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The last feels thread was beyond cancerous thanks to two gulls who got into an off-topic slapfight. PLEASE don't do this.

Post your feels. Keep them /cgl/ related and don't reply to bait.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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I do too. My package finally arrived too! My convention is in 3 weeks.

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I wish AWA were tomorrow.

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>Seagulls, seagulls,
>Yes, Mana?
>Wearing diapers?
>No, Mana.
>Telling the lies?
>No, Mana.
>Show me your butts.
>Ha ha ha.

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fuck off

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>tfw can't cosplay because i sweat way too much and i'd melt in any sort of cosplay
not even fat, i exercise a lot, i just sweat fucktons

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Where did Man I just really love lolita anon go? Are they dead?

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>tfw no cute boyfriend


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Man I just really love loling at itas

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i can be your bf if you're a cute girl (male)

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im not cute but i do my best

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I got a raise at work and I'm making good money for how pathetically menial my job is. I want to spend all my money on cute clothes and dresses but I know that's a dumb idea. I should continue to save up, I might finally be transferring to a Uni after being an on again off again student so I'm happy for that small victory.

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define cute
cute or muscular

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I have no life goals, nothing I want. I'm in my 20's and I just hoard lolita I buy with my parents money while hating myself. I can't even get a job because I'm a walking ball of anxiety and resentment towards authority figures.

I tell people that I wish I could be more driven and wish I had goals in my life. The truth is, I don't care. I don't want to work. I just want to wear my frills, socialise with my comm, maybe have and raise a kid, and eventually die peacefully of old age. It bothers me how much I just don't want to engage with life, but I don't really want to do anything about it.

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girly cute.

but if its minorly muscular cute like all the fujoshi bishies that works too

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I can arrange this then

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im a boy but ill love him in a way no one ever could

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Are you male

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Obviously. Like a girl would have a hard time finding a boyfriend.

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fatty-chans aren't even human so they don't count

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As a 110 pound male I can guarantee you they are beautiful people with a lot of emotion and deserve love like anyone else does

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That's clearly a joke post.

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You're either a manlet or too skinny to be taken seriously and in either case nobody cares what you think

t. 95lb female

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Umm you're even smaller than him

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Im not too skinny! I have a wonderful body and frame. It actually looks perfect!

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>two gulls who got into an off-topic slapfight
was more than 2. I was the one who started it, but bailed after a day.

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Yeah but I'm a girl so it's ok

Fuck off manlet

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I'm 5'8 and probably have better aesthetics than you honey

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Why does that make it okay?

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not her but smol girls>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>smol boys

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Manlet confirmed

this is correct

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That's not manlet that's just average height lol

Why dont you prove you're better than me then

I still bet i got a better body than you

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The question was why

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Manlet pls go. Here I'll help you find your way home >>>/r9k/

Be free, with your manlet microdick bretheren

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Biology. Small females are valued because of their connection to youth and fertility while small men are devalued because of the lack of strength they possess.

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>scared of a manlet who weighs 20lbs more than me


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>Biology. Small females are valued because ...
go back to the last feels thread

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>awaiting blackout dates at job
>ALA 2019 might be in jeopardy
>have Fanime 2019 (my first ever Fanime if I do go) as a backup plan in case ALA is during blackout dates
>also planning to go to AX 2019
>trying to save up cash for both ALA (with Fanime as backup) and Anime Expo for the next 8 months before April when drastic changes in my life happen
>tfw ALA / Fanime and Anime Expo may be my last out of town anime conventions for a long long time

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You're short and stout huh? Do you not have the curvaceous figure.
I'd love to empathize for you, but I can't.

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No, it's the result of cultural influences

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Small men can't be cute.

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god what's with all the sexism in these threads recently >>>/r9k/ >>>/pol/

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had trouble trying to connect with lolita community after moving up north. finally found a new comm but got kicked out after two weeks for misreading signals and asking the comm leader's boyfriend to cum in my cheese quesadilla. fuck my retarded life

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Why would they kick you out for that? Wanting to add a little seasoning to your food is perfectly normal.

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>Have a blow up fight with best con friend
>been going to local con for almost 7 years together
>She refuses to see me
>won't meet with me to talk it out
>I go to the con with my friend group without her
>when she posts about the con on facebook she writes 'Best year yet!' in the description
>Pictures only have her mom and her douche bf in them
>Later removes me from her fb friend list

Maybe she will miss me someday? I know I miss her. It kind of hurts that we've been friends for so long and she could throw it all away so easily.

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What was the fight about?

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Well its a really long and really stupid story.
>Friend has started planning her wedding with bf
>he hasn't proposed yet but whatever I guess
>Tells me I can help her bake her cake because she wants to make her own wedding cake from scratch
>cake she wants is super complicated
>Ask her questions like 'how often do you bake?' 'how many people do you think might be there to figure out how much you would need'?
>just trying to be helpful
>She glares at me and starts accusing me of freaking out and trying to plan her wedding
> I become confused and tell her I'm just telling her what she might need to consider when making her own cake.
>her and her bf start going off on me.
>tell her I just won't help with it if I'm bothering her with my suggestions
>Later at 3 am I receive a text telling me I'm belittling her and treating her like a child
>tells me that I made her cry because of it
>Demanding I apologize for asking about her guest list??
>Now she hates me even though we have been friends for years.

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Weddings are crazy high stress for some people. I'd say people getting a little combative is par for the course for weddings.

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The thing is we were just casually talking like, no invitations yet, no ring, no proposal, no venue chosen. She jumped the gun and ordered a dress online but other then that they weren't even into the real planning phase. Like it blew up so hard over so little. I mean at that point she hadn't even told her folks they were planning on getting married yet.

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maybe she's on Wellbutrin or something

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That's fucking dumb. I'm sorry about your friend Anon.

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She was probably just dreaming about it at that point and not looking to make concrete plans.

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I've noticed this a lot. I get into off topic slap fights with at least 1 other person clearly different, usually two, and people always assume it's just me. I dunno if they're just being optimistic or it's a joke

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I've been told I'm pretty cute. I act a bit girly, get mistaken for being a homo more often than I'd like. /soc/ rates my face pretty well.

How cute are you though?

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Suck a fat dick.

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>get mistaken for being a homo more often than I'd like
Learn to read.

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