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>adds a little bit of nutmeg

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He makes alot of dishes that will help me survive when im homeless next month.

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>spits cayenne in your LARPing face

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I saw this guy at a klan rally on tv one time.

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He was probably the only non-fed present

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Start making as much pemmican as you can now.

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Opinions on Naturdays?

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I think you should take this stupid ass thread and shove it up your ass.

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Enjoyable while outside on a hot day. Terrible if you're actually trying to get drunk.

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Doesn’t give me hangovers as bad as I expected given the sugar.

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>drinking beer
As opposed to what other kinds of beer?

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They mean drinking as in the act of drinking.

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Why are Beyond Burgers so FUCKING BASED bros?

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>vegetable derivatives
>not processed

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i don't get why people just don't eat black bean burgers which are already so fucking delicious on their own that sometimes i opt for one instead of a regular burger

oh right, investors sunk way too much cash into it that they now have to shill on a Mongolian underwater basket weaving forum

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gay is a choice anon

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>fake Frankenstein meat isn't highly processed garbage
Wew lad

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Fat? No. Unhealthy? I have no clue, but from my most recent blood tests (2 years ago kek) I was in the "normal" range.

Right? They're so desperate that they deploy this shit to what? Burger King? Then the chain "restaurant" cooks it to hell where cross-contamination is still the norm (trust me, I've tried it there, too, and it was underwhelming). I'm not vegan, but it does kinda bother me that there was no indication the burger is cooked in the same place they cook meat.

This seems like another venture capital fail. Not as monumentally stupid as Juicero, but it's an underwhelming product that's just too expensive.

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>try biscuit for the first time
>expecting cookie
>it’s actually cracker
whata fuckman?

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You should get the chocolate one.

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Chocolate digestives are the best.

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>>it’s actually cracker
Imagine being this retarded.

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that bitch! she's just taken one of my biscuits

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I just realized something. We could solve obesity in ten years if we ran a campaign telling people that eating salad triggers the libs. Why hasn't this been tried before?

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But salads don't trigger the libs....... Big beautiful burgers and steaks do.

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Because Democrats largest voting blocks are fat and stupid

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>Fox News is extreme right


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Holy shit why are black people so obese?

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Please join the official /ck/ chat k?

>no jannies
>all messgaes encrypted and auto deleted after 7 min
>based community

See you there frens


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Dial 8

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Thoughts? One of my favorite shows.

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I support him because he's a redhead.

BUT, his gritty newage image sadly shows the degradation of modern society within the West and what appeals to them. I honestly wish ReviewBra would get his own classy show. He's a dapper gent

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>Let's purposefully be crass/unwanted, that'll make us unique!
Worst trend

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why would i watch a fat man waddle around eating food when i can just watch Guy Fieri

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>the subtle art of not giving a f*ck
>cares enough to censor fuck

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going to the border shop at germany to get some shit gonna buy some whiskies

i know for sure i am getting this
and probably also this

been considering these 2
but not sure so what do you guys think?
pic unrelated

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Does this shop only have shitty whiskeys, or are you on a budget?

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I like Grant's quite a lot
The wood flavour is bold
My go to go for blended scotch. I like it better than Monkey Shoulder or other blends

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Jura 10 y/o is a personal favorite

Islay mist is the best bang for buck, i always make sure to have a bottle in the house

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I've been through half a bottle of this little guy and it has become one of my favourites. Not a very expensive single malt, and nice as fuck.

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forgot pic

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*tempers chocolate in your path*

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You think breaking the Iran deal reduces the possibility of global annihilation? Very naive, kid.

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I think it really didn't matter and was a waste of time and resources personally

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This comment reeks of someone paid an hourly wage.

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No, that and killing Queso Salami were bad moves, so is his support for Israel. Still less blood on his hands than Biden and the Obama administration.

I’m glad he’s breaking deals with ‘allies’ and pulling the US out of Syria, people who were ‘anti war’ during Bush’s tenure have really shown their true colors by championing increased military action in the Middle East and a war hawk like Biden.

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one day we'll eat you, rich boy

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Im about to do something epic to plebbit HQ (pic rel) in about 15 min.
Will most definitely be on the national news in less than an hour.
whatever shall happens, thanks for always being my favorite board /ck/

live stream & quick run down:

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Did you fall for the cast iron meme?

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Do Americans really?

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Been using cast iron pans my great grandmother bought in the late 1800's. Some basic care, and no stupidity, these last forever problem free.
Non-stick, diamond coat, stone coat, gotham orange whatever coatings, 2 years, maybe 5, and they wear out, plus they are made from low quality soft metals that damage easily. Had a $70 non-stick pan's handle actually bend and snap off under a 2 pound roast I was searing.

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>on stone
It is not stone, it some non-stick coating that is not as good as actual teflon and with some coloration shit.

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I own probably about 60 pieces of cast iron yeah

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If you cook often they are pretty good
if you don't it's a waste of money

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sheeet I'm eating new york strip tonight on the state's dime anyone else on the dole?

