothes. The blouse was listed at ivory but it was in fact white an simply filthy.

>> No.9948672

I've been buying lolita for over 10 years

Why the fuck are you trying to ruin my life?

>> No.9948673


It is actually really hard to wash Holy Lantern! I handwashed my wine red one without rubbing and the velvet ribbon on the front is slightly damaged. You can notice it has been in contact with water :(

Dry-cleaning the recent re-releases (2017) is also not an option, since someone warned about it on 'Lolita sales worldwide'. She took her navy dress to a professional dry-cleaners who have experience with flocking prints, but the print has faded somehow. Even though the washing label from AP stated it could only be dry-cleaned.

>> No.9948695

>I have been buying lolita for 10 years.

Lol no you havnt if this is a reality check for you. No one is this ignorant on the fashion if you have been buying the fashion for that long.

>> No.9948707

I'm sorry I've never bought secondhand clothes that were covered in someone else's sweat? Seriously Wtf. Tell your dirty comm members to wash their shit if that isn't normal yet in your comm.

>> No.9948708

Also Polly rocket, but she hasn't posted in a while.

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Keep role playing the nïeve lolita anon. Maybe it will work.

>> No.9948719

This is why I only come to cgl for the bts threads. You're weird af if you think anyone cares how long you've been wearing lolita.

>> No.9948739

That's really unfortunate and i'm sorry, but it made me laugh.

>> No.9948741

I washed two of my favorite dresses yesterday after reading the thread. Now they're clean and I am guilt free.

>> No.9948743

I read you should never use Oxyclean on any lolita dresses. I wonder why?

>> No.9948750

The situation would be pretty horrific if the whatever you bought reaked of bo. A garment can still be super dirty and not smell or even visibly look that bad. I have tried to encourage people in my comm to wash their shit but I have bought multiple dresses around the world with similar problems. I absolutely hate the smell in crowded lolita events, you can really catch the smell of unwashed brand. The least people could do with dresses that are hard to wash to use some rubbing alcohol in pits and air it out well before wearing it the tenth time to a day long event.

>> No.9948767

I'm afraid to leave negative feedback on LM for fear the other party will retaliate, even when I've done everything I was supposed to. At the same time I know I'm doing a disservice to the community by not sharing my bad experiences in my feedback.

>> No.9948780

>done everything I was supposed to
Including contacting the seller? If you did that and couldn't resolve it with them, go ahead and leave negative feedback. I understand your fears but it's the right thing to do.

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File: 290 KB, 640x1136, 58C25ECA-F0A5-4394-B605-58F3E6BE1690.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just recently discovered this so sharing the knowledge for anyone who is not aware: there is an iPhone app (maybe android too not sure) called “Care Label” that will let you select laundry symbols from your care tag and tell you how you can/can’t wash your brand.

Plz wash your clothes ty

>> No.9948803

>needing an app for that

>> No.9948826

Regardless of washing vs dry cleaning, lot of dresses are really delicate and not designed to be overly cleaned like day to day pieces. The more you clean them, the quicker they wear down.

One thing to keep in mind about cleaning dresses is: what kind of dress is it?

OPs should be washed regularly, but JSKs, salos, and skirts don't touch direct skin. So unless you are sitting on public surfaces, sweat through your blouse, or spill, you only really need to wash your dress once every blue moon. Also if you don't wear your dresses often, they rarely need to be washed. Airing out is fine.

I am now curious how often Japanese lolitas/designers clean their dresses.

>> No.9948860

Me too anon. I had been putting off taking a bunch of dresses to the cleaners and I finally just did it and now they're fresh and wrinkle free and I am no longer wracked with guilt lol.

>> No.9948861

Was it a red gingham piece by chance? I have a couple of red gingham Meta dresses that still bleed like fucking crazy even after years of wearing and washing them :( I might try this because maaaaaan I am sick of having pink spots on my white trim

>> No.9948862

>So unless you are sitting on public surfaces, sweat through your blouse, or spill, you only really need to wash your dress once every blue moon
I agree jsks and skirts don't need to be washed as always as other garments but you do realise even if you don't go out or even wear the dress there is still going to be dust and dirt which the dress will eventually absorb? But otherwised agreed, people should think more how to wear and care and if they are up to do the maintenance the piece requires.

>> No.9948869

If they leave retaliation feedback, you can message the LM mods on fb and get it removed.

>> No.9948891

I think it's a really strange jealousy thing or something. I often see comments about her looking old. I think it's the natural cycle in the community/online. Someone is liked, they become popular, they become waaaay too popular, they become more disliked. You can see this cycle happen with a lot of regular lolitas that either post a lot or are YouTubers.

For example Ophelia. She just casually amassed this huge old school wardrobe and coords it incredibly well. People were very impressed with her dedication and praised her but as she got more notoriety I started seeing negative comments about her.

>> No.9948924

Sometimes I lurk the dream dress thread just to feel smug about owning dresses other people want.

>> No.9948927

Mte. And you can tell Misako really loves lolita.

>> No.9948940

And this is why westerners second hand is faded to hell and back. You rarely need to wash the entire dress and if you wear proper undergarments, you won't be getting it dirty. You just need to spot clean and steam clean as needed.

>> No.9948942 [DELETED] 

I find that I see more faded Japanese second hand items than western. Because westerners don't ever wash their shit.

>> No.9948998

Welcome to the future, grandma, this is how we do things now.

>> No.9948999

The point is, girls who wear lolita have sex and if you think a girl talking about sex isn't a lolita that's silly.

I'm not a fucking roleplayer and I have sex in my dresses.

This stigma is fucking dumb and only those who live under rocks think this way.

>> No.9949000

We've covered not washing dresses, can we talk about all the lolitas running around in ratty, unwashed wigs?

>> No.9949001

How is that the point of >>9948462

>> No.9949034

like that kate girl on yt some people here constantly fawn over. girl, you look shitty in wigs that look like drown dogs.

>> No.9949035

Honestly, I used to be against fucking in lolita unless I was in a situation I didn't have time to take my clothes off. I have fucked in normie clothes and I wear lolita as my daily clothes so there is no difference apart from maybe a price. I would never sell my shit unwashed or cum stained though so I guess it's not a problem at all.

>> No.9949046

One was a red tartan, one was a pink camo print. The pink camo had white trim although I can't recall if it's poly or cotton, so it might be difficult to keep the white trim white.

You severely underestimate the amount of grime in this realm of existence. No, skirts and JSKs don't need to be fully cleaned every time, but they probably should be cleaned every other wear or so if you are wearing them for more than a couple minutes in your room. And honestly most of what you're washing out is excess dye the fibers can't hold, and in theory the manufacturer should have removed before it even went to stores.

All that being said I'll take a slight loss of saturation for dresses that I can wear without being terrified of rain or spilling water on.

>> No.9949052

Thank you, anons, you're right.

I have contacted sellers first as well, letting them know about the flaws, but they have usually just ghosted me and never responded.

I'll do the right thing in the future.

>> No.9949060

I recently learned that adding a half cup of baking soda to yellowing fabrics in the wash with regular detergent helps brighten the white and removing yellowing without bleaching others colors like black. it revitalized my mid 2000's AP skirt.

>> No.9949129

go ahead, then.

>> No.9949131

The funny thing is that I've seen her wardrobe posts, and it's not even huge or particularly impressive, just cohesive and well-curated. Even if oldschool isn't your taste, you gotta admit that she looks consistently good, and that apparently really bothers some anons.

>> No.9949133

Are you used to newer btssb style headdresses? Older ones are usually flat

>> No.9949192

No idea. I've used it on many pieces and they all turned out just fine.

>> No.9949203

I'm pretty sure the trim on mine is poly, its a sort of dotted netting I've seen on a lot of Meta pieces. I'm remaining optimistic that it will come out but ya never know.

>> No.9949211

The thing is that at one point she was posting herself everywhere so obviously people who aren't interested are also going to see her and and not going to like her

>> No.9949244

I literally had a jsk with pit stains from the previous owner anon it's not just OPs

>> No.9949256

Luckily I haven't had a stain to deal with yet. I usually just use a mild detergent for washing. I'll try some oxyclean if I get something tough in the future then.

>> No.9949305 [DELETED] 

Yes I do realize that, but that is why I said they only need to be washed once. (Especially if you don't wear them often or go to pretty clean places.)

>So unless you are sitting on public surfaces, sweat through your blouse-

I did say that would require regularly washing, though. (Ofc if you are buying from someone who didn't wear blouses with their JSKs, that's an entirely different story and might just require burning.)

>> No.9949317

Yes I do realize that, but that is why I said they only need to be washed once *in a while. (Especially if you don't wear them often or go to pretty clean places.) But yes, I agree with you on that.

