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Cursed image edition.

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this image has been posted so much that it should be permanently retired

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>But then how do I get the girls romantic attention if I can't flirt with her?
You can flirt but you need to do it right. If you're respectful and show genuine interest in her, casually ask for her contact info or even just ask if you can sit down for tea one day; the latter is a cute idea but that's just my opinion.

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>Casually ask for contact info
Gotta take it slower Anon, at least in my eyes. Have a chat, talk about stuff you both enjoy if you find anything, and maybe then ask.

Granted I've ended up leaving due to time after long meaningful conversations without getting any contact information from a girl before and that probably makes me an idiot.

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>tfw your table-mate's tights from Wish explode in the ass and she's wearing g-strings

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So, Wish is bad? I've enjoyed my experience with AliExpress.

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>tights from Wish explode in the ass
I just fucking spit up my water reading that.

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HELP, I'm addicted to assembling new cosplay instead of enjoying the ones I have.

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What cosplay have you put together, just out of curiosity?

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All of the cosplays.

I especially like to do joke cosplays, to get attention from the QTs

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I think I'm going to be fired from my job and I'm scared. I have a house and bills and minimal savings, so the scariest part is going to be finding a new job as fast as possible. I have a plan for it, and I'm already dusting off my resume and planning my new round of references.

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>Joke cosplays to get attention from the QTs

I'm thinking about what to do for San Japan myself, if I do anything at all.

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>I'm thinking about what to do for San Japan myself, if I do anything at all.
I'm gonna be at San Japan as well and don't you think it's a bit weird how no one is talking about it at all anywhere and all the guests seem totally phoned in? It's like a ghost con at this point.

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I mean if I don't find her interesting there's zero chance I will want her contact info anyway even if she's in head to toe AP. I just need to find where lolitas like to congregate so I can talk to them. I saw a girl dressed in fairy kei the other day which I thought was awesome but I was just too busy to talk to her.

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Is pic related a good con for my friend? It's his first con since MTAC 2012, shortly before he was sent to jail for manslaughter. He gets out next week.

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I know, I barely even hear mention of it from my friends who are also going at this point. seems off to me.

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HELP, I'm addicted to drugs. I did it to myself though. Drugs are good.

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Yeah I don't know what the deal is this year but there's no word on it in any of the usual places, very odd.

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I have to email the website i'm ordering from because I dont fit anywhere on their size charts, not even women's sizes.

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Are you just incredibly small?

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In proportions yes. They have my height but none of the pieces are small enough.

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Pretty much.

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I like small girls.

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Bitches love memes.

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>Waist have slimmed down few inches during summer even though weight haven't changed
>Everything look baggy on the waist
I shouldn't complain but yesterday one skirt fell straight to hips and I had to pin it smaller

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Without knowing more details probably not. If your friend has any form of PTSD, this will just make it worse. Its 80,000 people crammed into 4 or 5 hotels in downtown Atlanta. If you havent already booked a hotel by now, you'll have to find one with a shuttle, or deal with a lot of commuting/walking. It's not a good con for inexperienced con goers. If you do decide to go, definitely plan what you want to see in advance. Good luck either way though.

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lol, is this a joke I'm not getting? What do his charges have to do with it?

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>tfw the bitch you hate fails her bush inspection

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>tfw a beautiful female friend asks you to be in her cosplay group, but it's a character you know won't attract many thotties

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That's... Good for you, Anon? It sounds both good and bad to be honest. Not sure which really, but hopefully it looks ok still?

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>lost an auction on a hard to find item
>hasn't popped up anywhere since then
>see it today and bid w/o thinking
>its being sold by the person who originally outbid me

Thankfully its being sold for less than the original but boy this has me miffed. I lost that auction for nothing thus wasting valuable searching time for other items.

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>See item you want
>Outbid everyone at the last minute
>Realize you didn't need/want it
>Sell it at a lower price than you bought it for
Poor soul.

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Also going to San Japan, I'll probably start a thread after AFest is over. Its has been very subdued this year but I'm hoping that makes it a more relaxed con.

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Other measurements haven't changed so it's a bit weird. It's nice to have slimmer waist but my wardrobe is mostly non-shirred pieces so almost everything look a bit ill-fitting. I might go with skirts for a while since I can just pin the waist smaller and wear blouse over it.

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That is weird, at least it doesn't ruin the fitting of your entire wardrobe or something. What do you normally wear anon, if you don't mind me asking?

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Was reppin you today, had my coffin in red on my camera bag.

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Honestly if it's just a couple of inches off the waist, I'd stick to dresses. The shoulders and the bust will hold the dresses up, and while the waist is loose, unless you're doing a lot of twisting and rolling it's usually not that noticeable that the waist is loose since the fabric simply hangs down from your bust.

Speaking as a lolita with E-cup busts. Quite a lot of my dresses have waists that are too big.

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Just paid my car's registration. Equivalent of $658 USD.

Guess I won't be buying anything for a month...or two...or three

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>tfw only getting seriously into cosplay in the last 2-3 years
>26 now
>wish i could have gotten into it as a teen so i wouldn't be the weird old guy at cons, but I never got the chance to go to cons as a teen


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I went on an extreme diet (straight up fast) to cut down for a cosplay but I dropped it earlier than I wanted to when my co-workers took me out for a really nice after work dinner/drink. I'm glad I went sure, it was a new job with new people and it was really swell of them to do it, but all the same I'm kind of upset I stopped.

I don't want to hop back into another extreme one right away so in the meantime I'm just upping my intensity for my workouts by adding some more cardio (from the 0 I was doing). I'm really hoping I'll be in a state where I can properly do a shirtless cosplay/costume by Halloween and do you gulls proud.

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I bought a cute Meta skirt off of Wunderwelt but it arrived and I think the waistband is stretched out.
it's just really huge on me, is there any way I can fix that? I already planned a coord with it so I'm super upset

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Get a better job
Also get an actual savings account.

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I have about $5,000 in emergency money plus I'm a student. I just live without support from anyone and if things go bad, I only have myself. If I can't pay my rent, I'm homeless with no where to go. So I'm very neurotic about money.

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>Equivalent of $658 USD.
Jesus, what car?

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An old VW polo.

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How'd you guess?

