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Cruel Summer Edition

Previous thread: >>9952591

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This is kumya goals

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Question to lolitas who has a lot of variations of same thing or same print in few colors: don't you get bored wearing basically the same item? I don't understand how does it work for real people, it feels like they only hoard collestions like this to make impressive wardrobe pics.

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>don't you get bored wearing basically the same item?
No. I own several colorways of certain pieces because I like to wear them and want to have a variety of colors to wear in different ways. It's really not that strange.

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Yes, Id o, or rather I did. I used to own many colorways of the same print, but I always had one I liked best and only wore that. Now I have a rule to stick to your favourite one, no matter how pretty the other ones are.
Like, I'm really conflicted which ones to buy from AP's new Halloween dresses and this gives me a major headache.

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It depends, I personally don't like having the same print in a different colorway, but more so because I'm goth and I wear black even when I'm not wearing lolita, but I don't think it's weird to own multiples of the same print, like think of it in normie terms, some people have a certain cut of t-shirt they like so they'll buy it in a different color

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No, if I love something so much that I buy multiple colorways, I will still wear all of them. I will of course love the one in my favourite color the most, but it get’s boring if I just kept wearing that color.

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Just get all and you'll figure out which one you wear most often, then sell or trade the rest

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Moitie is opening a storefront on Taobao. I thought Chinese lolitas weren't super keen on them but I guess I was wrong.

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I'm not a poorfag, but buying all the colorways of Ghost Night Bride AND Horror Candy Shop with all the matching accessories seems like a bit too much. And don't get me starting on OP and JSK.

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I thought the print was kinda cute

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But then saw the way they used it and thought “nope”

Who puts that much ruffle any way? Especially with a boarder print?

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You certainly were

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How do I find Lolita girls to date?

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Have money, be a hot guy/girl

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This is different, though. This is a row of cute accessories that're perfect for a lot of different lolita coords. Having them in a rainbow of colours simply means that no matter what colour dress arrives in your mail tomorrow, you're gonna have an usa/kumakumya that matches it. Sweet dress? pink usa. Brown dress? brown kuma. Oh this brown blends in, take the other brown one. Moitie dress? Black usa with blue eyes. Atelier Pierrot striped dress? black usa with striped ribbons. You practically never have to worry what bag you're gonna carry, it's gonna be a kumya bag, just chose the right colour.

I've seen someone do this with the Milk heart-shaped bags and someone else who had an impressive collection of tea party-style shoes in a full rainbow pastel. If you wear a lot of different styles and colours you're gonna end up with a lot of different bags and shoes anyway, so if you like the usa/kuma bears then why not collect them in every colour?

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The design of the skirt isn't bad, it would've looked fine if it was solid (albeit a bit plain); it's the print that's hideous. It's not a border print if the main motifs go in the middle of the skirt, either. Might have not been so awful if the lineart wasn't so bold and dark, and if the bottom of the print matched the striped top. Those beige hearts at the bottom are very, very ugly regardless of their position in the print; if it was supposed to look like an ice cream cone then the execution is terrible.

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Eh idk about money like >>9960379 says. I'd say be confident, take care of your appearance and personality (seriously, be a well rounded person at the very least), show us respect as people, i.e. don't fetishize us, we're not your kawaii waifus; and know how to take no for an answer - And no, throwing a tantrum about "dem meanie lolitas they're all bitches" is not how you take no for an answer like a mature person.

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No do not be confident. Confident men are so annoying.

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Not sure about you but after talking to some spergs at a con who wouldn't even look at me directly, I'd much rather deal with people who are at least willing to feign confidence. :^)

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Lol why are you so particular on having a lolita gf? You sound like the kind of guy to have a "type" and that's weird. See people, not fashion and maybe you can be in a healthy relationship.

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Oh wow I love this pic
I really need the usakumya in the black color way

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It pops up secondhand sometimes but good luck, it's very popular.

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The biggest mistake was using black to outline, it looks so bad

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Err, no she wasn’t.

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dear summer, pls stop responding to malecrossboarder posts in the gen

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My usual interpretation of someone who is 'confident' is someone whose normal enough to hold up a conversation and not make things awkward for everyone involved by doubting themselves at every moment.
No one is going to gauge what type of person you are good or bad if you don't have the capacity to articulate yourself.

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The black outline really kills the print. But part of me believes that if instead of the beige heart disaster for the ruffle to be replaced with the striping part on the top half would make it look a little better? Maybe even a thin soft lace on the hem and part where the ruffle hits the skirt.

I still can’t beleive this one on “ preorder” only an ita or a newbie who doesn’t know better would buy this.

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Sigh.. Once again another person who can kinda draw, and kinda sew but can't design to save their life.

Why does everyone suddenly think they are the next great lolita designer because they can sort of draw sweets, use some software and operate a sewing machine?

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I'm just disgusted by the thought of ice cream laying bare on a table or floor somewhere. They couldn't have drawn some ice cream dishes?

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>reposting this from old thread to get more responses.
Anyone else annoyed that we haven't gotten a single update for this dress release and it's been 3 months? (Lily of the Valley mushroom dress)

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she handmakes them right? you can probably message her, she replied within a few days when I had a question about a custom order, but my convo with her was in January

>> No.9960880


She's not handmaking them this time. She is commissioning a factory to do this.

She has significant communication issues with all her releases and you would think outsourcing would solve the issue but it clearly has not.

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Can you not respond to male crossboarders? Fucking hell seagulls always have to take the bait like idiots.

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Has anyone worn the holy Lantern op layered as a blouse under the zipper jsk?

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No, and I suggest you do not. It'd look bad and frumpy

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Hey regular guy who works out and has a job here how do i go about dating one of you fucking cows?

Im tired of successful mentally stable chicks who don't waste 3k on silly clothing.

Just had a lobotomy btw.

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>Having a type is "Werid"
lol wut? you people are so odd looking that the only person who could possibly be attracted to you HAS to have you as a type man or woman.

You are literally 10x weirder than a male or female who likes a particular race. That shit is normal, spending thousands on ridiculous clothing and expecting who ever tolerates that shit to not have a type is not.

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I might be trying to get the navy and the Bordeaux with white one.

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Her designs are so cute but I just feel like she’s a mite full of herself and that makes me not want to buy anything from her. I dunno what it is...I hardly even see her stuff but she just comes off that way to me.

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It's a shame you can't just eat like a normal person and buy ap or baby like the rest of us

>> No.9961025

Anyone else buying Dragon-chan back stock ?

>> No.9961036

calm down, there's billions of people on earth, don't be alarmed that they don't all have the same body type. did you know that baby and ap have fully shirred pieces, as well?

>> No.9961049

Yes, which is why it's startling someone needs an even larger size.

>> No.9961053

Would you rather someone bust seams on brand and wear clothes that don't fit or someone buy from a buy that caters to fuller bodies with flattering fits?

Calm down.

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Fuck off
This is very, very cute, Anon. Better to have dresses that fit properly, even if you can "fit" normal sizes if you aren't well under they look crappy

>> No.9961066

I'd rather they learn some self restraint

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trying to live out your missed 'mean girls' phase on the internet eh? bet everyone loves you

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Jfc please stop replying to the weight baiting

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That's super cute anon! You go!

