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I'm craving some carne asada fries, but it's like 2500+ calories per plate.

What do?

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Are you that assblasted about having attended West Jeebusville High School with a graduating class of 70 students?

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And? What does my psychopathy have to do with your staggering incompetence?

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I'm talking about universities you sheltered inbred

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do you even bloatmax

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What's the best recipe for true Indian curry?

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it's not though, blends vary by individual and location unless you are buying premade, but chilies, cinnamon, cardamon, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, and black pepper are standard, most contain tumeric too.

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If the water isnt contaminated with human feces it isnt authentic curry.

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I think so, a lt of the ingredients are actually the same.

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2 large onions, diced
4 or 5 medium-sized fresh garlic cloves
Fresh ginger
Fresh chilies
4 or 5 cloves
Star Anise, whole
2 cans peeled plum tomatoes
A pinch of poo
Garam masala
Ground coriander
Ground cumin
Turmeric powder
2 or 3 bay leaves
Fresh lemon
A few sticks whole cinnamon
Vegetable oil


Start off by peeling and finely dicing the two onions. A tip to avoid tears: Slice the onion in half length-wise, leaving the root uncut. Chop off an inch or so opposite the root. This should prevent the aroma from stinging your eyes. Finely dice the onions.
As an Indian, I love hot food. If you prefer your food mild, use two or three small red or green chilies. Note that the smaller the chillies, the hotter they are. Peel and slightly dice chilies. To decide how much ginger to use, place the ginger root next to the garlic and use slightly more ginger than garlic. Peel the garlic and cut into small chunks. Peel and slightly dice the whole chilies. Place garlic, ginger, and chilies into a blender and mix into a smooth paste.
Drizzle two or three tablespoons of vegetable oil into a pot with cloves, whole star anise, bay leaves, and cinnamon. Once the cloves begins to lightly crackle, your oil is hot enough to fry the onions. Carefully place onions into the oil and wait for them to brown. The darker the onions are (as long as they are not burned!), the darker your curry will be. A darker curry is more authentic.

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Once the onions are ready, turn the heat way down and add 1 or 2 teaspoons of garlic, ginger, and chilli paste. Allow this to fry together.
If you are cooking this dish with meat, dice it to desired size and add to the pot. Now add the rest of the garlic paste and slightly fry for 5-6 minutes at a high heat, stirring frequently.
Notice the gorgeous smells that are filling your kitchen. Now it's time to add the tomatoes. Use fresh if you like, but canned tomatoes are much easier.
Time to add the spices. Begin with the coriander and stir the sauce after adding each spice. About 2 or 3 small teaspoons will be enough. Next add 3 or 4 teaspoons of garam masala and your poo you didn't put in the loo, 2 or 3 teaspoons of cumin and about 3 teaspoons of turmeric. Remember to stir between each additional spice.
Cover the pot so that a small gap remains and allow the sauce to simmer for 60-90 minutes on a low heat.
Squeeze fresh lemon according to taste and serve with rice, chapatis, or naan bread.

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Do you ever eat breakfast for dinner?

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Sausage and egg McMuffin
Or the sausage egg and cheese McGriddle

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How unhealthy are you that you have diabetes? I eat two of these and I'm fine.

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I work night shifts and a sausage mcmuffin is my dinner 4 times a week.

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how is it breakfast if i eat it for dinner?

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physically you're an adult, mentally you're a child

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Fuck Phillyfags. Ketchup, Mayo, and Cheese Wiz taste fucking delicious on a philly cheese steak.

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They use cheese whiz in Philly though

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Which is just a testament to how garbage the whole city of Philly is.

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>cheese whiz
lmfao all this time i thought it was their retarded way of naming yellow cheese but it's a real thing made by kraft

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mayo belongs in the trash

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How would you consume this?

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haha, huh?

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had a pretty good laugh, my large friend

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>mfw i did this in Croatia


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These are always the most comfy of snack plates to me. It's fun to just try out all the different flavor combinations.

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Which is the best cut of steak? Porterhouse or Ribeye?

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I doubt anyone is denying that that A5 and prime cook differently. Asserting that the *thickness* is the reason is pants on head retarded.

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further proof that weebs should die.

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Can someone give me a quick rundown on steak? I honestly just buy whatever says steak in the name and looks tasty

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>what's the best meat: cow or beef?
>what goes with eggs: swine or pork?

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I use it to make beef jerky

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QUICK /ck/, it
s almost time for breakfast and I don't know what to get and from where.

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buy a few fresh local eggs, vibrant tomatoes, delicions mozzarella and some stunning fresh basil and make an amazing omelette

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McDonalds sausage egg and cheese mcgriddle

It's too expensive but FUCK IT

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What are we dipping our vegetables in gentlemen?

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This is a fine choice
This is also a fine choice

Some garlicky herby mayo would also be nice.

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For me, it's the best.

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For me, it’s the buffalo chicken dip, the best vegetable accompaniment

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JUST ranch

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>Eating vegetables
You can just grab an occasional V8 if you're really that concerned with nutrition.

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Would you ever mix curry and instant noodles the way Misato Katsuragi did in Evangelion?

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>curry ramen is a common thing in Japan

Not that I've seen.

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Is it true that Anime girls prefer black guys?

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Wife puts kimchi in her noodles.

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the only way i've had curry is boiling top ramen and draining it. i've never had it with rice

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What you /sipping/ on /ck/?

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Found the gay hippie. Get out of my country.

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Its ight

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Literal sewage beer

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Nah I'll stay and vote in another socialist for ya

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When I was growing up, my mom would make something called "western sandwiches". When trying to search for a recipe, what she made isn't what comes up. The sandwich was ground beef, eggs, green pepper, cheese and maybe onion all mixed together. Does anyone know the proper name for a sandwich like this? Since "western sandwich" is the wrong name.

