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Which one should I pop first? and what to do with it?

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Pop the mozz and shove it up your poz hole.

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Caprese. Is there really any other option for mozarella?

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Warm them up and fuck them like nice warm apple pies.

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it's macaroni pork bolonaise for my lunch today boys

how about yours?

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will be frying some gnocci in garlic and olive oil

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sounds absolutely disgusting

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what would you do then?

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1. remove gnocchi
2. add potatoes instead
3. add white wine
4. add some calamari
5. add parsley

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cinemas in america have actual honest to god butter fountains

i am not making this up

the cinema i went to when I traveled to the states even had a guard up there to keep people from drinking the butter directly out of the fountain

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Blah blah blah
If this exists anywhere, it's extreme enough to be newsworthy

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What else are you going to put on your crab legs?

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It's so you can't take the butter with you to the kinoplex showers, you used to be able to butter up your body for cinema but now with the low fat fad, kino guards are cutting costs.

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It's not butter it's oil with butter flavoring.

By the way you can by the flavoring and it's amazing on homemade popcorn.

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Only niggers go to cinemas anymore in the USA. There's no reason to go to a cinama, aka movie theatre when the movie wont start until 45 mins or so after commercials and you're expected to sit around in that shit hole. You see, eurocuck, we have technology so we don't have to go to cinimas aka movie theatres anymore. It's a waste of time.

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tfw you'll never have an androgynous pizza chef dancer gf.

But really, are we taking all this shit too seriously or what? It's pizza.

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what is this horseshit

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>Disruptive concept
I'm interviewing for various startup companies and language like this drives me nanners. Like, stfu.

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This is Prete|ntious

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>tfw no korean mr pizza world champion gf


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>current time in Germany 11:13 AM

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11 cups and 13 ounces

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b cup is best cup

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>a dash
>a handful
>four seconds of
>an egg sized portion of
>a good amount of
>3 heaping spoonfuls of
>2 screaming Rodgers worth
>a flick of
>7 splats of
>a rub of
>half a bushel of
>three days worth of
>a scant amount of

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>four seconds of

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is that like Koreans version of carnival food at amusement parks?

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Is this your youtube channel? Send me octopus in the mail

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was he, dare I say it, /our guy/?

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A pile of ash in a jar on Asia's mantle lmao while she is fucking rock stars for sentimental remorse. Also banking from a dead husband who she say 90 days of the year

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Stupid phone poster

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Are you a homosexual? Why do keep posting this faggot over and over and over again? He sucked, deal with it.

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i found him annoying and obnoxious

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OP is ded and you people are suckers.
You're responding to suckers over and over, he got me once because I can't block it.

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How do you like your sausages, besides in a hotdog?

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I enjoy a good spicy kielbasa whipped. with molasses

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Never buying Ben and Jerry’s again

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>Steal from all of us

Nice one

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Thats because they dont. White lives are superior to all other life, civilisation was created by white people.

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DESU I've never seen undisputed evidence of him lying, nomatter how often people seem to tout it, no one seems to have any evidence?
Is it just Fake News?

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Pretending to care about social causes to sell more ice cream lmao

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The founder doesn't personally author everything on the site you retard. But even if he did, this wasn't just le snopes boogeyman, it was reported by multiple outlets. Making your red herring complete bullshit.

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why do americans get diarrhea whenever they eat spicy food?

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>why do americ-

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Chemical warfare /k/ommando

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Except Americans are the ones making and consuming the hottest hot sauces.

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i ate a bunch of kfc after not doing so in a long time and now im unbearably thirsty. ive drank 3 liters of water and its not helping. help.

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Anon that is a sore throat
Drink some salted coke

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keep drinking!

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based pyjama poster

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So I got like a grip of bacon I want to cook up, like the whole pound, any easy throw-in recipes? Got steak, chicken, and other meats to pair. But how do I get the best bang for my buck out of this bacon for meal prep?

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Creamy Botato Soup

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>a grip of bacon

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Not there yet, but a man can have a bone

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is there a diet cola that doesn't taste like medicine?

