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Unreasonable salt tread two.

Black for chocolate and baked goods prints is an unholy abomination edition.

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The fact that AP keeps releasing tents instead of dresses pisses me off

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This dress in general in an abomination.

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Agreed. This dress was a fail so much that I can't help but feel sorry for it when it pops up cheap. I want to love it but I just can't.

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That dress is fucking ugly.

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Vile print, vile cut. It looks like it was designed to fit a child rather than a woman who has tic tac titties max.

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My salt is that everyone hates this series. I love it and I want it in every colourway and cut, one of my favorite releases Angelic Pretty has ever done (the black cw is the one I like the most)

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That's what lolita is

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Same, I think it’s really cute

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This version of the meme is giving me life.

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why are you salty about that? it just means you'll be able to find it super cheap on the secondhand market. i'd kill for my dream prints to be unpopular and cheap

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So glad I clicked on this thread omg

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Taobao brands are generally an abomination that just encourages itas.

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When cosplayers feel like they have the authority to talk about lolita just because "it looks like a costume!" especially about topics like cost.

Fucking agreed. I hate the number of people that shill Taobao brands as an easy way to get into lolita when they should be telling newbies to learn to save up so they can buy brand.
Taobao brands require you to pick and choose because each brand's quality and ita-ness (for a lack of a better word) varies so much between releases, so you at least need to have knowledge of how to make a good coord/what you look good in before you buy anything.

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I can't stand it when people shit their pants about "looks like Taobao" being an insult. Taobao prints don't look like brand, and when brand looks like Taobao, it looks like shit. Cheaply made dresses with ugly Photoshop vector image prints on gradient backgrounds printed on chiffon just look bad. You can have a wardrobe full of dresses, but if they're all generic Taobao shit, then you might as well give up.

People like that can't coord for shit either. Ugh. Turns out that if you give itas more accessible dresses, they still won't know how to dress.

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taobao is synonymous with shit, that's why people get mad

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simply epic tm

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AP keeps releasing taobao tier shit so it makes sense

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ebin meme senpai XD

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I like taobao solids, sue me.

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why are you posting this in the unreasonable salt thread? nobody cares

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I feel like solids are like the lesser of two evils taobao wise desu.

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That's...not salty? Most people think taobao solids from decent brands are fine, this is for being irrationally mad about stuff.

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This isn't an unpopular opinion thread, Newfag

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People who charge $13 to ship a pair of socks or a head bow within the US

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I hate when I buy something off of someone and they ship it to me by tossing it in a grocery bag and then tossing the grocery bag into a box with no other wrapping or padding. Like shit, at least fold it in the grocery bag.

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What shipping are they using? shipping only takes 3 days to reach a destination in us if it's 7 dollars

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So AP has a refund/exchange policy on their receipts. Nyaaaart. I'm new, so I thought, hey what's the big deal. The thing I bought (but won't say here in case I get black listed from their store if they somehow, magically find out...) was defective anyway, so I had a right to return it. I live in Paris, so we have an AP store here. It wasn't some insane mailing back and forth game. I just walked back and was like excusez moi! I didn't even want to return it, but I just wanted the same thing, but not messed up. Is that too much to ask for?! So FORTY MINUTES LATER, after the person working there had to have a ten minute talk with the other sales person, who then had to call freakin' Japan HQ, who then had to take a photo of me with the thing on (guess my word wasn't good enough), then another ten minutes, of someone giving them the green light before I could exchange it.

EEESH. Just salty about my afternoon being wasted.

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I assume they are using a medium flat rate box for priority. For some unknown reason. I didn’t buy anything from them but this isn’t the first time I’ve seen people charge more than $4-5 for a small accessory shipped within the US

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I'm unreasonably salty about rude ass french ass lolitas

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It's honestly so unreasonable that they don't ship with first class or with the small flat rate boxes. The small flat rate box is the perfect size for shipping a single head bow or a pair of socks.

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I get that the item was damaged but knowing that in the past AP has had to deal with dumbfucks like Kelly Eden, I honestly don't blame them for taking precautions. Sorry they fucked up your day though.

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>Kelly Eden

Yes! Finally, some legit first hand Lolita drama. Give me all the Ws and tea s'il vous plaît!

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Possibly not even unreasonable but bitches who don't read your terms of sale and expect immediate invoices, five-minute updates and next-day shipping like you're some kind of shop and not a real person with full time work, a post office that only opens during your working hours and half a day on Saturdays. And then they take 4 days to pay with no communication anyway or have some sort of I-can't-manage-my-finances emergency and have to take two weeks to pay you $50.

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I will never understand American lolitas being so lazy to use other packing options. I’ve shipped things for $2.50, it’s not that difficult to buy a pack of shipping envelopes on Amazon.

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I know this is a bit off topic and I'm a newfag but did she end up getting blacklisted by AP?

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I think I get taobao for someone who is newer and not skinny- but I agree with you that newbies should be pressured to buy actual brand. The quality is so different, and i feel like that encourages people to stay. Plus it isn't really that expensive to buy brand second hand if you're patient and buy dresses that aren't sought after.

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You must be new as fuck

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It's easier for small businesses/people who sell a lot.
Priority mail seems like it costs a lot, but it actually covers quite a few other things in addition to shipping costs. The box or envelope is free, tracking and insurance are included, and USPS will pick up the package from you if it's priority mail.

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>Plus it isn't really that expensive to buy brand second hand
This! I've gotten 2nd hand BABY and Innocent World ops for under $50 including shipping, and many, many more brand pieces for under $100. $50 is roughly the cost of a Taobao dress before shipping and ss fees.

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I honestly have no idea, she never mentioned anything about being blacklisted and I'm not sure if AP even does that. Part of me still wishes she fucked up at baby instead so they could've taught her a lesson.

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A small flat rate box is 7.00 dollars plus the shipping which is usually like 15 buck in total, so 13 isn't unreasonable, because the flat rate boxes include tracking and insurance....

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Indeed. Now if you would, please!

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yeah, honestly I feel like if she was blacklisted she would have made a video or post about it desu, I still can hope and dream though, I've always have disliked her but I'm just a bitter hoe.

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I understand using a medium or large flat box for larger items but using a medium flat rate box for something small like a pair of socks is super unreasonable. If it’s a small flat rate box then yeah I get it. Idk, maybe I’m just the only weird one okay with spending $12 for shipping envelopes and losing maybe a few cents on $200+ items (I sneak in a handling fee but it still ends up cheaper).

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Ugh. Fine. I was really hoping my first bit of gossip would be from a real seagull.

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Nayrt but long story short, she bought one of the fancy $1500 dresses from AP thinking it was $150, she realised the next day and demanded they return it against their policy because 'she's an American' and implied the shop wasn't doing well. You should watch ScarfingScarves video on it, she really tore Kelly a new one.

I'm surprised she didn't get blacklisted after making the video publicly admitting that she forced them to return the dress and acting really entitled about it, implying the brand wasn't doing well financially and stuff. On the topic of unreasonable salt, I'm still so salty someone can be so fucking stupid and make the whole community look bad and just not give a shit.

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I have never bought a dress that was under $300. Is that weird? I guess I don’t really like plain prints and designs though.

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Oh snap. Ha, how do you confuse 150,000 Yen for for 148 USD?? I LOVE ScarfingScarves (well, I mean, shes one of the three Lolita vlogs ive stumbled upon and I do enjoy her dry sense of humor. Sad she only updates once a month or so.

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I mean I don't think the Western comm needed help in the regard, like AP doesn't really care about the Western comm imo, Kelly Eden just happens to be another reason why the japanese brands think poorly of the Western comms.

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lurk more newfag

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Nah, not really, buy what you like, if you're okay spending 300 on your dresses and aren't forfeiting rent and food then you do you. That being said, you could always just keep a look out on like good deals on LM since I've seen lots of printed jsk for like 150.

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What brand are you buying?

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Do you only buy new brand from the store or something? It's not that weird, but if you wait for brand sales you can get a lot of the same dresses a lot cheaper.

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This is why I don't support any Instagram or YouTube thots. I don't give them any bows. They're all really worthless, entitled, shameless people, I have no idea why some of them are so popular.

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*Views not bows lol

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Prices have gone up and restrictions on first-class have increased, especially with international postage. In addition to that, my local post office also loves to nitpick the dimensions and packing materials used on first-class packages. There are very few cases where I can safely use first-class for domestic packages.

If anything, paying $3-4 more for priority mail is worth it just for the convenience alone. I don't want to risk someone's package going missing/returned just because some postal employee decided to be an ass.

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I think it's just content really. Something to watch or look forward to when they update. I really liked DeerStalkers and then they just stopped. Other Vlogs were fun until they went from updating once a week to once every two months. People are thirty (I can only guess) for vlogs about their very nitch hobby. Lord knows thats why scroll through my Insta like a rat about to drown looking at new cords and hoping people update cool photos. I don't think that's pathetic, I just think I'm bored af.

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Plus the shipping? What? Do you know how the flat rate boxes work?

The flat rate boxes are a horrible deal. The small isn't so bad but the medium and especially large are stupid and people who use them are dumb and lazy.
It's a great deal if you want to ship bricks to someone but for a dress that weighs under 2lb? No.

>> No.9953999

>Print first class label online
>Put in blue mailbox
I have no idea what people problem is. I have been doing this for years in multiple locations in the us. I just fucking guess the ounces and dimensions most of the time. It's still cheaper to overestimate by several ounces on first class then ship a ring priority.

>> No.9954002

oops, sorry english isn't my first language and I got a bit confused, but I mean like with the insurance and the flat rate box base price it's about 13 for smaller packages, and I've used the larger boxes for dress and really it's about the insurance and the like quick shipping, that being said I guess I am lazy because I don't feel the need to keep extra shipping stuff around my house.

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Mostly angelic pretty, including the blouses. I just feel like other brands might not be as good as quality as AP, and I often see people online talking about other brands and common issues with them.
I do have one btssb dress though, and I would say it was AP tier.

