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Why is turkey cheaper than chicken?

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It's less tasty.

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I can't tell the difference

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lower demand, outside of november/december

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I bought these spicy crackers on a whim. What kind of cheese or meat would go well with them?

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Why did they do it bros?

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Christian iconography hurts the feefees of green-haired freaks and other degenerates.

Don't buy from them anymore.

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If you're actually worried about a company's logo, you're an obsessive, manbaby faggot. Find a shred of dignity, please.

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Because it objectively looks better people will look for a reason to hate anything.

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Because a corporate boardroom of marketers decided right would make them more money than left. That's literally the only reason.

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The kikes got offended

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what food should i eat to improve my appetite when i am not in the mood to eat? I have been on a calorie deficit for ages and i can't put on any muscle because many days i am so depressed and i won't consume more than 1000 calories or so for the day.

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>only gonna work for it when you feel like it
Most sincerely, ngmi

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i go to the gym routinely but eating has been my issue. today i felt quite dizzy while exercising and if i keep this up then i will die. i can't stop going to the gym though, it will only make my depression worse. help please.

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Just drink smoothies. It's "eating" without actually eating. Calories, vitamins, nutrients, protein. It's all there in your cup. No chewing required.

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Just eat, you weak-willed faggot. Nobody can do the work for you. Someone with a strong enough why can endure almost any how, and you're hear bitching about wahhhh, but I don't wanna eat.

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fuck you

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How do you obtain your turkey for Thanksgiving?

Do you know any local turkey farmers?

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Only €18

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Pizza with smoked salmon is very good, however make smaller pieces and add tomato sauce

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>"can anyone recommend me a new knife?"

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Can anyone recommend me a new knife?

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Can anyone recommend me a new life?

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Can anyone recommend me a new wife?

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Knife anyone recommend me a new can?

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Puncture some garlic cloves and put in a small bowl. Drizzle with oil and put in the oven at 180c / 350f for 15mins

Remove, let cool remove from jackets and mash them

To the same bowl add butter, fresh diced parsley, oregano and italian herbs, and a fair bit of parmasan.

Mix together and add between slices.

Put some other cheese between the slices (can be anything really). This was 4 cheese so mozz (easy melt and classic), cheddar and romano.

Wrap in foil and put back in the oven for 15mins at 180c / 350f

Remove from foil, add some cheese on top (and the remaining mixture) and grill / broil until a bit brown.

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Why should we bring back mandatory Home Economic classes in America?

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Squirt those big titggies into the mixture yeaaaaaaassssh mommy giv me a sipppie hehehehe

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Teaches basic cooking skills and food hygiene. I completely forgot I did this shit a few times at school.

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does this indicate a healthy diet?

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That's half a bono you crapped out there 7.5/10

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fuck off, you actual child

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I'm so glad I literally JUST finished eating after seeing this.

I hate this fucking site sometimes.

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What are some good quality knives for cutting veggies that won't make me go bankrupt? Something ideally 80 bucks tops but also actually good

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Member’s Mark plastic handled knives from Sam’s Club

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How about you do some research and then stop by a restaurant supply and see for yourself? Dumbass.

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Internet says 200-225 until the internal temp is 180 and its juicy/bloody when you cut it.

Debating doing homemade french dips. Not sure I wanna risk fucking up a 20$ piece of meat.

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I thought it'd work better braised than smoked. Round is pretty lean and it might dry out if you smoke it, even if you don't cook it well done.

I make crock pot french dips that are pretty bomb. Salt and pepper, sear it on all sides, then drop it in the crock pot with onions, garlic cloves, some french onion soup, and beef broth (can substitute part of this for consomme if you wanna be a little fancier). Cook it on low all day, pull it, shred it, and throw it back in the broth for serving.

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What are the best ramen noodles one can buy as a westerner?
Are there any better than pic related?

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better than ramen i've had in restaurants

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Get your ass some "bat flavor and some evil virus!"

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what's the best way to roast these bad boys?

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In the oven with some oil and spices. It ain't astrophysics, dude.

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i'm shit at cooking though

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set the oven at 375 F
in a bowl, add 3 tbsp of olive oil, 2 tsp of crushed oregano and 2 minced cloves of garlic
toss your brocc in this shit and spread the florets on a pan
give it a good once over with a salt grinder, then with your pepper grinder
stick it in the oven for ~25 minutes
wa la

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what if i burn the garlic doing that?