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You can coord them different ways, I don't think it's boring at all.
I own a Putumayo dress that I'm in love with for it's comfort in 2 colorways and want to get a third. It's so versatile and comfortable, I'd love to get a white colorway of it to coord.

>> No.9961165

Idk what makes you think gulls don't reply to them all year long. I would know, as a male cross-boarded

>> No.9961169

I already have it. 10/10 would buy again.

>> No.9961170

>shoe size fucking 13
kill me gulls

>> No.9961204

No, the more colors of a cut I really love, the better. That means I can coord it with more items.
Though it can escalate into collector territory quick. For example, I sold a dress a while ago because the color wasn't really my thing and I prefered the other two colorways. Now due some kind of miracle I got the other two colorways but crave the one I sold before because it would complete the set. It's stupid and I most likely won't buy it again, but the feel is there.

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I just got my grail dress (Melody Doll) from Y! Auctions but it's really in need of some TLC. It says dry clean only but I'm so terrified of getting it fucked up. I always hear horror stories about dry cleaners. Has anyone had experiences with this print? It's 70% polyester/30% rayon. I would just use Dryel but it has velvet for the bows and Dryel isn't supposed to be used on that.

I've also never been to a dry cleaner, so if anyone could tell me how best to approach them about my concerns I'd be super grateful.

>> No.9961215

It looks screen printed and it might be because it's an older piece. Obviously I don't know for sure but when you get it if it is do not take it to the dry cleaner or use oxiclean they will melt it.

>> No.9961216

I saw those and really liked them, until I saw they were plus size... Do they come in a normal size or is it for lardasses only?

>> No.9961217

It is screen printed, but the label says dry clean only. I'm so confused.

>> No.9961224

I checked their website and it also comes in a non hamplanet size

>> No.9961233

If a brand wants to make more money by catering to fats as well as normal sizes it's not my problem.

>> No.9961237

Who are you responding to?

>> No.9961253

Take a pic of the label. It might be a specific type of dry cleaning.

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Here you go anon

>> No.9961258

Oh. Hardly any info and it's just telling you about ironing. Is there more info on the back?

I use this website to find reliable dry cleaners and look up reviews from there.

>> No.9961259

the back just says it's 70% polyester 30% rayon.

>> No.9961268

You can always take it to the dry cleaners and ask them questions before handing over your dress. Ask them how they think it should be treated. Polyester is machine washable, but rayon could shrink or bleed dye. If the entire print is screen printed, you might be safe with hand washing, but you'd still want to be careful as rayon is the less durable fabric. You also might want to remove the velvet bows and do a separate test on one to make sure the velvet is water safe.

>> No.9961270

Yeah, I was wondering how appropriate it was to go and actually have an involved conversation with the dry cleaner about it. Like I said, I've never been to one. I'll talk to them about it on Monday. The bows and waistband are all velvet and all attached, but I am willing to remove all of it if it means I can get this thing restored to something approximating its former glory. Sew it all back on afterwards.

Thanks m8.

>> No.9961281

I wash mine by hand with cold water and use a lint roll on it to pick up "shedding"
Congrats anon! It was a DD as well for me,i know the feeling

>> No.9961285

With just a gentle detergent? And the fabric didn't shrink or take on a weird drape?

>> No.9961286 [DELETED] 

You are whale cum.

>> No.9961290

I've done both, by having same cut different colour ways or same colour ways but different cuts. When you like the print enough you just go for it. I don't do it for status, I do it because I'm in love with dress. I know lolita will end someday and the likes of AP won't exist, no more talented old ladies of Babyssb to sew all those laces, so it's my personal way of hoarding the frills.

>> No.9961291

i'm pretty sure the far right symbol means to only use petroleum-based cleaners (dry cleaning)

>> No.9961293

my bad, it actually means you can dry clean without restriction.

this site has been a real life-saver for me


sage for samefag

>> No.9961294

Person before the fashion.

How do you think lolitas get boyfriends/girlfriends?

>> No.9961295

Awkward is kind of cute but the novelty wears out very fast.

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for the love of god, please, please, please clean your FLOOR first and foremost, and secondly


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You sound closed minded and uninteresting

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Not the same anon, but

>> No.9961301

The toe peaking out from the bottom of the photo is the icing on the cake (pun semi intended)

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>> No.9961325

>Condition: Like New

>> No.9961341

I just wash mine in the machine and also used oxiclean on it because it was in terrible condition, and it was just fine. Just a warning that Japanese washing machines are weak af so ymmv. It also was very cheap and not that much of a DD to me so you may want to be more careful than I was.

>> No.9961342

I’m sorry, what? It’s not screenprinted.

>> No.9961350 [DELETED] 

>I’m sorry
no kidding

>> No.9961356

Baby Tea Party from Shanghai video is up.

>> No.9961363

I never wash my dresses given how i barely get to wear them and usually keep them in good condition. I am just too scared to fuck them up gulls i have no idea how to proceed with them

>> No.9961370

Most dresses can be washed in a mesh bag on a gentle cycle. Just check the label and Google if people have had issues with your particular print.

I gotta wash my milky berry op this weekend. Pray for me, gulls.

>> No.9961372 [DELETED] 

I understand the dresses but could you at least wash your underpants? It's becoming a real problem, stinky.

>> No.9961373

not this shitty bait again

>> No.9961375

I do not buy from people who post pics of dresses on their floors

>> No.9961377

Colour catcher the fuck out of that, use the gentlest detergent, wash in the coldest water possible. Unless you have the black one in which case still do all of the above but you're less likely to have problems.

>> No.9961380

I bought two gallons of white vinegar and I'm going to use every last bit of ice in my ice maker to chill the distilled water I bought, anon. Also woolite for delicates. Its the mint colorway.

I think I'm as prepared as I will ever be.

>> No.9961397

usakumya-collecting anons, you really need to look on mercari right now...

>> No.9961398

gdi, misfire. meant for the dd thread...

sage for retard

>> No.9961415

those prices tho

>> No.9961483

kumyas, unfortunately, rarely if ever seem to come at a bargain

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File: 39 KB, 650x360, vintage-unicolor-babydoll-style-lolita-op-dress-2-versions-nan-2_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any gulls own this dress in the pink or light blue colorways? I'm trying to do a understated 'sweet' star princess look (it's a vague concept, basically stars and soft colors) but I'm worried about the how the colors look in real life, and if I should use pink or blue...Any coord advice is also appreciated!

>> No.9961490

Wow, posted in the wrong thread. Shit, ignore this, I'm retarded.

>> No.9961498 [DELETED] 

Why do you think this is? It's not like there isn't a surplus of kumyas now. They often sell out quickly and even weird colorways go fast.

>> No.9961499

Why do you think this is? It's not like there isn't a surplus of kumyas now. They often sell out and even weird colorways go fast.

>> No.9961514

So if you’re a greenhorn like me, where else do you go to chat about Lolita stuff? Cgl is great cause you can be anon and shot talk. Rufflechat is ok but doesn’t seem to active. Plus I don’t really like Facebook groups cause if you disagree with someone on a little thing, you get hellfire rained on you. I’m part of the AA group and fuck me if I try to give advice about someone’s previous fan art and I get everyone saying its their style, they’re trying, who died and made you the police of art, etc etc...

