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Previous thread >>9943661

>What you think is killing the board?
>What do you think of containment threads, Discords, splitting the boards, all that stuff, etc.
>What needs to change?
>What do you even get out of coming here?

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It would be nice to talk about stoner meet ups and lolitas that are also stoners without the usual comments coming up.

I feel like there is actually a decent sized community of lolitas that are stoners and that the cultures cross paths a lot more than one would think.

It's not only legal in some places now but it's becoming more and more acceptable.

But no. Some asshat has to spout memes, claim degeneracy, and perpetuate some kind of ideology that people coming to 4chan should change their ways and be moral upright citizens who are straight edge.

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Ever met a stoner girl who wasn't a giant slut? I haven't.

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I don't think that we need a second thread like this.

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I've met plenty who aren't. Thanks for your anecdote.

Here's mine: I'm in a straight monogamous relationship for over a year now. I do not just sleep with anyone when I'm single.

Btw, sex doesn't make you a degenerate regardless of what you learned from animus.

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I mean the last one saged, so I figured people had stuff to say.

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Yeah we do.

My two cents: no more plus sized threads until everyone agrees on what that means. The whole "plus-size-for-lolita" versus Western plus size has people confused and angry, and then there's the problem of infiltration from /fit/, shitting up the thread with their whole fat=death thing. Plus the occasional ana-chan who really doesn't know what fat looks like posting normal-sized people on the thread. It's an unnecessary minefield--we have the ita thread to showcase the bad-looking fatties, and decent-looking fatties pop up on CoF every once in a while.

If you need inspo that much for fat lolitas (or you're a fetishist), just follow #plussizelolita on Insta.

And mods, please sage all attempts at plus size threads (like you wisely did 2 threads ago).

>In b4 "sorry you got posted"

I wasn't posted there, fyi. I was following the thread for inspo, but it got all crapped up with drama (again). And people were posting normal-sized girls all over the place.

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I wish stoners would fuck off. It's not board related and they always get super triggered when anyone says anything bad about weed and will deflect by pointing out how bad alcohol is even though nobody tries to say alcohol is good for you.

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I have to agree with stonelita here. Weed is a filthy habit, but they're not hurting anyone but themselves. Just don't try sell me your malodorous dresses.

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idk senpai, they regularly recommend it to people here for problems that an actual doctor should probably address. Telling people to get high instead of taking a proper treatment route sounds pretty harmful to me. Not to mention how obnoxious and loud they are about their habit. Notice how they want to discuss it on a totally unrelated board.

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Keep proving the stereotype right anon.

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Isn't the rule only one board criticism thread is allowed? None of this shit gets taken to mods so why bother. This is a thinly veiled drama thread. Hope jannies delete it.

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Maybe if you guys didn't shove it down everyone's throats and try to act morally superior for getting high people wouldn't give you this level of backlash.

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I don't get this. Why not have stoner friends, and then lolita friends seperate. Why can't you enjoy the hobbies on their own? I always see people saying stuff like "want more bdsm lolita friends :(" or "want more bodybuilder lolita friends". Why though? I love my video game friends as much as my lolita friends and I have enough personality to sustain conversations with both groups that are unrelated to the hobby but also about their hobbies too. Just have a personality unrelated to your interests and you'd be good.

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It's not about moral high ground, it's about individual rights. Saying "I'm not going to smoke weed because I think it's gross and bad for me and it stinks up my burando" is fine. Saying
>Stoners are bad people and irresponsible and support trafficking and I'm going to support anti-weed organisations
Those are fighting words.

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Because the weed impairs their capability for rational thought

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The fact that you get riled up and willing to fight over someone criticizing your drug habit and you genuinely try to say that weed is harmless is laughable. It's this behavior that gives it a bad name in the first place, you are literally behaving the exact way anons are complaining about and wondering why nobody but fellow stoners wants you here

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Why insult stoners as a group, then, if pissing them off is not your intention?

