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For me, its Spaggy on the Board.

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There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate

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That dude's face. He's like, "Bruh. My plate is over here."

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Good stuff, or overrated?

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This the red one is like if spring time was made into an Ale. Also I want that glass.

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They sell it in their gift shop.
Bendy stem wine glasses are a bit of a winemom meme in general so you might find one in your local housewares store as well.

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Might as well use a bendy/silly straw with it.

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Pretty good. Haven’t had it in a while but I remember a strong pineapple flavor. For the price, go with one of the Trappist breweries such as Rochefort. Or Orval if you like fruit notes

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Do Americans really pride themselves on not knowing how to be functional adults?

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Honestly what does not being able to cook even mean anymore, you can literally just google any recipe and as long as you're not completely retarded and can follow simple instructions it will usually come out good enough

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Unfortunately yes, for large segments of the population.

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/tv/ here, get back in the van and we'll have your tendies waiting for you

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>bought a bunch of Kit Kat and Reese's Cups
>store it inside my closet
>get back from work hoping to enjoy some chocolate bar.
>they all fucking melted

Are these salvageable? I'll never buy chocolate bars during the summer ever again

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Unless they were hot enough that the chocolate actually boiled then they'll set again just fine.

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>something will thaw again after it unfreezes
Well, no shit, sherlock.

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Tempered chocolate is solid at room temperature. If you melt it, place it in a freezer, and then leave it out at room temperature, you'll have soft chocolate.

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He says they're melted and inedible because its a gooey fucking mess. So you freeze them, take them out, strip them and eat them or do whatever because now they're frozen.
I can see you have autism young man.

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yeah thats right don't reply to me you BITCH

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>tfw forgot to put the peanuts in the curry again

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>tfw forgot to tip the cute waitress at Sonic
now how will she know that i like her?

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>forgot to squeeze the excess water out of the pasta

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>tfw successfully pop a snot rocket into table 6's burger without being caught

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You'll remember eventually buddy

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I’m not your BUDDDY friendo... so shooooo go away

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I've seen this shit around but it looks awful. Any anons with experience?

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Can't speak to that one in particular but I've had novelty tie-in beers before.
Vulcan Ale was actually pretty good, would buy regularly.
Klingon Warnog beer was not good but not the worst I've had either.

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maybe ask on reddit? it seems like something they would like

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I am from germany and I have nearly no clue about german dishes. I know Maultaschen, Grünkohl, Kassler and stuff like that, but my knowledge of german food is very limited. I am also interested in scandinavian dishes. Please share regional and seasional (hope I used those words right) german and scandinavian recipes, preferably with recipes.

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am i just one sick fuck or does the thumbnail looks like a limpy black cock?
also the woman i imagined BLACKED on that boat.

i need to lay off the porn

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black cocks are never limp, they always work at max capacity

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Für diejenigen die es nicht ganz nachvollziehen können, evtl. habe ich es auch unschlüssig erklärt. Grundsätzlich sind mir schon einige (vorwiegend bayerische) Gerichte geläufig. Mein problem ist, dass diese Gerichte meist, nicht ohne Gewürze aus Asien auskommen. Mir ist der regionale Aspekt wichtig. Am liebsten nord-deutsche Gerichte mit vielen Kräutern und selbstgemacht. Danke für die rege Beteiligung. Chefkoch ist übrigens nach meiner Erfahrung damit aus dem Rennen.

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Ich bin eine Neger mit die grose Schwanz

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>i need to lay off the porn

You absolutely do.

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What's the best tasting type of non mixed alcoholic drink?

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These linguistic hoops... do you mean the best tasting spirit? Or like a layered cocktail that doesn't need to be stirred or shaken?

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Why the fuck are all lentils and the tofu marketed in this cringe soy gay way?

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You must be bad at math cause that's wrong

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There's no WinCo here. Bulk bins at other stores tend to cost more, especially when they add "for sprouting" to the bean bins.

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>theres no winco
Maybe stop living in a terrible place

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Imagine being triggered this easily

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It's marketed towards women, and people who are about to become women due to phytoestrogen

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Gonna be living off of $150 food budget for the next few months. What are the bare essentials I need to buy? I’m scared bros, I’ve never eaten off of so little before.

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>24 eggs for 4 dollars

There like $1.25 for 18, do you live in Canada by chance?

