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I was thinking of getting my mom a bread maker for Mother's Day. She's wanted one for a while. Any brands /ck/ can recommend? How do they work, do you need to get special cookbooks for different companies' bread makers or is it fairly universal?

Budget's somewhere around 150. There's a cuisinart one there and this one by "KBS" that I've never heard of.

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Bread maker brainlet here. Was looking to get this bread maker, and had some dumb questions if anyone wanted to share their knowledge.

>I have all the base ingredients for bread making. Water, Salt, Oil, Flour, and the Yeast. Can I just mix these right into a bread maker then boom bread?

>Do I need to buy special pre-packaged bread mix like this anon mentioned?

>When it comes to making bread in a bread maker, or from scratch, and tips on making the bread taste better? Like adding Honey, maybe a small amount of vanilla? I know you can add some fruits, or nuts to the mix at certain points in the bread maker process, but wasn't entirely sure.

>Should I spray the inside of my bread maker with cooking oil where the bread/dough sits for easier removal of the loaf from the inner piece that holds/bakes the mix/dough? Or is non-stick pretty much a given?

>What ingredient makes the difference between white, wheat, sourdough, and rye when it comes to bread making?

Thanks, just trying to get into this a bit more.

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