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Last thread is kill

Okay, so con season is about half over. We've got AniRevo and Otakuthon next, then there's AnimeThon and this Kimi-con thing that's in its first year (and seems to be about Sakimichan the artist???), and FanEx.

Who's doing what and when?

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Otakuthon is all I’m going to, what should I expect? Is there a cgl meet?

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NMFT13 tickets are up. Looking forward to finally seeing MotFD and UlulU

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Here's the thread for Otakuthon. For the meeting, there's some information in the other thread

You can expect fun every hours with all the different events and shit, also make sure to go to the chinese town right next to the convention for a meal and some pictures

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Otakuthon Aug 3-6

JCCC Anime Matsuri Aug 10-12

JMFest @ JCCC Aug10-11

Foolish for Ghibli Aug 11

Cosplay Matsuri Aug 18

"Kawaii Bass & Nutaku Present: H" Aug 24
facebook com/events/999775003538589
Japan Festival Canada Aug 25-26

Fan Expo Aug 30-Sept 2

Next Music From Tokyo Vol 13 Oct 5,6,7,10

Kimicon (for the trainwreck lols) Oct 20

That's all I got that's relevant to me. Please add to the list any non-GTA events and other stuff.

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Vancouver area events:

AniRevo Aug 3-5

GateCon Sep 14-16 (expensive, for hardcore SG fans?)

Vancouver Halloween Parade & Expo Oct 5-7

VCon Oct 5-7

NMFT13 Oct 10

That's all I could find coming up this year. BC anons if you got more please share

Fan Expo Vancouver Oct 12-14

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Anyone going to this next week? I know there's a few of us out here......

Honestly looks overall pretty underwhelming for a "25th anniversary", Otafest just always looks so much more fun.

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Animethon just always seems so generic. Otafest has some character.

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I'm going just to fuck some girls to be honest but I'm also looking forward to see how Animethon's 20th anniversary plays out at the Shaw Conference Centre this year.

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Should I go to AR?

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Might as well. What else are you going to do?

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Do you gulls do any meetups at cons? I'm new to the Vancouver area and will be at AniRevo this weekend. I'd love to make some friends!

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does anyone know or have experience if merch floors accept USD? specifically anime revo

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or do most of them accept card?

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they will take USD but you will get ripped off.
most vendors take card nowadays.

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Pieces of head broke off in Ossoyoes during noon because 40 degrees.

Anyone at Ani Revo gonna pack a Glue gun I can borrow for fixing since the tape don't work

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I will be going alone. I don't mind having a meetup or whatever

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Also headed there alone! I'd love to meet up and have a little chit chat. I'll be there all three days.

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How is day one going for everyone at AniRevo? I'm enjoying it so far. This is a pretty chill con! (At least for a Friday!)

If we did a meetup, when and where would you want it to be? I'd schedule it myself, but I don't really have my bearings yet.

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The blue stage has stability and audio problems. I could barely hear the performers on stage. No line con aside from the vendor hall opening

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Best time for a meeting would have been today or tomorrow. A lot of people skip out on Sundays. As for where, anywhere that has something that can be used as a landmark. Maybe next year I can organize a meetup but this year I'm stuck at work. The last time I went to AR was the year before they switched halls so I don't even know what would be a good landmark around there. I'm at work every year unless I miraculously get days off approved.

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I heard there was an Animethon after party. Is that true?

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What's the party scene like at AR? We're borked waiting for the dance party to start. Is anyone still around?

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I'm mostly looking forward to the Miku concert and cosplay contest since I'm entering, but otherwise it's 100% and hang and chill con. At least the Shaw is closer to some good areas for cosplay photos of you feel like going off site for shoots.

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I'm excited for the VocaParty too! Also what are you cosplaying as?

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I'm doing Alkaid from .hack! Hoping I can finish though since I had to go out of town for the long weekend and couldn't bring any of it with me to work on.

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Card? good. That means I can buy merch and charge back.

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Any powerpuff cosplays going to animethon? None of my friends coordinated with me (my fault) and im a lone powerpuff bluff bubbles

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Everything canadians do is boring and uninteresting. Even their threads

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So what's the deal with Kimi-con. First year and it's $60 for a full weekend. Is anyone actually going here? I like the idea of an October convention considering nothing much else going on then.

I'm not but I just want to say that is a fantastic cosplay idea.

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I'm curious about kimi-kon aswell, it's at the Enercare Centre which is a big place to be holding a first year con. $60 is steep for weekend admission too. The thing is that I haven't seen much advertising or talk about it and the website seems pretty empty. I may go for a day but I'm getting dashcon vibes from it

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I'm skipping it. The Enercare centre is way too big for a first year, no-name con, and I can't see it being anything more than a glorified Unplugged or Stage Select. It's being run by five marketing "friends" who want to take advantage of the anime convention crowd, but have no management or event experience.

Basically it's a cash grab con.

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>Basically it's a cash grab con.
This is what I was feeling. Can't imagine it having a large turnout as much as I'd love another big con for the end of the year.

Maybe if it was $40 for the weekend pass, it'd do better. Who knows though.

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Anyone going to kawaii land this November?

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I love her costume in the anime! Hopefully you'll be able finish on time because I would love to see it at Animethon. Good luck!

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Anyone going to Toronto anime matsuri this weekend? It’s free to attend save for the screenings and I’m thinking of just chilling.

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I thought it was just screenings, what kind of other stuff are they doing? I'm planning to go to that, plus JMFest, plus Foolish for Ghibli.

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AN Delta room get

It sold out in 10? 12? minutes. Faster than last year

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Last year it got leaked and most sold out by the release. So not faster, the page held your room for 15 minutes so I knew ppl who got theirs after a bit.

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I managed to get a room thank god

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There’s vendors, a couple of panels, a games room and a dance according to their fb posts

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How was AniRevo?

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Why do people still go to AN anyway? It's shit.

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Largest anime convention in Ontario, lots of space, great socializing/partying, LANs.

Panels might be shit, but they are pretty much the same everywhere you go for the most part. Idk why so many people have an obsessive vendetta with AN.

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Lots of people just ghost AN now to show off their cosplay, the con itself stopped counting ticket sales and went for warm body count

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It was pretty nice. Always great to see cosplays and other anime fans. Not many of the panels interested me but Teddyloid was awesome.

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desu I've thought about not actually buying a pass considering I go there just to play dress up/socialize which is mainly done outside anyways

But at the same time, it's only once a year and $60 isn't that much for a full weekend event. It's nice roaming around inside.