>> No.9954006

Ok but you can get all the insurance and crap with shipping regular priority. The flat rate box is really just paying extra for "convenience" of not weighing it. You don't need a flat rate box to ship priority.
Like I said. The flat rate large box is great if you want to ship bricks really fast. If you are shipping a dress you are wasting money for no good reason.

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AP is like any good brand. most of the stuff is good, but there's still some bad stuff mixed in. You shouldn't let a brand define what you like, especially if the reason is because you're scared of trying something new.

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Really? I often hear people shitting on AP more than any other (japanese) brand, but maybe that's just a seagull thing. Baby is more consistent and has slightly better quality imo, as long as you're not bothered about the lining or lack thereof on their shirred pieces.

If you've been hearing people complain about taobao brand quality, it's probably warranted though, they're pretty hit or miss and you generally get what you pay for. Having said that, 300+ for each piece in your wardrobe is pretty steep though, for blouses and stuff it's worth buying brand, but you can get pretty good deals during the sale season. But then again I'm a Babyfag that buys mostly skirts because they don't get caught in customs.

>> No.9954025

AP isn't the only high quality brand, I love meta 's and aatp's quality, I've never gotten something and felt disappointed at the price from them, I own a lot from AP since I'm a halloween hoe

>> No.9954027

nyart but if you weigh and ship a dress priority its usually $9-11, average dress is 1.5 ish lbs (on the light side) plus you have to use your own shipping supplies and extra time it ends up being the same for the medium box $13
definitely you should be using the flat rate box if youre shipping a dress thats anything fancier than APs average jsk/dress the shipping for those are like $18 priority

>> No.9954041

I'm pretty good about getting people the cheapest shipping possible, it's just not the same situation for everyone.

If you live in a rowdy downtown area like I do, you can't count on packages not going missing from those dropoff boxes- it's happened to me before. I don't really have a choice but to get it picked up directly or dropping it off at the post office myself. In the end it's fine as long as you use common sense, i.e. don't use a $15 flat rate box for socks.

>> No.9954043

$7 is the total cost of shipping something in a small flat rate box. The post office gives you the box for free and the $7 covers everything (shipping, tracking, insurance, etc.).

I prefer to ship in a box because I've had packages that were shipped in bubble mailers get shredded by post offices.

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90% of depop jfashion sellers overprice their shit. no your liz lisa skirt from 2011 is not still worth $50. your dreamv bolero is not still worth $35.

>> No.9954062

I feel like this happens with a lot of non-lolita jfash sellers and cosplayers who buy their costumes. Your Love Live costume is not worth $100+shipping after you've worn it to 3 cons and for a photoshoot. Your Listen Flavor t-shirt isn't worth $50 after you've worn it. Get your shit together, 2ndhand sellers.

>> No.9954063

True, but normies tend not to know that, and depop is like normie central desu

>> No.9954068

Are you talking about sellers or buyers? If normies think my old secondhand LL skirts are worth $50 maybe I should try depop.

>> No.9954070

I feel like you could probs sell your shit on depop and normies would be like !!!!!! OMG I can now be an "AnImE" gurl, just sell up the fact that it's a japanese brand and it's hard to get

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I’m salty about the obsessed HP fans in my comm who constantly try to link everything back to Rowling and act like she invented school uniforms, heraldry, red x gold as a color combination or anything magic-related. If I had $5 for every time someone told me they “love [my] Hogwarts fandom coord!!” I could buy a new skirt.

>> No.9954084

Fucking this. This so much.

>> No.9954088

That's because depop takes 10%

>> No.9954116

>virgin gothic lolita
Just like Mana wants me to be. But seriously this is such a hilarious post, major props to whoever made it.
My salt is I hate that whenever a brand does something that is "wacky" or "unusual" there's some autist that goes
>tee hee stop hanging out with Meta

>> No.9954119

I do this but normies still buy it. I don't go on depop intending to sell to people who actually know about jfashion

Yeah, you should. I think $50 for a skirt is a bit steep though even for normies, try $35-$40

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I want those threads to become an everlasting /cgl/ staple like the ita or cof threads

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>I just feel like other brands might not be as good as quality as AP
>being this detached from reality
I own several different brands, they all have their strengths and weaknesses but my objectively highest quality pieces are by VM and personal favorites are all by IW. AP isn't bad by any means but if you think it's the only good brand you better think again.

>> No.9954133

I'll do it extra often now, just for you anon.

>> No.9954134

I love both AP and IW but imo the only thing AP has over IW construcion/quality wise is the pockets. If IW starting adding pockets to their stuff I’d happily go full IW brandwhore for life.

>> No.9954135

They do that when they ship something overseas too. I think it's ignorance and laziness.

>> No.9954136

Small brands sometimes charge extra for shipping because they have to hire someone just to package things and that's a huge expense if your entire company exists of 5 people.

>> No.9954138

what, I just bought a bunch of headdresses and socks from AP USA and only paid 7ish bucks.

It's baby that rapes you with shipping. like 15-16 bucks for a pair of socks? come on now...

>> No.9954140 [DELETED] 

Western sellers in general to be honest.
I buy a lot of more 'normie' Japanese brand clothing like Majestic Legon or INGNI and on JP secondhand sites you can easily find a like-new skirt from last season that originally sold for 5000 Yen for 900 Yen on there; domestic shipping included.

Meanwhile Western sellers think they can sell some old, unknown Axes Femme skirt with stains and a missing button for $50 and charge you another $15 for shipping on top. It's a completely different mentality, awful.

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Oh wow. You're so funny and annoying. Whatever will I do.

>> No.9954160

Show her how problematic Rowling is

>> No.9954161

>I own a lot from AP since I'm a halloween hoe
Haven't baby and aatp been doing Halloween prints for way longer?

>> No.9954165

Completely different to my experience at AP Paris. I bought some socks that were snagged and returned them later that day - the staff were really polite about it all and had the socks ready for me when I arrived there (I rang them up beforehand). If you're exchanging something larger like a dress, I can understand why the return would take longer as it's a more expensive item, you know?

>> No.9954172

yes. bitches who don’t read “please pay within 24 hours”
i once waited 3 days for a girl to even message me back saying “sorry i only check once a day” like excuse me? it’s been a little longer than a day. the fuck.

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File: 44 KB, 314x469, D8907044-BAD9-4C78-845F-01D2BCCD9E49.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m salty about people trying to make no bangs lolita a thing. Some people look good but if it catches on most people will look like garbage.

>> No.9954236

>if it catches on
I think the issue is that people go with trends blindly, regardless if the element, design, thing in question suits them or not. A lot of people fall for it in normie fashion, kinda sad really.

>> No.9954262

Thanks senpai

>> No.9954270

Baby uses signature confirmation, priority mail and ships in double-layer bubble mailer

Personally, I am pleased that both Baby and AP use priority 2 day for all items. The only times I've ever had USPS mail go missing were first class packages that went through Chicago (I don't live anywhere near Chicago, just saying that my priority packages always make it into my hands no matter what happens).

I'm happy to pay more to guarantee that USPS will prioritize the package. I just wish that Baby didn't add auto signature confirmation for small items. I really don't need to go to the post office to sign for my OTKs but whatever, the people at my PO are friendly at least.

>> No.9954275

What extra time? The post office has non flat rate priority boxes right next to the flat rate ones. You still have to put the same label and packing materials in it no matter what box it is. How is grabbing one box instead of another magically a huge time saver?

>> No.9954276

That's normal.

>> No.9954277

Exactly. Different styles suit different people, and not all styles suit lolita

>> No.9954285

Calm down nigga. Just let people ship their shit however they want. So what if they prefer priority mail?

>> No.9954286

The buyer pays for it

>> No.9954287

But more people look bad with bangs than without

>> No.9954297

Because I'm tired of paying $20 for shipping? Or more often seeing something I want and having to pass because the buyer is clueless and overcharges.
But fine. I'll continue charging reasonable amount for shipping and selling my things quickly because I'm not a lazy ass.

>> No.9954299

Not when you have a giant bow on your head. Then it just makes your forehead look like a infinityhead. Love yourself anon and get bangs that suit your face. It'll look better, trust me.

>> No.9954322

I’m unreasonably salty about not being able to find any an anaphrodisiac pictures in guy mode.

Unrelated but I had no idea he was gay.

>> No.9954330

>I had no idea he was gay.
All brolitas and crossplayers are gay.

>> No.9954340

Then don't buy that item if you don't like how it's being shipped. This is really simple. You aren't entitled to an item, if you disagree with a sellers terms and pricing just don't buy it. I'm so confused as to why people bitch about this.

>> No.9954344

>trying to organize a lolita meeting
>"oooh i don't have anything lolita but can i come?"
>she's not even a photographer or anything
>"my sister doesn't wear lolita,can she come still?"
>"can my friend come? he's not a brolita or anything tho"
>i'm gonna bring my (totally lolita unrelated) boyfriend along i always bring him everywhere!1!
What the fuck don't they understand in LOLITA meeting. I don't want boys unless they're in aristo,ouji or even a fucking lolita outfit. Same goes for girls. No lolita? Well,too bad.

>> No.9954345

Better yet, just ask the seller to ship a different way.

>> No.9954348

You might want to catch up with the video scarfing scarves did on it.

>> No.9954354

kek this version of the meme is amazing
I think that dress is ugly as fuck,still,but hey that means more for you! I also love a serie everyone seems to shit on

>> No.9954359

I put it in my own mailbox with the flag up. They'll still pick it up.

>> No.9954368

Is it currently a better deal to buy from baby in Japan? I'm thinking about getting a few things and the exchange rate looks good. It seems like a better deal.

>> No.9954373

Nayrt, but I generally do that and everyone has been pretty nice except for one girl who flipped out and said I have to pay whatever she said.

>> No.9954399

All GOOD brolitas and crossplayers are gay. There are plenty of creepy straight ones.

>> No.9954428

I agree with this sentiment so hard. especially cause normies always just seem out of place and awkward or try way too hard to interject into conversation, or they act like one of the normies walking by, completely amazed. Keep normies out!