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God so I'm going to my first ever meet, and I'm super nervous because I'm going with a girl ive never met (but admire) and I immediately have to go meet with my mom so I can catch a train for a concert. The catch is that I can't bring anything besides an extra blouse, panties, and socks because I'm taking the train back to my house which is 3 hours from my mom. I'm nervous for my dress to get wrecked but I know as long as I'm careful I'll be okay, but I also feel crummy about not being able to change my jsk

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Why the hell do you need extra panties?

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Same rego cost as me

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I hate this country, it's taxes and it's people. I want to leave already.

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Hang in there, fellow aus anon

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Man I just really love cosplay

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It's a two day trip anon it'd be more concerning if I DIDNT take an extra pair

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>Rainies snatched my DreamDress again

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notice how your original post didn't mention anything about it being a multi-day affair
most meets are local and don't last anywhere near that amount of time

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I've come to terms with the fact that I'm simply a bad craftsperson, and have bought my first cosplay.

I'm tired of feeling like a joke when I'm in cosplay.

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Tfw only two people recognized my cosplay yesterday.

Guess i should have went as one of those really popular characters instead.

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>tfw all you want to do is wear pastels but with your skin undertones you look bad wearing them

My absolute fucking luck.

>> No.9972888

maybe they just didn't recognize you because you were sideways

>> No.9972893

Maybe try muted tones? Pastel pink looks okay on my skin tone but dusty/rose pink looks infinitely better; might be similar in your case.

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>gets back from a month-long trip to china
>can finally post to cgl again
>got some good taobao shit
>2 dresses arrived while I was away
>got paid for the work I did in china
Feels good man.
But also
>got sick on the way back, spent 24+ hours in transit hell

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Image is unrelated and wasn't supposed to be attached

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I feel. My credit card balance is only just barely below what I have in my checking account. I don't make "real" money until september, which luckily isn't too far away now.

Don't keep money in a savings account unless it is an online account with more than 1% interest. Put it in the stock market if you know what you are doing and you can get muuuch higher return.

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Be careful in keeping your money in the stock market, it means your finances won't be accessible immediately, and can fluctuate/take a drop. I've been keeping $500~ in the stock market and making daily returns which is nice, but I'm still keeping a few grand in a savings account.

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>need really light skin tone pantyhose for my crossplay
>ask saleslady for help and give her my measurements
>got me some nice light ones
>tears holes like 20 mins later
>packaging says : "small, height 4'10-5'4, 34-39inch waistline"
>Ï'm 5'8


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I'm in the US. Wanna trade?

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>con friend starts dating a black guy
>know exactly how it's going to go
>will have to deal with her blubbering probably when con we are preparing for comes around.

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Jesus, that's what it cost me to transfer the title on one of my cars with three months of late fees tacked on. Just getting tabs is like $100 tops. What's funny is here in WA there's an exclusion zone of sorts that covers all of King and some of Pierce and Snohomish counties where registration fees are inflated to hell and back to pay for some bullshit light rail project and getting tabs in said zone costs about as much as you payed, but outside of it the price only went up a couple bucks to keep up with inflation.
What's Australia have going on that makes tabs cost so goddamn much?

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You know how that old saying goes. She have a history of poor decisions?

>> No.9973064

>What's Australia have going on that makes tabs cost so goddamn much?
The USSR of the south far east.

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Honestly I don't think even the Soviets hated fun as much as modern Australians.

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I mean they do have their own version of roulette. Must be entertaining.

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Lol. Did anyone save the picture where the artist alley girl made coffee bath bombs and then realized that they looked like poop in the tub?

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>Been cosplaying for years but never had anyone to regularly cosplay with before
>Suggest to my brother that he might like the con scene, plus it'll help him break out of his shell when it comes to meeting people
>He winds up loving the con scene and becomes interested in cosplay
>Sudden interest in cosplaying from the same series I am, so we'll probably wing up cosplaying Shovel Knight or Hyperlight Drifter together
Sometimes the feels...are good.

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Jesus, did she not think to take one for a test drive before selling them to the public or was this the whole point?

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oh no somebody brapped in the bathtub

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Life is misery. I want to finish my degree, fuck off to Japan and never step foot in this hellhole again.

>> No.9973227

Nope, but the trainwreck is about to start.

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BRAP means fart, not poop.

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>Shovel Knight or Hyperlight Drifter together
Absolutely the best. Brother and sister combo, or brother and brother? Either or is gonna look cool I hope.

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You're in the club and this girl walks up and slaps your boyfriend's ass. What do you do?

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slap her

>> No.9973254

No you wouldn't
You'd just look at the ground while Stacey has her way with him.

>> No.9973255

>That look
gives me the heebie-jeebies, if she slapped my ass I'd probably freak out a moment and then try to distance myself.

>> No.9973328

Brother and sister. I've done Plague Knight before and I was wanting to revamp it, so he was thinking of doing either Tinker or Specter Knight. If we do Hyperlight it'll be the malke and female drifters, respectively.

>> No.9973341

Well fuck, a queen gets what a queen wants.

>> No.9973348

That is absolutely kickass. This may just be me, but I would love to do propeller knight one day. Hyperlight drifter is absolutely top tier though, the other one I would want to do would be the MC from RUINER

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This guy been in jail since 2012. He's got a lot of conning to catch up on.

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I'm pretty happy today besides my shitty professional life.

That's it.

>> No.9973385

to be fair you look like a gang member, I hope you werent in costume outside or the kripps wouldve wasted you

>> No.9973393

feeling like crap today
my boyfriend took me to a lolita meetup and he met my lolita friends
a few of the trans members tried flirting with him, and he was getting visibly uncomfortable by it. They could see this and called him a transphobe and he said that he is just uncomfortable with men hitting on him. Ruined my tea party, feel like I am going to be kicked out of my com because of it.

>> No.9973426

>trans members flirting
>sperg at him for not getting into their flirting
Should honestly have been telling them off at that point, that's just retarded of them to do.

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>like to wander cons
>gf is planning a stationary cosplay for AWA
>mfw she's not there to protect me from thots

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Any lolita girls here listen to WEEZER?

>> No.9973494

I can tell you who doesn't listen to weezer: people with taste

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let her fuck him. he will be a tribute to the queen

>> No.9973548

>not recognizing the queen
Wonder what she's doing these days

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I look horrible in pastel pink because I have yellow undertones. I purposely white out my face to make myself look better (even though I'm already white).

