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old one is at limit
old thread >>>9917156

I've been thinking of making some sort of google doc as a sticky for this thread, with some basics about skincare/hair/makeup, perhaps with some of the following subjects:
>list of different kinds of products (cleanser, toner, moisturizer/foundation, primer, bb cream) with a short explanation of what it is and what it is useful for
>small list of ingredients to look for/avoid in products
>brands to look for/avoid
>that one powerpoint some gull made about the difference between western and japanese bangs
>some stuff about korean skincare
>prduct sellers to look for/avoid
and anything else I can find.
so please post any useful resources you guys have!

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what do about eye circles from neeting all night?

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I'm about to go buy shampoo for the first time in over a year and a half (I buy the huge bottles) and I'm thinking about switching from the rose oil and almond Sexy Hair to Biosilk and wanted to know what anyone else thought of it?

I have slightly oily hair, that's a bit fried from bleaching (I'm working on repairing it), that is wavy. I've heard great things about the silk therapy and am probably going to buy a bottle of that regardless, but should I go balls deep?

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Best bubble hair coloring you guys used?

I just tried it and I really like how it doesn't damage my hair and I got a pinky sheen from it. I'd just like for the sheen to be stronger though which I think it can because the first time I was rather sloppy. Does anyone have any recs for their favorite bubble coloring?

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recommendations for puffy under eyes? i can color correct and use concealer as much as possible, but that puff just looks bad

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I use snail masks from tonymoly but most Korean snail eye patches should be good. You could also just use cucumbers to reduce swelling and puffiness but that might be more temporary

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I said fuck it and went with the color guard shampoo and the chi tea tree oil conditioner I hope I made the right decision

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Did anyone get the Norvina palatte? I'm not a sweet lolita but when I saw that shit I was stoked for all my pastel buds

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sorry no rec but i recently bought one and reading this made me excited to try mine

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For haircare this video helped me. https://youtu.be/ZhBf0-J1Bv0 I used to pull my hair and it is growing back along with a few other things.

Reverse Hair Washing. https://www.barbiesbeautybits.com/2015/02/reverse-hair-washinghave-we-been.html?pp=1&m=1

Changing How I Brush My Hair http://simplysona.com/2016/10/3-ways-youre-brushing-your-hair-wrong/

Pretty much I massage my scalp like the video, rub scalp iches instead of scratching, brush my hair upside down, brush my hair before getting in the shower, reverse hair wash, air dry my hair, and brush it when it is dry. Really hope to see this google doc happen.

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Finding your hair type can make finding products that work or you easier.



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Sorry, meant to post this too


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Staph infection anon from previous thread.
Finished my antibiotics and staph gone now.
Really liking the cerave am and pm moisturizers; go on nice and light plus more pores feel way less clogged.
Thanks for the rec, anon

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What are your opinions of doing this?

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Don't see a problem with it, it's a simple enhancement. Although I would imagine is must be a paint to incorporate coloured lenses and eyelid tape as part of your makeup routine

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We already talked about puffy eyes, but what about sunken eyes with deep rather than dark undereye circles? Concealer doesn't seem to make much difference.

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I'm a goth and a cosplayer and I love the Norvina palette so far, it's very pretty

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Maybe you could use something with a bright color to pull the sunken areas forward and make them look fuller?

Also I’m a huge skincare buff with some esthetics training done in my free time. Does anyone have any questions or need help?

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thank you! i’m going to look into those :)

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Complete novice to makeup here, but how does one "properly" apply liquid foundation with a beauty blender? I purchased a RT beauty blender to use with my Benefit liquid foundation. I don't want to be heavy handed, but sometimes it looks a little blotchy. How does one achieve a smooth texture?

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Wrong anon!
Here ya go >>9958405

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use sponge damp. wet it and then squeeze it dry ith a towel. i apply foundation on back of hand then disperse in dots with finger, then blend out with the long side of my beauty blender. then just bounce that shit like crazy, basically.

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Denying your heritage?

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Doing what? Putting on makeup?

Guess every instathot and white bread cosplayer is denying their heritage too. Don’t be retarded.

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I have a curling wand that is quite good, but it makes smaller tight curls and I'd like something that does bigger wavier ones. Instead of buying a whole new curling iron, is there such a thing as a kind of converter/adapter that would go over the wand and conduct the heat and turn it into a wider barrel? Not sure what this would be called or if it exists, just thought I'd ask before buying a whole new one. Thanks in advance

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They are literally changing their eye to a western one, dude.

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>western one
Lol what

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My dude... you're likely baiting, but maybe you are confused. The double eyelid is a naturally occurring thing in Asians. It's more common among the Chinese and Japanese people, and less common among Korean and Thai people (alongside other small countries in that area). They aren't mimicking a 'Western eye'. They're mimicking Asians born with a natural double eyelid. It's just coincidence that the monolid doesn't appear at all on Caucasian people. They aren't mimicking Caucasians. They're mimicking Asians with a natural double eyelid.

There are Westerners, white people, with the eye shape of an Asian born with double eyelids. It's called a hooded eye shape. Funny enough, on Westerners, this eye shape is seen to be ugly. It gets kind of confusing because a lot of people confused 'hooded eye' with eyes that have signs of aging in which the brow has started to droop. That's not what I'm talking about with a 'hooded eye'. Westerners born with a natural hooded eye have eyes that look like the double eyelid shape that Asians have, and it's a pain in the ass because Western makeup styles don't work with hooded eyes.

They aren't mimicking Westerners. They're mimicking Asians born with a natural double lid which is most comparable to a hooded eye in white and black people. Again though, a hooded eye is seen to be 'ugly' by Western beauty standards. Asians can be born with a natural double eye lid. Saying they're mimicking Westerners is as stupid as saying Westerners are mimicking Asians when they get plastic surgery to obtain a small ski-slope nose. Small noses naturally occur in Caucasian, Hispanic, and other 'Western' people just like double eyelids occur naturally in Asian people.

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Keep telling yourself that, they just want to look white. Only Asian Americans get defensive about it and deny it.

>Funny enough, on Westerners, this eye shape is seen to be ugly. It gets kind of confusing because a lot of people confused 'hooded eye' with eyes that have signs of aging in which the brow has started to droop.

I see I hit a nerve there, huh?

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Huh? No, I have hooded eyes. I'm white. They're a bitch to work with.

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Uh huh

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Don't bully me for being unable to wear my people's fierce, sexy makeup. It's a sad sort of feel.

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late reply but
lmao, do it. whenever someone comments about how pale i am (it's ALWAYS an old lady) i just start talking about how i'm trying to avoid wrinkles and sun damage. make them feel bad right back.

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I'm not white and i have that exact eye shape??

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Have you even seen a white person? It might be hard for you to look in the mirror with all your self hatred, but you should take a glance every now and then. White people's double lids don't look anything like asian doublelids, and it's a naturally occurring trait.

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Say what you want about whitewashing, but pretty much all women want their eyes to appear large and youthful. Adding the lid makes it look bigger for sure, just like regular makeup enhances naturally lidded eye types.

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I love bubble dyes and am addicted to trying them all! Here's my personal ranking of the different brands:

Gives the most even results! Is easy to use, shades are nothing wild but are reasonably accurate to their photos
Has some really reliable colours (milk tea brown) and I've had some really great results with their newer shades. The paler ones lighten well but can be very hit and miss, while the darker ones are less damaging and have vivid colours. Cappuccino (?) brown turned out a smokey purple grey on my hair which was amazing. I don't like the new packaging which makes you stir it up in a cup though, it's hard to apply.
>Missha, miss en scene, and etude house
These korean ones are all around the same tier to me. Smaller shade range than prettia, colours are vibrant at first but don't last as long except the browns, but overall they're not bad.
They have a few nice colours but very few of them last. They dry out my hair too much. I did like their ashy shades though and they come with a pump dispenser at least.

Most won't add much colour apart from a subtle tint, so sometimes I like to use them to gently lighten my hair before applying direct dyes to get more vibrant results. One interesting thing I've found is that most dyes that have green packaging and claim to be 'ash brown' are literally green and are meant to neutralise reddish tones from bleaching to make brown. If your hair is too cool toned already you will get green hair :'>. Anyway best of luck anon and sorry for this essay

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Fuck it, tria hair removal laser arrived, gonna go try it out. will report back in a few weeks whether I'm less of a hairy monkey afterwards or not.
>how do you deal with discharge? isn't that nasty to get on your pants every day? and what about skirts/dresses?
There's a white spot at the end of the day but its' on the inside of my dress so I don't care. Sometimes the white spot is on my office chair but I just wet a cloth and wipe it off. I almost always wear a skirt or dress, what about it? I don't give a tenth of a shit if someone sees. I'm /comfy/ fuck panties. Also took the camisole and/or bralette pill. Fuck bras, too. Underwire is shit. SHIT. And fuck all clothing that has zippers on the back, because it caught my hair once now I refuse to wear that shit. Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?
Why is women's clothing always torturous to wear? Men have it so good.

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Thank you so much for the recs! What's your best recommendation for lightening? Palty Milk tea brown? I would like to lighten it a bit then dye it pink so I get a reddish color to my hair if that makes any sense.

>> No.9961232


I'm mildly horrified but I'm thanking god i probably don't live near you. You do you, glad you're comfy.

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Razor bump scarring will go away with time if you can alleviate the issue of razor bumps in the first place. You can use scar creams in the meantime, but remember not to apply them before having protected sex since oil can cause latex condoms to fail.

If you've tried everything to get rid of razor bumps to no avail, you can seek out Hibiclens antiseptic cleaner. You'll wash yourself normally, and then after rinsing off, apply the Hibiclens, "lather" (it doesn't really bubble) for 3-5 minutes, and rinse with water. Do not use soap after applying the Hibiclens.

It's safe to use on the mons pubis which is where most suffer from razor bumps and burn. You can't use it on the labia just because that's way too close to the mucosa, and it's not meant for use on mucus membrane. (Bacteria is important for the health of *that part*, and you don't want to use an antiseptic like Hibiclens on it because it'll kill the good bacteria.)

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My clarisonic is reaching the point where it won't hold a charge. While I love using it to really scrub my face, I don't know that it was worth the price. What's the best knockoff/similar product? I'm open to the silicone ones, but I think I would prefer oscillating or vibrating head, not the kind that just spins. That seems like a mess waiting to happen.

>> No.9961468

No problem! Each dye usually has a brightness rating that's indicated somewhere on the box, usually with stars or hearts, where more means it will lighten your hair more. I think Liese Prettia's jewel pink would be good since it has a 4/5 brightening level and is pink based already, for palty it's a bit harder to say since they change their shades alot. I think milk tea brown is 4/5 along with donuts beige, vanilla beige and walnuts latte ash, while ichigo/strawberry jam is the red toned one that also lightens.

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How do i give myself asian eyes?

>> No.9961495

Does anyone else deal with strawberry legs? Those flat red dots on the legs. I feel like I've tried everything to make them go away. I use a really really nice razor, then I rinse with cold water to close my pores, and then I exfoliate and moisturize like crazy. My legs are so soft they don't even feel real, and the dots have lightened alot... But I still feel self conscious with bare legs.