>So unless you are sitting on public surfaces, sweat through your blouse-

I did say that would require regularly washing, though. (Ofc if you are buying from someone who didn't wear blouses with their JSKs, that's an entirely different story and might just require burning.)

>> No.9949322

God I feel this in my soul. Anytime I'd post on insta I'd stalk the ita thread. Unless I've posted something recently there's no reason to visit the it's thread otherwise.

>> No.9949336

My bf only gets to have sex with me when I'm wearing pjs. I'm usually too tired after doing whatever I'm doing in Lolita to have sex afterwards. I don't even fuck my bf when I'm wearing nice normie clothes. It's just pj and morning sex for me, mate.

>> No.9949337

That it doesn't necessarily mean they're fake.

>> No.9949339

>cum stains
wow - my boyfriend is nice and only cums on me when I'm not dressed.

>> No.9949346 [DELETED] 

Your sex life sounds boring. Like you have a plan and schedule for it. That’s beyond boring. No spontaneous sex no romance just planned sex. I take it you have your partner have never had a moment when you where both really into it when you where on a dateand giving eachother lewd remarks, and couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom so you just kinda did it there on the living room floor, counter, table, against the wall. Also, try shower sex. It’s fantastic plus no clean up. Unless you have one of those dumb small bathtub showers.

>> No.9949347

Uh cool story bro.

>> No.9949369

If my partner cums on my brand I will punch him in the dick.

>> No.9949370
File: 2.25 MB, 279x401, marina laugh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NAYRT but what the fresh hell are you even talking about? Take your bad RPF somewhere else, anon-chan.

>> No.9949372

Roleplaying like this on cgl is pathetic man

>> No.9949382

Growing up, at the start of the school year, my mom always would have me buy 5-7 pairs of jeans/shorts/other pants to wear every day of the week. At the end of the day, they had to be washed. Inevitably I ended up with some jeans I really liked and some I hated, but had to wear the hated ones anyway because the good ones went into the wash after 1 day.
When I was in high school, I went to a private school where everyone lived in dorms like college and I had to do my own laundry etc.I was talking to some other girls about having to wash jeans and they were surprised and said that jeans didn't have to be washed every day, in fact they shouldn't be and that no one else did.
This shook my world. I called my mom and she informed me that she knew the whole time and just didn't tell me so I would wash my things.

Now, it's a guilty pleasure of my to re-wear jeans. However I do wash my lolita dresses. I actually like doing it, it makes me feel good that I'm taking care of my things.

>> No.9949409

I thought a lot of the backlash to Ophelia came when people found out that she directly copied outfits from the GLB, kinda treating lolita like a sort of cosplay. I know that was what made me unfollow her.

This has nothing to do with the original comment. Lazyasslolita is a perma-ita with a cute face who does porn and people mostly judge her because she dresses like shit. This has nothing to do with having sex in brand.

>> No.9949413

If you like a picture in a magazine so much that you want to mimic it, I don't think that's a bad thing. She must really love those looks, and that's okay, it's not like she's actually saying she's doing original looks and passing it off as 100% her own idea and design. What a strange thing to judge someone for.

>> No.9949414

Same, anon. I grew up the same way. I found out from online posts that people didn't usually wash their denim that often. My mom still insists on daily wear washing though. She's a neurotic cleaner.

Washing lolita gently and carefully makes me feel put together, and means that the next time I wear a piece, it will be fresh and smell pleasant.

>> No.9949425

Are there comparison photo of her copying?

>> No.9949441

NAYRT but she posted some of them herself directly in public on fb though it was more like mixing the styling in 2 street snaps together and the like which I don't really mind, her editing her pics to look like fruits snaps and old brand ads annoy me though

>> No.9949442

Why does it annoy you?

>> No.9949443

It comes off as kinda roleplay-ish at least to me. Not saying she should be considered cringe or anything because I think so though, I actually really like her coords, just not the entire pretend being in 2002 aspect she seems to have.

>> No.9949446

Oh. I don't see it that way, I think she just does it for fun. I'd be bothered if it was done badly but it looks good and I enjoy the imagery she creates; maybe it's up to personal taste though.

>> No.9949474

It's not a bad thing and she is still good but lets be honest the coords she has done without copying are not that good. That's why I believe some people dislike her, it's like she just has a good wardrobe to do the copying but no actual coording talent.

>> No.9949477

I didn't mean I have gotten cum on my dresses but it's a bit of a meme to sell cum stained brand. I'm mildly allergic to that shit so I don't want it on me nor my dresses anyways.

>> No.9949510

>Someone is liked, they become popular, they become waaaay too popular, they become more disliked

this goes for everything honestly, music, television, normie celebrities. you could have a neutral or even positive opinion of something but oversaturation/overexposure can easily lead to dislike

>> No.9949521

One of my red dresses bled on an ivory blouse I stupidly put in the wash with it... Only the lace is pinkish, the fabric is OK. Is there any way I can fix it, or is the blouse fucked?

>> No.9949536

Enough about laundry and sex!
My confession is I find about 30% of the girls in my comm really annoying. The other 70% are sweethearts who I have an amazing time with, but jeez, there are so many people who are just so insipid.
>and they're always the most vocal with their online presence. Get outta my face, it feels good to have you all muted.

>> No.9949545

I thought it was because of her retarded video about old school that had some serious inaccuracies going on...

>> No.9949552

People were salty about her before that, I think that video supposedly just gave them a more valid reason for their salt.

>> No.9949581

I need advice. My com isn't dead. But the moderators / leaders are inactive and refuse to actually plan meet ups and be leaders of our community. No one knows what to do because it's crazy how they deflect stepping down as mods and seem to want fame and the title without caring about our community.....

>> No.9949585

You're not limited to meeting up only within your community, are you? Contact the girls you want to meet up with and plan something with them. It may not be a big fancy meetup but it's better than nothing at all. I don't know if there's a rule in your comm that only mods can host meets but even if there is, the mods can't tell you who to meet and when.

>> No.9949597

No rule and we have been meeting (just starting with a small group) but alot of new members are hesitant to plan meets and get discouraged easily. The attendance count is low on meets and flaked members . Is a high .. I was a mod for 2 months before the drama and was asked to step down because a previous MOD thought with me going to take classes at community college would interfere with my mod/leadership role. Now the mods are not interested in Lolita or are taking a break without appointing new leaders. The response others get is that it's complicated or political but has been a problem for over a year how do I step up and not sound salty? I just want the community to go back to how it was in 2007 lol

>> No.9949598

If your comm is anything like mine, it's small and pathetic anyway so it's not like you're missing out.

>> No.9949604

Is there a reason why red in lolita prints bleed so much across brands, from AP to Meta? Can someone give some kind of list based on what colors do and don't bleed?

>> No.9949605

mine's like 90% annoying/clique-y/ita, 10% friendly and knowledgeable. i don't even go to meets anymore, it's never fun. there are a couple people i just hang out with outside of meets because these days going to a meet is a waste of time, money, and social energy

>> No.9949632

Where are you going that is so filthy? I think that's excessive and most dresses now are polyester anyway so they won't bleed or fade. For the cotton dresses, I just inspect after every wear, it adds wear on clothing to be washed and why would I want to prematurely age the garment? Steam clean is enough and a lot gentler on the garment. I do this for all my j fashion and anything that has been thrown in the wash is no where as nice as it was before even in garment bags and delicate cycle.

>> No.9949683

my confession: Im a retard

>> No.9949699

moderators aren't there to organise meets. the members have to do that themselves.

>> No.9949708

Red just bleeds, even in normie clothes. Something about the dyes they use I guess. My SO did his own laundry last week and washed red shorts with some white items...now he has a bunch of pink shirts lol. There's a list of what can and cannot be washed floating around somewhere but I don't have a link rn.

>> No.9949715 [DELETED] 

I believe it. But at least you're aware of being a retard. There are so many people even on this board who don't know they are

>> No.9949716

I have a steamer but to do this without washing is fucking nasty and will yellow your stuff over time. Steaming does not remove the smelly sweat, only washing will do that

>> No.9949723

Most of my AP dresses are in black or navy colorway, and they don't bleed. I only handwash them in cold water, i never threw an AP dress in the washer. On the other hand i have a pink AP blouse that I put in the washer at 30°C and never had any surprise.

>what is atmospherical pollution

>> No.9949726 [DELETED] 

I said spot cleaning this includes your collar and armpits

>> No.9949736

Wasn’t expecting a reply. That’s some Interesting information you got there

>> No.9949747

I love in an area in the US with excellent air quality, I don't know about you.
The more you wash, the more fibers you lose. Let me guess, you don't have a filter on your washing machine to catch the microfibers anyway.

>> No.9949842

It annoys me because she uses it to gatekeep oldschool. If something hasn't been worn exactly so in a snap it "isn't oldschool" to her. The girl has no style or thought in her head, all she can do is copy existing looks.

