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"Man I just really love lolita" edition

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I, for one, think men are inferior to women.

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i'm so angry rn. this AP coat i have been lusting after for a while was on mbok for peanuts and i put in a bid with japonica since my usual SS is closed saturday. i put it in around 8AM japan time (9PM my time) so i'd be up in case of any questions. well, THIS BITCH messages me at 4AM my time which was ONE HOUR before the auction ended to ask if it was ok to bid on it because the removable wrist fur (which wasn't pictured at all in any of the seller photos) wasn't included. I was up for 4 hours after i put in my bid. i am just so fucking annoyed at them.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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I have no idea what to do for Youmacon. Also can't bring gf.

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Im travelling out of my country for the first time and because of my fear of losing luggage I’m trying to pack only a carryon-approved suitcase. But im also trying to pack 6 coords.. it has me stressing

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>wanna do couple cosplay
>tfw cgl gf left me

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>every single lolita I mean has a middle-school mean girl mentality
>every single lolita I get closer to has a DDLG fetish
>except that one that was an unironical pedo

You people are worse than robots

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It's only the ones who go to meets and treat it as a hobby rather than a fashion.

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I was so happy when I discovered my friend was into lolita too. Then I quickly realized she meant ddlg and not actual lolita fashion.

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I doubt it, people are terrible to each other on this board as well.

Besides, isn't fashion a hobby?
lol damn

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Doki Doki Literature Glub?

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>isn't fashion a hobby?
I think anon is referring to girls who use lolita as an excuse to play princess dress-up (or worse, an outlet for their fetish), rather than treating it like a legitimate fashion style. Unfortunately there are many unfashionable people in this subculture so it's not uncommon.

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Tfw I'm a DDLG

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I think playing no true scotsman in lolita is one of the symptoms of lolita community being so damn poisonous. You know, sorta like the high school bully with the victoria's secret plastic bag (yall know who I'm talking about) except it's Angelic Pretty now.

About the "dressup" thing I think it's more like some lolitas get into the fashion through DDLG rather than purely playing dressup for fetishes. Those of the latter group wouldn't really be active in the community anyways, it's not as if people display what they consider fetish gear (well, they shouldn't anyways). They wouldn't be going to the meets, like >>9987843 says.

Hope I'm being coherent

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It's not at all about brand-based elitism, if that's what you're implying; owning the latest AP release isn't what makes or breaks one's coord; the issue is about girls who have no idea how to dress themselves, and have no interest in learning how to dress themselves (hence their cries about elitism when experienced lolitas try to help them), tarnishing a fashion based subculture with their juvenile bullshit, because they don't want to enjoy fashion, they want to play pretend and get asspats.
And you'd be surprised how many ddlg degenerates come to meetups. I've seen occasions when a girl posted pics from meetups, with her local community, and tagged them with her fetish related tags.

It's funny you claim that the lolita community is poisonous when in reality we're essentially doormats, desperate to be seen as inclusive uwu and too afraid to speak out about bullshit like this that's rotting our community from the inside, in fear of being labeled bullies and bitches. If we actually lived up to our elitist reputation, our community would've been much safer and better for all of us. Alas, we're stuck with little girls in haphazardly made bed sheet dresses pretending to be princesses, and "littles" and sissies using us as fetish fodder.

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If I dye my hair white i'll have a 10/10 accurate Nier cosplay
but then my hair would be white for a long time
and no I can't get a wig

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Why on earth can't you get a wig..?

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>i'll have a 10/10 accurate Nier cosplay
So you're saying you've got a nice booty?

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My hairstyle already suits the costume and I dont want it bleeding through the wig.

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I found this on my bf's laptop and I'm wondering now if he has ulterior intentions for "jokingly" asking me to wear lolita in bed.

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why tf are you digging in your boyfriend's laptop? Do you have no concept of privacy?

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why tf are you dating a lolicon? Do you have no concept of self respect?

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Aren't there non permanent hair colors?

>you'd be surprised how many DDLG degenerates come to meetups

I mean I just said most lolitas I met are into DDLG, how would I be surprised.

My peeve was more with being assholes in general than just brand elitism (which is surely a component). Like every fucking time I visit an ouji thread there is a dyke whining about how boys are icky.

>implying yall can be choosers

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>H I S

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>every fucking time I visit an ouji thread there is a dyke whining about how boys are icky
>implying cgl reflects the community at all
>what are shitposts
Wew, you take the shit people say on here way too seriously. Try going outside sometimes.

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I got a super good booty.
But i'm going as nines though

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you're literally one post away from "uhm sweaty", lol.

If I made a real life example, I'd have to point fingers. And I don't want to do that.

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Haha spoilers arent on cgl..

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jail is just a place oneesan

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Lolita on/from this board have a pretty shitty mentality. I haven't been on this board in a while, only interacting with irl lolita friends, and my mood and productivity have improved a lot

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i just want a cosplaying gf

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I think I'm going through some fairly serious financial trouble, gulls, and I've never had to deal with this before. Sure it's teaching me a good lesson. I just wish I had been smarter in my early 20s. I just need to look at pretty dresses right now

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I want to learn how to sew dresses like those in the handmade threads but I really don't understand how to get started. Anyone got any advice?

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>meets cute boy online through discord
>hit it off
>convos get deep and personal
>he likes ouji and jfashion and wears it
>meet up irl
>just as cute irl
>hit jackpot
>stuff gets weird tho
>boy has sad brain
>he basically tries to kill frienship
>accidently doesnt help and burns it
>tries to repair but made it worst somehow
>boy now hates me

Almost had the dream jfashion bf and I now I am sad.

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I think you dodged a bullet desu

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Why the fuck is like every cute boy i meet so depressed all the time
Am I the only exception? I seriously don't find any of them that aren't depressed all the time.

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Tfw no menhera bf

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You're a daddy dom AND a little girl? That's pretty impressive.

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I really want to get fit for cosplay and overall health. It's pretty pathetic but I can't do a single push up. I'm currently working on that, I really want to keep at it and improve my fitness

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Can speak for anyone else, but my parents weren't the best and I've had some pretty bad experiences on my own when I was a teenager

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Try keto if you're overweight


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Nayrt but isn't keto super bad for your cholesterol?

Though I am pretty desperate to drop 20 lbs and the con's in two weeks. I'm 6'5" so luckily it doesn't show too badly.

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Is it? I thought it was the opposite? I mean, a doctor reccomended it to me, though not one that would specialise in dietology...

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>thinking lolitas you know don't censor themselves irl and then vent on cgl when they get home
On another note, it's funny the amount of girls who say 'oh, I don't go on cgl' but they know all the ins and outs of the drama before I do, they know all the cgl memes, they self post.
Just own up to your salt.

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I can't remember the last time I became friends with someone who didn't have some major mental illness. everything I think I meet a cute, normal girl, she ends up being mentally unstable.
I have no mental problems. Why can't I meet more non-mentally ill/crazy people?

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>posting on cgl
>I have no mental problems

also dubs checked.

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No mental issues
parents love me
(upper?) middle class family
financially stable myself.

I got no tragic backstory.

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No, Keto improves your overall cholesterol. The misconception is that your cholesterol may temporarily go up, but that happens during any weight loss as the fat cells are being burned. Plus, there's a big difference between LDL and HDL cholesterol, plus Triglycerides. Look it up, I'm not really good at explaining, but there's articles about it out there. Many people have reversed diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol problems on Keto, though. There's a lot of anti-Keto propaganda by the sugar industry, sadly, because eating healthy will do them in.

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start small. learn stitches, read beginner sewing tutorials and learn the lingo and best yet: practice, practice, practice. Make small things for stuffed animals or dolls, or towels/things that can be used around the house. don't be afraid to make mistakes, and read a lot.

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I've tried a wig on before but my hair still shows. It's not long enough to pin up either.
I can either dye my hair and make it the costume REALLY accurate, but then i'd be stuck with discolored hair for awhile.

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Try a wig cap?

>> No.9988272

Nah that wont work. I dont need you to solve it, I dont want to buy a wig anyways. I'll likely ask whether or not people will prefer with dyed or not.

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I think you might be retarded? Have you ever... tried a wig cap? I have thick long hair and bangs and I somehow manage to wear a wig. Stop making excuses to have a shitty cosplay.

>> No.9988299

Of course people will prefer it dyed. For a character like 9S, it goes like

wig >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> shit > dyed hair > regular hair

>> No.9988306

It would probably be better for me in my case if I had dyed. A wig I think would be too bulky in my case.
Aw cmon that's not very nice.

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You sound like you either bought a shitty wig or you weren't wearing it correctly. That's usually the case in like 90% of cases. You can google troubleshooting wig problems, but I don't think you will because you tried one $8 amazon wig and it sucked therefore all wigs suck.