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"Men have it so good"
spoken like someone who has never caught pubic hair in a zipper fly.

>> No.9961529

Are you saying this can't happen to women? Because let me tell you bud, you're wrong

>> No.9961536

Try out a hamam mitt, you can find them for pretty cheap on ebay. You basically soak in hot water until your skin softens then rub at it with the mitt, careful not to overdo because it's harsh on the skin. Your dead skin will literally peel off like eraser trash, and I find it usually helps with strawberry legs, acne scars and so on.

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What's everyone using for exfoliating washes and toners?

I'm running low on my "lemon sparkling peeling gel" (Korean exfoliate) & out of my Tony moly bamboo water toner. Not a fan of the first item, but I'm ok with getting the same toner if I don't get any recs.

I think you're mixing countries up. There's more/different genetic diversity among Thai/SE Asian population, so monolids aren't common compared to China, Korea, and Japan. I've seen double eyelid tape in Japan and at Korean beauty resellers abroad, but never in Thailand before (though skin whitening products are comparatively prevelent, due to tropical climate & culture).

This. I'm sure every eye enhancement usage persons have their personal feelings about it, but it all seems to boil down to looking more youthful and cute.

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What? Women have hAiR? Tell me that isn't so!

Actually I just don't shave my leg hair anymore because some men have told me they're triggered by that, and fuck them really.

>> No.9961567

Different anon. Whoa whoa whoa. Girl, you telling me you let your cootiy hair grow out so far it get caught in your pants zippers?


Shave! Or cut! Or trim! Or something for the love of God. That’s just... too much. That’s literally too much.

>> No.9961568


Honestly she's probably the same gross anon who goes commando.

I'm really grossed out that she doesn't think getting her coot juice on everything and then wiping with a dry or watered towel is not gross. There's literally a shit load of bacteria in our vaginal juices. At the very least use water and soap.

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>going commando
>in public

Uuugh. Why would you...actually never mind. I stood next to a homeless lady who just decided to piss in her pants on the park bench and then walked away.

People just, ugh. People.

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I wish I could say that's the worst I've heard and seen, but it isn't. Anon doesn't even surprise me, but I wish I haven't contemplated how many people I know who might do this and look like nice reasonable people on the outside. Fuck.

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Face tape + make up + maybe surgery

>> No.9961606

I use chemical exfoliation mostly (using the Geek&Gorgeous AHA and BHA, used the CosRX one too and loved them). For physical one, that I do maybe once a week, I use Reincarnation by Antipodes.

Favourite toner for a cheap price: Pyunkang Yul essence toner. When I feel like wasting money I love the ones why Whamisa and the Rose absolute first serum by Aromatica.

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Excuse me, no. I'm commando anon and I fullshave, thank you. Pubic hair is disgusting and unhygienic.
It will die in a day or so, it's a living creature.
Also reporting on the tria: it didn't really hurt but it does take forever to do. Weird warming sensation and occasional prick. Doing my pubic mound hurt. Not sure how close to the...edge...I should go with it. Also want to do my asscrack but I don't know what kind of mirror situation or contortion I would need in order to accomplish that. Says to do it every two weeks.

>> No.9962024

>pubic hair is unhygienic
i get the personal preference angle of this, but how is having hair unhygienic? if anything, you're more likely to get bacterial skin infections from the warm, moist environment + friction + tiny cuts and ingrowns (though i guess you're pretty safe nopanstu-chan)

>> No.9962028

Instead of keeping a hairy fish all wrapped up tight, I like to shave and vent. Keeps the fish away.
I use a good razor so there aren't ingrowns most of the time nor any tiny cuts. Get a real safety razor and use the razorblades that are like 50 to a box for $10. Those little 3 blade cartridge things are awful. I'll never go back. Though if this tria thing works might not need to.
On that note any general pussy health tips? Honestly I read ventilation is good for it so that's part of the reason, and to remove bunching and friction from the fabric. I need the goods to be good.

>> No.9962082

>>9959170 This exactly. To add on to this, use the tapered tip underneath your eyes and on the tight curves of your face and the broad side on the rest

>> No.9962083

Unfortunately, no. There isn't an adapter out there and the wand you have is built with the barrel it has and isn't meant to be taken apart.

>> No.9962119

I have hooded eyelids and I'm pretty white (1/4th mixed polynesian). Growing up some people even commented that my eyes looked asian or just different (I also have quite dark eyes).

When I discovered what hooded eyes meant, everything made sense! Certain eye makeup definitely did not suit me. I'm still learning!

>> No.9962163

How much make up do you gulls usually wear?
I always feel like I dont know much about make up. I've been wearing the same 2 (very similar) looks pretty much since I started make up.

>eyeliner (sometimes)

>> No.9962164

The same as you but also concealer. I'd like to do more with my makeup but don't know where to go from here.

>> No.9962173

>sunscreen (more a part of my skincare routine, I guess)
>concealer (if needed)
>eyeliner (if more definition is wanted)
>eyelash curler
>mascara (if more definition is wanted)
>lip tint (then chapstick for the rest of the night)

>> No.9962178

Oh, I forgot, but I also fill in my brows a bit with an eyebrow pencil.

Also, wearing the same look isn't bad I think? I know what suits me and it's easy to do since I do it so often, so I wear the same look usually too.

>> No.9962180

I don't like to use foundation or powder, I have decently even skin since my teenage years, and it's hard to find a decent shade.
I usually just wear eyeliner, mascara and sometimes eyeshadow. I want to expand my horizons a bit, but makeup makes my face feel oily.

>> No.9962181


For everyday life
>bb cream
>eyeshadow/blush as eyeshadow
>lipstick/colored lip balm

For lolita I add:
>more eyeshadow colors (including highlighting my undereye)
>mascara, falsies once in a great while
>contour if I especially hate my jowls that day

I think it's fine to be minimal, I'm not sure how much I add to my coords with my makeup that can take up to 45 minutes. But I enjoy makeup and the process. If you want to do more with makeup, watch youtube tutorials. Korean tutorials are definitely more geared towards a soft look that is suitable for lolita. Pony, Heizle, and lamuqe are good ones I go to. I also really like looking at pictorials for makeup ideas.

>> No.9962328

Daily - often nothing aside from moisturiser and sunscreen. I wear glasses which hide my giant ass eyebags
Days I have to look nicer
>bb cream
>nude-toned eyeshadow
I keep the glasses most of the time.
Going out/lolita
>bb cream
>contour + highlighter (not instaho contour, like "small face/jaw slimming" contour that lots of Asian girls do)
>full eyeshadow - if I want the look of liner I tend to do wet shadow
>circle lenses (usually just something subtle like brown/black and not hugely enlarging)

I get lash extensions done monthly so tend not to use mascara or eyeliner due to the friction you end up using to get it off.

>> No.9962396

>concealer under eyes and on any red spots
>primer powder wherever I put concealer
> eye shadow primer, shadow, liner, mascara
>powder on face
>setting spray
>just chapstick because I don't fucks with lipstick

>> No.9962759

>sheer tinted moisturizing lipstick that I basically just use as if it was chapstick when I'm out
That's about it on most days when I'm just going to work and coming home. Sometimes don't even wear foundation, but I've recently found that cushion foundation is so quick to apply I can even do it in the bathroom at work if I wake up late.
I used to wear eyeliner daily, but then I switched back to glasses rather than contacts and found that it looked like a little much with my thick black plastic rims.
SOMETIMES I wear some subtle matte eyeshadow, but I usually don't even do that. I wish there was matte cream/liquid eyeshadow so I could just pat it in real quick.
Is that a thing?

>> No.9962781

So this might be dumb but do any of you have experience with guro-style makeup (ex: fake blood and cuts) outside of meets? I'm really interested in doing more guro inspired looks but I'm scared of getting the cops called on me for having fake blood on myself

>> No.9962989

It depends on the country and the people desu. I wore guro lolita out (yeah yeah pretty cringy thing to do) and got a few bored/judgemental stares. It was obvious from the outfit I was just chilling with fake blood on me so nobody really cared. But I live in a second world country so...

>> No.9962991

Liquid eyeshadow is 100% a thing - back in the day you could also get roll-on eyeshadow. The problem is most are glitters rather than mattes. In terms of creams I think that's probably a better bet for mattes - I have definitely seen a Shiseido one. There are also those pencil things that are like a cross between cream liner and eyeshadow which will probably come in matte neutrals - they were a big deal when the smoky eye with smudged eyeliner was a big deal.

>> No.9963010


Lipstick does wonders as eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick.
If the thought of putting lipstick on your eye makes you queasy then stila has the convertible blush/lipstick which I just use on eyes and cheeks, then apply on lips last so none of the mouth germs reach my eyelids. Cream blush is really easy to put on in general imo. It's cut down my morning routine to 6 minutes from 10.

Another good option is Colourpop which has its super shock shadows, basically spongey eyeshadow which you can apply quickly. I swipe it on sometimes and there's not even a need for blending or patting if it's a sheer enough color. Any cream eyeshadow tends to work like that too actually.

>> No.9963014


And ayyyy sorry i didn't read the part where you specified matte. Colourpop does have matte options.

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i feel like no matter what products im using, gentle and moisturizing, acne treating with salyclyic acids, pore cleansing toners, i still get acne and i feel like its so pointless. i just wanna be pretty with clear skin gulls, its not fair.

and im not talkin cheap drugstore products. i have some stuff from laniege and the wonder pore line from etude house. also cotton face masks. does my skin just not like skincare??

>> No.9963517

>i'm not talking cheap drugstore products
>uses etude house


>> No.9963545

I'm in america, the Midwest so I already get a lot of dissaproving looks from mothers hurrying their kids away from me (I'm goth) so I feel like at the least I'll get glares but I'm still scared of being treated like a criminal for it. It might not be as weird since Halloween is approaching though

>> No.9963548

laniege is the pricey one, i didnt mean to include etude house in that. lol.

>> No.9963568

Have you checked if you have fungal acne? That's one possible cause of acne that does not at all respond to the usual treatments for acne like salicylic acid, which might explain why you're still breaking out.

It might just be that your skin is reacting badly to one of your daily products, which is often the case if you got into skincare really quickly and didn't bother to patch test products as you introduced them into your routine (I learned the hard way). I feel for you anon, it definitely sucks to be putting in a lot of effort and $$ into your skin and not see results.

>> No.9963587

Have you considered going on birth control? If the acne is mostly on chin, jaw and cheeks it's likely hormonal and birth control usually solves it, though you need to stick with it and it only starts showing effect around 3 months of usage.

>> No.9963648

What's a good eco-friendly (not plastic) glitter that's safe for using around eyes, such as on top of eyeshadow?

>> No.9963925

How can I reduce nasolobial folds besides injections and sleeping on my back? Does exercising help?

I've recently started getting them pretty bad and I'm almost crytyping bc of it lol :( I just turned 21 and have been doing strict skincare with AHA, BHA, the whole nine yards since I was 17. I'm pretty sure I simply got them from repeating a snarling facial expression for just a few days, because they appeared after I started doing that. I'm feeling my skin now and the skin on one side of my face feels plumper than the other. Not sure if that info helps or not.