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>Someone was disqualified from the Otakuthon masquerade for wearing fake tan

What a time to be alive

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Pics please.

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And the tan comparison

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...how tf did the judges even know she had altered her skin tone?

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Wow, I expected someone wearing foundation 20 shades darker, but this is really mild. I feel bad for her. I saw her cosplay and it really looked like solid work so it's unfortunate that she got disqualified. The skin tone fit her so I didn't even realize that she had on darker foundation.

Ans she didn't even look dark/black to be honest. I tan even darker and wouldn't even consider my own tan as dark-skinned; I'm Southeast Asian for reference.

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One of the judges asked her, then proceeded to go full SJW.

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Why can't the idiot SJWs just stay at AN and leave other cons alone?

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I enjoyed it a lot. There were a few things that went better years before but I still had lots of fun. Didn’t go to much panels though. The challenges for the maid cafe were great if you’re interested in that.

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I can't even finish this I am raging so hard. I did a Gamagori cosplay and he is tan as fuck in the anime, so I got a spray tan ahead of time and even did another self tanner on top of it.

How the fuck could anyone take what she did as "blackface" or even remotely racist.

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Virtue-signaling, that's how.

They WANT to find something to be offended by so they can play the hero and get social recognition as well as feel better about themselves.

It's pathetic, but what else can be expected from people well-enough to attend anime conventions who want to feel better about themselves despite their privilege?

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just further proof that the 'prestige' of 'winning' the masquerade is .... just blah. are the rewards even worth it / a big deal? it doesn't seem so from an outside perspective
honestly, i wish the masquerade format could change. i'd probably much prefer the japanese style of just having a sprawling cosplay area instead of seeing it from really far away on a stage and feeling tempted to just watch the monitors. do japanese cons even have masquerades or anything like that? it seemingly occupies a huge portion of the cosplayers day, too tucked away in a green room, etc.
growing up i thought a masquerade was a party, not a presentation to be watched.
why can't they just call it the pageant or something?

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Masquerade refers to a masked party historically. The term was taken by a Japanese man and applied to cosplay. Seeing as the world cosplay competition finale is in Japan, I would say that they do have on-stage costume competition. Also we have a sprawling cosplay area too, i.e. the hall at the bottom of the escalators. It's really similar to Comiket's cosplay area except for that fact that 1. no changing room at the con and 2. less crowd-control.

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seen you today shit was funny keep it up

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She doesn't even look brown let alone black. That judge is an idiot for calling this blackface. She should have turned it around on them by saying that calling this blackface cheapens the harm caused by actual blackface or something like that.

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Do/ have you had much success with slaying at animethon?

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Usually. Most years I have been successful.

Girls there are an easy lay (not to be rude) and more often then not you'll find that they'll want to suck your dick if you give them some attention. Already got one number from yesterday just by asking her about her cosplay.

>> No.9966658

Ehhh, are they sus though, or are they baddies?

>> No.9966665

Don't know what you mean by sus and baddies.

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Bump. Any meet up for AnimeThon?

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This is like 1 shade darker than her actual skin. What do these fucking SJWs want? to literally lay in the sun and damage your skin to get a tan rather than put some makeup on to get the same effect?
Cons really are fucking dying with these SJWs. First AN, now Otakuthon.

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haven't been to a masquerade in a long time. But aren't the masquerade judged by the cosplay guest? i may be mistaken. I still find this ridiculous.
She got called out for slightly tanning her skin to look more accurate but if she didn't she could lose points for inaccuracy

>> No.9966976

In most canadian masquerades, they don't give much point for accuracy. They care more about workmanship and presentation than accuracy.

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Animethon after party at Beercade on Whyte Ave!

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>people randomly just have sex at cons
>can't even meet someone single to talk to

How do people actually meet single people at cons at all? Most I can get is a shitload of pictures taken of me by actual obese autists and old people who like my outfit. I've made a ton of female friends at cons but they're all engaged or lesbians.

Not even looking for sex, just actually want some kind of connection with someone because I currently live in a shithole town where it feels like not even one person plays fucking video games besides me

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give me some tips bro I just want a cute weeb gf

>> No.9967188

Saw you Saturday. Are you going again today? I'd love a picture

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Oh shit didn't think to check this thread untill now,i broke the head saturday trying for an action shot so i went normal today but heres a pic if you want it

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Regularfag here, I don't really come on 4chan much anymore.

I just came back because I was curious about this too. I'm newly single again and with FanExpo coming up, I figured it would be a good opportunity to meet girls.

People in Toronto though generally are reserved, places like Montreal and Edmonton I can get laid no problem. Although I avoid the latter because it's Edmonton lmao. But in all seriousness, I wonder this too.

I can't imagine any girl that's "DTF" being anything but less than double my weight (5'11" 150lbs) or severely autistic to the point that all beauty is forsaken. Or as you said lesbian, engaged, hardcore dyke, or not hygeneic.

Do normies who dip their toes in vidya even attend these events? I went to a lesser known event last year, and I remember being bewildered at the amount of overweight nerds playing in Smash Bros tournaments on old CRTs. It was like a middle school lunch room with a whole slew of people sitting just hunched over. Made me bust a good laugh.

Pic semi-related

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Woops this was the semi related pic

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>People in Toronto though generally are reserved,


>> No.9968468

>I can't imagine any girl that's "DTF" being...

Any girl that's DTF you, maybe. People aren't some weird monolith.

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Animethon was fun, actually. Really loved the new venue, and a lot of the events they had set up. Fantastic gaming hall with loads of options and space too.

The Festival Games were a neat addition, but I think they should have had better prizes on the whole. Some of the hosts were entertaining though, like the fat dude who would shake the bell around and holler, and the persona 5 guy doing some kind of shoutcast of the fishing game.

Panels were lacking on the whole, kind of boring for the most part, a lot of them felt like they just shat something out for the free pass, but most stuff the actual staff did was great. Besides the closing ceremony, oh my god, that was so awkward.

>> No.9970671

Post con blues setting in hard...

>> No.9971243

Cosplay Matsuri this weekend! Cosplaying? Shooting? Wotaing?

>> No.9972406

My friend and I thought the panels were really lack luster too. I know it's all dependent on what gets submitted but it was a sad selection this year... I love assisting friends with panels, but I'm not good at making then myself. lol

>> No.9973742

You just have to go and talk to a lot of people until you find someone that is single there. I would say 4/10 females I talk to at Animethon are single.