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I don't really like wigs in general. I kinda ruled them out already on my earlier posts. Im not sure whats with all the insisting.

>> No.9988334

it's going to look bad without one, that's why everyone is telling you to wear one. Literally thousands of people wear wigs and make them work, you have no excuse not to.

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Because your cosplay will look bad without one.

I mean if you want to just have fun, go ahead. But getting a wig will 100% get rid of your anxiety of trying to dye your hair white. Which, btw, if you want to get grey-white like 2B, good luck with that.

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Damn, this was a real question? Sorry I ignored it in the dumb questions thread.

(1) Start with the basics. Get a sewing machine and learn how to use it. Start cheap, either buy remnant fabric or thrift secondhand bedsheets. To start with, stick strictly to quilting cotton, no fancy materials until you git gud.

(2) Your first sewing project is either a pillowcase or a totebag. Get used to your machine by sewing something simple. Do not progress if you can't even make these simple things.

(3) Make rectangle skirts. There's a couple of tutes here: https://egl.livejournal.com/15957078.html, or you can simply google rectangle skirt. Circle skirts are harder due to curved hems.

(4) Sewing patterns. The best source for sewing patterns is Otome no Sewing, available on cdjapan or amazon.co.jp -- but it's in Japanese. I find it pretty clear to figure out the instructions, but if you prefer something in English for your first pattern, there's a useable list of mostly loliable patterns here: http://jessiedressesup.blogspot.com/p/lolita-sewing-patterns-and-tutorials.html
For resizing OnS patterns:

If you don't like of those, chose patterns marked as "easy" or "for beginners" or "under one hour", don't jump straight into difficult ones.

Avoid Simplicity lolita dresses, everytime I've seen someone sew it it's either ita or they make a million adjustments to it, I think there's something wrong with their patterns.

And that's it. You're making lolita clothes at that point. Next step after that depends on what problems you run into and how to solve them.

re: handsewing -- There's no point. Embroidery, maybe, but handsewing is for poor teenagers whose parents won't buy them a sewing machine and they're stuck trying to do it all by hand. No difference to the steps if you're handsewing. Do not progress if you can't handsew in a straight line, lolita is not etsy-level momcraft.

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Forgot to add.

A good sewing reference is the Reader's Digest Complete Guide to sewing. If you don't know a term or are confused, chances are it's explained in this book. Youtube being a good source for a visual way to see how other people do things (avoid Yumi King tutorials. Actually, try and avoid tutorials rather than using professional patterns, they have a 50-50 chance of turning out badly fitted).

If you have a weird body shape and none of the pre-made patterns fit you well, look into drafting your own patterns -- but this step should come after you're already good with the sewing machine and can make rectangle skirts easily.

There's a facebook group called Lolita Sewing Collective, so if you run into a problem you can post on there and lolitas who sew lolita clothes can help you troubleshoot it.

Here's a simple guide to lace:
It's okay to start with the cheap stuff if you know you'll end up throwing it out since it's made from cheap bedsheet anyway, but eventually you'll want to get to where you're using decent lace and good ribbons so your dress looks like a real item of clothing and not like you hotglued it together from dollar-store cheap junk.

Sorry for the longass info dump, it's why I didn't answer in the first place. But -- breathe, stick this plan on your calendar/diary/organizer, and take it one step at a time. It's very doable, once you have the sewing machine and supplies down you basically go from pillowcase to making a dress in a couple of weeks, and then everything after that is troubleshooting or advancing another level.

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I wish that i could see what this guy looks like.
I'm a dude and i have pretty much 0 social contact because of severe social issues.
So when people talk about cute guys im like >could that be me
I just wanna see a frame of reference.

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>tfw anxious waiting for Japonica to buy things for me
Unresponsive sellers are the bane of my existence.

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>Have an online Lolita friend I've known for three years
>Skype, play Vidya together, find each other's dream dresses.
>Help each other through multiple personal situations
>This year she starts hanging out with an e-famous chick. Doesn't have time for me anymore, leaves my messages on read.
>Suddenly very sensitive to even the gentlest of criticism.
>Tell her that I don't appreciate being dropped so suddenly and I miss talking. She bitches to a mutual friend that I'm needy
>Does something cringy online and gets a mild roasting on cgl
>Freaks out that she's been betrayed and everyone's out to get her
>Find out she's done a lot of shitty things and told a lot of small to medium lies about herself

I miss my friend cgl, idk if she was ever really my friend now and it hurts a lot. I trusted her with so many things and we supported each other through some rough shit and now I don't even know who she is anymore

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yeah we dont buy that story at all. Especially if youre posting that here. Youre probably really cunty

>> No.9988404

Enjoy ending up in the bad cosplay thread.

>> No.9988431

I'll be fiiiine. Tons of people like how it looks currently

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Please show pictures of boys you find cute.

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Has a been the best thing part day I for is that it would y to t try?
Sorry I can’t see you the it was good a couple weeks before you were here done.

>> No.9988461

Are you having a stroke?

>> No.9988463

Healthy and you?
Thank you.

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For the most part, I agree. Although there are exceptions, of course. Even.

>> No.9988467

I just want a cute boyfriend, all my lifes wishes would be fulfilled and i would ask for nothing more.

i just want to die right now, im literally wasting away i wish someone would kill me

>> No.9988468

Show example of the type of boyfriend you would like.
I'm doing a survey.

>> No.9988470

Are you male or female
Either works

>> No.9988471

I'm cute. I'm a total psycho though. Are you cute?

>> No.9988472

Man, I really want lolita friends.

>> No.9988473

man i havent been on /cgl/ in months, maybe longer and it was cool to see a picture i did at the top of the boar. good feel

>> No.9988477


i dont know, youd probably think im a fag even though im straight, this indian girl told me i look like a doll

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>im straight
>looking for a boyfriend
Wew lad

>> No.9988479

>I just want a cute boyfriend
>youd probably think im a fag even though im straight
Anon, what?

>> No.9988480

likie, im 99% straight but i really want a cute bf, ill act like a real man so you dont have to worry about anything

>> No.9988481

>want bf


>> No.9988484

Could you explain how a 'real man' acts?

>> No.9988486

just act masculine I guess, not talking with a lisp or acting like a stereotype

>> No.9988487

How... How will that even be possible

>> No.9988488

Being gay or bi doesn't mean you have to act like a stereotype lmao

>> No.9988489

Let's be honest. Most gays do act like stereotypes, that's why the stereotypes exist.

>> No.9988505

>fastest thread on /cgl/
>not related to cosplay or lolita in the slightest
every fucking time lmao

>> No.9988506

boyfriend related issues are a staple of cgl

>> No.9988508

>straight but i really want a cute bf
You know that being 'straight' means you're going to feel attracted to someone of the opposite gender? If you're a man and want a bf you're either bi or homo.

Have you tried the friend finder thread?


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>just found out none of my good friends are going to make it to a con we all normally attend together

I'm still going and will probably still have a good time, but man this sucks.

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>i-it's not gay if it's a feminine penis, haha...

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This response is inadequate. What if he expects a female visitor?

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TFW Halloween is coming up and this time last year I had my costume all picked out and put together and this year I have no idea on what I even want to be. Worse, the only place I go is work, since we have a costume contest so I have to be able to work with a hair net and my safe step shoes. At the minute I'm debating between just wearing my costume from last year again, or going as either a cow girl or a skeleton, but I don't even really have the motivation for either. Halloween is my favorite time of the year but I'm just not feeling it

>> No.9988537

Im sick with the flu and ai really want to wear my fave coord to make me feel a little better. but Indont want flu germs on it.

>> No.9988539

It's usually either
>hurrrr men are so icky kill them all
>or "tfw no absolutely perfect bf that is fit, beautiful, wears ouji, smart but somehow not narcisstic but someone will let me walk my ugly ass all over them with my untreated BPD.

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Deep inside you know what you must do

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he probably has a strapon somewhere

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>> No.9988594

>tfw might not get to go to the one convention this year I want to go to
>keep telling everyone around me that I hope they have a great day
>Every day for me feels like a bad day because I'm worried about being able to go
>can't even find out if I can go until almost right when the con occurs

>> No.9988598

>either a cow girl or a skeleton
Have you considered going as a cow skeleton?

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>tfw you realize you're never getting married

>> No.9988610

Why not, anon?

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>tfw you realize you're never getting married
>but you're male

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I think I'll eventually manage to get married.
Thing is I think I'll have to make do with single moms if my dating track record is anything to go by.

Idk which is worse.
>tfw 21 y/o virgin

>> No.9988620

big mood

>> No.9988623

Being single would be preferable.