>> No.9954442

I know your pain, anon. Even better if they turn around and cry that lolitas are elitist bullies because we dare to have *gasp* dresscodes at our meetups.

>> No.9954461


>mfw 3head let's me get away without bangs in lolita
>mfw people mistook me on here before for having bangs because of lack of forehead
>mfw my 3head is perfect for lolita

Unreasonable salt? More like an unreasonable smugness about my lack of forehead.

>> No.9954464

I am fuckin salty about how FUCKIGN amazing the AP halloween dresses are, good bye at least 600 dollars

>> No.9954467

I'm unreasonably salty about how certain IG lolitas have so many followers and engagement on posts despite being mediocre, obviously thirsty for efame, and too self centered to care about answers to their idiotic questions.

>> No.9954473
File: 893 KB, 1000x670, ivb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this about ivb and k8?

>> No.9954509

Oh my god she looks so bad.

>> No.9954511

it just happened,one cried about lolita being "a sect" kek.
I'm willing to make an exception for things like himegyaru or fairykei even, but aliexpress kei,cosplay and normieshit must stay out.
(before cosplayers come whine that we are elitists,i got nothing against cosplayers,my gf is one and cosplay is lit when done right just like lolita. I just wouldnt show up to a cosplay event in lolita and i expect people to do the same with lolita events)

>> No.9954513

Same. I need to fill out my wardrobe and I have been but I didn't want to buy anymore dresses and they just had to do this to me.

>> No.9954516

I’m salty about the valid questions too, especially because more girls in my comm have started doing it and they’re all really bad at making it feel natural.
>here is a pic of me with my usakumya
>do u have an usakumya?? :3c

>> No.9954517

Vapid, not valid. I’d be okay with valid questions.

>> No.9954519

same,it's so annoying and forced

>> No.9954529

I'm already talking my ss desu

>> No.9954536

Seriously dude. I got a Baby jsk for $30 once, and it wasn't even plain, it was one of the older appliqued pieces they used to make.

>> No.9954544

THIS. I literally never leave my house to ship anything.

>> No.9954551

nayrt but when you see someone overcharging on shipping, call them out on it! I do this all the time--I tell sellers that I really like their items but I don't mind waiting longer for them to ship first class, and then 90% of the time they ship it cheaper as I requested because they want to make a sale. Just be polite about it its not a big deal.

>> No.9954555

K8 is a 1000/10 if compared to this mess

>> No.9954560

ivb is such a cunt. i didn't mind her much at the meets we went to but she gets pretty damn retarded the moment you start actually talking to her.

i pray to mana every day for them both to leave california and free me from unpleasant encounters.

>> No.9954575

I’m salty about people thinking only gay guys make good brolitas. Fact: only cute Asian guys make good brolitas, straight bi or gay doesn’t matter.

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>waiting to get approved to a comms facebook group

>> No.9954597

I love taobao otome style prints. They are more affordable than ETC or Leur Getter but they rarely go for sale secondhand

>> No.9954603

The cosplay for sale group on Facebook is extremely guilty of this.

Considering the amount of unsold liz lisa on eBay and depop, I dong think normies are buying them at those high prices. And people familiar with those brands won’t buy them at those prices. So the listings just sit there collecting dust.

>> No.9954649

or get fake bangs. that's what i did

>> No.9954653

I'm not surprised, the whole "soldier's tradwife" image doesn't make her look smart. Curious what actually interacting with her is like though.

>> No.9954656

I'm still salty VS and Miss Lumpy stopped being friends with no explanation. What happened to them? They were friend goals to me when I was a noob and I was so sad when their friendship broke up

>> No.9954668

I agree, but i think that well mannered and clean S.O's at events is perfectly fine, depending on the scenario. I'd rather just see a nicely dressed partner rather than some garbo j-fash attempt. And of course, if they're just wearing shit and not anyone's plus one then yeah get out. If its a casual public meet (cafe, etc) then i couldn't give a shit who comes as long as they aren't public disgraces.

However I'm still salty about an event a while back which needed a certain number of tickets sold and we were encouraged to bring people to fill numbers, but they had to either be wearing lolita or aristo.
>told personally not to bring him if he doesn't have anything appropriate to wear
>he's 6'3 and pretty jacked
>doesn't like f+f
>but wahh we need numbers :(

I can't see any problem with my groomed and clean (and good looking) boyfriend in a shirt and trousers for an event we need to fill up, and i can't imagine people having other lolita friends that aren't already part of the comm or wanting to dress up a friend, i personally wouldn't - so what gives? Either have an exclusive event or don't, you can't really be choosy in a situation like that.

P.S can anyone recommend me other custom sized or western aristo clothing stores?

>> No.9954768
File: 106 KB, 326x243, tumblr_inline_p7g8dvzAdQ1s48u4s_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shipping costs to australia

>> No.9954795
File: 77 KB, 249x699, 654345654342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't understand how Automatic Honey managed to get popular when they quite literally copied/traced AP's bear and sold it as their own. Sure, AP didn't invent cute bears, but you can't deny that AH's little bear mascot is pretty much identical to AP's.

>> No.9954825

I want to love them, but all the ones I’ve bought ended up being printed very cheaply and constructed like awkward sacks. ETC and Leur Getter dresses are often a bit baggy too but they’re still more structured than the Taobao “otome” dresses I’ve bought. Those are more like quirky nightgowns that fade after a single wash.

Can you recommend a brand you like?

>> No.9954832

we have relatively good shipping here though? we're pretty close to asia so it doesn't take long/isn't too expensive. and our national postal service is actually trustworthy compared to what I've seen other gulls post. we don't have customs charges like EU and the US postal service is super pricey. 90% of my CC/WW purchases have been EMS and I've never had a problem.

>> No.9954844

This is a one-off situation, but I bought an AP dress from someone on LM and the waist ties are missing and their excuse is that they didn't know that the dress was supposed to have waist ties despite that
>there are buttons on the waist where the waist ties should be
>there's no other sort of lacing on the back to cinch the dress in

I'm salty that instead of being like "I lost the waist ties" or "I bought it secondhand and it didn't come with ties", they tried to feign ignorance and pretend that they didn't know there were waist ties.

>> No.9954872

>western aristo clothing stores
Have you looked at Shrine? Pieces from them can be coorded in aristo looks imo.

>> No.9954880

lol n1 cur about SJW shit. Unless the com is full of itas and fatties.

>> No.9954890

I've been saying they copied AP for years and nobody would ever believe me. I remember posting in a thread about it and getting a "NO1 CARES VENDETTA CHAN" sort of response, it was weird. The copying is so blatant.

>> No.9954900

I don’t know why anyone is justifying this shit being okay. So many people have been stuck with crap/defective items because 1) they don’t want to bother the brand and 2) they have no customer service. I get it, Japan has a culture of where they customer isn’t right and it’s okay for small meaningless items and it’s okay for not accepting returns. But when you still out $400~$2k for a dress and it’s fucked up, they need to step up and have a better policy, at least for their international stores. No one wants to waste their entire afternoon over this shit and you shouldn’t,

>> No.9954901

I doubt that would work. They tend to be rather SJW but at the same time have no problem ignoring ~problematic~ behavior from celebrities they like.

I really just want to be able to wear a navy dress with a golden lion on it without constantly having to explain that no, it's not supposed to be a Gryffindor/Ravenclaw hybrid coord, wtf.

>> No.9954906

Hahaha I would have mentioned that in the review you left them. Buyers beware, seller does not know about waistties, you may not get them lol

>> No.9954909

I’m salty about a buyer not willing to hold an item for me, even when I was willing to pay their ‘buy now price’, and even saltier when I gena to bid, someone else tried out biddin me and when I wouldn’t relent they messaged me accusing me of not really wanting it and ‘hurr durr this is the only plus sized item I have!!’. I ended up losing the bid to someone else but jokes on the messenger I ended up getting the dress from another seller who was nice enough to hold it for me. Kek almost tempted to message them like “I got it bitch”

>> No.9954931


They got popular /because/ they made AP knockoffs at a time when it was impossible to get real AP. Now that it's not hard to get AP jewelery anymore, they haven't made any bootlegs in a long time. I'm fine with forgiving their past given the circumstances

I thought this was well known, given that you can still see pictures of their bear on their Facebook page. And also because their logo AH was made to look like AP's

>> No.9954932

Nah. Bad taste and people buying any dress that looks cute, and general the acceptation of low quality because "it's good for the money you payed" are. There are brands that are reputable in China as well. But many keep recommending shitty brands and trying new brands that are cheap shitty printed dresses cashing in on the trend.

My salt is the extreme generalisation of TaoBao brands like it's one big shop, as well as the acceptance of cheap quality items just because the idea or print was cute.

>> No.9954955

>They got popular /because/ they made AP knockoffs at a time when it was impossible to get real AP
That is not an excuse at all. In my eyes they are no better than Oojia or other Chinese taobao replica stores. Or do they get an excuse because they're run by semi popular, decently dressed oujis?

>> No.9954967

You sound really new. You aren't entitled to another persons item.

>> No.9954969

I wouldn't hold it either, fatty. If you weren't after instant gratification all the time, you wouldn't need plus sized.

>> No.9954973

>it’s good for the money you paid
Goddamn I hate it when people use this as an excuse for shit quality pieces. If you only pay one cent for a turd it’s still a fucking turd.

>> No.9954977

She and her boyfriend were both at a meet once and she was being a total bitch to him
Usually she's just kind of awkward (like the majority of lolitas desu)

>> No.9954979

Agreed. I hate people who buy shit and act like it's okay because it was cheap shit from China. I hate that this fucked up mentality has lurked into lolita. Lolita used to be about quality pieces lasting atleast a decade.

>> No.9954984

This is normal. I heard more Japanese brands do this, even the ones in Japan have to call HQ and have proof. Refunding is rare. People tend to think about what they buy instead of being able to refund stuff because they didn't think if they really wanted it. And damaged goods (that aren't sold with damages listed) are actually reasonably rare. There is a reason there are strict policies on things like don't try to fit shit you clearly can't fit it.

