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Apple sauce and sour cream and hitler

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You can consume dairy, it just has to fermented (kefir, strong josghurt, creme fraiche etc), this reduces the offenders. Same ges for wheat. You wont be eating yeast but you have to learn to bake sour dough bread. This reduces nearly all FODMAPS in the bread, unlike yeast. ideally souring it for 24 hours.
Fatty foods have to be slowly trained up. Your gu will adapt to a cetain amount of daily fat but if you only consume shittons from time to time, your gut is fucked.
And you shouldn' be eating legumes in the first place. IF you REALLY need to, you have to soak them for 24 hours in a sour envoirement (water with vinegar or lemon juice). This starts the process of destroying the inert and strong phytotoxins fucking you up. After soaking you throw away that water. Ideally renewing it in between that time for better effectivness.

You don't have a fatal illness. You are just a sensitive fuck unlike the majority, but the majority also fucks themselves up by eating shit the wrong way, unlike millenia of people did.

You would also do good on trying to relax your gut for a while through fasting (water only), giving it time to chill. Afterwards slowly starting with def inoffensive food, slowly building up your gut health. Kefir is one of the few foods which has been studied and shown to increase said gut health through biome benefits. Get into it and make your own, bought kefir doesn't have those qualities as it isn't really made with kefir grains.

You'll be fine, anon. Just stop eating shit which your body can't handle without prparation. Happy Saint Nicholaus.

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Asians have adapted to it, similarly to how europeans have adapted to dairy.

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Shit negro, why did you show me that.

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>I don't believe in science, only in dubs.

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The exact opposite is the case. If you let the lid closed the humidity and heat will stay longer at comfortale temperatures, making bacterial growth bigger. But those bacteria usually are only shit-bacteria, non deadly, and it will start to bubble on heated up again, tasting sour if its spoiled.

If you let a soup stay out in room temp, make sure to put it on a plattform like a grill roast to let air circulate from under it and open the lid, also stir around, so that the cool surfaces and coll everything down quicker. In winter you should be fine letting it stand over night to fully cool before freezing.

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