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How long should I put korean hotdogs into the oven to cook them from frozen ?
Pic rel

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What the fuck is with koreans and cheese? Stuff isn't even native to Korea why do they love it so much? That's just a fucking corndog with some cheese, why the fuck is it called """>korean""""

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Do you obey? Do you get in trouble if you don't? I don't get why restaurants are an exception. If somehow seated at your table in a restaurant you don;'t need to wear it, why do you need to wear it at all? They just added it back here. We have an incompetent you know what as our mayor (single mother no less).

Also, I'd be interested to hear from people in foodservice jobs. I'd imagine wearing a mask indoors for 10 hours while cooking in a hot kitchen is keeping plenty of people away and closing restaurants. When they say, people don't want to work, they don't just mean for low wages, it is also about having to wear a mask in a hot stuffy kitchen for hours on end as well I'd venture.

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It's just for control. The more absurd and ridiculous nonsense people are willing to put up with, the more humiliated and controlled they are.


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I’m looking for a cookbook of Italian food written by a sexy Italian woman with photos in it. Does this exist?

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Bro, just look up softcore jew porn. Italians & Jews all look the same.

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I meant more for the cookbook and recipes than the images.

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My guy, just beat off while you google traditional Italian recipes. The coom is too strong with you.

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Thoughts on Rebbl?

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Just another overpriced drink for cantcooks

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more like reddit

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canned burger

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looks better than McDonald's

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>top is dry
>bottom is soggy and wet
>patty has accumulated what appears to be lumps of grease
Looks vile. How does it taste?

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Rent free. That product is literally German.

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stopped going vegan after 3 years, I feel so free bros... I should've never fell for the meme, I lost so much weight and went vitamin deficient, who gives a fuck about the animals, but that being said if you're still vegan that's fine, eat what ya want, its just food its not a big deal

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If you actually want to help the environment, consider just growing your own food and raising chickens, dipshit. If you really can’t stomach butchering a chicken (which used to be women’s work), then consider paying someone to do it.

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recommend me something cold to eat after tooth extraction

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room temp is probably preferable to cold
shelf stable soft food like puddiing, fruit cups, apple sauce come to mind
I've had like 8 molar extractions it's not a big deal you'll be fine

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I want something good to eat though

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cold soup

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Frozen pizzas

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How did I do

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Like the basic income?

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my cooking autism allowed me to buy dedicated salt and pepper 'shakers'.
I buy lots of Icelandic salt (never expires) and I fill up the salt shaker with the stuff - makes it easier/better/more fun than using fingers all the time

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Actual fucking retard

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I have that pepper grinder. It sucks if you don't have small hands. I regret having it.

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*makes your rice taste less bland*

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For me, it's Wrigley's™ Hubba Bubba Max™ Outrageous Original™

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What do you usually order when you go to waffle house?

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probably something boring like scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast. I'm not a big fan of sweets for breakfast.

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not them but I think they are referring to the potatoes, toast, and waffles.

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I do not see bacon on any of those plate

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based retard

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>scrambled, smothered, covered, with a side of iPhone

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>humans discover you can preserve foods for many months at room temperature by putting them in a salt and vinegar solution
>buy a jar of olives preserved by such method in 2021
>"Please refrigerate after opening UwU"
What is this crap about? I have limited fridge space can't I just leave them in the pantry?

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>What is this crap about?
canned food is preserved by sterilizing the jar and making an airtight, vacuum seal.
opening the can introduces any number of wild beasties

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Canned food yes, pickled food no.

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Olives should be fully brined though the refrigerate after opening is a precaution against getting sued by a company similar to the "caution contents hot" on a cup of coffee

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"caution contents hot" on coffee is because McDonald's gave a woman 3rd degree burns and melted her whole vagina off.

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So as long as the stuff is covered in the juice and I don't stick poo-covered hands in there, any opened pickle jar is going to be fine even if unrefridgerated?

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It's 'baste' you dumbo

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i dont want any trouble

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ALLEGEDLY, some Italian asshole is trying to save the environment by growing basil underwater. Sure, buddy, sure. Does that make any sense to you at all? No. No it doesn't. You agree with me. What is REALLY going on down there? My guess; It's a CIA alien research lab.

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this hasn't been in the news cycle since like 2015 and he was already at it for 4 years by that point, nigga go to bed.

