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Last thread: >>9985973

Is VM's greige colorway more like a grey or a blue irl? It looks like a light blue to me on stock photos, but I don't know.

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It's a lavender-grey colour. It's hard to capture on camera, though.

I was all for the greige release until they paired it with off-white.

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Sounds pretty - so would you coord it more with lavender items or do you just forego matching it altogether?
Asking because I want to buy one, but I was more interested when I thought it was light grey-sax. Still cute though!

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Nayrt, I'd coord it with other colors rather than try to match it, like beige (assuming the detailing is in beige rather than off white), brown, maybe bordeaux or dusty pink, etc.

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You can only match it with other greige VM items. Better get that wallet ready :^)

If it's the Classical Doll OP, you should match it with white, since that's what the bib colour is. Other than that, I'd say go for ivory. You could also tie in an accent colour instead. Darker browns will work nicely.

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>starting the general with a dumb question

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Is it a dumb question? Did you know the answer, and if you did, why didn't you provide one? I'm guessing you didn't, so now you know something. Anyway quit being an autist and if you think the general is boring, make it interesting yourself. So I'll start:

What are the biggest changes that your wardrobe goes through when the seasons are changing? Do you have any pieces you can only wear during a certain season?

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I wear my pieces all year round. I don't have specific prints that would make you think of a particular season and florals in winter look cute and happy. There's always time for florals desu.
But there are 2 nautical OPs that I only wear in summer just because they make me nostalgic for holidays.

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I've been waiting to get the funds to buy one of my dream dresses for a couple weeks. The listing was up for weeks, no bids, no buyers, nothing!
Today, I got my card information ready, sat down and opened my computer....IT'S FUCKING SOLD! Within the half an hour that it took for me to receive my paycheck, it had gone.

Fuck my life, I'm so bummed. Let my sadness be a reminder to always have money on hand to use for when your dream dresses appear.

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I've had similar things happen too, people tend to get their paychecks around the same time of the month.

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Which one was it, anon? I'm sorry for your loss.

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I weep for all of us who have lost a dream dress to someone else. I weep for all lolitas.

Just one of the atelier pierrot corset bustle dresses, but in a colorway I rarely see. Maybe this means I can get in on the classical doll reservation instead, but I'm still sad.

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Fujiwara-san what have you done to Lauretta Rose?! I'm devastated

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wot de fock is that

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Is.....is this a mistake? Why would change make the print look like that?

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It's glitching

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I thought at first maybe they needed a way to make the long jsk and not enough print to do a long jsk with but no, the older version has a long jsk that looks just fine.

Let's hope they're making multiple versions and there'll be non-tiered jsks rather than this.

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Speaking of IW and strange decisions, I really don't understand this.


Yeah, I get that they're handpicked by Fujiwara herself on a trip to Paris and that they're vintage, but ¥17800 for each of those?

Maybe I just don't get vintage jewelry and they really are worth that.

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On the other hand, I love that flower cardi

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What's the difference between a PayPal invoice vs a buyer sending payment through the Goods and Services option? Does the seller have the same level as protection? A buyer sent payment through Goods and Services because they couldn't pay via the invoice I sent them. Am I still eligible for seller protection using this payment method?

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Invoices are more specific. You can specify the item condition and your terms of sale as well as the amount of shipping.

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Same level of protection

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That's how I usually have buyers pay. But the buyer said she couldn't pay due to needing verification. I've no idea what she meant because I've sent hundreds of invoices and never had an issue.

That's a relief! Thanks, anon.

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Anyone other gulls here at Eternal Twilight? The main hall is a mess, I feel like I'm at a first graders school play.

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I saw this the other day and I genuinely thought they'd made an error in pricing. This is ridiculously expensive. The cameos don't even look nice. You could find a far superior cameo for a fraction of the cost. Surely no one is going to purchase these?

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Lor is doing a shitty advice video again

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Post pics anon?

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They look like 20thC reproduction. Unless Fujiwara herself was ripped off, she's making a fortune in profit off this. Really shitty thing to do, but I guess if people buy it, they buy it.

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Put your hate boner away, this isn't lolcow

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Are you surprised though?

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Post your self-hate elsewhere, Lor.

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Not sure about the fashion show hall but it's ridiculous how strict they are with photos.
How haggard is Mana that they're not letting anyone take photos? Not only that, but for it to be so strict that they'll remove anyone who takes one and ban them from all future hellcons?
Seems a bit harsh, I feel like a lot of people went to get a photo with Mana, myself included.

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*Hellocons, autocorrect loves hell I guess

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Tbh I think you should have had an idea knowing how he is. Barely talks. Gets someone to answer for him in Q&As, and rarely interacts with ppl.

Since Seattle didn’t get to take pics, and the people who went to the meet and greet didn’t...and the ppl who went to the reunion concert didn’t...you clearly don’t follow him or are just too dumb.

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I'm a subscriber and already like her, and knew this was coming after having seen her old pictures in lolita. I think she looks nice with the pink hair and eyebrows, but I did find myself cringing at a few parts of the video. Namely, her saying lolita looks child-like, something about 12 year old asian girls, and the fuckin ciel hat lmao. Not terrible but a bit stereotypical. Overall it wasn't much of a lolita transformation and more a pastel transformation. I'm sad because i wanted to see her with puppy eyeliner and not a cat eye, and in actual lolita, since lolita is clothes and not makeup

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I like that she took out the piercings that she could. She's right, facial piercings don't match the look.

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That foundation looks pretty gross.

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Can you post links of something of her in lolita?

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>That kuroshit hat
I agree with >>9993242 that it just seemed like general pastel/dolly makeup and not really anything to do with lolita. I understand that she didn't want to buy a whole coord just for the video, but in that case why not just do gothic? Or just buy a blouse, then at least whatever is in the frame looks like she tried.

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I loooove gingham but I wear it more in the summer than in winter, so all my gingham pieces are about to go to the back of the wardrobe. I can't wait for it to be cool so I can reattach all my detachable sleeves!

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Search freyja macleod MySpace, thats got a bunch of her old pictures

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I need new shoes, and Bodyline has nothing in stock. (Are they ever going to restock shoes?) Any suggestions of where else to look for shoes that don't involve having to order from Taobao?

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>freyja macleod MySpace
Thanks anon.