It's the foreign stores fault for not handling those policies and caring for the items like intended, yet not checking the goods and just keep selling it. It generally works bad to use part of ones policy and part of one. Like, I get it, Westeners can be really annoying because they are used to customer is king and it's often so much more easy to not follow policies and be nice, but you know you have to follow the Japanese policies on returns and such so it's imho better to explain others it's a Japanese concern and they have to follow those policies.

Honestly, as a Westener I prefer the Japanese policies. I feel many Westeners don't think enough before buying because they are spoiled with too much policies in their favour. I also feel that's why they get mad so easily at store clerks and why they are annoyed that easily when policies are followed instead of just accepting it and not worry too much. They are used to get whatever they want. Not just clothes, but buying stuff in general. Everything and everyone has to take them as buyer into account, but never the other way around. I feel the current attitude in Westerner buyers is shitty in general.

>> No.9954985

Feels, every time I ask for a shipping quote from US/Canada, somehow it’s always over $50USD???? And to think they call our shipping expensive, when I usually charge half that to ship to the US, tracking included.

>> No.9954987

enjoy being blacklisted senpai

>> No.9954992

>but knowing that in the pas
Watch her video. Maybe read some comments. Then watch scarfing scarves video. If you still wish to know more, use the search bar on RuffleChat and RuffleChat Uncensored. Then you'll be completely up to date.

>> No.9954993

i once asked someone to ship a ring to me first class and they said no, they didn’t feel it was safe, even though first class comes with shipping.
so i had to pay $14 shipping for a $20 ring, they kept the extra since it showed me how much they paid for shipping

>> No.9954994

>first class comes with tracking
is what i meant to type

>> No.9954995

>$50 is roughly the cost of a Taobao dress before shipping and ss fees
only for crappy ones. The good brands generally cost around 80 euro, up to 150 for more complex or limited designs. Sometimes you're lucky, but you shouldn't expect proper quality for 50 bucks. Altrough I feel that's part of the TaoBao problem. People look at price and if it's cute (or even edgy "look I'm so different") and not check quality, cut, etc.

Never the less. I do agree. Second hand brand can be cheaper than TaoBao if you look around. I got some reasonably popular dresses for 60 euro in perfect condition.

>> No.9954999

She starts her story with saying that she knows a bit or two about lolita fashion brands and their prices. She wants to buy an AP dress. Finds super nice lacy one with matching bonnet that is obvious much more detailed and special than the rest.

Can't read a price tag despite having a friend who speaks Japanese and checking 5 times and her credit card not accepting so she needed to pay with another card. Somehow nothing made her think the MTO limited edition dress (that apparently got sold in store for some reason) was NOT 150USD despite her claim of knowing usual pricing.

Then got mad and made drama for days to AP Japan store, having some Japanese she was working with bother AP and explain, they said no refund, so she decided to walk buy and make drama in-store for hours until they would give her money back just to be rid of her.

After that she had the audacity to say AP must have been doing horrible, and got mad at them for not refunding because she's an idiot and upset they didn't like her after making drama in-store for hours. Played huge victim role.

>> No.9955000

Gossip comes when it happens. Not months after it has ended.

>> No.9955006

I think there is a difference between youtubers and instagrammers who make actually funny or serious content, and those who just make drama for views. I like the serious or funny ones for the hobbies I have. I love good tattoo artist, but not the mediocre "I'm so great" kind of artist that Instagram is filled with. Same with tattoo enthousiast who talk about it, vs entitled bitches who think they know it all now they got a generic endless sign/fandom/whatever tattoo. Similarly, I liked deepstalker and last week lolita news. But I haven't found much other lolita videos I actually liked. I feel it's all just generic "look at my great clothes and tell me how special I am", "let me say these things said in thousands other videos and info sites", or just idiots who obviously don't know shit about what they talk about.

I don't think social media is bad. I think there is a lot of bad social media. Why it's popular? Same reason as these gotta be nice and respectful shit lately. People are shitty and like to life in their little bubble instead of be real.

>> No.9955020

I wasn’t saying I needed it because it’s plus sized dumbasses

>> No.9955021

Yikes. It's ironic that she's a cunt to him considering how much she shills him out on her social media in order to paint herself as this good girl who's patriotic and cares so much about her country.
I keep hearing that she doesn't socialize or that she's a bitch and I wonder how her comm and people around her deal with her.

>> No.9955024

Sure fatty

>> No.9955032

I'm salty about these obsessed fandoms in general. I was a fan when the books and such where released. Almost anyone liked it. But no one was this obsessed crazy. I honestly think obsessed fandom is one of the hipster trends.

FB groups for selling cosplay, as well as generic alternative fashion sales groups, are not only very guilty of these. But these same people who will list their shitty cheap aliexpress cosplays for honderds of euro's are also always fillings those groups with asking cosplay items they want super cheap, great quality and quick. They'll be like "I want a full cosplay from this character for 30 euro, can someone sell me one"? Even worse that in some cases items are so generic they could be bought at any H&M for 5 euro because it's a plain shirt or so.

Reminds me of those kimono lolita cosplay dress maker. Truely darling or so. She admitted she can't draw patterns and just sews a circle skirt with elastic to the size of the waist, I don't even know how she things she can make a kimono jacket (the length of a short haori) and obi without any patterning. She "free cuts". Yet she's sold out in seconds whenever she opens orders on those crappy items.

>> No.9955038

>western aristo
You mean Victorian Goth clothes for male? Or historically clothes.

>I'm very salty at anything that looks like a fashion interpretation of historical male clothes being screamed ouji at. By know I don't even know what defines ouji beside "modern fashion clothes that look like historically in-accurate historical mans fashion. Generally either patterns/colours on the fabric, prints, or modern sewing techniques being wrong to show it's in-accurate. Not everything with knickerbockers and a coat is fucking ouji. A Barbie in pink 17 century males clothes is not ouji. It's a Barbie in pink 17 century males clothes. Fucking hell...

>> No.9955041

I once posted a few replica's dracula clothing made from Japanese brand. People wanted to argue a literal copy from a H. Naoto skirt wasn't a replica because it was such a "generic design" (literally any detail was copied beside the embroidery (each ruffle placement, lace placement), and it's a design H. Naoto has been making as signature shape with different materials since they exist. This one even copied the materials (but with cheap versions) and colours. Having many brand replicate you doesn't make it more generic). The skirt was as ungeneric as non-printed items go. High waisted corset skirt, longer back than front, fake bustled back, tons of detailing in lace placement.

Dracula Clothing is know to copy cat things. Not only did people deny it, they even said the Dracula Clothing one was better quality wise as well as design wise. Design might be opinion, but when obviously filled with cheap lace and cheap shiny synthetic fabric that looked like a halloween costume. You know, the one stereotypical Ebay ita dresses tended to be made from... You can't tell me it's higher quality...

>> No.9955064

I hate the trend of wearing plain white tights with lolita. So many people do it. I'm not big on printed tights either, but what ever happened to just fucking wearing lace topped socks? Don't even get me started on those lace BTSSB otks.

I feel like we've just entered such a garbage era of legwear in lolita and everyone needs to be hoverlolis.

>> No.9955078

yeah what was up with K8 updating her story with coming out of the closet- as what exactly? She's married to a guy isn't she? Is she now gay an poly? Did she get a divorce??

She said people could ask questions about it but I didn't see any of those get answered publicly anyway

>> No.9955080

I hope you get one and if it doesn't fit the way you want, I'll happily buy it from you

>> No.9955083

>what ever happened to just fucking wearing lace topped socks?
I have no idea but I'm salty about this too. Well, at least somewhat; the less popular they are, the easier they are to find brand new secondhand.

>> No.9955084

nope, not even , stop fetishizing asians/stop defending yourself

>> No.9955088

Brands seem to sell them less too. The ones that are for sale seem to have terrible, itchy lace too. Why this.

>> No.9955091

I swear there is some lame IW VM defense squad on this board.

>> No.9955102

You seem like someone who just holds a grudge even though something is in the past and is no longer going on.

Let it go, geez.

>> No.9955106

Not a defense squad of any kind, just stating facts from my experience. Sorry reality hurts your feefees, anon-chan.

>> No.9955118

Name a good non-Asian brolita then?

>> No.9955122
File: 59 KB, 500x750, 1792410164521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nayrt but Splenedora(?) always looked nice.

>> No.9955186

>Plan a meet months in advance for your comm
>A group of randos start planning a meet for the same day, only a week in advance
>People start wondering which one they should attend
>Randos meet is full of itas

Rinse and repeat

>> No.9955187

Oh no, did he quit? Also is that girl marlessa

>> No.9955194

I honestly have no idea, afaik he's not around anymore so maybe he did quit. Maybe I'm talking out my ass though. And I think it is her, yes.

People in your comm honestly consider attending meets full of itas?

>> No.9955209

at one point, bodyline was geniunely cheaper and easier than taobao.
I could get all the shoes and accessories I wanted, save a bunch off my order with the yen trick, and only pay $20 for 3 day shipping.

I legitimately want to kick the teeth in of whatever fuck alerted mr. yan about the yen trick.
most taobao shoes are fucking garbage and now bodyline is overpriced

>> No.9955221

Do people still buy Bodyline? I feel like it's become one of those distant memories that we reminisce upon.

>> No.9955242

She came out as genderqueer, no divorce yet. Check the farm for more information

>> No.9955246

Newbies still get directed to bodyline.

>> No.9955248

I know complaining about lolibrary is like beating a dead horse, but...
Searching for something and then stumbling across entries like that. What happened here?

Also on topic. Searching for that one plain jsk and not remembering whether it was Aatp or Baby, so you're just being stuck in endless limbo of suffering.

>> No.9955281

sadly. somehow its still praised as a "cheap easy solution" when you can get secondhand brand for some of the prices bodyline is asking for now.

>> No.9955292

The migration messed up some entries I think. I can't remember the exact reasoning, but if you let a lolibrarian know, they can fix it.

>> No.9955340

OHHHH ok. That's no where near as interesting as I thought.

>> No.9955345

You almost had me but then you had to go with an over used meme.

