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Potato chips thread. What's the best tasting BBQ chip you've tried? I'm pretty fond of these sweet ones, ripple cut, kettle cooked

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Did it happen to you too?
I have become unsettled.

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Based TB anon.

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Deep River Sweet Maui Onion

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>blocks you are a path

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Based and staying away from witchcraftpilled

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Let's get a cookbook thread going.
I love pic related. I have been using it for 20 years and it is an absolute godsend.

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god tier

Everything I know about baking I learned from Stella Parks

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In this case, the useful cookbooks are from 1938 and earlier, prior to ubiquitous industrial processing of foods.
Ideally they will include tips on how to skin and dress small game.
So basically, the old editions of Joy of Cooking.

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can someanon post a link to that huge mega cookbook collection
I've lost it

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I have one of these! It was from an elementary school.

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It's on libgen

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If I were to throw a mead hall styled outdoor feast for Lief Erikson day, what are some dishes I should prepare for it?
>inb4 larp
You fags wouldn't know fun if it beat in your door and raped your mother.

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OP I'd definitely go for a hearty stew with a really great bread. It's not on theme but I'm going to do a tavce next and that's the level of hearty I'm thinking of. Then of course you got to do roasts and I'd go for a bit of variety. Offer flagons of ale as well as mead, and anything you can serve in a barrel would be fun. Roasted everything like root vegetables with herbs.

Sounds like a good time.

shut up you incel cuntrag fucktards no one would invite you anyways and you know it

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The only people I know that are into the viking thing are this married couple of meth heads I work with and they're always going on about it

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/ck/'s official cringe list

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That's just your opinion, faggot. The real /ck/ list is that meme copypasta with the asian girl picture.

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seethe incel

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What are the best tasting frozen nuggies?

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My girlfriend gets the Dinosaur ones

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Whatever brand my mommy buys is the best because it comes with a sprinkle of her love that I always redeem with my good boy bucks.

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why wouldn't you unfreeze or even fry them?

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why buy these? cant you amerifats get like 30 for $2 over there?

I wish KFC would bring back that smokey BBQ sauce they had in the 90s

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What the fuck do they put in this shit, laxatives? I literally shat my pants the last two times I ate here.

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Am I the only one noticing McDonald's skyrocketing costs? Same crappy food, yet with a new & improved price tag. I go their for a vanilla cone & that's it.

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You’re so used to eating healthy food that your body rejects processed shit

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This is what all public corporations do when they reach market saturation and stopped growing years ago, they have to raise prices and cut costs to keep their annual revenue growth going up basically forever.

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McD gives me the cleanest poops ever. Like I wipe and there is nothing. Don’t even need to wipe, really. I suspect McDonald’s isn’t actually food.

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You can get diarrhea from too much oil and sugar. If you had soda and ate a lot of greasy french fries with ketchup then that could do it. There's also quite a bit of sugar in the burger buns on top of that.

I never have diarrhea if I only eat a burger and a salad with water to drink though.

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Why do I like gummy candy so much?
I'm 32 btw

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You're a woman.

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Same bro. I’m 33 and am a gummi addict. Feels bad.

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I am not
Same I'm scared about the consequences but I literally can't stop
I will look that up. Ty

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Why should I should I caramelize onions on low heat for an hour when I can achieve the same effect on high heat in 15 minutes?

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>Europeans are Asians.

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So what was your point, then? You've just established that all cultures of any note eat onions.

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>not on the list
>we wuzzin

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Most of those are for export, though, unless you believe that the people of Mali each consume around 35kg of onions every year.

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I never heard of eating an onion raw until I saw a movie filmed in europe that had a guy who worked in the subway, or some shit like that. He pulled an onion out of his lunch sack and ate it like an apple.

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I assume most of you have tomorrow off (Monday)
What are you drinking!?

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sierra nevada torpedo

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Captain Morgan's and lemonade

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Got buzzed with a 19oz Lagunitas 12 of Never Ale,
then had a small Manhattan cocktail, then been going back and forth between Wild Turkey 101 and Bulleit Rye. All of my favorite drinks. I'm on my last glass of WIld Turkey, significantly drunk, have work tomorrow, but should be okay when I stop and switch to key lime Lacroix to hydrate before going to sleep

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You should try Waterloo, my local place didn't have La Croix for some reason so I picked up Waterloo.
Its way better than La Croix for the same price, can also says Non Gmo and Bpa free.

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I think my local Whole Foods carries that. I'll try it out; thanks. LaCroix is just more accessible since my regular store carries it. Apricot and Limoncello are my go-tos, although right now I'm working through a case of Key Lime

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You can only post ITT if you’re sipping rum based beverages in a beach house

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I'm sitting outside at my pool/jacuzzi combo, on my seawall canal backyard looking at my sailboat. Does that count?