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I love greige. At the moment I'm looking at a purple VM ruffle trenchcoat from 2015 on Mercari that would look nice over this OP, but have decided to pass up on it. My butthole is clenching from holding out for my DDs for months already.

That is some ugly, mass produced shit. I can find ten prettier cameos than that for about $10 each on ebay right now. For that price, you can get a real, decent antique.

Last season Sam Edelman had some nice shoes that work with classic, but I haven't seen any decent ones right now.

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Nothing spectacular, who is number 3 anyway? Looks like shit, but why care? 4 is disgusting, and lol at 5.

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I can understand a small markup if you have a rare piece or if you made a piece look better, but new stains? For 100 more? Can we report the listing?

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The listing literally says they're from the 1950s. It's costume jewelry.

>> No.9993454

Yeah, they're wearing this fact like a badge. I thought that Fujiwara would know when the real cameas were worn, and that it certainly wasn't the 50s. Like other anon said, she probably was riped off too.

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Thanks secrets anon

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In the event that a parcel is returned to the sender, do I, as the sender issue a full refund? A buyer hasn't collected their jsk from their local depot and I haven't had any success in contacting them. I'm fairly certain they've just backed out of the sale because I can see that they're online. Advice?

>> No.9993541

Did you get the package back? If so, refund them because they didn't get the thing they paid for.

If it's just waiting for pick up, that doesn't mean it was delivered to them. That means it was delivered to a postal office near them and they need to go pick it up.

If your buyer is in the US, USPS will hold a package for 15 days. After that they usually send it back.

FYI, if it's FedEx and it doesn't get picked up they throw the package away. So be careful.

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How do I buy from Anon Hat? They have some lovely pieces but they're in such small quantities. Seraphim stocks some of their stuff but I don't see a lot of variety on their online store. Do they sell at their physical store only?

Looking at Anon hats twitter it looks like they travel to different vendors and sell at events.

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#3 white knighting herself, bless your heart.

>> No.9993780

I would ask a shopping service to contact them through email or twitter

>> No.9993781

Maybe she died and her family goes on her social media

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Yeah, it's about as cringe as you saying "bless her heart" every time you post about her, Fat Misako.

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Why was there a stripper at Hellocon? A fat one, too.

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Where should I get a tea length petticoat? I'm trying out some longer dresses and my current petti's don't cut it. Do any brands make them? I tried Malco Modes but they screwed up my order so I'm reluctant to buy from them again.

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Hope this is okay to ask but I wanted an opinion before I really get serious about it.

I adore roller skating. It's my favorite hobby, and I'm even part of a roller derby league. I have the skates in the pic for casual skating, but I was thinking about maybe making a coord that matched the colors.

The main issue I have is that I know coording these are going to be hard not because of the colors but because of the style. Thoughts?

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Do you live in a city with good vintage stores? I bought mine from a local market and just pinned up the ruffles to get the correct shape.

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Is there such thing as a shopping service who does concert merchandise? I have a soft spot for Nana.

>> No.9993889

Aurora and Ariel have a very nice one

>> No.9993890

She mostly travels to events and doesn't ever restock the webstore. Seraphim occasionally get some, otherwise you'll need someone to enter the bloodbath that is her sales table.

>> No.9993897

The Black Ribbon does a good tea length petti

>> No.9993901

I'm just waiting for the parcel to be returned. It's been at their local depot for 17 days now. I think tomorrow is their last chance to collect it. Fortunately shipping wasn't too expensive.

That's dark, anon. Hopefully they're alive and well!

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Diner Doll would be absolutely perfect.

>> No.9993944

Holy shit I need this! I love Nana Kitade!

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Feel this a bit

>> No.9994079

I would definitely go with something vintage-styled with polka dots. I found lots of interesting results while searching lolibrary for "polka-dots" and mint or sax colorway.

>> No.9994092

i really hope this is one of multiple designs that theyll rerelease. misako has been wearing an OP version in other photoshoots and the original release of lauretta rose included a bizarre tiered version similar to this. if this is seriously all they are rereleasing ill be so salty tho

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Secret #4 is a good reminder to always, always research the seller's feedback and check if there was a previous listing for the item.

I actually just noticed that someone I sold to also listed the item she bought, for a lot more than she bought it for. I know that it's in pretty shitty condition and in no way worth that much, but she downplayed the damages and didn't disclose everything. I'm disgusted by this and don't want some clueless buyer to fall for it, but I'm not sure if there's anything I can do. I'm not going to say who it is since the previous listing is easy to find if you check her feedback. Just remember to always check for the item history and watch out for this kind of gross, shady behavior.

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If you are willing to pay for all the associated costs and the SS lives nearby, it would be very possible

>> No.9994223

are there more lolitas in china than in the us? i notice there are lots of lolita events where japanese designers will attend compared to the amount of times they will come to the us. guessing that travel plays a role in it as well.

>> No.9994244

US is such a big place that it isn’t that simple to say of x ppl are there. A lot of people in the US won’t travel that far within it, while China’s population is massive vs the land mass so even if a fraction show up it can easily be more than the US.

The other thing is that US costs a lot and requires someone to pay for them to come. Cons here seem eh about the idea and locals try hard to get the brands they do get.

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There are more people, more lolitas who go to events, and most importantly more money and a willingness to buy

>> No.9994256

Going just by the law of large numbers: China has 1.3 bil people, USA 35 mil people. Add to the fact that Japan is both physically closer and also culturally more similar to China than USA/the West, leads it to be more known and accepted among girls there. TL;DR yes of course there are more weebs in China.

>> No.9994261

This is totally anecdotal, but in my experience western lolitas tend to mostly buy second-hand and offbrand stuff, whereas Chinese lolitas buy new brand and are suckers for super expensive MTOs and ~exclusive~ colorways etc.
Obviously there are exceptions (I'm a westerner and I buy new brand stuff, Taobao brands exist for the purpose of cheap Chinese lolitas) but I think it's generally true that Westerners don't really buy new brand. You can see this especially in the closing of BtSSB in NYC and Paris.

>> No.9994264

>USA 35 mil people.
325 million in the US and nearly 1.4 billion in China.... so China has roughly 4.2x more people

>> No.9994279

BTSSB closed in NYC because Tokyo rebel couldn't afford to stay open anymore and they shared a shop. BTSSB would be better off in a cheaper large city.