>> No.9949867

Has anybody washed puppet circus? I've heard not to take it to the dry cleaners. It has a smell so I don't know if steam cleaning will help.

>> No.9949868

I do wash my stuff! I also said spot clean that means the main areas that need to be cleaned (armpits, collar, cuffs). I'm not a heathen ffs

>> No.9949871

I've noticed this smell too and hate it. I'm on team wash your shit. I feel like people in this thread are conflating throwing something in the machine with just waking in general.
Washing machines beat up clothes pretty badly. I put cool water in my bathtub, some gentle woolite, and gently move the fabric around. Im only really aggressive with the underarm area or anywhere else particularly dirty. There's not much damage to be done that way.

>> No.9949875

Spraying vinegar water on the garment and steaming it gets rid of odors afaik.

>> No.9949878

Handwashing scares me because I have no place to dry something as big and heavy as a lolita dress, and throwing it in the dryer also doesn't seem like a particularly good idea. I machine wash all my blouses/socks/etc. but I bring all my dresses that seem delicate in any way to the dry cleaners. I want to learn to handwash because dry cleaning is expensive but what is the best way to dry things? Do black x white dresses run when you handwash them? Are there any fabrics you should always dry clean? Sorry for being a retard.

>> No.9949887

I hang mine in the bathroom from a towel rack to drip dry with towel under it. Some fabrics like velveteen are dry clean only but theres no reason to not handwash most cottons and poly, hand washing is easy just cold/lukewarm water in a tub or bucket or something, gentle detergent, gently swish your clothes in, soak if you need to and spot clean the stains. Throw in color catcher sheets if the garment feels like it could run.

>> No.9949900

I've handwashed some pieces that say dry clean only with no problems. Black or red pieces and pieces with lots of red in the print may run a bit if they're older (think pre-2012). New stuff is totally fine.
I've also put a bunch of cotton AP dresses in the washing machine and haven't had any issues, just use delicate setting and a laundry bag

>> No.9949905

Really? I hate wearing Lolita to conventions, people stop you every ten feet and ask what you're cosplaying as, and then your photo pops up tagged as "Lolita Cosplay" from a con photographer.
I want to go to whatever con you're going to, sounds so much nicer.

>> No.9949927

I literally never had anyone do more than either stare but leave me be, or say "you look nice!" and go further with their day beside one street preacher who was sure it had to have some deep meaning (and it couldn't just be me liking clothes). But overly motivated street preachers always find ways to bother anyways.

Maybe a few photos (bit of topic rant of all these people caring so much about photos incomming), but that only happens on big cities and I only go there for meets. Lot of people are rude there anyways. Beside, I stopped caring. Wanna make a picture of me randomly walking the street while you know it's rude to do so? Ok, I have better things to worry about than random person and it's public space. Beside, most are only to show friends what "funny weird person" they saw. You know how many people think and laugh with friends just by seeing you? You're in public. People judge. Get over it or become a normfag. Just don't make it my fucking problem by bothering me or doing anything that makes it unignorable.

I'll never get the people are so bothersome I won't wear it thing, simply because I can't relate and have no clue how they meet so much bothersome people. Not saying that what they say is invalid. Places differ a lot and what I'm used to is different from others. But it always feels kinda weird hearing such complains while I'm wearing it randomly outside often with no real bad experiences.

>> No.9949941

I've noticed that if I'm in lolita with my boyfriend, we NEVER get bothered. If I'm alone or with another lolita, it gives people the courage to stop us or make comments at us. I do get stopped at cons for photos so I don't really get your point of view there, they always ask me what I'm cosplaying.

Maybe they think that because I'm on a "date" that I shouldn't be bothered, but if not then I'm free game?

>> No.9949956

God my friends and I noticed that too. It pisses me off. It's not because you're on a date. It's because he is a dude. People are more intimidated by him, he is more likely to speak up or punch someone. When its just a female or worse, a group of females, it's free game because they know we can't do anything.

>> No.9950022 [DELETED] 

Kinda agree. Having to plan sex to only be in pj and morning sounds boring and planned. Besides, what's so hard about getting rid of your clothes beforehand? Besides getting dirty, some more rough sex might rip a dress that's delicate. And getting them off can be nice part of foreplay. And who wants to fuck in pj anyways, it's generally not sexy (unless you buy sexy ones on purpose, but you sound too little caring for that. Not having any spontaneous feelings of hornyness with your bf sound like you do it because it's normal/expected).

Can't agree on the shower part tho. It's clunky and bad place to go wild. Little grip because it's wet, so you always need to be able to hold yourself on to something or risk falling, which during sex can be rather... unpleasant... That part made you sound like you never tried it and only watched the romantisized version of it.

>> No.9950116

not sure where you live; i'm in the american southeast (the bible belt, no fashion sense) and you get approached constantly. it's not negative attention but it's a lot of attention. i doubt many lolitas care about stares or esoteric "judgment," but it's the interaction piece that many find bothersome. you can only answer the barrage of the same questions at the peak of politeness so many times in a day. obviously it's not so offputting that i would leave the fashion, but our love for the fashion doesn't erase cumbersome experiences that come with it (see also: customs fees)

>> No.9950122

I judge people who tie the community in super closely with their enjoyment of the fashion. The people who *have* to be a part of their local comm or some similar social group in order to enjoy lolita, the people who flounce because bawwww other lolitas are soooo mean, etc. if you can't enjoy lolita for what it is, bye felicia. go join a book club or something if you NEED the social interaction piece in order to enjoy what is a perfectly fine hobby on its own.

not judging people who are part of a comm or who enjoy being part of a comm, but if your enjoyment of lolita is almost entirely contingent upon the social aspect, bye.

>> No.9950169 [DELETED] 

My shower has a bench in it anon. I did say unless you have a bathtub or similar it’s not as fun. My shower is curtain less and is just a tiled wall seperatong the shower and the toilet. It’s not slippery because it’s a sandstone type of tile. It makes shower sex a lot more stress free with the bench and tile. Also they do make bars for the shower for stability.

>> No.9950221

I’ve seen an AV with my dream dress in it.

>> No.9950295

Seconded. It's like they don't even consider the possibility of enjoying the fashion as a fashion rather than a social thing; makes you wonder if they joined specifically to be a part of a group, not because they liked the fashion at all.

>> No.9950300


Is it a JAV with an old school IW red dress and bondage?

>> No.9950321

Nope, this one is also a JAV, but featuring a Meta JSK. The whole series has girls in old school brand items and I don’t know whether I’m damaged now or just trying to figure out how this happened. Also curious about that IW dress, I had no idea there were more.

>> No.9950332


I mean, can't judge. I was propositioned for sex work by a friend of a friend to fulfill a specific fantasy and the only reason I justified saying yes was because of the brand I could buy.

>> No.9950339

>trying to figure out how this happened
You can't be this naive

>> No.9950340

The only roleplaying going on is all this obvious r9k "gurls are pure" bullshit

>> No.9950348

How am I naive? AV companies usually opt for the cheapest, tackiest taobao “lolita” dresses, I’m encountering real brand items that someone who’s actually into the fashion and has an ounce of common sense would wear for the first time - therefore the confusion.

>> No.9950360


You lot must be pretty young or something. Taobao itself was born in 2003 and didn't really become accessible until recently (maybe three or five years ago you could start doing the direct order forwarder thing).

Lolita is from freaking 1970, 1980s. At some point before 2000 you can be pretty sure some dude had the idea to do lolita porn because rule 34 works irl too. What did you think they were going to do, hire a seamstress and have her sew up a broadcloth dress? Or just buy some used clothes off whichever girl and then shoot some porn, then resell those same clothes back onto the secondhand market?

>> No.9950365

>You must be young
>Lolita is from the 70s
Fuck off, some brands and similar styles existed back then but nothing like Lolita. Stop trying to act like an oldfag and shit on "newbies" when you clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

>> No.9950371

I never said it was from before 2000, afaik it was produced much later in the decade - that’s why I mentioned taobao in the first place. Seems like a little too much effort spent on jerk off material to me, that’s all. I don’t see how being surprised over something you’ve never seen before is indicative of age, but maybe I’m just a sheltered retard.

>> No.9950372


>> No.9950377

Spotclean is for when a clean garment got something spilled on it so literally only a small spot became dirty. Sweat and other things regar wear causes gets everywhere, it's just the worst at the visible places. Wash the whole garment or you're still gross.

As others said, not everything has to be washed after each wear, but it does still need to be washed on a somewhat regular basis.

>> No.9950378

Many "velvets" can actually be washed, even in a machine wash on hand cycle, cold" settings. It's velveteen anyways. Have yet to see real velvet lolita dress.

>> No.9950385

Like I said, on one side I do believe the claims, and I get that it's annoying. I also know that much of the world is very different in cultures so my experience says nothing about others. But I just can't relate at all and I can't help feeling it's either them causing it or an exagation eveytime I hear about it.

