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can someone tell me why americans eat beef so much?

>is expensive
>is so dry and tough it has to be undercooked so it doesn't taste like ass
>can only be seasoned with salt and peper because the price point makes americans think the flavor is so extraordinary it shouldn't be tainted
>should be cooked seperately from other ingredients so it doesn't take on their flavor
>cows eat tons of food
>cows literally devastate the environment with their grazing and farting
>when farmers can't afford to buy cow feed they feed them gummy worms and then americans eat that shit

meanwhile pork

>is cheap
>can have every part of its body used for food
>remains juicy and delicious after being properly cooked
>accepts any seasoning
>can be used in any recipe and is complimented by veggie flavors
>pigs act as useful waste disposal units on every farm and eat leftovers of regular human food that we eat anyway
>pigs are clean and have no environmental impact

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Virginia, best state of the Metro area, not getting the credit they deserve for calling out that faggotry.

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Medium well is a kind of well.

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>be bi but look gay and have a lisp every so often
>At Dave value everyone thinks I'm gay
>Go to CFA with the family
>Sister is vegan and doesn't care much
>we all hate the no gays allowed shit >Sister pretends shes my gf
>Workers don't suspect a thing
>Go alone
>Get told to leave for being ambiently gay
>"would you like me to call my gf and have her make the order instead?"
>Eventually sister starts going a bit far in it including making out
>Whatever as long as I get my chicken
>Go to KFC
>Niggers try talking shit to me because I'm very white
>Get called racist and such
>Get my chicken and leave with various vulgarities in the distance
>Go to Popeyes
>Employees look at me strange when I ask for no sauce
>"Do people always get sauce?"
Is there a single place I can go and just get some goddamn fried chicken without some weird shit attached to it? Chuch's chicken sucks so that's ruled out

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>Rarefags will defend this

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Some OC here.

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