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Boomers can't get enough of this shit even though it's shit tier

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Better than McD's sauce packets...

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Paul Newman was unironically the most ideal American man ever.

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The lemonade is so damn sour now. And the pizza is awful

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I'm not a big fan of jarred shelf-stable dressings (prefer refrigerated or homemade) or anyone's jarred spaghetti sauces, not sure what else they make, so I haven't bought it in years.

But, their pepper pretzels are pretty uniquely good. Their stuff is organic, so increasing farming that is organic and all that good stuff, and the profits are truly all back to charity, which is sweet.

I used to buy their medium salsa, which for cooked salsas is kind of differently flavored but very thick for dipping, but decidedly an acquired taste since it's like half peppers, roasted peppers, not really as fresh-mexican as say a Herdez. Their salsa is okay to spoon over items roasted in the oven, or inside stuffed things. It's very reduced already.

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Their BBQ sauces aren't filled up with fake corn syrup which is nice.

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>mom bought pistachios again
>ate half the bag in 10 minutes

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>Don't use your teeth to open anything, idiot.
sounds like you're the idiot. while you either toss the unopened pistachio or get up and find a tool to open it with, i'll have already eaten it

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No that's his mom beating his ass.

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Eat C̵̢͓̱̠͓̘͚̭̟̼͂͑́͂̓͘ẵ̸̖̟̋̀̎s̴̠̬̻͗̄͌͌̽̆̔̃̓͂͘ḩ̴̧̱͎̱̞̰̗̪̯̺̚ę̷̛͕̭̥̖̏͂̈͂̀̔̒̂ẃ̴͍͉̩͖̦̺̦̮̈́̾̑ş̴̱̫̯͓̟̏͆͋̍́̀̈́̑́̑̊̆̚͘

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>Don't use your teeth to open anything, idiot.
How you do hope to strengthen your teeth dude?

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how many GBP were they?

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The Chinese market near me sells Florida softshell turtles. Could I make a good suppon with them? Or do I need the real deal Asian ones?

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i caught a softshell turtle in one of those disgusting canals in west palm beach. I wouldnt eat it

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Turtle is a fine food but you have to be experienced with killing and butchering animals to even consider doing it. Also they reek like death on the outside, you have to be VERY careful not to contaminate the meat inside and in the limbs with a blade which has been used to cut the skin.

seething vegan tranny samefag

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chinese turtle soup is done with soft shell turtles.

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OP clearly said his market sells softshell turtles you stupid chatbot.

Like half the replies on any thread are chatbots now and they're not even any good. Fucking m00t selling the board to Jewgle.

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>lacking reading comprehension

OP asks
>Or do I need the real deal Asian ones?

the "real asian ones" ARE softshell turtles, not the hard shell ones or marine turtles or whatever else turtle most people think of when they think of "turtle"

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who /fish sticks/ here

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Yummy fish stix

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too fishy for me, or maybe i should buy the cheap ones

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Sticks and 'Tar sauce. Nothin better

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i shouldnt*

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this guy knows what the fuck is going down

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I'm deeply sympathetic towards vegans. I understand their plight, their suffering, their martyrdom for the animals. My best friend has been a vegan for 6 years. I started noticing that he got super skinny (anorexia level), his hair started falling out, and his dental health worsened by year two. So I decided to help him.

Since we work together I started bringing food in for both of us. I feed him my "special muffins". I add a butt load of lard to the recipe. I give him my "special potato crisps" (cooked in duck fat) with "vegan mayo" (actually keto mayo).

He doesn't have to know, because he wouldn't understand - he's a vegan, you see, out to save the animals, not realizing that his body needs animal fats and protein. This way both of us can have a clear conscience: he can save the animals, and I won't let a friend die of malnutrition.

I noticed his condition improving in a week. Now he gained some weight and his hair stopped thinning, turning gray, and falling out. One day he'll thank me.

I'm looking for more "special" recipes, if I know what I mean. Feeding him lard muffins and chips all the time is boring (for him to eat, and for me to cook).

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There is such a thing as being too compassionate, your friend is mentally ill. Being kind to animals and eating animals is not a dichotomy. Almost everyone does both.

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There’s a vegan general thread up right now. Go there and quit fagging up the catalog with this cocksucking bait

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Do you like cup noodles and instant noodles in general? I’ve always had a soft spot for them, even going so far as to add some MSG and seasoning to enhance them. If I’m feeling adventurous I’ll add various meats and veggies too. Just ordered the Japanese version after I’d found out its vastly different than the American versions.

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oh ok. no msg at all in the noodle wouldnt be nice.

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how do I get cup noodles like in the picture

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I sprinkle in shredded mozzarella sometimes. The texture combo is surprisingly satisfying.

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These are the boys.

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literal poison

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>The best way to eat watermelon is with salt

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I was given an almost similar recipe. A big difference is that I was told to sweat the cucumbers overnight with salt. Pretty good salad, great alternative to tomato salads in summer.

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Listen here, you put a twang of salt on a sweet melon.
t. old country bama


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>breathes in

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Ahhh thats goood melun

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Young men at my microbrewery I frequent, hell... any young man at any bar...


If you are sick, just drink alone. Don't make the modern bar experience any more degenerate. That is all.

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Perhaps. I dont recall seeing a nigger but they could have been around in the shadows.

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>you spread colds and the flu from touching stuff the general public also touches.
but your hands don't inherently have the germs that spread it, it mostly comes from your mouth or nose. so many people put their fingers in their mouths or touch their runny noses without actually washing after.