>> No.9950387
File: 139 KB, 1189x960, 0kjK1qC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go back to Tumblr, your kind aren't welcome here

>> No.9950388 [DELETED] 

Where I life shower benches are only for people with physical problems and can't stand that long. You generally have shower cabin or just open room if not a bathtub. In fact, bathtub is luxury here.

And no matter the tile. If filled with water it's hard to have good sex without sitting down because it'll be slippery. It's not made for that, so you either need to stay careful/calm or go somewhere less slippery.

>> No.9950390


Fair enough, the topic has come up so many times even when livejournal itself was active, so I thought you were referring to one of the JAVs that were going around way before taobao become more popular.


Take a chill pill girl, you'll get older soon and then the next crop of teenagers will be annoying to you too.

>> No.9950391

Don't watch only cheap/free shit if all you see is cheap garments (unless you don't mind). There are gems in free porn, don't take me wrong, but there is always a market for expansive quality. As long as there are people who want best money can buy, it will be made. So there will be options with expansive dresses people would love to own themselves as well. Most don't care, so cheap stuff is more common. But even people with class watch porn and they might want the woman to look like she has class too.

>> No.9950396 [DELETED] 
File: 21 KB, 350x350, B0EEB2CF-5273-4A34-B21A-86CC3A445726.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have never been to a sex shop have you. They have things made for leverage in the shower.

>> No.9950397

They totally filmed you too

>> No.9950401 [DELETED] 

I hate doing it in the shower. Water is like anti-lube. You're not missing out.

>> No.9950402 [DELETED] 

They sell these in many normal stores lol. The ones with nops aren't that sturdy, pull them loose easily. Beter get one with screws. Also only for handicapped where I come from, and elderly people.

I've been in a sex shop. Many times. But if you need a sex shop for that I wonder if you didn't just walk into a general store instead lol.

Sorry your sex is so slow and calm you have no risk of slipping. Sounds like you're the one with a boring sex life.

>> No.9950404 [DELETED] 

I tried in almost any bathroom I stayed at. Me, my bf, my new house, hotels. If you're horny you try despite previous attempts. But it's simply inconvenient and that idiot is making up bullshit based on Internet and porn knowledge and idiotic fantasies as if it's the most convinient thing ever and he knows it all.

He seems just as stupid as the person he replied to, even when his original commend had a sense of truth. Having to plan sex sounds kinda bad imho.

>> No.9950417

I mean, it is entirely true that a girl by herself or with other girls is a lot more likely to be approached (positively or negatively) than a girl in the company of a boy. There's nothing tumblr about acknowledging that, it's a good thing to be aware of and make use of.

>> No.9950421

>implying anon is wrong
Guy confirmed.

>> No.9950437

>implying a tumblrfag would use the word "female"

>> No.9950441 [DELETED] 

it doesn't sound like it's "planned," i'm the same way. sex is most fun when i'm relaxed. when i come home from work i don't want sex right away, i want food and to get out of my work clothes and into PJs. sunday morning lazy sex is fun. PJs. it's not like we're like "okay, dinner at 5pm, sex at 6pm, watch tv at 7pm" it just kind of naturally falls into place. also shower foreplay is great but shower sex is shit

>> No.9950443


Not to encourage doing the right thing, but just a heads up: LM mods don't always help removing bullshit feedback. I've had a situation where I left negative feedback for a seller after waiting for a dress for 2 (!) months, she left me neutral feedback straight up lying, claiming she had sent me the tracking number (she hadn't) and she was communicating with me about it (she wasn't). I tried disputing this feedback twice, with screenshots and detailed explanations, and the mods didn't do shit.
I tried bringing this up in the General thread on here months ago to warn people and see if anything similar has ever happened to them, and got no reaction. So just be aware that retaliation might happen and if/when it does, you're on your own.

>> No.9950445

*meant "not to discourage" lol sorry I'm half asleep

>> No.9950451

This has nothing to do with what anon said and is completely retarded.

>> No.9950473 [DELETED] 

First off, I’m >>9950169 and the first anon. The rest where not my comments. And I’m a She but what ever.

if I enjoy shower sex then why are you soo upset that I find it fun and enjoying it? Because you have had bad experiences? Because you havnt found out how to enjoy it? Not everyone likes the same kind of sex. Some people enjoy plain vanilla missionary sex and some like a little danger or risk. But I’m also married to a woman and our sex is a little different then make with female.

TLDR, it works for me just fine but you don’t have to enjoy it.

>> No.9950478

Same here. When I’m with my boyfriend the only people say or do anything are nice older ladies and kids who want to give me a compliment, but when I’m alone or with my mom or female friends guys will yell from across the street, take pictures without asking or even trying to hide it, etc. It also means that my boyfriend thinks I’m exaggerating when I tell him about some douchebag bothering me because none of that ever happens when he’s around.

>> No.9950480 [DELETED] 

>married to a woman
OH. Well, that explains it, haha. PIV sex for straight people is a lot more difficult in the shower, anon. But yes, I can imagine eating each other out in the shower would feel really nice.

>> No.9950499 [DELETED] 

It's not about being comfortable tho. She literally said she would only do it if she wears pj and in the morning when just waking up because she doesn't want to have sexs in other clothes. This was related to a "how do people have sex in brand" topic.

So she kinda plans morning sex, and if she's horny but too much clothes, or bf horny and she's in a state it could make her horny too she will just dismiss. Because she doesn't wear pj's.

Sorry, that does sound like it needs to be planned, or otherwise it's like a good luck, hope I wear the right clothes else i won't do it no matter how I feel. Sounds really stupid.

>> No.9950502 [DELETED] 

Agreed on the foreplay is great, just not sex part tho. But anon claimed shower sex was amazing because no need to clean up cum etc. He obviously never actually tried it.

>> No.9950506 [DELETED] 

It's more the bullshit you talk sounding like you never tried to get a dick in you while being in the shower, and you act like buying a handle needs a sex shop.

Dobt worry, I'll do a lot more than plain vanilla missionary sex. But you just say a lot of things that sound like you have no real experience but try to make it sound like you do very desperate. Altrough maybe it's like >>9950480 said. It's because you indeed don't have the experience. Sorry, the whole world isn't lesbian. And no, there isn't anything wrong with that. But lesbian sex is simply going different than trying to get a dick in you in a shower, so it's relevant to the topic of why you sound unexperienced...

>> No.9950518


>> No.9950560 [DELETED] 

Except I didn’t mention going to a sex shop for a handle. I just said they make handles for showers and another anon went off with it. I have had dick sex before. And in the shower at that. It’s not AS easy but not that hard to do if you both are the right height. If he’s too tall and you’re too short it would be awkward and not pleasant. But some people are into that you know? Why tell them they are lying when some people get off to watching paint dry?

>> No.9950577

Just because you saw some pre lolita pics on the old school thread doesnt make u right. Angelic pretty didn't even open (as Pretty) until the 80s and modern lolita as we know it was born in the 90s. Anyways. All the "lolita porn" that exists caters to pedophiles and the DDLG crowd, and this is 100% a fact and you look at anything sexualized with Lolita it is sissies, ddlg, or has to do with old men

>> No.9950578 [DELETED] 

Aren't you the one that started shitting on people's sex life first

>> No.9950580 [DELETED] 

>Sorry, the whole world isn't lesbian
I am too. It's a damn shame

>> No.9950581

I wouldn't say it's all lolicon. There is that one JAV where a fairly good looking young guy flirts with a lolita wearing a cute pink coat from MAM on the street. He takes her home, uses a vibrator to get her off, and then they have extremely boring sex. They then take a shower together where they're both laughing and spraying each other with the water. It's weirdly heartwarming and doesn't have any pedo vibes. I wish I still had screenshots to prove it was real, but there was a secret about it way back in the day.

>> No.9950585 [DELETED] 

No. All I said was the anon that refuses to have sex other then when in pjs and the morning has boring sex. That was another anon that started the sex shaming.

>> No.9950598 [DELETED] 

But you're the one that's saying they have boring sex, have you seen them at it?

>> No.9950601

Nayrt, I think I know the one you're talking about - Does the girl take off her coord layer by layer? I vaguely remember them talking about the detail on her blouse or petticoat. It was cute and anything but sexy, looked more like what an actual couple would do rather than what you'd expect from porn.

>> No.9950612 [DELETED] 
File: 32 KB, 598x327, 8C08C233-F625-4D29-9483-C3CB1A762443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9950623 [DELETED] 

He's few cm longer than me. Hard to do still.

It's not that I'm saying no one is into that. There is a fetish for everything. But you saying it's the best thing in the world is kinda stupid.

The lying is on that it sounds like you have no experience and try to act like you know it all. Not on the fact someone might have a fetish for it.