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Because they need to move elsewhere.

Points it out perfectly. There is no need to bring the conversation of drugs into this board. It is not inherently related to jfash or cosplay, and is off topic.

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You understand the concept of a containment thread, right? Although there are now two containment threads for this and it's still spilling over.

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Oh shit another anon continues my thread, I was gonna do that shit today. OOF

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Why are you bringing up anime? Girls who enjoy anime into their twenties and cosplay are legendary for their sluttyness.

>> No.9983525

So therefore the logical conclusion is that it shouldn't be a topic to discuss here. The stoners are spreading it across to multiple threads, including this one. Sounds like offtopic shitposting which is a bannable offense

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exactly, let them discuss weed on >>>/b/

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Containment threads do not work for trolls and shitposting

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Most of the older anime-loving girls I know are virgins/prudes. They’re too busy dropping money on their husbando to get an actual SO. It’s almost like girls who like anime are a diverse group whose hobbies don’t correlate with their level of sexual activity or something lol.

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This is exactly why weed threads will never work here.

>> No.9983547

If you were actually interested in organising a weed meet you could make a thread for that or bring it up with your comm. But you don't care about that, you just want (you)s

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Please don't encourage them to make threads for this. They should take it to another board. Weed is not related to jfashion or cosplay

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Lol yeah. No link at all between cosplay, lolita and BPD/bipolar girls. None whatsoever. Not like Lolita is full of ddlg fetishists. Not like cons are full of people in "poly relationships", with fetlife accounts, not like every single con there's people fucking at the rave, 15 year old girls spreading their legs for men twice their age at the local Hilton etc.

I have never, ever met a demographic of people as so prone to sleeping around, having loose sexual morals and so on as cosplayers. Or hell even weeaboo girls in general.

Anime and Japanese culture just attracts self loathing white trash with low self esteem. It pains me to admit it because I loved the stuff. But it's true.

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>> No.9983555

pretty sure I've seen a thread like that before and it was fine. You can make a thread for it if you actually want to organise an unusual meet, but this person just wants to shitpost. She's probably replying to herself and arguing with herself because I can't think of anyone who isn't a troll who would care.

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It may surprise you to realize this but incels are the same shit. Male failures. Just like cosplayers are female failures.

>> No.9983558 [DELETED] 


Literally the same shit. Look at r9ks obsession with Asian girls and compare it to cgls obsession with Asian guys.

Both of you deserve the rope for your race treachery. And god willing that day is coming

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I wonder if I made a thread about organizing a meet to snort lines of coke how people would take it. I mean, it's totally fine because it's on topic right??

>> No.9983562 [DELETED] 

God bless con rapists and hidden camera guys. Remember the salt when that dude hid a camera in his bag at ax and took ass shots? Even though the girls were wearing ridiculously skimpy cosplays.

>> No.9983564

>god bless rapists

w h a t

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It would be nice to talk about ageplay meet ups and lolitas that are also ageplayers without the usual comments coming up.

I feel like there is actually a decent sized community of lolitas that are ageplayers and that the cultures cross paths a lot more than one would think.

It's not only legal in some places now but it's becoming more and more acceptable.

But no. Some asshat has to spout memes, claim degeneracy, and perpetuate some kind of ideology that people coming to 4chan should change their ways and be moral upright citizens who are straight edge.

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Yfw you realize women orgasm from rape and violent rape is literally the most common female fantasy

>> No.9983573

I see what you did there.

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Nice bait

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It would be nice to talk about meth meet ups and lolitas that are also methheads without the usual comments coming up.

I feel like there is actually a decent sized community of lolitas that are methheads and that the cultures cross paths a lot more than one would think.

It's not only legal in some places now but it's becoming more and more acceptable.

But no. Some asshat has to spout memes, claim degeneracy, and perpetuate some kind of ideology that people coming to 4chan should change their ways and be moral upright citizens who are straight edge.

