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Looks interesting. When I'm done keto, will def try it.

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It's a good way to have a cheat day and know exactly the level of carbs. Plus the crusts make a good dipping utensils

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I usually just make garlic bread out of the crusts.

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Actually sounds amazing, i'll check it out sometime. Perhaps with jam too.

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Stop on in to the live wingbowl/sundrop/tasty kake event! LIVE BABY!

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To start, I submit: The generic grocery store cupcake.

Is there any food more soulless than these? They are just terrible. They taste like they would survive a nuclear holocaust.

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No, it's true. I worked in a WalMart "Bakery" for years, only thing we baked was the french rolls. Those cupcakes come premade in a box of 75 and in a bag all together. We thaw them out in the fridge then someone slaps buttercream from a tub on them, hits them with an airbrush, and then we bag and tag them. Onto the shelf they go. Not an ounce of flavor, care, or effort goes into them because you have to make 20 or 30 at at time and part of them go into a fridge, just waiting to be put out. Longest we had a pack of them in the fridge was 2 months. Some mexican family bought them when we put them out.

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If someone makes cupcakes from a box mix, they taste 100 times better than these.

I swear grocery store all have one material they make all their shitty cupcakes and cookies out of. It all has the weird plastic smell and taste. It tastes plastic. I swear people just buy them as holiday decorations. They sell because office parties exist and people don't actually care enough to make a trip outside the grocery store. I'll take a Dunkin Donut over these anyday.

The taste is: "These are physically consumable items"

A cupcake should taste like... fucking cake basically.

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I love cupcakes!

Cupakes! So sweet and tasty! Cupcakes, don't be too hasty! Cupcakes! Cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes!

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How well do they sell? I swear I only see them served at “mandatory fun” events at work twice a year.

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I honestly love the taste of souless bakery food. Cupcakes, cookies, donuts, and sheet cake. The emptiness I feel when I eat it reminds me of myself.

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I'm going to a potluck type thing Friday and I want to bring something tasty and homemade. Anyone have any decent potluck recipes?
No salads, or fruit platters. I brought meatballs last time so that's off the table.

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don't bother
buy cookies from the store, drop em down and wait for everyone to abandon their food so you can take leftovers

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One hundred hot pockets. Home made.

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Tuna mayonnaise jello with homemade hardtack

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1000 Hot Pockets are made every minute. Fun fact.

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I look at it more like a home defense mechanism. Anyone trying to bring some bullshit pineapple pizza in to my place gets their sorry excuse for food ruined. Poetic feline justice

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is there some sort of website or app or something where i can put just list all my ingredients and it generates a recipe for me?

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It's called a blender

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Based and blender pilled

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This one works, use the search on the upper left.

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Why is Greek food so good?

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They had to have one thing going for them

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zorba was pretty good

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>get beer sampler with a dozen beers from all over the world for christmas
>they all taste literally the same
Do people really drink for the flavor and not for getting drunk? Beer just tastes like beer. The only thing that differs is how watered down it tastes.

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I don't think you can taste things very good. It's surprising somebody like you would be interested enough in food to attend a food and cooking board.

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I like Steve MRE info

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World's biggest cake
See the video how they made and how it looks


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I like the little bear faces.

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looks like a sprite i made for my game

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that’s the biggest ICE CREAM cake you mong.
Also ice cream cake isn’t cake, it’s a fucking ice cream loaf.

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is there a real reason for dolphins not being used as food? I've heard they taste like pig.

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>not being gay


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So do people and we don't eat them either

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Whales are smart, too. And they live a long time. There are whales out there today that see a ship and remember when we would routinely slaughter their kin.

God I wish they were malicious enough to rape me with whale dick.

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A dolphin raped Araki's foot but he hasn't said much about it at length. I wish he would write a oneshot about it.

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Pigs and birds (except turkeys) are also smart and we still eat them frequently

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redpill me on umami

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One chart, above, illustrates which foods abound in which umami molecules. The nucleotide partners needed for the tango are adenylate, guanylate, and inosinate. Mushrooms, particularly dried shiitake mushrooms, are hotbeds of guanylate; fish are high in inosinate, and shellfish in adenylate. Tomatoes are in an umami class of their own, containing both aminos and nucleotides, particularly in their interior pulp.

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Umami tastes like chicken

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So basically yes, you do want to add msg to all your cooking in small amounts (find a ratio to salt that works for you, some dishes, like mac n cheese, don't need any additional salt, JUST msg); I use maybe 1 part msg to 4-8 parts salt usually, and also use complementary additives like fish sauce, tomatoes/tomato paste etc to pair amino acids that stimulate the taste buds.