If anyone is hurt it's you, defense squad leader.

>> No.9955366

Milky berry op is fucked up too

>> No.9955400

Anyone else get annoyed by all the stupid things people in your comm do, and how rude/ignorant they can be? And yeah I get that it’s a two way street but I do try to be nice 99% if the tongue swallowing my tongue at their stupidity

>> No.9955404

Depends on what your definition of rude is, what are they doing?

>> No.9955405

EMS comes with tracking and they still lost the hand made blankets I sent to China for a relative's baby. Fuck tracking. Never even got a refund because at first they couldn't find it, and then it was past the date and they still couldn't find it. Just disappeared into the void.

>> No.9955406

Literally passive aggressive comments about the one ita to her face, nitpicking the fact that I wear fake eyelashes, not offering gas money in carpools or some level of compensation, etc. mostly harmless stuff but it chaps my ass nonetheless

>> No.9955409

She's mentally ill. One thing I hate about social media is all these freaks parading they are fucked in the head. You're not special, you're sick!

I can't really disagree with that comment, anon. I only have one IW JSK, but I have a bunch of VM solids, and the material and construction are amazing, I'll probably still be wearing all of those dresses in ten years. AP otoh is like cheap polyester chiffon for all! Doesn't matter how weird the print of how tent/sack the cut.

>> No.9955455

Yeah the restrictions on first class piss me off. Priority gets so expensive if you are shipping something that doesn't fit in a flat rate box. I had one item I shipped media mail get completely trashed and it made me really question their system, it's like they want everything to be priority or it will get damaged

>> No.9955461

Fuck eBay though, their fees are too high. If I wanted to list my LL on there instead of keimarket, I probably would want to add $10 just to make up for the annoyance

>> No.9955479

Maybe they had to pay for tape, bubble wrap, and boxes. People get so shitty no matter how you try to ship unless you are losing money on everything like I do. I only sell things I absolutely don't want because of it

>> No.9955483

When we talk about generic design, we're talking intellectual property law. That's why design replicas aren't illegal even when they're exact. No one is saying they aren't bad, just that they aren't illegal

>> No.9955556

I have a soft spot for plain white tights and pinafores because those are what Alice and other young Victorian and Edwardian girls wore. They definitely don’t go with every coord, though, and make my legs look like tree trunks.

>> No.9955559

I wouldn’t mind if my comm had ita containment meets. We could hold a well-planned meet at a nice location for the well dressed people and a cheap hastily thrown together ita hangout at some weeb spot. Maybe that would cut down on all the
>thanks for inviting me but I’m too poor unu
messages our hosts always get like two days before a meet, and we might actually have nice group photos for once.

>> No.9955567

Ouch, sorry to hear, I would maybe suggest hanging around a different group next time, I know i fall into hanging out with the same 3 or 4 girls when I go to meets, so if it's an option this could be an opportunity to get to know some other girls in your comm. :)

>> No.9955569

Honestly the best way to weed people out is by having it be a paid ticketed event.

>> No.9955629

No, people said it literally wasn't a replica because so many gothic brands had made it. Apparently is many cheap gothic brands replica J-fash brands, it's no longer replica.

Similar thing happened with a jacket that both hottopic and EMP mailorder have copied.

I know it isn't illigal. But to say it's not a replica at all is just dumb. Even worse when people would argue the cheap replica had better quality. One person argued the H. Naoto was using cheap velvet and the Dracula clothing one was expansive fabrics. It's the stupidity that bothered me more than anything.

>> No.9955633

I wear tights because I simply dislike wearing socks in lolita beside ankle socks. I don't mean I dislike how it looks, but it's not nearly as comfortable for me for multiple reasons. Not to forget that being tall means all brand socks end too low.

I did wish people would choose better tights tho. Not these synthetic nylons. Get some that are of the same materials as woven socks, and if you want designs, those who have them woven into them. I hate these easily streched (and then look more transparent) nylons people wear. Quality should still be hold high. There might be some higher quality nylons, but they are more costly, and I rarely see people wear those.

>> No.9955636

Hate to say it, but I haven't seen a guy that wasn't Asian look good. But I think it has more to do with it being much harder to see the difference in gender with Asians than with us. Easier to pass when they wear a wig and girly make-up.

It's not fetishizing. I don't even like how most Asians guys look and I don't fall on girls. But it's just like how many typical East-Asian features are ones that are deemed cute (talking about facial features that are common). Any race can wear it, but when your race generally has more physical features that fit with it, it's a higher change it'll look good on you because the change it fit's your face and body is bigger. Not saying one race always looks better or that other races will look bad, but some races have an advancement in certain styles because the common features most people in said race have fit well with it.

It works contrary too. I think many Asians don't look nearly as good in "tough" looking styles. Give them biker clothes and they never look as tough as Western biker gangs.

There are always exceptions ofcourse. But based on common features in each race, Asian guys have it much more easy to look good in lolita dresses. Would love to be shown non-Asian guys looking good. But there is a reason it's much harder to find than other Asian ones.

>> No.9955638

He looked nicely dressed, but still looked like a well dressed woman with ugly face, but that knew how to make the best of it in terms of look.

I that's kinda the point. No matter how well they dress, they never look as good. They facial features are just not as delicate and feminine as the overall look. Asian brolita's have been known to look overall good. If you're used to seeing Asians, you can spot a man from a woman most of the time, even when they wear girly make-up and a wig. But their faces are still much softer making it look better.

>> No.9955639

Go to different brands then. My TaoBao shoes are better quality than my BodyLine ones. You just shouldn't buy things like that An*Tai*Nai shit that even the Chinese won't wear because they are too shitty.

>> No.9955642

NAYRT buy I often send it boxes I have lying around from stuff I buy, even just local products. As long as it aren't goods that can get in the boxes like food there is no reason to worry. If I really need to buy a box, I pay it from my own money. I'm not gonna miss that 3-7 euro for an official postal box.

Tape is something anyone has in house. I have some bubble wrap because I'm moving, but else people in my country just use commerical magazines and newspapers for filling up and not damaging (even in moving stuff it's often done). If you do it well it's fine.

I don't think I need to buy a whole roll of tape because someone didn't have it in house anymore...

>> No.9955648

it has to actually be worth the ticket fee though. my comm started doing paid ticketed events but they'd be at cheap community centers with ritz crackers and walmart tier drinks in paper cups as refreshments. it weeded out a handful of the itas but i'm not willing to pay $30 just for an ita-free meet, i want to feel like the meet was worth $30

>> No.9955665
File: 1.17 MB, 1280x720, 1474867007897.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something that makes me really salty is the amount of sissies, non-lolitas, itas and dudes that swarm around facebook groups.

Occasionally I read the comments and some comments are really, let's say odd.
They're like "Brands can such my dick" or "Tattoos go fine with lolita, haters gonna hate!". And every fucking time I click on the profile of these weird people they are not even lolita, and most of the time they are sissies or dudes.
Why??? Why does anyone let them in?
I just looked at Rufflechat's newest members and I spotted two dudebros right away.

>> No.9955669

Kinda agree. I love tattoos. Bigger the better. But I don't like them in lolita.

Now also on the tread about stretched ears. Everyone is just like "if others don't like them, fuck them. Do what you want". Like, sure, be yourself. But let's keep it noted that one should still look good in a fashion and in general needs to fit the aesthetic or there will be backlash. These comments seems to encourage people to be bad. You can only ignore the rules if you can make a good lolita coord without thinking about those rules. But then you follow them 99% of the time automatic...

What's it with having to show off anyways. Don't you get body modifications your yourself? Why does it always need to show or people get mad at you...

>> No.9955690

Probably because they read the word "rules" and their immediate, knee-jerk reaction is to "rebel" against said rules; regardless of the fact that when they do this they end up looking like garbage, but don't you dare tell them that or try to help them because that makes you an elitist bitch in their eyes.

>> No.9955699

Exactly. Honestly, I think people who just rebel against everything are just as stupid as those who blindly follow them.

Sometimes, rules are good. Sometimes they can be broken. What's wrong with actually thinking instead of rebelling just as blind as those they blame are blindly following rules. It just makes you at least as dumb, if not more because you are doing what you complain about.

>> No.9955853

I think that's the problem with your comm meet planning though.

Ticketed should mean just pay in advance. That actually helps the host out a lot too, so that we know how many people are actually going, don't have to deal with split checks and cheapos not paying or not tipping, reserving space for double the amount of people that actually show up.

A $30 per ticket meet would be a standard restaraunt. or tea house, or event admission price + a bit of food.

You can even do ticketed meets for like $7 to a museum. You have an organized list of attendees and you will probably get a group rate.

>> No.9955921

>in the past
>their webshop currently has the skull bear design up for sale

>> No.9955925

Most of the LL on keimarket is still in the $50 range, which just isn’t worth it when the piece is past a few years. LL doesn’t retain the resale value that lolita does.

>> No.9955935
File: 35 KB, 250x333, c0558665-cf74-52d3-bb54-32c2bf019ac5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


yeah something about AP halloween releases
so much wanttt

>> No.9955949

i salty about gulls calling each other 'fag' all the tme here... and seeing so many taobao updates on fb

>inb4 newfag let's be nicer to each other and our selves

>> No.9955950

Ever heard of reusing materials? You can't say you haven't ever received plastic wrap, bubble wrap or boxes when in this fashion. The most you need is tape and who doesn't already have that. Why would the seller charge a buyer for a whole roll when they need $0.20 worth for their package. I hope you at least recycle the materials you're apparently just throwing away.

>> No.9955951


maybe she coulda side swept her bangs but I think this is pretty adorable desu

>> No.9955954 [DELETED] 



>> No.9955958
File: 142 KB, 1024x683, summer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>complaining about people calling each other fags
>outing yourself as a newfag

>> No.9955965

fuck off newfag

>> No.9956024

Some other day I found a shoes catalogue on pinterest. Like beautiful chunky heels, with all the brands names, it wasn't even recent, but the choice was great and if I got to translate the names I could have hit a golden mine, but I FUCKING DIDN'T SAVE IT. I thought "oh I will find it later". NO, NO I WON'T. I want to die right now, I've been searching for this shit for last two hours now and the worst thing is I don't have anyone to blame other than me.