The struggle is real.

>> No.9973580

I'm constantly between a S/M and M/L in tights because of my height/weight. I'm like one inch too tall for S/M tights, but weigh 20 pounds less than the starting range for M/L tights.

>> No.9973581

>followed a lolita on instagram
>her own posts are cute
>look at her tagged photos, only one
>she looks hideous in comparison
can't you choose which photos you're tagged in on IG anyways? yikes

>> No.9973596

Did you just make this or have you had it a while?

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>tfw bpd
Just when I thought I couldn't hate myself more.

>> No.9973692 [DELETED] 

look at it this way, you've always been a crazy self centered bitch and the only thing that's changed is that there's a label for your particular brand of being a crazy bitch slapped on your record

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you're not wrong. should be easier to make people back off now

>> No.9973696

Actually, personality disorders that aren't under the anxious category tend to land you automatically labeled as a "bad" person and freely admitting to it is something I'd avoid at all costs if I were you. Avoidant, obsessive compulsive, etc are usually given a pass but not the narcissists and BPDs like you

>> No.9973700 [DELETED] 

Why avoid? That's really good news for me because if it's a red flag for people then they'll back off easier and sooner. I've decided to isolate myself as much as possible. I don't deserve people, I can't handle people, it's the best not just for me but most importantly for everyone around me.
even if initially my mind tells me "maybe everything will go ok this time!". Even if the loneliness is fucking crippling. It's for the best, isn't it.

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It's this type of overly dramatized edgy self hating middleschool emo bullshit that makes you mentally ill. jsyk

>> No.9973707 [DELETED] 

Cool cgl related feel.

>> No.9973708

The worst part is, there's no use in arguing with them against their self-loathing, edgy or not, because you can never fucking win that one.

>> No.9973713

You know someone with BPD is just basically someone who never grew out of their 13 year old emo phase. At some point in time someone should have slapped them upside the head and told them to get over it but that never happened so they just kept on going with that edgelord attitude and it got so deeply ingrained into their being that it's now a disorder

fascinating really.

>> No.9973714

Is it too late for me to theoretically slap them silly until they come to their senses? Might take a long long while.

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I'm so happy my father was/is never the patriarchal muh roles muh dick absent kind of man you see generally. and let me dress however I wanted and praised it.
he might have been the one who awakened and raised this artistic side of me.
Miss the days he did my hair too.

love you pops

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Sounds like a good guy. I'd say if I ever become a father, first and foremost goals should be to let the kid find an interest and help them pursue it, whatever it may be. And also teach the kid not to be a whiny bastard, but instead be polite yet still stand up for themselves If somebody gets pushy. Maybe someday.

Makes me miss my Gramps.

>> No.9973773

he really is, thank you. and best of luck to you anon. Don't worry too much about being "a man", just love your child and protect them.
rest in peace anon's grandpa.
I don't know what I'm going to do without my father. I think I'll die.

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Being "A man" is no goal. Be true to the morals you wish to see, and protect the ones you love with sincerety, never be afraid of the truth that you and they have to face. I've never held anything but "I am who I am, and I should only love someone who can appreciate themselves and me." true. My grandpa was a good guy, dropped after his third cancer, but I was happy to see him again, alongside the toothless smile he gave me days before his death. I owe it to him to go on a fishing trip someday soon, he'd appreciate that I bet.

Anon, don't let it wear you down. Live on knowing they'd want you to be happy, and hold your head high. And maybe, some day, you can have a significant other do your hair. Might bring back some memories.

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My little sister got written up at school because she got into a fight with another girl over who the hottest BNHA guy is, and ended up giving her a thong wedgie.

She's not a little kid either. She's in eighth grade ffs.

>> No.9973787

Any answer other than Bakugo deserves a wedgie.

>> No.9973796

>you never be an '80s cyberpunk rock tough guy
Bright lights, big city gone to my head

>> No.9973802

Please tell me this is a fucking parody post. Holy shit.
>It's okay to try stealing someone else's man if you pretend you're a girly girl, because if you get called out on it you can just play the transphobe card

This is worse than minorities who play the racist card over every little thing even when it obviously has nothing to do with race. Disclaimer: I'm a minority and that shit pisses me off.

Fuck you bitch, Todoroki or bust.

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>he was sent to jail for manslaughter
Wtf did he doooooo??

>> No.9973858


>> No.9973877

He and another guy were drunk and belligerent on spring break, senior year. The guy punched his kidneys a few times, so he punched him on the top of the head. Boom, dead.

I gave him a Kill la Kill manga as a graduation present after he got his GED in prison.

>> No.9973929

I wish I could do that. My step daughters mom is bad. Absolute count. Shes taken to manipulating my step kid. It's the best, really. :/

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>Implying Aizawa isn't the best by default

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>I gave him a Kill la Kill manga
For kill la killing a guy?

>> No.9973951

>Kill la killing a guy
Kek, here's a (You) for that good one Anon.

>> No.9974100

Bought one of my dream dresses... for whatever reason it arrived to me today and the white lace is... Okay, I've purchased old pieces before... old, old pieces. this dress isn't very old, just a decade.. but the lace. It's a pinkish beige color...and not all over, but splotchy. The dress is so adorable and I'm so in love, but I... I'm soaking it at the moment to see if I can get some of the weird stains out.. I think maybe it was due to a shitty drycleaning experience, because it smells very horribly chemical and I have heard of dry cleaning turning whites odd colors because the solvent wasn't very fresh... so... I guess we will see. But I am pissed and sad. Especially because a few days later another listing showed up... after looking for this goddamned dress forever. Alas.

>> No.9974220

I use to save all my money and very rarely spend it, but then, thanks to this board, I discovered lolita and j-fashion, so now I have spent hundreds and want to spend thousands on clothing.
Thanks /cgl/

>> No.9974225

You're welcome. You're here forever.

>> No.9974226

There are so many bad myths about bpd people stop reinforcing them not all bpds are awful

>> No.9974233

Is he violent when drunk?

Btw excellent con but if he hates ppl then the answer is no.

>> No.9974236

Yes they are, they have such a shit personality defect it's considered a disorder

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Holy balls.

>> No.9974248


BPD manifested in my early adult life when before I was pretty care free, just a little awkward and shy. I'm now a possessive psycho scared of being in relationships.