Anything in between that and is currently active? I’ve followrd everyone that had been posted in the insta thread too and even Jose guys don’t post much. I’m bored and want to look at my coords and gossip.

>> No.9961516

Wow, thanks iPhone for changing all my spelling and words. Not like I was going to reread it before I posted... oops.

>> No.9961534

Same goes for people wearing their dresses in their proof pics while listing them as "like new". Double points if they're a chubby chan who admits they exceed the max measurements like stop, no one wants to buy your stretched out, wrinkled shit.

>> No.9961538

Maybe some of the discords? There are several that you might be able to join.

>> No.9961547

What are some common outfit styles, colors, themes etc that you guys find lead to more or less dumb normie comments?
I've noticed for sure that wearing lots of pink leads to "what's the event," "what character are you" type unwanted comments. Black gets "cool outfit" or ignored. Sometimes brown or navy.
Other colors I don't really know about. I'm sure a lot of this is obvious but sometimes I'm surprised at what gets positive normie reactions.

>> No.9961550

Your experience is similar to mine, probably because pink and other pastels aren't really common colors for people to wear as an entire outfit, plus the fact lolita as a fashion doesn't look like anything people normally wear, so those two together are likely too outlandish for normies to perceive as "just an outfit", if that makes sense; whereas black is a common color for people to wear, and an outlandish outfit in black will often get you mistaken for a goth. Many people do know what goth is so they're more inclined to recognize it as an alternative fashion style of some sort; unless they're the kind of person who sees anything out of the norm as weird, but they don't really count.
I find that lolita in solid grey gets a lot of positive reactions, people often associate it with old timey movies in my experience.

>> No.9961562

I can fit regular brand just fine. But considering I just found out I was pregnant with twins, i want something I can wear to the winter and Valentine’s Day meets when I can’t fit my ass into my normal closet. And I just like the dress. Why you have to be a salty cunt for no reason? Did you not get enough love as a child?

>> No.9961563


A lolit with kids/husband??? I’m so curious to ask you a million question. But firstly... I have to know; are you over 26 yo at least?

>> No.9961566

IVF because I’m married to a woman and we can’t have kids the normal way and I’m 28.

Now go back to the board you came from and stop being a creep.

>> No.9961569


Oh. A lez Lolita who’s having kids with a donar. That’s so... odd. But interesting. Are you going to keep doing Lolita after you have kids? I’m actually a seagull, tyvm, and 29. I’m never going to have kids but I do think about it from time to time and then think about what is the age I can’t do Lolita anymore. Just random thinking.

>> No.9961570


If japanese grandmothers take up techno at age 82 you can literally do whatever the fuck you want.

if i ever have kids i'm going to do pretty photoshoots with them like twiggy666, fuck the haters.

>> No.9961574

>A lolit with kids/husband???
>A lez Lolita who’s having kids with a donar
Consider the fact you're mistaken for a crossboarder because you type like a retard.

>> No.9961577

>Will I give up lolita after kids
Why should I? Just because I have kids doesn’t mean I have to give up the fashion. When they are older and they want to dress it with us, we will let them get into it. Both our parents even offered to watch them if we want to go to a meet. My wife and I don’t beleive that bringing our children to a meet is right so we will get them to Grandma so we can have some time to our selves.

>I want to know when is too old to stop wearing lolita
That answer is simple. Never. There isn’t an age limit on fashion. I don’t dress for others approvals. I dress because I like to. If others approve it’s nice and welcomed. If others don’t. Well okay but that won’t stop me from wearing it.

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I don't know what exactly Physical Drop is doing, but it sure is...something.


>> No.9961679
File: 291 KB, 1108x1731, IMG_20180805_204342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9961680
File: 85 KB, 500x666, IMG_20180805_204733.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also MARBLE is releasing an eyepatch. An anon was asking for a Lolita suitable eyepatch a while back, I think?


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File: 698 KB, 600x640, brendan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There was a smol update in an unrelated post on her instagram. Check the coloured bee print design post. But yeah, waiting for it too.

>> No.9961690
File: 542 KB, 609x690, Screenshot_2018-08-05 Holy Lantern One Piece - Green [PRE-HL18OP-gr] - $315 00 Angelic Pretty USA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why didn't anyone tell me the new HL was on the ap store?

>> No.9961697

Have you been living under a rock? Sign up for AP USA's newsletter.

>> No.9961700

I thought it was only laforet bazaar exclusive.

>> No.9961703

This is cute.

What the fuck is going on with that raw edge on that cheap ass looking capelet/collar overlay!?

>> No.9961706

As a tallchan, I need the length to be, well, longer too - is this accounted for or is it just wider?

>> No.9961707
File: 193 KB, 663x619, 1513731554018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mismatched beige torchon and white tulle lace

>> No.9961712

It was, but for some reason you can also reserve it with AP USA. I hate that they randomly do this, it'd be helpful to actually know that they'll be letting you reserve pieces when it's announced with AP Japan. They'd get more business that way.

>> No.9961715

I feel bad for anyone that paid the exorbitant instore ss fees.

>> No.9961725

Classic gets "are you in a play" and "what are you dressed up for." Not the most annoying just sad commentary on how shitty people dress nowadays when they think nice clothes equals west side story extra

>> No.9961726

How are you 29 but still so fucking retarded?

>> No.9961731
File: 624 KB, 440x237, lvh38.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There isn’t an age limit on fashion. I don’t dress for others approvals. I dress because I like to.

Thank you

>> No.9961740

Link to the discords?

>> No.9961745

I wish there was a way to view auction-only listings on LM.

>> No.9961754

https://discord.gg/evW7YuC is one

>> No.9961758

fuck this is one of the dresses i'm looking for, where was this sold?
i'll just wash it,fuck it

>> No.9961768

Am I the only one who thinks that different animal themes in one coord looks off? In example dress with cat print and headpiece with bunny head on it. Cats and bunnies don’t get along in nature and it looks ridiculous!

>> No.9961777

>cheap materials
>frumpy cuts
I always feel that Physical flop can’t even be considered a brand with all the ugly shit they put out.
Kato really lost her magic after metamorphose.

>> No.9961779

>doesn’t make the white line boarder that separates the bottom pattern look like melting ice cream droplets.

Rookie mistake.

>> No.9961784


I hope you'll treat it better than its current owner does.

>> No.9961831

>Oh. A lez Lolita who’s having kids with a donar. That’s so... odd.
It's not. Did you just step out of a time machine from fucking 1933?

>> No.9961838

Cool, I will definitely keep that in mind. I'm not supposed to be spending any money rn BUT my birthday is coming up lmao

>> No.9961842
File: 222 KB, 500x502, 1506835745857.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck it's from the US.
Time to kms because if i buy it the customs will kill me instead. And i'm too shy to ask if they could mark down the package and ask the shipping quote

>> No.9961847

Praying AP Paris get it

>> No.9961849

Maybe ask anon to buy it for you by proxy? I wouldn't trust that seller to not screw up international shipping anyway.

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File: 53 KB, 524x700, garvqhso.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think pic related is pretty, anon. I think what happens with Physical Drop is that Kuniko Kato doesn't have extra staff helping her edit so any idea that comes into her head, she makes. And yeah, most of them are crappy, but a few are gems. Also her sewing is still very high quality and extremely wearable!

