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Hey grapefags, how you enjoying your shitty fruit? I'll be over here eating my delicious apple

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That’s a cherry

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What are some Mexican dishes that you like?

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tasty cum bullets

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Pretty much all of what was mentioned in this thread last time we did it.

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Do Colombian dishes count?

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I need a Colombian gf so badly.

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>I need any human contact so badly.


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yo it's 10am and i'm slightly buzzed on red wine and i've decided now is a good time to finally try anchovies on pizza. what are some good topping combinations to go with these lil salty boys? or should i just try it by itself? i'll be ordering from dominos btw.

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What hellhole do you live in that there are no decent local pizza joints? I feel sorry for you.

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sorry you're having a bad day anon

i got capers and red chili flakes at home so maybe ill add that myself.

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oh and nice olives too. basically i'm telling you to make putanesca on your pizza

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Anchovies are good on their own, they provide a unami/salty taste that doesn't need much else. I like them with mushrooms to play on the savoury tastes. Something to cut through the salt might be good too, like chilli as the other anon mentions. Honestly capers for me just gets too salty, I can't taste the sauce through all the salt. Same with olives.
But I think it's best on it's own, with something hot like black pepper/chilli oil to balance out the salt

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alright i think i'm gonns go with anchovies and black olives, with red chili flakes as you guys suggested. thx for the help.

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I'm so fucking sick of you pleb faggots pretending that shit posting on this board makes you a corn expert. To cook corn you aoak it in wtaer for at least an hour, then shove it on the grill in it's husk. That's it.

Fuck you stupid faggots who think else, fucking pleb microwave bus riding faggots.

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Is that before or after you shove it up your ass?

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Hoosier here
You boil corn.
Only beaners grill corn.

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>not a beaner

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Na dude, we just broke 6%
You can blame the hog slaughter houses for hiring SEA's and beaners. they are concentrated in small towns near pork processors like IBP and shit.

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I’ll start.
So based I don’t even need to explain why.

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I'm thinking Arby's®!

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It's wierd, I actually was thinking about Arby's today. But then I remembered what their sandwiches actually look like.

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funny I feel the same way. there's something about arby's that makes you crave it when you see their branding until you remember the in store experience

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I like to stick it to arby's because of the prices mainly. sign up for the arby email club with and get a free sandwich with a drink purchase
loaded italian
smokehouse brisket
or any gyro
a soda is only a couple bucks
I'll be hitting one up for dinner, smokehouse brisket is a little salty for some, but I can dig it

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Arby's roast beef >>>>>>>>>>>>> most fast food burgers

God, I remember way back when they had 5 for $5... that shit was good cheap eatin. Not sure how it got so expensive nowadays.

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why does it actually taste like exotic mango?

i thought i would be getting some of that rip off cancer tastes, nothing similar to the real fruit.

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I'd rather an actual mango

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people typically only know mango flavors from alcoholic drinks. surprisingly, despite how good mangos are, it's not something the average person in America eats. traditional flavors like peach seem to be more aligned to their natural flavors

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>"sour" candy
>it's not even remotely sour
Why do candy companies do this?

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What is that?

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nobody knows what that is dumbass.

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looks like sour tongues

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I thought these were available everywhere, guess I was wrong. Might be just the Netherlands and neighbors.

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They probably are, I've just never noticed them.

>this rapey package art
based haribo.

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With each bite I'm seeing more and more dimensions.

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bro your cauliflower is on drugs

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>when people eat literal fractals and still deny the manufactured nature of reality

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You boiled the fuck out of that. What a shame.

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Is it just me or is that knife phasing through the plate?

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Arugula hurts my mouth

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then don't eat it, pussy. more for me

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You gotta trim the points off them leafs first.

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It’s supposed to hurt your mouth you fucking autist.
Do you even texture?

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spray them with round up, usually works pretty well to take the edges off

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What do you think of this sandwich, /ck/?

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I've been jonesing for some corned beef (odd how hard it is to find here, even though I'm like two hours from NYC.

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if I can find good corned beef in CT then you should be able to.

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You the half Japanese guy?

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It looks like a well thought out combination.

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It’s good apart from the cheese. Why would you want a big slice of unmelted cheese with beef? The texture and taste will completely ruin the sandwich. Either melt it or remove it.

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This is the biggest meme in the cooking world

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> be chinese
> eat white rice
> live to 100 cancer free white eating meats & delicious foods

> be white
> eat vegan & brown rice only
> shitloads of processed carbs & chemicals
> hates life, wishes for meat like foods
> gets cancer at 40 anyways


Why are white people so fucking dumb?

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Not all whites, my yellow friend... it's mostly dumb liberals who blindly follow food trends like it's a religion.

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i prefer par boiled rice.

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Have you ever been to China? They're beta as fuck and the girls' yellow pussies turn into hot and sour soup when they see white guys.

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> white beta trying to call others beta


Nice try, vegan faggot white liberal. Go back to jacking off to BBC cuck porn and fantasizing about niggers fucking your women. lol

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Give me your ten commandments of cooking /ck/
Il start

Thou shall not use canned parmesan

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Thou shalt not boil an egg for longer than 7 minutes.

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Do Americans really put wood in their cheese?

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never rinse your pasta -chef juan from food fuckers

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Thou shall not cook steak beyond medium. ftfy.

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And the mad get madder. Just get a better job so you don't have to eat toothpick dust.

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It's vegan

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>"one French omelet please"

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Le kek xD

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everyone went back to carbon steel anon.
keep with the times.

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>quotation marks within greentext
Does /ck/ really do this?

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nobody cares about cast iron anymore anon.

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>meme brigader

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Making a cheesecake for saturday afternoon, when should i make it? Tonight? Tomorrow morning?
Tomorrow night?

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My Nana always said to give it 24 hours

She also said some very colorful things about minorities

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Have you had any eggnog yet anon?

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I have some almond nog.

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V*gans are not welcome here

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It tastes tasty

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I've never had it and you can't buy it here.
Is picrelated a good recipe to try?

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I unironically brougjt a half gallon to the gym as substitute for milk

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fried corn syrup sandwiches with raisin bread

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I'm Jewish, /ck/, and I'm asking my fellow Jews in here for recipes for the Jewish holiday of Chanukah.

The recipes must be fully Jewish and kosher.

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You should be asking what Christmas meal you should be providing the soldiers of the US Israel Defense Army as thanks for their service, Schlomo.

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Chanukah is over dude.

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a kosher bullet

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eat a Hezbollah rocket

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Tears of Palestinian mothers and children.

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