BPD has little to do with someone's innate personality. Most people with diagnosed BPD I would say are not shit people by nature, they're just very scared which makes them do shitty things.

>> No.9974252

>most bpd people i know do shitty things but it's okay because they're scared

lmao no. that is not how it works

>> No.9974255

Nice strawman. I didn't say it was okay. The behaviour is not okay but guilting someone with BPD for a behaviour they barely understand is not conducive to helping them. You only make it worse and make them want to do awful things more because it will make you stay to keep berating them. It's a horribly vicious and abusive cycle if that's how you want to approach someone with BPD.

That is how it works. I've done some awful things because I push people away but as soon as I feel them actually distancing themself from me, I panic because I don't really want them to leave. In that state of panic you can do and say some really terrible things. BPD also affects your impulse control, I am impulsive and do things without thinking of the consequences which I come to regret later. If I was truly a bad person, I wouldn't feel remorse for the things I've done.

BPD is best summarised as "I hate you, don't leave me."

>> No.9974256

Fuck off and stop acting entitled. You do awful things to people and you cling onto them, mentally abusing people who only want to care for you. you are a monster and should be treated as such.

>> No.9974260

How am I entitled? I have purposefully abstained from any romantic relationships because I hate hurting others and damaging myself in the process.

I have done terrible things, I don't deny it. But that's not the focal point of this conversation. Most people with actual diagnosed BPD are not bad people. They are sick people. Making a sick person feel bad for being sick doesn't help anyone.

>> No.9974261

But most of them ARE bad people. Having a mental illness doesn't excuse shitty actions unless you are insane enough to be locked away for life. You can't just say "sorry your honor, I'm BPD it's fine I abused my SO" and expect to get away with it. Own up to your actions you piece of shit

>> No.9974262

I never said it excused shitty actions. Where are you pulling this from?

A bad or evil person is defined as being able to commit deeds they know are wrong without remorse or guilt. People with BPD aren't sociopaths, I feel horrible guilt everyday which extends to self-harm.

Legality has nothing to do with the morality of a person.

I have owned up to my actions. I face the reality of my actions everyday. When did I ever imply I didn't?

>> No.9974265

> he punched him on the top of the head
How dost

>> No.9974267


>> No.9974324
File: 50 KB, 216x250, trumptriggered.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to Walmart in coord
>hear a family mutter about me
>the usual "Little Bo Peep" shit
>blue-haired daughter speaks up, "Nah, she's one of those livin' doll things! A, uh... lolicon! She's a lolicon!"

>> No.9974345
File: 131 KB, 487x750, 1533661118900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I've developed an unhealthy fetish for lolita girls
>tfw they're all lesbians

>> No.9974380
File: 14 KB, 236x265, 1475002812578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get well soon I guess.

>> No.9974381

>going to walmart

>> No.9974384

Not taking responsibility for your illness makes you a bad person. Feeling guilt and self-harm is not taking responsibility. Hell, you could NOT feel guilt, so long as you take responsibility by not putting others through your shit.

They're not *just* lesbians. There's plenty other stuff that should make you think that you can't have a relationship with one. Just find a normal girl, you'll actually be happy.

>> No.9974389

>There's plenty other stuff that should make you think that you can't have a relationship with one. Just find a normal girl, you'll actually be happy.

Lol, "I'm a lesbian" is usually reserved girl talk for "you're not good enough for me" or "you're kind ugly, bro"

I'd say, work the ladder bro. Start with the butt ugly one's 4-5's and then work your way up steadily until you hit your threshold and plateau. Find out what you're doing wrong, and then change. Once you're good to go, continue. Rinse, repeat.

>> No.9974394

>work the ladder bro
>I've never interacted with women in my life
>not to mention lolitas

>> No.9974395

Lesbian or not,most Lolitas date normies because the people who take interest in us are creeps pretty much every time.
I hate dudes who I think are going to be cool but then I find out they just fetishize alt girls/lolita. Why must you all be creepers?

>> No.9974398
File: 9 KB, 200x200, f979c481da1565d21c3e96719385cc3f--book-characters-cartoon-characters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Work the ladder bro

>> No.9974403

>work the ladder bro
based used goods anon

>> No.9974405

What's the difference between just being into alt girls and being a fetishist?

>> No.9974407

Nayrt, I'd say it's your perception of us and your attitude towards us and our subcultures, i.e.
>goth girls have captivating aesthetics and ideals, I love the music as well and frequent goth nights when I can even though I don't look the part
>hurr w2c qt big tiddy goth gf
It's basically respecting us as individuals whose identities aren't just a stereotype while also respecting our choices and subcultures, vs. seeing us only as our appearances/whatever meme or stereotype that people keep spouting about us; or seeing us as people vs. stereotypes that you can fuck, whichever is easier for you to understand.

>> No.9974410

When I see a girl dressed up in those clothes I want to do horrible things

>> No.9974442

I just went to my first gym/PT session and it turns out I'm already quite fit.

I thought I was a blobby sack of shit. Maybe I have body dysmorphia.

>> No.9974496
File: 39 KB, 461x615, 11216496_971712292841802_900661197_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When your leotard explodes in the crotch, exposing tush and bush.

>> No.9974502

Well, it's almost always super awkward if it turns out someone strongly fetishises something part of your appearance. Atleast for me it makes me feel like it's the top quality I have and the person wasn't drawn to me because of my personality or even my looks but mostly because I'm their fetish. Appreceating alt girls is a totally different thing because most people wouldn't just settle for any alt girl they can get but it's rather a plus and preferred aesthetic. As a daily lolita yes it's a big part of me but there is so much more than that in me and I don't want my clothing choices to be in the center of the relationship.

>> No.9974503

Basically just don't be MC frontalot as he presents himself in the song goth girls

>> No.9974514

Now what if you meet a guy you like and he likes you but then develops a fetish for lolita during the relationship? What happens then?

>> No.9974556

>it's almost always super awkward if it turns out someone strongly fetishises something part of your appearance
are you asexual or something? Most people require someone to look sexually pleasing to want to date them.

>> No.9974557

Might sound far fetched to you and anyone else who thinks through their genitalia but it's possible to find a person attractive or beautiful and not immediately think of them as *sexually* attractive.