>> No.9961870
File: 301 KB, 900x1200, DfJDfrqUYAAMrBX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also they have the worst damn stock photos. AtePi use their items from time to time in coords and they always look a million times better. Even their own coord pics in Kuniko Kato's stockroom look better than their actual stock photos

>> No.9961873
File: 198 KB, 900x1200, C62k-Q5V0AQedlu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's one of AtePi's store's Physical Drop coords. It looks so much better than the stock photos imo.

>> No.9961897

Thank you. I ignored that post 'cause I don't really like bees lol.

>> No.9961916

Physical Drop is honestly a fun brand in spite of all this. It goes from hellishly bad to "damn that's cute/comfy/oldschool".

>> No.9961920

She used to work for Meta so that makes sense

>> No.9961950

I feel like that mismatched headdress is designed to go with every taobao brand that has funky af beige/off white blouses with lace that doesn't quiiiiite match.

>> No.9961975

vetting if anyone still needs it

>> No.9961993

seriously? what's the worst that could happen if you ask? just do it, if you want it, it's worth it.

>> No.9962002

This floor is nasty, but I don't seem a problem when the person's floor is clean?
I mop my floor everyday and no one is allowed to wear shoes inside, so it's clean enough to lay a dress over it without getting dirty;

>> No.9962055

How long should I wait for untracked surface mail from Japan? I ordered from Lolita desu in early June.

>> No.9962060

I'm pretty sure they mention it takes 2~3 months for the cheap untracked option.

>> No.9962065

This, sometimes the floors are cleaner than the bed, chairs, etc.

>> No.9962102
File: 45 KB, 713x960, 38479989_1365811740187795_57514319377596416_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this show up on my feed

>> No.9962106


I love Princess Serenity's outfit but this looks so bad. It's like the CCS collab they did, except this is slightly better.

>> No.9962109

I love it

>> No.9962118
File: 193 KB, 1200x600, 37576557_904037496471117_7787528757148909568_n-horz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

from Angelic Pretty

>> No.9962121

dunno if it's just the camera but the fabric look shitty and cheap.

>> No.9962122

Apart from the lace ruffle at the bottom I really like it.

>> No.9962132
File: 42 KB, 441x621, 0824b0d1e678f4b30d6a98b0f3e1a508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's probably fine and pretty enough as a dress itself, but I'm irrationally upset with this as I love Sailor Moon, especially Serenity's dress and it's a very pale imitation. Literally wouldn't even look like Serenity's dress if it wasn't for the circles on the top. They didn't even try to make the shoulder puffs even slightly resemble the original. There's no details tying it to Serenity other than it being white, high waisted, and the circles.

I know it's not supposed to be an exact copy like cosplay, rather an adaptation, but I feel like they could have tried a lot harder to make something prettier and ethereal. And I also know Serenity's is based on another designer dress, but I just still feel like this is very boring and watered down.

>> No.9962134
File: 222 KB, 500x600, 861d03a8-f118-59d4-979f-6b995fd1628e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I guess they went straight to the Fairy Marine OP that everyone was using for Sailormoon coords way back when it came out and just changed it up a little. Interesting way to do the skirt so it looks shorter without actually being shorter (closer to the short skirts the senshis have after transforming)

>> No.9962136

I'd be willing to buy it and mark it down for you if you wanted, anon. I think we might have corresponded via email in the past, if you're the one who told me about the Dolly Cat headbow on CC.

>> No.9962153

>She used to work for Meta
I thought she actually created meta? The OG designer? She didnt just work for Meta, she IS Meta.

>> No.9962159

This. Kuniko Kato founded Meta and then eventually stepped down, only to start Physical Drop.

>> No.9962168

If you hadn't posted what it was supposed to be, I wouldn't have guessed. This would be a cute dress in a different colorway, something Victorian cute like peach and ivory or dusty blue.

>> No.9962169
File: 246 KB, 1440x2255, IMG_20180805_231734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of classic Meta

>> No.9962171

What's interesting is that the Princess Serenity dress is based on an actual designer dress. Comparing that to this is quite... sad. Wish they use better quality because this doesn't look that great.

>> No.9962175

That honestly looks like hot garbage and I know there's going to be so many itas and nostalgiafags trying to make this look good

>> No.9962230

I thought to myself that I would like to see a good adaptation of the senshi uniforms when I saw Baby's release.
Ask and ye shall receive I guess, except for the good part because this is so ugly it makes me angry. It's just a recolor of the Fairy Marine OP, they didn't even try.

>> No.9962240

Looks like they got quite a bit of inspiration from the musicals

>> No.9962244

This is fucking garbage

>> No.9962246


Guess I’m in the minority for liking this. At least it’s better than the Secret Honey version, and for once, appropriate use of chiffon on a longer length dress. Only problems are the sizing and the $$$, I expect this won’t be cheap.

I think the issue with Serenity’s dress is that it was always too much of a ripoff to the original designer dress. Too close of an adaptation and it might come across as a knockoff of the original designer dress, and then it’d be “fun” to have to explain that you’re more or less wearing a cosplay (but not actually in cosplay, lolita is not cosplay) of a magical princess character who wears a ripoff of some designer dress as her fantasy princess dress. That’s…. kind of its own level of escapist fantasy otaku cringe combined with some replica-wearer shame.

At least with the btssb interpretation it actually looks more like one of btssb’s MTO dresses while being recogniseably Serenity, so it’s obvious that you like it because you like lolita and you like Sailormoon, and not because you’re too young and too poor to have ever owned the original designer dress.

>> No.9962247
File: 434 KB, 476x640, P14OJ219_model-01-476x640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why the fuck is is this called magical goat skull? I got excited by the name to be dissappointed

>> No.9962248

So I looked at an up close of the pattern and it kinda looks like a skull but not really.

>> No.9962249

In my experience, print socks = guaranteed dumb comments, regardless of style. Same goes for bonnets and parasols, though those are a bit more understandable. I could wear a relatively plain outfit with solid tights one day and get zero attention and wear the exact same outfit with print OTKs a week later and have multiple people ask me if I’m in a play. Normies cannot into socks.

Why would they use scratchy lace on something meant to be worn on the face? Goddamnit Marble.

>tough gull finger snapping

>> No.9962299
File: 49 KB, 800x800, moitiebatbag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New Moitie bat bag up for reservation starting August 10. Pleather is 21600 yen and REAL leather is 35640 yen. Finally a brand purse that'll actually last.

>> No.9962306

Are these going to be legit or like the Disney ones where the quality is awful? Whenever it's in someone else's store or website, not AP's, they're never good.

>> No.9962310

Yes finally. I also just saw this and I'm so tempted to just buy it in support.

>> No.9962317

So what is the current status of lolita magazines?
>no physical ones in english
>czech lolitas did an online zine in English recently
>GLB, Eternita are dead
>Tulle is still alive?
>Girlism is alive
>Le Panier are currently wrapped in the VM/JetJ quality controversy

>> No.9962322
File: 669 KB, 1337x800, a8bb5a1abd24de037fe82fda0a01f8b7584b93af.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Comparing this to the Dior Palladio dress that Princess Serenity's dress was based off is sad.