You still sound like you try to talk yourself out of it. You sound even more so in every comment. That is my problem with you. I don't give a fuck what you do in bed or any other place that doesn't involve me. But you started talking like fucking in the shower is the best thing in the world in general and like there are more pro's than cons, when for most people, there isn't. When I disagreed and told you it's not like that for most people, you get all butthurt and try to talk yourself out of it by talking about handicapped tools to gain more support, the fact you do lesbian sex (then when someone says that's simply not the same as man-woman sex you also did that), the fact some people might come of on it.

Like that was not the point. The point is that for most people, it's not the best thing in the world. Two different people have already agreed it's not the best thing for them either, no one came in saying it's so great. Fine if you like it, but don't act like it's factually amazing then get mad when it's not. Even if you did mean it's great for you, you did sound like you meant it's great in general which made you kinda sound unexperienced in it and are making up stuff (like let's be honest, happens regularly on 4chan) and you did start a huge fit when I told you it's not great for most. You could have just said you meant it's great to you instead of trying to convince others it's great until it's suddenly only about some people liking it...

>I even agreed with your main point to begin with. kek.

>> No.9950624 [DELETED] 

Also, saying:
>You have never been to a sex shop have you. They have things made for leverage in the shower.
With a picture of the handle either makes you refer to buying it in a sexshop or making completely random accusations without any reasoning.

>> No.9950670 [DELETED] 
File: 444 KB, 1242x750, 7FDC00CA-774C-42E7-B174-E7E3C9A054A7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You both have me confused with the other anons though. All I said was shower sex was fantastic in a now removed comment ( pic from archives) and >>9950169. That. Is. It. There’s other anons tagging onto my comments either trolling or what ever. I never said you had to go to a sex shop to get the handles. Stop assuming I’m the other anons. My sides can’t go farther into orbit.

>> No.9950776

Yes, she does! And yeah, he was really surprised by her blouse and petti and asked to touch the lace I think? Not even in a fetishy way, just like "woah cute". I think she had strawberries on her panties too? Idk, I remember thinking they looked cute but comfy and wondering where she got them.

>> No.9950782
File: 29 KB, 375x250, VImage018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw biggest kink is wholesome happy sex with an attractive guy
>tfw this sounds like my dream porn
I... I really want to see this video
Please tell me he doesn't fuck her in brand tho

>> No.9950787

porn is unethical desu judging you if you don't just read 19th century erotic novels or fanfic

>> No.9950799
File: 20 KB, 373x446, 1518215356132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh boy found it thanks to the cgl archive. It has the worst title ever but who cares it's really nice. Thanks anons for talking about it haha
>tfw he doesn't fuck her in brand because they have fun undressing her
>pic related

Shush, you

>> No.9950815

whats the title? i cant find it

>> No.9950852

Do you know what it's called? I'm so curious. I like porn that doesn't feel so "sexual" or incredibly staged, if that makes sense, but it can be really hard to find. The more like an actual couple in love they seem, the better.

>> No.9950858


idk i was in pornhub hell trawling for bondage and I stumbled upon it. if i ever find it again i'll post. It didn't really have loli vibes, it was just pure bondage in lolita and i'm not even sure if she took her clothes off.

Holy shit that sounds like a wholesome porno.

>> No.9950867

Search for “Japanese Baby Girl”

To be honest I didn’t feel it was “wholesome” and thought the guy was kind of creepy but hey, maybe I’m just not used to Japanese porn.

>> No.9950968

You fucking hero, may you find all your dream dresses.

>> No.9950977

Found it on redtube but it's only 8 minutes long and she's not even naked in the end? Am I missing something?

>> No.9950984

>allergic to cum
You poor soul.

>> No.9951012

porn is creepy

>> No.9951168

I wear, and think everyone should wear, clothing that *fits* them, but I think in lolita the idea of "flattering" is such bullshit. Lolita makes everyone look bigger than they are regardless, so I don't get why people give concrit like "that style of dress isn't flattering on your body type" or "those white tights aren't flattering; darker tights would make your legs look longer and thinner"

I'm on the smaller side of average so maybe my opinion is moot, but I give no shits about looking "thinner" in lolita or traditionally "flattering" outside of having clothing that fits me properly. Something cuts me off at a weird angle that makes me look a little wider? Tough shit. Fit and color balance are way more important than looking as skinny as possible in this fashion.

>> No.9951218

> actual confession incoming
I think I fucked the boyfriend of a girl in my comm while they've been together. I don't know the timeline of their relationship but he and I hooked up a few months back. At a meet she was talking about her partner and halfway through the conversation I realised who she was talking about. She goes on about how happy they are together but every time I see her I'm not sure if I should say something or not. The guy didn't say he was seeing anyone at the time, but that makes it worse IMO. Is he still even now hooking up with girls behind her back? Should I tell her?

It makes me not want to go to meets but I don't want to stop enjoying my hobby because her boyfriend is a possible lying cheater.

>> No.9951223

Tell her. It will make you feel better and avoid the drama when he spills it and eventually makes you look bad.

>> No.9951229

This, but do it anonymously, if you can. That way if it comes to light that they were in a relationship when you two hooked up, you can just tell her you didn't want to cause drama within the comm. You're in a sensitive place, because if it turns out that they weren't together, then it sounds like you have the hots for her boyfriend.

>> No.9951232

If you don't know the timeline I would at least do some digging first. Look through her Facebook profile etc or casually ask her or mutual acquaintances when they started dating.

>> No.9951262
File: 235 KB, 650x560, 1521298310990.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate smoking lolitas.
That's my confession.
Don't bother selling your shit if you smoke, half of the time you won't even fucking disclose it and you bet your ass I'm going to ask for a refund if your frills come infested with cancer flavored soot fragrance. 9/10 times you gals will say "Oh, I didn't think it smelled that much, I only smoked a few times in it" well guess what, your fucking nose is probably destroyed by your tar fumes so you may not smell that shit but I can get a whiff of it before I even rip the packaging open. I'd have to dry clean your shit like 5 times before the scent goes away. Seriously, how fucking low IQ can you be to even put one of those things into your fucking mouth?

Jesus FUCK.

>> No.9951728

Honestly, I think personal attitude is more important than if you're with a guy or not. If you're being or feeling vulnerable people notice. If you aren't they also notice.

When I wash younger I got yelled at for wearing alternative fashion a lot until I had to quit for a while. Nowadays not anymore, as I got harder and less caring myself. It never mattered who I was with, beside when you're already weak and walk with someone who looks strong enough to protect both. Aka, if you're left alone only with a guy, you're projecting vulnerability already yourself. Get some confidence if you want to stop it.

>> No.9951740

Sorry, but you're so wrong I'm thinking you're a fat ita trying to talk themselves right.

Lolita that fits well doesn't make you look bigger than you are. It makes you look the way you are, possibly even smaller, just like any clothes. There is a big visible difference between big clothes and big body. Lolita clothes look big, but they don't make you look fat unless you dress bad. If any lolita items makes you look fat, you either are more fat than you realise and finally see it wearing something else than what you usually wear, or you someone managed to wear only very bad shapes for your body.

>> No.9951743

Unfashionable retards like yourself are why people think lolita always looks bad.

>> No.9951759

Honestly, it was pretty weird and I dropped before the sex scene (if there ever was one). I don't understand Japanese, but it looked like he got a random chick from the street and pressed her to record the video lol

>> No.9951775

If it's cotton lace, full speed ahead! Oxy clean will work fine.
Synthetics don't tend to pick up dye much.

>> No.9951826

Something tells me you are a roleplayer

>> No.9952405

Recently, I swapped my replica Crystal Dream Carnival for the real thing at a fashion show.

>> No.9952408

What does that mean? Did you steal a genuine CDC from a fashion show?

>> No.9952409

:^( it sucks when yr partner smokes a lot around you and you have to try very hard to get the smell out despite never smoking in it

>> No.9952412

Yea.One of the girls who was in the show owned it. The backstage area was a mess of jsk's and running girls and in the chaos, I swapped them.

>> No.9952417


>> No.9952424

Lurk More.
The horror images have been posted in here, many, many times.

Some looked like the Shroud of Turin, from the funk-stains.

>> No.9952426

Grew up in a household with smoking parents. I was selling a BL skirt to a girl once and I was so careful trying to get any trace of smoke smell out. I washed it, immediately air-dried it outside, and barely even brought it back in before sending it.

Seller still smelled smoke off it. I felt awful, gave her a partial refund to cover cleaning costs. Never took the risk of selling something again until I moved out.

So glad I live in a smoke-free home now. One girl in my comm smokes occasionally at meets if we're walking more than a minute or two somewhere and it's the most awkward thing.

>> No.9952431
File: 31 KB, 586x577, FB_IMG_1514906179901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know zenmarket exists but still use buyee for small items and SS like tenshi for bigger ones because that's what I've been used to for years.

