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Why does he sperg out so much in his comments? Also post his best sperg outs

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For me it's Quizno's subs

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Where the fuck did you find a quiznos?

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They hardly exist. I used to work there back in like 06. Most stores shut down. There's still two like 15 miles from me now. Been tempted. But only for nostalgia.

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I need to borrow your time machine

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There's one near my house. Used to be like 10 of them within 30 mins. The quality has gone way downhill but I still find myself there pretty often

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truly the goat cereal

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I guess it's finally time. Not shit to do but sit inside and bake and make food...

This one, the "Artistan" series, or the classic?

How big of a capacity do I really need considering I'm only ever going to be baking for 2, or the very occasional gift loaf of bread?

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i have a classic and it's always served me well

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I own a 5 qt one would get a 6qt one too why not the thing is already huge and it's a marginal difference overall im sure. I haven't run out of room before but I feel the higher stuff gets on the bowl the more it tends to not mix in well and I dislike scraping the bowl down while using it. the main choice is whether you want a bowl lift or a tilt head mixer. I went with bowl lift because I do not have any kitchen prep space that doesn't also have overhead cabinets. I bought a refurb off amazon like 6 years ago and haven't had to fix anything on it. now that they have nylon sacrificial gears they're pretty foolproof.

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it's probably easier to add stuff midway with a tilt head right?

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if you can't tilt the head up due to cabinets it's kind of a mute point. I bought one of those plastic shields to add stuff while it's running but I prefer to just stop it and drop the bowl for a second rather than fuss with the plastic thing. if you bake lots stuff that uses confectioners sugar and whatever and requires you to fold stuff in while it's mixing it's more useful but most recipes you just dump things in.

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>if you can't tilt the head up due to cabinets it's kind of a mute point.

is that what i asked?

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>go to authentic thai restaurant.
>ask them to make my food as spicy as they can.
>they warn me multiple times but yadayada I don't give a fuck. I just want it.
>get the spicy food, it's so spicy it makes my nose tingle from smelling and my eyes are watering.
>while eating, my stuffed nose is cleared up and my face turns bright red. >as I'm eating more, I'm sweating all over like a pig. Have to go through billion napkins to prevent eating my own sweat.
>finish eating and I'm drenched in sweat. My back is all sticky from sweating.
>drive home, have to crank AC on max because I'm sweating balls.
>tell myself that wasn't so bad and would brag on /ck/.
>next day, wake up in the middle of the night because food was too spicy.
>while taking a shit my stomach is in so much pain I'm starting to sweat again
>as the spicy turd touches my asshole, I'm practically tasting all the spicy thai goodness through my butthole again.
>as I'm taking fiery shits, I'm regretting my life choices.
>finish taking turd, have to shower again because my ass is stinging.
>try to go back to sleep but can't because I'm in pain.
>my butthole is trembling, literally vibrating and it won't stop.
>try to play vidya to distract myself
>can't sit down because my ass is on fire .
>mfw I realize I'm just butthurt from my retarded decision.

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Based stupid frog poster

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howdy ho

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Spicy food is only for faggots OP.

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Josh is Best Boi. Prove me wrong.

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Fuck off Joshua

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he is jewish, so no.

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he's so fucking annoying

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He's fat but wears tight dark clothes to make himself appear more muscular than he is fat but I can see right through it

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>fat nerd tryhard trying to emulate a bald manlet nerd
Yeah no

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I'm gonna try baking some bread, I want to make "White bread" basically, not crusty bread. What kind of loaf pan should I order from amazon? Steel? nonstick? cast iron? only ever made crusty bread before

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What would /ck/ order at Pals?

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Rate my omelette for the gains bruh.
>4 eggs
>Diced onion and chilli
>Chopped leftover chicken breast
>Chopped leftover Chorizo
> 1 slice cheese
>Salt & pepper to taste
Just whipped it up post workout and damn did it taste GOOD...

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You know you love it.

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congrats on not burning the fuck out of it like many do. the chili/chorizo were mistakes.


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>muh post workout gains bruh
You'd think you get enough protein from all the dicks you suck.

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You didn't break the eggs up enough so you have disgusting egg white strands everywhere and it's cooked inconsistently.

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Is it bad for you? I like it...

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I wonder how many millions of people were killed by that guy in the 1970s who convinced congress than margarine and trans fats were better for people than butter.

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companies and profits rule over amer*ka

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That motherfucker. It was animal fats, including tallow. He's the reason McDonalds threw their arms up in their air and went, oh well, might as well start cutting corners.

