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>there's no real recipe
>it doesn't have to be perfect

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If you're making something for the first time I agree. Usually when I try something for the first time I kinda use my own judgement when it comes to portioning and approximating ingredients then work my way to more specific metrics as I get more experience with a dish.

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Rustic is a cheat phrase to convince normies to eat food that hasn't been processed to death.

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I start strictly adhering to the recipe and then course correcting in future attempts until I get my version right

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>Go to McDonalds drive thru
>Order large cup of Ice water to have with my homemade chicken parm
>"Sir we can only give you a small cup"
>Order 4 cups of ice water instead
Wagies need to know their place and shouldn't try to stop people from drinking healthy water instead of polluting their bodies with sugary trash.

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I feel like this thread embodies everything I have ever known from this board. It's transcendental

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>Order 4 cups of ice water instead
Is this allowed? I thought it was 1 per person, although I never asked for more for etiquette reasons.

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This was my first post on the board but I've been browsing 4chan for a decade so I guess autism transcends as well.
It is allowed and I dont understand why these wagies dont realize I'm making them do way more work by not just giving me my fucking large cup of ice water.

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>be me in MN Mcdonalds
>Try to order large water
>Tell me they can't
>Go to bathroom,shit into a wad of paper towels, jam shit into hand dryer
>Call store phone as I'm leaving to report the mess

Hope you enjoyed saving your employer a nickel in exchange for your thankless minimum wage mcjob wagie

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This is now a fuck Mcdonalds story thread

>Grab a shit ton of sauce cups and packets
>Lay them on ground in drivethru
>Laugh while cars drive over them and they explode sauce everywhere

Old HS bully manages store near me so I fuck with them alot. Did the ol fire in the whole bit when he was working drivethru once.

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When I was shopping this weekend I noticed there were a lot of fruit flavored diet cokes. When I looked around I couldn't find an equivalent for non diet cokes. I bought the strawberry guava one and enjoyed it (and I rarely drink soda, let alone diet soda). Is there a non-diet version or is it diet only? Also are any of the other fruity coke flavors good?

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I got the last piece of pizza from the gas station!

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looks good

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>Fast food place has tip option when you pay by card
as if I'm expected to tip the qt cashier for just taking my order

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In a normal restaurant the waiter does the exact same thing except they take 20 extra steps to your table.

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I'd give her more than the tip if you know what I mean.

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When did they start using robots as cashiers?

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The thumbnail's face looks like a 5 year old, wtf is happening?

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A lot of filters.

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>if I eat it in small amounts then it's not that terrible

How about just don't fucking eat it then. No one actually likes raw tomato at all. People only pretend to like it because they think they're supposed to

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Not enough bacon, mayo and cheese Yank?

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Oh, I just meant that the inside of a tomato has a disgusting look to it sometimes, they taste fine

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No bacon

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Are saturated fats that come from cocoa bad for you like other saturated fats?

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Saturated fats aren't bad for you. Stop falling for boomer memes. They don't clog your arteries like everyone claims

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I’m in love with the taco girl.

What’s your opinion of Del Taco?

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The back of her shirt reads like a series of sexual commands.

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its good but my local one has a guy with trex arms do the drive thru so I cant go

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those are sexual commands to you ?
just how fat are you ? , you disgusting fat pig ?

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Please don't creepshot my girlfriend. I will find you and hurt you.

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She looks like she'd date a 4channer

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Mummy, I hate veggies!!!! Give meh chocolate ice cream!!!!

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>not forcing your little shit to go on a field trip with you to the big box store in the shittiest part of town so he can see the obeasts waddle around, gasping for air and wishing for an end to their miserable lives
>not leaning over and whispering "these people ate chocolate ice cream instead of veggies"

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>gets a bowl of chocolate ice cream and mixes the cold broccoli and celery into it
Enjoy, you little shitstain.

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I was the opposite. I fucking hated (and still hate) chocolate ice cream and love broccoli.

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is that before or after you pop the opioids to put on a cheery face for your abusive husband and three hellspawn kids?

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I used to eat ice cream for breakfast every day, because my parents wanted to sleep in and wouldn't monitor what I ate at that time. I only got fat after I stopped doing that as an adult.

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Where do I start?