My stupidity finally bit me in the ass when I screwed up my default address and accidentally sent a pair of IW socks and a headdress to somewhere I used to live 6 months ago. It obviously wasn't buyee's fault but it kinda serves me right for still using their mediocre service even though better options are available. I just hope my old neighbors got the package and can forward it. If not, well, I hope the house's current occupants appreciate the free brand.

>> No.9952434

It should be pretty easy to figure out who you are. Recent AP fashion shows have been in France and Mexico. Now we need to find out who that owns CDC went and let them know to check if they have a replica or not. Then we find the bitch in the comm who had a CDC replica and bam, you're busted.
Unless you made your confession up based on something you wish you had done.

>> No.9952437

Nayrt, I have a feeling that word would have spread in the international community about this, assuming it did happen. I think anon is making shit up to cause a stir.

>> No.9952448

It was a local fashion show, not an AP one. It was apart of my city's Japanese festival.

>> No.9952452

I know we've moved on from the washing discussion but I've noticed lots lolitas think that if blouses, wrist cuffs, bloomers or socks pass a sniff test then it's fine to not wash. That's totally not ok because :
>Even slight amounts of exposure to skin oils, sweat or deodorant will cause fabric to yellow over time if you leave it. Even if you can't smell it!
>Any kind of human residue can attract clothes moths and other bullshit
>Some people genuinely just can't smell their own sweat even when they're drenched in BO
If it touches your skin, wash it.

>> No.9952454

I’m calling the confession fake. On the small precentage it’s not, well it wouldn’t be long till someone notices and things get sticky. But if this was a actual comm fashion show like >>9952448 is claiming it was, then it’s fake a shit. No one would put in real brand for a “fashion show” and not be wearing their own brand items. Even if it was like that, CDC owner would know right away that it was a replica since they feel totally off and look off. It’s too fake to even think it was real. Too many holes.

>> No.9952458

My confession is that I share a web sever without about 20 people whom use 4chan. When one of us a ban, we all have to suffer. I just want to talk about lolita and not be punished for one of the others in this floor’s salt.

>> No.9952462

They were wearing their own items and some had multiple coords. Like I said earlier, it was chaotic backstage and no one was paying much attention as the rushed around. It wasn't that hard to slip the dress off the table and sandwich the replica between other dresses.

>> No.9952463

How often do you wash petticoats, assuming the waistband will always be over a blouse (no OPs)?

>> No.9952464
File: 9 KB, 240x320, eed517d2-0d0a-4138-9514-48440492d530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A lot of high waisted cuts make anyone look pregnant. If it was normie fashion people would tell a skinny girl not to wear things like pic related or sack dresses cause you're not showing off the best parts of your body that way.

>> No.9952469

Have fun wearing out your clothes unnecessarily.

>> No.9952471

>make anyone look pregnant
Not necessarily, on some girls it does look cute and doesn't make them look pregnant at all. This cut exists in normie fashion too btw, it's just less common, and if it makes you look pregnant or fat then you definitely shouldn't wear it.

>> No.9952473

It looks cute but it's not the most flattering thing they could wear

>> No.9952478

Keep telling yourself that. Maybe if you say it enough, it’s true. But no ones buying it sweet heart.

>> No.9952480

If the person has a good figure overall, it's easy to see they are just wearing a loose fitting style. If they're already a hambeast, it just accentuates their bad features.

>> No.9952482

I'm not talking about hambeasts, we're discussing >>9951168's confession. I just think lolita is not the most flattering thing one can wear especially when it comes to sack dresses. It can look good but it's not the most attractive you can look.

>> No.9952487

I mean, attractiveness is subjective. Not everyone finds skin tight clothing automatically attractive.

>> No.9952488

But >>9951168 didn't say that lolita isn't the most flattering thing one can wear, she said that fit and color balance matters most to her and she doesn't care if something makes her "look wide"; and I'm sorry but if a cut makes you look wider than you are then you're not dressing correctly, not because it's how lolita is but because you don't know how to dress yourself. In my experience, lolita actually makes me look thinner than I am; explain that.
By the way, color can also be unflattering so merely caring about balance and not how specific shades look on you is also an unfashionable mistake.

>> No.9952489

So you agree

>> No.9952497

Believe what you want. It won't matter anyway after it sells.

>> No.9952508

A regular handwash with warm water and air drying isn't going to destroy your brand anon, or we wouldn't have any clothes from the 1900s
But sure, enjoy your yellowed collars

I have to confess I probably don't wash mine enough, normally I just spot wash the waistband when I do. In warm months I do it after a couple of wears especially if it's come into contact with my skin under an op, but winter probably only after a few months because it's always over other layers. A few times I've thrown the whole thing in the washing machine on cool and then sprayed it with starch but I'm worried about deflating it.

>> No.9952511

No doubt they are blowing it out their ass. If this actually hppened, we would have heard of it. No replica is flawless enough to look like the real thing and not get noticed at first touch or sight. The lace is never the same and the fabrics always feel different. Not to mention the colors saturation is always off. Anon is trying to cause a stir on a false claim and has no proof to back it up.

>> No.9952512

Agreed. Remember the international stink over the stolen MMM choker?

>> No.9952549

Yeah. That was one hell of a drama trip.

>> No.9952581

And a few days ago I told a friend a dress that was empire like this made her look fat (she isn't fat but the dresses added 20kg in looks. And yes, she asked on my opinion about if it made her look fat or not). She agreed and decided it wasn't for her. Contrary, even between empire waisted dresses there are differences. This one made her look huge. But some other empire waisted dresses look super cute on her.

Like >>9952471 said it doesn't always make you look fat. If you can look cute in it, go for it. The fact it often does make people look fat means that if you wear it without looking fat, that makes it kinda do the counter. Like, if you know you look fat in a dress while on normal weight and someone else does the opposite, then she must be very thin.

Beside, I don't ask you to wear something you look your best in, I ask you wear something that atleast doesn't make you look bad. People tend to complain about stuff not being flattering, not about stuff that looks cute but could be more flattering. It's kinda like, dress well enough to not make yourself look worse then you are, which is achieved by getting something that flatters your body more than the current garment does.

In normies clothes it's the same. If you look good no one complains about more flattering clothes. But if you look bad, they will if they're honest with you. It's no different to me than in any other fashion.

>> No.9952593

Did you miss the BTSSB knock offs from the exact same factory as the real ones? It literally was sewn the same and used the same materials, just not ordered by BTSSB and sold trough a backdoor (for much cheaper) by the factory without BTSSB knowing nor getting any money out of it. I'll look up the photos in a moment.

I guess that's what you get if you go for cheaper factories in cheaper countries tho. Doesn't justify it, but it is kinda BTSSB their own fault imho. They already moved out from China to even cheaper countries for some items. But cheaper always comes with a price either in quality or in pulling shit on you...

>> No.9952609

which countries? everything i bought from baby in the past couple of years was made in japan or made in china.

>> No.9952612

Are you sure you don't mean AP?

>> No.9952613

Countries like Malaysa, Vietnam, Tibet. Just other cheaper Asian countries. They send to China or Japan, attach last few treads, then they can say "made in China" or "made in Japan". Those labels are easy to cheat, not necessarily where most of the garment is made.

Still looking to find those photo's back. They had real and factory replica next to each other. But it's long ago photo's on Weibo, so I don't know if I can find it. I'm trying.

AP and BTSSB have both done it. The factory replica was BTSSB or AatP. AP is more honest in their tags, at least they list it's from cheaper country.

>> No.9952616

That makes me sad.

>> No.9952634

That doesn’t say the lace, buttons, tags, and general construction is the same making it virtually undetectable as a replica. No replica producer will go to that level to replicate a print. Not just that, but there is no replicas of CDC out there with the “ matching fabric”. You’re insinuating that drama anon is the only one with this exact replica of a dress when there are absolutely no known exact replicas out there. It’s very highly unlikely that there is such a flawless replica out there of CDC that can go that much undetected by the original owner. You own a dress and you know the wear and tear on it by sheer feel. Prints don’t line up exactly from dress to dress and even more sore from authentic to replica. If a authentic was swapped out with a replica, even with the same fabric, it wouldn’t be undetected by the owner. Anon is blowing smoke on the board to incite drama. And by this conversations directions, anon has succeeded in starting some conversation although most of it is calling them out of their farce.

>> No.9952641

Can't seem to find photo's, been looking for over an hour. If I find them back I post them, but I fear I lost them :/.

>> No.9952648

I've seen AP made in those countries but not Baby. I don't believe such things unless I see the tag since people on cgl like to re-tell stories of things they just randomly saw with no source.

>> No.9952650

>That doesn’t say the lace, buttons, tags, and general construction is the same making it virtually undetectable as a replica.
It was tho. That was the point. The official factory of BTSSB simply made more than BTSSB ordered and then sold them their selves. They had the patterns, print, and everything given as they where the official factory in the first place.