>> No.9974564

nayrt but... I don't think you understand how attraction works. If you think of someone as attractive, it inherently implies sexually. Finding people beautiful is your bodies way of saying "this person has good genetics, fuck them"

>> No.9974567

Irrational but I could manage it if they acted respectfully and the reltionship waa otherwise a working one. It would still make me a bit uncomfortable I guess? I'm okay with clothing related fetishes if they aren't my casual clothes or involve too much of my hobbies though.

No. I'm fine with lolita being aesthetically pleasing or even sexy to my partner and that can feel good. Sexual preference is still different from a fetish. I don't want my hobbies or clothing choices fetishised by my partner: I want them to genuinly enjoy my personality and looks and the relarionship to be build in a steady base. A bad comparision but still, I doubt Asian people would feel good dating someone with en extreme yellow fever. Similarly I don't want the driving force in any relationship to be a fetish but interest in my personality.

>> No.9974568

Sorry, disagreed. I see beautiful people when I'm out and about and I don't immediately think about fucking them, sorry you can only think with your dick.

>> No.9974570

>it's possible to find a person attractive or beautiful and not immediately think of them as *sexually* attractive.
Yea, you can think someone looks clean and well dressed, but saying they look attractive implies sexually.
What would you think if you heard someone say "that child looks very attractive"?
If there are specific quality you require to find someone attractive, that is a fetish. Only being attracted to skinny people and not obese people is a fetish, for example.

>> No.9974572

>I don't want my hobbies or clothing choices fetishised by my partner: I want them to genuinly enjoy my personality and looks and the relarionship to be build in a steady base
Those two things aren't mutually exclusive.

>> No.9974573

>Sorry, I disagree with science

i'm sorry you're dumb

>> No.9974584

I know. But if someone is having a lolita fetish the odds of them approaching me because of it rather than generally finding anything else in me attractive is much higher. Idk if I'm just total nonsense at this point, I'm sorry sometimes it's hard to express myself in English.

>> No.9974585
File: 263 KB, 579x411, brainlet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

howabouts do I find a group of self aware autistics, social outcasts and rebels?

It can be a group of obnoxious roiders, anime fans, people who cosplay in public, lolitas, edgelords, alt/goths, radical vegans, extremist feminists, whatever.

I really need to fill a hole in my social life and I am absolutely disgusted and bored of normies, its not even worth speaking to them its always the same normie shit.

>> No.9974590
File: 1.23 MB, 1440x1080, tw7kbmgfmwr01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>howabouts do I find a group of self aware autistics, social outcasts and rebels?
you are already here, anon.

>> No.9974591

I mean in real life, I love you all, but sometimes actual human contact would be good

>> No.9974598

Science? Citation please. Are you seriously incapable of judging the appearance of something without thinking "would I have sex with it?"
How do you look at art? I doubt you are bi, so how do you look at people of the same sex as you?

>> No.9974607
File: 947 KB, 1024x1107, yangry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my god.

I'm going to D-con. Keep his ass away!

>> No.9974728

nayrt but what does that have to do with science? youre arguing pedantics.

>> No.9974732


I'm 100% straight guy but I can look at another man and think holy shit that is an attractive guy. Has absolutely nothing to do with me wanting to have sex with him.

>> No.9974733

... semantics?

>> No.9974741

You aren't 100% straight

>> No.9974747
File: 494 KB, 1516x1422, 1526402833969.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is infuriating to imagine

>> No.9974757

>I'm male and I find a lot of men attractive, but i'm straight.
Yea, ok anon, if thats what you tell yourself.

>> No.9974759

Your boyfriend sounds based as fuck

>> No.9974765

Tom Brady is a handsome man

>> No.9974766
File: 2.59 MB, 640x360, 1427497610792.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds to me like your boyfriend was being sexually harassed and his sexual harassers are calling him a bigot because he did not like it.
AGF are the worst.

>> No.9974767
File: 33 KB, 435x327, sucks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be 28
>ask con crush to weeaboo bar event
>mfw she's only 19

>> No.9974770

it's legal, you're less than 10 years apart, rail her into the ground.

>> No.9974774
File: 149 KB, 841x720, kirinoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, jackpot, OP. She's like a little sister you can bang.

>> No.9974775
File: 74 KB, 320x454, ohoho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a straight girl, but some of these con bitches are so hot it makes me wish I had a penis for them.

>> No.9974777

But big sisters are better

>> No.9974781

Her parents gonna be mad.

>> No.9974785

do you tell your parents about everyone you bang? that's weird

>> No.9974786

oops lmao

>> No.9974803

With autists? Hmm i doubt thats a good experience anon
Ik the feel

>> No.9974808

Yeah definitely! Some are super cute.
I hope girls appreciate cute cosplays even if they're male..

>> No.9974856
File: 93 KB, 450x345, jeffmanga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If he starts dating this girl, her parents may be butthurt.

Even his own parents may be mad at him for chasing an unripe peach.

>> No.9974875
File: 28 KB, 747x767, wifehand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I have a fun idea for a Deadpool cosplay but everyone will just see Deadpool and assume I'm obnoxious

>> No.9974879

What is your special idea that won't work with another character?

>> No.9974884

I'm talking to another lolita how tinder how do I make her like me lol?

>> No.9974886

Send her money immediately

>> No.9974958

I can give you mine.

>> No.9975014

Dab on 'em.

>> No.9975056

Just substitute Spider-Man.

>> No.9975061

Anon I hope you read this: leave that fucking comm. if no mod did anything about a bunch of rude and disrespectful trannies trying to steal your man, then it’s a toxic comm. don’t feel bad, but for sure never bring your boyfriend to any meet up in this comm or another.

>> No.9975062

>making armor for the first time ever
>not a crafty person, sewing is my thing
>decide to do a few test pieces before jumping right into it
>only screw up one of the four test pieces
>cautiously optimistic

A good feel, just hoping that I don't jinx myself by posting this.

>> No.9975121

So you can't tell the difference in attractiveness between Steve Buscemi and Chris Hemsworth?

>> No.9975127

Attractiveness is completely subjective. Hemsworth looks better, but I don't find either attractive.
You can be a straight man and say one man looks better than another. I can tell you if a child or dog looks better than another one too. You can judge if something looks better than something else without actually being attracted to it.
Dirt tastes better than poop. Doesn't mean I like dirt. If you start saying "I find a lot of dirt tasty", thats a lot different.