>> No.9963927

thank you for your advice and kind words anon! i'll look into it and maybe start with basic products and slowly add the others in to see how my skin fares.
im male... would this still apply? i dont get much acne there its usually my forehead, around my nose and cheeks.

>> No.9963934

I like the brand Medusa Makeup.

>> No.9963955

Sorry anon for not guessing so! Then I'd say try out other anon's advice first and if it doesn't work out, see a derm to get prescribed oral medication. As far as I know vitamin A and/or antibiotics is the way to treat male hormonal acne.

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New to this general.

I know next to nothing about skincare, but I really want to just learn a basic routine so I can heal my acne scars and keep my face looking fresh.

Is there a google doc or some shit I can check out or maybe recommend me a YT video?

>> No.9964011

Fellow male anon here, my skin was shit for years until I saw a dermatologist about it and got prescribed Claravis/Accutane. It's a hassle of a process but my skin is super clear after the 6 month treatment and absolutely worth every penny. Plus once you're done with the treatment your acne is pretty much guaranteed to never come back (or at least never as bad as it was).

In the short term, I highly recommend Differin gel.

>> No.9964012

>mfw the pharmacist yesterday thought that I was my sister's 17-year-old daughter.
>Her face when.

I've experimented with skincare for years and years, and recently cut my routine way back.. Now it's the best it has ever been. But I'm finally hitting Christmas cake next year and I do sorry that I need to start 'taking it seriously' before I start to show real signs of aging.
Right now I only use a cheap wash, an anti-aging toner, serum and emulsion all from The Face Shop.

Does anyone have recommendations for a retinoid? Is something like that okay to use with normal Korean ingredients?

>> No.9964079

I realize most people here are kinda young but I'll ask anyway

has anyone gotten laser resurfacing on their face? I've got forehead lines I want to take care of, but I have a needle phobia and I don't think I could do botox.

>> No.9964145

Try the sidebar on either r/skincareaddiction or r/asianbeauty, they're quite comprehensive and have guides for beginners if you dig around a bit.

>> No.9964161

You can get strong prescription retinoid from a dermatologist, but otherwise check the ingredient listing. I use the rentinol anti-wrinkle serum from Sally's, but the good stuff can only come from a dermatologist. The only major thing with retinoids is you need to avoid sun with them because it increases your risk of burning, and you cut back if you show major signs of skin irritation. It does make your skin 'tingle' when you use them, but it's not anything painful. The other one currently proven by science is glycolic acid, but that one is more irritating the retionoid. I've used that one in the past too.

Ideally, get stuff from a dermatologist if you got the cash. Otherwise, I like to stick with serums because they usually have the highest concentrations.

>> No.9964168

Adding to this >>9964161, I'm 26, and people usually think I'm around 20-21. So, I guess it works. I've been using retinoid products on-and-off since I was 22, mainly the one I mentioned because it doesn't break me out since it's lightweight. I try to avoid going out mid-day, but I'm pretty bad at remembering to use sunscreen so there's that. Again though, go to a dermatologist if you want the awesome stuff.

>> No.9964172

If you've got indented scarring then nothing except surgery will be able to 'heal' them. All hope is not lost though, microdermabrasion will actually reduce indented scars a considerable amount, but it's usually too costly for people to afford. For the microdermabrasion to work, you'll have to have a few appointments a month for 6-9 months to see a result.

Otherwise, any amount of skin care alongside time will help lighten them if it's just dark scars that are the issue.

>> No.9964212

Uh, I haven't heard of that many healthy tips beside keep it natural and let nature do natures work. Moisturizing with coconut oil if you're dry, but in general, pussies are the healthiest when natural, or so I've read.

I feel like one of the best parts with becoming more familiar with makeup is being able to vary how much makeup I wear, so it ranges a lot these days.

Light day:
>loose powder fountion

Medium day:
>liquid foundation
>light eyeshadow

and obviously there are heavy days with the whole shebang. Usually doing dramatic eyeshadow and eye liner takes me the longest, timewise.

>> No.9964307

You are an actual idiot, the reason we have hair there is to keep things dry and avoid bacterial growth. Do you honestly think that humans evolved to lose their hair in all but two places, and that one of those places is less hygienic because of the hair? Holy shit you are stupid. Use your damn brain, and if you can't do that then at least use Google. You will find several studies showing that women who shave are more prone to infections of every sort. Shave if you want, but don't fool yourself into thinking you are any healthier for it.

>> No.9964431
File: 53 KB, 511x428, cgl wojak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone mind dumping magazine scans of makeup tutorials from j-fash and lolita magazines? These kind of image dumps used to be common on /cgl/. I should have saved them when I saw them, but I thought those threads would be around forever and now I almost never see makeup tutorial scans posted.

>> No.9964448

It's really interesting reading how different people's daily routines are. I personally have a pretty bad face (sporadic cistic acne, scarring, some redness, very dark undereyes, not a very feminine face) but sometimes I wish I could do nothing and go out feeling confident. I also wish BB creams and cushions came in stupid pale.

I work in a place with lots of dirt so for work I just wear
>setting powder
I feel like blush brings life back to the face covered up with so much foundation/concealer. I also take forever with eye makeup due to shit vision so I'm not doing that when I have to go to work so early.

Days off / when wearing j-fash I do the whole shebang
>three types of primers
>two foundations mixed for ideal shade
>setting powder
>eyebrow pencil
>curl lashes, mascara
>maybe a lip product depending on look, often colored lip balms

I have bronzer and contour but rarely use them and use setting spray only with certain mascaras.

>> No.9964610

I've got a bunch of white zitlike tiny little lumps on my cheeks. There used to be only a few but this summer, I've gotten a lot more as I've spent way more time in the sun than I normally do. Not totally sure what they are, though I've been told "milia" and I think that fits the bill from what I've looked up? Does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of them other than clawing them out of my face by force? @ u @

>> No.9964637 [DELETED] 
File: 47 KB, 271x462, lashstain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tinted lip balm
>lip stain
>mascara (occasionally)
>shadow & blush (occasionally)

I've got bad scarring so I tend not to wear foundation since it makes it more obvious. I just focus on exfoliation, moisturizer, and occasionally fake tanner if I was to feel extra-pretty.

I use oil blotting sheets to take care of oil in lieu of powder. I'll do winged liner or black if I'm feeling fancy, but my every day look uses brown liner slight blended at the corners. I'll also sometimes wear a single shade of shadow either on the lid or under eye. I like bright pinks. I'm still looking for a new mascara because the one I used changed formulas. It was more or less a lash tint versus a mascara to add length and separation. Picture related is the one that changed formulas.

>> No.9964640
File: 47 KB, 271x462, lashstain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tinted lip balm
>lip stain
>mascara (occasionally)
>shadow & blush (occasionally)

I've got bad scarring so I tend not to wear foundation since it makes it more obvious. I just focus on exfoliation, moisturizer, and occasionally fake tanner if I was to feel extra-pretty.

I use oil blotting sheets to take care of oil in lieu of powder. I'll do winged liner or black if I'm feeling fancy, but my every day look uses brown liner slightly blended at the corners. I'll also sometimes wear a single shade of shadow either on the lid or under eye. I like bright pinks. I'm still looking for a new mascara because the one I used changed formulas. It was more or less a lash tint versus a mascara to add length and separation. Picture related is the one that changed formulas.

>> No.9964645

Only vaguely related, but I once took a nasty fall right outside the the ABC store to pick up some alcohol for guests who were coming. It was autumn, and I stepped in a huge pothole covered in leaves. The cop who checks ID's kept giving me this weird, hesitant look. I thought it was something wrong with my ID.

I got home, looked in the mirror, and realized I had blood all over the side of my face from the fall. That's why he gave me such a long, leery look. I don't think you'll have too much an issue other then some weird looks.

>> No.9964652

Sorry the only way to really remove milia is by making an excision in the skin, that being said maybe if you use an acid peel it could help???

>> No.9964655

I'd say keep it tasteful, guro can go costumey pretty quickly anyways, maybe like styled blood would would out better? Like a red eyeliner instead of using fake blood? For cons real fake blood is okay, but for everyday that shit get's everywhere and it's sticky.

>> No.9964668

I prefer putting makeup on both sides of my face, personally

>> No.9964906

>be guy
>my upper lip is really dark even after a close shave, the contrast is retarded with my light skin

I'm guessing its the hair follicles? i can't really grow facial hair but i do have the dreaded mexi/pajeet-stache if I don't shave daily.

Will waxing it help by ripping more and more of the follicles out? hopefully it causes enough damage that it doesnt grow back anymore.

the waxing girl told me to wait another week to grow it further, but she did a strip test just to make sure, fuck me that hurt, its on a different level from eyebrow waxing or threading.

>> No.9964916

It's milia and I have them on my upper arms, and you either need to go to a dermatologist for a chemical bath or you claw them out like I neurotically do

Would suggest the former

>> No.9964917
File: 18 KB, 236x314, IMG_5187.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really like this coord as part of my inspo in guro, and was thinking more along the lines of this, which is more subtle in makeup... but it looks like she definitely has blood/"blood" on her

>> No.9965031

Waxing pulls out hair roots, and coupled with the high temperature, making it significantly harder to grow back. With time, you will get fewer and fewer hairs growing, eventually being almost hairless
Heads up, the longer it is, the more will hurt. But you need to have a bit of grip for the wax.

>> No.9965033

that sounds good.

ive had my eyebrows waxed constantly now but it still feels like i gotta do it every 2 weeks though.

also its kind of awkward Ill go from a clear face to gradually growing my moustache to the point that its able to get plucked again(mexistache) and repeat. but if it actually removes enough of the follicles that I can shave and not have an upper lip shadow ill be happy, cause my normal 5 oclock shadow looks fine elsewhere

>> No.9965307

I think the issue is I started using tretinoin again. I had some left from when I had really bad cystic acne and decided to use it on some closed comedones on my jawline. I also applied a decent amount on the folds bc I heard it's good for wrinkles and now I'm reading on a lot of forums that it'll make wrinkles worse before it gets better. This is also why the side I applied more product too is much flatter all of a sudden. So that solves that in case anyone else had the same issue

>> No.9965343

Not that anon but that is indeed the only places I get acne. I was on BC in the past and it didn't really do much, and I don't trust pharmaceuticals so I refuse it. Gotta be a better way.
I'm 26, still get confused for being a high schooler. Only problem is some small fine lines appeared as smile lines, but I'm keeping snail gel on it night and day to reduce or halt it. Not sure what else I can do, I already use a lot of moisturizer and retinol serum. It's only visible if youre neurotic about looking though, no one but me would notice at this point.
I have these on my face and cunt (yes it's not an STD for real.) I need a derma appointment, was trying to wait for insurance from my job. According to my research yes it's milia and yes it needs a derma to remove them.

>> No.9965370

Get back on bc. You will get told this anyways if you try to go to a specialist, it’s one of the basic things they do, and needed if you ever get on the harsher ones.

>> No.9965379

So according to this, if I rub piss on my face I'll be cured? (or honey or green tea or other substances.) brb golden showering myself, thanks /cgl/. Unironically going to try this, I'll report back with results in a few weeks. Why the fuck not, not the worst thing I've done.
Why buy yet another product when my body produces the piss for free?