My only advice is to not act like a total fucking weeb there and talk to a lot of females. Try to be interesting and not weird at the same time. Also let them know you want to be friends because otherwise they'll just think you're a creep for talking to them. Most females won't be interested but there's always a few that are. Once you're "friends", it's almost a guarantee that they are down to fuck you if they're single.

Last day at Animethon I went back with two girls to their hotel. Was not a bad con at all.

>> No.9974689

Guys, it seems to me that I'm late to the party, but I'm moving to Montreal in beginning of October. Will there be any cosplay cons or anime meetups there after these dates?
How else do you think I could get to know people with similar tastes in Montreal? Is it even possible? Thanks

>> No.9974698

For anyone that didn't grab a room for AN, Crowne Plaza is up again.

>> No.9974864

So apparently Novii is back? Who has been shooting with him, all ive seen are statuses of people calling out the girls for not tagging him??

>> No.9974865

Does Canada include Alaska? I never hear any news here.

>> No.9974998

I think the callouts are for Sha-nyan Cosplay, she's been posting really novii-looking photos with fake/no photographer credits.
I heard Miss Rushka might also be shooting with him, she's posted some sus things but idk for sure.. Whereas Sha-nyan I'm pretty much certain about
Fucking disgusting

>> No.9975171

Anyone planning on going to ECEE ?

>> No.9975248

I'm probably going as a booth attendant for our store. Not sure what to wear yet - my boss is allowing cosplay for employees.

>> No.9975283

Alaska is part of the US. Learn some geography anon.

>> No.9975286

I mean considering I live here and have been in a lot of other areas around the u.s
We're pretty much canada

>> No.9975317

no we’re not lmao.

>> No.9975324

Probably for at least Saturday? I really don't want to give them money but now that Taste is dead local events are becoming few and far between.

>> No.9975356

When does yeti con hotels open up?

>> No.9975361

We hardly get any threads its not fair

>> No.9975773

Anyone going to Japan Festival this weekend?

>> No.9975804

I think there's mini comiccon which was like 5$ pass for a little one day thing but essentially it's just a big dealer's room. If you don't mind driving out a bit, there's G-anime in January but I think that's it until next spring/summer.

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Speaking of creeper photogs, there have been more callouts floating around recently. Is there a masterlist of people to avoid somewhere? There's so many to keep track of ugh

>> No.9975811

Never heard of it. Got a link?

>> No.9975814

TW bruises/domestic abuse

His ex is certified batshit insane so I wouldn't believe too much of what either one is saying but scroll down for the court papers.

>> No.9976072

Vincenzo's Photography, Poynter Photography, to name a few
Novii's back apparently

Just find a photographer who's a woman and save yourself the trouble, it's ALWAYS men who do this garbage

>> No.9976145

>When enough evidence is stacked up against them.
>Multiple models confide in me about it.

Does this bitch not realize that people lie all the time?

>> No.9976146

Leave your feminist propaganda out of this, Stacey!

>> No.9976212

The point still stands though
Have you ever heard of a female photographer being a creep to their clients? 'Cause I haven't.

>> No.9976328

>Edmonton lmao
What's wrong with Edmonton?

>> No.9976629

Anyone cosplaying for FanExpo? I'm gonna be there taking photos.

>> No.9976668

What's the dirt on poynter?

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>> No.9976792

Pretty mild stuff compared to the above but still lacking in self reflection

I think momokun has demonstrated it's not just men who do creep stuff.

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>> No.9977374

Define everything please, I live in Edmonton.

>> No.9977428

Japan fest confirmed lit aff especially onepixcel
Go today at 1PM to catch them in Mississauga

>> No.9977439

Are there any cosplayers/cosplays that ppl are looking forward to seeing at fan expo this year?

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I think my sister found you on Tinder, Anon-kun.

>> No.9979274

Fuck off with your sexist bullshit there. Some of the best photographers in our community are men and those ones are usually not creepers.

>> No.9979277

>being so sexist that you will avoid ALL men because a few are creepers

Guess you may as well just not shop at a store with a guy there too, or take a taxi, or just simply walk down the street. You fucking sexist.

>> No.9979278

If I had the option to choose, then why not? You have to be intentionally dense if you think there's no difference between male and female photographers.

>> No.9979499

The whole city is one big gong-show.

>> No.9979500

>no difference between male and female photographers.

You're right. Male photographers are better.

>> No.9979617

That's not really much to go by now is it?
I don't understand are people from Edmonton creepy as shit?

>> No.9979665

Like.... who exactly?

>> No.9979667

You can't be sexist towards men. And it's not just a few, there are plenty of creepy men out there. Why take the risk?

>> No.9979709

The situation is different. Photography usually requires closed quarters and most con photographers don't have a staff, so it's usually just you and them. That gives potential creepers plenty of opportunities to be actual creepers.

Are all dudes creepers? OFC not. But there's a garbage amount that are, and you lower your risks by shooting with a female photog instead who's just there for the money and not trying to grab your tits.

>> No.9979713

You can certainly be sexist towards men, but generally about restricted topics. A lot of women (and men) don't believe men can be raped (they can) and are also super shitty towards trans men, effeminate men, gay men, etc.

I do get your point, but let's not hastily generalize that sexism towards men can't exist – it just more generally doesn't when talking about cishetero men and mainstream masculinity.

>> No.9979947

"Prejudice plus power" is the made-up qualifier for racism, not sexism.
Besides even if you don't define sexual discrimination/prejudice as 'sexism' discrimination and prejudice are just *clapping emoji* as *clapping emoji* bad *clapping emoji*

Not that it matters because that definition isn't valid or real anyway. (It's a bullying tactic)
You absolutely can be sexist towards men. You can be racist towards white people.
The funny part is when the white men get bent out of shape and start crying about it as if it's an argument they can win like >>9979274 >>9979500 lmfao @ these posts. The photographers who aren't creeps don't need your sympathy OR help - you're actually making it worse.

>> No.9979973

It's not really "made up" any more than anything else. Racism is pretty complicated and its common use should reflect the prejudice plus power formula, because that's the genuine article that does harm.

>> No.9980237

SJWs detected.

>> No.9980238

Nazi detected :^)

>> No.9980243

The power plus prejudice definition is an excuse made up by groups of people who want to lash out in revenge to make themselves feel better through catharsis without actually doing anything constructive to change racist people's attitudes. It's a double standard created to enable righteous revenge acts. A similar double standard is visible in the claim that sexism against men doesn't exist. An enabler of guilt-free revenge.

>> No.9980313

Then take friends with you. Don't go alone with the photographer. If that photographer refuses, then deny them.