>> No.9983577 [DELETED] 

Come on. The guy with the hidden camera was great. Do you remember the salt on /cgl/ after the vids were released? You actually thought it was terrible that he took ass shots of girls wearing what amounted to underwear.

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>Board Criticism Thread
>thread derails into off-topic weed discussion after the first post
>crossboarders feel invited and shittalk cosplayers and lolitas in a weak attempt to bait that of course will succeed
Man I don't even feel like answering your questions anymore even though they were good thread starters. RIP this thread. This is what's wrong with cgl.

>> No.9983583

It's a shame what stoners do to threads

>> No.9983584 [DELETED] 

It's not bait. I'm >>9983550 and I stand by it all. I've had too much experience of cons to believe otherwise.

>> No.9983591

I was referring to you actually derail-chan

>> No.9983592

Doesn't matter, the result is the same. Shitty infighting for the 9000th time that doesn't lead to anything that is related to the the thread's purpose.

>> No.9983593

Yeah, because I'm the one who came in and started discussing an off topic shitpost magnet

>> No.9983595

No, I was refering to everyone, including the stoner and you.

>> No.9983596 [DELETED] 

The rape fantasy usually happens because of sexual repression. When you want to be a whore, but don't want the stigma of being one. Or just degeneracy. Men are more likely to have worse and more vile fetishes than women anyways.

>> No.9983599

>I've had too much experience of cons to believe otherwise
Maybe that's your problem. If you're a cosplayer then you have my condolences, but if you're a lolita you can just stay out of cons (and out of comms too for that matter) and enjoy yourself and the fashion for what it is. It's what I do, in any case.

>> No.9983600

Most age players in the lolita community aren't even lolitas.

>> No.9983621

Please do that

>> No.9983639

Exactly, they’re huge itas who own one Taobao dress and no petti but whine because “iT’s MuH STyLE U BuLLy”

>> No.9983640

Jesus christ this whole thread is what's wrong with /cgl/

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So crossboarders and men rping as girls? I genuinely doubt there are real girls, especially in this thread.
But to contribute feels threads should be banned.

>> No.9983706

meh, i don't mind feels threads. They go massively off topic, yes, and I think in theory feels threads are alright, but in practice they suck. However the big benefit is that it often contains the halloween normies and crossboarders.

I wish people on /cgl/ did not take bait so easily,i feel like thats the main reason crossboarders shit up the place.

>> No.9983707

loool this image

>> No.9983713

same. Lonelitas for life.
your confirmation bias is showing anon.

>> No.9983719

I’m so tired of male crossboarder OPs hate boner for lolita.

>> No.9983757

I don't mind them either but their basically invitations for normies and crossboarders. If we didn't give them a place to hang out they probably wouldn't stay long. The jans seem like they are pretty diligent now and seem to get most bullshit up in a somewhat timely matter. I'm sure they can just monitor threads a little closer to kill off crossboarders. They can be the lolita and cosplay Orkin.

I agree though, gulls will take the most obvious bait and keep responding as long the troll keeps commenting. It's very annoying.

>> No.9983762

Nah, I like the threads. Sorry you're triggered by fat people.

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>race treachery

>> No.9983788

Never heard of that rule. Also I'm not sure why anyone would expect the mods to see it, it's just for discussion.

>> No.9983797

It seems my expectations for board discussion were way too high. I guess that answers the question.

>> No.9983822

Feels threads should not exist, it's just a kiddie positivity hugbox full of people who don't even cosplay or wear lolita.

Self-posts should be strongly avoided like in the past. cgl is becoming more and more like a place where friends from all your petty comms meet up to talk bad about each other while trying not to be discovered.

Everyone should fucking stop talking about costhots and patreon, everybody is doing it and most threads are a cover up for people hoping to find the magical key to getting patreon money.

And finally, idiots who make their own threads for things there are already threads for should be anihilated. Ignore them, sage them, anything. Don't send them to the goddamn help thread. We're not here to feed the birds.