>> No.9962327

And KERA is online.

>> No.9962343
File: 1.06 MB, 974x1332, jetj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's too baggy around the gathering and the neckline is too high. JetJ's necklines are more like I imagine that dress as lolita fashion.

>> No.9962353


Same. I already got a bat bag just a little while ago secondhand but I might buy the real leather one just to show support and hope they make more.

>> No.9962360
File: 76 KB, 268x265, 1347253031558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cross necklace

>> No.9962370


>> No.9962375

Do you think they'll release it on the wunderwelt site? Or do you normally buy with a forwarding service?

>> No.9962393

Not with a fat neckbeard attitude you won't.

>> No.9962394

She didn’t step down, she was forced out by the other designers. My friend is really close with Kato-San and told me a few years back exactly what happened. There were other details, but I don’t feel confident in my memory of those parts to say for sure what happened. But yea. It wasn’t really voluntary and was very sad.

>> No.9962395

It's just that those brands always fail business, they have too many returns because fatties are delusional about their size, lie about it, or grow another fupa while waiting for the dress to arrive. They're very heard customers to please and always blame someone else, which is why many major brands don't even bother.

>> No.9962399

That overlay lace is unforgivable.

It's buttfucking ugly for one. It's like the yoga pants of Lolita.

>> No.9962402

Disgusting. It looks like Halloween costume fabric.

Hilarious and tragic, also confusing (what were they trying to achieve?), but at least it's better quality than AP these days. And it's not as bad as 3F, those ladies do some weird drugs.

>> No.9962403

Yeah I agree with you on like half of this, I don't think catering to plus sizes is going to make your business fail, like meta has plenty of plus size options and baby has a couple as well. The entitlement thing is definitely true though, even though I feel like that's more of a general american thing than just a fatty thing.

>> No.9962405

are their bags unlimited or do they work with a very limited quantity? I'll probably be able to buy it only on December.

>> No.9962407

They have a preorder, and then after that they will have some regular stock, but the only way to guarantee getting it is through the preorder.

>> No.9962418

thanks, anon! May your day be awesome.

>> No.9962432
File: 288 KB, 500x255, 1426629126069.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gulls, I have a question regarding defect dresses:

I just got home a dress I bought from a seller on LM, when I unpacked it I realized it has a pretty huge spot on the front that wasn't visible in the seller's picture (it could have gotten there while she packed it, idk), and the promised headdress is nowhere in sight.

I have messaged her with a picture of the spot, but I'm kind of nervous because it's the first time this happened and I don't know how sellers usually react to these situations. Do any of you have any experience with this? I know it might be a stupid question, and it's not like I'm afraid of confrontation but still... she's been an excellent seller otherwise, very kind and patient, but it's hard to know how people are going to react when confronted by issues like this.

>> No.9962479

I don't think burando factories have the capability to do sculptural pieces and that's what's so beautiful about the couture look

>> No.9962497

Are there any reviews of Le Panier? Scans? Sneak previews?

>> No.9962505
File: 427 KB, 480x640, B42JS224-b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9962517

All I know about Le Panier is that classic lolita is dead

>> No.9962524

>VM/JetJ quality controversy
what's going on? links?

>> No.9962536

It was in the last thread, it's discussed from >>9956698 and onwards. Really shitty situation all around, though if it did result in that Dragon-chan restock at least a little good came from it.

If you're asking about the magazine, are you wanting to know about the one already out or future ones? I own the first volume and could take some pics and/or describe it if you're curious though I'm not scanning the whole thing.

>> No.9962538
File: 329 KB, 330x490, gimme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9962544

This is absolutely silly, I love it. Well, I'd love it more if those satin ribbons were shorter and if the bow at the waist was at least somewhat symmetrical. Does it come in all black?

>> No.9962546

okay, but this is irrelevant as MAM has had their lovely line for ages so...they're continuing to do well as far as I can tell. Also, returns aren't a thing in Japan so please step outside of your own barely lived experience.

>> No.9962575
File: 435 KB, 480x640, B42OP358-p.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It looks like a frankensteined Elizabeth and I'm not sure what to think about it.
There's also an OP which looks completely different. What the hell baby.

>> No.9962599

You can tie the bow yourself...

>> No.9962600

See tamielove's insta and https://thisisntjameme.livejournal.com/367.html?thread=92527#t92527

>> No.9962601

What? That just looks like a standard waist bow, like the kind that may or may not be removable. It's not like waist ties that you tie yourself.

>> No.9962648

Lace monster alert

>> No.9962650

It's a gorgeous lace monster though, I'm seriously considering getting it.

>> No.9962673

Not talking about Japan, brand doesn't have huge hambeast sizes in the first place even if they have what amounts to plus sizes in Japan, still doesn't look good on 300 lb'ers, ever. I'm talking about Western indie designers trying to get their business off the ground like mushroom JSK designer upthread. Catering to chronic complainers while still building the business is the worst idea. And Western customers are way more entitled than the Japanese, but then their obesity rate is only 3%.

>> No.9962695

I want to wear this so badly

>> No.9962701
File: 32 KB, 604x453, 8ed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like I get it, but I wanted a brand skull print

>> No.9962707

So here’s a relatively stupid question. Is there a slice of life anime about a girl who’s just normal and a Lolita? Maybe her friends make fun of her. Maybe she gets in trouble with her family. She’s not not a Magical girl, she’s not in a magic war, and her mysterious boyfriend isn’t a demon King. She’s just a chick who likes to dress up. If there can be a really anime about a girl who just really, really, really loves ramen and nothing else for 14 episodes, there’s gotta be something about this huge subculture right? I tried to find something on MAL but all the pages google pulls up have been removed or they just say that there’s one character that IS a Lolita, etc.

>> No.9962728

Lace monster

>> No.9962790

The sleeves are also what is getting to me. The original and the manga sleeves are so gorgeous. It doesn't have to be couture, brands have done crazier beautiful things, they could make better sleeves.

>> No.9962798
File: 180 KB, 400x600, IMG_6679.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It may be tacky but I'd love a military lolita dress based off the first season villains' uniforms

>> No.9962801


not afaik. I sometimes lurk the lolita media threads and honestly if we had anything resembling what you describe we'd be all over it even more than Kamikaze Girls. But KG is all we have really.

>> No.9962810
File: 86 KB, 480x640, 8a9598ee-0ec3-40a0-8659-795bf97761ba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have photos of people wearing the btssb lace frill petti? I'm considering getting one.

>> No.9962815

Would anyone be interested in a comic strip about this? I've been considering it for a few years now after 8 years in lolita, documenting some of the problems and just weird or funny things that have happened to me in lolita but I'm not sure if there's even an audience for it.

>> No.9962834

It's gorgeous. Looks very expensive, if you can afford it you should get it, expensive OTT dresses are hard to find secondhand

>> No.9962843
File: 1.30 MB, 640x360, 1500593144483.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i would personally love that, the drawthreads would probably make for a good test audience for you too

>> No.9962844

Lolita in anime is either a fetish or something "out of the ordinary". It'll never be something normalized. She could be as averagely normal possible but they'll still have to shoehorn a special characteristic.
>huge subculture
It's not that big

>> No.9962857

Yes plz. Do it

>> No.9962860

bruh i'd be all over it

>> No.9962877

somebody posted on B/S/T that they wanted to buy Crystal Guardian 'despite the controversy'. Is there actually anything or was this girl just a freak? her post got deleted and i'm just way too curious.