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Couldn't find anything to eat because of the quarantine so I put sriracha on a flour tortilla and ate it. This is how you improvise, gentlemen.

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ur no fun

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We cannot buy anything. There's a quarantine going on.

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at least fry an egg jesus christ have some self respect

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Just did another one with some mustard. AND I'M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN WHERE AT LEAST I KNOW I'M FREE

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I'm american too but this shit is just sad please stop

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Can we have a ylyl webm thread instead of a home cooking show?

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Every webm thread is just the same shit reposted. Keep it in one thread unless you have something original to post.

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Anyone here use finishing salts? Recently started using them and it's been a nice way to just give a little bit more for a dish.

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People love these but I never know what to make with mine.

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I only make four things with mine:

1. Boneless chicken thighs
2. Chili
3. Beef stew
4. Pepper Steak

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I don't know, unless you are in a rush they just seem so gimmicky and redundant.
Anything people really use pressure cookers for you are just going to get better results from a dutch oven or steamer.

They are nice if you just quickly want to cook some bigger potatoes, I guess?

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What's the next step in going from cooking the most basic of meals to cooking things that are actually interesting and have variety, without falling into the deep end of meals that take hours to prepare?

The pandemic has finally forced me to actually commit to cooking pretty much every meal, which has been great. What's been not-so-great is that I'm a basic-ass cook who usually just cooks some meat in a pan and mixes with side dishes/condiments/toppings/etc. and the lack of variety is starting to become a problem.

I've gone on to try looking up new recipes and variants on my usual go-to's, but they're almost always "hand-craft this component three hours in advance" tier and I'm really looking to just add variety to what I do rather than going full cook here.

What's the next step in improving my cooking, and where do I start?

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Unironically, trying out vegetarianism saved me when I was in the same boat. Really makes you cook harder.

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>What's the next step in improving my cooking, and where do I start?
seasoning and sides. any meat you cook should be either marinated/brined or seasoned. its easy to research online and see which herbs and spices go well with certain types of meat. sides are the same deal, especially with veggie sides don't buy frozen pre cut shit, get it raw from the produce section and add some seasoning while cooking and it will turn out ten times better.

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It might seem trite, but the more you cook the more you'll improve. Just follow a more diverse range of recipes from decent sources (avoid Allrecipes tier shit) and just pay attention to what you're doing to the ingredients and try to add whatever techniques you see into your repertoire.

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Spices and sauces. They're what transform every meal. The rest is technique and instruction.

>> No.13899175

this is true. if you can make veggies the entree then you're pretty good as a cook

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Why are these guys so sassy, yeah I fucking know how to cook steak, yeah I know seasoning your cutting board works NO FUCKING SHIT SHIRLOCK, OH you make sourdough WHAT A SPECIAL LITTLE MAN.

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Your favorite foods and drinks with matcha/green tea as part of the ingredients?

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based and integral pilled

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It’s very sad that fake matcha has become so prevalent among hipsters in the west. Authentic matcha is a beautiful thing.

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matcha monaka

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matcha salt on fried stuff but its honestly too powerful for savory stuff so a pinch in salt goes a long way. you can use a lot more of it in sweets because the sugar tempers the bitter, grassy notes.

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do you microwave water?

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as if I'm going to cook water the stove like some europoor

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>Not owning a kettle
Stay poor, mutt

>> No.13899248

when i was 5 i microwaved a glass of water for 10 minutes and then sipped it through a straw and burnt the ever loving fuck out of the tip of my tongue and my mother rightfully had absolutely no sympathy for me which made me feel even worse so no i don't microwave water.

>> No.13899251

I'll do it if I just have to get the water warm but if I need it boiling I'll do it on the stove. Multiple times I got superheated water from microwaving it and I'd rather avoid having to deal with that.

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Funny fake experiment

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Why are white women so obsessed with Amys frozen food products?

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Go fuck yourself, Amy. Your shit is the last garbage still on the shelf during an epidemic.

>> No.13899194

>white women
and with that you mean dumbed down amer*kan womyn, right?

>> No.13899224

No, he means your mom, you fucking dumbshit

>> No.13899237

Amy's products are very hit or miss. For one they all seem to be vegetarian, which can be a little lame. I will say though that their chili relleno casserole is fantastic though.

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Women like it because it is expensive. Women like things that are expensive. Pink tax

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Is the Dalgona craze getting out of hand?

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Imagine the JAV.

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Half sperm half diarrhea. Gotta drink it all.

>> No.13899246

who is this semen demon?

>> No.13899258

like someone who watches anime, and whos friends watch anime, so they assume EVERYONE watches anime

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quick rundown on this Dalgona?

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