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What's the healthiest I can eat for as cheaply as possible? What kind of meals must I rely on? I basically want to maximise nutritional input while saving as much money as possible.

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Go home /fit/

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Ethiopians actually based on data for the diet

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>this thread again
holy shit eating healthy isn't hard or expensive

if you want as cheaply as possible:
4-5 staple veg or bags of mixed frozen veg
frozen whitefish or frozen bone-in chicken, or better yet, go to a butcher or fishmonger
1-2 servings of deenz/oily fish a week
make pots of chili/stew/curry in bulk and freeze
learn to cook simple and expand with new dishes regularly

fruit is optional
fresh is optional as long as the alternative isn't canned with a bunch of shit added. Frozen is just as good, if not better, as fresh

this is the absolute minimum, you can add your autistic garnishes like fasting later

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Shop the edges of the grocery store and stay out of the middle where all the boxed/frozen meals are.

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what are /ck/'s thoughts on popeye's chicken?

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I don't understand.

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based "another fast food thread" poster

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What are they looking at?

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something that only based cats look at

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>imagine not knowing what the word kino means yet using it all the time without understanding the meaning behind the meme

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__ _________ ______ ___ ____?

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For me it's American cheese

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White American is great.

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Yes I sometimes put that borderline plastic on my sammies

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this post is extremely low quality

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Yes we do, and it's delicious.

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>the more tender the meat the better!
>man, have you ever tried Kobe™?
>wow it just melts in your mouth, and i've heard that means it's good

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Here's your steak, bro.

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Here's your Kobe™, bro

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I'd like some meat with my fat.

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Not me, I get meat all the time. Let me get some fat.

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>I get meat all the time
how much meat do you take a night?

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Teach me how to cook without sodium. I have to learn for health reasons. What seasonings should I use?

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>I have to learn for health reasons.
No, you don't. Sodium is healthy. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar or a fool.

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I've always eaten a shit ton of sodium and I'm a normal weight, my blood pressure is fine and my blood work all came back alright when I got a new doctor a few months ago.

Serious question, but what makes people able to process and handle certain things better than others people? It has to be more than just genetic.

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That was excellent

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Age is one factor. Nephron count declines as you get older, which increases salt sensitivity / the ability of the kidneys to excrete excess salt

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God damn it I shed a single manly tear like some fuckwit hipster Redditor.

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What are some reciepes with avocados besides guacamole?

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Tuna or egg salad with mashed avocado instead of mayo.

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Salt is not optional, silly gringo

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Chicken strips and half mashed/half crumbly avocado over spaghetti. Add a diced shallot, garlic, a dash of white wine and a little cream.

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In Malaysia and Indonesia avocado is considered a "sweet" fruit, so they make milkshakes with them.

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Two rock hard avocados; treating like potatoes
Slice or dice--I find slices are easier this way
Olive oil in pan, 3 minutes a side (roughly)
Until browned...what do you like?

Butter, cinnamon, salt...maple syrup?
Semi? Honey with cayenne and parm?

Teriyaki ginger?
Sambal splattered?
BBQ? The works?

This fruit is never wrong. I always find a place for it.

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Will eating a bunch of kimchi and other pickled/femented food really give me stomach cancer? I can't find anything bud evidence that points towards it, but I'm wondering exactly how much would be too much, too. That means pickles and shit will give me cancer too then?

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I thought fermented foods were good for the stomach?

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I have some kimchi i never opened that expired 6 months ago. Can i still eat it?

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Korean society is a highly stressful one at that. From start (childhood) to end.

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not for faggots, reacts poorly with semen

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The menu reads like a greatest hits list of West African cuisine. Standout stews include domoda (peanut butter chu), a tomato based option whose main flavor comes from slightly sweetened peanut butter; beefy, greens-rich plasas; and okra stew accented with scallions, garlic, and ginger.

Other classics from the region include garlicky, fish-oil enriched jollof rice that sports a ruddy hue thanks to plenty of tomatoes and peppers; fried plantains; and empanada-like turnovers stuffed with shrimp, vegetables, or other fillings. For dessert, choose from house-made cakes: chocolate and peanut, turmeric-ginger, and sorrel.

Though there is cutlery on the table, Joof encourages people to eat with their hands, as is customary in West Africa. The restaurant’s website has a helpful ingredient glossary for West African cuisine novices who want to bone up before sitting down for their first meal.

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I eat some of most meals with my hands now lol

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You sound African

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We mostly either eat with our hands or using spoons. African food is mostly sauces, stews, and soups. Normal procedure is to take some pounded yam, create a small indentation, and use it to scoop up your soup. Then eat the sauce covered fufu itself.

t. Ashanti

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Okay boys. It's rainy out, I just got back from Costco and the Superbowl is tomorrow.

So let's make some carnitas.