>> No.9965393

Aren't you a gross edgy feminist

>> No.9965746
File: 1.24 MB, 303x307, 1529619356166.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

YSL's touche eclat cushion in B10 is very, very pale if you want something you can easily find in the states. expensive though. I also have used the Missha BB cream and cushions in shade 13 and it works well for my face (my MAC shade is NW10 but my skin is way too dry for their formula).

hormonal BC is actually the only way i can control my acne. every single time i go off of it, it comes back. rather than blanket distrust of pharmaceuticals, it might be better to develop an understanding of how exactly the pharms you would potentially use work and being able to critically weigh cost vs. benefit. i also take a continuous cycle BC and only get my period every three months which I highly recommend.

it isn't gross for women to have their natural bodies, anon. my best guess is you're either a dumb crossboarding male or an [absolute sweetie] who hasn't realized that performing femininity in every aspect of your life isn't ~empowering~ yet.

>> No.9965776

I relate to this underwear thing super hard. No matter what kind I wear nothing comes close to the level of comfy as saying fuck it and not wearing them.

>> No.9965779

>Pubic hair is unhygienic
>Goes commando in skirts and sits bare pussy everywhere

Anon plz

>> No.9965781

Try it retard.

>> No.9965791

>skin corrector
>setting powder
>contour powder
>high lighter
>lipstick or/and lip gloss
>eyebrow shit (?)

I would use eyeliner and eye shadow routinely, but I haven't learnt to do it properly, it's so fucking hard. For everyday, I don't even bother wearing makeup. My skin is so bad it's go hard or go home.

>> No.9965799

>how is having hair unhygienic

You can't have pubic lice if you don't have pubes.

>> No.9965878

So basically my bf has really been battling trying to figure out how to make his hair nice and not borderline gross pretty much. His scalp is very tacky and greasy feeling, but the ends are extremely damaged and dry. He's tried a lot of different shampoos and I recently found out he's been neglecting conditioner so that's why the ends are so damaged. It constantly gets small knots and he pulls clumps out of it every day. He's currently trying Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo 3 with Shea Moisture Superfruit 10-in-1 conditioner on the ends. The clarifying shampoo has helped a fair amount, but there's still tackiness in the scalp. His hair used to have a lot of white flecks and his hairbrush would have a lot of greasy buildup after just one session of brushing, but that has gotten better.

I keep telling him to go to the hair salon and get a thorough wash + trim (His hair is very long, down to his mid-back) but he's too embarrassed of his hair to actually go. :/ I have no idea how to help him anymore. Really in need of a miracle product or something.

>> No.9965893

Also he used to wash his hair with just coconut oil so I'm pretty sure the gummy feeling in his scalp is product buildup from that.

>> No.9965916

>the ends are extremely damaged and dry

There is no actual way to repair this. Cut the hair short and take better care of it next time.

>Also he used to wash his hair with just coconut oil

lol don't do that.

>> No.9965922

You're right, he needs to cut his hair. If he's too embarrassed to go into a salon to do it, he could consider buying a pair of clippers to get it short enough to clean thoroughly, and then after that go into the salon for a touch up to look styled and nice. But from your description, at this point the hair is so damaged that it's only going to get worse. It sounds like an entire nest of split ends from scalp to end based on how easily it knots and breaks.

It might be partially that he doesn't want to get it cut because he likes having long hair (but again is embarrassed to admit it), and if that's the case you can assure him that it will grow much faster after a trim than it will now.

>> No.9966003

I think he knows there's no way to repair the damaged ends, he just wants to be less greasy when he shows up to the salon. I keep telling him I'm sure the stylists have seen wayyyy worse hair but ya. We do have a wedding coming up so I'm going to use that as leverage to try and force him to get a trim.
He did stop with the coconut oil thankfully. Him using that for as long as he did was quite the trip.

The buildup is only in his scalp/roots, not anywhere else so the haircut is only to get rid of split ends. I forgot that the split ends do make it worse so I'll bring that up to him. His hair is like 30 inches now so even if he does get many inches off, it's at a point where it wouldn't be much of a difference. He's just very self conscious about the buildup and possibly the knots too. I cringe every time he combs his fingers through his hair and I hear all his hair breaking. ;_;

>> No.9966143


Yeah because I have that problem alllll the time.

What the fuck. If you have pubic lice there are far worse things in your life than just pubic hair.

>> No.9966146

Ah, thanks for the suggestion anon, I'll look into it! I've kind of given up on finding a foundation or cushion straight up in my shade, I just currently mix LA Girl white into Bobbi Brown Alabaster and live with a too dark face at work. Pretty sure I tried NC10 and it was too dark, only foundation I've ever tried that was too light was KVD Lock-It 41 which was way too pink anyways and dry looking.

>> No.9966147


Maybe, but I also don't get folliculitis or ingrown hairs and my boyfriend is perfectly fine with me the way I am. Men who say they are grossed out by hair on women are hypocritical as fuck and need to be shown that it's perfectly natural and hygienic to have leg hair.

Although I guess it helps I'm Asian.

>> No.9966159

Soak his scalp in apple cider vinegar?

>> No.9966163

I shave everything but my leg hair regularly because it's so fucking annoying trying to shave everything all at once.

>> No.9966164

Nayrt but It's not really weird that some people don't shave. I do because I like it but I have lots of friends who don't

>> No.9966904

if you touch your face at all during the day, stop that shit and only touch your face once you wash your hands with soap.

>> No.9966908

Tretinoin does not take away facial volume, tf are you on. applying more or less doesn't make a difference besides with making your skin irritated if it's sensitive.

>> No.9966919
File: 326 KB, 1984x1250, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 9.50.57 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A lot of people say it can in fact make your face look sunken and worse if you use it too much. But it goes back to normal. I definitely went overboard because I forgot how strong it is. I just stopped using it + actives for now and I can already feel my skin is back to the same level and the folds are starting to be less exaggerated. The one side of my face I didn't put more product on is now the same plumpness as the other side.

>> No.9966928

You could go to a doctor. Otherwise, yeah, honey is good for bacterial and fungal infections. The other good choice is tea tree oil. I'd use those before I use urine. Perlier makes soaps formulated with honey, but they're really pricey. Tea tree oil is good, but you only want to apply it to the sores.

>> No.9966955

>confirmation bias, the post

>> No.9967495
File: 24 KB, 337x337, 8^).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My face went from sunken due to heavy application to back to normal because I stopped applying, but sure, whatever you say bud

>> No.9969435

are there any lotions or someshit that will gradually lighten your skin and smoothen complexion? i use kojie acid soap but its mostly for the face.

also i hear there are lotions that make you noticeably lighter but is just temporary, i need that for trapping

>> No.9969441


Niacinimide brightens your skin and fades discoloration, and studies indicate it brightens and can lighten skin. I use a 10% solution which you can get from the Ordinary for $5.90

Also, sunblock sunblock sunblock. Reapply it like water.

>> No.9970529

What kind of mascara won't make my eyelids itchy?

>> No.9970530

that sounds like you’re allergic

>> No.9970533

It's really not my whole eyelid that gets itchy, it's the rimline of the eyelid.

Any mascara that won't cause a reaction? I don't have any other allergies, besides a mild one to cat hair.

>> No.9970587

uh you are probably just allergic as the other anon said. maybe just find a mascara that is for sensitive skin? I've never put on a cosmetic that made my skin or eyes itchy even cheap stuff.

>> No.9970744

Did you only just recently start wearing mascara? You may just not be used to it, or you may have sensitive skin (not necessarily an allergy).

I'd recommend trying fiberless mascaras, and mascaras that are meant to make your eyelashes soft. Something like Aveno or Physician's Formula may be a good place to start. You could also try applying a primer to your eyelashes first, to act as a barrier between your skin and the mascara (assuming the primer doesn't give you the same trouble).

>> No.9970767

Thanks a whole lot! I don't normally wear mascara, actually.

I definitely think it might be the sensitive skin thing, so I appreciate the recommendations!

>> No.9971383

Anons I’m freaking out.
My first wrinkle is sort of developing it’s not very deep but I can notice it.
What can I do?
Are there any good wrinkle fixers for not serious wrinkles to prevent it from becoming a serious wrinkle?
I will commit sudoku if I can’t change it.
I’m deathly afraid of needles so injections aren’t really something I feel I can manage to make myself do.

>> No.9971432

toner+retinol serum+hydrolic acid mask+moisturizer

Not a permanent fix, but as long as you stick to the routine daily, they'll be significantly diminished as long as you apply the products. I notice you start to see them again after 2-3 days of not applying anything.

>> No.9971488

Tretinoin doesn't decrease facial volume, period. You can go argue with the multitude of studies on Tretinoin's effects with your confirmation bias anecdote.

>> No.9971493


don't bother. Every time I say something that's backed up by scientific evidence, i get dogpiled on by a bunch of anecdotes.

I've learned a lot from skincare threads, but you really need to have a good base knowledge to sift through fearmongering and superstition here.

>> No.9971544

Vitamin C can help with pigmentation, if you need actual smoothing then chemical exfoloants like glycolic acid are good

>> No.9971556

Oh you poor fools
Waxing cannot permanently and consistently destroy hair follicles. While there are some people who have seen lesser hair as a result of it, it's unlikely they were trying on a fucking male stache. For some people waxing has proven to be a great stimulator for hair growth, along with plucking.
The comment about the heat weakening the follicle is total bs. The amount of heat needed for that to happen would first seriously burn the surface of the skin before it got anywhere near the stem cells within the follicle and no one would use wax that hot unless they wanted a lawsuit.

Instead the reality is you'll end up with a lot of broken off hairs as waxing is hardly accurate. You'll need to pluck individual hairs out after each wax attempt, which can scar as plucking often does. Bonus will be getting ingrowns from the hairs that weren't properly pulled out by the wax, scarring from the ingrown also likely as well as hyperpigmentation.

>> No.9971558

Don't let the waxing anons scare you. It's perfectly fine if you get it done by a trusted professional. It's true that it won't actually get rid of your mustache, but you'll get to go a significantly longer time without the facial stubble. If you're shaving everyday. It's worthwhile. It's going to feel like a bikini wax because you're pulling terminal hair. The regrowth can also be less noticeable since the hair tip will be tapered opposed to blunt cut. You don't want to damage the skin though.

You'll want to properly exfoliate and clean the skin with more attention then you would shaving. Exfoliating will prevent ingrown hairs, and cleaning will prevent infection or pimples. The first day or two after waxing, you'll likely want to avoid getting to grubby or sweaty because the follicles will be prone to collecting dirt for a day or two.

Man, you've gone to some terrible waxing technicians. They should be fired.

>> No.9971560

Also, hyper pigmentation following the removal of dark hair is a a precaution for laser removal. It shouldn't happen in waxing unless they're damaging the skin. In that case, it's likely scarring from improper technique.

Infection can occur due to double-dripping. It's not unheard of for technicians to use the same stick more then once. That's bad. They're suppose to use a new stick each time they dip. There shouldn't be more then 2-3 hairs to pluck after proper technique. The wax types are also different for each area. It really shouldn't be causing hyper pigmentation or damage . That's bad.

