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Best Recipe sites post them

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Nice. I just realised that I haven't eaten pizza since the night Donald Trump had his second term stolen from him, more than half a year ago.

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sadge for two reasons

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In conclusion: the cherry tomatoes were unnecessary, as they became hot like lava; the sauce was good; the crust was good, but ended up slightly burned; I also need to find a way to stretch the dough in a way that doesn't leave me with such a thick border, even though it was good.

All in all, better than my previous pizza. The screen I used to bake it in is extremely good.

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Is cotton candy as good as it looks? I never ate it before. It looks amazing.

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Not sure if satire. Hard to tell at this point.

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>health heroes
They're just doing their job. Like everyone else really.

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It's pretty cheap to buy a machine online

Even if you can only find an expensive one, you could probably sell it: either cotton candy or the machine itself

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please go to >>>/qa/

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You got to admit this thing is pretty delicious.

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double QP best

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>Two patties
>no cheese between said patties
This upsets me greatly.

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I admit to nothing. Fast food all substandard. It's for the poor and for children whose parents have stopped caring.

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The whopper is a mayo+salad burger, it doesn't benefit from overloading it with extra meat and cheese

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yeah well you're wrong

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>freezer stocked with 2 weeks of various frozen leftovers
>still want to cook something on my day off

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Mmmm, plastic

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I cook on my days off and eat frozen leftovers on weekdays

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just throw them all in a pot and make a sloppa stew.

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Vegan food thread. If you eat meat and have the urge to shit up this thread, try picking one of the other threads to spaz out in.

What are your weekly staples?
How often do you use mock meat?
Which cuisine is best?

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lentil stew
put lentils in a pot with spices, peas, carrots; boil
fry some garlic and onion until cooked
add to lentils
cook until lentils are done

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Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm black.

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I dont appreciate you vegans eating all my foods food

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So you're just doing Jewish work

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Nope, I don't live near any jewish people.

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What does [x] taste like

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Where do you get your baconeggandcheese?

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all I see is me making sense and you reacting stupidly

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looking good mate

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>blocks you are a path

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I make em myself, even though I'm not good at it.
I should probably use more salt, pepper, and butter.

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Wawa of course. There is no point in buying some fancy bacon egg and cheese for $5 when I can get 2 for $3 that taste exactly the same if not better.

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Is there anything more evil then chains claiming to sell their famous flavors at a store only for it to be nothing like it?

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rape and murder i guess

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single line shitposts n 4channel.org

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>wow um this doner kebab stuff is too spicy...
>I know what'll make it better!
>condensed milk and white sugar!
>wait shit, spits are hard to operate.
>Fuck it, just make meatloaf instead, and throw our Patented℠ Doner Creation™ Sauce® on it! (the sauce is condensed milk thickened with white sugar)
>but it still has too many vegetables...
>only serve it with onion and tomato, any other vegetables are hippie shit.

>wow mmmm a Nova Scotia original right here, this is our true culture :)

what the fuck is wrong with nova scotians? youd think their national dish wouldnt just be "schwarma, but if white people made it"

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if Ottawa shawarma is all you've ever known then you'll be disappointed if you try it anywhere else

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But y
I wanna know what this shit town finally got right

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>>condensed milk and white sugar

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Yes. Because it's delicious. Though you only add sugar if you're using the unsweetened condensed milk. They sell sweetened that's usually fine as-is.

Everybody's been missing that you mix it with vinegar though, plus your garlic powder. Yes, powder. Crushed/minced garlic would give the sauce a texture: it's more like a sweet dressing.

It's all street food though. Nobody thinks it's some gourmet masterpiece, it's just good tasting carbs and meat. Ordering it at a restaraunt or place that doesn't specialize is top tier retard. Be like going to your local diner and asking for a chili dog.

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has anyone here ever tried prison loaf and wants to tell me what it tastes like

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Like a savoury morning glory muffin.

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For those of you who have worked in the food service industry what is the strangest order you've gotten or the weirdest interaction you've had with a customer?

For those of you who are only food patrons, what's the strangest order you've placed, or what's the strangest order you've heard someone else place while waiting for your food?


>Ok, check it. Dude comes in like he's never been to a Subway before. Ok, whatever, I'm ready to help, but he also acts like he has never even had nor heard of a sandwich before.

>You see, he gets the honey oat foot long, and that is where the logic stops. This joker asks what's good, and I tell him that I like the meatball marinara. He gets that (with extra marinara mind you) and before I can even ask him about his cheese choice, he points to the tuna and asks 'eww, what's that?' I tell him what it is, he takes a good minute to think, and then he's like 'Ok, I'll get that too.' I pause for a second trying to process what he is asking me.

>So to follow this nutball's train of logic, he has me double toast it without cheese, take it out, and he says two words that shook me to my core. 'Honey mustard.' I am an honest man, I like to think. A good man if I'm being generous, but I cannot think that any god that wouldn't make me suffer for helping craft this abomination. I squeeze the bottle and give him three thick lines of that tangy sauce. He says 'more.' I give him more. I close it with an audible squelch emitting from the sub, I wrap it up, and when I look up to accept his money I see his face. I see the excitement of a child about to go on a roller coaster for the first time, the guy is giddy, practically electrified with glee. I give him his foot long effigy to sin incarnate, he leaves the store, and I go in the back to slice bell peppers and try to forget.

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I used to work at a starbucks in a grocery store, so frequently I was the only employee working at the shop. on more than one occasion, some girlboss cunt would stand in line during a huge rush and when they get to the counter order 3-6 of the "boxes of coffee". I'd tell them that I only have one coffee machine, plus a line of other customers and it would take me probably an hour to get all 6 of those brewed and ready to go. they would always look at me like I just gunned down their firstborn child in front of them and get super pissed off that I couldn't just materialize gallons of hot coffee and condiments instantly. usually they cancelled their order and huffed and puffed away

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Lol, good. Jfc I hate those entitled boss bitch types.