>> No.9975129

>You can judge if something looks better than something else without actually being attracted to it
That's the point that was being made in the first place though, that you can find a girl in lolita aesthetically beautiful without finding her sexually attractive based on her fashion choices.

>> No.9975131

Okay jesus christ lord semantics. I just meant attraction as "This person has a very pleasing human aesthetic"

Stop being so fucking autistic.

>> No.9975144

>get proven wrong
>call everyone autistic
Oh, /cgl/ posters, how are you all the same?

>> No.9975145

sure we do, just no one appreciates ugly ones like you.

>> No.9975148

>If I deliberately misinterpret a word and ignore all context, that means I'm right

>> No.9975149

did someone say otherwise? Big difference between finding someone's outfit attractive and finding that person wearing it attractive.

>Okay jesus christ lord semantics.
Its not semantics when you are actually using the wrong words. You can't just change the definition of attractiveness and expect people to understand you.
>attractive:(of a person) appealing to look at; sexually alluring.

>> No.9975150

>I'm a straight girl

>> No.9975153

Yes, someone did claim otherwise up thread.

>> No.9975160

This nibba knows

>> No.9975161

Weezer > Moi dix moi

>> No.9975163

you said outfit. The people you quoted said person.

>> No.9975164

nayrt but you're really reaching to be correct in a conversation on fucking 4chan. let it go.

>> No.9975169

i'm not the one reaching. You guys are the only constantly changing the definition of words.

>> No.9975178

>I'm 100% straight guy but I can look at another man and think holy shit that is an attractive guy. Has absolutely nothing to do with me wanting to have sex with him.

Nigga u gay. I'm a 100% straight guy and I never think other men are "attractive". He might be wearing clothes I'd like to wear myself or something but that's not attractive that's just a mutual sense of taste.

>> No.9975179


>> No.9975182

Was it autism?

>> No.9975191

Which one was it?

>> No.9975195

I went to chipotle the other day and everyone at the counter said I looked really nice. The girl at the register asked if I came there often.

>> No.9975203

Was she flirting with you?

>> No.9975207

I don't know, maybe

>> No.9975226

That's rude. I have autism and I'm not insecure in my heterosexuality like this guy.

>> No.9975227
File: 25 KB, 541x515, scurbabby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her parents gonna be pissed. Unless he saves her life or somethong.

>> No.9975309

Were you dressed in loli?

>> No.9975313

Are you me anon?
I lost 4" around my waist but nothing from my bust and hips, so now nothing fits properly.

>> No.9975314



>> No.9975318

Please don't

>> No.9975445
File: 233 KB, 1280x720, Sakura_Trick_-_ep01_205.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I givve my community college's anime club a shot?

>> No.9975449

what's your favorite block b song anon

>> No.9975463

Yes. The worst that can happen is that it's lame and you go home

>> No.9975476

I hate how people cant seem to differentiate their opinion from useful critique. I feel like a lot of lolitas don't know anything about color theory or fashion in general, so they don't really know how to give good advice. As well, I don't think many lolitas know enough about the fashion to give advice. It always seems to be average lolitas spewing out the most "crit" (which usually comes down to "I don't like this").
Just an observation. I hate that people who say nothing but negative things feel their opinion is better than one that's sugarcoated, too. When you get to the meat of it, often the harsh responses are just as stupid as the overly nice ones. Just an observation, though

>> No.9975478

But Weezer aren't aesthetic

>> No.9975482

Now tell us how you really feel, anon.

>> No.9975487

I'm just starting to think my dad never went to the supermarket, I think he just lied so he wouldn't have to come back. It's been 5 years.

>> No.9975494

As a photographer, is it worth it going to smaller, newly established local cons to photograph the cosplayers there? I can't imagine the cosplay quality being high.

>> No.9975495

supermarket lines can get fairly long, anon. Maybe he is an extreme couponer. You see that show? It takes them forever to checkout!

>> No.9975541

Well, my lolita shopping addiction at least came in handy today as my card was rejected when I went to make a Japonica order. I went "wtf", checked my account, and lo and behold a fraudulent charge from Berlin's rail system or something is somehow on my card. I like in middle of nowhere, USA, and have only visited Japan and never purchased from a german site, wtf.

I've never had fraud happen to me before, at least it got taken care of literally hours after it happened. I wonder how someone in Germany even got my info, maybe that Equifax garbage.

>> No.9975544

Yeah, sure. You can always not go back, and sometimes you find people you like.

>> No.9975546

I got into both of them because of pro wrestling so I think they're basically the same

>> No.9975571
File: 913 KB, 400x585, dancedragon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dressed in loli

>> No.9975574
File: 11 KB, 450x360, lunasong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, girls...., if you had an expos'd ass-crack at con, would you want a male to tell you? Or would you think he was creppy?

I saw a Samus with a ripp'd spot in her butt and expos'd crack (going commando?) but I said nothing. Practically ran away. I hop somebody female help'd her.

>> No.9975575

i genuinely would not care who told me, would just be grateful for the fact that somebody actually had the balls to tell me :)

>> No.9975634
File: 43 KB, 772x580, 36675553_264646684288191_8393057964075778048_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have never seen typing like this in my life.

>> No.9975643
File: 139 KB, 639x634, BC93886C-C237-494E-B40E-D5987A74687F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw buy dream dress
>it is within the country! Score on cheap shipping!!
>mfw open parcel dress is crumpled mess.
>looks like it has been stored under a bed for 2 years.
>strong peppery smell cimes from post bag
>peppery smell permiates apartment for 2 days
>check back to sellers fb profile
>mfw profile pic has been switched to pic related
>mfw this dress has almost definitely been worn while “fucking sugoi neck beards nia des uwu”
>Kill me

Not telephone anon, but it was a meta telephone salo-jsk

>> No.9975644

Sorry for the unabashed spelling errors and gross unsensored selfie but I am so bothered right now.

>> No.9975646

It always sucks when people don't have enough respect for either the buyers or the clothes themselves to treat them right, but isn't this kind of easily fixable? What methods of getting the smell out have you tried so far?

>> No.9975647

As someone who works at the bank, sometimes it is a matter of chance, or you have entered your card details on a website that doesn’t have the best security. Keep in mind, every place you enter your banking details is another place you need to trust to keep up to date with security. Not all companies do, and they certainly wont tell you/ be transparent if they do or do not. Just be careful and gaurd your personal info.