I'm not sipping rum. I have had no desire to drink since shutdown. I'm drinking frozen limeade, and roasting some shake-n-bake style chicken fingers in the oven. Gonna have some baby red potatoes and black eyed peas with it, green salad too.

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Mad respect in real estate AND beverages

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Will you miss it when it's gone?

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How the fuck could that be true when they constantly push their "boxes" which are a bunch of random shit packaged into a cardboard box for no real reason.

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How do I recreate the Mexican pizza? Haven't eaten a Taco Bell mexican pizza in years but I love that crisp but slightly soft crust and that secret undertone taste beyond meat, cheese, and tomatoes.

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wtf happened to Taco Bell? their menu sucks now theyre getting rid of all their best stuff

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Haven't been inside a taco bell in years but ate a lot of these when I was a kid. Second favorite menu item after the 7 layer burrito. Decided to swing my my local bell today and have one last one before they go.

It was my first time inside their new stores, absolutely soulless place. Just grey walls and steel everywhere. Not a single ounce of color in the place aside from the soda fountain labels. There wasn't anyone in the drive thru when I went in and I was the only customer inside. TB has been pretty much one of the fastest fast food places consistently. Well I place my order and 20 minutes later I'm still waiting and they haven't said a word to me about where the fuck is my food.

I lean over the counter and glace into the kitchen and ask if there is anyone that can tell me when my food might be coming because I haven't seen a person in almost half an hour. I get a bunch of blank stares from the 4 colors of the midnight persuasion and the token 56% manager finally comes to the front. I ask him what is going on and he just says they were putting together an uber order. I asked for my money back and walked out, sorry mexican pizza you weren't worth it.

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I will miss it. I didn't get a mexican pizza very often, but every once in a while it was a nice change of pace.

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Why is he so fucking perfect, bros?!?

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>Here the stores segregate potatoes into three main kinds: dense, medium, floury
Seriously? Those words are used?

In the US, we specific the name of the potato from russet burbank, norkotah, yukon gold, boniato, sweet, purple inca fingerling, petite red, baby red, white, etc. It's entirely up to you to understand your species, and where on the spectrum of waxy, creamer, to starchy baking style, that they might fall.

>> No.14702819

I guess that anon is German where taters are labeled either "festkochend", "vorwiegend festkochend" or "mehligkochend", which tells you how dense or how starchy/fluffy they will turn out.

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Cause tasty and you can do so many things, from fries, to loaded potatoes, hashbrowns, roast baby potatoes, potato chips, cheesy bites, etc.

>>the things I would do to you.

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My grandfather grew his own potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots etc. in his garden (around 250m^2). Tastewise the potatoes were just slightly better, but they were much bigger, which was more practical and had a better texture. He had that fucking loam in his garden though, which has many nutrients that grow big plants, but is a pain in the ass to work with so he needed machines to get through the ground.
In the end it's cheaper to just work some extra hours in your regular job than all the hours of work a garden takes. No questions that herbs and many fruits are worth growing yourself, but definitly not staple foods. Also keep in mind you end with a big amount of potatoes around the same time and you need a cellar to store all those.

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>not red potates

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hey /ck/

I like spicy, briney, salty foods. What's a dish I could make with these qualities that includes vegetables and stays good for a few days so I can have leftovers?

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Your leftovers are for use in the next 24hrs. Freeze the rest and reheat when you want it again.

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Sauerkraut is the main ingredient. Few days and it only gets better.

>> No.14695689

I just made some sauteed Swiss chard which was spicy, and could be salty if you add more salt to it. And has plenty of vegetables. Cut the leaves off the stalks, chop up the stalks and Sautee with your cooking oil of choice, onions, garlic, season to taste. I added a bunch of dried cayenne pepper flakes to it, hence the spice. Cut the leaves into manageable pieces then throw them in too a few minutes later, cook until they're wilted. If you want a really salty briney taste you could drizzle some vinegar on it before you eat. Doesn't look very appetizing but tastes great.

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That's not a flavor

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eat pickles lots of pickles

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I bought a cabin and just moved into it and I want to start cooking so I'm not eating canned poison. I need to stock the pantry with food but I don't know what I want.

>Budget: 150 USD/month
>Cost of milk: $4 a gallon

I have:
>mini fridge (pic related)
>mini grill (the size of 1 burger/pancake)
>toaster oven
>no hot water

What can I cook with what I have and still be healthy?

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>I'm hoping that means you also have a fireplace.
I intend to install one in the near future, but as of now I am on baseboard electric heat. My cabin was built by the previous owner to grow weed in, but since it's more up to code than his own house I'm going to winter in it while I renovate the house. If I had a fireplace, hot water would not be an issue.

These are cheap around here and definitely on my list.

I have heard good things about air fryers. I'll look into that.

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Onions, pickled. If you have an EBT card, buy some produce bearing plants next spring.