And finally, people in the goddamn help thread should know what they are talking about. I'm tired of going there and only finding terrible advice. It seems like nobody knows how to make a cosplay anymore.

The problem is not the two sides of the board, it's that we're losing our anon status by revealing everything about our damn lives.

>> No.9983853

>What you think is killing the board?
incels (like me)

>What do you even get out of coming here?
it's often the closest thing, for getting actual female interaction (altough, I am not even 100% sure of that)

nothing against weed (more or less), but anon, drugs aren't kawaii (except sugar, sugar is ultrakawaii)

to contribute something to that discussion, I guess the people who usually attend cons, are usually the ones who also looking for human interaction (which includes sex, and stuff like this)

>> No.9983858

Sugar is not kawaii unless you’re a huge fatty

>> No.9983861

honestly i believe the roleplay has gotten so bad from crossboarders that they intentionally take bait from other crossboarders to shit up threads.

>> No.9983864

>kiddie positivity hugbox
I think positivity is somewhat needed on this board. With everyone being negative, it only draws in more negativity from outsiders, leading to more boards being shit up. I do agree a lot of it is crossboarder men who want to speak to women or get advice from them.

>> No.9983867

It's the other way around desu senpai.

>> No.9983883

>Men are more likely to have worse and more vile fetishes than women anyways.

Completely untrue. It's the other way around.

>> No.9983901

Anon, the "female" interaction you think you're getting on cgl isn't going to fix your depression or your loneliness. You should stop. I sincerely hope you're not shitting up the threads out of robot anger and instead choosing to stay because you enjoy the company.

>> No.9983962

Statistics say otherwise, keep deluding yourself.

>> No.9984056

t. Rape, degrade and spit on me while I call you daddy, typical cosplayer

>> No.9984057

Easy it's fat people

>> No.9984061

anon i don't see many women going to watch snuff films, vore, inflation.... all the ones you mention are pretty normie

>> No.9984075

This whole thread is against the rules actually, there's a board for doing this and you're not supposed to be posting it here but there's a second thread for it now getting loads of responses and no reports on OP.

Sorry but it's a thing. Don't preach if you can't do it right.

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Why are you assuming it's a woman?

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File: 177 KB, 1080x1350, this is fantastic plus size lolita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sugar makes you fat which is not kawaii at all buddy.

Fat lolitas can look good, but I would not call them cute.

And before anyone bitches about anorexia, that shit ain't cute either.

You can eat healthy fats instead like avocados.

>> No.9984079

I wouldn't know, I'm female and don't watch anime.

I just know of the weird stigma that douchebags from /a/ have about girls being horrible people for having sex before marriage or not for procreation purposes.

>> No.9984081

>cgls obsession with Asian guys
I haven't seen this as of late?

>> No.9984083

Isn't it a good thing to be a morally upright girl?

>> No.9984097

sugar doesn't make you fat, eating it in excess does.

>> No.9984104

Have you considered being less boring

>> No.9984106

I guess but who is defining morally upright here?

Hopefully not people on 4chan.

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weight, recreational drugs/alcohol and sexual preference have absolutely nothing to do with /cgl/ therefore should not be discussed on /cgl/

I think its easier to just blanket ban the dramatic shit but thats why sites like lolcow exist now. The real problem is that most of the board users are rigid and salty and wholly not prepared to hear opposing points of view or discuss them. (looking at both pro and anti stoner chans, among so many others) The biggest board criticism I can make is that all the users aren't "making this board what you want it to be". The only solution is to emulate the model poster yourself.

>> No.9984184

you touched on something I want to bring to light.

A lot of people here take offense to being lumped into certain groups.

For some reason, as soon as one anon makes a blanket complaint about a certain type of people within their communities be it cosplay or lolita - other anons feel the need to pour into the thread to tell everyone how this just isn't the case for themselves.

