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I believe it is canadian slang for "penis", which is also a unit of currency there. In other words, you have to suck 0.40 cocks in canadia to get your daily deens.

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Does anyone have a recipe for pigs in a blanket where you make the pastry part from scratch instead of just buying premade dough from a store?

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Because women should not be in the workforce and everyone knows it deep down

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based deconstructed doggy

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if you have the bollox
buy a large pigs head (over 7kg)
shave and burn off any remaining hair
soak and wash the outside, thoroughly
brine for a day
remove the brain if it has been cut to allow it
place it in a large pot with veg (onions, carrots, celeriac, leeks, and parsnips (cut roughly, and/or use trimmings), and bring to a good simmer, some herbs (parsley, thyme, rosemary, a teenie bit of salt, and pork or veg stock to cover
skim it and cook gently for about 3 hours, or until things are starting to fall apart
this is the fun bit
remove the ears, slice a few mm thick, and fry hard in a lot of oil
remove the cheeks, with the skin and fat attatched, and cool in the liquid
remove the tongue, peel the skin whilst still hot, and slice thinly when cooled down (in the liquid
remove all the nice little bits of meat that remain and the fats, seperate from the skin
remove the veg and herbs, then add the skin back into the liquid, and reduce this for a few hours, by about 4/5ths, skimming as you go.
cook some green lentils or your choice of bean in this liquid, then add the little pieces of meat and fat (chop these down a little)
serve the tongue as thin slices against the grain, topped with a little thinly sliced onion relish
serve the cheek by broiling the top slowly till the fat has rendered and skin is crispy, then slicing
serve the brain on little bits of cracker or toast
arrange all of these atop the beans, and garnish with some herbs from your garden

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boil, and use for pickling other vegetables
or some oxtongue
maybe to cook a fish ?

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Age 20
>Drink until 4am
>Go to bed
>Wake up at 12
>Feel good

Age 30
>Drink until 1am
>Go to bed
>Wake up at 9am because bed is becoming uncomfortable and I have to pee
>Get up, feel funny in my tummy
>Make a fennel tea
>Shit liquid
>Feel like shit the whole day

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You are correct, OP. Sometimes I mess up when making ice cream, but then I remember I have some eggs and which I can simply fry up and add to the failed ice cream to make it better.

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What did you cook today? Pic related was lunch. Not sure what to do for supper.

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hey /ck/, how long will 200 Euros last me in Austria? I have enough food for two more days, but then I'm out, how long can I last? Any tips that can make the money last longer? What foods should I use to cook?

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