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"boyfriend got stolen by a 2B cosplayer with no panties" edition.

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I'm 22 but my gf is 30 and she think she's too old for cosplay. What do I tell her?

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>love cute soft fem fashion
>getting into it
>mfw realise I'm too tan, nig and ugly looking, hairy and manly
>but not manly and buff enough to pull off the kawaii bro aesthetic
>give up entirely on cosplay and all that gorgeous jfashion because i just look like a fucking clown/hon
>tfw failed everything in genetic lottery
>don't mind male fashion, actually feel great in it when it fits me, but still feel pain and jealousy of your run of the mill east asian/euroasian/white patreon kawaii girls

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Just go to a con with her and show her. Or show her videos and pictures. There are even elderly people doing it and having their time of their life. There are only months old babies doing it.
Tell her to stop living her life based on what others/society thinks, as cliché as that is.

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Dark skin really isn't an issue, you just need to be mindful of your undertones and pick out shades and colors that flatter you. Being hairy isn't that much of an issue either; I do relate to this problem and I have pale skin and dark hair so my hair is a lot more prominent, I just dedicate the time to removing it where it matters and exclusively wear OTKs and knee socks to hide my hairy legs.
I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "manly" so I can't offer any suggestions, but as far as I can tell your "flaws" aren't flaws at all and there are ways you can work around them to wear cute jfash if you really want.

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>tfw too poor to afford the gear necessary to finish your projects

oof ow my bones

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scratch that, just looked up a new market price to feel bad for myself and saw a pack of 12 selling for $150. Two paychecks and I am fucking IN baby.

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not sure if feels, cringe, or both but
>be 12ish maybe
>try to get one of those kawaii bobs
>go to hair salon with best reviews and recs
>show many references mostly from jfashion sources and explain as best as possible
>get this instead
you can almost see in my eyes the pain and trauma I've gained for hair salons ever since then

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>try making friends at cons
>try to get into cosplay photography partially because I also want to meet new people
>starting to realize I don't like 95% of the people I shoot with or chill with at cons (who I also met through shooting)
>being around these people and talking to them is just draining and at best I can tolerate being around them, never outright have fun though it seems like they have fun around me
>want to keep shooting since I actually like photography but idk about the community anymore
>I also can't "jus bee urself :^)" since I constantly feel like I need to tiptoe over every sentence or joke given how sensitive a lot of people seem to be in this community

I don't know anymore lads

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You can blame it on the bob, and because that's 12 year old you, but your face back then didn't look too good with bangs anyway. Maybe that hairstyle just wansn't fitting for you anyway, anon.

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Why not just stick to the photography at cons if you like that subject and just solo it out. Make a blog about it to show them off and critique it if you wanna.

or move on to another photography subject. You don't need to actually hang out with these people to take pictures of them you know.

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you're right, I was ugly as shit anyway (still am), but man, that crushed my soul.
I did start looking my best in bobs actually a couple years later when I started cutting my hair myself. But maybe my face matured too.

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>mfw my boyfriend admitted to me he's too lazy to learn camera settings and how to implement them
>'and iphone is almost as good anon!'

90% of this is purely selfish and not wanting to babysit every goddamn photo he takes of me in lolita. But part of it is that he bought a goddamn $500 Canon (for himself and to take nice touristy photos, not for me) and he turns it to auto even if it isn't the most optimal setting. I even showed him the program option on the camera, and he turned it back to auto, which in turn kept flipping the flash up when we didn't want it and then he was confused why that was happening. I don't know how to use a Canon because I have a Nikon and I still figured the entire thing out for him and showed him how to use it but it's like talking to a teflon coated frying pan and the next time he doesn't remember.

I've explained settings to him 9 different ways and he still doesn't remember. He doesn't want to, and I get it in a way camera work doesn't interest him. But why buy a $500 camera then if you can't even use the basic functions??

I don't care about him becoming the bestest professional photographer. Just learn. The. Goddamn. Settings.

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We've all been there.

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Everyone's ugly at 12, bro don't fret that. Send a pic to a friend and ask what they think.

lmao, pitying you. That's such a 'mundane' problem that he'll never bother to actually give a shit or learn. You may as well give up since if you make a bigger fuss about it you'll just look like the bad guy.

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What about "boy you want to be your boyfriend goes to a con as 2B and tells you he's not interested"

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Might want to change your taste in boys

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I know, I need to chill. But it sends me into autistic reeeee mode every time he talks about it, which usually goes along the lines of 'it's too hard' and 'mobile phones are going to be as good next generation, these cameras are going to go out of business.'

I worked myself up now, I should take your advice.

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The OP image is hilarious.

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Go to an Asian hair salon next time

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I honestly can't fathom a moment he would talk about it that you haven't brought it up. If he's outright starting the subject and whining about it, then suffer in peace. At least take solace in that you aren't wrong. Professional/hobbyist cameras will always be superior to whatever phones have, and even then the phones you have when trying to take pictures in the NOW are especially not as good. Your bf may be a dumb-dumb, and you'll just have to breath through it.

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I mean, if you have an iPhone X or a Pixel those would be absolutely fine for taking portraits if all you're going to be doing is putting them up on Insta, Facebook or whatever other social media.
Mobile editing apps like Lightroom Mobile, Snapseed or VSCO (I don't know if VSCO is a thing anymore) are also more than capable enough to produce quality social media stuff.

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I am actually the boy lol

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niggy oh no...

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Cosplay Tina Belcher. Problem solved.

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I guess BNHA is the flavor of the year two years in a row. Pretty impressive.

Also, I want to overeat so bad right now but I have to be less flabby for con.

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Drink water instead, that's what I do when I feel like eating when I shouldn't.

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iktf except with my bf it’s not the camera settings but framing and the patience to take decent portraits. He says he wants to take nice pictures of me while I’m dressed up but then in every picture my feet are cut off, or I’m blinking or still fixing my coord or my hair is in my face or it’s at some ridiculous angle where I look like I have a extra chin. Then he gets annoyed when I ask him to try again because
>I already took like 5 photos! How many do you need??
and this is the part where I either stand my ground and tell him those 5 are unusable and I want to try again, or back down and give up on getting a nice picture that day. Then a few days later he complains to his friend about how I never want to pose for him. BRUH

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Forgot to mention that when I do insist on trying again, there’s a good chance it makes him moody and he completely stops trying so I end up with no usable pictures AND a grumpy boyfriend. I do love him but goddamn am I glad my tripod has no ego to bruise.

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If you have time to be posting on /cgl/ you also have time to go for a brisk jog as well.

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Where do you people keep finding these super sensitive dudes?

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I already power-walked for two hours today. I'm just trying to control my appetite.

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>implying i have friends
h-haha good one anon

Such thing doesn't exist here sadly. I live in an isolated rural island in Europe.

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Why do cardio when I can just save time and just not eat as many calories

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Holy fuck i did the exact same thing at 14. I grew my hair out but then cut it short again around 19 and it was so long and pretty, now it's taking forever to grow back.

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Consider eating celery to fill in the craves, or tea or coffee.

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Power walking is a meme, stop wasting your time.

Because exercising helps your muscles tone up which gives you a slimmer look, and speeds things up by burning extra calories.

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You wouldn't happen to live in Ireland by any chance would you?

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>tfw Donald Trump is coming to Matsuricon and there's already weebs planning a cosplay protest

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I've grown it out too and I miss short hair but at the same time when I have short hair I miss long hair.

nope sorry

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They have the power of god AND anime on their side.

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I just found out that my local comic con has decided to become an actual comic con and brought in some real comic people, including the guy who drew one of my absolute favourite comics. So I guess I have to go now.

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>walking for exercise is a meme

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Just because you got trips doesn't mean I'm wrong. No one will get anywhere worthwhile by walking.

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I'm so sorry anon, just reading this makes me so frustrated on your behalf.

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i went from about 150 to 100 with walking being my only exercise sooo...

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>Don't eat
>lose weight
hm, must be walking

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It sounds to me your boyfriend simply bought that camera on a whim thinking it would instantly mean getting better pictures. Perhaps he saw how "easy" you take better shots with your camera, or maybe he was just being a bit impulsive when he bought it. Either way that shit happens and it's obvious he has no interest in picking up photography as a serious hobby.

My advice, deal with the fact your boyfriend made a stupid purchase as everyone has done at least once in their life. He's not perfect just as nobody is. You trying to force him into photography like this is likely doing more harm than good anyway as it takes away what little fun he had. But if he does has even the slightest interest in photography, at least start off with the basics that greatly improve a shot (ie framing, leading lines etc) to build up his confidence before going full autism about camera settings.

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Just buy a tripod, set the timer or alternatively buy one of those shutter remote things.

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>spent last few months on my 2nd attempt at a specific cosplay
>almost finished everything but the helmet
>put everything on and show my flatmates
>start off with my brother, he thinks it looks cool
>go down the hall towards another flatmate
>i go into his room and the first thing he does is laugh and says I look gay
>tells me to go into the kitchen for better light
>continues laughing at me so I leave
>he follows me asking what's wrong and then messages me on fb saying "Stop being a baby, what the fuck is your problem?!"
>reply with "Nah man, what the fuck is your problem? I've spent ages on this, I'm proud as fuck of it and I wanted to show you and all you can say is it looks gay as fuck. Really don't need that kind of shit when I'm doing what I want to do."
Why do people have to be like this, I just wanted to share my joy and what I created with my friends and just days before this con he belittles me and what I've made so easily

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People who are ignorant to the effort it requires towards something tend to not hold any level of respect for it. Not saying what he did wasn't mean, but that's why he did it.

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True, he got confused and said "In my opinion you're acting like someone who was just waiting to have a reason to be upset at me." Told him straight up that I just wanted to show what I've made and share it with my friends and all he said was
>what else am I supposed to think, you showed me and then 3 minutes later you were mad at me.
Gee, I wonder why

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I try not to force it on him anymore, but when he gets into things like the flash going off when he doesn't want it to, or the picture doesn't come out the way he wants it, obviously I have to step in. It gets very tiring for me because I will explain to him why it's like that. And I get it's frustrating but he also gets discouraged when the picture turns out all wonky and he won't trouble shoot things himself so idek.

Honestly, I'd probably be happier just tripod-ing it but if we're together he will find it super weird if I reject his help.

He's a great boyfriend every other way, it's not a whole lot to get upset about.

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I-I do...

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BNHA is the new Naruto. Boruto is ass. Expect it to be flavor of the year for a while until the author inevitably runs out of steam and can't keep up with interesting stories. I haven't kept up with the manga, but I'm glad it seems like he bypassed the "owwie I kill myself every single fight" problem because it was getting old really fast. Great for the start, but should have seriously ended right after the tournament arc, maybe even sooner. If he keeps adapting to keep it from getting annoying/stale, it will last for a while. Otherwise it'll just gradually fall out of popularity like Naruto did once it started becoming about kaiju battles due to powercreep.

Personally I fear that there's only so much you can do with the story and with Deku's powers anyway, so it feels like it has no choice but to become stale. I know part of the point of his powers being so bland is to emphasize that he's just the "everyday hero" who's strengths come from his strong spirit, without any frills, bells, or whistles, but at a certain point fights will just boil down to "NEW YORK SMASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" giant kick and bad guy dies every time. We already have a peak at what his full potential will be with All Might, so it's hard to tease what else he can possibly do. It'll have to rely entirely on clever writing to make fights continue to be interesting, and to even keep Deku relevant among the other much more interesting quirks.

I just realized I'm typing all this shit in a feels thread but it'd feel like a waste to just delete this now.

>tfw I like BNHA but feel like it has no choice but to overstay its welcome just like Naruto and Bleach (which should have ended at Soul Society)

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ntayrt but power walking can actually burn decent cal, and could lead to decent weightless if you had a proper diet

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>at lewd cosplay showcase
>one girl's mom starts screaming "I diapered that derriere!"

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>5/10 con girl crushing me hard
>a lot of similar interests/cosplays though
>planning on getting together for one event
>I know she'd marry me on the spot if I asked but I really just want to be friends at best

This isn't going to end well.

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>'and iphone is almost as good anon!'
if its almost as good why did he buy the camera?????

