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Let's play a game. You roll dubs and you are forced to post your grandma's secret recipe.

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I'm gonna get a 2

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Anons all our local supermarkets have half empty shelves because of the virus.
People (Asians) are panic buying and some of the logistics have come unstuck.
Very frustrating shortages of specific goods- and it's totally random what will be missing, I experienced this in developing countries (and mafia states) but not ever in the west.

>no celery, it's a nonessential fresh food
No mirepoix, trying to substitute root celery or other celeriac as I can find them
>No cabbage
These last forever so IDK why they ran out
>Greens arriving already wilted
Thankfully bokchoi and the obscure Chinese mustard greens are available
>meat often unavailable, only selected cuts
Using liver, stock bones, hamburger patties for mince, tofu
>no yeast
IDK why people would panic buy yeast, it literally grows itself, we've got a sourdough culture
>no bread
I think old people are freezing it, so we've been making our own bread and i eat a lot more flatbreads

How are your local supplies going?

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Well, which is it?

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Fine dumb doomers have been crying about food shortages since April and store still stocked except maybe some of the meat but even then I can usually find what I want.

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Redirect me to al/ck/
Asking for a fried

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post yours

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I've heard this beast tastes good. Is that true?

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Rocky would know.

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I never tried but the fucker looks tasty.

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There's something utterly homelike about frying up a jar of moose alongside some boiled potatoes. Fucking almost wish I was a Native so I could kill wherever and whenever with any "illegal" firearm I want.

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My neighbour had some moose on the bbq that he hunted that day and gave us some over the fence. Fucker was so tasty I savoured it like I was about to go vegan.

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Why is pate so unrepresented in the USA? The varieties and stability make it a worthwhile product, but consumers have no options in burgerland.

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not trying to be a faggot, but not shelf stable

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Best bet is Underwood products.

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too different for your average burger. Liver is something old people and foreigners eat. The texture and the appearance is not like a McChicken so offensive to most of the country. Try more liberals areas, they're more open to food and new ideas. I can guarentee a trumphumper would call you a commie, a tranny or a european

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if you're lucky, you can get them in european delis/import stores. if you're desperate, you can sometimes find them in asian grocers.

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Say something nice about my ‘za

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Olives, jalapenos, bell peppers, onions, pepperoni, sausage, ham. Slop of za'shit

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Not yours but the people who made it did alright

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Jalapenos and onions are a solid choice.

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Post what you're sipping! I'm having Red Thunder (12 fl oz)

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You're having Coca Cola Energy in a mug? I don't understand it, but different strokes for different folks

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How does it compare to red bull?

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Tastes smoother, less acidic. Other than that, still has that typical energy drink taste.

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Why is it so good? And why is it so good for your health?

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>Not the superior Rock Star Thermos, Bang, or even Reign Infernos.

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It's good because they made an energy drink that doesn't taste like energy drink, it's smooth and doesn't feel like you're drinking battery acid

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Does lamb taste better medium rare like how beef steak does?

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lamb is best when boiled like in beshbarmak or well-done like in shashlik. Westerners will never understand...

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nor do we want to

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I tried raw lamb once and it was gross

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Okay and?

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I do not like buffalo sauce.

I like Spicy.

I like Sour.

I like Sweet & Spicy.

I like Sweet & Sour.

I DO NOT like Spicy & Sour.

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I used to think the same as you until I tried dipping some "superhot" buffalo wings in blue cheese and the vinegary tang was cancelled out by the dip. It was good

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buffalo wings are the true ambrosia of the modern day anon. might i suggest that the problem isn't so much the wings or the flavor thereof, but that you are a degenerate?

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It's OP practising his English before his next TOEFL prep course. Good luck, OP!

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bleu cheese is serious

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post yours and rank others

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>Germany not SS tier

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>Japanese that high

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Nothing could ever beat good 'ol American cooking.

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If you don't have two of the following :
at the higher rank then your tier a shit

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>Russian and Swiss on the same level as amerilard and leaf

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here is my take on it:

Northeast Asian: Umami
Southeast Asian: Fresh herbs (not spices)
Indian: Piquancy + Spices (as opposed to herbs)
Mideastern: Spices (but without piquancy)
European: Fat
African: desu idk anything about African food, but my guess would be spices, but less piquancy than India

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>I wouldn't simplify things to such a great extent.
The point of it was to generalize.

To boil a cuisine down to its unique identifier. European dishes have the most fat, Indians the most spice, SEAsian the most floral herbal flavors, etc.

Obviously Indians eat meat too, but India is marked by a distinct lack of meat consumption relative to the rest of the world (even though 75% of Indians eat meat)

Likewise, Europeans have umami sauces but wooster sauce is basically a novelty item, while NE and SE Asia are both literally built on soy sauce, fish sauce, shrimp paste, miso, doenjang, etc.

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the fact that nobody uses garum anymore, and that worcestershire is only used when following recipes and making cocktail sauce, illustrates my point.

Compare that to EAsia where there's 100 different umami-based condiments, they're the backbone of the entire cuisine, and even the umami flavor compounds themselves were discovered/isolated in Japan.

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there is no unique identifier. You don't cook with just one ingredient. It's an absurd notion. As daddy Marco said "perfection is small things done right". There is no "European" cuisine either. It's clear that you're not European. Mediterranean and Northern European cuisines differ greatly. A Swede will not relate to Russian food, a Russian will not relate to Spanish food. Spanish cuisine emphasizes tapas for instance, whereas Russians traditionally have a soup as a first course.
>illustrates my point
>Caucasoids never had it
no, it fucking doesn't. A sauce that was used for the entirety of Antiquity and Middle Ages (that's 2000 fucking years) is somehow dismissed because it fell out of fashion? So did bread in Northern China because it got replaced by rice from the South.