>> No.9956029

check your browser history?

>> No.9956041
File: 31 KB, 598x597, 1493856712078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's almost as though their mental illnesses have some kind of influence on their behavior

kys newfag

>> No.9956116

It's just excuses at this point. Yes people should own tape and have a couple of boxes and leftover bubble wrap but Lolitas are too special to do what everyone else does

>> No.9956193

Where do you get tights like that? They sound great but I've never seen them in adult sizes other than brand ones

>> No.9956298
File: 3.73 MB, 1762x1296, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 1.31.56 pm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i get way more mad than i should about kawaii harajuku desu letter beads pokemon stickers edgy ddlg tumblr etsy shit. i live for fairy kei done right like spank and nile perch but no one in the west gets it, they always get fairy kei confused with decora, pastel goth or "geeky gamer girl" fashion. it's all tasteless garbage and i hate worrying about being lumped in with that stuff.

>> No.9956340

Wow, this I completely agree with. I've never bought from a western brand (expect cutemoonbunny, I really like a lot of her work) out of fear i'll look like one of...them. I wish fairy kei had a more strict community like lolita, but overtime the lines really became unclear. Also I really think most of the "demiboys" in the fashion look horrible. I don't understand why so many are attracted to it.

Perhaps not an unpopular opinion here, but I think being a "trans male" but also wearing lolita is stupid, and I can't help but feel like people who do it are latching onto trends for the sake of being as unique as possible. denying clothes is gendered is just insanity. I can't understand how someone could wear lolita fashion--an extremely feminine fashion-- and try to say they are a man and want to be taken seriously. Just wear ouji or something.

>> No.9956353

I hate the feminist edgy kawaii stuff

>> No.9956368

Only when it's on sale, and usually just shoes because they are really durable in my experience. Sometimes I will get blouses or dresses too to wear on lazy days. But once again, only on sale.

>> No.9956826

Stores who specialise in legwear, and brands who specialise in legwear or under garments (not as in underwear, but the clothes you wear underneath the showing clothes to make sure it all fit's nice and such. They make tubetups, tanktops, tights, etc.). They can be a bit hard to find, especially when it's not winter.

You can find some brands by googling. Also try some local stores. Especially ones grannies go to. They tend to like these ones under long dresses or underneath normal clothes, because cotton absorbed sweat, can give some stability, and tends to not rip as easily (and even can be sewn if it would rip somehow).

Do expect to pay around 30 euro a pair, unless you find a good deal. But it's worth it. There are some plain ones, with motives sewn into it (just shapes in thickness, just loke how brocade is one fabric but with shapes. It's not brocade but I just mean to explain it's shapes from the same fabric? Not good at explaining it). Some also have motives woven into the fabric itself.

In my country they differentiate these by calling them maillot while calling the synthetic ones panties (that's not a word for underwear in my native language). They are indeed more common for children, but there are some brands who specialise in adult ones as well. I tend to just check multiple shops, if it's an online shop, I check the material and photo's mainly.

>> No.9956832

>denying clothes is gendered is just insanity.

>> No.9956880

For how much Baby charges for shoes, they could use slightly better materials. I'd even be willing to pay a bit more just so they don't fall apart.

>> No.9956888

Especially in regards to lolita which was created by Japanese women for not only their own enjoyment but also to rebel against the standards set for women.

>> No.9956911
File: 554 KB, 1129x1009, NSFWcookies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate how sterile the fashion has become. I was looking at old street snaps and GLBs and I noticed a lot more weird angles, lingerie, "edgy" accessories and other stuff that would make typical gull scream bloody murder now.
Thanks to certain individuals, now posing with a plushie or a doll is unacceptable, if someone can see your knee you are sexsualizing the fashion, and don't even try to mention that ero lolita exists.
I'm tired of people trying to act like lolita is this sacred asexual fashion, and they are a pure maiden uwu. You aren't helping anyone calling someone names just cause they look slightly out of norm. Not saying that we should all start flashing people in public and use bondage wear in every outfit, but maybe strike somewhat of a balance.

Other salt is gulls using stuff like "shoes are too old-school for this coord". If a coord is unbalanced because of them, yeah I agree, but most of the time is just complaining about two eras that somehow shouldn't be mixed. It doesn't make any sense to me personally, nor does it in the context of lolita fashion as a whole.
End of salt, have some cookies.

>> No.9957159

Honestly, I think people who are hypercritical of things like socks being short or stuffed animals are new. When people preach rules too hard over nitpicks or call someone ita over something small, I think they're trying to compensate for the fact that they're also not very good at the fashion/knowledgeable about it. I did that when I was new, too, because it made me feel better about my mistakes by pointing out everyone elses. The fashion has changed a lot-certain "rules" have changed as the western community grew, and I think people started making up rules that are only withheld within our community.

Ero's kinda a mixed bag for me. I do like the style, but it's really easy to look ita as hell. I've seen a lot of really good ero coordinates with AB though.

>> No.9957170

Well for starters, there weren't "rules", per se, back in 2001. It was a legit street fashion, vs the increasingly commercialized and formulaic prissypants-magnet it is today. I still love my frills but some people take the nitpicks sooooo seriously I wonder if they are enjoying themselves at all.

>> No.9957174

Well people are allowed to have their own opinion about fashion, what may not bother you, may bother someone else, and in regards to ero, ero is not an excuse to over sexualize a lolita outfit, espically because one of the core values of lolita imo is the fact that it is a more conservative fashion and it's not suppose to be seen as sexy, and as a community we actively have to work against people thinking that lolita is a fetish, and especially because lolita often attracts unwanted attention from fetish groups. Ero is a fine line, and I think it's more of a fear of confirming the idea that wearing lolita is a fetish.

But I agree with your second point about era mixing, like I don't have a problem with mixing old school or new school lolita, but again it's a personal taste thing.

>> No.9957176

Holy shit I hate this style so much. What amazes me the most is that there are still real people in the year 2018 who think that playing video games makes them ~not like the other girls~.

>> No.9957217
File: 488 KB, 1080x1159, 20180730_183155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bids on auction
>decides afterwards she doesnt want item
>proceeds to ghost the auction after winning
>refuses to explain situation to seller
>makes up a random reason to justify her actions after the fact

How shitty can you be??

>> No.9957258

You mean wearing skintight cameltoe showing yoga pants for a bottom while wearing 80 layers of coats and sweaters for a top just to emphasize my camel toe ISN'T a trend I should follow blindly!?!? :<<<< Wait till I tell Sharron!

>> No.9957265
File: 192 KB, 800x1000, 1524453214729.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One poorly dressed """"""""aristo"""""""" in a group of well dressed lolitas means that all the onlookers will just think it's a fucking costume party. Had a meet I organized once where some thirsty dude (who, at the time I was giving the benefit of the doubt but as time passed it was obvious he was only there to try sucking the blood out of some poor girl) joined in straight up looking like fucking dracula in the most unflattering way. Had a horrible spiked up wig with white streaks going through, literally came with fucking false fangs, had a cane that looked like plastic with a stupid ass bat on it, cape that dragged an entire 5 inches on the ground as he walked, etc. Was fucking terrible. Everyone was well dressed and then this fuck is just with us in his shitty umbrella (not even parasol) drew all the attention of giggling pedestrians onto us. He just kept talking about his fucking expensive car and rich family at every fucking chance he could. I'm glad it was unanimously agreed that we wouldn't let him back, but the message he sent me on FB telling me he'd start his own comm and not invite me was hilarious.

>> No.9957346

I wish lolita only had vague guidelines because the western autists and female incel virgins took it and ran with it. "ita" was used to differentiate from costume tier stuff and milanoo.

>> No.9957353
File: 109 KB, 500x752, _DSC5438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think ero is fine depending on where you are. Ero was invented for lolitas to go clubbing, and wanted to wear less for sweating/dancing purposes. I feel like attending a meet in ero is a bit silly given the context, but for a party or something, it's not a big deal. I agree that it's a bit...unconventional, though, and I don't think it really falls under the guise of traditional lolita, I also think it could lead to negative stereotypes. If a normie meets 100 lolitas, and one has a bdsm/sex thing going on, that will define all lolitas to them because it reaffirms the normie idea that it's a sex thing. So perhaps calling it ero gothic instead with them, and still calling it lolita online, would be fine.
I should add that ero kinda got screwed in the western community too. ero is just an excuse for goths to call their shit lolita, and itas to justify wearing short punk ebay skirts.

>> No.9957363

Canada anon here, I know it sounds crazy, but the postage rates here are terrible. People take note. I hate it because it cuts off a huge part of the market for me, people don't wanna buy my old dresses with a 50$ shipping fee.

>> No.9957364

As a retail worker, that final sentiment is the most agreeable thing I've read. The store I work at accepts underwear returns now because so many customers pitch shitfits over it. It's absolutely horrible, they give us the packaged underwear back, ripped open, expecting us to put it back away perfectly. We've gotten soggy underwear back before, or stained underwear. I'll never buy underwear from our store- I can't believe anyone would knowing it's refundable.

>> No.9957383

Why don't they just charge a restocking fee for things like that?

>> No.9957384

>I feel like attending a meet in ero is a bit silly given the context, but for a party or something
Wait, are meet ups not parties? How are they different? What about tea parties?

>> No.9957395

I wish brands had policies more like most Western retailers that put more onus on themselves. Yes, I'm a fucking entitled American. However, I don't trust lolitas and think the audience is immature, so those policies are great for keeping the Eden's away.

>> No.9957440

>I’m 6 feet tall
>all the socks can’t go above my knee without stretching out the design really badly and making it look gross
>I hate myself

>> No.9957452

Are you seriously asking about the difference between a tea party and a party at a nightclub?

>> No.9957453

Their strict return policy keeps their prices down on their merchandise. Luxury niche items after getting returned can never be sold for full price, so unless you wanna pay for brand, then you shouldn't want them to have American return policies, which are shitty to begin with, considering so many people abuse them.