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I have a sweet tooth and haven't had a candy bar in years. I'm going to the store to get something, but I don't know what. I'd prefer something new that I've never had before, like some new flavor of something, but I don't really see candy bar ads anymore so I don't know what's out there. Any interesting candy bars available right now?

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Salted Caramel Milkways
Skittles Dips

thank me later

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pretzel m&ms
caramel m&ms

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Just had one of these for the first time, so good.

I like the Reeses Sticks the most since they're basically like huge Kit Kats with Reeses peanut butter. Most of those Reeses bars are good though, they do not disappoint.

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yucka pucka

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>Why yes, I do only eat meat I've raised or hunted myself or just buy a half/whole cow/pig from a local farmer to butcher and put in my freezer for the year. How did you know?

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How do I stop this from ruining every attempt at cooking?

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>deal w/ how tacky you have made your place look.

you say that as if i'll ever have anybody else over.

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any of these

>> No.14370751

You gotta get the ionization particle detector ones. Those shitty scattered beam ones that go off due to steam are crap.

>> No.14370760

What do I do if I'm paying a jew to live in my apartment? Pay more money to get a better detector, or just remove them?

>> No.14370774

>paying a jew to live in my apartment
Sounds to me like they're living rent-free.

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you guys DO know you’re supposed to eat the WHOLE strawberry, right? The fleshy, fibrous body is filled with sugar and coated with seeds, so it’s delicious yes. But the leafy, green starchy top is loaded with much more nutrients! It may not be as tasty, but for the sheer number of vitamins and antioxidants you get when you digest the leaves, the experience is worth it. Eating the leaf is reduces waste, provides you with a hearty, full meal, and allows you the chance to give your body a nice cooling break, all you have to do is get used to it!

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>666 KB

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Why don't young people like soup?

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Do Americans really?

>> No.14371044

more of a 50% pozole 50% menudo type of guy

>> No.14371049

Fuck off you retarded spastic.
I’m from slavland and young, but I love soup. Then again, slavs were probably brought up by soups and stews as a whole so...

>> No.14371146

20 year old here. My uncle's last meal was tomato soup before he killed himself and I understand why. Whenever I eat tomato soup I want to kill myself too. For the most part, soup is shit.
>rarely filling
>minimal flavours or one singular overpowering flavour
>lack of texture due to very often there is a distinct lack of actual food
>there are vastly superior meals you can eat instead

Everything that is shit about soup is easily fixed by becoming a soup or casserole. With all that said, the only soup I ever eat is chicken and sweetcorn soup. I consistently get the same quality, it's almost never shit and it's typically quite filling.

Soup is either for the homeless/peasants/soviets or for petite cuisine wankers. Stop being a fag and just make a fucking stew.

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Retard tier
Pleb tier
Patrician tier

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stop taking acid, anon

>> No.14369718

Royal tier
Clergy tier
God tier

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I only judge food based on my waitresses smell

>> No.14369776

Color idiot, no one cares how your irrelevant backwater spells it

>> No.14369814

feel theres an underrated aspec of food that is Heat. Have noticed really fine dining places serve food thats hot but doesnt burn mouth.

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I love my wife and we're happily married but she can't cook to save her life. She's always trying new things and loves cooking for me but she just isn't getting any better.

I think the worst it ever got was a couple months ago when she served up some chicken tortillas that I thought tasted kind of off, almost like they tasted like the freezer, I asked her how she cooked them and she said she put them in the oven like it said on the packaging, but I didn't believe her. I kept asking and it turns out, she put them in the oven, then just set it to 200 and waited for 20 minutes before taking them out. The oven didn't even reach 200 degrees by the time she pulled them out so they were basically just defrosted. She literally did not understand what it meant to preheat an oven.

She's also a really picky eater, refuses to eat anything with onion, basically only eats noodles and spaghetti.

I've begged her to try new things and she just cries. I don't know what to do because I love her but I don't want this to ruin our marriage.

Any advice anons?

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My wife's cooking would gag a maggot ~ Sheriff Pugh

>> No.14371292

this copypasta recipe is the best!

>> No.14371294

Its possible to love someone and still want to be with them but recognize she doesn't know how to cook. Tbh he should take over or teach her, but still.

>> No.14371309

Can you even cook, faggot?
Are you actually this gay that you’re bitching about cooking, just cook a shitload on the weekends so you’ll have leftovers for two-three days, then cook more one fucking time on Thursday and if it’s good enough you’ll be able to survive until the weekend when you cook again.

Assuming you make enough money, just get takeout. When it comes to getting her to try new foods, you fucked up by not fixing it before marriage because they get more stubborn. You’ll need to find a way to get her to try things in a way she feels is safe, I.e. if she always enjoys YOUR cooking then she’ll be more willing to try new things. Start off small. Use onion/garlic powder because she’ll learn to like the taste if she isn’t absolutely deranged.

>> No.14371314

My parents didn’t teach me whatsoever and once I started in a restaurant I realized I had a pretty good talent for it and it’s something that was completely lost in my youth because my idiot parents had no desire to teach me dog fucking shit.
Imagine how much better I’d be if I started young? It’s depressing.

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yes helo i eet foob

>> No.14369633

i love amsterdam!

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foob is good

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do americans really?

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