>> No.9980612

Smells like alt right in here

>> No.9980613

The problem is that sometimes you do shoot with someone you can supposedly trust, who then turns out to be a gigantic creep. Vincenzo is a good example. Friends with that dude for years, then he assaults one of our friends during a photoshoot. She trusted him implicitly and he betrayed that.

Why run the risk when it's less likely a female photog will just straight up not do that and make you feel comfortable?

>> No.9980687

But there are so many good male photographers too. Literally bring a friend as it's a real shame to skip out on some of the really good male photographers with big names at that. The one you mentioned wasn't even that big.

>> No.9980699

>But there are so many good male photographers too

Such as.....?

>> No.9980704

Yeah but unless I have the money to afford someone like Paul Hillier or Tim Birmingham, it's not worth the risk. There's a ton of great female photographers out there, who present no risk and do equivalent or better work. So who cares? It seems like you're just trying to #notallmen this, which smells of an ulterior motive. Maybe you're just a creep photographer trying to create a more tolerant space for creep photographers, IDK? But it's weird how fixated you are.

>> No.9980740

Why go to all that trouble when you can just work with a female photog?

You sound so assblasted about this. Why are you trying to tell people what photographer they should work with? If you want to shoot with a male photog, no one is going to stop you. Let people work with who they want and feel most comfortable with.

>> No.9980817

I personally don't care who you work with, it's just that you really start to limit your options if you cut out a whole gender of good and honest talents just cause of a few bad eggs. Thus why I suggest if you see a photographer who happens to be male, have a good reputation, and does excellent photos that you would want, just bring friends to stay safe.

>> No.9980823

>ulterior motive
I just am defending my male photographers I work with that have done an excellent job without being creepers.

>Maybe you're just a creep photographer trying to create a more tolerant space for creep photographers, IDK? But it's weird how fixated you are.

Or maybe you are a female photographer who isn't getting anywhere near as many hits as the big male ones and want to grab as many customers as you can be telling people not to go to them even with friends around. See? I can do the same and no, i'm only a cosplayer, not a photographer.

>> No.9980825

See here for some examples: >>9980704

>> No.9980846

Just to add to what I said, I don't see a problem with working with just women if you feel more comfortable, but to tell people who would normally feel comfortable working with men to not to do so is what this is all about. I do however certainly hope those women who do work with men bring friends to stay safe anyways.

>> No.9981195

>bring friends
As someone who's been assaulted by a photographer before even having brought friends, this doesn't work. Some creeps are just creeps, and will touch you without consent anyway, then brush it off as "just a joke".

Sorry not sorry, if you touch my tits without my consent, you're committing sexual assault.

Yes, my friends came to my aid after the fact, but I had already been assaulted, so what was even the point? I could've shot with Elemental or ConMom instead and I wouldn't have had to go through any of that, friends or no.

>> No.9981212

You sound like a cunt and a primadonna.

>> No.9981219

>a ton of great female photographers out there, who present no risk
can we stop erasing victims of female-on-female sexual violence? it absolutely does exist. it's even easier for the perpetrators to wave it away as just a joke or even normal behaviour between women. by legitimizing their non-existence as a valid perspective you're targeting the victims and inciting a culture of violence to continue against them. you need to stop, because your arguments are bordering on hateful levels if they aren't already there.

>> No.9981222


Okay, so

1. Female on female violence in the photography community is relatively unheard of. It does exist, but the ratio of assault by male photogs vs female is massive, to the point you could say it's not a problem.

There is definitely evidence for it in the cosplay community, but generally from other cosplayers like Momokun.

No one is saying there's a ZERO percent chance a female photog will be inappropriate, but you have a waaaay lower chance of them being creepers vs male photogs.

>> No.9981228

So, do you just grab people's tits without their permission?

>> No.9981233

>No one is saying there's a ZERO percent chance a female photog will be inappropriate,
What do the words "NO RISK" mean to you?
Whoever made that post was willing to exaggerate to try and make their point. When they say "no risk" they are either misinformed, hateful, or lying(exaggerating).
Either way - nobody should listen to them. There are many male photographers that would not sexually assault anyone, and haven't. Can we move on now?

>> No.9981251

>There are many male photographers that would not sexually assault anyone, and haven't.

Bullshit. They're all just creeps waiting to be exposed. People are just too scared to come forward. That's why people don't find out until it's too late. You NEVER see this with female photographers, therefore, shoot with them or run the real risk of sexual harrassment or assault.

>> No.9981255

Add mentally ill to that list as well then.

>> No.9981257

You're having a meltdown. All you had to say was that you're sorry for exaggerating

>> No.9981306

Tell me one instance about female on female violence in the photography community. You said it exists.

>> No.9981324

I'm low effort using my own gear and throwing some Japari Park stuff on it. I don't do much cosplay, if any, but if I can make anything I own for practical use in to something fun I usually roll with it. Hoping to at least get some photos with some other people in cosplay from the same show.

>> No.9981599

The sexism in this one is truly strong. I think it goes beyond SJWism to full blown Feminazism at this point.

>> No.9981603

>Bullshit. They're all just creeps waiting to be exposed. People are just too scared to come forward

I'm pretty sure a lot are doing it cause they are poor and just want to use their skills to make money...

>> No.9981604

Is it just me or was Fan Expo's Roundhouse Park more dead than usual today?

>> No.9981626

No, they do it so they can get closer to and be alone with girls. They're just predators in the guise of photographers.

>> No.9981642
File: 117 KB, 719x675, Cognitive-Dissonance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So they're not photographers then? Their pictures aren't considered photographs?
Your arguments just keep getting worse. They are bordering on making no sense whatsoever.
Keep explaining your hate away - it's working!

>> No.9981682

To call every single male photographer a creeper is no different than men who call all women thots.

It's sexist there and it's sexist here too.

>> No.9982440

>I'm pretty sure a lot are doing it cause they are poor and just want to use their skills to make money...

Blasphemer! How dare you bring logic to 4chan!!!

>> No.9983203

Everyone you disagree with is just an SJW Nazi, got it

>> No.9983329

I never said everyone unlike you.

>> No.9983335

Is this even a real post? Or just someone with really poor reading comprehension?

>> No.9985307
File: 1.55 MB, 275x275, 1534350634879.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fellow Edmonton cosplayer, can confirm.
Self included. City and cosplayers in it.

>> No.9985310

Will be in attendance! Only acceptable con left in Edmonton since I've grown out of anime.

>> No.9985656

>all men are predators

Get yourself checked into a mental asylum

>> No.9985994 [DELETED] 

There's a lot of arguing about male photographers being predators here but based on MY personal experience I can say I do agree and disagree.