>> No.9957454

*more for

>> No.9957457

You at least live in a country with a domestic market, try living in a tiny place with exorbitant international shipping fees. I barely ever sell anything.

>> No.9957469

>But no one was this obsessed crazy
calling BS on this. I'm an old fucker who was around for the days of Fandom Wank and McTabby's summary executions.. HP fandom has always been known for their crazy.

>> No.9957474

I'm so salty about selling anything these days.
I'm trying to sell a NWT burando headbow below it's original retail price (it was immediately sold out back then). I've already reduced it 50% now, too low for my comfort actually.
Now I got somebody who offered me a lowball price. They would get a NWT AP headbow for the price of a Claire's headpiece. And I would only get a couple of bucks after shipping and PP fees. Heck, the fuel to drive to the post office is probably worth more. I would be giving it away.
I'm so salty because this is not the first time this happened. I sold some good brand pieces for almost nothing a few times now, because they weren't sought after prints. I feel like unpopular burando is worth less than some Forever 21 shit.

>> No.9957481

shitbags always try and lowball me I’m sick of it so i have the “offers” button off

>> No.9957485

Yeah, honestly it spurs me to be less likely to discount the item, because I'm okay with discounting something after a couple of weeks but if someone lowballs me I'll keep it going until someone buys it at the price I want.

>> No.9957518

hope you get better soon uwu

>> No.9957539

name and shame please

>> No.9957547

it helps to minimize returns by listing measurements of garments, which japanese retailers often do but american retailers don't do. lots of people order two or even three sizes of clothing in america because the 2/4/6 or god forbid the S/M/L sizing conventions are essentially meaningless other than representing a point on a sliding scale.

>> No.9957550

Not you anon replied to? What? Why do people do this? There's no reason for you to say nayrt, and you didn't even do it right.

>> No.9957553

I think they don't know what nayrt means.

>> No.9957556 [DELETED] 
File: 55 KB, 682x317, Blocked on fril.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sees someone selling a set on Fril that I need the head bow from
>comments on the listing asking if they would be willing to split the set
>They block me and now I'm banned from commenting, liking their listings or purchasing from them

>> No.9957557 [DELETED] 
File: 442 KB, 1008x454, Dropped image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dropped the correct image

>> No.9957562
File: 442 KB, 1008x454, Blocked on Fril.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sees a set on Fril that I need the head bow from
>Comments to ask if they would be happy to split the set
>instead of just politely saying no sorry, the block me from commenting on their listings, liking their listings and purchasing their future items.
What a rude person.

>> No.9957568

Are you living in Japan? Or a shopping service?
Did you read their profile? Do you speak japanese?
Since you seem to use google translate, did you use proper keigo?
Some sellers see such comments are rude.

>> No.9957571

This is why I wish we had something like closetchild or wunderwelt. I feel like LM buyers expect a lower price than what second hand shops would offer. I base my sale prices on sold mercari listings and yet people still try to lowball me.

>> No.9957575
File: 189 KB, 960x960, salt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when people treat lolita as a tacky costume

I hate coords like this, with tons of costumey cheap looking accessories. Especially golden stuff. The qualities requirements are way higher in order to make an elaborate piece to work. A crown can look fine, but it has to be of way higher quality than lets say, a beret to look good. A coord with a bodyline solid and simple accessories would look 10x better than this, even if she is wearing a brand mainpiece.

>basically im salty when people make brand look as cheap as a costume

>> No.9957578

I guess it was just misinterpretation then. I'm still salty though.

>> No.9957582

You need to be really careful and know what you are doing when commenting.
Japonica even forbids their customers to contact sellers beforehand.

>> No.9957588 [DELETED] 

that's really weird, what if they need to ask a valid question beforehand like stock, or size, or shipping etc?

>> No.9957590

lesson learned. don't ask the japanese questions.

>> No.9957618

>Ero was invented for lolitas to go clubbing, and wanted to wear less for sweating/dancing purposes
I always hope people can't get any worse in this board but they always do. This is absolutely untrue.

>> No.9957623

The amount of misinformation in the past months/years is honestly a headache.

>> No.9957628

Meag*n Orz*l

>> No.9957639

I've seen people just take down their listings when obvious foreigners contact them, just to avoid trouble. If you don't have a decent comment of the language, you sound rude, which makes you sound like a liability. Do you live in Japan? Some really don't want to go through the hassle of shipping overseas, since Japanese services are almost 100% reliable, but foreign postal services have shitty work ethic and there's a lot that gets lost/stolen.

>> No.9957643

Fully agree. Some people are such entitled shitstains, and treat especially clothing stores like a public library.

>> No.9957645


>> No.9957660

>Luxury niche items after getting returned can never be sold for full price
Afaik it's a real problem nowadays that returned garments are being destroyed after being shipped back and fort for basically nothing. Every online store should be listing accurate measurements by cm/inch and not allowing returning if there is no proper reason.

>> No.9957668

Are you Dutch?
I am and I've been able to find several stores specializing in undergarments here that have high quality tights for quite a bit cheaper than 30 euro.

>> No.9957756
File: 28 KB, 351x340, 1525728622751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It really grinds my gears that brands are making dresses/blouses almost exclusively out of chiffon/satin/synthetic garbage and charging the same price they would for a cotton garment. First of all, it's hot in the summer, and sweating through everything that I would otherwise be comfortable in had it been made out of a natural materials is aggrevating. Secondly, the price of some of these things - Where's the trim? The lace? The things that made something worth $300 instead of just slapping a print on basically weaved plastic and calling it a day? (Don't even get be started on that fucking JetJ butterfly dress - unless that thing was made of actual silk chiffon, which I've found no evidence to suggest it is). I'm not saying all brands do this or even do this all the time, but it's a trend that's been happening for a while and it's irritating to sit back and watch.

>> No.9957858

Ever consider brand and these ugly dresses look like cheap costumes by defualt lol

I mean come on. She LOOKS like she is going to a costume party regardless of her cheap props. all of you do.

>> No.9957869

I once had to buy both tape and a box because the asshole buyer didn't tell me upfront she lived abroad ("message me for shipping quote") so I couldn't use what I had charged her for (US flat rate, includes free tape and free boxes). I am very very salty about this, she ended up getting about $35 more shipping than she paid for. I didn't have any boxes that would fit it at home either and the tape was just frustration at this fucking bitch scamming me and wanting to get it sent out.

>> No.9957871

I think the lolita movement is creepy and hypocritical as a whole and it makes me salty when people try to convience me this is anything but a fetish for ddlg when this is the obvious culture to breed and encourage such people. At least other con degenerates are honest about their degeneracy.

>> No.9957874

Sorry you are a stupid american that does not realize that people should ask location from buyers.

>> No.9957876

nice bait

>> No.9957879

Why didn't you just tell her you thought she was in the US, then told her the real quote(and invoiced for the extra shipping)? You see the address on the PayPal invoice.

>> No.9957887

100% being serious. Not everything you disagree with is bait. You are larping as little girls wearing the princess dress daddy bought them at tea parties. What did you honestly expect to happen from this movement other than brutal sexualization of it?

>> No.9957926

Why did you just ship it on your own cost unless it was your fault?

If you had it listed as USA buyers only, you shouldn't have send it unless she asked in front if she could buy it anyways. Should have told her to pay extra as soon as you saw the address and even then you're nice because you have all right to not sell at all and just resend the money minus fees (you shouldn't loose on it).

If you had it listed without a USA buyers only notion, you should have asked her where she lived so you could quote her correctly. In that case it's your own fault and you should pay imho, because you're too stupid to realise international listings could be bought international which means more expansive shipping.

>> No.9957932

imagine being this retarded.

>> No.9957938

You don't have to it seems.

>> No.9957942

i’m cackling

>> No.9957950

Who are you honestly kidding anon. Are you seriously trying to say something like lolita WOULDNT attract ddlg degenerates in mass? Have you EVER asked yourself WHY it does in the first place?

>> No.9957959
File: 698 KB, 248x186, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9957961

nayrt, but that's not what the original post implies. The original post implies that lolita was made as a cover up for the ddlg movement when in reality some rebellious japanese girls just wanted to have their own cutesy punk movement. I really don't understand how you can look at this like gothic lolita, especially Mana and Moitie, and think ddlg.

>> No.9957962

Awww shiet, got em!

>> No.9957964

Nayrt, but please share this information

>> No.9957967

I made the the original post, don't tell me what I meant you dumb hoe. I don't care what lolita started as, that doesn't matter. What it is now is a huge front for DDLG degenerates to get off and you know it.

>> No.9957970

OOoooh you sound very heated.

>> No.9957974

crossboarder summerfags get out

>> No.9957982

Typical woman, unable to make any argument against the statements being made and instead demands to be left alone.

>> No.9957987

betas don't interact

>> No.9957990

keep showing us how brainless you are, you old crow. you have nothing.

>> No.9957993

And you have too much time on your hands

>> No.9957995

>I really don't understand how you can look at this like gothic lolita, especially Mana and Moitie, and think ddlg.
Because they look like depressed strippers in very fancy slutwear? Lolitas literally get confused for strippers anon.

>> No.9957997

So do you if you're talking to me. You got a problem with it? ',:^)

>> No.9958001

Luckily this thread hit the bump limit.
But if anyone come across bait, don't reply.
Not at all. Not even wth "bait". They will only try to show how non-bait they are. Leave them alone.

>> No.9958002

>m-muh bait waaah
grow up and learn to have a proper discussion with people instead of being so offended by other opinions you have to convince yourself they aren't real.

>> No.9958008
File: 421 KB, 1535x2047, 1532709828618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for you bb

>> No.9958012

didn't open it because furshit, but the thumbnail confirms what I already know, the worst degenerates eventually end up into lolita. every time.

>> No.9958016

Awful font
Terrible colors
lack of posts from the 4chans itself
poorly memed, see me after class, wouldn't open again.