I mean, I don't blame you for ragging on it if you had a bad experience. People can really fuck up with waxing.

>> No.9971569 [DELETED] 
File: 15 KB, 300x300, D379DBA8-2B9D-4428-98D2-0DEB194A067C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have any experience using Pola Wrinkle shot?
It’s about ¥12000 so it’s not cheap and many websites say this is a miracle product but they all seem like advertisements desu.

>> No.9971762

Whatever. All I know is that thanks to waxing I don't really grow hair on my legs anymore. Just a couple of patches that I only hit up with a razor every 6 to 8 weeks.
>if only my armpits would do the same....

>> No.9972069

What's the best way to improve my skin and hair care routines?

My skin is neither dry nor particularly oily, and acne isn't a huge concern, but I do have little closed bumps. My pores are a bit large too, along with my cheeks being red, and my eyelids and bags are fairly dark.

Right now I just use Ponds B3 dark spot correcting cream, 10% benzoyl peroxide, and African black soap. This stuff has helped with the little bumps, but not much else.

As far as my hair goes, other than regularly washing it and using a heat protectant, I don't really have a routine for it. I've been looking into buying Biotin shampoo/conditioner, but figured I'd ask here first.

>> No.9972123

Ok i need your help. I went to a festival past weekend and i've tanned despite using spf50+ ! I hate looking tan especially on my face and arms. Does anyone know what easy to find (in europe) brandsi can use? I'm pretty much having to resort to online only purchases. People in stores looked at me like i'm weird and crazy when i asked about wanting to un-do a tan.
Thanks in advance!

>> No.9972146

Moisturise your skin. You've got heaps of reasonably strong, harsh products and nothing to offset that. With regards to your hair - I assume you already condition it? Some people (myself included) find their hair is better with mostly sulfate and silicone free products, which may be worth looking into if you are trying to avoid damage.

>> No.9972151
File: 78 KB, 736x1104, accf85e9075c791e97dd53692bf12d18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there anything I can do about the crease under eyes?

>> No.9972259

Get fillers

>> No.9972318

bake ur under eyes with setting powder. a classic drag trick that's become popular now.

>> No.9972323

What's a moisturizer you would suggest?

My big thing with my hair really is growing it out. It's about past my chin now, so I wanna use products that will promote growth.

>> No.9972326

What does Argan oil actually do and when should I use it in my routine?

>> No.9972328

>tfw bothered bythe crease under my eyes
>1 in 10,000 chance to go blind from getting undereye fillers

It's too scary

>> No.9972346

Hair growth is mostly genetic, but you can take prenatal vitamins to speed up the growth a LITTLE. I've used prenatal vitamins to grow out bad haircuts a few times. It does work, but just note it will make all of the hair on your body grow faster. Make sure you buy good quality vitamins - anything with chelated metals (will say so in the list of active ingredients) will be good.

The main thing you'll want to be focusing on from here, however, is protection. Avoid heat styling if you can. As a curly haired person who straightens, I know that's not always possible. I've been growing out a chin length bob since 2 years ago and here's what I do:

>Wash hair every 3-4 days with sulfate-free shampoo and moisturizing conditioner
>Use a leave-in treatment spray on your wet hair before air-drying or blow-drying
>Use a heat protection, silicon based serum before flat ironing.
>Use a wide-toothed comb to brush hair
>sleep with your hair tied loosely in a scrunchy to prevent snagging/pulling and tangles while sleeping
>Before washing your hair, massage your scalp with the pads of your fingers. This loosens dead skin/oil and also gets the blood flowing to your scalp which is good for hair growth.

If you do heat-style, get a micro-trim every 6 weeks. This is also called "dusting" - any good salon will know what you mean. This basically takes off just the very ends of your hair - less than what grows in 6 weeks, and prevents split ends and breakage.

>> No.9972368

guy who will trap, what are good products to make your lips prettier without being classified as lipstick.

not trying to be a dragqueen here.

>> No.9972369

Tinted lip balm. Something with a bit of a pink hue is good, since women tend to have redder lips.

>> No.9972377

Not sure where else to post this, but what's the best way to get whiter teeth? I've tried tons of different toothpastes, but they still end up looking a bit dingy.

>> No.9972403

i tried brushing my teeth with baking soda after brushing my teeth everyday and after a few weeks there was a noticable difference
I don’t do it anymore because laziness but they worked for me

>> No.9972424
File: 33 KB, 355x355, 81FcFnwEqgL._SY355_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

White strips

>> No.9972453
File: 171 KB, 720x871, Screenshot_20180818-224903.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have severely dry flaky dead skin
>acne outbreaks
>hear how koreans' secret is sun protection and how uv rays affect you
>eh kay whatever
>order some cheap l'etude house sunscreen moisturiser
>lol this is probably gonna be some dumb shit
>put it on everytime before I leave house and reapply as necessary
boy was I in for a surprise.
>smells REAL good (almost wanna eat it)
>feels refreshing
>skin glowing but not oily/greasy-looking, highlights my cheekbones
>when sun hits my face, doesn't feel like it's burning, feels like there's a layer protecting my skin
>rarely have acne anymore
>skin tone seems more even
god fucking bless 10/10 I want to buy a whole crate of it

>> No.9972464

If it's in the actual undereye that's sunken then yeah, blindness risk, but if you have the crease from eye bags like that photo suggests they fill more towards the cheeks to make them the same fullness as the eyebag and remove the crease.

Spmething generic, cerave is a good starting point if you haven't tried anything before. Other anon has nearly exactly the hair growth tips I recommend except I prefer Biotin tablets to prenatals since I have high iron already and shouldn't take extra iron supplements

Basically it's a moisturiser which supposedly has some skin evening properties, use it after serums etc where you'd usually put the moisturizing step.

No coffee/tea/staining drinks.
You can't just use toothpaste even if they claim they're whitening
Best to start with a proper dental clean and see how much of it is build up, some places have deals on checkup+clean if you don't have much money
Then find a whitening product that won't fuck your teeth up (strips and baking soda are pretty safe) and go for it

>> No.9972490

protip: Drink your coffee or tea or anything staining through a straw.

>> No.9972491

caffeine in both cases

>> No.9972750

The Koreans really know what they're doing when it comes to skincare, anon.
It's seriously life-changing to be able to leave the house and feel GOOD about yourself for once.
Look into K-beauty bloggers and the whole (or modified) skincare routine.

>> No.9972751

Why would you? that shit makes your eye area look bigger... Even is a desired trait in Korea

>> No.9972774

No...that's aegyo sal and is just slight puffiness under the lower lid. Giant ass eye bags are not kawaii anon.

>> No.9972783
File: 102 KB, 994x594, makeup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I might eventually have to show some skin when I crossplay(mostly just shoulders/back)

How the fuck do I cover every single blemish and have that fake as fuck powdery pale white look?

pic related, I want that kind of skin tone.

>> No.9972784

Baking soda paste, coconut oil pulling, and swishing/brushing with hydrogen peroxide has worked for me in the past

>> No.9972785

Argan oil doesn't stick as well to your hair and doesn't actually moisturize anything, it just gives the illusion of it. Use biosilk oil, coconut oil, or chi silk infusion oil for your hair

>> No.9972791
File: 253 KB, 411x616, 1525849843050.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it fucking figures a crossplayer would use that a porn screen to show what skin tone they want. god you people are shit. what's the current issue with your skin? sun damage or bacne? or just not pale enough for your tastes?

>> No.9972794

bacne, probably from all the anavar/winstrol im gulping, didnt affect my face/hair though.

also being paler is a plus

>> No.9972795

also needle marks on my shoulders

>> No.9973008

Any recommendations for tone up whitening products?
Best face masks you've used?
I have a week off of work so I can try and revive my poor skin

>> No.9973011

treat the acne area GENTLY, you absolutely will make it worse if you pick. if it's severe, see a doctor about antibiotic treatment if you don't mind contributing to supergerms. otherwise normal treatments like benzoyl peroxide could help. you can exfoliate but be gentle and don't overexfoliate. don't use shitty soap (i'm looking at you, Dial). always follow up with moisture.

wearing super tight shirts or fuckin dirty clothes can exacerbate back acne. carrying heavy bags on your shoulders can irritate and spread it. you might want to stick to loose, breathable tops until you clear it up or at least lessen the severity.

for short term changes in skin tone, try something like Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack. you can use it on your body and your face. it can smooth out the appearance of discoloration, but if your acne is severe it won't look good. don't forget your hands. long term you're just gonna have to become addicted to sunscreen.

remember though: the ultimate secret to perfect, milky skin is good lighting and touch ups.

>> No.9973032
File: 30 KB, 680x854, cae001_cocoandeve_likeavirginsupernourishingcoconut&fighairmasque_1_1560x1960-nf1z7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone ever tried this? Does it live up to the hype or is it just infomercial garbage?

>> No.9973043

sunscreen recs please, particularly those available in/easily shippable to Europe

I'm really light skinned (fair/ivory/porcelain type) but don't burn in the sun super easily, need some kind of daily driver that isn't too hard to just slap on. generally wear little to no makeup on a daily basis, my usual 'foundation' is a SPF15 BB cream. mixed/oily skin on the face, some acne on the face and the shoulders and some kinda nasty hyperpigmentation on the arms and back (main reason I want to get into properly wearing it), I have no idea what else is relevant here.
I have previously just used some basic bitch local brand that was a fairly thick lotion and found that a hassle to work into the skin, so something slightly thinner might be nice. I also got a little sample of a Sebamed cream which did alright but I know Asian ones are all the hype so I'd be interested in some recommendations to that end as well

>> No.9973297

I use HA serum under my eyes and it kind of plumps up my skin so it doesn't look as sunken in

>> No.9973412

Are korean cosmetics any good? Are they better than their american counterparts? I'm talking brands like Tony moly, Etude house, Holika holika and so on. I want to try them out but Youtube reviews just don't convince me.

>> No.9973416

The brands you mentioned are the cheap end of Korean makeup, same price range as American drugstore but quality wise yes it’s better than American drugstore shit.
It’s closer to mid range American stuff quality wise.

>> No.9973520

>bought fake eyelashes for my crossplay
>didnt get any for the bottom lashes

did I mess up or is getting that going into overkill/kim kardashian/slag territory?

>> No.9973556

What’s the best way to lighten skin? Im especially interested in those temp. whitening sprays/creams I see in Asian makeup transformations

I already take a good 20 mins to sunscreen my whole body (SunBum and Neutrogena) and wear hats, my natural skin tone according to my untanned legs is fairly white, but due to being mixed I tan fast and dark, it’s inevitable I tan in 115 degree sun here no matter how much i try to cover/prevent/care, I heard Kojic acid helps but reviews don’t do it justice, specific brand/items would help thanks

>> No.9973582

Maybe this isn't the right place, but...

Does anyone know where to get good false decoden/deco nails? I really want some for my birthday, but a lot of etsy sellers are crap, and I want these nails to be crazy.

