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I'm in the mood to hear some embarrassing stories about people and their dining habits.

>one of our friends turned 21 a few days ago
>drank a single beer at his birthday dinner
>people discuss how/when they first drank
>other annoying uptight friend starts talking about how he's never drank
>"blah blah I'm the son of a cop blah blah I've never had a single drop of alcohol
>smartass friend starts smirking
>"one drop you say?"
>starts reading out list of food/drink with ethanol in it
>mustard, vinegar, ginger ale, ROOT BEER
>annoying friend's soul is slowly crushed as he realizes his favorite drink root beer has trace ethanol in it
>for the rest of the night he has a smoldering serial killer look on his face

Anyone else have any good ones?

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/v/ sends their retarded regards

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Wasted. Didn't specify a board.
Rolling for /out/
>inb4 off topic b&
Chili with beans is for eating plain, chili with no beans is for chili dogs, burgers, etc.

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/out/ is doomed

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not a real roll
lets roll for /fit/ lets see what those faggots do

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Last night there was an "easy chicken" thread. These was a post in it about using mayonnaise as a fat to cook the chicken and it got a lot of hate.
This was inspired by that hate.
Here is a simple grilled cheese. Mayonnaise and fine grated mozzarella inside two slices of home made bread and fried in unsalted butter.

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Ur mom is a ho

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>you can totally cook chicken in mayonnaise
>to prove this here is a grilled cheese made with mayonnaise

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Oh? Do elaborate.
People were spewing hate of mayonnaise, this is a thread for things that incorporate mayonnaise. Later tonight I plan on doing a 30 minute chicken recipe that involves mayonnaise. Go fuck your hat.

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>ruins your sandwich

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imagine disliking any vegetable or ingredient

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Tomatoes are good on sandwiches with a thick enough bread such as a hoagie or burger, or toasted bread such as a BLT, but for your average "sandwich bread" that is untoasted and already made to be so soft you can leave fingerprints in it, yeah tomatoes tend to make things a bit too mushy and wet.

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ur an idiot
ur an idiot

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I bet you love ketchup though manbaby

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On sandwiches like that you eat them on the side with lots of salt and pepper.

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What does your weekly meal routine look like?

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fuck off retard

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Not like a sohy cuck numale faggot, that's an embarrassing thing to do and consume

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Looks like absolute garbage. Guess you gotta squeeze every second in the bugman rat race that is your life

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i only cook when I'm hungry, and i only get hungry once a day

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What’s the best soup?

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French Onion
Clam Chowder
Cream of Mushroom

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milk soup

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Beef barley

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Sup /ck/

I bought a 96oz prime boneless sirloin (think of pic related but huge) for a gathering tomorrow. I was going to sear it then slip it in the oven, as there’s no way to cook it completely in a pan/skillet.

>sear on all sides
>put in 400 degree oven
>check every 20 mins or so until temp gets to 135ish

Anyone else have experiences with this? Also share experiences with large butcher cuts of meat

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Be sure to dry brine it tonight. The salt will either pull surface moisture out or push it back towards the inside and your sear will look better. I'd check the temperature after 15 minutes and then every couple after that. Around 110 it starts shooting up faster in my experience.

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It’s pretty gnarly. Maybe 4 inches at least? I covered it in salt, pepper, and garlic then wrapped it up in the fridge. I have the same concern that it won’t be adequately seasoned so I got pretty liberal with the seasonings.

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Microwave it

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That’s what I did, detailed it in a reply to another anon, although I did so this morning instead. Hoping it makes a real difference when searing.

Another question I had was how long I should leave it out at room temp before cooking? For how big it is, I was thinking ~3hrs.

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never cook something for the first time for guests. wtf.

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>love the taste of beer with burgers, steak, pizza
>get a nasty hangover from drinking even 1 beer
Anyone else cursed like I am?

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no it took me 14 beers last night to get my hangover

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I'm not drunk but if I drink 1 beer after 5 pm I can't sleep. Didn't do wonder for my social life.

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Try a beery-tasting cider and see if that helps?

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Or make sure you only drink German beer, they're regulated to make sure they don't contain sulphates, prevents hangovers.
(A lot of the beers people think are German are actually dutch.)

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Fruit cocktail with some cottage cheese is one of the great treats. Salty, sweet, and has a bit of nutrition to boot.

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I'm gay btw not sure if that matters :/

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lol my parents always have a can of this at their house

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Omg dude your parents... are gay

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You are sick.

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Are you Eastern European, Pavel?

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No. Whoever graded that as choice is full of shit.

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Imagine that was a cut of human loin

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Easy there rabbi, they’ll catch on even more.

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Not really but you can make it taste good depending on how you cook it.

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/deenz/ thread

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Crackers or rye?
I personally like rye and a little mayo for my deenz. Simply delightful.

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The lady who drove my bus all through school just passed away and she was an old Filipino lady. My mom would always buy these spring rolls off of her. they had a beef filling and a super crispy outside I honestly dream about these things and Im afraid Ill never get to eat one again.
Does anyone have any kind of Filipino Spring roll recipes I can try so I can have a flavor of my child hood back.

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Don't have a specific recipe for you but the name of the food you are looking for is lumpia. Hopefully anon will have more answers for you.