I'm a male and I started photography as hobby but eventually started doing a lot of professional photoshoots for females. For the most part I did it because it gave me a thrill and a sense of power over them knowing their private photos were in my posession. I considered black mailing a few of my clients for sexual favors but I ultimately never did anything crazy with them besides occasionally jerking off to them or sharing the photos with a few friends. However, after a while the thrill of it starts to wear off and now I'm solely doing photography for the money and passion.

So yes, they are not wrong when they say male photographers are predatorial but most males will never act on it.

>> No.9986510
File: 632 KB, 1000x533, kimi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kimikon seems like its gonna be the next big con, are you going/thoughts on the con? Im pretty skeptical.

>> No.9986537

I simply wanna know more about this con. All I see is these cosplay guests (none of which I ever care about as I only care for ones like voice actors and such), but I haven't a single thing about panels, exhibitors, dealers, etc.

Otherwise, it's super easy to lobby just outside of the con considering it is right where the CNE normally is.

>> No.9986558

Skeptical about this con. There doesn't seem to be enough on the content for a 3 day con. I'll pass on it first year and see how it is before I spend anything on it.
There's a schedule up, and for the most part there's 1 possible thing to do at any time (some exceptions). Really seems like they could have done this as a 1 day con with the amount of content I see.

>> No.9986584

It really doesn't look good for them, I'm sad because I'd love to see a good fall con, but it just seems too ambitious for a 1rst year con, that, and not a lot of people are talking about it.

>> No.9986592

Same situation. I did check out animethon but it was mostly a reality check for me, I'm just not into anime any more. Hyped for expo, even if its not a super big con or anything

>> No.9986749

I sincerely hope whoever is bankrolling it doesn't run out of money during the con as has happened to some trainwreck first year cons.

I'm seeing some different groups of kids starting to collaborate with the con for cosplay events and panels, and I really hope they don't get screwed by the con.

>> No.9987414

Not gonna waste my time desu. It doesn't offer anything you can't get somewhere else like AN or Bravo or FX, and it's really expensive for a first year.

>> No.9987604
File: 282 KB, 785x608, 1512859711619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lookin like Unplugged 2.0 which at one point I saw being nicknamed 'photoshoot con' ... not a good thing to be known for.
That's the only reason I can even conceive of going... to take pictures.
Unfortunately I almost guarantee most of the cosplayers (of the few that go) will likely be the youngest people in the community. Think the people that go to events like Anime Shogatsu and the cosplay picnics as compared to the varied crowd you see that is sourced from all over Ontario at Fan Ex or AN.

It's also 1 week before EGLX - which actually has improved a lot over the years.

I would not be surprised if the person who made this post works for Kimikon considering I've seen this post happen at least 3 times already in the /cgl/ Canada threads over the summer.
>Kimikon seems like its gonna be the next big con
LOL... Maybe desperate promoters actually believe their own lies?

This isn't a quirky lil' Forest City Comic-Con that's serving an under represented market literally hours away from the GTA. It's a late comer to an already crowded and exhausted bubble that's arguably already popped. Hopefully I'm wrong for Kimikon's sake and everything turns out fantastic for them.

>> No.9987784


>> No.9987852

Why can't new cons pop up in Ottawa? We have shitty normie comiccon and some small geek fears related to comic books and super heros

>> No.9987950
File: 140 KB, 960x960, 39891670_258660688088798_6914660320199835648_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this is the girl won KimiKosplay Kontest. Wtf that looks nothing like the mascot.

Also people on the inside said they were giving free passes to "pretty cosplayers" under the guise of random draws.

>> No.9988055

That's a closest cosplay if i've ever seen one.

>Lookin like Unplugged 2.0 which at one point

Okay to be fair, Unplugged actually had some things going for it. It got decent guests for some time from the Sailor Moon cast to JYB, had some more interesting panels, and nowhere near as pricey. All I see with Kimikon is just cosplay guest after cosplay guest and Sakimichan which sadly is looking like the best thing about the con. An artist being the best thing about the con is how sad this gets.

If this con was 1 day at even 30 bucks, I think it could look better for a first year.

>> No.9988076

This con definitely seems too ambitious for its first year. I don't necessarily want to see it fail but I'm a bit hard pressed to see how it can succeed.

>> No.9988089

nah, don't work for kimikon and am definitely not promoting it. The reason I asked in the first place is because there seems to be hardly any information about it and I've seen a lot of skeptical people. And by "big con" I mean being in a big city and being in a big convention centre. Not like a local comicon.

>> No.9988146

I signed up for Kimikon artist alley earlier in the year but as it gets closer to the date I'm totally regretting it. I signed up before that shady AN stuff went down and the closer we lead up to the con there's no freaking promotion about it at all.... I'm thinking of asking for a refund but I'm getting the feeling it won't be easy

>> No.9988583

I'm sorry that happened anon, It is very weird seeing no promotion about it at all. I'm not sure I've heard about what happened with them at anime north, but messing up at a big con like that seems like a big mistake.

>> No.9989037

Mostly cuz the Ottawa Comiccon runners monopolize the Ottawa Convention Centre with their contract. It was the whole reason Pop Expo existed for awhile: to make sure Ottawa Geek Market couldn't run in that space.

Sadly there's not a lot of other venues, and with the OCC people being shitty, it's difficult to get traction.

>> No.9989072

What was the shady AN stuff anon? I only heard of Kimikon cause of Sakimichan's Instagram promoting it, but that was months ago and I think it was only one or two post. I'm surprised she's not promoting it more desu. I'm probably going to go since location works well for me. There was a couple cosplayers and photographers who said they were going when I spoke to people at Fan Expo, but only a handful of ppl.

>> No.9989075

Kimikon's booth got kicked out of Dealers at AN because they broke the rule of not selling fanart in the Dealers.

>> No.9990135

>all the cool fan expo shit isn't coming to Vancouver
You've got to be fucking me...

>> No.9994712

Get fucked, China Jr.

>> No.9996624

Edmonton Expo tomorrow. See you guys there! Going just to cosplay and maybe find some comics I'm missing in my collections.

Disappointed with the celebs and even the comic guests this year. But all the more reason to not drop some cash.

>> No.9996910

Should I go to Fan Expo Vancouver if I only like anime and not comic shit?

>> No.9997526

I went once a few years ago and it was overwhelmingly comic book stuff. If that's not your thing then don't go. Not sure if it's changed at all over the years.

>> No.9998842

Please don't. Weebs ruin comic book conventions. Stay in your own lane.

