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this, also the tomatoes are usually cut way to thick, one nice thin slice between 1/8" and 1/4" inch can really wake up the bacon flavor if you put them next to each other.

Bacon Cheese Burger:
>top bun
>mustard & ketchup on bun
>optional iceberg lettuce & thinly sliced onion
>thin tomato slice
>mustard & ketchup on bun
>bottom bun

beef should be 73/27, patties should 1/3 pound and formed into a round and flat similar to the bottom bun but slightly larger around to account for shrinkage, i should be cooked on a wood charcoal barbecue and flipped only once.

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two reasons
#1. they are not made by Americans
#2. hipsters making meme burgers
Show up to any American cookout and you'll find nothing like that there, you'll find five guys standing around a BBQ scrutinizing the guy grilling so not bullshit meme burgers have the chance to materialize

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