>> No.9994289

Report her

>> No.9994293

I think I only like lolita because of the prints, but if I wear a printed lolita dress or skirt without petticoat and blouse it looks stupid. And I can't find other styles or brands with such cute and nice prints. What should I do?

>> No.9994294

Lolitas bought new from btssb and even axes femme in Paris and they still buy new from AP in Paris and IW in the Netherlands.

>> No.9994298

Have you looked at Axes Femme? The quality is lesser to typical lolita brands afaik but they do come up with prints that are reminiscent of the ones you see in modern lolita.

>> No.9994299

God, as a European lolita I wish I could still find new shit around other than AP or ocasional LM listings. Deliver me from this pain.

>> No.9994301

Their prints are not that good. I feel like they do a casual, watered down version of lolita and axes femme kawaii is just budget lolita.

>> No.9994302

Summertales boutique does group orders from innocent world and I think you only pay for the things you buy plus shipping to you from the Netherlands.

>> No.9994303

X-posting because I don't know how many people check the BL thread compared to this one.

Does anyone have photos of altered Bodyline dresses? I'm curious to see what people have done, and google isn't turning up anything for me. One in perticular I'd like to see is, years ago a girl altered the carousel dress and did a blog post on it and I cant find it now.

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File: 138 KB, 413x550, 118104690_o1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I already bought two dresses from chantilly, though I prefer to wear jeans and all of my favourite prints are from btssb and aatp

>> No.9994309

I found nothing about it on the site. I guess I should send them an email asking.

>> No.9994312

I never ordered from them myself, just heard it from an acquaintance that sold me an IW main-piece she got through Summertales boutique

>> No.9994332


If it doesn't need to be lolita, try otome kei, or it's now called girly style? girly casual? Anyway, the brands are Emily Temple Cute, Jane Marple, Leur Getter. Half the time they do cutesy prints that are meant to be worn simply (the other half of the time they make high quality almost-normie style, but at least that gives you an idea how easy it is to tone down the cutesy prints).

If you really want lolita brands, you can keep an eye out for the non-lolita releases -- AP used to make salopettes and mini skirts for fairy kei that don't fit a petticoat, and they still sometimes make cutsew OPs (with print) that look okay without petticoat. Though a lot of times they don't really look lolita, the fairy kei stuff especially looks particularly fairy kei.

Alternatively, a fair number of Innocent World and JetJ can be worn as normie sundresses with a quirky print. They often have less poof in their skirts so they don't look too terrible without a petticoat.

If you really, really want it to be lolita regardless, you can try long dresses from Innocent World and Moi Meme Moitie. The ones in long length made from soft fabric, non-tiered tends to look better without a petticoat than with a petticoat. There's no getting around a blouse other than buying the OP instead, though. And all the points of lolita styling do still apply.

>> No.9994334

But the overly girly thing is what I don't like about lolita.. I like the prints, not wearing dresses

>> No.9994336


Buy the dresses and mod them then.

It's a bit of a steep expense you're not likely to get back, so I'd suggest thinking it over carefully. Still, if it's what you want then do what you want.

>> No.9994337

>getting into an aggressively hyper-feminine fashion while hating dresses
>because muh prints
Maybe stick to printed weeby t-shirts instead? This fashion is clearly not for you.

>> No.9994338

got mine from malco modes, but it's only suitable for A-line

>> No.9994342

you can't always get what you want.
modding dresses to not be dresses, as >>9994336 suggested, will be a huge waste of time and money (not to mention a disservice to the brand/pieces, but that's just me).

You don't have to wear the illustrations to enjoy them: start collecting novelty stuff like cushions, calendars, catalogs, handkerchiefs, bedding, or Imai Kira or Sakizo art. Or, just keep a folder of your favorite prints and feast your eyes on those from time to time.

There's nothing else to do, until AP starts putting out printed oversized t-shirts. OH, that reminds me: you could wear printed brand parkas and cutsews at least without ascending to lolita.

>> No.9994344

royal princess alice releases over sized shirts from time to time.

>> No.9994367

Do you have brand suggestions..?

This seems like the best idea

>> No.9994380

what's weeby about aatp and btssb prints?

>> No.9994387

The point is that anon should wear printed shirts if they like colorful prints but hate dresses, not that lolita prints are weeby.

>> No.9994422

I think the way secret-anon should go about regaining the love of lolita is to invest in more daily pieces. Her last dress she shows is very OTT and she asks when would she wear it. It's clear that her wardrobe is pretty OTT but she doesn't go to meets anymore so going that OTT just feels odd alone as opposed to regular lolita or casual lolita. If you are having the same problem, try incorporating some pieces into every day wear, or buy a skirt of your favorite print and wear it more normally.

>> No.9994425

Your point is dumb because you're assuming she is a weeb based on the fact that she likes aatp and btssb prints

>> No.9994427

That's likely the case. You often see girls collect OTT pieces that they only wear to meetups or cons, and then they complain that lolita demands too much effort and it's just too difficult to wear, and they cry about the idea of having to leave the fashion when in actuality it's their own fault for falling for the OTT meme.
Pro-tip, ladies: Start treating lolita like a fashion rather than a costume, see how much easier it is to wear then.

>> No.9994486

being a weeb isn't strictly related to being too into anime.

It's being into japanese culture which street fashion falls under that category.

>> No.9994488

...this fashion is not for you.

>> No.9994489

aliexpress has some okay shoes, if you look hard enough.

>> No.9994510

That's what I'm saying......

>> No.9994512 [DELETED] 

I'm not sure what clothes you have in mind that you think I would like because I like lolita brand prints. I have no idea where to look for weeby clothes and I imagine it's just an anime girls face printed on the clothes?

>> No.9994514

I'm not sure what clothes you have in mind that you think I would like because I like lolita brand prints. I have no idea where to look for weeby clothes and I imagine it's just an anime girls face printed on the clothes? Which is not what I like

>> No.9994541


What you could do is look at artists you really like and see if they sell t-shirts.

Also if you like the style of prints but don't want to go breaking the bank for them you could look at similar companies and see if they do graphic tees. Axes Femme, Anna Sui, and Jane Marple come to mind for me (JM in particular seems to love cutsew versions of their prints). But I'm a classic/otome fag, so I don't generally know what would emulate BTSSB type styles. Maybe look at taobao indie companies too such as dear li (who does her own illustrations), which is also more mori style, but I think you get my drift. Sorry I can't help more.

>> No.9994542

But why would you think we would care?