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fuck reddit

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it's very rare but i remember every lunatic that orders a pizza that is both gluten AND dairy free. there's other things on the menu besides pizza that would better accommodate their meme diet. i don't know or even see these peoples faces but i can confidently say these people need to be bullied endlessly until they commit suicide.

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My coworker got stabbed and killed by her exhusband and I was the MoD.

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>hawaiian pizza exists
>mexicana pizza exists
>neapolitan pizza exists
What would a "British" pizza be like? Why isn't there a Mongolian or Jewish or Jamaican pizza?

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>heh I’ll just say stupid shit and then when called on my bullshit I’ll just say I was kidding heh heh

Pls get the fuck off this board retard

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You literally just missed the Norm reference, man. Lighten up.

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With a curry sauce.

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They already make Jewish pizza. It's burned

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>30 minute delivery time on Just Eat


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>Onion rings
Too much trouble

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It's fucking deep fried food, it's hardly 'misinformation' Captain Internet.

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Anything requiring specialty equipment I don't have. Gyros, shawarma, al pastor I'd love to make but its hard to replicate and the results aren't nearly as good without the rotisserie.

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It's not hard it just uses up lots of oil and stinks up the house

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Honestly, like 90% of all recipes are too much trouble to make. I live alone so all of the shopping, cooking, and cleaning up is 100% on me. While I do enjoy cooking, after years and years of it there just is not enough motive to do anything complicated. Not that we can't do it, or don't appreciate it, its just all so tiresome. There is nobody to share it with, or to impress, its just me. Repeat every day for 25 years, and its obvious where this is headed. Cooking is a highly repetitive activity with low reward that needs to be optimized for absolutely maximum efficiency. Imagine reaching the end of your life realizing a good 25% of your waking hours revolved around feeding yourself. What an extreme waste of effort. This is just as bad as burning 2 hours a day stuck in traffic.

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I saw a r*dditor claim that most americans don't eat chili over rice, is this true? Have I fallen for some form of creole meme?

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I usually eat it with cornbread

>> No.16113426

You're not familiar the barbecue feuds then

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I sometimes serve my chili over rice. Chili verde almost always over rice. I'm not big on corn bread and having a starch with your chili is nice. Fuck people that put it over spaghetti though.

Sometimes I put it over scrambled eggs if I've got leftovers and want to eat it for breakfast.

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No one in Louisiana eats it over rice. I think that's a west/east coastie thing.

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Chili is meant to be a thin stew, void of texture, containing only mashed chilies, paper thin slices of uncooked, unsalted beef, water, and possibly some salt and cumin. It is not to be served even with itself, nevermind disgusting fillers like rice or beans. Bowls and spoons taint the experience; it must be eaten with the hands directly from the pot.

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Educate yourself.

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CNN is utter garbage and a leader in the reason why we need Yellow Journalism laws again. Stewart trying to act like there was no real criticism or message in his show is similarly misleading. He was better than his successors, though.

>> No.16113206

and bayer used to be IG-Farben which tested their chemicals on jews and used KZ slave labor.
Supporting GMO at this point is literally supporting nazis

>> No.16113213

He's since defended his stance and show with the same sort of
>"it's not journalism, retard"

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Aren't Strawberries full of these tiny ass worms or some shit you can draw out with salt?

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Should I quit bread and pasta in order to lose weight?

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That poor cat

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carbs aren't inherently bad, if your sole objective is to lose mass eat at a caloric deficit and start walking for leisure if you don't already.

>> No.16112971

>excessive sodium is terrible for you

>> No.16113227

False. That's only true if you're eating highly processed, refined grains.

>> No.16113247

Just eat a deficit. I did a sandwich diet once, where I allow myself two sandwiches a day and can put anything on the sandwich and lost about 5kg.

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It goes with everything

>> No.16112487

Pickle them.
My shit recipe:
80 grams garlic
1 tablespoon salt
100 grams distilled or wine vinegar.
About 200ml hot water.

Pre-boil and peel the garlic to avoid algae growth.

>> No.16112506

>Pre-boil the garlic

isn't that counter productive for the benefits of raw garlic?

i want to make this, but i feel all the perks of raw garlic would dissolve with boiling it

>> No.16112524

>isn't that counter productive for the benefits of raw garlic?
The best meme health garlic is roasted or fermented.

>Once harvested, locally-grown white garlic bulbs are aged (caramelized) for one to two months using controlled heat and humidity

>> No.16112536

Apparently proven by government SCIENCE!!
>These findings suggest BG10 has anti-dermatitic activity through inhibiting activation of macrophages. Therefore, such effects of BG10 may provide information for the application of aged black garlic for prevention and therapy of contact dermatitis.

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Just recently discovered Toum sauce and it's amazing. Enjoy anons.

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Mmmmmm dippy eggs and soldiers

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you eat that part as well mate.....

>> No.16113015

along with all that shell? disgusting, you smelly asshole

>> No.16113047

No american knows this feel

>> No.16113051

No... the shell comes off and you eat what's beneath it. Is this really that difficult a concept to grasp?

>> No.16113233


m8 do you actually know what an egg is?

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I fucking despise Italian food so much bros, it’s all anyone ever wants to eat and it tastes like shit, literally nothing but gross carbs and sauce. Fucking repulsive. I need some sustenance, not this crap. And fucking pasta is always expensive as fuck in restaurants despite being not much different from a $2 pack of ramen. Fuck Italian food and fuck Italians. I curse your first borns.

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T. American. Real Italians eat much smaller portions of pasta and eat way more fresh vegetables than Americanized Italian food.

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