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ITT: best foods to eat while on heroin. For me, I love a nice bag of spinach after a hot rail

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>Regional specialties can be easily replicated outside of the region

Even something as simple as a cheesesteak is noticeably shittier outside of Philly

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>Hated apples my whole life
>Too sweet/tangy no middle ground
>shitty texture
>Just moved to where there's apple orchards
>Apple harvest season
>Stop at local orchard on my way home from work

My life is changed
This is amazing

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Don't stop at just honeycrisps. So many good fucking apples out there.

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Like what? I dont eat fruit after I quit sweets and sugar 4 years ago to lose weight, Im huge into veggies. This had like the crunchiness of a kohlrabi but a bit less firm, and real subtle but complex sweetness and sourness.

Honestly the first fruit besides tomato I've enjoyed in years.

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I got 4 kg of frozen goat meat form shoulder to back everything in one frozen bit, all frozen together. what should i cook with it if i try to re-freez the cooked meal afterwards because its to much to eat at once?

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Why Isn't alcohol in chewing gum form available

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try pickling sticks of gum in a jar of vodka

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You ZOOMIES are so fucking stupid. If I thought of this I would fucking make it and eventually see if I can sell it. But you zoomies live in this "trapped" one track mindset. Fucking retards.

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whats the point? even if its 190 proof the amount is so tiny you dont get shit.

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why is the 3 musketeers bar called a milky way in europe? what even is a mars bar over there?

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The dinner

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Nice stuffed peppers. Good job

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Just how my mom taught me, don't feel like changing it
Onions, garlic, rice, ground beef, breadcrumbs, tomato sauce, parmesan

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peppers stuffed with sloppa

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Add little bit of mace : )

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I'll give it a shot, thanks

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Triple cheese is the best sandwich from McDonald's

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For me, it's the McChicken.

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is that on the secret menu?

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Kind of like the Double Big Mac: it's a standard menu item in some regions but has to be custom ordered in others.

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>white hands

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my vote is the Italian-American spaghetti and meatballs.

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The burger

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Burgers, pizza, chili, hotdogs, barbecue, southern-style fried chicken

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>want to try whiskey
>it's the most expensive al/ck/

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It's all the light shit

My go to has always been 100 proof cocktail mix I don't want to drink what would essentially be beer

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Is 25% more volume really that big of a deal?

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That's really funny, its the cheapest of the hard liqueurs where I live. I literally got picrelated for around $8 yesterday

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>that dmug white face

That bottle aint slick, chief

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Not even close Cletus

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post your dinner
mine is pita bread with strawberry fruit spread and a Gatorade with a weed pen

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>post your dinner

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rice and beans with friend plantains

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Too sick right now to eat dinner so here's the last thing I ate. Matcha bubble tea.

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Because of a digestive issue I've switched to a diet of liquids and soft carbs, including instant ramen and canned soup. After a few days of ramen/soup my feet are now swollen as fuck, which is apparently a common symptom of excess sodium. Is there any way to prepare instant ramen and get rid of some of the sodium, without wasting other things? I like to drop a beaten egg into the ramen, but if I dump the water I risk losing some of my egg as well.

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i have, the noodles still taste fucking salty considering they have about 700mg sodium per 20z serving.

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>1.75g of salt
Wow it's fucking nothing. (Also where does that figure come from?) Drain the water, add new water, chop up some veggies and make your own soup. If it is still too salty, you can try watering them again for a little bit, then drain the water once more. (Or fucking buy ramen that are not salty.)

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>Or fucking buy ramen that are not salty.
you can't it's junk food.

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Get tsuyu and some dry ramen/soba/udon noodles

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Well I have given you the only way to reduce sodium. Considering you are eating the ramen with the seasoning and the cooking water so far, cooking without seasoning and draining the water should reduce sodium content by a massive amount. Try that and see what happens to your feet.