>> No.9994553

>I imagine it's just an anime girls face printed on the clothes?
you only know about this because you saw someone else wearing it.

can you tell us what exactly you're looking for?

There's not really such a thing as brand prints on shirts so you can wear gross ass jeans with them.

I guess you could download print borders and ask spoonflower to make them for you but I hope to god you'd get trouble for trying to make copy cat shirts of AatP dresses.

What you want doesn't exist silly.

>> No.9994577

normies wanting to feel "in" to our community, probably.

>> No.9994596

Read the thread dumbasses

>> No.9994599

I'm going to do what >>9994541 and >>9994336 suggested, thanks

>> No.9994602

i read it. Someone who wants to wear normie clothes but likes our prints and wants to put it on their normie clothes.

>> No.9994725

So is anyone going to talk about Eternal Twilight or

>> No.9994751

What is there to talk about? It was fun, mostly full of nordic and very well known lolitas. Most people were well dressed. Mana was there. The after party was weird. What more do you want?

>> No.9994760

Your prints? Lmao

>> No.9994762

Weird how? Spill deets

>> No.9994763

What did Mana talk about

>> No.9994764

Did Kamijo attend the after party or did the after party attend Kamijo?

>> No.9994776

It was on Sunday, Kamijo performed Saturday and was already in Amsterdam by the afterparty.

>> No.9994777

Looking at the instagram tag, I can tell a lot of people are not that into Moitie normally. They added so much random stuff to their coords, it's not mismatched but it just doesn't actually add anything of value and only takes away from the elegance of a Moitie main-piece.

>> No.9994792

100% this, saw a lot of really disappointing, badly balanced coords, even from normally well dressed girls.

>> No.9994798

Disagree. I don't like Moitie's aesthetic and didn't wear Moitie to the event, but seeing girls coording their pieces in different ways made me actually appreciate the brand's versatility more. It doesn't all have to be cookie cutter egl styling.

>> No.9994800

The Brilliant Kingdom show was really nice to watch but the translation was bad. It was done with subtitles and the red subtitles were hard to read and we missed half the story because none of the songs were subtitled at all.

The ballet was pretty and I liked the burlesque and the chair dance because I'm thirsty as hell but a lot of people thought they were uncomfortable and out of place.

I left after a couple of songs. The dj was playing some weird shit that was hard to dance to. Apparently she played visual kei later. I heard Mana was there watching people dance but I don't know if I believe it. He seemed really over it at Hellocon so idk why he'd come to the afterparty.

It's Mana. He didn't speak.
>actually he just answered boring questions like about what clothes he liked before Moitie and what his favourite flower is
>Kamijo did his voice and was seemed like a chill guy

>> No.9994806

Honestly, depending on the season, you'd be able to travel to Japan for the amount that 6 to 8 dresses would see you screwed for just in customs/import taxes. Then you have the experience too, can go to the actual shops as well as the second hand shops, and can leave with an empty suitcase and come back with a full one. Just take all the tags off and fold them like regular clothes so you don't get screwed and mistaken for a dealer going through customs at the airport. For the price of import taxes on a new dress alone you might be able to snatch up three to five second hand pieces of all different brands at closet child. It's worth it to save up and go hog wild in Japan.

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File: 206 KB, 892x360, fuck you malco.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is why I have ten pettis. It's really excessive and I am ashamed, but there's two malco modes in there, and they definitely don't work for everything, but I can't part with them for the stuff they do work with. Not willing to buy any more of them because they've officially started marketing to perverts.

>> No.9994811

>temperatures finally drop
>closet child updates
>a shitton of nice winter coats
>bunch sold out, still a few MM and JetJ coats left
>wunderwelt updates
>bunch of ribbon combs?

>> No.9994817

What is his favourite flower? Roses?

>> No.9994818

There are EU lolitas who pay customs?

>> No.9994820

Sakura because they only last such a short time. Gardenia is his second favourite.

>> No.9994821

There aren't? Has the trade deal with Japan already set in?

>> No.9994822

I mean literally everyone I know uses a SS to mark it down. Nobody buys directly from the brands unless they are in Europe, that's why people order IW and AP new through the European location and not the Japanese one.

>> No.9994899

Customs offices never asked you for a bank extract or a Paypal bill right in front of them?

>> No.9994903

I want to know why there was a stripper

>> No.9994904

I used to ask SSs to mark down packages, and then once customs withheld my package and asked for proof of purchase and a receipt because they didn't believe it was as cheap as stated. Had to pay 70€ on a 150 dress. I haven't taken the risk since that.

>> No.9994915

Bursleque was one of the performances, and it was pretty good.

>> No.9994947

That is really easy to fake and you can also simply say you do not have proof because you don't keep receipts

There's no reason for you to be at the customs office unless they already have reason to believe that it's marked with the wrong value (for example if your parcel is really huge or from China or another ''suspicious'' country)

>> No.9994948

The burlesque performer was in ouji, she was performing to a visual kei song, and her piece was kinda comedic, like it was kinda playing with how so many of our "handsome princes" are girls. It was cute and a good laugh

>> No.9994956

why can't sweet just die already

>> No.9994958

Are Babi and Kaie a couple?

>> No.9994960

I don’t think we know, they are business partners at the very least. Hopefully friends outside of it. But they both seem to be more into being a “prince” vs being into each other. Their act is usually them being rivals.

>> No.9994963

ill strangle you with my gingham back ties before i let country sweet die

>> No.9994970

It was pretty cringe, reminded me of that shitshow in Florida.

>> No.9994972


Tyler posted a closet tour video and wow I didn't know she has so many dresses! Though she super cute gushing about them

>> No.9994992

What happened in Florida?

>> No.9994994

I'm not even into sweet but I love her closet so much!

>> No.9994997

As an old salty moitiefag and bozfag, this warmed the cockles of my heart

>> No.9995006
File: 1.07 MB, 306x497, staycute.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

first thing I noticed was that HK lunchbox because I have the exact same one. I already know I'm going to enjoy this!
I've always found myself eagerly waiting for her coord detail shots at the end of LWLN installments. I'm really looking forward to seeing her gush about her pieces.

>> No.9995025

>that special sound of two AP dresses rubbing together

>> No.9995026

wow I also didn't know she had that many pieces. I don't wear sweet but that was really enjoyable to watch. It's nice to see how much she loves her dresses. Wish I were that passionate about my pieces.