>> No.9998905

It's okay. We can let all the shitty comic book nerds ruin their own conventions.

>> No.9999180

I can triggered when I see comic/video game characters at anime cons

>> No.9999252

Oh please. Yet weeb cosplayers go to comic conventions and claim " waaahhh but it's a POP CULTURE convention".

>> No.9999829


Maybe we're all just giant nerds who don't need to be shitty to each other

>> No.10002260

This thread really became dead since nekko stopped posting here... What happened?

>> No.10002261

There's no big upcoming cons to look forward to so no discussion is happening.

>> No.10002262

Seems like unplugged is coming back for Oct 2019, I mean I would love an Oct con but jabent had the best experience with unplugged...

>> No.10002437

I want to FUCK a cute Canadian weaboo/geek boy.

>> No.10002568
File: 88 KB, 750x581, $_20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, I was just at Ottawa geek market and someone handed me a flier to a con happening next week that I had never heard of. It looks hilariously bad, I may go just to see the shitshow. N2U.CA

>> No.10003222

Ssooo 'fuck' means?..

>> No.10003318

Have sex with.

>> No.10003562

Are you a cute girl from vancouver

>> No.10003975

yes, let's meet up :)!!

>> No.10004158

It's actually an old con that already failed twice. The moron trying to run it keeps trying to bring it back despite it being a complete shit show every time.

>> No.10004485

You're going to get sexually assaulted...

>> No.10004630

Meet me at BCIT this saturday

>> No.10004734

>nekko talking to himself

>> No.10005592

Come to Guilford mall

Anyone gonna go to the parade? Anything worth checking out in that area?

>> No.10005653

Remember the whole "THERE'S ECSTACY IN THE WATER JUGS... WE NEED TO SHUT THE CON DOWN!" thing from a few years ago?

>> No.10006187

From like 2011. More than a "few", but yeah. It's always a fucking shitshow. Naru needs to stop.

>> No.10006284

I wonder how many people are even going. I'd be surprised if their attendance hits 200.

>> No.10008615
File: 92 KB, 492x350, Capture d’écran 2018-10-09 à 18.53.54.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is anyone else going to the "au boudoir d'alice" Halloween tea party?

>> No.10008702
File: 82 KB, 218x246, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 01 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_12.57_[2018.06.15_22.32.55].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wtf is even there to do in Waterloo?

>> No.10008726

Lolita meets.

>> No.10008728
File: 83 KB, 675x883, bortshinsha1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isn't that a female-only thing?

>> No.10008742

Hello fellow sounthern ontarian

>> No.10008747

Hey dude

>> No.10008761

It hit a whole honking 50.

No, I'm not missing a zero. Fifty. Five times ten.

And he wants to run it next year. Yikes.

>> No.10008990

Is this counting the staff, dealers, etc.?

Because that is really bad, even for a first-year con.

>> No.10009606

Hi all, I'm a little new to the GTA cosplay scene and am wondering what photogs are good. I've heard stories about so many creeps that I'm sort of freaked out, and want to get some opinions.

>> No.10009615


>> No.10009644

At this time there are about 45+ cosplay photographers in the GTA, montreal, ottawa and niagara. Always avoid these ones.

Tom(Everage Studios Photography).
Marco(Poynter Photography).
Novii(no facebook or instagram).
Burditt photography.

>> No.10009677

Mentioned twice and hasn't replied.
Has he finally given up on cgl and cosplay?

>> No.10009704

Ohh. What are the general warnings with those guys? I'm afraid I don't know a lot about drama that's gone on in the past.

>> No.10009768

Looks like a new con coming to Toronto?

>> No.10009921

It's anirevo coming to east coast, also called Fatescon by some due to the guest list this year.

>> No.10010011

NMFT was a fun night. It went too long for me and I got paranoid about missing buses and then the last train so I completely skipped out on UlulU. Otori was the most interesting band, Elephant Gym was the best of the night. Sad I didn't get any Elephant Gym merch.

>> No.10010063

Yes, he gave up and moved to Japan where he is going to spend the rest of his life with his memetan

>> No.10010152

>general warnings with those guys?
Everage Studios Photography - thing for feet and young girls
Poynter Photography - also feet and uses his aspergers as to say his behavior is "normal". Has release an apology for his behavior a number of months ago.
Novii asking for sexual favors during a shoot.
Burditt photography reports of him making commits of a "girlfriend scale". Really thirsty for a cosplay girlfriend.

>> No.10010254

Basically just don't have a man as your photographer, they WILL creep on you
Just book with female photogs and you're good

>> No.10010261

Hate to say it but I probably will stick to that. Like I said I've only shot a little, but the female photogs were a million times better than the guys (I loved working with Alex Rose for example).

Any recommendations you might have for female photographers other than her and Con Mom?

>> No.10010375

drama/community vendettas are against the rules on this board. please take your hateful, prejudice bias elsewhere.

>> No.10010401
File: 61 KB, 600x518, 0CCA751F-F1F7-44F8-8AB3-4AB0C5229ADE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10010410


It's not a "changing" room, but these toilets are usually free, and enormous, at the Otakuthon.

Basically once you take the escalators to go from the cosplay area to where the panels are, go left, there will be stairs leading to an area just below it

There, there's a massive toilet, lots of stalls, shitloads of mirrors and barely ever anyone there

Best place to change at the Otakuthon

>> No.10010446

0/10 use of the meme desu. the word vendetta only appears twice in this topic, the other time having nothing to do with this conversation.

at least someone has a vendetta against "all" male photographers. the person in this post: >>9981251
both linked write in a way that puts EMPHASIS using all caps on words they deem important. probably the same person.

>a prolonged bitter quarrel with or campaign against someone.

that was on August 31st and this type of hate is still being spewed. seems like a prolonged bitter campaign to me.

>> No.10010654

You may call it "hateful prejudice" but it's perfectly sound.
Every creep photographer that has been exposed is a man. Logically, you would avoid male photographers, because they will creep on you. It just makes sense.
Meanwhile, no female photographers have been outed as creeps. Are there creepy female photographers? Sure, but we don't know any, and even if we did, their numbers would never match the male ones.

>> No.10010694
File: 34 KB, 680x516, 260 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol what is this "logic"? This is the same type of arguments that brainlet Trump supporters use to 'explain' how Black people are more likely to be criminals and other flawed racist viewpoints. If this post isn't just an elaborate troll you should really be ashamed of yourself.

>> No.10010707 [DELETED] 

>being this salty about the truth
Face it. Choosing male photogs is objectively a bad choice. Also black people are objectively more likely to be criminals, you doofus. It’s only racist if you say it’s because their skin colour, rather than say it’s because of institutionalized poverty.

