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So, i just made a lot of stock, and im going to a bbq tomorrow, any recipes for turning some of the stock into a nice sauce for the meat

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The truth is that Africans in general are genetically predisposed to higher levels of violence and superstitions. I don't think they should be eradicated or treated badly, but the facts that I stated should be kept in mind when dealing with them. The only way for them to truly evolve as humans is to recognise the truth and actively try to model their behaviour accordingly. Some have been capable already.

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some of my friends irl depersoned me because i told them in an extremely non-pol and very scientific fashion that black people are genetically predisposed to violence, and because of this, we must create programs to identify and intervene with the most affected individuals

so to sum it up:
wanting to help black people: racist
"they will figure it out": not racist

(they will not ever figure it out)

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>/ck/ - food & cooking

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Idk if it's possible to say this in a non-pol way, kek.

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The worst part of it all is how their culture is spreading. If it remained in their own communities, I honestly wouldn't care.

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>Lemme get this toast out real quick

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only if you hold my hand while getting it out o.o

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this is safe if you jump in the air while doing it
electricity only normally runs through you because your body is acting as the ground wire

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Or just unplug it?

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the worst that can happen is a fuse blowing out when you do this shit while it's still on. Can burgers really still kill themelves with their toasters ?

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There are no safety regulations under capitalism, silly anon

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A few months ago I uncovered a recipe stolen by Chef John from a smaller channel.

It has happened again.

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sDELM846Ls

Copy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNwIGKFvDYc

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imagine using recipes made by someone else.


btw what's the last thing you've cooked, faggot ?

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I made some biscuity things yesterday.

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How many good recipes are left dude, cooking is like 2 million years old

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someone posts this like every month

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Post your most recent dish you took a photo of.
Share recipes, give playing tips, rate others meals

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Those potatoes look mean
Any good?
Never been a fan of the spaghett, how do you make it?
Looks good, but again, no bread and just carrots?
I’d eat that
This looks deliscous

I made chicken burgers with guacamole, secret sauce and sweet potatoes. Lord was I hungry that night

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Thai curry/stew with shrimp & cod. It was very good

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Do want

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Kale stems. Was a bit of an experiment, they would have been better a bit crisper.
This dude is spot on, other than the rhubarb. Potatoes were done on the same tray as the chicken.
Breasts were stuffed with chopped spinach, parmesan and provolone

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I give recipient:

1 onion, finely chopped
2 inches of finely chopped leek
Lots of garlic, chili & ginger, finely chopped
1-2 spoons of red curry paste
1 can of coconut cream.
Fish sauce to taste
Like to taste

Do as you’d do when making curry. Fry aromatics, add onion, let it cook for a while. Add curry paste, then coconut cream. Add fish sauce and lime to taste. When done, throw shrimp and cod into, until cooked.
Serve with carb of choice, we made bread rolls as my gf don’t like rice

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>this is what Americans call salad

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A: There's no mayo in snickers salad
B:"Salad" just means a mixture of cold ingredients eaten together, snickers salad is served as a dessert

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That would make ice cream a salad

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A salad is a cold mixture containing vegetables

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Yeah fuck off to reddit with your DAR circlejerk
I think "cold" might be wrong, it has to be room temp or chilled according to this

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>whipped topping

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When will you take the MSG pill, /ck/?

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When gays and trans are accepted as simply alternative lifestyles by Chic Fil A.

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It's already in cheeses, so I already have

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Never. Fuck china, salt is better.

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It's chilling in the refrigerator right now ;)

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it does matter

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Imagine how excited my trans gf would be awaking to that after her SRS

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Dropped and reported to the FBI.


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(__)(__)oooooooooo( .)

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don't forget to eat pork every day to keep the jew away

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>Rubbing hands
Yes goy, yes

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Stopped me plenty of times. I guess the thought of hurting my wife was the primary concern, but the commandment certainly reinforced that concern.

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Pretty edgy kid.

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How is that going to keep Jews away? Their law literally states that they can screw non-Jews for money as long as they leave Jews alone. Eating pork could only be a lure for Jew moneylenders.

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How have they not managed to ban pork in the West? I thought the j people had power...

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What's the appeal?

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the avocado toast of the south

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It’s a vehicle for cheese and butter, it’s also a good foil to more more heavily seasoned proteins

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Cook it with bacon grease and add some poached eggs. Make sure it's well seasoned and it's a great breakfast porridge. Better than oatmeal at least.

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Is pasta with cream unhealthy? Is it as bad as pizza?

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Id say it's the sugar. 90 percent of diet related problems would be solved by eliminating sugar from the diet

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100% placebo

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Might just be the same thing that happens when people go on keto, it's not really the gluten or carbs making them feel bad but giving up those things means you have to cut a lot of junk food out of your diet.

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There are no bad food or good food in terms of energy fit for human or mammalian consumption, at the end of the day it is just calories and if you hit your macros

What is killing people in the west is meal frequency and spiking insulin. Every single animal study where they restrict the eating of the mammals their longevity increases.

It doesn't even matter if they eat the same calories, those rats which are given their calories once in a 2 days or once in a 3 days will live longer than they contemporaries who eat 8 times a day. Even though they eat the same amount of calories and eat the same food. It's the meal frequency and insulin, blood sugar spikes that are killing people, not the food they are eating. Keto itself makes no sense if you eat multiple times a day

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What's the longest you've gone eating only a single food? There was a stint of like two weeks last year when I ate nothing but pic related. Surprisingly, I didn't really get tired of them, I just stopped because I thought it'd start affecting my health eventually.

