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This triggers the burger

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Is it possible to make Japanese curry from scratch and have it taste anything like the boxed version?

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Dunno. From the start I don't think a lot of people around here eat japanese curry on a regular enough basis to actually be able to tell you if a recipe would be close to the real thing.

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The two top and final achievements of Caucasian cuisine, the best it can get when it comes to that style of food, the Burger and Hot Dog, but which is the superior form of food?

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is there a bigger meme? a gravy packet costs like 50 cents at the store, why waste time and effort?

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there is so many things wrong in this post

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Why make homamade delicious sauce when you can buy it in its toxic form with a shitton of additives in supermarkets amirite

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nooooooo you have to soak the pan in grease to season it some more

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>not just putting your pan in the freezer
Cookie cutter porn addicts.

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Pan juices and Bistro gravy powder is fucking kino. When I make gravy I double up and save a bowl for the next morning. Then I bake a loaf of plain white bread in the morning and then have fresh bread and butter dipped in hot gravy for lunch.

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Why do crackers like cheese so much? I can't even imagine not eating cheese every day.

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I'm a cracker and I love cheese. There's so muc variety you can find some that works for every occasion.
Cheese is awesome.
I fucking hate Coloureds, though.

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Cracker is a literal meme insult that would only work on retards with white guilt.
>Hey fuck you slave owner who owns niggers
Damn gotem

For me its saltine sandwiches with a thick piece of sharp cheddar betwixt them.

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>For me its saltine sandwiches with a thick piece of sharp cheddar betwixt them.
That's sort of a waste. Good bread would go much better with it, though I gather from your post that you're kind of a pleb with cheese.

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>This nigga about to eat cold cheese on some wonderbread

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I'll start: Livermush

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>Livermush is a Southern United States food product composed of pig liver, head parts, and cornmeal. It is commonly spiced with pepper and sage. Though sometimes considered the same as liver pudding, livermush (or liver mush) is generally coarser in texture and commonly found in the western part of North Carolina. It normally has a different recipe from liver pudding, though the distinction is blurred.
Pretty neat actually, for a flyover recipe. I might give it a go sometime.

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>north carolina
>literally a costal state
>fly over
holy shit kys braindead retard

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I fly over that state all the time.

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West north Carolina is pretty far from the coast.
I was there and I was given Livermush at the first opportunity. It was pretty good.
The sear is especially nice

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This reeks of nigger food. The south is a disgrace

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how does /ck/ like their 'teen?

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there's no vinegar unless you add malt after you paid and the responsibility off adding it is on yourself

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>not making an argument as to what is then
i smell burgers someone hide the fructose

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It's spam, he posts that same thing in every thread.

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You don't need vinegar to make vinegary shits

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Almost any other province or territory is vastly more interesting than Quebec... the Yukon, the Atlantic provinces, British Columbia, for example.

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Do other countries have cookouts/barbeques or is it just America?

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>God I wish that were me

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Built for black cock

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I'm glad you informed me of your wilful ignorance. It is very interesting to hear about.

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So you think Australians do this for a laugh?

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So you think Australians do this for a laugh?

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nobody wanted thesem ever.

They could have atleast provided some sort of 1-time-use heatable oven or some pocket warmers to make it kind of hot, or some sort of a dry spread to dip them in freshly so the crispy skin was somewhat hard.

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>nobody wanted thesem
I want thesem.
Fuck you.

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I'll trade you 5 nuggies my mom packed me for your chicken samich you got with your lunch ticket.

I'll throw in the crunch bar for your Minute Maid ice cylinder.

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>Those fingernails

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Both hands on the... burger-like product, how was the photo taken?

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a kid with nails like that, probably put his Tracphone in his mouth to take the photo

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the holy trinity

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Don't forget the sage.

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Pic related is the only good advice I've ever gotten here

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Will this work in a deep fryer? What size of ice should I use?

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Both are savory, but they taste different. This boards incessant need to push msg just because some soccer moms are scared of it is really annoying

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msg gives you tumors though

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ok boomer

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I like msg, but this poster is totally right. I have a shaker of the stuff in my house, and it's hard to explain what it tastes like, but it's just concentrated savory. It's sort of like non-salty salt. Faintly similar to seaweed.