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Put it in the oven.

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Do Texans really?

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Texan here.

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Texan here.
Grow a pair

t. Steer

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weird you normally dont see scorpions eating pizza, those lil scorpies must be really hungry

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Yes we really. They used to sell these scorpion candies at airports along with tequila worm ones. I've had ranch dusted crickets too but that might be a southern thing all together

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We have those gimmicks in Arizona too.

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Halloween is 2 days away and I'm getting real spooked.

Is there candy that keeps away spooks?

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>Is there candy that keeps away spooks?

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>Is there candy that keeps away spooks?
They prefer to be called african americans you racist.

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>drink smoothie
>pic related

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OP here. It's done.

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handsome boy :)

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Unite the Right lookin ass

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Facial hair is for fatasses and chinlets

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You're a chomo

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Can we have a thread about pasta and pasta recipes?

Also pasta making and tutorials.

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Crustaceans pair with mushrooms very well, they make a sauce called “mare e monti” (sea and mountains)

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Ingredients for 4 people:

>pasta (spaghetti, linguine, etc..) 320-400 gr
>clams 500 gr
>mussels 500 gr
>garlic 2 big cloves
>fresh parsley chopped
>salt (only for the pasta water)
>1/2 white wine glass
>[OPTIONAL] pachino tomatoes 10
>[OPTIONAL] chilli peppers


>clean the mussels and remove the beard
>put the clams in a bowl and cover with cold water with sea salt (make it salty like sea water) and leave them rest for 1 hour or more then change the now dirty water (they release the sand they have inside) with clean water and salt again then let them rest some more time
>take a big pan and pour generous EVOO with a garlic clove cut in half
>put the mussels in the pan and cover, put a lid on and turn on the stove on high
>as soon as the mussels open sprinkle with pepper and pour the half glass of wine, shake thoroughly and let it go for another 30 seconds
>turn the stove off and immediately reserve the mussels
>filter the liquids in the pan with a colander and reserve it in a bowl
>remove the mussels from their shell and reserve, filter the broth under them and put it in the bowl with the others one
>do the same steps with the clams but discard the wine and the pepper not to overpower everything
>filter the broth and merge it with the mussels broth in the same bowl
>smell it
>wash the pan to remove the pepper and the debris

These steps are optional if you want to make a sauce with fresh tomatoes and or spicy

>pour EVOO in the pan and fry the garlic and the chilli peppers (if you want them) following the steps (inclined pan) in the recipe of the pasta with prawns and saffron
>remove the garlic when golden and add the tomatoes chopped in quarts, let them go until they soften and press them to make them release the juices
>salt A LITTLE


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At this point you have to decide if you want to boil the pasta 100% in the broth + added water or if you want to cook the pasta for some minutes and finish it in the broth the last minutes, it requires some experience to deal with timings.

My golden rule is to have a total liquid part of 400 ml every 100 grams of pasta so up to 1,6 liters if you cook 400 grams of pasta.

In this case measure the amount of broth and add the remaining water to reach the desired quantity.

If you want to use the other method then boil the pasta for some minutes (use a pasta that cooks more than 10 minutes), let’s say 5-6, then toss it in the pan with the broth and add some ladles of cooking water rich in starch.

For both methods the goal is to make almost all the water/broth evaporate and to finish with a creamy sauce.

When you’re almost finished toss the clams and the mussels (you need to remove the shells) and mix thoroughly for 30 seconds then turn off the gas.

Add the fresh parsley and EVOO oil, mix and eat.

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>pasta with seafood in it

No. How about a good chicken alfredo or spagn meatballs fagg

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What about a pork ribs ragù?

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I overcooked my sweet potatoes.

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make soup out of them!

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That’s it, I’m getting a divorce

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It's Canada's fault.

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stop making that look with you face

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How can I make yeast from home? I cannot depend on the local grocers to have it in stock.

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Tell your mom to wipe her pussy on the kitchen counter.

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buy online, buy cake yeast from a bakery, or go to a dollar general next to the projects.

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literally just throw some yeast now into a jar of flour.
give it more flour when it gets hungry
wow impossible

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your mom is a breeding ground for yeast, you should take a sample from her

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Yeast is in the air. You can just mix flour and water and cover with cheese cloth and pray that you get some decent wild yeast to culture before bacteria can grow. Might take a few tries. Then keep feeding the starter and make sure it doesn’t get contaminated.

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