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>have qt bf
>meanwhile depression, overeating, no exercise
>gained maybe 15 pounds since he last seen me
>he makes a joke about my weight
>cry endlessly for hours
>I really only have myself to blame
>still hurts

I’m afraid he secretly wishes I was a tall uwu kawaii big titty goth slim thicc butt gf

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>tall uwu kawaii big titty goth slim thicc butt gf
What does this word vomit even mean? If I were your bf I'd dump you just for how retarded you are.

>> No.9970270

>I'm afraid he secretly wishes I wasn't a whale

It's no secret.

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>got a new job today that pays well
>need to save up money to buy a nice model kit for my boyfriend for christmas
not gonna let him one-up me because I know for a fact he’s going to gift me a new lolita dress

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>but not manly and buff enough to pull of the kawaii bro aesthetic
why don't you just lift? Unless you look like the actual spawn of satan I guarantee you that aspects of yourself you can't change are fine, and anything else you have problems with you can come to accept or just, you know, change.
Really, you do what you want. Maybe I'm biased because of my city, but there are some hairy middle-aged bros here who pull off skirts and cute women's clothes just fine. A mix of fashion sense, self-awareness, and confidence can get you far.
Good luck anon.

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oh fuck

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>Donald Trump is coming to Matsuricon
will the memes ever end?

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>physical activity doesn't burn calories

>> No.9970358

give her a chance anon. Be open minded and you may be surprised.

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>Quitting soul-sucking job and going back to school
>Finally get to dress kawaii again

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Good on you for telling him off tho. You don't need that kind of negativity, he's being a dickhead

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> Tfw bought a new car and can't piggy back off my parents insurance so have to get my own
> Decide not to buy anything Lolita/nerd/etc. because suddenly have car and insurance payments
> Don't buy anything for almost a month when I normally get something small every other week when I get paid
> Plates end up being 400$ less then I was expecting
> Turns out I miss understood my new insurance agent when he was telling me the price. It wasn't 300 after the discounts, it was 300 before the discounts, so I'm only paying like 120 a month
> Still hold back on spending because I still am going to be having almost 400$ coming out of my check then I'm used to.
> Get elected employee of the month, which comes with a small pay bonus, but decide to save it
> The financial advisor comes up to me today and gives me a sticky note while smiling and telling me how much I deserve it.
> Look at it and see that I've been given a large raise
> Treat myself and buy two pairs of shoes off Taobao and a skirt so I have more options with my rather limited wardrobe
> I hope you all can share my luck

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>Friend of a friend is trying to fill a cosplay group for an upcoming con
>Asks me if I'd be interested
>"Maybe, what's the group?"
>"Voltron maids!"

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>tfw no fluffy tail to brush

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Everytime i mention I'm trying to loose weight someone just goes ":( you're not fat :(" and acts as though i've revealed my plas to self terminate.
1) I am, just not as fat as some people. Don't lie to me. and 2) Why are you so damn sad about it?!
I don't understand it at all.

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My friend got that a LOT especially from one toxic bitch. It's because they're likely jealous and want you to be as fat as they are, or they're deluded and saying you're fat breaks their illusion that they're not. Those are my two guesses.

The other thing is that maybe you're not, but your concerns are still very valid? I hover around a lower BMI but because I'm short it gets very noticeable when I gain a few pounds. When I mention it though it's like suddenly I'm the pro-ana-est of pro-anas, even if it's just me wanting to return to my weight during summer.

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Oh I wish I did more than tell him off.
The convo lasted a short while.

Pt1 of 2
After the message I sent he replied with:
>have you seen the wig you're wearing. It's perfect for this coseplay but vou caqn't tell me that it doesn't make look wayyy different than normally, it has braids and shit. Are you fishing for complements or asking me for my opinion? if it;s something you want to be doing then why does it even matter?! How is that even related to the amount of your work or it's quality? In my opinion you're acting like someone who was just waiting to have a reason to be upset at me.
>You can't be that sensitive man, what if someone would actually tried to offend you?
Me: That's definitely not what you said, or did when you saw it though is it. Just as soon as you see me you start laughing, nice one man. Yeah, it's part of the fucking cosplay, dude. I wasn't fishing at all, fuck off, I just wanted to share what I'd done with my friends, can I not do that? No, actually not at all, I wanted to show you and see what you thought, and your instant reaction is to literally laugh at me, say it looks gay, tell me to go to the kitchen for better light and then laugh some more. I wouldn't give a shit if it was someone else, I care more about what my friends think, and you showed me what you thought. And your opinion? "In my opinion you're acting like someone who was just waiting to have a reason to be upset at me." Why the fuck would I do that? What has happened that you would think that? turning this around on me wtf

>Well you come in wearing a blonde wig and then three minutes later you're all mad at me man. What else am I supposed to think?
Me: Maybe, why i would be annoyed? maybe because you literally laughed at me when I showed you what I'd done/made?
>And no point you thought that it has to do with you wearing blonde braids?

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Pt 2 of 2

>Look, I respect the tremendous work you put into making your armour and I feel you did a magnificent job, it looks professional made, like you could make money out of it professional. You coming into my room wearing a blonde wig on the other hand is halarious. I don't know what else to say, it's just how I feel about all of it

Me: Could have just said that you thought it was funny, or that you didn't like it, that's it, openly laughing and mocking it just sucks. But alright, fine.

I just can't understand why he tried turning it around on me. I'm going as Rhaegar Targaryen and it's not even braids that go down the hair, it's like pic related, more danny but the braids going under the hair

>> No.9970435

That's amazing, congrats!

>> No.9970442

Sounds like your friend is just a slightly homophobic douchebag.

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I mean, I guess so, if he thinks that having the braids in a wig for a character is gay and just can't stop laughing then he's got to have some problem.

Either way, I'm sorry for rambling, I'm just glad he's not one of the people I'm going to comic con with.

Pic related is how it looks. Tell me if it's really that bad, and if so, how would I make it look more like rhaegar's or visery's?

>> No.9970464

I realise I've gone off topic, ignore me.

>> No.9970496

I had someone like that. saw her deviantart journals and they are wild
>men are awful, they just want sex and I'm saving that for marriage. I'm staying single.
>*few months later* I'm getting engaged soon!
and I guess that fell through since she asked me out, I said no, and she hasn't talked to me in a few months now.
Her cosplays were 8/10, but personality, not so much.

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I got punched in the boob when I was 2B... All because I couldn

>> No.9970513

I posted that i was losing weight on here in a happy post, and had someone get super salty about it.
I think it's a default response to that. I think people are really sensitive about weight and so even someone saying that can make people feel awkward. I don't really get why, but I had the same responses too when I was 130. Saying "good luck" or something might imply they think your fat, i don't know. I do wish you luck on losing weight.

>> No.9970520

cosplay is kinda gay though

>> No.9970523

That may be so but it still sucked that they just sat there and laughed, asked me to go somewhere with better lighting and then laughed some more.

>> No.9970526

It's not about the fights my dude, and if you haven't realised this you haven't been paying attention to the series. It's about how Deku and the heroes in his class are going to reform the societal idea of what it means to be a hero. Deku has to surpass All Might by destroying the standard he set and replacing it with something better, and real. He's not going to keep one for all a secret from the public, he's not going to lie about being quirkless, he's not going to be the number one hero because he can smash shit, it's because he inspires others and brings out the potential hero in everyone around him. We'll start to see it when Bakugo finally starts to learn from Deku. I also don't think he's going to stand alone at the top, unparalleled like All Might did. The rest of the class has more interesting quirks so we can see Deku inspire them in ways they wouldn't have thought of, which is gonna keep everything visually interesting in the fights.

This is coming from someone who considers the entire genre of shounen to be absolute trash that needs to be binned. BNHA is a breath of fresh air and stands head and shoulders above every other series.

>> No.9970527

This, I'm really glad someone else sees it as more than just the fights.

>> No.9970548

Do a bit more styling to it. It's got a bit of a Farrah Fawcett flip going on right now. You want the hair to be more natural and falling downwards, not flipping out (cute as it is) to really nail his hairstyle. Other than that, looks good to me.

>> No.9970557

> All because I couldn

...you gonna finish that post?

>> No.9970570


Didn't you read? she couldn

I'll show myself out. Sage for bad joke.

>> No.9970574

Congrats anon, you can do it!

>tfw bf will probably never buy me anything lolita related

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>tfw no happy relationship

>> No.9970591

Nayrt but what I dislike about BNHA is everyone lauding it for being so great and unique when it really isn't. The characters are cute and easy to relate to but so far the plot is beyond predictable. It's black and white aside from some of the minor villains who are more questionable.
I really enjoy the series and will definitely keep up with it but I'm sick of people making it out to be super deep when it really isn't.

>> No.9970594 [DELETED] 

hey baby

>> No.9970610
File: 49 KB, 750x416, IMG_20180816_101444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw will never have a qt bf like Hirotaka that I can have my interests with without shame
>tfw will never be as cute and pretty as Narumi anyway
god just fucking end my misery

>> No.9970619

I also have this feel! But it's also, sadly, combined with the feel of going from a well-paying (albeit soulsucking) job to student loans + whatever side job money I can get. Not to mention I'm going to study ethology, a field in which there are like no jobs.

>> No.9970620


>serialized in Shonen Jump

lol it *is* the new Naruto. Shonen Jump has a formula down that they force onto every upcoming series that manages to gain a rapid following.

Naruto itself was the "new" Dragon Ball. Calling it now, same formula of powerups and battles will start plaguing BNHA.

This anon got it right >>9970591 -- SJ has been at this for a very long time because it works.

>> No.9970623

Eh, imo being unpredictable doesn't make something automatically unique, and being unique doesn't make something good. Plenty of shows are unpredictable and suffer massively from it. People seem to want to be constantly surprised by media, even when that isn't the point of that media.

Of course it's predictable, they tell you where the story ends up at the start of every single episode but IMO that's in a good way - it's well written and chock full of foreshadowing. It's not that deep, I'll agree with you there, but it is undoubtedly an example of simplicity done well.

Also FWIW a shounen anime being consistently good is really unique. I don't find myself yelling at the screen asking why the fuck a character is doing something stupid constantly like I did with Naruto, Bleach etc. Everything is internally consistent.

>> No.9970630

>Trying to lose weight to fit in my dresses better and just feel better about myself
>Gotta look after grandma because she's had a fall
>Grandma does what grandmas do best...
>Don't even realise it's happening

Love you grandma but please
I'm going to have gained weight
Do all grandmas have a secret power or something where they can just hypnotise you into eating? I'm not even hungry half the time but I'll be eating anyway.

>> No.9970631


I think people have to understand the demographic for shounen manga. It's meant for teenagers. It's a series you grow up with and then when you mature, you move onto seinen stuff. It's okay for it to follow the same formula because for the readers, it's something new to them. Obviously if you grew up with Naruto, BNHA is going to feel very similar and boring but Naruto was exciting and fresh despite it just being the Dragon Ball of the new age.

BNHA is aimed at those 13-18 who probably haven't watched all of Naruto because it was already either finished or too deep in the story to sit and watch hundreds of episodes to catch up. Just like Naruto was aimed at the 13-18 years old who didn't want to watch hundreds of episodes of Dragon Ball just to catch up.

tl;dr it's okay for it to be the same because it's aimed at introducing a new generation who have never seen something like it before.