>> No.10010713

I'm not really denying that there's more chance of something being fishy with a male photog. I just don't appreciate delusional "ALL male photogs WILL sexually assault you!" rhetoric.

>> No.10010786

It's not delusional if it's true.

>> No.10010850

Nigel Murray Photography is a super chill dude and I've worked with him many times. I def recommend him, he's just starting out too and from what I know actually has an education in photography so he knows what he's doing.

>> No.10010966

Did anyone go to Fan Expo Vancouver today?

>> No.10010979

>I loved working with Alex Rose for example
I heard return time of her images can take months.
I loved hearing all the shit talk about her from female photographers and cosplayers.

You need to get laid.

I have to agree the work isn't bad.

>> No.10010980

the keyword here being "if"
go get some therapy if you have such a chip on your shoulder. don't crusade against entirely innocent group of men for months anonymously on 4chan - weirdo.

>> No.10011033
File: 108 KB, 697x1080, [HorribleSubs] Working!!! - 11 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_02.38_[2015.09.12_17.38.47].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A lesbian friend of mine dragged me to one a few years back. It was shit. Half the more famous VAs there didn't show up

>> No.10011163

Who's going to upcoming stuff in Toronto? Kimicon, EGLX, etc.

>> No.10011201
File: 54 KB, 400x350, FAN18FXC-SC-Fan-Expo-Vancouver-Banner-400x350.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can we finally get the Toronto Fan Expo guys to do the Vancouver one too? They always get the good stuff while we get nothing.

>> No.10011205


Yeah, it's good for 5 hour lines and heatstroke.

>> No.10011209

Hey it's good if you're a normie collecting autographs for your favorite Netflix/Comic book IP, and it's indoors with decent AC. Different strokes for different folks. I do have to admit this year Fan Expo upped their anime game a lot.

>> No.10011290

That's fair. They do have a lot of famous people for normies and non-normies alike, and a lot less oddities unlike smaller cons.

>> No.10012205


Creeps are not innocent.

>> No.10012211

Him too is not a thing. Men don't get sexually assaulted as much as women do, and the ones that supposedly are take away attention from who truly deserve it, namely the women.

>> No.10012427

>I heard return time of her images can take months.

True, but she's so nice and made me feel so comfortable compared to only having shot with male photographers before that that I don't mind

>> No.10012480

>Men don't get sexually assaulted as much as women do
But you admitted they do. So its a thing.

>> No.10012501

You're being really damn creepy right now, desu. Got something to hide?

>> No.10012510
File: 38 KB, 346x508, QOw18pB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remember when creepanon the man-hater was goaded into posting racist stuff against black people and assumingly temp banned? >>10010707

We should honestly just ignore everything they write. Why continue to give a platform to an angry white supremacist brainlet?

>> No.10012518

Kimikon schedule is starting to look less threadbare than before. Anyone else going on Saturday?

>> No.10012521

Nah, that was me and it was the first time I posted in this thread. Wasn't even racist if you even bothered to read the post properly. It got taken down, but I didn't get banned or even warned.

>> No.10012528
File: 36 KB, 613x481, mt-stupid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What? Can you repeat yourself please? I can't hear you from all the way up there on that mountain!

>> No.10012729

>makes wrong assumptions
>posts memes when corrected
Lol okay. Not everyone is trying to stroke their ego boner here. Go elsewhere if you wanna continue your off-topic circlejerk, because I doubt most anons care if you wanna whitenight male photogs.

>> No.10012863 [DELETED] 

>black people are objectively more likely to be criminals

you're the type of person to say "not to be racist... but..."

>> No.10012909 [DELETED] 

Are you going to claim that they’re not? Like if you picked a random person from the Native American population, there is a higher chance that the person has addiction issues than if you picked from the Italian population. Fact is: some populations are more under-priveleged than others due to long-time institutional biases. Criminality or poor health are just the symptoms of some deeper issues. But the correlation is still there. I don’t know what you want to erase the fact these correlations exist for. Is stating stats racist now?

>> No.10013093 [DELETED] 

Sure why not? You are also a retard. I work with African blacks and when I see the way they talk, dress, and carry themselves it’s clear they aren’t hood ghetto types. You post data when in real life it’s the context of each situation that matters. Kids these days are so mentally weak, lacking ‘street smarts’, reading a chart on the internet and living their lives based on that instead of developing awareness to surroundings.

>> No.10013100 [DELETED] 

"I have anecdotal evidence that contradicts national statistics!"

Alright buddy

>> No.10013111 [DELETED] 

It would be more correct to say that low-income and racially oppressed populations are more likely to contain criminal elements as a consequence of social disadvantage.

When you say something as dumb and simple as "Black people are more likely to be criminals", you not only gloss over the major nuances of the situation (and remove important information), you also feed into the wrongheaded notions that racism is justified because a social quality must be inherent to someone's genetics when it isn't.

Further, statistics don't exist in a vacuum. Are "black people" inclusive of wealthy black Canadians and Americans? Are they inclusive of new immigrants? Of immigrants from wealthier backgrounds? Etc.

If all you're posting is a single statistic without nuance to somehow blame a racial demographic for something, you're still being racist.

>> No.10014369


>> No.10014432

Not in waterloo but theres an upcoming comiccon in london, though forest city comicon is alot better but it was like last month. Sorry if london onatrio is too far though, my brother has a girlfriend in waterloo so im just assuming its kinda close by

>> No.10014551

Anyone going to kimikon?

>> No.10014639
File: 912 KB, 891x1023, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 04 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_08.15_[2018.09.22_21.18.32].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't be anon.
London is like 2 hours away. Not like I could pull away from work to do anything before xmas anyways

>> No.10014649

Friday and Saturday to revel in idol hell

>> No.10014739

Nope. I only know of 1 artist going. Seems like most of us are waiting fir shit to hit the fan this weekend.

>> No.10014922

I was originally in AA but dropped out bc I wasn't sure I was going to make my money back. I'm going Friday to scope it out though.

>> No.10015177

I wonder if they’re still tables available. I might come the day of and if there seems to be a crowd, try to see if they’re offering discounted prices for the leftover tables. I’m local anyway.

>> No.10015224

It's an hour and 15 minutes...unless you're taking Greyhound in which case my condolences. The train isn't too bad but fucking expensive IMO.