>> No.9973589

depends on the character you are going to cosplay.
I would worry more about makeup to suit your face structure.

>> No.9973615

Biore aqua watery gel

>> No.9973630

thanks, I think I've actually heard of that one before - looks like it's pretty widely available on ebay (but not sold anywhere in this country). if anyone has a specific seller they can rec, I'd appreciate info on that too

>> No.9973716

>Does anybody have reccs for a medium brown, matte-colour eye-shadow.. That's a cream?

I've given up on hiding my tear troughs/eyebags, but I find that adding a little brown directly under my eyes distracts from them (also makes my eyes look bigger and hides the tiny lines forming!)
So far I've been using an eyebrow crayon and gently smudging it with my finger, but I'm sure that's not good for the skin. I tried a normal powder eye-shadow, but it settled in the lines and looked much more obvious as makeup.

>> No.9973754

The best bet is to find a nail technician who specializes in art local to you, to have them custom made and last better.
Some nail techs who do art will also take on commissions for press ons except they’ll be professional level of quality.
Honestly I find that to be the best thing to do for nails because it’s so hard to find sellers of nails who are actually real nail techs and can do the fancy crazy out there art.

>> No.9973763

Anon my mother is allergic to most cosmetic products and it sounds similar to what you’re describing except her eyes will water up too if it’s near her eye and somewhat swell lightly.
Her first action was to try sensitive specialty makeup some worked a lot didn’t so she just can’t wear any makeup now. If you’re really determined of this you can take some products with you to an allergy doctor and have them tested for reactions to your body and that might help find out which ingredients you should avoid in your makeup specifically in your case maybe take a few brands of mascara with you to see which will react which won’t so that you can compare ingredients.

>> No.9974057

Awkard but, anyone knows any youtubers/bloggers/peps in general that offer tips on applying make up when you have very bad eyesight? Lenses are not an option, but I want to step up my eyeshadow game.

>> No.9974314

What's a good matte setting spray that isn't super expensive? I've tried Maybelline and NYX, they do decent but I'm looking for something new.

>> No.9974347
File: 854 KB, 980x1012, Screen-Shot-2016-11-26-at-3.40.00-PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you wear glasses? I recently got oval brushes similar to these and found out that I can leave my glasses on while applying eyeshadow since the bristles are perpendicular to the brush head. Complete game changer.

>> No.9974516
File: 44 KB, 540x540, ba53a09b90d9f0ba7341409f5cc51bc2--goth-nails-dark-makeup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you paint your nails?

The lady in Ulta said I need to use a primer, base coat, polish, then top coat, but that seems like too many layers.

I though a primer and a case coat were the same thing. What's the difference?

Can I put on a base coat then a top coat with no actual polish between them?

>> No.9974519

Yes, I wear glasses. Thank you anon, I try these type of brushes.

>> No.9974522

>a primer, base coat, polish, then top coat, but that seems like too many layers
Sounds like the lady needs those sales. Just nailpolish with a top coat is enough in almost all cases, as long as you give your nails a break from time to time.

>> No.9974532

I don't even do a base coat unless it's a color that's hard to take off since it takes longer to dry, just nail polish and top coat is fine.

>> No.9974550 [DELETED] 

Depends on the color, a Base Coat can prevent your nails from getting stained by pigmented deep colors.
If you just want to be lazy about it and have it last a couple days then yeah you don’t need a Base Coat you can do just the color and top coat, if you’re trying to have it last closer to a week then a good quality Base Coat will help the whole thing stick better.
Primer is what my nail tech uses to ensure a better hold on gel manicures so I don’t know what the hell the lady was trying to sell you on there because all it does is dehydrate the nail to help things stick and it’s pretty unnecessary for just someone who wants a couple days of normally polished nails.

>> No.9974560
File: 169 KB, 1500x1500, orly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could use a growth-enhancing base coat with a top coat for shine if all you're wanting is some extra-protection plus gloss. Instead of primer, just wash your hands really well before painting or use an alcohol wipe to swipe over them. The only reason you'd really need all that is if you have a lot of ridges on your nails, and you need to even out the surface. Base coat is sometimes used with dark polishes so they don't stain the nail underneath.

Most people are okay with two light coats of polish + one top coat. Many top coats work alone, but Seche Vite does work best with polish underneath. If you're just wanting a nice gloss with maybe a hint of color for a natural look, I'd look into getting some of the ORLY french manicure series for a sheer base with Seche Vite on top for extra gloss. The ORLY French Manicure line is a sheer polish that just adds a hint of color with one coat.

>> No.9974563

And to answer 'how you paint your nails', it'd be preparatory work, 1 thin coat of base (wait 2 minutes, 1 thin coat of polish (wait 2 minutes), second thin coat of polish (wait 2 minutes), and then thin layer of top coat unless you use Seche Vite or similar; for the latter, it's thick layer of top coat.

That's really not how most people do their nails. Some just prefer the 2 layers of polish with a top coat while I've known others who just use one thick layer of polish alone.

>> No.9974643
File: 213 KB, 564x846, I-find-the-gothic-makeup-amazing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you for the quick replies! I appreciate all of your help!

>> No.9974676

WHY WHY WHY WHY does every single thing clump or cake at the tip of my nose and nowhere else?

i literally dont cake on my moustache area and im a fucking guy my nose is always red at the point so i want it prrettied up else it really contrasts the pale skin.

should i try putting powder before makeup? no amount of primer or moisyurizer seem to help, i should get a proper one tho, not that cheap nivea trash

>> No.9974699

Anyone have any links to any cute dolly wink eyelash dupes?

>> No.9974715

Do you let your moisturizer dry/set (5 min) before putting on your primer?
Do you let you primer set (2-3 min) before putting on concealer?
Do you apply setting powder on top your concealer?
How are you blending out your concealer?

Walk us through the routine with as much detail as possible so that potential issues can be addressed.

>> No.9974744

I remember reading awhile back that chapstick actually dries out your lips after using it so much. What else are you supposed to use?

>> No.9974746

That's how it creases twice as bad.
Nice, i was debating if i should buy this or not.

>> No.9974753

yes to 1 and 2, i apply pressed powder which i assume is the british equivalent.

i just dab it using the concealer highlighter lipstick and gently pat with blender, thats how i do all my makeup.

i might be using an ultra el cheapo moisturizer though and a not that mucj bettet than drugstore brand primer, also i just recently added niacinimide and some acid thingy in addition to kojie also ill exfoliate since i sont usually do it.

ill test actually using a good moisturizer not some 5 buck nivea all purpose crap

>> No.9974825
File: 127 KB, 500x164, Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 10.44.12 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Didn't know there was a name for those. Is this aegyo sal?

>> No.9974885

essentially, but a little less intense

>> No.9974905

It's the alcohol that's in the chapstick. Find a lip balm that has no alcohol in it. I think it's the cheaper chapstick that is bad for you; that you buy in the check out line.

Find something with very minimal ingredients that are commonly used for conditioning/protecting, like petroletum, shea butter, etc, if you're not sure.

Something like Smith's Rosebud Salve has a simple ingredient list with no alcohols. I didn't find it worked too much for me but other people rave about it, so just try different things.

>> No.9974978

put whatever moisturizer you use on your face on your lips too, then put aquaphor or vaseline over the top to seal moisture in. you can’t really easily reapply during the day but it helps a lot if you do it at night. i use the small tube of aquaphor and carry that around to reapply

>> No.9975045

Pressed powder and setting powder are different. Setting powder is generally a translucent/white powder meant to keep concealer in place and keep the face matte.

>> No.9975086

What’s the best mixture of products to avoid looking cakey on camera/having wrinkles (that you don’t naturally have), forming on your face? For reference I’ve always used sunscreen > bb cream (face shop cc cream saved me many times) > no blush. But now I purchased some products from Etude House and Redkin and literally it makes my face look so cakey! I’m also finding that all of a sudden blush looks like makeup clown on me. Any product recommendations? I have clear skin, but combination, use dermalogica products for my skin care routine and have ivory/tanned skin.

>> No.9975274

Forgive the ignorant male cosplayer passing by, but is there a mascara that somehow... starches your eyelashes? I mean, something to keep them from getting dropy/bent out of shape if I wear glasses/masks and they rub against my lashes when I blink.

>> No.9975291

You can use a lash curler and use mascaras that will help hold the curl but if you're constantly putting pressure on them, why not just use shorter "natural" fake lashes?

>> No.9975311

Get a good magnifying mirror...l wear glasses and I use a 10x magnifier to put on eyeliner and do any other detailed work. And wear more eye makeup. Your glasses are going to hide half of it anyway, so you'll have to use more and be a little bit more dramatic with it in order for people to notice that you're wearing eye makeup at all.

>> No.9975330

My lashes are very straight naturally. I tried curling and mascara, but they don't hold for enough hours (at least imo) , and with pressure, they fall back/slightly curl downwards. I am severely allergic to lash glue so falsies are not an option sadly.

>> No.9975488

I'm pretty sure they make clear mascara or primer mascaras. You can try that.

>> No.9975550

Did you heat curl them as well? Warmed curlers are generally a little better

>> No.9975560

Guys tend to have super oily noses, and are often prone to blackheads and the sort near the tip. Have you tried using oil blotting sheets every hour or so?

>> No.9975577

yesss this, i have a relatively cheap heated lash curler i got from krogers it's really nice, the silicone turns white when heated up. i have straight lashes as well and mascara always gives me panda eyes but the heated curler really helps them keep the curls, try it!

>> No.9975582

Or you could aim your blowdryer at your regular lash curler to see if heating works before spending the money on a specialty item.
Assuming your lash curler is a metal one.

>> No.9975595 [DELETED] 

This is probably a dumb question but is there an shadow palette that is specifically geared toward goth needs? More than 95 percent that I run, half of the colors are super light or bright. I just want a palette that has a good array of darker colors.

>> No.9975596

This is probably a dumb question but is there an shadow palette that is specifically geared toward goth needs? More than 95 percent that I run in to, half of the colors are super light or super bright. I just want a palette that has a good array of darker colors.

>> No.9975600

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I will get an articulated arm to mount the magnifying mirror on.
>wear more eye makeup
I'm not sure anon. I take my glasses off for pictures (usually) and if I have them on the transition lenses are pretty dark outside (I live in a rather all-round the year sunny place) so you can't see anything through them.

>> No.9975603

I have a cheap W7 "In the Night" palette which I go to all the time for dark eye makeup. I also have a colourpop 4some with matte dark reds + one gold in it which I use for eyeshadow/highlight/blush. I mainly wear dark purples and reds though so if you want more silvers/blue/green or dark browns you would need another palette or two. I think having some matte nude-brown shades is useful for if you want to go for that kinda undead/sickly brown eyeshadow look too.