>> No.9970635

This, this so much. I've heard it a million times and it's always after I decline to eat some ridiculously sweet, over 9000 calorie dessert. I'm to the point where I'm not even trying to actively use weight, just get my eating habits under control and one of the fucking butter golems I work with went on a half hour tirade about how gross I was going to look if I lost any weight because I wasn't as chatty as normal and when she asked why I told her I was cutting all processed sugar out of my diet. I never said I was trying to lose weight and it took all of my weakened will power not to rip her head off because I was having sugar withdrawls

>> No.9970636

Do some sharp looking, courageously colored shirt-vest combo. Bright colors work way better with dark skin than pale imo! Check out /ouG/! You can do it my dude!

t. dyel

>> No.9970638

>tfw gay
>tfw want a bf to match cosplays with and do cute shippy shit
>90% of male cosplayers are ugly/talentless
>10% are cosfamous and straight and therefore unattainable


>> No.9970641

Tell her not to make so much and tell her why

>> No.9970645

If only it were that simple, anon. People in our family have been telling her this for years. She just does what grandmas do

>> No.9970652 [DELETED] 

sounds very cute.. too bad i'm one of the ugly ones

>> No.9970654
File: 21 KB, 655x509, 7127-full.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>broke and live in abusive severely mentally ill home
>work sweat and tears for measly money since I was 14
>save up despite after buying my own food, etc barely having anything left
>decide to treat myself, getting into jfash, not any of the popular burando but still super happy and excited with my clothes
>they eventually go missing
>when they return to my closet they're stretched, ripped, with marks and stains, and fucking stink of BO and cigarette
>fucking fatass sister has been barging into my room and wearing my shit when I'm not around
>can't stand my ground nor lock my goods because she'll beat me, extort me, etc
>can't rely on my parents or relatives because she's always excused, I'm just the mistake
>mfw still a fucking pussy getting abused to this day
>can't thrive as an adult because of how long I've been abused and isolated
>can't land jobs
>can't be independent
>can't move out
>mfw to this day even my own underwear shows up all stained

>> No.9970660

that’s disgusting
where is your money going if you’re working..? you should get some space bags

>> No.9970663

it goes to my own food studies medicine transport etc, i mean it's fair now that I'm an adult, but this has been happening since I was 12 or so, my mother is a hoarder and impulsive spender and after a few days of her paycheck there simply was no money left and no food, no hot water, etc, but hey at least she bought new curtains and new furniture for no fucking reason and my sister got 5000 new designer clothes, tuition paid, a car, a new phone, and everything she wanted

i am not working right now, the jobs I get are always temporary below minimum wage/min wage jobs, I'm surviving off my savings and my father (bless his soul) giving me money for those needs but I feel bad relying on him even though he's not obliged to child support or anything

>> No.9970674

Take up exercising to counterbalance the weight issue.

>> No.9970688

Did your parents divorce? Why not live with your dad for a while?

>> No.9970692
File: 22 KB, 400x477, dyingnoises.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Somebody punched her in the boob mid-sentence.

>> No.9970703


ayrt, and yes, that's accurate.

Which is why anons who have lived through Naruto and Dragon Ball won't ever agree that BNHA is deep and inspiring. It could shape out differently, but at the moment it looks like the same old formula. Probably looks even more cliched to those that apparently remember Dragon Ball.

>> No.9970710
File: 161 KB, 1197x1080, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes, and I wanted to but my mother won custody (of course), and even now that I'm of age, I cant live with my father because he already lives in a shared house with other relatives (my aunts and uncles, cousins, etc) that's too full, my dad already sleeps in the attic

we've tried seeing if we put our money together if we could rent our own little space but it's impossible, especially with tourism and foreigners coming in, prices around here are skyrocket

>> No.9970711
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>this is the last post anon made before they got stabbed by an angry 2B cosplay hater

>> No.9970712

>bnha is more cliched than dragon ball
Nothing is more boring than dragon ball.

>> No.9970723

>severe myopia and astigmatism
>have to wear glasses all the time, literally legally blind without them
>glasses ruin all of my outfits/cosplays because they don't match/character doesn't use glasses
>glasses tone down/conceal my amazing hardworked makeup
>glasses' lenses are so strong they distort/warp parts of my face through them
>can't wear lenses no matter what kind
>too poor to afford laser
>too poor too afford different pairs of glasses

>> No.9970724

isn't laser eye surgery very cheap all things considering these days. Start saving.

>> No.9970735

Not to me at least, and even if I had the money I can't do it right now because my vision hasn't stabilised and my doctor advises against it.

>> No.9970742


Ha. Try yaoi sometime. A lot live up to their name of not having any plot.

>> No.9970751

Hair cut looks cute

>> No.9970755

that was such a satisfying read, go you anon!

>> No.9970770


>Meant to be looking after Grandma
>Grandma ends up feeding you

I think she's gotten the situation backwards and needs to leave it to you.

In all seriousness though she probably wants to make it up to you since you're taking your time to help out. I know its hard to say no but you can always offer to plate up so you can control portion size.

>> No.9970776

Where are these? I only saw them on American TV shows and in actual Asia. Europeans anons want good haircuts too. What do EU-living Asians do?

>> No.9970778

Honestly, if it looks bad I don't care how much effort went into it. Laughing like that and not understanding why that doesn't give a positive reaction out of you is mean. But criticising the way it looks after you show it isn't bad if it's an honest opinion imho.

That being said, I don't know how it looked. Personally, I love cosplay but only when it looks good. I'm also the type who things one should spend money and effort into a hobby and I'm really done with 90% of the cosplayer I meet looking like shit, and then saying you can't say that because effort and it's a hobby, it should be fun, is just stupid.

Good stuff cost effort, but effort doesn't equal good cosplay.

>> No.9970781

Get a boyfriend, move in with him, then try to become independent. As horrible as this sounds this is really the only way for you to escape :( I’m sorry anon

>> No.9970782

It does look obviously like a wig. Unless you know how to create the look of a hairline flawlessly on a wig, I wouldn't suggest wigs without bangs. This obvious fakeness is a big pet peeve from me on many cosplays to be honest.

>> No.9970783

I feel for you anon. On the other hand, where are you wearing Rhaegar to?? I’d really like to see that

>> No.9970785

I agree with the other anon about styling. Rhaegar and Viserys both have slight waves that fall straight down and are quite natural looking. For this wig if you have time, I’d go ahead and wash it then soak it for a few days in 1:1 fabric softener and water. Then take it out, let it dry in braids for the waves, then douse it with dry shampoo to take out any shine and give it texture. As far as the other comment about the hairline, you could try to pin/braid in such a way that the hairline is covered? Or add a circlet/crown to conceal?

Anyways, best of luck! Rhaegar is such a great choice.

>> No.9970791
File: 62 KB, 610x447, 19FFECB9-F6A0-42E7-91B5-BE54A9F4F4E2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>want to dress up as a knight for fun
>not even sure it's cosplay
>not sure if it's going to look weird going to events in full plate for funsies

>> No.9970795

There are characters that are knights so it can be cosplay, if you make your armor specific.

>> No.9970808

The most specific thing I have it doing right now is surviving a slug round

>> No.9970826
File: 164 KB, 548x548, MikuRage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The recent fashion trend within makeup and literally anything with this fucking shit makes my blood boil. I have the privilege of sewing cosplays at a youth house with a complete studio with anything I could ever want, BUT IT'S CONSTANTLY FUCKING CONTAMINATED!
The normies with their lame arts and crafts insist on dousing their soul with the fucking shit. Sometimes they hardly even clean up after themselves. Even if they do, it's not enough.
If it gets somewhere it will be anywhere. I'm not even sorry, mrs femipunk-unicorn-lover, but my historically accurate patterns and expensive fabrics CAN NOT touch the surface of this table anymore and it's YOUR FAULT. I've stopped cutting fabric there, but my own sewing machine is fucking shit compared to what they have there. Can't you just let me use the serger in peace?
I don't know how often I've mentioned to the glitter sympathizing administration of the place how glitter is a pain in the ass and to the environment. Pleading microplastics and dying fish has been my weapon against their madness. But today on my fb-feed a "revolutionizing" alternative was advertised. Fucking eco-friendly glitter which biodegrades within 90 days. FUCK THIS! It just nullifies my argument. FUCK GLITTER

>> No.9970830
File: 319 KB, 640x1050, 304FA98A-7076-4119-A2DF-DA22F057792B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jfc just reading that made my blood boil

>> No.9970852
File: 85 KB, 400x250, galko.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anons who have lived through Naruto and Dragon Ball won't ever agree that BNHA is deep and inspiring
Well, I "lived through" Naruto and Dragon Ball (I'm old as hell) but I never watched them because I thought they were really dull. I like BNHA a lot though.

>> No.9970921

I'm sorry

>> No.9970949

Same, but I actually watched both as they aired. Still kept up to date with DBZS but dropped Naruto back in shippuden. Honestly don't think people are paying the slightest bit of attention to what they're watching if they think this.

>> No.9970970
File: 145 KB, 1280x720, 1506965998211.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>STILL no Galko gf

>> No.9970987

I always feel out of place at meets because I still do the big doll-eye make-up with poofy wigs. My comm is really more into using your own hair and a more natural make-up, and I always feel like they want me to do the same. I got several comments and questions asking me to do so, but I just really dislike wearing natural make-up and using my own hair. It doesn’t fit my style at all! I feel like having natural make-up and using my natural hair would look so bland compared to my coord. I don’t know, but it would feel ita to me. But then on the other side I feel like my comm members do not like it, that I look a bit more extreme than they do. It doesn’t help that the majority of people in my comm are (casual) classic Lolita’s.

>> No.9970995

Are you into OTT/2010 sweet? I think they're being irrational if they expect you to change your hair and makeup if it's going to make your coords look like shit, but maybe you need to find a way to adjust your coords to the occasion.
What sort of meetups does your comm usually have? If they're casual, laid back meetups in tea houses etc. and your comm is generally not OTT in terms of style, they might feel uncomfortable with how much you stand out in comparison. Not to say that you should start wearing toned down classic like they do, but maybe reconsider your choices if you're overdressed.
I'm only assuming of course, I don't know what your actual situation is so feel free to correct me if I misunderstood anything.

>> No.9971011

Power went out where I work and everyone is starting to get stir crazy. Not only is the bathroom completely dark but there's no toilet paper either :(

>> No.9971012

Not OTT/2010 Sweet but Hime Lolita, so somewhere just as over the top. (I love mixing Hime Gyaru hairdos/make-up with Lolita.) It doesn’t feel extreme to me as when I joined Lolita in 2010 it was the standard, but it is definitly more extreme compared to the rest of my comm now.
We mostly have picknick, museum and high tea meets. For museum meets I do dress down, as in very casual Lolita coords that I would wear to school as well, since I still want to enjoy the art and people make it impossible to do that when you are dressed in more flashy Lolita outfits. But for the other meets I still want to wear Hime as I can’t wear that to school and such. But my comm only goes a bit more OTT for OTT themed meets, but even then I think they look quite plain.

>> No.9971023

Ah, well, I'm not going to tell you what to do or what to wear, I do think it's silly of your comm to try to dictate your style and ultimately it's up to you, but maybe consider keeping your more elaborate hairstyles for your comm's OTT meets.
That said, good on you for wearing what you love despite all this, I hope your comm doesn't get on your case as often about your style choices.

>> No.9971058

The thing is we barely have OTT meets and when we have one I rather go full OTT. I have so many dresses I already can’t wear to regular meetups, so I would hate it if I couldn’t wear my other dresses as well. I already do keep it in mind to not be too over the top, but I don’t think it’s enough for them. And I can’t really make my regular dresses more casual or anything as they all seem to have elements attached to them that make them more extravagant, so in order to find the right balance my coords instantly become more flashy than theirs. But as I said I don’t think I am that flashy, my comm is just really, really casual. For example for high teas everyone still dresses really casual, they don’t do anything special. They would wear the same as coord as they would to a picknick meet.
So the only way for me to look toned down enough would be to wear skirts, but I would just feel really ugly. Natural make-up and more casual/mature Lolita styles look great when you are pretty, but I am not and with my current style I can hide my flaws. I just can’t look pretty while looking toned down.

Plus I wear casual stuff on regular days as well, so when I have a meet I would like to wear something I don’t wear that often. I don’t know how to describe it, but when you wear Lolita on a regular base, meetd kind of become a moment to dress up a little bit more than normally. And I think that’s kind of different for them as they see it as just an occasion to wear Lolita.
And my close friends and such really don’t mind it. They encourage me to wear what I like, but some comm members just make comments that make me feel weird.

>> No.9971065

call the police?

>> No.9971071

>I wear casual stuff on regular days as well, so when I have a meet I would like to wear something I don’t wear that often
I totally get this, I do this too, except that my style isn't OTT even when I wear things that are different from my casual daily style.
It's good that you do have friends that encourage you. Unfortunately not everyone is going to click with you and that's okay, as long as they don't harass or bother you... which they seem to be doing, which is sad.
What sort of things do they say to you, if you don't mind sharing?

