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How do you guys prepare pork ribs? Smoked, oven baked, grilled?

What seasonings and sauces?

I used to live ribs but the last few times I had them I had problems with digestion. Dunno if its the fat or something in the seasoning. Possibly carcinogens? Maybe just eating too much. I just want to be able to enjoy pork ribs again.

Any similar experiences?

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I cook them in the oven at low temp for a few hours then finish on a hot grill

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I just dump everything into my Instant Pot and cook it for the recommended time.

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>food cooked in a foreign language
into the trash it goes.

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I grill back ribs and slow cook side ribs (oven, smoke, indirect heat on bbq, etc).

Remember to remove the membrane on the non-meaty side

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You can't post something that disgusting and ask a serious question like that, what is the matter with you

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I don't have a smoker or grill so I always oven bake. Doesn't get that good smokey flavor but I've noticed that oven ribs are always more tender, so it's a decent tradeoff. Here's a marinade I like when I'm not feeling traditional barbecue sauce.

>1/2 cup brown sugar
>1/2 cup rice vinegar
>1/2 cup sambal oelek
>1/4 cup soy sauce
>1/4 cup tomato sauce or ketchup
>2 tsp minced garlic
>2 tsp minced ginger
>simmer until lightly thickened or until your liking
>rub ribs with 5 spice, cover with foil and bake at 280F for 3-4 hours
>uncover and heat oven to 350, brush ribs with sauce
>bake in 10 minute intervals, removing and brushing each time, until you build a thick crust

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This is basically what I went with. I got a premix rub from a distribution company for free while I was working for ups I'm using to get it out of my cabinet. Ill let you guys know how it turns out.

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Why not? Are you my mother? Why so triggered?

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Decided to leave sauce on the side. Super good though, wouldnt go out of my way for the premix, but still good.

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don't listen to any of these morons OP the trick is boiling them then baking them

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i make a rub and bake them slow. fuckin damn do they give me gas though. i dont mind kinda smell bad i mean smell so bad its embarrassing make half of the house smell for half a day to a day depending on if i ate the whole slab myself bad.

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I've done that before. Ussually when I'm gonna grill them though

I hear ya there, I get a bad stomach ache too

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Cook mine in the instant pot, got some liquid smoke on amazon it tastes fake but it damn it does a good job at faking it

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Unpack the ribs. Pat dry with paper towels. Coat with mustard. Look up a decent rub and coat both sides. Refidgerate overnight.

Smoke them for 2 hours at 275-300. Throw some pecan or applewood chips on the coals for the beginning of the cook. Spritz with apple juice ocassionally. Remove ribs from smoker.

Coat ribs with brown sugar then drizzle some honey. Wrap them tightly in aluminum foil. Return to smoker for 1.5 hours. Use a bamboo skewer to check for tenderness. Remove and serve.

Make sure you use an accurate probe on your BBQ. The ones on the lid are inaccurate.

You don't need a fancy smoker to BBQ. I've smoked ribs on a weber kettle using indirect heat and wood chips.

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