>> No.9995029

And like this the sweets reassert their dominance

>> No.9995069

Right? If you want a 400 euro dress occasionally, and have to pay between 70 and up to 200 in taxes each time, it's more rational in the long term to just save and go to Japan every two to three years, and buy ten to fifteen pieces while you're there.

>because you don't keep receipts
That's hard to pull off with an online purchase.

>> No.9995104

so, i think i'm finally ready to start building my wardrobe. would you recommend that i dive headfirst in and buy a full coord, or wait and buy versatile basics (pettis, blouses, etc) first? also, i know this is a spoonfeed question, but where/what brand would you recommend for sweet shoes? i've heard a lot of mixed things about brand and antaina, and bodyline never restocks.

>> No.9995115

>Wish I were that passionate about my pieces.
When I have anything I don't love, I add it to a very long list of things I'd trade.

For anyone that's having trouble buying their dream dresses: lolitas value clothes more than money. They might not consider your $ offer but they will want to trade for your rare dress that's actually kind of ugly once you put it on a human body.

>> No.9995117

Which brands do you like so far? I recommend sticking to one because they tend to make things that go perfectly with other things they make. You see with every main-piece they release they also release a blouse and accessories.

>> No.9995123

Personally I like brand shoes, but only buy them if you're either careful or have money that the price doesn't bother you.
I like them because they have unique designs and are still decent quality. With how much you wear them, it's worth it imo. Just buy a pair of offbrand suitable leather shoes if you plan to walk a lot.

(also FYI, Lief has some leather sweet shoes).

>> No.9995136

Not every main has a blouse and accessories, Baby often does for reservation dresses but sometimes has just a dress, hair accessory, and socks. AP does a good job of releasing full sets but they often don't have a blouse for a specific release. Meta doesn't usually release sets with blouses

>> No.9995137
File: 240 KB, 645x484, IMG_20180614_124253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been eyeing this Snow White dress. It's posted on lacemarket as BTSSB, but I can't find it on lolibrary or anywhere else. Does anyone know what brand or if it's a replica?

>> No.9995169

What's the consensus on modifying brand beyond talking it in/letting it out?

>> No.9995172
File: 350 KB, 1242x1176, 8463112A-A9BC-4CF1-8704-B29CC761B566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck

>> No.9995173
File: 398 KB, 1242x1182, 1504EA97-8CB2-4A19-85FE-2AC14DB3E264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9995188
File: 19 KB, 446x318, oh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9995192

It's yours. Do whatever you want with it.

>> No.9995195

It's a JP Disney Store dress made/designed by Baby like the Angelic Pretty ones (Kiss me Cat for example)

>> No.9995197

OUR prints, as in lolitas prints.

>> No.9995208

wish she would have worn make up.

>> No.9995210

Wunderwelt is so fucking sad lel

>> No.9995231

Just got my first haenuli main piece after years of not caving in, but the print has been on my mind since it came out. The zipper is absolutely terrible, I think I remember reading this happening with other JSKs of theirs, has anyone had any luck in replacing them? The piece itself can fit fine, so my measurements aren't the issue. but I can't zip it up on me or my wire adjustable manniquin without a struggle around the waist button.

>> No.9995235

If you're a practiced seamstress and you can make it look as good or better than it was, do it. A unique, good looking piece is wonderful. You would be celebrated for a clever alteration. If you still need practice and have never done expert work before, take it to a seamstress.

>> No.9995236

I...I don't hate this

>> No.9995245

Brand shoes hold up decently if you don't run your shoes to death on the regular. It depends on the user. I always scuff my toes, while others don't.
I have had some luck with An-tai-na and Angelic Imprint, though you get what you pay for. They will last you a couple of seasons of regular use.

I'm going to give you the advice that every newbie should get. Figure out your ultimate favorite theme and/or color and build your wardrobe to it. Make an inspo board or three with MSPaint or something. Get a main piece and enough secondary pieces to make three coords from it (two headpieces, two blouses, two pairs socks, one versatile shoes). Just dive in and get what you love, you can always resell the things you regret.

>> No.9995248

Haenuli seems to have a bad habit of setting their invisible zips in a bit too far, so there's a weird fold around the zip that adds extra strain at tight spots like the waist. A seamstress can likely change it a little bit for you.

>> No.9995254

I like it. The cut could be better but the print is something new and creepy.

>> No.9995256

Does anyone know how to wash btssb's Sugar Bouquet in pink? Not sure if it'll bleed or not.

>> No.9995261

i've been observing the fashion for like 5 years, and i tend to gravitate more towards ap sweet (sugar dream dome is my ultimate dd but it's definitely not a 'daily wear' dress) as what i feel i definitely would wear. i'd ideally like an eventual wardrobe with a lot of variety in substyles, but i want to be careful now, obviously.

i can be clumsy as hell so i'd be worried about pleather chipping, which is a big complaint i've heard.

do lief shoes pop up secondhand often? they're pretty nice looking.

>> No.9995262

I’m from the USA so I apologize if this is a dumb question to ask, but why don’t you guys just photoshop yourself a receipt or edit the HTML on the email to say way cheaper and print it out to show?

>> No.9995263

>There's no reason for you to be at the customs office unless they already have reason to believe that it's marked with the wrong value

That’s not true, though? I bet it differs from country to country, but in my country you have to pick it up at the customs office as soon as there is no receipt on the outside of the package, the customs declaration is not enough (a suspicious price comes on top of that). So I have to pick up every single package and the people there know how much lolita dresses are worth by now, so it gets more and more risky to give them a fake invoice. If the name of the dress is on the invoice, they google that shit.
The point is, for some people it might be easy to avoid customs, for others it’s not.

>> No.9995266

It wil bleed. I tried to soak it and the water turned red. Just make sure you wash it in cold water with color catcher sheets and rinse immeadiately when it bleeds. If the dye isn't set it comes out decently.

>> No.9995282

You could get a spray protectant for your pleather ones then. Just please don't buy design replicas. Only tea parties are okay, most sweet brands have made them.
I haven't seen them pop up much secondhand at all. But you could wait for a sale. The leather ones are 30% off on their website right now.

>> No.9995322

I love it.

>> No.9995323

They are not your prints, they are the brands' prints. Get off your extremely high horse lol.