>> No.9971072

even too broke for glasses from zenni or another one of those cheap eyeglass sites?

>> No.9971077

Usually those sites aren’t good for strong prescriptions

>> No.9971086
File: 339 KB, 480x360, Hxhmaincrew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Deep and thought provoking shonen anime


>> No.9971087

There are shounen series that are leagues better than BNHA at writing and character development but they're not Dragon Ball or Naruto

>> No.9971092
File: 255 KB, 1277x1131, 1508545214007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Oh, I bet this is just one of those series where the little kid becomes godlike strong and somehow just happens to kick the asses of people 4 times his age with ease!"
>Gon gets his ass shoved in on a regular basis
>He isn't even the strongest character on screen most of the time
>Side characters are frequently given much more screentime than him
>Big bad of the series isn't even taken down by him
>It's still enjoyable as fuck to see the little guy actually pull through
>Expectations of plotlines about vengance or world domination end up taking a mature philosophical approach instead of the predictable black and white good vs evil approach
>Some of the "good guys" are legitimately more fit to be fucking villains and not in the Vegeta kind of way
>Most of the "villains" fit the role of "good guys" just fine as well
>All the guys in the series are pure husbando material and I want to fuck each and every one of them.

>> No.9971095

>tfw HxH isn't popular enough to frequently find good cosplay fucks at cons to live out the fantasy of being chained up by Kurapika

Why even live?

>> No.9971098

True, like they don’t have to be my friends. I am very happy with the ones I have. But commenting stuff like “You should use your natural hair sometime!” and “I am sure you would look beautiful with less make-up on.” right out of nowhere, is really annoying when you spend a long time on getting to look like this. And also snarky questions like “Do you really need to wear fake lashes/circle lenses/so much make-up?” Like I don’t mind expressing my feelings/opinions, but it feels like having to explain to a normie why you like wearing Lolita. They won’t understand it and they will act weird to you. It feels pointless to even reply to it.
Then there are also indirect ones, they bother me even more. Like when I do wear something more casual/look natural and they suddenly start giving me compliments on my hair and make-up. While it is just a basic look like everyone else, so not a wowfactor natural look that deserves a comment. They also won’t compliment others on it, so it feels weird. But also a bit too much not really genuine sounding comments like “Your real hair is very beautiful!”, when I take my wig off.

>> No.9971104

Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated.

>> No.9971141
File: 30 KB, 640x476, Hokuto no Ken 052 (DVD 640x476 x264 10bit AC3) [92D64F92].mkv_snapshot_16.05_[2018.03.09_20.27.44].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys please, we all know what the best fightan shounen is

>> No.9971151
File: 294 KB, 634x662, ledditgoo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just dreamed that I went to a con pool party and ended up banging my little sister's friend.

I'm not even attracted to her. How do I tell her??

>> No.9971168

Uh... don't? That's an option too.

>> No.9971169


wow, this is how my bf is with me

now i'm sad again

>> No.9971206

>met a cute guy at otakon, hit off well, hung out for a while
>gives me his contact info, find out that I will be moving to the same state for school soon
>going through my things today, realize that I can't find the paper with info on it
>searched around for most of the day and really sad that can't find it
I really should have put it in my phone, we had a great time together I hope by chance that I can find him

>> No.9971228

Why wood you do that?

>> No.9971237

Wow that sucks.

I know this isn't a universal solution, and life circumstances might stop you from doing this, but you can always fuck off to somewhere else, ideally with a lower cost of living, and start over from scratch. It might be easier for you since it sounds like you don't have too much invested in where you live right now.

Regardless, I hope you find your way out of your shitty situation anon

>> No.9971241

ayrt and HxH is my favorite series, it's beautifully written and memes aside togashi's art is godlike

>> No.9971245

This is hilarious, wish I could show up just to see the atmosphere. Unfortunately, it also sounds like it'll be "inarticulate yelling" tier

I remember I saw a Trump JoJo cosplay at AnimeNYC last year that was really jokes.

>> No.9971250

>working on Archer cosplay after a ~4 month hiatus while I was out of the country
>recently found out about AnimeNYC having the Aimer concert

I'm honestly so excited for AnimeNYC, it's like THE con I'm looking forward to the most (that is in the area)

>> No.9971265
File: 234 KB, 569x500, oh_god_no_bad_explosion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>concrunching, still have plenty of time but some stuff gets left to the last minute
>friend needs some help with a commission she bought gone horribly wrong
>Sure, I can look at it
>it's an absolute hot mess, but I do what I can
>"Anon, while I'm here, I need help with (other cosplay) too!"
>Hasn't even started
>Only bought fabric she thinks "looks nice"
>Doesn't have a pattern

She knows damn well I have my own stuff to work on, but every time she's come over the last two weeks she dumps something else she needs done on me without giving me a word in edgewise. I shouldn't be surprised though, she's always been like this.

INB4 grow a backbone, and show her where to shove it.

>> No.9971272
File: 709 KB, 500x350, aa26d4f414f967124a8ac5e86282edf17df1560d_hq.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>embarrassed to wear cute fashion in public or around boyfriend because I'm afraid I will look crazy or like a clown
>finally work up courage to get dolled up in strawberry whip op
>"you look really cute like a princess"
>feel dumb for not just wearing it in the first place around him and everyone else
>boyfriend says he'll buy me more lolita things
>go out in public finally wearing a full lolita coordinate
>"You look so cute!"
>It was all in my head
>I can die happy

>> No.9971325

>tfw no gf to call cute

Both my exes hated being called cute because they wanted to be considered sexy and mature. They felt cute made them out to be a child. I blame Kardashian culture. Thank god they dumped me so I can find a proper cutie gf.

I'm happy for you anon. I'm sure you looked great, Strawberry Whip is a dope print.

>> No.9971377

>get good job, pay off loans
>Getting promotion soon
>Manager tells me today I'm highly regarded, could easily be a director in a few years
>Have about 2k per month disposable income and feel secure spending it
I just want to buy all the things.

>> No.9971381

>tfw cosplay kurapika and love tying people up

>> No.9971405

>order custom stuff from china
>ask agent if they can contact the seller regarding an item that was recently removed from sale because their embroidery machine broke
>they do, they say the seller can make it but without the embroidery
>say okay, ask how I will pay for the deposit
>they say I don't need to and that the seller will make one
>all other items from this seller arrive, but not the coat
>contact agent
>they refer to another item I ordered, a vest, when I ask about the status of the coat

i even tipped you cmon pls why are you doing this, you even acknowledged that this was a different item when you posted the product shot of it

i just want my first fucking coord reEE

>> No.9971413

I aspire to be someone like you.
I worked incredibly hard in school. Always top of my class and known for being the "smart" kid. Professors constantly used my work as examples for others and told me I would go far. But in the real world I have shit luck.

Everyone who has met me says I'm the hardest working person they know, yet new employers rarely give me a chance. Which is so backwards, because I'm often the employee that managers assign more and more tasks to once they discover I'm good at what I do. Even then, I seem stuck in low tier, low paying jobs (partially because my choice in degree). I get ignored by desirable companies. I spent 7 years in college to be glossed over.

I start a new job on Monday that is marginally better than some of my past jobs, but it doesn't offer a very high level of compensation. I'll have spending money, but only because my partner has a tech job and pays for just about everything.

I feel like I'll never be successful, despite being smart enough and capable enough. I don't know where I'm going wrong, and my closet of brand is a lie afforded to me by others who have supported me. So congrats to you. I wish you could teach someone like me how to do it.

Buy everything. Celebrate your achievements.

>> No.9971425 [DELETED] 

nayrt, but
>because I'm often the employee that managers assign more and more tasks to once they discover I'm good at what I do.
This is not a good thing. It shows you are capable for sure but also that you don't demand compensation for extra work you're doing or set boundaries. They realised you're good at what you do *and* don't value yourself correctly, so they can get away with short changing you. Managers pile extra uncompensated work into doormats, they offer capable people promotions. You need to recognise that you deserve to be compensated fairly for the work you do, and demand it. If you don't value yourself

Also don't be so hard on yourself, pretty much everyone has someone supporting them whether that be emotionally or financially or both. Obviously the people who support you value you and want you to have nice things.

I believe in you anon, you can make it.

>> No.9971427

nayrt, but
>because I'm often the employee that managers assign more and more tasks to once they discover I'm good at what I do.
This is not a good thing. It shows you are capable for sure but also that you don't demand compensation for extra work you're doing or set boundaries. They realised you're good at what you do *and* don't value yourself correctly, so they can get away with short changing you. Managers pile extra uncompensated work into doormats, they offer capable people promotions. You need to recognise that you deserve to be compensated fairly for the work you do, and demand it. If you don't value yourself why would other people?

Also don't be so hard on yourself, pretty much everyone has someone supporting them whether that be emotionally or financially or both. Obviously the people who support you value you and want you to have nice things.

I believe in you anon, you can make it.

>> No.9971461

Your problem is that you're a hard working doormat. You aren't getting compensated because you don't push for it, and you get looked over probably because you didn't push for the promotion which will make your CV look worse, don't know how to sell your skills/don't have the "hustle" factor in interviews and probably don't write your cover letters in a way where people think you'd be anything special. If managers are giving you more and more shit to do you need to be applying for their job not doing it for them...

>> No.9971503

>"boyfriend got stolen by a 2B cosplayer with no panties" edition.
Is there a copypasta to this? It sounds hilarious.

>> No.9971529

>Dropped all my cosplay/coord money on a very nice figure that went up for preorders cuz waifu
>plastidip was a horrible failure
>Still haven't started on my dress, no idea where I would even start I haven't made one before
A-At least I've got four-ish months

>> No.9971531

>Still haven't started on my dress, no idea where I would even start I haven't made one before
You mean you want to make your first lolita dress? In that case I suggest you save up to buy one instead. If you've never sewn a dress before, making a lolita dress yourself without knowing how they're typically constructed is going to be a lot more challenging.
Get one high quality dress (secondhand brand is recommended), get a feel for it, how it's made, what makes it high quality, etc. and you'll have a better point of reference should you choose to make a dress yourself in the future.

>> No.9971534

I usually don't even like children (not good at dealing with them) but there's no description for, when you're wearing your coord or cosplay, that feel when they gaze at you full of curiosity and wonder like you're the most magical thing they've ever seen or something.

>> No.9971540

To be fair, these posts kind of give off the vibe of someone who is very unhappy with how they look naturally, and it's possible you give off that vibe IRL too. They might just be trying to make you feel better about how you look without all that stuff because they see it as trying to hide behind something? If you genuinely just like to wear it I'd just casually be like "I know I look fine without it, I just think it's fun to dress up" because I think being like "but I don't like how I look without it" is just likely to generate more of this behavior. As it stands it seems like you're trying to read some kind of dark ulterior motive into what they're doing when they could just be trying to help you love your "natural self" more. It might not be wanted or welcome, but that doesn't make it necessarily ill-intentioned.

>> No.9971564

>tfw really good at dealing with children
>even had the kindergarten teacher of my little cousins say I should work with kids when I get older because I have a natural talent especially as a male
>Absolutely hate children, don't even want my own

No situation on this earth is improved by adding children to it.

>> No.9971572

Hey, I think I know who you are.
Email me.
[email protected]

>> No.9971585
File: 361 KB, 800x1099, PhotoBook_Fukada.Kyoko_003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, in the real world people will take advantage of you. You'll keep getting more tasks on your plate and they'll pay you as little as they can for it. The "wage gap" only comes from how men are more likely to threaten they'll leave heir job if they don't get a raise, or they'll throw others under the bus for their career. Non-assertive men face the same "struggles" was women in this regard, just get und reminded by political hot topic headlines. You need to not only be a good worker, but willing to take the risk of professionally and confidently throwing a metaphorical middle finger to your employer. Otherwise they'll look at you and your "oh, Anon works hard and doesn't complain about all the tasks we give them. They're a great asset to this company, but show no qualms with doing extra without the extra pay. Let's maximize the work we can get out if them while minimizing the pay."

