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2 months ago I defected from Jet's pizza to work at Pizza Hut instead after 11 years of service at Jet's. For those years and months I've been keeping a huge Jet's pizza secret, A secret that cost me my relationship and reputation. I took a bloodoath and was sworn to secrecy but after switching careers to Pizza Hut and seeing how pizza is properly made and delivered, I feel I have a duty to tell the citizens the truth.

Here it is:

The Jet's delivery fee actually is paid directly to the driver after every delivery.

All drivers take a bloodoath with Eugene and John Jetts themselves at company HQ after being sworn in to NEVER expose this industry secret. All drivers will deny that they get the delivery fee, Every 5 years Eugene makes every driver submit to a polygraph test to see if they have exposed any delivery secrets.

I'm sorry to have kept this secret so long

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I don't really understand what is your shitty pizza company and why should I care about the way they pay their drivers.

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Thanks so pizza hut is okay?

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Have you ever tried fondue bourguignonne ? (Despite the name this is NOT a French dish).

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Cuttings boards. I have 3 and I'm starting to think about getting a plastic one. Simply because I can put it in the dishwasher. What's your opinion?

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In the trash it goes.

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I didn't buy breast. I just have to vent my hate for chicken breast. It ruins every rotisserie

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It's not your fault that you don't know how to serve a flavorful chicken breast. Go die in a hole, newfriend.

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Even if it's juicy it's still dry

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It's not your fault that your crackhead mother dropped you as an infant. Blame her, not yourself, Anon.

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Supposedly juicy I should've said

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I just ate fruit called sweetie. All by myself. Look here look listen.

Btw... my sweetie was half yellow half green just like left one on the pic. Does it mean it's not as ripe as green ones? How does it work with this particular fruit?

I am female.. btw

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Stop pretending to be a woman, we know it's you WingsOfRedemption.

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I am female too. Teehee, don't hit on me, silly boys :)

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What is actually wrong with this? No autism please.

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>Slurping the noodles
That's asia. Italians twirl.

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It's just wrong if you use a knife to cut the Spaghetti.

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What is the benefit of doing this? Just stick the fork against the bottom of the plate.

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silverware clinks but fork on plate loudly scrapes

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Yeah that's called having autism. Delete your post.

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There is no better snack.

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of course, im not poor like an american

but why would i spend money on american things? only americans do that

typical american typing such dumb questions

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do you have a license for all this shitposting?

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why would i need a license for you shit posting? fucking americans, i swear...

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Autistic /v/ user came to /ck/ after all the epic "do americans really..." posts, you have to remember those were jokes anon, no need to take it too far

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only americans play video games, let alone browse a board for american children, american

only americans get upset when they see the word american, american

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i ate a hand-full of popcorn that was hiding a single gummy snacc. not all accidents are as appalling as I am, mother.

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i feel you

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One time as a kid I dropped my captain crunch on the floor and when I was picking it up I somehow picked up a piece of dogfood, was a rather unpleasant surprise. But once I realized it was dogfood the horror passed.

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Japanese food

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Rice is popular in asia for two reasons:
1) Caloric content
2) Rice farming is still very labor intensive (keeps all those chink peasants busy).

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I understand why rice is a staple in Asia, that's not where the confusion lies. Europeans relied on various kinds of grain flowers (wheat, barley, etc) and so that's everywhere still. I'm just wondering what the deal with having one or two fucking leafs or bits of a bunch of different things is a thing.

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spaghetti with japanese mint

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White rice was expensive, many poorer people either ate Millet or barley or mixed it with white rice. It's a staple but rather much like sugar or gelatin or ice was in higher class families in the west.

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The taste of India is also the taste of vegene and bobs.

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I don't want a brain eating disease so I just don't go to third world shitholes.

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Fuck no. If I was a cannibal and there were only Indians left on the Earth I would let myself starve. I don't know how tigers do it, they must be really desperate.

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Eat a nice helping of shitmasala and wash it down with some fresh ganges water

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I don't know where else to ask this but how do chefs adapt normal recipes for restaurants?
I assume most restaurants have to cut down on the cooking time so is there a set procedure to convert a recipe for home cooking to restaurant?
What do they usually cook in preparation and what do they cook when the meal is ordered? Are some recipes necessarily just cooked in advance and reheated on the day for example stews and braises?
t. anon who fantasises about opening a restaurant

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rendezvous ribs broils their ribs so they can keep up with volume
places sous vide steak and then sear it for doneness
you can't cook anything a day in advance unless you're just making stock, otherwise you might as well buy premade food

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Depends on what style of food you want to do. If you're doing simple shit like burgers and steak the only prep work is shaping the burger (if you don't buy it in frozen) and cutting the slab of meat you get and putting it wrapped for cooking that week.
If you want to do high volumes of pasta its better to leave a boiling pot of water all day and cook it to order but if you want spaghetti or some shit only you can pre-cook it with vegetable oil lightly spread on it and just reheat in the microwave later with some water.