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>drinking diet soda

what's the fucking point
the appeal of soda is the sweetness

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the appeal is the carbonation which enhances how refreshing the drink is. the sweetness is there simply to mask the bitterness from the carbonation. If you're just looking for something sweet, then just drink fruit juice.

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>the appeal is the carbonation
you absolute mong, drink seltzer water

>the sweetness is there simply to mask the bitterness from the carbonation
the sweetness is to counteract the acidity from the carbonation and the bitterness from the caffeine
Soda is so refreshing because the initial sweetness gets rid of the flavor of whatever you're eating, and the ending acid cleanses the sugar by making you salivate, so it's like every bite of your food is your first bite
diet soda replaces the initial sweetness with a tanginess and stickiness that clings onto your palate for like 30 minutes, so all you're left with is acid and whatever artificial chemicals they're using to give it a cola quality

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>Soda is so refreshing because the initial sweetness gets rid of the flavor of whatever you're eating
It's because the bubbles pop and that physical action lifts material from the surfaces of your mouth

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>the appeal is the carbonation which enhances how refreshing the drink is.
how do you explain tea flavored soft drinks?

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why hasnt square dinnerware become master race yet?

>looks better
>uses storage and serving space more efficiently since you can place them flush against each other
>easier to scrape leftovers into square storage containers

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same idea, if you dont put your lips on the rim of a bowl then why does it need to be round?
round stuff is still shit when it comes to taking up space.

>> No.11914148


>round spoon
>square bowl
one of those things does not go into the other

>> No.11914163

unless the curve on the spoon matches the curve on the bowl perfectly you are just full of shit

>> No.11914171

Tbh my lips and tongue are constantly on/in a rim.

>> No.11914173


>squares have curves but you're full of shit

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I heard you guys talk about cooking here but I'm not too sure from the catalog?
I'm trying to learn basic meal bases, what should I know how to make?

So far I've made;
>Chicken Broth
>Basic Bread

What other fundamentals should a cook learn to progress (any cuisine) and what kinds of dishes does it open up?

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You can do it by hand, the trick is starting off painfully slow with the oil, like a few drops at a time and whisking constantly

>> No.11914198

Thanks anon, I love eggs and get them free so I'll make all that stuff. Beurre Blanc seems like a great base for other sauces that a bechamel can't do. Poached eggs and hollandaise obvious combo
I'm not a sweet tooth but making a good Pavalova would go well here in it's country of origin.

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Different stages of a roux; learn to do the really dark kinds and the lighter colored ones. It takes some practice but they offer a lot of flavor.

You could learn the mother sauces but I dunno what kind of food you're interested in and I doubt it's classical French, so there's really no reason (unless you actually do, then that's a good place to go). What kind of food do you want to make is the real question.

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This is a good post, mother sauces will open you to a lot of dishes. This and the eggs post. After that, I'd say stocks of all kinds, including the Japanese Bonito stock, which will give you access to stews and all soups, learn to make clarified soup, consomme. Then for meats, learn to truss, dress and roast a whole bird, I'd suggest chickens first for the price, then a turkey since it's useful to know, you can use the stocks and sauces with them easily. Gravy is already something you can make by now, since stocks will let you know hoe to use gizzards and you know to cook your flour. Then move to the stovetop, focus on making steaks and chicken breasts, learn to get a medium rare every time and how to finish meats in a pan. This should have you set for almost anything that can come your way, and make it so anything missing is more of a detail.

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So you mean;
Is that right?
Quality post.

A lot to digest but good information.
>mfw there is more than McChicken on /ck/

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What's wrong with doing this? Sometimes I want to make a single serving of pasta without using a huge pot that requires more time to boil

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I'll bite.

Nothing, really. But you don't need a large pot. Just get your water boiling and the noodles will soften up. In a few seconds, they'll fit. Magical stuff.

