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post and discus cheese!

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god i love cheese

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Do you like johnny cakes, /ck/?

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I love you, Johnny cakes

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Fuck heart medication. It made him gay

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based or cringe? discuss similar cheese snacks too

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string cheeese

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cheese funny :D

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Um based? White cheddar and Gouda are great as well.

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Pretty shit honestly.

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Why yes I do have a large collection of hot sauce in my pantry, what gave that away?

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The manly beard paired with the intellectual glasses

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Wasabi is like fucking crack cocaine for me, I recently found out there is a place just down the road that grows the real deal, how much better is the freshly grated stuff compared to the green imitation stuff?

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The real shit actually tastes slightly sweet and pairs even better with raw fish. If you can get it at a reasonable price, don't hesitate.

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If I mix mayonnaise, honey mustard, and bbq will I end up with this sauce?

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You will end up with a sloppa shit.

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made fried green tomatoes today and dipped them in chickfila sauce and it was fire

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Missing bvll semen

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Im going to do something epic to reddit HQ (pic rel) in about 15 min live on stream.
Will definitely be on the national news in less than an hour.
whatever shall happens, thanks for always being my favorite board /ck/

live stream + quick run dwn:

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what is this like?

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It tastes just like unremarkable dark chocolate. I ate a whole box once in a quarter of an hour, I didnt notice any effect.

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The dark chocolate variant in the pic is pretty good. I don't like the milk chocolate one that much though.

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It has caffeine in it, not meth you retard. The entire thing has 200 mg in it, that's all.

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To be fair, if I drank an energy drink with that much caffeine id probably feel something

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I chowed this down while dm’ing a session of Call of Cthulhu. Had a coffee with it and felt generally sick.

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Which food would stink up my office potluck the most?

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OP said food

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Who is we?

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You know

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just get a durian and split it open
say you got it from a friend from SEA

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Unironically a fat, vinegary bowl of tuna salad. Imagine the vinegary shits.

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>he can't stomach poor people food
have fun dying when a depression happens

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Do Americans really?

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Are there any picky eaters who don't like potatoes? They seem to be the most accessible food. Picky eaters are way more likely to eat only potatoes than they are to not eat potatoes.

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What are some good uses for Greek Yoghurt? Is it worth turning into desserts?

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Tzatziki - grate a smallish cucumber, add juice of something sour (i use pseudocydonia), salt, pepper, some olive oil, half clove of garlic.

really good to dip anything into, espescially sourdough snacks and pitas.

Adding some to mashed potatos and less butter will make it lighter and slightly tangy.

A simple dessert: yoghurt, add walnuts, drizzle some honey. This is so basic yet good. You can complement with berries, fruits and spices as you like. You can also add little bit of brandy or sherry

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make musakhan

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This. Made a musakhan and my family loved it.

I mostly use greek yogurt in my smoothies for breakfast

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I eat it with honey

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Given their other dietary habits, it's shocking their "yogurt" isn't just a heavily sweetened thin white paste made of petroleum byproducts that comes in single-serving tubes

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how do i make these bitches digestible?

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Yes, they eat beans sometimes.

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Asafoetida, just a pinch.

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>heat up 1/4 cup or so of butter or lard
>add beans
>add minced fresh garlic, salt, chili powder and cumin
>stir until mushy
Now you know how spics feed a dozen kids with just food stamps.

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They’re already cooked in the can. Heat in a small skillet and add cumin and garlic. For refried, mash in skillet once heated, then add seasonings, hot sauce, a dash of liquid smoke, then finish by stirring in a teaspoon of mayo or sour cream before serving.

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You eat it?

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Do Americans really?

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Sure, why not?

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Have food? Yes, you third world mongoloid scum.

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seethe american

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Is that breakfast for one?

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>kosher salt
>deep dish pizza
>tapping knife on the cutting board
>hot sauce
>"you can't put beans in chili!"
>recipe videos with ukulele music
>boneless "wings"
>storing turds in the freezer
>almond milk
>grilled asparagus

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>making one long turd from 3 pieces
>freezing it until rock hard
>using it for pussy-to-ass double dildo action with your girlfriend
Ah, it's been so long since my gf gave me the Long Lorenzo

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I do it so I can sharpen it and stab an enemy to death with my own shit.

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>steaks rare
>i just love the blood and you cant really understand it its only for high test alpha males such as myself, sometimes i even wipe of the blood with my mask and have to use my backup mask to not infect people while eating my bloody goodness

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Kosher salt seems like a meme, but it is perfect for pinching and "adding to taste" while cooking.It also looks better on a finished product.

Table salt is for the table.

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It's not even blood

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I get it, you like medium-rare, or medium. Can't we all enjoy our food in the way that it pleases us?

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Yes, and you better put out tonight.

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What do Americans know about meat?

They dredge all their barbecue in seasoned KETCHUP and brown sugar.

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>eating meat

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No we don’t bitch, there’s many ways of preparing BBQ here

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Taco Bell recently brought back the Nacho Crunch double stacked taco and it made me remember how much I loved the other flavors they had, especially the habanero one. I wish I could live in a world where these are a regular value menu item.

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Those are literally special at taco for $1 right now

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Make me

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Just add some hotsauce and this is literally crack. I used to eat it everyday and never got tired of it. Best with Jasmine rice and kidney beans.

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>I used to eat it every day and never got tired of it
used to...sounds like you got tired of it

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I don't have a stove

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My mom would always run out of rice beans or hot sauce on account of me eating a big bowl of the stuff everyday.

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Which airline has the best food? And what is it?

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Emirates economy was insane. The quality was exceptional, and I never had the same dish twice on all 6 legs for my return ticket. Also unlimited alcohol, so pretty based, was tipsy the entire way to and back

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I can't drink on a plane, I think its the cabin pressure or something that messes with me. Had a shitty Mai Tai once on a hawaiian puddlejumper and got sick

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EVA Air. Cathay Pacific is pretty good too

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Definitely Emirates. Their lounges also have some pretty sweet food, and in some countries are the only place you can legally get a drink.

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>eating those trays of steamed dog food they sell on-flight
>not buying a big smelly burger in the terminal and unsheathing it mid-flight

I shiggity diggity doo bros

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I personally love a nice medium rare burger

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Sweetie, please cook that burger right. I don't want you to get sick.

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I'm convinced that all of these burger threads are just troll threads.

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I didn't know this shit is broadcast hahahahahah
Imagine your family watching the pure american entertainment

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>and it is in fucking espn
>they unironically call this a sport
They have e-sports now as well. There's poker, billiards, and Magic: The Gathering.

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Poker and billiards aren't sports, but they can be fun to watch. Better than Netflix.

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They should make not getting food on your face a requirement. That is so disgusting to see.

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All of those are better than Kneeling Niggers (American football)

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