I find Forest City to be better than London Comicon as well, the venue and atmosphere were certainly nicer. But it was a little dead this year and some of the masquerade prizes were kinda meh. I still wouldn't bother with London Comicon tho. At least FCCC is downtown so you can bail and go to the museum or the couple nice ramen and/or sushi restaurants we have. LCC is EOA aka in the fucking ghetto at a fairgrounds that's also surrounded by missions and soup kitchens with only a smattering of nice stores if you feel like walking six blocks, or an overpriced indoor adventure park going the other direction. No thanks

>> No.10015230

>unless you're taking Greyhound
I have to, I'm doing a PhD in Waterloo and my car is in BC.
Not really into western comic cons but I'll keep an eye on FCCC. Thanks anon

>> No.10015489

Lets us know how bad Friday turns out.

>> No.10015493
File: 287 KB, 1539x897, IMG_20181018_204027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actual I decided to become Memetan

>> No.10015499

Wait, which one is which here

>> No.10015646

I'm mirin bro. What are your stats?

>> No.10015793 [DELETED] 

Another anon here. Someone i know went to drop off some items to an artist friend and apparently its pretty dead. Not sure how busy fridays usually are for first year cons though.

>> No.10015966

I'd guess they're usually dead. Hopefully tomorrow picks up a bit.

>> No.10015974

I only got there late so didn't see how it was in the day. When I got there the artist alley looked real slow.

For the idol performances the seats were only a third full but the audience was lit as fuck thanks to the wota brigade in attendance.

The game section was actually pretty big and well stocked for a small con.

>> No.10016282


>> No.10017176

>For the idol performances the seats were only a third full but the audience was lit as fuck thanks to the wota brigade in attendance.

I was speaking with the volunteer that gave me a weekend pass. She was told to cheer the people on stage.

Kimikon was ok at best. Not worth the price tag.

>> No.10017248

So I only went one day but I heard that one of my artist friends wanted to drop out of AA and they gave them 50% off their table to make them stay. They were desperate for people.

>> No.10017468
File: 76 KB, 601x353, 2FD13700-9E4A-4B97-AF70-CA26D2590751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wew lad send spread glutes

>> No.10018861

Anyone going eglx know how lobby con friendly it is?

>> No.10019103

I plan to go Saturday.
EGLX back in March wasn't to friendly.

>> No.10019656

Is it not like March comicon where they have an area inside the building before the actual con entry?

>> No.10023791

How good is DTAC usually? I've never been and currently craving a cosplay event.

>> No.10025989

DTAC has gotten better over the last few years. Its also great to lobby and hangout.

>> No.10026503

Has anyone checked this out?


They were passing out a coupon code for it at Youmacon in Detroit but it seems odd that a con in 5 months doesn't have any ticket information up yet.

>> No.10026959

I have heard of this con. I do agree that it is strange. They had an event in Japan this year. Its said to be run by the folks doing anime rev.

>> No.10027069

I don't know much about that area in Toronto but the con rates for the hotel seem pretty insane as well.

>> No.10027661
File: 109 KB, 320x320, hmmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought the MTCC had some sort of exclusivity deal with fanexpo/DTAC? It's a prime location for a big con but neither Anime North or Kimikon were held there, but were held in similarly sized buildings, Fanexpo & DTAC are the only two cons held at MTCC. It's weird that a first year con not associated with the two is being held there.

>> No.10028017

Doubt they've got exclusivity. EGLX was at MTCC just a few weeks ago. It's likely just expensive. This company likely assumes that even with a potential loss in the first year(s) that having it in a Real Location is their best chance to suceed in the long term. It's hard to imagine it picking up steam when it's sandwiched inbetween MTAC and Anime North... but good luck to them.

>> No.10028426

Oh, I wasn't aware of that. That's a very risky move to make regardless, Holding new and unknown conventions in expensive venues a la kimikon often doesn't go well, and being in between MTAC and Anime North makes it worse.

I also didn't see them advertising at MTAC, Anime North or fanexpo. I feel like advertising at Youmacon wouldn't do much because I doubt too many people would drive from Detroit to Toronto for a first year con.

I'm glad that more people are trying to run cons in Ontario but I wish that they would start smaller and grow each year instead of trying to be the next anime north right away.

>> No.10028564 [DELETED] 
File: 229 KB, 1024x1536, fire_emblem__she_belongs_to_me_by_purrblind-d7sl18m - Copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just moved to Ontario.
How much do you think it would cost to get purrblind to give me a blowjob while in cosplay?

>> No.10028695
File: 1.87 MB, 200x150, uhm.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you the guy infamous poster from /v/ ?

>> No.10029299

I thought AR usually posts what date the next year's con is right after the end of the current one but they still haven't posted anything for 2019

>> No.10029448

Anyone have thoughts on Kawaii Land? Worth checking out?

>> No.10030644

Xgouki Cosplay is gonna be a guest there, so I'm gonna go. It's free admission too.

>> No.10031062

>Xgouki Cosplay is gonna be a guest there
Was looking for a reason not to go.

>> No.10031544

Is there drama around Xgouki? She seems pretty cool and I like her cosplays.

>> No.10031557

I think I attended 3 cons roughly 10 years ago. I haven't been in a long time. Anime North just seems to get overwhelmingly big. It's pretty intimidating. I don't have friends to go with, nor do I know how to make friends at these things. How would an isolated Canadian anime fan in Ontario progress into forming social bonds with other anime fans? How do you deal with scary things like people who might hate you or persecute you for liking certain genres?

>> No.10031762

Dtac is small and is also cheap to enter. Lobby it if you most. Still a good number of weebs.

>> No.10031764

Drama on her facebook. Didn't like her friend's advice.

>> No.10032181

>persecute you for liking certain genres
Is this an euphemistic way of saying that you're a lolicon?

>> No.10032281

Continues cosplaying despite rent issues and shamelessly made a GoFundMe for her bad spending habits.

>> No.10032683


Remember when he first posted on Cgl in a trap thread and got so butt hurt over people giving him honest critique over his shitty as make up

>> No.10032686

It's free so I'm going for the music guests like the theremin player.

>> No.10033397

Well she states pretty clearly on all her SM that she's trans, and her pronouns, so i'm gonna go with she & her.

>> No.10038757

But they literally only ever cosplay samus

>> No.10040367

So the Canada Post strike has officially gone beyond fucking us.


No Airmail, SAL, or EMS shipping from Japan to Canada.

>> No.10040872

Keeps redoing Samus and spending thousands on things like a wig that partially made of real human hair but then doesn't know how to maintain it.

>> No.10043354

Holy shit, how is her Samus wig thousands of dollars??

>> No.10045134

Hero Hair

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