>> No.9988624

>If we actually lived up to our elitist reputation, our community would've been much safer and better for all of us.
I feel this so hard. I wish people where more elitistic. At least it keeps the SJW, sissies, and idiots who just want asspats for being special out.

>Lolita on/from this board have a pretty shitty mentality.
Highly disagree as long as you can tell the shitpost and baits from the actual conversational people and take opinions that aren't the same as your or even positive to your view. I met lolita's both here and in real life, it's little difference. In real life people are more nice, here they are more salty. Combine for accurate predictions.

>> No.9988625

>still a virgin
I don't understand how this is even possible. do you never leave your room?

>> No.9988627

>ITT: Lolitas complaining they are not elitist enough after being scolded for being elitist assholes to their own community


>> No.9988631

Keep pushing yourself. I started doing push-ups a little while back. I'm on healthy weight but not trained at all when I started, could only do 6. Within a few weeks that went to 30+ in my first set with my hand reasonably close to each other (my arms are the weakest), second and third sets are obviously lower. Just try to do 3 sets until you can't do it anymore every morning after waking up (like, do push-ups until you fall down, wait a few seconds, do it again, wait a few seconds, do it again, go on with your day, repeat next morning). Make sure you're technique is good. If you need to, place your hands further apart until you gain more strength or if you really can't do it otherwise, try knee-push-ups until you can do them on your feet.

You can do it anon! As long as you are determined enough to reach your goal, you can. Any human can be trained to preform any physical tasks. Maybe not always at top level (and some things might hurt your body), but you can train to do it if you're dedicated enough. My trainer once gave me some advice I really life by now. Don't compare yourself to others. Compare to yourself earlier. If you improve, you're doing good. There will always be people better than you after all. He's insanely trained and I looked up to him since I met him (he's the kind that does push-ups on a stick he hold vertical with one tip on the ground on muzzle power on one leg while switching to the other leg in one smooth roll), but last week I found out that he started once because he had motoric problems as a kid and couldn't even use left and right seperatly properly. I would never have guessed before. I'm generally having a horrible body for physical tasks, but that guy motivates me a lot making me think I might actually be capable of doing something decent in terms of sporting. And so can you if you really want to!

>> No.9988632

Be gone thot.

>> No.9988633

The whole idea of communities is dumb. Sharing a similar taste in fashion is not enough to form the basis of a friendship. It is better to introduce existing friends to the fashion than to rely on forming relationships with those already in it.

>> No.9988634

I have been mostly avoiding people since I graduated high school, and I haven't been too popular there. Some girls I was friends with but it was a bit awkard, they didn't want to be the girls to be rumored to be going out with, well, me. I did not have a good reputation in high school, and people are a lot more serious about carnal stuff than in america.

Outside of high school I have had some luck, but I blew it, and I got out of the dating field after giving a shot to a crazy turkish girl, who turned out to be mental and really wanted drama, to the point I was on the brink of suicide, but really didn't want her to win over me like that. I think that was the only reason she was stalking me for months beforehand (I really should have seen that coming, but I thought like, no other girl will ever give me this much attention).

And that's pretty much all of it. I haven't been in the mood to get into dating back then, but now my former classmates are in long term relationships and some of them are getting married.

Idk wheter you actually expected an answer to that jab but meh.

>> No.9988635

part of my is sad about being single for so long, but then I look at my friend who is in a relationship, but is unemployed, 24, living with parents, and is pregnant.
I'd much rather be in my situation of being single and financially stable with no children than that.

not everyone wants to have random sex with strangers.

>> No.9988636

Oh that's how

>> No.9988638

Idk man, it seems better to be able to stand up for yourself than to be dependent. Sure, modern laws introduce child support etc. so you can stay unemplyoyed even if you chose to divorce, but I feel like anybody with a bit of dignity would be frustrated to be living on someone else's tab like that long term...

>> No.9988639

>I have have too many issues
>everyone else has too many issues
>I don't try very hard

>> No.9988640

that's not me you're responding to but w/e, you showed that misogynist, here are your emancipation points, sister /s

>> No.9988644

I think you read my reply wrong.

>> No.9988646

Nayrt but
>says the dipshit who shames people for not having sex

>> No.9988647

Sorry, my bad.
Yeah I get that point, people should not rush into a marriage, then again I'm not even in a long term relationship, I never had one. I feel like I'm lagging back, and I'm gonna be left over.

>> No.9988655
File: 33 KB, 334x286, CryingMammies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Order dress secondhand
>Calculate shipping time roughly
>Am away all weekend, so worry it will get here early
>Fret about it sitting at the post office waiting for me
>Now home again
>Dress has spent 24h at the customs office
>It's the weekend
>What else could I expect?
>Realise all of my worrying was for naught
>Of course this would happen
>Excitement got the better of me
>Why am I such an impatient bitch?


>> No.9988662

>mfw no lolicon bf

>> No.9988680
File: 187 KB, 960x852, fucking you harder than the government.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>tfw no weak petite gf to throw over my shoulder and walk around the house looking for stuff to bend her over.

life is suffering.

>> No.9988691

Not shitposting here, lolicon bfs are pretty cool dudes. They'll pamper the fuck out of you, and if they're well enough to have a decent job then expect them to gift pretty hard when it comes time for Christmas and birthday. They also strike a pretty good balance between "gentle enough to feel comfortable" and "rough enough to feel used" that I find is harder for pure doms to fill. I've dated 3 before, so purely anecdotal, but my most comfy relationships have been with lolicons, and I'm still friends with all of them even after mutual breakups.

>> No.9988694

This is a super rude post. You shouldn't try to make people feel bad about their sexual history.

>> No.9988696
File: 289 KB, 900x900, angry momiji violently disgusted maga.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I am a child substitute for a pedo so I get a lot of gifts acting like a little girl

fucking thots I swear

>> No.9988697

Nice try, roleplaying lolifuck. Nobody here is going to lift their pettis for you just because you pretend to be "one of us."

>> No.9988699


I'm sorry you have to pander to a fake pedo kink to get a boyfriend who doesn't treat you like shit.

>> No.9988700
File: 22 KB, 195x217, 1320007817391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't lose my virginity until I was 25. I'm not overweight or ugly, just really fucking picky on the kind of girls that I'm interested in and it took a while to find who I wanted.

>> No.9988708

I'm complaining other lolita's should be more elitist. I rather be scolded for being elitist than have a bunch of special snowflakes take away everything that makes the fashion the fashion just so they don't get their feelings hurt when told they aren't the most pretty people in the world and their outfits suck (in a more polite manner). The problem is, like a previous anon has explained, that people who call us elitist are often butthurt ita's who don't take concrit and get mad their cheap Milanoo replica and hot topic dresses aren't lolita, and that sissies are allowed in because people fear of being called out fetishphobic and as the bullies when you tell them to leave. Almost all of the problems within local comms would be solved if people where more elitistic and kick out anyone who shouldn't be in without a pardon. People who do fit in will be fine after all, so you'll be left with a group of actual lolita's and newbies who do want to learn and take concrit. The lolita community is the only one I'm part of that acts this including and it's idiotic. If people would be more elitistic, now that would be worth a poet.

>> No.9988709

To me, the community is purely to share fashion related stuff. Advice on what looks good and what not. What the releases are, and the trends, and discuss our opinions on that. Show off what we have bought, how we combine outfits, how we look. That sort of thing. Quite similar to any other fashion community. One could find friends, but will also find tons of people who they don't like. One might be loved because of her looks, or hated just for her looks. You're not being friends with the whole community. You share something that allowes for interaction, in this case, a love for a certain fashion style.

I'm mainly annoyed about the part where we're elitistic when we do criticise appearance, and people start expect us to be lovelies who are everyones best friend. It's a fashion community. One should expect some critism. Use it to grow or don't get into communities. Everything we do is related to looks in a fashion community, that's the point of fashion. If you just wanna wear it and not think about what others think and do, then just be a lonelita. Nothing wrong with that.

>> No.9988712
File: 19 KB, 280x354, ideal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm not overweight or ugly, just really fucking picky on the kind of girls that I'm interested in
Thats me. I'm not overweight, so I don't want to get with someone who is. Literally 1/3 of people in my state are obese, so there goes 33% of the date-able population for me right there.
though, probably my biggest problem is that I only find androgynous people attractive. feminine and masculine people are just gross to me.

>> No.9988727

At my local comm it's always girls being hysterical or harassing others over things you mentioned rather than any real disruption by girls with replicas or whatever.

>> No.9988760

I have a crush on a cute cosplayer but I'm too much of a beta to ever be succesful

>> No.9988768

NAYRT, but the person you're replying to never said they were a lolita. They could just be a cosplayer.
Don't project.

>> No.9988797
File: 32 KB, 113x112, prayforher.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>about to turn 29
>feel hopelessly outclassed during the comm anal inspections
There's just no room in this world for an old biddy like me. I can't compete with these teen girls and their tiny buttholes.