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>European dishes have the most fat
that is factually wrong. Central Asian dishes have the most fat. Whenever my mom goes to a Turkish market in Germany she has to ask them explicitly not to cut off the fat from lamb, because the pussy Europeans can't have proper fatty lamb. The amount of fat you encounter in dishes like beshbarmak or manty is nowhere near the petty amount of oil or butter euros put on their dishes.
Western Europeans are also always disgusted by salo (Ukranian bacon) because it's pretty much 100% fat. Goes back to my point in >>14531883 that there is no "European" cuisine.

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Fermentated food is big in central asia, notably Mongolia and Kazakhstan, so you missed out on that.

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Never cooked any kind of seafood before so I wanted to make some Honey Garlic Shrimp for the first time. Are there any tips I should know for making shrimp or seafood in general?

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1. Shellfish is very delicate. Never overcook it or it'll taste like rubber. Shrimp usually only takes 2-3 minutes. Basically just when it starts to get color is when it's done. Better to undercook it that overcook it since fresh shellfish isn't dangerous like raw meat.
2. Freshness is everything in seafood. Don't ever buy frozen or freeze yourself, you'll lose all taste and texture. If you have a fish market/farmer's market/hipster organic stores then buy it there. It's more expensive but it's worth every penny. I once wasted a ton of money on a bunch of clams from a cheap supermarket most of which didn't open when I steamed them for alle vongole.

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>fresh shellfish isn't dangerous
That's all well and good, but the shrimp ain't gonna be fresh unless OP lives near the ocean.

>> No.14532282

How To Overcook Shrimp: The Post

>> No.14532288

this chimp doesn’t realize shrimp are frozen the second they are harvested; as long as they stay frozen, they’re as fresh as they can be, even if you literally buy them on the dock from the boat that caught them

>> No.14532291

I mean that's true to a certain extent, but you can still get chilled seafood (not frozen) almost anywhere that is decently developed. Sure it will not be as good as on the coast, but it will be fresh. I had great oysters with my mom in Telluride, CO, and that place is in the middle of fucking nowhere. Takes 6.5 hours to drive there from Denver.

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Based or cringe?

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hard to find a picture but after thanksgiving I like to put everything in a bowl and top it with gravy.

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GREAT looking dog....

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calm down, whiteboy. Those are pets, not food.

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fuck yes

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the corn makes it brappier

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>corners the blender market

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Mine was less than $300. You might as well just invest in a vitamix since it's the best on the market and you'll never need another blender again. One time cost

>> No.14531950

this is why you spend 150 on a refurb one

>> No.14531955

Go to thrift store. Buy old blender that is absolutely Godly for 5$

>> No.14531956

I've wanted one since those videos became a thing but they're just really expensive

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Youve clearly never used a vitamix. Theres no going back once youve used it.

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>Ground beef, nice and brown

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>Cousins are spoilt cunts
>Bitch auntie is too lazy to cook or discipline them
>If they don't like food she made she'd just order Macca's instead.
>Cousins come over one weekend
>Dad's cooking
>"We don't like sausages"
>Dad's like 'aight I'll show these little cunts'
>Turns the sausages sideways on the bbq's grill
>"Yeah but have you ever had TIGER SAUSAGES?"
>Sausages have black grill marks across them like Tiger stripes
>Cousins fucking love it

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Kids are so easy to trick into eating anything if you just have any heart as a parent.

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Can someone answer me? Damn

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What did you even ask you little shit

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What do we think of British cuisine?

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Is the cake meant to be leaning slightly?

>> No.14532120

Everything in Britain is left-leaning.

>> No.14532123

it sucks, but her show is quite enjoyable to be honest

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It looks like fucking shit. Wat's up with anglos and their dumb obsession with fondant? It usually looks like shit and tastes like shit.

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What's the best compliment you've gotten on your cooking?

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At this point my the family I interact with thinks I should open a restaurant. It's come to my attention everyone in my family just eats mediocre food more often than not.

>> No.14532200

Yeah I've gotten this too.

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back when I was homeless I had to stay with various friends and family members, crashing on couches or in their basement for a couple days and then moving on to divide my time between 3 or 4 different houses. I paid room and board by doing housework and cooking dinner every night.

The best compliment I ever got was that my cooking is what brings everyone together.

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Asking for my recipe is my favorite. I'm pretty autismo and when somebody says my cooking is good I can't help but feel that they're being polite.

>> No.14532218

better than in a fancy restaurant

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is it just me or are chicken wings not good anymore?
everywhere i've gotten them from in the past few years the wings are too big, taste like they've been boiled, and the meat just feels odd to chew
wings used to be crispy and perfectly firm with a satisfying crunch-to-chew ratio, now they all taste like globs of boiled pork on a stick

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The Best Gourmet Seasoning You Will Ever Taste and The Best HOT Barbecue Sauce You Will Ever Taste

>> No.14532163

Most restaurant wings are dogshit because they go from frozen straight to fryer. The secret to good, crisp wings is to make sure you have a good amount of moisture out of the skin as possible before you toss them in. I guess most places just don't have the time or care enough to do that when they're making them in bulk like that

>> No.14532175

Cooking frozen shit is the same as putting something in the microwave, just 20 minutes longer. Cooking means actually making a meal pleb.

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50/50 sweet baby rays + pete's hot sauce

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