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What do you buy? I spent that much when I was bulking.

At my lowest I was basically spending $20-$30 a week. Bananas and oatmeal for breakfast ($1-2/week), chicken breast for dinner ($0.99/pound) with stir fried veggies, and then something simple for lunch. Even with eating out I wasn't spending $100.

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He threw it the building while yelling allah hu akbar and ran away.

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I'll give you some tips on how to cook some of these staples

boil in 50% water, 50% Pace mild salsa. I've tried with hotter Pace, and better quality salsas, and they dont come out as good as with Pace mild

most people soak them for a few hours or a day before cooking, which isnt entirely necessary, but will cut down on cooking time(rinse them once to clean them, then put in the water to soak them, and dump that water in with the beans to cook, there are some good nutrients in there). I haven't had a lot of success with good beans by themselves, but chicken stock is definitely a step in the right direction for them

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buy a bag of rice, a bag of beans , 3 chicken breasts that you cut into small portions and freeze, 2-3 cans of tomatoes and some cheap candy for your sugar cravings

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it's the way gordon would pronounce it

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What's up, /ck/s, it's wednesday!

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What's up

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looks like a fat bike bitch to me

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Why are the waitresses on Kitchen Nightmares so cute?

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They wouldn't put the ugly waitresses on TV, or they did and you forgot about them because they are ugly.

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Would beat all the female waitresses if he didnt have that hairline desu

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if you watch closely you can see her spill marinara sauce all over the place whens he brings his food out, and he is cleaning it up with a napkin
they quickly did a cut so you wouldn't see it but the evidence is there

>> No.14189899

They know their audience doesn't want to see old hags on TV.

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Doesnt he hate drugs?

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i miss him bros

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>this is your brain on t_d

>> No.14189661

His CNN show barely covered food or cooking it was just political bullshit. I hated it

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he had a lot to say
he had a lot of nothing to say
we'll miss him

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That is some straight-up bullshit.
People with psychiatric disorders shouldn't use hallucinogens, underageb& shouldn't use psychoactive drugs, period, and if you've never had an actual "bad trip", its living, waking terror that doesn't always stop when the acute intoxication ends.

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don't mind me, just posting best catsup.

>> No.14189452

but that's clearly ketchup, not catsup

>> No.14189467

>not banana ketchup

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might wanna get those eyes checked, buddy

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i highly doubt they are using lord kensington's name with his permission

>> No.14189516

what do you think? they don't even have his picture just some mustache wearing cuck. kensington never could grow a mustache and he'd be rolling in his fucking grave if he saw this, god rest his soul.

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Hey guys c: I recently started studying japanese cuisine during the quarantine and I made a dashi stock for the first time yesterday! I didnt make it traditional at all because I didnt look up a recipe until I got home from the market
I used- Dried herring and mackerel, fresh mushrooms, fresh seaweed, pickled chili peppers, fish soy sauce, bay leaves and cooked that shit for 3 hours before straining it
For those that dont wanna google this shit a traditional dashi stock can be made in a handful of different ways but the key ingredients are
Dried anchovies, dried shiitake mushrooms, nori (dried seaweed), or just Bonito flakes
I found my stock to be too ocean smelling and lacking something, I thought about adding white miso but I decided to take to the internet to talk to fellow food lovers

Tell me how you make your favorite soup and your stock secrets c:

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The difference between kombu and nori is that one is fresh and one is dried right?

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My trick for good stock? Scraps. Pretty much just that. I tend to veer closer to traditional European stocks, but I've bought roast chickens and used the bones to make broth. Basic trio is always onions, carrots, celery, plus spices and whatever else I'm adding in. Sometimes mushrooms, but I'd rather just eat them sauteed. I wanna make dashi so much, though I just haven't gotten around to it, especially because if I do I wanna make everything properly. At least Chaosu pork I can make without much issue.

As for soups? French onion soup, lentil soup, chicken noodle soup are all classics. Sometimes I'll make pickle and smoked sausage soup, that one is deliciously tart. And gazpacho is always fun.

Yeah, I just throw it in the pot with scraps (celery leaves, the outer layer of onions, carrot peels), plus herbs and spices, boil it for a while, it works. If I'm feeling fancy I'll sweat the vegetables before putting in water.