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If saltiness were the violin in a string quartet, umami would be the room's reverberation - a hard to pin down, pleasant high note of flavour. Brothiness and meatiness are incomplete ways to describe it. You know when it's lacking, and you will definitely know when there's too much, but if it's just right, it's very hard to pick out as any different from the rest of what you're eating.

If you've salted the balls off of your food and it's still missing something, chances are that thing is umami - garlic, hard cheese, tomato, onion (or if you're doing japanese - katsuobushi, seaweed, soya sauce, or miso) could fix it right up.

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Fur mich est das Big Burger, neu and jetzt im Deutschland!

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Bonjorno frogman. Baget baget quiche ratatooi bon appetite.

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Gabriel is a boys' name.

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If you want him to be gay

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Yeah, and Satan is supposed to be a man

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I'm a proud Jewish gay man and I don't eat nazi foods.

I do actually.

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What does ck think of pierogies??

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They don't have the frills that show that they've been closed by hand.

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I like mine with sauteed onions and sour cream.

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Aren't pierogis just eurotrash dumplings?

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take that back

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they are pretty tasty.

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What do you think of my beef, /ck/?

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It's undercooked

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What is it?

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Makes me really hungry.

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What's the stuff on top?

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Looks great anon

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Which do you prefer and why?

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if im buying for me and not to impress anyone, i get evan williams.
it's got the exact perfect bite for me.
i like the flavor in caramel sauce too.

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I try to buy American Products

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I prefer spirits with more depth of flavor - like vodka

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People that call eggplants "aubergines" should be summarily executed.

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I love aubergine with coriander. I had it on an aeroplane. Happy Christmas.

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Nope, definitely not. Her idea of groceries is coffee grounds and microwave dinners.

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She's not eating them, but she's definitely ingesting them.

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I get them maybe every second shop. I keep a large variety of vegetables in rotation to avoid eating the same thing all the time and they're one of my regulars.

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Eggplant is surprisingly good raw with just salt pepper and good olive oil

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ok this shit slaps

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The last thing I would associate with ringing endorsement of any foodstuff is the phrase "shit slap"

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It is a bop!

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Slappety slap slap

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I also really love the ones with ricotta inside but they’re kind of expensive

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>white people

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Just passed training and am gonna start my first job shift next week. What are some bento boxes if I plan on bringing lunch/dinner to work? It's been a while since I traveled with boxed meals. My job doesn't have written lunch breaks so we just eat and snack whenever it's not busy. Bonus points if it fits well in a drawstring bag and won't leak meat/veggie juices.

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Says the guy asking how to shove some meat and rice in a box

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Whoah whoah chill anon. I dont even have a job and my parents are highly paid. Youre barking up the wrong tree.

There aint nothing wrong with making fun of people for eating weeb foods. They know it was coming. You have a civic duty to call out weebery.

That said I just buy them from mitsuwa. Just go a bit early! They run out of that good shit.

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>food container with 3 compartments
>millenials call them by a japanese word for some reason

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Carls jr is so expensive, why? At least it seems better quality.

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projecting much buddy?

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What would you cook me for our first date?

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Tough luck hussie, I'm saving myself for marriage.

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No, feed me first please

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You're a bit scrawny and the appeal of cannibalism, at least for me, is having large quantities of meat to last me through winter.

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is it me or do his nipples look way too low down

>> No.12228843

It's you.
This is human perfection my main man.

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What’s your favorite pastry or pie to bake? Personally, I enjoy a succulent mixed berry pie.

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I don't bake (yet) but when I do it'll be Apple Pie, Pecan Pie, and Key Lime Pie

>> No.12228803


Tarte tatin, i make 2 or 3 every months.

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A little bourbon in the pecan mix pairs nicely with chocolate.

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Does /ck/ know any secret methods for making bananas stay ripe longer than a couple days?

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Worked in hotels for 5 years in and out of kitchens

Browning of bannanas is caused by a gas released naturally from the ripening fruit called ethelyne. Keeping your bannanas closed up or in a bag will make them brown faster. Keeping your bannanas with other fruit will make them brown faster. Wrap the stems in plasticwral if you're really autistic you'll get an extra week out of them

Refrigetate them once they reach the ripeness you want to slow the process. The peel will still turn black from the ethelyne but the fruit inside will be fine.

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Haha, that's a great pic. Where did you find it?

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I don't eat bananas, but I do drink horse cum.

Not sure if that matters.

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I really really really like that picture

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Shove them deep inside your asshole and the natural juices will preserve them.

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