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Not even memeing, I unironically was a human toilet for my BDSM master for one week last year. I had no other food source besides what he fed me second hand.
The eroticism of the even had me so euphoric that I didn't miss regular food one bit.

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I bought a bag of rice. I ate a bag of rice.

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I always wanted to do this to someone.

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I'd like a girl to pee in my lap, but not in my mouth

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ha ha gross
me and my brother ate nothing but rice and peas with blackened trash fish for about a year. whatever they say about hunger is the best seasoning is true. shit slapped every time. haven't eaten it since

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Seriously what kind of reject likes thick cut ham or turkey on a sandwich?

Like, it actually increases the texture/taste of the sandwich to get meat sliced as thinly as possible and to layer it.

Imagine getting some thick fat chunky slab of ham on your bread vs the same amount of some light fluffy shaved ham.

Next time you go by the deli, ask them to get it as thin as possible, and layer your sandwich as thick/thin as you'd like. Layer it all folded over and pretty.

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I mean it is prettier, more functional, allows for pockets of air between slices making it an overall lighter and fluffier experience

Do you fucking understand me?

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*fart noises*

Meanwhile look at this disgusting shit, thick, horrible texture, slimy

A clear loser in the battle of thick vs thin

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But this beautifully layered ham and cheese?

Packed full of delicious deli flavor, cheese flowing over the delicately folded creases you only can get with thinly sliced/shaved ham.

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Let us all praise the thinly sliced deli meat, talk shit on those who prefer thick cut deli meat

And on top of that I like my deli workers to EARN their wage

Imagine letting some lazy deli worker just do 10 passes and be done

I want my deli workers machines to have to make several hundred passes to get my bag of delicious, see through deli meat done

When they see me, they know they are going to get a decent arm workout

Make your deli workers do their job /ck/, make them earn their money

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Yes, my deli workers will be SWEATING by the time they are done with my order

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You are suddenly a cook in the medieval ages. You retain all of your modern cooking knowledge and gain a loyal aide (pic related, you and aide(no funny business with the aide)).

What do you make to impress people?

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I ain't no faggot who needs homo sugar

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Court cooks actually had it pretty good, especially if you were a head chef. By the 1700's you were basically a low tier noble because you managed the catering and entertainment for the king/duke.

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A lamprey pye and some lark's tongues, all washed down with pints of wine.

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>no funny business with the aide
im making some pound cake and pounding the aides cake and you cant stop me

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Introduce people to mayonnaise and spice it heavily and add vinegar.

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how do you get the from one to the other?

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All chiles are inferior to the mighty Habanero. A perfect interplay of heat and flavour.

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best cheap cheese? for me, its COON

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anyone else here like oasis?

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I used to, but my mother kept claiming they were Beatles clones and she was right. It doesn't even mean their music is bad, but I can always hear her derisive voice and that spoils it.

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the beatles are shit u doofus

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I call abo's coon's all the time

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So.... are you all ready to be adults and admit strawberry milk is better than that garbage chocolate milk?

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all flavored milk is for children

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I know brown cows make chocolate milk, but Ive never seen a pink one before. Does it work same way?

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its pusy juice

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For me its vanilla milk

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yo i think we can live without this. kill those stupid bees

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my local walmart has all the products I could ever require.

>> No.16067942

Where do you think those products come from, son?

>> No.16067944

The truck.

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ground up midwesterners

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bees are nice u faggot

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Dinner /ck/, you?

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I can’t get past the taste.. I’ve made sandwiches or toast before and not noticed that there was a bit of mould on the bread but you can really taste it. Was that your whole dinner ?

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It's the metadata/exif in phone photos that does that. You can filter it out by a variety of ways, keep it in mind.

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I had some slit pea soup. Did you enjoy your dinner?

>> No.16068456

I did! It was quick and easy but just what I needed after work. How was your soup, anon?

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Preface: I don't know anything about cooking
A while ago I made a thread asking about how to cook chicken without an oven, and people told me cook it on the stove top
I tried that for the first time and I'm not sure if I did it right.

I defrosted my chicken breast for 4 minutes in the microwave. Originally it was about 250g, and I cut it into 10 pieces. I doused it in salt and pepper, then put it on medium high for about 8 minutes.

It tasted a little off; not what I'm used to from the oven at least. Some bits seemed a bit tough, but others sort of just fell apart in my mouth. Is that normal?

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Not OP but could anyone recommend a good tray to bake chicken in the oven with? I want something that's easy to clean preferably and if it's possible something that would minimize grease splatters in the oven.

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Not sure if it matters but I'm a tranny btw.

>> No.16068053

I'll consider that when I'm not broke

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theyre like 40 used

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You prepped it strangely. Do this
Defrost in the fridge a day before. For example, put them in the fridge the afternoon before you're going to cook them
Start heating your pan, medium heat
Rub the chicken with a little olive oil
Season one side with what you like: salt, pepper, oregano, basil, paprika, turmeric, onion powder, garlic powder, what have you
Add oil to pan
Place the chicken in with the side you just seasoned facing down
Set a timer
Season the other side which is now face up while the chicken is in the pan
At 8 minutes, flip
Cook another 8 minutes
That's it
You don't need to cut the chicken up, but if they're breasts and really thick, consider cutting them once lengthwise to make them thinner

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