Most anons here base everything they say of their shitty little anecdotal information and god forbid if you weren't even talking about them to begin with, they need everyone to know you weren't talking about them specifically.

>> No.9984233 [DELETED] 

You people are all autistic faggots who should post more convention stories

>> No.9984239

I'd be down.

>> No.9984313

>I sincerely hope you're not shitting up the threads out of robot anger and instead choosing to stay because you enjoy the company.
what is, if I do both?

>> No.9984318
File: 183 KB, 1182x577, Screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you based jannies.

>> No.9984331

Now if only they'll ban that the soup namefag(gers)

>> No.9984821

>For some reason, as soon as one anon makes a blanket complaint about a certain type of people within their communities be it cosplay or lolita - other anons feel the need to pour into the thread to tell everyone how this just isn't the case for themselves.
because generalisations are fucking retarded? not a valid complaint on your side

>> No.9984822
File: 534 KB, 646x469, 1508010682358.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i mean generalisations always follow the same pattern: 'why are x so y'
of course without any statistical proof to back that up which would prove that the majority of people in group x are indeed y
it's just anecdotal evidence supported by confirmation bias
people defendings themselves and calling you out for it are in the right

>> No.9984832

You'd have to be dumb to think most "generalisations" are about everyone in that group. It's just a way for people on the internet to vent. There are always exceptions, but if you take it personally, it's really dumb.

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>pic related is culture

>> No.9985180

Minor peeve but it bothers me when people post "nayrt". This is 4chan, any given reply could be anyone and 99% of the time it is irrelevant whether you ayrt or nayrt. People can lie about it. It's meaningless to post. When did people start using this?

>> No.9985205


If you don't match exactly what is being said - then the post isn't about you.

But gulls love to make things about themselves.

>> No.9985219

it's not ~that~ new, i remember it being used at least as far back as 2010, but all this shit blurs together. it think it sometimes has it's place. maybe if the board is fast, but i'd say majority of the time it's pointless. i definitely think people constantly lie about it.

>> No.9985227

>What you think is killing the board?
DESU, probably social media. I'm not going to say more intelligent discussion happens there, because we sure as hell know it doesn't. But I think less *sane* people are coming here to post driving those who are more level-headed out. I feel like the cosplayers and lolitas here are mostly of the armchair variety. So many tryhard newbs, and nobody bothers to really correct them. It feels like blind leading the blind at this point.

It's getting harder to wade through as someone who has been around /cgl/ since the start but more active since around 2012.

>What needs to change?
What can change? I don't even know. We're also exiting summer, but the last few years have felt like perma-summer. It's an anon board and people are just going to continue to use it to spew shitty opinions.

This is coming from more and more of the internet being less anonymous and everything tied to you personally. An anon board wasn't a deal in 2006 because you could be anon just about anywhere.

>What do you even get out of coming here?
Sales threads, artist alley, topics about cons I go to, general releases,. see if my comm is being talked about and to what degree (I'm a mod), catch up on gossip. The rare lulzy thread.

>> No.9985229

Fuck off you stupid druggie and get a real life

>> No.9985278
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Why tf would you think lolitas and weed cuture "cross more than one would think"? Only a retard would wear a 300$+ dress and stink it up with drugs. I've been to amsterdam and the whole place smells disgusting. That shit aint kawaii.

>> No.9985282

If only they'd delete all feels threads immediately. It'd save a lot of work.

>> No.9985680

Idk if cgl is really the right place to talk about it, but it does seem like there are a decent amount of lolitas who partake. I think part of the draw of discussing it on 4chan is the anonymity aspect- it's becoming more widely accepted as legalization spreads, but it's still not the sort of thing I'd want to advertise about myself irl at this point in time.
Maybe we could start some sort of discord or something to meet and talk with like-minded gulls, while sparing the rest of the board our "degeneracy"?

>> No.9985790

Yes. Please leave

>> No.9985802

I'm not the Stoner-Lolita but two words: Cupcake Edibles. That's how you keep that shit Kawaii.

