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>see jollibee shit
>have flashbacks of pinay ex

she was the best and worst girl I've ever dated. I love her and hate her even after 6 years. fuck her.

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Forgive me father, for I have galzed.

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the only thing wrong here is the dough was a bit undercooked and the fact ill bever have my dick in that qt waitress, both could be fixed by cutting back on the dough.......

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You just gonna keep scrolling without saying galze partner

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>dad found the bean hole

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they took away my volcano burrito

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I have nowhere to go for Easter

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As an ALDI employee, this.

I wish I could genocide every white old Boomer and every fat landwhale with jiggling crotchpouches who've brought their litter of screaming piglets into the store to argue with me about the price of items even though they don't fucking understand the price is above the item and not fucking below.

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>my country is one of the top abalone producers in the world, friend even worked on an abalone farm
>all of it gets exported, completely impossible to get it here except absolute bottom of the barrel shit that's precooked and canned and even that is expensive as fuck
>chinks still come into our waters to poach wild abalone
Fuck chinks tbqh

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>al/ck/ threads being deleted

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>13th stepping
guaranteed hiv. have you ever spent time with an alchie chick? the poor fuckers are hopeless, strewn with the pathogens of a trillion drunken fucks.
huh, like eliza dushku apparently. just as typing this saw a pic of some delicious giney from the corner of my eye, and it was a story about duckshoe being an alchie/addict. can you imagine having her as a drunken fuckbuddy?

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>or you mistake the two and down a pint of piss

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Other than maybe using it for french toast, texas toast can suck shit for being such a garbage shit ass faggot bread.
>tfw when you're whole gimmick is being two slices of nigger tier wonder bread combined
Fuck this topic too btw.

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>y-y-you too!

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>tfw when you use a finger cot as a condom and it's too big

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I've failed already and I didn't even leave my room

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I’m a girl and can barely walk up the stairs without losing my vision. Lol I don’t think I could ever best him

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b-but I was top of my class at Le Cordon Bleu

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