Because at the end of the day, that's what most jobs want. The school system produces good obedient workers, and considering you always "worked hard and got good grades," you're the perfect representation of this. Congrats, you passed the test of over exerting yourself without complaining; that's what they want. You're a great employee. But you remember Todd, who skipped classes and had a rebellious attitude, doing the bare minimum to get a passing grade and thinking about his own enjoyment before others? He'll be less qualified than you, but jump the ranks faster, because he will look out for himself before he looks out for his company. Sounds contradictory, but to get anywhere in life you really do need to either have extremely good luck, or rattle a few cages.

>> No.9971590


>> No.9971606

You're probably right about most of this. I will say that it's not my cover letters though. I make them extremely personalized and nuanced. I've had several jobs hire me/call me back because of just my cover letter. But yes, I don't think I know how to "hustle." I never feel comfortable boasting about my mediocre skills because I have high-standards, when in reality I know I'm more in the "exceptional" skills range for the outside world's standards. I live in a country where the job application process is very superficial and cutthroat. I'm at the point where I literally feel like lying and "fake it til you make it" is the only option.

Your last paragraph hit me hard. This happens to me all the time. I see people I know who asked me for help on basically all their college work (I eventually learned to just not help anymore), and they are now in a better job than me that pays 3x more.

I was taught to never ask for more than you deserve, and I have high-standards of "deserving." So, it's rare I ask for more unless I'm certain I can stand by it. It leaves me feeling physically ill sometimes when I have to defend myself professionally. Is this an issue with being a woman? Or self-worth?

I don't want to give up, but I'm already there. I'm basically 28 with no real prospects. I just barely made it out of the retail sector. I have 10k left in loans and I'm not going back to school after spending so long trying to be worth something there. I hate it, but I'll basically never be self-sufficient in terms of money. Or at least, I don't know how to get to a position where I would be. It seems so far out of my grasp. My boyfriend is one of the lucky ones who got headhunted before even leaving college. His GPA was lower than mine, and he has always had a worse work ethic than I do (which he says, is something he admires about me), yet I got left fighting for scraps.

>> No.9971614

My mother is 53 years old. She worked her way up in her field from a teacher to an assistant superintendent for a school district. She follows, and drilled into us, the ethic of "work hard, get good grades, and don't complain." much like what >>9971585 calls out as garbage. She's made it that far to making six figures and deciding the budget of an entire district of schools. She's responsible for thousands of people.

Her boss is a man that's nearly 10 years younger than her. He was voted into his position in the district by his friends who were voted into their positions by theirs. Every day she has people attempt to pass the blame onto her for things out of her control just because her boss dislikes her. He dislikes her because she's never made a mistake, she's old, and everyone knows she got where she was by doing what she did vs what how he got where he was. Since she directly handles the salaries of the employees she has to see as people who don't work, and of air headed-suck up women who are just younger than her be promoted and earn raises just because her boss likes them, and because they complain.

My mother is a good person, and a great worker. Yet she'll get shit on every day because of it. People who are good in this world either make it on their own, or will get ground through by others simply because they're good people. Whether it's from those they work with, or just complete strangers. You need to only look after yourself, and the people you love, anon. Only the things you genuinely care about deserve that much effort from yourself. Don't be my mom.

>> No.9971615
File: 105 KB, 1024x1024, FB_IMG_1513213057630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I'm a daily lolita and sometimes I get these seasons when I get super anxious about people paying attention to me and I lost all inspiration in coording. Normally I couldn't care less what people think and don't even notice the stares. I'm in the middle of this kind of season right now but this time I'm also going back to school after over two years. Socializing is super hard for me and I have zero friends because I'm too awkward to hang with people in smaller groups than meets. I'm just wishing I can do my best and friend someone but I'm afraid my anxiety will ruin me. I'm just so afraid no one wants to deal with me because of my clothes even though I have only had positive experiences from wearing lolita to school. I just have to keep in mind that even if I'm completely alone my mine goal is to study there and not make friends.
>mfw afraid even an anime club is gonna reject me

>> No.9971617

Are you getting any treatment, anon? Not necessarily medical, CBT can work as well. Please do seek treatment if you aren't, anxiety is a bitch and you deserve to wear what makes you happy and make friends.

>> No.9971619

Not to rag on you, but why go through the effort of wearing lolita to school? Wouldn't you be more comfortable and such just wearing easy going casual wear? It'd save you the stress of worrying about your outfit whenever you have to attend classes.

>> No.9971630

I went to a psychologist few times and I have a feeling I have some serious shit going on because the look on her face was pretty confused and worried. I will have to wait till the school starts and then the plan is to get on meds and possibly try to get in therapy.

Because I enjoy it a lot and I dislike normie clothes a lot. It makes me really happy to wear lolita and my mood is overall better when I do it as much as I can. Besides, getting ready in lolita doesn't really take anymore time for me and if I feel lazy I will just roll in to the class in whatever I feel most comfortable in. I just don't quite feel like myself in clothing I don't absolutely love and end up feeling like I'm waisting my potential opportunities to enjoy of the thing I love. Idk if that makes any sense but while I don't really want to befriend people who let my appearance come into the way anyways I still know they could be fun people to be around if I weren't into lolita. I'm still more comfortable being myself straight from the beginning than ending up stressing if I dare to show up in lolita later. I also attended the entry exams in lolita so some of them have probably seen me already and no one seemed to care. I'm just being stupid.

>> No.9971631

Ment to tag >>9971619 sorry.

>> No.9971640
File: 32 KB, 499x384, 567809.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not that anon, but I personally just feel more comfortable at school when I've made myself look at least a little more presentable. Obviously if you feel like you HAVE to look good it'll tire you out, but some people just genuinely like dressing up and, at least for me, being able to spend some time on make-up and picking cute clothes to wear really helps me relax before going to school.
As for >>9971615 , I think you'll be fine. Don't stress about making friends, and just focus on taking proper care of yourself so you have enough energy to attend school properly. I was in a similar situation last year, and wore myself out so bad trying to handle new people and a new daily routine at the same time after a long break. School first, take it easy and focus on finding stuff that makes the day more bearable and fills you with energy. And I guarantee that you will most likely find at least one or two people you'll get along with, even if you don't work hard for it. Just be yourself and people who are similar will eventually gather around you, school is pretty much the perfect setting for those sort of naturally formed relationships.

Sorry this got kinda long, I just wanted to let you know that there are other anons who've been there and that you'll be alright.

>> No.9971641

Try CBD oil. Helped me with my social anxiety. I still have issues, it isn't some magic cure-all drug or anything, but I notice my mind runs in toxic circles a lot less and I can actually do that "take a deep breath and reassess your anxieties from a different perspective" bullshit that every therapist in my life has spouted but I was unable to do before.

>> No.9971643

That, or if it's available, straight up microdose on weed. Not the smoke weed errydae high as a kite kind of thing, just make some cookies and nibble small chunks every few hours. The point is to NOT get high but just shake the anxiety off and be fully functioning and cognitively alert.

>> No.9971644
File: 30 KB, 500x401, 1433388438886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have really bad IBS and it makes wearing lolita very uncomfortable and I'm thinking of selling my wardrobe after getting my DD because I haven't worn a piece seriously since last December, and it just made me sad when I got it.

I love my dresses and I love wearing them, but I don't get a lot of time to wear them in the first place and my IBS issues just make it uncomfortable.

I'm trying to justify it in in my head to list them like I'm moving to a different state soon and they take up a lot of space, someone else would probably properly wear and love them more, I could use the money, etc.

>> No.9971664

I need to learn this lesson and grind it into my bones. I think one of the reason I got into jfashion is because it's the one place where I can put myself first. I find it painfully hard to put myself first in a job. I absolutely hate stepping on toes. I know I have to. Every time I even edge towards it, I feel like shit the rest of the day for even attempting to be "unfair" towards someone else.

There's just a huge gap between the people who've known me and worked with me and those that haven't. Employers are so used to shit employees who only look out for themselves and fail at their responsibilities, that when someone like me comes in and seems even less confident in my skills during an interview, they immediately look away. I wish there was a place I could literally work for free, to prove myself and so the company could feel like they gain without risk, and then they'd hire me for real afterwards. (But I'm way past the time for internships at this point).

In every interview I fight every cell in my body in order to market myself. After I interviewed for the current job I got, I came back exhausted and in tears from that exhaustion. Even this job is an extreme compromise from what I wanted. The world is 100% not a place for honest people, and doing perfectly in school means nothing. I admire someone like your mom. I probably won't even get where she is because the job market is brutal. I wish the world had given her more.

>> No.9971670

holy i am so happy right now. i found the perfect gold fabric. I thought a non-stretch non-vinyl shinny gold fabric didn't exist, but i found it, and its beautiful and perfect. Now i know what to use for any metallic trim in the future. i am so happy

>> No.9971672

Just sell me your moitie, anon.

just kidding, don't sell your dresses if you're not in need of money right now. Wait a little, see if you can wear them inside the house just to lay down or appreciate yourself. You could sell the one you like the least and see if it makes any difference on your conscience.

Anyway, hope you get better son.

>> No.9971683

I wish the world had given her more too, anon. At least more than some one like me.

>> No.9971692

>on edibles
Loool. What

>> No.9971728

Problem? It lasts longer and is more prominent, but if you're taking small nibbles it isn't an issue. Not saying to eat an entire cookie in the morning. If 1 whole cookie is enough to get you baked, then split it accordingly and keep in mind that it'd take 30-45 minutes to actually have an effect.

>> No.9971733

I'm really sick of stoners trying to tell people that getting high is a good fix for anxiety. Unless you are a doctor you should not be recommending it. Weed often gives anxious people an increased sense of paranoia which is literally the opposite of what would fix anxiety.

Stop trying to push your agenda on people who are looking for help to fix a problem.

>> No.9971753 [DELETED] 
File: 34 KB, 512x512, 1518818261435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>getting high
>The point is to NOT get high

Reading disability? Different strains affect different people in different ways, just like any other drugs. Every anti-anxiety med I've been on has increased anxiety. It's not agenda when there are legitimate medicinal uses for it.

There isn't even as much research as there should be about this subject because nobody wants to fund it, but here are some articles to educate yourself with:


We found no longitudinal associations between cannabis use and incidence of depression/anxiety, or between depression/anxiety and later cannabis use onset.

>THC appears to decrease anxiety at lower doses and increase anxiety at higher doses.

I'll be happy to provide more, if you'd like. Otherwise, /pol/ is a few doors down to the right.

>> No.9971758
File: 34 KB, 512x512, 1518818261435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm really sick of stoners trying to tell people that getting high
>The point is to NOT get high
Reading disability? Different strains affect different people in different ways, just like any other drugs. Every anti-anxiety med I've been on has increased anxiety. It's not agenda when there are legitimate medicinal uses for it.

There isn't even as much research as there should be about this subject because nobody wants to fund it, but here are some articles to educate yourself with:


We found no longitudinal associations between cannabis use and incidence of depression/anxiety, or between depression/anxiety and later cannabis use onset.

>THC appears to decrease anxiety at lower doses and increase anxiety at higher doses.

I'll be happy to provide more, if you'd like. Otherwise, /pol/ is a few doors down to the right.

Deleted my previous post just to add the quote to my original post in case you had a problem seeing where I literally (as in 100% the literal sense of the word, not the 4chan ironically figuratively sense) stated specifically that the point is to stay sober. I have clinical anxiety and depressive disorders myself, it works for me just fine where the meds phychs have shoved down my throat haven't. Not saying those meds are ineffective, not even badmothing those meds either, but they don't work for me because our bodies are all different.

>> No.9971763

Shill harder. You're clearly retarded from all the weed frying your brain

>> No.9971765

Weed is one of the most overrated experiences out there

>> No.9971770

It is, and the people who use it are incredibly obnoxious and act like it's some cure all when all it really seems to do is turn those who smoke it into bumbling retards who act like it's a miracle

>> No.9971776

I really like drinking water. Like, a lot. Sometimes, I'll sit there and see how much water I can drink in a specific hour or two. I remember one day at work I thought about how I was going to get home and drink a whole gallon of water for fun. I'm even at work right now, drinking water.