I've never been super into weed but I'm not above putting some gin in my tea. When I wear lolita I feel like an adorable princess, and as far as I know, princesses were rarely sober.

>> No.9985978


Pick one.
Lolita is about being elegant, there's nothing more trashy than recreational drugs.

>> No.9986008

Please start a discord, I'd be there in a heartbeat. I dream of organizing a "high af" tea

>> No.9986012

No lolita is about wearing nice clothes.

You can still be a trashy human while wearing a nice coord.

>> No.9986015

>Lolita is about being elegant
Found the male role player.

>> No.9986031

>Only a retard would wear a 300$+ dress and stink it up with drugs
Edibles and vaping don't have odors.

>> No.9986034

I’m a stoner and I wear lolita but I keep them separate ”hobbies”. My best smoking buddies are lolitas but we rarely wear lolita when we meet

Real life story: I was high as fuck and graving something to munch. I put on first clothes I can find and rush to the nearest 24/7 grocery store. Looking like a mess.
And there’s a lolita from my comm. All dolled up and cute. Me as a druggie hobo.
It was kind of funny coincidence but shit I felt dirty

>> No.9986101
File: 98 KB, 480x480, 1460009773340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>come to thread expecting to discuss board
>thread is an argument about weed

This is why the board is dying. Newfags and moralfags. 4chan is dying.

>> No.9986127

well that's sad to hear, thanks for sharing your story.

I always feel great when I smoke weed and I look great too.

Not sure why they need to be separate.

>> No.9986128

>elegant gothic lolita

>> No.9986175

So is all lolita gothic now too?

>> No.9986201

stoners rarely ever think about it but just think for once about how weed actually effects you as a stoner, this isn't a personal attack on anyone. People don't think of the negatives after spending so long defending the shit out of it (and I was the same until recently). Just think of money, time, physical energy chopping and smoking and going out to buy weed, just to barely get high, it's never like what it was the first few times and you know it

>> No.9986232

What the fuck does weed have to do with "Cosplay and Gothic Lolita"? Why was this even attempted?

>> No.9986249

Gtfo newfag

>> No.9986371

I wish threads on this board were faster. But there’s not much you can do about that. Coming from other boards like /co/ I was annoyed to see how slow this board can be. Also I wish threads about cosplay were more varied.

>> No.9986374

Weird, I didn’t realize how slow /cgl/ was until I started going on /co/

>> No.9986409

Because the fashion is elegant, you half brain.

>> No.9986473 [DELETED] 
File: 16 KB, 236x307, 1534692995750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Novala Takemoto would like a word

>> No.9986492

I think you replied to the wrong anon

>> No.9986557

It just occurred to me as I was contemplating the state of the CoF thread, that I would love to dump, but I fucking hate captcha and I have better things to spend my $20 than post pics in a dying slovakian fishing board.

So I guess that's my two cents on what's killing /cgl/

>> No.9986619

I agree. Original content is necessary to keep stuff fresh and on-topic on /cgl/, but the captcha is hella annoying. They recently ramped up the difficulty of the captcha too, I think.

>> No.9986701

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, even if I know nobody will take it seriously.

Nothing on this board will get better until we fix the mother fucking sticky. At least linking the lolita guidebook would help tremendously. That way we spend less time spoonfeeding and anyone who is lurking to learn has a half decent chance of knowing the basics. None of you can deny that anybody interested in cosplay or lolita would flounder miserably trying to learn without some kind of direction. Why would they want to come back if at the first instance of them asking a question they get hit with a barrage of insults about them being a newfag and how annoying summer is. Granted I get pissed when people ask stupid questions, but as I said ages ago none of that will get better unless they have a resource to reference before asking questions.