>> No.9988801
File: 16 KB, 410x374, 38248774_1502602956552134_6016970464088293376_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's okay. I'm 29 and I still cosplay. I's something fun I can do with my younger sister and her friends.

>> No.9988821

Every weekend, my boyfriend immediately starts making plans to play video games and tabletop games and whatever else he wants to do. He never lifts a finger to do anything around the house.
Whenever I point this out, he complains that I'm making him "feel guilty" for spending his time this way. Whenever he's off work his work ends and he gets to do whatever he wants.
I get so mad about this but it's been going on for years and he just gets upset whenever I point it out. He's perfect in every other regard, but fuck, why are ALL MEN LIKE THIS? It honestly makes me not want to live with him. I feel like such a bitch.
I asked him over a week ago if he would find a maid. I found the last 2 maids who didn't work out so I thought it was fair that he look this time. He hasn't bothered at all although I've asked him to multiple times. He won't even spend an hour to find someone to do the chores he won't do.

>> No.9988856

Do you work? If so who works longer hours? If it's about equal you should split the chores. Weekend should be free for both of you to chill off though.

>> No.9988874

they aren't.

>> No.9988881

>gf goes outside to take cosplay photos for me
>Get's attacked by bees and I didn't get any photos

>> No.9988882

Yes, we both work and split bills. He works slightly longer, but that's his choice because he enjoys working.
I've talked to him many times and it's just excuses and getting angry. For example, I should have to do the dishes because I cook at home and he doesn't. Nevermind that when I cook for us, he doesn't do the dishes either, and I just dumped a bunch of his moldy takeout boxes in the trash that he also doesn't clean.
It's frustrating when everything else is going so well and he just doesn't get it after years. I feel im put into an impossible position talking to him reasonably doesn't work. I'm making him feel bad. I want to scream at him to be a fucking adult. But I don't. My mom did that and I don't want to be like her.

>> No.9988886

I've never heard of a single guy who actually, really splits chores. And looking into it, I've found plenty of studies about how women still do the vast majority of housework controlling for all other factors.
I'm sure they exist but there really isn't a lot of evidence. And seeing a guy who is otherwise egalitarian, even feminist, and still pulls this shit is disheartening.

>> No.9988889

I've never heard of a single woman who actually works more than her husband desu, so that's no surprise.

If he works longer, then logic dictates you should do most of the chores.

Either way, like I said, you should really leave him be on weekends. Especially on sundays.

>> No.9988895

Not all men

>> No.9988897

>And seeing a guy who is otherwise egalitarian, even feminist
I'm a misogynist and I split chores because I like things being clean and tidy. Maybe you should try finding more intelligent men.

>> No.9988899

she doesn't do most of the chores, anon. she does all of them. She's not wrong to be upset either, he should help out if she asks or at least get a maid like he said he would. He sounds lazy and unwilling to listen, which is shitty.

>> No.9988905


This is why we're getting a maid in the future lol.

When I was in training I met a wonderful lady who had changed careers, had tons of experience both in and out of work, and one of the best pieces of advice she told me was in a double income household get a fucking cleaner.

>> No.9988910

I don't really agree we should be even more elitist here on /cgl/, people already discard a lot of /cgl/'s opinions because it's so over the top that its hard to take seriously.
While I think being an ita is generally a phase, most people try to get better (most), we should be more willing to help in constructive ways. Being elitist shouldn't just be constantly shitting on others, rather telling them how to improve or be.
However I do agree we need to start banning sissies. They are driving away parts of our community, they are creepy, and they give all of us a bad name.

>> No.9988912


Also I know you tried that already anon. Sorry it didn't work out for you, fingers crossed that you find a solution soon. I know how frustrating it is just from when my bf visits (we're in LDR right now). But we both agreed on the cleaner, and he's really good at finding things so I have good faith in him.

>> No.9988914

In the future, anon, but what about right now? even if it's "nagging", he should listen to you and try to help you.

>> No.9988915

And whose money is paying the majority of the maid's pay eh? Why is it so hard to understand that if someone works longer hours (and probably brings home more money) they're going to do less chores?

>> No.9988918

We try our best. Luckily it's on the weekends. He knows he should try to help and at the very least he's cooperative. We both need to making cleaning our priority though and we're working together towards that.

Our projected incomes will be equivalent (we're in the process of looking for jobs and getting offers right now). And actually, I make more money right now because he's a student.

>> No.9988921

So he's studying on top of working longer hours, and despite that it's a huge problem he doesn't do chores.

Man, poor guy. Send him my way when you're done sucking his soul out.

>> No.9988922


He's a full time student and he's not working right now.

Nice assumptions though.

>> No.9988926

What? Having a community can lead to friendships, because you have interests that overlap? I've made some good friends just by going to meetups, I get my experience may not be universal, but if you think that you can't make friends within the comm then it's probably because you don't know how to act.

>> No.9988933

You just said here he works longer hours >>9988882

Also you're planning to get a maid while neither of you work?

your story kinda sounds like bullshit to me

>> No.9988936


I'm not the same anon you fucking pecan. I actually addressed other anon in another comment. But since you can't follow a simple thread I'll leave you to frothing at the mouth at any guy who does chores, ta.

>> No.9988937
File: 260 KB, 540x454, tumblr_inline_p22lu5e4Sq1rroo5z_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dream dress is white with black details
>literally cannot wear anything that's mostly white because I know somehow it'll get stained no matter how hard I try to avoid it
>can't even wear white cuffs without feeling anxious
>wear p much only kuro/gothic cuz of this
>dress comes in black colorway but it's blackxgold instead of blackxwhite
>gold detailing makes the fabric look weird as hell since it's probably screen printed ink on velvet whereas white colorway design is black flocking on smooth fabric

>> No.9988941
File: 1.26 MB, 326x226, reality_check.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a lil skinnyfat
>go into college expecting to gain weight because of ease of access to food and freshman 15 etc etc
>end up losing weight because of how tiny the serving sizes they give are, how terrible a lot of the food is and having to speed walk to class
>hungry and tired all the time
>no money to buy food and nearest grocery store is pretty far away bc school is in the middle of the sticks
a-at least i'm losing weight

>> No.9988942

Then why did you tag me responding to another anon if you weren't keeping the conversation you gigantic autist. Are you really trying to attention whore in a feels thread?

>> No.9988944

make bentos ya lazy bum

not really cgl related but neither are the women bitching about their boyfriends per usual so w/e

>> No.9988945

>meet people off of /gcl/ because of friend finder thread
>talk a lot to some of them on discord because they're really nice and have the same interests
>they stop talking to me after a point for some reason
what am I doing wrong, anons?

>> No.9988946

I wish I could, but again there aren't any stores close by...
I have some rice still, but *only* rice. only other food I have in my room is snacks

>> No.9988949


Are u ok sweetie? It's ok if mommy didn't love you.

>> No.9988965

normie crossboarders are the fucking worst.

>> No.9988970

That's different people you retard

>> No.9988973

Nayrt but we split the maid.
We split all the bills. If he works longer hours it's income for his hobbies. It doesn't all go into "the household"

>> No.9988977

Gosh, I wonder why maids cost so much? It's almost as if keeping a house spotless is actually hard work. If someone works longer hours, that's no excuse to not throw out their take-out boxes, put clothing up where it belongs, wipe the counter after they make a sandwich, and rinse out the sink after they shave. There's a point that it's not about doing chores, but just the fact one is making the other's life harder. Plus, everyone needs a day off. If it's to the point that one person in the relationship never gets to abstain from doing chores on the weekend while the other is constantly goofing off on the weekend... something needs to change. Even if it's only picking up chores one weekend out of the month, the other person does need that break.

>> No.9988978

This is also a good point.
Going on that, it's wrong to assume the person making more money is spending the extra money on the household or their partner. This isn't the 1950's.

>> No.9988987

Right, if it's extra money for him I don't see how it applies. Also to the misogynist guys point I've definitely worked longer hours before and it was still the same thing with chores.
In a weird way I appreciate his perspective. If I had to pick between a misogynist guy who does more chores and my current nice boyfriend id still pick mine. And there's probably a point to having the weekends be free. I just find it's really easy to pick up chores then.

>> No.9988990

It can be done, anon. If your destination has a pressing service you can vacuum seal your your coords. Not sure about the shoes though

>> No.9988995

go to instagram or where ever women post selfies and look for the ones who post selfies in their room. 99% of the time it is a complete mess. I'm male and compared to every single one of my female friends, my living area is miles cleaner.

>> No.9988998

Well said.