>Not just that, but there is no replicas of CDC out there with the “ matching fabric”.
I wasn't replying to that, just to the general statement that replica always means lower quality. I never talked about CDC specific.

>Anon is blowing smoke on the board to incite drama.
I highly agree. But then again, I was only replying on the point of
>No replica is flawless enough to look like the real thing and not get noticed at first touch or sight.
>The lace is never the same and the fabrics always feel different. Not to mention the colors saturation is always off.

It's rare, but I just wanted to point out that there have been replica's that are exactly the same as the real deal, as the factory basically screwed the brand over. It's more a common towards the general superstition that replica's always mean lower quality. I think replica's are bad, and no one should buy them. But I think it's only good to know that there are replica's like those factory replica's I talked about, because only if you know about it you can try to avoid it. Else people be like "it's the same quality so it must be the real deal. Replica's are always lower quality after all".

Not gonna ask you to believe me. Do with what I say as you will. It's good to be skeptic with anything on the internet. I'm the one who can't find back the pictures to prove it even when I saw them anyways.

But I know tags are easy to manipulate like that and I've seen it happen. If you believe it or not honestly doesn't affect my life. Take the knowledge however you wish, maybe one day I or someone else finds pictures back to proof it.

>> No.9952657

Beside, Chinese and other (cheap) countries have done factory replica's before. It's not a brand new concept. Generally, what happens is they make more than ordered, and either write the rest of as "not up to quality standards" which means it has to be destroyed, and instead of destroying they just sell it themselves without paying the actual brand.

Another version is where they sell the actual "not up to quality standard" items, in which case it's often marketed as a factory replica in hope to make people believe it's the first case by noting it's from the same factory, not telling it failed quality check.

The BTSSB replica in question seemed to be from the first type. Like I said, there had been comparison pictures and everything on Weibo, but I can't find them back. You don't have to believe me on this case. But do know that both factory replicas as well as cheating on the "made in" tag by making most of the garment in a cheaper (often worse) place and then do the last bit in a place that has higher standards to fool people into thinking the whole item must be made from there are reasonably common practices, and not only in clothing industry, but in anything.

>> No.9952671

That's why you wear proper undergarments. As I've already said.

>> No.9952703

speaking of replicas looking like the real thing. at a comm meet once a girl wore ap’s sugar dream dome or something, i’ve never seen the real deal in person but it looked pretty good, like not shitty. also a few years ago a girl wore a vanilla chan replica , my comm did not care at all about replicas

>> No.9952711

the trouble with this is it skips the é at the end, which they write out in katakana. mwa mem mwati-eh

>> No.9952712

>my comm did not care at all about replicas
Either your comm is full of replica-chans or it's like most other comms where girls don't speak out about it to maintain peace. If it's the latter I imagine they most likely disapprove, just not to these girls' faces.

>> No.9953276


Just a quick note to say that this is an actual sales tactic for high end brand bags -- the sellers have figured out people are more likely to buy factory surplus "grey goods" without the brand label rather than "cheap replicas"

So they just outright lie and say they got their stuff from a factory worker who swiped them off the production line, but can't prove it in any way because the worker will get in trouble. When in reality they just straight up sell you a replica and then explain the low quality, cheap material, shoddy workmanship as "this didn't pass QC, so of course there are some issues" followed by "you bought it knowing there's quality issues, so there's no refunds".

Not to say it say it hasn't happened, but I believe it's much rarer now after AP has had Dream Sky replicas hit the market before they even released it, so you can pretty much bet they're certainly taking steps to make sure their next factories don't pull this shit.

Just to explain all of this, if someone comes to you with this story of knowing a factory worker swiping dresses from the production lines, be very skeptical. It's far more likely to be outright BS to get you to hand over money for a regular ole cheapskate replica.

>> No.9953315

It depends of your bodyshape really. Babydoll dresses look good on slim androgynous figures. Even if you are skinny, but have an hourglass shape, it's probably not the best cut for you.
Also if you have large shoulders, like me, it's going to make you look bulkier than you are.

East asian women tend to have bodytypes that look better in those kind of cuts imo

>> No.9953450

I will never, ever, ever put a taobao main piece into my collection. I don't mind it on other people, but I would never defile my own wardrobe with it.

>> No.9953561
File: 59 KB, 1128x252, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>which they write out in katakana
>mwa mem mwati-eh
Do you wanna follow katakana pronunciation or French one? Because "katakana say it differently" then trying to spell French with English sounds is kinda countering your argument imho.

I'm near certain it should be pronounced French tho. They generally write it in alphabet themselves too. Undoubtedly katakana version you've seen is just trying to write as close as possible so people without knowledge of alfabet can still somewhat pronounce it, not literal pronunciation. Many European words get quite bad in katakana. Just take a look into Japanese books to teach English. You're also gonna say di-purri instead of deeply? Even worse in Germanic languages, we're it's very normal to have many consonants attached to each other (and pronounced like that).

>> No.9953576

Anon is right though? Katakana or French, there's an é at the end of moitié meaning that sound is distinct.

You can hear it in the google translate link though (albeit it's subtle), so not sure what anon is going on about.

>> No.9953844

I've never ever talked about this but one time we had this really poorly organized meet....
>meet up thinking we're going to a museum
>dress in a dark coord as i figure we'll be inside most of the time
>I've also been dying to wear my new IW JSK with matching tights and blouse
>turns out we're just walking around
>its 83 degrees
>I'm just happy to be in Lolita so I suck it up
>am really dehydrated so suggest we get food
>stop in at small resturant
>Only heavy food
>order Mac and Cheese and we all talk for a bit
>eventually Lyft home
>halfway home I start feeling really sick
>I mean SICK
>tell the driver to pull over plese
>can tell I'm gonna puke
>it starts coming up as he pulls over am barely able to hold it in
>the second he pulls over I hold my hair back and let it RIP
>There I am on the side of a highway puking my guts out in full gothic lolita
>trying desperately not to get any on my new dress
>start crying
>gothic lolita so my mascara is running
>trying not to get mascara and puke on dress
>finally stop throwing up and get back in car
>driver looks fucking TRAUMATIZED
>inspect burando
>theres a smallisn stain on the blouse and dress
>try really hard not to cry
>get home and spend and spend an hour working it out
>got it mostly out but am too traumatized to wear it out again
I feel like it was pure luck I didnt stain it more
tl;dr don't eat cheese on a hot day

>> No.9953853

Agree wholeheartedly.

>> No.9953854 [DELETED] 

So you threw up just because of the heat? Tbh anon if so this is entirely your fault. You were dehydrated and you ate a heavy meal(presumably a lot since you barfed) that was most likely high in sodium, etc. 83 degrees isn't hot at all, as someone who's had 110 weather all week and still wore lolita without managing to puke I have to question if you didn't stuff yourself.

if it was a stomach bug then I do apologize, but from your story it doesn't sound like it.

>> No.9953995

Damn dude that straight sucks, even if it was partially your fault. I hate feeling that shitty, emotionally and physically.

>> No.9954124

nayrt but this whole "I've survived hotter weather" thing people keep spewing is ridiculous, anon is probably from a colder climate. Where I'm from 83F is freak weather, and wouldn't be acclimatised at all.

>> No.9954129

>got it mostly out but am too traumatized to wear it out again
Traumatized from puking? I mean feeling sick always sucks but you're overreacting.

>> No.9954130

Also it depends what you're wearing. Going around in lolita at a hot temperature with a light cotton OP or blouse + skirt with minimal petti is nothing in comparison to what anon was wearing (black blouse+jsk and tights).
I also feel anon on the stain feeling.

>tfw got a period blood stain on my bloomers

Well, they were from a cheap taobao shop; but still

>> No.9954144

I hate that video is the new way for bloggers to communicate and really just miss traditional blogs. There are lolitas who I'd like to support and keep up with but watching videos is so cumbersome and time consuming. I know they're easy to monetize so I understand but it's so annoying when so much content is in video form.

>> No.9954151

Haha couldn't put it better myself. My ex used to smoke like a chimney (outside the house) but thank fuck my burandos lived in another room. Good bye yellow nicotine stained pillow cases.

>> No.9957585
File: 126 KB, 355x479, 052511-lauryn-hill21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some people might disagree with me, but I think dreadlocks in pigtails would be an adorable lolita-able hairstyle for girls with natural hair

>> No.9957587

I agree with this, so long as it's also accessorized properly. Black hair can be adorable in lolita assuming the lolita in question knows how to style it well.

>> No.9958099

I agree as well, I think this hairstyle would look especially cute with old school.