>> No.9986719

>Just think of money, time, physical energy chopping and smoking and going out to buy weed, just to barely get high
Money is not an issue.
Time is also not an issue - I can actually just get it delivered to my house.
what? you mean grinding up bud? That only happens if you buy green flower... there are so many more options. I rarely grind up weed.
>just to barely get high
holy shit I don't know where you live but I have no trouble getting a good high like ever, we have quality shit grown here.

>cross more than one would think
Just saw K8 post herself wearing weed earrings on her story; it's more likely than you are aware of it.

>> No.9986867

Seconding the anon who said this board takes bait too easily. I know it's fun to rail and complain but I wish people would make an effort to have a quality discussion and ignore bait and nitpicks. This kills the board.

>> No.9986874

I agree with you about fixing the sticky, but at the same time
>implying newfags read it in the first place

>> No.9986877

No, I probably should have been more specific with the reply. Just because the name of the fashion has elegant in it doesnt mean the fashion is about having an elegant personality. Sure, it's in the name but it doesn't mean that you have to change your personality to fit it. That's something only weebs and roleplayers think about lolita.

>> No.9986879

I've been coming here and lurking for 3 ish years. This is my first post, and its just to mirror this. If you go to other boards you'll see the threads are full of ignored bait, but come to cgl and even the weakest, most bland and obvious bait immediately gets jumped on and derails the thread. Just look at this thread, do you even need more proof?

People struggle to have discussions because they are too busy blogposting and falling for 2iq bait posts. Feels threads are also one of the worst things to happen to this board.

If you're too fucking poor to own lolita fashion but have an interest in it then at least have the decency to shut up and lurk and not shit up the place.

>> No.9986883

I think it's because this board has a higher proportion of users who are active on other forms of social media and don't fully understand the culture here.

>> No.9986884

Maybe we need a new sticky afterall then. Then at least we can just ban people that don't read it. Our jannies are pretty good we just need to make it easier to moderate this place.

Jannies if you're reading this pls delete the feels posters hives.

>> No.9986902

Theres nothing wrong with new people asking questions. When you demonize them for being curious you give a community a bad image.

>> No.9986938

That's what the stupid question threads are for. Otherwise it's just shitting up the board.

>> No.9986952

Are you kidding me? The jannies fucking suck. No one really cared about this board so they let shit stay up for days unless it's about big names like k8, voldie, or their friends.

>> No.9987025

They don't go through all our shit and I can't blame them for that. But they do delete things that get reported and crossboarder cancer threads pretty quick, take a look in the archives. Problem is gulls barely report anything and just bitch instead.

>> No.9987035

??? Have you read the sticky? Lol

>> No.9987036

I always report feels threads

>> No.9987062

Two retarded frog threads up right now. And ofc gulls reply.

>> No.9987083

I'm holding out hope that it's OP replying to himself.
>not being able to handle periods at 18

>> No.9987088

>I wanna do weed lmao imma lolita lol, look at my dress.
Go back to /soc/ you bandwagoning shitheels.

>> No.9987162

I smoke too but I never understood people wanting to do it in Lolita, like full blown. Wouldn't you rather be comfortable and unwind?? It sounds like an addiction at that point (and yes I believe it can become one as with literally anything).

>> No.9987163

How is this a board criticism?

>> No.9987310 [DELETED] 

Why wouldn't you want to be cute while you unwind? Lolita =/= uncomfortable (unless you're wearing something OTT maybe, then it's more unwieldy)

>> No.9987313

Why wouldn't you want to be cute while you unwind? Lolita =/= uncomfortable (unless you're wearing something OTT maybe, then it's more unwieldy)

>> No.9987399

>It sounds like an addiction at that point
Unless it has taken over your life and ruined it, then it doesn't really matter if it's an addiction.

I wear lolita and smoke to go do things that are fun - not necessarily to sit on my ass. It really sucks that people assume if you smoke weed you must be a lazy bum.

Like maybe if you just smoke indica all the time like a wastoid but I prefer sativas which can even help curb your appetite.

People who find lolita uncomfortable in general baffle me. Why on earth do people wear uncomfy clothing? All my dresses fit me just fine...