>> No.9989009

Can you fucking subhumans not derail every single feels thread with some gender war bullshit?
Last thread it was about trans people and whether they should be treated as whatever they want to be treated as, now it's about fucking gender roles in the household.
How is any of this related to /cgl/?

I get that topics like this are polarising and bring up lots of emotions, but go somewhere else if you want to discuss this shit. STOP DERAILING.

>> No.9989020

I think most everyone does their chores on weekends. That's when I do my heavy cleaning. I dunno', I'd maybe just keep pushing that the little tasks add up, and it'd mean a lot to you if he just put a little extra effort into small things (e.g. throwing out take-out boxes). You're his partner, and you're not his maid. I'm not saying he's a bad partner, but I do understand how frustrating it is when one person abstains from helping out with chores altogether. It can be disheartening after awhile.

Sometimes you just want a helping hand, that's all. The once-a-month thing was just a suggestion. I'm sure there's more then one way to work stuff out.

>> No.9989024 [DELETED] 

I'm sorry. I'm a subhuman with an extremely tidy house. I can't help feeling my heart strings tug a little when I read such a thing.

>> No.9989025
File: 73 KB, 750x828, b1axpxsjnw711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You married the same man your mom married, god job. My husband and I both work and he will always do his share of the chores, or help me out if he sees that I'm struggling/stressed. All it takes is a little bit of caring and understanding.

Here's a 50 page document about the severely lopsided distribution of emotional labor in relationships.

>> No.9989028

I'm sorry. I'm a subhuman with an extremely tidy house. I can't help feeling my heart strings tug a little when I read such a thing. I was just trying to offer a suggestion to make things easier in the home life without getting too much into the whole gender-thing. I was just trying to be practical.

>> No.9989033

>Here's a 50 page document
god, just reading a few paragraphs and its minds numbing. it is just 50 pages of random women complaining about having to do stuff that they don't have to do. Just look at this
>Why is it MY job to keep track of my husband’s mother’s birthday,
holy god, who cares? Don't want to remember it? Don't.
Sound like a bunch of house wifes who married rich and have nothing but stupid minor stuff to complain because they live a life of wealth and privilege.

>> No.9989042
File: 23 KB, 507x507, I don't give a darn anime girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Canned food is underrated, honestly. Sure, it's not as good as fresh, but it's not a bad way to stock up.

Just don't be that guy that brings cans to work and loudly opens them there.

Ahh, this is the /cgl/ I know and love. Ya projecting?

dubs checked, but you said yourself you have more free time during the week. If it's about not being tidy, then that's another issue entirely that we didn't really talk about until now. You should set the system so you can both find the time to relax on weekends.

>You argue with my logic therefore you hate women

That's what you literally said.
You really are very self important and conceited womanchild, aren't you?
If you gotta use buzzwords, use them correctly.

Not exactly relevant. Sure, it changes things, but you still have more time to do chores rather than hassling your bf over the weekend from stuff that piled up over the week, which understandably won't yield much fruit. People want to relax over the weekend. That's normal.

>emotional labor
Oof, I'll bite.

The same exact people who argue for that concept are the same people who will test how strong their relationship is by starting arguments with their partner. Believe me, dealing with your shit is a heap of labor of its own that you love to oversee.

The only "emotional labor" you recognise is people caring about their loved ones, which in your world is something only women do because you unironically believe in "toxic masculinity" and in the poisonous masculine and divine feminine.

That paper is so pathetically unscientific and biased I almost feel sorry for the spinster that wrote that pathetic thing. Then again she's probably on welfare. For the love of god, learn to approach things objectively.

>> No.9989047

>*only* rice
rice is amazing though. add some butter, ground turmeric, salt, onions sauce, and have some yum yum sauce to drizzle over it some. add some canned vegetable mix too if you want.

>> No.9989052

Keeping things cgl and thread related
>have inexperienced manchild bf
>help him nearly every day for 8 mo
>still manchild
>we argue
>his actions got me almost kicked out of my apartment
>won't cop to it
>tells me i was late on rent cause i spent money on lolita clothes
>fucking implying im financially irresponsible triggers me
>did buy lolita that month
>used credit card not debit
>no way his argument stands
>still thinks its my fault
>hang up
>text him if he doesnt apologize were over
>no apology
>feels good.jpg
Ive worked too damn hard to keep everything together. If i wanna be financially responsible while buying lolita then i will. Never relying on anyone who has a reoccuring issue dealing with the fact that they fucked something up again.
>nb4 mt fault somehow
>my only issue was relying on someone who told me they were reliable and then failed a bunch.

>> No.9989056

>>his actions got me almost kicked out of my apartment
elaborate? what the fuck anon

>> No.9989059

Nayrt and I'm not big on rice but I am big on yum yum sauce. Delicious.

>> No.9989061

>>You argue with my logic therefore you hate women
>That's what you literally said.
>You really are very self important and conceited womanchild, aren't you?
>If you gotta use buzzwords, use them correctly.
Anon, someone in this thread literally said they were a misogynist.
If that wasn't you then my bad, but you really need to calm down. I didn't come up with that, someone said they were a misogynist but still did more chores. I thought it was the same person I replied to.

>> No.9989065

I am the person who said that, and it's the only thing I said on the subject. I was afk since and only came here to close the thread page.

>> No.9989066

that's a plural though.
Also considering the guy freely said he hates women it follows that he'd hardly debate you on this.

>> No.9989068

Thanks for being understanding, anon. I try. I just don't think he gets it. I don't really want to keep derailing so I'll just leave it at this. Thank you for letting me vent.

>> No.9989069

>proceeds to ignore the entire thread for the one girl that thinks it's normal to make people do chore on weekends


>> No.9989070

I didn't say that, though?
>misogynist guys point
is that what you mean? It should have been "guy's point", I was on my phone.
>it follows
How? Misogynists love arguing with people online, it's like their main hobby

>> No.9989089
File: 57 KB, 597x400, No+think+about+it+fj+having+more+freedom+of+speech+_6bac5b2dc6a3a63bc017805a4644763f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>finally pay off some debts and have extra money
>bought some cute room stuff
>bought accessories to go with some outfits
>feels good, life good
>pet suddenly sick literally the next day
>very sick, I mean like really sick, bills end up being 5k, for everything to make her ok
>dont care the price just want em to get better
>might not make it
>all joy gone

no amount of nice clothes can ever make the emptiness of losing a pet and my best friend go away

>> No.9989090

>Hey maybe I should join some groups again, maybe they've gotten better
>Still lame and cringy
>Girls trying to be trans getting all the attention
>Everyone still thinks they're in jfashion if they wear any pastels
>Nobody caring about Jfashion brand updates, only caring about those certain popular items
>Just wants non-lolita jfashons to be loved again too

>> No.9989091

Our convention has dances coming up and I never dance
but this year has tempted me but I also dont want to make a fool of myself

>> No.9989095
File: 1.07 MB, 1141x1141, next level cry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no lolita gf who likes punk rock and tolerates my football binges on sunday

>> No.9989108

>not cleaning everything up when i asked him
>constantly late on rent
>we argued some there
Things like that. He was just a bad roommate i guess

>> No.9989119

I can guarantee you that someone there will dance worse than you.

>> No.9989132

I went to a dance at a con a few times. I remember the music was super trash, no one could dance, and there were furries everywhere.

My only advice is not to take yourself too seriously. Nothing is more cringey than the girl who thinks she can belly dance and looks sexy doing it, or the guy who can't breakdance. However, even those people are a bit adorable. No matter what, it's a cringefest, but you can't judge because you're all participating.

>> No.9989139

Because you bitches fought for "equal rights" and now we have to work extra to haul the extra cost of living your asses brought upon us. You damn well better do the chores if I'm working 60 hour work weeks on a forklift while you work retail earning half my wage at a cushy 40 hour week.

>> No.9989140
File: 1.03 MB, 1036x1027, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw i am a lolita who likes punk rock and tolerates handegg but we will never meet irl

>> No.9989155 [DELETED] 

Anon, you're responding to everyone like they're the same person. Stop that unless you're just trying to bait people. I only mention it because you referenced two of my posts like I was someone you spoke to earlier.

>> No.9989161

Anon, you're responding to everyone like they're the same person. Stop that unless you're just trying to bait people. I only mention it because you referenced two of my posts like I was someone you spoke to earlier. >>9988977 and >>9988978 is the same person, and it's nobody you've replied to prior. We're all anon. Threads rarely follow a chain of the same people holding a conversation.

>> No.9989165

Anon works less, but makes the same amount as her bf. So she is probably paid more. I bet the household would have even more income if her bf did the chores and anon had more time to put into her work. Sadly, manchildren don't know how to take care of themselves and are parasites to society.

>> No.9989177

>tfw I am another lolita into punk (and punk rock) and I also tolerate and can even enjoy football at times and all of us will still never meet.