>> No.9971777
File: 18 KB, 259x224, luluco.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her bf got stolen by a 2B with no panties.

Incidentally, my sister dabbed on some thots at AWA last year because they weren't wearing panties.

>> No.9971779

I don't understand this. Do women really walk around dressed up without wearing underwear?

>> No.9971780

Original poster and I agree. It isn't a miracle drug and the high actually isn't even as psychedelic or perspective changing as something like mushrooms or lsd. It does have legitimate medical uses, and used for recreation can give some good times, but it doesn't even alter your state of mind more than getting drunk. People are mostly enticed by the illegal aspect of it. When it's legalized and the doors open for more medical research to be put on it, it'll become more apparent of what it does and doesn't help. In terms of recreation, it'll be seen as just the same as alcohol is after a few generations. It isn't a big deal, it shouldn't be treated as a big deal, but at the same time its uses shouldn't be dismissed either.

>> No.9971783

Thanks anon! I think for me it's the society's pressure of having friends and success what's really bothering me. Afterall I'm kinda fine and used to be alone.

I wish I could! It's still illegal here but we have strong local markets but unfortunately not for high CBD products. Sucks a lot. Weed helps with my hard and tiring anxiety attacks but what >>9971643 suggests is a no for me unfortunately. Apart from risking the legal concequenses even a small dose really messes my cognitive skills and short term memory for an hour or so and it would be horrible in school. But it's probably because I have only had high THC leveled weed. And I'm really a beginner with it. Thanks anyways anons.

>> No.9971786

Only the thots. It's more common at cons than any other social gathering I've ever seen. Something about weeb culture (sexualization in anime?) really brings out the thots hard. If you were at the last Otakon, you may have heard about the Reimu who got escorted out because she bent over and spread her cheeks for someone taking photos.

>> No.9971788

You can order CBD online and it's legal in a majority of states. It doesn't get you high, at worse you'll just get sleepy if you take too much.

>> No.9971789

I don't actually go to conventions. I just like hanging out on this board and being nice to people. That sounds disgusting though, whores and enablers are equally terrible.

>> No.9971794
File: 7 KB, 173x216, mood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get gf
>she abuses me emotionally for months
>finally break up with her bc fuck that
>she poisons all of my cosplay friendships
>blocked and ghosted by everyone i trusted

>> No.9971799

naw, I'm making a cosplay dress. i bought the dress for my coord already.

>> No.9971806

>lesbian relationships
Whenever I see one I like to play a game called "guess which one is the abuser"

>> No.9971807

Oh! Sorry, I misunderstood. Well, whether or not you choose to try it in these four months that you have before the con, I wish you luck!

>> No.9971811

I'm gay

>> No.9971812

nice dubs

>> No.9971813

It happens~
Thank you!

>> No.9971818

I'm Eurofag and it's unfortunately as illegal as ant drug where I live. It's considered as a prescription drug here and super hard to get but at the same time they say it's benefits are not researched enough to be sold freely. Fucking sucks because while being high is fun I would rather keep it once in a while thing but still be able to benefit from CBD more on daily basis. Currently I have to keep it in minimum.

>> No.9971830

>If you were at the last Otakon, you may have heard about the Reimu who got escorted out because she bent over and spread her cheeks for someone taking photos.
I did not hear about this, got any pictures :^)

>> No.9971833

I have anxiety, trouble sleeping. Might even be depressed but I'm not diagnosed.
There is something to be said about the medical effects of THC, you don't have to smoke it, because it works for people, it works for me.

>> No.9971835

you're probably depressed because of the thc

>> No.9971837

>Sometimes, I'll sit there and see how much water I can drink in a specific hour or two. I remember one day at work I thought about how I was going to get home and drink a whole gallon of water for fun.
Careful anon, that can actually kill you

>> No.9971839

They were being sarcastic and poking fun at people who obsess over weed

>> No.9971851

No, I was depressed because I overworked myself into a stress-meltdown and got fired.
I didn't partake for the 8 months I was a grey smear, on one of my better days I got a reup for self care
I'm like, a couple weeks past that and I actually feel like me again. Stress is going to kill me one day.

>> No.9971852
File: 64 KB, 609x668, 1520607323203.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm embarrassed for you.

>> No.9971853

Unless you live somewhere with legal weed, granted that's becoming the norm in a lot of places nowadays, there is absolutely no way to tell what strain of weed you have. Even in Amsterdam where it is legal there isn't much variety. Everything is skunk with as high a THC content as possible all across Europe. If you have to buy illegally it's just not worth it to risk your mental health.

Also recommending edibles for microdosing is absolutely mental, if you wanna microdose you need tincture or a vape.

I say this as a smoke weed erry day person so it's not like I'm against pot. fuckin' love the stuff, and same as you I find it helps with my anxiety.

>stated specifically that the point is to stay sober
Unless there's a definition of sober I'm not privy to, and that's unlikely because I'm a biologist, you cannot imbibe any drug and remain sober. If it is affecting your body's normal function, which it must be if it's benefiting your anxiety, then you are not sober. Soberness is defined by your body's normal metabolism occurring as it should, not by how intoxicated you feel or don't feel. This is the same faulty logic people use to justify drink driving or other dangerous activities whilst on drugs. Depressants affect your nervous system regardless of whether you feel it or not, you're not special or immune to these effects because you don't feel different. I sincerely hope you don't drive whilst using, please don't put other people around you at risk.

>> No.9971854

How are you embarrassed for me being able to understand jokes?

>> No.9971857

been looking for a job for a few months, it sucks waking up every morning, applying for jobs and then doing menial tasks through out the day. i know the wage i deserve but i can’t connect with the jobs that are appearing, i don’t want to lower the standards for myself. job hunting is hard.

>> No.9971868

>INB4 grow a backbone, and show her where to shove it.
unironically this desu

>> No.9971887

Also, his hair is twisted in the photo you posted, not braided. Little detail, but might help with the over all look. I think you can get it looking good with some relaxed waves in there.
Good luck!

To the contrary, you’re the one pushing the cigarette lobby’s message that marijuana causes anxiety. There are no legitimate meta studies that have concluded this. The other anon who responded to you is more eloquent and shared evidence, but I just had to concur with their sentiment.

>> No.9971888

I'm the original anon you replied to.
I should say, I'm 30 so it's not something I figured out very quickly. But I know a lot of lolitas who are my age and in a similar position to you.
I wouldn't say I'm a hard worker and no one really describes me that way. I'm not sure it's that good of a trait or something you want to be known for, for reasons others have described. If you are working too hard for no benefit that's energy you could be putting into a side hustle or looking for a better job that appreciates you more and pays more. Especially don't do this for start-ups. They blatantly exploit you, and they're not going to be the next Google, or whatever they think.

I do work intelligently, though. If you're smart you can probably do this too. They say "the A student is managed by the B student who works at the C student's company." You need to think differently. I put a lot of thought into efficiency and automation, which increases my output a lot without actually having to work more. Like, if someone had you hammering a bunch of nails, you could spend 12 hours a day hammering way more nails than everyone else and get a lot of praise. OR, you could point out to your employer that although there's an upfront expense to buying a nail gun, it would allow you to nail things 300% faster, saving money and freeing your time to work on another project (ideally one you suggest...)

I have some luck. I didn't get a degree in anything related to my job, but it's a decent degree, which helps. My boyfriend is very savvy about dealing with employers and helps with my resume.
I try to make a point to behave more like men do, articles about the wage gap always describe how men do things differently and ask for more raises etc so I do that.

I'm still working on being confident and professional but I feel good about my future. It took some time though.

>> No.9971895
File: 32 KB, 400x300, 1511912467678.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw want to go to San Japan
>know that friend is going to dress as a trap as a huge in joke
>Almost want to dress up in at least some kind of cosplay to help him to not be as embarrassed.
>Blonde, tall, and skinny with decent features, so I could probably dress up as a few things.
>Know basically nothing about cosplay, or fashion, always just dress comfy
This can only go poorly, but what should I try? Any advice?

>> No.9971903
File: 91 KB, 332x444, 1514697388700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9971915
File: 57 KB, 271x566, Mashirao_Ojiro_Full_Body_Uniform.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There a ton of easy blonde males (t. Tall blonde male) , but the least effort you could do to feel dressed up is a Kigurumi. They're comfy and require 0 effort.

I'll see you there at San Japan, if you see an Ojiro hit me up!

>> No.9971917

Are you 12? Because you're acting like you're 12

>> No.9971920

I'll keep you in mind anon. I'm most likely going to be forced into a Link or Ezreal outfit if I propose the idea to my friends, but honestly either are fine with me.

>> No.9971996
File: 40 KB, 290x290, gwenoutrage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you were at the last Otakon, you may have heard about the Reimu who got escorted out because she bent over and spread her cheeks for someone taking photos.
Damn, that's some Dragon Con behavior.

>> No.9972003

There's a guy at my work who's really nice, and I'd like to be friends with. We have a lot in common, but I know as soon as he finds out how I dress he's going to jump ship. I just want to make some friends.

>> No.9972005

How do you dress Anon? You might be surprised

>> No.9972006

I wear lolita, otome and fairy kei.

>> No.9972021

I bet you they would more than anything see it as a pleasant surprise anon! Probably.

>> No.9972026

I could easily slip my otome clothes into our meetups if we actually become friends. I've never been friends with someone I work with in a genuine "let's get together outside of work!" way. I don't like meeting people when I'm dressed normie because I don't know if we would meet again if I was dressed my usual way, so I'm apprehensive. However, I like this person a lot. They are very funny and I really like working with them. I hope this works out and they don't think poorly of me.

>> No.9972030

Its better to make and lose a friend than to forever wonder if it could have worked out.

>> No.9972035

Go for it anon! It's worth the shot.

>> No.9972072

Anon, if you responded to a joke with a joke of your own, and some idiot chimes in (not getting said joke) would you not, just as I have, proceed to make fun of said idiot?

>> No.9972112

Consider how stupid the pointout that anon said was, I'd do the same thing.

>> No.9972121

Just missed my dream dress because I was dumb and unsure and kept going "can I really spend this much right now" and now it'll take years for it to pop up again...

>> No.9972130

I may have an obvious bias here but as a dude, I love it when girls dress alternative. It shows that a semblance of free independent thought happens. A lot of girls just seem to want to mimic what other girls think is good looking which just creates this perpetual loop. It's extremely refreshing to find anyone who not only has the balls to dress in such a differently overt manner but also the talent to do it well.

Seriously, don't let your thoughts get the best of you. The worst he can say is it's not his thing or he doesn't get it, it's not going to make him think less of you as a person unless it's literally the only thing you can talk about which by the sounds of your established friendship so far, it's not.

>> No.9972139

Thanks for replying.

I'm only a couple years away from 30. If I could, I'd go back and basically not go to college. I feel like my degrees mean nothing and I wasted the past 7 years. There's a really crappy split between employers who want experience and employers who want schooling. My new job will be in my field of study, but it's not high-paying, and it's a shaky situation right now. I might not even be happy with it in 6 months.

I know I work smart enough, so that's not really the problem. When I say I work hard, I don't mean I fill time with grunt work. I just mean I don't slack off and I think critically. I've been told I'm manager material before. The problem is that I'm just never really offered the oppurtunity. And unlike choosing what you study in school, you basically have little control over picking a job. That's why I'm upset with the world - it doesn't really matter how hard I try or how good you are, if someone doesn't give you a chance, you don't get a chance.

Resumes hurt my soul. I hate them so much. I write my own and have friends/family check over them. But most of my friends wrote one resume 6 years ago and got the job they are still in. So, I'm now the most experienced resume writer I know. I've spent days looking at examples online.

I intend to keep fighting for a place I feel valued in, but I also want to come to terms with the possibility that I'll be unlucky my whole life. I don't want to look over my shoulder and feel bad about myself because I'm less "successful" than Mr. so-and-so. I want to be at peace with it. It's just very hard in a country where job status == your entire success and self-worth.

>> No.9972142

I should also say sorry for being the queen of salt. You can probably tell how much it all bothers me.