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No. Its all true. I'm an abductee, and I've been aware of the alien presence since I was a little kid in the 60's. I have experienced every sort of evidence from seeing craft up close, to seeing landing traces in my yard, to seeing actual alien beings. I have had every aspect of my encounters witnessed by others, or I wouldn't have concluded its real. My conclusions are not a belief, its all logical and fact based. Others have witnessed me being taken, and have witnessed the craft and the aliens up close. Some of my interviews are on YouTube. While this is exciting news, it falls short of actual disclosure. We already knew UFO's are genuine unknowns. Major scientists like Michio Kaku and even Steven Hawking have already stated that UFO's could be visiting aliens, and that it can't be ruled out. Some people are reacting like there is no history of good evidence. Do your research, because there is in fact 80 years of good reports, many by highly credible witnesses like military pilots and other military personnel, police officers, astronauts, scientists, and airline pilots. We know it is aliens because a large part of the cases have to do with craft being seen landing and aliens being seen departing the craft. They're called "occupant sightings". When the ships land and aliens get out, its aliens. Its not enough to come out and just say we have unknowns. They know its actual aliens. It has been part of the public data all along, and we know its been part of the intelligence community data all along, because many retired officials have gone on record to say we are being visited by extraterrestrials. As a noted researcher recently stated in an interview "We've been indoctrinated into a concocted reality that has been working to keep this secret for decades

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Vegans, or, other people that openly rag on Carnivores on their high horse are about to get knocked off of it. And i think it's time us carnivores let you in on the joke, and why we meme Vegans to death.

Now, i come from /pol/, i am someone that came into close contact with.. erm.. if you're familiar with this symbol, you know where I'm coming from. I was never personally affiliated, but i was close and i told them "No." after finding out about a lot of things.. But anyway, i digress, moving on..

There are certain secret societies that look to human beings as if they were cattle.. 'Livestock'
You can swing that in a bunch of different ways, when it comes to politics, money, segregation, the whole nine..

...What most people don't know is, for some groups of said secret societies, in a literal sense.

See, to put it simply when us Carnivores eat meat, or meat by-products, it makes *our* meat, taste like dogshit to a cannibal.

But when you Vegans eat like livestock, guess what motherfucker, a cannibal would fancy you as filet mignon.

So, when you take the time to reminisce on what place your inner-guilt when it comes to eating meat, take time to consider the possibility that *that guilt* was implemented and implanted into your conscious, for their own ill-will.

Have a good day.

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Why would Adam and Eve not had honey? Or milk if it was around?

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So OP is full of shit but you do have to wonder if the whole bug eating thing is supposed to make humans prey again to other predators

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Off you go to your shithole you schizo.

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> Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

This quite literally does not say that humans did not eat animals, it just says that plants were food, are you fucking retarded?
It also says that mankind were to rule over the beasts and fish and birds. Somehow I have a feeling that “ruling over the animals” might have something to do with eating them. What you’re experiencing is confirmation bias, because you’re a retard.

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We call 'em spareribs in euroland. Same 90% bones 10% meat in great sauce. Pays full for sucking on a bone, not even gay.

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things get to a certain point where trying to be different just becomes sad

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>drank monster
>drank body armor
>sat near a fire burning eucalyptus
>regularly consume nicotine, been using dip lately
>my heart feels like it’s going to fucking explode
Am I going to die? What the fuck, I’ve never felt like this before. I don’t feel any palpataions but it literally just hurts. I’m 23, btw, so this is definitely not normal. I haven’t had an energy drink in about 2 years.

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The only thing that’s weird about is that the palpitations must’ve started like 45 minutes after I stopped using the dip. Also, I only use a cab over the course of like a week, whereas most fags use a can a day. Maybe a combination of caffeine and nicotine? I dunno.

Fuck energy drinks and fuck heart palpitations.

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its just paranoia, people who use amphetamines get this too jsut take a benzo and relax man

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Nah honestly now I’m shidding and farding I think it might be good poisoning

Idk what the fuck is happening to me but it sure ain’t good

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If you're super worried about it go to a walk-in clinic and have them test with an ekg and blood test

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yeah, simulants makes you shit
youre gonna be fine, its just caffeine and nic

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>Filters tastelets

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i don't like salt, olives are too salty

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I like them, I love Kalamata olives.
it doesn't take much for a great meal:
just bake a pide with mozzarella kalamata olives and a bit of garlic

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