Its probably for the best

>> No.9989182 [DELETED] 

A lot of the people here work outside of retail because retail wouldn't afford our clothing. There's a lot of people here working as nurses, there's at least one Wall Street stockbroker, several cooks, EMT, a vet, one nuclear physicist, one dominatrix, computer programming, and a multitude of people in school for STEM who get scholarships alongside their part-time jobs. That's just the people I know of. Sure, there's some who work retail, but not the majority. It wouldn't pay for our clothing or conventions. Some of the people in the Artist Alley run their own stores for a living, and live off the money garnered from convention sales. If you hung around for awhile, you'd find most of us aren't working "cushy retail jobs". That was kind of shitty to say. Not that there's anything wrong with retail for you anons out there who are working retail. (May future employment oppurtunities increase your brand collection, retail anons.)

>> No.9989183
File: 117 KB, 600x600, tumblr_nu70lfJcRL1u1w09bo1_640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me
>virtually no friends aside from bf
>doomed to be lonely forever
seriously, how the hell do you make lolita / j-fashion friends

>> No.9989185

A lot of the people here work outside of retail because retail wouldn't afford our clothing. There's a lot of people here working as nurses, there's at least one Wall Street stockbroker, a machinist, one surgeon, several cooks, EMT, a vet, one nuclear physicist, one dominatrix, computer programming, and a multitude of people in school for STEM who get scholarships alongside their part-time jobs. That's just the people I know of. Sure, there's some who work retail, but not the majority. It wouldn't pay for our clothing or conventions. Some of the people in the Artist Alley run their own stores for a living, and live off the money garnered from convention sales. If you hung around for awhile, you'd find most of us aren't working "cushy retail jobs". That was kind of shitty to say. Not that there's anything wrong with retail for you anons out there who are working retail. (May future employment oppurtunities increase your brand collection, retail anons.) Please don't assume people work retail just because they like weird clothing or dress as cartoon characters.

>> No.9989186
File: 218 KB, 482x347, tumblr_nudw12zCU31u52c65o1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

one might even say it was

never meant

>sage for shitposting

>> No.9989187

>lonely forever

Joking aside, develop topics to talk about that doesn't involve/revolve around your bf. A lot of the girls I've met who don't really have any friends apart from their bf kinda have no personality in the same way mothers don't have personalities apart from their social role (not sure if it's a causation relationship, but there seems to be some correlation). For the jfash twist, make sure those topics relate to jfash in some way.

>> No.9989191

Well, if you're me, you don't live near anyone else who wears J-fashion so that'd be kind of hard. I have a few online friends who wear it, but most I either happened to meet at an event or they're people from online communities centered around J-fashion.

Start scoping around for groups centered around the discussion of styles (e.g. Facebook, Amino, or Discord), be active, and you'll eventually start to get to know other people.

>> No.9989194

I feel this on a deeply personal level. Other than my bf I had one friend and she turned SJW on me. Im not good at remembering to keep in contact with people though so I fail at making friends and I like my alone time so even when I do connect with someone they get mad if I dont want to talk every day.

I just one good friend that doesnt turn SJW on me and possibly enjoys the fashion I do too. I have other hobbies but theyre not really hobbies you do with other people.

>> No.9989208

definitely the most under-rated sauce.


pick one

>> No.9989212

How the fuck do you have a bf but no friends? Technically if you have no friends you can't have a bf either.

>> No.9989226

friends dont get to have sex with her thats why

>> No.9989232

Not her, but my bf and I met online because we're both loners who sit inside all day. It's not so strange.

>> No.9989262
File: 102 KB, 501x454, noseblud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Christmas cake

>> No.9989265
File: 138 KB, 728x745, Wrong Faggot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This image is one of the most delightful things I've seen on the internet in a long while, and I am very happy it exists.

Continue being a good influence on my wife /cgl/. I approve of your sassy shenanigans.

>> No.9989275

Lolicon here. Your partners are fucking wierdos. *Most* lolicons makes a big distinction between 2D desires and 3D desires. Lolis don't exist in real life, the person you dated was a legit peodphile.

>> No.9989276

>Dated one guy for multiple years

Are you retarded? Perhaps I'm an outlier because le quirky OCD but I love being clean and cleaning. It feels so damn cathartic. Like you have a task and you know the end result, then breaking everything up into little tasks and it's so methodical and satisfying to see that mental checklist in your head get done.

Fuck I really like cleaning.

Double edged sword though, I really fucking hate when people make even the smallest amount of mess because I feel like they have zero right to do so since I cleaned.

>> No.9989277

I'm sorry anon. I know the pain and anguish of not knowing if you're pet will make it.

My cat who I had since I was 7 (22 now) got really sick. I wasn't sure whether or not to put him down. He's an old boy now and spends most of the day just laying around but I couldn't justify letting him go. If he's fucking happy lazing about the house I want him to enjoy every last minute of life lazing about the house. It was touch and go a lot, he's on medication now but he could literally drop dead any moment the vet said.

I really hope your little furry friend pulls through.

>> No.9989278

>*Most* lolicons makes a big distinction between 2D desires and 3D desires
Cool. You're still jerking it to kids though. You're a pedo.

>> No.9989282

Lolis don't exist in real life matey. Nobody is hurt by me jerking off to Prisma Illya doujins. Try to find me one kid who looks like a 2d loli. It's impossible because they don't exist. Real people don't look like that nor do they act like that.

I have zero attraction to real life children to the point I really, really don't like being around kids at all because I find them stupid and annoying. I'm mostly attracted to girls who are older than me and have sort of a motherly/older sister vibe to them.

>> No.9989286
File: 7 KB, 225x225, 37452357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9989288

You need to understand something. Pedofilia isn't an action. Pedofilia is a sexual orientation.
You can be a virgin all your life and still be a pedophile. It's nice that you don't want to hurt children and have no intention of raping them, but you're still attracted to kids. Even if they're just drawings, they're still kids. They have the bodyshape of a kid, similar facial features (huge eyes and disproportinately big head, etc.) If you're aroused by that, that's pedophilia.

>> No.9989292

Pedophilia is not a legitimate sexual orientation. It's a mental disorder. People who are pedophiles have almost all had some sort of sexual trauma which causes them to revert into a sort of immature sexual mindset. They believe either consciously or unconsciously that by having sex with children that it will 'cleanse' them or make them pure again.

Jerking it to a select taboo is not the same as finding that taboo to be your exclusive sexual orientation. Am I gay now for looking at trap doujins?

>They have the bodyshape of a kid, similar facial features (huge eyes and disproportinately big head, etc.) If you're aroused by that, that's pedophilia.

So...what's the difference between being attracted to neoteny/cuteness versus actual pedophilia? I could easily say that everyone who attracted to cute guys and girls are just closeted pedophiles.

I know for certain I'm not a pedophile because I feel absolutely nothing for children. I do not have a specific type of girl I like but for the most part they fit into the opposite of a helpless child, they fit the gentle but firm mother/older sister type roles and body types. Stop being so binary in your judgements.

I reject the classification of pedophile on two grounds. 1. I have no attraction to children and 2. Classifying me as a pedophile weakens the term against real pedophiles who if given the chance would do real and awful things to real living children.

>> No.9989294

>1. I have no attraction to children
You do. You masturbate to representations of children.
>2. Classifying me as a pedophile weakens the term against real pedophiles who if given the chance would do real and awful things to real living children.
There are plenty of pedos who voluntarily undergo psychiatric treatment because they don't want to hurt anybody. They're still pedos.

Nice denial you got there.

>> No.9989296

>You do. You masturbate to representations of children.
So people who masturbate to catgirls are into beastiality?
I masturbate to a fictional representation of a taboo. That's not a reflection of attraction or my real life preferences.

> There are plenty of pedos who voluntarily undergo psychiatric treatment because they don't want to hurt anybody. They're still pedos.

>> No.9989297

Accidentally posted it prematurely.

>> There are plenty of pedos who voluntarily undergo psychiatric treatment because they don't want to hurt anybody. They're still pedos
I know there are. So? Most pedophiles don't because they are scared shitless of the psychologist going to the police because they believe them to be a danger to children. Thus ruining their life.

>> No.9989300

>Am I gay now for looking at trap doujins?
Assuming you enjoy them, yes. Well, you're at least bisexual.

>> No.9989301


>> No.9989302

>So people who masturbate to catgirls are into beastiality?
Probably not, because catgirls are essentially just young women with added ears and a tail. If they masturbate to furry though, they're probably into beastiality at least a little bit.
The difference between catgirls and lolis is that catgirls don't look like actual cats, but lolis do look like actual children.

>> No.9989304

>Lolis do look like actural children

I don't know what to say to this. You're saying anime characters look like real people?

