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Shrimps...what's your favorite way to eat shrimps? It might be basic, but I like them just like this, breaded/fried and with cocktail sauce, I also love them spicy, one times I tried cajun fried shrimps from Popeyes and that was good.

Do you eat the tails? I've never done that and don't see a reason to ever try

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Just fried shrimp for the first time. Tasted great, but the reading kept falling off.
To be honest, I did skip the pat dry step. If I do it next time, will that solve the problem? I figure once you dredge them in the flour they're dry as can be, right??

Also, I was low on oil. I used all of it, but they weren't submerged at all. Does that make a difference?

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Is fried shrimp a waste of good shrimp?

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