>> No.9972155

Currently at a small con and within the first 30 minutes I've already seen every type of cliche con-goer there is. Including, of course, bunches of hyperactive young cosplayers screaming overly loudly and/or blocking the hallway while talking to friends.

I just feel old and weary.

>> No.9972163

>try or how good you are, if someone doesn't give you a chance, you don't get a chance
That's true anon. And making contacts just for the sake of building a network always seemed like a wrong thing to do for me.

I know it doesn't help, but I see myself in all of your posts. I'm going through the exact same thing, and sometimes it makes me feel very bad about myself and the world, in general.
I've started my own business as a side job. It makes me feel a little better about all this market thing.

>> No.9972171

It definitely sounds like it's your hustle that's selling you short. Honestly - approach jobs with the cockiness of a mediocre white man was some of the best advice I got. Lying and faking your way in is probably fine because actually - you probably have the ability to back it if you already know your skills are better than most. In the end, having such high standards will hold you back from progressing while you perfect things to your level especially if the boss is happy with "average". When you spend all your time second guessing yourself or believing you don't deserve more, people walk over you on their way to the top. You need to be self centred with at least a little arrogance ("self assured, confident and friendly" is usually what I aim for) or this will be your life for the next ten years.

>> No.9972175

>making contacts just for the sake of building a network always seemed like a wrong thing to do for me.
I genuinely don't understand this. Networks are important in every part of our lives - support network, social network, etc. As long as someone doesn't see it as something that it's not then it's fine. There are literal networking events where everyone is there to make business contacts and expand their business networks, how is that wrong? Knowing people in some capacity before you hire them or work with them seems sensible even if you don't always want to hang out with them or have deep and meaningful conversation.

>> No.9972185

>be me
>i'm still classified as lolita-at-heart as i own 0 outfits
>i look everyday wunderwelt and lacemarket for secondhand dresses
>i find on wunderwelt a dress that is cute and not too pricey
>i have also to get a petticoat and a pair of shoes.
>i do the calculation how all it would cost, it's under 200$.
>i open commissions on deviantart for be able to get said money.
>no one commissions me.

what do, gulls?
my parents will never lend me money (i still depend on them as i don't work and i really wanted to get money by myself for a cause for one time).
i don't want to wait that i end university for enter the lolita world (i still have to enter it, i tried last year and i failed to enter.)

>> No.9972187

If you won't/can't maintain a part time job as a student, then just suck it up and wait. Focus on your schoolwork and time will fly by.

t. Lolita who started her wardrobe after uni

>> No.9972189

Do you have any social media presence at all? DA might not be the ideal place to get commissions, isn't it full of broke teenagers and people who think that trading "points" (or whatever bullshit payment system DA implemented) for art is equal to money? Advertise your commissions on social media, twitter, tumblr, etc. instead.
Just keep in mind that you might not manage to get the dress you wanted off WW even if you do get commissions because saving up for it could take time. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't do your best to save up.

>> No.9972192

then i'll wait? but man, waiting five years will be very hard for me, i'm quite impatient.
nope, i only have da as art account. and on da i'm not even popular, i have less than 50 watchers and i don't send stuff on groups as i don't know how to "sponsorize" myself. (also, my art isn't the best...)

>> No.9972193

You sound underage, this website is 18+

>> No.9972194

If you really want it cut everything else. No eting out, no other hobbies etc. If it still doesn't work you will have to wait it out. Good luck anon!

>> No.9972197

not underage, i swear.
...i don't have other hobbies, i'm one lonely girl that stays everyday at home.
i even tried to find work, but with 0 results.

>> No.9972198

then are you just dumb or what?

>> No.9972200

i don't even know.
i had some problems in the past that ended with me to close into myself a lot, and this is the result.

>> No.9972214

lol glhf

>> No.9972215

I came up with the solution, that most grandparents lifed during times, there weren't much to eat as a child, they now want that their grandchildren are get enough to eat

>> No.9972221
File: 718 KB, 500x384, whatiwaspreparedfor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nobody asked about my ita experience but fuck it im drunk so im posting anyways

>find a profile of some fellow weeb (girl) on a dating site and started to chat her up
>they were a bit cringy and such but i didntt care because they were like two years into college
>their photos had two really ita coords with no pettis, no other BURANDO just the main dress and normie shit
>weird body positivity messages on her profile, but she has those bulimia cheeks and skeletor look ???
>yeah i know, but it doesnt matter because they were kinda qt, liked anime and the vidya so why not
>meme at her for a bit, agrees to meet up and let me take her for dinner somewhere
>"oh anon my pictures are a little old, i just havent gotten the chance to take new ones"
>braced for meeting skele-ita though at this point i mean how bad could things actually be
>she lives in some shitty studio apartments that are like a busride away from the college
>shoot a text that im there, go up the stairs and knock on the door
>someone shortly answers the door, opens it up, and i think its her room mate
>peer into apartment breifly, its a fucking hoarder space crossed with a dumpster
>she exits the apartment, locks the door, and asks where i parked
>a wave of disappointment washes over me, this is the girl
>and she is about three times the size of her former self
>the good news was she had clearly beaten her eating disorder
>the bad news is that it appears she has found a new one to take its place

>> No.9972223
File: 765 KB, 627x635, 1527985881124.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>thought i was going to take some cringy weeb skele-ita out to a nice restaraunt
>nope, apparently im buying a fat fujoshit wearing an oversized sweatshirt dinner
>too hungry at this point and not enough of an asshole to just go back home
>we arent going to the nice italian place i wanted to though, just some burger diner place
>just do my best to not mention her weight and just talk about some rpg's
>waitress asks if the bill will be together or seperate
>think to myself "nah sure go ahead and give her more unhealthy shit to eat" so i take the bill on
>she immediately orders a milkshake, and i have to pretend cough to avoid laughing at how awful this all was
>"sure get whatever you want" and a bit of a devilish smile knowing she probably cant help herself
>so she orders a coke too
>im not on a date anymore, i have become an observer on how much food this former skele-ita can eat
>she finishes the milkshake, and had a refill on her coke before the waitress could even take our order
>time to order finally, and i just get a burger, i needed an actual drink too but no luck there
>her turn, she gets not one meal, but TWO whole meals
>not a meal and another side of something, oh no, two full plates of shit covered in cheese
>dont know if this was a setup to make guys buy her dinner or if she was even looking for a relationship
>but no, its cool, its not terribly expensive for me and she seems like the type that needs all the help she can get
>this is going to make for a great post on cgl anyways

>> No.9972224

I am indeed not that happy with how I look without make-up, but I am very happy with how I look with make-up. I feel very confident when I wear my make-up, so I don’t really know how I would have given off that feeling to them. It could be that they try to boost my confidence, but I just don’t like it. I love the Hime aesthetics, so I really like doing this kind of make-up and look. I find it worth it to spend a lot of time on it, so when they comment stuff like that it just makes me feel bad. So it just does the opposite

>> No.9972225
File: 3.73 MB, 460x258, 1528859755799.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>she says something like "i hope you dont mind me taking out my retainer"
>thought she meant removing a clear plastic retainer, like most people would expect
>oh nononono she pulls out half the "teeth" that were in her mouth
>well suppose that answered my questions on how bad her experience with bulimia had been
>food comes, and she starts eating with her half set of teeth
>she had strategically changed around the sides that came with her plate to avoid getting duplicate orders of them
>she only takes one bite out of the main items before putting them down though
>the waiter comes back to refill her coke and then she nervously laughs "ahahaha im sorry im normally not this hungry"
>fortunately, she had probably realized how much she was pushing her luck here and asks for it on a seperate check
>this late into disaster, its become easy for me to avoid the urge to be an asshole and i just act normal
>back to my car and i start to complain (lie) that i feel a little ill from the food
>this is to preempt that im just going to go home right away
>i do walk her back to her apartment though and get a better look inside this time
>its a fucking disaster in there and as i thought, i see those foam to go boxes laying on the floor
"arent you going to come in anon?"
>ahhaha no thats alright im not feeling very well
"you could rest here for a bit, i could make it fun for you"
>oh god no that is the last fucking thing i want, so i politely decline and say i just want to head back
>start to walk away suddenly, but as im like just a few steps away from the door and towards the stairs the last thing i hear
"i wont make you use a condom!"

itas, they will always be disgusting itas
there is no hope for them

>> No.9972230

I don't know if this is real or not but I'm so torn between laughter and sheer horror that I don't care. Thank you for sharing your lovecraftian experience, anon.

>> No.9972269

I would have probably banged her

>> No.9972273
File: 36 KB, 709x765, 608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>never been to a con in my life
>undecided if I should go this year
>ladybeard announced as guest to local (one flight away) con
>lose my shit
>super excited
>already planning everything in my head
>check bank account

>> No.9972287

I'm too neurotic to deal with small children, especially infants. I'm just in constant fear they're going to fall over and die or something so I'm always on high alert whenever I'm asked to watch them. It's uncomfortable. I do love the way they adore outfits. Once, a little girl tapped me to say, "You look like one of my Monster High dolls!" It made me smile. I got to talking with her dad, and he was happy to know there was a book series that the Monster High dolls were originally based off of. He said he wanted to look into getting some for her since he's always trying to get her to read more.

>> No.9972289

Whoops, I didn't mean to reply twice to one poster.

>> No.9972296

Tfw you’re the first to show up to a meet and the place is empty save for like three normies and they’re all staring at you

>> No.9972297

>when they gaze at you full of curiosity and wonder like you're the most magical thing they've ever seen or something.
>Once, a little girl tapped me to say, "You look like one of my Monster High dolls!" It made me smile.

lol, I actually like children
and posts like this make me smile
and wish me for a lolita or cosplay gf

>> No.9972316

Lol, don't bother to go to that con, it's shit af

>> No.9972317

tfw have a well paying job but i pass out every day after work and have 0 time or energy to work on cosplay... i am suffering

>> No.9972332

Thank you.
I don't think I'm much different than other girls based on how I dress. I still enjoy girly things and such. I don't consider myself :different" in many ways just because of how I dress, but others do and often lose interest in talking to me because of it.
I've had friends before who've stopped talking to me after seeing how I dress. I don't know. I'm going to give it a shot, but I don't want him to see it as weird, and especially not as a fetish thing, my worst nightmare.

>> No.9972333

anon, i say this with the upmost care. Get other hobbies. Seriously. I know you might say "but nothing else interests me!" which is impossible. Play video games you normally wouldn't, try baking, draw more. A hobby like lolita which is materialistic as fuck is not a good solo-hobby, you should find other things too, especially when you can't even wear it yet. The dress might arrive and you won't even like how you look in it. Also don't quit university for clothes you haven't even tried out yet. I think a lot of people love lolita, but once they buy a dress or two, they feel too scared to wear it/hate how it looks on them/some other reason.
Finally no one is going to want to be your friend if you only have one niche interest. Please invest your time in something while saving. seriously, sitting around looking at dresses all day is not good, I've been there, It's even worse when you can't afford it.

>> No.9972344

I can't believe you wouldn't suggest sewing. Surely even non-print lolita coords can be beautiful, assuming you can't get any?

>> No.9972345

Depends on which con you go to. Some cons are packed with <23 year olds and those would be bad for you two

Then pick a cheaper hobby


I actually just watched this show last night. Great stuff!

Pics or it didn't happen.

>> No.9972348

How does solid lolita pieces being beautiful (which they are) relate to recommending anon takes up sewing? Two completely different, unrelated points, and if anon can't afford secondhand lolita, what makes you think she can afford high quality materials? Handmade lolita can be gorgeous but a lot of times it's actually cheaper to just buy secondhand, because unless you have the means to get good materials and the knowledge, skill and experience to create good pieces, you'll end up looking like shit.

>> No.9972349

Really? Is the Lx one better or is the con overall shit?

>> No.9972352

The being different thing isn't what matters. To be honest. I know next to nill about fashion, or what you'd entirely dress like, but here's how I see it. Either you look nicer in the clothing you wear, and that's a plus, or you look slightly off. If you look slightly off, not telling you and probably attempting to point out what makes it odd to me would be a dick thing to do.

