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who was the Jannetty?

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White Castle is only something I've seen in flyover land, and Krystal doesn't even have locations in first world countries.

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you can get it in the mid atlantic, is DC flyover?

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krystal is the smark choice get worked, white castle is for changs and pajeets, krystal is the white and based choice

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Rate my lunch, /ck/

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You're a wise man.

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I can't comprehend your lunch so I can't rate it

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Ahh, the famous wizard pocket.
A good choice.

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I recognize that shape.

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Is there a better breakfast?

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Except straight caffeine is now illegal in all civilized countries, grandpa.
Jokes on you, mister man. I smoke a vape and drink a decaf soy latte!

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>bananas in milk with granola sprinkled on top

you can't be serious

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This desu. Give me a veggie bowl over diarrheal constipation waiting to happen.

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If you're looking to shit yourself then no

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>go to the grocery store
>about to check out
>realize I left my wallet at home

>get my wallet
>go grocery shopping again
>store is super fucking busy now
>like 6 people behind me in line
>about to check out
>Find out my debit card wasn't in my wallet it was in my other pair of pants


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They are DELICIOUS!!! I love the way they crumble inside your mouths, unlike hard apples, where it feels like you're eating a brick shaped like an apple with bits of iron and acetylcholine inside. Soft apples make you feel so good, because it seems hard on the outside, so you get scared, but then when you take a bite out of it, it feels like you're taking a bite out of warm and mushy snow, or partially solidified boiling water that has cooled off a little bit and changed color from bland and mediocre transparent to a scrumptious and mouth watering yellow/dark orange mess that you wouldn't hesitate to swim inside of on a Tuesday with a few ciggies and a licorice flavored cappuccino after getting kicked out of college because you don't know what to do.

I love soft apples.

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Nobody wants your shit fruit go home apple shill

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Fuck you bitch. You don't know what the fuck you're talking about faggot.

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Found the grandma…

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What dish is this /ck/?

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The sweetest dish

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This is nourishment for the soul. /ck/ fags won't understand

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not a footfag, but i'll bump for nico

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I want nicos sweet cunny

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Ja/ck/ thread

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rip ja/ck/

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He died of a stroke like 3 months ago. Tammy has just been uploading old footage.

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You are so full of shit

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How do you build up tolerance to spice? Going to America soon head food there was usually spicy, going of some places I want to try seems about right. Hottest thing I normally do is tabasco or that spicy stuff they put on kebabs sometimes, but looking on shit everything seems to not match up. I wanna try as many fast food places as possible especially in-n-out.

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he's not serious.

the only real way to build up a tolerance is to push yourself to eat something thats spicy enough to make you sweat, but not fuck your day up. i didn't like spicy food but after working 6 years at a tex-mex place i can put a whole habanero in a serving of food and enjoy it. at the end of the day though there's no need to build a super strong tolerance to spicy food because something being really hot doesn't add a whole lot to the meal unless you are a heat enthusiast. just go with the level you're comfortable with. there's no shame in not going above cholula or sriracha.

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Because we don't have them over here and videos I see make it look so damn good. But i do see a lot of things including siracha sauce, jalapenoes poppers? south west style burgers, any mexican place, etc.

I heard that southwest style anything generally means it's hot. I want to go from coast to coast, trying everything.

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most foods marketed by fast food places as hot aren't hot enough for you to worry about. a spicy chicken sandwich from wendys, for example, would be fine for a child to eat with no prior spicy food experience. southwest style generally means smokey flavor more than spicy. chipotle (dried jalapeno) and cayenne, paprika, stuff like that

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Eat jalapenos until you puke

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anyone else got the yucateco shits?

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yikes m80s there are not near enuf dickered cooking things on this board, check yo self

this thread is for anyone to post a cook-along, bake-along, lime-along, drink-along, sing-along, pickle-along or OC food/drink pics, post your meals or what ever if you don't want to make or use another thread

last thread >>11296801


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Halloween Patti needs to be here.

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Super rare and saved. Looks like a cute walking tissue box

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It's boeuf bourguignon, anon.

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So what are these? You're right, they do look good. And you can't go wrong with pound cake, that's for sure.

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Your autism is showing.

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>enjoying a chicken ceasar salad wrap outside
>a nice ray of sunshine engulfs me
>realize the salad in my wrap is photosynthesizing

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this is why I only eat in complete darkness, you can never be too careful these days

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Fucking cunt

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>not sucking back on an ice cold glass of chlorophyll
*snap* siiiip
aaaaaaahhh, now THAT'S a good canna plant matter.

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>you aren't the one photosynthesizing
it's time to evolve faggot

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I'm beginning to feel like a fat god, fat god
All my people from the front to the back gnosh, back gnosh
Now who thinks their stomach is big enough to snack lots, snack lots
They say I eat like a robot so call me fat bot, fat bot

But for me to eat like a computer must be in my genes, I got a Snack Pack in my backpack

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no one here knows or cares who bob kelly is
back to rowanda with you

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It's Eminem

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>go to coffee place
>tell them I want my coffee plain rather than saying black like everyone else
>it always confuses them

take that

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Totally based and redpilled.
You get my upboat AND a (You) for the price of one.