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are honey buns legal in your country?

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Europe here. It's the defacto currency.
1 honeybun = 4 ketchups

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Literally only ever heard honey bun used by couples.

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apologies. I meant
>1 honeybun = 4 metric ketchup

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it's a cheap packaged pastry in the US. kind of like a flat cinnamon roll with a clear glaze. you can get them for like 35¢ at any gas station or liquor store

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You ever suck dick for a honeybun?

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Who else likes their steak well well done?

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yes, with a lot of ketchup too

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>Who else likes their steak well well done?

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I also enjoy wasting beef and destroying my teeth while doing so. Hail Satan!

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>visiting Europe
>go to restaurant for dinner with friends
>we order a table side as our starter
>server arrives to the table with all the ingredients and begins making the salad
>server pulls out a bottle of ketchup and uses it as the dressing
>my European friends eat it up

Is this common in Europe?

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Only the expensive places serve salad. Usually we just have a bowl of ketchup.

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In Europe the “men” dress up as women and those that don’t still fuck each other and suck lots of dicks.

It’s really weird honestly.

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Europe has strict no singles policy for restaurants.
>source: my dad works for Europe

>> No.13338056

It's very sophisticated actually. You yankie cretins wouldn't understand.

>> No.13338062

>source: my dad works for Europe
He probably wasn't on the clock that day.

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Whats more unusual to use as pizza topping?
Pineapple or Squid?

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squid you retard, unless you live in japan where they do literally everything that isnt japanese in origin wrong

>> No.13337998

>what is pizza frutti di mare
never post on this board again you tourist shitter

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Fucking mutt kill yourself.

>> No.13338243

Pineapple just adds some roasted sweetness it’s not bad.

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rofl. I've never seen a post so wrong about pizza in my life.

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Had this for lunchies at work earlier

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>Thankfully I don't live in England
Bullshit. This food is from ASDA.

>> No.13338139

>Thankfully I don't live in England
Price printed on soda can 55 pennies.
Oh boy, you weren't the smartest in the class, were you?

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mayo is fucking gross

>> No.13338188

Not that I know of

ASDA isn't only in Engurland

Are you retarded? Norn Iron if you must know

>> No.13338190

Norn Irn is england's slighty more tolerable cousin

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I only ever had immitation stuff since I am poor and don't have the real one in my country of residence. Thank you!

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For cooking it's the exact same.
If you just want to eat a raw vanilla pod, that's another matter.

>> No.13337889

it tastes like vanilla
read the fuckin label tard

>> No.13337899

it tastes like heaven

>> No.13338024

it tastes like fresh girl cum

>> No.13338061

it tastes like if there was some grain alcohol that had vanilla flavor
it disappears in your mouth like evaporation and takes your breath away like a very strong vodka or grain alcohol does

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Bring gf home for dinner with my parents tonight. We decided I would be cooking pork schnitzel with brown butter and sage spatzel. I need help deciding an appropriate side dish, possibly two sides. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also my gf doesn't like mushrooms so what would be a good gravy/sauce to put on the schnitzel? Any input is appreciated, I want this dinner to go perfect because this girl is awesome. Thanks guys.

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>also my girlfriend doesn't like mushrooms
Sorry to break it to you but she's a dyke

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Sounds like you're making an italian dish...

>> No.13338113


But braised red cabbage and potato salad. A simple potato salad, boiled potatoes skin on, coarsely chopped boiled eggs, chopped gherkins, salt, pepper, chopped dill, mayo. And serve some horseradish sauce on the side for the schnitzel.

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Rahmsauce with mix of green beans and carrots for side

>> No.13338258


Peppery cream sauce is a go to for breaded schnitzels

You could also go for a vinegary coleslaw to cut through all the richness of the cream sauce and the pan-fried meat

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do you do all the cooking for your family over the holidays?
i can't trust my brothers to cook toast let alone christmas dinner

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