>> No.9975648

Oh god was this the pink one that was on the Aus sales page?

>> No.9975649

It was anon. Trust is a personality flaw that I grapple with constantly. Got any dramu for us

>> No.9975656
File: 32 KB, 345x437, InnocentCry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, it's all your fault.
>Years ago
>Used to cosplay
>Frequented /cgl/
>Admired lolita in threads
>Friend lets me borrow her petticoat to try on
>Oh no I'm in love
>Present day
>No interaction with lolita community outside /cgl/
>Have my first haul
>Can do two coords decently
>All my friends say I look good in it
>Still hasn't shown a single thing of this on social media
>Raised on /cgl/ I nitpick my current coords
>My headdress is off-theme and small
>I don't have shoes yet
>Can't put this on the internet
>Still want to buy more clothes
>Joining local second hand groups would out me to my fb-friends
>Feel like these experienced lolitas would judge me
>Don't join the groups
>Don't post anything
>Sit here in my frills
>The seagull salt doesn't taste good anymore

Has anyone been in this situation? Or am I just an insecure pussy?

>> No.9975659

Nah no drama but I was tempted to purchase it but I’m glad I didn’t know. Would’ve been spewing if I got that in the mail. Sorry you had to go through that anon, hope you left feedback about that

>> No.9975661

Why don't you just buy some shoes? It's honestly not hard to assemble one non-ita coord and it sounds like you're 90% of the way there. Also I think it's more fun to meet people IRL in your local comm instead of posting your pics online to get roasted. Most FB groups are private so your normie friends won't know anyway.

>> No.9975664
File: 41 KB, 640x634, CryOn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not my normie friends who frighten me. It's my lolita friends/aquaintances who have been in this fashion for way longer and are way prettier and way more experienced than me...

>> No.9975665


Can't help you decide if you're insecure or realistic (I mean realistically half the itas probably have normie friends who can't tell lolita from ita and probably say they look good anyway). But as for the rest.

For FB, if you really have a stick up your butt about letting FB friends know you're into lolita, make a second FB and join the lolita groups, sales groups with that. If your FB friends know you irl you'd have to come clean eventually, at this point I'm assuming you have other reasons you don't want them to know you wear lolita.

For posting on social media, you can easily do anything other than post a full coord -- post something (your manicure, jewellery, your handbag, hair accessories, etc) with your dress print in the background. Post shoefies (when you get your shoes in), or just post close-up details of any lolita brand stuff, lolitas seem to love seeing lace and trim closeups that stock photos don't show. You work up to posting partial selfies, then full selfies, or if you're really insecure, then stick to just posting partial photos or floordinates.

As for being judged, best to take an "eh, whatever" attitude. If you were keeping track of the drama threads, some of the self-proclaimed "ten years lolita" are kinda shit, so what does their opinion matter. While some other girls are gonna be chill and cool, but they're gonna care more about your attitude rather than your first outfit. As for cgl, if they leave a nitpick, then either take it as concrit (if it's helpful), or ignore it if it's not. Half the ita threads are roleplayers anyhow, if you ignore them you'll just be forgotten when a new thread is made, but sometimes the commentary (even if it's negative) can give you ideas on what to coord next.

Good luck, anon. It's not that scary, so long as you keep cool and don't lose your head.

.....And also seconding, meeting your comm in person is way better than experiencing it all online.

>> No.9975670
File: 116 KB, 345x437, f527f451-1cb7-44a5-af8b-56556447f21b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm browsing lolibrary in the middle of the night and for a split second I thought the thumbnail of this dress was T-posing at me.

>> No.9975682

There's no such thing as a lesiban. All girls are bi, you just need to be good enough to attract them. Every girl I've dated has been "lesbian" before meeting me and then all of the sudden "realize" they may like guys too. Get game, bro.

>> No.9975688

>Feel like these experienced lolitas would judge me
Unless your local comm is full of rotten bitches, no one is going to judge you. You have a skewed impression of us from cgl, maybe from online experiences you've read about in general too. Lolitas are like all other people of course, some are nicer than others, but in my experience we generally tend to be incredibly nice, sometimes even too nice and forgiving for our own good.
I'm thirding the idea of hitting up your local comm, see what they're like, you might see that it's not so bad like you feared and make some friends.

>> No.9975692
File: 898 KB, 487x560, 8A7F5707-248E-4FEE-B538-295D70BE585D.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gr8 b8 m8

>> No.9975699

Based and redpilled

>> No.9975703

>Dated a girl who turned 18 just 1 month prior
>I was 29 at the time
>Her parents find out and spam my facebook about how they're going to get the police involved and I will be taking it in prison for being a sick child molestor
>Later into the relationship she drops the bomb that her dad has been a sexual abuser throughout her childhood and for whatever reason thought she had forgotten about it because she was just 6-8 years old
>Her mom knew as well and just took it as "I'm so sorry that I wasn't good enough for you, I'll try my best to become a better cumslut and in the meantime you can use our daughter until I'm worthy of you, o great one"
>They keep harassing me even after I've dated her for a year
>Tell them to STFU and stop projecting onto me just because they're sick guilty fucks
>They suddenly approve of my relationship and won't shut up about what a fine gentleman I am and how lucky they are to know their daughter is in my care

Still with her. We've broken contact from her parents. Fuck them.

>> No.9975735

You proved yourself a chad

>> No.9975737

Cringe and bluepilled

>> No.9975845
File: 247 KB, 705x527, 1535024277276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.9975856
File: 260 KB, 540x454, tumblr_inline_p22lu5e4Sq1rroo5z_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>boobs relatively small size
>still no dresses fit around bust
>wear binder
>still wont fit
>ask around
>realize that band size, no matter how tiny titted you are will fuck with fitting
>36" band

>> No.9975857


>> No.9975858

unironically me as I wait for work to close so I can #killit at the gym.

>> No.9975868

you uhh, got a chart to explain that. I've never actually worn a dress

>> No.9975919
File: 49 KB, 720x540, 38246158_622853678108010_5493114935082745856_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone ever encounter bad farts at the con?

>> No.9975944

I once had an artist alley table next to an obese couple that kept farting the entire con. I have to get up and leave the table just to get fresh air.