>> No.9995325

We do but I guess some anons are too dumb or don't know how to use paint

>> No.9995326

My SS puts a fake invoice on the outside of the parcel

>> No.9995328

if you are under a shoe size 40 there are tons of original (pleather) taobao shoe designs you can wear

>> No.9995334

Are there any brands that make (mostly sweet) lolita shoes out of real leather?

>> No.9995344

I need it

>> No.9995366

absolutely based

>> No.9995367

It'll never die. Die mad about it gothic chan/classic chan.
People love to shit on sweet because we are the most popular

>> No.9995414

Don't pull a Tiferet

>> No.9995416
File: 108 KB, 722x960, 41968625_2199465366752726_5475873501837524992_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone on LU said they saw a sample of the fabric in-store and said "it's like a light polyester with a crepe texture (kind of like bandages?) and is a little stretchy."

If AaTP actually made it look/feel like bandages that's pretty fucking cool.

>> No.9995417

I can never have enough cats in my wardrobe.
Omg i hope this is true

>> No.9995423

thank you! this was really helpful, i was considering making a collage but it was a bit overwhelming.

>> No.9995428
File: 428 KB, 477x640, P14OP332_model-11-477x640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9995431

She looks like a misshapen birch tree

>> No.9995461

Ok this looks cuter on but
I’m dying, anon

>> No.9995469

I don’t understand lolitas who live paycheck to paycheck. I don’t have a lot of income but still make sure to always have ~$200 of spending money available for situations like this. Was the dress a very expensive one?

>> No.9995473

I love this, but with a round collar like that it would've been cool if they'd designed it to somewhat resemble or hint at ancient egyptian jewelry, and add a little splash of colour to the trim and the collar

>> No.9995478

Ayrt - to explain my situation, I'm a student who can only have a part-time job. Sure, when I'm able to have a proper job I'll be able to manage my money better and have savings specifically for dresses, but for now that's not the case. It wasn't too expensive, but I've only seen it for sale a couple of times before, and when it's sold by Western sellers they tend to inflate it.

>> No.9995507

Why ancient Egyptian? It woukdn’t suit the print I think, the one they’ve gone for suggests it enough I think. Aside for cats and almost bandage like wraps in the print, the print doesn’t scream Egyptian mummy. Overall though I quite like this.

>> No.9995511

>doesn't scream Egyptian Mummy except for the cats and the bandages

>> No.9995533

>why ancient egyptian?
Just asking, but are you special ed?

>> No.9995601

Love the tights

>> No.9995604

this is effing innovative. finally, something surprising and new and out-on-a-limb.

>> No.9995905
File: 1.32 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_20180919_152726.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm dumb so I bought a btssb jsk un LL, I was wondering what the fuck a 2007 release was so huge till I re-read the sales post.

>> No.9995911

Sell it off then, I'm sure there are girls who would be happy to own this.

>> No.9995928

I have some ETC shoes that are leather. Their color selection is probably better for classic though.

>> No.9995933
File: 186 KB, 640x704, Katie-jp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These shoes by Katie are leather afaik, they're not super sweet but can work.

>> No.9995960

oh no
oh no no no

>> No.9995973

How successful are dollar auctions? I have a really nice brand piece with notable damage but I really want it gone. Anyone done one before and can help a gull out?

>> No.9995980

it really depends on what it is, what the damages are, etc.

>> No.9996013
File: 369 KB, 595x842, pop(37).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AP, this looks like a nightgown.

>> No.9996020

I live really close to the Bttsb/AatP store in Sannomiya, I can go check it out in person and report back if anyone wants me to!

>> No.9996021

Drop an email anon. I'm interested.

>> No.9996023

Same. Can anyone confirm if the tights are part of the release? Because sign me the Fuck up.

>> No.9996033

Those are OTKs and they’ve already been released a few weeks ago.

>> No.9996065

I love this. Imagine having a cute lolita sleepover and everyone just wears very comfy outfits; including this one and that one bubble bath jsk from meta

>> No.9996067

Can we talk about how WW are huge scalpers and generally kind of shitty?
I'm glad their parent company has had a hand in reviving MMM, but WW is bothering me a lot lately. Their prices for lots of pieces are way over market value, especially for cheaper brands like Putu and h.Naoto. Their sales are usually just 300Y off blouses or ETC or something really unpopular, and overpriced stock has been sitting on their site for years because they won't discount it.

Wunderwelt Libre is essentially a Lolita news site that they're getting people to run for free. It's all volunteer-written articles and writers MIGHT get a WW voucher for their article (do they even do that anymore?).

I've just felt really weird about them from day one.

>> No.9996074

>300 dollar PJs
Sounds bourgie.

>> No.9996090

I think this may be the first time in a while when the sax for an AP print looks the best. The navy looks terrible.
And as a fellow lover of sax dresses, the op looks unflattering. And RIP anyone with boobs.

They're not literal PJ's, its more of a theme. Plus, of course it's bourgie. It's a fashion where you need multiple parts to complete an outfit. And none of them are cheap.

>> No.9996108

Personally I’m salty about sweet because it attracts all the sissies, ageplayers and screaming weeaboos. For every nice, mature, well dressed sweet lolita in my comm there are at least two sweet lolitas who can’t dress themselves at all or behave properly in public. There are gothic and classic itas too but they’re always much quieter, and we’ve never had a gothic or classic lolita who’s openly a fetishist. Every fetishist we’ve ever had to deal with wore sweet.

So even though I have a big soft spot for sweet lolita and I like the handful of nice well dressed sweet lolitas I’ve met, I can’t help but be salty towards the substyle for attracting all the shitty people to our community.

>> No.9996140

I actually love the tackiness of the navy colorway, fight me.

>> No.9996148

Don't be salty towards the substyle, be salty at the people who sexualize it, and the people that are too desperate to be nice and inclusive uwu to kick them out of our community.

>> No.9996151

This. Also there are a ton of sissies and fetishists who are heavily gothic-leaning, it's not just sweet.

How about we stick together and agree that creeps aren't welcome at all instead of trying to divide the community? Nobody wants that shit anywhere, and wearing a dress with cupcakes doesn't mean I condone someone making it fucking weird.

Come on, we all just want to wear nice stuff and not get a hard time for it.

>> No.9996199

I know it’s not rational. But every single gross or annoying person in my comm is/was into sweet almost exclusively, so it’s hard to shake that association.