>> No.9989306

This meme is tiresome. It's gotten to the point where people legitimately believe it.

>> No.9989308

They look like people with some cartoonish features.

>> No.9989309

I mean I don't really care if I'm bi or not. I know I'm not attracted to men who look like men but y'know if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, must be a duck.

>> No.9989316

And catgirls look like cats with some human features.

At what point does the line get drawn? Obviously I'm being hyperbolic but you're trying to tell me "You want to fuck kids." when I have literally zero desire to fuck kids or even be around kids. By definition I'm not a pedophile. At absolute worst you could say I am attracted to specific fictional representations of children...which look and act nothing like real children...

Again I'll ask the question, what's the difference between an attraction to neoteny which many, many people have and just straight pedophilia? Or what about people who attracted to petite small girls who are definitely above legal age? Should they feel bad and seek help for being attracted to such women? Should women who look like that feel bad for enforcing seemingly pedophilic lusts?

>> No.9989319
File: 581 KB, 650x919, nico stomach punch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good morning /cgl/
I have an urge to punch every lolita I meet in the gut.
I blame /cgl/ for this

>> No.9989321
File: 62 KB, 585x960, smuggening.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is /cgl/. Those are women in their late twenties and thirties that really wish they looked youthful in their dresses, so they jealously seethe at anyone who looks more lolita than then, and those who would find that attractive.

Don't beat yourself over it, at most it's a minor paraphilia, and there are people out there who stick car shifters into their vags.

>> No.9989322

oh man i love these stomach punching doujins
the one with sachiko is excellent, only thing i don't like about it is the scat

>> No.9989325

>This is /cgl/. Those are women in their late twenties and thirties
I'm actually a man. I just enjoy reading long posts of people obviously in denial trying to justify themselves.

>> No.9989330
File: 307 KB, 1280x1816, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If I say you're a pedophile despite not fitting the definition of pedophile, you're still a pedophile

Well mate, either way, I'm still going to beat my dick numb to pic related and then go bury my face in some soft titties later and be told I'm a good boy while having my hair played with.

>> No.9989331

>I'm actually a man
you're a lil bitch to me one way or another

>> No.9989334
File: 36 KB, 540x540, young jontron axe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice damage control

>misogynists love arguing with people online
No, not exactly, people who are open about being misogynists have literally nothing to deny. It's just your pathetic accusations of misogyny that make people argue.

Just realise you're a shitty person yourself and it's not about the entire womanhood.

>> No.9989358

>wake up
>making some pancakes for breakfast
>check /cgl/
>look at feels thread
>see autistic screech and people taking bait
Jesus fucking christ. You autistic thundercunts never learn.

>> No.9989359

why would you expect anything else from these threads? are you dumb?

>> No.9989360

I don't know. Maybe Im just a glutton for disappointment. I dont really post here anymore but sometimes I just pop in to see how things are.
And so often its this shit.

>> No.9989366
File: 149 KB, 819x1200, Dmloq0vUcAUBerq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Currently bulking up which will make me look like a truck. I'm free to carry your stuff around the con.

>> No.9989370
File: 38 KB, 643x425, 1504524964035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Living in rural Japan for study abroad
> The closest mall has an Axes Femme
> It's still expensive as hell and also I don't know what would look good on me

>> No.9989374
File: 52 KB, 444x287, wat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Axes Femme
>expensive as hell
Don't their main pieces average around $60? How is that expensive, not to mention "expensive as hell"?

>> No.9989375

I want to do that too but I'm starting with a shitload of small cute stuff for Halloween and to gift at Christmas. The temptation is there, but don't start on your dream dress with really expensive fabric until you know what you're doing.

>> No.9989376

Even if it was, there's nothing wrong with high cholesterol if your blood sugar and blood pressure is fine. Cholesterol tries to repair inflammation, but inflammation is caused by sugar, not fat. Trying to bring down cholesterol is like arresting firefighters for being at the scene of a fire.

>> No.9989377

are you looking at the poetique or kawaii lines? those typically arent worth the price, but their regular items are reasonable or even cheap for what you get

their staff can help you put pieces together if youre new

>> No.9989380

anon, they have a outlet on their website, you can get some really cheap pieces from there! I just went nuts. Shipping isn't bad either. I live in the Kyushu region and it was under 5 dollars for shipping!

>> No.9989384

Anon, get yourself some of those combini prepaid visa cards and order a bunch from closet child. If you have any recycle shops (ryouhin kaikan 良品会館 or a Book Off that has clothes) anywhere near, you'll also find cheap axes femme. Don't pay new prices.

>> No.9989385

yeah also they are running sales on their online shop almost 24/7 (but at least always on the weekend) so you can get better deals on non-outlet items too

>> No.9989386

Agree with this. If you live here shipping is dirt cheap or free, and it is incredibly reliable, almost 100% sure your packages will arrive, and will arrive fast. Not having to deal with the uncertainty of cross continental shipping alone is wonderful.

>> No.9989409

I wish we could just talk about boys and boyfriends and keep all the fags from v/r9k out.

>> No.9989413

But that's what r9k is for so why don't you guys go there instead? I'll gladly talk about your boyfriend.

>> No.9989422


Idk man I know very well it's bait but I just can't help it you know.

It doesn't help that if I get in too deep I can peace out and pretend the discussion never happened.

>> No.9989423

Maybe you guys need /f9k/ or something.

>> No.9989433

>everything i don't like is bait
lmao why don't you lock yourself up in a safespace bitchboi

>> No.9989447
File: 1.88 MB, 1080x1920, loli.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lolis make you a pedo
>traps make you gay/bi
If you people think anime character look like real people, then you need your eyes checked. Might as well say finding Lola Bunny to be attractive makes you a Zoophile, or enjoying violent video games make you a sadist.

>> No.9989477

Ok, I legit laughed out loud. Nice.

>> No.9989482
File: 230 KB, 511x456, 1536600780428.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9989491

I don't know how to tell you this, but most gay dudes past the age of 25 don't act like the stereotype. You can usually still tell that they're gay when you meet them (if they're out of the closet), but it's more of a 'Oh, this is Steve and his boyfriend Jeff,' thing instead of the mincing FABULOUS explosion the media likes to portray.

Long story short, as long as you aren't harming anyone you should love who you wanna love, and present yourself the way you want. Sure some people won't like it, but you're going to die soon anyways. It's better to live authentically and be scorned than to die unfulfilled.

Find that cute BF you've been dreaming of, treat him right, spoil him rotten and fuck the living hell out of him! And yes, you can still do this while presenting as conventionally masculine.

>> No.9989504

depends where you live. in portland it's like that fabulous shit forever

>> No.9989520

>work is changing our uniform policy because new manager
>can't wear my usual casual otome style
>no more white shoes either, meaning I have to get rid of my 40$ extra comfort shoes for no real reason
>have to wear dress pants which makes me really uncomfortable, I have a large ass and at my old job, I often caught men staring, which was extremely uncomfortable
>many people at my work are upset and have tried to retaliate
fuuuuck, first world problem, I know...but I'm honestly afraid to wear dress pants because I never wear pants I don't like feeling exposed like that, as stupid as it sounds.

>> No.9989553

This. Go to NYC and it's all fabulous all lisp all the time.

>> No.9989555

Me, every day, loading up lace market to see what's new: oh, it's a ---- FUCK RAINIES

>> No.9989557

That's what crystal café was for, but y'all ditched it

>> No.9989560

Boston as well

>> No.9989561

Talk to HR, get your co-workers to as well. If you're lucky and there are enough complaints, HR will knock him over the head for creating a distraction in the workplace and/or potentially forcing female staff into uncomfortable situations (be sure to mention how wearing pants makes people stare more, make it sound like your boss has ulterior motives even if he doesn't because that's the kind of stuff that gets HR in the "just fucking cut it out even if it sounds silly because we don't want a lawsuit" mode).

If you're unlucky, HR won't do shit. Depends how good your HR department is. Godspeed, Anon.

>> No.9989563

This physically hurts to read because it's so true

>> No.9989564

>no more white shoes either, meaning I have to get rid of my 40$ extra comfort shoes for no real reason

Force them to reimburse you. This wasn't the original agreement when you took the job, it's up to the employer to pay for the expenses in this kind of situation, and $40 is chump change to corporations.

>> No.9989566

Shouldn't she be banned? LM has rules against using their service as a storefront, and it's pretty obvious she is. Make your own fucking site if you want to become the Spreepicky of lolita sales.

>> No.9989569
File: 430 KB, 680x680, 100% sweetie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


get help

>> No.9989586

I like my manager a lot so I don't want him to get in trouble. I just wish they would listen to us. I'm only part time, so this is only a minor inconvenience. I just hate that they keep tying us up more and more. We never really have nice things as employees and they keep taking the nice things away from us. I'm really sad about it.
Thanks for the advice though.
I'll talk to them about it. I'm really mad, because I liked these shoes.