>> No.9976005

is botox the only way to remove eye wrinkles? i don't go out in the sun and i moisturize everyday but when i smile i have serious eye crinkles

>> No.9976008

is there a bleach or anything that can remove the dark circles under your eyes?

it seems even a strong concealer and foundation doesnt hide mine under when under bad lighting (thankfully it does on webcam, good lighting)

>> No.9976017
File: 12 KB, 285x285, roc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not bleach, but there's creams marketed for hyperpigmentation you could use. Just be aware that they make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

>> No.9976057

Stupid question, but I'm planning on starting a double cleansing routine - I exercise after work and cleanse my face after I shower, so I've been using makeup wipes as soon as I get home. So if I use an oil cleanser to remove makeup, do I do it before I exercise and what about the rest of my cleansing routine? (toning and moisturising)

>> No.9976065

Oil cleanser should be immediately followed by a water cleanser. Your cleansing routine should be when you're done for the day.

Also, oil cleansers wipe off only very light makeup, so you'll still need to wipe of your makeup before it.

>> No.9976097

dark circles under eyes =\= hyper pigmentation

color correct before your concealer

>> No.9976110

Been trying out a neat trick my mother-in-law who is a dermatologist taught me for acne.

prescription silver sulfadiazine cream and hydrocolloid bandaids are legit working miracles on my skin right now. just make sure you don’t have a sulfa allergy before use.

>> No.9976113

Stay away from this brand and other cheapy stuff like it. Because it’s not hyperpigmentation you’re likely to just need some moderate changes in your daily life style. The skin around your eyes is the most delicate, treat it gently without tugging or pulling to avoid damaging blood vessels. If you’re absolute on using any creams opt for an eye serum instead, particularly one with a metal rollerball wand. Serums and creams really around going to do much else other than moisturize no matter how expensive or fancy sounding it’s ingredients are but a serum will absorb into the skin better than a cream will without any greasy leftovers.

just drink lots of water, he gentle around the eye areas and most importantly GET PROPER SLEEP. Avoiding devices that emit yellow light during evening hours or before bed.

Oh, and it’s actually a myth that retinol creams make skin more susceptible to the sun. They just break down quickly under UV rays, the very most it will do is shed the very top layer of skin while removing dead, built up cells which is actually a good thing. It’s also much better to use a more potent prescription retinoid. But again I’ll stress that lifestyle changes are going to be the more effective and less expensive route.

>> No.9976147

That's great anon, but in which way is it helping? Acne? Pigmentation? Dark circles?

>> No.9976148

Okay, I need serious help. I have excoriation disorder (I pick at my skin like a gross goblin) and I have a lot of problem areas (scabs/scarring) as well as an oily t-zone and oily upper cheeks, yet somehow the skin under and around my eyebrows is super dry. No skincare tips or routines I’ve seen have been able to help imrove my skin, and it’s impossible to find any tips on how to cover up scabs and healing skin with makeup.

Tldr: My skin is disgusting and I can’t seem to find a good way to improve my problem areas.

>> No.9976150

@millia anon: go to a dermatologist. Millia are a pain in the ass to get out yourself so you’re better off going to a professional. Blackheads and whiteheads are one thing but millia can be tough to get out without bruising yourself half to death

>> No.9976323
File: 2.21 MB, 2508x3541, 70345284_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had fine lines develop on my smileline area in the past few months. I started using snail gel 2x a day along with my regular moisturizer routine and oil cleansing, and also eating collagen supplement almost every day. Today the fine line is all but gone and I look younger than ever. My acne also magically disappeared. Idk what alone did it but it worked.
Huh, I don't have these. Maybe it's genetic. Take an anecdote but I've seen them more in people who eat too much salty food.
sunprise is bae

>> No.9976563

Okay, can you tell us what exactly you've tried and what your current routine is? In my experience, scabs are a bitch to cover with makeup as the difference in texture/raised areas will show unless you are going for like...full latex prosthetics. Difference in pigmentation in skin e.g. with scars is easier.

>> No.9976832

I’ve tried scrubs with moisturizer before, I tend to try to exfoliate the dryer bits of skin more before then moisturizing to get it to stop being so dry but it never seemed to help much. As of right now my routine is that I clean my face gently three times a day with a washcloth that’s damp with cold water. I’ve tried washing and then applying aloe (not the best moisturizer, I know) but my face would still get greasy.

As for the scabs, I try to gently clean them with something abrasive to just take of a bit of skin without causing it to open up again so it’s not as raised, which works fairly well but still doesn’t help with discoloration...

>> No.9977343

What is a good solution for spot treating hyperpigmentation scars? I have a shit ton of old insect bites I wanna make go away.

>> No.9977347

Stop with the scrubs and think about an eventual switch to chemical exfoliation - rubbing your skin barrier off is just going to exacerbate your problems. With the picking, you are already going to be irritating your skin and peeling any bit of your scabs off makes scars worse. With wound healing, keep as moisturized as possible even on top of the scabs.

I would start with not washing your face so often - cut down to twice a day and use something gentle like cerave/cetaphil, switch to a very very soft washcloth or even just rinsing with water. Then you need to add moisture back in - again, with a compromised skin barrier this can be tricky. The Cerave moisturiser is okay, some people find sorbolene helpful although I would avoid that on more oily skin. You can stick with the aloe on the oily parts if you would prefer. A face oil such as squalane will help with the skin barrier, or something like a thicker vitamin E cream if you don't like oils. Squalane should be fine for your oily areas but vitamin E cream perhaps more like a spot treatment on scabs and scars + drier skin, if you have a tendency to break out.

Then you need to think about actives for treatment which I would not start until at least a week after trying the new cleansing/moisturizing, simply because if you have an allergy to anything you have no idea which product it is or what combo of products it could be. For scars, you really want to be promoting skin healing so avoiding sun damage on new scars and new skin is a good thing - Biore Aqua Watery Gel is commonly recommended although the alcohol component can be irritating to dry skin. Flick through the thread as there are a few recommendations.
In the longer term, retinol and glycolic acid may help promote new skin growth and turnover but I would recommend making sure your excoriation is more under control as it will also mean the skin that is there is more fragile.

>> No.9977349

In terms of makeup, if the skin routine is helping for less marked difference in the dry vs. oily that will help create a better base for the makeup to go over. Start with a pore-filling primer to give you a smoother base - this will not correct all the uneven-ness from scabs and scars but will hopefully help smooth the edges. Resist the temptation to pull the scabs off to make things smooth as longer term this will make it all worse. Then I would colour correct anything particularly red/purple/etc. with the appropriate colour corrector, then concealer dabbed on, then dab foundation lightly over the top and blend foundation as usual. I tend to dab my foundation on my face and blend out small areas with a kabuki or other densely bristled brush but that's just a personal choice, I don't think the coverage is necessarily better than using a beauty blender/sponge etc. Having all this product on may make some particularly dry scabs look worse/more obvious in which case you may just need to leave those ones be. I personally prefer liquid foundations and full coverage BB creams as I have a lot of acne scarring and ongoing active acne - sometimes the best I can do is cover a red lump with a scabbed over hole from my squeezing and turn it into a skin coloured lump with a flake of foundation on top, there's really not much more than that.

>> No.9978397

It's not a myth. You apply those creams at night because, yes, they break down in sunlight. However, the fact they make skin more susceptible to the sun is not a myth. Assuming they're actually doing their job, the skin will become more prone to burning, especially in people who are already susceptible. It's the end result that makes the skin susceptible.

>> No.9979057

Aside from problems with foundation/concealer looking weird over scabs, I find that even if I moisturize a couple times before applying my foundation still flakes like my skin is dry...

>> No.9979114
File: 849 KB, 758x802, 1535042376695.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.9979124

you prob eat like shit

>> No.9979131

>most it will do is shed the very top layer of skin while removing dead
This is what makes the skin more subsceptible to the sun though. There’s a reason babies need higher spf sunscreen. New skin is prone to sunburns.

>> No.9979133

I don't know about really old dark spots, but I've found that Mederma takes care of spots left over from mild acne and recent bug bites. I've taken to applying it as soon as they heal and the redness and brown tone go away quickly.

>> No.9979280

I had this problem.

>skin looks fine
>put on foundation
>suddenly everything is cracking and I'm a lizardwoman

Mixing oil/moisturizer with my liquid foundation seemed to help. For BB cream, spraying the cushion with mist before application also keeps my foundation from looking flaky.

>> No.9979284

genes+environment+overwashing (potentially)

Excessive sun exposure stimulates oil production, too.
Also, cleanse your face once a day at night, try just splashing water in it during the morning.

>> No.9979285

dimethicone-based foundations make the base look cakey and emphasize dry patches me.

Primers like smashbox's alsop ill on me.

If you have similar issues, try using a foundation where dimethicone isn't in the first 5 ingredients.

Even when I use properly foprmulated chemical exfoliants for a good amount of time and am careful about what i put on my face I still get that dry, cracked skin too.

>> No.9979287

*pill on me

>> No.9979329

For pilling, I found that it was mostly due to my primer, moisterizer and foundation interacting badly with each other. If I keep water-based with water-based and oil/silicone with oil/silicone, it usually doesn’t pill.

>> No.9979525

>fellow excoriation disorder sufferer
i haven't found any good ways to cover up healing skin, but i've found that using rosehip oil and aloe vera controls my oily face and moisturizes

>> No.9979541

I have an OK face, but my lips have almost no pigment. It looks like I have permanent concealer lips because they're the same colour as the rest of my skin. I try to use a lipstain under my lipsticks so that if it fades there's still some colour, but it doesn't work very well. Does anyone have any suggestions for lipsticks or lipstains that last for a long time? Or any other way I can avoid the concealer lips look when I don't want to wear much makeup.

>> No.9979585
File: 55 KB, 600x338, tear-trough-and-under-eye-bags-treated-with-hyaluronic-acid-filler-closeup-performed-by-Amiya-Prasad-MD.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have deep dark undereye circles, like the before pic here. Because they are physically deep and not due to discolouration, makeup isn't very helpful. Are fillers my only option?

>> No.9979676

topical HA may give you a slight improvement but only fillers will give that kind of result

>> No.9979704

Is Etude House Sunprise suitable for sensitive skin? All other sunscreens I've tried break me out, and I feel a burning sensation when I apply them. What's the difference between the watery light and the airy finish?

>> No.9979779

Had a facial and feel like it didnt do much. Is microderm much better?

>> No.9979783

If they are not genetic you might have iron deficiency. You should get this checked.

>> No.9979787

Pretty sure they're genetic, unfortunately.

>> No.9979835

Add a drop or two of facial oil to the foundation.

>> No.9979836
File: 3.83 MB, 4032x3024, 20180829_170718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are these? They were in one of my sister's old makeup bags.

>> No.9979849

eyelash curler replacement pads (if they're small sized, can't tell how large they are)

Realized this was kinda vague, but put a pump of foundation out and mix in a drop of oil, don't add the oil directly into your bottle

>> No.9979861

I'd recommend doing some facemasks for exfoliation, I used two peel off masks a day and it started to wear down the biggest milia bumps until it eventually came out. Long as fuck process tho so if there's a lot definitely see a dermatologist.

>> No.9979864

holy shit this is so bad for your skin

>> No.9979912

>two peel off masks a day
I really hope you mean per week.

>> No.9979979

Just reapply your lipstick/lipstain or choose a lipstain with more pigmentation. If you want more or less permanent results: lip tatoo.