Up first we have a bit over 4lbs of pork butt

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And here it is boys

Tastes pretty good. May post some presentation tacos tomorrow if I remember

12 bucks of pork butt and 6 hours well spent

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Golf clap. Thanks anon. I was here for the whole thing on and off. You must be West coast or beyond.

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Bump good thread op
How much was that meat?

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Not OP, but pork shoulder is cheap as fuck. Its got to be one of the most inexpensive meats available.
For boneless, I wont pay more than $1.49/pound, and its often as low as $1.29/pound. For bone-in, I wont pay more than $1.29/pound, and its often just $0.99/pound.
Its not something I can stomach often, because its a calorie bomb (very fatty) but when its on sale for a buck I will grab one. The smallest one is usually around 4 pounds, the price of some fast food burgers, for 4 pounds of a very delicious meat.

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If bone-in pork shoulder is on sale for around 1.00/lb I will usually buy 2 and freeze one. Also, even after you cook the shoulder it can freeze well.

Thanks for the thread OP.

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what sohuld i get

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Why did the chicken tendie cross the road?

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Why did the chicken walk across the road?

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Has anyone had a hot and/or crispy item from BK ever? I like the burgers but their fries, or their onion rings or chicken nugs....always just warm and soggy. ALWAYS

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vegans btfo

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What the fuck is this?

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>they are adults who still play children's games

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Black outlines should always be avoided when making sprites

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they're called autistics

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Redpill me on pepe and his ability to live rent free in my head.

t. /ota/ teenbro

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__ _________ ______ ___ ____?

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Is fructose worse than sugar

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jealous yuropoor?

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Fuctose is a saccharide, dumbass.

Fructose + glucose = sucrose

Is it worse? It's different. In its native environment it's entangled with a lot of fiber, so it won't fuck up your blood sugar too much, but without the fiber, it gets your system going more quickly than sucrose (a disaccharide) as the its monosaccharide self metabolizes more quickly.

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corn is a platform.

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“Sour grapes” has never made sense to me as a negative expression because the sour ones taste the best.

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You realize it's from one of Aesop's fables, right? The fox wanted to get the grapes, but they were too high up. So he said "ah, I bet they were sour, anyway."
Which is why "sour grapes" means saying something's shit when what really happened was you failed to get it.

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i had no idea foxi could talk back then

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grapes are good for making wine and nothing else, fite me

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They're good for keeping in the freezer during summer so you can have a comforting snack on the hottest days.

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In reality grapes make foxes very sick, so it turns out Aesop was a retard.

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>go to italian restaurant
>chef isn't italian
>go to chinese restaurant
>chef isn't chinese
why is this allowed?

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Maybe in Wyoming. That never happens anywhere in a blue state

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>be OP
>be more concerned about racial politics that the food served
>fellatio many penises
Sasuga, OP.

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This. It's pretty unfortunate.

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Because cooking is a skill that people can learn, and some of the people that learn it aren't of the same ethnicity as those that originally created the style? How is this a question? What, you think nobody but white people should be allowed to use computers, or nobody but Chinese people should be allowed to use gunpowder?

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It's like this here but with Indian/Pakistani takeaways.

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Based and 'sotapilled
I just tried this at a bar and I think this is a new favorite stout. It was fucking incredible and well worth the shelf prices I've seen.

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tonight is gonna be a good night

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what kind ketchup does is a mustard based or mayonayse

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>this thread again
Where are the mods?

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>another fast food thread

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I'm sick of being skinnyfat but I'm too lazy to work out every day.
Should I consider keto diet or is it a meme?

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… Counting calories.

Also, insulin is fat-sparing.


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just become fat. it is hella fun.

>> No.11854485

irrelevant pasta. none of this applies to keto.

>> No.11854499

its not a meme, but it is a little odd, it runs contrary to established wisdom so you'll get a lot of shit from npcs. intermittent fasting also works well and is a lot less intrusive. just skip breakfast each day, and don't snack between meals or after supper.

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keto is pretty much shit unless you're very healthy. I use keto for about 2 weeks every 6 to 8 months to manage body fat. (because you have to live on a caloric surplus to get ideal test levels and decent gains) It works but you feel like shit and you have to be on a deficit for it to work. Once you're in keto you should do a lot of steady state cardio. So that you don't have to be on it as long and don't fuck your vascular health as much. If you don't have good BP and resting heartrate you should not even consider it.

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Do any of you have stories about quitting being a picky eater

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your point?

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i was forced onto the FODMaP diet after complications with a medication destoyed my intestines. but i've changed medications and my intestines have recovered, so i no longer have to be that picky eater.


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No, I was raised by Africans.

>> No.11853098

holy shoot dude

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this is about no longer being picky

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>Corn is no place for a mighty warrior

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Based and homestarpilled

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that website is the greatest thing to ever happen on the internet

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Who else /beardofcinnamon/?

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