>> No.9962885

Have you opened your chakras yet? Lolitas love it.

>> No.9962927
File: 735 KB, 1242x1874, 87B5F052-F3E9-4B9E-8F7A-F17E0D52B4E9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, that got shut down quickly. I honestly agree with her though. Anyone have any other thoughts?

>> No.9962946

I agree, I just think that it's beating a dead horse, there is no way to make people stop being dumbasses who don't actually care about the fashion, especially a community that attracts a large amount of people who just want to be special and think wearing frilly dresses makes them interesting, also it's this idea that fashion has "nO RuLeZ", when that's not true, even eclectic fashion has rules. There's a lot of other stuff that goes into the conversation like the difference culturally in regards to the individual vs community, and how the west is more entitled, and all that jazz.

>> No.9962948

I'd like to make a lolita series eventually, too. Does anyone have an idea for what they'd want in a series? Give me some animes and manga as an example.
>fluffy shoujo, ones aimed at younger girls like CCS
>slice of life in america or europe or something
>retro shoujo like The Rose of Versailles
>something super close to Kamikaze Girls or Nana with real world fashion
>supernatural elements y/n
>"period" shows like Emma

>> No.9962950 [DELETED] 

03/18(Fri)18:28:48 No.9960309▶>>9960325 >>9960331 >>9960338 >s 08/05/18(Sun)05:53:34 No.9961165▶
Idk what makes you think gulls don't reply to them all year long. I would know, as a male cross-boarded
Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)05:58:04 No.9961169▶
I already have it. 10/10 would buy again.
Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)06:08:48 No.9961170▶
>shoe size fucking 13
kill me gulls
Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)07:15:06 No.9961204▶
No, the more colors of a cut I really love, the better. That means I can coord it with more items.
Though it can escalate into collector territory quick. For example, I sold a dress a while ago because the color wasn't really my thing and I prefered the other two colorways. Now due some kind of miracle I got the other two colorways but crave the one I sold before because it would complete the set. It's stupid and I most likely won't buy it again, but the feel is there.
Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)07:15:53 No.9961205▶>>9961215 >>9961253 >>9961281 >>9961341
File: melody doll.jpg (28 KB, 250x333)
28 KB
I just got my grail dress (Melody Doll) from Y! Auctions but it's really in need of some TLC. It says dry clean only but I'm so terrified of getting it fucked up. I always hear horror stories about dry cleaners. Has anyone had experiences with this print? It's 70% polyester/30% rayon. I would just use Dryel but it has velvet for the bows and Dryel isn't supposed to beut my concerns I'd be super grateful.
Anonymous 08/05/18(Sun)07:32:37 No.9961215▶>>9961217
>ebody posted on B/S/T that they wanted to buy Crystal Guardian 'despite the controversy'. Is there actually anything or was this girl just a freak? her post got deleted and i'm just way too curious.
Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)13:56:04 No.9962885▶
Have you opened your chakras yet? Lolitas love it.
Anonymous 08/07/18(Tue)15:27:36 No.9962927▶>>9962946
File: 87B5F052-F3E9-4B9E-8F7A-F(...).jpg (735 KB, 1242x1874)
735 KB Emma

>> No.9962998

I mean I agree that it's easy to get info, but being an asshole to a newbie over what they're wearing is bizarre.

So they look like a hot mess, who cares? Just don't give it a like on CoF or whatever. No one's forcing you to like an ita coord. If the newbie honestly wants to improve, they'll figure it out on their own.

>> No.9963015

>t. newbs who think lace monster is an insult

>> No.9963051
File: 22 KB, 300x400, Long-Sleeves-Lace-And-Tie-Cotton-Lolita-Dress-25028-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It is, but it originally mean a monstrous dress with bad lace, not just a dress with too much lace.

I don't think you can insult a lolita dress for having too much lace. Maybe insult it for being too high contrast, being oddly balanced, or strangely shaped, but too much lace is kinda weird for a fashion so focused on being too feminine.

>> No.9963069


It's posted in Rufflechat, not CoF, so I guess it might be a reaction towards newbies who want spoonfeeding. That can have a very real consequence because FB's algorithm sucks pretty hard -- imagine you comment or give advice on a couple of newbie things once or twice and suddenly FB's algorithm decides you like interacting with anything from Rufflechat or Cof that involves a question. Now your entire feed becomes inane newbie questions that you answer over and over again. Yikes.

I mean partly it's that FB's algo sucks, but that means this person's experience might be that she's seeing way too many newbie dumbassery on her feed and it's getting to her.

>> No.9963072

I know what it means and what it originally refers to.
>Maybe insult it for being too high contrast, being oddly balanced, or strangely shaped, but too much lace is kinda weird for a fashion so focused on being too feminine.
Tell that to >>9962648 >>9962728

>> No.9963096

a lot of lace is not weird for lolita

>> No.9963103


Yeah the insults didn't make a lot of sense to me either so I ignored them.


Yeah, especially since we already have entire dresses made of lace. I don't even know what "too much lace" would look like.

>> No.9963106

The mods usually step in before it gets out of hand, directing the newbies to join groups devoted to advice. I'm in both Rufflechat and CoF and I honestly can't say that I see that many noobs asking "annoying" questions. It happens once in a while, but it's hardly clogging up my timeline.

>> No.9963116

They had SO much potential to make a cute ass dress, they had so much things (fucking roses,moons,...i mean COME ON) to work with and THIS is what they come up with?! A halloween costume tier version of Fairy Marine?
I was waiting since years,hear me out,years,for a sailor moon collab and i was overjoyed when it was announced and i was getting ready to throw myself and my wallet at the screen until i scrolled down to see this thing.
You didn't even try.
Fuck you AP
Yes, I'm salty.

>> No.9963117


Yes, but again, FB's algorithm. If you interact with something you dislike even just out of pity, FB can't tell the difference, it decides that you like interacting with it and now shoves every instance of it at you. She could very well be looking at a very different feed than yours, which might be why she's fed up and you're not.

I mean, it doesn't really excuse her post, and honestly most people simply come here to let off steam rather than vent it on FB (which again, with that algorithm means a lot of people will see that before they see any other of her saner posts, so that's extra double stupid on her part) -- but I can see how she might just be living a different reality (literally) and getting fed up. Honestly I'd just start hiding posts and unfollowing but from what I gather most people don't bother doing that.

>> No.9963133

That girl is a known elitist despite being really mediocre and shoops herself to hell and back though.
I feel like she should be the last person to whine about this.

>> No.9963140

I fucking hate how permaitas have made that word useless. Now you’re elitist for anything that’s hurts their feelings.

>> No.9963145

I'll admit that the word now has lost its meaning because of idiot itas but how else would you describe someone like >>9962927 who thinks it's ok to be an ass to people who aren't dressed well.
I agree with her points but there're ways to not be a huge bitch about it.
Her comments on the other girls' posts make her sound like some edgelord but she doesn't even dress that amazingly.

