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>tfw Smashburger right behind my house closed down
>tfw can't easily get fried pickles and rosemary fries for lunch anymore

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>overcooked my rice

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I hate women but I want a gf. What should I do?

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I don't wash my hands. Ever.

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just came across a porn video with my aunt in it and found out she did commissioned porn videos with her instagram account

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Why can't these types of porn stars ever just fugg shotas.

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>I believe it's just OP being an autistic, socially inadequate retard.

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>open thread
>music starts playing
>tfw it's raining indoors

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God I have this same problem but with Rallys
>go to Rally's every night after getting off work since it's the only place open at 3AM
>always order the $2 shirmp and chicken basket
>the guy at the window is this overly enthusiastic dude who thinks i'm his friend
>every night I pull up and he sees me and says "you want that shirmp and chicken basket buddy?"
>feel total shame as I sit alone eating in my car

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>boils noodles
>drains noodles
>lets them sit while s/he makes something to go into the noodles
>noodles are no longer hot
>reheats noodles
>they taste like shit now
>the thing s/he was adding to them wasn't complimentary to the noodles
>the dish is ruined
>tfw you know you've done this at least once

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