>> No.9972354

>love working out and trying to lift heavy
>desire to dress as a cute girl is something I'm considering more and more
>feel I am not cute enough to crossplay/trap

I feel that crossplaying is the opposite of what I've been working on and it kind of sucks. I don't want to do it half assed either. But I've been making great gym progress and I dont want stop.

>> No.9972356

Then anon it's just best to wait it out honestly. It's possible to be cheap but in order to not waste money in bad purchases you need to gather a bit of experience. It's not an easy way and I recommend you to get into fashion with pieces that are guaranteed to be good quality and in good shape first but you could look up damaged second hand dresses and learn to clean and repair those. But it's always a gamble and especially so if you don't have an eye to the fashion yet. While you are waiting for your financial situation to get better you should research ways to build a cohesive wardrobe with good variety, coording tips amd what suits your bodytype. However, keep in mind you can't study everything beforehand but you will discover most things only after actually getting into the fashion. Also, try cheapish "lolita related hobbies" such as embroidery, tea tasting, drawing, reading old novels, period dramas, historical fashion etc.

>> No.9972357

Even if it's just a joke in my eyes, I would pay to see a huge burly dude dressed as a cute girl at a con or something. That shit would have me in tears from laughter, but I'd also have to give you props for having the gnads to actually go and do it.

>> No.9972361

In your own domicile you can wear whatever you want including nothing at all.

>> No.9972363

It's overall shit, expecially when it's going to be in a much larger space.

Also, man, I strongly recommend that you don't cross post your feels in instagram and cgl. I know who you are and more people will and not all of them will be nice

>> No.9972366

you two are actually quite right, waiting and finding some hobbies are the right things to do.

>> No.9972430

>including nothing at all.
insert stupid sexy flanders here

>> No.9972437

>instagram and cgl
I don't even have insta though?

>> No.9972440

Stupid sexy flanders.

>> No.9972442

>tfw really want a Lolita gf
>Have never even seen a Lolita in the wild before
>live in a major city

Where the hell are you all?

>> No.9972452

Depends on the size, the members and their lifestyles of your local community. If none of them wear it daily, they may hang out in tea houses/cafes/cute restaurants on the weekends.
For example, my comm is small-ish and there are only four girls who can potentially be seen wearing the fashion outside of meets, one of them wears it semi-regularly and one, myself, is a daily lolita and always wears it. It's uncommon but you may see one in the wild one day; if you do, please don't take the opportunity to flirt, it can come across as creepy. Just be polite and compliment her.
May I ask why you want a lolita gf specifically?

>> No.9972460

>Just be polite and compliment her.
isn't that flirting

>> No.9972462

Telling someone that you like her dress and namedropping the brand she's wearing isn't flirting, no.

>> No.9972466

what exactly do you think flirting is?

>> No.9972469

If I saw a person in lolita dress going about, there are infinite amounts of me that want to call her cute, but I'll settle with saying the outfit looks nice.

>> No.9972471

That's perfectly fine. I suggest you do name a brand like >>9972462 mentioned; if you recognize the brand she's wearing that's great but if not, guessing is just as good, at least in my opinion. That is to say, I don't wear AP at all but if someone came up to me to tell me they love my coord and ask if I'm wearing Angelic Pretty, it immediately elevates them from "curious normie" to "someone who actually knows and appreciates lolita fashion". It may not be universal but imo it's a very nice feeling that turns interactions from positive to awesome, even memorable.

>> No.9972472

Not that anon but in a similar situation of wanting a lolita gf and living in/near a major city. I just think the fashion is neat but then again that's really the only thing that separates a lolita gf from a regular gf. I imagine if I ever did see one in the wild I'd be way too scared to even say "hi" in passing let alone actually carry on a short conversation, especially when I'd likely wind up as some greentext story here several months later.

>> No.9972473

>Namedrop brand
Too bad I'm completely clueless on anything fashion related, but I'd be willing to listen to anything they could tell me about it.

>> No.9972475

Tbh if I saw one I'd just tell her I like her coord
maybe if we chatted a little, ask if she had a discord or something so she could help me with my first coord

>> No.9972478

>I'd likely wind up as some greentext story here several months later.
It could be a positive greentext story though, those exist too.

Well you're already here, if you lurk the lolita threads you can learn some information about it. Your willingness to listen and learn is cute though, I'll give you that.

>> No.9972479

well, this is another reason, why I should better give up on women

>> No.9972480

If it's looks like cotton candy, just assume it's Angelic Pretty. If it's mostly black or black and blue, just assume it's Moitie. If it looks like something an SS officer would wear, it's probably Metamorphose. I can't think of any rules of thumb for other brands. AatP is pretty distinctive but I can't think of how to phrase it.

>> No.9972481

>treating a woman like a person is hard work bawwww
What a loss.

>> No.9972482

>If it looks like something an SS officer would wear, it's probably Metamorphose
lol nice meme, not everything Meta looks like D Walkure

>> No.9972483

it isn't hard to tread a woman like a person
it's hard work to get a woman laid

>> No.9972484

>AatP is pretty distinctive but I can't think of how to phrase it.
lolita pirate

>> No.9972485

>It could be a positive greentext story though, those exist too.
It's like 20:1, though, and I doubt "I was wearing my brand out in public today and this neo nazi-looking sperg stammered out that he liked my coord before speed-walking away" would cut it for the nice list.

>> No.9972487

>Tfw my meta dress is pretty and has music notes and isn't SS at all but I'm gonna be worried about that now

>> No.9972488
File: 1.50 MB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_o9ulxtcjHm1qizd51_500[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon when people say this kind of thing it really makes me think you don't see women as real people, but objects to collect. Especially when you can't offer a concrete reason as to why you'd want a lolita gf over any other beyond aesthetics.

Do yourself a favour and stop idolising people. You're just making it harder for yourself, no one can live up to the standards of a fantasy person someone created in their head.

>AatP is pretty distinctive but I can't think of how to phrase it
It's in the name, you look like a frilly pirate.

>> No.9972489

>willingness to learn is cute
Thanks Anon. Maybe I should try to learn a thing or two, Lolita is so friggin' cute to me for some reason.

I think I'll get a better idea of them if I seem them myself, so maybe I should do some research I guess.

>> No.9972492

I mean the whole post was supposed to go that route but sure. That said, a disproportionate amount of the military-style pieces I've come across have been Meta. Whether that's just confirmation bias or if they're the premier military-lolita brand I don't know, just my own observation.

That works.

>> No.9972494

>Music notes
Something something The Sound of Music.

>> No.9972523

>Frilly pirate
Now though as previously mentioned I know nothing of Lolita, I would let a frilly pirate steal my ship. Too cute to fight back.

>> No.9972524

>I would let a frilly pirate steal my ship.
Is this a euphemism?

>> No.9972527

>Implying I have any ulterior motives asides from letting myself get robbed

>> No.9972532
File: 2.43 MB, 640x1136, 89F7A3AE-BCCE-4620-A6E7-39F57B9D9A90.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>eating lunch with bro, looking at menu
>totally into menu
>waitress says hi
>still don’t look up
>bro says “nice bow”
>my head snaps up and I look at home huh?
>I look at the waitress
>the feels hit me pretty hard when she turns around
>left waitress-chan and extra big tip
>bro asks why
>don’t explain and will just hope that money goes towards her Lolita wardrobe

>> No.9972543

But then how do I get the girls romantic attention if I can't flirt with her?

Reasons for Lolita gf is primarily I like the aesthetic and the effort that goes into a good coord. Beyond that it stops being Lolita specific but it shows the girl has a real hobby and interest, she has real personality if you understand what I mean. Girls with interests are interesting, there's also a good chance that a Lolita will have other Japanese interests which are things I also enjoy. It's also easy to buy her gifts for special occasions and know where to take her on dates and just little kind things she might appreciate. It's not that I will never date a girl unless she is a Lolita but being a Lolita immediately demonstrates a capacity of interest, personality, financial maturity (I'd hope)and the ability and willingness to pursue something that isn't widely accepted. I like those traits in a girl and I like the Lolita aesthetic, so to me it's a natural fit.

I also just find Lolita prints and themes really cool.

>> No.9972544

Networking for networking's sake has always been a waste of time for me. I only network if it's convenient and feels like I can actually connect with the person I'm targeting. Everyone's human after all, and only a small percent of acquaintances will even remember you. I went to event once because a company (after I interviewed with them) told me it would show I had "good interest" in them. I went, introduced myself, and talked with people. When I talked with the company later, I got completely blown off. It was a complete abuse of my time, especially since they kept assuring me they liked me.

I've thought about starting an etsy shop or something as a compliment to the job I'll be working. But I know 99.99% of etsy shops go nowhere. I just want to feel like I can be defined as more than my "contributions to the workforce." I'm sorry both of us have to go through this frustration and pain. At the same time, I'm glad I'm not alone.

I kind of love your suggestion. Things would be better if I was a cocky white guy for sure. I think being "self-centered" would help, but I don't know how? Yes, I can pretend for short periods of time, but as a person, I find it staggeringly hard to be "arrogant" in terms of self-confidence. I'm not extremely shy, or awkward, or ugly (honestly I considered just whoring myself out at one point because I could probably make more money that way) or anything, but being pompous and carrying an attitude of "I'm the best. I can do anything" is sickening to me. Maybe I need a brain transplant.

>> No.9972618

You're thinking too black and white. You don't need to think you're owed the world to succeed, just the thing you currently want. It's difficult, I agree, but you must already recognise on a logical level that you're owed fair compensation for the work you do. Your problem is probably that you use a different scale for everyone else than yourself and believe you're entitled to less, so view your situation as if you're someone else. Think, if my best friend/most important loved one told me they were accepting being treated like that, would I be happy about it? Would I be happy with the way they were treating themselves?

It's not self-centred or wrong or morally bad to love yourself as much as you love someone else. Don't mistake this for me advocating narcissism, that's borne of insecurity and isn't real love.It's also not unrealistic - most people who think they're being "fair" to themselves are not, you're almost certainly undervaluing yourself. If it were someone you loved in your shoes, would you consider it fair for them to get what you're getting? Would you consider it arrogant of them to demand more? Would you value their work the same as you value yours, or would you value it higher? You should always strive to treat yourself with the care and consideration you'd offer someone you love.

>> No.9972690

Didn't think of that, but good idea!

>> No.9972693

To normies, they don't know what's wrong with an outfit. They just know the outfit is weird, and don't always want to be friends.

I asked the guy for his number. I'm really happy. I think he likes me.

>> No.9972699

Hey, an outfit is an outfit. If it looks odd to me that's whatever, but there's still a person there. Unless they're running around in a stripper outfit I don't question it

Congrats Anon!

>> No.9972730

I just got in an argument with some one so heated that as a comeback I showed him my balls without comment and now he won't reply so i guess I won

>> No.9972731

>as a comeback I showed him my balls
Ok that seriously needs some context

>> No.9972777

That she is a creep and should date ppl her age.

>> No.9972894

>I think being "self-centered" would help, but I don't know how? Yes, I can pretend for short periods of time, but as a person, I find it staggeringly hard to be "arrogant" in terms of self-confidence.

This may sound weird, but considered reading some basic PUA manuals. Faking confidence is an important aspect there.

>> No.9972945

>will never be able to wear mori without looking like a larper or a hobo

>> No.9972949

>"boyfriend got stolen by a 2B cosplayer with no panties"

Is this a true story?

>> No.9972950
File: 239 KB, 1920x1080, 414380.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>See people talking about HxH
>Remember Hisoka
>Get shivers remembering how much he creeped me out
Not again.

>> No.9973800

>Tfw too nervous to go to the one con that comes to my country
>Tfw worried about weird shipping girls, loud kids, weird deadpool cosplayers, worried about looking like I'm perving on the attractive cosplayers and being creepy
>Stay in my room every year and don't go

>> No.9974972

first one sounds pretty reasonable desu

>> No.9976200

that's cute!

>> No.9978289

>got 8-old daughter that's into cosplay since she's 3-old
>makes her own costumes
>actually better that some adults
>the only con in 500 Km radius is a shithole of bitching and drama that I won't take my daughter to, fucking ever

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