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No, nori(Pyropia yezoensis) and kombu(Saccharina japonica) are made from completely different species of seaweed.

>> No.14189534

What would you say the ratio of water to chicken parts is? The last time I made chicken stock it just didnt taste right but I used the bones and meat scraps from a whole chicken in a gallon pot
Also thank you for being so helpful c: facebook is just blowing smoke up my ass telling me it's good with no recommendations

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I tend to make sure that everything is submerged, but that's about it.

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Rate my lunch boys.

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>dude look I just paid $28 plus a 30% tip for the grossest pizza besides Dominos
Thats gross
You are gross
You should be ashamed

>> No.14189485

Remember OP: It's really important for the posters here to seethe and tell you how much you suck because of >food.

Srsly tho for your health I hope that's a 2+ day meal.

>> No.14189486

>Literally just carbs

>> No.14189491

this looks like hell.
>not pepporini

>> No.14189496

Hope you have proper health care

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were these cookies created to condition us to today's era of hyper-promiscuous super sluts?
can these cookies be enjoyed in an era where hardcore pornography is considered part of a balanced lifestyle?
if you're gay, is it easier to enjoy these cookies because you don't think of drooling vulva wounds whenever you spy a row of these cookies in a case or on the packaging of the boxes always on the lowest shelf of the aisles so as to force you into a positional submission to the Grocer generously giving you the creampies, much the same as if you were kneeling at the bedside, or even fully pronate as they took things to the floor, Little Debbie or Sarah Lee having returned from their Kibbutzim-of-discovery, a long distance show where there were these guys who never spoke English whenever they appeared in their webcams and Sarah and Debbie had to quickly cut things short, it always seemed like those fuzzy friends of theirs were always in some kind of hurry, and so it always seemed a nice thing to do to be understanding and let them go about what they needed, that's the specific genre of cuckery engendered in the Oatmeal Creampie Cookie's marketing,

>> No.14189404

indistinguishable from any vaingloriously phone-lamp illuminated slurping of unspeakable remnants, it's all evident in that extra tingle you feel about your salivary glands and behind your eyes when your thirsty vision scans one of the always slightly abused boxes of goo-pumped sandwich cookies, your mind goes immediately to the factory's hot melt extrusion machine and its 72 to 96 hour runs of squirting precisely emulsified sugary paroxysms into the clams of thousands of queued cookie shells, and you cannot imagine how the shameless inventors of these cookies ever managed to market these deviant things in the first place, how were they not tarred-and-feathered the minute they fled the bank's foyer, right into the clutches of a crowd hungry for justice, and escaping this fate, they made the world in which hypersexualized desserts flaunt their "lifestyle" at you everytime you fancy yourself a new man with a new amount of self control that needn't any Oreos and isn't one to be fooled by no Keeblers either, anymore than feel there's a void of self respect that might send us into the Pepperidge Farm cartons, but then we see them, the sluttily beaten boxes, bent and sullied as if right before boxing they were conveyed immediately into a meat-slapping gauntlet of prodigious phalluses hefty with their musculatures of perennial pussy-punching, but holding in reserve their thrusts, the dicks became fleshy filthy hammers defiling the cookies, to give the boxes a sordid look of twisted, disgusting sensuality.

>> No.14189566

They should just rename them to something that isn't a colloquialism for ejaculating inside a vagina

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That's a take I haven't heard before

>> No.14189995

This reads like Pynchon. Is that you Tom?

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Now you know.

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> thread hidden

>> No.14190191

do you mean homogenized?

also, to my understanding, there are nutrients of some kind in tea that are fat soluble, so the fat in milk would allow them to remain in tea if the teabag is present with the milk

>> No.14190199


>> No.14190267

im not sure if they are referring to oxalates but milk in tea does do that and it is an ideal way to prevent kidney stones

>> No.14190280

How can it matter?

Its two liquids mixing with eachother, it doesnt matter if you drop two into a cup at the same time or one or the other.

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Any tier list/buying guide/things to knoW for these?
I look mostly for a low-budget one, between 300~150€

>> No.14189397

The expensive ones all go on half-off sales around major shopping hilidays like black friday and mother's day.

>> No.14189423

You'll be hardpressed to get a real one that low. Kenwood and sage start at about £350.

>> No.14189438

That's good to know, thanks

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I was about to say I got this last year but looking now it's 350, lol.

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