>> No.11913998

i hate spaghetti noodles
they piss me off, just how annoying they are to eat
all other forms of pasta are far better

>> No.11914003

I'm usually a shells guy but I have to burn through some spaghetti so it doesn't go to waste

>> No.11914005

why does /ck/ like to obsess over this one scene so much

>> No.11914015

anime crossposters

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SSS Tier: France, Japan, Spain
A+ Tier: Italy
A Tier: China, Greece, Portugal.
B+ Tier: Mexico, India

Rest of the World

Bottom Tier: UK

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I've honestly never heard of Spanish cuisine. Should try it sometime.

>> No.11914299

Never heard of tapas?

>> No.11914301

Spain is a little too high, should be the same as Italy or even lower, despite your hot opinion Italian food did change the staple diet and food culture on the entire west, which Spanish, for all its flavor, still hasn't. I'm absolutely baffled as to why Portugal is there at all, should be along with Mexico really, has an almost non-existing contribution, and my favorite sweet is the toucinho de ceu. Also feels like you missed SEA altogether.

>> No.11914308

Thai food should be in the A+ tier.

>> No.11914338

OP here. I only evaluate the quality and variety of the basic ingredients you can buy in the country, same for national recipees and the average restaurants in there.

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birthplace of american football and culinary innovation

>> No.11914014

Is he going to say it?

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Making really great "fundamental recipes" – frostings, fillings, creams, fudges, brownies, cookies, cakes, and toffees, etc. – is really simple, even cold-made, amongst casein, whey, stevia, cocoa / cacao, coffee, and/or egg(s). Each of these were experienced, and were really great iterations, respectively (quite fidelitous, though usually better because of … being homemade).

Of interest is obviously getting multiple takes on recipes, adventuring

>fluffy / pillowy
>There are only-sweet (-esque; sometimes the plain powders are hinting of bitter, but mixed with other powders, even, or especially in water and oil before other ingredients is great) iterations.
>Is some 200x sweeter than sugar, with longer onsets and more lasting durations.
>Has *benefits* to glucose and insulin blood metrics.
>Results with *much* more satiation derived from both meals and food-preparation.
•There are huge benefits to replacing carbs with protein. Hypoglycemia produces greater appetites, flavors, and sensations. There are chemical benefits, such as GH, reduced DHT, increased T, and … ghrelin, which has huge effects and correlatives unto energy homeostasis, cholinergic–dopaminergic rewards, neurotrophy. et al.

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Also, protein is the second most abundant item in the body, only to water. It's utilized in most things. … Even neurochemicals (serotonin, epinephrine, and dopamine), though it's more simple and safe (moderately / with antioxidants such as Sangre de Grado and astaxanthin, and keeping them from pets) taking 5-HTP and L-DOPA.

•(Sunflower) Lecithin
>Emulsification is really neat for interesting properties of ingredients coming together, though sometimes it's less appealing (e.g., only having "goopy" consistency, though this is simply improved with garlic, et al.)

>> No.11913954


>Both high and low percentages of carbohydrate diets were associated with increased mortality, with minimal risk observed at 50–55% carbohydrate intake.

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Things that are reduced by replacing carbs (e.g., pyruvate) are supplementable.

Beyond that sub-topic as a juncture is simply appealing to tradition / authority. The likelihood of "an abundance of nutriments" for controlling factors of that article (and most others) is mediocre. E.g., (especially) vitamin C, which was evidenced as "non-effective" at percentages even 5x the RDA (approx. 300mg), but (and though with no metrics between) equaling metrics of natural production at 15 g/day percentages, which is reasonable because even small animals are producing 10+ g/day. Others are protein (150 g/day), each of the vitamins and minerals …

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File: 19 KB, 578x929, glycolysis-vs-gluconeogenesis.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

… Effectively / required more of.

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>buy animal product
>it has parts of an animal in it
>get disgusted and throw the food away
Was civilization a mistake?

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I eat the bones, theyve been pressure canned so they just crunch up. Good source of calcium.

>> No.11914232

the bones are literally the best part of canned salmon how can you be this much of a faggot

>> No.11914254

I like the vertebra the best, nice little crunch disks

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