>> No.9996397

I love the JSK, it looks so freaking comfy

>> No.9996401

Texas. They need to open a shop in Texas.

>> No.9996402

Get rid of John Leigh first.

>> No.9996421

Please do!!! Seriously would consider getting this if it felt like bandages.

>> No.9996433

I thought the exact same thing. Please make our roller Diner Girl dreams come true anon.

>> No.9996458
File: 136 KB, 1124x1124, whiteidol4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does anybody else get super sad when a lolita posts their wedding photos and the groom is way below their league and is dressed like a schlub? Girl, just because you dress in a weird fashion doesn't mean you have to settle for that.

>> No.9996491

i know exactly who you mean, i was like "dude, what?"

>> No.9996494

Love the cut, hate the print

>> No.9996501

Okay that's your problem

>> No.9996521

I kinda feel the same about WW except for the huge scalping part. There's definitely a lot of small items that are way overpriced (it feels like the lowest they'll price clothing is ~4000 yen, maybe 3500 for sales), however beyond that I consistently find good deals on main pieces and the like. Compared to closetchild their prices are a bit ridiculous, but compared to others like Lolita Desu or the current state of mercari/fril/y!j gothic sales, they're not bad at all.

Also, I thought that the stuff that sits on the site forever eventually gets turned into lacemarket lots, or do they not (or never) do that anymore?.

>> No.9996622
File: 2.05 MB, 3024x3587, IMG_20180921_160345459_HDR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I went! There's three colorways: an orange-ish color, a navy, and black. The fabric is a sort of light crepe-like fabric, and has the look and feel of bandages! I really like it, I'm going to reserve the jsk in black. The shop staff let me take pictures of the fabric samples too, once I explained it was for overseas lolitas. Apparently they haven't made much so they're expecting it to sell out quickly.

>> No.9996623
File: 2.47 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20180921_160436231_HDR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More fabric pics

>> No.9996625

Still not sure about the cuts but this is actually really cool, I may consider getting the JSK as well. Thank you, anon!

>> No.9996628

>dat navy
Hold me.

>> No.9996630

>does anybody else get super sad when a lolita posts their wedding photos and the groom is way below their league
>dressed like a schlub
Now that I can't forgive.

>> No.9996634

It really does look like bandages. Ditto on thank you for posting the pic. Seeing the fabric up close is a nice treat.
Kudos to AatP for doing something that's both cute and creative.

>> No.9996652

I agree with you mate. People who have simple taste (noobs/itas/weebs) or fetishists choose sweet because if they're going to pay $300 for a dress, they want the most colorful bang for their buck.

>> No.9996663

They still do LM lots, maybe 1-3 times a month.

I have been able to find some decent stuff on WW here and there, but yeah a majority of it is way overpriced and the fact that they never discount super old items that haven't sold is annoying.

>> No.9996667

Is $30 ship insane or I'm being cheap?

>> No.9996668

For what and from where to where?

>> No.9996669

Outside of Australia, for jsk/op

>> No.9996670

Cheap af, 30 is a good price

>> No.9996673

I'm tired to refresh news of my favorite brands manually. Is there some place with all lolita-related announcements collected together?
(I'm new so sorry for dump question if it is)

>> No.9996675

I don't think it sounds that unreasonable, especially not if the dress is made out of a heavier fabric. Shipping things from one end of the world to the other IS expensive, that's just how it is.

>> No.9996680

There's probably literally no options cheaper than like $29.50 if you're going from US to AUS with a main piece. Even for accessories which I haven't mailed there it's generally still expensive to ship international. Like $23 to Europe

>> No.9996682


>> No.9996683

lolitaupdates on FB. You have to scroll through a bunch of taobao to get 'em, but the brand updates are there.

If you're in the US, I recommend subscribing to the AP newsletter - their notices on new stock are sent 24+ hours before the site updates. If you like AP, that is.

>> No.9996686

Thank you!

> You have to scroll through a bunch of taobao
I have nothing against it. Actually, I would rather appreciate for some place focused on various taobao brands. Is it possible or it's pretty random? I'm afraid to miss some dream release just because it will be from nobody-know brand and it will just sink in the wide taobao flow...

>> No.9996691

Chinese lolita updates posts just Taobao but she often doesn't post shop links because she wants you to use her as a SS.

>> No.9996695

Thanks, that would help a bit!

>> No.9996705
File: 133 KB, 720x1018, 12082020-web2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meta is really on a good track at the moment, I love this

>> No.9996706
File: 187 KB, 720x1018, 12082024-web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's also a version with the magical moonlight print, as well as hair accessories and a blouse

>> No.9996709
File: 482 KB, 1440x1440, Screenshot_2018-09-21-15-08-20_mh1537538962473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're also holding a sort of contest on their Instagram at the moment... Basically if you follow them and post a pic wearing their clothes with the tag in pic related, you may be featured on their site!

>> No.9996851

So I missed out on something from CC, a week later it's on wunderwelt for exactly twice the price. It's not a piece that is wanted much or comes up for sale too often, so is this a coincidence?

>> No.9996893


I took a trip to Japan some years back and brought back a Moitie dress I'd never seen before. Took awhile to even find it on lolibrary.

The week I got back closet child stocks another one of them, and then two more go up the week after that. Obviously the one I bought isn't the same one that went up on CC since I still have it, and the week after they sold one dress they restock another two more exact dresses? That's really weird.

I guess what I'm saying is coincidences happen. Someone could very well have seen the dress on CC, remembered they had one at home and sold it to WW for a better price than selling it to CC. It's kind of inconclusive at best.

>> No.9996982

She really bugs me for that reason. Don't call your page Chinese Lolita Updates and then withhold the actual information. It just feels sketchy/gross and I will never use their shopping service because of that.

>> No.9997000

I asked this in the dumb questions thread and then realized it might be lolita-specific enough to ask here instead. What do people think about enamel lolita shoes? The usual sweet lolita tea parties/heels but in a glossy/patent finish instead. Anyone have any experiences or tips coordinating with them? About to buy a couple shoes to round out my wardrobe and noticed that this is a thing that exists

>> No.9997010

download the print's image. print it on a tshirt.

>> No.9997019

That page is a large part of why people almost never post Chinese dresses to the regular Lolita Updates page anymore. So you can be annoyed by her for two reasons now.

