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Fuck bros, I've been eating Lao Gan Ma for years and I never refrigerated it but apparently I've risked botulism for years now
Anyone else do this?
Was going to eat some just then from a month old bottle and read the label and it said to refrigerate it and after searching it up online threw it away

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>Salt to taste :)

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Bugs are icky, deal with it.

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You have been culturally programmed to think that, you are a culinary NPC

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I wonder what hoppers taste like

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Is cashew cheese really better for the environment than normal cheese?

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Zeus has given you a task of making a sandwich for the gods. What do you put in there?

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I love blood sausage!

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i love it too, mate.

what's the definition of a pudding?

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some dude from britain moved into my town and told me about this place out of new york that delivers full english breakfast's around the country. i can't find it on the first or second google result pages. it's not that butchers daughter bullshit. it's not even one of those places on the first result of map results.

idk if any of you fags know the butcher, __ butcher but if i can find the piece of paper i wrote it down on i'll post it in the next britbong thread.

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>what's the definition of a pudding?
nobody knows.

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so does ya mum

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not true. it's you. lil puddin

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why didn't you guys tell me this shit can actually be good if you branch out little?

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Russian food.
>earthy (shrooms, beets, potatoes)
>sour (pickles, kefir, lemon)
>clean (cream, dill, vodka)
>bitter (kvass, caviar, hrenovuha)

>umami (overt)
>salty (overt)

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White people food.


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Favors: mayo

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>Favors: sour
>Avoids: tangy
i thought those were basically the same thing

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caviar isnt bitter.

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>/ck/ shills me cabron steel and cast iron
>I shill it to dad
>dad is a know it all and tells me off
>year or two passes
>eedz fekin ribbed n shiet, fekkk

I indolently seasoned it 4 times over like a month or two ago (the one in the pic is just some generic shit from google images) and it saw zero use since I think... I have no idea if it needs to be stripped and reseasoned after being neglected (fats break down?) or what tf to even do with it due to the ribbing. I got some chicken breast and seasoned papyrus sleeves that my aunt pushed off on me a while ago, I might try to use it for that but fuck me, man, Internet can't even come to consensus over how you wash them shits. If it was a standard deep pan I'd be all over it but this just impractical.

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>/ck/ shills me cabron steel and cast iron
i know damn well no one with a serious post ever shilled that.

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>no one with a serious post
scuse me?

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so do I have to strip it or no?

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you can't read retard? shame, truly.
cast irons are nothing but a 'life long investment'
and carbon steel is for lightweight backpacking

if you're worried about scraping something, then that's your fault, not the pan. any pan should do, and each come with their own smidges of varying techniques to cook on. the only difference is that through time, production of these metals hadn't reached parts of the world where other pans had been used for the longest time. it's just a mcompetitive market selling to the idiot who thinks one pan isn't good enough and needs a new pan, with a better material, the best possible material that's been scientifically proven in the kitchen, blah blah blah. and who the fuck cares what your dad thinks nigga.

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just use it, it'll be fine, even all the cleaning shit is way overblown

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What is the general consensus on KFC Canada?

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Also black valid btw

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A&W is fine in Canada. My go to travel fast food place.

As for KFC in Canada, due to the government imposed poultry cartel it's more or less twice as expensive as it is in the USA. Less niggers though.

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The Canadian website is blocked in my country for some reason. I don't know what they have that's different.

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nice ad

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chicken pieces are small, selection is kinda limited

popeyes is much better

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What the hell I love both those things

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had a steak one from taco bell today. it's really not worth the price.

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Europoor here, one thing I envy about you Yanks is your bigger variety in beer brands. Busch Ice, Blue Ribbon, Rolling Rock, Coors Banquet, Steel Reserve can't get none of that shit where I'm from, the only US exported beer I can get is Blue Moon but that stuff has poisoned me everytime I've drank it so I stay away from that shit.

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Yeah but don’t you get like pretty good German beer imported?

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blue moon is an acquired taste that is surprisingly popular. usually you should drink it with an orange slice.

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I miss him so much bros

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Earlier this year. Way before his time. Loved his videos, his cross contamination always made me lol because that’s how most kitchens actually are

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people who destroy their life through gluttony don't go to heaven

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>Way before his time

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For anyone wondering he died from complications from a triple bypass heart surgery

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I wish he paid more attention to his health. He was a fantastic cook and a really down to earth man. I knew something was up when I didn't see anything from him for a while. RIP Daddy Jack

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>intention is one thing
>Execution, however, is quite another

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Yup, that's what the sous cart wrangler at walmart always told me.

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MPW is a massive chad, but he went downhill like crazy in the past years

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I've been eating kangaroo daily for a week now. Wonder if you guys have any interesting suggestions for recipes with lean, gamey red meat like this.
So far I've tried chilli (with beans of course) and ragu.
I want to make something to have with quinoa next.

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All farm animals started like that

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Curry? Sure, why not?
What about a sloppy joe? What about a proper slow-smoked barbecue? I've always wondered why slow-smoking isn't bigger in Australia, you have to weather for it.
One bachelor chow thing I make when I'm lazy is just ground beef, mixed with corn & tomatoes, served with buttered egg noodles. Along that line, why not stuffed peppers?or kangaroo tacos/ burritos? Shepherd's pie?

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thousands of years ago, yeah
humanity has tried to domesticate every animal we've ever come across, if it's not domesticated by now it never will be

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This, fauna are not gay or straight since they are only sentient, not sapient

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It's literally illegal to start fires outdoors for half the year sometimes.

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Redpill me on Tony's Chocolate /ck/

Don't care about the slave free shit but I'd like to try a more premium chocolate bar and this one seem pretty good at first glance, the thing is that they are expensive as fuck where I live and I don't know which flavors are the best, any recommendations?

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They're high quality. Taste like what you'd expect old-fashioned traditional chocolate to taste like. I'd recommend trying the red one first, since that's their regular plain bar.

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>Don't care about the slave free shit but I'd like to try a more premium chocolate bar
I don't want to support african slavery but I also don't want to give money to companies that use a portion of profits to fund african maternity care and create more africans

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I like the caramel sea salt
If I want plain 72% I can get it cheaper and as good elsewhere

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It's too sweet for me.

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we already had this thread

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Tell me your favorite frugal flavorful dinners for family.

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>Tilapia (rinse off, dip in cornmeal or Lousiana Fish Fry, no egg needed), shallow-fry in oil.
>Canned tuna with mayo, basil, and lemon juice
>Whole roast chicken or chicken soup; otherwise chicken breast
>Spaghetti and meat sauce
>Potatoes (Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew)
>Bat soup

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Mashed potato dumplings with a salad of your choice (the red cabbage salad on pic related)

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i have never had szechuan anything and had it taste good

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>watery soggy slop
>treated as some genius and exotic culinary delight

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>corn in noodle soup

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That looks incredibly westernized. I think that's your first problem, tard.

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That broth is transparent so it's clearly not miso ramen. Try again.

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Does Dallas have any good restaurants?

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Good store bought hashbrowns? I would just get some potatoes and do it myself, but I live in apartment and don't have a lot of space for the potatoes and other stuff

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I fucking hate cooking hashbrowns. They always stick no matter how much oil and butter I use

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It's not about the oil, it's about the temperature, you just have to make sure the oil is really hot.

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