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Alright Ill check those out

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Her name was Ms. Fe (Fay) and my dad would sharpen her knives for her and one day she pulled up and she yelled out the door to my dad as i was getting on the bus "I cut my fingah on you knife!"

Rip Ms Fe may your lumpia live in the memories of many

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Lumpia are easy enough to make, its just tedious. Frozen wrappers are $1.79 for a package of 25 in the frozen section. The filling is usually ground pork, but use whatever meat you like. Fry it up with nice Asian flavors that you like, usually I start with pork, then add onion, garlic, soy sauce, pepper, sesame oil, etc, then dump in a bag of cole slaw mix for easy shredded cabbage and carrot. Get to rolling (takes me nearly an hour to make 25), then fry or freeze. I hope you have friends to make the process fun, because its labor intensive.

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May she burn in hell

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How do Americans only eat fast food and junk food every single day and not get sick from eating it?

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>but single person doesn't pay much in taxes unless you make billions
You literally pay 50% or more of your income

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How do Europeans only eat fast food and junk food every single day and not get sick from eating it?

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Americans are the biggest consumers on the planet look at the emissions per capita

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Selective webms don't change shit. The statistics of emissions per capita do. And it says you are fat greedy fucks

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Does pizza hut hold a patent on stuffed crust? Why doesn't dominos have a stuffed crust?

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dominos uk has stuffed crust

>> No.15452893

One of the frozen pizza brands has stuffed crust too. I don't remember which one though

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because stuffed crust requires one of two things. Prepacked, frozen dough(which most of the major chains don't wanna do except for pizza hut), or you do it yourself. i work at a papa johns and we're already running into problems with the stuffed crust, the very nature of it precludes making it more than like an hour in advance which means during rushes we just have to have someone making only stuffed crusts. it's a bitch.

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You got me curious. Is there any trick to it? Always wanted to try it but I'm sure trying it naively is gonna suck

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just freeze some cheese strings and roll them into the dough

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Anyone ever see the black chef episode of iron chef Japan?

For years I’ve been looking for it

Appreciate any help any YouTube links... anything thanks

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I’ve just always been a fan of the show and curious what ingredient was used for this battle and they use the black chef bin the shows intro but I’ve never seen it

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You’re terrible please no need for racism here just looking for the episode

>> No.15452930

Appreciate any help... YouTube link? Asking here because/CK/ is for foodies

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Has anybody here ever used gunpowder as a cooking ingredient?

Specifically black powder, as that both has a history of human consumption and is chemically safe, being made of only 3 ingredients. Sulfur, which is safe for consumption, Salt peter, which is used in curing meat and as a mineral salt for flavoring, and charcoal, which is just neutral carbon that is often eaten to absorb poison.

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Eveyone says they mix saltpeter into your food in basic training. Not sure if it's true, but I couldn't get a boner for most of those 3 months.

>> No.15453076

It doesn’t seem to be something that people use anymore, which seems kinda stupid. I like the idea of eating as many different things as possible so I want to consume the powder now.

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sniffin brownbrown makes you invisible to bullets

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the fuck?
what is brown brown
who told you that
>this thread, pic related

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>wtf is google
cocaine and gunpowder

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Here's a fun fact about liquor in Norway:

In Norway, alcoholic beverages that contain more than 22% alcohol, like whisky, vodka etc, is called "brennevin" which directly translate to "burning wine". Another not so fun fact is that you can only buy it in government shops that is called "vinmonopolet" which translates to "The Wine Monopoly". Everything stronger than 4.7% is only allowed to be sold in the wine monopoly, even beer.

Post fun facts about food and beverages or anything related ples

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And to burn means to distill. So distilled wine would be the correct translation

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Aren't cunts like Norway places where people drink a lot due to long nights and winters?

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He seems to have theraputic effect on older men with middle life crisis and/or depression.
I don't know how or why, but he helped me with mine.

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>And to burn means to distill
It literally means to burn, but you are right that in norway "to burn" also mean "to distill" probably because they traditionally used an open flame to generate the heat needed to distill it. It's a pretty interesting point that I didn't think about and I am inclined to believe your explanation is the right one. Mine is of course right to, but I missed the significant part of it

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I got gifted demi glace by my cousin.
What do i do with it?

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Make bouf bb

>> No.15453158

Rub it all over your naked body

>> No.15453183

This, send them pics

>> No.15453212

You put it in the freezer and it goes from demi-glace to glace.

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Is there an easier way to make demi-glace than the way Adam does it?

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dont believe me? google "child porn"

>> No.15453039

He has to be at least part Jewish. You say he's Italian... Whatever. He was literally shilling his sponsor's product in a children's graveyard in one video.

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nice simple single number and easy to understand
random fucking number in the hundreds for something that doesn't weigh much

why do metric fags act like their system is better?

>> No.15453136

nice simple single number and easy to understand
random fucking number in the hundreds for something that doesn't weigh much

why do imperial fags act like their system is better?

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He's not making demi-glace, he's making brown stock. That's only half the ingredirnts. Gravox will bring you closer to demi-glace.

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I'm not really a bread-orientated individual. I'm bad at the time management, I suck at kneading, high hydration drives me nuts. All my attempts at basic loaves have been extremely mediocre.

That said, I'd really like to pin down a baguette process to go alongside soups and whatever. Do any breadsavants have tips for bringing those distinct baguette features to fruition?

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