>> No.9987479 [DELETED] 

Anyone in this thread smoke weed?

>> No.9987615

Someone should make stonerlolita thread. I’m pussy and can’t do it myself.

At least it’s new topic. We have had same threads for years

>> No.9987667

Some asshat willl shit it up though and it will get deleted. This thread might as well be it because no one can even get away from the topic now.

>> No.9987685

I just started using cbd oil for anxiety. I'm on day 2 and I can't tell if it's having an effect. I have 250mg in a 15ml bottle and I'm put a whole dropperfull under my tongue, so that's like 15 individual drops I think. Am I doing something wrong?

>to keep it on topic
I'm so scared of dripping this shit on my brand

>> No.9987906
File: 9 KB, 200x200, 904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think if people had a better understanding of cluster b types and ways to avoid them or at least deprive them of fuel this place would change overnight.

>> No.9988093

>I'm so scared of dripping this shit on my brand
I've never gotten anything on my brand regardless of what I was using.

Also - it sounds like you're just using CBD for medical purposes so I'm not sure why you need to do that in your brand unless you're trying to be less anxious at meets or something.

If you have those edible dabber things you can just put that stuff on regular food and eat it that way if you're worried about it getting everywhere. I know it's super sticky but just pretend like it's syrup and use napkins/qtips or something.

>> No.9988109

Some people actually wear it outside of meets, anon.

>> No.9988197

I wear it outside of meets all the time.

But anon was talking about trying to curb anxiety and being worried about getting everywhere.

My only advice is be careful. It's a lot like syrup.

I've never gotten anything on my brand while smoking.

>> No.9989532

There are some real stuck up people on this board. So many snobs pearl clutching over this or that. Especially the lolitas. It really puts cosplay in a bad light. 4chan is full of arseholes but for the most part all the different boards have fun and shitposting is ironic. But /cgl/ is the only place where that same shitposting culture gets you moaned at.

>> No.9989549

Underrated post. Threads get derailed over the smallest things and moralfags always get triggered. Go back to Facebook/Reddit/Gaia for fuck's sake.

>> No.9989552

I'm a daily lolita and I relax at home in JSKs and stuff. But putting it on food is a good idea, thanks anon!

>> No.9989565

It wouldn't happen if people stopped bringing up off-topic shit in the first place.

>> No.9989604

yeah but this is 4chan.

This whole site is known for that.

>> No.9991787

I've been here since around 2008, and it's much less cosplay focused than it used to be. I don't think that's lolitas fault, though. Most of them used LJ at the time. We had cosplay.com and other forums, and it was easier to share image dumps and bitch about certain people here.

I do miss the power hour threads. And I miss how much more of a community we had. I know everyone hates tripfags site-wide, but we had a lot of helpful and interesting ones. I only remember a few, like Masa. But I remember that they were active in the WIP threads and help threads.

>> No.9991896

I don't think they can technically delete feels threads. They're not against the rules. If gulls take it up with mods then they can get them banned. If that happens then jans can delete them. It would be for the better though. Feels threads aren't relevant to the board.

>> No.9991913

I wish horny males would stop making threads.

>> No.9992209


This is really funny because I was around to watch mods repeatedly delete feels threads and explaining that they weren't jfash or cosplay related and would do much better on another board.

It's the gulls who repeatedly created feels threads until the mods let them stay.

So I'm kind of not really surprised the jannies ignore reports on feels threads. You have your sempais to thank for making feels thread a constant thing on cgl.

>> No.9992214

I feel like there's really only so much cosplay talk you can have though. Most everything to make has good tutorials now, so people need less help.

>> No.9992740
File: 619 KB, 1000x1000, You+_17aacb7c1f02c2c217b76ad229e36ee2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dont worry stoner-kun, keep doing your funky thing

>> No.9993613


Just banish all the stoners to 420Chan where they belong

>> No.9993622


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