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Yeah my bed you fuckin faggot

She told me her world famous Western Sandwiches was just sloppy joes and my cum she’s fished out of her ass for her sweet little boy

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sounds like a western omelet but with beef instead of ham

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That's what I'm thinking. I figured I could just wing it and make it, but I'm still wondering if there's a real name for them, if one at all.

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It’s called growing up in a trailer

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Cheese bread is the worst thing ever invented

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Is this like car milk you fucking loser

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Cheese bread isn't a thing...

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I thought you were shit talking bread cheese, and I was about the flip my shit.

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/fit. here. what are some things i can do with cottage cheese? i find it a bit disgusting to eat straight.

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>do do do a dollop of daisy

did they suddenly cut these commercials out?

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Great creamer if you're making peanutsauce.

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I fucked a chick tonight and my dick was covered in that... don't eat it.

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Make cottage cheese gratin with cauliflower

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apple sauce and cottage cheese and a little cinnamon is awesome also cottage cheese is pretty much cream cheese

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Any of you guys ever just eat mayonnaise sandwiches? Like literally just mayo on two slices of bread and slap those boys together and eat it?

>pic related, my favorite mayo

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sometimes if i make really nice fresh mayo, especially if it's mayo variant like caesar salad dressing or tartare sauce or something and i also have really nice bread then i'll dip the bread in the mayo

so yeah, sort of. it's basically the same thing?

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My family doesn't have mayonnaise inside them. But good for you with keeping that semen in your "fridge."

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Human beings are bred with semen
You were bred with mayo

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Fuxking right I do, but only with shitty wonderbread.

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I did when I was a preadolescent brat. A friend of mine turned me onto it. Single slice of wonder bread with a thick glop of mayonaisse folded in half. Nowadays I eat that southern wh*tetrash staple the mayonaisse tomato sandwich when they're at the peak of freshness like right now. Dukes mayo of course.

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Where can I buy dairy calves in northern Colorado? Thinking of raising some free range-veal.

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nah it is just me. Sorry if I lost you in the convo. I scored some adderall today from the Emu farmer's kid. Could be me.

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You are an adderall taking prizefighter that decided to buy a baby bull today, named it King Diamond (he looks like King Diamond) and just hang out on your land with giant dogs building shit all day? That is fucking metal.

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Well, I butcher 1 or 2 deer myself every year so while I know it will be heavier to hang I do have a heavy duty block and tackle. The cold room I don't have but does that really matter if J bought it in late fall and hung it from a tree when temps aren't going above 50F?

>> No.11058249

Animals would be my concern then, but that's just me. Full disclosure I've never butchered myself so I won't tell you what to do if you're comfortable with it.

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This thread is adorable and should harm vegans. Bump

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High blood pressure runs in my family and it's been running bordeline high for the past couple of days. I want to try to eat better from this point on but I realized most of the stuff I have is pretty high in sodium, which isn't good. What are some good snackfoods and meals that have low sodium/cholesterol?

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Fruit, vegetables. But really OP if you're fat and you don't exercise changing that will help a lot more than munching on baby carrots or whatever.

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Defend this.

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>but I also don't buy at all that the geese somehow enjoy getting force-fed
They can't experience the same kind of enjoyment humans do.

This. Getting fed is basic animal's instinct on one of the few things they ever care about. They don't have some overcomplicated culture built around it.
>i'm fed, cool
That's the entirety of "thinking" process of a """"tortured"""" force-fed goose.

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Uh huh. People like you are just going to die. We don't need you. Sorry. You're a minority and we have no use for you. That's how it works.

>> No.11050722

>wahhh why dont we treat non-humans as humans?
>wahhh why cant I marry a dog and fuck it?
Makes you think. They're fucking animals holy shit if you're going to care about something at least give a damn about other human beings being slave abused and sex trafficked around the world before you give a shit about animals holy fuck

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Why do you think it's only possible to care about one thing at a time? That's borderline psychopathic.

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Please tell me what actions you're performing for anything right now, anonymous poster on 4chan.

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>tfw opening up a vegan food truck

feels good bros

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this all happened 8 years ago, I still regret this.

>be me
>mom made beef stew
>i try the beef stew and it sucks, too acidic and thick
>i add cream, salt, cracked pepper, oregano and wine to the stew and stir it up
>i leave it alone and put it on a medium heat to reduce it a bit
>mom tries it shortly after i fix the dish and she loves it
>10 minutes later i smell burning stew
>my perfect stew was burnt, smelling up the kitchen and ruined
>mom walks in on me panicking, she starts yelling at me
>dad comes home, hears the yelling. He walks in and smells my awful mess
>mom throws out stew in rage, dad hits her and i run away crying and hungry

why the fuck am i like this?

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this belongs in /b/ you fucking retard

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Based logical hardass poster BTFO'd OP.

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How does this "ruining dinner" meme actually happen? The last catastrophic dinner threatening event I had was making my pasta dough too soft to be suitable for raviolini. When It started gumming up the raviolini rollers I simply stopped and made the dough into linguine instead and used the filling in a quick sauce.

How can you be so inept as to start fucking up and then just continue fucking up until it's completely fucked instead of just stopping the cause of the fuck up at first chance?

>> No.11055332

Why? Because she panicked about having an abusive husband about to arrive home with dinner ruined?

Oh, wait. I get it. It's because you hate women.

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has anyone ever had witchetty grubs? what did you think?

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are they keto friendly?

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I watched that episode a few days ago.

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Have you considered that maybe it's because because he stuck a putrid grub in his mouth and is extremely reluctant in eating it?
Why do I still post in this board with all these human nematodes? I have a problem.

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