>> No.9989588

Thank you very much for the effort post I really appreciate it! That wasn't me in the stupid questions thread to be honest. I'll save your words and go away for a few months to try everything out.

>> No.9989590

Also it's kind of lame but me and my mother were thinking of learning together as it's something we can do together.

>> No.9989595

Just bought one of my DDs! I'm very happy

>> No.9989598

Thanks for the advice, it's good advice.

>> No.9989602

Congratz anon!!! What was it?

>> No.9989620

It already exists, but it's called lolcow farm
It's the prime example of why gulls shouldn't be allowed to run anything
How's the moderation on crystalcafé? I heard it was less toxic.

>> No.9989678
File: 369 KB, 1448x1116, 1531167307909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw ywn split your personality to become a self contained system that satisfies all your fetishes independently

>> No.9989691
File: 318 KB, 454x455, smug oni.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but how would I vore myself

>> No.9989692
File: 31 KB, 800x450, JustAnothercglPoster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ah hello there fellow see-gulls it is I an average female who dresses in the lo-lee-ta fashion. Say, have you ever heard of how great those lolicon men are! You should - I mean we should - all go out and fulfill these men's fantasies, I think it would be wonderful for all of us to do so. I myself have done so many times and it has been fantastic!

Until next time, lolis!

>> No.9989694
File: 558 KB, 1920x1200, dick dastardly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nayrt but are you really implying the entirety of this board isn't into ddlg

>> No.9989696

A dissenting opinion here.

Keto will spike your cholesterol if you don't do it properly. Eating 60% of your calories from fat, and then a little chocolate will stop the metabolic process that makes you burn fat instead of store it, meaning all of it becomes LDL.

If done properly, Keto will make you lose weight. To date, its the only diet that has been effective for me. However, it comes with pretty massive side effects.

Keto was originally used to alter brain neurochemical imbalances as a treatment for epilectics. That didn't work, but it does have theraputic effects for schizophrenics. I don't have these maladies, but the diet still has neurochemical effects, resulting in personality changes I was deeply uncomfortable with. In my case violent mood swings and sourceless anxiety. When I reported this my doctor had me stop immediately and apologized for recommending it. Upon stopping my LDL spiked.

tldr: it works, but its risky and difficult.

>> No.9989727
File: 117 KB, 850x637, 1525919187940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love pancakes.

>> No.9989813
File: 54 KB, 500x433, notallmen2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9989829
File: 909 KB, 1530x1530, shulk21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You asked, dipshit.

>> No.9989838
File: 235 KB, 555x381, B12-KO8CcAAKL1Q.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm supposed to be halfway done with my costume by now and it feels like I'm behind since most of my work has been working on the mechanics and materials rather than the construction.

>> No.9989877

that is correct. not all men.

>> No.9989878

The fuck is the koolaid man doing here? I thought Darnold fans drank him all down already

>> No.9989947

I have this ingrown hair that's right on the corner of my jaw and my jaw is too sharp to be able to angle my fingers correctly to squeeze it. It's such a pain but I don't have a cute lolita gf to squeeze it for me.

>> No.9989953

fuck I can't stop laughing at this jesus christ

>> No.9990113

>tfw you are a 30yo obese excessively hairy balding married man who finds this hobby fascinating but has no means of interacting with it.

>> No.9990115

good. now leave.

>> No.9990116

Make like a Matt Patricia defense and murder yourself

>> No.9990153
File: 63 KB, 960x960, 40659352_10217686693378827_3084035493487181824_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bad news. I gring my cosplay (police officot attested for weaer) in the Free! cosplay but they didn't care movie theatI tried to tell them what I had to say.

>> No.9990156

stop being a fatfuck, divorce that bitch, get a wig, wear a mask.


>> No.9990187
File: 232 KB, 468x521, deal_with_it(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Boss and a bunch of sub-bosses just left the office for a few days for a fair, so I'll just lay back with a bourbon cola now and browse LM, Y!A etc on the hunt for dream items. Yass.

>> No.9990191

Tfw I'm a lolita whose partner doesn't do anything on the weekends except play vidya or tabletop and I wouldn't mind doing the whole football snacks hostess thing... such is life.

>> No.9990192

>football snacks hostess

I don't know what this is but it sounds hot

>> No.9990250

Thank you so much all of you! I've found the outlet store so I'll do a big search of that tonight!

>> No.9990256

25 y/o virgin here

>> No.9990269

>tfw will never have a 16-17yo super cute slightly feminine boyfriend
>will never feel his smooth porcelain skin, his soft but firm arms, his pink pouty lips,his narrow waist or his divinely thighs

I want to die, maybe if i married and divorced someone out of their millions id be able to groom and raise my own cute boy husband

>> No.9990275
File: 19 KB, 446x318, 1531895140267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is wrong with you and how is this related

>> No.9990285
File: 3.42 MB, 1242x2208, 132942B2-2EFA-431B-B944-648E63B87FFE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

two weeks ago i had to euthanize my cat. miss him so much everyday, cry almost every night.
>looking thru wardrobe
>see a dress and remember when i got it and had it laid out on the bed
>remember walking into bedroom and seeing my precious babby sitting on my dress
>remember picking up my babby and putting him on the ground, putting the dress away and putting my babby back on the bed
i miss my beautiful cat so much i wish i took a pic of him on my dress

>> No.9990289

boyfriend posts are part of cgl feels

>> No.9990326

He was cute. I know how that feels. You'll always have him in memory.

>> No.9990327

buy dolls like all the other obese fucks do. buy home decor instead of clothes.

>> No.9990342

you could still be the vidya or tabletop snack hostess

>> No.9990345

triggered virgins replying to this, lol

>> No.9990353

>tfw you know a gay man, and his boyfriend, who borderline acts like the stereotype
to be fair tough, the person in question in question is also wealthy (or should I say rich), and is a noble

>> No.9990357

remembered me about an Isekai story idea, a few days ago on /a/

>> No.9990416
File: 6 KB, 240x250, 1528344637927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tfw I basically have this. He's 22, but the second row all checks in. The price he came at is really fucking worth it.
>He's autistic, but highly functioning
>Met him when he was breaking out of his shell
>Quickly crushed on me
>Honestly pretty gross at the time
>But time and a building social life refined him
>Three years of friendship later
>He's my immaculate elf prince
>I'm crushing way too hard, worried about ruining friendship
>The sexual attraction is driving me crazy
>Finally confess
>He had fallen back in love with me too
>Didn't think I could possibly love him back because autism-selfesteem
>Passionately and intensely get together
>Naturally he was a virgin
>All of his dexual experience builds to fit my particularities
>The compatibility in preference is out of this world
>I love him
>He loves me
>To this day he can hug me and get shaky in both arms and voice confessing over and over
>He's too fucking pure and good for me
>He thinks roughly the same
>I'm going to marry this man

We've been together two years and counting. This is a bragpost and a blog post, but in a sinking feels thread I'm going to let myself gush about my luck.

He forgets to shave sometimes though, and he got his lovely legs from running in mountains barefoot. Feet are fucking gross.

>> No.9990437
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My big sister is trying to get into lolita, i'd be happy but she's legit fat (was over 200lbs before abusing drugs for weightloss and now has flabby skin), has a ton of piercings, brightly dyed hair, and doesn't have any knowledge about lolita besides what she learned about old school sweet lolita in middle school.
I've tried explaining things to her but she refuses to listen as "i know better dont need ur help xd uwu"

Besides this she's gotten so unbelievably cringy, does music.lys or whatever they are, doesn't remove her piercings when cosplaying, refers to herself as "barely legal" even though she is 22 years old because her new +30yo stoner boyfriend likes younger looking girls (yikes) and top of that tagged a pic of her wearing a black pleated skirt, kneesocks and a sweater with a pic of weed on it as seifuku

I just don't want her to do this and embarrass herself more

>> No.9990488

sounds lovely

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So I'm going into the military and now that I'll be able to have money and a car I want to go to more conventions, only been to one. However I'm a bit worried about them finding out my shit, I am a dude and I don't know how common it would be to have costumes just hanging in my closet. I know that people do room searches and I don't want to be embarrassed.
>running in the mountains barefoot
pic related

>> No.9990748

i'm going to make a /cgl/ knowyourmeme page since other boards have one. What should I include?

>> No.9990816

>he got his lovely legs from running in mountains barefoot
now, that's autism for me

don't you have a privat home, to keep your costumes there
either way, have never been in the military myself, but worst what could happen is, that you have to wear it in front of your comrades
or another comrade takes them, and wears them

>> No.9990892

lose the zero get with the hero, cunt.

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