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I have never understood people that use a dishwasher. No, I understand it (but still disagree) if you use it as an apparatus to lazily put your dishes in, press a button, and presto, a couple hours later you have clean, dry dishes. But apparently that is now how most people use (or are supposed to use) them.
You are supposed to pre-wash them in the sink? What in the fuck? Do people that use dishwashers like that somehow think dirty plates are "infected"? Are they too dumb or too much in a cargo-cult (never questioning their own practices) that are unable to make the tiny jump to considering just wholly handwashing the dishes?
Handwashing a dish literally just takes seconds more than pre-washing it. Do you imagine some involved affair with putting on an apron, preparing a soap bath, putting on gloves, etc.?
No. Washing it, in its essence, just means putting it under a stream of warm/hot water and optionally putting soap into the bristles of the brush (I don't know how to call it in English, I'm from Europe) or sponge. Then you scrub literally 5-10 seconds. The food should still be wet, right? It will come off by itself.
But really, hot water is sufficient for most things. Does hot water not come out of American homes' faucets?

But wait, you may ask, doesn't washing 300 plates à 5 seconds still take up a lot of time? Won't it take more like 20 seconds with dried food? That's where you gimp yourself. Just use like 2-3 plates/cutlery for yourself. Why the fuck would you wait longer than a few hours to wash it? Are you a dirty dish collector? Do you have kids, like an insane person?
I have ADHD and do this without meds. You neuronormies have no excuse.

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>but you have to wash the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher
what in the absolute FUCK?
do american women really fall for this scam? is the dishwasher the biggest meme ever?

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Am I weird for rarely using a dishwasher? Whenever I see my parents, father gets angry that I wash large items (pots, casserole dishes, storage containers, etc) by hand instead of dishwasher cause it's just a waste of space and water

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