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Times you acted like the joker? Times you acted like the joker.

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>"do not microwave"
>microwave my cup noodle for 3 minutes


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but you're supposed to microwave cup noodles

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Lick or wipe?

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Wash you fucking animal

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whipe them on my pants

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Obviously wipe, then lick the tissue paper.

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>whipe them on my pants

Neathertall. Wipe them on pants of person sitting nedt to you.

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Is he overrated?

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Ramsey abuses you, you have two options:

1. Hit him, get sacked, maybe prosecuted, no-one else will hire you.

2. Take it on the chin, improve, learn to cook at the highest level, then be one of the myriad of chefs who worked for Ramsey then became successful in their own right.

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>xD racism

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Hating on a restaurant because it's run by blacks.
Being this dumb.

Dindu or not, that restaurant had proper looking food.

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I would never work for a buffoon.

Though, if I worked a food related job and there would be some kitchen nightmares episode.

I would pick option one.

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he's based

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I think spoons are pretty good.

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I only eat food with spoons, and try to not use a fork unless its the only option

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i can smell the edge from me

>> No.11363102

The Japanese make fine knives and Cutlery particularly with wood handles that are shorter thicker and easier to use than English silver cutlery.

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spoons are obsolete

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My microwave broke. Should I buy a new one or just do without it? The only things I really need it for are defrosting meat and reheating tea I let get cold, but I can work around both of those things. Plus, it saves the environment to have less things.

>> No.11360608

you will order a samsung microwave RIGHT NOW

>> No.11360894

if those are the only 2 things you use it for i'd say do without it. if you plan meals in advance you can easily get around defrosting meat and reheating tea is simple enough

>> No.11360961

Nigga they cost like $20 lmao

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A penny saved is a penny earned.

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I bet the most hardcore meat eaters would love a bite of this vegan bad boy.

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vegans like meat because it's tasty
but they can't eat meat because reasons so they eat notmeat

>> No.11364780

Having an aunt with whom I ate various times at vegan restaurants, I'd say that that raw vegan cheese burger doesn't taste as good as it looks desu.

>> No.11364813

>with tomato

>> No.11364944

It looks like cowshit

>> No.11366391

That's certainly true, there are one or two exceptions but you have to try a lot of shit to find the nice ones.

Tarfutti is pretty good but only the cream cheese variety.

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I think Ive got food poisoning from some under cooked chicken. Bad case of the shits and serious stomach pains right now. How to fix?

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Not sure what it is but the red sauce at Tbell gives me the shits

>> No.11361121

Lots of s0y products

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Pepto-Bismol Is capable of killing some parasites in the stomach and gut. I don’t know if it eill help with Salmonella. It might help with diarrhea and stomach pain though, so it’s worth a shot. Just buy a medium sized bottle and drink it in the recomended doses till the bottle is finished. You might try some asprin as well. I specifically recomend the minty punk liquid kind, not the chew tabs.

>> No.11361367


That's called being sick. Maybe it was what you ate. Food poisoning is where you writhe in wracking pain while simultaneously shitting and vomiting. Are you shitting streams in literally two directions uncontrollably while convulsing on a toilet?

If the answer is no, you are likely fine.

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You got Salmonella bro. Go to a hospital.

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some one know a good shit made of cherries and almonds but can made a men fell small around it?
i would rejet my humanity for it

>> No.11361788

Cherry tart but the crust is almond flour based and you top it with slivered almonds laid flat to give a lotus like decoration. I also recommend addind almond and vanilla extract and somewhere in there.

Hope the idea helps.

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Anyone got any tips for cooking liver? I've tried this twice before and it's always tasted awful. First time I just cooked it up like a steak (bad idea). Second time I tried keeping it in lemon juice over night and cooked it up with onions. Was still pretty awful.I didn't eat this stuff growing up so I've got no tolerance for it, but absolutely want to eat it for nutritional purposes.

Help me /ck/

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Is liver that healthy, or why are you forcing yourself to eat it?

>> No.11362971

It's cheap and nutritious.

I usually mix flour, mustard powder, salt and pepper, then coat the liver with the mix and pan fry in butter.
Then have it with caramelised onions, flatbread and steamed veg of choice.

>> No.11362990

>rinse liver well to get all the excess blood out
>dry that shit off real good
>season with salt, pepper, paprika and chili powder
>dredge in flour
>fry in pan
>serve with onions and possibly also bacon
>If you overcooked it then throw it out and start over you goddamn noob

>> No.11363105

this but add also apples and white wine.

>> No.11363373

First off, beef liver is always going to be hideous. What you want for edible food is lamb' liver or calf's liver.

Lambs Liver
Soak overnight in milk - this takes out a shit ton of the metallic taste.
Then what you need is something sweet to go with it. Caramalised onions done in the pan are good, adding balsamic vinegar sweetens it up further. Some confection of bacon and cream also works.
Cooking: about 45 seconds to 1 minute on each side in a screaming hot pan, depending on thickness of the meat.

Do that and you get a glorious meaty sweet moreish plate of food for fucking pennies.

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