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What do you mean? It's prep work obviously and depends on the style of cooking. They'll have things all prepped and ready to go. They won't reheat everything necessarily, but they'll have big pots of sauces going, like a basic tomato sauce, which can then we turned into lots of other sauces with minimal time and effort.

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I gave up on my dream of working in a kitchen 6 years ago cause /ck/ told me it was horrible so I never have :(
The point about tomato sauce is exactly what i mean. How do restaurants decide which sauces they want to use and how do they know at which step do they substitute the sauces in place of the traditional recipe?
Would a restaurant use tomato sauce to cook bolognese or would they prepare a batch earlier?
Also for dishes that involve meat being cooked in some liquid or sauce for a long period of time, how can they cook those dishes in a restaurant environment? If i wanted to make a braised leg of lamb for example, would I cook everything in advance? Or maybe cook the leg in advance but cook it more when it was ordered?
ty anons

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There's a reason people go at like 4 in the morning to do prep.

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Would you eat this post-colonial French Domingue cookie?

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Nope, she sits with her shitty dirty ass on that cloth. There are visible markings from previous batch. There is indian level of hygiene in this restaurant.

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Looks good to me

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It is made by french anon.

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I wouldn’t mind eating a clay like food
Also sage

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there are better ways to lose weight. Nobody eats those for the taste, it's to fill up without ingesting calories

so no

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So I want to try a couple of cocktails, not ones the average bartender would know. Do I just rock up and give them instructions? Do they even do something like that? I don't want to have to fork out big money for the ingredients myself just to try a single serving.

>> No.13687559

I think it depends on the bar, definitely tip the bartender afterwards though for custom drinks even if you don't tip normally. They should be totally cool with it though. What drink were you thinking of making?

>> No.13687577

oh you know, some ones themed off of a cartoon I watch

>> No.13687630

alcohol in cartoons?
... you sure you aren't a weeb?

>> No.13687638

no no there is no alcohol in this cartoon, the drinks are merely based off said cartoon

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So... puffy or crunchy cheetos?

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Out on the town or a day at the office? Crunchy
Chilling at home? Puffy

>> No.13687483

>puffs just disintegrate into dust
Jesus dude, stop rough handling your cheeots.

>> No.13687635

Crunchy, if I wanted puffs I'd get the cheapass dollar store ones that taste exactly the same. Crunchy Cheetos are noticably better than the dollar store equivalent though.

>> No.13687636


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Crunchy, puffs are less dense

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Well anon you have been found guilty of the following crimes
1) Faggotry in the 1st degree
2 4 counts of high niggerdom

You are here by sentenced to death!
you will however receive a last meal of your choice......what is it?????
for me its 100 Buffalo wings with 5 gallons of blue cheese dressing
ST Andre cheese...2 pounds
a gallon of loganberry
4 cheese and pepperoni pizzas
a beef on weck sandwich
and a case of Labatt Blue


>> No.13687359

A bullet

>> No.13687424

steak mid rare
30 hot garlic buffalo wings
pepperoni pizza from sams
gallon of simply lemonade
pint of black raspberry ice cream
K-on season 1+2+movie on blu ray

I think id be okay with death after that

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They don't have that same distinct taste to them anymore?

>> No.13687417

i drank so many of those. good times.

>> No.13687433

Yeah, I miss being a kid and not having functioning taste buds.

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Yeah it had noticeably more “bite” back then, kind of like a pleasant little sting at the back of your throat during each gulp.

I miss the snowman ads too.

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I miss those so fucking much bros

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>Some like it hot—for a reason: Men who love spicy tastes tend to have higher levels of testosterone, finds new French research.
You guys wish you loved spicy food

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This is a fucking stupid study. I like spicy foods, but I'm not about to put a bunch of tabasco sauce on fucking mashed potatoes.
On a somewhat related note, I needed some dried chilis earlier today, and instead of chopping them I just crushed them with my fingers which apparently got a bunch of capsaicinall over my fingers which I ended up getting in my eyes later.

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Shut the fuck up retarded bitch i suck your mothers cock

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They would if the peppers in the water were actually spicy. Notice how the bird's eye chilies are all on plates instead of floating?

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>being goaded by niggers and spics into literally drinking hot sauce
White "IQ" at work

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What is /ck/'s favorite gum?

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Extra Peppermint.

>> No.13687375

Had no idea that's what it was made for, neat stuff
Anyway Orbit Freeze Mint is my shit right now

>> No.13687396

Watermelon 5gum

>> No.13687399

Is 5 gum sugar free?

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for me, it's bœuf à la Bourguignonne

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wine, autism+ oven

>> No.13687328

Can confirm. I like to add heavy cream to mine at the end though

>> No.13687776

Boeuf bourguignon. That's the only way to say it.

>> No.13687800

*Boeuf bourguignon

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There's only one way to eat a brace of coneys

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It's a good book and a good movie, check them out if you get the chance.

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Stupid fat hobbit

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