>> No.9963154
File: 448 KB, 480x640, P14OP324-b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thank you jesus

>> No.9963155
File: 357 KB, 480x640, P14OP324-01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the head dress is really cute too

>> No.9963157

Are there other occurrences when she was an actual ass? Because the post in the cap isn't that bad, maybe a bit crass but not offensive by any means.

>> No.9963158

Gokinjo Monogatari & Paradise Kiss are probably up your alley but neither of them have lolita’s as main character, both are side character.

>> No.9963159

Cat Street has a lolita character who faces struggles relating to her fashion choices. Like in >>9963158's suggestions, she's not the main character, but you might like it.

>> No.9963164

I should hate this, it has every element I dislike
>tent cut
>print I usually dislike
why do I love it

>> No.9963165


>> No.9963166

This is nice. Do you think it will sell out through reservation? I'd hate to wait until it was released in-store to realize they sold out.

>> No.9963167
File: 208 KB, 500x500, 36161187_1705812512859011_5029811031837245440_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do i never see western lolitas with belts?

>> No.9963172

Because they don't fit Japanese sizing, so either go for awful retro/rockabilly ones, craft store ribbon, or cheap aliexpress corset "belts" and end up in the ita thread

>> No.9963181
File: 482 KB, 1080x1719, Screenshot_20180807-205218_Facebook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Both of them are bitches desu

>> No.9963182
File: 317 KB, 1080x819, Screenshot_20180807-205041_Facebook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck I forgot about the word filter.
Anyways she complains about newbies all the time, I'd hate for my mod to be so insufferable.
She should take her own damn advice.

>> No.9963185

Oh this is just embarrassing. I don't know who she is but yeah, she should take her own advice.

>> No.9963191
File: 143 KB, 1400x1881, 38634432_1365812086854427_7939521778534055936_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Saw this IRL at Laforet today, it's very nice looking in person. In particular the bow on the back is huge and absolutely gorgeous! This picture doesn't do it justice. If I had infinite money I would grab this dress just so I could pin this big-ass bow on other dresses.

On the other hand, >>9962118 looks like some Bodyline-tier cosplay. WTF, AP?

>> No.9963193

You guys realize this is a rerelease and the same cut as the original?

>> No.9963197

I never see it pop up secondhand and black was my preferred color way during the original release. If I can get it in store I'd be ecstatic, but if I can only get it through reservation I'll be devastated if I miss it. I live in Japan, but I don't have a Japanese credit card and it's a hassle trying to sort out if it's possible to buy and ship to a Japanese address with a western billing address.

>> No.9963201
File: 225 KB, 1234x2048, FB_IMG_1533648952051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Especially since she has also posted hot messes like this before, she should really be a bit more humble before talking out of her ass.

>> No.9963203

If you live near a Baby/AatP physical store, you can reserve it there (starting on the 9th) and they will call you when it comes so you can pick it up. Your foreign card will probably work. IIRC their online stuff doesn't even take cards, it's only bank transfers and CoDs, and you can't use CoD for reservations. If you live somewhere in the inaka, I'm sorry.

>> No.9963205

this is absolutely gorgeous.
Ugh, I deserve to be draped in torchon lace like this.

>> No.9963214

jfc, girl on the top is a hot mess when wearing anything not AP

>> No.9963215
File: 28 KB, 452x640, FB_IMG_1533650278928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where is her other leg?

>> No.9963218

hover loli gone wrong

>> No.9963219

Thank you, this is really nice information! I'm going to try this! And thank God, I don't live in the country side. It's beautiful, but too far from events and shopping for me.

>> No.9963220

remember when gulls were complaining that the new moitie is terrible compared to the old moitie but it was all re-releases from more than 10 years ago?

>> No.9963222

Much like flamingoes and other birds, lolitas only sleep with half their brains. This allows them to stand up on one leg while sleeping, while the other is folded up safely in the warmth of her petticoat.

>> No.9963239
File: 1.82 MB, 228x202, 1448991436767 (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you made my evening, anon

>> No.9963248
File: 19 KB, 307x212, 1520632093364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9963252

>Everyone must know everything about lolita and not knowing whether one dress is a rerelease is a sin
Ok yeah sure, whatever you say

>> No.9963253

>being this defensive
It's ok, you can just say you didn't know and don't like the cut regardless, this release is clearly not for you either way.

>> No.9963258 [DELETED] 

yuck no thanks. I dont want to be associated with lazy fat asses.

>> No.9963265
File: 20 KB, 373x446, 1487576982515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nature is amazing

>> No.9963267 [DELETED] 

Which is excastly why I don’t shop at ModCloth anymore. They gave a physical shop here and the second I see their triple sized mannequins next to the normal ones something just starts my gear grinding. That may sound unreasonable and mean, but whatever. I’ll go to another store.

>> No.9963268
File: 191 KB, 275x275, commit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I dont want to be associated with lazy fat asses
>posts on 4chan

>> No.9963272

No, more like “oh you post on 4chan”? Ew fat neck beard that has fake folders on his desktop marked “cool” but what’s inside is something else.

Oh you post on /cgl/? You must be a really mean skinny white brand whore girl who wishes she was Asain.

See? Big difference.

>> No.9963274

I wonder if that’s why Forever 21 keeps their fattass section in its own section in the back and never puts them in the display window.

>> No.9963275

yeah, maybe 2% of gulls can be described with all of those traits.

I'd love for the next census to ask for bust/weight/height measurements. I'm ready for the tea

>> No.9963300

yikes i never thought about that

>> No.9963310 [DELETED] 

Part of it makes me sad because fat people are allowed to exist and feel pretty too (sometimes it's not even their fault and due to a condition or genetics,except this has been used as an excuse by landwhales for decades so they lose credibility even if it's true)
but let's be honest, being too overweight isn't beautiful just like being too underweight. And no amount of "fat is beautiful and healthy" will change that, your fupa won't ever be beautiful nor healthy,deal with it.

>> No.9963312

I'm 20.5 bmi so fat by technical gull standards but I get called skinny in COF threads so who knows.

>> No.9963314

Nah you're fine. A bmi of 22+ is where I draw the line and call someone fat in terms of being a lolita.

>inb4 some retard comes in calling me an ana-chan

I know it's a healthy weight as long as you're not above a bmi of 25, but the fit of things and just overall aesthetic starts looking fucked past the 22 range.

>> No.9963332

>what is fat distribution

>> No.9963338

Super unrelated, but I hate it when hair partings are all wonky like this. Does anyone have any tricks to get it perfectly even? I recently started wearing twin tails more often, and I still haven't figured out how to get it right every time, even with double mirrors. Could it just be really difficult? I wouldn't expect AatP to have this problem too, unless it's something that no one else pays attention to.

>> No.9963348 [DELETED] 

t. buttmad fatty

>> No.9963388

On that subject, anyone have any recommendations for some that could fit a 78" or larger waist?

>> No.9963393

i-is that in cm??

>> No.9963395

Anon, " indicates inches. Please tell me you just made a mistake and your waist circumference isn't nearly 2 meters.

>> No.9963416

jesus, cm or inches thats huge

>> No.9963434
File: 37 KB, 601x601, 1527560632487.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yfw male but want to be a lolita
I'm gonna cut my peepee

>> No.9963437

I hope you get help anon

>> No.9963453

Omg lmfao I totally did mean cm!!! Your reactions are valid.