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By leaving immediately

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bait harder

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I come here rarely, I get sad at seeing sandwiches, frozen prebaked stuff and chains. If you level up, I'm coming here more too.
t. Too Italian for this

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you have been deceived

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I've tried multiple ways. Cast-iron pans, grills, cole but after you get it off it always tiffs up.

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Take it off and on every once in a while

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This, but ungrugonically.

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are you sure that is the word you are using correctly ?
because it means the vertical speed of a jet
or are a kuk suger homoseksuell som tar i eselet ?

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Is it normal for my stock to have so much fat on top. I've done it before but I've never seen it like this. Do I do something wrong? And if it is fine, what can I do with the fat?

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>that much bone matter
The fuck did you do? Simmer, don't boil. Do yourself a favor and clarify that batch.

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I've been collecting chicken and pork bones/scraps and felt lazy so I threw everything into a pot.

How do I clarify it?

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First filter it through muslin then put it back on a low heat and drop in beaten egg whites and shells while stirring gently. Stop stirring and allow the raft to rise to the top as it cooks. Once the raft has solidified remove the stock from the heat and filter once again through (fresh) muslin taking care to minimize the amount of egg that pours out.

It's easier to explain through video; search for "consomme" on Youtube.

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if you have a large quantity you make a raft of meat and egg that collects the particles as it cooks, then ladle out the rest. I would never put that much effort into it; just pour it through a chinacap or sieve that you have cheesecloth in. It will collect almost all the particles making it crystal clear. If your cheesecloth gets clogged just stop pouring and put a little more in. Yeah you'll lose a little fluid from the cheesecloth getting soaked, but pressing down from the top will reduce this.

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Thanks for the advice. I'll look up consomme and I have a micron mesh filter that I used for kava but it should work like cheese cloth.

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Am i the only one here who uses drive thhrus to avoid the kindds of people in the restaurant

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You got Parkinson's or something?

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I've literally never said this before, but that post is so reddit I became nauseous.

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What does using the drive through have to do with eating in your car?

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I'm liking this post, in two minds about saving it for future use.

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I just use it because its faster most of the time.

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Post a photo of food.
Other anons criticize it in the style of an Italian commenting on Italian food in youtube comments

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maaamaa miiiaa what a spicy meataball

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did i use too much liquid?

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It is very hard to burn mushrooms especially in a nonstick on a stovetop - discard the liquid, add a dash of olive oil or butter (or both) and just cook further. You can even add raw mushrooms to cooked ones and still get a good result

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>discard the liquid

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I saw a severed penis in a Walmart parking lot today.

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Add a pinch of starch and use it as a gravy, add salt to taste

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You're supposed to add a bit of water and cook mushrooms in it, then afterwards you add the butter and brown them.

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Sausage McMuffin

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Sausage Biscuit > Muffin

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Yes, I concur.

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The egg is good.
>one of those rare times the yolk is just a tiny bit runny in the center
My god

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Sausage Egg and Cheese MacGriddle.

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>work 3rd shift
>get off work 7am
>consider going to mcdonalds on the way home
>realize how much more I would like a burger than a shitty sausage and fake egg sandwich
>don't go to mcdonalds

they are losing money by not serving quarter pounders 24/7

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Hey guys, I’m out and about. What kind of food should I get while I’m out?

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Pizza. It's likely too late in the day to make good dough yourself.

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when I'm out and about I like to go to mexican restaurants and sit outside. toke the bowel a few times
get some cheese dip for your chips and salsa and a margarita if you like

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y is choccy milk so yummy?

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Only God really knows

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Because you're underage.

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Are y’all really not cooking cheese onto your pork chops?

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No. Nice plate.

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Meat and cheese is not kosher. And I hate your plate that other guy is an asshole

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>jewish-American into sarcasm

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What am I looking at? Did you stuff the cheese into the pork chop it just throw cheese on top of the pork chop?

Why not just stuff pork into a cheese chop and and make pulled grilled cheese?

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is liking salty liqourice a sign that you're truly white?

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What am I looking at here? Are you analysing the structure of a newspaper article for school?
Are you 15?

And salte fisk are more sweet than salty. Get some Piratos or something.

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fuck af med dig idiot

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