>> No.9997024

This looks insanely cheap and tacky

>> No.9997066

The print is so cute but the cuts are terrible. It's always one or the other with AP these days...
The JSK would be cute for fairy kei or some regular summer dress or even lounging dress!

>> No.9997074

why is ap like this? i don't want to spend $300+ dollars on roomwear.

>> No.9997083

>AP, this looks like a nightgown.
That's the point.

>> No.9997114

this is a great coord for simply26 to buy

>> No.9997153

I’m getting back into the fashion after taking a bit of a break, so how would you say the fashion has changed in the past 2-3 years?

>> No.9997200

Usually they're brighter colors than matte shoes so you have to be mindful of that when coording them. They also typically suit sweet more, but certain styles can look ok with gothic.

I like them though. I think they tend to look best in black, red, and pink.

>> No.9997211

MmM once again is king

>> No.9997225

Does anyone know if Boz are planning on rereleasing shorter Rolands sometime in the future as well or is it just the long version?

>> No.9997226

They rerelease it like every few months, chill.

>> No.9997232

The velveteen versions as well? Sorry if I'm asking stupid questions, I've just never paid any attention to Boz at all until I saw a Roland IRL recently and realized what I'd been missing out on

>> No.9997234

no secrets

>> No.9997236



>> No.9997267

Each Roland re-release comes in four versions effectively, not counting the sizes. A shorter and longer length in the standard fabric, and a shorter and longer length in the season’s ‘special variant’ which changes every time, and which is usually in a different fabric type or colour. The velveteen is this season’s variant version. It’s nice seeing the velveteen back again.

>> No.9997278

Classic is suffering with the deaths of Victorian Maiden (they're closing at the end of this year) and Excentrique, with MM now only making stuff for their Chinese customers now. IW has come out with a new cheaper label and is doing well which is nice.

Putumayo, Swimmer, and Heart E have also closed.

MmM has been invested in and is better than ever (in terms of transparency) and is slowy pumping out releases.

Holy Lantern has been rereleased like 5 times in three years and is more of a meme than ever before.

With sweet, crosses are on their way out I think, I'm not really sure what the current trend is.

>> No.9997306

does anyone have experience with IW's smaller lucky packs? I'm looking at getting their Halloween one but I've had some not so good luck with other lucky packs

>> No.9997311


>> No.9997324

they didn't even put up the submission post this week and I was bummed because I actually had stuff to post for once

>> No.9997354

Is it me or does lolibrary look much worse now? I used to see all information quickly just by clancing at it once, now I have to scroll

>> No.9997356

You can always post it here or save it for next week

>> No.9997357

>in terms of transparency

>> No.9997409


Bind LPs are put together from things that didn't sell, not even on sale. If you're a very picky person, just avoid them altogether and buy stuff while they're on sale instead so that you can chose exactly the things you actually like and want to own.

The LPs are good for those who are much more adventurous and it won't ruin their day if they end up with, like, Roman Paisley flare jsk or something.

>> No.9997445


>> No.9997446


>> No.9997498

post it on the cgl secrets thread

>> No.9997503

I actually like it more because i find it easier to search more than one thing (JSK+poodles, for example).

>> No.9997506

What is the quality of Peppermint Fox clothing items like? We don’t have an otome gen at the moment so thought I’d ask here.

>> No.9997533

But before the last update you could have also just typed in “jsk poodle”?

>> No.9997543

I’m sad it’s not a nightgown

>> No.9997582

How do you search for a tag and brand at the same time?

>> No.9997583
File: 28 KB, 300x400, 2010emb-wh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you coord this colorway with red or with pink?

>> No.9997590

Red and pink could work as accents I think, larger accessories like a bow in red plaid and maybe socks in ivory with red and gold designs on them, and pink can possible be incorporated in very small accessories like jewelry etc.
It's possible in theory but I'll have to see the cut of the main piece to see how the print looks on it to really tell what can be done with it.

>> No.9997608

I would do red or navy. Even though there is technically some pink on the print, its barely noticeable and in the grand scheme of the coord a pink blouse or something will feel very out of place.

>> No.9997626
File: 535 KB, 478x640, B42JS227_model-01-478x640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9997627
File: 415 KB, 477x640, B42OP372_model-01-477x640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9997628
File: 401 KB, 480x640, B42JS227-03.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is so cute

>> No.9997630

I just got their orange dress. The quality of the fabric is pretty nice, but the zipper seems a bit cheap. It doesn't zip as smoothly as any of my other dresses.

>> No.9997634

Does anyone still use livejournal or dreamwidth?

>> No.9997638

The thing about lucky packs is you have to have low expectations

>> No.9997644

Thinking about organising a pirate themed meet in October. I don't love Halloween.

>> No.9997652

Well, they had the whole survey for each territory asking what people would like to see be rereleased most and what issues people have. They now measure everything exactly, no more copy and paste measurements that are almost always wrong since that was a major request (though I've heard their current measurements aren't the best either but at least it's something). English speaking staff who follow Lolita Updates and even recently helped correct and point out what new colorways of Sleeping Garden would look like and provide FB support. And being partners with Wunderwelt also means they benefit from what WW has to offer as well.

>> No.9997658

>I don't love halloween

Honestly, truly, from the bottom of my heart, you are a garbage person and need to leave this board immediately. Not liking halloween is like not liking fun.

>> No.9997663

Stfu weeb. Halloween is not even a thing in my country. Only special snowflakes celebrate it and lolitas because of the brand releases.

>> No.9997668

>weeb for liking halloween

you're an idiot.

>> No.9997719
File: 32 KB, 425x640, 4de8eec8fcb45e5cac6acdc6cfdec8c9-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is hard to read in photos, but the pink shows more than you would think. I have worn it with a cream cutsew with red accents, and it seemed very monochromatic. Maybe a red blouse/cutsew?

>> No.9997752

I don’t celebrate Halloween, I celebrate Samhain. I’m glad I don’t like ‘fun’ then.

>> No.9997916

You're an idiot weeb

>> No.9998045
File: 1.32 MB, 453x269, tipping intensifies.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I celebrate Samhain
>calling someone else a weeb

o am i laffin

>> No.9998687

Does anybody have done a good coord with a colored blouse and lighter dress? Per exemple with a lavender blouse and white dress ? I've seen that on old fashion drawing one day .

>> No.10003621
File: 1.11 MB, 500x1041, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What dress is this? It was a gift and its not my style. How much is it worth?

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