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Um RETARD do you think those types of people would wear a stupid ass mask

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Well, sometimes they go on the sick person, but sometimes they go on the person with shit immune system to protect them from exposure.
If a person isn't undergoing rejection drugs from a recent transplant, I agree with you, probably should take that off when not on public transport, and certainly while dining, but they should go sit at a table far away from anyone coughing or sneezing distance, get a little space around them. Common sense. Is it off and on, over and over? That's gross, touching their mask with fingers touching other surfaces now.

I have to say, right now though, there's a deadly flu outbreak, and some people are more vulnerable, ie pregnant women, asthmatics or old dudes.

Why are some young people wearing them? It's cool right now. Most important to note is that these masks are used by anarchists, protesters and the like. It hides the face from security cameras everywhere, enough to prevent them from being used as evidence in crimes. I would talk to management about putting up a sign banning them if they're the cutesy kind. It's the next "hoodie up in 100F" ghetto fashion standard. I think anyone hiding their face when it's not actively cold, dusty, working, raining or sensible reason should be looked at as suspiciously as someone wearing a ski mask or stocking over their head, someone potentially up to no good. In the legal world, there's a saying "no face no case"

If this is your fave place, then go right up to them, and ask if they have something dangerously infectious, and let them know if their answer is yes, that'd you expect that a decent person would get takeout and not expose people in the community.

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i say soft is superior but what's your say

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i prefer crunchy desu

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I like both. You don't need to limit yourself to one style of cookie, bros.

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A good cookie is chewy throughout but with a crispy (but not crunchy) edge around the outside.

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Do Scots really?

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do superfoods that help prevent cancer actually exist? I'm pretty interested in not dying a slow painful death

I'm sure most people here will dismiss "superfoods" as hokey but I still want to hear people's experience

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does such a thing exist? i cant stop eating taco bell its so delicious. but i also dont want to die in 5 years

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>interested in not dying a slow painful death
>want to hear people's experience
I died a slow painful death. It sucked.

>> No.13460803

>taco bell
Prepare for anal cancer

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I think people that drink whiskey and smoke a pack a day are just so unhealthy that they even kill the cancer

>> No.13461152

>eating Taco Bell


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Why does everyone shill allclad when demeyere is better in every way?

Better handles
No rivets

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Lmao what a cringe insult. Stop trying

>> No.13459900

I don’t understand why demeyere isn’t carried in store at places like William Sonoma. When you go in there all the push is allclad.

>> No.13459911

and the auto industry to stop closing plants lmao

>> No.13459912

Do you know what that word means?

>> No.13459920

Every person with a third grade education knows what shill means you dunce.

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tasty barszcz

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the pink will go away soon

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wa la

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Pls rate

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wort is not a byproduct though? it's what beer is made off isn't it?

>> No.13460699

what kind of juice is that?

>> No.13460725

Severe depression/10

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I never worked with one, but I imagine the tapered extremities would make for an uneven rolled dough. Am I missing the point?

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why are those so goddamn expensive, bros?

>> No.13462419

I figured they would be, the markup on kitchen stuff can be insane. There must be someone somewhere selling pins like that at a fair price though right, like how you can pay absurd prices for a cast iron pan or steel stockpot but if you look around there are reasonable options too

>> No.13462425

much like the french chefs knife, It's a shitty tool with much better alternatives but everyone uses it because french

isn't it interesting how everyone talks so highly of french cooking but nobody actually eats french food?

>> No.13462454

You mean an empty wine bottle?

>> No.13462561

you don't use the tapered parts, the working area is in the middle
the idea is that instead of getting cuts and folds at the edge of the work area like you do with a regular dowel you just get a small gradual curve when you make a mistake

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>> No.13459460


>> No.13459467

No. Use butter.

>> No.13459486

lard is great for brownies, and my grandma always made them like this. It's actually a pretty common thing in north dakota

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Face looks like a Big chicken (pic related by blood)

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Yes, of course. It adds more flavor.

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I make my own cherry Pepsi now

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Vegan General: Smells Like Victory Edition

Welcome to /veg/, a thread dedicated to the health, environmental and ethical benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

b-b-but muh Vitamin B12

Veganuary: Go animal free for January

McDonald's introduce new vegan options for 2020

Pizza Hut to introduce vegan friendly Pepperphoni

British man WINS legal action to make veganism a protected category

Recipes and ideas

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>Fuck ethics (I really do not give a shit about caged animals)
You really admit to yourself that you think it’s wrong with this statement (you know that cages are morally incorrect, you just choose not to acknowledge it). What is the point of arguing with people like you who will deny and create your own false systems of beliefs specifically for these threads?

>> No.13464866

>hurr anon had a typo
If you read the whole post you can pretty much deduce that anon was trying to say that the hospital does not have a vegan menu.

>> No.13464874

>What is the point of arguing with people like you
Who was asking for an argument? I'm not trying to be combative, I was hoping someone in this thread could be informative and provide me with some kind of health-based comparison between vegetarians and vegans.

>> No.13465441

Bumping 1 of 2 reddit generals.

>> No.13466182

LGBT thread again

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I always take my cakes out of the oven a bit early because I have a fan forced piece of shit that cooks them too much. But I made chocolate cake today and when I took it out early it sunk.

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Your pretentious whining is what's boring and dull.

>> No.13459508

frog posters and wojack posters should be banned on sight

>> No.13459514

And a fedora tip to you, my fine sir.

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>poster count didn't go up

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>mom found the monosodium glutamate

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>gf found the maltodextrin i use to fatten her up

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itt: redd*t

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>mom found the bloodstained child-size panties

>> No.13460105

>anon found the shitpost button.

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Potato pasta
Salt to taste

>> No.13459414

deconstructed gnocci

>> No.13459416

Put some ketchup on that bitch!

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