>> No.14697779

>I intend to install one
A neat pile of concrete blocks can be arranged into an outdoor hearth for dutch oven cooking. Some might even arrange for a metal water barrel to catch some of the heat of the fire, for cleaning purposes.

It sounds like you may be doing physical labor for much of the day; a crockpot is inexpensive and will happily simmer your foods unattended. Potato, onion, carrot, celery, and a Knorr stock cube comes out pretty good. The toaster oven can probably bake small breads; a crockpot can do some no-knead soft crust breads; a dutch oven can definitely make breads. Wheat flour + time is probably more budget friendly than wonderbread, and sourdough is probably a workable option.

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if you wish, you could use two Knorr® stock cubes. The choice is yours, there is no real recipe

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People have already said the easy answers (potatoes, vegetables, eggs, cheap cuts of meat). If your toaster oven can hit 400-425 then roasting vegetables is very easy and taste good. Just cut them into bite size and drizzle some olive oil and salt and pepper (plus any seasoning you want)

Another option that's very cheap in the long run would be to get some flour and make you're own stuff from scratch. Simple pasta (just roll flat and slice into strips), flat bread, biscuits, roux to make sauces

If you had a way to boil stuff making soup/stew is the ultimate cheap food as you can utilize any scraps from to make stock and you can make soup from anything. Basically lets you stretch the value of any ingredients you're already getting

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*is the GOAT meat*

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goat meat is the WOAT meat

>> No.14700826

Ok Noah Goldberg

>> No.14700842

based arabposter

>> No.14700854

the spanish are extremely porkpilled, im pretty sure there's some places where they literally are able to use every piece of flesh, organ and even most of the skin and some bones. pigs truly are the goat

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Pig skin is fucking amazing, chewy goodness

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And good food stuffs I can make from this? Just got done shopping for the month.

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Try some cheesy oats, I eat a bowl or two every day for breakfast.

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This nigga gonna shit concrete

>> No.14695807

make a cheese sauce/queso. start with a bechamel with onions and garlic then experiment with different combos of cheese and peppers blended/melted into the hot bechamel.

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Is high fructose corn syrup really as people say. The wikipedia article says there's no evidence it's worse than table sugar

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nah flour is worse

>> No.14699605

maybe for a fat fuck, 40g is a lot of sugar for a day

>> No.14699617

I developed liver problems because of over intake of sugar... my doctor thought I was lying that I didn't drink alcohol at all.

That shits bad for you. I quit drinking sugary drinks on a regular basis years ago.

>> No.14699620

The problem with it it's that is a cheap filler made to cut costs, becoming at least the 50% of a product. Like palm oil.

>> No.14699777

>Fructose is similar but needs to be converted in the liver by insulin
what the fuck, do you know what any of those words mean?

the problem with fructose is that its' metabolic pathways lacks regulatory checkpoints that glucose has, jacks up your insulin levels which sooner or later translates into diabetes

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how can I dilute this to make it taste good and just not retarded heat.

should mix it with some jalepino hot sauce?

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It hasn't been a good year for strawberries tbqh(with u famm).

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it's been a worse year for /ck/

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Just ordered some kentucky fried chicken, pic related. It's the driest, least juicy chicken I've ever had. Even the gravy couldn't save it.

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Why is the chicken meat grey? Can't stand KFC it's absolutely disgusting and I love fried chicken

>> No.14695461

They have genetically engineered their chickens to the point where dark meat / white meat doesn’t matter and it’s only identifiable based on the shape they form it into.

>> No.14695702

It's not

>> No.14695771

I'd say that their pre cut pieces like their sandwich chicken patties or the tendies are fine but I haven't eaten there in years. Last I've had it though their regular pieces of chicken (beat, thigh, drum) were absolute garbage and probably haven't changed.

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The occasional "grey chicken meat" comes from a unique muscle syndrome present in around 5 to 10% of chickens around the world. Most meat-packing companies recognize this and set that meat aside to be tenderized or used in other products, but it sometimes slips past quality control and ends up being sold and prepared.

File: 286 KB, 861x889, __drawn_by_katsuwo_cr66g__e5104e9e75fb76be44819b32e6f99fcd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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what are some good foods you can eat with your fingers? i'm tired of washing utensils all the time

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>> No.14699363

>So cold. So ronery ;_;
>It's okay though, mai waifu Asuka keeps me warm at night ^_^

Moot confirmed for shit taste.

>> No.14699601

Literally anything, the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

>> No.14699621

Diced chicken breast can be good, along with presliced meats akin to a charcuterie
Stick some salad in a wholemeal pitta or wrap and go at it
Olives decanted into a jar
Bread crust, with a dip if you like
Same with fresh cut veg, cucumber is good
Anything deep fried
Etc etc etc

>> No.14700280

Do you even have the capacity to think with the 10 brain cells you have? How would someone be a tranny and a normie at the same time you smooth brain shitlicker?

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