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Gotta admit /ck/. This fatass is kind of based


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are 40oz gas station beer the ultimate alchie beverage, sure chugging vodka is fun buts its not realistic unlike chugging 40s

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Just order it faggot lol

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rodeo whopper. or smokehouse whopper. whatever the fuck its called

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>chugging vodka is fun buts its not realistic

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Why do they suck so hard now?

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I didn’t even get any of the discontinued items but the menu feels so lackluster to me

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I went to taco bell about half an hour ago and they were only taking mobile orders and doordash because most of their staff walked out tonight lol. we got 3 burritos and had them grill all of them

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they took the globohomo pill

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Is it because people like you go there now?

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Yum! Brands

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ALDI Appreciation Thread

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Trader Joe's is literally just a hipster version of ALDI

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Yeah I don't know the register people seem like big faggots who get mad if I put my hands on my cart when checking out. The convoluted system of carts there is literal autism.

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I’ve only experienced one Aldi, which opened fairly recently in my area.

I would describe my overall impression of it as:
>Alternate-timeline Trader Joe’s
Not even trolling.
Let’s walk into into TJ’s. What do we see?
>Young single “career women”, buying overpriced food to eat alone and a bottle of cheap wine to drink while browsing social media and convincing themselves they’re better off than their old friends/classmates who’ve gotten married and had kids
>35+ single/‘successful’ “wine aunts” buying overpriced food to eat alone and a bottle of cheap wine to drink while *still* trying to rationalize that it’s worth never being called “mommy” to live the ‘free/adventurous’ life their married friends could only dream about

Okay, now let say we've travelled to the timeline where those same women instead chose family life and motherhood.
Let’s walk into Aldi’s now. What do we see?
>The exact same women from the previous timeline, except now they’re buying cost-effective yet perfectly nice-quality food to feed their families, strategically using sale-items to plan family meals, and using a bit of the resulting savings to treat herself to a bottle of cheap wine to enjoy after the kids are asleep, everything is good-to-go for the next morning, and she pours herself a glass to enjoy while browsing Facebook, and feeling a sense of pity for her friend who is still single at 39 but still says she wants to settle down and have kids someday once she’s done with her “adventuring” phase

Of course I could be entirely fucking wrong because this opinion is based on one single Aldi. I also haven’t slept since Friday. Shut up and get off my nuts.

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this is pretty much exactly what ALDI was going for with their remodeling

before they made all their stores look more modern about....2? 3 years ago? ALDIs tended to look........"Soviet" is too strong a word, but it was a stupidly no-frills store....it just felt like you were being judged BY the store for daring to shop there

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Butter fried eggs over medium are objectively the best way to make eggs.

Bonus point for hot sauce in after the butter melts.

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>wanting oil infused burnt egg whites over delicious goopy egg yolk

go take your HRT

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Goopy egg yolk has the texture of what I imagine the sides of my small intestine is. Nasty

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Wait nvm I meant whites, I gotta lay of the booze when Im eating only eggs.

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Yes and they are delicious.

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h8 dried out overcooked eggs

Acceptable eggs are sunny side up, poached, soft-medium boiled, French omelette, tamagoyaki, or pasteurized then eaten raw. Tabasco sauce goes on each.

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Anyone else ever have these? For dairy free "ice cream" it's pretty darn good.

Only complaint is the need to thaw for a bit but besides that they're pretty solid flavor wise.

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thank you ben&jerry intern, very cool

>> No.16756017

No problem loyal customer

>> No.16756077

Hope Ben and Jerry's office gets firebombed
Buy from local creameries

>> No.16756083

Only if they are made of mashed potatoes like real ice cream commercials

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local non dairy creameries are asking almost 8 dollars a pint. it's unrealistic, but i also haven't bought any ice cream in a while. why, when i can just freeze bananas and make my own?

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I just popped your theeadso hymen! Mmmmmmm!

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>Post cheese pizza

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cunny on /ck/? Not on my watch

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