>> No.9963459

Because even when skinny girls wear them (or corsets) people complain that they're not "lolita enough"

>> No.9963462

Gorgeous print! Are there going to be any other cuts?

>> No.9963525

Most fully shirred skirts and shirred Meta should be good. Definitely go for something with a ton of gathering, because larger measurements can stretch things out so the ratio of fabric to the width of the waist gets messed up. Maxicimam's Lovely line is cute and made for about that size, if you like old school.

>> No.9963528
File: 83 KB, 1080x1080, mysterious_condiments_17881110_724024761091862_6659117471259164672_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's probably because the coord was bad, a lot of the time.

>> No.9963529

This is true. Many girls can barely coord within the fashion's basic "rules", adding accessories that are more unusual nearly always ends up badly because so many girls in this fashion just can't into fashion in general. But when you know what you're doing, you can make it work.

>> No.9963579

Belts? That's a corset.

>> No.9963584

she's looking for a belt, retard

>> No.9963620

Whoops, I missed the previous post. Sorry for attempting to be helpful, I guess?>>9963529

>> No.9963745

Why are some lolitas so disgusting... I bought an old school dress and the seller threw in an old school baby blouse for free since it was "too stained to be sold and matched the dress". she said that the stains wouldn't come out but thought I might want to give it a shot. Well, it looked pretty okay other than the torchon lace around the neck and sleeves. the previous white lace was pretty yellow... more like meta's "antique white" color. Was going to get some oxiclean and try my best but decided to throw it in the wash and see what happened. One wash (with just normal laundry soap) and the lace was nearly back to white... washed a second time with just water and the lace is white. I... I am at a loss of words. Just wash your fucking dresses, seriously. lol

>> No.9963767

I feel you anon. Some 4-5 years ago, when the Sailor Moon revival really got going, I contacted a shopping service and asked them to reserve me a space for a major brand Sailor Moon release. They actually agreed (I thought it would come out a lot sooner, obviously). I even asked them a year or two later if they'd still honor it.
It's been another couple of years so I kind of doubt they would, but it doesn't matter, these look like hot garbage. The AatP one is VERY OKAY, but the model looks stupid in it so I'm not going to bother. There's so much more they could have done, especially for the 70000 yen price tag. They didn't even try. The designers aren't Sailor Moon fans maybe?

>> No.9963768

I've been wondering for awhile how easy it would be to clean one of those ***STAINED*** items Wunderwelt dumps on the Western community on lace market. I suspect it's a similar story to this.

>> No.9963801

Me too anon. Oxyclean is some powerful shit and I do love a bargain. If I ever am brave enough to try I will report back with my results.

>> No.9963804

Same here. I think next time I see something neat and oldschool I'll give it a shot.

>> No.9963806

There's a member of the lolita Amino that regularly buys stained shit from WW on Lacemarket and documents her adventures in restoring them. She shares all her techniques and "recipes" for cleaning products.

LA is full of cancer but her posts are absolute treasures.

>> No.9963826

Would you care to share? I don't have Amino nor do i want to desu but it sounds great!

>> No.9963838

Ahh, I remembered you can view Amino posts in a browser. Here is the link to her latest restoration project


>> No.9963840

Wow, that's an amazing improvement. Twinkle Ornament is velveteen but is the design screen printed? I'm wondering if those detergents/chemicals would also work with a piece that I own (not that I plan on staining it).

>> No.9963841

Thanks anon! These are fantastic.

>> No.9963842
File: 153 KB, 645x1260, finally.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw can never wear this fashion

you people dont know how good you have it

>> No.9963851

I really want to encourage this girl to have a tumblr to post this stuff, too. I don't think I'd download Amino just to read it. It's like walking through a desert to see a single oasis.

>> No.9963862

Ohhh this makes me super tempted to buy some cheaper stained items and see if I can restore them too. I'd probably just do it for funsies and sell them for what I paid for them.

>> No.9963870

Agree so much. I don't understand people who make no attempt to clean their clothes, it's disgusting. I mean, I was raised by a SAHM who was a complete trainwreck, but I figured household stuff out on my own as soon as I escaped from her harpy clutches. I love laundry, I have a fancy machine with four different temperature settings, and I can wash pretty much anything. Latest experiment: getting a stain out of a silk obi. Stain came out with a stain remover in cold water, obi was floppy after the wash, ironed it and it's nice and stiff again, good as new. I have a shark steamer for wool items and other stuff that can't go in the washer.

tl;dr: if your shit is disgusting, don't send it to people, why the fuck would you send your BO, skin flakes, and whatever else comes off your body to people in the mail and hope they're happy? That's worse than being raised in a barn, that points to being raised in a portapotty.

>> No.9963874
File: 36 KB, 680x664, cut dick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9963877

I was already irritated by their fat ass catering, not the selling of large sizes, but how they allowed fats to harass fit girls in the same dresses on their social media, making fun of them for lack of "curves" (bitch, a curve is a dip in your waist, if you have a fupa you are a sphere), and I cut the cord when they sold to walmart. A corporation that doesn't pay its staff a living wage isn't exactly a good match for modcloth that tried to look like an SJW outfit. Their thin veneer of moral stand-uppishness when they're just more capitalist pigs gagging for the fat dollar.

>> No.9963881

I would wear the shit out of that if I were pregnant with twins like the gull upthread, but as it is, I want another cut.

>> No.9963891

The coat is bad enough, the wig and the tights take it from hot mess straight into flaming retard who can't dress herself territory.

I've seen t pop up second hand in a different cut. In fact, one of them was on yahoo auction for more than I was willing to pay just yesterday. So yeah, I am vaguely aware that it was released earlier, but does everyone have to display all that maniacal knowledge every time they make a comment on a thibetan cord gnawing forum?

>> No.9963894

I love the lace, but the ribbons always look so cheap.

Unless they have Prader Willi or another very serious, debilitating and rare disease, losing weight is less effort (less eating), less time investment (less eating), and cheaper (less spending money on food), than staying fat or getting fatter. For people who call themselves normal and healthy, there is no excuse.

Lolita requires dedication. Pride, not gluttony and sloth.

>> No.9963897

Part it while still wet, make sure the part isn't messed with while drying.

>> No.9963898

Life is a role of the dice. People with severe dwarfism will also have a hard time in fashion subcultures. Stop whining. If you're too fat instead of too tall or too ugly, you only have yourself to blame.

>> No.9963901

Im just male

>> No.9963906

new thread >>9963847

>> No.9964028

This is cute and I'd get one if they had normal sized ones. It's shitty because I'm on the higher end of small japanese sized clothing (I'm tall so bigger all around but not fat) but these plus sized things are just way too big.

>> No.9964103
File: 83 KB, 550x550, 107682912_o1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chantilly has beautiful corset belts.
>pic related

>> No.9964154

Not sure about this specific dress, but Maxicimam does normal sizes (although fairly generous, like Meta). This is from Maxicimam Lovely, which is their actual plus sized line. Not all pieces will have the full size range, but most do.

>> No.9964468

If you think males can't wear lolita you obviously don't know anything about it

>> No.9964470

Well wunderwelt is a company. They'd have to pay someone for their time to wash it. Not worth it.

>> No.9964473

........this is the new egl livejournal

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