>> No.9958020

>Lolita is seen as a reaction against stifling Japanese society, in which young people are pressured to strictly adhere to gender roles and the expectations and responsibilities that are part of these roles.
>Lolita fashion includes a huge range of subgenres, but is primarily inspired by old rococo and Victorian aesthetics.
>the name is too entrenched to be changed now, lolitas are wary of splashing it around too much
>While it is difficult to pinpoint the origins of Lolita specifically, it is well-known within the Lolita community (which certainly varies in terms of styles and types) that Lolita as a subculture is taken on without the intention of attracting the mature male gaze. Individuals who take on Lolita are usually young women, probably between the ages of 18 and 30, who have a genuine interest in cute things, frilly underskirts, and platform Mary-Janes. This adaptation of innocence and extreme femininity can, perhaps, be seen as a way of taking back their sexuality from men, rather than pandering to it; they are not interested in meeting up with a female sexual ideal, but would rather hold on to their youth and their freedom.
You're obviously sealioning, so regardless of what someone says you aren't going to change your mind, so why post?

>> No.9958026

and sorry man, I have a broken leg so believe me my subpar memes are a product of boredom.

>> No.9958028

is you're bored make yourself talented instead

>> No.9958032

Anon, why has no one answered the simple question as to why lolita attracts ddlg degens so much? Its not for no reason, you know it. You are just trying to play dumb now by shifting focus on what you and others may have seen lolita as and what you want the world to see it as, but that doesn't stop the vast majority of other people seeing it as something completely different and perverted.

>> No.9958033

what part of broken leg do you not understand? Most of my hobbies rely on me being able to stand up

>> No.9958039

Another thing, there was an instance normies i knew who see a lolita pic ALWAYS ask if this is a fetish, or if shes a stripper. There is a popular lolita tale posted around here about another lolita being mistaken for a stripper. Everyone seems to think its a funny and sweet story, but they completely ignore the perverted undertones lolita states to the majority of people. You can not show someone the color red and demand they see blue, if you are seeing blue, and others agree it is blue, you are a minority among us, completely deluded and naive.

>> No.9958041

If you can't meme, don't even do it. you are just cancer.

>> No.9958046

Lolita attract ddlg because people cannot get over the fact that book about a man abusing a 15 year old girl has the same name. People not only have probably never read the book, but also choose to believe that the relationship was consensual.

>> No.9958051

No you retard., lolita attracts ddgl because its the perfect environment for those people to get off in. Its a bunch of girly girls sitting around giggling and having a tea party, that just screams for perverted men and perverted women to flock to it by default because there is a hardcore fetish for this shit thats even bigger than lolita itself, not because of erotic literature the majority of the degenerate ddgls don't bother to read because why do that when there is actual porn/hentai/ect and tea parties.

>> No.9958055

>reading erotic literature
unless it has anime pictures no way you.

>> No.9958122

>This adaptation of innocence and extreme femininity can, perhaps, be seen as a way of taking back their sexuality from men
Men are the ones who decide if you're sexy cute or feminine. Men made the rules for society, men dictate how women should act within it, including the mannerism lolita glorified are instilled because they pleased men first and foremost. Not women.

>> No.9958128

Also, fashion is dominated by men. Why? Because men know what they want to see on a woman, and most women are trying to attract men, thus you have fashion catering to appealing to men in all departments. Yes, even lolita because its inspired by fashion men made in Victorian ages/ect. Fashion is dominated by men since its history. All your clothes, all your aesthetics, they only exist because it charmed a man at some point and he wanted to see more women wear it, and fashion is forever chained to pleasing the men of society, never the women. Deal with it.

>> No.9958136

retard detected. There is nothing wrong with politely asking questions during conversations. Only retards butt hurt and without answers hate this.

>> No.9958170

I hope to god this is a troll. because you don't know anything about the history of lolita fashion, or fashions history as a whole. Fucking men have to be the center of everything, don't they?

>> No.9958175

Lolita isn't meant to be erotic literature, in my opinion. Samuel Schuman wrote lolita was "a surrealist...Lolita is characterized by irony and sarcasm; it is not an erotic novel." in a review once, and I agree with that.
I always find it funny when DDLG fans call themselves "Dolores" or "lolita". Completely missing the point of the book, which is supposed to be about how people can be manipulated by language. In Lolitas case, ware are manipulated to believe their relationship is romantic by the narrator. I guess that's my unreasonable salt, the people who lack an understanding of what made Lolita so brilliant and cling to the book and romanticise it.

>> No.9958177

ITT: Americans see everything as sexual and refuse to believe otherwise

>> No.9958204

>Because they look like depressed strippers in very fancy slutwear? Lolitas literally get confused for strippers anon.
>Another thing, there was an instance normies i knew who see a lolita pic ALWAYS ask if this is a fetish, or if shes a stripper.
That says more about normies than it does about lolitas. Normally strippers wouldn't wear clothing that's this modest.

>> No.9958325

>That says more about normies than it does about lolitas
It really fucking doesn't though. Strippers wil wear clothing to cover up, to strip them off. Thats why they are called strippers, and not every stripper works at a designated strip bar. there are fancier high class strippers too.

>> No.9958331

>Lolita isn't meant to be erotic literature
No one is saying it is. And no one got into fetishizing lolita because of a erotic ddlg novel called "Lolita". That is just stupid anon. I have literally never heard of this novel until this thread. They get into this for fetish reasons because they are into DDLG to begin with, "Lolita" didn't introduce them to this fetish or fashion(most of them for sure), the fetish existed before that novel, before that fashion. And now that fetish is deeply rooted into this fashion because of the themes of the fashion(women dressed in what is essentially fancy little girl dresses having a tea party is what most people picture when they think lolita) is highly attractive to those fetish freaks. And thats that.

>> No.9958336

>Fucking men have to be the center of everything, don't they?
Yep. They make the clothe designs, they decide what is appropriate for women to wear in their societies. Only very recently has this ""changed"" and not really.

>> No.9958433

Umm anon.... Lolita isn't an erotic ddlg novel.
>I have literally never heard of this novel until this thread.
You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, and you also have no idea what I meant in my post because of it. You're also definitely not a lolita. Don't reply to something if you're not certain what the point is or what it means.
They don't design lolita clothes, almost all lolita designers are women. Lolitas designs are based off many kids clothing designers from the west, because the women of that time did not want to "grow up" and have to marry and raise kids-escape from their male dominated working society. Are kids clothes designed to be sexy to men? no, that's part of why they based the clothes around that. You, like the previous anon, have no idea what lolitas history is, and I highly doubt you wear or are interested in the fashion. You're posting here to argue about something you don't understand, and I hope you find something better to do.

>> No.9958582

found the normie

>> No.9958584
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>> No.9958588

Not all Americans. Just one really stupid trolly one.

>> No.9958632

>lolitas designs are based off many kids clothing designers from the west
The designer for kid clothes are vast majority gay MEN you know LOL. And YES. These clothes are designed by men who are fucked in the head. Go stroll through a target and tell me that childrens clothes arent sexualized to a disturbing extent in the west. have you seen the clothes they make for little girls? There is legit slutwear IN THE CHILDRENS SECTION DUDE.

>> No.9958637

>Umm anon.... Lolita isn't an erotic ddlg novel.
I got that from this post >>9958046
and assumed you were the same person.

>> No.9958641

>Are kids clothes designed to be sexy to men?
They are to pedophiles, you know, the ones who design the vast majority of western fashion that lolita gets inspired by. Now you will start comnecting dots that lolita attracts ddlg BECAUSE YOU ARE DRESSING LIKE LITTLE GIRLS YOU ARE ATTRACTING CLOSET PEDOPHILES. W E W

>> No.9958642

There's some utter maniac on yahoo auctions who wants almost 70,000 yen for a jetj blouse (https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n178045174). I would have to think long and hard to put that money down for an OP or JSK rare on the second hand market, and I've never paid more than 20,000 for one of their awesome coats.

Unreasonable because she can ask what she wants, but wtf? It would take another utter maniac to buy it at that price.

>> No.9958643

And yes, i realize the anon didnt state it was an erotic literature and i just assumed it was one which is a mistake on my end.

>> No.9958644

>almost exclusively out of chiffon/satin/synthetic garbage
Same here. That smelly shit. And if it's sheer you can't even use armpit liners. I treasure my nice cotton brand blouses almost more than my OPs because they're so rare.

Still looking for that jetj butterfly dress though, was the first dress I fell in love with.

>> No.9958646

We're not sissies, you purple haired tumblr cunt. Fuck back off to your genderspecials and porn posting. Your piercings are ugly, your tattoos are infected and blotchy, and you smell rancid. Good day.

>> No.9958647

Fucking this. Why is this so hard for people into lolita fashion to understand. You arent just attracting a perverted man, youre attracting perverted closet pedophiles which is WORSE. And it 100% has to do with the fashion and mannerism involved with lolita. Its disturbing as all fuck and creates a very disturbing enviorment that attracts very disturbing people.

>> No.9958648

Whoa, someones fucking triggered. That post doesnt imply tumblr at all. Tumblr loves lolita fashion if anything.

>> No.9958649

Exactly this honestly. Yeah i get it, your fashion turns off NORMAL men. But it is a huge attraction show for pedos and closet pedos, and now your subculture is full of them and they will ruin everything about lolita by association.

>> No.9958651

You're right anon. You don't attract most normal men. You attract legit fucking pedophiles instead. You happy now?

Its funny, you were so disgusted by being attractive to men and the idea of men dominating women's fashion was so appalling to you, you went with a fashion that is attractive to the worst kind of the men in our society, all to avoid the normal ones in it. Congratulations.

>> No.9958652
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>not a breeding ground for ddlg degenerates

>> No.9958942

Just nuke this fucking thread, the derailing and people taking shitty bait posts is just too much.

>> No.9959090

Oh okay, no worries, anon.

>> No.9959092

the amount of samefagging here.
Why are you so proud of the fact men design a lot of clothes? Just because you have a dick too doesn't men you are the one who designs it.
Also even if the clothes does attract pedos, I'm not dating a pedo. 99 percent of lolitas date normie guys, not those who see it as a fetish.

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