>> No.9980192

I just "upgraded" from a Physicians Formula eyeliner to Stila and I'm struggling to get a nice clean line. The Stila seems to bleed and the edge isn't as sharp... And it seems about equally dark. I'm pissed, I bought it because reviews made it seem like the darkest shit around. I also miss the old brush tip, I think I'm struggling with the felt tip. Will this get better with practice or should I cut my losses and buy Physicians Formula again or Dollywink?

>> No.9980220

I'm not a fan of felt-tips - they always bleed on me. Get Dollywink anon, you won't regret it. My Mom is 68 and I even got her hooked on the Dollywink eyeliner.

>> No.9980346

Can someone explain to me why fillers/botox dont actually de-age you? They make you look better, but never younger.

>> No.9980452

how often do you guys clean your hair brush? and I don't mean just pulling out clumps of hair, I mean cleaning it with soap and everything.

>> No.9980537

not often, better to just buy new brushes. you need to use dish soap or a degreaser otherwise you're not really doing anything

>> No.9980540

What? Why not just clean it?

>> No.9980652

Lmao, shitter $5 walmart brush spotted

I clean mine with soap as instructed every week, but mine is a boar bristle brush.

>> No.9980653

The people who you can tell have botox already have old looking faces.
Age is also about skin texture as well.

>> No.9980661

Because they don't change your face shape (much) or skin texture, they just smooth out the hollows and wrinkles.

>> No.9980663

Shiro cosmetics lipglosses and balms often leave a stain.

>> No.9980819

>Lmao, shitter $5 walmart brush spotted
yeah. is a fancy brush worth it?

>> No.9980990

Once a week at least in summer, twice in the winter because I'm applying more oils and stuff sticks more. I have a combined synthetic and boar bristle brush.

It's not so much the price of the brush but the type, boar's bristle brushes are fantastic and help keep your hair healthier and stronger. A good quality boar's brush won't lose bristles and the handle will be more comfortable. I have a lot less strays and split ends since I switched.

>> No.9981079

Hmm now I'm wondering if I should switch. I have thick curly hair which I straighten, so I've always used a combination of finger-combing and a wide-tooth comb.

Are there round boar-bristle brushes? Would it be worth it to switch to one of those for blow drying? I only wash/blow dry twice a week.

>> No.9981109

Since your hair is thicker, it would be a good idea to get a boar's bristle round brush for blowouts, they do sell them. You'll also want to combine it with a good hair routine. I would check out The Long Hair Community for tips on your particular hair type.

>> No.9981144

The area below my nose and above my upper lip produces a lot of sweat, making my makeup look washed up and ugly.
Is there anything I can do to either stop the sweat, or for my makeup stay on?

>> No.9981558

guy here, been practicing eyeliner each day for 2 weeks now

do i draw the eyeliner at the tip of my eyelid where the roots of my lashes are or just above it,?

>> No.9981609

>entire right side of nose is puffed up and tender for no fucking reason
>probably going to develop a massive cystic zit there
Body stop why
I have boar bristle. I clean it with shampoo...less often than I should. Should do it like every month.
My lips are a coral/rouge color (white skin, very pale). What I do is constantly bite them, seems to work great.
You're talking about staining part of your skin permanently, there's not too many options. Sometimes it's just genetics.

>> No.9981651 [DELETED] 

Request for any magazine scans of hair tutorials for long hair, anyone got any they can dump?
Running out of ideas for my hair and I’m tired of repeating the same few styles I know.
Preferably easier ones, but I’ll take and try anything at this point.

>> No.9981656

you don’t want a slice of naked skin showing between the lashes and the eyeliner, so what you say is “the root of your lashes” is where you should start it.(but not exactly on the roots, like not in the watery under-part of the upper lid if that’s what you meant- that’s called tight-lining and actually makes your eyes look smaller)
Otherwise it’ll just look like a random line on your eyelids, the goal is to extend the eye and make it look bigger by changing the shape with the outline, this wouldn’t happen unless you get the liner matched up with your existing eye outline.

>> No.9981659
File: 10 KB, 287x175, FEEE5528-7E3C-4D67-A7EA-80859EA8C807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dropped pic, but this is where it should go to give you a better idea

>> No.9981660
File: 68 KB, 811x457, 97f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bruh all you need is an acne body wash (salicylic acid based) and a loofah. Its just ingrown hairs and irritation of the pores from scraping the skin with a razor. Keep it clean, keep it buffed, keep it medicated and you'll be good. Works anywhere on your body that you get razor bumps. Make sure you are using a sharp and clean razor. Spray with rubbing alcohol after each use and store the blade end in a small cup of olive oil or some such to keep it from degrading to quickly.

If you are having to resort to using antiseptic cleaners, instead of simple chemical exfoliates, then you may have a bigger problem than just razor bumps and should go to a dermatologist. You may have a underlying, but mild, bacterial overgrowth that's causing excess irritation and inflammation.

Any scar cream will do, though my dermatologists always recommends silicone based ones.

>> No.9981665

This, I second the accutane. It could be genetic/hormonal in which case you are just fucked unless you nuke it from space with a round of accutane. Take care of it sooner rather than later so the scarring isn't bad and can be treated easily. I took acre of mine at 23 and was able to get some good cream for the scarring. People can't even tell I had skin issues now.

To anyone who has acne that doesn't go away with OTC topicals, go see a dermatologist. Save yourself the stress.

>> No.9981666

You could try chemical peels first and see if that helps before getting any injectables or surgery.

>> No.9981674

What I do:
1. liquid eyeliner.
2. magenfiying stand mirror.
3. Stick my nose to mirror
4. Hold down lashes and paint very gently across with the very tip of the brush.

>> No.9981678

Waxing is fine. Go get it professionally done if you like, definitely if you want to see how to do it for yourself. You can get a good wax kit on amazon for like 25 bucks. Get some hard beans and popsicle sticks and you are good to go. Take ibuprofen and hour before hand if you are on the sensitive side.

I wax everything myself now. And yes, eventually some of the hair just stops growing back, or grows so slowly/weakly that it doesn't even matter.

>> No.9981687

Use a very gentle shampoo and make him do a semi-poo routine. I.E. washing only once a week. Greasy scalp with damaged ends is very common for people who are using harsh shampoos and washing too frequently. The ends get damaged by the constant stripping of oils and the scalp overcompensates to make up for it.

Get a gentle moisturizing shampoo/conditioner. Ion has a great line for that if you want something a bit nicer without breaking the bank. Only wash once a week. I don't care how weird it is or how you hair reacts for the first month or so. Just do it. Get some dry shampoo if you have to but don't use anything else. Your scalp will eventually normalize and stop over producing oil and the moisturizing mild shampoo/conditioner will help the entire shaft stay supple.

>> No.9981689
File: 416 KB, 551x486, 1528622166877.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm fucking jelly of you and my BF. My hair grows back so fast no matter what I do. I waxed a strip on his leg and it took MONTHS to even start growing back.

>> No.9981774

Primer, setting spray, and blotting

>> No.9981928
File: 647 KB, 2200x2200, oilabsorbingsheets.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know if you're a troll... or a troll that is genuinely trying to ask about greasy face problems. Assuming you already wash your face once or twice a day, you could try blotting sheets. Picture related. You just pull one out, blot, and you're good to go. You'll actually see the oil collect on the sheet. It's science. You should try these. It's not makeup. It's just a sheet that is super absorbent of oil.

>> No.9981938

cleaning you brush every month should be fine.

>> No.9982553

I'm really unhappy with the state of my hair. I've been bleaching it for a few years and it's in decent condition considering but it's definitely thinner and frizzier than i remember my natural hair being. Tomorrow I'm getting a few inches chopped off and dye to match my roots. Is there anything else I can do to help restore my hair? I'm willing to try anything.

>> No.9982559

Your hair is dead, basically you can't do a lot to fix it once you've destroyed it bleaching. You can try deep conditioning and protein treatments to amke it feel better, but leaving it alone is going to be the beet thing you can do for it.

>> No.9982659

I've been growing out my decade of coloring-induced damage for over a year. My hair is currently all natural and just past my shoulders and it was so worth it. I was growing out horribly damaged hair that was also in a chin-length bob. I had split ends everywhere and had ends breaking off all over the place. It was actually a gull that convinced me a few months ago to just chop off all the damage and start totally fresh (back to a bob again) and I was so happy I did!

Anyway - regarding care advice:

>Dying to match roots is an excellent idea. The pigment in the dye is going to act as a barrier to your hair shaft and help keep in moisture. Make sure the dye is a demi-permanent though, with no developer
>My hairdresser suggested using a colorless gloss treatment a few times a year. It's got no color, just adds a glossy finish to the hair but also helps to add a barrier of protection to damaged/exposed hair shaft. I feel like it helped my hair become much more manageable when I still had a few cm of damage growing out
>Get regular trims to take care of the damage before it has a chance to ride up the hair shaft. I recommend a microtrim/dusting every 5 weeks. When the damage is totally gone, you can do microtrim/dusting every 6 weeks to keep away split ends while allowing your hair to grow out
>Use a wide toothed comb instead of a hairbrush. Always comb hair from the bottom sections, working your way up, to avoid friction and damage.
>Sleep with hair tied loosely in a scrunchie to avoid friction/tugging while sleeping. When my hair was at its worst, I'd wake up with lots of little broken bits if I didn't do this

Good luck on the hair recovery.

>> No.9982664

I've started using a shampoo and conditioner with hyaluronic acid in it, and GULLS. It's like a dream.
Just slather me up in hyaluronic acid. This is it.

Unrelated note, how long does a good palette of shadow normally last you guys?
I recently got the face shop's Coca-Cola 3x3 and I realized that I'm barely tapping the brush to get full pigment.. It's going to last years.
Does eyeshadow go bad, assuming you use fresh/clean brushes?

>> No.9982679

Eyeshadow technically goes bad, but as long as it stays dry and make sure if you get an eye infection to throw it away it should be good for a couple of years.

>> No.9982734

any suggestions for getting rid bumps? I get them on the sides of my face and temples. they're filled with sebum and are sort of like whiteheads, but without the head. right now i've been using a tea tree and salicylic acid facewash and a similar facemask, but it's not really helping. I sort of suspect it's my sleeping habits, but as i'm in a dorm it's hard to change my pillow cover every night or find a comfortable sleeping position besides on my side

>> No.9982743

Oooh, what brand of shampoo? It sounds great!

>> No.9982772

all makeup eventually goes bad no matter what and you *should* toss it but who actually really does that. just take care not to blow on it or the brushes you use on it, get it moist, etc

i've had several 2x2 gift pack estee lauder and lancome palette that have lasted at least a couple years though, even using them almost daily.

seconding >>9982743, I gotta know anon

>> No.9982848

I've had my original Naked palette since 2013. Never shared it, always scrupulous about my brushes being clean, have wiped down the whole thing with alcohol, and I haven't gotten any eye infections in that time.

>> No.9983214

Why the FUCK is it so difficult to use eyeliner on your non dominant(left) side?

and im using one of those pencil ones you sharpen that go dull incredibly fast, why the fuck did this cost 25$ from a reputable brand?

>> No.9983293

jsyk, urban decay is discontinuing the original Naked palette. You might want to get one to have on hand later when you're done with the one you're using.

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