>> No.9975946

is this from an mv or something? i know it's block b but i'm lost

>> No.9975954

she's a legend for that

>> No.9975956 [DELETED] 

Ah, we're being raided I guess.
No eating bait and report.

>> No.9975966

this whole post lacks self awareness

>> No.9975969

Why am I so attracted to broken girls? Only reason I really ever go to cons now is because it's incredibly easy to find girls and get them to spill their guts about their home life and the terrible things they've done and had done to them.

Makes me feel warm inside when I get to fuck them.

>> No.9975974

Is 36 band really bad? I'm 34 band. I feel like certain dresses make my boobs look weird as fuck.

>> No.9975978

because you have self esteem issues lmao
pathetic incel

>> No.9975981

google is free newfag

>> No.9975983

it's bad enough so that most dresses I own even if they fit perfectly everywhere else and even my waist but are really tight at the bust...

>> No.9975987 [DELETED] 
File: 1.82 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_2785.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>visa is expiring
>have to go back to living in South Africa in a few weeks.

>> No.9975988
File: 69 KB, 703x774, firejim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WTF this is so messed up. No, don't bring a KILLER to fucking Dragoncoon!

>> No.9976019

Just go to a sanctuary city

>> No.9976035

Ah, that sucks. Most stuff i own is fine for that boob size unless your cup size is also large. I'm a cup so maybe that's a bit of it, what are you trying to wear?

>> No.9976058

When you get lost trying to find meta in Osaka and you ask a Lolita who just happens to pass for directions

>> No.9976102

There's a meta in Osaka? Where is it in the lioncourt?

>> No.9976125

I want to delete my FB but it's the only place to get more info about certain lolita events. I made one with a fake name but my mom blabbed to the family and now they're all on there expecting me to friend them and react to their dumb shit. At least if I didn't have an account I could use that as an excuse to ignore them.
I'm pretty salty that the people organizing these events have their own website but haven't updated it in months, and instead they only post event updates on FB.

>> No.9976141

It's in a small little shopping mall area. If the FtF is to your left its a little past that. It's in the area next to a salon. If you see the body line, you're in the correct vicinity.
I got a three way bag and some wrist cuffs. Good day.

>> No.9976151

Chill out bro, it was just manslaughter

>> No.9976152

just make a new fake account? it's not that hard
just don;t tell your mum this time

>> No.9976179
File: 56 KB, 1024x751, IMG_0707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>About to graduate college
>Job lined up (a fill-in for another employee on maternity leave, lasting about a year)
>Excited to buy more lolita, more anime merch and start living that good adult good life
>At the same time terrified of taking responsibility and actually doing shit
>Part of me wants to go back to college to get another degree so that I don't have to take any real responsibilities just yet
>Part of me wants to be an actual adult so that I can progress in life and buy more weeb shit and frilly dresses

>> No.9976184

You guys in /cgl/ have some wild shit.

>> No.9976187

Claim to be a refugee or something. There’s tons of strife in Africa they won’t know the difference.

>> No.9976192

>going back to college
>more money

I don't see the connection here. Build career, builds money.

>> No.9976235
File: 276 KB, 1310x681, fag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>chinafag made my belt/girdle 5 inches too long and its sagging down and making me look fat instead of slim and form fitting
>alright! ill sew velcro on it
>its a fucking disaster, not only does it look like shit with thread anywhere, there are now lots of holes in it if i ever remove it

why the FUCK didn't I just use sticky velcro? its not like there is much pressure needed to keep it intact, why am i such a fuckin idiot? hopefully when I replace my shitty sewjob the holes won't show too much(yeah no, its a white belt)

>> No.9976296

>tfw your gf gained 20 lbs in the past year
How the fuck does that even happen? I keep trying to nudge her to going to the gym with me but she says she's too busy and it's too much effort or whatever.

>> No.9976298

Just break up with her and call her fat as the reason why. That will get her motivated.

>> No.9976309

> tfw don't have any rl friends interested in anime, let alone cons
> Am not too much of a sperglord, but still feel uncomfortable starting conversations with new people
How do I get around this?

>> No.9976310

just do it, dont give a fuck about anything.

you will 100% regret not being proactive, just make sure you're not fat/have BO/insanely ugly(being a little ugly is ok).

>> No.9976314

Do you still love the girl? If not, just dump her. Jesus it’s not that hard anon.

>> No.9976318
File: 24 KB, 316x341, not this shit again.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and he said that he is just uncomfortable with men hitting on him.
sounds like they were hons or would eventually be hons. I fucking hate those types they make the worst fucking impressions on everyone around them. I'm really sorry you had to deal with them, did you at least report them to whoever was in charge? Sexual harassment is not cool.

>> No.9976333

notoriously bad

>> No.9976342

this is beautiful

>> No.9976349

>literally posting the same thing for four months

>> No.9976353

same post from three months ago

>> No.9976355

Ever had a D&D group who just can't work out their schedules to meet up? Exact same thing, good luck

>> No.9976356

There's sincerely a lot of lolitas who are lesbian.

>> No.9976358

nothing wrong with that as long as she isn't fat

>> No.9976359

>same reaction image from two months ago

>> No.9976362

>pathologically posting this in every thread

>> No.9976436

I did but the second my boyfriend called them "men" it trumped literally every bad thing they did to deserve it. They are still in, and I was kicked out as of yesterday.

>> No.9976602

But they are men.

>> No.9977251

I can't tell from just hearing about it second hand, but if it played out how I think it did, I am really sorry you had to deal with that. there are too many of us who are too thin-skinned, I can understand them being frustrated and upset about being called men, but hitting on someone who is obviously with someone already is just a no-no, and they should realize that people aren't going to be nice anymore if they give them a reason to stop being nice. Also, it would pay to be a bit more self-aware on their parts. if they even think that they don't pass completely then they really shouldn't be getting that upset about someone misgendering them, especially on a first meeting.

>> No.9977504

I can't tell if this picture is adorable or creepy. I mean on one hand, it's adorable. On the other hand, it's creepy.
Just, why?

>> No.9977953

They're convinced that lolitas embody any kind of reservedness, they're not going to be reasoned with.

>> No.9978628

Are you fucking kidding me

>> No.9979828
File: 410 KB, 740x437, 1530050099773.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I always wondered if hinata and naruto did anything freaky with shadow clones

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