>> No.9958139

The D in depop stands for dirty bastards

>> No.9958142
File: 128 KB, 564x847, 1532095678713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lolita is making me feel worse and worse about my body. I fit into everything but I'm muscular for a woman and I know it looks bad. Arm muscles especially look like flab unless you're actively engaging them. I've been into lolita for three years and it was all fine until I made an Instagram. After seeing the girls there I stopped lifting and have been eating under 1400 calories a day but it's been a month and I feel disgusting. My weight hasn't shifted and I've lost very little muscle mass. I don't know what to do. I can't go full ana chan but I wish I looked right for this fashion.

>> No.9958143 [DELETED] 

You don't understand how the body works. Your body wants to burn fat first, your muscle is not something your body wants to sacrifice into energy because doing this is bad for survival. Muscle will be the last thing to go down, and you have to be actually starving, not simply in ketosis, to make this happen.

>> No.9958150

Fuck. That's what I was afraid of. Somehow I thought muscle would be the first thing to go because it takes more effort for the body to keep it up but it seems like I'm just an idiot. I really don't want to starve myself though. Don't want to lose my hair and die of heart failure. Would just doing a ton of cardio help?

>> No.9958151 [DELETED] 

>Somehow I thought muscle would be the first thing to go because it takes more effort for the body to keep it up
Nope. You need muscle to work, to get your next meal. If your body or any animal did this none of them would survive tougher times. Ever. Every single animal, creature ect, is built to endure times of no food, your body EXPECTS you to go through periods without food. In fact, when in ketosis, your body will function better than average because your body is saying "oh shit. we haven't eaten and we need to eat. Here bro, take this fat I've been saving and use it well, in fact, lets do better than we ever did before because its now or never"

>> No.9958153 [DELETED] 

It will go down if you don't maintain the gains, not too much as long as you're not deathly starving, but it will be a slower process than you'll want it to be.

>> No.9958156 [DELETED] 

Do not drink snek juice. snek juice is a gains wizard

>> No.9958158 [DELETED] 

here is a good video on fasting. I recomend anyone trying to be /thinspo/ to watch it.

>> No.9958159 [DELETED] 

I have a theory that if you intake less electrolytes your muscles will shrink as the electrolytes are what bring fuel to maintain muscle growth. Not a verified doctor or anything, just my two cents.

>> No.9958176

That's my life whenever I browse 4chan on my uni's grounds. It's fine sometimes, but occasionally I'll get banned for doxxing or drama on /ck/ of all boards.
Still no clue what sort of food drama is going down, but it's a minor inconvenience for a few days every time.

>> No.9958178

You should honestly leave the fashion if you feel like it's hurting you. Nothing is worth your mental health or self worth anon. You can also find other fashions you enjoy.
Also, I don't think muscle will make you look bad. In fact, I think it's kinda cool that someone who bodybuilds would wear such a feminine fashion. Its really going to lead to a unique look & someone who takes good care of them self always looks good. I hope you feel better anon and think of yourself before materials always.

>> No.9958205 [DELETED] 

this though. These clothes are made with a certain person in mind to wear it. A certain face shape, figure, ect, like all clothing. If you don't pull it off thats not a bad thing or says anything negative about you, it just means you need to adjust your style to ones that suit you better and flatter you. And as this anon says you can still make lolita work with some re-evaluating and clever ideas.

>> No.9958298

I want Uesaka Sumire to have a great career and model for brand more because it will make that one Busu-anon super mad

Also I really love Anna's modeling for Baby and AATP and I wish she would do it again

>> No.9958304

This happened to me but with the retro video game board.
I wonder what the other guy on the shared ip thought of my temp bans from here

>> No.9958306

Here's a stupid confession. I irrationally hate aatp. I don't buy anything from them. I have no logical reason because some of their stuff looks good.
I know what at least part of it is, and it's really dumb. A long time ago, someone on egl livejournal or another Lolita journal asked about a crown's size, saying it looked very small. The crown was obviously a necklace or broach size.
Someone made a secret about it and I laughed so hard but ever since then I've associated aatp with noobs.
Like I said I know it's stupid

>> No.9958316

I couldn't agree more. Honestly I'm so sick of it I'm working on starting my own blog. If everyone who feels the same way we do starts traditional blogging again, maybe it could make a comeback :)

>> No.9958385

this is like something out of my nightmares
I’m prone to heatsickness in anything over 85F myself. If you’re ever in this kind of situation again try to loosen any layers around your abdomen and make sure to drink more water.

>> No.9958447

Someone in my uni kept getting banned for posting CP on /b/ consistsntly. It was always permaban but I guess the school's IP was dynamic or they just had a bunch. After dealing with it for a few months, I reported it. I stopped seeing the bans shortly after. I hope they got caught. Anyone with a tech background know if it would hypothetically be possible for the school to trace uploaded images back to someone? I mean, I'd they use the same laptop to sign into their school account as they do to post CP, would it be easy to just match the Mac addresses? School logins contained first initial and last name, by the way.

>> No.9958772
File: 43 KB, 345x437, 183907-m-02-dl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love everything about Misako modeling for IW. I think it suits her much better than Baby and she brings out the brand's more mature yet everyday-cute side so well. And I like that they haven't shopped her as heavily and have taken some photos of her from angles other than "straight on with a head tilt and closed-lip smile."

>> No.9958841

I agree, though I still love the other IW models as well.

>> No.9958907

I blog, but I feel like no one really cares to leave a comment or whatever to let you know that someone is actually reading it. it's really sad. I get an overall of 1k visits per day, but the posts have only 1 to 3 comments each.

>> No.9959381

Sorry your blog sucks IVB

>> No.9959412

My confession is that I am real fucking surprised no one brought up a certain brolita calling himself derogatory terms for women and then fuckin rage quits 4chan and the internet for being called manly.

Dude you were RPing a girl and using that RP as an excuse to "empower" yourself with bullshit because you're flouncing around in dresses, and you can't even take the heat for an ounce of what we go through every day. Fuck you.

I normally don't have this much feminist rage but wow yeah that's my confession I guess. Something about that enraged me.

>> No.9959456

High five, friend.

RPing a girl without being trans is literally drag (or sissy?), but drag queens are usually nice, and give as good as they get when it comes to seething repartee. I guess it's ok to be endlessly catty to girls on cgl but heaven forfend that a word is said against you-know-who.

Strangers have shouted such filth at me just for walking down the street, thrown things at me (bottles! twice!), I've been chased, people have argued with me about whether or not I'm a prostitute or wearing a costume or am a trap. And I'm cis female. Some of these brolitas need to cowgirl the fuck up.

>> No.9959475

I disagree in part, I bodybuild but have been posted to plus size threads when I'm actually small compared to other Western girls. It's pretty hurtful honestly that people think I look big when I'm not even fitness model tier, just your average fitness buff

>> No.9959645

>small compared to other western girls

who are you comparing yourself to? if it's to western lolitas then you should still be pretty thin.

somehow i doubt you're as fit as you say you are. if you do have muscle mass you likely have a layer of flab over it

>> No.9959652

I mean that girl in deadlift lolita pulls off the muscular girlie frilly look pretty well so I'd say you are looking at the wrong inspiration.

Please be my weightlifting lolita bff I support this 100%

>> No.9959653

I actually agree. I think the name is stupid, and I honestly hate a lot of the prints they release.

>> No.9959657

It doesn't, and that's exactly the problem.
Outside the blog I get a lot of compliments, specially when I post it on Facebook or other social media. People do comment and share on Facebook, VK etc. but inside the blog no one dares to say a thing. It's really sad.

Also. IVB? Influenza Virus B? wtf anon

>> No.9959684

Transilvania moonlight is a better version of vampire's requiem.

>> No.9959728

>people are nice to me on asspat social media sites but I don't understand why strangers won't compliment me

>> No.9959735

Why would you wash wrist cuffs?

>> No.9959777

Idk if this is a bait but I only have two pairs and I hate them bc my hands are gross and sweaty, they are on always on my food if I don't take them off and if I have been to public places my hands are dirty and my wristcuffs has probably touched some of the same crap.

My confession is I look pretty and polished in my insta but in almost all candids and reality I look pretty bad. Most people who know me must think I shoop and it's kinda embarrasing? Sometimes I don't post photos if I look way off from what I have previously posted to avoid it.

>> No.9959805

Poeple who read the blog are the same who comment at the social media. Geez, you know nothing of the world wide web, anon.

>> No.9960047

Oh! Don't you dare!!

>> No.9960162

Do you not know what weightlifters look like? When your muscles aren't engaged you don't look cut, you look smaller than a fat person but bigger than a slim person. You only look cut when you are posing in poses intended to show off muscles

>> No.9960346

If I really like the buttons on something i take them off before selling it, then list it as " damages: wooops the buttons fell off at some stage"

>> No.9965278

Facebook memories reminded me that 7 years ago today, I bought my first and only oo jia replica. i was so excited about it but it arrived and was just awful. glad i got turned off to replicas that way

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