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Hey guys c: I recently started studying japanese cuisine during the quarantine and I made a dashi stock for the first time yesterday! I didnt make it traditional at all because I didnt look up a recipe until I got home from the market
I used- Dried herring and mackerel, fresh mushrooms, fresh seaweed, pickled chili peppers, fish soy sauce, bay leaves and cooked that shit for 3 hours before straining it
For those that dont wanna google this shit a traditional dashi stock can be made in a handful of different ways but the key ingredients are
Dried anchovies, dried shiitake mushrooms, nori (dried seaweed), or just Bonito flakes
I found my stock to be too ocean smelling and lacking something, I thought about adding white miso but I decided to take to the internet to talk to fellow food lovers

Tell me how you make your favorite soup and your stock secrets c:

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